I only support the four dying websites/ links for the eight “for living” sites, no longer work: due to your lack of involvement for life, in what is now our dying planet. The remainder of my work, is then for the few/ rather than for all.        Recognizing that truth, confronts me with the reality: that I have been too harsh with you/ if I don’t intend to scare you; and I don’t, as is proven by my intent to be bland in videos presented: Reality does that. So, I will try to be far less aggressive in this work.

In this world of life, only three things are ultimately important: life, death, and eternity. To achieve life by the essence called being alive; you must define your truth by love. To assemble destiny prior to death, there must be an ascension of order conceived by hope, as is faith within you. To begin the journey beyond time, into eternity; there must be both discipline, the design called trust; and balance the creation of respect, governing your soul.

The journey most in evidence of these things: is called JESUS. Not a religious statement, as there are no “rules”/ a factual statement, as in the evidence does prove. HIS salvation is: “eternity does exist/ we have not been forgotten”!

James Frank Osterbur.

To lead, is to understand: knowledge born of life, comes first. Wisdom teaches; truth then decides. Anything less is want, and want is the foundation of every lie.        If you wait for your “television” to make you aware, to enforce the reality we must change: you WILL be dead (without options), before they do that. Because power runs the world, not life or justice. Power will NEVER accept: they too must change, and surrender that power, and pride; for the sake of life. Instead media does hide, from reality: by simply refusing to acknowledge anything less than what they want. As is consistent with what the public demands. Unfortunately, that fact will not keep this earth alive! 

Don’t think the universities will save you: they are so simple minded, “they even believe a single cell organism (which is very complex, in and of itself)” without tools, a brain, food to eat, or any other reality of existence: built this world. Not even a fool, could be so blind. Only pure fantasy would assume “chaos, did it”. Only a world terrorist cell: would design and carry out, GAMBLING with our entire planet, and every life on it; for nothing more than (the radiation alone, proves it can’t work for life) the demand to claim “we are gods”.

At the human constant over the last one hundred years of 3% population growth per year, we add another one billion mouths to feed over deaths; within 5 years. That means: if you were to open the doors in America to all the immigrants who would come. The population here would rise by one billion people within five years/ and that would NOT reduce the population count in any other nation figuratively speaking across the world. Because that many more people are coming within 5 years. Immigration is no longer about people. Immigration is about: IF YOU REFUSE TO CONTROL YOUR POPULATION RISE/ THEN YOU, are responsible for dealing with the consequences. And until you do; obtaining fair and consistent zero population growth, as a nation: you shall not move. Justice demands it; or there will be no food, water, space, resource, job, or life for anything on earth! Only cannibalism and war.!  

The constant curse of fools is evident in these pictures 1 and 2 . While it is not obvious: the field tiles placed under every mound of dirt represent an end to the recharging of an aquifer. OUR primary water source. This same scene is being caused frequently across agriculture. In a drought, they will demand irrigation.

This work, this reality, this question is very simple: are you, or are you not, “going to fight for this world, its future, and every life now and forever”?  Answer the question. COMMUNICATE OUR NEED, as best you legally can. At the historical one hundred year average birth rate/ over deaths: there will be another one billion people born & demanding food, in less than five years.

We will examine the reality of extreme biological collapse/ in these words. The terror of finding ourselves in the midst of endless pandemic truths: that will crucify every living thing. Has been achieved as described below:  WRONG, one tiny error: IS NATURE ITSELF HAS BEEN DESTROYED FOREVER.  Who among your former classmates, deserves to have the fate of all life on earth: in their hands?   NO SECOND CHANCES!

Use for gene editing[edit]Diagram of the CRISPR prokaryotic antiviral defense mechanism.[13]A synthetic guide RNA (gRNA) into a cell, the cell’s genome can be cut at a desired location, allowing existing genes to be removed and/or new ones added.[14][15][16]

Jan 30, 2018 – Gene editing tool CRISPR is one of the most powerful to date. … of figuring out how we can use CRISPR to change the world for the better. But alas a promise is just a promise, and like your money it is made without truth attached. The cost of being wrong: ends NATURE ITSELF, as we know it to be forever!

To assume, that humanity can play god by making any version of the building blocks of life which are used to build every living biological thing on earth: and not produce an endless variety of plagues/ isn’t worthy of a guess. It will happen, because people cannot control life: you can’t even control your money, government, or little else. Like AIDS, once released every “nature change” will spread like fire; and every living thing will be not only in danger but subject to the reality of people who have been trying to create new forms of life throughout human existence. Every form of failure which is to discard species boundary lines and mix those species together SHALL end in horrors beyond your own imagination. Even your own existing body will not be spared; as disease proves it is not invulnerable to this type of attack.

So the reality is: get off your ass, and stop ALL FORMS for genetic mutilation, and literally pray we survive what has already been done. Or prepare for Armageddon, if it is not already here. Every organization, which includes university, governments, courts, etcetera: are formed by individuals. They exist as nothing more special than that. Those individuals, cannot play god, without destroying life. They have NO LEGAL RIGHT, which means literally we CAN STOP THEM; WITHOUT A WAR OF WEAPONS!

The human genome, has already been changed. Which leaves us only one final solution: to collect every tool used in this process and destroy them. Demanding without mercy, that anyone for any cause who tries to create this terror to life again: will be crucified. Because that, is literally what mixing species together will do to all life.

There should be, “an introduction to my work” that is not simply “work”. That would be this: that time is a moment of creation, the place where your own heart decides what the future or its destiny for your soul can be. Every second, is a place that stands apart, for your purpose, for your passion, and for the grace that lives in partnership with you. What you choose to do with your time enables you, as a life on earth. What you do with your life decisions, enables eternity for you. Love is a message from the soul. The soul is a relationship with GOD our CREATOR. Where your heart (the decision which makes life valuable) lives, so does your soul. Eternity requires each of us, to make our own decision! Even if you don’t desire it, the choice of how our future shall be; is entirely up to you. 

The greatest treachery ever devised:More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high.  instantly becomes 4,000,000 times more; suddenly, 63.13 miles high.” Universities across this world say”: WE WILL ignite that fire (burning atoms), and control it/ and have spent a trillion dollars trying; and continue! “Or they lose their job”. YOU WOULD stop them, if you were not their cult worshipers.

eternity shall become. 

There should be, an understanding to the law that is consistent with its truth. That simply is this, the burden of proof required, for any legal decision to be made is: WHAT are the consequences for being WRONG? Given that in this reality of our time, the threats being exposed here are consistent with the claim: we, and this planet, and all its life, and all its future life can easily go extinct! The value of that legal claim: to our legal RIGHT, to be informed of all the critical information that can be identified, as a reality so threatening; we literally CANNOT let these people be wrong exists! The law is clear in this fact: that none are allowed to illegally play with, gamble, or destroy the life of others! The court DOES have a legal obligation to protect LIFE ITSELF. Even if the court would risk their own lives/ they legally cannot choose to risk the others. The judiciary is not god/ they are “legally sworn” employees, given the job to apply the values, and protections; we have granted to ourselves, through constitutional law, as a democracy called this USA. The worst of human lies, are those which invade a life, and cannot be removed: because the believer does not accept, or listen too; either truth or evidence of our provable reality. The worst of a judiciary is: to believe their own opinion, or beliefs; rule the law. Or, by “fake rules”; give rise to the insurgents who remove our democracy, steal our future, and gamble with our world.

https://www.iter.org/sci/Fusion   Abundant energy: Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times as much as nuclear fission reactions (at equal mass).  More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high.  instantly becomes 4,000,000 times more is four million inches high. Divided by 5480 feet the distance in a mile times 12 inches per foot =63,360 inches. 63,360 inches per mile divided into 4,000,000 inches= a candle flame that is suddenly, 63.13 miles high. There are no second chances!  Who does not understand: an instantaneous expansion by 4 million times more, IS AN EXPLOSION; even greater than the atomic bomb?

The most powerful words ever written, construct the opportunity to survive as a world, by recognizing reality, as threats which cannot avoid extinction for us all. Then offering solutions: Based in truth, by the evidence of life needs. The critical explanation is: without thought, and the evidence of discipline/ courage/ order/ balance/ and respect as is assigned by love:  nothing will exist. The message of change or die, need not be perfect nor complete: the evidence serves that purpose, not the messenger.  The common response is: “we can hate you, for making us afraid/ or the vast majority, just run away and hide”. That won’t save this world; nor am I the enemy! Reality is, what reality is. Your children need you, to accept the price: that will keep this earth alive/ they don’t want to die; by your own hands. Life or death, is that simple. Not a game, reality decides, the evidence is clear/ your want is dead: choose= “life OR death, for our whole world”…. No second chances!  Stand up for life, and “put your name” on that decision; or there is no hope.

There is a difference between religion, which is (I can believe anything I want/ I want what I want); and faith, which is, I accept the evidence of our reality as true; because only truth can keep us alive. And I must commit to the values, purposes, and desires of a life worth living. The creation of truth itself, relies upon the certainty as in miracles: no other explanation can arise:  “without lies”. The difference between “government money, and our money (we have to pay/ or its an un-retrievable debt)”: is the fact people hired to make reasonable and fair decisions, for the rest of us:  no longer occupy “a place called justice”. Our money has been stolen, for a university purpose and desire. What we now have is simply “counterfeited, by asserting asset inflation”/ instead of currency inflation, at a sum of 9+ trillion injected, per year. By those who then buy elections, fund terrorism, and attack life itself.

My final statement to you is this: first amendment, redress of grievances to a patriot of the American revolution meant. We will never go to war again: because this law means we can change what we don’t like, that our employees did for themselves, or any other cause but our own. We can, with this law, legally demand an accounting/ we can take control of our government as we the people/ we can demonstrate our authority as owners, by going through the courtroom as we the people, to defend our nation or state.  We who have the legitimate right to make this change, therefrom cannot be forced into slavery; as we have described for ourselves, our weapon called law. The law of a true democracy: is Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote on the laws and the future that then becomes:  our own society, by governing ourselves with the laws WE OURSELVES choose, as our inheritance. Literally, from the sacrifices, we or others did make. That is Not a game, it’s called true democracy in action. First amendment redress is NOT “a social right, to bitch/ moan/ march/and complain; without any authority whatsoever”; every society since the beginning of time has done that. IT IS, a legal right, to prove WE THE PEOPLE, DO: have the final say on what our society, and our laws, shall be. 

  First amendment reads: “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (they, the universities; established evolution as their religion over society, forced it into our schools, and evicted every other form of religion), or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech (today media propagation uses slander to modify what can or will be voted upon; as evident in the US supreme court nominee: ”gossip sells”), or of the press (the press has been sold to the highest bidder, leaving only a tiny few in control over all communication/ refusing news for entertainment); or the right of the people peaceably (we must vote not war) to assemble (for the purposes of a courtroom to investigate), and to petition (THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT, as we the people united) the government (the contract of our union as a nation or state) for a redress (THIS, as described, MUST BE CHANGED) of grievances (within the law, truth shall be defined; and by constitutional restraint abided: so the decision of our values, shall be made for ourselves)” . People talk, as they always have; BUT true democracy is the union to defend ourselves; by deciding, for life and society itself. Through our individual vote. Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ my own vote on the law and the rights, and the realities we must endure.

      Critical failures in keeping the first amendment, demonstrate an insurrection. By the people charged with obedience to the constitution. Redress CANNOT be used, because the judiciary have blockaded it out. As is evident by the many trials of James Frank Osterbur. The last: “can’t take them to court, because our employees don’t allow it”. Let them bring me to court, and reality proves that too will be dismissed. Which does mean NO ACCESS, for a constitutional mandated and guaranteed right of law! Can’t use the press, because it does not exist: replaced with “gossip or tragedies”. Can’t use free speech, because the public does NOT believe in democracy as a legal right/ only for the purpose of complaining to “no one, but ourselves”. Because the traitors called lawyers and judges and politicians, have been given the opportunity to bankrupt and corrupt. By pushing democracy out, and letting counterfeiting our currency in; by hiding inflation, and the debts they create. Anarchy is the cause/ controlled, aided, and abetted; by the university elite! It means: to destroy something which protects and defends the masses/ so the few can be empowered by replacing those rights with rules they control, to enslave. We are paid in fake money, it has no reality attached by truth: consequently “slave”. By all measure of evidence: complete chaos is coming. Unless we return our reality, to truth. The propaganda teams of media, insure “you know nothing”/ because without lies, somebody other than the slaves, have to pay. It should be known, that I could have argued in court AGAIN: that this is constitutional law, that has been introduced in this case/ a guaranteed right; not a game. But without a public to demand it, a reality beyond want to address the consequences of failure and trial: it was pointless. YOU refuse.

In summation: there is nothing the powerful hate more, than everyone has an equal right, an equal opportunity; to make a difference for their world. Or more simply, “you can’t be rich/ unless you make many others poor”. Or counterfeit the money, with lies; claiming it is, what it is not: without power. Want is the basis of all lies. Pride requires to win/ someone must lose! To survive, truth must lead. MORE distinctly: no weapon can save this earth, or its nature/ because there will be catastrophic war. ONLY THE LAW, by which we consume their power, by creating democratic authority.

the spiritual question.     a final piece of advice

Love sings, by the rhythms in your heart; not necessarily a voice to be heard/ but a life to be felt. Women feel, because their bodies pulse with desire, for the relationship that gives them joy. Men feel less, because their bodies search for purposes that are disciplined/ ordered/ and balanced first; as the means to insure survival. The difference is a destiny shaped even into eternity, by what you hold as the spirit between male and female shared. The boundary line is care; but the only true relationship is governed by trust. To be trusted, is to encounter each other by soul; and therefrom enter eternity as a destiny conceived by both. Such is the difference, dividing what eternity shall become. 


Donate or the sites will be abandoned on November 1st 2018; your decision/ not mine. This has been abandoned due to the truth: our entire world is facing extinction, and NOBODY is excused from participation to save this world; including me.

This is the basic Trial Video. “talk”;  that would have been to the jury along with the reading folder: to ask for their decision: WILL YOU/ OR will you not, ask the people to decide for themselves if this must be investigated: because the cost of being WRONG, is simply too high. like all other videos I have done “it is simple and plain; so as not to do more harm than good”. Never be a mob/ Choose the law. Then enforce that law or it dies.

True democracy is: a government determined by its people/ within the supervision of rights and freedoms governed by its constitution. It is not, “voting for someone to vote for me”. IT IS, voting upon the critical issues and laws, as an individual citizen:  which then governs our lives, our laws, and our society, as we chose it to be!

https://www.iter.org/sci/Fusion   Abundant energy: Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times as much as nuclear fission reactions (at equal mass).  More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high.  instantly becomes 4,000,000 times more is four million inches high. Divided by 5480 feet the distance in a mile times 12 inches per foot =63,360 inches. 63,360 inches per mile divided into 4,000,000 inches= a candle flame that is suddenly, 63.13 miles high. There are no second chances!

         I am still waiting for my day in court! 

I am dismissed without trial; immediately after the prosecutor realized he could not overrun me in trial. He now refuses to prosecute, which means I lose my day in court.

https://www.iter.org/sci/Goals  With ten times the plasma volume of the largest machine operating today, the ITER Tokamak will be a unique experimental tool, capable of longer plasma’s and better confinement. The machine has been designed specifically to:1) Produce 500 MW of fusion power for pulses of 400 s. “with a 50 MW input (625,000 candles).”  Look then clearly at the difference:  on “one side of their mouth they say burning plasma will unleash 4 million times the energy of a chemical fire”/ while on the other side of their mouth they say: our burning plasma will only create a ten-fold difference. One statement or the other is a lie/ look and feel the sun from 94 million miles away, and tell yourself which.

The reality here in this site is simple:  “humanity itself, can govern this world by creating its own laws/ through our vote: goes on trial 9/11/18!” The critical question is not why, but how? The answer is revealed on  this site, and comes to its own truth: by establishing the first amendment law, that is redress of grievances. Our authority as a democracy to govern ourselves: NOT by a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote on the laws that govern our truth, as people. That is the purpose here, and it will be decided: life or death for our world, {because the threats are real, and the realities involved are extreme} by the consequences of this trial, WE DECIDE FOR CHANGE. Or let hell erupt! Read and understand why, when gambling with this whole earth: they could be wrongRegardless, you CANNOT go back: wrong is the greatest abomination possible. Ignition of a nuclear fire (burns the bond in atoms) as is on the sun, has no “off switch”. The earth becomes a sun. 

To emphasize the fact:  no one argues human population has more than doubled in the last fifty years. That means our population rise is over 2% per year. The united nations declares the population to be 7.6 and rising. Two percent of 7.6 billion people is:  152 million more mouths to feed PER YEAR (plus pollution, etc) each year over deaths. WE WON’T survive that! average population rise is over 3% = 228 million more mouths to feed over deaths.

True democracy comes, with the authority to enforce US amendment 22: “term limits that apply to the highest office of employment in the land; shall apply to ALL the rest”.

THIS IS NOT POLITICAL, which means to ask someone else to vote for me!  This is legal, the establishment of our own true democratic authority, through our constitutional law which is first amendment “redress of grievances”.  This is: original jurisdiction, democratic “we the people” oversight of our government. By acknowledging; our employees do not always govern in our own best interest. Therefore we must, within constitutional restrictions, defend and protect ourselves. BY LAW, And through a courtroom, so that our own decisions, by our own vote: cannot be influenced by less than what is true.

This trial, is the legal right to vote as owners, and thereby oversee our government, as a constitutionally enforced democratic authority.  Consistent with the proven truth, called “we the people OWN this nation”. The public trial that would follow: is the legal right to decide what our law should be; and then decide as a nation called democracy: whether we will be threatened with extinction or not! As are the specific threats introduced into this trial. the fundmentals are.

” This is overseeing the values and identity of our state or nation, as a democracy called WE THE PEOPLE; through its law, its realities of existence: by investigating the facts/ determining the consequences of being WRONG. In a court of law!  Then demanding what must be changed/ will be changed, by our own individual vote. On the law itself, that governs this specific reality: in defense of ourselves, our society, your children, and our world.

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