The greatest treachery ever devised:More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high.  According to university calculations: instantly becomes 4,000,000 times more; suddenly, “a candle flame 63.13 miles high.” Universities across this world say”: WE WILL ignite that fire (burning atoms), and control it/ and have spent a trillion dollars trying; and continue to try; for the last forty years! “Or they lose their job”.

YOU WOULD stop them,if you were not their cult worshipers. In case you forgot: the fuel source of an nuclear bomb and a nuclear fire (same as the sun) is the same: atoms! While to create a bomb the nucleus is destroyed: that is limited by actual space  and atomic disciplines between atoms. When trying to create a nuclear fire: the atomic spin is frictionally slowed, by a state of plasma. When ignited: thereby releasing energy in a “slow and steady progression” that consumes, by attacking the environment. Instead of explodes the atom (which grants space). As it is with fire; that consumption is only limited by the fuel. In a world filled with atoms: you get “sun”. NOT one theory regarding “their sun” has been proven true; and in fact, it is ninety percent entirely fantasy; as can be proven by known reality. in Trial! Utterly refused, because they want to prove themselves by igniting atoms on fire first: to proclaim “Yes we are gods”. A reality of death, which proves “gods of HELL”.

a beginning “points of trial” to be discovered, starts here. As the right to proceed, shall be determined by our own vote/ as a world. Or the demand to stop this insanity: across the world.  the most extreme threat of this day is www.iter.org(lets play god and create a nuclear fire);  is simply exercised as our right. But make no mistake: ITER  is not the only machine built, or being built.  ITER; represents the pride of all combined universities across the world, along with the money of at least 35 nations; THEIR last gasp as physicists, before being proven failures; and the trillions of dollars they have spent are removed. SO they:  having built a machine for the purpose of injecting ENOUGH FUEL, and enough energy; to make certain “something happens”.  ARE GAMBLING THIS WORLD OF LIFE, on the assumption “they can play god” with a fire that burns your skin in summer from over 91 million miles away.  DON’T believe it? Not to worry, you just have to die in planet consuming fire (just like the sun); when proven wrong. Same energy/ same result!

The resultant bomb (release of 4 million times more energy than a fossil fuel fire), it will likely kill a surrounding area roughly one hundred miles in circumference instantly, with a thousand miles affected within minutes; and the ocean being sucked up to be burned as fuel; within a day.  The atmosphere being ejected instantly, and then continuing until lost. That, is just part of the consequences: this truth aligns with as evidence of why you should care!  Not to worry though, in a few months or weeks: you can blame the extermination of our planet on those other people who didn’t care enough either. “so its all good, right”? Oh wait, I know: “its not your job”/ so you won’t lift one tiny finger, not a single penny, not tell anyone “your little secret”; because after all, “you just want what you want; and you sure as hell is coming: DON’T want this. So, keep on hiding; now ain’t that right; let someone else, fight for our world/ your child/ your everything? After all, “it ain’t your job”.

Contrary to the lies; their reaction chamber  at  www.iter.org is already built; and can initiate experimentation at any time. Insuring not a single living thing shall survive on earth. THIS ain’t NO GAME. it is life unlikely, or death forever; for earth.; because they were wrong, and had “just one” experiment of ignition; to get it right. Their statement is: not enough gravity to sustain the fire; so it will just put itself out; gambling your world! Their second statement is: we can remove the fuel source/ but since its plasma; and a ten million degree fire will create its own plasma: that is ridiculous. PLus a known reality of radiation emitted by ignition; than can kill for a thousand miles instantly as well.

There should be, an understanding to the law that is consistent with its truth. That simply is this, the burden of proof required, for any legal decision to be made is: WHAT are the consequences for being WRONG? Given that in this reality of our time, the threats being exposed here are consistent with the claim: we, and this planet, and all its life, and all its future life can easily go extinct! The value of that legal claim: to our legal RIGHT, to be informed of all the critical information that can be identified, as a reality so threatening; we literally CANNOT let these people be wrong exists! The law is clear in this fact: that none are allowed to illegally play with, gamble, or destroy the life of others! The court DOES have a legal obligation to protect LIFE ITSELF. Even if the court would risk their own lives/ they legally cannot choose to risk the others. The judiciary is not god/ they are “legally sworn” employees, given the job to apply the values, and protections; we have granted to ourselves, through constitutional law, as a democracy called this USA. The worst of human lies, are those which invade a life, and cannot be removed: because the believer does not accept, or listen too; either truth or evidence of our provable reality. The worst of a judiciary is: to believe their own opinion, or beliefs; rule the law. Or, by “fake rules”; give rise to the insurgents who remove our democracy, steal our future, and gamble with our world.

You should be aware: only massive change, across the world, will save us in all matters of life. Such as back a few years the “stock market” was bragging: they had sold and used more resource in ten years/ than in all of human history previous. HOW long do you suppose any resource can last? You moved it all into your mountain of garbage; and soon there will be no more! Without that, it may in fact be more merciful to die in “sun fire”.   To challenge a discussion,  in our reality: the demand for trial, has again been repeated.  Enforcement is up to you; as I have been repeatedly thrown out of court; just as soon as they know: where this is headed.

THE NOTE: to IRS, social security/ President, and various other outreach or media elements.
from James Frank Osterbur
regarding social security #__________where needed.
dated: 3/ 20/ 19

I am informed that social security needs to be advised, by the IRS; if I acquire an income of over $25,000.00 in this year of 2018/ as I will be turning 66; and am now collecting social security. The truce that is: they leave me alone if I leave them alone; will be tested.
I hereby inform you, that with or without social security payments, I have collected LESS than that amount by a realistic number. Thereby no tax is required. As to IL tax; it remains true that until I am allowed my guaranteed rights within a court of law: as it is your duty to provide. Since the courts both state and federal: including least to greatest/ have refused all legal efforts to obtain such guaranteed rights as provided by law. The corruption of these organizations no longer presents a duty to pay any tax until my legally binding constitutional rights have been obeyed. That is your job, as government employees; to accept the constitution as YOUR government; and you failed, that oath. Along with outright theft from the taxing agencies/ terrorist, and biological genocide, supported activities/ illegal counterfeiting of currency/ debt creation that is pure fantasy/ death of a world by resource destruction/ and a long list of more than that. Trial is mandated by me.
AS ALWAYS: I do not refuse to pay taxes/ as they are a duty to both state and nation as citizens who attain some degree of value when our employees obey the sworn oath of their constitutionally derived job. Unfortunately, an insurgency against the citizenry of this state and this nation exist: as our own employees deliberately choose to discard all constitutional law (anarchy); and have been constructing their own versions of what a constitution should be (beyond corruption: an insurgency). As simple personal taxation: I will insist that you pay your financial debts to me; prior to any other consideration.
That would begin to be proven by or in: the various court cases that I have presented within the courts both state and federal. Specifically proving that the constitution of both state and federal: has been displaced, and removed from the courtroom itself. While I used the foundation of all laws (our constitution) within the United States of America and IL courtrooms, in these cases. Throughout each trial the one obvious reality proved to be: NOT ONE single word in response to constitutional values/ rights/ guarantees/ purposes/ duties/ laws/ or realities of life/ protection of the people by any legal standard or other construction of justice. Was used to dispute my own/ our own rights, as a state or nation in democracy; by our guaranteed legal demands; being enforced. Instead each case was dismissed without law, by the whim, fantasy, or lies of a judge. Or the decree of dismissal from a secretary of the US supreme court in the docketed cases listed below; without judicial, or legal reference. Which is completely illegal. Supreme court cases, just two examples of the lies, cheating, and fraud found in trial procedure and practice. In other words: it is my duty to refuse taxation: when the very things that our democracy depends upon have been corrupted to the point our lives, our nation, every child, and even our world is now in danger of extinction. I have their proof of failure/ I have constructed the consequences of being WRONG.
As is produced in summary evidence by the last three sites I have continued to provide; last of these being www.justtalking7.info Just talking: 4 & 5 list threat/ 2 is US supreme court trials /3 lists basic trials/ www.trialforlife.info is federal trial/ www.trialoflife.info is state trial. Just talking 6 is a listing of videos; that try hard not to lead, as would be manipulation: all videos and all information is free for all/ no restrictions. I need humanity, to think/ not simply act or react: useful information is enough. Together, they do represent the most powerful words ever written: because our living world can be changed for life. The listing of most courtroom legal cases are on those sites; I no longer financially support. www.wayback.org should find them or, DONATE and they will be put back on line. Or search for them in various court cases: champaign county IL/ state of IL; appeals (one case discarded: due to their charge of $200.00, to send an email of the transcript, I paid four hundred to get; plus more)/ when previous appeals proved to be also “dishonorably discharged”. The IL supreme court saying “come on down/ we can take you”: then (filing at their door, refused my entry; even though they originate the proceeding). The federal courts, 7th appellate court (one case dismissed, and then removed from case files: because it proved their lies, fraud, deceit, and complete corruption)/ US supreme 08-1339 & 11-100/ another case on law dismissed; and one previous, rejected by frivolous irrelevant means in utter denial of law, duty, and rights/ to hide corruption. The congress previous presidents, policing and others; being equally as vile. Etcetera! The federal IRS committing outright theft, and establishing complete contempt for the law in court. The IL irs committing racketeering and fraud, with intent to use the IL policing for burglary & extortion. And more; are all cause: why I have not filed or paid tax since the last federal tax case in 2011 or is follow up case in IL supreme court dismissed.
This is not a decree of war, this is a demand for constitutional duty and justice enforced/ the evidence of that is established: our democracy is NOT respected. So, SIMPLY send me notice of a courtroom, open to all/ and a trial that will not be discarded as the others have been. When the “quick summary” of details in evidence and corruption: establishing everything to be discussed has been filed.
I have been dismissed, without rights. Your duty denied, as a consequence: no payment will be made until the law of this constitutional democracy is adhered too. As is consistent with: amendment 13: I will not be your slave/ and the duty, rights, and values required of each citizen for protecting this nation from internal destruction, is obvious. Established, by those participating in corrupt, criminal, traitorous, or terrorist acts.
The courtroom must be: Realistically close to me (as I do not travel well). Whereby these elements of duty, in trial: as is purposely and deliberately intended: to be defending life, child, nature, planet, nation, and world. May then be adjudicated in front of a jury. The guaranteed right of first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; “as is the elemental power of the people in democracy: DID our employees keep their oath of office” is established by trial, and proven legally true or false. By our own vote as state or nation; thereby proving we are the owners!
OR, the court must prove the constitution is wrong: thereby this trial becomes; the judicial proof, that we the people have no right to enforce our democracy, our authority as we the people having guaranteed LEGAL rights is moot, nor can we enforce the oath our employees have given, to us: because our employees have become our rulers instead.
Establish the fourteenth amendment; as is equal protection for all, under the law; and I will attend trial, in both thought and deed. This then is, and is not: “a tax trial (open in trial, to all aspects of this democracy)”. It is demanding due process for democracy as written”/ or legal cause why this should not be so. Because we the people/ I the citizen: demand the foundation of America which is democracy. Must be held in respect and value by those who represent us/ or I will not pay the tax. That includes: You have no right to change our democracy or discard any portion of our constitution: without our being legally and officially informed/ as the citizens, the owners, of this state or nation. To corrupt our purpose/ change our securities/ or secretly create rules that take over our constitutional law, is to destroy our authority as we the people: that is traitorous. Because our democracy, our lives, our state and nation, as well as our world: have been betrayed. Replaced with tyranny, “the law is, what we say it is”. Rather than: the law is, as our constitution governs: to provide the foundation and values, upon which every law, may then arise. I no longer take you to court: as has proven to be worthless. However, since the biblical prophecy of Daniel 12 “countdown of days”; ends all mercy as of July 9, 2019: I make this, your responsibility and your fault: for your failures, and the eternity which follows you. That countdown starts “with the great abomination”. There can be NO greater abomination: than those who deliberately try to ignite atoms for fuel; on fire, “just like the sun”. A threat of HELL on earth/ a threat which will change the solar system as well: by turning this planet into a sun. “The geniuses say: not enough gravity here, so the fire will just extinguish itself”. WRONG is earth becomes a sun! Not a game, a reality of machines! Consequently NOW, in these last moments which prove you have rejected me: EVERY aspect of whether life will or will not survive on earth, is entirely in your hands. If you read this: you have been given the need to save this world, even this nation, or deny it: with consequences to you, and all! That will functionally prove to be: trial, by the demand for redress of grievances/ or not. A reality for all, NOT “just one”. I AM, through fighting for you, even for this world; because humanity failed. This is then, your last chance to fight for yourselves, and your world: because there will be, a point of no return! Just like, there will be a point of biological chaos caused by genetic mutilation, as is DNA manipulation; bringing to you Armageddon (which literally means; nature in chaos). I spent my lifetime for you; and all you gave back “was evolution”. The curse of fools, who believe anything they are told; without the slightest proof of reality. “BRAIN DEAD”!

TAKE ME TO COURT (but defend yourselves), as I have been denied access, in every legal proceeding by frivolous and irrelevant rule, or just plain contempt. Even though I won every legal argument/ and had every legal right. Today: I fight only for me/ YOU, will fight for you, in this legal demand: protect our world, our everything, even this nation. NO more gambling with life or planet. Or be lost forever, as a world! Simple as that: investigate/ examine the evidence/ prove the consequence of being wrong/ use what I have given you: fight for your world! Or die as a planet. The truth of evidence demands that will be so! Make your decision, because there is no going back: now or never! Stand up, and sign your name (I, AM here, for this work); as is count on me/ I accept this duty, to life.
The constitution does NOT allow immunity to a judge, or a right to remain seated: unless during “good behavior”. That has not occurred. The constitution does not provide for: “the people” are not allowed to take their government to court/ that is a lie. REDRESS is that platform, to take our employees to court. The constitution is our government: our legal right, to determine if their oath, to us, was kept.
“The judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity; arising under this constitution………….and that does include the charge of treason. As is consistent: with discarding the constitution itself, or the legal guaranteed rights established for the citizen; as is, the law!”
This legally demanded trial for democracy: for life on earth: is redress. This tax trial to open the door as needed to discuss our REALITY: based upon legally guaranteed ownership of our nation, or state, shall not be dissolved. As is provided by the constitution per each and every citizen as redress: to enforce democracy. The authority as is called: WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners here/ not our employees: is democracy itself. We the people are Governed by the constitution itself/ to dissolve rulers. Rather than submit to those employees, who have surged against us; deliberately taking control over life and nation, for their purposes instead of ours!
Trial here is: your legally appointed duty, to provide the rights and guarantees of constitutional law/ versus my legally defined duty to pay the tax, for that work which has been done. Where the work is substantially flawed, and requires oversight of the people themselves. The value of my rights and guarantees have been lost. Thereby your legal ability to force the tax is destroyed. So the decision of trial is to determine: if our democracy, as decreed by: we the people; has been won or lost: by the current and previous situations of leadership. Is this the nation or state we demanded? The reality of that, as is presented by trial through the evidence of threat or corruption of intent, depends upon the decision of the American people. OR has the value of our ownership as is democracy; been lost? That too, is the question to be decided in redress. To those leaders, who believe they have a greater cause, than is “we the people”. The reality is: Without substantiated proof of value, that would be; rebellion against the United States of America. No tax paid means: I do not support rebellion nor terrorism, nor those who do: so trial is mandated. Critical threats establishing the potential of extinction as are literally established by facts: are that primary cause and worst defense: to be faced by our employees. They are spending our money, our power of nation: to assassinate our future. Before the nation and states that fact must be addressed; as is the construction and protection provided and intended, by first amendment law. LEGAL redress of grievances.
Fight the descent into chaos, or die; you have claimed this world for yourselves/ by discarding life itself. Prove you can keep it! “The university is your savior/ media your protector”? Well, liar/ traitor/ cheat/ thief/ fool/ failure/ coward/ murderer/ terrorist: AIN’T going to tell you the truth. Instead you have to look behind the curtain which hides them, identify the fantasies which protect them: and discover for yourself, what reality can prove. You do that as a society: in open court, to prove or disprove the evidence to be considered, and then accepted. The consequence of being wrong: is real and forever EXTINCTION.
This is not hate: there is no point in hating a plague of fantasy, stupidity, failure, and its fools. They won’t understand! This is not war: there is no purpose in fighting with a mountain of arrogance/ as is the universities playing god. After all “god, don’t have to change”. This will never become terrorism: as is a purpose to make humanity change/ not even to save life. This is our reality as humanity on earth; identified for the purpose of life and world survival: by the realities of truth, evidence, consequences, and the decisions presented as thought comes first. Simple as that. Life is not a game, and neither is this trial.
What can be done, as best you can, must be done. Every living thing on earth depends upon that fact. This is for world participation; because these are world threats of extinction not simply me or you. There is no fact that cannot be discovered sufficiently, for you to make your own decision. There is no purpose here other than life on earth, must be sustained; as best we can. IF YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND ANYTHING ELSE/ YOU CAN COMPREHEND, WHAT IT MEANS, WHEN YOUR UNIVERSITIES IGNITE “THE SAME FIRE AS IS ON THE SUN” HERE ON EARTH. Www.iter.org and there are more. WRONG, is: HELL IGNITES! Wrong is: every life/ every living thing on earth dies: NO second chances/ a ten million degree fire. IS THAT NOT, ENOUGH CAUSE: FOR YOU OR ME OR THIS WORLD? This ain’t no game, are you willing to risk: even a one in one million chance they could be wrong. I tell you true; it is a one in one billion chance they could be right, instead. And you CAN hear in these words: that I am NOT given to fantasy, foolishness, or ignorance: the threat is beyond extreme. CHOOSE!

The note above: elevates the intent to identify what is wrong with adhering to fantasies instead of reality; as is being done throughout this USA. The failure to comprehend threats/ the failure to identify what it means to be a cult: thereby refusing to question your leaders/ the failure of money, because you let bribes decide/ the failure of reality itself as is approaching, because you didn’t want to pay the price for resurrecting what is wrong. Have become a major part in the deciding element of whether our earth lives or dies. So this legal demand and intent is: to rectify the false information, that is being used by terrorists; and give we the people an opportunity to save themselves/ to save their world and their child.
Nothing is more clear and certain of this fact/ of your failure to address and accept the reality of extreme threats. None more extreme than the threats: of those who have built machines, for the purpose of bringing the same fire here as is on the sun.
It cannot be argued, that this is more than: a one time reality of life or death for our entire planet. More distinctly that means, when ignition occurs, there is no going back. They have released an energy, a nuclear fire (burns atoms) which cannot be controlled or extinguished. Your scientists say to that: “not enough gravity here on earth/ so the energy released, will just expand into space.” But their fantasies are extreme, and their theories CANNOT be fully proven: until the actual event of ignition takes place. WRONG, is then this earth becomes a sun. They have already in truth: proven their conception of fusion is wrong, with experiments already done at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, in San Francisco. A fact, that should make you fear: because they still act as if fusion exists/ when proven to be a lie. Because they love their job, and don’t want to lose it.
The reality, when they are proven wrong: they will have ignited a ten million degree fire, that burns literally “atoms” (just like the sun). NO ESCAPE for this world, it becomes another sun. No escape for this solar system, as the creation of another sun, changes it forever.
So then, I trade the entire potential of this lawsuit: for one clear public media enforced; open trial by jury. Which must address, in this trial: the most critical of all extreme threats/ life or death for our world, in a single instant of “we gambled and lost”.
Machines built to ignite sun fire on earth, will release a radiation level so severe: it would kill us all. Because that is what the sun produces as well as heat and light. Without an atmosphere, we cannot survive that radiation even from 94 million miles away. So their intent to control that fire, has another hidden reality of threat. How are you going to survive that? Same fire/ same result. How is that not your problem too? A ten million degree fire, just like on the sun: “with million mile long flames”. WILL cause an extreme updraft, that literally ejects the entire atmosphere of this planet. An ignition of that energy release, by university estimate is: multiplying the energy of fossil fuel burning/ BY 4 MILLION TIMES. How is that not a bomb? The list of fantasies and failures by university knows nothing regarding the sun: is very long/ and our world gets only one ignition: to live or die, as the price which must be paid for this experiment. Because unless the fire extinguishes itself/ there is nothing we can do; it will burn us all alive.
This is the one experiment that cannot by any means: even conceive of a tiny fraction of life on earth being able to survive all the other threats/ everything dies; even the solar system as we know it. So my legal demand for redress is: let something survive/ even if you are too damaged and dull from “cult worship of university knows”; to do anything else for yourselves.
Just so its clear: I have NO political aspirations/ no intent to sue for gain/ NO desire, to be accosted by media/ no intent to be alone in the prosecution of my disciplined right: to protect this world, or this nation through a courtroom. As in our democratic authority, granted by guaranteed legal rights to constitutional redress of grievances.
Or its further expression in the courts, to expand “we NEED TO KNOW”; by your own design.
I DO NOT desire, that my location become some type of tourist mecca to any degree: THIS IS LAW, not circus. You have the information you need to enforce constitutional mandate/ so use it. You get up for lesser things/ so stand up for the entire world, or lose it forever; as that is the price for being WRONG.
MY PURPOSE IS: to aid and abet the clear intent: to keep this earth alive; it is that simple. By establishing a foundation upon which: the investigation of EVERY MAJOR THREAT WE FACE, becomes examined with and by the reality: of what it costs to be wrong.
For the people, by the people, and without prejudice for the answer: to protect life on earth. Rather, than worship a university delusion: that cannot be questioned, so says leadership, over the last forty years.
When faced with realities from which we the life on this planet or your children CANNOT survive: your duty at a bare minimum truth is. THAT WE MUST DETERMINE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THIS GOES WRONG/ before these experiments can proceed. Then as a nation and a world: decide for ourselves, if we are willing to accept the cost. That is LIFE WILL END. By letting the university arrogance decide they cannot be wrong; or proving the price we pay, before they do. This is stop the insanity as best we can: because there is no going back, “to put our a nuclear fire”; just like on the sun. is that not worth your time/ because even if they might be gambling with your world by demanding: “the odds are a million to one”. The reality remains: wrong is the end of our planet, every life, and even the solar system itself. How is that sane? Let them prove the reality of what they do/ let the people decide for themselves; as is the purpose of trial, and its foundation in law: which is democracy itself.
OR, you take this decision which belongs to everyone; at a bare minimum; and play god, by making it your own. Which does mean: in eternity, you will be more than just sorry.

James Frank Osterbur

https://www.iter.org/sci/Fusion   Abundant energy: Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times as much as nuclear fission reactions (at equal mass).  More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high.  instantly becomes 4,000,000 times more is four million inches high. Divided by 5480 feet the distance in a mile times 12 inches per foot =63,360 inches. 63,360 inches per mile divided into 4,000,000 inches= a candle flame that is suddenly, 63.13 miles high. There are no second chances!  Who does not understand: an instantaneous expansion by 4 million times more, IS AN EXPLOSION; even greater than the atomic bomb?

This is the basic Trial Video. “talk”;  that would have been to the jury along with the reading folder: to ask for their decision: WILL YOU/ OR will you not, ask the people to decide for themselves if this must be investigated: because the cost of being WRONG, is simply too high. like all other videos I have done “it is simple and plain; so as not to do more harm than good”. Never be a mob/ Choose the law. Then enforce that law or it dies.

True democracy is: a government determined by its people/ within the supervision of rights and freedoms governed by its constitution. It is not, “voting for someone to vote for me”. IT IS, voting upon the critical issues and laws, as an individual citizen:  which then governs our lives, our laws, and our society, as we chose it to be!

https://www.iter.org/sci/Fusion   Abundant energy: Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times as much as nuclear fission reactions (at equal mass).  More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high.  instantly becomes 4,000,000 times more is four million inches high. Divided by 5480 feet the distance in a mile times 12 inches per foot =63,360 inches. 63,360 inches per mile divided into 4,000,000 inches= a candle flame that is suddenly, 63.13 miles high. There are no second chances!

         I am still waiting for my day in court! 

I am dismissed without trial; immediately after the prosecutor realized he could not overrun me in trial. He now refuses to prosecute, which means I lose my day in court.

https://www.iter.org/sci/Goals  With ten times the plasma volume of the largest machine operating today, the ITER Tokamak will be a unique experimental tool, capable of longer plasma’s and better confinement. The machine has been designed specifically to:1) Produce 500 MW of fusion power for pulses of 400 s. “with a 50 MW input (625,000 candles).”  Look then clearly at the difference:  on “one side of their mouth they say burning plasma will unleash 4 million times the energy of a chemical fire”/ while on the other side of their mouth they say: our burning plasma will only create a ten-fold difference. One statement or the other is a lie/ look and feel the sun from 94 million miles away, and tell yourself which.

The reality here in this site is simple:  “humanity itself, can govern this world by creating its own laws/ through our vote: goes on trial 9/11/18!” The critical question is not why, but how? The answer is revealed on  this site, and comes to its own truth: by establishing the first amendment law, that is redress of grievances. Our authority as a democracy to govern ourselves: NOT by a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote on the laws that govern our truth, as people. That is the purpose here, and it will be decided: life or death for our world, {because the threats are real, and the realities involved are extreme} by the consequences of this trial, WE DECIDE FOR CHANGE. Or let hell erupt! Read and understand why, when gambling with this whole earth: they could be wrongRegardless, you CANNOT go back: wrong is the greatest abomination possible. Ignition of a nuclear fire (burns the bond in atoms) as is on the sun, has no “off switch”. The earth becomes a sun. 

To emphasize the fact:  no one argues human population has more than doubled in the last fifty years. That means our population rise is over 2% per year. The united nations declares the population to be 7.6 and rising. Two percent of 7.6 billion people is:  152 million more mouths to feed PER YEAR (plus pollution, etc) each year over deaths. WE WON’T survive that! average population rise is over 3% = 228 million more mouths to feed over deaths.

True democracy comes, with the authority to enforce US amendment 22: “term limits that apply to the highest office of employment in the land; shall apply to ALL the rest”. Including the courts.

THIS IS NOT POLITICAL, which means to ask someone else to vote for me!  This is legal, the establishment of our own true democratic authority, through our constitutional law which is first amendment “redress of grievances”.  This is: original jurisdiction, democratic “we the people” oversight of our government. By acknowledging; our employees do not always govern in our own best interest. Therefore we must, within constitutional restrictions, defend and protect ourselves. BY LAW, And through a courtroom, so that our own decisions, by our own vote: cannot be influenced by less than what is true.

This trial, is the legal right to vote as owners, and thereby oversee our government, as a constitutionally enforced democratic authority.  Consistent with the proven truth, called “we the people OWN this nation”. The public trial that would follow: is the legal right to decide what our law should be; and then decide as a nation called democracy: whether we will be threatened with extinction or not! As are the specific threats introduced into this trial. the fundmentals are.

” This is overseeing the values and identity of our state or nation, as a democracy called WE THE PEOPLE; through its law, its realities of existence: by investigating the facts/ determining the consequences of being WRONG. In a court of law!  Then demanding what must be changed/ will be changed, by our own individual vote. On the law itself, that governs this specific reality: in defense of ourselves, our society, your children, and our world.

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