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The constant disgrace of man and woman begins with “listen to me/ look at me/ do what I say”; as these things rarely are based upon evidence, truth, reality, or the need to understand before any decision is made. Instead, each of those commands are intended to expand the demand of MY want/ MY pride/ MY power/ or MY purposes which does not include wisdom, the expression of knowledge to any degree, or its understanding as would be necessary to assert balance or the values of an existence determined by truth and law. Media, university, and the politician; aggravates every aspect of want, pride, and power; releasing upon this world an avalanche of fools, failure, and delusion.

ORDER is the ascension of knowledge, as is determined by reality driven truth/ and has no direct function with, or assembly by; any demand of, or for a theory. Within the creation of knowledge, the building blocks of what can be achieved through a disciplined understanding of value; express themselves as wisdom. With wisdom, the balancing of what can and cannot be through the experiences thought will create; find expression. Truth has no “I”/ truth is what it is, which includes an “I”.  TRUTH, not “I”, is the important part! Or more simply:  human want tears down truth/ human pride destroys the foundations of our reality/ and human power confronts the essence of life itself, by assuming people can play god. And do; to the tragedy of both humanity and world.

The foundation of truth is: that we shall not interfere, where we do not belong. That truth assembles the diligent environment, of a freedom that does belong, within the descriptions of a choice. Where the law of life grants the freedom of a choice, an individual identity appears. A reality of all life, not just human! Where the law of our reality proves, a human choice is death to this environment; the reality of an individual curse appears, as is consistent with the religious declaration of “devil (you hurt OUR lives)”/ by your choice. The constant of truth, is a declaration without mercy: “it is, whatever it is”/ and there are no elements for change, beyond the point of no return. That fact identifies the knowledge of this day as:  ALL THE EVIDENCE WILL PROVE, that humanity is worship of the cult called “university knows” has in fact set into place, all the realities that will provide, its own extermination! The sewage of endless university delusions/ media propaganda of theories are god, because the university says so/ never question the university leader/ your savior is our weapons of mass destruction/ chemical pollution of everything, which includes the invasion of life chemistry; the coming HORROR/ genetic mutilation of nature/ the enslavement of a world, by counterfeiting money/ ravaged and raped resources to insure the children die/ water catastrophe/ population explosion/the horror of poisoning and destroying the food supply/ ///////////////, and even trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth “Just like the sun” which burns atoms for fuel. Which clearly means once ignition occurs, our world is dead/ and this planet will change the solar system itself, and then explode: because that, is what the physics of our reality will prove true.

Yet the people stand dead, as if they have no life in them at all;   because the bribes are too good to release. “we want/ we want/ we want/ we want/ we want////////////////////////////////WE WANT; DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!  Damn you for taking away my happiness; I just want what I want. Does that not sound like it is fair?

Alas, the reality of your world has changed; and just wanting what you want is no longer a reality that can be enforced for long! Every threat will prove that to be true; so your insistence that NOTHING MATTERS BUT ME/ will soon die. As every possibility of a future is destroyed, because you wanted to play with life, instead of respect our truth as a world. To your shame.

I have given up trying to convince you with knowledge or reality:  you love only the lies, and whatever corruption can provide/ surrendering your own children in the process, because reality proves you just don’t care enough; “it’s all about ME”. To your shame.

The prediction of JESUS is coming true:  the world will be laughing and playing, giving each other away in marriage and believing all things are fine/ when in an instant, they will know LIFE itself has been lost! The proof of that could not be more obvious, that to understand ANYTHING about the reality of machines created PROVEN TO BE ENTIRELY FOR THE PURPOSE;  of bringing the same fire here as is on the sun. you want to wait and see, because the university is your god; and you do nothing for this earth or its life; surrendering everything, to the delusions of a few. They are your curse, and it will be eternal.

Change or die/ YOU have been told. The day of terror comes soon; SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE OF OUR OWN TRUTH, by your own decisions! One and all.

Value is the relationship we share, with ourselves. It is not functionally associated with anyone else/ because how we see, express, or experience life itself, is determined by our own values. Value is then the definition of what we care about, what we are willing to share with any other life, and the purposes or desires chosen to participate in with passion.

Value is, the distance we are willing to travel, when confronted with:  “I love/ or I hate”. Value is not associated with survival/ because survival is a body issue; it is not functionally defined by WHY, I wish to survive. Survival is only the recognized need to survive, in order to experience or express time.

We individually choose what we value, based upon what we love or hate. That develops based upon what you want your life to be; or desire to be true in or of, your life. The one invading factor that develops as an alteration of want is:  the decision to believe whatever it is you believe.

Belief is the critical assumption:  that you no longer need to think for yourself/ because someone else has done that, so you can just follow them:  “to the treasure they proclaim”. Belief means:  I have accepted by association, with certainty, that I only need to follow these rules, in order to get what I want! Simple as that. The rules are important, because without rules, you cannot grasp the certainty “I agree to pay this price”. The price is:  that you will not argue or discount or investigate or examine the evidence for any truth, other than what you are told. Which then gives all power over you, to the one who claims to know and provide those rules. With the living, only small groups are so gullible. But with the dead, and the rules they leave behind as “the book”/ NOBODY gets to complain, “this is it”; believe it or get out.

Belief means:  I have taken an oath of sorts, not to question what I believe is true; anymore! In other words, the rules/ the leadership/ the book/ and the expected purposes exposed cannot be wrong. The reality/ the truth itself/ evidence which cannot be refuted as wrong/ the examination of consequences/ nor any other reality or combination of things: will prove futile when talking to a believer. That is because to believe requires you to close the door, after entering into the prison cell you have created. The world does not exist, beyond those prison walls. Unless you surrender your belief, and that means you must reenter society: and face all the consequences of what that does mean. In your own little prison, by controlling the door from the inside:  nothing but what you want, can get inside. Not even if it means your life will be lost: more commonly called the religious zealot!

So the question is:  is religion “good or bad”? The answer allows for the majority impact of religion to be good/ while an unfortunate side effect, which is escaping from the real world: is bad.

Religion that is good, accepts the basic truth of human life in society:  so much is unfair, people need a refuge from that reality/ because tyrants come in all forms. Sacrifice is a constant, because greed tries to consume us all. Judgment, failure, betrayal, liars, thieves, traitors and terrorists, etc; alter the possibilities of our existence into a constant battleground. Which makes all participants uneasy and unwelcoming to the masses of which we are all one.

Religion that is bad, offers no restraint to the people who are intent upon collecting power and pride/ by any means possible. The criminal element will not be stopped by locking yourselves in a prison. With weapons, deceit, temptations, lust and all the rest:  they can get you to open the door. OR, if not, they can make you hide to the point of your own prison cell just became even much smaller; and you no longer hold the key. So they run rampant, ravaging or raping anything they want; while you fear.

The difference between religion and faith is truth! Truth does not own a book, it is a reality of relationships or evidence that can be proven substantially correct by understanding the disciplines which bring life to order and balance. The things of love are found in faith. The things of love and hate are interwoven in religion, so as to make certain: nobody should play, or fully understand here. Because we want, what we want: and that does not include truth unless we say so.  Religion is “the middle ground”, which has no passion, unless it serves “our herd”. FAITH is the exception to want/ as in want is not allowed here, only truth.

SO let us conceive of truth as the elemental search for what is of value to a life. When we search for life as a human being: there are MANY REALITIES of which truth is less than distinct. Therefore we find faith to intercede on our part, as we travel through time and into eternity. The difference between faith and belief is want. Faith turns to follow only what can be proven true, and must wait for clarity when confronted with “I cannot be certain”. Belief, the backbone of religion, follows what they want the world or eternity to be, therefore whatever want describes as a value to me; is granted “from the word of god (our book/ as in we agree)”; I get whatever I want.  Do you see the difference?

Without want, faith is a journey. Without “the herd to believe in: we can’t all be wrong”. Faith is a singular path, that depends upon me to choose, to investigate, and to examine what I will accept as truth. The destiny which comes from love, understands where the heart searches, the soul must go. The fate which considers only want as its guide, and accepts only the herd can protect me: is on a road that will end as a consequence of what want did choose.  Do you see the difference?

The middle ground allows want to become whatever is easiest for me to do. The middle ground allows me, as all religion does;  to be hateful or loving or proud or whatever it is I want to be/ because the herd is all that. Therefore since we all belong to the same fate/ we all get to do the same things; measuring who gets to feel superior as we go.

Faith has no middle ground: truth is truth, and it accepts no element of what is not truth to survive. Because we are individuals, that statement applies ONLY TO ME/ not to the others, as that would be judgment; and you are not god! Nonetheless the value of truth is, that we can conceive of a destiny shaped from our own determination to participate as truth described individuality. To love, which is a participation of both heart and soul in life itself; elevates life in the ascension provided by truth. To hate, relies upon everything that love is not/ as a consequence it descends as the complete opposite of love, into a very different fate. There is no middle ground/ but humanity demands a middle ground; because they want both love and hate to participate in their lives; and shun the extremism that is “simply truth, and its close companion as is love” can live here.

The extremist view is:  that life, even my individual life, is such a miracle; nothing else matters to me. The extremist view is:  that these miracles prove, an intensity of love lives here. A reality beyond the existence of what our lives will prove on this earth; which then means, “I must search”. The extremist view is:  beyond this evidence of time, there is a GOD/ our CREATOR, and through life itself. Established as “still here” by the accounting of JESUS:  which means that destiny, the elevation of life to conceive of eternity; has value.

When we search for eternity, the question is: HOW? The answer to that, isolates truth to define creation itself is the answer, as these developments leave a path to where life comes from. The critical construction of “ways and means” provide: IF LIFE is not functionally governed by body, but by soul. Then the relationship of life created;  to life CREATOR, is by the elevation of respect within the understanding identified by truth. Or more simply, when we become truth within ourselves/ then the values of what we represent to our Creator, are in fact isolated to become “I am present, and accounted for”, from impact & preservation, of your work. In that “knocking at the door”; the quest for what is true can begin.

Discipline understands:  “I have no rights/ nor cause to claim anything; for simply being as life itself would have me to be”. This is a destiny expected from each one: simply to be true to life and its CREATOR. You are owed nothing, for attaining what is expected of you.

Order designs the relationship we might share with our GOD;  as the steps we take to find this door within ourselves as the life beyond time. Truth allows, a need for mercy to arrive.

Balance designates:  that we must share ourselves, to achieve the grace that is a life beyond ourselves as is limited by time. The body is then figuratively discarded, by the elements of life itself; to achieve the essence of what can or cannot be both “heart and soul”. If we live by the essence of what presents life to a body/ then we must understand that life includes the composition of thought. Thought is then the critical passage between what is time, and what is a life truth.

Love elevates desire as direction. The cause and consequence of love, is to choose the values of our own heart, and achieve the certainty of that desire, as our way. Love conceives of every door as a purpose governed through the descriptions of soul. If your soul is true to GOD, then every door you enter has a purpose that lives within the descriptions of your heart. If your soul is not true to GOD/ the reality of any single door which you open in the essence of a journey into truth through thought; can in fact cause your eternal death. The values and relationships which create an eternity for love/ does not include deceit, etcetera.

Faith is the acceptance, “only truth can decide” because only the value of truth can know, where life lives.

There are limits and boundaries and levels assigned to eternal life; because of the reality so many cannot attain the necessary purity to rise above themselves, and their wants. So the door is closed, above this “level”/ so that you can survive where you are. Those who are unhappy with that, are then given the option for less. This is mercy/ or more simply “you cannot” do more for yourself; so realities are shifted to where and what you can survive.



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