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there is simply “no purpose in beating a dead horse” so to speak. wake up or be abandoned. Anything that is over the amount to keep these sites open until 7/9/ 19 will be used for communication of the fact we MUST investigate the threats which can make us ALL, extinct. In a court of law (it takes society as a witness): so that we will all know what is true; as best we can.  Too late, is just plain too late.

an accounting will be given here; the actual site renewal date is November 3rd last date unless funded. So the accounting will be added here below: on November 1st, 2018 as to what has or has not been given till that date in time.

this is 5:00 Oclock Wednesday 10/31/18 and there have been no payments made. the site will go dark on November 4, I believe; as no possibility of making a difference is now credible. that was your choice, not mine.

i stand corrected: the realities of letting an entire world of LIFE die/ are simply too extreme to abandon in any form. simple as that!



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