THIS IS;   for the removal of work from all preceding sites/ to this one; if it is used.

           Functionally intended to be your site, to tell each other what to do, where to meet, what to find, how to help, why this is important to you, or not; to discover what is true by working/ and so on. When so equipped.   Removed to here from all intimidation (as best I can), to be whatever this can be;   by your design.  That however is not considered necessary; as you do have plenty of options without it.

           By  exchanging the beginnings of information, or decision, or whatever it is that must be done.  You can work for life, child, and a future;  on this earth.  That is your decision.  That is the beginning of your shared participation, in changing this world; and its future.


          As for me;   when the trial 14SC-2 comes to its close/ that will be posted on the other sites; and they will not be tampered with by me anymore.    Should I wish to participate or provide anything else; it will go here on this site.

           In that way, you can finish downloading the other sites; and they will remain constant for you.  So that you can use them effectively, by knowing “where to look”. 

           If there is no participation, including payment, and defense of these sites: YOUR WORK,  to keep these sites open for your benefit.   Then this one will end quickly.  The others shall remain untouched;  as is consistent with my claim:   “A fight, till the end/ or a new beginning”.  So long as I can do so/ or more correctly not beyond the probable completion of the exowatt laser, which will bring “sun fire” to earth.  Ending all life/ if we survive that long.

           Your reality of work and participation, or not; decides the fate of us all.  Making you, extremely important to every living creature now or in the future.  I cannot save you, nor make you change: truth leads, or you fail.

           The law is your weapon; but that does not mean you cannot defend yourselves if attacked. Violence can easily escalate into chaos; and not be stopped.  Unlike history, this earth does not contain the resources to rebuild massive destruction.  Therefore don’t be drawn in: Or the consequences will be horrific.

           More simply: to defend is to demand respect;   if it is not given, then you may demand it: but not, by more than the methods used against you.  Defense does NOT allow for an attack, other than by legal means/ unless, it is absolutely necessary.  The law is your ally; learn to use it effectively.


           Demand: THE LAW, that is our constitutional government; the very words that unite us as a nation.   SHALL be enforced.


          Should the price of keeping these sites running prove excessive: you will receive notice on each site; establishing a cost that must be met.  No more than that is needed/ this is not about money; it is about life.  Excess would be used at my discretion.  You have been warned/ so don’t contribute more, unless you are willing to accept, whatever that will be.

           Your participation does mean: you shall contribute, for your own benefit/ you shall risk the consequences fighting “organized crime in government”/ you shall accept the cost, is simply the cost;  and understand eternity is watching you. No excuse is allowed,  should “life or death”  be required of you: that is the price you must pay, because our world needs you to care.  Enough, to stop our own extinction/ all of life itself;   from extermination on this planet.  Not a game/ this is our reality, at this moment in time.  Nobody is excused; nobody gets to accuse or use me to say, “because of him”.  I did my job. 

           You raise money for “all kinds of little things”.  You can find a way to support, a life or death decision for this entire earth.  What good is your counterfeit money, if you lose your world?   It is already worthless by all standards of reality; only lies hold it together/ and contrary to the constant, “we are better off this way”.  As has been established: THE COST has been much higher than you know.

           I HAVE done my job.  The rest is up to you.  No excuses allowed.  Not for anyone.  Do whatever you can do.  SAVE THIS EARTH.   Not a game, life or death; proven true.

          I have carried you (demanding look at these threats/ stop being an ass) long enough; its your turn now.


          I offer a last few considerations

          The biblical “Noah’s flood” has been proven in numerous ways; but the most convincing evidence is all the fossil fuels known to exist; some buried in thousands of feet down.  We know that coal is plant debris crushed over time/ oil creature debris covered an crushed over time.  Its not a guess.  The only possible way/ the only proven way, these things clump together and then get buried in the same place, is by flood.  The only way they get buried as they are, is by world flood.  But what is also interesting is the amount of life that did exist, prior to this day.  Clearly massive: it means plant and creature life was everywhere.  By design the question erupts as to WHY?  The answer returns as information provided by nasa; wherein probes sent to both Venus and Jupiter, having major atmospheres.  Also have wind forces blowing constantly at around 700 mph.  Or more simply, the atmosphere does NOT travel at the same speed as the mass.   That is not true here on earth.  Where at the equator the planet travels 25,000 miles in 24 hours/ which means the mass is traveling at over 1000 mph.  Similar to these other planets, and the atmosphere travels with it/ BECAUSE LIFE, AND IN PARTICULAR TREES: existed to tie the atmosphere to the mass, and make them move together.  By design, it is clear that dinosaurs made it possible for creatures to move through the forests.  Tree leaves lift, flutter, and intervene in wind speeds to remove the energy.  Thereby tying the atmosphere in place.  You have removed MASSIVE amounts of trees; and may now expect wind patterns and speeds;  to increase.  You have discarded their production of oxygen/ and added another “billion cars” to consume that oxygen.  Guess what happens next!

          Well, that is if the biblical prophecy of extinction by world wide fire doesn’t come true first.  The biblical book of Daniel predicts:   from the beginning operation  (NIF) of single worst decision humanity can make/ which absolutely is, bringing “sun fire” here to earth.  There shall be    1290 before the earth is lit on fire.  Enters the exowatt laser;   at exactly, an area of completion date in that time frame.  The equivalent of: Up to 3 million massive lightning bolts; all hitting the same spot/ at the same time. It then continues the end will be for this entire life world, forty five days later.  The expected time required for a ten million degree fire: to eject the entire atmosphere of this planet.   WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO HIDE!

          These experiments and many more; take an arrogance so far beyond insanity; the only word that fits, is literally   “SATAN”.   Religious or not; you do know what it means.  Destroyer of a world!

          Are you willing to be wrong?



          In case you do survive; I offer this.

          While knowledge is a blessing, the reality that served to keep me tied to this work; are the consequences of threats that will destroy all life, even the planet itself.

          Nonetheless, the true diligence required for this work/ neglecting all other desires and participation in life through time; proves although this was absolutely necessary.  And I would do it again/ because this is life or death for a world.  Anything less would not be worth the functional removal of “romance, family, friend, lover, etc”.  Participate/ and learn NOT to be like a gossiper, who can turn “a single short thread” into an entire tent covering everything time says about someone else.  It is never true! 

           Time runs out for us all/ THEN ETERNITY begins.  Which means, “a few seconds more here” is irrelevant for us all.  Believe it, or not.

          In contrast to knowledge required for the survival of life; by changing what must be changed.  The spiritual world IS an “extremely interesting place”.  A necessity, to establish the boundaries and limits of thought as is possible, in a life that enters;   beyond time.  The cost is high; only purity is allowed to survive without true mercy.  The reality is very dangerous; as you can be trapped, or destroyed;  by your own decision, or lack of understanding. Traveling to the very limit of what man can be; proves although “happy enough”/ family, which requires woman;  is better.

          The true difference between man and woman; is massive/ far beyond what any man or woman imagines to be true.  It is apparently true: that my initial decision “to learn about women was NOT my job”/ was wrong.  It is fundamentally true, that when men are confronted by a need to make this change; and others won’t listen/ because they believe whatever they believe or want whatever they want, regardless of truth.  Then men turn to force, which leads to war.  History cannot be wrong here.  Women not being physically forceful; do not turn to force, as they would lose.  Consequently in a world where extensive  destruction is no longer possible to recover from.  WE DO need women to participate as leaders instead of men:   because anything beyond a small scale war;  will never be an answer again.  We must find another way.  Because our world has changed:   we are SO MANY PEOPLE, nature can no longer survive us.  Unless we are very careful to help.