When gambling with an entire planet, it is fundamentally necessary to understand exactly what is or is not going to take place.   The assumptions that exist below are merely completely unproven theories.  They assert conditions on the sun that have never been proven by any means.  They construct an assumption based upon the equation E=mc sq.  But if you look at the equation carefully it reads:    That energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared.  OR, MORE CORRECTLY,   it reads that energy is equal to a mass, times its speed.  Or in this equation that speed is called the speed of light times the speed of light.  Mass times speed= energy is nothing more than that.  Energy itself is the cause of why speed or movement exists, or holds mass together in a state of potential energy( this could move).   Equally disturbing is the fact no theory even exists as to what gravity is in university dialogue/ they have no clue.  But gamble the entire world anyway, based upon assumptions that will be proven wrong.


            The fundamentals are very simple:    To be wrong, about bringing the same fire here as is on the sun, is EITHER a good thing if it can be controlled.  OR IT IS THE END OF THIS PLANET, because we know that the fire on the sun exists, and can therefore exist here on this planet.  Your “experts” will tell you it cannot because there is not enough gravity here/ but they do not know what gravity is; they simply measure the effect on their feet.  Your “experts” tell you that the fire on the sun is from combining hydrogen into helium/ but there is absolutely no evidence produced to support that theory.  The fundamental energy that is delivered by the sun establishes in contrast, that what occurs is the burning of atomic bonds/ rather than the separation of those bonds as is fission.  Proven true, by the energies released, and the controlled nature of the fire we know exists, and does burn your skin from 91 million miles away.  To bring that here, IS ABSOLUTELY GAMBLING WITH EVERY LIFE ON EARTH.   Because as they will clearly tell you, they cannot replicate or experiment with any part of the processes that occur on the sun/ THEREFORE, everything they suggest is an absolute assumption and NOT IN ANY MANNER OR METHOD a sustainable fact.









































 NIF 'tantalizingly close' to ignition breakthrough ... to achieving fusion with energy gain, following their latest experiments.



Capable of producing a beam of light so intense that it would be equivalent to the power received by the Earth from the sun focused onto a speck smaller than a tip of a pin, scientists claim it could allow them boil the very fabric of space – the vacuum.



 But the lasers planned by the Extreme Light Infrastructure Ultra-High Field Facility, known as "ELI," would concentrate 200 petawatts of power -- that's 100,000 times the world's power production -- and fire it at a single point for less than a trillionth of a second.