This is returned to the list of businesses one last time, as the demand: your decision IS life or death of a world for us all/ because the communication necessary to inform and create an appropriate response among society is required. The failure to respond is now A CURSE upon you; because this world is at risk. All life deserves their chance to be involved. To refuse them a chance to live: is to inherit their terrors, tears, and tragedies as your own: every single one forever. Because your decision helped, to condemn them all, along with every other living creation on this planet. There is a price for that.
Since you have elected to discard the first warnings; irreversible damage has been done to this planet. That leaves extremely little time, to try and recover or rebuild the rest that is absolutely essential for all life to survive. This is no game. This is life or death for a world, and you are participants on trial. Your decision will matter TO YOUR ETERNITY. Not a threat, a fact identified by the truth of consequences, whether you believe that or not is absolutely irrelevant. Truth will prove itself.


THIS IS THE LIST OF businesses, WHO RECEIVED the advertisement under the “different ways” heading. (Placed, a true and correct copy, in US mail on July 18,2009) THE WARNING, that we are in trouble, and presented to those who have said of themselves “its our job, to inform the public/ WE ARE their voice, and their eyes and ears”. THEREBY having committed too, warning the people of danger or the need to examine the evidence and decide for themselves. Or standing in the way, so that the people cannot know; thereby making the decision that is their life or death.
1. The ad understands, that bringing fusion here to earth, is the clear death of all life; if it cannot be put out or controlled. The sun is fusion, can you live there?
2. The ad understands, that destroying the energy disciplines that create time, because for “every action there is a reaction”: IS LOST, where energy is so intense, that no reaction can exist to this type of speed. Where the known reality of this energy has been a complete destruction to prior universal existence.
3. The ad understands, that destroying the genetic disciplines that bring order, nature, and life to this planet, by mutilating it to the moment when men can play god; assume and pretend life is a toy: CAN ONLY BE THE END OF ALL LIFE ON EARTH. What do you trust? Men or nature? The end is near, because men are not god, and we cannot repair the things they are doing. Like so many things, people destroyed it/ but they cannot bring it back. People chose greed instead of life, honor, or anything of value, and yet you give them the opportunity to destroy all of nature, including you, because like a virus: THESE THINGS CAN AND WILL infect and change your body too. It is absolute failure, and will gain you evolution for real: the destruction of all things ordered, disciplined, and true; to create the world men worship as chaos; they are gods, but only as satan (destroyer of a world).
4. These three things are immediate realities that threaten life in this very instant; no one knows when it will be too late to stop; but it is clear, “that day, could be today”. Of the rest, you can destroy yourselves a little at a time ending in hell because of the choices you refuse to change. You can surrender nation or world in bits and pieces, throw away law; if you wish to believe in fairy tales and continue to refuse truth. But unless the three things above are dealt with: it is very unlikely you will survive one single more year. 2010 at the latest will be your grave, for an entire world; we cannot survive these machines or these ways. Not a threat, it is the choices you have made; the reality of things being done today.
THOSE WHO DO NOT ACCEPT the need for this public, this world to understand the very simple truth: WE CANNOT BE WRONG, in this matter; and decide for the public themselves. DO ALL LIFE ON THIS PLANET, an immense and severe wrong. WE THE PEOPLE, must decide, IT IS ALL LIFE ON EARTH, that they gamble with: HOW CAN IT BE SAID, WE DO NOT BELONG IN THIS DISCUSSION? Only liars would so contend.
I suggest to you, that those who refuse the very limited decision to let the others decide for themselves/ in a matter so distinctly important to us all, as life or death: Decide their fate in eternity as well, the dead bodies of those whom they failed crushing them forever. Therefore the “book” of those who either failed life on earth/ or those who did what they could to sustain and change life on earth; so we could all survive. YOU do participate as people in this world, YOU are also responsible beyond any business, for what you do, or do not do: when in fact the whole world is literally at stake. We cannot be wrong/ therefore you cannot be excused; not for any reason.
The religious WILL spend their time with “many words”/ its what they do. But the reality will be as predicted by JESUS unless you change: “in the last days people will be completely surprised/ unaware; but the end will come, and sweep them away.” The world only dies once; “hasn’t happened yet” is a fools’ argument/ an utter disease and disgrace.


THE SOLICITOR GENERAL ROOM 5614, Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania ave, NW Washington DC 20530-0001

the internal revenue service Brookhaven appeals 1040 Waverly ave. Stop 906
Holtsville NY 11742 refer reply to: AP:FE:LI-BR2: JXS



Michael T. Shelton 200 W Adams st. Suite 2300 Chicago IL 60606
the FBI the Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania ave NW Washington DC 20535-0001

THE PRESIDENT OF THIS UNITED STATES Barrack Obama 1600 Pennsylvania ave NW, DC 20500

the US ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE US dept of justice 950 Pennsylvania Ave NW DC 20530-0001

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE ;Los Angeles bureau, 6430 sunset boulevard, suite 702, Hollywood CA 90028

ASSOCIATED BAPTIST PRESS po box 23769 Jacksonville FL, 32241

ASSOCIATED PRESS 450 west 33rd st. NEW YORK NY 10001
San Francisco Bureau 303 second st. suite 680 N. San Francisco CA 94107

BAPTIST PRESS 901 Commerce st. Nashville TN 37203

BENTON COMMUNICATIONS 450 W. Broad st. Suite 321 Falls Church VA 22046

BLOOMBERG NEWS 732 Lexington Ave NY , NY 10022

CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE 950 National Press Building DC 20045

CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE 3211 fourth st. NE DC 20017-1100

COPLEY NEWS SERVICE box 120190 San Diego CA 92112-0190

COX NEWSPAPERS, INC cox enterprises inc 6205 Peachtree Dunwoody road Atlanta GA 30328

DOW JONES NEWS SERVICE Harborside Financial center 800 Plaza two Jersey City NJ 07311-3992

GANNETT NEWS SERVICE 1100 New York Avenue DC 20005

GLOBAL PRESS 2008 Q st. NW suite 100 DC 20009

GRIFFIN-LARRABEE NEWS BUREAU box 16083 Alexandria VA 22302

HEARST NEWS SERVICE 1850 K st NW suite 1000 DC 20006


INDEPENDENT NEWS SERVICE box 120 New York NY 10012-0002

JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY INC 330 seventh avenue 17th fl New York NY 10001-5010

JOHNSON NEWSPAPER CORPORATION 260 Washington st. Watertown NY 13601

KING FEATURES hearst corp 300 W 57th st. New York NY 10019

LAW.COM ALM 10 United Nations Plaza 3rd fl San Francisco CA 94102


MAI PHOTO NEWS AGENCY INC 6601 Ashmere lane Centreville VA 20120

MARKET NEWS INTERNATIONAL 40 Fulton st. 5th fl New York NY 10038

MARKETWATCH.COM dow jones co. 201 California St 13th fl San Francisco CA 94111

THE McCLATCHY COMPANY 2100Q st Sacramento CA 95816

MEDIA GENERAL NEWS SERVICE INC 1214 National Press building DC 20045

MEDILL NEWS SERVICE 1325 G st NW suite 730 DC 20005-3195

NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SERVICE new york times company 229 W. 43rd st 9th fl New York NY 10036

NEWHOUSE NEWS SERVICE advance publications inc 1101 Connecticut Ave NW suite 300 DC 20036

PRESS ASSOCIATES UNION NEWS SERVICE 1000 Vermont ave NW suite 101 DC 20005

RELIGION NEWS SERVICE newhouse news service 1101 connecticut ave NW suite 350 DC 20036

REUTERS AMERICA LLC 3 times square New York NY 10036
San Francisco Bureau 88 Kearny st. 6th fl San Francisco CA 94108

SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE 1090 Vermont Ave NW suite 1000 DC 20005

STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP 666 11th st NW suite 535 DC 20001

THE TALK RADIO NEWS SERVICE 209 Pennsylvania ave SE DC 20003

TARGETED NEWS SERVICE 7723 harwood place Springfield VA 22152

TIMES NEWS SERVICE 6883 Commercial dr Springfield VA 22159-0200

TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES 434 N Michigan ave suite 1500 Chicago IL 60611

TUFTY NEWS SERVICE 3812 Livingston st NW DC 20015

UNITED MEDIA The E.W. Scripps co 200 Madison ave 4th fl New York NY 10016

UNITED METHODIST NEWS SERVICE 810 12th av S Nashville TN 37203

UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL news world communications 1510 H st NW 7TH FL DC 20005

UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE 4520 main st. Kansas City MO 64111-7701

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE hearst newspapers 901 mission st. San Francisco CA 94103-2988

A& E TELEVISION NETWORKS 235 E 45th st New York NY 10017

ABC FAMILY the walt disney co 500 S buena vista st. Burbank CA 91521-4562

AIR AMERICA RADIO 641 sixth ave 4th fl New York NY 10011

AMERICAN URBAN RADIO NETWORKS 960 Penn ave suite 200 Pittsburgh PA 15222

BELO TELEVISION GROUP belo corp 400 S. record st. Dallas TX 75202

THE BERNS BUREAU box 2939 DC 20013-2939

BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION INC viacom inc one bet plaza 1235 NE DC 20018-1211

BLOOMBERG TELEVISION 731 Lexington ave New York NY 10022

C-SPAN cable satellite public affairs network 400 N. Capitol st. NW suite 650 DC 20001

CBN the Christian broadcasting network CBN center 0977 Centerville Turnpike Virginia Beach VA 23463-0001

CBS NEWS cbs corp 524 W 57th st New York NY 10019

CNBC nbc universal inc 900 sylvan ave Englewood cliffs NJ 07632

CNN time warner inc one CNN center Atlanta GA 30303

COURT TV 600 third ave New York NY 10016

COX BROADCASTING 400 N. capitol st. NW suite 750 DC 20001

DISCOVERY NETWORKS one discovery place Silver Springs MD 20910-3354

FEATURE STORY NEWS 1730 Rhode Island ave NW suite 405 DC 20036-3101

FOX BROADCASTING CO 10201 W. Pico boulevard Los Angeles CA 90035

GANNETT BROADCASTING 7950 Jones branch drive McLean VA 22107

HEARST-ARGYLE TELEVISION INC 300 W 57th st New York NY 10019

MSNBC one msnbc plaza Secaucus NJ 07094

MTV viacom inc 1515 broadway New York NY 10036

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO 635 Massachusetts ave NW DC 20001-3753

NBC NEWS general electric co. 30 Rockefeller plaza New York NY 10112

NECN- NEW ENGLAND CABLE NEWS 160 Wells ave Newton MA 02459-3302

NEW YORK 1 NEWS time warner co 75 9th ave 6th fl New York NY 10011

NEWS 12 LONG ISLAND one media crossways Woodbury NY 11797

NEWS 12 NEW JERSEY cablevision systems corp 450 Raritan center parkway suite H Edison NJ 08837-3944

NEWSCHANNEL 8 allbritton communications co. 1100 wilson boulevard, Arlington VA 22209

NJN PUBLIC TELEVISION AND RADIO 25 s. Stockton st. Trenton NJ 08625-0777

OXYGEN MEDIA 75 ninth ave 7th fl New York NY 10011

PACIFICA RADIO 1925 Martin Luther King jr. Way Berkeley CA 94704

PBS 2100 crystal drive Arlington VA 22202-3785

PUBLIC RADIO INTERNATIONAL 100 N. sixth st suite 900-A Minneapolis MN 55403

RADIO AMERICA the american studies center 1030 15th st NW suite 1040 DC 20005

RADIO FREE ASIA 2025 M st NW suite 300 DC 20036

RADIO FREE EUROPE/ RADIO LIBERTY 1201 Connecticut ave NW DC 20036

SALEM RADIO NETWORK 6400 N. Beltline road suite 210 Irving TX 75063-6037

TALK RADIO NETWORK box 3755 Central point OR 97502

UNIVISION TELEVISION NETWORK univision communications inc 9405 NW 41st. Miami FL 33178

USA RADIO NETWORK 2290 Springlake road suite 107 Dallas TX 75234

VH1 viacom inc 1515 Broadway 20th fl New York NY 10036

VOICE OF AMERICA international broadcasting bureau 330 independence ave SW DC 20237

NAPO 317 S. Patrick st. Alexandria VA 22314

INTERNATIONAL UNION OF POLICE ASSOCIATIONS 1549 Ringling Blvd suite600 Sarasota FL 34236


Z MAGAZINE 18 millfield st. Woods Hole MA 02543

CIVICUS 1402 K st. NW suite 900 DC 20005

CREATIVE ACTION 811 first ave ste 454 Seattle WA 98104

FREE REPUBLIC LLC box 9771 Fresno CA 93794

GRASSFIRE.ORG box 206 Maxwell IA 50161

INTERNATIONAL ACTION CENTER 5C- solidarity center 55W. 17th st NY, NY 10011

NATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR COMMUNITY AND JUSTICE 760 N. Frontage rd suite 105 Willowbrook IL 60527

PEACEWORKS 104 commercial st NE Salem OR 97301

SPEAKOUT.COM 20720 Bealsville rd Dickerson MD 20842

USA TODAY 7950 jones branch drive, Mclean VA 22108-0605

FOX NEWS 1211 avenue of the america’s NY, NY 10036

UPI 1133 19th st NW DC 20036

ABC 7 W 66TH ST NY NY 10023

LOS VEGAS SUN Box 98970 Los Vegas NV 89193-8907

USSC building 1 1st st NE DC 20543

FIRST AMENDMENT PROJECT 1736 Franklin st 9th fl Oakland CA 94612

FIRST AMENDMENT FOUNDATION 336 E. College ave suite 101 Tallahassee FL 32301

ST. NW Suite 1100 DC 20006

NNA 134 Neff Annex Univ of MO Columbia school of journalism, Box 7540 Columbia MO 65205-7540

ASSOCIATED PRESS 15 E. Main Champaign IL 61820

NEWS-GAZETTE 15 E Main st. Champaign IL 61820

WCCU TV 119 W Church Champaign IL 61820

WCIA TV 509 S. Neil Champaign IL 61820

WICD TV 250 S Country Fair dr, Champaign, IL 61822

WILL tv 300 N. Goodwin ave Urbana, IL 61801

ILLINI MEDIA 512 E. Green st Champaign IL 61820

this list will extend over time/ the copy or ad may change but will be essentially the same: DANGER. Whether, I place these new addresses on site or not is optional to me/ but be it known that a great number of people are already informed; and they understand. Including religions, newspapers, women’s organizations and so on.
It is the reality of my life, I have done everything I can do to help you understand: LIFE IS IN DANGER. Unless you are prepared to help, the battle is over. But I will hope for you anyway, and work simply because “this is for all life on earth”/ how can anyone stop? It is insane, not to do whatever can be done, by you or me. The children need us all.

The point of no return exists within this next year, for all manner of “science experiments”. The people laugh, ridicule and say: NO MAN or set of men can destroy this whole earth/ he lies, another “the sky is falling, bastard”.
While it is correct, no man or set of men can destroy this whole earth; FUSION CAN. And once it is started no man or set of men can stop it. Look at the sun, and prove this is untrue
While it is correct no man or set of men can destroy this whole earth; the RELEASE OF UN-DISCIPLINED ENERGY CAN! Take a look at the “big bang”/ a changed universe, and prove this is untrue.
While it is correct no man or set of men can destroy this whole earth; GENETIC MUTILATION CAN. And men and women are invading every genetic discipline/ and they will fail, causing complete collapse of all things nature. Destroyed by your own hands, and insane desire to play god. You know this is true, and yet you do it anyway.
While it is correct ..... weapons of mass destruction can.
While it is correct....... the loss of life through loss of food, can/ and you are destroying the ocean/ have set into place a livestock system completely dependent upon antibiotics; and they are all failing/ are multiplying people at 2 million more mouths to feed per week/ and much more. Yet I am ridiculed, and feared. Because the greedy don’t want to lose their power. Because the proud don’t want to be equal. Because the majority all “want to be rich/ even though they know inside, you cannot be rich without making many others poor”. Religions all say “follow me”/ making a few responsible for the rest; causing the majority to fall in the very same pit, from which you cannot return; and more. You are insane/ proven without a doubt as leaders; all that is left, is whether the masses wish to join in this death. All that is left is too decide if women will abandon all life on earth/ and choose to exterminate it with their indifference as have men.
I AM NOT your leader/ I CANNOT save you/ etc. In reality my own life has changed so dramatically inside, there is absolutely nothing for you to fear. My life is owned by “the spiritual woman” described to you/ I have breasts, that do control me at their whim (nothing I can do about it)/ my penis is controlled by the spirit of women (women have become dangerous to me, not me to them). And yet all leaders fear me, because I do represent truth, and the law. Otherwise you would go to court, and recognize reality must be accepted, truth must lead (not me, but truth). They prefer LIES.
For the sake of the children, it may be that you survive NIF, as it takes only one or two lasers to malfunction; and the net result of an atomic environment so compressed, that it now escapes; WILL rage through this laboratory with the power of a kiloton of nuclear explosive [for every action/ THERE WILL be an equal reaction]. No one knows, but GOD.
For the sake of the children, it may be you survive CERN; as it takes only a small deformation or temperature variant to cause turbulence in the electron stream. A chain reaction will form; and dependent upon many variables “the mountain” may disappear/ but humanity survive.
For the sake of the children; it may be a tiny bit more time will be allotted to you, to keep life alive from your genetic crucifixion; the horrific reality of “satan in your midst”. Could you stop AIDS? Could you stop any pandemic? Can you change anything that goes wrong? Absolutely not. You will never be god. Stop or die, that is your choice.
Want to hide, or run away? Go ahead, death will follow you anywhere you go. Terror will search and find you everywhere.
I have asked for you to go to court. I have never asked you to “point to me/ pay/ or follow me”: SIMPLY SAVE THIS WORLD. And created evidence as to why. I have proven to you the need to investigate, even if you do not believe me or the words I produce. I have translated religious prophecy for you, accurately. I have established a base of knowledge to prove, this is no game. I have created a court case for you to use. Even conversation materials to get you to talk to each other. I have used your language, not mine; and still nothing but absolute arrogance, and a desire for greed greater than life. SHAME ON YOU, for being such bastard’s you are willing to throw life away, just because want and pride have taken over your lives. SHAME ON YOU. You are dying and don’t even know it. In a damned pit of absolute insanity, and don’t even know it. Being swallowed by liars and thieves/ being reduced to slaves, with your law lost without a single excuse BUT FEAR. SHAME ON YOU.
For the sake of your fears, life has decided “to make me a woman, to women”; it IS a strange and immense surprise. For the sake of fear in women; life has decided to make me vulnerable TO WOMEN, as if “women were men/ and I was not”. All because YOU are such cowards. I find no other cause. But the spirit of woman is “VERY different than the spirit of man”; and my life in this time, belongs to her. It may be something else entirely, I don’t know. The price is high, but life on earth is literally near death.
NOW unless you prove me wrong/ YOU AS WELL know, life on earth is on trial; YOU are deciding, if you will live or die. How much then is too much, for you to give? Answer the question! For an eternity.

CHOOSE LIFE FIRST! WHY, should you die/ for such pitiful excuses as are these? EXPLAIN IT TO ME, WHY SHOULD YOU DIE, for such a shit-load of absolutely, nothing of value; as what men have brought to this earth; making you a toy/ making life, a game.

May you survive/ because you are

James Frank Osterbur.