In this “invention or idea”; which is free to you to use/ so long as you do not interfere with anyone else doing the same.  The idea is simply: to follow the borer into the tree, where it lives and works by damaging the tree.  The choice is simple: either a borer/ or a tree.  By creating steam, we establish a method of following the borer into its lair.  By using a “borer chemical” in that steam; we establish a barrier for any borer coming back into the hole. 

        The operation is simple: control the steam through a pipeline.  Direct the steam through an outlet, into the trunk/ or onto a branch with a suitable device that allows for steam penetration into the bark or trunk; wherever the borer goes.  Simple seal, on a branch tool is created by an common inner tube: which then when pressed onto the tree conforms to the branch, or trunk in a realistic manner.

        Critical knowledge includes: that steam is highly aggressive, and will give you a third degree burn if you fail to respect it properly.  Steam is highly reactive to the human condition, and can open and infiltrate skin, lungs, etc.  Borer chemicals are poisonous: they are harmful when in contact, and easily breathed with incorporated into steam.  Therefore it is necessary to take honest and realistic precautions so as not to damage yourself.  The fire used to create steam/ the pressure vessel used to contain steam, lines, etc are all potentially lethal. 

        If that is not enough to deter you/ it is a warning, to be careful.   Then it seems that the current “gas masks” are inadequate to the job; I wore one, it didn’t seal completely.  The best method is a ten foot pipe, standing where the wind directs the poison away.  Alternately, an “air pack” such as firemen use is ideal.   It may be that steam is enough, wherein some of the danger can be removed.  It is also true, there are some small steam kettles particularly used for wall paper removal that can work for this if you are a homemaker.  But that leaves you close, and without good protection; so at least have a wind source that blows the steam away.  Mechanically or otherwise.  If it is your tree, perhaps you should just try steam.  It will, or should kill any borer it touches.

        We look at why should you care then: with over 80% of all forested land gone on earth; the foundation of our “living planet” is in trouble. Or more simply: the equator turns at just over 1000 mph.  Our atmosphere travels with us, due to its interaction primarily with trees; as every leaf works to slow the wind.  Without a forest, we will become like the other planets, with wind speeds at about 700 mph.  Then comes the contribution of oxygen, habitat, human uses, food for life, and so on.   On a different note: did you know, that the tree pecker, is actually a “tree surgeon”/ because it eats borers, that it digs out from trees.  If there are a few left anyway.


Back to the purpose of this bribe:

        The single known cause of pandemic disease, is the mutilation of DNA, and the reality of diseases which cross distinct genetic species boundaries to suddenly impact another entirely different species.


        Because they then believe once they can destroy it, “down to its foundation”/ then they can rebuild anything, and any form of life, they can conceive of;  in their fantasies.  Such as “spidermen/ aquamen/ bird men/ and any other horrific combination of creatures such as greek mythology suggests and more.  Or more simply: they want to play god with life.  BUT THEY CANNOT REPAIR THE DAMAGE DONE/ and once they do destroy the foundation of genetics, THEY HAVE LITERALLY DESTROYED NATURE ITSELF.  Because every living body is formed through genetics: that means “genetics IS nature”.  To protect life from people who cannot conceive of how badly this WILL GO WRONG!  Means literally:   WE MUST take these tools away, and establish boundaries, and “absolute consequences”  for any KILL THE WHOLE WORLD OF LIFE, terrorist:   who even suggests, they take them back up.  Not a game!  Every life on earth is being mutilated, and pandemic’s released, without end/ can come get you too!  Every day, your universities and other laboratories release into nature their biological mutilations: it is in fact, the same as:   “weapons of mass destruction” purposely released, because they are hoping to see changes they made; appear in LIFE.  The reality:  Because “university religion” as is their evolution:   oozes “chaos built life” out of its sewers.  And that cannot be proven untrue, “WITHOUT costing these fools and failures of life to lose their job, power, and pride”.  They also say:   “Life, was built one piece at a time/ brain last”.  So then what don’t you need as a body, to be “living”.  No heart/ no blood vessels/ no blood/ no kidney/ no liver:   OR DO YOU NEED EVERYTHING, to be a body of life; ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Still a worshiper of their cult/ then go to the nursing home, and see what even a little less that everything we need does mean.  Not ridicule/ its reality! Evolution, and its priests are a whore (they sell themselves for nothing of value), struggling to achieve the level, of an insect brain/  a pandemic of fools.  That live only in a sewer of delusions and fantasy/ proving to disease society and destroy lives.

        They are bringing us CHAOS IN NATURE/ as is the biblical prophecy coming true called ARMAGEDDON.  It ain’t no game.  Their gift to you, is death, destruction, and disease.  Their reality is: to consume your happiness, they steal the truth: that every life is a miracle/ and every miracle is “honestly special”.  Unhappy people turn to cults: Little, is more evil.

         Happiness exists through the assembly of truth, as it exists to create the fabric of our soul: the place inside, where love heals all wounds, and life becomes “ALIVE”.  Here, where value weaves desire, the passion of what miracles can mean; ignite the purpose of JOY.  The Creation of a life shared, because reality knows we do care.  Happiness, is then “love alive”, in you.




 Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal....


 fused human cells with rabbit eggs....


for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....

not only life as we know it/ but also "life as it might be"...synthetic biology-including synthetic organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, origin of life, paleogenetics.... cloned...first human embryos.


 Quote:   created an organism with manmade DNA...worth more than a trillion dollars..."its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA....

        .and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...

        means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet. 


The danger is not just bio-terror, but "bio-error"... sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ....labs thousands of miles away.