THE END RESULT; is your decision not mine.  Do what you can do!


Worried about your counterfeit money?  Try accepting the reality of a world that will soon be dead.  Then the money won’t matter;   it is that simple, and if you risk being wrong/ they you accept your decision is:   “I DIDN’T care enough to even investigate, by demanding truth and its consequences”.    That would of course be   “Common sense”; or the wisdom gained by living and participating in your life/ instead of memorizing a book.  I have proven an ability to understand”.

          If there is anything worth noting about trial 14SC-2 in the coming days;   you will hear about it on the news/ or create it for yourselves by whatever means you choose.  Anything less, than this trial going forward;  is up to you to resurrect or change; advertize, etc.   Just go to the court site, look up the record and demand to know, what happened with the case if you wish.


             I DID MY JOB. 


          AS FOR ME; there will be coming battles with the IRS, or more correctly the enforcement arm of organized crime as has now invaded our democracy and stolen our existence with the    Determination of   “Satan”; as is the building of experiments to end life on earth/ the mutilation of all nature/ end of resources and so much more. 

           Since I refuse to pay the extortion for that/ those who intend to exterminate all I value. There will be consequences; is that not so.

           Although truthfully I need only keep them at bay until about Sept of 2015 according to biblical prophecy; “without true change”.  The match to ignite this world on fire is predicted to be complete: this entire earth dies; from the most severe threat.  Just because you didn’t care enough, to think for yourself.   But if you stop that one, plenty more coming!   Consequently not much of a concern/ just an annoyance.    Nonetheless, IF I have any money left, that disease of “university knows how to steal, cheat, and lie best”; doesn’t steal.   The continuing advertisements for, criminal activities on display;  Will appear on a site.  Not that it will do any good, because YOU DON’T fight for your world;    so its still a question.

          Whether a last site will appear is;  Dependent upon the money mostly, “after all, don’t you say:   NOTHING is for free”!

          A summary of substance, turns to the reality of people who have been “used, abused, discarded by the rest, and forced to live alone without friends”  as is consistent with the long train of failures available for view in all schools everywhere.   Didn’t like them/ ridiculed them/ used them for targets, hate, and more (not me).   So they retreated into their little back rooms, with nothing to do but work:   and became a threat to all life; finding ways to conceive of revenge, IN FAR MORE WAYS than just this one.  Tell me true, “is this all their fault”?  The answer is no/ but that doesn’t mean the decision to hate is any less personal to your own existence and eternity.  Include them, respect them, teach them what they need to know:   and work for peace and harmony for us all!  It’s a personal decision.

            I have been working in the sewer, long enough.  Drain the shit from your lives, your government, and your world by choosing a better way;    LIFE FOR THIS WORLD, COMES FIRST!    Or, do you think its more important to gather counterfeit pennies/ than save a world?

            OR I DO guarantee, YOU will be eternally sorry.  That is just how it is/ in this our trial for life or death of this world.   Like it or not; YOU are involved; and there will be no escaping the rebuilding/ or the conclusion of life on this planet.