exhibits I, J, & N.   CASE 14SC-2




we find this: “in billions”

1998            Line 19 total liabilities             $55,993.4            = $55.9 trillion

1998             Line 33 total assets                  $76,134.7            =$76.1 trillion


2003             Line 19 total liabilities             $75,945.6           =$75.9 trillion

2003             Line 33 total assets                  $96,257.7           =$96.2 trillion


2009              Line 19 total liabilities           $121,372.0        =$121.3 trillion

2009              Line 33 total assets                $153,381.4        =$153.3 trillion


2014              Line 19 total liabilities          $139,512.4        =$139.1 trillion

2014              Line 33 total assets               $188,503.7        =$188.5 trillion


the difference 16 years makes is:     An increase in debt of   $83.2 trillion

                                                          An increase in assets of $112.4 trillion


the difference 4 years and one quarter makes

                                                          An increase in debt of $17.8 trillion

                                                          An increase in assets of $35.2 trillion


REMEMBERING; that one trillion dollars, does by the math equal ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people.  That means over the last sixteen years our debt load as a nation increased $832,000.00 per each individual, by counting one hundred million citizens.  While the money supply increased during that time by $1,124,000.00 per each individual,  of one hundred million citizens. ROUGHLY 312 million people, with 102 million actually working.

          During the last 4 years plus one quarter of accounting;   our debt load as a nation increased $178,000.00 per each of one hundred million.  While the money supply increased in those 4 years by $352,000.00 per each of one hundred million people.  Did your salary go up by three hundred and fifty two thousand dollars in the last 4 years?   SOMEBODIES DID! At least they collected it, as this currency inflation does exist in someone’s hand. 

          What is not inflated by government directly, is given to banks and wall street to expand the inflation so it is not readily accounted for; “its magic”.  A reality intensified by wall street/ because nothing there is sold at less than ten times its actual worth.  Or more simply, it has no real connection to business;  its just a gambling game, with our economic lives at stake.

           These “additions to the currency” is where the extra “can’t possibly be true” money in the GDP comes from.  Fantasy, that then pays for all the extreme experimentation, degradation, destruction, disease introduced as genetic mutilation, lack of sense, the attack on our democracy for the money, the greed over-running society; and a thousand other lesser evils because nobody wants to pay the price, of what our leaders have done, to life in this nation.  “Give us lies”/ let the future be damned/ sacrifice the children, etc.  Soon you will be dead by countless attacks on reality.  Or more simply, America itself is under severe attack, in all aspects of life and nation; and you don’t even know it, because the majority are so damn concerned they might lose a penny; they are throwing this entire nation, and this entire world in the garbage forever.   Need I tell you, what I think of that?


                                       Consider the source

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