US, first amendment, Legal redress of grievances, are: “the most powerful words ever written”.  Because that law allows, “we the people”/ to intervene in the process of governing by our employees: and demand accountability, change, and rights.  By simply enforcing our government which is the constitution as law, and their oath of office as a criminal conspiracy against us: “if it is not upheld”.  Fundamentally, that does make we the people “rulers of this nation”/ rather than being ruled.  When it is found as is today, that our employees have forsaken their oath; and demand to be rulers, by evicting redress of grievances from the courtroom: that is treason.   Thereby the foundations of law and government have been invaded:  by our employees/ and we must legally “take it back”.  To return to democracy itself: which means literally, “we rule ourselves/ by the laws we create and enforce on each other, and our employees”.  To accomplish that task; the work of these sites have established the law, rights, and realities of a courtroom battle with regard to redress of grievances.  They are a roadmap, education, and foundation for necessary change.  You will remember, that no man or woman represents an organization powerful enough to attack US democracy.  Therefore you will assemble the necessary work, to invade and define that organization of traitors: so that civil war is NOT necessary.  Because the law is your weapon, when enforcing democracy/ not theirs.  How this trial 14SC-2 concludes is NOT an indicator of that.  It is  not the end of this matter/ IT IS THE BEGINNING OF YOUR WORK.  As an individual I cannot enforce democracy/ because governing ourselves, REQUIRES     WE THE PEOPLE   or it fails.  Which simply means you MUST participate.  You must choose to protect and defend your nation, future, and world;   as best you can.  No excuses.

          I cannot, nor is it my job to “save you”/ that is entirely up to you as life on this planet.  Because it is humanity that threatens itself!  Which means you are responsible for the threats that existTherefore you must save yourselves, from yourselves!    I am however responsible for delivering this last chance “to serve and protect” all life on earth; as the evidence will prove.  Putting life itself first, before your own wants;   so that we all can continue to survive.  It is not a hard concept/ you do understand.  My work is done; if you refuse to “save this world”/ then there is literally nothing else I can do for you.  This work is a “light, shining into the dark”/ where society is not allowed to go; because tyrants want control. Because greed lives, “to take yours too”. The rest is entirely “You”.  Your choice, your work, your money, your war, your children’s future, and even your world; etc.


          Now comes reality, no more excuses; you do have everything you need, without exception.  Therefore the singular moments that decide not only my fate on this earth/ but yours exist.  This is your trial, more than it is mine:   because constitutional law, democratic rights, threats against our entire world of life (every single one). Including, the end of all possibilities we can survive, by resource destruction.  And the LEGAL right to be involved when a tiny few people are gambling with all life on earth:   IS NOT A GAME.  It is life or death for this world.  THAT IS, now your fight, or your failure: it is not mine anymore.

          I am in fact, as a litigant or citizen,  irrelevant to your decision/ which means the outcome of this trial is also irrelevant by the fact:   it will not decide your fate.   ONLY YOU AS PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, shall do that.  Even if you run away and hide, that too is a decision to let this planet die.  I have simply delivered the opportunity:   to change your future now, or let it die.  That, is my gift to you as a world; “not free”.  WHAT YOU do with it, is entirely your decision.  As neither I, nor anyone else, can save you:  these threats are all decisions of men, leaders and followers, therefore you must save yourselves/ “from yourselves”; and grow up.


          I have fought, by law and life; to deliver to you as a humanity on this earth:   a foundation upon which you could at least try, to rebuild the potential to survive what has already been done.  People made that a game, “let us ridicule instead”/ making me the object to be played with.


            But life is not a game/ nothing says that better than trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun, a 10,000,000 F; experiments running right now: one second too late, and the world is lost. That fire burns atomic bonds for fuel.  Proven true, because nothing else exhibits that kind of energy release:  “You get to be Hitler (burned himself) ”.  Or, you can be sane; stopping all experimentation, stopping true disrespect for all life on this world.  It’s a choice.  Your leaders say “no!”  Last chance is yours.  One human one vote, “GOD is listening” even if you can’t believe that is true.  It does not change what is true.

           DO you care enough to work for change, or even ask should we not know more.  Reality knows: there is no longer even the possibility of argument, with a ten million degree fire:   a tiny few people are trying to ignite.  Either you believe this little group of “experts” claiming:   “university knows” the fire will go out all by itself.  OR YOU BELIEVE THIS IS A RISK TOO GREAT, FOR OUR WORLD.   Because the day will come;    When ignition occurs, and then you die; “oh no, we cannot undo this”.  (You will not even get within one hundred miles of a ten million degree flame/ that rises almost immediately MILES high, and sucks in everything with a one thousand mile per hour wind) Doesn’t really matter which machine does it; there are more/ such as this one!  Dead is dead, an entire planet lost.   EVERYTHING YOU VALUE/ EVERYTHING YOU ARE;   gambled as life OR death for this world.  Because that is what bringing “sun fire” here to earth means.

           Or mutilating all life on earth/ changing nature itself.  Still wandering where did all the autism, asthma, allergies, cancers, etc come from?  Well let’s see, a change in DNA is all it takes/ and there are lots of new chemicals intentionally created, and established by the release of mutated seeds and more.  All mutilated on purpose by people who want to play god.  “Its safe/ government says so”.  That would of course be the dozen or so members of the FDA panel; who were put there by “special interests”: HELL, they know everything right.  After all, “stuck your hand right in it, and you didn’t die immediately”; but alas like asbestos, some things take thirty years or more before it is clear:   TRAGIC, AND HORROR was hiding here!  Not to worry, your gods at the university will fix it? After all, they are “so much smarter than nature itself”;   which brought all life on earth into being, and kept it alive and within clear limits throughout all of history;  so we could experience life too.   Or as the religion of evolution says:   they can do anything/ because evolution will just make this tragedy they created: something else in A BILLION YEARS or so.  You don’t mind waiting do you/ so what “your arm is a snake that attacks you/ or your face is part of your ass”?  Why would you care/ after all they do this very thing, trying desperately to destroy the boundaries of limits of all species so they can play god, “and make their own weird life/ out of our nature”.  Chaos builds NOTHING.  Just another damn lie.  They want nature, which is DNA “the building factory, and instructions;  of the bodies called life”;  to collapse, because they figure to learn how to put it back together again as they want it to be.   Instead they will learn too damn late:   NATURE ITSELF DIED with that collapse.  And there is no possibility of repair!


           Or loss of resources as is so blatantly obvious, even a child can understand.  Or if you used your mind even just a little;   the end of close confinement livestock operations is clearly in view/ and you have nothing else left to take their place.  Because antibiotics are predicted to fail completely, “any time soon”. Leaving you without as well.  The water horribly attacked by all ways, particularly fuels.  An earthquake coming beyond imagination, and the super-volcano erupting, just because it can. Oxygen burned faster than this earth can produce it; 80% of all forest destroyed/ not replanted, and even if they were it takes a minimum of thirty years to produce even a fast growing tree to use as lumber.  The list is very long/ and you have better things to do, than save life, or planet, or ocean, or earth; as we have known it.  Hell, “got bills to pay/ I WANT, and don’t need nothing else”.  I can’t do nothing to stop them: after all less than one thousand people who are doing these things:   can’t be stopped by 7 billion.  Oh wait/ YES they can; with law!  But you won’t even try;   Etc.  Consider the source;   “Its you”; because after all , I cannot gather all the information released here by myself.  Rather I found most,   through your “press, media, and university releases”.  Even so, when confronted with tragedies beyond description: they didn’t do enough.  Consider the source:   “Just one, of    WE, THE PEOPLE”.  Why hell, that’s just as if you were trying to tell me something of importance/ now why would I listen to you?  Ain’t that so?  The answer of course is, I only listen to the evidence, when it comes to finding truth in the realities of life.  So if you are true to the evidence, I would listen.  If not, I don’t.  Again: the question is not about me/ rather it is about the evidence, and what it means to be wrong!  Even for all life on earth.

          This is no game;   life or death for this world shall be determined NOW.  No second chances/ no going back.  But you don’t care, “right”!  After all it ain’t serious until the debt collector is at the door, and throwing you into the street/ going to get revenge; HELL, just going to go get more somewhere else, “by hook, whore, or crook”; ain’t that right.  Well guess what, in a world trampled by 7 billion + people; growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed each week:   “The storeroom is empty”. All that is truly left is just enough maybe; to try to rebuild a future: IF YOUR CAREFUL AND WORK HARD.  Going to wait until you are proven wrong:   who says we can’t be wrong/ to HELL with that?  Careless and stupid, “sums it up”. Don’t like it, go worship your “University knows”; after all, they led you here/ and you followed.  How are you enjoying the first little taste of GLOBAL WARMING!  You will enjoy NO OXYGEN to breathe (all those cars/ all those fires, etc) even more; ain’t that so!


          As to trial 14SC-2    2:30 in the afternoon pretty much says it all.  Certainly NOT going to be a jury trial, as is my right under the law.  Due process denied again!  Too late in the day for a jury: that, which means the penalties are set, and the time will not allow for any alteration of those plans; wherein “I get lost, forever; or attacked for fighting our constitutional  democracy”.  The probability is over 95% this will be a planned attack/ probably ending in prison for me: even though they have no right under the law.   NO authority even to fine or penalize;  under the constitutional government that is “America”.  Because I am demanding the contract which is verified by a sworn oath:   that our employees SHALL obey the constitution first, and PROVIDE GUARANTEED RIGHTS.  And that extends to, “or you won’t get paid”.   Because the foundation of a sworn oath is a contract.  You get this/ because I got that!  No excuses:  Etc.

           I brought them to trial/ they did not bring me, which means this is a civil trial.  Whether I go, or don’t go to trial. They can fine me, and will: but if truly excessive, another excuse for media and appeals to “fight again”.   Just so its clear,   my income for the last two years is about $10,000.00 each year.   I work for life, not money; as established, by reality. 

            If I don’t go, they may issue a warrant for my arrest/ even though the law does not allow it, because this trial is about constitutional rights, NOT TAXATION. That means literally, if they want to pursue anything beyond constitutional rights as stated, I am entitled, by US amendment 6, “to an impartial jury, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation as is consistent with the constitution.” Thereby the constitution is in court.  Which will return us to this trial, and every other trial substantiating “the constitution has been destroyed by the  court: because they removed it from the power to protect we the people.”   Excessive penalties for fighting for the democracy we were promised and paid for: adds in the probability of appeal, a reality which grows from any judgment in this case. Constitutional law refused by the court;   can be the reality of “some interest generated”.  Creating trial under amendment 7; with a jury.  In appeal; I will be literally searching for any and all attorneys willing to take on the case; offering whatever they can collect is theirs/ beyond the fine and penalties of this case.  Consistent refusal of due process is a potential “war machine of propaganda”/ among those who already feel they are:   disrespected completely.  It Is a suitable area for beginning the appeal.  But not my call, is it: any lawyer, or organization; or individual willing to stand up for this democracy & willing to pursue:   THE CONSTITUTION MUST RULE THE COURTROOM.  Can be added to this appeal.  If you don’t believe the constitution should be in court as OUR GOVERNMENT/ OUR LAWS/ OUR RIGHTS/ AND OUR REALITY AS A NATION:   then either you are a liar/ or distinctly NOT “American”; because the constitution is “AMERICA”.  There are no substitutes; and all efforts to remove its power, as the government over our lives;   is treason.

           Even if I decided to “get lost” instead of appearing in court. Since law is irrelevant in the courtroom, and all leaders refuse the constitution; other than pretending “pleading their own fifth amendment”.  It is their “get out of jail FREE, card too”.  So they don’t touch it.   The propaganda machinery of media would make me easy to find, and a criminal besides; not legal because this is civil court not criminal/ I took them!  Even though this is not a criminal trial/ and I instigated it, which makes it civil; the reality of constitutional law still rules as our government.  Thereby no warrant can be issued legally; as I do not refuse taxation.  I refuse thieves, liars, traitors, terrorists, and cheats: there is a difference.  But then obviously, the law doesn’t matter, as has been proven true, in case after case.  There value exists,  to confront it:  would require some advertizement, of the reason why, the court refuses constitutional law, rights, and guarantees.  Although the public consumes anything “on tv ( as if, our gods)”. Even though entertainment is all you get.   But that would again open this case and others, as I fight for this democracy, life, future, and our world.   History suggests: who knows I might just get lost in the system, or suicidal at their hands; etc.

           This is not a game:  we truly do deserve to decide if “these experts” who say a ten million degree fire will just extinguish itself”;   can be wrong?  Better not be, or every life on the planet is over.  How is that not terrorism?  The disease of arrogance however sees it only as a fight for supremacy; failing reality and despising truth.  Because rulers, are always “right”/ ask any despotic government, in any oppressed nation;   as is consistent with we in this USA;    ARE THE most incarcerated people in the “civilized world”.  Not exactly freedom in society;   is it!

            “This is America/ CAN’T be that bad, doesn’t happen here”?  You can’t be poor either, but you are as all the evidence does prove.   You’re leaders stole everything, and are leading the dispossession of America; by providing an endless amount of counterfeit money, they hide by calling it your debt.  Consider the source. They spent your social security funding too, by taking it out of the federal budget (it’s the people’s expense to themselves)/ and keeping all the money they collected for social security, even raising our social security taxes, so they could spend more.  Prove it isn’t true/ I dare you.   They didn’t spend any money on what we need as a society such as infrastructure.  Rather they spent it on salaries for themselves/ bribes to keep you asleep/ and toys for themselves such as “NIF”.   Consider the evidence.  Consider the truth; all that counterfeit money buys elections, media, courts, and democracy itself (your ability to rise above slavery) is buried under the weight of $139 trillion dollars of debt.  All because you didn’t want to pay the price, for what your leaders did choose to do;   in defiance of constitutional law.  Wake up or die.  Consider the reality:   our very planet is being gambled with, because arrogance and pride refuse to believe;   the universities, cannot play god.

           If I do go (the spirit decides, believe it or not), because there is absolutely “not a whisper of constitutional law/ not a word of correspondence from the court or any lawyer”: as would be consistent with, “trying to find justice/ support democracy/ protect the people/ protecting the planet or even this world.  Or any other form of “liberty or right as is democracy;   to rule ourselves”.   Or other forms of fighting for FAIR PLAY in the money, we are indebted for; etc/ etc/ etc.  As first amendment law created by:   WE THE PEOPLE, AS THE CONSTITUTION provides:  does legally establish.   But the constitution, Can’t be found, in any courtroom! That would mean in trial 14SSC-2, that they are hiding.  If hiding, then planning for things they would not openly reveal: because criminal actions and intent, are present.  Just so its clear: there is no “suicide in me”.   It is in my own best interest NOT to go to trial on 4/16/ 14;   because if I do:   I might just curse someone/ and I truly DO NOT wish to do that.  This is your trial, it is only my work!  But it is serious for an entire planet of living existence.  Even if I can curse someone, the eternal punishment is too grievous/ and I would not judge, anything that severe.  The laws of life can, but I just don’t want to participate in that; if it can be helped.  Believe it or not.

           In subsequent truth, the reality as proven by every trial is: “someone behind the scenes makes these decisions not to allow constitutional law; a true conspiracy/ to deny democracy in action.  In actual fact: limiting this decision to one single judge, is not fair either.  He or she cannot be responsible for an entire world of life, either way.  Life or death for a world, “is bigger than a judge/ or me”.  Society itself must decide. Therefore the foundation for this trial is set, the reality of substance to be discussed has been found, and identified:  It is up to you.  If I attend trial, contempt will be declared.  If they judge egregiously appeal will be at the hand of lawyers.  If they refuse judgment, should I not go; the trial remains open.  Regardless of that:   the foundations for rebuilding this democracy have been identified, and proven true.  The realities of threat, and the cause of life or death for this world have been pushed as far as they can go, without true public involvement.  The purpose of court, has then been satisfied, and proven:   I DID MY JOB; the rest is up to humanity.  Save yourselves or die.

           Failure, for a whole world;   will be horrifying.  Just so you know.


          This trial represents:   “a very big case of law and democracy, expanding truth not only in government and treason:   but life, and realities threatening our very existence as a world”.   It will happen with or without me as a litigant: because it is your choice, and you do have the constitutional authority to enforce it; regardless of any judge.  As has been established in case after case by James F. Osterbur. Ending here.

           If this trial were going forward: there would be “communications of all kinds”.  Because that trial is not LEGALLY done behind closed doors/ only crimes happen there.  Neither is it refused by media; because without communication, the people cannot respond, in time to make a difference;   Is that not so?  So the judiciary in charge, “here or elsewhere”:   have decided “the evidence, is irrelevant.  Democracy does not matter.  Justice has no place in court.  Fair play is for fools, and so on.   Consider the source: have you heard a single word, when every facet of trial is about “life, death, or democracy and its justice denied”?  No, not a word; from the court.  Or the media, to my knowledge.  No substantial public support means: no trial, and no concern about criminal acts.  Is that not so?  But with the excuses lost (not me anymore): now it is all up to you, time will decide what is true, in you.


          Nonetheless  Because,  I do present now: a threat, to the very existence of traitors in government (a sworn oath is meaningless, life or death is for the university to decide).   We find, the people who have removed our constitution and laws from the courtroom:   replacing that with rulers (law does not matter here.  Only our rules). This case is then,   a reality of lies being revealed, and murder assigned to an entire world; by experiments without sense.

           Plus the reality of potentially growing malcontent; because people who suddenly know why and how their world, and their money has been attacked/   tend NOT to be happy, with those who not only failed, and invaded.  Those who threatened OUR very existence as life or planet; including child.  Do understand that!    Not a game.   Kindly download the sites; so they can’t be taken from you; find a way to communicate, it is necessary to contribute to keep these sites available as well; it is unlikely I will be able to continue doing so.   Fighting here is, A necessary choice: Because this is life or death for this world; as is so clearly proven by “bringing the same fire here as on the sun”.   No second chances, it cannot be put out.      Or mutilating nature itself.  Not gods; just “devils”.  But who cares, right?


           So then the historical proven truth of all tyrants has been without fail:    To attack whosoever asserts change must come.  Demanding, “treat them so horrendously (they call it torture, perhaps you have heard of it)/ so that the others are expected then, to be too afraid to do anything”.  That too fails, sooner or later; but every tyrant does it.   Because their only other option is to bring justice, law, rights, fair play, and the realities of freedom by its true meaning into our lives.   Even world law, and the policing of leaders to remove the power of leaders and militaries.  No tyrant wants that, it is everything they are against.   So then the outcome is with little doubt “bad for me”; even though my only real request under the law is:   prove we can survive these experiments/ these people who gamble with life or death for our entire world:   being wrong.   It is every life, young or old/ rich or poor; tyrant or free.  Nobody escapes being wrong;   “But who cares, right”.  Life or death for a world DOES include YOU, and everything you value.  Still not your problem/   “Oh well”.


          But wait, let me rephrase that into your truth:   “Consider the source/ he ain’t nothing but an average man, without any real power, prestige, or money.”  He ain’t no damn expert of anything!  How could he know anything; just another damn fool: ain’t that right!  After all, how much can work in the real world, life searching for truth, and reality identified by its consequences, or nature itself;   really teach anyone!   Or given the evidence is verified, and the reality of a ten million degree fire that may not “put itself out; in the presence of endless fuel”.  Perhaps that is what you should be worried about, whether than I am   “Smart/ stupid;   or whatever”.  How is it, I can even be considered “involved with that reality” other than the fact, “its my life and everything I value too”.

          But lets review:   we cut steel with 3 thousand degrees.  Your leaders,  are trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun a ten million degree fire; that burns our skin in summer from 91 million miles away.  What could possibly go wrong?  Answer the question; after all, YOU are not like me, right/ you know everything you need to know:   cause the television or other media tells you everything; they wouldn’t lie, or withhold information about something serious!  Ain’t that right/ after all, they can’t all be wrong!

          But lets review some more:    Your scientists have declared, “its perfectly safe to bring that fire here to this earth” even though they cannot know, because no one has ever created a ten million degree fire here;   ITS JUST A THEORY.   So its their guess.  Stating, or submitting:   There is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ SO IT WILL JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF!   Lets review:   your scientists/ your media/ your leaders, etc;   are all convinced a 10,000,000 degree fire will just put itself out/ once they ignite it, we find out what is true. In fact they are so thrilled with their delusions: they are willing to gamble this entire planet, and every living creation on it/ because they are “so damn smart” they get to play god, with every life on earth.  How could they all (“ten or more”),  be wrong?   Alas:  Wrong means this entire planet is on fire, just like the sun:  no second chances to “try again”.   But they are willing to take that chance, with all life:   because they are so smart.  Its called terrorism.

          They have decided that solar gravity must come from one tiny spot inside the sun at its center;   “Therefore whatever magical elixir, they cannot describe as tying this planet to the sun” is being sucked back into that tiny spot.  To be crushed far beyond what a black hole (not even light escapes) can do.  That is their delusion, and the math they use to create that fantasy;  is their “brains of the day”.  To get there, every known law of physics has been thrown out; making math the biggest liar of all; because it can be bent to support a specific outcome; just like your US GDP.  Making “fairyland” the place your leaders all go to get their prize: “we can play god”/ aren’t they special.  Or more simply (we know everything/ all must worship the university our god; who makes all of this possible).   Add in,  “A ton or two of counterfeit money, for the few who lead/ and for which all the rest of the people shall slave”.  As has been proven by the federal reserve. 


           Won’t admit to being wrong:   Alas being wrong means: a university cult must surrender power, pride, and prestige; even all the counterfeit money; and more.  I wonder why they don’t like truth, or reality?  What could it be: try thinking for a second, for yourselves.

          The media,  who consider themselves to be “extra special smart” are of course waiting for trial/ before they are sucked in; good excuse isn’t it?   We don’t want to be “fools”/ there ain’t no way, this trial is going anywhere good;   and after all, “its your job, if you don’t do exactly what you are told”.  Power is in control, ain’t that right?   Consider the media:   faced with the choice,     an alternate reality of protecting life, world, child, democracy, or every other source of value,  provided by truth and reality;   of our existence and stability to survive on this planet?  Or, spending,  endless hours of a plane crashed at sea, “Nope can’t find it/ after billions of dollars spent”.   Protect the world, defend the future/ fight for life and democracy/ bring back our nation:   dies for lack of interest?

           No can’t do it/ and they do know, or they could easily know/ but just don’t want to.  It would be “change”; and they like it this way.  After all, who wouldn’t:   ransack the future, neither build or rebuild anything but your own fantasies, live for free, “as a man with a credit card, that never pays his bills/ and never intends too”.  What could go wrong?  Look around, this is just the beginning;   “Falling off the edge, of our ability to survive”/ the tragedy of tearing apart the chains of life and food which keep us all alive.  Failed means the earth will be nothing left but:    horror, cannibalism, and hell too.

          Why should you care:   “You got better things to do/ and a list of excuses a semi-truck could not haul”.  Ain’t that right!  Too bad, “it is a beautiful world, apart from the destruction of humanity”.  That is a choice too;   “Isn’t that so”?   Can’t work together, to stop a handful of people?  Just too sacred:     nobody escapes a fire that consumes the earth just like the sun, including you.  Doesn’t even need to be proven/ you know its true.

            A reality you too, should take into consideration;   as without even the chance of a future, what else is really necessary to do?   YOU DON’T want to spend your life like me, engaged in a battle to keep this world alive?  Too bad, then you die; how is that not proven true, even with the limited evidence presented;   even you, can find that reality of investigation which says.   WE ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE WRONG, about all these things!  Simple and plain.                                  



          I FIGHT FOR YOU:   BECAUSE THERE IS NO CHOICE,   EVERYTHING HERE IS LIFE OR DEATH OF A WORLD, EVERY LIVING CREATION; and even this democracy which I do support with my life.  As the evidence will prove;   not a game.   Just so its clear: “this is NOT, a David and Goliath fight”/ as in even a boy can kill a giant.  Although I hate to write it, as it can only be misconstrued;   this is obviously much more like   “JESUS, telling the people of his day/ that their fight is with themselves:

 their leaders have done wrong”.   His message: They must change, to survive eternally.  Or, more simply, life is not a game; there are consequences both seen and not seen for every truth.

           This is, about surviving here on earth; and there shall not be any amount of time to “readjust, or revert back”. So clearly proven by “the same fire here/ as on the sun”. The enemy is however the same: people who want to play god, control, manipulate, tempt, enslave, and gamble with our lives;  using fear to get what they want.   As,  We do stand on the precipice of complete failure for our world, clearly revealed by threats: this, our time, when you (as a humanity, on earth) will decide life or death for the planet;  is not a game either.   We are however different, from that 2,000 years ago:   in that law, communication, education, democracy, and the reality of “SO MANY people”; grants us a different possibility, than just teaching what “life first” should mean.  We can enforce our democracy, and prove our authority over constitutional government; and our employees:   by simply demanding the laws already proven true/ SHALL BE OBEYED.  In this America.  That too, is a choice.  As has been proven, it cannot be done by a tiny few/ but it can be done by the majority without substantial effort.  But it cannot be done for “free”/ the damage is too grievous, and the realities are too severe.  Failure however is death for this world, including you, and all you value: make YOUR OWN decision/ because there is no going back.  That fact extends to what you are told, “by university knows”.  Do you not understand, “when even a little problem with your body or mind, creates consequences”?  That fact should make it clear:   a human body cannot be built one piece at a time; “we need it all, at the same time”.  Complete fantasies about the sun; “should not make you blind”/ make them prove it is so; with real world facts, not just “fancy math”.  That can say anything they demand it too, demand a full answer as to what gravity is: let them prove it is true.

           Consider the source, of your authority, to demand change, RIGHTS, and law:   the constitution of this United States of America/ and then lead the world with law, established by WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD.   I AM, fully aware you are bullied into submission, and afraid of everything that could potentially be done to you: but with life or death for a world the cost of being afraid.  It is “time to grow up”/ and accept the responsibility: “there is no one else but you, each and every one; on this planet”.  Not free, but neither is death!    Life is not a game, prove it is so!

           I am not religious; as that means governed by rules, or rulers; rather than “just plain life” as best I can.  “Just so you know”.   Alternately;   I AM tired of being your excuse:     either wake up, or I will let you die.  Which means no more fighting for you, or your children; as I cannot keep you alive/ only you can do that. The law, and the courtroom;  has been revealed/ that ends my work.  Fail to remember: “there is very little to rebuild with”/ kill a billion people, and there are still 6 billion more to go;   and all but the smallest amount of violence will defeat you.   The evidence of your own decisions;   decides.