CAN YOU SURVIVE, A 10,000,000 degree Fahrenheit fire/ that refuses to extinguish itself?  The answer is no.   Steel is cut at 3,000 degrees F. 

          EVERY day, the people at the national ignition facility (NIF);  try to bring this fire to our world.  WRONG, is a dead world, every life in EVERY nation:  destroyed by the same fire as is on the sun.  A fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away.

           A fire that clearly burns atomic bonds.  A fire that is not “fusion”: stated to be, “two hydrogen atoms fused into helium”.  The math is: for every two hydrogen atoms lost/ there will be a helium atom present emitted from the sun. Consider the quantity of helium, that would then be evident escaping the sun (would be everywhere because of time).  There is no helium in any real quantity that show up on the spectrograph images of the sun; it doesn’t happen: ask why?   Whereas, only a little hydrogen:  would be consistent with “an ash cloud” from all the atomic nucleus being destroyed, by bonding destruction is proven true.  Wrong, about fusion; is a dead earth.

            Everyday this threat exists, and at any second of any time;  that “sun fire” can be ignited at NIF.  In which case every life on earth lives or dies based upon the theory:   “The fire from the sun:  will just extinguish itself”.

          Biblical prophecy is added: from Daniel, the great abomination is, “the single worst decision humanity can make”/ which would be, to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.  That began at the NIF on its day of completion.  Prophecy states: The world ends 1298 days later/ but it goes on to say the complete end is 45 days later: roughly the time it takes to eject all the atmosphere of this earth into space.  Or more simply:   the writer from thousands of years ago, “knew that it would be the same fire as is on the sun:   because, “it is end of the world” & no other explanation for this gap could exist.”  Even if he didn’t understand.

          The exa-watt laser is predicted finished at about that exact time of the prophecy ending; they are, building three.  Even though they don’t admit it:  they will triangulate those beams into one location.  To cause by their own estimates 1 x 1000,000,000,000,000,000 watts of power, released per each laser.  With three, that gives us a total of 1 x 54 zeros (10 to the 54th  power)   as their predicted “watts of power crashing into each other, when done.  Or 3 million, of the largest lightning bolts possible; all hitting the exact same place at the exact same time.   Can you survive that, as a planet?  No!


          CAN YOU SURVIVE, NATURE ITSELF being destroyed by geneticists trying to bring evolution to this world; because of their religion: only adaption is proven.  Adaption: is the sign of “perfect design”.  It is not “chaos, or destruction” building anything. Can you survive their being wrong, with all nature on earth; mutilating DNA is responsible for diseases, pandemic’s,  and mutilations which are; truly  horrendous: “is too small a word?” The answer is no, the body of life needs its every part and piece;   ALL, at the same time. Or the body dies.  Or the body cannot function.  Destroying nature on purpose.  Is death to our world.  A dozen people at the FDA said, “go ahead and mutilate this entire world of nature”.  Just this nation alone is 315 million citizens WHO CAN SAY NO!  Where is your voice/ your heart?


          CAN YOU SURVIVE, oxygen loss in the atmosphere, because of all the fire we create, consumes oxygen.  7+ billion people; with cars, furnaces, cooking, and more; having cut down or attacked in all ways, the very parts of creation itself that make oxygen for us all to breathe? The atmosphere is losing oxygen concentration as we speak.  The answer is no.

          CAN YOU SURVIVE, water lost in the production of ethanol.  Water lost in the filling of old oil reservoirs, to float up the remaining oily debris from the “hundred year old” empty caverns. Loss from mining, and much more.  Aquifer recharge is one inch per 50 inches of rainfall. Can you survive the loss of water ending at least one of the great lakes.  Can you survive all the trillions of gallons of water being polluted in a variety of ways/ used in chemicals, etc.  Can you survive even one pressure leak, which sends natural gas into a major aquifer?  Can you survive an earthquake that releases many pressure leaks into nearly all aquifers?  Can you survive an earthquake several times larger than anything this earth has ever experienced in its history of time: the evidence is clear/ its coming?  Can you afford to be wrong?


          CAN YOU SURVIVE, a human population growth over 2 million more mouths to feed every week?  Humanity already standing on one acre, per person:  of agricultural useable land.

          CAN YOU SURVIVE, an empty sea/ because the single worst environmental catastrophe of the moment is the factory fishing trawler: that does take every last fish in any given area in one big net.  Destroying the possibility of rebuilding that fish supply: leaving nothing left to give birth.  Nothing left to feed the other predators in the sea, so they starve too.  Nothing left soon for you to eat either.

          CAN YOU SURVIVE, the loss of antibiotics?    CAN YOU SURVIVE close livestock confinement without antibiotics/ one disease and all that life dies within 3 weeks/ or less;  from the spread of infection. They stand extremely close, and there is no escape. There is no longer another alternative; you must choose it.

          CAN YOU SURVIVE, a bloody civil war in this USA; because the university leaders stole all your money; leaving America with over $139 trillion dollars of debt>   by table L5 accounting.

          There is much more.  Go search


          The most powerful words ever written are first amendment redress of grievances: the legal right to hold our employees of government accountable for the decisions they have made. THE LAWS AND RIGHTS which assemble that command over governments are found on these sites.  The constitution and its law,  the oath of office, the foundation of WE THE PEOPLE;    Has been proven rejected and denied authority in every courtroom both state and federal.   THAT IS TREASON.        Enforcement of the law, ON OUR LEADERS/ described by their oath is: DEMOCRACY!   The demand our constitution is the government, and they are merely employees is the substance, and authority:  called WE THE PEOPLE.

          The failure to do that: means traitors take over your nation, terrorists threaten, taxation has risen over 50% of your income (add it up).  Thieves have counterfeited your money. The courts are corrupted. The future is abandoned,  because cowards lead, fools fantasize, and delusions then control our lives.  Trying to destroy everything we built/ so they can do it their own way.  “Thereby playing with us as if we were toys”.   Where is your soul!


           The most powerful statement ever made is “JESUS”.   Or, HIS message was:   eternity is more precious/ than time. Just so you know.

             JESUS is also responsible for the most important words of life itself:   “THAT WE ARE LOVED”, and not forgotten:   BY OUR CREATOR!    That fact, did change our world, and our individual destinies.


           The consequence of every battle is: “that no one man” can fight a war with an army (there are no true rights, for a soldier). Because the army has no law, but its own. Every soldier needs “a bill of rights”: you do not own my body/ you do not own my mind/ you do not own my life/ you do not own my allegiance.  Rather I fight for my home, I fight for my guaranteed rights and proven freedoms, I fight for my family and future.  I fight for the law which brings peace and happiness and justice.  NOT FOR YOU, but for me!   Therefore we work together, as one.  OR YOU FAIL THIS NATION, YOU FAIL OUR LIVES, and you fail the authority which demands:   “This ain’t no DAMN GAME”.  My Life or death ain’t your toy.  The failure of constitutional law: is traitorous.


           A tyrant controls by demanding he is the law.  It takes law enforced upon a tyrant to keep democracy alive.  It takes our law, as we the people, united as OWNERS.  Thereby  governing the military, to establish peace, and control ownership of our nation, for ourselves. It is a clear and certain sign of oppression: when the people are afraid of their courts, their government in any form, or their leaders.  As is evident today.

            It takes constitutional law enforced,  to change a despotic government, overrun by tyrants, liars, terrorists, and thieves: who have illegally  seized power, altered democracy & do want to enslave us all, by counterfeiting money.  They have taken control of the courts, and are  declaring themselves rulers, because they replaced our law, and our courts;  with their rules.  As is, the university diploma, declaring themselves “the nobility” of America today. 


          It is apparent that I am not worthy of your acceptance of this evidence presented/ as the years have proven true.  The courts, leaders, cult followers, media, and more insist:  “I am nothing but an irritating toy, or game”.

           Or, is it simply, “everybody in power, or who has counterfeit money ABSOLUTELY does not want to give it back”; and like leaders everywhere, refuse to surrender their pride.   Choosing and willing to risk destroying this entire earth, instead? Because they don’t want change.  They only want, what they want.

          Life on earth will die without change, it is certain; that is not a game. Reality decides, but  the evidence knows, truth cannot be defeated. Because time will not share its destiny with lies.


           Nonetheless, I now stop being your excuse; leaving you with this option, “if you believe   THE UNIVERSITY, CANNOT BE WRONG, about the threats listed here: there are more”.  Then “they are gods” to you.

           If you believe WE THE PEOPLE CANNOT ALLOW EXPERIMENTS GAMBLING WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH, TO BE WRONG.  THEN it is entirely up to you, to change your future.

           I will not greatly participate in that need anymore; you have no respect for me/ therefore I am a problem to you, establishing an excuse. Or, “consider the source; he is a fool/ he spent his life for nothing”.

            Some would say,  not even worthy of giving a warning or a solution to any of us; because after all, “I am just a common citizen”. Nothing special, “like a university diploma (he memorized the book, like every good cult member does)”. Or, he ain’t one of us.


          The proven reality is:   Unless you are young, “the price of changing society, the money, our future, protecting the young, life itself, etc;  is just too DAMN high”.  So the old believe in “their cult, of university knows”; because its easy, and the figure to die, before the debt comes due.  Then its,“Your problem now”!

          Nothing however is more blind: than to gamble with all life on earth.  Establishing the  lazy, or diseased mind cannot rule.  The cancer of our lives must be removed by law.   The rulers of this time, having Discarded all reality: all truth.  Cannot, Even when they tell you:  all the mass in this entire universe came from a spot no bigger than a marble; find sanity. They are, because they want to be: Still a cult,  still “we believe”anything the university says.   Basing the entire theory:   that “its safe, to bring sun fire here” on that math, (not enough gravity here to hold it down). Its called brain-dead, or sheer fantasy, and delusions.  Its called extinction!

           Because all the mass in the universe CANNOT fit in one tiny marble size hole.  HOW CAN YOU DOUBT that is true?  The most dense physical reality known, is a black hole.  Where they say not even light escapes.  Which means they gamble our earth, based upon the assumption, that something ( “a rope”; or, they know not what) tying the planets to the sun, is physically being forced back into a very tiny hole at the center of the sun.  A spot they demand:  is far more dense than a black hole, where no light escapes.

          To assume that:  they must,  Discard all physical laws of the known universe. Because they made their math fit, “all points of a sphere, meet at the center; so gravity must force itself back into that hole”.    Not even little children, ARE THAT ignorant.  But too arrogant to listen/ too blind to see/ to filled with power, because of counterfeit money;  to stop.


          So,Their theory:   a ten million degree fire, that burns atomic bonds as fuel; will just extinguish itself.  Threatens life, everyday!  A reality fit only : “ for comic books, or cults”. Because it is based upon nothing proven or established as true.  Being wrong, turns this planet into “a lake of fire”. That is your life lost too.

           These are then:  the moments, before we become “exterminated”.  NOT GOD threatening us.  “University knows”, and the diploma’s of leadership threatening us, an entire world:   with their assumptions, delusions, disgrace, and absolute arrogance.


          TODAY, it is       Your turn, to work or let the world die.  To: Organize/ strike/ communicate/ use the law to demand an investigation of the truth regarding all risks and threats against life and democracy; etc.  To pay the price, whatever it is:   to keep this world alive.  To prove we cannot allow them to be wrong!


          Or do nothing at all, and wait for death; believing your cult “university knows”.  But recognizing:  there are no second chances. Once ignition occurs, there is no extinguishing the fire.  Either we the world shall live, or we shall all die.  By their decisions to play and gamble with our world, and every life in it.  It’s your decision, to let them continue, or: its your decision to say WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD:   DEMAND NO MORE of this! Every child/ every living thing;    depends on you!  Every life on this planet:  Depends upon NOT being WRONG!I did do, my job. 


          This group trying to bring fire, and those aiding and abetting: by supporting them with our counterfeit money. ARE LESS THAN ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE.  CONFRONTING a world of 7 billion+ people.  Don’t tell me, “you can’t”/ it ain’t so!  “Fairy land is over”/ either grow up, and accept life has a price:   because fools, traitors, liars, terrorists, and thieves have overrun our world: with the disease of their arrogance.

          PRIDE is a terrible thing, today you use it to play god over this world.  The price of that is: death, for our planet.  How can you be so blind?

          Reality DEMANDS; that force will not solve these problems.  Demands, that resolution of this crisis that is caused by men;   cannot be undone, without true change.  That leaves “women, to try”.  Because this is the best men did do/ and we stand at the edge of HELL.


#12.  We complete the “essence of mass”, in the following words. THE REALITY OF THINK FOR YOURSELVES. In defiance of “University knows”; and the fools of government. The failures who believe their job or their money, or whatever it is:   is more important than life or death for this world!


           Having described a black hole, which is created by a dying sun exploding.  the black hole then results from a central explosion occurring immediately after “the less big bang”.  More simply: the reality of energy released, multiplies in all directions. Forced out, but acting unilaterally against the central point. That which is central to the explosion, then cannot escape itself.  Because of outer  energies already established as, speed in existence.  This forces the remainder of the energy released, back upon itself.  As a result, that last or most central part of the exploding mass, which cannot escape.  MUST then be physically turned back upon itself.  Because the law of energy released (the bonds are broken), is:   even if it cannot escape/ yet it must do something. It cannot “stand still”, as represented by the law [for every action in energy there will be an equal opposite reaction].

           The energy then concentrates the mass it originates from, having already released bonds and structures.  By turning against the mass itself/ IF, it finds no release point/ or escape hatch so to speak.  It cannot go out/ so it goes in.    That process as a side effect:   also turns that mass cold, no room is necessary/ the heat is evicted.  Thereby everything is made to fit tightly, because it does not then move, even a little.  The pressures applied/ the energy already released:   remove all remaining structure contained by the mass/ destroy all bonds holding that mass apart/ and crush it into one single element.

           That process eliminates all but a central port, by which the last tiny fragments of space may be ejected from the central “gun, for lack of a better word”.  A process so violent, it sucks in more mass at this central port;  to be crushed as it is stripped of its structure, and reduced to the essence of mass itself, as it leaves the gun, without heat.  Thereby the essence of mass: what is fundamentally the building block of energy transformed into structure and bond.   Flowing through, the “black hole barrel”, becomes “anti-energy (the opposite effect of heat/ or dark energy)”.  The resultant debris of structure and bonding participants released at the port.  Flow around the element called a black hole, and what does not attach itself to the black hole;  become anti-mass/ or dark matter.   It is the central hole or barrel effect,  that produces gravitational pull.  Ejecting strings that then tie themselves back into atomic structures as “neutrons” when united with heat energies to form atomic elements we know.  Thereby the speed of ejection through the black hole can be summarized or measured by the speed of rotation in an atomic nucleus.


          OR MORE DISTINCTLY/   THERE IS NO DAMN TINY HOLE, INTO WHICH ALL THE MASS IN THIS UNIVERSE CAN FIT.    A BLACK HOLE IS THE DENSEST MASS IN EXISTENCE.   That fact establishes: no light escapes/ making sunlight impossible.  Which removes even the possibility of a theory so blind and ignorant as to suggest all the laws in the physical universe can be discarded to ASSUME.  Solar Gravity is NOT a tiny hole in the center of the sun.  IT IS JUST PLAIN INSANE. AND WITHOUT SENSE, OR LAW.