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as represented by   GOV:   PATRICK J. QUINN

State Capitol  207 Statehouse      Springfield, Illinois 62706


dated   3/ 24 /  14


               case #___14SC-2__         


Jurisdiction declared:     In Champaign county court:   as in accordance with the taxpayer bill of rights included page 2:   20  ILCS   2520       I am taking issue with this assumption of debt by;   demanding JURY TRIAL.    By demanding class action suit!  As is my legal right!

 US article 5 “nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation”.    A  CONTRACT! 



Redress of grievances asserts: the fourth great legal foundation of constitutional democracy should now enter into our lives/ because the world has changed and we are ready for true democracy.  Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote on the law, and the realities that govern our lives and our future FOR MYSELF.



 backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government




Constructed by irrefutable foundations in with clear legal, democratic, and contractual obligations upon the court.

The demand:   FOR FIFTH AMENDMENT LAW, as filed

The demand: FOR FIRST AMENDMENT LAW, as filed

The demand: FOR FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT;   DUE PROCESS OF LAW AS HAS BEEN DENIED TO ME, again and again; the most egregious example being 2 US supreme court cases, “exhibits e & f”.  A clerk of the court CANNOT deny a docketed case: DEMANDING CONSTITUTIONAL LAW MUST BE UPHELD.  Only a judge can deny any docketed case;  and it does require his or her signature.  No court can deny constitutional law; which mean treason is noticed.








The grounds established by law:    Include, the rule of reason, established per se, as is “the likely hood of harm, and subsequently lacking of potential benefit: that it is illegal in and of itself”.  An illegal Seizure of our securities, our rights to be informed clearly of the consequences of failure,  and our future:   by those who have then chosen to gamble with our entire world, by intentionally building a tool, through which they ARE trying to bring a ten million degree fire, here to this earth.   The separation of powers doctrine: wherein no one group or person shall hold “unchecked powers over the rest”.  The court SHALL accept its obligation to protect, defend, support, and provide the protections necessary to prove and substantiate:   WHAT CAN GO WRONG.  Thereby illuminating the truth, this facility action/ and this purpose of bringing to earth a fire that burns our skin from 91 million miles away, in summer.  IS MORE than a game/ it is life or death for the entire planet.  When things go wrong.



            Elevated by the frailty and subsequent fantasy of current theory, projected by “university knows”, that functionally states:    “We don’t have to worry about this fire/ because it will just extinguish itself:   not enough gravity here to sustain it.”  

            That theory is dependent then upon this theory:    “That all the mass, in this entire universe came out of one tiny spot in space smaller than the point of a needle”.  That the sun is made almost entirely of hydrogen.

            A theory determined by the claim:   it is the core of the sun that is on fire/ where all the mass of the entire sun is therefore involved and being consumed at the same time.  Because “that spot, where mass was ejected/ is now sucking it all back in”;   presto, its gravity.  The claim is: that where the fire ends, at the sun’s outer edge;   is the measurement of,  mass as the whole.

            The assumption fueled without any support of any kind, that states:   its just “two hydrogen atoms being forced into a helium atom” that brings us all that heat.

            Every construction of math that supports the fantasy of bringing a ten million degree fire here to earth: is based upon “all the mass, in the universe is their current claim;  came out of one tiny spot”.    Every construction of math does not support the true volume of heat being produced can exist, by so called “fusion” unless the mass of the sun;   is the actual size of the fire itself.

            Let them prove otherwise, by methods and words which a common education shall comprehend!


            SUPPORTED BY THE KNOWN PHYSICAL LAWS OF THIS UNIVERSE; in true opposition of the theories, assumptions, and fantasies exploited above by “university knows”.     Are the following definitions of reality, by its truth.

1.  By the evidence, the fire on the sun is driven by atomic fuels: it is a ten million degree F fire.  Nothing else can achieve this energy release; it’s a physical law.  The element hydrogen disassembled to reform into helium assumes, and requires elemental destruction of the most simple atomic construction/  must then become a more complex existence.  A ten million degree fire, is nothing more than chaos unleashed upon order itself.  Chaos does not build anything/ it destroys.  

            A) the evidence of consistency proves, all the fuel available is not involved in this fire/ or the entire sun , would be consumed over a short period of time.  Recorded history proves stability, due to temperatures of the critical mass, that is the actual sun;       beneath the fire being sustained at below ignition temperatures.


2.  The thermodynamic law is:   heat causes expansion, or pressures.  Unless their claim is: that the mass of the sun is NOT found on the periodic table of elements/ therefore is unknown.  The reality of densities claimed are not real, and are completely unsupported.  Thermodynamic law states expansion or less density will occur as the temperature rises.  The assumption of a tiny hole sucking all the mass back inside, thereby producing the gravity claimed;   has absolutely no substance except in fantasy.


3.  The fire is different than the heat/ they are not the same.  Likewise fire and explosions  are separate entities.  Critical to this motion is: the military application for the national ignition facility:   to explode small amounts of thermonuclear warheads (to make sure they still work).  192 laser beams are expected to contain the blast/ but they work by charging capacitors which have only “an instantaneous release time”.  Which means containment lasts far less than one second.  While it is known: that an atomic explosion will last much longer than that.  Proving the elemental construction of this test is: the true multiplication of energy,  consistent with building an intentional nuclear bomb itself.  In the middle of a million people.


4.  an exploding super-nova star proves the core of a sun cannot be on fire.  Because it expands massively, in heat;  on its last days, and that expansion requires new fuel.  It is a proven simple and plain,  fact.                                                          


5.   Just like a candle fire, that rises above its fuel source, due to thermodynamic expansion.  A fact The fire on the sun rises above its heat source.  Because it is a sphere, it rises even more.  A fact.  A ten million degree flame needs a lot of room. A fact Therefore what is viewed as the size of the sun, is simply the flame, and NOT the rock underneath.  A ten million degree flame DOES have an extreme vacuum: because the rise in temperature from the fuel source stability, to ten million degrees, is VERY RAPID.


6.A fact. The atomic bond of elements, is what is on fire.   It is the fire itself, that sustains solar gravity. The atomic release of what holds the particles of atomic structure together: REQUIRES, that there is an equal but opposite reality of energy sustained by an atomic bond in the creation of an element.  That means when released, or forced apart; there will be an action and a reaction that follows.  On an atomic energy scale.  This is proven by the heat released from the atomic bond.  To achieve a stable element capable of sustaining itself, in a balanced state.  THERE MUST be the equivalent of “the opposite energy in place” to hold the relationship, within a specific environment.  Or described  more simply, “a great deal of heat/ to achieve a balanced state: must then be influenced by an equal amount of cold”.


7.  The first lesson in the continuing battle to teach: that so-called fusion.  Or more correctly,  the same fire as is on the sun/ is a one time only experiment, that ends all life on earth: once ignited.   That cannot possibly be put out;  if that fire does not go out on its own.  What could be more important than that?   The failure of their theory,  means this entire earth is dead/ in a very few days.  It means the entire atmosphere of this planet will be ejected into space.  Killing all life/ as is the price of being wrong.


8.  This same group of scientists are building the exo-watt lasers.  With a clear intent to combine all three into one triangulated moment; whereby an electrical energy is released equivalent to 1 x 54 zeros of instantaneous watts combining from three different sources; by using capacitors to store, and then release that energy, as if 3 million of the largest lightning strikes possible: where hitting the same target at the same time. 




            This moratorium  calls upon the court; and all leadership and sanity possible: TO DEMAND,     PROVE WHAT HAPPENS, when you are wrong.  Then let the people decide for themselves.

            MAKE THEM STOP, UNTIL, we the people, understand the consequences:   AND  have our say!  BY VOTE.   Let the world, so choose as well.  This is about every living thing/ as there is no going back, once ignition occurs.



                   The law says:   YOU CANNOT “play russian roulette”, with every life on earth. 

              It conceives of MURDER!  Against this entire state and nation!

                             Every life on this planet.  That is a legal fact.




          I, James F. Osterbur:   do hereby declare, that a true and correct copy of this  filing; case 14SC-2   Has been mailed to the following parties at the addresses so listed:.   Placing the parcel,  in the US postal service/ as prepaid mail on the date of 3/ 24 /14   TO:   CHAMPAIGN COUNTY COURT    101 E.  MAIN   URBANA    IL   61801


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