101 E.  MAIN   URBANA IL   61801



2191 COUNTY ROAD 2500 E

ST. JOSEPH IL,   61873




as represented by   GOV:   PATRICK J. QUINN

State Capitol  207 Statehouse      Springfield, Illinois 62706


dated   4/ 7 /  14


               case #___14SC-2__         


Jurisdiction declared:     In Champaign county court:   as in accordance with the taxpayer bill of rights included page 2:   20  ILCS   2520       I am taking issue with this assumption of debt by;   demanding JURY TRIAL.    By demanding class action suit!  As is my legal right!

 US article 5 “nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation”.    A  CONTRACT! 



Redress of grievances asserts: the fourth great legal foundation of constitutional democracy should now enter into our lives/ because the world has changed and we are ready for true democracy.  Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote on the law, and the realities that govern our lives and our future FOR MYSELF.



 backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government




Constructed by irrefutable foundations in with clear legal, democratic, and contractual obligations upon the court.

The demand:   FOR FIFTH AMENDMENT LAW, as filed

The demand: FOR FIRST AMENDMENT LAW, as filed

The demand: FOR FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT;   DUE PROCESS OF LAW AS HAS BEEN DENIED TO ME, again and again; the most egregious example being 2 US supreme court cases, “exhibits e & f”.  A clerk of the court CANNOT deny a docketed case: DEMANDING CONSTITUTIONAL LAW MUST BE UPHELD.  Only a judge can deny any docketed case;  and it does require his or her signature.  No court can deny constitutional law; which mean treason is noticed.


ESTABLISHES AND AFFIRMS/ the most basic form of democracy possible is necessary:        A LEGAL TAX REVOLT!


417 U.S.  156


300 US 227- 240-41

give us,  redress


The foundation required for taxation:


              All the evidence proves none of that which is a summary of purpose as defined by the constitution itself; has been done.  IN FACT, the absolute opposite is being done.  Which means all those opposed to this legal  action to prove what is true:   are then enemies of this state, nation, and world.  Let the people decide/ “its called redress”.


          Contrary to the claim, that I owe this state or this nation any tax unpaid/ is the reality proven by trial after trial:   which clearly establishes.  Not one court, from the least county courtroom, through the appellate and supreme courts of IL.  NOR one court from the least federal courtroom through the appellate and US supreme court:   will NOT even whisper a single word, about the constitution, STATE OR FEDERAL:   with regard to ANY citizen guaranteed right held within it.   Proving an invasion has occurred, and we are under attack.  There are traitors in our midst.

                    Or more simply:   the constitution of both state and nation have been excluded from the courtroom/ thereby depriving and destroying the constitution itself.   That is treason (the constitution is our government, as defined by; WE THE PEOPLE), anarchy (the clear intent to destroy all constitutional law which protects our freedoms, rights, and liberties, is a war against us), and betrayal (every leader swore an oath, that I will do this:    Put the constitution first, before all other matters of this state or nation).   Clearly abandoned/ as are we the people;   because our government which is the constitution IS NOT SOVEREIGN IN COURT.  As the law of our nation demands.

          That means traitors have invaded our soil/ have taken control over our government/ have used and abused this citizenry for their own purposes/ and have instilled a debt load as exhibit N will prove over us all; that cannot be removed by less than bankruptcy for the entire nation.  They warred against us;   this court defiles and betrays us;   our leaders hide the truth;   and our future is jeopardized by threats so severe, “we will be lucky” to survive.  Not only as a nation/ but as a world;   because of their fantasies created by playing god with our nation and our lives, and our world.

          Let the people decide.


          When the evidence is irrefutable, and the disease of this invasion clearly extends throughout the court system of this USA and this state of IL:   then there is only one clear and certain organization that can achieve this level of cooperation among those who are under its gaze.  The UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT!  They alone have the authority, and the DUTY to insure that the constitution is obeyed in every court.  They alone have the power, to insist that every judicial official shall “do things their way” in this nation.  Just as the IL supreme court has the same duty for this state.  Whether they are puppets on a string/ or simply anarchists fully intending to gut and rape this nation: the search for truth begins therein.  No rule of procedure can control or evict constitutional law or rights;   that is anarchy, and deliberate betrayal of we the people.  The decision to destroy constitutional law, right, and authority over every other court/ begins and ends with the supreme court.  Thereby it is their decision, because in any appeal, they do have the final say. By,  Removing WE THE PEOPLE, from our government, the constitution itself/ they have corrupted the court system of this nation and state.  But that does not mean, every single judge, throughout the court system;  particularly at the higher levels is nor SWORN to uphold the constitution;    EVEN IF THEY MUST DO IT ALL BY THEMSELVES. They have their own duty/  As have I.  You have no excuse.  It is a judicial duty to report this violence/ this organized crime syndicate; that has taken over government.  Our judiciary has failed our democracy/ as have our leaders, who now believe themselves to be rulers; rather than employees.


          LEAVING ME, TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE FOR DEMOCRACY; all by myself. Because the supreme court sold “the free press” to a tiny few, who now own every form of mass media, that has any size; other than the internet.  For that reality/ and for that purpose, as proven by court documents throughout every trial presented by James Frank Osterbur:   I have paid with my life, my time, my work, my possessions, my family, and my future.  Thereby the cost of fighting a war for this nation and this state;   has already been assessed, & given to you.   YOU OWE ME, rather than I owe you/ as I have supported and defended this democracy, even every life on earth: because you have not done your job.   Therefore when state and nation, pays your debt/ and resurrects this nation from the catastrophes it is headed for.  Then I will be more than happy to pay additional taxes, that I do owe.  As for today, I do demand:    Sacrificing my life in time, because we are so damn threatened we can go extinct, as a nation and world:    Fighting,  for this state, nation, or world;   AS A DEMOCRACY!     IS ENOUGH TAX, already paid.  Life or death for a world, is not an option/ IT IS A DUTY!  No exceptions, FOR YOU too.   Let the people decide.


          I do not refuse to file, nor do I refuse to pay tax as is my fair share established in equal treatment for each one.   As would be justice.  But democracy is a contract, YOU have responsibilities too. TO PROVIDE the guaranteed rights of constitutional law, is absolute! OUR government is the constitution, as a people we agree among ourselves, THIS shall be the words that unite us; OUR GUARANTEES, AND RESPONSIBILITIES TO OURSELVES SHALL be the law of this land.  So that none may rule us/ rather we rule ourselves by the laws we have set into place as our government.  The laws, responsibilities, and oath sworn, by every high ranking employee; to prove you are not “ruler”; over us.

            It is a traitor, that attempts to refuse our government authority as WE THE PEOPLE!


          I accept the duty of constitutional democracy; and await your ability to prove me wrong: to prove I Am not DEFENDING THIS STATE AND THIS NATION FROM TRAITORS.  To prove, the guaranteed rights of constitutional law, have been destroyed, or are subject to our employees and their whim. Because duty is not a choice, it is a responsibility owed. Prove me wrong, and I will pay the tax and fines.  Go ahead and try.

          By every legal means possible: all forms of leadership throughout this nation were included in the demand: YOU CANNOT GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES, OUR FUTURE, OUR MONEY, OUR NATURE, OUR PLANET;  or destroy the resources we literally depend upon to survive!  All refused to assist me;   because after all, I am just a common citizen”/ and they want the money, more than life, a future, or child.  Besides,  How could I know anything; the university knows EVERYTHING?  Isn’t that so.

            I agree to the fact:   they know how to cheat/ steal/ lie/ and murder a world, as the evidence does prove.  By the disease of sheer arrogance.


          So lets review, this part of the filing one more time; with a #11 addition.  Refusing reality, by telling stories is NOT, “a sign of genius/ it is fantasy and failure”.  The demand to play god, rather than accept life.   The assumptions of gravity by their assertion: have absolutely nothing to do with provable facts.  The depiction of all mass originates from a tiny hole, LACKS SENSE;   “Just where was all the mass hiding” begins that search for reality!

THEORY DEMANDS: according to the laws that do govern physics.

8.  That just like a candle fire, that rises above its fuel source, due to thermodynamic expansion.  A fact The fire on the sun rises above its heat source.  Because it is a sphere, it rises even more.  A fact.  A ten million degree flame needs a lot of room. A fact Therefore what is viewed as the size of the sun, is simply the flame, and NOT the rock underneath.  A ten million degree flame DOES have an extreme vacuum: because the rise in temperature from the fuel source stability, to ten million degrees, is VERY RAPID.  A fact. The heat from that flame, even though it has risen above the surface of the fuel: affects the fuel source and heats its outer surface causing it to expand on top faster/ than the material underneath, thereby cracking; then it is to be vacuumed up by the fire.  Where the flame will disintegrate all atomic bonds dividing the elements involved into the subsets of atomic structure.  A fact. The atomic bond is what is on fire/ and it is very similar to the molecular bonds of chemicals we know as fire on this earth; except for the energy release. A fact.  The tornado appearances in the fire, are particularly hard spots on the rock called our sun;  beneath the heat,  that refuses to release their elemental bonds. Simple reality.  As a consequence, the heat and flame surround this spot, opening space;  and turbulence in the fire, then massively increases vacuum, and heat, to release it.  Similar to the earth in some respects this rock has different elements as a part of its fundamental structure.  The flame spurts on the other side of this phenomenon are elements that have been vacuumed up in a higher quantity that what is normal for the system to produce; thereby more fire for an instant, here.  Simple reality.  More fire needs more space.  There is by the math a large volume of empty space, between the rock that is the sun, and its flame: as thermodynamics prove, and intense vacuum applied in this space prevent the heat from going down to the rock; it remains relatively cool.  Just like the space underneath your fire here on earth/ because the law of thermodynamics rules the sun too.  When the fire gets closer to the rock, the fire has cooled/ but then makes the rock gets hotter and that releases more fuel to grow the fire, by vacuuming up more fuel.  When the fire gets farther away from the rock, the fire grows in size, but not heat; and returns to the fuel source; because the heat is the source of expansion not the fire.  Either way, the outer appearance of the sun will remain similar in size, and heat;   because of the interchange.


9.  It is the fire itself, that sustains solar gravity. The atomic release of what holds the particles of atomic structure together: REQUIRES, that there is an equal but opposite reality of energy sustained by an atomic bond in the creation of an element.  That means when released, or forced apart; there will be an action and a reaction that follows.  On an atomic energy scale.  This is proven by the heat released from the atomic bond.  To achieve a stable element capable of sustaining itself, in a balanced state.  THERE MUST be the equivalent of “the opposite energy in place” to hold the relationship, within a specific environment.  Or described  more simply, “a great deal of heat/ to achieve a balanced state: must then be influenced by an equal amount of cold”.

           The oblong pattern of planetary orbits are likely influenced by cycles of “fire close/ fire far”.


10.  The composite understanding of basic elemental atomic structure, that the sun represents, as a relationship to heat and light, is then as follows.  Fire releases the energy, that controls the bond in an atomic nucleus.  The bond itself however retains its attachment; by being compressed into what can be called similar to laser light (a string, that holds both ends together; so to speak).  We know that is true, because the light retains considerable energy, even though it travels through an incredible amount of time and space. “Sun fire” roars:  The radiation revealed by sunlight, constructs a rhythm as a result of that roar, that functionally ties both ends of the string together.  The net effect of that is “solar gravity”.  In terms of atomic environments: the bond between proton and neutron is created when they smash themselves together/ that action causes a compression to exist that then crushes tiny bits and pieces that stand in the way of a “perfect fit between the sides”.  These bits and pieces are called electrons; the “atmosphere” of an atomic nucleus, is then constructed because of that action and reaction to mass being compressed, by bonding.


11.  A more detailed definition includes: the pulsations of fire on the sun, does represent a similar magnetic structure called voltage.  Electrical signature, the strong force known to man: is developed by introducing for fundamental conversation “heat” into the atomic environment, thereby increasing the distance that electrons orbit the nucleus.  The rise is energy to be released/ the fall is balance returned to the atomic environment. The “roar of the fire” presents us with cycles per second so to speak; these are present in the radiation associated with sunlight.  What can be compressed is, the critical link that ties the neutron, to the proton.  The neutron is an anchor or “cold; thereby balanced energy” for simple conversation.  The proton is heat, or where fundamental,  action and reaction arise.  The energy that compresses the bond which holds “the opposites” together; is where fire comes from.  The link between “the opposites” is different, and composes what can be compressed, rather than burned.

          We turn to review the reality of a black hole, one last time.  As is established by your own universities:   when a sun dies, it first grows much hotter/ explodes, and then collapses onto itself.  Within the center of a sun, during this process; particularly when it explodes.  The law stands firm: for every action, there will be an opposite reaction (the basis of every atomic environment).  Within an explosion of this size, because the center is “heated to its escape velocity; explodes the boundaries that contain it”.  The actual explosion originates at the center, and pushes out.  ANY AND ALL energy that cannot escape fast enough/ MUST turn back upon itself:   confined to the only solution available.  To make a black hole/ or more simply “turn itself inside out”.  Becoming opposite of what it was, this is the creation of dark energy or dark mass; so called.  The end result of that action, and its consequent reaction, is “a string”.  The black hole compresses mass, and moves it through the hole “like a wire, through a reducing die”. That end result constructs a relationship between what was, and what is: which redefines itself as an atomic union.  “Because opposites attract” after the resultant string finds itself an appropriate partner, “In space”: that attraction becomes an immediate pull to collapse the string into an atomic environment with what is now called a proton.  The fire on the sun holds back the neutron, which has become a collection of “freed” neutrons/ that do inhibit the heat from entering into the rock:   because of the fire, and its dark energy (“to push inside/ rather than outside) attraction to the “sun rock itself”.  Which then compresses, and elongates the string, and controls the force being generated to return by the proton.  Radiation links that reduced proton into the atomic environment of earth, establishing an alternative anchor. Thereby the sun and its planets revolve around each other.

          Not a perfect rendition of the facts, but close enough for this work.



          I DO refuse to give aid and comfort to the enemy of this state, nation and this world.  I do refuse: TERRORIST funding of experimentation to destroy this world!   I do refuse, the destruction and intent to conceive of;   and produce CIVIL WAR, by destroying peace throughout society, with counterfeiting.  As further examination of the financial evidence   EXHIBIT N will prove.


          WE ARE, being ravaged and raped, by those who counterfeit our money!  And the media hides. WE ARE, being bribed to look the other way from all these lies/ so that behind your backs:   thieves are stealing everything.  Only a tiny few control all communications of mass media, in any size.  Do you think when just a presidential election costs a billion dollars/ almost all of it going to the owners of television networks: “they work for the public?”  No, they do not/ they work for the money, and the mice of media do what they are told.

            Only a tiny few now control all the business in America.  Only a tiny few control agriculture, and ground is being bought by corporate entities hidden from view; just a tiny few, most from foreign lands.  Only a tiny few monopolize the housing/ computers/ universities/ medicine/ pharmacy’s/ military production/ advertizing, and every form of propaganda that exists; to keep you from recognizing, “they stole your authority to decide/ by giving you experts instead”.  Only a tiny few control elections.  Only a tiny few own our state, nation, ability to work, or communicate as a free press would.  With just a tiny increase in inflation: families and workers lose their property/ and the vultures are waiting to buy.  We cannot outbid them; they have “free counterfeit money”/ given to us as OUR damn debt.  With another tiny increase, more lose everything/ and so on.   When the big increase comes: all but a tiny few will lose everything, because the inflation is that severe.  And even these will lose, because none can compete with “counterfeiting; NO REALITY NEEDED”.  It ain’t no game/ its your working life, and future.  And you can be BLACKLISTED; which means, cast out into the streets, because when only a tiny few control every job:   either you beg, slave, and do exactly what you are told (regardless what that is) / or you become “the trash”.  In review of the facts: that a billion dollars is counterfeit/ therefore worthless, and a lie.  The demand for return of our property, because we were paid with stolen money:   DOES EXIST.


          THE DEMAND FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES STANDS!  As our authority, to return this nation to democracy, by the actions of WE THE PEOPLE!  A purpose that includes LIFE MUST COME FIRST.  No more gambling with our planet/ its nature/ or our future.  No more counterfeiting as each motion shall attest too.    BRING BACK CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY, the foundation of our democracy, and the authority of our people. and THEN,  I will happily pay the tax.   THAT IS, the demand of this case/ in addition too: STOP destroying this planet.  Let the people decide, by true investigation; as redress allows!                      The purpose of     Case 14SC-2

          Examining the evidence of US tax court case 11108-12L   filed within as threats so extreme, they can exterminate life from this planet.  Its ending, after criminal extortion was;   Denied!  With all leaders watching.  Our leaders refuse reality, redress, responsibility, duty, and all accountability for what they do;   as is evident by an oath destroyed.  That is not government, it is organized crime taking over government.

                    We consider the source;

          and find OUR government funding/ the tax we pay:   is being used to threaten OUR WORLD/ OUR DEMOCRACY/  EVERY CHILD/ AND EVERY LIVING THING ON THIS PLANET.  Every tax dollar/ or more correctly your work, supports terrorists, mutilation, the crucifixion of life, the assassination of children, the intent and reality of cannibalism coming, a dead ocean, the destruction of democracy; and much more evil than you can imagine

          The national ignition facility says it best;   although they have removed their “science at the extremes”; to hide the evidence from review!


          In addition they are creating this. The exawatt laser: With energy levels created that depict,   such a ferocious fire is expected that   IT WILL BE,  quote:   "About a million times more powerful than 10 billion 100-watt (one billion x one billion watts) light bulbs.  Equivalent to one million lightning bolts, at one trillion volts each; all hitting the same place at the same time!   And they are building three simultaneously:  a fourth should be forthcoming, one with beams twice the power of these three.  By 2015.    A search for site locations reveals all three are situated to triangulate their beams into one single location. A reality further proven by the fact NO true research can be done with even one: because the intensity is too high/ it can only incinerate.  Located in a remote area of back country Europe:   “so nobody looks/ or believes, the people who are there”.  Built with OUR counterfeit money.  Triangulation means:  3 million of the biggest lightning bolts possible; all hitting the same spot at once. This fire is expected to ignite the same fire:   10,000,000 degrees F.   "just like the sun". We cut steel, with 3,000degrees FA fire without any other assistance: igniting a planet.  Dead, by 2015/ or early 2016 guaranteed.  Once is enough, no turning back time.  They are very simple machines: NO realistic delay is probable/ no matter what they say.


          At the national ignition facility in a suburb of San Francisco:      their plan, and now practice is.  An energy blast roughly equivalent to all the power of the sun on this planet, FOCUSED on one tiny spot/ for that fraction of a second.  Sun fire is: the burning of atomic bonds/ just as a chemical fire here is the burning of molecular bonds:  which means, this entire planet and everything on it: IS FUEL FOR THE FIRE/ it cannot be put out! Their claim is: that fire cannot be sustained here, because of insufficient gravity!

           Therefore based ENTIRELY upon this theory ,they DO gamble with our entire planet, and every life! The machine is CURRENTLY RUNNING.  One second too late, and the earth is forever lost.     Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.

          When they get done with these experiments:   they do intend to perform their military function.  Which is to detonate, and expect to contain;  small amounts of thermo-nuclear warheads/ to make sure they work. In a suburb of San Francisco.


          At CERN:   where another huge pile of OUR counterfeit money went.  Their purpose is,     If we could just prove, by studying,  the single most destructive event in the history of the universe, can be recreated right here on earth.  “That would be great”.


           In genetic labs throughout this nation, and now spreading across this world.  From their own publications.  WITH OUR DAMN counterfeit money!

          Quote: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.... fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....not only life as we know it/ but also "life as it might be"...synthetic biology-including synthetic organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, origin of life, paleogenetics.... cloned...first human embryos.  Quote:   created an organism with manmade DNA...worth more than a trillion dollars..."its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA.....and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet.  The danger is not just bio-terror, but "bio-error"... sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ....labs thousands of miles away.       the links BELOW,  just a tiny fraction.


          Our resources, our very survival by the chains of life and environmental realities of this world; HAVE BEEN THREATENED.  AND there is much more; as begins the reality of over-population; etc/ etc/ etc!

          I remind all: this planet only dies once. Past the point of no return, absolutely nothing matters anymore.  Believe it or not, on that day;   you will become, “the living dead”; for a time of insanity devouring all life forever.  Because truth does not care/ it simply does, what it does.  Just like, the fire on our sun, does what it does/ and you have no say.

          Within that truth comes the biblical prophecy of Daniel 12.  Or more correctly, the prediction:   when the single most horrendous decision (bringing sun fire here) humanity can make, begins its quest to establish that on earth.  There will be 1298 days, for the rest of humanity to stop it/ and if not, then they will die.  Because the fire they ignite cannot be extinguished; it burns atomic bonds; everything is fuel.  The additional 45 days, are the required time for the entire atmosphere of earth to be ejected into space.  That decision begins here/   that ending is predictable with the exowatt laser; whose predicted first attempt comes at exactly the right time.  Even if they now lie, to produce a different date; it is a very simple machine, and needs no more time.



            I, James F. Osterbur:   do hereby declare, that a true and correct copy of this  filing; case 14SC-2   Has been mailed to the following parties at the addresses so listed:.   Placing the parcel,  in the US postal service/ as prepaid mail on the date of 4/ 7 /14   TO:   CHAMPAIGN COUNTY COURT    101 E.  MAIN   URBANA    IL   61801

            IL STATE SUPREME COURT Supreme court building   200 E. Capital Springfield IL 62701

 Linebarger, Goggan Blair & Sampson   233   S.  WACKER DR.  SUITE 4030  Chicago IL     60606

IL IRS;    Box 19035   Springfield IL 62794-9035

Lisa Madigan      IL attorney general office  500 S. Second st.  Springfield IL 62706

Governor Patrick Quinn    State Capitol  207 Statehouse      Springfield, Illinois 62706

 DYLAN P GRADY assistant attorney general;   500 S Second St.  Springfield IL 62706

THE ENDING;    4/ 7/ 14


          Having established a true and correct constitutional law demand in the courtrooms of this state of ILLINOIS/ calling upon the “full faith and credit of the US GOVERNMENT;   which is the constitution itself.  The foundation of every law, every authority allowed, and every right governing WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE, AND THIS NATION.   The foundation is laid, and the reality begins:     For every man, woman, and child in this state/ and in this nation/ and by the reality of threat:  even in this world.



          Do you want your bribes, counterfeit money with no meaning other than to give thieves, liars, cheats, whore’s (only the money matters) and bastard’s (only the power matters).   The ability to terrorize your world/ and end your lives in HORROR.    


          This is the only chance you get/ nothing else is coming:   whether you like it or not.   This is YOUR CHOICE, to make a different future for life, and rebuild.   Or let the world die!

           CHOOSE LIFE FIRST, or you will be devoured by your own arrogance.



          By far lesser construction:   “I am functionally and fundamentally, BLOWING THE WHISTLE”.  On those established in this trial as cheating, lying, and stealing from the American people, and the people of the state of IL.  Being a clear participant in this business of government, that does involve every citizen:   our employees have been found in violation of their oath.  And participating by irrefutable evidence in criminal activities and violence (as is threatening a $35,000.00 fine for demanding constitutional law and guaranteed rights MUST be obeyed).  As is fines and penalties for demanding constitutional government DOES RULE.  As is stealing the entire depreciation value of a work truck, in open court, without the opportunity to appeal;   as is consistent with the 7th amendment.  As is two US supreme court docketed cases denied by the clerk/ NOT a judge.   And much more.  Consequently, as I am clearly a participant in this business explained as a “state or nation”/ and our employees, are CLEARLY NOT “sovereign” of themselves;   because only the constitution as is our government.  Can be sovereign or untouchable:   every foundation necessary to apply the whistle blower act is found right here.

          However I am not legally demanding that, at this time.  Rather if this court refuses to obey its purpose which is to OBEY THE CONSTITUTION, protect and defend this citizenry; which does include the state fighting for me against criminals in federal employment.  Which is to prosecute counterfeiters.   Then may every lawyer in the state and nation:   SEE THE MONEY/ and attack those who have invaded our democracy;   to steal, kill, terrorize, and destroy our lives.   You have this case, and my permission to use it as you see fit.  You shall represent every citizen;   if the outcome of this trial,   IS LESS than constitutionally guaranteed.  GO GET THE MONEY.

          Prove social security was raided, and every substantive value, removed so our employees could spend it all, and replace it with nothing more than numbers.  While they kept for themselves, as a separate pension plan:   “The money, we no longer have”.  Demanding as does the state of IL:   “You have to pay us/ we made you sign our contract”; we gave you no choice.  Because you are all,   “Just a damn slave”.  Ain’t that so?


          IN ADDITION to the variations of citizen rights presented here.  Comes the first amendment of the US CONSTITUTION again.  As a religious freedom that must not be interfered with by law, or penalty.

          I thereby do, suggest and defend the words: 


          Because the threats we face are so severe, that this entire world of life, shall soon disappear forever.  The foundation is laid, and the reality exists: that biblical reality and prophecy MUST be examined for truth.

          Having examined that document, and this world of miracles; so clearly designed and created:   even the liars, and fools;   know its true.

          That means the horrendous threats can be true as well/ just as NOAH’S FLOOD has been proven by the realities of fossil fuels being burned.  It was life buried, first clumped together, and then forced in some cases thousands of feet below the surface/ where no possibility of “covered by dust” exists.  Only a flood, proven to be more than massive or enormous.   So we find the threat, never again/ but by fire; and find machines trying to ignite this world in the same “lake of fire” as is on the sun.

          ARMAGEDDON means:    Nature in chaos, and we find geneticists intentionally mutilating genetic structure which is nature itself, along with the ingredients and energy required;   soon destroyed by those who want evolution [all things came out of chaos/ even though chaos builds nothing] to exist.  They seek to destroy genetic structure, disciplines, order, thought, and balance;   so they can play god, and create their own creatures using DNA just thrown into a soup.  So you, can be half spider, or whatever fantasy they want; no choice for you, “the toy”.

          APOCALYPSE means:   humanity so entrenched in hate/ they war, to the point of bloodshed so extreme; rivers of blood shall be created.  Enter, YOU STOLE THEIR WORKING LIVES, which means their future. You stole their resources.  You stole the chance their child can survive;   all forcing the truth:   WE HAVE GUNS/ FIRE/ AND BOMBS.

          HELL means:   completely insane, because there are no options left, TO SURVIVE.  Everything is dying, and there is literally nothing left to eat: but humanity.


          Having examined these realities of our existence in this time: 

           the knowledge comes to me, that by my FAITH (the acceptance GOD AND JESUS are TRUE, and eternity is real).   I do thereby find myself confronted with Ezekiel 33.  “The watchman/ messenger” who is assigned the job:   tell them, they must change or die.   Because I KNOW these threats exist.  Because I know:   WE ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE WRONG, regarding any threat, that jeopardizes or gambles with life, or a future for life,  on this earth.  And now, so do you!

          Because if I don’t;   MY own eternity shall be dissolved by their blood spilled.  It is then my job, and I have done it;   completing that message here!

          THIS COURTROOM is then the completion of that message/ that demand:   TELL THEM, before they die.