THE DISEASE; called arrogance


          Establishes the following traits, with regard to this trial.

1.  The entire legal filing from lawyers for the state, confronts constitutional law with a rule of procedure.  They have no law.  Every single court case has proven:   “Not even a whisper of the constitution is allowed in court”.  So as not to give democracy, its rights, or WE THE PEOPLE;  any room to legally exist.  That is the plan, and its purpose is plain and simple: to destroy democracy, and bring about those who want power, to be our rulers instead.

2.  No new filing from the court or the lawyers, to construct a defense against the motions filed into court.   Means: They have no law/ and refuse to open the door for my rebuttal: because they always do lose legally.

3.  This trial confronts the power over government, that organized crime has established: “we don’t have to obey the law/ we are the law”. Therefore they are “planning what to do, with me/ and this case”. Without the law, there are few options.  Consequently it is a certainty, they are searching for cause to imprison and declare “something” gives them the right/ otherwise every excuse is “frail, frivolous, or without merit”.

4.  The time and date of the court case is April 16; thereby it is certain, they will make the judgment:   because I have not filed, I must go to prison.  Even though, I am bringing them to court;   because they did not do their job/ obey their oath/ and have threatened this democracy in countless ways, by protecting “the power of money” over society.  Corruption is certain.

5.  Whatever judge will sit at trial, is the one the “puppet masters” believe will do exactly as he or she is told.  Legal is irrelevant, like a rule/ constitutional law can be illegally overruled; if too few are is watching.  After all behind closed doors, who can argue with a judge;    “He breathed/ that is contempt”.  More correctly: they will ask if I filed taxes.  I will respond: “JUST AS SOON AS MY GUARANTEED RIGHTS ARE DELIVERED TO ME, as is your duty under constitutional law”.  They will declare contempt; off to prison.   By far, the most likely scenario.

6.  The time of trial indicates the reality of what that trial is going to be.  Trial in the morning indicates a jury trial, selected first/ then tried in the afternoon.  Trial in the early afternoon indicates a judge decides.  Trial in the late afternoon 2:30 means, “IT IS, GOING TO BE, A VERY SHORT TRIAL”.  And the verdict is already in.  The purpose of the hour,  establishes NO option for filing anything/ you go straight to jail, and can “get lost”.  Even if “eyes are watching”.

7.  The motions are highly unlikely to be responded too, by lawyers or the court;   outside of trial/ as that would allow a response. In court no substantive answer will be considered. Talk all you want maybe; the verdict is long past.  Motions  will be denied without judicial opinion, so there is no substantive law to appeal;  as inadequate or wrong.  Redirection shall be used, to indicate “the purpose of this trial, is to convict you of not filing taxes, or more”.   No trial for me/ no jury for me/ no democracy for you: dead, they hope!  And me put away for a long time, because justice nor law:   does not exist, whenever power controls.

8.  That leaves us, with the potential of violence/ as who can say “its their fault” should I die; regardless of the way.  Not an unrealistic evaluation, because those who are extremely greedy and power hungry;    Will not hesitate to simply “remove the problem”.  Which is why you must download these sites; because they will be attacked next.    Do contribute, as that takes money to fight and remain on line/ or distribute in other ways.

9.  That brings us to public participation:   as this is our nation/ this is our world/ our future/ our money/ etc.   Which means simply: whether I am alive or dead, this case can go on.  Simply pick it up as a society, and enforce constitutional  law on your leaders.   Demand guaranteed rights, and prove the constitution rules:    As we the people.   Remembering every judge; is nothing more than a citizen just like you, including the supreme court. EXCEPT he or she is bound by law and a sworn oath THEY MUST RULE, in every case, that THE CONSTITUTION SHALL BE FIRST, in everything they do.  Or there will be penalties including prison, etc.  It is not a hard concept.  IT IS BETTER, than your guns!  Save this nation/ don’t destroy it:   USE THE LAW.   “Here it is”.


10.  The courts/ lawyers: refusal to obey constitutional law :   the Denial or answers in each trial state and federal can be summed up in these words:    “Frivolous/ incoherent/ incompetent/ and we don’t understand so we don’t have to do NOTHING.”   Not a single word, allowing the constitution into a any case/ each was similar to this one; not even a whisper.  Absolute denial throughout the entire court system of this state and this nation.  Be prepared for that:   “Ignorance is no excuse”/ but the foundation of change requires the judiciary and leaders;   standing in front of a crowd of “angry people, who want their government back”. Prove they cannot escape the law, and the constitution returns, “to bloom again”.  The threat of an oath refused, NOW we know:   is likely to convince them, “its better, NOT to be a traitor” today!

          If not:   redress is only a matter of gaining control over media (money will buy them/ because they don’t care who pays; they don’t care what damage they do, or could have prevented) they care about the money for themselves.  Or you may use direct communication among the people themselves; you are many/ it will work.  Speak up, or lose your entire world.  It is that serious.


11.  The critical reality of this trial, just like the critical reality of case 11108-112L:   is the want the money; both people and leaders.  OR MORE CORRECTLY, the powerful don’t give a damn about the money because they just counterfeit more. But THEY DON’T share, unless you say “please and thank you; or more”.  HOWEVER reality states, without slaves to do their bidding, to keep the nation working: they lose control.  So they are willing to force compliance, by entering into court.  Where we are today, because I took them; at the earliest possible time: with no possible legal outcome other than obeying constitutional law.  But as is consistent with the past; that is a minor inconvenience if none are watching an complaining.  So the question is:   how can they turn their failure into “I, am bad”/ so that you look at me, instead of constitutional law.  The answer is temptation/ manipulation/ control and propaganda/ fantasies presented as fact; etc


          The failure of constitutional law:   reveals the substance of a LEGAL TAX REVOLT.   To demand constitutional law SHALL be obeyed, is the essence of democracy itself.  An absolute right and duty.  Begin the tax revolt/ until our rights are restored: for yourselves, as I have tried twice; and you refuse; afraid of what they will do.  Therefore ONLY do this together, by creating the organization, or combined organizations first;  without courage you lose.

           Remember it is true, when the constitution or any law can be overruled by a rule of procedure or just plain lies:   there is no protection unless you bring witnesses, and the force called     WE THE PEOPLE!

12.  If you use guns, “blood will flow in rivers/ and the destruction cannot be undone.”  You do have everything you legally need, to prove TRUE democracy shall rule us/ NOT our employees.  The difference is:   truth in democracy is established by the minimum amount of laws, that are deemed necessary to control this nation or state for ourselves.  We MUST make those ourselves, short and plain, so everyone understands.  The difference is: we must take control over the currency, and decide for ourselves what bankruptcy shall do; to, or for us first/ NOT the rich.  The difference is organizational government shall be cut into pieces so small, they can never organize against us; and control us/ or threaten this world again.  The difference is WORLD LAW, removes the threat of weapons of mass destruction.  The difference is, limited capitalism  So no one gains too much control over the rest.  The difference is: we will control the courtroom for ourselves, by judging the judge, the lawyers, and protecting our society as we see fit. And more.





          ESTABLISHING first amendment law/ beginning with.

          REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, an accountability and the investigation of all threats, and democratic realities that have invaded our government as WE THE PEOPLE!