TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:   in the matter of trial 14SC-2!   The critical reality is:   that the defendant “the state of IL” refuses to show up for constitutional law trial/ but they will show up for tax and punishment as promised.  That is legally DUE PROCESS DENIED/ CONSTITUTIONAL LAW RIDICULED/ THE GUARANTEED      S OF EVERY citizen discarded in the trash, and more.  Nonetheless, without the right of trial/ the  demand for justification of taxation as provided in the fifth constitutional+ amendment/ accountability as provided in the first constitutional amendment/ due process as provided in the fourteenth amendment; and more: the reality as proven is:  there is no trial for me.  Its just an attack;  on March 7.  At 10;40/ although I am told its docketed for 1:00.  Its just more corruption, and I don’t expect to attend at this time.  There is no trial, the defendant refuses his subpoena/ his lawyer submits they don’t need to justify anything; the court refuses to make them appear.“they are the rulers” simple as that.  Consequently no trial/ no purpose.  Their demand is, we are certainly not employees; as the constitution declares/ anarchy against democracy is; a ruler.  The champaign court refuses filings, so they do not exist for an appeal, and so on/ so I took them back for a stamp; “but that doesn’t mean they won’t get lost or as happens; the entire case is declared frivolous, and is thrown away to get rid of the record. 

           The maximum penalty in small claims I am told is $1,000.00 plus court costs, and probably more.  The tax is already 3 times its initial cost, and the reality is this has taken 7 years; because the time limit now ends.  They knew it would be a fight, and they waited/ refusing to allow court at any sooner time; as I would have demanded if not illegally removed from filing in court myself.  They don’t need the money, they counterfeit!  To get into court;   I have to be taken to court; because I have won, by the law repeatedly, and they don’t like that. Because it proves corruption, conspiracy and collusion against constitutional law, with irrefutable evidence.  As cases found on these sites will prove.  They are the summation of what is real in our government courts, leadership, media, and more.  The sum total proven by this work, these sites: is traitors have taken over our government; both state and federal.  The counterfeiters have taken over our lives, and because the numbers are so extreme; they have made us slaves:   claimed federal assets of $188 trillion dollars means/ every citizen, babies and all if divided equally would have just less than $600,000. 00 in assets.  If you don’t, someone has it; and expects to trade those numbers for your work and resources. With inflation at about 2 million percent over the last few decades: at any moment in time, the price can go up for what you need/ and you can be thrown out of your home, reduced to anger; and forced into war.  You have no protection “In the bank”.  But they don’t care:  Which would literally mean:   your rulers would be happy with war/ because then all fighters will be dead; and they can just take your property and everything you care about for free.  They will just wait!

          In contrast to that, I HAVE PROVEN THEM COMPLETELY DEFEATED BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; ESTABLISHING IN COURT CASES.   THEIR ANSWERS, AND THE LAWS THAT DEFEAT THEM!  YOU CAN ENFORCE THE LAW ON THEM; and remove the criminal organization that has taken over our democracy. You are welcome to show up at the courthouse door, or in courtroom D in Champaign court March 7, 2014 and make yourselves known.  To prove there is an interest/ to prove they cannot hide anymore; as is the purpose here.  Or more directly: the purpose for all these cases is the same: to organize and identify the law/ that removes the rebellion and betrayal, that is government today.  To return us all, to constitutional law, and its purposes by its law.  You have everything you need to do that.  FIND THE PEOPLE, who care enough about this nation/ this state:   to demand OUR LAWS SHALL BE ENFORCED ON OUR EMPLOYEES.   And you get your country; even your state back.  120 or so news organizations were contacted, by letter with the filing “legal civil war #3".   They know, including local.  But propaganda, lies, and counterfeiting pays well; simple as that.  Just think how much less they would have if they actually shared the inflation money!  They don’t/ they just claim it as debt; and make us slaves to their numbers, rules, and whim.


          Legal civil war means:  That you do want constitutional law upheld/ you do want accountability in government/ no our employees shall NOT be our rulers/ and so on.  Want you democracy back?  Then the law is here on these sites to do that very thing:   you can see what our employees running the courts, and leaders, have in their defense which is nothing; they have been defeated, and they know it; which is why penalties can grow for me/ not just today.    Nonetheless; all it takes to reclaim our democracy, and remove these traitors and thieves is ENOUGH PEOPLE TO ENFORCE THE LAW, ON THE COURT AND POLICE AND LEADERS/ and make the media participate with truth:   identifying what is not legal about case 14SC-2;    Is a good place to start.  Identifying US tax case 11108-12L and all that is not legal therein, is another good place to start.  Challenging the US supreme court on cases 08-1339 & 11-100 is another good place to start.  GO SEARCH.  Those who now believe they are rulers; won’t quit/ until they are made to realize we “ain’t sheep” no more.  They aren’t rulers;   unless you let them be.   They are individual citizens with a job in government; the highest ranking of which have SWORN:   they would obey the constitution in its entirety, OR face punishment.  Tell them, what that punishment will be; because we are “the owners”/ as in WE THE PEOPLE.  Not them the rulers.


          With threats so horrendous, our entire world is near extinction; even if you don’t believe that, it is;   plenty of evidence that needs your investigation, your decision:   is on these sites.  DO YOU CARE TO BE WRONG?  Then work, search, and prove the evidence is wrong/ or just accept WE CANNOT let them be wrong.  It is not too much to ask; when life or death for this earth is at stake.  The food, water, oxygen, everything is prepared for catastrophe:   including bringing the same fire here as is on the sun.  Burns your skin from 91 million miles away, in summer.

          Legal civil war is better/ than bloody civil war; “with a gun in every hand”.  It will be “the apocalypse (blood running in rivers)”.  Choose law!  Make the rebellion stop. Insanity, is hard to stop/ and there is literally nothing left to spare on this earth for rebuilding.  Like it or not.

           Make the threats stop, or you won’t have to care much longer.



          I seem to have left the March 5, 2014 filing I had stamped, at the clerks office;   so it will not appear as proof.  But I do guarantee, I was there on March 5, as proven by the other stamped copies/ and I delivered the ultimatum copy as shown here on this site; exactly as presented.