DATED:   4/19/14        


LIEN UNIT       il   IRS;    BOX 19035   SPRINGFIELD IL 62794-9035

                                    lien   641539              

YOU HAVE FAILED TO ADVISE OF THE EXACT AND TRUE AMOUNTS YOU ARE CHARGING / what you will charge or do must be absolutely clear.    As is consistent with 20  ILCS   2520/1 and your letter 12/ 20 /13     “You have the right..... asking questions.....refute our findings.


            For the extortion established by clear and certain:  refusal of constitutional law.   That is an obligation of contract due every citizen.  The obligation of this state under constitutional democracy, to the United States of America.      Article 1, section 10.1


             That is criminal contempt/ fraud/ and theft; against EVERY CITIZEN IN:   this state and this nation.  That is fundamental TREASON.   Which you are now participating in.   There is NO GREATER REALITY OF “CLASS ACTION STATUS” possible/ except for threats of extinction as has been outlined in trial 14SC-2!   Contract includes:   every employee, and every citizen,  is assigned the work:    We must defend our constitution.   

            OR THERE CAN BE NO    Induction of  SOLDIERS.  Because there is no “United states” without our constitution.


            Reality of trial:   examines the truth and the treason of,  HAVING TAKEN OVER OUR GOVERNMENT;   AS A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION/ rather than anything consistent with constitutional government.   Is a crime worthy of federal trial.

             The reality of a crime in progress has been established, by your threat without substance attached.  As if I owed,   “Just because you say so”/ is not enough.  That is consistent with extortion and organized criminal activity.

            I will,   remind you:   that as of this day, my bank account as you well know has the money you are demanding.  And you may attack it/ because I cannot stop you.   However, if you choose to attack vehicles instead of the amount you seek/ for the clear purpose of inflicting even more damage by selling them for pennies, and still maintaining “I owe”. As is understood to be: striking the slave with a chain, or other intent to torture. Then you are a thief  established by fact/ and a warrant will be issued for your arrest.


            The consequence of trial 14SC-2 Champaign county court is:    That the employees of this court for the  state of IL   have proven without doubt or question.   I need not appear at the final  hearing to prove:    NOTHING of constitutional law was provided to me.  That is obvious and without doubt/ and there is no method of denying that fact.

              It is not my job to fight for constitutional law in court / it is your job as employees of government to provide it.   Not a word was returned to me,  regarding the law: constitution or otherwise, merely a rule consistent with violating my rights, instead of searching for truth or justice.   Which means in a corrupt court.  THE VILLAIN’S or traitors then, as is consistent with all respondents:   were then simply waiting to attack me.

             That court will NOT / absolutely DID NOT: adhere to constitutional law, constitutional government, due process, guaranteed rights, or a sworn oath of office to do these very things.   Clearly proven and without doubt by the evidence of trial:   there   Is absolutely no cause for doubt.   That is reality.   The collection of evidence is now, or soon will be  complete.

             Which does then become     A criminal trial against the United States of America, FOR ALLOWING THIS STATE to abandon the constitution of this USA.  The constitution of this state of IL.    Thereby, corrupting this state, and enslaving this people:   called ILLINOIS.


            Federal court is in view.   The reality of every penny you expect to collect/ and every method you are prepared to use in this attempt to criminally destroy the United States of America and this state of IL.   By refusing the constitution which is OUR GOVERNMENT!   By corrupting law and life in this society: with the disease of your arrogance and failures and insanity of your terrorism, and the intent of your traitorous acts:   against WE THE PEOPLE, of IL and this United States of America.


            By having DESTROYED THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS NATION AND THIS STATE,   from the courtroom.    Thereby using our resources and all our lives and our work, and our future:   strictly for your own benefit. Is separating the people of this state into “you the employees who are superior (the nobility)/ and we the people who are then slaves: because you retire/ and we are given your debt; with your demand, we have no choice!    That is not law or government.   Tyranny and oppression, have risen under the disguise of government.


             Without constitutional authority:   you have become a criminal organization attacking society.    THAT IS THE LAW!   Of this state, and this nation called DEMOCRACY.  That is the organized  crime, and injury   33 A.  1, 2.   EMINENT DOMAIN;   as is provided under constitutional law to the sovereign of government:   which is WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS DEMOCRACY.    DEMANDS ACCORDING TO FIRST AMENDMENT LAW:   that this case cannot be hidden from public view/ and must be removed from the back doors of a courtroom into the public authority:   by redress of grievances.   As is the law.


Failures include, but are not limited too:     Debts and more!

As is consistent with:   building an “emperors box” over the Uof I football stadium in Urbana IL.

As is consistent with:  pensions for a state employee at whatever they want it to be.

As is consistent with:  the failure of schools, the counterfeiting of money (we can’t pay) by calling it debt, the refusal to protect small business. 

As is consistent with: complete and utter failure of justice in penalties.   The same monetary fine for a poor man, as a rich man.  Is NOT JUSTICE.  It must be “a percentage of income”.

As is consistent with:   the IL constitution says, “I shall find justice without cost”/   which does include all the fines and penalties associated with demanding constitutional law shall be kept.

As is consistent with:   THE REFUSAL TO PROVIDE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES:   AS IS THE OPPORTUNITY FOR      WE THE PEOPLE   of this state/ in accordance with the law of first amendment constitutional government; as is demanded upon the employees of  this nation.  By fifth amendment IL constitutional law: redress is law!    The people themselves are then allowed: TO DEFINE AND PREPARE A LIST OF EVERYTHING THEY BELIEVE IS WRONG WITH:          Your  TREASON.