This letter, dated 4/ 19/ 14 is sent too:   a wide variety of leaders, including the FBI,  president, solicitor general, congress; and others as have not yet been compiled.   for your viewing (mailing slightly later).                                                                       



            Having established the clear and certain consequences of experiments with energy, that include:   bringing the same fire here as is on the sun.  A fire known to be roughly ten million degrees F, in temperature.  A fire that clearly and certainly burns atomic bonds; as is consistent with the burning of molecular bonds in the fires here on earth.  A fire that cannot be the assumed “fusion” as there is no evidence of helium spread throughout this solar system as would be consistent with that event.  A fire that burns our skin from 91 million miles away/ and once ignited, cannot be extinguished because everything here is fuel; and even if it wasn’t, at 10,000,000 you cannot approach it in any form or manner.  Rather it will instantly become a pillar of flame miles high/ that will create a tornado effect around it pulling in this atmosphere at over one thousand miles per hour.  A completely dead world/ with nothing alive, in less than 46 days.   Because this reality is being experimented with at the national ignition facility and more;  everyday/ at any given time, our world can be dead “In a single instant”. That is the game, your scientists are playing/ and there are NO second chances.   Every life on the planet is being gambled with; and there is no terrorism on earth:   greater than these people and their supporters.  That is the fact of our world.


            We then move to the event tied for “second place” as the most horrific coming reality of our world, and our time on this planet.  That is the salt mine excavating under one of the great lakes.  It is reported that the entire lake as been undermined, and a second is now going under the same process.  Removing substance as is salt from beneath that entire lake bed opens the cavern for everything above it to collapse into.   Or more simply: this entire lake is going to disappear, if not before/ as a result of the next major or even minor earthquake.  Causing roughly one trillion tons of soil and water to drop an estimated 20 feet.  It takes only one small area to collapse.  That effect will break every pillar holding the rest/ and the result will then be instantaneous: all of it will fall.  On trillion tons dropping 20 feet:   WILL BE the most horrendous earthquake this world has ever experienced/ bar none.  It will be the same effect as 100-1000    20 megaton nuclear bombs all going off at once.  Completely leveling cities such as Chicago, New York, Toronto, and many more.  Breaking the infrastructures of all cities for a thousand miles.  And causing the Yellowstone super volcano to erupt almost simultaneously; changing this entire world, forever.  Killing not less than one hundred million people at the collapse/ and over 2 billion more because of the super volcano/ and killing at least 3 billion more because the fight for food and water that will result across this world:   will be horrific.  Cannibalism will erupt, and the diseases resulting from it all will add another 1 billion or more people lost in the next ten years or less.  The mine exists/ the pillars holding all this weight up are made of salt; which is subject to melt when wet.  And it is absolutely certain:   even if started “carefully”/ those who want every last penny, have reduced those columns to the minimum they dare.


            Tied for second place as the most horrific event in the history of this world: are those who believe in their religion of evolution and have made plans to destroy nature itself, so they can proclaim their own religion is god.  As is so consistent with all religion throughout history.  Chaos is the destruction of all complex materials/ so that nothing but the simplest forms of anything remain.  Chaos builds nothing.  NATURE IS THE MOST COMPLEX REALITY KNOWN;   and it exceeds our ability as humanity to understand it.  Which means literally:   only the purity of thought, truth, and respect can describe it, or build it, or create it, or sustain it.  Evolution insists, “we built ourselves one piece at a time; without even a brain, hands, tools, or other”.  In fact, the very simplest life forms possible “were god”/ and built everything; even though that meant they had to cannibalize themselves;   because there was nothing else to eat.  And ten trillion more little realities of complete idiocy, and absolute insanity:   just so they can pretend to be god, and do whatever they want:   which is play god with life.  The consequence being:   NATURE DESTROYED, BECAUSE GENETIC MATERIALS, DESIGNS, AND METHODS:   ARE NATURE ITSELF.   It is horror beyond imagination coming.  Pandemic’s that will disease every living thing.  Structure collapse as the bonds which hold our bodies together break apart, and more tragedy than anyone can truly imagine is even possible.  ALL BECAUSE A TINY FEW FOOLS,    Want to believe they can be “god”.   The only god they can be is    “SATAN”/ DESTROYER of this world.   And people let them to their shame:    A reality soon to be complete insanity, horror, and hell.


            The spiral of death; the third reality of destruction: the end of this world, called life.  Is the reality of resource depletion to prove “we don’t have to do NOTHING”/ but just continue what we do.  Because that is what we want!   But efficiency has its price;   and you need more and more to feed the machines, to keep you working to feed the machines, to steal and kill the future to keep the machines working:   so you can have whatever you want/ by destroying the future and every child.  By eating the seeds of a next generation, mutilating and releasing every life form, killing the pollinators and food for at least 50% of the diversity on earth;   and so much more it is already approaching horrendous.  Killing an environment.  Pretending weapons of mass destruction are your saviors.  Building horror stories to come;   as are large nuclear plants.  Oh no, we can’t stop this/ even if the boilers are near exploding; ; and the design is worse than stupid.  Or the end of our atmospheric oxygen;   because you want to drive your car “forever”/ heat a ten thousand foot house for one.  ETC/ ETC/ ETC.  Means no future left.


            But then we come to the fourth reality of our time.  The university intellectual whose greed alone was so horrendous:   they stole entire nations/ bankrupting a world.  And preparing bloody civil war, everywhere on earth.  BECAUSE YOU CAN’T STEAL THEIR LIVES, without facing the penalty.  “You torn down my world/ NOW I can and will tear down yours”.  Even though that war will end life on earth as well.

            Alas, it does not stop there: as the university intellectual has taken over governments to do their robberies and gain the power to play god over life on earth.  That fact brings anarchy, corruption of courts, propaganda in media, failure in every conception of life and living.  And the greed which is the result of counterfeiting money: has brought extreme competition from around the world/ all wanting MORE FOR ME.  Which then becomes “TO HELL WITH YOU”.   A reality far more literal, than any understand.



            GIVEN THAT basic LIST OF FACTS, to a corrupt court system, and leaders in this United States of America has proven to be useless.  As they think only for their own power, pride, and prestige.  Their religion “university knows”;   has proven to be “brainwashed/ the cult of the insane”.

            Regardless:   we now come to the enforcement level of   “OUR CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT” in this USA, and this state of IL. 


            Proven in case after case is the reality that:   CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND GUARANTEED RIGHTS for every citizen in this state and this nation have been   PROVEN:   denied in a court of law.

             Therefore anarchy exists in the courtroom and in the leadership comprised by all who knew this was going on and did nothing but remain silent.   The constitution is the government of this nation and this state/ it is not less;   our employees are not more.  That fact constructs treason in leadership and the courts.

             The traitorous activities of those who refuse to obey their sworn oath to put the constitution and all its promises and protections first above all other decisions:   becomes an act of war/ against every citizen in this USA.

            The clear and certain intent to enslave;   as is consistent with the pensions of this state;  our leaders and their army of diploma’s have given to themselves at our expense.  Pretending “we had a choice”/ when clearly we did not.  As is consistent with the leaders of this nation spending the entire social security fund/ and counterfeiting money in excess of $188 trillion dollars to fund their “playtime, toys, and greed”:   destroying the securities of our work, the sacrifice of our lives, and cannibalizing the future of every child.   Is tyranny and oppression beyond any other time or place, in history.

            The lies about inflation being debt.  The hiding of all relevant information from the public by the media sold to a tiny few/ and given billions per election to “keep the hell quiet”.  The selling of our lands, resources, lives, and making a world hate us by endless failure and a refusal to remove the power of war/ and REPLACE IT with world law.  Is tantamount and consistent with:    An organization of criminals, whose only purpose is to kill or enslave us all.


            The cause and consequence of all of this is:   that to have even the slightest hope we might survive as a world of life.  THERE WILL BE TRUE CHANGE.  The only possibility that exists, TO MOVE HUMANITY into the knowledge necessary to make choices that will give us all the chance to remain alive:   IS TO DO WHAT MUST BE DONE NOW!   And to establish constitutional REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES:   because without proof of disaster coming.  People will not move from “I want/ I want/ I want,,,,,,and I DON’T want nothing, I DON’T WANT!  Leave me alone.  It is a simple fact of human life on this earth.  Even then without separating hate, from the rest/ there will be no true peace.


            So the question to every form of law enforcement available is:   are you going to enforce constitutional law?  Are you going to enforce:   WE CANNOT BE WRONG about experiments, or realities:   that will kill every life on earth.   Are you going to enforce constitutional government?  Are you going to enforce the investigation of law, money, and justice as a reality of truth, rather than tyranny?  Are you going to surrender this earth without a fight for life?   Or are you going to demand:    OUR NATION, AND OUR WORLD, NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE!