Each and every person that hears this, becomes a member of the jury/ that then decides the future of our society and our world.  This is NOT a game/ rather the purpose here and its desire are simple.   To identify our reality, by its truth;  and determine our future for ourselves as a democratic society given the right by law:   to make our own decisions as a state or nation.

          That law is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, the first amendment legal right of the US constitution that grants,   WE THE PEOPLE may in fact hold our employees of governing accountable for what they have done; and demand an investigation of the facts, so that we may judge them.  Their oath of office identifies the respect we have asked for, and their sworn testimony that they would in fact honor that demand by constitutional obedience “to our law”.

          That does make redress of grievances;   the most powerful words ever written/ because it is a legal right of the people themselves, to govern and judge their employees of government; according to the oath required of them.  Or more simply did you, or did you not obey your oath, and our constitutional demand for employment.

          Power means control.  Democracy means, “we the people” rule ourselves by the laws that we create to do that job, under our constitutional decree.  Which means the constitution itself is our government/ not, the employees.  They are merely citizens, like you or me;   with a specific job.  It is noted: most powerful words/ DOES NOT mean the most important words ever written. 

          Nonetheless the foundation of this advertizement is very simple:

                                      WE ARE THREATENED!

                                      EVEN AS AN ENTIRE   WORLD.


          Consequently, it is absolutely necessary, that we the people participate in this time; and these following decisions, that are about life, death, terrors, and even worse.   By making our own decision: by enforcing our democracy that means “WE THE PEOPLE” are the owners here/ and we have legal and democratic rights; that will not be denied.   But through court after court, and leader after leader, with media entirely against:   our legal and democratic rights have in fact been denied.    WE NOW come to this moment in time, whereby the simple trial:   Champaign County IL, 14SC-2    Is defending the following constitutional law


          US article 5 “nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation”.    A  CONTRACT!

           The money I, or we;   have earned is “private property”/ and as such you, our employees;    MUST justify and establish what is truly in support of all. Or it is an illegal confiscation, and deserves a legal tax revolt until those obligations have been met.  Such is the meaning of a contract.

           The foundation being  “we the people/ our freedoms/ our rights/ our authority over government by constitutional law/ our needs/ our future”; when used as a right to tax.    MUST ACCOMPLISH:   A debt that must serves all the people!  Not just a few.  That is contrary to current realities the most blatant of which in the state of IL today is:   the expenditure of tax money to build an observational booth over the University of IL football stadium for 129 million dollars or so, plus maintenance and costs.  Its only true purpose:   so that the university elite can play “king or queen” for 6 afternoons a year.  That further extends, as state pensions which literally do make we the people of IL;   their slaves,  to a tiny few; as is those who gave themselves this funding/ regardless of we the people and our rights or needs.

           To accomplish ANY form of expenditure, such as these; which are completely  beyond those real life descriptions of what our tax is for: as in ALL OF US.  Requires our vote, as society itself.


          Even though functionally important, and of substantial legal rights, and implications in law:   that is not the purpose of this trial/ it is merely the dressing as is consistent with the demands of court.   Because the real foundation of threats IS NOT ALLOWED!   The cult of “university knows everything” will not allow it.   As a result:   I must contend with initiating “smaller matters”.





1.   Because a tiny few said:    "Let us bring the fire on the sun here TO THIS EARTH!    The national ignition facility NIF  (with 500 trillion watts of power), and 192 lasers all surrounding and focused on the same spot in space and time”. Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.

Their theory is:   "not enough gravity here to sustain it".  Is enough to risk all life on earth.  This is their defense for bringing that fire here/ that “ it will extinguish itself.”

Not a game, if that fire does not put itself out: then it grows, and consumes the earth; it burns atomic bonds: which means EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire.  That fire,  will eject our entire atmosphere in roughly 40 days.   They DO bet our lives on what  is literally a one time experiment/ NO going back!    We cannot put out a fire that is 8-10 million degrees hot/ with flames said to reach 12 times farther, than the distance of our moon to this planet. Which means we live or die, as a planet/ based upon their theory!



From me in opposition:  So we begin again on the theory of gravity that the sun is extremely massive, and thereby the anchor itself, in solar construction;  as mass.  Thermal dynamics, or Thermal expansion means that the fire seen on the sun has grown apart from its source fuel/ because it must, or be turned back upon itself. Consequently the fire by expansion lifts from the surface of its fuel.  As is plainly seen with a candle.  The sun is not, “the functional reality of its flames.  Instead clearly we know by thermal dynamics;  that the energy has expanded enough to allow room for itself on top of the flame.  Heat expansion requires it/ the greater the heat, the more room required.  Because this is a sphere, we know that the expansion is even greater than what would normally be seen here on earth, because there is no place else for that expansion to go, other than out.   Like a flame on top of a candle/ the heat expansion rises above its fuel source, by a substantial amount even at a temperature change of roughly 500 degrees F.  Your scientists proclaim that the aurora, outer edges of the sun’s flame are millions of miles long and millions of degrees F hot.  That means, the actual mass at the center of the sun CANNOT be anywhere near the mass they believe it is/ because thermal expansion will not allow it.  It is a law of the physical universe.

            Lesson five:   your scientists theorize that the mass of the sun,  is extremely hot at its core.  They base their entire conclusion about gravity on this illusion.  However the facts cannot support that theory, in any shape or form.  If the core was on fire, then the entire mass is being consumed,  all at the same time.  IF THE ENTIRE MASS is being consumed at the same time/ as is a house on fire, all at the same time: it will be reduced to ashes quickly/ and will not be sustainable for long periods of time.  We know the sun is relatively speaking: about as hot as it was several thousand years ago, by written human history; therefore we know that the relationship between a sustainable fire, and a fire that is literally out of control is determined by how much fuel is being burned/ at once.  To retain its fire at a constant level, for these thousands of years:   it cannot be consuming all its fuel at once. Rather that fuel is suctioned up, in the flames above.

            Lesson six:   in the reality of a supernova, as your scientists state, “they know”.  The first part of that reality in time and space is: for the flames of a sun to grow in size and heat.  Therefore we know, that MORE FUEL is being burned.  Simple as that, no other physical force can cause this effect/ therefore proven true.  For more fuel to be burned, there must be fuel available that has not been involved in the flames before.  That means the core cannot be burning as your scientists say/ unless they can prove as they suggest:   the heavier materials are last to be burned at the center core.  Which would mean:   somehow the lighter/ less dense materials such as hydrogen would be burned first.  That is contrary, and in open denial of  gravitational pull/ and thereby unproven or dis-proven by their own theory.  Because heavier materials sink to the bottom/ center first;  is that not so.  Consequently for a sun to burn as they say:  it must consume the heavier materials first/ because that is what is available at the core. Leaving only less energetic materials/ with less gravitational pull for last.  So they have defeated their own theory.  Even so, the composite description demands a major explosion at the end of this cycle: without “dense explosive materials” how is that possible?  Again proven wrong.  When only the lighter materials are left, it is simply a flame dying out, smothering itself so to speak/ and the mass that is left;  turns cold.

            Lesson seven: your scientists declare, “that the sun is made out of hydrogen/ a gas”; because that is what their spectra-graph shows (lines that show a chemical signature, in a machine dividing the physical view of light).  There is no doubt as to the fact that the most common “release of ash” so to speak, during a fusion fire is the least massive or most simple combination possible in atomic environments. Because everything else has burned away.  Not a lot of pollutants coming off the sun from that fire/ which means nothing escapes, but the simplest elements, most of which can be reformed as they escape. The simplest elements possible to reform;   are hydrogen first, and some potential helium.   Or more simply the sun is NOT made of hydrogen/ the hydrogen seen is simply the result of the fusion process, the reassembly of what is left:  its “smoke” if you will/ which turns out to be hydrogen.

            So then lets review: your university diplomas/ with your political leaders providing your money: are gambling this entire planet and all life on earth/ BASED UPON the simple theory, “there is not enough gravity here on earth;” to allow fusion fire to continue burning.  They consider it to be, an explosion that simply continues on as fire/ rather than an actual explosion that expands so rapidly it cannot be contained as fire.  Which means to them that such an extreme gravity exists, a pressure so immense that it melts the core; which holds the fire to the sun.

            The critical review of fire however, even here on earth where we know the difference between a molecular fire, as is common fire/ and a molecular explosion as is seen in such things as TNT, are not the same.  There is a difference between an explosion, and a fire/ the energy release is entirely different. Which means the situational realities are also completely different.  They assume that a thermo-nuclear bomb is fusion released; because of the energy/ rather than a fission bomb as is considered to be the first atomic bombs used.  However, where is their proof?


2.    When you hear the words truthfully, that understands with all certainty: the university terrorists are mutilating every form of life on this planet/ altering life as they themselves describe.  Fully knowing the reality of pandemic's are generally created when a disease crosses species barriers: and these terrorists are doing it intentionally, “EVERYDAY”. Literally injecting chaos, into the genetic (NATURE IS, the building of a living body) reality of our lives, and our world.   Quote: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.... fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....not only life as we know it/ but also "life as it might be"...synthetic biology-including synthetic organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, origin of life, paleogenetics.... cloned...first human embryos.  Quote:   created an organism with manmade DNA...worth more than a trillion dollars..."its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA.....and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet.  The danger is not just bio-terror, but "bio-error"... sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ....labs thousands of miles away.

 NATURE ITSELF,  is the "factory and instructions and utilities etc/ that build the bodies of life" called DNA.  Not a game, every living thing is at risk! Balance “two hands/ two eyes, etc.   Disciplines, including thought, eye focus, “sewage” realities.  Order: if your muscles are not grown in a specific sequence, and through a distinct pattern: “nothing works correctly”.  ETC!  Evolution is “chaos controls everything; WE SHOPPED, and picked out anything we wanted, it was all free”/ a religion without substance or merit: a fools fantasy! What did you build out of chaos?  Thought alone builds.           But reality knows:      what builds us/ can just as easily destroy us instead.

            Quote: "Building an evolvable physical self-replicating machine is a grand challenge.  The main problem is that the device must be capable of hereditary variation, that is replicating in many configurations-configurations into which it enters unpredictably by mutation. Template replication is the solution found by nature........replication must be maintained by preventing side reactions such as spontaneous ligation, cyclization, product inhibition, and elongation of staggered ends. The last of these three results in every lengthening sequences in a process known as the elongation catastrophe.  The extreme specificity of structure required by the monomers is indirect evidence of some kind of natural ......prior to existence.....life.

FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: as is the reality of the last paragraph made above: biology is NOT a simple mix of chemicals in a pot, stirred/ it is not numbers to be rearranged.  Mutilations cannot be undone.  Pandemic's cannot be reversed. Lives destroyed, bodies of life horrifyingly mutilated intentionally: is crucifixion of life itself.  Biological weapons can kill 97% + already, of humanity.  These things are biological warfare against us released by university and others: with your money!   And propaganda demanding your support.


With our money, and with support from our universities, and leaders:   these exist.

3.     Consider the next big thing an exowatt laser:   stated to be 1million times more, than 10 billion 100 watt light bulbs of heat, packed into a single laser beam.  (Grab a 100 watt light bulb and see.  Imagine the heat of every person on earth 7 BILLION of us/  holding 1.4 million :  one hundred watt light bulbs EACH):  A fire so ferocious/ PACKED INTO A LASER BEAM;    That it will ignite the same fire as is on the sun/ here upon this earth instantly.  The exowatt laser does represent the single most likely event to destroy this world immediately:   expected roughly 9/1/2015.  Although the others, are equally dangerous.  Time does run out/ this world dies only once.  Are you willing to be WRONG? There is no going back, these are life or death trials for our entire world.  How much more information do you really need?


4.   Scientists said:      "lets play with the single most destructive event in the history of this universe".  They have currently created a 5 trillion watt explosion at CERN: the instantaneous release of 3.2 billion btu’s of energy or 67 billion units of horsepower.  In their tiny cage fueled by numerous atomic energy power plants. Not a game.   Very NEAR to igniting that fire, which would destroy us.  Other planetary damage as well.       

FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: Their reality at CERN:  is an environment of extreme atomic de-stabilization/ coupled to an electron mass so extensive: that it can allow a completely different state of energy suspended outside of time.  That electrons WILL retain its connection here.  Or more simply: even just one impact that escapes the consequences of time in this experiment, can multiply and influence changes in every other proton that is going through that energy, causing it to grow.   The stage is then set with a cloud of electrons set apart from the nucleus of atomic structure/ considerable lost, to the surrounding environment; but what remains is "determined".  Three things happen when "a train wreck of protons" above the energy levels called time are caused to exist.  1.  The orbital reality of electrons is moved to chaos, but still connected.  2. The critical structure of a proton/ neutron relationship is changed to become aggravated: relieved of disciplines called time.   3.  A separated environment establishes its own rules and laws.

The answer is:   that a big bang did not happen without structural disintegration.  That means: SOMETHING "sliced and diced" the mass  to be blown apart prior to the big event so that everything could go at once.  That means in real terms "a proton" so energized no physical resistance could oppose that force, existed against it.   But tied by "electrons", this force  moved back and forth through the mass at tremendous speed.  Thereby destroying atomic order (time itself), a little with every pass.   THIS is what they do!



Separated from extreme threats listed above: but still able to damage or destroy us all.  REFUSED TO INFORM “the people, and let them decide”, by  leadership, courts, and media.


1.  We burn more oxygen with fire, than this earth can produce/ you also cut down, mutilate, or destroy the very organisms that produce the oxygen we need.   Biosphere 2 project clearly defined the amount of oxygen being produced.  "The average person uses about 3,000 liters of air to breathe a day; a small car, driving one hour, over  average distances:  use thirty times that much. A large truck over one hundred times more."  Think about it: using more oxygen just for fire than the planet makes/ WHAT happens next?  The answer is, the OZONE layer is the storage container for thousands of years of excess oxygen generation: when its gone, “its just the atmosphere”, and what this earth can make.  Answer the question; are you going to survive?


2.   Antibiotics are failing/ which means the factory farm is nearly extinct: a single pandemic then destroys the entire herd; across this world (taking your food with it).  Close confinement DOES NOT work without antibiotics in feed.   We cannot wait to rebuild, ANY livestock herd or flock/ and probably can’t.   Too many mouths to feed.  We have NO OTHER means or substantial methods left:  to raise or keep these animals currently; therefore it will be cannibalism.  Antibiotics are what make most of your healthcare possible; surgery without is worthless for most/ the disease will get you. "All gone, for a few pennies, and a little ease".  Pharmaceuticals of all kinds; sucked in by the handfuls; ARE without doubt causing the increases in autism, asthma, and more; chemicals of all kinds, ADD IN.  Mutilated foods are a clear concern in allergies/ and the livestock which eats that mutilated crop, can easily become allergic to it; which means they then all die, and cannot be returned.  Your “experts” are a tiny handful of people guessing: and being paid well, to guess as they are told/ or as their religious university cult demands, “believe in us”!  Consider all your “pharmaceutical, bad drug:  lawsuits”.


3.  Only one inch of rain reaches or replenishes an aquifer/ per fifty inches of rainfall.  Ethanol is added to fifteen percent of all gasoline used in the USA/ times at least three gallons of water to make it/ times (guessing another two for irrigation, etc). The Ogahalla aquifer stretching across several states is known to be nearly dry: “the dust bowl returns” with no end in sight. You lose “a billion bushels, and more”.   Trillions of gallons of water have been pumped into gas fields/ oil fields/ coal mining/  used in chemicals/ made toxic by chemicals/  contaminated from radiation or garbage/ removed from saturation into the aquifer by tiling; and a whole lot more.

Go find out: what are you going to drink.  Test your wells, particularly where ethanol is made:   when will it go dry?  The aquifer collapse.  Understand this is no game/ it makes war.   The reality of opening pressures beneath an aquifer:   sure as hell ain’t worth no damn job.  It takes only one earthquake (or other possibilities), to change what is contained gas, from under a water source:  to become a released gas:   we cannot drink it!   Just like the Japanese: “our generators are great/ nothing bad can happen”; you are now very vulnerable.   As tsunami’s prove.  But then the people who say it, do commonly leave/ or take the money and run away, when things go bad.  No water means no life.


4. There are experiments in nano technology, small enough particles to invade cellular structure and clog immunology, function, foundations of life and life processes as well as other cellular activities Self replicating means: potentially complete overtaking of the biological system/ even every biological creature or plant on earth.  Can’t get rid of it/ can’t stop it: pandemic IS a true possibility.   Your media presents only propaganda, “it will be great”.


5. The advances to artificial intelligence are an easily detectable threat. It will be horrible because it can be horrible/ not because it has to be?  Machines to kill you, controlled by a tiny few: is the essence of insanity itself: we are trapped, they just won’t die.   Your media presents only propaganda, “it will be great”. With GPS, we will find you “anywhere”/ preparations are already underway.  But not to worry, “you have guns”/ isn’t that so?  So when the leaders order: go get their guns: “its your job” (call for backup)/ and the people refuse, we won’t let you take everything away (call for backup); the ensuing massacre heard around the world.  Is a bloodshed event, that will be HORRIFIC, after all, you got guns.  The reality in advance:    With bribes being paid by counterfeit money:   the result of which is, that all the property in this nation is being sold to a tiny few, including foreign nations.  “Like Palestine” YOU TOO, are about to wake up without a nation to live in.  “Its all gone”.  Your media says nothing. And your counterfeit money taken in  place of titles and property, will dissolve into nothing, “overnight”.  None will save you, “its their law”;   so guns are all that is left. 

Can’t happen here, it already has.  Search REIT’s and find out who owns your nation/ find out who owns the property, and how they bought it with counterfeit inflated dollars, that you have nothing to do with.  They don’t share the numbers, “do they”?  Hell no.  But last year the federal government borrowed 1.5 trillion dollars or so/ that equals $15,000.00 per one in three citizens of new debt.  Your media says nothing. That does not include the inflation directly responsible for controlling the GDP numbers, from manufacturing and all forms of actual business.  By changing  roughly 5 trillion dollars of actual work and products.  Into 14 trillion dollars, “courtesy of wall street, and your big bankers”.  If it didn’t come from business/ THEN it is “imaginary money, and a promise to pay/ what cannot be paid”.   Because one trillion dollars is equal to $10,000.00 per each and every one of 100 million people.  That is the math.  This is your debt.  Federal reserve table L.5.  But it does not include $70 trillion or so in social security, nor state debts; and without doubt bonds hidden; etc.  If you look at the table, you will find gold:   divide the gold by the price per ounce today/ and it is NOT   “Fort Knox full”.  Just a semi load, or so, for the entire nation.  “Reagan” sold it all/ and the media didn’t say a word.  Clinton hid social security debt, by separating it from the federal tables, saying “it’s the people’s debt to themselves/ not the governments responsibility”.  BUT THEY KEPT THE MONEY, and didn’t fund anything, claiming in that lie:    “We balanced the budget, and owe nothing”.  And your media said nothing.  The people then all said:   “Oh boy, MORE bribes”, don’t look no farther: LET GREED CONTROL.   STILL think it can’t happen here?  Dumbass.


6. The introduction of mutilations such as Bt corn (kill any insect that bites, sicken many insects in contact with the pollen/ and the pesticides based upon that same chemical reaction/ or other types of killing.  DOES sicken the entire living world that lives on insects, or lives on the results of insects. Killing the insect world, IS transforming the rest, destroying “the bottom, as we know it” of the food chain on up.  IT IS destroying a vital link in the chain of life on earth.  Cities and yards the same.

The determined end of habitat for all but what men want, IS the extinction of species, by removal of diversity/ poisoning everything in sight, water, and everything else. Devastating OUR POLLINATORS, the creatures who ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR; an entire base food source to this world. The entire system of pollination, from all its creatures, to all its seeds (sterilized or mutated), to all its life is being decimated.  We are about to enter and  live within and forever changed as, "a true silent spring". Where fruits and vegetables no longer exist/ where much of life itself is now extinct.  You cannot take the food, the homes, sicken, alter or injure  reproduction, breaking apart the chains of life and more:   without extinction.  As is so evident today, and will accelerate.  The only thing left: swarms of insects dedicated to the plants men do want: MORE poison.


7. Fail to feed fish populations that you have so badly decimated, and they cannot return/ therefore you starve; and WAR.  Global warming exists as is proven by the loss of ice cover in the ocean in 2011-12 in a size more than the United States of America.  Much of the initiating  ocean food chain begins on the bottom of those ice flows.  Therefore not only is the ice gone/ but so is the food/ and so is the relief from human trawlers (can’t get me here) dedicated to “taking them all”.  Just so you know;    the only thing we have to spare to feed the ocean is: dead human bodies.  The ocean feeds over a billion people/ you already have a billion hungry/ and another billion coming before 2020.


8. "It's a choice"/ or more clearly its your choice: to fight for this world or just surrender as cowards! Think for yourself.  The media and its constant propaganda “the university knows”;   regardless of how little you are told about anything important or real.   Is subjected to the term:   brainwashing from the cult of their religion “university cannot be wrong”: we are believers.  The tragedy of belief is:   you can believe anything you want/ it is absolutely irrelevant.  But only truth determines if it is real.  Truth is NOT a game or a theory, or a delusion by its fantasy.  Truth is not “this makes me money: so shut the hell up”.  Truth is reality proven, by consistency; or proven by the fundamental:   even without true knowledge established by life itself/ I believe love can do this.  Love is a truth.   The elemental threat is:   that you have been led, (you are told what to think/ rather than understanding or investigating for yourselves)  and we do stand at the edge of extermination from this planet.   Because your leaders “believe” in university knows.  The evidence proves them entirely wrong, in terms of:     LIFE, and our DEMOCRACY in every decision,  MUST COME FIRST!


9. Evolution is their excuse, it will fix anything they destroy/ so they say: “a pure fool’s dream and fantasy”.   They do expect:  Something new will come out of your chaos, their intentional destruction of life on earth, (we CAN MUTILATE LIFE, because evolution will fix it) "in a million years or so". You want to wait a million years? They have proven nothing, but adaption:   the sign of perfect design, and clear thought:  “I knew, this would be needed”.   Evolution is the basis of genetic mutilation:   “We can do anything we want”/ without responsibility, TO LIFE!  IT IS “A PURE (what could be worse; but do remember above) THREAT OF EXTINCTION”.


10. Of the various things available for us to see the past/ one of the most clear is: that to have created the vast amount of coal, oil, and gas underground/   major caches of organic debris had to be accumulated.  Then some buried thousands of feet down.  The ONLY KNOWN mechanism to do this is:  There had to be a world wide flood/ nothing else could bury this amount of debris, all buried at one time, in the same places, on top of each other;   so as to produce these quantities.  Of relatively pure life decayed, into coal, oil, and gas. The same religion that establishes this flood declares, "the next time" by fire. So enters;   fire as on the sun!  A religious prophecy or not:   we do stare at “it is coming true”!  “Lake of fire, and so on”.


11. THERE IS NO WORK/ NO LIFE, WITHOUT RESOURCES. How long before you have nothing left? How long, before a critical part, a critical material or element, disappears forever? The future assassinated, along with every child!  The business media brags:   “in the last ten years” we have produced and sold,  more than the entire history of humanity put together.  How long, before it is all gone, with 7,000,000,000 people demanding, wanting, and needing every single day “for a hundred years or whatever it is they live before they die”?   How many does a desert keep alive?  Your life too.

12. More simply, when the ice melts, you cannot "make cold" anymore.  The heat required to melt this amount of ice:   will NOT have anything to stop it soon.  As simple as “your glass of water cannot be cooled without ice”.  This world will increase in temperature by ten degrees a year;   soon!  Because it is a “multiplying cycle”/ the more it accelerates, the more it accelerates.  Great amounts of ice have melted, some say enough for a 20 inch rise in sea level around this earth. THAT IS, ALL THE PROOF REQUIRED: TO PROVE GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL! That means you have moved "this much weight" from its location on one tectonic plate/ to another tectonic plate shifting the balance and disrupting the stability of these earth structures.  You do this with mining too.  Creating tsunami’s, earthquakes to come, etc.  The major impact on global warming is not only burning fossil fuels/ but air conditioning:   heat to generate electricity/ more heat to remove the heat.  Blaming greenhouse gases is just an excuse to remove responsibility:   “It’s the planets fault”.  Dumbass.


13. The current situation in USA with weather: is likely to remain abnormally hot and dry: on average/ because ground temperature can prove there is no great deviation from hot to cold across the nation. That temperature difference creates the weather and its rain.  Just because it is hot or cold in your area of the world, has nothing to do with the reality of an entire world.  Our weather will change, is changing, entirely because of human impacts.   We are   “Tearing our only  house down”.  Shifting weather patterns/ changing food production or water resources:  causes massive “human movement”.  The world is full/ which means war will come.


14. We cannot be wrong about energy experiments. We cannot be wrong about genetic crucifixion of life, or mutilation. We cannot be wrong about weapons of mass destruction. We cannot be wrong about food or water or anything that will make us extinct.  We cannot be wrong about oxygen.   We cannot destroy the ocean life, WITHOUT true consequences to humanity.   We cannot be wrong:  Because if you are/ the planet dies, and you with it. EVERY SINGLE ONE.


15. Because men want NO DIVERSITY/ they want only what they want, it is the search for money:   that ends the diversity of life.   That process, establishes unintended consequences, and describes environmental change. The chains of life are real, break a chain and everything dependent upon it fails to survive.  It is the cost of chemical pesticides/ herbicides, fertilizers,  pharmaceuticals, and more; interrupting life.   Creating Dead zones.  Dead or damaged rivers.  Dead eco-systems.  Entire chains of living organisms dead.  Pollution without recourse.  Radiation as well/ already more than you know, or can imagine.  Failure at every level.


16. We cannot ignore Yellowstone super volcano/ if it erupts; life on earth will die by the billions (just in the human population); a reality of consequences. Thought must prevail. We can intervene by drilling to relieve the gases that cause an explosion to occur.  Without the gas, it can only be as is an Hawaiian volcano; no explosion.    There are Possibilities that can be changed to intervene;  for tsunami’s both man-made and natural.


17. THE OCEAN FEEDS OVER ONE BILLION PEOPLE (you already have one billion people hungry).  Factory trawlers that “take them all”: are Ending the food supply for every other kind of fish dependent upon that food supply too: such as tuna and others. Killing entire " sea nations at a time".  It is devastation on a massive scale/  nothing left for predator fish.  The tiny few left are defenseless.   No balance: it's a man's way.. Nothing but want, and greed. "Make me rich"!  Don’t come back, until the ship is full!    The list is very long, regarding human tragedies created upon the sea and its life;


 I will let those more educated by studies of fundamental science: NOT theory;  inform you, with regard to critical decisions.   As is consistent with all descriptions here.


18.  Ships Are now invading even the last refuges for the very last stocks of many types of fish:   because the ice is gone or leaving, in the Arctic, and Antarctic ..   That is extremely bad;  the next generation lives here!   People,  Are genetically mutilating creatures of the sea. A complete we don't care attitude, a "we are gods" arrogance. What is the result: IF NOT a DEAD OCEAN?  You are polluting/ stealing from base food sources/ poisoning/ attacking with noise, such that it makes creatures deaf, effectively killing them/ interrupting ocean currents with global warming/ killing the incubators of ocean life/ killing the creatures that make oxygen/ extreme garbage dumps / invading sea life with diseases caused by entrapment: and much more.  None of which is sustainable, all of it a man-made disaster.


19. While human engineered crops are currently producing more: in exchange you have opened the door to an epidemic/ a catastrophe: that can kill the entire plant/ leaving you with no option but to abandon the entire species once this has taken over.  Life is not “simply numbers to be rearranged”.

  Life is, the very critical reality of “lower species” that must get along in the same place (same body) and do well, and NOT contaminate or invade the other species (and their needs)   that form together to create a more complex living structure. 

IF ANYTHING goes wrong in that living environment;  the entire plant or life dies.  If anything escapes and contaminates the rest of the species by any one of a variety of methods: the entire species will die.   YOU HAVE NO CLUE/ “university doesn’t know/ can’t know/ won’t know, until it is far too late.  And they race outdoors, with every mutilation:  specifically to endanger everything they can, “to prove evolution, by changing life;   themselves:”  CATASTROPHE IS COMING!  A religious cult gone mad: or evolutionary priests demanding,   “we have NOTHING/ so, we will make it happen”!

              Is it not said:   that asbestos poisoning takes 30 years to erupt into trouble/ until then, “everything is fine”! Think about it.

            The vast majority of plant seeds are now sterile; and the base “natural” plants from which all “engineered seed originates” is nearly extinct (very little new seed production per plant) :   too much interference.  Consider that a warning.  All life, “needs a reason to survive (happy)”/ slavery, and prison;  isn’t it.  Or it accepts suicide.


20.  The extinction of multiple species in all categories of life is consistent with:   “You changed everything/ WE CANNOT survive”.   Reminding you again:  You are killing all pollinators at once/ with poisons clearly introduced that weaken their defenses and make them vulnerable to everything.  You are affecting every species dependent upon insects and pollination; including you.   Your chemicals have invaded every landscape and environment.

JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT THEM, does not make any chemical safe for life, or the pollination/ reproduction of a species.   These are dependent upon “cleanliness”.  As all are forms of living within specific boundaries/ and if not consequences occur.  There will be trouble.


21. You have built death and starvation searching for easy money/ we will control it all. You have built "superbug's/ or extremely powerful diseases with antibiotics:    that can invade us as well". You will starve. YOUR surgery and healthcare are very dependent upon antibiotics: and that means, you die too.  Most antibiotics are completely worthless today, ABUSED.  All are going in that direction: ending close confinement livestock farms, your easy healthcare, and your chance to survive.  Because the factory farm is not going to quit on its own, until disease takes it away: TOO LATE.  Healthcare will simply rise dramatically in cost; as will death.


22. With one billion people already hungry/ 2 million more added EACH, and every week; as the human population grow; they need more. A population that is over 7 billion + people: A POPULATION THAT WILL BE 8 BILLION before 2020.  9 billion, by 2028.  A sea so badly damaged today;   it is about to die/ leaving another one billion hungry with no place to turn, and NO water to drink.  How is that not war or cannibalism.    3 billion  hungry people in less than 7 years: COMING!  With no food or water to give them.  HOW are you going to survive?  What will war use, if not weapons of mass destruction:   “Just too many, kill a billion people/ STILL 6,000,000,000 to go”/ and growing.  And that does not include disease, or the release of biological weapons.  It will be chaos: hell on earth.


23. Because men don't want to pay the price for life: WHICH IS, from this point forward: ONLY LIFE FIRST MUST LEAD. BY ITS OWN TRUTH/ no more money first, no more want first, no more insanity. ONLY LIFE FIRST, forever.           That is your choice.  Or the world itself will die/ taking you with it.   The consequence of that is:   we must find “different leaders”; or the ending of us all,  is plain and simple.


24. With a world filled with nuclear bombs, only twenty five detonations of which are said to be enough to end life on earth:    Time is limited, you will be dead.   World courts, governing leaders with law and world policing:    to enforce OUR LAWS/ we the people.   Supported by  all nations, as policing power: IS THE ONLY solution.  Which means we must have one single overriding language; so we can all talk and understand: the deaf know best!  What is important.


25. With many nations holding biological weapons, whose stated efficiency is OVER 97% DEATH RATE in humans if released: WORLDWIDE.  Your leaders believe they will escape: prepared/ too bad for you.  With university experimentation that is already biological warfare released:   you have no chance to survive unless you control them, and take away their tools.   Make all, just as vulnerable as everyone else.   The consequence is:   Killing anyone who refuses to obey:   NO MORE OF THIS.


26. PURPOSELY trying to cross humanity with any other form of life, in a direct crucifixion of the genetic stability of nature itself.   THE INTENTIONAL HORROR, injected into living creatures of life on this earth: as is mutilation/    consists of such things as “if it were you, finding worms in your chest, eating you alive; limbs simply falling off; “order died/ balance ended/ disciplines destroyed:  and so on”.  This is.... Crucified/ in any life form.... the intentional killing by torturous means!  The Media cults,  propagating "how great this will be;   we are gods"/  praise the university, all bow down and give up your money, and your life.

Functionally:   It is Armageddon (nature in chaos).  Coming true.


27. How is an angry world, a world stolen from, and berated as less than "us/ the extra special smart people" going to stop itself from war.  A humanity reduced to slavery by the extreme prejudice of “university over life”, in all ways and with all money, opportunity, and soon to be property.   Men reduced to slavery;   choose war as their answer, how is not the GUNS SOLD a clear indication of your future?   You threaten yourselves, or more correctly your “university gods” have proven to be devils in disguise: taking far more than life can provide/ and sharing nothing.  Removing life must come first for this planet!  That is a threat.


28. 7 billion people growing at 2 million more each week!   A world of people, that  ARE:  Standing on one acre of "growing land" each.   This world is limited, that acre of growing land “farmable” must also produce enough for every other creature alive on land as well as you.  Crop land that can grow nothing, which means it is not even an acre now.  The children will grow, and need, want, and demand MORE.


29. Want a better world, create world law; to govern leaders/  & dedicated world police, to intervene where life and law demand we must.   Those, who will not attack nations, BUT WILL bring their leaders to justice by trial, or if necessary other means of enforcement and denial of superiority, including death for leaders, if necessary. The law, Will enforce our need to control those who intend to control us.


30. The separation and protection of women from men in terms of making a nation different: we are equals.   IS A TRUE incentive to men, to make the other men change. To change themselves:  So that the women will return.  Which means simply:   any nation that fails to treat women fairly, MUST BE DIVIDED into “women here/ men there”.  Until JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY, THROUGH EQUALITY FOR ALL is served;   for women/ and for all.   You will protect the women;   as a world.   For enough time to establish whether the men will change.  IF NOT,  those women who refuse to return, shall be allowed asylum in another country.  Let the men fight, give them weapons/ but make them change: where it is necessary.  The women MUST make their legal  demands clear!


31. Want to use all the resources of earth today: HELL yes/ no worry, we will just go get more! After all, how much stuff can 7,000,000,000+  people take, every day/ every year for their entire lives: answer the question!


32. Armageddon means: "Nature in chaos". Geneticists are actually working as hard as they can, for the last fifty plus years/ DELIBERATELY trying to cause genetic stability, disciplines, and balance to be destroyed. They believe once they see it fail/ then they will know what to do, to "be gods themselves". I say: instead of gods/ they will be "satan";   the destroyers of this world.  WE CANNOT FIX,   “WHAT THEY ARE DESTROYING”!  That means it is a life or death question for this entire world.   Are you going to stop them entirely/ NO exceptions.  Did they fix A.I.D.S.?  No, they just made it possible to infect more!

 33.  Just your garbage dumps/ failure to recycle properly;   prove the reality of leadership.  “Lets throw it all away”.


34.  You have numerous nuclear power plants, that all have a distinct life expectancy: because corrosion WILL eat away at the pressure vessels.  They won’t tell you, “just before the explosions occur”: there are always excuses.  They don’t tell you when toxic waste sites are full.  They don’t tell you anything/ and the media joins them, because the money controls.  The people with money will leave; just too bad for you!  You must participate in understanding and reviewing the evidence/ and you must pay the price for intervention; whether you like it or not.


35.  You have an extreme threat under one of the great lakes, that has been defined; and will not be again, because of terrorists.  Solutions are at least in part; somewhat available.


36.  Of all the failed schemes and declarations, “we are the superior ones”/ that have clearly brought us to the cliff edge of extinction for an entire world:   little has been more destructive than, “let one, or a tiny few” speak for all.  This has become,  the “land of the expert, and the media” ( a monopoly,    18   N.W.  2d 905, 908.  as have others invaded our nation, to rule)/  we have all failed ourselves; because they chose.   INSTEAD OF TRUE DEMOCRACY          WHICH IS:   LET ALL, “speak for one”!


McCulloch v.  Maryland (1819) still rings true:   “Let the end be legitimate, let it be within the scope of the constitution, and all means which are appropriate, which are plainly adapted to that end, which are not prohibited, but consist with the letter and spirit of the constitution are constitutional.”


An excerpt from the continuing case filed





www.trialforlife.info   Www.justtalking3.info   www.trialoflife.info



the United States of America

state of ILLINOIS


dated: 4/ 30 / 13

140 F.  Supp.  925, 928.

in the extra-ordinary case of

332 U.S.  46, 65.       391  U.S.   145.

a writ demanding civil penalties against the individual employees of this USA

379 U.S.  476, 481-485


WHO HAVE distinctly and with fervor   183 So.  759, 764.

decided: they will NOT obey the constitution of this nation.  41 N.Y.S.  858.

first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  426 U.S.  833, 851.


AS IT IS WRITTEN:    You have no rights, and you have no laws to discard or disregard this case.   OUR CONSTITUTION DOES RULE/ not you.

YOUR mandate as a clerk of the court IS NOT:   to destroy constitutional intent, but support it, and let the people decide what is: as represented by this case:


YOU HAVE no authority, therefore malice is shown true 99 A.  2d 849, 854.  In this case, whereby the president of this USA, the FBI of this USA, The ATTORNEY GENERAL of this USA, and the SOLICITOR GENERAL of this USA are all involved and have been notified.    They are now called to do their duty and arrest you.  Try you for treason, and take you to prison/ along with whosoever gave command to GAMBLE OUR LIVES AS IF WE WERE NOTHING, but the trash.

 Rules of the court CANNOT destroy constitutional law, NOR can they devalue the lives of 310 million citizens or a world that is threatened with extreme destruction. 


I have PROVEN:   that the evidence is substantial enough to warrant supreme court relief/ and that it cannot be obtained in any other form or from any other court.  And these are EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES;   because you are not “scientists/ and you are banned from just believing them as is consistent with any religion”.  That means YOU MUST INVESTIGATE, AND PROVE:   that extreme threats based upon theory and religion/ that use OUR MONEY AS WE THE PEOPLE/ our nation, our resources, our everything, cannot be THE DEATH OF US/ when their theories are proven wrong.  


Which means this court stands on the brink of joining those who have proven to be terrorists.




THE CRITICAL investigation:      319 U.S.  105, 115 WHY, is our democracy (constitutional law) being destroyed, our lives threatened with extinction?  48 U.S.  1, 42. Our LEGAL 153 N.E.  13, 17.   guarantees as a citizen DENIED.       302 U.S.  309

THE DEMAND, return our ownership as WE THE PEOPLE:  BY, our LAW.

247 F.  Supp.  188, 191.  



PRECEDING THAT, “an excerpt”




dated: 4/ 22 / 13

140 F.  Supp.  925, 928.

in the extra-ordinary case of

332 U.S.  46, 65.       391  U.S.   145.

a writ demanding civil penalties against the individual employees of this USA

379 U.S.  476, 481-485


WHO HAVE distinctly and with fervor   183 So.  759, 764.

decided: they will NOT obey the constitution of this nation.  41 N.Y.S.  858.

first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  426 U.S.  833, 851.




Filing #7

413   U.S.  496, 505.     627 F.  2d   906, 909.

60   F.  Supp. 235, 236.

Separated from the constitutional developments, that assert ownership and the right to sustain, defend, and protect our democracy through constitutional law, as is OUR GOVERNMENT, in writing.  Our law, described, defined, and dictated to our employees through their oath/ and to ourselves as the basis of all law; and critical foundation of our nation or our state.   This extra-ordinary writ DOES INCLUDE the following.


            The question presented is NOT:     whether I am wrong or right regarding threats that can exterminate us all.  It is not even whether those who experiment are right or wrong.  That is fundamentally unnecessary.

 The question is:   IN  EXPERIMENTS,   that literally CAN AND DO endanger our very existence as a planet/   WHICH THREATEN the very  nature we require to survive and be happy; as is everything ALIVE!     221 A.  2d   315, 318.      358   S.W.   2d   302, 305.

The reality of a decision that can take away our future, and destroy life on this planet:   DEMANDS,   WE THE PEOPLE, SHALL HAVE OUR OWN SAY?  Is that NOT democratic authority and purpose!  Is that NOT “America as it should be”?

The LEGAL answer is: BEING WRONG IS DEATH TO US ALL/ our right to understand fully, and decision for ourselves,  without interference:   is in fact undeniable!

The democratic answer is:   OUR LIVES ARE THREATENED/ therefore our legal rights, and our own decision:     IS THE LAW.   Our legal authority is,   WE, not you;   are the owners of this nation, and this state.   You are, our employee; governed by the constitution and the oath you do take/ the penalties you do accept: to attain your job.   314   F.  2d   718, 749.

              Should we NOT legally be informed; of any and all consequences?   Should we NOT be enlightened:    as to the risk of being wrong? Should we NOT decide for ourselves:   Particularly in experiments using extreme measures.   73   N.J.L.  729, 744.  If we are willing to die for this theory, these people who say in effect:  “we can be gods”.


            Failure to allow our public participation:  Becomes treason,    69   P.  241, 243.    The reality:   you have taken it upon yourselves to gamble:   with our lives/ our nation/ every child/ every living thing:   and even our world, our nature,  the planet itself.    278   N.E.  2d   504, 510.  That reality as is fundamental and true states: there  is  NO POSSIBLE consideration, NO legal construction,  or legal conception of:   “abiding in the law”, or its justice.   By this decision/ that takes our lives, and our everything for their purpose, or to become their toy, AND HIDES EVERY DANGER, as if it didn’t exist.  Using media propaganda to disguise what being wrong truly means for life, future, and planet.  That is 255 N.E.  2d   793, 795.             95   N.W.   2d.   657, 664;      162   N.E.   99, 100.   The law of the case.


            The accumulation of threats,   237  U.S.  309.  Its understanding:   as is consistent with our legal right to defend and protect ourselves, your children, our future, our nation, and our world:   25   F   556,  558.  are listed below.   329   N.E.   2d 880, 885.   With the clear intent that an investigation must ensue, and the reality of our own decision, as state or nation:   SHALL rule, what is or is not allowed.  167   P.  619, 620.   That begins the fundamental called  justice/ the legal right called ownership.    203   S.E.   2d   739, 740.    Or more clearly THIS IS OUR DECISION/ not yours, not theirs, not even this nation:   because gambling with all life on earth, with the planet itself:    IS NOT YOUR RIGHT!  IT IS,    TERRORISM.



          AN EXCERPT, from what preceded that; as a final look for this advertizement; each case filing of which including US tax court 11108-12L is to be found on www.trialforlife.info




dated: 4/ 19/ 13



            At no time, and under NO consideration of facts, intent, or purpose, not by presidential, or congressional actions:    can the constitution of this UNITED STATES, or the constitution of the state of ILLINOIS be considered less than:    THE LAW GOVERNING    THIS,  OUR DEMOCRACY;    Called    WE THE PEOPLE!      177   P.  742, 744.   The constitution IS OUR AGREEMENT UNITING US AS A DEMOCRACY:   BY THESE WORDS.  IT IS OUR AUTHORITY OVER OUR EMPLOYEES.  WE, the people are the law established;   by governing ourselves through democracy (we died for this/ we sacrificed for this/ we paid for this.  IT IS OURS.) itself;   as is the constitution by definition.  The contract we declared to be "sacred": the foundation of life in society and law:   in this United States and the state of IL.  There is no other!

 When situations arise that present an invasion of our constitution, and our lives,  our future, our democracy:   or our need to be informed failed by "the press": realities which threaten our world, our nature, our future, and ourselves.    These consist of an act called   BETRAYAL.  That is subsequently outside the limits of the oath we demanded:    that you agreed, to protect, defend, and obey the constitution; as is elemental to protecting, defending, and obeying our democracy/ the decision called,  WE THE PEOPLE, in this our home.  There is NO immunity for that, it is punishable by law; regardless who the perpetrator is.                                    


            In this appeal of US TAX COURT case,   #11108-12L/ that is joined to this writ, as elemental evidence.     As  established by the commissioner  of the internal revenue against James Frank Osterbur.  A defense created to insist:  the legally guaranteed citizen right: to own and demand that "DEMOCRACY MUST COME FIRST/ the constitution shall be obeyed"; before taxation.  Establishes duty: as my own constitutional guaranteed rights: particularly as of REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES:   shall be honored, before taxation is due.  That is part and parcel of my responsibility to defend this nation and this state, AND PARTICULARLY MYSELF.  To protect all I possess, or desire or value as my existence here on earth:   from EXTREME THREATS created, allowed, or funded by the employees of this government:   A FACT that cannot be discarded.     42   U.S.C.  4332.

            The deliberate experimentation, and decision by our employees:  To risk my life/ to risk our everything, by evidence proven true:   constructs a legal RIGHT, and a legal contract that has not be kept.   There is no freedom and no basis in law that allows:   my life/ our lives shall be put into danger for and by university experimentation.  Particularly in extreme measures as is consistent with bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth/ mutilation of all nature; and more.    347 U.S.   618, 634

             This writ seeks to prove:   our right as a nation, our rights as a state, our rights as a citizen:   TO BE PROTECTED, DEFENDED, AND CONSTITUTIONALLY governed.  Has been denied.   YOU CANNOT gamble with our lives, regardless what you believe! The separation of "your church/ university knows" and our government is absolute; you have no right/ a theory is not a fact. OUR INTENT for this government is, as the preamble and its constitution state. Nor can you gamble with THIS ENTIRE EARTH.  NOR can you risk all of nature with mutilation: NOR can you avoid realities that will invade our lives, resource loss, or other demands that compromise or control our survival, as a nation or world.  NEITHER can you USE and abuse  my money/ or our money,  to do so.   We have rights!  WE ARE THE OWNERS, and we decide as a people IF OR WHEN our lives can be gambled/ our world put at risk.  Our money stolen.   By our vote, our informed and legal decision as we the people.     That is in part;  the essence of we rule ourselves!  NOT YOU.


              As is consistent with redress of grievances, and its LEGAL PURPOSE in the governance of our lives, our society, and our nation or its future.  That demand has been established before the court and government entities of this USA and this state called IL; numerous times.   I am denied:   a guaranteed right of constitutional law, to inform the citizenry through LEGAL procedure, by assembling information such as I have:   to ask of "we the people", must we not defend ourselves?  By legal trial: demanding accountability for this!   There is no petition unless the power to rise in our democracy, as owners through the law exists.  Without the power called ownership of our democracy/ as the essence of our authority, we are mere "sheep"/ ruled, not free.  That is treason, as every purpose of our constitution is:   that we SHALL rule ourselves.  Which does mean, we must protect, defend, and respect our constitution, if our employees fail to do so.  It is not only our right/ it is our duty:  it is our law called redress of grievances.

             The corruption established in 11108-12L is fundamental, and absolute.   The direct robbery 152  F 2d  808, 809    within the supervision of all litigants as established in the proof of service.  Constitutes a forcible taking,  from myself, in open court.   The right of depreciation as the law, and IRC, section 179 code allowed/ was owed, thereby legally mine.    342  F . Supp.  1048, 1062.  There failure to abide in the law:  consists of theft in the amount of $8200.00.   The indirect robbery that is larceny   53 So 2d   533, 536;    Constructed by:  Fully knowing, and established in filings as US tax court 11108-12L: that the only purpose in demanding this court hearing, by withholding tax payment until "my day in court" to demand: was and is CONSTITUTIONAL LAW must be upheld/ had come.  Their failure,  Has been proven, without doubt.     The FBI/ THE PRESIDENT, THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, THE COMMISSIONER OF THE IRS, and its cohorts, being named litigants, assigned to protect each citizen;   we're all informed. The congress of this US added in:   when my representative acted in good faith/ and was told of "a crime in progress": by me.    Returned, Quote:   "The US house of representatives committee on standards of official conduct has informed me that because this is a legal matter, I cannot intervene".  That summary judgment holds no merit, as a crime was clearly involved.  They failed or refused their duty.  They chose to suppress.    94 So   408, 409.

            The establishment of corruption, and collusion/ the conspiracy not only to deny constitutional law, but our authority as we the people in governing ourselves, by redress of grievances.  Our authority to demand  accountability from our employees, for what you did, or did not do:   is PROVEN TRUE.