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Fire Fence one!


      The theory of “university” is: that the sun must be just like this earth/ with a molten core. They theorize, that molten core is responsible for gravity here.  They know, that the planets of our solar system revolve around the sun.  So they believe, that an extreme molten core MUST be responsible for a solar gravitational pull. (It is a child’s mind, at work).

       Consequently they believe the entire sun is on fire, with no opportunity for the laws of thermal dynamics to work, because of solar, called gravity.  They believe, A ten million (10,000,000 degree fire), that we know, lasts for more than thousands of years is burning from the inside out.  Or more distinctly:  they then say,  all the fuel is being burned at once.Never once asking themselves: how could that be possible? It is not possible here, for the fire “to last forever”/ if there is no more fuel.

      The promise most disturbing is.  “we the university diploma/ the leaders of this world/ etc”: knowing everything.  CAN gamble with this entire world, and every living thing: the results of these experiments, lasting forever.   They say: WE, Can bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ because it will just extinguish itself.  They say:  Not enough gravity, to sustain the fire here! It will magically “escape the earth, & just like our chemical fire (burns molecular bonds) does”; put itself out, IF THE WIND IS TOO STRONG.  Our forest fires burn at less than 3,000 degrees, and are  dependent upon oxygen.  How is that the same as a 10,000,000 degree fire, that burns atomic bonds for fuel? 

      A reality very similar in energy release, as defined by the differences in TNT, and the atomic bomb. They CANNOT and do not know, the fire will extinguish itself. Because the sun is not governed by the same physical laws:  which govern this earth.  An ignition that cannot be reversed:  is a one time event. Resulting in life or death for our planet.

      AN ENTIRE WORLD AT RISK OF BECOMING A SUN:   based upon their conclusion, “it will JUST extinguish itself”.


      The university also theorizes: by spectral graphic analysis (a chemical signature created,  when molecular bonds are burning), that the entire sun is made of hydrogen.  The lightest, least dense or least heavy: of all known elements! By the “Magic” of their minds; this hydrogen,  has somehow become the most dense object in our solar system.

      They Theorize the mythical chain, of solar gravity (an intense pull on mass), originates because the entire inner mass of the sun is on fire. They theorize,  all the fire is pushing inward/ to create great pressures on the core, and pull in the planets. “Apparently never/ never land, exists there” because there is no attachment to reality.  Their theory,  is the complete opposite: of all the physical laws,  which govern thermodynamics. But they don’t care/ they have no answer for that.

        They Theorize that our gravity on this planet;  is the result of a molten core.  We do have a molten core, proven by volcanic activity.

      But that is all they know. In contrast, their own scientists produce evidence of other planets, in our solar system, including our own moon: WHICH DO have gravity/ but NO molten core.  Thereby we do know, a molten core is irrelevant, to gravity itself.

        Consequently, that does allows us to discard the need for our sun to have one as well. An atomic fire, DOES NOT operate under the same laws, as chemical fires do! How is that not clear?  Therefore any assumption of “they know”, is irrelevant.

      Wrong in these extreme experiments as identified herein, is a dead world!   Genetically mutilating nature itself through DNA.  IS A FOREVER changed, nature.

      That constructs: The future will be destroyed for all life, and every child;   including our own survival will be lost.  Because of what these few, and these leaders:   did do.

       There are NO second chances/ once ignition occurs, we live because it extinguished itself/   OR we die by fire, as our entire planet becomes a sun.  How, could that fail, to be utterly clear? Are you STUPID, TOO/ or just a cult, “can’t think for yourself/ it AIN’T allowed”?

      Or is it just the common disease of a university diploma at its extreme: “we know one tiny little thing/ therefore we can play god; with a world filled with a trillion interactive realities/ that are ALL,  governed by laws they cannot even conceive of.”  NOT TO WORRY, monkey brains know everything: AIN’T THAT RIGHT?


Fire Fence Two.

      When you believe anything:   that constructs an excuse. WE ARE threatened today because the excuse is:   the “university knows”!  YOUR belief,  allows their most “extreme experimentation”: to go on.  Without truth,  investigation, or examination, of what it means to be WRONG.  Regardless of YOUR BELIEF:   the reality, of extreme experimentation has consequences:   among them,  life OR death for our world! Mutilation of nature, the end of life as we know it.  Loss of EVERYTHING, we value.

      THE UNIVERSITIES CHOOSE, to play with extreme energy.  They choose to mutilate life into chaos, as is their religion, evolution.  An arrogance so delusional/ it is beyond human description: forming “satanic, for lack of a better word”.

      Consequently, the University, has then become a cult, & you will stop them, OR:  you are its follower.  Because only a cult, can  conceive of:  “gambling,  with our entire world/ with every living thing”.    THAT MEANS:     Life or death for our world WILL be decided by the outcome of their “sun” theory/ or you will stop them.

      That means:   The consequence of allowing geneticists and others, to  deliberately mutilate life: is biological collapse/ horrifying pandemic/ the end of life and living as nature created.  That means:   the continuing destruction of food, water, resource, mass extinction, and more than you can imagine!  Will make our lives impossible, opening the door to war/ cannibalism/ and every horror possible. That means, we the people of this world CANNOT allow this cult of university knows: to destroy our world. The same purpose & work: YOU WILL STOP THIS.   Must be done against them. Making it  ABSOLUTELY CLEAR: NO MORE OF THIS!

        Life is not a game or a toy for men or women to play with. You will stop them or die.  Because that is our current reality. 

      You will stop them.  

       By taking away their tools/ INVADING GOVERNMENT with law/  stopping all utilities and help, for every worker. Confronting every leader participating in that experimentation. You WILL refuse taxation/ UNTIL constitutional law presides.  You will establish legal protests, “WE HAVE RIGHTS”/ & provide blockades to any and all such work, stopping:   EVERYTHING they need, such as electricity/ supplies/ etc.   Until a moratorium is established.  You will use the constitution & COURTROOMS, to prove: NO MORE GAMBLING WITH LIFE.  You will use REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: and create truth in democracy itself.  You will, Assist all others, in their methods of making it absolutely clear:   LIFE MUST COME FIRST!   That is the price of stopping these experiments.

      finish fire fence 2 here.

Pandemic’s     form most often:  when species boundaries are crossed. From a variety of  “artificial life” sites; already years past      Quote: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that’s part human, part animal. fused human cells with rabbit eggs….for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals.not only life as we know it/ but also “life as it might be”...synthetic biology-including synthetic organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, origin of life, paleogenetics…. cloned…first human embryos.  Quote:   created an organism with man-made DNA…worth more than a trillion dollars...”its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA…..and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet.  The danger is not just bio-terror, but “bio-error”… sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ….labs thousands of miles away.

      WE CANNOT “PUT NATURE BACK TOGETHER”! DEAD IS DEAD.  Only fools (playing god), gamble with everything needed to survive; as life.

      FAILURE,  as is consistent with planetary death, approaches from all sides.  Including the rise of human population over death at a rate of 2 million more mouths to feed every week.  The stated agricultural lands of nations is roughly 7 billion acres/ our human population is recorded currently as 7.2 billion. At one pound of food a day per person:  that is over 7.2 billion pounds per day, of living organisms/ to keep humanity alive. The oceans, including the final resting place for regeneration of fishing stocks, which is the Arctic ocean/ are being pummeled.  We NEED as humanity, for one pound of food a day: to consume in 365 days,  2 quadrillion, 628 trillion pounds of living organisms/ or 1.314 trillion American tons per year.  Not including wasted! With two million more mouths to feed each week added in.

       Water resources are going to collapse, a majority of humanity does depend upon aquifers, and they will soon be empty/ war is inevitable.  Weapons of mass destruction will be used.  All of it, the result of GREED (I want MORE)! ONLY DRAMATIC CHANGE:   AS IN   “ONLY CHOICES MADE FOR LIFE COMES FIRST/  with careful thought, and acceptance of truth must decide/ WILL give us a chance.  NOT want, as is the reality you worship.   Rather, We must be “friends”/ that alone, Can give us a chance! If not, we will be enemies!

       Money, etc; as is the foundation of male domination:  will become, irrelevant”/ because the game is dead.  We are too many people to play.

      “NOAH’S  FLOOD” is another common ridicule of “a university diploma”/ but all the evidence proves it did occur.  The most critical and without dispute:  is the REAL  evidence of fossil fuels.  All agree, this is the result of plant (coal) and creatures (oil and gas) being buried in the same place/ at the same time, in great quantities.  Many under thousands of feet of soil and ocean.  NO possible method of this occurring exists, without that flood!  Contrary to the bible thumpers,  this proves a vast amount of life existed, prior to that flood.  Or more simply:  “look again”/ and open your mind.

Fire Fence Three

      Only deliberate propaganda can lie so significantly, by hiding the truth: that the common citizen doesn’t know the cost of being wrong.  In a world filled with extreme experimentation.

      Only a corruption so extreme, in the courtroom:   that life has no true legal recourse. Establishing, that democracy itself is destroyed, by the court. A reality, PROVING,  open rebellion to the law, and to life, by the judiciary, and those who pull their strings.   Anarchy and betrayal, are apparent!

       The reality of all extreme experimentation, is coupled directly to the bankruptcy of this nation.  Lies, and liars ARE used to hide the fact, “with counterfeiting”:  we the university diploma’s  DID,   take everything we want! To play god.

       Their  promise in extreme experimentation is, we won’t die/ we risked the world before; its still here.  SO WE CAN play god, or there are no consequences to what we do. That lie is propagated, “from experts” to suggest: “nothing bad can truly go wrong”.  But Theory means”,  they DON’T KNOW.  Propaganda means: WE AIN’T going to tell you the people anything real; cause, “We, are believers, we the media DO worship the university too”.

             BUT WRONG MEANS:

        Once ignition occurs:   sun fire CANNOT be extinguished!  It does burn atomic bonds/ and it will dig into the planet to get fuel.  The energy released, proves it!

       “Sun fire”:  is NOT fusion, which is now a proven lie! The national ignition facility defeated themselves:  with experiment after experiment, which failed. EVEN SO, they refuse to acknowledge that fact/ because it means they lose their job, power, money, and pride. 

      Scientists say, “all the sun heat comes from combining two hydrogen atoms into a helium atom”. They call that theory, fusion.

       Which DOES absolutely mean as a result of that process: then there must be an entire universe full of helium!  “One plus one, equals two” does it not.

       They lied/ and they know it.  Which does make them true terrorists/ or more deliberately “SATAN”.  BECAUSE even a terrorist doesn’t try to destroy the entire world!  That helium does not exist/ IT IS, a fact known from the beginning.  They can’t be that stupid/ they are delusional, OR intend to kill us all deliberately.

        Sun fire is the burning of atomic bonds/  THAT IS proven by the energy released.

       A fire that BURNS the bond of ATOMS  means everything here, is fuel.  The difference between an explosion and a fire is: the amount of time taken to release the energy. Therefore Life on earth/ even the solar system itself, is being led into HELL:   by media/ university, courts, leaders, and more. 

      These people, leaders/ media/ etc:  let the few, “UNIVERSITY diplomas,  they worship;     gamble with “everything life is”!  They counterfeit our money, for university toys, greed, and purposes!  They lie, to hide that fact!  They mutilate our nature!  They refuse to intervene in ANY known process threatening survival on this planet;  such as climate change.  THEY ARE Throwing away our future in worship of “university knows”.

       This reality, of gambling our entire world:   is beyond insane/ which leaves only “satanic”.  A cult which follows “university knows everything”; IS  in absolute denial of both truth, and reality itself.  Is that you?

      The Consequences of ignition, SAME FIRE as on the sun:   are real!  Look at the sun, from 91 million miles away.  Do you want that here? You do understand, AN OUT OF CONTROL FIRE!  YOU DO, understand “unlimited fuel, the planet itself”:   for a ten million degree fire/ becomes a sun.

        This earth dies only once & there is no going back, or doing it over: this is a one time ignition choice.  Just like nature being forced into chaos, IS A ONE TIME CHOICE, with no going back.  Everything will be lost!  As is the water/ oxygen/ food/ environment, and everything else life is, or needs: ALL OF IT, THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION.  TODAY, not far away, RIGHT NOW.  PROVING fight for life, or you choose, to let it die.

Fire Fence Four

Taken from cases involving, the US first amendment: supplemented as I desire.

 James Frank Osterbur vs USA/ state of IL


quote: constitutional law is OUR GOVERNMENT!  GOVERNMENT IS NOT, our employees; ruling over us.


 “The single most powerful words ever written, for human society! 

         Quote: There is no constitutional law or edict that cannot be implemented for society! 

“As that is clearly an UNCONSTITUTIONAL CLAIM”.

       Quote: True democracy is Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote on the law, and the realities that govern our lives and our future FOR MYSELF.

           Quote:  Redress means; “ACCOUNTABILITY, AND JUDGMENT BY THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES.    The legal right to  investigate their employees, as we the people:  and hold courtroom decisions, over them.

       Quote: It is the constitution that forms the government, and controls all the power to decideNOT the employees, or the courts.  Democracy means: OUR constitution rules.  

         The three great legal contributions of democracy are:

  REDRESS IS, the legal right of ownership, as we the people.  THE LEGAL foundation, by which we return control over society, to ourselves!

JURY IS, a reality designed, to insure “fair play”/ regardless of those who make the rules.  By accepting within ourselves, as a jury:  it is our legal decision and duty;  to understand and question, “is this the nation we chose, for self, family, friend, future, etc”?

VOTE IS, the means for, an equality or equity of decision. When we identify and create what is true, secured, and identified within constitutional boundaries: as is OUR GOVERNMENT (OUR decisions, established).  Then we become “WE THE PEOPLE”.  Therefrom by vote,  NOBODY/ no little group is allowed, to make rules for themselves, over us all.

        MONEY CORRUPTS each of these, by making life in society: a game.

      By vote, we can take that game away!  Quote: “limited capitalism” is, we set the limits of income, for ourselves!  Establishing for both poor and rich, by vote: where the boundary lies.  The place we say to you: THAT, IS ENOUGH!  This is, our LEGAL right, as a democracy:   to create FAIR PLAY & JUSTICE, for us all!

       When you cannot decide fully by a substantial vote.  Then INSTEAD of a vote controlling change:  EVERYONE must simply obey the constitution.  OR if  pushed: THEN only, WE the people will decide or change foundations, defining WHAT IS, or is not constitutional law!

In the      US SUPREME COURT two docketed trials, “ involving redress”: DO establish treason. 

Two blockaded US supreme court trials, involving “rights and reality”;   DO establish traitor.

quote:  The legal structure identified as sovereign,       is the US constitution. 

       Quote:   World law is bringing ANY AND ALL leaders INTO court/ to make them obey our laws! As a world of humanity UNITED, by that LAW!  Enforced BECAUSE WE CAN. We the people, ARE the military/ we ARE, the food, water, and everything else necessary for society or life.  WE CAN,

Use constitutional law, or world law, to control leaders.  Because we can





primarily exists in three separate realities:


A LEGAL TAX REVOLT, the demand:

RETURN democracy/ safety/ justice/ truth/ & reality to all life!

Which frames the truth & the charge:   that “you the PEOPLE, employed to lead, this USA” have NOT done, what our democracy, as stated within constitutional law demands,  you must/ and you swore you would do.

TO: Protect our lives and our world, from all true threats! TO: Respect our lives, our future, as owners of this nation.  TO:  Remember UNIVERSITY experiments & threats that can go WRONG.  THEY need our permission to proceed; as a nation ruled by us. NOT you.

Extreme experimentation proves that failure, IS NOT AN OPTION.   We all die/ if a few are WRONG.

 THAT is, ILLEGAL and REBELLIOUS: endangering a world, this nation/ & in direct support of:   “the enemies, of our lives”. 

That is terrorism: and THREATS, establishing,  all the people  involved,  must be investigated/ examined for truth/ and identified for treason.

A DUTY:  includes NOT paying tax!  When reality says “traitors, terrorists, liars, and thieves” may exist here.  That fact, cannot be determined:   without a courtroom, its doors open to all media, and with our own public jury, to be their JUDGE.    WE the people:  Watching as owners/ deciding by vote.  The question?

 Is this constitutional:   IS THIS, the nation we chose to create, support, sacrifice for, and defend? Is this consistent with the preamble which, is intended to govern the nation itself?



IS A FIRST AMENDMENT LEGAL RIGHT/ a foundation of constitutional law, and the legal existence of our democracy!

Its purpose is, to give power to WE, the people! By creating the   LEGAL right, to bring our employees to trial. When needed!

To determine legally, BY THE EVIDENCE, and its true investigation OF FACTS/ not theory or opinion: what is true.

 We the people are charged, with DUTY TO our nation!  Oaths sworn, ARE duties required from our officials in government, TO OURSELVES. BY, Those employed for OUR BENEFIT.  The question is:  have they done their job correctly? Or betrayed us all?



We are the workers, and NOTHING gets done of value to life or society, without us.  We are the owners, and NOTHING may be done without constitutional approval, OR our acceptance of that decision.  Our lives/ our nation/ our world/ our future/ our money/ your children/ our sacrifice/ our nature/ our world/ etc!  MEANS:

these threats, CANNOT continue:   without,      “our decision”!

RESOURCES DEFINE OUR WEALTH/ they are not toys. Greed has no place!

Democracy establishes our right!

To enforce these realities required for a future.   LAW allows and proclaims a DUTY, to ourselves, your children, and our world.  

To assemble as massive marches:

 on every courtroom, every governmental seat of power, and provide ourselves, with the control of mass media.   We own every right of social or national communication/ not you.  You exist, because we allow it!

Therefore we will have “nothing but the truth”. We will KNOW, exactly what happens; particularly when extreme experiments go WRONG!  In plain and simple language, so the vast majority DO understand.

So as to prove NO MORE PROPAGANDA :  felony charges shall erupt/ prison eminent , if anything less than the truth appears.

Or more, SIMPLY; “the university” does NOT know everything.  We won’t simply “believe”! 

In redress today,  We MUST as a society:  Examine the facts, in trial to prove:   

“HAS the university become,  a terrorist”?  DID they steal our money by counterfeiting? ARE they destroying constitutional law, with their own rules, to create our failure in a courtroom, as a nation, or a citizen? DID they destroy “American ownership” of this nation, with counterfeiting, dispossessing us?  Did they take over the vote, by counterfeiting?  ARE THEY GAMBLING, or even trying to destroy our world, its nature, our resources, environment, oceans, this nation, and everything else they touch?

  THESE ARE: Realities we CANNOT survive!

Therefore we cannot allow, “being WRONG”. Let the evidence decide/ LET JUSTICE rule!

AS BEST we can.

IN RESPECT FOR OUR REALITY, the extermination events:

the consequences WE ARE FACING, today, from extreme threats.

Which does prove this world has changed.


EITHER SPEAK NOW, OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.  Because IF YOU DON’T stop them/ OR PROVE reality is not threatened.  Then You will, face your HORRORS and your fears, everything BAD; ETC.

Because extreme experimentation has a deadline:  soon, it will be TOO LATE to matter anymore. Your opinion or claim to life ends, with ignition, or biological collapse, or environmental catastrophe; and all the rest.

 Today: We live, or we all die; based upon a few gamblers (university fools and failures and there cohorts), risking our world.

Your ability or right or reality of choosing anything FOR ALL LIFE ON EARTH;  will be over on that day. When “nothing can be done” anymore.  Extreme experimentation will kill us all!

Not a game; this has become,    our truth!  Our need, to become truly involved: to take ownership back!

To legally revolt, as is necessary to be heard

OR face your own truth:

Only a “coward”, refuses reality; to blindly hide or run away!


Remember that!


Letting the constitution itself, be your guide.

Fire Fence Five

              Our existence, on this planet/ or with this nature/ or as survival itself:   is no longer secured!

                     WE ARE ATTACKED.

       Some media quotes/ and responses:    from  “synthetic” biological advance—“the first synthesis of a working artificial chromosome in an organism more complex than a bacterium—opens the door wider to man-made microbes”   (From me; “pandemics, are coming”)       Quote: “ We can shuffle genes into these chromosomes like a deck of cards,”    (from me:  every muscle in your body requires a careful weaving, layer after layer/ forming attachments to the right bone, organ, etc. Or the body won’t work! How complex is your eyes:  ARE THEY “JUST A DAMN GAME”?  Without blood, the heart is worthless/ without vessels, muscles, and valves, it cannot work/ without lungs and brain/ spinal signals you die:  ETC/ ETC/ ETC!How is that, like shuffling cards?)         Quote: “ Scientists have created a life-threatening virus”     (From me; completely insane)    Quote: “ This increase in virulence and transmissibility remained when the team added those two mutations to a lab virus”    (From me; terrorism) quote: “ Scientist deliberately ‘militarizes’ flu strain in deadly bioterrorism experiment!”  (From me; “hitler’s”, bringing us all Holocaust!)!  

       This is happening all over this world!

 How is that   not terrorism?  How is this not a complete failure of leadership?

         Antibiotic’s are failing,   in addition, these are  known to be creating “super-diseases”.  Our entire world,  livestock industry IS dependent on antibiotics.  They cannot survive, without them.  That means we cannot survive, one single livestock pandemic: “cannibalism is next”.

        All of plant agriculture IS dependent upon poison/ poison/ poison! Mutilated foods, are now common. These create complex chemicals the body cannot breakdown or excrete:  they lie in wait, as cancer and death. 

       The end of pollinators/ is, the end of insects:  is death to a very important part of earth’s food chain. And nearly every city yard and house, use just as much poison, as agriculture or more.

       From me:  evolution is a lie/ we did not build ourselves one piece at a time!  WHAT PART OF YOUR BODY, DON’T YOU NEED:   TODAY,  right now, or you die.  What part did you build as life/ rather than simply use, or abuse?

       Or more simply, just because evolution says, “time, is all it takes”.  Just because evolution says:   a body does not need all its parts and pieces.  Just because evolution says:  ADAPTION is proof of chaos! Or species cross boundaries to create entirely new species/ by closing the door.

       REALITY SAYS, THEY ARE WRONG! Adaption, is merely the evidence of “perfect design: as in, I knew it would be needed”.

        What part of intensely intricate &complex:  is “chaos”.  YOU CANNOT even begin to understand HOW TO BUILD a body/ and you know it.Yet you accept from the cult religion of evolution; their assertion life comes from, the simplest organism possible. Which just keeps mutilating!  Which is also far more complex, than you can achieve. Even so: these organisms have NO tools/ no brain/ no means or transport or recognition/ and where did their food come from: etc/ etc/ etc.  Evolution is:   A complete delusion.  Look around you, “where is the mutilation of any body of any kind: that is preferable, to what nature intended and did create”?  DO YOU want to be mutilated? That is what your geneticists are doing everyday:   THEY ARE,    MUTILATING LIFE!

        In contrast, we know:  Thought comes first, before you build, (before a chicken or egg) or THE WORK, fails! Because thought makes life possible.

        Chaos, so-called “evolutions builder”,  is literally:  the destruction of complexity, discipline, order, and everything life is!  Because that, is what chaos means.

        NATURE itself,  IS literally:    GENETIC DNA!  Therefore they do choose to mutilate all life on earth. These choose to destroy NATURE itself.

       To pretend;   “man can do better/   OR, if it all goes bad/ not to worry:   evolution will fix it, “after a billion years or so”.  To their shame!     

        OUR Nature is everything called life/  it is NOT a toy.  THE university  IS  destroying our world, as the most insane form of terrorists possible. They threaten EVERYTHING; which makes them more than terrorists, the word that fits is “SATAN”.


Let us review, the contributions of,

a “university diploma”.

1.  Weapons of mass destruction:   it takes only one, to end life on earth/ because today,  many will follow.  Lesser weapons, including the intent to make robots, “a pure killing machine (just like terminator if they can)”/ and more are coming. The collection of data, to prove who will not be a “good slave”/ therefore a humanity, scheduled for removal; is already complete.

        IS THAT NOT how tyranny, “hitler’s work”/ it is, proven by history.  The path to, Tyranny and tragedy exist, every time ONLY A TINY FEW DECIDE; without regard for the rest?

       How is that not America, or our world today?  Threats to all life, are massive, from all directions. We face extinction, because of decisions that have been made, “by every hand holding a diploma”/ DON’T they rule us? Indeed they do.

        Through media establishing control by advertizing (money rules)/  and political control gained by counterfeiting (its all free, for us).   All business, therefore the power of society:  is owned by a few.  All decisions made by  “University experts”; who DO, give themselves, and their army of diplomas;   anything they want.  All courtrooms are controlled by a few, who intend to profit.  All media transmissions are made by a few editors, directly under the control of a tiny few owners: who do decide the “foundation realities” of what will or will not be discussed, or informed.  All universities are controlled by a few, whose purpose is to control us: as is the intellectual game of hunting for prey.  All the money is controlled & counterfeited, for the purpose of university or power.  The courts are watched, by a few: so none get out of line/  ETC.

       But alas, even with all that, They are the most ignorant and stupid disease on the planet.  Because we DO face extermination from this planet/ and they do nothing but play games.  Even a damn worm is smarter than that!

2.  Genetic mutilation:   IS THE UNIVERSITY TERRORIST,   endless attempts to play god (we can do this), with life itself.

       It is,  a true purpose to bring chaos into our world: because they believe in evolution as their god.  Reality says: this is satan ( which means, destruction of a world)/ to their shame, and yours for allowing it.

         Reality proves,  NATURE IS GENETIC STABILITY/ the FACTORY, the TOOLS, the UTILITIES, ETC:  that build all bodies called life.  They use this,  for a toy.

       Their stated genetic purpose is:   to make nature fail; because they believe, THEN we will learn how to rebuild life, the way we want!  Nature, or its methods, sanctity, or needs failed:   is life mutilated beyond recognition.  Their purpose:  So that evolution, or more correctly “they, can be god.” Evolution is “chaos in charge”.  Reality proves chaos only destroys!

        The universities, proven desire is:   we the people, should, “Grovel, at their feet”.  Do they NOT take everything they can, reducing us all, to a fight for survival.  Truly they do!  Our reward:  If we do not beg, THEN, as soon as possible:  they will terrorize you.  By gaining access to mutilation  HORRORS.   As is the result of a body, all life:  mutilating itself,  out of control”.  THEN you will grovel.  But they will fail completely, and you WILL then crucify them, with extreme torture.

        They WILL terrorize themselves/ but it will be too late.   They DO, terrorize life today.  They are already crucifying living bodies of life:    BY inject trash into DNA.  Then making a living organism fight, to survive its own horror.  YOU WANT, to try to living with that?  Surprise, they take your fears/ they take your everything they can:  and play with it.

        All life is in jeopardy, as these things escape into our world.  Every geneticist tries, to do just that:  to prove evolution or destruction of nature, by releasing mutilation onto life.

3.  The living dead:   are Playing with their fantasies, by using extreme energy as a toy: they are demanding, “we can be god”. Destroying time itself/ as is life within the laws of an action or reaction through time.  Instead of playing with life, these university terrorists, and their cohorts:  play with immense energies, which change our relationship with everything.  Altering the concept of physical existence, with power beyond the control of physical laws we depend upon.   Offering instead of life/  nobody can stop us.   Or more distinctly, they play;  WE, are god: WE WILL MAKE A SUN!  

       Their method of supporting all this is:

  By counterfeiting our money;

“so says the federal reserve, table L.5 TOTAL liabilities and assets”.    THEY BUILT THEIR TROPHIES, THEIR LIVES, & THEIR TOYS!  BY STEALING OUR WORK, RESOURCES, AND WORLD.  Refusing LIFE/ REFUSING RESPECT:  refusing sanity;    at every turn.    

       They are,   SPREADING fake money, around this world/ throughout this nation. To destroy our stability as a society with their game.

        That is  Proven by:  Liabilities & assets this table is in billions: this date, 3/12/15. An accounting begins at the end of 2010. Thereby this is, from January 1, 2011 up to the end of 2014.   

OUR DEBT, as a nation/ NOT just the federal government:   Equals $149.5+ Trillion dollars.  An increase of $23.9  Trillion dollars since 2010.

OUR DEBT: Increasing Over each of the last four years by $5.9 trillion dollars.   Since we are an actual workforce of about one hundred million people: that equals an increase in each worker debt of $59,00.00 per year. Over the taxes you pay. Which are added all together (state, local, utilities, gas, social security, property; ETC:  at over 50% of YOUR income. If the average income is $60,000.00 as they suggest (when adding in billionaire’s, etc).  Then we must add another $30,000.00 more, per year/ THESE PEOPLE are spending in our name!

        OUR Inflation, as a nation:  “or the increase in assets claimed: WHICH IS currency growth”!  GREW: $41+ Trillion dollars ($41+ trillion dollars) over these last 4 years. That equals: $102,500.00 per worker:  in new money printed!   Each of the last four years, per one in three US citizens/ per worker.  This is a hidden debt, as is consistent with inflation.

         Bringing our grand total SPENT in the

last four years too:    $23.9 trillion for claimed debt! $120,000 average individual taxes paid per each times one hundred million people, times four years= $4,800,000,000   or, roughly $4.8 trillion dollars.  Business, etc also pay tax, but are left out here: so its more spent.  PLUS $41 trillion dollars hidden from sight as unreported inflation. 

       US, GRAND TOTAL PER FOUR YEARS $69.7 TRILLION DOLLARS:   in our name!  Or, more simply: “employee government spending in leadership over the last four years spent”:   not quite $700,000.00 per EACH worker/ one hundred million of us .  That they are willing to tell us about/ so there is MORE, even without corporate taxation!

       ALL OF IT, except tax, was in fact inflation/ because we CANNOT repay the debt, so its just a fantasy!  Your media, leaders, etc finds this,   completely non-news worthy!  And still report inflation below 3%.  Don’t believe me:   look at    

       So, where is the money & what did it buy?  “LOOK, for university toys/ identify university claims for income/ and search for realities,   NOT PROVIDED TO US.  Look at foreigners, because pride wants power!

       Or, more simply:  Somebody has these numbers!  And they do intend we should work, sacrificing resources to them: as they demand.

        INFLATION PROVEN:  Now at $201.6 TRILLION DOLLARS in total assets claimed, ($201+ trillion dollars as of 2014).   Per each: 

 ONE TRILLION dollars= ten thousand dollars per each and every one, of one hundred million people;      roughly one in three citizensSomebody has it/ and they do intend to spend:      how are we NOT slaves! By these numbers?

         In american money: $201 trillion dollars divided by 7.2 billion people, is equal too   $27,916 dollars per individual human face on the planet.  Or, 7.2 billion divided by one in three citizens (the workforce).  That equals, divided equally:   $632,075.00 per citizen face: including babies, etc.

        You got yours/ SOMEBODY has these numbers, and expects your work and resources.  Do you not believe:   your OWN money will buy? So do they.  But then “debts don’t matter/ so say the leaders of this USA”/ UNLESS, its our debt.  They have free money: isn’t that so?

       Now you know, how it is so many immigrants can buy our property: AND THEREBY DISPOSSESS US FROM THIS LAND!

          Our leaders, GAVE them access/ by stealing our money, our labor, our future, and our nation from us.  To hide their failures, fantasies, and delusions,    with  DAMN games AND UNIVERSITY TOYS.

        While the delusion of media (THE UNIVERSITY IS A GOD) hides them with propaganda:   “OR, all fall down in worship; the UNIVERSITY knows; they are experts”!

       Clearly, THEY ARE, “expert thieves/ traitors/ and terrorists”. The media know these numbers exist, as do your politicians, and law enforcement and courts, etc;  “I told them”/ for decades now. Their want, enforces a lie.

4.  While there are benefits to medicine/ ALONG with all the organized criminal activities.  Determined to extort everything possible from us all; even if it bankrupts this entire nation. That is Made possible by counterfeiting, and insurance.

       Good or bad:  The reality of threat,  most severe and real is, because of antibiotics IS NOW.  We are a world  population facing extinction because of our numbers.  Growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed per week, over deaths.  A reality of life organisms needed to be killed at “one pound of food a day per person”= 7.2 billion pounds, everyday.  2.628 QUADRILLION pounds of life killed, per year / and growing. NOT including “living food” wasted! Do you not need water, shelter, and air too/ etc?

5.  Our entire livestock industry exists now as “close confinement” methods of production.  These ALL fail, without the use of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are failing/ pandemic’s will soon occur: with far stronger diseases, than this world has ever known before.  The little Livestock after disease rampages through, that will be remaining:  will be massacred, with no possibility to repopulate. We can’t wait/ it’s a hungry world: we will fall into cannibalism.  Without antibiotics, ALL surgery will end/ AS DOES the majority of your healthcare system.  The price of “a penny less”/ for ease: but mostly, so a tiny few can control much more money and power,  for themselves: IS VERY HIGH.

6.  Water is being taken out of aquifers, and everywhere else:  at a rate of depletion that leaves this entire world AT WAR, for water/ within less than ten years.  Rain replenishes an aquifer in permeable soils (where I live)/ at a rate of fifty inches of rainfall, to one inch of aquifer rebuilding supplies. SO SAYS, the IL state water survey people.  Far less, for certain areas.  Everything else is used or runoff. The Ogallala aquifer at the base of the Rocky mountains/ which produced the end of “the dust bowl days”. Is nearly dry, and still a constant drain attacks; with irrelevant irrigation for corn/ so more water can be taken for ethanol.  ETC/ ETC/ ETC.  Soon the dust bowl will return.

        Without water, you have three days to live: horrifying violence/ cannibalism and drinking blood to survive, are coming.  Without aquifers, vast amounts of land will be abandoned, food lost: which does  MEAN mass migration is coming.  We CANNOT support you, with water too: so its war.

7.  The education system is a complete disgrace, for over fifty percent of all who enter there; they get nothing of value.  It is “a joint effort, from those in power”/ because “we can’t screw you/ IF you don’t need us”;   We can’t control you, IF YOU don’t want what we have”!  And WE DON’T want more competition.  The result;  TEACH NOTHING of value, abandon the child: make them fight.

        Life lessons are therefrom discarded for delusion, cult worship of university,  and stupidity.  Worse, since giving teachers, “everything they want” (they believe; we no longer need to work, many play instead/ relying on, you can’t stop us &WE already  STOLE everything we could). As is consistent with every public union there is.  Every group, that has access to power: they all end with, we will make you slave for us.

8.  Agriculture “science”;  has mutilated plants, creating unknown combinations of chemicals, that CANNOT be used/ dissolved/ or excreted from biological systems. Or if they are, DO invade other living organisms with the same types of effect.  We live, because we use complex chemicals generated for us, by other types of life.   Mutilating that is,  A certain disaster coming, with many results; all are  horrifying.

        Today, Agriculture is entirely dependent upon poisons EVERYWHERE.  “ These are more combinations of chemicals”,  the biological body cannot endure.  Mutilated Plants and “a trillion ton” of chemicals kill, abort, and damage life.  They do destroy insect life severely:   insects ARE,  a base food source, for our entire living earth. Toxic waste everywhere too/ in places you do not even suspect! Without pollinators, roughly fifty percent of all diversity dies/ extinction will soon be “beyond comprehension”.  All because “Ten DAMN people at the FDA”, say, “go ahead mutilate everything/ EVEN THOUGH, we know nothing.”   Don’t care:  they love their bribes”.  And you do mutilate, and more/ in worship of “the university knows”. Or we want, what we want: all other LIFE BE DAMNED, it ain’t important to me.

9.  The ocean is assaulted, battered, and dying.  Life there will soon go extinct: polluted too much/ took too much/ failed too much/ destroyed too much/ defied reality always/ refused truth or reason forever.  You  CURSED yourselves, with want, and chose:   absolutely no sense or responsibility for anything but your pride/ clearly working to destroy this world.

         Another billion people will soon go hungry.  Because according to world statistics: there is only 7 billion acres of agricultural ground in this world.  Without ocean life:  That leave us all, with one acre or less, to provide cultivated food for all life, including you! There is, less than twenty percent of actual forest land left, with any real growth, or life surviving therein.  Are you: Going to eat tree bark? Not for long, even that will soon be lost forever!  Discarding, The reality of tree leaves:   which do hold the atmosphere to this planet, in time;  with its rotation. When that is LOST:   THE EQUATOR, turns at over one thousand miles per hour. Think about it, and remember science says 700 mph winds, where an atmosphere exists, on a planetary object is common.

10.  We ARE: consuming more oxygen than this planet produces/ a proven fact!  Because of cars, motors, furnaces, air conditioning, cutting down and destroying the life which gives us oxygen. And polluting everything in sight, plus more.  We will soon,   asphyxiate   ourselves.

11.  Resources are being destroyed, “quote:   we have manufactured MORE in the last ten years/ than in all of human history before this date”.  Because people want trophies, & manufacturing needs resources.  Without resources, there is no work/ there is no life: “its in the trash”!  Go ahead dig there/ you WILL fight, and fail.

12.  The environment itself is under attack: the ozone layer intact,  means we are not radiated to death, for being outside.  Overheating the climate is NOT “greenhouse gases”.  IT IS THE AMOUNT OF HEAT you produce and place in this environment because of your greed, and complete disregard to life itself.  We are, Changing the world for BAD!   Particularly true because of air conditioning/ and a complete lack of sufficient insulation. Or ANY HUMAN choices that represent responsibility to life.  LEADERSHIP gone bad.

13.  Reality proves, leadership is Destroying democracy itself: by corrupting the courtroom, with  tyranny:  “this will cost you a fortune/ you will be sorry”!  We are invaded and betrayed, by an army of lawyers, all willing to war against JUSTICE OR FAIR PLAY OR DEMOCRACY: for greed.

       Controlled by, a judiciary:   Creating rules to control the constitution.  By Politicians;  Selling the nation, to cover their theft.  By Media:  Refusing to acknowledge inflation or threat, or any other need to know.   Beyond a thousand percent worse, than they expected.  Let it all DIE/ fear this.  By  LIARS, willing to Destroy a vote, with counterfeit money.  By FAILURES:  Destroying our stability as a society, with nearly every decision they make/ everything they touch.  ALL Refusing life must come first!


14.  The US supreme court, chose to destroy the “free press:    which is intended to mean,  we all have a say,  a legal right to know, and the opportunity to communicate that between ourselves”.  Oppression is: to control everything as much as possible, that the majority are allowed to think!

         By giving control to these tiny few hands: who now feed you, pablum;   “don’t worry/ be happy!  THE UNIVERSITY, will save us all”.  In between their examples of :   fear this/ fantasize about this/  judge this/ believe this/ and don’t ever question our truth or our reality: only the experts can decide.  The result:  Because fantasy doesn’t like reality,  Cults exist/ wherever power rules!  Delusions expand, by Propagation.

         By constant surveys and the intent for complete public immersion in media/ don’t think for yourself.  A million “university people” are all trying to betray us: by proving exactly what and how to say, the ,    “things they want you to believe”.

15.  Then comes the pubic: YOU sold your soul, nation, and this world. For a damn job, to play the game of “winner”. Gaining nothing: as proven by,  collecting trophies, to throw them in the trash.

       Realities which are KILLING THE FUTURE.  A Failure to understand, by complete submission to your cult:    all believe, “university knows”.

        To your shame… even religion refuses to respect its own prophecies, or fight for life.  They love their delusions, and their want, more than life or creation. That is complete DISRESPECT!  BUT,  Not a surprise/ as you sold them:   “to only a university diploma knows”.  Proving again,  Only a tiny few, get to decide.

There is MUCH more!

       The result of recent history is:  LIFE has been Failed!    On all counts, a future lost:  for EVERY child/ a grade:  “F” for “university leadership”. Do they not control everything!

        HELL, ARMAGEDDON, THE APOCALYPSE, AND MORE are all coming true.  SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE. That is Not religious, IT IS, merely the reality of   evidence: identified without exception to want.   Simply truth decides!

       This much failure: as proven by evidence is:    A rampant desire, to destroy us all! Backed by:  A scam, a plot, a plan, and a scheme that will soon be  exploding into chaos. How could it not be so?

        LIFE IS discarded:  Because the “diploma’s” want everything they can get as fast as possible.   They do know: this earth, and every life on it,  is in trouble.      They have surrendered this earth to its death/ “its too hard, we quit”.

        Therefore greed surrounds them: “I must get MINE, before we die”.  The reality,  MANY then want, to kill us all:   for threatening them/ or, so you cannot kill them first. When you realize all THEIR FAILURES TO LIFE/ including your life, and child.

       IT IS;  A simple brain, & a diseased mind: that exists, without the courage to even try. That quits ALL LIFE, or even a WORLD.

       Instead of honor or duty:   Like so many others, they choose,  “if I can’t have what I want/ then I will take yours too; even if we die”.   Death, SIMPLY: Because THEY WANT MORE, for themselves.  Refusing work, reality, or sacrifice, as needed.

       IF YOU, the last chance for life on earth;  AIN’T no  BETTER than this: then just let the earth burn/ because it is more merciful than the realities coming.  Without TRUE CHANGE, we are     ALL dead.       So says the evidence!

       I AM NOT, “the question” you must resolve!

I am irrelevant, to the reality of whether we live or die as a world.  Humanity itself threatens/ it is humanity that will decide NOW; if our planet will live?  Because WE, ARE THE PROBLEM.


       My question: Are you as humanity itself,  just as insane as those who believe:  “we can play god”?  It ain’t no game/ anymore!



 you will stop those who are gambling with EVERYTHING WE NEED TO SURVIVE?


 YOU WILL work and demand they must stop/ enforcing that decision with reality AND LAW  itself.  Violence will gain you nothing: only law, democracy, truth, duty, communication, and a vote, can make a difference.

       It is a simple question! LIFE or death? Everything else is death.

       My work ends, with the simple resolution and reality proven true:   I AM NOT “your savior/ your satan/ your leader/ your anything, religious or not”.

       I AM, merely a messenger/ and the message is change or die: NOT complicated!  So says the evidence.  So says the biblical prophecies coming into your own view: as true!“If you, wait and see”/ that means, you will all be dead first: when you know its true.   That is: A world lost, or saved;   because of what you did, or did not do.

        Every voice matters. Every work, and every reality for or against life will make a difference.  ONLY    GOD , knows the ending!

       The prophecy of Daniel 12; says September 2015, will prove the prophecy.  It is clearly interpreted.   If you refuse to work, or change:  in time/ you have made your choice.

       That reality  confronts directly: “both Christian and Jew”.  As to the rest of religion  the question is not:   we are better!

       The question is:   WHAT, DOES THE EVIDENCE PROVE?  A dead world has no religion.  

      “Like me”; REALITY WILL prove, that without “female influences”/ men will fall into hatred and then war.  “Its what men do”.

      That price: MUST be understood to be, “either DIFFERENT” than today/ OR EXTINCT AS A WORLD.

      My own anger, at all your failures/ because you threaten this entire world;  seems to finally subside.  I know, this is your last chance to survive.  I know, I DID DO, everything I realistically could have done.  I know: life or death for our world is your decision/ NOT mine; because you are the threat!   I know, my work ends, & yours begins.   GOD, will then decide:   IF you receive this message, and deserve another chance/  or will fail completely.

      That is not my job.  I, “am no longer directly involved”: job over.

      Like me: if you let yourselves be distracted, from the true reality here.  The world ends/ how is that “worth the price”;   of anything you could want, desire, or even need?  I have retained discipline, and chosen to do “what I can do”/ while for forty + years, you chose to ignore all evidence, destruction, and propaganda for your greed.  This is now, “the last days, of the last time you will have a choice”.  Chosen, because without your recognition of a true threat; YOU DO NOTHING. 

      MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION! Are you going to let people, who stole an entire nation:  TO BUILD TOYS, for murdering every life on the planet.  PRETEND, A TEN MILLION DEGREE FIRE, THAT OBVIOUSLY BURNS ATOMIC BONDS FOR FUEL;   “Make you believe, that FIRE, is just going to put itself out”!

      There are NO, “second chances”.  FIGHT LEGALLY, or die.  Our situation is literally now, “live or die”.  Biblical prophecy or not: they WILL ignite “sun fire here”. Unless we stop them.  Read their own words.

      The price is no longer “too high” for you to react.  The price is now EVERYTHING, as in LIFE or death for us all.  Ending all excuses!

      Because those who can be called “SATAN”/ have taken control of the planet, with their tools:    and DO, intend to BURN YOU ALIVE.  Even terrorists, DON’T try to kill all life on earth!  These do/ they just lie, to keep you at bay, until dead.

      Not a game/ a reality proven by the evidence!



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