Can you return genetic disciplines “to nature (nature is the genetic building of life)”?

SEARCHING FOR SOLUTIONS AMONG OURSELVES/ as we the people.Category: QuestionsCan you return genetic disciplines “to nature (nature is the genetic building of life)”?
Jim Osterbur Staff asked 7 years ago

Can you return genetic disciplines “to nature (nature is the genetic building of life)”/ because like a disease:  does not once released, mutilations;  spell doom?  Biology experiments,  do so every day. What are the consequences for being wrong?

Evolution asserts:  life is an accident established by the endless progression of an indomitable will to survive/ that just kept adapting by accident; and made decisions along the way without a brain or a tool, or any other necessity of life or living. Their god is:  chaos “did this”. Their papa is a monkey/ and their mother is a microbiological single cell bacterium. BY THAT DESCRIPTION:  geneticists say, “we can do anything we want”/ because evolution will just make something new from the chaos we create. So they deliberately inject chaos into the building instructions for every body of life on this planet they can touch:  with the clear intent as all religious zealots do;  “of worshiping their god” called CHAOS.

Given that truth, and judging it by the demonstration of LIFE ITSELF:  which is clearly and deliberately “with a brain”; THE FACTS ARE,  it is impossible to suggest anything other than THOUGHT DID THIS!  Therefrom we call it a miracle/ because nothing on this earth could have done so. The evidence is clear and certain:  every body of life NEEDS ALL THE PARTS IN THE VERY BEGINNING, to attain survival of the fittest. Because you can’t live without a heart/ or blood/ or liver/ or lungs/ or a trillion other parts and pieces all clearly designed and placed in a way that absolutely proves engineered and technically perfect. SO FAR BEYOND what a man or woman can do, that you just have to LIE/ to ignore the facts. Look at your bones:  206 specific structures, each of which are transported to where they are needed automatically/ with joints and lubrication and tied together/ fitted with muscles/ 100 billion nerves to let you use them/ reproduction/ transport of materials/ utilities to use them/ tools/ eyes;  AND A BILLION MORE REALITIES OF LIFE that only the insane discard. And that does not even include the other life that must be in place, to keep you alive on earth; as food, water, feet, stomach, throat, and more.

An incomprehensible reality of perfection in all things/ and university wants to throw garbage in. Crucifying every life it touches; by genetically altering life itself. Preparing endless biological weapons of mass destruction:  to as to make it IMPOSSIBLE for life to go on.

And you let them:  because reality proves/ ONLY A DAMN CULT WORSHIPER, could be so blind/ dumb/ and destructive.  So who are you worshiping, by letting the universities and business “rearrange life by adding chaos”?  answer:  it is the biblical reality of SATAN. Because the word means:  destroyer of a world!  Which makes you, and every devil involved;  “his helper”..

Did media ever save you from anything? No, they did not. in fact it is no longer media it is entertainment/ owned by a tiny few, due to the betrayal of the US supreme court in giving ownership to a tiny few who control everything you hear, see, or read.  Means only the powerful: and there is trillions of dollars in play/  get to influence what you think.  Because the editor makes certain it is so/ or loses his or her job forever!  WAKE UP, and understand what it means to be wrong? We CAN’T FIX, what they are DESTROYING.

ASK YOURSELF; this simple question:   AM I, the one you need to judge/ am I leading you to tragedy/ am I playing a game with these words?  Or am I telling you to beware, traitors exist?