The functional definitions of all sites I provide are now listed on www.justtalking3.linfo   the purpose being:  to provide the option and tools required to give all members of society a chance to change their world, before it falls into chaos.  There are threats that CANNOT be dismissed/  there are issues of democracy and fair play which CANNOT be dismissed without the loss of freedom/ there are issues of economies destroyed, because greed ruled too long.  There are lawsuits required/ officials warned “we the people” can occur.  There are people warned, to fail is to die, because the truth of our reality is clear enough to know what the future will bring, without change.  The foundation of this work has proven:  humanity itself does NOT want to participate in anything but their own wants/ you want, to blame someone else, excusing yourself from the consequences, the reality of a choice you do not wish to make.  That is the decision of a  small child/ and will not be accepted as enough to stop the destruction of this planet or its life.  Which means simply:  YOU MUST GROW UP, and take responsibility for what you CAN DO.  If all you can do is pass this message on/ then that is what you must do, for life and a future, and yourself.  NOT because I say so, that is irrelevant.  But because the truth is clear enough for  all to see:  threats beyond our ability to survive past the point of no return/ are threats that make us all extinct.  Not a game, a fact of our existence in this day. Believe it or not, I will be proven true.  This is your chance to fight for life on earth/ fail, and it dies;  you too.
                YOU ARE NOT A BYSTANDER/ YOU, are a participant in what our future can or will become.  You are, the reality of what you choose to do/ because that is your truth.

The fight for social justice:  vs the IRS; trial preliminaries vs the FBI, the initiating trial vs state of IL judiciary.  More at site

If you let this planet burn/ or any other threat take over your lives: then that is your choice/ because you do have everything you need to stop these experiments. There are NO second chances/ failure is your (we the people of this earth) decision; as is life saved.  Either think for yourself, or die.  Not a hard concept, your leaders have chosen against life: ‘they want, what they want”, regardless of the risk/ end of story. Is, an alteration to the work which proceeds it. Now, its simply live or die, as a world! A summary site of what matters most/ what threatens immediately or worst. Compilations choosing to inform with various methods employed. Centered around supreme court cases demanding redress of grievances. Proving corruption in the US supreme court. The beginning survey, a disciplined talk. Centered around US federal court, tax case: demanding adherence to democratic authority & constitutional law. Centered around state of IL realities: refusing justice/ corrupt, and supporting "cruel and unusual punishment" upon the poor. Confronting initial questions "why". Asking what is real for tomorrow. Developments in life and living.
The homepage of each reads like a newspaper, "top is last writing/ bottom first"/ except the last two (4,5). The writing started one month beyond 9/11.
These represent a search, for what will get your attention, as the decades previous proved: truth (evidence)/ consequences (extermination)/ reality (can't be wrong)/ money (all gone)/ religion (we only believe what we want too)/ nor anything to do with life, or values, or evidence "of biblical proportions": could not! There was, more than a reason humanity itself, should investigate. But chose "to hide, and run away". With very few exceptions!
WANT, was all that mattered.


         “Just like the bible” If it seems “out of place, not consistent”/ it almost certainly is. Truth is a law, that does not waver!  Each site is a composite demanding LIFE, not money or games:  MUST COME FIRST!         Download these html sites;   so they cannot be easily taken away.





       How, did we pay for current costs! “etc”?

Add reality has a list and federal reserve #1 & #2 & #3

       Then ask yourself: if nothing but a few forced pennies, have been spent on infrastructure for the future of this nation over the last fifty years.  WHO took, or spent the money on fantasy or their delusions?  The answer is, “every university diploma” that became “our leaders”.

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Primary forum/ mine;    secondary forum, democracy and law; third forum, scientific, evidence, knowledge based discussion; initial forum, short discussions to enable “living and life issues”.   chatrooms 1; 2; 3.  For the purpose of you, creating opportunities/ organizing with others (meet only in public places, “safety first”/ no excuses, no exceptions), simple discussion; etc.  A primary concern: The extreme light infrastructure (eli),  Additionally  federal reserve accounting.         Review of hospital billing A Beginning

          Critical development of the human existence


          To illuminate the elemental fabric of our behaviors, is to understand in part, where and how they originate. That confronts us with four distinct truths

1.  At each distinct personal level of self: this is my body/ my life/ my future/ my choice/ my eternity; therefore you, “the others” have no true say.  You “the others” may only “recommend” change.  The end result of that truth is, regardless of your own level in fact or fiction, EACH ONE is entitled and required to decide for themselves what their life, or their religion, or whatever it is that shall be.  The guide, the journey, the realities, you choose in your own life: is a decision you made.

2.  The construction of social participation is the envelopment of “WE ARE, in this together”/ whether you like it or not.  Therefore law erupts, and rules contaminate the environment, because the righteous always want a rule.  “I KNOW, I am right/ because I know the rule: thereby you must obey ME”.  Justice is irrelevant, so they say; because the rule, rules living.  Because I want, or I believe, or I need:  to control YOU with selfishness.

3.  The business of survival does attack us all, wheresoever the rule of money does not intervene.  Money is the elevation of “a personal identity” over and above the rest/ thereby they may rule the rest, because they have proof:   I can make you obey.

4.  The personal decision, that I need, or do not want to be alone; that I must have a companion to survive; OR, I simply want.  That sexuality is a foundation upon which we attain a greater awareness of ourselves; by creating the evidence of our own truth inside; and so on.  Is a critical element in identifying self, while  balancing the tragedy or love defined as “others”/ who do damage us all.  Or open our hearts, along with nature, to the existence of value! One by one, or more so.


          Given this range of participation, the foundation of our behaviors is controlled by environment/ WITH, the three primary exceptions required for individual decision.


          Those exceptions are:

5.  I am the development of myself, as a living man or woman or child: because this is the path I chose, or found, or was forced upon me;  born into choices already made.  A path therefrom, that indicates a direction, a desire, and a purpose that suits me: when I choose it.  A distinction established, rather than “joining the herd”. To accept, as a herd: whatever “we agree to believe”; a distinction hidden, even though I chose it.

6.  I am, the development of heart within myself, as lover (I value you/ I value us/ I value this creation called living).  Or the embodiment of hate, as the decision to prove:   I want power, pride, selfishness, violence, and revenge/ far more than love or even life.  “I want to play god”, over you!

7.  I am, the development of soul: which is the acceptance of A WORLD OF MIRACLES;   leads me to the existence of thought, wherein I shall then search for the essence of life itself.  Through the doors created when purity designs an opportunity.  Those who discard soul/ discard eternity, of find themselves to be the enemies of life itself.  By their own decision.


          Every environment is a limited existence, because environment means enclosed by boundaries.  Therefrom we have options within that environment, but not beyond it.  Unless we enter within the spiritual element of our own creation/ to find, what participates as the life within us.  The body dies/ but what is spirit is a truth revealed; what is true, remains true forever!  Even if it is covered up.  Nonetheless mercy can intervene.  That is a different discussion entirely; as you know it not.

          We then return to our human environments as time encapsulated for the purpose of finding “our own distinct truth”; as is consistent with the possibility of entering within eternity itself.  Again, a different discussion beyond “simple things”.


          Our environment as a living body in time, reaches through nature, to lift us up into a kaleidoscope of life.  Thereby teaching each and every one: that more exists to this experience, than merely survival.  When you ascend into greater things, than self: you become alive in the expression of hope, courage, discipline, respect, and all things of value to existence.

          Those who fail to accept there exists more than merely survival, to life.  Descend into the failure and fantasies of a depression that exits the body, to become the violence of hate, at its most extreme. 

          Consequently, participation within society is determined largely by whether you accept life is greater than self/ or construct a world of humanity or more, that is merely survival punctuated by hate.


          Self is a determinant reality, constructed by your willingness to make a decision on your own terms: by gaining knowledge/ understanding situational truths/ or becoming wise, by eliminating everything that makes a decision in you, except for truth.  To believe identifies a participation in “herd mentality”/ because it chooses “we are in this together, as one”.  Therefrom religions are born, because people believe there is safety in numbers.  Therefrom religions are divided and sectioned apart, because “you can believe ANYTHING you want”.  Truth is optional.  As this is a behavioral forum: the reality of religious doctrine becomes, not only what we believe together/ but what we believe “our own religious book says”.  The critical question is not: what is true/ because these books are assumed to be “all true”.  Rather the critical question is why do you assume these books cannot contain lies?  The answer is: “because I believe/ and I need rules to live by, or I become afraid”.  What is needed to define truth in religion, is an open mind:   “To NOT be afraid” of what actually exists.

          We will examine just a tiny bit of biblical text, since I am familiar with that one.  Without adding religion, the Christian bible begins with a summary statement of beginnings to life itself/ the people that arose to tell us a story.  It includes why: “they were thrown from the garden of Eden”.  Because they ate the last fruit of a carefully cultivated tree/ the only one of its kind: and that questions, “did you then kill its offspring/ because you took away the seed”?   That story adds a world wide flood: now proven true by the evidence of fossil fuels.  They could not exist as they are, some buried thousands of feet down in clumps (at the same time).  Without that flood.  But not exactly as depicted: the story is rephrased somewhere on these sites. Don’t know where.  Nonetheless, the rest of the “Jewish book” is primarily a history story, for a small group of people over time.  That does contain some descriptions of things unlikely to occur/ granted to be true. It is nonetheless, a book of human words/ written by a human hand/ with male purposes in mind; even if you believe everything it says.  Some few statements are found to be “contrary to all the rest”: which does mean, “these don’t belong here”!  Or it would not be so.  Because truth is truth, and truth does not waver from its own direction.

          The Christian part of the book: is an alteration to the history lesson presented with the old portion.  This represents a single man, JESUS:  and his journey beyond the limits of self!  The critical text being, “for GOD so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only true son”.   To show us, that eternity does exist, and we are NOT forgotten.  The rest of the book, details how the people who surrounded HIM became aware of themselves, and became a living testimony of miracles beyond explanation. The evidence of healing, in a time when there was none: is not a game.  Consequently in this religion, we see the choice required of all humanity:   to become true to life, you must identify with GOD, rather than time.  Or more simply: beyond the door called self, through the essence of miracles (as is nature too)/ is an entirely different world.  Even in this time.


          Society as is the evidence of participation “among us all”/ is determined entirely by the elements of: JUSTICE/ FAIR PLAY/ EQUALITY/ and fundamental unity (acceptance of each other).  Within these, the substance of our truth is determined in a courtroom, and by the policing actions or reactions which determine our everyday lives.  When justice is a game, controlled by ate few through a corrupted courtroom: society begins to fall apart.  When fair play is nothing more than an illusion based upon the delusions of “what I believe/ instead of proven facts”: society begins to hate.  When the composition of policing is governed entirely by rules, as is consistent with “the university knows best”; thereby proving a complete lack of reality as assigned by life, instead of rules.  People lose hope, fall into the cracks and crevices contrived by those who demand rules/ and they become hidden, and run away from truth itself: because the price is too high.  Nothing is more deliberate for peace and purposes including harmony, in society than a courtroom.  When that courtroom is found destroying democracy, and altering constitutional law to the advantage of a tiny few....when the police harm, threaten, or ignore the foundations of life: to let the few with power play games, threatening us all.  Society has died; and the consequences are coming.  Particularly when the money has been stolen by counterfeiting through the leaders.  All of it, a proven part of our lives.  Society lives or dies, based upon our respect for each other/ because without respect we have nothing but hate, abuse, use, or avoidance left for each other.  There is no respect, when just your image presented:  determines “fear/ fear/ hide/ he or she is a threat......etc”.  All of it based upon nothing more than what the media tells you to do.  An organization proven to be “the biggest drug pushers” in the nation; as all drug commercials prove: by the reality of consumption in this nation.  Got a tiny “ouch: go get a prescription for life”.  Failed, and proud of it!

          The elemental task of business, is directly proportional to two distinct things: whether there is a resource to be consumed or used/ and how much competition is there for that resource.  There is nothing else, until we get to who controls that resource, and how much interference do they contribute.  Men choose money shall decide, and that creates the foundation of war.  Because the few, manipulate/ control/ abuse/ use/ and identify critical threats which make the others fear.  “You can be abandoned, or even killed”.  In the reality of our days, the foundation of machinery and factories to control civilization means:   UNLESS we use more resources, and throw them away/ there is no business, once the clientele is satisfied.  Consequently advertizing is used to insure “nobody should be satisfied”/ everyone should be aggressively fighting for more.  When resources are plentiful, this works.  When resources are no longer plentiful as is today; where nearly 8,000,000,000 people are fighting for MORE; and everything is under attack.  We all approach the end of our world/ the extinction of everything; as is true of this day! Consequently the only way to save our planet/ therefore our lives: is to remove money as the controller of resources, and carefully understand what nature needs/ what people can or cannot do to sustain this planet/ and what happiness contributes as opposed to more things.  In addition to this simple agenda, there is immigration: the increasing cost of competition, where resources are already limited. Or more simply, every human being represents a cost to the planet. The planet itself “is full” of humanity, and cannot accept further numbers or we all die in horrible ways/ as cannibalism is coming quickly now.  That is our reality, and nothing can prove it is untrue.  That means: the price of immigration is “limited reproduction”.  The price of help is “limited reproduction”.  The price of sharing our nation, as in our society (we built it, not you); is “LIMITED reproduction”.  Or no more than two children for anyone.  Or more correctly, you may replicate only yourself (once per parent) if nature allows it: maximum .  Because the children have no future, if we don’t/ and neither do we.  Every life is equal, but not the same.  Every society is born to conceive of itself as the same.  Every immigrant is different, and when trouble comes in any form, it is those who are different that become a target, even if that is unfair.  The consequence of that truth is simply: “better same stays with same”.  The unfortunate reality of that statement is: when there are differences that get “out of hand, when resources diminish”/ there is civil war.  When there is “all the same” among the citizens, there is nation against nation war: because we want to steal/ we want more, and may in fact need more, because of over-population. Or more simply over-crowding means someone is going to die, or move; in male driven society.  Therefore the business, and the reality of any society is created by population costs/ while the health of every society is determined by resource loss.  Failed at all levels, in this time. A leadership without life governing hope, thereby refusing to prepare a future.  We are, in this together, immigrant or not/ by our “united” decisions, at this time:  we will, live or die as a planet.

          In the values of sex, the critical relationship is governed by the three elements of human decision called “self/ heart/ and soul”.  Where there is only self, it is a physical act defined by need, and created by lust;  wherein the participant uses another person to release chemicals.  Thereby finding some inner relief from extreme stress, for a very limited amount of time.  There are a wide variety of interactions that establish stress (I want out/ I want peace/ I want happiness/ I want MORE; etc).  The resultant relief of stress is: for this few moments of time, I need to accept only this/ thereby stress is lost over that time.  But quickly returns/ nonetheless it is a “breathing room”, for mental problems, until that is taken away by the various confines of religion, family responsibility, or public society.  In an elevation far beyond simple sexual self, where sex is a tranquilizer for life/ comes heart.  Or, “I hear in your life, in your desire for me;  an answer beyond myself”.  That is not small, nor trivial; and it confronts us with an option: if only you could stay with me “forever”/ then I would be free of my own insecurities, and live in hope.  Beyond the elements of humanity itself, comes the spiritual existence of soul; wherein sex is a binding agreement created from the essence of our lives.  A shared experience, because expression lives within the destiny that is our souls. A journey conceived by love;   because it is life,    ALIVE!




DATED:   2/ 25/ 15


guarantor medical record # 0436190


          Your decline, of the initial financial proceeding: whereby an appropriate level of payment was offered, as is suited to my own situation.  Your decline to establish true, fair, definable, and significant procedures in the fixation of pricing as to your billing; subject to me.  As in, prove How is this billing determined? Your statement, through your employee:  “We select a median price between low and high” as charged by alternate medical facilities”. Is not justification/ it is horizontal price fixing.  Which brings us to harassment: the legal term used in “unnecessarily oppressive”.

           I do have a legal right, to understand by the construction of any contract: WHAT is the basis and foundation of this charge? A simple “I want it/ is not enough”.  That is especially true, in consideration of a contract made under duress, wherein the only notable exchange was “sign here”/ or we “let you die, so to speak”.  As is the connotation of all “emergency room visits.”

          I am charged for a gall bladder operation, which I agreed too.  I am charged four days, for a room, which I used.  I am billed a total of $45,143.78 for services rendered/ the insurance having payed $35,630.38. Or all but $9,513.40 or about 78% of the total bill.  Regardless, that is a payment made by me.  As we all know, emergency room visits are UN-planned. And construct an entirely different category of financial responsibility:  because there is no time or ability to defend oneself/ the need is immediate.  The reality IS consistent with, “finding you stuck in the freezing cold, out far from help other than me, to save your life.  Therefore the decision that establishes work, to help you/ or its refusal, as in let, or hope, you die”.

           Now if I help you/ the question is:   should I be able to then take your financial everything, including an attack on your future financial stability. That is the attack listed above; as there is no substantive proof of a value owed or received from you.  Your decision for unnecessarily detrimental debt to me: is in like terms,  at this time, an attack.  Even, the full price of ransom;  over a legitimate amount of time is NOT enough for you.  That is beyond the power authorized by society for you to hold;  the true sign of a completely corrupted government, and a totally oppressed public.

            The proof of substance, with regard to grossly disproportionate:  is within your billing.  As it constructs a completely irrational and unreasonable debt; created through, a time table of 4 days, charged. Or more simply: present 96 hours with 2 hours in surgery at the total price of $45,143.78.   That represents a charge for 138,240 seconds at a cost per second of 13 cents. Or seven dollar and eighty three cents per each and every minute/ regardless of sleeping, etc.

          Your job, in a contract vested & produced under duress, is to justify and create the necessary financial structures, to establish: FAIR PLAY, between us. The advocacy of justice will be done;  is consistent with that contract. What is necessary and proper is consistent with my expectation of a billing.  In this day, at the prices ordinary for a public trust (in the best interest of we the people, and our society)/ this is an attack failing the public interest.  Consequently it is affected with the legal ramifications of a trial, for the benefit of society itself.  Or more correctly respect enforced by law, establishes fair and legitimate rights in accordance with 341 US 123, 162-163.

           In contrast, your clear assertion is: We the people have no opportunity or right, to financially defend ourselves in a medical emergency. Therefore each MUST rely upon “constitutional democracy (the demand for justice in society itself, for each one)” to intervene. The legal right, and functional ability to demand “the precise nature” of the cost, 237 US 309.  By the weight of the evidence is a duty to society itself/ as each one can be attacked in the very same way.  Or more simply the breach of duty you owe to society and to me, as respect/ is missing and discarded with the trash.  Or more distinctly in constitutional terms (as a society we unite), the law underlines this to begin with the thirteenth amendment: “I shall not be reduced to slavery for you/ neither shall I be required to do “involuntary servitude”; for unjust enrichment.  Just because you sustain or describe,  an expectation of power/ and a purpose that serves only you. The mere semblance of a legal right, is now void. Because it is Conceived by a contract made under duress/ a need expected to be honored, with reasonable and realistic disciplines.  A responsibility on both sides to commit to fair play.  It has not been so; a true legal reality strictly dishonored/ and disrespected by you.

          The elements of a fight for reality governs this “now mess”.  Represents;  In contrast to that, constitutional democracy establishes amendment 7: the right to jury trial/ whereby we will seek “the rules of common law”.  Whose true and deliberate purpose in this simple procedure of  democracy, and contractual equality:  is, most clearly understood by the preamble of that US constitution (our purpose, & our agreement as a society). Its subsequent 14th amendment.  “..the equal protection of law”.  The expectation for fundamental fairness  302 US 319, and so on.  Just because you say; I am owed is not enough.  I am legally entitled to know why I owe/ and I will have the legal right to contest that construction to establish what is ultimately “fair play”. Within the confines of a civilized society, culpable because there is a complete disregard for the consequences of your indifference to my life/ and with all certainty, to many others.  There is a need for the court, and its expansion called “class action”. That functionally means, I will NOT be reduced to slavery or undue punishment, simply because you provided a service when I had no or little other choice; medically speaking.

           You, having removed an organ considered to be “out of sync”/ the body therefrom repairing itself means: I now have the opportunity to participate in “what is the legal description of what is owed/ for services rendered”.  Since that is impossible at nearly every medical beginning/ it is now inherent and definable as justice.  A reality associated with democracy/ as is the fourth amendment: “ be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures”...     Through the law.


          You have refused the first attempt to make this as simple as possible/ by refusing the offer made to you, and insisting upon “the power of acceptance”.  A legal remedy that does not exist; whereby the terms and conditions being accepted were not, and could not be acknowledged, tested, or revised due to a medical emergency. No mutuality of agreement is possible under duress. Only a fair and deliberate intent to accept responsibility, in fair and disciplined justice can be agreed too. The Medical Restriction, of my ability to  defend myself “at that moment in time”. Requires in terms of a financial debt/ that has NO construction was made, to give you simply anything you demand. That does NOT exist.  There is NO definition of medical malpractice here/ I do appreciate the work on my behalf. There is NO reliance on another “expert” required, to lead the jury astray with unintelligible language. This is strictly a financial dispute: examining the potential corruption of billing through legal process. By demanding, A compensation that is just and fair to both parties 131 A. 2nd 180, 182.

            You were told, either accept this, as my right to participate in the billing appropriately:  or take me to court.  It is asserted in your reinstatement of the full amount and demand for payment/ refusing payment already made.  That you have decided to take me to court.

           Refusal to cash the check/ refusal to accept being paid the full amount in a realistic time frame: proves to be/  not sufficient for you.

          Consequently no further payment shall come from me, regarding this billing until this financial dispute is legally resolved. With justified expenses.  Or I simply accept, this society is dead with regard to “life must come first”/ and I discard you with the trash; paying the ransom, because the results are irrelevant when the planet is so threatened our extermination/ every single life;  is absolute. Even within this year.


          Legal action taken:  is now fundamentally described as believing the lawyer representatives you retain for this purpose, have a suitable right, to justify this claim of debt, and can prove justice exists.  If not, then Only the failure of law:  can proceed to a proven corrupt courtroom, with the full color, or intent of what can otherwise:   only be considered “bank robbery”. The anarchy against justice.  Without a legitimate claim or contract justified and in full view as to the substance of billing: You have no case. I do then, have a right by law, to fully understand the billing created against me/ and that means you will justify every single expense; every penny in jury trial. Your assertion of immunity to the legal consequences of this billing is:   the Pursuit of authority claiming, “the government allows it”.  The constitution does not, and our employees cannot by any claim or other demand; nor can they deny what the actual government which is the constitution itself allows. The claim, you CAN do anything you want:  is not legal.  Conceiving, and contriving of a conspiracy between our employees and you:  instead of the true and literal development, of our purposes as a society.  Your billing is  “cruel and unusual punishment” associated with excessive fines, and that is, a legally definable action.  The development of law, is literally assigned, by examination within all legal measures or responsibilities: proving what is, or is not inherently UNFAIR. 


          I have the right, to a fair and legitimate billing for services rendered/ after the fact. Because medical reality exercises a restraint of trade, by forcing an immediate acceptance. That is not contestable.

           ANY exercise of business therefrom, that refuses to justify and create this necessary link between contractual duties, and services; as are associated with medicine.  Conceives of a natural monopoly, and controls the public by force,  consistent with their need; that is restraint of trade.  A necessity in contractual law, this must be dealt with after the fact; or discovered within the voting public as accepted! It is not. At issue today is:  when the pricing involved with services rendered is grossly disproportionate to services rendered. The refusal to identify properly the cause or justification of costs arise: that conceives of this price.  Constructs a question: is it, “organized crime”: That is illegal, and constructs a voluntary or involuntary elevation of moral turpitude 99 S.W.  2nd 1079. Simply because the question must be raised. That relationship, binds to the essence of this potential lawsuit: creating the demand for democratic authority of WE THE PEOPLE/ as sustained in the first amendment redress of grievances.

            Or more simply: as a society, by vote, after a thorough investigation of what is and is not true, necessary and just regarding every medical business in this nation.  Should we not establish first amendment law, as in REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  A first amendment legal right through law, to not only investigate as we the people/ but the authority to make every decision that we own as a nation for ourselves.  This Is the foundation for determining: the future of all things financial, regarding realities called “medical” in this nation/ by our own vote.  Setting into place the disciplines, the respect, and the responsibilities for all sides. This vote, is then about our lives/ our families/ our financial future/ and our own work, health, and opportunities for life itself; just like medicine is itself.  That level of personal responsibility, IS NOT a decision for any employee to make.  Our authority to decide shall not be questioned; WE, are the owners here!


          In summary:

           You are standing at the door of this lawsuit, whether you choose to go through it or not, is entirely up to you.

          I, for my part: do hereby inform you/ that it is NOT my desire to participate: due to the cause and consequences found in the sites I do provide for public information linked through  The ability to change humanity as needed to survive the threats against our lives and our world;  is now extremely limited. Consequently, I will be forced/ or it shall not be.  There is no purpose in “warring for life;  with a humanity that refuses the evidence/ or demands to die”.  There is a great deal of fight left within me; but it has no purpose alone.  Forty years of fighting prove it is worthless.

          Nonetheless, I will participate if forced to defend myself.  Your choice, in going for court or collection is:  at that point, reality divides this trial in one direction or the other.

            It will be a legal battle for justice: which denies each of us, a single penny for the courtroom battle including lawyer fees.  A determination: Which must be stated up front of all further litigation.

          It will be: A reality combining legal and judicial elements with the participation of litigants for the purpose of a realistic society, complete with decisions that will construct the purpose of peace and harmony in medicine for all of society.  As best we can through law regarding financial distribution, which will prove, FAIR to all.


          The alternative:

          Your battle for power and greed, “I am a god/ who cannot be denied anything”.  Against my legal demand for justice and rights; as is assigned by the words:  “FAIR play”.  Will include the cost of    $.03 cents per second, for my time.  That is The price you have set, as legitimate for your work.  Therefore it is now the price I set for the work you demand of me! Plus legal fees/ court costs associated with my defense, etc.  As you set the risk and establish a financial demand of me/ so I will demand of you.


           This, if it is YOUR decision establishes a legal war against me, fully intended:  to do damage/ therefore the same will be true for you. The debt begins/ “the clock is ticking”; the contract is signed:   At the first sign of a collective action. Any other form of disrespect or litigation against me, and continues unabated “sleeping or not”................: just like you have charged me. 

          I have no desire for the money/ but if you insist upon threatening everything I financially have or will have:   it becomes deserved, particularly through the developments of appeal.

           I will warn you: I have limited means, and even though an inheritance exists at some point; I do expect, even if you win/ you will lose money..


           THAT FACT 179 SE 2d 138, 141 precludes a fair hearing/ as the corruption of the courtroom is potentially grievous to either or both sides. The conspiracy of lawyers to control their power to collect unwarranted and grossly disproportionate billing is a true rebellion against democracy itself/ with the intent to destroy justice for society. A reality chosen and perpetrated against us all, by the legal profession. A definition of “legalized rape/ thievery/ and rebellion against the USA; by our courts.  Which does include the judiciary.  They have grievously corrupted themselves, with criminal conduct/ and the substance of anarchy: as the constitution itself has been proven to be “legally silent” in every courtroom in this land.  As the weight of the evidence does prove, without the slightest room for doubt. Throughout the cases presented by James Frank Osterbur.

          FAIR USE of a courtroom, for the presentation of democracy, the rights of an individual, the responsibilities sworn too, by our employees.  And the foundations of threats which literally PROVE: WE CANNOT BE WRONG/ or this world will die, in horrific ways; in the very near future.   IS, the appropriate exercise of a legal right/ and a fundamental DUTY:   TO INFORM the public, and let them decide.  In such matters as is the expected ignition of the same fire as is on the sun/ here on this earth: soon.  A ten million degree fire/ that if it does not extinguish itself: destroys us all.  A machine currently working/ and a BIGGER machine coming this summer 2015: when combined, equals 3 million of the largest lightning bolts possible, all striking the same point in space at the same time.  Just one of these lasers, with an energy output said to be one billion times one billion watts: or 10, to the eighteenth power.  Is in all probability enough to ignite a fire we cannot put out.  A fire that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel/ which means everything here is fuel.  A fire that will eject our entire atmosphere, in less than forty days.  A fire that your “university diplomas’” say: will extinguish itself/ because they say, “not enough gravity here to hold the fire down to this earth”.  It is a one time experiment, when ignition occurs; we ALL either live or die.  WRONG, is a dead world.  Every single life!

          Nonetheless, “you can’t fix stupid/ right”!  So the world is lost, including you.  It is not even insane, “its too egregious for that”.  Which must mean: then its satanic, because that is all that is left to describe an abomination so diseased with arrogance, that a tiny few people can gamble with our entire planet/ with every life on earth.   And that is just the most extreme threat, there are many more.  Only a cult, would believe;   go ahead, bow down and kiss your life goodbye.  What could go wrong?


          To play with you for life/ or fight with you for a future that does not exist: can only be considered “foolish”. LIFE deserves a battleground!  However the verdict on that is not yet made, and can extend for months/ whether I pay, to end your game of delusions and greed.  With payment of your ransom.  Or push you hard, on every single word/ demanding   FAIR AND JUSTIFIED.


          The public, has proven to be dead; having sold their hearts to trophies, trinkets, and toys. Their very soul (your connection with life itself inside)/ for arrogance, apathy, hatred, and anything the “university diploma says, or demands”.   I have NO RESPECT for that.  Even though your threats have massacred the children/ by destroying even the possibility of a future today;   are they not going to be the same as you?


          I have no expectation of “justice” within a courtroom.  But that does NOT mean: “I will play dead”. Or be treated with contempt without a true legal and media fight.  Not a war, because you are not worth my time. Humanity has chosen death for this planet, by apathy, arrogance, delusion, lies, thievery, and a long list of everything BUT VALUE FOR LIFE.  To your shame.  Go ahead dig your grave/ cower in fear/ or believe you can be god;   a ten million degree fire will prove you wrong.  The mutilation of nature will prove you wrong.  The end of resources will prove you wrong.  Even the lying, cheating, and thievery of a diploma, has only begun to reveal its terrorism: war/ cannibalism/ violence/ and all forms of hate are coming:   “ITS GUARANTEED”.


          Because that, is what humanity under the leadership of a university diploma:       CHOSE.   AND ALL THE PEOPLE FOLLOWED, because they are your gods;   “Can’t be wrong/ the university knows everything”.  Ain’t that so?


Added on this date 2/26/15; after the mailing above, has been sent.


          THIS, IS HOW IT WILL BE:   unless forced beforehand, and that is unlikely/ I will pay the ten percent as demanded per month for this billing: UNDER PROTEST.   Because this world is so badly threatened, and so clearly near its end/ that anything else is simply STUPID. Which does leave the decision of going to court, to a future date/ let no one tell you otherwise.  By the tenth of the month of March. 

          Until it is clear, that you the people of this USA, this community or state;   SHALL OR SHALL NOT participate in the trial to demand financial reality, and literal democracy according to the constitution as established in the potential trial above.  You will do that, by either hiring lawyers to defend you in this trial/ by providing relief against poverty for me; because of a corrupt courtroomThis account can be set aside for that purpose. But you will also provide the necessary “website costs” associated with this work; and that does include all sites used to instruct you, in threats and life.

              OR, by providing the court through me with your legal petitions signed and sealed, to demand CLASS ACTION SUIT against unfair financial practice in any and all medical matters of business and health.

          THIS DECISION, is left entirely up to your PUBLIC PARTICIPATION.  It holds no value or purpose to me; unless you prove it has value to you.

          All further information about this decision, will be found at  As that is the site used to elevate and create the legal demand, by trial (US supreme court11-100 & 08-1339):  redress of grievances, a first amendment law.  Corrupted by the clerk of the court dismissing both, - a treasonous, as well as illegal act!

          Use, either the chatroom 1 here for organizing, etc/ or use these other more common links; but do something if you want change! Find a way!





       How, did we pay for current costs! “etc”?

Add reality has a list and federal reserve #1 & #2 & #3

       Then ask yourself: if nothing but a few forced pennies, have been spent on infrastructure for the future of this nation over the last fifty years.  WHO took, or spent the money on fantasy or their delusions?  The answer is, “every university diploma” that became “our leaders”.


          Money is not the “root of all evil”/ it is merely, the trophy dedicated to all the games, but lust; that men play.  Nonetheless, being the prize (we want this) worshiped by men;  DOES make it the very essence of why most men do the things they do.  Women play too, but it is a very different game/ unless they become convinced: they can be “male” too. Then its just a different disguise, because want controls both.

          Today, the tragedy is: threats which include our entire planet being ignited just like the sun/ nature destroyed through genetic mutilation/ resources gone, leaving both life, and the children nothing.  Massive extinction will soon accelerate, all around us/ with only war, literally to end all wars: what is left/ along with cannibalism.  The games people play are simply not enough: for life to survive, “your time/ this time”, on earth!  Think about that for a minute, if you dare.  Wrong, is a dead world.  Remembering:   Things like, “a billion motors” consuming more oxygen for fire, alone/ than this entire planet produces, CANNOT have a “good ending”. You can and do understand that!  Just how it is/ either change and fight for life on this planet to survive, or accept its conclusion shall soon be: hell on earth!  No more excuses, “its time to grow up”!

A review of medicine


          we begin with the simple truth: everybody can get sick/ it is not a matter of health, it is a reality of disciplines that fundamentally are designed to keep the human population from getting out of control.  Thereby balancing nature for the good of all life!  That, having been defeated by antibiotics, and facing a population growth that is functionally going to destroy us all from this earth: simply means, the opportunities to get sick are even greater now, than ever before.  Because antibiotics also breed stronger disease, and will soon be ineffective, and unavailable.  The reality is that vaccines are another major player in human population growth, as is clearly proven true. The reality is: as an adult, you will go to the hospital if sick enough/ because it is better than the alternative. Particularly if you don’t die from the sickness/ because then you may be required to live with a body that no longer functions well.  Therefore excuses do fail, when options explain:  NO DOCTOR heals.  Instead the body heals itself, when given the opportunity to do so.  When, Realities exist that do not allow for that healing to occur/ an intervention helps, or we die. It is little different than repairing the house, “when a window is broken out or the roof leaks, furnace doesn’t work, no water, etc”.  All of which are an aid similar too, “what a doctor might do for you”.  It is just a job; every single one. Since no human remembers “30 years of schooling (passed the damn test, now forgotten forever)”/ that intent to control the competition is irrelevant, and useless to the work being done. Instead it controls the price.  Nonetheless, it should be remembered throughout society: vaccines have kept many millions of children alive/ that would have died.  It is a known fact/ be it good or bad for the world; every family will demand “its good”, for a reason.  The problem is: regardless of over population/ that genetic elements and environmental exposures can and do create in a tiny population consequences unforseen.  The result being for that tiny few, complications unknown by the rest. This too is simply the results of a dynamic genetic response, rather than an isolated everyone must be the same reality. Vaccines are “a savior” for countless millions; simple and plain.  Vaccines for the tiny few, can be minimized by smaller single injections, over time; so that any real cause and effect can be determined with the most likely means to intervene if possible.  The story of vaccines are simple: if we returned to the past, when these diseases were prevalent: NO ONE would argue the need.


Which brings us again: TO THE MEDICAL BILLING, for work done.


          Having entered the closest hospital to me, in Dec 2014/ I then received surgery for gall bladder removal 3-4 days later.  That billing begins at $45,143.78. A review of the itemized billing comes later.

          The ransom insurance paid for hospitalization was $369.10 per month/ now $391.24 ($4,694.88 per year) for an insurance plan with $7500.00 deductible.  “Nobody buys hospitalization insurance”/ we buy extortion protection: as determined by the level of true services received; and the consequent pricing, as seen above/ by hospital administration and others. “The body kidnaps you when ill/ the cost to be set free if possible: becomes exorbitantly high.”  Insurance adds to the cost of healthcare.

          The two surgeons and anaesthesiologist did a good job. Approximately 2 hours per each/ plus cleanup & various non-professional staff for before and after surgery another 2 man hours. One hour in recovery room, back to hospital room. Roughly 8 man hours. As did the hospital staff, a good job. They were attentive but not overwhelming by any means. No complaints are registered to or against the staff.

`        The emergency room “not so much”/ as they didn’t have 2 minutes to attend to me after putting me in a room.  To become comfortable “relatively speaking”/ I did use the button to call them, 3 times, within ten minutes (blanket/ water/ question): they then took it away.  If they had taken five to ten minutes from the beginning; to listen to my complaint that would not have been necessary.  No desire to significantly help/ even at astronomical prices. But alas, “I am not pretty/ or expensively dressed” and we all know it makes a difference; admit it or not.  Nonetheless, I received dye and a ct scan.  Total time spent by staff on my behalf in ER, roughly 2 man hours (cleanup/ reading scan/ take to room/ etc). Billing an assumed one man hour.

          the staff within the hospital heard my complaint: that my ears cannot take the noise in this room, and did their best to quiet that noise until I could.  My thanks/ still noisy but tolerable!  I have tinnitus.

           My treatment was: several laboratory tests to see if the chemical imbalance created by the medical condition had calmed down.  No food or liquid for 3 days; thereby the exchange of intravenous fluids bottles about every one a day.  Had a morphine button, used it little.  Received little more.  Nonetheless, they did invest roughly 8-10 man hours of individual time with me including food service. 

           That gives us 6 hours surgery time/ surgery assistance 2 man hours/  plus laboratory work; roughly totaling 2 man hours altogether/ plus an x-ray “two people; plus developing” 1 hour./  Plus ER  2 man hours.  Plus 9 hours hospital.  All considered professional apart from cleanup, and that too has risks so it should be considered more than “simple”.  An approximate 24 man hours used entirely for me.  Lets assume a twenty percent error possibility, and make the entire labor spent on my behalf at not over 29 man hours.

          So lets be generous and provide $100.00 per hour for all human intervention: an equivalent of $200,000.00 per year for a forty hour week.  Giving us a maximum potential cost of $2900.00 for work involved in my treatment: gall bladder removed.


          That is not “everything”; as there is a building to pay for/ heat/ maintenance/ tools/ parking/ medicines/ waste.  Advertizing is not essential for any hospital, as the public knows you are here. Regardless, costs common to the room and areas associated with an individual patient, can be assessed as follows.  Maintenance of the building, including cleanup, parking, waste, and various levels of depreciation which does include beds and other general materials over a fifty year life span.  The time when, these types of facilities begin to affect public participation in the business: would be assessed at not more than one hundred dollars, per patient (less than one week). 

          Medicines involved were minimal, and cheap to procure for the hospital, at their cost including gowns etc; not over $300.00.  That leaves us with tools: surgical necessities , ct scanner, x-ray machine, accounting, and how they depreciate over time/ compared to use and money generated. 

          A sixteen slice scanner will cost between $95,000-$165,000 installed with a “first scan” warranty. Your manufacture preference is a key component. While popularity can be disputed to all hours of the night - GE, Siemens, Philips, and Toshiba are without a doubt the major players in the CT scanner market today.Jan 9, 2014

          Manufactured by Dynarad new cost at $23,000.00 ea buy 1 on this auction. Could be more.

          Lab testing equipment: unknown, expecting roughly $30,000.00 for this, but probably closer to $3,000.00 used continuously.

          Let us suppose that the tools needed by anaesthesiologist, and tools needed to cut, sew, and remove the gall bladder by disconnecting it from body tissues: add up to $10,000.00

          added up: $230,000.00 of tools/ to be used over an expected lifetime of twenty years:   with add ons, improvements, and maintenance another $20,000.00 bringing the grand total to $250,000.00 at most.  The ct scanner was used for about ten minutes at most/ results within another twenty: 2 people directly involved.   That gives the usage provided by the tool at not more than 3 per hour.  Over a twenty four hour period, that equals 72 patients per day/ in all probability not over ten-twenty patients per day on average.  At ten patients per day, everyday for twenty years that equals 73,000 patients.  Or $3.42 per patient for that twenty years.  But money is invested, and must earn its way back to profit: so lets make the tools necessary for surgery and imaging “$6.84" per patient.  Doubling your money.

          Costs then of tools and building per patient range from about $406.00/ to $500.00 maximum.  Or with everyone involved making one hundred dollars per hour, including actual costs for materials and building: the cost of the operation would be within $3400.00

          that means: everything beyond this price isadministrative”.


Carle in dispute: OFFERS, this itemized billing (Doctor, Hospital).  One simple recognizable cost included therein:  is $5.10 per tablet of tylenol (acetaminophen) at 350 mg.  Same you get at drugstore in bottle of one hundred.  And I DO NOT remember at any time, for any cause taking any pills whatsoever. I also have secura ointment (for the treatment of incontinence) a condition I do not have “leftover stuff taken home”.


looking at healthcare in America. 

A COST of $3.8 trillion dollars = $38,000.00 per each of one hundred million people.  Reminding you: that only workers pay the bill.  There are about one hundred million real and full time workers in America.  Take the unemployment numbers and work backward by percentages.


          The common DEMAND by medicine is: “everything is expensive” because of those who cannot pay!  Claiming the poor, “they are the problem”/ even though they are functionally slaves, and actually pay for everything done in society, that realistically is described as work. Making medicine both blessing and curse, to the poor and middle class. For every one individual actually helped, where they would not have been ok anyway: in all probability, there are ten badly injured by the financial trauma of billing that was completely unfair.  Causing significant or un-repairable damage in the family itself.  A reality that also extends to experiments, & the consequences of simply being wrong. As all doctors and facilities are from time to time; wrong. Can’t get a second opinion, “it just plain costs too much”/ so the people believe the doctor, can’t pay for anything else. Many pay with their bodies instead, and lose far more than they know; as is consistent with the fact we are the most prescription drug ridden society on earth.  “Got, to go back (listen to the doctor) & pay more/ don’t you understand, “I might die”?  Don’t ask/ don’t tell; just believe, or there is fear!

          Alternately:  If you want to do your work/ enjoy doing it/ worked in school or other so you could do it:   then the job isn’t really work. Its your life/ rather than your need. When you don’t want to do it/ but absolutely must, whether paid properly or not: THEN its work.  So the poor literally do all the work/ and the rest complain about how they don’t get enough attention or rewards. Medicine offers: WE SAVE YOUR LIFE.  While alternately, in slightly less dramatic ways, the rest of us save their lives; because without us, “YOU don’t eat, drink, work, have shelter, a shower, transportation, or anything else”.  The university offers:   WE ARE “your gods”/ can’t live without us; thereby we are special.  While alternately, the common refrain among all who attend is, “best years of my life”/ while the rest simply struggle to survive, and look forward to “work” for the next fifty years, without substantial reward.  Because even if you save your whole life, one tiny trip to the hospital will bankrupt the vast majority.  The new push for insurance to prevent that, is just another attempt to get more from the slaves of society.  By making them pay, the last little bit of freedom they have; for a billing they will never financially survive; unless they are beaten down to having nothing at all.  In which case the street is waiting soon: because even if the rich pay for your hospital bill; reality says, your body is no longer working/ and that means, you get nothing.

          The reality of university also proves: it is the doctor as well that becomes a slave/ along with most graduates.  Because a college degree no longer guarantees “we are going to be rich”/ as it did in Reagan days;  when the bank was opened/ and the thieves poured in; while media swooped in for “theirs too”.  Today, with competition excessive: you get to be poor instead.  Collecting debts which cannot be excused, “because the university controls government”.  Which means you get to be their slave as well/ regardless of any real benefit to you.  A situation that badly needs correction.  A reality that must be linked entirely: to you get a percentage of income/ WHEN it is proven the education provided me this income, therefore it is fair.



           Even so, we divide the reality of medicine into two distinct categories: is any or every human life worth the price & what is FAIR, when your personal life is at stake, and someone holds something of value to you, a need/  for ransom?

          Those with little power demand “every life is worth the price/ because they don’t expect to pay: but do intend to receive”.  While those with too much power demand: “I am NOT responsible for every other human being on this planet”.  Simple as that! Even though you share nothing, and extreme wealth nearly always indicates:   you stole their possessions, by refusing to be fair.

          Having demanded for years that the cost must be a percentage of income: that decides what is fair/ consistent with a fair analysis of assets, when necessary.  Is being done in tiny bits: but without what is fair and justified for the benefit of society/ rather than the benefit of “administrative purposes”.

          Fair play includes:   PLUS a foundation change in medicine whereby MORE doctors are graduated in this nation, page 9-10 on study: bottom two lines in graph. (page 15 in view)/ than in 1970 as is the current state.  PLUS taking over pharmaceuticals and all patents  Page 4 chart ; (paying the patent holder fairly)/ and letting competitive business then set the price, so long as consistent quality is upheld.  PLUS taking over buildings and potentially tools to become “public owned” again; as greed is clearly destructive.  The need to address end of life issues and realities must also be developed: because too much is NOT acceptable.


          In the past CARLE offered a discounted price for those who could not afford their pricing/ based upon a percentage of income.  They did that about one month or so after taking them to court regarding a billing that just kept on coming.  I don’t remember where that trial is on site/ it is possible that one was not posted at the time.

          Cause existed as:   It began as a carle outsite stop/ then emergency room by ambulance, visit: due to mold inhalation.  NOTE: mold is more dangerous the day after it is killed/ than the day before. All the spores are loose; but I was busy, and didn’t want to wait. $5,000.00 or so later, and nearly dying from asphyxiation:  I waited a week more, to begin again. 

           Their work for me was providing a bottle of oxygen which brought me back to life in about 20 minutes, prior to entering the emergency room.  They believed it was a heart attack/ and had I gone there directly, I am quite sure, instead of just oxygen:  it would have been treated as a heart attack “with all the trimmings”.  Because mold did not enter their mind.  Reduced oxygen in the blood, looks exactly like a heart that is not functioning/ is dying.  Because without the oxygen the heart slows all function, to the point where oxygen and metabolism can function with what it has.  I walked out of the emergency room within an hour/ no treatment had.

          Nonetheless the court fight was about billing/ a demand sickness is not a planned expense, and does require a percentage of income to be fair, to us all.  The court as always protected power, and refused to let the case continue to trial.  That is constant/ unless you bring a crowd. The judge and I knew each other by trial previously; added in, a major water threat, by poisoning coming; just to prove;   Still no reply for society.

           Carle then publically advertized or declared basically what I demanded; the price should be a percentage of income.  And raised their prices massively, to bilk the rich/ and thereby pay for the poor.  Further Demanding, that I should never come back/ unless in emergency!  Reduced pricing for the poor is fair:   but, that drew in people from outside the area, who wanted “fair pricing/ or pay nothing”; and there are many. I am unaware just how much “good” they did/ how much more they made from the massive increases.  Nonetheless, That then became the resultant below: “let the government pay: counterfeit more”.  With a little relief, and all greed: for a tiny few, in all probability. 


          Carle “fair play” has become this. good/ bad/ or indifferent.


          It should be noted: I am again and again warned, NEVER take the hospital or doctors to trial as they may not treat you in an emergency.  THEY CAN let you die, if in need. They can also be charged with criminal negligence; assault and battery, when in possession of the tools and understanding the need is life or death, “by your hand”. Sued, if I survive; put up to public scrutiny and their reputation ruined [nope proven NOT a value to society in that event];  and so on.  Hopefully not.

            I remind all, the failure to stand up for basic rights and justice to all/ reasonable treatment as an equal.  Constructs  cowardice, and turns government and society;  from “we the people”:   into anarchy, rebellion, corruption, traitorous acts, treason, and terrorism/ because pride is always corrupt, and seeks MORE.  As in the proven case of lies, cheating, betrayal, thievery and more in accounting for the inflation of currency; year to year.

          I choose: live or die, to fight for reality by its own definitions of truth and justice: period.  Regardless, these will not be taken to court, because without a crowd/ there is no purpose.  That means: it is entirely up- to you.




          Regarding this bill, as a personal decision of mine:   it is reasonable and realistic for me to pay $500.00 per month until the sum total is paid in full.

           That is all you get, UNLESS:   this organization known as CARLE, is willing to send to me, a clear and legally identified definition of exactly how the charges are made regarding this billing.  Where does the price of $2, 450.00 per day for a semi private room come from/ as well as any and all other pricing: as applied to “JUSTIFY THIS AMOUNT”.   If you do that to my satisfaction (legally worthy; whether I agree or not); I will increase the amount paid per month to the asked 10% per month. $975.55

          if you refuse to accept either offer/ then take me to court!  If however you refuse and remove me to collections: I will sue you for harassment, and assume libel has been made.  You are free to make a counter offer; but it is not likely to be accepted/ unless you choose to reduce the rate by 25% as would be given to those without insurance.

                                      James Frank Osterbur.



          Regarding the law itself; we consider the following. 

1.  The medical monopoly constricts the medical trade by limiting the graduation rate and placement of doctors and others/ thereby controlling the supply.  Therefrom controlling the price.

2.  The medical monopoly constructs NO MEANS OF legitimate  NEGOTIATION/ wherein a body that has been attacked: can then find equal footing in any contractual demand. It does not exist.  The medical professional or institution holds all the power.

3.  No substantial means of assessing the legal or financial situation of a patient exists: because reality of pain and consequences for delaying treatment is both unwise and expensive, making it impossible for the poor and middle class,  to access any other opportunity or choice.

4.  This is not a planned expense for the patient/ he or she has had no choice: because none chooses to get sick or be involved in an accident. Thereby ANY assumption of equal footing in regards to a billing is in error, and does not exist.

5.  The hospitals can and do restrict access to doctors, by refusing operating rooms, etc.  They control the labor, and pricing available to the patient.

6.  The language used in all documentation is intended to be vague and disguised by the words used; that have no common description among the people themselves.  Thereby a contract that is dependent upon only one side being able to decipher the content:   due to that foreign language is not a contract at all. IS illegal, And should not be.

7.  The construction of pricing that is NOT assailable by the common understanding of the prices charged in regard to their actual costs in a free and competitive market: IS UNFAIR.  These medical billings are NOT SUBJECT to prior review, and as such need to be visible in their entirety and defined by clear market forces rather than anything the medical party wants.  Without prior, simple, unrestrained (impossible with pain), review of the costs involved before the contract is entered into:   there are NO LEGAL RIGHTS, to simply charge anything you want.

8.  Any and every assertion of “non-profit” is assigned to the reality of what is taken by those in command of the non-profit.  Non-profit should  mean: that those who operate this facility, and use this purpose to claim they are doing for society rather than themselves.  CANNOT justify this claim unless the people working therein or are in any way connected to the actual money involved are NOT taking more than the average salary for their area; all people involved.


9.  With regard to any and all people who might wish to entertain the idea we can legally as a nation or state demand that realistic justice with regard to medical billing MUST exist.  Thereby we the people will demand a class action lawsuit to be filed within the court.  So that the various means of legally establishing FAIR PLAY in medicine should commence.  You may petition yourselves {gather signatures for the purposes of demanding trial must occur} to participate, and pay/ creating everything you need in that process: which includes finding a lawyer, “which I am not”.  You may talk to your leaders or employees of government; demanding fair play.  Which they will not give you/ because this is “where the big money hides”/ and it is political suicide. They will however sacrifice a few for you.

            I will participate with you, going to court with you in this potential case: simply standing up for you.  With your assistance and your payment and your lawyers WITH YOUR court costs involved, as your debt not mine.  It will be a case that legally tests the 8 definitions above, and how they apply to the laws already in existence below.  Perhaps more, as this is preliminary!  It will Not be a case for money; you can do that later.  This with my help, is a case for legal rights and equal standing: demanding legitimate proven “price per hour of work done”; and all materials at cost of production plus not over 100% markup/ from the point of manufacture, to the patient hand. Public ownership of tools, building, maintenance, other; as   “Bid work”/ to be decided by the public themselves.

          Any further Costs;  as to whatever comes up in accordance with a serious look at the legal battle to come; is yours.  As well as presenting  MORE law when that seems realistic; are for lawyers and you.  I have been to court; without a crowd, there is no purpose in that.

           I have also been illegally removed from filing in both federal and state courts:   because the judiciary is tired of proving their own corruption, conspiracy and collusion to deny democracy and justice.  You must work for yourselves, from this point forward. 


This is your beginning!


           The Sherman anti trust act is summed up by “ the Act further prohibits monopolization or attempts at monopolizing any aspect of interstate trade or commerce and makes the act a felony.”


 Clayton Antitrust Act


Clayton Antitrust Act, 1914, passed by the U.S. Congress as an amendment to clarify and supplement the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. It was drafted by Henry De Lamar Clayton. The act prohibited exclusive sales contracts, local price cutting to freeze out competitors, rebates, interlocking directorates in corporations capitalized at $1 million or more in the same field of business, and intercorporate stock holdings. Labor unions and agricultural cooperatives were excluded from the forbidden combinations in the restraint of trade. The act restricted the use of the injunction against labor, and it legalized peaceful strikes, picketing, and boycotts. It declared that "the labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce." Organized labor was as heartened by the act as it had been dejected by the doctrine of the Danbury Hatters' Case, but subsequent judicial construction weakened the act's labor provisions. The Clayton Antitrust Act was the basis for a great many important and much-publicized suits against large corporations. Later amendments to the act strengthened its provisions against unfair price cutting (1936) and intercorporate stock holdings (1950).

Read more: Clayton Antitrust Act


Restraint of Trade

Contracts or combinations that tend, or are designed, to eliminate or stifle competition, create a Monopoly, artificially maintain prices, or otherwise hamper or obstruct the course of trade as it would be carried on if it were left to the control of natural economic forces.

As used in the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (15 U.S.C.A. § 1 et seq.), unreasonable restraints of trade are illegal per se and interfere with free competition in business and commercial transactions. Such restraint tends to restrict production, affect prices, or otherwise control the market to the detriment of purchasers or consumers of goods and services. A restraint of trade that is ordinarily reasonable can be rendered unreasonable if it is accompanied by a Specific Intent to achieve the equivalent of a forbidden restraint.


Combination in Restraint of Trade

An illegal compact between two or more persons to unjustly restrict competition and monopolize commerce in goods or services by controlling their production, distribution, and price or through other unlawful means.

Such combinations—whether in the form of a contract, holding company, or other association—are prohibited by the provisions of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and other antitrust acts.



An economic advantage held by one or more persons or companies deriving from the exclusive power to carry on a particular business or trade or to manufacture and sell a particular item, thereby suppressing competition and allowing such persons or companies to raise the price of a product or service substantially above the price that would be established by a free market.

In a monopoly, one or more persons or companies totally dominates an economic market. Monopolies may exist in a particular industry if a company controls a major natural resource, produces (even at a reasonable price) all of the output of a product or service because of technological superiority (called a natural monopoly), holds a patent on a product or process of production, or is otherwise granted government permission to be the sole producer of a product or service in a given area.

U.S. law generally views monopolies as harmful because they obstruct the channels of free competition that determine the price and quality of products and services that are offered to the public. The owners of a monopoly have the power, as a group, to set prices, to exclude competitors, and to control the market in the relevant geographic area. U.S. antitrust laws prohibit monopolies and any other practices that unduly restrain competitive trade. These laws are based on the belief that equality of opportunity in the marketplace and the free interactions of competitive forces result in the best allocation of the economic resources of the nation. Moreover, it is assumed that competition enhances material progress in production and technology while preserving democratic, political, and social institutions.


Of some interest  Workers compensation fee schedule.  There are no legal laws, restricting the communication of information regarding public welfare, and justice.


Legal certainty

          it is very important to ensure the protection of personal constitutional rights and guarantee the security of legitimate expectations, legal certainty and other essential principles.

As a general principle,  law:    means that the law must be certain, in that it is clear and precise, and its legal implications foreseeable, especially when applied to financial obligations. Law must be worded so that it is clearly understandable by those who are subject to the law.

In European Union law the general principle of legal certainty prohibits retroactive laws, i.e. laws should not take effect before they are published. The general principle also requires that sufficient information must be made public to enable parties to know what the law is and comply with it.

          Or, in the case of medical costs whereby neither party is allowed the luxury of “sufficient information”: so that all costs are known prior to the contract.  Justice becomes the legal certainty, that I have rights to advocate and provide structured defenses for myself, in terms of financial obligations unforeseen; by any and all of the general public.



          In other development of medical issues: something useful from me exists:    carpel tunnel syndrome can be mediated effectively by “sitting on the palms of your hands/ or laying down, hands underneath your ass: hands down” so the tendons that are causing the problem are then stretched back the other way.  I have used that effectively;   takes about fifteen minutes, or several times for a few minutes;  to make things go back to normal.  An ergonomic keyboard really does help, at least me.                              



POWER is the possibility to change society; because you can control “the government/ the economy/ and the freedoms, responsibility, and respect: for
life”; as a democracy.

The element of life and society most conducive to the masses, for either happiness and hope/ or depression and sadness or worse; is a job, with realistic or better, pay.
In contrast to the development of humanity in peace and harmony; are the constant demands, and competition for: “MINE, MINE, MINE; AND I WANT MORE”/ to hell with you.
Every person with few exceptions, once finding hope, happiness, and respect all say: “now its mine, mine, mine, and I want more TOO”. Leaving the rest behind.
In a world of 3 billion people nature provided, and the world could survive. In a world nearing 8 billion people: we all face starvation/ we all face threats of extermination from this planet, by “a thousand” different realities, and failures. Because we are too many people for nature itself to survive. As we are!

We begin with the sheer competition of men, understanding simply: to get more, requires more resources to be used. At the current scale of deprivation, destruction, and absolute carelessness: the future for every child is dead. Not a game/ even your garbage dumps will not be enough to sustain them soon. It is to your absolute and extreme shame: that you reduce their future to digging through your garbage/ to the realities time ends soon, because of your fantasy and failure. The delusions of making the university your god. Shame on you, forever. sacrificing your own children, for what: just to throw your trophies of trash in the garbage, is reality!
We understand simply as is the lesson of immigration in America: once the immigrant becomes too powerful to deny/ they will commit genocide in order to take control: DEMANDING MORE. Or the citizens of the day will commit genocide to take control over the immigrant and demand: no more of this, ITS MINE. Ask the American Indian, if this is not so.
We recognize in American history; that any people who can be differentiated from the rest/ can be attacked, ridiculed, and thereby reduced to less; because the rest want more.
We know from the recent American past: that when pushed to provide relief to those in need, every other who can shall try to get that same relief/ whether they deserve it or not. An example is: government assistance, particularly for children/ which then becomes the excuse to remove the family (discarding male parenting), so they can get more money. Having more children, so they can get more money. Destroying the foundation for their futures, by failing participation as a family; to protect, befriend, share, educate, and boost each other up in society itself. As is the case in every family or race of people in society: the parents raise the child/ even when they have their own children. Because the years of sacrifice mean they can, and the children have value. Very few gain more, without the assistance of family; without sharing among each other. Without choosing for each other, above and beyond the rest. Where competition demands: “its you or me/ mine or yours”/ with extremely small exceptions, “the answer is always me or mine”. Is that not so?

So then we come to a job, which is always dependent upon natural resources. Because without them, we have nothing to work with/ even if you can. Therefore the entire future of the human race is dependent upon those same resources/ and life, will be exterminated: UNLESS WE CARE about the future itself. Rather than just plain selfishness and greed “for me”. Failure is assassination and genocide, of every child/ regardless of color, etc.
That reality demands a decision which people absolutely refuse to make: BECAUSE IT MEANS, “YOU cannot continue to have more; of resources, without death of a child”. Or the reality more simply is: kill your own child/ or stop yourself from murder! A fact, and its reality; that faces us all!

Therefore the question of our future is NOT: “How much more can you get”. Rather it is HOW BEST can we choose to live with each other in this very crowded world/ so we all don’t die, and even leave time for a few more generations to follow. Before everything is gone/ from the destruction already caused in this day. To your shame.
The answer is: that jobs must be shared. Every human being must care about life first. Those who hate must be separated to destroy themselves; as they surely will, because “its what they do”. Resources must be properly maintained, environments respected and rebuilt, extinction stopped, oceans repaired and cleaned, recycle/ reuse/ rebuild, stop being insane or following those who are. Then redefine life and living in society, to use far less than today. Make choices for the planet and its life. Create a future for your children, and theirs. Stop being stupid, arrogant, apathetic, delusional, satanic (at war with life itself/ inside)/ etc.
To do that requires a different frame of mind than what male leadership can achieve/ because thousands of years in male leadership and their followers: have chosen to play games as their solution to competition. Life is not a game/ a reality men must learn.
Requires a different frame of mind than what male leadership can achieve/ because thousands of years in male leadership and their followers: because competition always leads to war/ and then men choose to do something even more heinous to the others, than they did to us: because that is suppose to be a warning “don’t attack us, we are evil”. Even though after thousands of years, and war after war; with evidence. Instead of a deterrent, these actions simply lead to more violence, and sadistic revenge. MEN DON’T LEARN, how is that not so? Men do manipulate as in the current “carrot on a stick” reality of: come, let us reduce your debt, your tax, or more clearly: whatever it takes to keep you working as a slave. Cause we don’t want to work, and its all counterfeit anyway.
The critical question is: HOW do we create hope and happiness in a world that does not compete/ but chooses to share and care about life?
The answer is: the balance between men and women in love, CAN solve every issue that falls as a decision within the boundaries of society. That requires a much better relationship between men and women than has ever been achieved before on a massive scale. That requires a different outlook, and a foundational change; reshaping society itself. That requires the possibilities of what women might achieve if they were allowed to try/ BECAUSE WE KNOW, after thousands of years, “men can’t do it”. They compete, or become lazy/ they play games, or seek revenge/ they want trophies, or become sullen and aggressive/ they will murder instead of searching for peace; because pride says, it is easier than saying “I lost”. As has been proven in time.

The question of women is: CAN THEY BALANCE HUMAN LIFE? With their own wants, needs, and demands; realistic or not. Probably not; but they are the last resort before we die as a planet/ and they DO absolutely {no question about it} deserve the chance to try. Simply because RESPECT demands that, as the least men can do; before their own decisions exterminate us all. So says the evidence of life and planet/ by the threats university and men have chose to make.

The very first part of this process; is to recognize and prove what is, or is not a true threat of extinction. To understand, what it honestly means, “to be WRONG”/ by the decisions both university and the leadership of men have made. That requires an investigation/ but it also requires a moratorium (STOP-until we know the truth) on every possible, no matter how slight it is conceived to be; “threat”.
Required, because no matter what I tell you, no matter what I show you, no matter where the information comes from: the majority will find a way to believe whatever they believe, and accuse me of faking, lying, or cheating the facts. You want an excuse, to believe whatever you want to believe: I am not that excuse/ regardless of what you do.

POWER IS, “the poison of every society”.


          While it is true, that a little poison/ power, CAN be helpful if being overrun/ saving life for better things than war.  It is ALMOST NEVER disciplined with truth, respect, or reality/ but converted into: I win/ you lose.  That is particularly true, in every form of government.  It is the power men crave: “fear me, or fear us”/ I am more than you will ever be!


          So the question is: how do we remove power from controlling life, but retain a small amount for the sake of order in society;  the correction of direction as honestly needed; and evidenced by reality and its truth.  The assembly of rights necessary for freedom and fairness; is consistent with this view of very limited power, so as to sustain liberty, “fairness to all”. The fundamental value of an orderly society conforms to the purpose of happiness through equality and justice for all?  The foundations of life itself, are understood best, when contained by the disciplines of order/ the relationships assembled and assigned by balance/ and the structural integrity of a true desire, a dedicated purpose, and the corrected direction which leads to destiny itself, as an identity created, by you.  Eternal life, is dedicated to the composition: the greater degree of elements (as in unique individual definitions and interactions)/ the more varied, complex, and interesting life itself will be.


          The answer refining power for life,  relies upon three distinct things:   1.  the least possible amount of power, under controlled laws and oath, must control all aspects of governing.  Taking away power of an individual leader, at every possible opportunity.  Because power represents what a few, can then do to all.  Whereas being human says: I HAVE a right, to decide for myself.   2.  The essence of every law is: that the truth decides the purpose, of what this must be/ neither you or I have a say; if our truth, our desire, and our reality:  is for justice and life.   3.   The elemental respect for every living thing, is the governing reality of equality, happiness, hope, and survival by design.  Without respect we have no nation/ we have no family or friends/ we have no future; and the world is ransacked/ raped/ and ravaged for resource, and against life itself: killing every child.  As is today:  When the “herd, is an easy prey/ the predators multiply”.


          So the question of power itself is: how do we dissolve the herd of humanity, into individuals that cannot be attacked by predators; who do otherwise believe, all are the same?  Herds gather for protection, otherwise it has little value and little cohesion/ just a social thing.  Predators make them congregate/ because an individual alone against a pack of predators or even one with far superior weapons; is going to die. The critical component here is “the weapons”.  Which brings us to humanity itself: and the elements of our reality as humans, that demand we must protect ourselves, from ourselves.  When one group has weapons, and the other does not/ it will be, those without weapons, that lose!  To prevent this, the masses join together to create “governments, by any and all means”: saying to them, we will give you these weapons, so now defend us from the predators.  Individual predators “peek out”/ so the masses join together and form policing agencies: saying to them, we will give you these weapons, so now defend us from the individual predators.  We then create laws for ourselves by whatever method: to construct what it means or does not mean, to be a society joined together as one mass.   Here enters the second form of power.

          Some are better talkers, and liars. Some are better listeners, “a friend”. Some seek to control and manipulate, “an enemy”.  While others want to be left alone: “you have taken too much already”. All want more for “me”, of what I want: be that peace/ happiness/ possessions/ sex/ or whatever!  Thereby the effect of want:   shifts, turns, debilitates, and then destroys society itself/ because selfishness leaves no room for you “everything is me”.  The weapon against want is:  unless reality controls, by establishing truth, deliberately choosing respect and hope for all life/ want will rule.

           Truth keeps us alive.  Truth identifies what will be life and happiness for the future.  Truth seizes the predator, and redefines humanity at all levels of life; by combining happiness with harmony through peace and respect.  Truth constructs laws that work for life.  Truth envelops every potential that is life, as if born in a womb: truth liberates survival into creation.  Truth is a weapon, by which lives will be changed, because it is the opposite and bears no true likeness with   lies.


          We now look at what that means for society itself.  Constructing four distinct elements that must be met in order to survive the onslaught of pride (I win/ you lose) , power (mine, its all mine) , selfishness (you are worthless to me, I want it all), and hatred (assembled as greed: I want what I want/ therefore, I will take yours too).

  1.  JUSTICE is a decision of society, to protect itself by intervening wherever freedom and rights are challenged.  To attain that in fact, requires the assembly of a jury to identify the facts, and retain control over the judgment, through evidence that understands truth.   Each judgment, Thereby requiring:   you shall/ or you shall not, treat us all this way.  That as a reality;  is dead in America/ because the court stole your right to decide what is justice, fair, or equitable treatment. To their shame.  “Its easier” without you interfering!  Isn’t that so; but it is also treason and betrayal to democracy itself.

2.  FAIR is a reality of life, that assembles the path of our decision and identity; belongs only to us/ not your decision, it is mine.  But life itself intermixes with all other participants or inhabitants of an area: therefore we, “the people”;   retain the right to control distinct areas of conflict; to the benefit of the majority.  For the purpose and foundation that is,   freedom for all/ NOT just you.

3.  HAPPY is a discipline in reality and relationships that understands RESPECT comes first.  Then the balance assembled, to create the expressions and experiences most conducive to the value and treasuries that become “our most eloquent displays of self released, through the  moments in life itself”.  Constructs the distance we have achieved, along the path that fills our heart with hope, truth, and love.

4.  COURAGE is; no you can’t just hide or run away from truth/ our reality needs you now.  Courage is, “you cannot simply decide another must do this for you/ it is your own job, because you know”.  Which means simply: to discover, that we are attacked and threatened with violence or extinction means:  no one is excused, we must join together and accept the price of our survival, and our own choices for life, hope, and freedom.  Are now governed by a reality that must be changed, or we all die soon.


          To live life, is to experience and express: “I AM ALIVE”/ as the foundation of your existence; NOT “I win”. That is not done, without truth, love, hope, freedom, and courage.  Consequently the essence of everything alive, & substantively valued, is love shared.  Because without love nothing else matters greatly.  With love as “the heart” which grants you “the purpose and desire of life itself”.  Then even an eternity is not long enough, to assemble all that can be HAPPY, in you.


          Therefore we come to the decision, that divides the future of life on earth:   to search for life itself/ to understand truth decides the future! Or to continue, & retain the foundation of men in control throughout history: which is I WANT, everything I can get.

            Or more simply, our decision for the future is:   to respect the values that give us ALL:     hope, happiness, love, all things expressed as true LIFE (nothing could be more grand); as is governed by the possibilities of JOY.   GRANTED by truth through survival.

           Or, as is today:   to continue on with death and destruction/ guided by a growing hate; & working deliberately, to consume the future, and assassinate every child.

            I do not find this a hard choice/ WHY, do you?

          THE ANSWER is “you want”; therefore nothing truly matters but me! Or, more simply the power, to make you less, is want.  Want is again, the foundation of every lie; “if you don’t want/ then you don’t lie”.


          That brings us, to the deterioration in every form of government/ because the desire for human power searches, and finds its potential in “My” government job or position:   I can touch you/ but you can’t touch me!  We, are an army, with weapons, & “quickly it becomes; us or them”.   Armies are gathered, with bribes or threats.  Bribes are formed either by taking what the others have, to give to those you choose.  This is a small army/ because stealing means,  too many must, and do lose; therefore making society itself unhappy.  Or to solve this dilemma, the power mad, create counterfeit money.  So as to give the disguise of validity, “without a cost”; and thereby reduce or remove the complaints that “this is unfair”.  Its all free, “works every time”.  Thereby;  This is a large army/ because too many are lured into greed (I WILL take theirs too); by its assumption:  I CAN have more/ they cannot stop me: because they gave me numbers, called money”.  Both forms of bribes,  end in war; it was all a lie!  Bringing crime, and other tragedies to life/ with significant damage done to the future of every life.  Power consumes and destroys democracy, justice, fair play, and all forms of value in society, and then life/ but as history proves: it happens every time, a significant bribe exists.  Consequently no form of government can decide anything about money; instead constitutional law must!  Consequently no form of economic system can control business or industry;   only limited capitalism, which means we the people decide the limits and boundaries of what anyone can own or control; thereby sharing with ourselves, the rights, realities, and consequences of this world;  by vote.


          The various realities that will seize national governments, from these armies:   BY LAW; which then can control or redirect our future. Begin and end with the reduction of weapons.  Without fear/ there is little need for weapons. Without want, there is no true method of gaining forces against the others to do them harm. These realities have been detailed on my sites sufficiently to let you understand what the choices for change are. The big things all begin and end with world law, the demand and definitions; from people across this world:   that our leaders shall obey these laws we create, TO CONTROL THEM!  

           Or, more simply:   this is the law by all of us/  for all of us/ by our vote!  As a world. Demanding of every leader, you shall obey/ or there will be punishments!  Consequently it needs no further evaluation, except to say: the method most necessary to completing this task is, organizing your thoughts, and defining your desires, by limiting your purpose to what is most likely TRUE; thereby, to bring peace and happiness, throughout this entire planet, BY LAW, from us all, as we agree:    ENFORCED.


          We then discuss the purposes of power, that are legitimate, and assess the foundation of what is, and what can and should be done through this simple example.  For the big things: taking the weapons away, that endanger our lives rather than protect it: is a clear purpose of human, people power. That cannot be more clearly defined;   than by removing weapons of mass destruction, from leaders; ALL.    Five steps are involved.

1.  To accurately remove the propaganda;  through media and methods similar; such as the internet.  Thereby showing the truth of what these weapons mean;   as a true failure to life and consequent death for us all, even as a world.  That extends to all the horrendous experiments of “a university diploma” as well.

2.  To accurately depict and prove through substantive analysis: the cause and consequence of why NO ONE NATION, OR GROUP OF NATIONS shall be allowed to control these weapons, or in any form keep any such weapon in their arsenal; including the means to make them.  That extends to all personal decisions and the tools necessary to conduct or conceive of horrendous experiments, that threaten our world, our nature, every living future, and our own personal lives.

3.  To assemble and prove, the path to peace and foundation for happiness IS IN FACT DETERMINED BY LAW/ through world acceptance. We are all human/ therefore in this area, we are the same: justice/ equality/ fair play/ happiness/ hope/ respect/ survival/ and truth touch us all!  These are the things:   we the people can accept, & therefrom demand across this entire planet.  That our world belongs to us all: NOT our leaders.  SIMPLE, AND PLAIN.  Everybody deserves this much protection, ENFORCED, AS LAW:  including the planet itself!  Every law, must be Short and without exceptions, or excuses. Create another law, do not allow any law to become contaminated with excuses.  A law is:   “Everybody understands this”!   Because it defines a “common sense truth/ or clear reality that must be protected”.  Common sense means:   REALITY AND LIFE TAUGHT US THIS, because failure and stupidity have a price!

4.  No leaders shall be allowed to hide or deny the laws protecting our planet, are the same as in protecting ourselves.  From those who intend and do prey upon us, for the purposes of hate; we must have law.  That means judgment by law: as in WE THE PEOPLE shall accept that responsibility. TO REMOVE from our lives; every leader that fails, is mandatory; and requires people from every nation to police it.  Finding our solutions in truth, reality, respect, as WE ARE ALL HUMAN FIRST!  Keeps the decisions that form the sanctity of LIFE, COMES FIRST/   protecting the law, from corruption; thereby letting money and power, destroy.   Our future our world, is threatened with extinction. This is no game.

5.   To accomplish these goals; a world court must be formed/ being governed by the law we have created for that purpose.  Nothing hidden, at all times visible/ at all times open for inspection and review by the media and every other form of we the people control.  The nation in trouble, being personally involved shall judge its own leaders; by the law we have established/ in our world court.  It is your lives/ your society/ your leader: let the mercy or punishment be yours!

           UNLESS, the law being tried against your leader affects or threatens us all: then we the world by this law;    shall let that law decide for us, without mercy as needed.  To create the power necessary to enforce this world law:   from every nation, only the best of their people/ with proven courage, shall form the policing arm of our world.  With distinct and real limitations set, to ensure NO ONE from this group, is able to threaten, or organize against us all.  Thereby rules such as, “no one stays in this force longer than four years/ unless “elected by the others to lead”.  No leader stays in this force longer than 8 years; each then forced to retire.  This shall be enforced, because it is necessary: but the retirees shall form an oversight committee, which then reports to the world, how and what the new force is doing .  To accomplish this reality: a world language shall be created using the words & incorporating sign language of  deaf people, as the key.  The purpose is:  simple, straight to the point, plain.  Thereby limiting the confusion of dialect and slang.  We want clarity, certainty, and easy to learn. As a world policing force:  We demand entrance to get any leaders.  We will elect to kill a leader who does not surrender to the law/ if it is unwise, to gather him or her otherwise.  No leader escapes.  We the people, will rule now!



           For the little things, these are the decisions for individual rights, defined by the liberty to demand: we live here too/ this ain’t about, “just you”.  A more complex reality, in freedom & liberty, rather than simply law decides;  must exist.  After the big things are done.


          The law here is: a right to intervene in someone else’s choices, MUST establish a true and significant cause that can be justified by society itself/ as substantive and necessary.  Or they shall be left alone.  Freedom is neither simple nor subject to your demand.  Liberty however is our right to be freed, from you:   without your freedom exercised on us/ thereby destroying our world, its peace, or our own happiness, just because you can!


           While there is a vast quantity of laws and rules all intending to intervene in someone else’s life, in every society: just because you can, just because you want to.  They are largely unfair, and unwise.  Freedom constitutes a base element of happiness/ why be unhappy, or make others unhappy with you?  CHOOSE BETTER!  Consequently we must evaluate what is fair: “this is your choice/ not ours.  OR, this is our choice/ not yours!”

             Why is freedom fair:    because you alone pay the price, it will not greatly affect us.   When is intervention “too much”: I had a right, to live my life as I desire/ that you took away.  For example:   for simplicity “nakedness” (some want it).   BUT, The reality of men is: that too many cannot control themselves, and they rape/ forcing the substantive claim “the evidence must show, they had NO excuse”.  Because some men fail themselves/ fail life/ fail freedom/ fail eternity.  The consequence:  why must someone else, or we the people,  pay the price of intervention. For things that do not actually, or directly affect our own distinct personal life?  In this case of nakedness: you do see, but unless you rape, gossip, ridicule, etc: which are all plain decisions that you do not own the right too: there is no true effect on your life.  It is their own body/ not yours.

           Or more distinctly, it is the amount of damage that refines the question of liberty/ and its reality of power.  A more functional example, As is below: is better suited to conversation.


          The question begins:   to be subjected to limited but damaging noise for a day MUST be allowed/ whereas to be subjected to damaging noise, 24 hours a day for weeks or months: harsh sounds with consequences, that trespass boundary lines.  Is or is not, simply too much to call a personal freedom.  Is that not true?


          Or more correctly, this is a matter that directly involves more than one.  To be identified in court, by evidence gathered/ and decided by reality constructed with certainty SOME noise must be endured, for the sake of society, and personal freedoms.  Focusing on, the money involved for change/  and the power to control all manufacture of products used, shall be within:   in this case, a specific “ noise produced,  shall not exceed a rating beneath, ten percent of the best available”.  Or, it cannot be made or sold in this nation/ thereby sales are integrated into that process.


          Defining FAIR is: the assembly of certainty, that I would not desire being forced to endure or do this/ therefore you shall not force the others either.  We the people have rights/ because we are society itself!  That is literally the definition of democracy itself, as is called WE THE PEOPLE.


            Consequently it is damage done, or potentially established as can or will harm:   that constructs a foundation upon which we the people decide, to intervene as society. What is good in these decisions,  for one location is generally, good for all.  But what is reality defined by environment strictly constructed as our own specific community decision;  unless environmental and personal harm is so obvious or potentially noteworthy, this is “bigger than that”.  Thereby we know our community, is emblematic of freedom/ but if it is clear, you are going to abandon this place, and these lives when done, leaving the damage behind.  Then it is our law that rule/ our liberty that decides.  Realities of life that cause:  had to move/ medical problems, etc.  Become our problem:   Because this failed your community, by damaging life. Or, because you failed to protect yourselves, your future, and your own lives or children; has consequences/ we have the liberty to intervene.

          So then we begin with the very simple, largely benign example: because it is currently tolerated as necessary.  When it is in fact NOT/ because there are other choices.  And where there are not substantive choices, the opportunity to create better; must be supported realistically.

          In contrast, are the displays of “Christmas lights/etc” wherein no real damage is done: this is annoyance for some, freedom and happiness shared for others.  Which means mediation is suited when necessary; such as either allowing only walk through/ or busing in some form; through a distinct time frame.


           To be discussed are:  the elements of power (I can take this, it is my freedom to decide)!  In contrast:  within the reality of damage, or potential damage;  we are forced to endure this/ to live with this:  because of you, or a failure, or a choice: called business. 

          This example is Chosen because it then represents a wide ranging reality of life choices, that construct a more complex understanding than people expect (its not just noise, but quality of life). When people believe, its just noise:   thereby “we just don’t care”.  Does not include realities beyond the most simple understanding, the consequences known to exist, or the impact that lives “beneath the surface” of what most can identify.


          The parameters of this decision is:   to identify and create the substantive values in society that examine and will determine, the length and breathe of what we choose to do for ourselves in freedom, and does construct the liberty to intervene with or for each other; as is critical to harmony.  If you cannot survive a simple discussion or problem/ then you cannot be “community, or even nation, or even world” at peace!

           This example is then about:   the power of noise, to substantially alter or affect life.  Most believe, “I can ignore any noise/ so I don’t care”.   Consequently:  I DON’T want to spend one penny more; let the noise be whatever it is!   Yet the consequence is:  if you must make a decision to mentally control an outside influence such as noise, it is affecting your life, and your family, and your world.  It is altering or changing your life, even if you don’t know it/ because it is an active decision, that affects relationships and the ability to tolerate others.  Or, more simply:   you should care, because noise multiplies; while one isn’t so bad/ fifty more,  is a different story.  Giving the right for one to do anything/ can lead to “fifty more”.  But if they are benign, it still doesn’t matter.  However if one damages/ then fifty more destroys.  You won’t ignore it, because you can’t. Consequently all intervention in these matters must remember the reality of a future.

           For personal disclosure; as to the following discussion/   I have tintinnus a problem with hearing, which is aggravated severely by excess noise.  Therefore, A personal interest in this example.


          So we then begin with grain production in the rural area surrounding my home/ since I am familiar with this problem, and it has been prepared for this purpose.

            No one argues that grain production isn’t necessary/ and we are all glad to do it, as a work and a life; end of story.  Having a grain elevator to transport and distribute that grain is also required, or the food has no significant purpose, and that is a lie.  Grain harvested, in the case of corn shelled from the ear; as is consistent with the most efficient method; of harvest. MUST be dried to a level where it does not spoil: not an issue, it must/ simple as that, or it will fail the food supply.  No one argues this truth. No one argues the increase in production requires more of the same drying and its consequences, etc.  No one argues the money generated by these processes and choices affect people’s lives, homes, and work; consequently the “side effects” of the operation must also be dealt with as best as possible.  Which does include NOT ruining the function or realities required by an elevator to operate, or a town to make some money on these operations for themselves. Choices made, are realities of life/ governed by those who did do, “what they considered to be in the best interest of this situation”;   as understood, without considerations for noise.  People complain, are more than ready to blame:   but few take responsibility; making the public silent in most respects.  Except for those who want to make the decision/ but will then absolutely refuse to accept any responsibility!   Or, as to the majority;  “You want what you want/ and you want money, until it fails life”!  Then you blame someone else!  Because MOST, would not be involved; they don’t want responsibility (I have to pay now), for something else too.  This is,  A constant throughout every decision to be made throughout this world: most simply identified today as, “the money rules”.  Where life rules, only truth is identified by the evidence supported through reality; extrapolated “as best we can” as a future from this decision, IN ALL CATEGORIES of life/ the decision we make, then defines what life itself shall be, as best we can.


           The critical factors that influence this, as a question for society, are then these:

1.  How much noise is too much/ & how long does it take to damage hearing at this level. What is damage?  What is too much noise for me, or us/ so that it affects our lives at some level?   What is necessary to endure, for the rest/ for your, and our personal business choices?  Since noise crosses boundary lines and invades property; it is a community issue.   In excess, this noise creates, “with assault and at times battery”/  a court related issue (by the evidence/ not your want).   It is a social question, which means it affects the community itself, as we have rights too. Which does include property valuations.  Personal Property that is not yours, constructs a legal right  / noise thereby trespassing, becomes a judgment within and because of boundaries.

2.   Over the last thirty years or so, the railroad line has removed all spur lines that used to collect grain from individual towns. In addition now demand extreme penalties if you cannot fill, a one hundred car train, or, they can refuse you a railcar: “truck it”. Effectively ending most rural elevators, and the tax base for that town.  That grain must now be moved  to large collection elevators;  which now move the grain produced,  from “extremely large areas” to one location: NOT community. Multiplying the grain this elevator now ships by rail car; to roughly 3 times more;  so far.  That railroad change has opened the door to these large collection elevators/   who are now also buying what was separate community  elevators at a distance. To insure they get the grain, bringing it back here; “its just money”.  The elevator does what it can, to be kind to the community, within its “common choices”:  running mostly at night/ until busy.  But night also means the noise travels farther, and louder.  In the last thirty years, the grain harvest has almost doubled here; adding another major amount of drying time per year.  2 new million bushel grain bins added 3 years ago/ preparations for more change this year are seen. 

          On a bad noise year (high moisture, lots of bushels, long harvest season)/ there ARE:  months of drying time required, at twenty four hours a day.  The elevator now has two large drying systems: contributing an extreme noise from the elevator, which then runs continuously night and day, for about 3 months.  Add in trains, combines, tractors, trucks: at one and a half miles from town, the noise is loud. Add in:  the “less than fifty” farm fans, surrounding where I live;  which contribute to that noise.  Typically running on a bad year:  about one month each, most 24 hours a day.  Not counting the next door neighbor who seems to run for 3 months out of the year regardless of conditions: “harvest wet/ dry long/ done early: plenty money, don’t care”.

          This is a rare year; The community harvest is large, and as quiet as it can be.  Alternately:  this year is exceptional/ the crop is drying in the field/ that is unusual: because farmers like to harvest early, and get done.  Letting it stand in the field also takes a chance on weather and stalk rot, yield loss;  which can cost more than drying. The crop is large, and drying costs on a lot of bushels is high/ the sell price is low or below production costs:  so they wait/ weather is good, for most.

           Not one farm fan that I know of for miles around has run for more than a day or two.  Except for the man directly across the field from me: he has run sporadically about 4 out of every 5 days,  at least a portion of the day/ not nights, so far.  For about 5 weeks, with various fans on five bins.  See the difference?  Not a bad guy/ its his way: family taught/ my problem:  “not his problem”.  But that does not mean “without consequences, for me or resources lost”.  There are options for him to change, but they do cost money; it is a choice.

3.   So then we add in the final primary factors.  Grain bin fans come in two types, centrifugal and rotary axis fan.  Centrifugal are considerably quieter/ but cost more. Nearly all farm fans are axial/ all elevator fans are centrifugal (they have more pressure; its required).  Axial flow fans come in “screamers/ less, but very loud/ loud/ and small (moderate).”  The particular screamers which came to this area:  because the bin salesman made a little more money on them (cause nobody wanted them)/ so their price was lowest.   All buyers were told, “its extremely noisy”: before they bought (I use to work for him)/ but Most opted, “hell yes, I want the money more/ I can take the noise”.  When installed, the owner said “hell yeah/ lots of air flow, I don’t care about the noise”.

           But then they began to live with that noise, with complaints all around: can’t change it now, the money is spent.  And the businessman who sold the noise maker, lost his business; because people who become  angry: even though it was their own choice. Blame the salesman, because: “you should have made me make a different decision/ you should not have offered this one to me”.  Or,  its all your fault/ as is a constant human reality; throughout everything: “I want to make the decision/ until the decision goes wrong: then I blame you” end of the story. The lesson:  It cost the businessman dollars/ for the few pennies he gained.  This is over forty years later, and the fans are still here, most working. Their noise travels about 4-5 miles, at night; in front of them.

          Each grain bin has a fan, its required/ in a normal year, all bins will be found running at nearly the same time, for a few weeks. In a noisy year, they all run twenty four hours a day, including the elevator/ including trains, and all equipment which load the train; or the train parks on the track idling, much of the time. It can be deafening. This has been changed some by the industrialization of agriculture (not community): large operations rarely fill bins/ they truck to the elevator; centralizing the noise.  There is a difference in fan noise levels from the worst to the best of around 90%.  That is significant.


           What is more significant is: tintinitus.  This is caused by the eardrum inundated with constant high intensity noise at a specific frequency, over time.  High frequencies do the most damage.  It is characterized by a “screaming/ high pitch squealing, in the ears”.  Worst cases, are debilitating/ becoming a disability, that must be lived with; there is no escape, other than suicide or deafness.  In the first year:  My ear damage;  at its worst was equivalent to a smoke detector noise, at roughly three quarters volume or a little more/ focused in on each ear.  That did not quit for at least 3 weeks:  IF enough quiet and distance from noise could be found. Very easily started again, by just a little noise.  It is, Nearly impossible, to find quiet:  in “corn country”/ in fall.  It takes hardly nothing, to engage it again/ and squeals twenty four hours a day, everyday;  without relief. A HARSH, and unrelenting experience/ consistent with torture!  That was the first year.  I now, do my best to protect my ears from this level of damage;  as I am much more aware of what to do, what causes the trouble, and when I must leave; regardless of weather, danger, etc.

           I have lost considerable hearing (common in agriculture), but that has lessened the reality of torture significantly/ and life depends upon not upsetting the ears too damn much.  It is not an extreme problem today (I am better educated and prepared, but still with significant ear damage).  If sufficient quiet can be found; life is ok. However the one county park/ forest preserve;  where I have gone now for many years (just enough quiet/ the only place in fifty miles of any direction), for relief.   Now has another new grain bin at its edges. That is no longer a refuge, when it runs!  Making the entire farm community, no longer a place I can stay without damage, during normal harvest.  That is my personal problem, which few encounter: but the reality of “getting this type of damage” in yourselves is substantive and real. The noise is real.  Everybody has ears, it can happen to you or someone you care about.

           Many people do commit suicide, from this problem:   in its worst stages.  I have been deaf for a short time: which is not as expected, (can’t hear people, or anything outside).  Rather it also includes what you don’t expect:  can’t hear anything inside either; as it turns out the body is very in-tuned with the noises our heart, breathing, and other functions do create.  Being deaf is then VERY isolating/ and creates the eyes as a window, rather than an experience of living.  Or more simply, it is literally, the hearing that provides the perimeter picture and effect,  of three dimensional living.  Hearing turns the black edges at the outskirt of our vision/  at the perimeter, into mental pictures. Making the world a much bigger place;   a more interesting and exciting place/ believe it or not. Distance from the noise is the only cure/ silence is the only healer: “rarely to be found, in corn country, at harvest”.  It is the frequency, rather than the volume; that matters most, but volume matters.  Oddly enough, trains idling can be even worse: than a single bin running; because the intensity of the frequency is higher.

           The reality of ear damage is: that the delicate structures inside the ear have been damaged or destroyed, which means the noise starts with just a slight introduction to the problem frequencies/ but it cannot stop. It is similar to a shock absorber failure/ instead of stopping the forces involved with “rocking back and forth”.  The ears create their own rhythm: even when the outside noise itself stops:  the brain keeps hearing it, sometimes for weeks.  Volume in the ear, is dependent upon the initial breach of silence, intensity, frequency and its duration.  That includes all things that make the same frequency; as in some flourescent lights, cars, traffic,  a wide variety of transformers in computers and things; with a whole lot more adding in. It is not a game/ it is a war: the only question is, “are you going to die”.


          So then, believe it or not:  there is cause to consider the damage brought by noise, as a society/ it is not insignificant or benign.  It can even kill you/ as is true of suicides caused by the consequences of such inner noise, as this.

           Unfortunately you can tolerate the noise, it does take a substantial amount of damage/ until one day you cannot: and if it does not heal, you become me to whatever degree you were injured initially. The people with exceptionally good hearing, are at most risk (that makes all children most vulnerable). It is higher frequencies that do the real damage first. My tolerance of the noise that injured me: was initiated and established, because my nephew died of a brain tumor/ very harsh;   tried to just get through the corn planting year, with a bad tractor cab/ bad mistake.  It did heal over summer much, and if I had left “corn country” that fall; it may have returned to “normal”.  Hard to tell/ had responsibilities; then too much damage to leave.

           An initial small injury brings a ringing into the ears that doesn’t stop for hours, but at a level that can be tolerated rather easily/ many farmers experience this.  If the noise is too severe too long, that changes to a squealing/ or screaming in the ears, that cannot be easily tolerated unless some realistic quiet can be found.  So the ensuing days of quiet can bring the noise down/ or a tiny few seconds of bad noise, can make life a torture chamber.  The Ease of being “ear damaged again”,  never ends until sufficient hearing loss is obtained.

          The one benefit to you, as I personally believe the evidence supports.  Assuming the writing has value: this reality, dramatically increased the time I spent writing (MUST have quiet/ nothing to do, but write). The isolation dramatically increased the amount of time and focus into identifying the critical realm, between reality and truth/ that subsequently became this work.

            I would not wish tintinitus on anyone, DON’T play; you may die.  Even so, you can experience what it is: find two smoke detectors/ make it scream; and hold it about 3 feet away from both ears.  Then imagine what 24 hours a day, potentially forever would be!  “Happy now”? It is a “gift that can be yours”/ I certainly didn’t expect it; as all young people believe, “it will heal/ and then everything will be fine”.  Wasn’t such a good plan.  This is the damage; and it is not an overwhelming threat to the masses.  But just like a car accident, “it can happen to you, or someone you love”.


          We now begin the discussion: with legal realities!

          Cases were filed in both state 10 mr 906 and federal courts 11cv2023 (there are laws about noise damage and decibel ranges; make them obey).  Which then became an appeal filed in the supreme court: but withheld, because of criminal conduct within the court.  As is plainly represented; and proven true within the two docketed cases at the US supreme court which were dismissed without comment by the secretary of the court: another criminal act of treason.  A secretary cannot dismiss a docketed trial/ no judge signed, therefore illegal.  Both were US supreme court  CONSTITUTIONAL CASES;   08-1339 & 11-100/ uncontested by the lawyers for the nation.


          Nonetheless, the noise cases were about their own federal guidelines:   that noise decibels above 90 hurt humanity, for any extended length of time.  They have a duty to enforce.  They refused to enforce that ruling.  They refused to protect the town.  They refused to enforce any noise element of law, whatsoever; with all attorneys in compliance; none in support.  Neither did a judge or lawyer,  provide the legal right, cause, or laws necessary &  responsible;   to win the case.  All aspects of law on my side, were proven true:  Even so, I lost again.  Because it is a criminal court system which only protects those in power.

          The first question is:

          Is the refusal of law, the refusal to protect and defend society, the refusal to obey law; and the denial of guaranteed constitutional right, as identified through our government:    Which is,  we the people who are in fact “the government through our constitution”. An act of treason?  

          Or is the ABSOLUTE refusal; by trial lawyer and judge/  to allow constitutional laws stated, and constructed as the cause of trial,  within trial after trial, to be refused, in their entirety. The substantive value of this society?

           Proven true:  WE THE PEOPLE, been subjected;  to a courtroom where ALL constitutional words are  MUTE.  So as to kill the constitution itself! Does that constitute:  Governed by anarchy and betrayal, or not?  Proven true: the judiciary and its lawyers HAVE been  Destroying the constitutional agreement between ourselves as a nation or state: by making the words silent, and without a voice in a courtroom?  Is this traitorous/ is it traitorous,  to use frivolous rules of procedure to control the constitution itself?   The constitutional agreement which does make us a state or nation; denied.  The US supreme court in full compliance and control, of these decisions:   with the potential of treason so identified.


          The second question: is this fair?  I do not desire the elevator to close.  Where realistic options exist:   I do desire in these trials, the assembly of laws and enforcement, which adhere to the demand LIFE MUST COME FIRST!  Not necessarily for just an individual. Which is a reality that cannot be sustained/ but for the good of the community.  Rather choices that grant all,  a better or more sustainable life;  are greater than personal freedom. However: if Trains must be shut off when not physically working to move freight; is realistic and fair, can that not be done?     While that probably affects only me, and those closest to the  noise/ the reality is resources are consumed without a justifiable cause, and that includes an enormous amount of oxygen, “for the motor, fire”. Bad for all! 

          We turn to Industry; this ain’t community elevator/ or even community farming anymore.  The rules are different, & must adhere to as realistic conditions as possible, for the benefit of life.  That can mean limits on operation, “build your own”/ force the railroad to return some lines.  When industry is installed within communities;   that means,  when alternate methods and machines;  such as quiet fans, or more realistic methods are known to exist/ they shall be used.  Machines that are known to damage ears, and known to run long periods of time, known to be set into multiple arrangements to run 2 or more at a time; and can be found set in close proximity to humanity:  shall adhere to less than 90 decibels altogether/ or shall not be made/ allowed. Is that not fair?  Do your children need this too?  Is this not responsible to your neighbors; it does affect their lives?  When choices are possible, what can society do to help?   Careful understanding of the most likely critically or severely damaging frequencies shall be monitored and kept to a minimum; in all manufactured goods or process machinery.  Does that not benefit all?  Particularly when placed in service:  these machines can run fifty years or more.


          The third question: all life, NOT just mine, requires a sanctuary to survive the onslaught of human activity.  Barely “a square inch, of nature” remains untouched or unharmed; even if it looks protected.  Minimum sections must be protected for:  LIFE must come first, or there will be no diversity/ the chains of life will be broken completely/ and this entire world of nature shall collapse.  Killing every child, on purpose; because you didn’t care enough to test or learn WHY YOU SHOULD CARE.  You merely assume, and continue to fail! In a more deliberate example: the flow of flood waters must be mediated with retention basins/ rather than just, “to hell with the people downstream”.


          In addressing, additional elements of a handicap are: anyone can be affected, even you.  The reality of any handicap is:   the world CANNOT be built around you or me.  That means if we cannot find a way to resolve the trouble we face/ we must move; as thankfully we are few.

           But, To a place where life has proven we can live here, is fair.  Life is life, take it or leave it; survival comes first, nature included/ individuals come second; we are MANY.

          The fourth question: are there standards of conduct, to be enforced?  When the reality of what you do as “the freedom to farm/ etc”  trespasses across the boundary lines for a serious amount of time.  What standard of conduct shall be met.  You cost me now/ you steal from me now, because of your freedom! Thereby as society itself:   reality asserts, we must Identify and define the solution; establishing clearly, where damage is potential or definable? What the choices are/ the realities that must be met, such as who pays. Things such as combining in harvest and so on:  Which clearly are limited to a few days or hours of close proximity to human housing:   SHALL BE TOLERATED.  Because their need, and our need as a society;  is greater than your excuse/ move if you must. 


          The fifth question: where, and when does industry cross the line, to become an invading army, that does whatever it wants.  Leaving all the rest of the  people to pay for what they do: REMEMBERING when money is involved, you made choices too.

           Where shall the line be drawn:   even though industry can take over the jobs, tax base, reality of business, and other consequences that change entire towns or cities; because of money.  Keeping these rewards of society itself/  all for me; because of money.  WHAT then,  IS FAIR, TO the rest of LIFE?  Should we not have “limited capitalism”. Should those responsible for making changes for themselves/ which directly affect our lives:  not help pay for their own competition to be established, to our benefit? They took without asking or accepting responsibility for the lives they influenced, changed, denied, or destroyed/ why should they now not accept responsibility for the decisions they did make.  Be fair!


          The sixth question:    Who is judge of our lives/ ourselves, or someone else?  Which does mean, in situations that construct a take over of our situation in living, working, family, noise pollution, or any other FACT OF LIFE.  Changes that shape the very fabric of our existence: because it alters what was/ to replace it, with “what is now”.  What is “a legal right/ versus a real and true freedom”?  What is the foundation of liberty itself?

            There will be conflict/ and as seen in the abundance of damage, or change, that removing all railraod spur lines did do. That limiting access to train shipments:   by the railroad/  did cause.  Good for them/ not good for anyone else; is a social issue.  Which now becomes an “international issue” because the railroad here, is owned by Canada.

           Because the US is bankrupt/ they sold it, either before or after these changes were made. Or at the Canadian request; I do not know.   Canada needs a rail line to the gulf of Mexico too!  The question for us however remains the same:   given that our leaders have bankrupted us/ so that they could give every penny of our lives and nation;   into the hands of   “Those with a college diploma” .   Who used it, to create an army, with bribes for you/ thereby, bribes against us”.    What are we it not yet time, to demand a true and accurate accounting?  Is it NOT Time to then resolve what our bankruptcy will be:   for and by  ourselves/ before they make beggars and thieves of us all. They have literally already stolen everything they could/ attacking the world with their fantasies and experiments which gamble and risk:   every life on earth.  IS THAT NOT ENOUGH?  Time to say NO MORE!


          The seventh question:   do you have a brain of your own/ or must you wait, “until you are told, what you think”.  As is consistent with the vast bulk of humanity in America today;   burdened by the propaganda of news media/   to believe only the expert “has a mind or a say”.

            Media has their own best interests first, not yours.  Media lies in its own best interest, such as to keep the powerful people happy. When Reagan sold the entire gold supply, to create “his cure”/ not a word was said to inform the public.  Not a word is heard about the risks associated with extreme experimentation; just cult following its orders/ worshiping its leaders.

           Examples more local are: a public building was condemned and torn down.  “For terrible deterioration/ threat to society”; as portrayed by the media years ago; “On tv, with newscaster” proving “BAD”.  I went to inspect the building for myself: their television presentation included a section of wall badly spaling/ scaling/ peeling (nothing done for decades); the place they bent down to prove “it is so/ to the public”.  BUT IT WAS;  The only place in the whole building, that could be found: existed, under the stair case. I asked a maintenance worker why that was left?  He said: they were told NOT to touch it, as the risk of their job.  Just a ruse, an outright lie against public interest by media. They tore it down. 

          Another example; a private building I inspected for myself was declared “dangerous: second floor has holes” so it was stripped from the owner/ and torn down; for a parking lot.  Through media propaganda, and to their benefit.  I was in that building/ and it was fine.  I observed the people who claimed to have walked across a ladder on the floor/ as they were going to inspect: “an odd group, for a tiny ladder in hand”.  They condemned it; because it was so dangerous: and I guarantee that group of fat couch potatoes/ do nowhere it ain’t safe.  One tiny hole, and preposterous lies, through media support:  tore the building down.

           I bid on replacing the lights on a ball field: cost for identical lights (that were still  working) installed $15,000.00.  BUT;  The “leaders” wanted “extra special brackets, a new lighting system” and paid someone else about $60,000.00.  Failing to understand or respect the fact,  when you are working with wooden poles, forty to sixty feet tall; there is no “its all done/ can’t move now”.  Because wood shifts/ turns/ warps/ bends, and so on.  Public never told; there was a choice/ reporter I engaged and informed;   told to remain silent.



          I end the discussion of power/ with the reality, men worship power, because they want to be “someone more/ someone special”; to other men, “I am a winner/ listen to me”.  For the majority of men, “special” will only occur in war. Being special or more as a reality of family, requires that you remove your fantasy and delusions; and choose love, responsibility, and respect.  Some do!   The consequence however of our situation is:   “This is the best men did do”/ throughout history, nothing has changed except:   we are now 7+billion people; and we are literally eating ourselves out of house and home.  The evidence does prove: we DO, stand at the edge of extinction, and horror beyond imagination!   Let women lead/ they can’t do worse; how could that not be true?


            The decision of power is: do you want your life back, as we the people?  Or will you continue to be overrun, by the counterfeiting of a very few, who control with a college diploma. Making your children who go to college,   their robot slaves: “do exactly what you are told”.  With debts they may never escape.  This IS the new form of blacklisting:   FAIL ME, & you will never again get a job in this field.  BUT YOUR DEBTS, will remain forever.  Unlike any other issue of debt;   cause, “the university believes, they are gods”/ and took over our lives, and nation.

           ANY professor, or administrator can write anything he or she wants to on your educational review/ and there is nothing you can do about it, or defend either. A business or industry (MONEY) can do the same: because all possibilities of a job are being consolidated into the hands of a tiny few, who then control everything!  That  power IS, “business and industry too big to fail”/ so it is given benefits and rights beyond all the rest.  Worshiped by the politician/ they are Fundamentally destroying this society. 

          Because specific types of jobs revolve around these university  documents/ and our world as working human beings revolve around the aspect of competition: I CAN go somewhere else.  I CAN compete, in a different way for myself.  Is being REMOVED!  Both being destroyed by counterfeit money as we speak.

           Because there is no end to the counterfeiting/ until the tiny few who get to spend it all; HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING AWAY.  WHAT, can they not buy?  What government can they not undermine/ as all traitors do!    The university;  Now controlling the courts/ rather than the constitution.  The university does now control the government, military, media, and everything else:  threatening every individual with poverty.  Simply as history proves, when rulers come:   DO WHATEVER you are told/ or you will join the indigents, the prostitutes, & the throwaways of society; forever.  Too many fail?  You can be killed, or imprisoned and lost forever; as history proves.  America is different?  We are, the people of this entire world now/ how can we be different?

                    Make a better decision, and reclaim not only reality; but our democracy as well!

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On this earth, there are literally trillions of “all life on earth”/ every single one of which is being threatened with extinction; including yours.  That fact comes clear, as our reality becomes certain: our destiny or fate is:  “about to be sealed, so says the evidence”!  In these words, you are asked to share:   is, The question!  With trillions dependent upon what we do/ you do.  With trillions of individual lives, including every child, & every future child (we are all miracles);   dependent upon the reality:   do you/ or do we  care?  The answer must be:   LIFE, for this planet, MUST COME FIRST!  There are, no other significant objectives here: simply life must survive, by law; & no gambling with our world. No threatening every existence on earth, with your experiment, theory, fantasy, lies, theft, or excuse.  WE MUST SAY    “NO”! Taking their tools for this,  away.    BY ENFORCING OUR LAWS/ OUR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY:  called    “WE THE PEOPLE”/ are owners here.  We paid, for that right!

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Yours, mine, and ours; the development of boundaries, and personal dimension.


          The most critical truth of each statement in “yours/ mine/ ours”; is the fact that it identifies a separation in space, between possession, as is yours or mine/ and the reality of shared influence, as is ours.  Personal boundaries represent or identify the freedom we possess, and the walls we create which say: “not beyond here”.


          Every possession has a purpose, or is a desire/ want:   to you, or someone else;   or it is merely something that exists.  Therefore possession has three definitive boundaries: I will not share/ I refuse to care about you, as in selfishness/ or I will share because I do care, about you, us, or them.  What consists of something valued, by one or more; is in direct relation, to how many care.  If none care/ then this reality, merely exists.  That becomes true of humanity, life of all kinds, resources, environment, and more.

          So the real question of possession is:   WHY do people care/ refuse to care/ or desire to possess?

          The answer to that begins: 

1.  When others value what I possess/ then my value to humanity goes up; for good/ or bad. This creates “an image” in most people’s mind/ which they are willing to then lie about to insure it remains as their own illusion of themselves.  Other  People, having identified something you own or expect:  then “plot/ plan/ manipulate/ tempt/ lust, and much more to gain what they want.”  If only for a little while, this is a trophy they desire; “I beat you/ I am superior”.

2.  When others refuse to value what I possess/ then my value to humanity goes down, and I myself can be “cast adrift” from society.  Their ability to help me be happy dies,  and I must be at peace with my own life.  Or there will be personal trouble, that can drift into society as hate, etc.

3.  The foundation of human existence is: that unless I have something to do, someone to be with, hope for, or think about, etc/ I AM bored.  Therefore the reaction to being bored is:   “Let us play games”.  Those who don’t want to play, pay, or can’t often become targets; as you have become their game, “to make you do something, or tolerate something” from which they can then describe themselves to be winner.

4.  The purpose of a every game is: “to be winner”/ thereby the elements of pride/ arrogance/ selfishness/ and greed all arise because of a game played, that selects you instead of me/ or I, instead of you.  Which then brings on or about sorrow, loneliness, sadness, unhappiness, and so on in those who are cast aside.  The purpose of play itself is to find friendship, express yourself, or experience others as well as life.  There is a big difference.

5.  We then expand possession to include the eloquence of body, and the reality of sex.  By making the game of life in time about sex, the realities of body come into view, and are measured for value.  The critical link between humanity and time is:   when time has measured enough, “your day is done”.  Therefore an added measure of intensity arises, to attain the necessary possessions, or simply give up/ and slide into the background as excess.  To increase the value of the game, humanity measures possession as either “momentary or forever”.  Which includes Free, or with cost.

6.  Definitions arise to increase the value of the game, and identify the elements upon which each will lose or win the game of sex/ and control the reality of a “hierarchal place in society”.  Something of value assigned because you won the previous game: or I got, what many others wanted.

7.  With social position, you get to be leader.  With social trophies, you get to rule society, and take what you want with their enslavement to “money”.


          These are the base aspects of possession, and why people want: in order to achieve the trophy, and proclaim themselves winner. Or in its opposite embodiment: to hate, and seek revenge thereby taking away the trophy, and proclaiming yourself to be winner (but in secret).


          The question that confronts us is: CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT YOUR GAMES?  Or will boredom overtake you, and the disease of want return to control your lives?  Want means: I have failed to attain whatever it is that you demanded should be yours/ therefore lies erupt, in the assumption, “I can be smarter than they”; and steal what I want. 

          The more critical reality is: “there are differences” in what people have, or can possess.  There are truths, that none can possess.  There is happiness for some, and tragedy for others, and it does make a difference which side of that line you exist on.


          We then understand, that the foundation of time limits us all, to one distinct identity/ because we share the elements of trial and judgment, that are defined by being human (time).  What is more distinct than time is life itself (soul).  Life holds the possibility of many identities each contained by the purpose and desire which grants our existence.  Therefore it is the essence of our lives, to search, and attain the variations of participation/ as they fit into the elemental truth of our true identity, which is love or hate or a failure to commit.  Those who choose hate, can be found just as easily as those who choose love: the signs are real/ the evidence becomes undeniable.  Consequently hate can be divided/ separated/ or permanently removed.  While love itself exists within a desire for peace and happiness for all; and the elevation of love into soul, creates harmony within the expressions and experience of everything created; that is not hate.  Or more simply; those who refuse to commit to life, shall always struggle to survive; but can be happy with justice and peace through opportunity.  Those who choose hate can never be happy; it is not within their grasp; and must be removed, so the law can rule humanity with honor.  Those who love grant the possibilities of a life true to the experience for which we were born:   to participate in Creation, as if we belong to a freedom that is real.  So long as, we do our best, within respect: to identify and create love.  Not a game, a quest for everything life can be.  Only truth can create this, only love can keep it alive: therefore the decision is neither simple nor benign.  It is a different way of life.


          What matters to life is life.  What matters to love is love, and its ability to survive.  What matters to hate is hate; because nothing has true value.  These are the only three things that establish the future “as best we can”.  Therefore if you choose to support and defend life with justice: the possibility of survival through respect and its truth about all life on earth, will grant the potential of a reprieve/ dependent upon your work and decisions.  If you choose to support and participate in love/ then love will bring you peace and happiness through the elements of everything that does have value to us all.  Time, society, and economies will marry into what is best, “to rebuild a future” on earth.  If you fail to defeat hatred, and separate them from the rest/ they will defeat you; because only a few today can do tremendous harm.  Separation means: to identify how many/ and then make them live only among themselves; with no weapons to use against us.  That reality in its substance means, they will kill each other/ because then cannot build, they will only destroy.  Without slaves, manipulation, or theft to do their work: they will die.  So it is only necessary to contain them for a realistic amount of time.


          The disease of man is more/ and the reality of men is simply: if you fail to plan ahead and do the best you can, remembering the future/ then the future will fail you.  The need to survive set in, and the reality of stealing from others,  or war (all of us are in trouble) erupts.  The quest for a greater life than want, demands truth must lead.  Law must control society for the greater good.  Enforcement of that law, is within the public domain when the laws are simple and plain/ and the reality of understanding clear and sure: thereby we all participate, and we all earn the life we share.  We make the law ourselves, is true democracy at work.  We control the lazy and foolish, when it is absolutely necessary:   by removing them from their ease, and demanding more in terms of their own survival.  Freedom is not a game, it is a decision to accept the individual cost, established by your own demand.  Liberty is not a game: it is our decision, to retain independence from the others, by banning together to enforce and claim justice for all/ because that insures justice for me.  Politics are about enforcing the laws we choose for ourselves/ by investigating public and future impacts, and whether those who work for society, or as business and other interests in society and community are in fact OBEYING the law: WE THE PEOPLE chose for ourselves.  That includes the courts, police, and all facets of society itself.  World law contains and controls our relationship with all others/ by taking leaders into a courtroom, and investigating their failure or impact on this world, or their own citizens against the law we ALL,  create by vote.   Search every religion for what has value to humanity and this earth.  Not what is “personal belief”/ but what has value to all life and humanity; as defined by truth.  Personal belief is strictly your decision, and has nothing to do with this world apart from you.  That is not an attack on religion: it is honoring and respecting the contribution of religion to humanity/ by gaining trust, “we are, at this level of truth:  all in this together”. THIS IS, the beginning of a new world, at peace!


          Of the various insurrections currently going on in this world, the foundation cause is very simple:   too many people means, someone is going to be left out.  When that group is large enough to contest: they demand, IF you were going to let us die, or be confronted with extreme poverty/ then we will kill you instead.

          There are no real solutions outside of population control, and even that, is limited because of the damage already done.  But the end result is: either you will work together to provide food and various services, opportunities, education, and resources shared by all.  Or the wars you will wage instead will take every opportunity to survive on this planet simply away for everyone.  It is not a hard concept: there isn’t enough to go around, and everyday that becomes less;   including water, housing, etc.  While all those who have “plenty” say: we will NOT share/ because we don’t want to be like them.  The reality is war, and the consequence is nobody lives; even though you will all say, “that can’t happen/ the earth cannot die”.  Yet all of nature is what keeps us alive, and just look around you; nature is disappearing in every single facet of its existence.  You will follow, even if you win the war;   cannibalism is all you get.

          As to real negotiations, the fact is each set of leaders, must be brought to account:   establishing their position as clearly as possible/ so that the international community by law, can decide what is fair to all sides.  The voice of the people themselves shall declare their reality and need.  Law is: what we the people of this world demand it shall be for everyone/ leaders will obey, and so will their people; or the world itself shall deliver consequences to prove this will be done.  JUSTICE must rule.  ENFORCEMENT is real, when all the people know what the law is. They will deliver it for themselves with an honest opportunity, and a realistic amount of help.  So long as it is fair, and is accepted by the majority as decent respect for all: including women. 

          When you have assembled the complaint, identified the reality, constructed the solution through law: then whatever assistance is required to implement that solution by law/ SHALL be carried out through the international community, as needed.  If you don’t participate/ you will be taxed.  If you fail to stop the progression of helping to supply either side/ your leaders will go to jail.  The right of world law, assembled through nations and attested to, as the path of JUSTICE for this world by a vote of “all the people”:   has the authority!  No exceptions: leaders shall answer for what they do/ and military for every nation shall stand down: to participate in justice for this world.  Or their leadership shall be tried for murder, etc;   and convicted for a single lost soul.


          If you fail world law/ then the reality of war in the middle east will increase; war in Europe will also increase.  The end result will be: that all areas’s affected by war will become devastated, and unable to rebuild.  Genocide will become rampant/ cannibalism will take control, as the end of agriculture demands/ women (hatred will end their desire for you) and children (competitors) will become livestock, because without refrigeration; they are the easiest prey. With little water, and no food; even if you escape there is no easy place to go.  The United States will participate, becoming fully engaged, and win the war: but be without solutions for life.  Weakened by wars, they become an easy target.  Weakened by counterfeiting, the world rushes in and finishes dispossessing nearly every citizen;  as inflation demanded by war; HAS given the entire nation away.  This displaces nearly all/ revenge follows.  With a gun in every hand, “the apocalypse: blood everywhere” becomes real.  But before they are through, defeated as a nation:   all weapons of mass destruction will be released; ending life on earth.

          There are no solutions outside of world law.  You will accept that, or fall into HELL.  No leader can give you world law, WE THE PEOPLE, must provide it for ourselves.  That means:   you will create the laws that govern this world yourselves/ and then enforce them upon your leaders.  By making them understand: war is not your solution anymore.  They will resist: “war is their ultimate power to play god/ apart from the fantasies of using energy to ignite this world on fire.  Or mutilate all life into chaos.  Or destroy the very foundations upon which life exists.  Or holding weapons of mass destruction against you.  Each of which stands at the threshold of our own extermination from this planet.  Your media has proven to be religious zealots, who cannot or will not give you notice of coming disasters.  The cult of university knows, has invaded your lives, and controls your future: the end is near.  Your leaders are playing games as men have always done: they want it all, and if they cannot attain it for themselves/ then they sell you to the few who can take the money to make you slaves.  By redefining this world into their own little games of:   do what I say/ or I let you and your family starve, etc.  To survive:   DEMOCRACY must rule the immediate future.  Democracy is: WE THE PEOPLE,   HAVE CHOSEN THIS WAY, AND THIS LAW FOR OURSELVES.    WE, ARE THE AUTHORITY/ and we will not be turned aside from our own lives, work, future, and reality any more.

          It is “a female influence” inside of me that conceives of these things: because male alone, was reduced to war (we must make them stop).  It is female     Reality:    That understand, it is the LAW, that protects us.  The law that gives power to the people who have no physical power of substance to defend themselves.  It is the law that governs leaders, and men, and women.  Therefore whosoever creates and enforces the law: rules society and this world.  Bear it in mind, or time will be short.   Stop the insanity of “university knows”/ as they alone have been leaders for the last fifty years: and this is what they did do.  Fight for this world, or you will lose everything!  Fight with the law.  Fight with your democracy.  Fight with your money, and more; while you still can.  Understand, it is human population density that has truly changed this world:   and you will fight for control or die.  Nature is at the crossroads of extinction.  Every biblical prophecy of chaos and destruction is coming true.  Not a game; open your eyes, and ears.

          You cannot wish for survival/ only truth keeps us alive.  Our truth is simply: every decision/ every purpose, desire, want, revenge, disrespect, ridicule, judgment, theft, lie, failure, fantasy, delusion, etc:   HAD A PRICE.

          With fervor and purpose: your media, your leaders, your courts, and yourselves; have all chosen to discard and disrespect the reality of this message:    WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE, you are going to die.

          As that reality enlarges, and proves true for this entire world: the consequences are grave.  The extermination and mutilation will be permanent; it may well be, that too die in a planet on fire is “more merciful” than what is otherwise coming.  Nonetheless, your decision/ not mine; I have fought for life; ALWAYS.  You have fought for self, and discarded everything that interfered.  As a man once told me 30-40 years ago: after I made him “slightly afraid”/   demanding “we are going to have to pay for this”.   Trembling he said with a clear voice: I DON’T CARE, for the first time in my life I am making “good money”/ and don’t you do NOTHING to stop that;   EVEN THOUGH, it was the nation and the world and life at risk.  Nothing has changed, even though I tried.  Fear won’t change nothing/ only the law can do that.  Which literally means, “men are just plain” out of idea’s that count.  On the opposite side of our reality, women do understand that it is the law that gives them the power to change our world, and theirs: without fear to the masses.

          As complete collapse comes closer, you continue to hide and run away from reality.  Singing, laughing, or living;  “don’t worry/ be happy”; in one form or another; won’t save a single soul. Only truth can do that, accepting reality determined by truth,  must decide how we can survive.  While peace and happiness, would be my preference as well: reality and truth decide what our existence is going to be; the evidence is clear.  They each say, very soon the point of no return shall pass/ and after that, nothing on earth will change the outcome of these tragedies; our entire planet and all its life become extinct.  So either work for life doing whatever you can/ or, “don’t worry/ might as well be happy for the last minutes of life”.  Worry won’t change anything; only truth/ work/ and communication will do that; honesty without illusions or fantasies.  Simple and plain, if you didn’t run away:     you do understand.  If you did run away/ its because you won’t pay the price for life to continue on this earth. 


          But then hey, who am I to tell you anything?  After all, “university knows” everything/ they have been in charge of every decision for the last fifty + years. They are your gods.

            Media tells you everything you believe, after all: what weren’t you told, for the last fifty years so you could defend yourselves/ they are your saviors.  Or if we look at the evidence: they didn’t tell you anything of importance, even though they knew.  Or, maybe you just didn’t want to know; and made that clear.  It is certainly what each, and every individual,  told me!  So here we are; at the end of the road, believe it or not: because lies, illusion, counterfeiting, and fantasies can’t keep you alive.  Isn’t that so!

          Leaders couldn’t possibly defeat democracy just by counterfeiting, or making a few rules to discard and destroy the constitution; HELL they just wouldn’t do that.  And media would of course protect and defend you;; ain’t that so.  After all: we pay them ALL;  to protect us, its their job.

          And let us not forget, the man and woman in the street; most of whom will tell you and me:   “I don’t need to know one DAMN THING/ NOT ONE”;     Because I got a gun.


          So lets review: one individual with a gun against world collapse!  How could that fail:  It must be evolution (dreamland took over); no need to worry then: why hell, the problem is surely solved, “You got a gun”.  Sure, “be happy”.


Make your decision; the disease of fools/ or reality! A fool is one who knows the truth, but refuses to obey reality; and chooses want, by one or more of its cascading lies instead.  The question is then simple:    Either TRUTH, or lies/ take your pick, but understand, there are no second chances.  They will ignite this earth on fire.  They will mutilate all life into chaos.  They will continue to destroy the very foundations upon which our lives depend.  How is that not your concern?


          The essence of time is discipline.  The essence of body is structure.  The essence of building anything is order.  The essence of life itself is thought.  The essence of abilities, is balance.  The essence of reality itself:   is a mind that can comprehend the truth.  The only truth that applies to everything on earth is wisdom exists here, in all these miracles of design/ nothing else is evident or possible.  Thought built life, it came first/ because without all of the above, we, nor any other life,  could exist.  That is the truth, and there is no other.

          Regardless what you believe, the evidence is absolute.  The evidence of people deliberately trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun is also absolute: we know it exists/ therefore it can happen.  The evidence of people trying to bring nature itself into chaos is also absolute; it is happening around this world: established by evolution/ created by men in their delusions to be god over life.  The reality of mutilation is very simple;   ask any soldier who lost a limb or other if “their mutilation” was an improvement over what nature made!  Do you not know the answer?  Yet the cult of “university knows” deliberately mutilates all life, every single day/ fully intending to create chaos (destruction) instead of order, disciplines, balance, structure, thought, and all things alive.  That is literally their goal, as once it crashes; they then believe by looking at the broken pieces: they can learn to be god.  They are correct: soon they will be SATAN: destroyer of a world/ and reap their reward in eternity.


          We add to the mess, that is every other delusion from “university knows”/ and their propaganda teams of news media; whose only real purpose is to keep us from knowing the future, so that we might defend ourselves.  Trapped by “experts”/ herded by a diploma/ held captive by the possibilities of weapons “beyond a gun” with which an entire world is threatened:   comes the reality, that university knows it can deceive/ tempt/ manipulate/ and control by using “foreign languages, which include fancy math, and endless words”/ and indebtedness, for its every student (get out of line, and we bankrupt you for life).  The university CANNOT take over our lives/ until they destroy everything we have built and depend upon.  To date in this USA; they have destroyed the money counterfeiting above all taxation at a rate of $90,000.00 dollars per one in three citizens; so says the federal reserve on its accounting table L.5 “DO THE MATH”.  They have corrupted the courts, creating rules to control the constitution; thereby eliminating democracy from its own people.  “Take a look at; trial after trial” that I present from the courtroom; and you will see it is true.  They have taken over leadership, and distributed our business, and much more across this world/ taking back debt in our names.  They have been at war for nothing/ failing Afghanistan, and done grievous damage in Iraq: not a soldiers fault:  The university diploma who controls.  Today we are being dispossessed from our land, by counterfeit money, “thrown across this world” as if it were nothing but a game or a fantasy of their own.  That so called money, is coming back to buy our property from us/ and we cannot compete, because they get it for free: while everyday, we become more slaves: it happened to Palestine, and it is happening to you.  The flood of immigrants is a direct result of the university diploma ruling our lives/ a reality of 2+ million more mouths to feed being born each week; more than deaths.  The flood of bribes, is a direct result of an army of fools, who believe they will be better off with counterfeit dollars than work or nation.  The flood of “wall street dollars” a tragedy beyond compare; as this is the source of a great deal of counterfeiting as well: “it ain’t real money”.  Because the numbers are not attached to anything that can exist as “going to be paid”; they are mere fantasy, as is the “american dollar”.  Current claims of work, are simply more counterfeiting being done.  The longer it goes, the more you lose: its simple accounting.  The longer it goes, the more fantasies they create:   as in playing with energies that can destroy us all/ mutilating all life/ etc.  They get to be rich, pretending we owe, for what they gave to themselves, from our work and lives/ we get to be slave, and then dead.  Supply and demand economics are dead.  As a consequence to counterfeiting, and hiding from the truth:   our nation is dying, and so is our world.  Building for world war 3, which none will survive.

           Every resource is being depleted/ every water source is being threatened/ even the air we breathe is being destroyed of oxygen content, while life in the ocean itself is soon to be extinct.  How is that not your concern?  We are being threatened with extermination:   because the “university knows cult”; believes they can play god.  And are doing so with our lives, our nation, our world, and every future life that could exist.  Protecting nothing, but themselves.


          In the expressions of men: the constant battle is, how do we, or I/ MAKE you respect us!  The foundation of that game is, greed: “I want yours too”.  The reality of government is: to establish a participation between the two groups of men/ that is less than war; is predation (we will attack the weak, instead of ourselves).  The function of society is: to participate, within these groups; without losing everything to the corrupt, the violent, the hateful, the arrogant, and the proud.  Whose only true purpose is to create the power through organization; required to make you their slave.  Or more simply, the essence of male dominated society is: “give me more”.


          In our experience as the humanity of this world: the above description accurately defines the critical truth, “without the few that neither understand, accept, nor desire justice for life”.  The world would be a very different place.  Which means, to remove their foundation/ that upon which they build their seize works; and establish armies to battle and destroy:   or Greed must die.  Not the man, or woman/ but the reality of possibilities, that expand the influence of one into the lives of many.  There must be “a different group” planted among the influential: Thereby removing tyrants, oppressors, rulers, major terrorists, and more.  Male dominated human society is characterized and defined, by the two predators which make the game possible.  If the game is reduced to one predator, the tragic consequences of that power to control reduces society to tears, thereby making war inevitable.  If the game is removed/ then the men hiding behind the organization of leaders and their followers: become visible as criminals, and can be contained by the laws, governing individual men.  To remove the game requires three things: to establish a completely different set of rules, means women must be involved as equals in the participation of law and the confrontation of rules.  To remove the trophies caused by competition: there must be justice and equality served by a court system clearly governed by constitutional intent.  To construct and clarify the rights and responsibilities of each individual citizen:  there must be a governmental accounting, based in reality, that governs employee participation in our lives, with truth.  And punishment.

          Money makes greed possible/ makes war inevitable:   because with it, the few gain control over the many.  With money the few gain control over the courts, government, business, property, and lives of the majority constructing power as the bulwark of their superiority.  By using weapons, and fear (whether damage to your body/ family/ life/ home/ work/ property/ freedoms, or any other part of living), their desire is;   to insure there can be no insurrection against them/ because you are afraid.  All done with money, as proof, pride, and the power of  their decision:   is the only one that matters.  You have no say:   as is the constant propaganda of media and their experts.  Added into:   you have no guaranteed rights in a courtroom, because they have been removed with rules, the refusal to accept law, traitors, while the demand for organized crime makes them rulers/ rather than employees.


          So then lets examine the two groups which control war/ greed/ and the realities governing society, under which we all pay with our lives, for their fantasy, failures, arrogance, and blatant disrespect for our lives.   Each group, is a predator; whose purpose is to take as much as they can get for themselves/ regardless of damage done to the rest.  Their reasoning is: “the other group, did this to us/ LET’S do this to them”.  So each plays the game, based upon the reality of consumption, or control achieved by the others.  When the balance is fairly strong, so that neither rises to “a much greater power” than the other:   society remains fairly stable.  When the balance tips, in favor of one; the predation is excessive, and the reality of failure soon brings the potential of war/ or in the case of infant democracy, a change to the political voting.  Thereby a beating back of one predator by using the tragic reality of the other predator against them.  As is seen in America:   this infant democracy (because you refused to grow up, into real democracy)/ is controlled by whosoever does less damage, at this moment in time.

           Until the army of either predator is too large to defeat.  Political armies to control society are built upon counterfeit money!   BECAUSE, It takes too much real money to build an army, with reality/ therefore counterfeiting is the method of insurrection used against society itself.  To build a ruling class, by destroying justice, rights, and the foundation of law, society, and democracy itself: the purpose is, so that they can rule, as an army demanding more (bring me slaves);  instead. As proven by following the money: the counterfeiting goes to “ a university diploma”/ and they have taken control over society; thereby declaring themselves superior; or the new nobility in America. army of insurrection in America today is:   the university diploma, that has removed employment in government/ to become rulers by control over law and court and election and business and everything: because they created enormous amounts of counterfeit money for themselves/ taking away our control over government, by demanding its “OUR DEBT”. 

          As it is clear: they took over government, courts, business, media, decision, propaganda, justice, greed by counterfeiting money, and every other form of power that is possible to invade and overcome.  How is NOT CERTAIN, this is in fact an invasion of our rights and our reality as society.  The foundation of that invasion of power is: “WE the university, alone deserve a million dollars more/ than all of you”.  The fact they control all aspects of education, business hiring, courtrooms and laws, media, and every major decision possible: is a clear sign of “nobility in our midst”.  Take a look at where their superiority led?  The answer is to the edge of extinction/ the truth called bankruptcy/ and the foundations of life being laid into their grave.  The vast majority of graduates proving; “we don’t even have to do nothing, earn nothing, be nothing other than to borrow money/ thereby we get paid”.  The reality of that is: to entrap and control by debt/ proving when in trouble, NOW:  “you shall become, the human robot force” obedient to the money and power of rulers.  While the thugs hired to maintain control over the slaves create their own rules, and control their courts with lies, to  reject our democracy by removing its constitutional laws and guarantees.  So as to disease society (you are bankrupt now/ and can do nothing, but remain under our spell) with their cancer, of arrogance and pride (we own your lives: look at “our pile of money and property”)Intentionally destroying the foundation of America itself, by removing WE THE PEOPLE (constitutional government) from our own nation.   PLUS lies & betrayal;  As is the current dispossessing of all citizens:   by counterfeiting our money/ thereby buying our property “with free (stolen)  money: our lives”;   for the few. While slavery (only the few are allowed this money) overtakes our society, &  failure (you can’t compete with free money) discards and destroys the ownership of property, and their  fantasy not only threatens our entire world, it constructs the assumption (the university gets “our inflation”/ while the people are saddled with,  ITS YOUR debt)   Forever.  Or we will retire early, taking all we can get/ thereby making you slave until you die, because there is nothing left for you but debt and the resultant theft of every working day of our lives, by counterfeiting, theft, anarchy (constitutional democracy is no more), and lies.

          Over the last 4 years proven true by the federal reserve accounting table L5.   We the people have not shared in the inflation established as a $350,000.00 increase in currency over these last four years; per each and every one,  of one hundred million people.  Federal government is “too big to fail/ the nation is too broken to stop: because our leaders cannot control themselves”.  So, as we the people:  you just have to accept, we get more: or you will pay too much.   Ain’t that so?

           Nonetheless, debt increase in America during these last four years, is $178,000.00 per each and every one of one hundred million workers; in a nation of about one hundred million citizen real workers.  Thereby the foundation of real society, which is the working people of every or any society:   have been bound into slavery (we cannot escape this debt/ and or its consequences)/ therefore anger builds.  Civil war erupts, while every diploma hides: so as to rid America of its fighters/ and then swoop in as vultures intent upon picking the bones clean.  Or there must be “border wars with other nations” to control the people by pointing them to a different enemy than themselves or their leaders.  The reality becoming:   “We ain’t got nothing left/ BUT THIS DAMN DEBT”.  Thereby, we the people are pushed, and end in war/ want it, or not.  That war will destroy much/ which rebuilds jobs/ which rebuilds economies; history says/ and the cycle starts all over.  Except for this time:   because there are not enough resources to rebuild much of anything.  We are a world of 7+ billion people; who have ravaged/ ransacked/ raped/ and destroyed as much of nature and environment and resources:   as men could do, with machines and societies,  that build garbage dumps as large as nations.  So we,  the world, and everything in it:   become destroyed as well; when chaos soon reigns. Because the failure of university rules, is as obvious and blatant as their prime experiment: to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.  A ten million degree fire, that burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away.  A fire that obviously burns atomic bonds as fuel/ delivered to this planet, which is made out of atomic bonds making everything here FUEL for the fire; so the planet becomes another sun.  That is the reality of their gamble.  Their excuse:   the fire will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here to hold it down to the planet.  Our entire world, LIVES OR DIES;   based upon this insane theory of fools.  A theory that rejects all known physical laws, to assume fantasy rather than truth.

A reality of the leaders of men and their followers who not only counterfeited the money to build the experiments/ but built the machines and keep them operating as well.  Not only a cancer of arrogance, to the nation/ but a killing disease for this world.


          The controlling,  human male element of society is:   WE WANT MORE FOR OURSELVES/ DAMN YOU TO HELL, for not giving us everything we demand!   And then “let the predation (we will plot and plan and do anything we want, to steal your life)/ and then war (you took to damn much), begins”.


          So we ask:   WHAT IS BETTER, than the male constant cycle of wars?  WHAT is better, than a society which constantly degrades itself into turmoil, by reducing justice and rights: so the few finding power;   can get everything they want? WHAT is better, than a dead world/ a nature mutilated beyond repair/ an environment lost/ cannibalism/ and true HELL ON EARTH?




          So then the critical question is: what can we do that is different, than “man wants more/ TO HELL with you: I AM the only thing important here”! 

          The critical answer begins with:   man controls by the fear of war/ the power of money/ and the pride of demanding, “I AM” superior to you.      


          Therefrom, the elemental reality of peace, or fighting for our world, our nation, or our lives stems from who or what is in control of society.  Even men know this, which led them to create laws and governments/ and then corrupt laws, and governments;  to achieve their goals.  Until that corruption takes over, the game rules.   Once the destruction which always follows establishes:  war (I will take everything) is now accomplished.   Because one group of predators took control.  The game changes to death, rather than making slaves for me.

           So then the first order for, “A DIFFERENT WORLD”.   Is to create laws which will not be corrupted.  As is the intent of the constitution for this United States.  Which has been reduced to:    98% destroyed from the courtroom; as proven by case after case presented by James F. Osterbur. They start here.

          What that clearly means is:   the current method of government by electing officials to make laws and define rules for us/ HAS COMPLETELY FAILED THE NATION. Counterfeiting destroyed all reality of ownership by we the people, “its just our debt”.

            The critical failure is:  “man wants more/ TO HELL with you: I AM the only thing important here”!  The foundation of male dominated society:   is then created by subversion, traitorous acts, betrayal, anarchy, and treason:  as is the fight to “get me MORE”.  To remove the encumbrance of law by constitutional democracy: and become rulers to satisfy themselves as the people with power;  to make you beg.  THEY CHANGED constitutional government/ and made rules and rulers in a courtroom to control the constitution itself.  Thereby invading and destroying America itself; as is constitutional government/ or we the people have rights.  The university diploma is critical here:   as the foundation to remove a vast amount of people trained by life, to understand truth and consequences.  So that the cult of university only is allowed “to know”; could replace them, with idol worship, money talks, the disease of arrogance rules, and the foundation of terror and fear does control.  Thereby rule with rules, not law.  Rule with fear, by constructing bankruptcy, and attack by using thugs and extortion to take much more than even the fantasy or rules will allow. They Rule with the courtroom, by abandoning justice:   to prove what corruption can do, and make the people fear their rulers.  Fear their courts because of financial ruin,

 or the clear destruction of rights. They Rule with counterfeit money; so as to construct an army with bribes, thereby spies; “to report and control all opposition”.  The current claim of currency is $188 trillion dollars/ or divided among every citizen almost $600,000.00 each; babies and all.  You got your six hundred thousand dollars?  Then you ain’t equal/ and your property, your bank account, your everything including food, water, etc: is controlled by someone who does have your share of the money.  Someone has it/ because the federal reserve table demands;   “this exists”.  Can you compete?  What happens when the taxes go up, and they consume your work and reality of living: with every increase becoming more a slave!  Work harder/ do more: there is no future, but we will throw you, your family, and your entire life:   into the garbage if you don’t do enough work, according to what we say.  How is that not true?


          The seven methods used to combat each of these failures/ the tyranny of fools,  are:

1.   We must make our own laws by public vote and participation/ because whosoever makes the law, rules society.  Being completely aware, and utterly suspicious: of the words used, because these will be corrupted if they can. They will be attacked time and again, in a true effort to seize power over society:   as history proves time and again, forever.  Our protection from traitors is “plain and simple” without room for doubt.  Protecting the definitions of words as well/ because this is also where laws and rights are attacked.


2.  Controlling the currency of government by constitutional law: TAKING CONTROL over debt from our employees.   By tying currency directly to the population count/ establishes a specific number to each and every worker (if we all made the same:   I would then know what is fair to be paid to me,  for my “forty hour week”________. Whatever the currency is:  Establishes public knowledge.). Therefore I know, if these are taking TOO DAMN MUCH!

           It takes a constitutional change to alter these decisions by true and complete public vote.  This takes a recurrent vote, to insure the predators don’t change the rules; gaining power over you.


3.  Controlling the economy: by creating limited capitalism, :   controls the greed!  By allowing every citizen to vote on just how much money or property or income ANYONE can attain in any given year/ or hold as a possession, by any means: WITHOUT OUR VOTE.   IS THE AUTHORITY OF TRUE DEMOCRACY.   {you own the freedom and responsibility and choice/ but we own the opportunity TO SHARE this society by protecting ourselves; with limits and boundaries controlling all}. Additionally; You may not hold, run, claim, advertize, or own any business other than the one, you literally work in.  Society, Returning to that vote every few years to insure none are able to defeat our own control over society, or the nation itself.

4.   Controlling our society by creating “governmental decisions”, REQUIRES: that every new law;  change in the constitution;  or alteration in the realities designed to establish control by true democracy.  Which does mean:  RULING OURSELVES,   with the laws we create & the decisions we make>  DEMANDS, in order to maintain control:  No law or decision can be erased or changed in the future;  unless a greater percentage of the people voting, agree to it.  As with all decisions/  the public must be made aware.  That means: control over all media SHALL exist: to establish by “the free press”: what is important for society to know. Those who do more than entertain: establish knowledge which protects and defends democracy, world,  and life!  A higher percentage: than did create these new laws and decisions; means we will NOT be inundated with new demands at every vote.   Or more simply:   if,   70% of the people made the law/ then it takes 71% of the people to change that law or edict or right or limit; etc.  In that way, you keep out the predators, and retain control over your rights.  IF the change you make is within constitutional guidelines as presented in the preamble of that document: then you may begin with not less than 60% in favor/ so that extreme arguments need not occur, and flexibility may exist for later,  more clearly definable decisions.


5.  Establishing new money means:   the resources and the work/ the ability and the sacrifice;   are the foundation of currency or reality as in wealth or poverty;    existing in society.  Without resources, there is no work or wealth.  Without ability, you are limited by ignorance as a society.  Without sacrifice, as in “I believe” my work will benefit me later/ there is no building a future for the nation or world.  Therefore money is not a number/ but a consistent relationship within society itself.  What is my value, “to the rest (thereby shared)”/ begins with: what are my options in food, true necessities, or potentially even shelter?  The answer is most clearly EQUAL is:   when the money is divided into three separate decisions.   “Need money” is given as the primary source of initial payment to all people.  That limit establishes for all,  the SAME first rights (same amount for all) to buy necessities of survival and life.  This limit,  throughout society;  so that everybody is equal in their ability to buy food or other needs: controls peace and substantial equity in work.  Or more simply:    rich or poor: We can all buy, with equal dollars/ our needs!  Because you can’t buy this (NEED) with any other form of money/ and society controls how much you get by vote. No tax allowed.  This is societies work force/ they deserve “minimum” FAIR compensation; as in equal rights regarding food.  THAT amount governing need money;  is determined by society by vote.  As well as what will or will not be bought with that form of payment.  That money when used, is returned to government; to be exchanged for “business money”.

          The next tier of money is business:   or more simply this cannot be used for anything less than tools, or distinct resources certified important and relevant to your own business.  That money shall not be taxed, UNTIL a profit has been shown for the business.  This is societies workplace/ it deserves space and time to establish itself. Once profitability exists: all other money beyond business expense: without the owner taking any outside of business purposes.  Or its not yours, this money belongs only to the business.   Salary, Is then returned to government in exchange for “luxury money”.

          The third tier of money is for luxuries only (anything beyond need or business): which means simply if you are working hard/ you should be allowed the freedom to rest or whatever seems right to you.  Because freedom allows it, reality earned it/ so long as you don’t harm the environment or life or society intentionally.  It is taxed at the rate society defines for itself.

          Trading between nations: shall be resource based, as governed by a world board associated with world law.  All same/ one vote; no exceptions.


6.  The power of weapons, is a grievous reality that deserves a critical truth:   WE CANNOT control the vast numbers of men who have historically attempted to  rape, ravage, pillage, destroy, murder, hate, enslave, and ransack other people:   WITHOUT WORLD LAW!  Reality pushes, leaders commit, followers fail to find a solution without war.  

          The only alternative to each of these is: to establish the laws that WE THE people of this WORLD shall make!  To control our rulers, the leaders and make them OBEY, our law.   We do that together, by defining the laws we demand our leaders shall NOT change or defy:   without being taken to court, BY THIS WORLD;   for examination of what is true.  Or if truly defiant, to “we the world”/ and refuse our law: then simply they shall be killed, so another can take his or her place.

           By controlling the policing of our world, with “officers of the law”; from every nation on earth working as one force. Thereby we WILL remove all weapons of mass destruction; including extreme methods of other kinds as decided by all humanity.  In stages.  If leaders cannot lead to war/ then followers cannot follow. “The simple solution”.

            Reality as is the consequence of resource devastation, environmental destruction, extreme experimentation/ mutilation of nature and more.    Must  also be dealt with by this policing force as well.  Because your failure/ becomes our failure, your gamble becomes our death.  When your need overwhelms what we built as well as what you built: over population threatens us all.   Consequently:  “Together we go, as one world”.  Because:  There is no other way to survive. ACCEPT IT/ and quit complaining.  Human  Population control is no longer a choice.


7.  Redress of grievances, are the most powerful words ever written; because they make government employees at every rank/ ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES!  That simple fact:   MAKES US RULERS OVER OUR OWN LIVES AND OUR EMPLOYEES.  It is the power of society, over itself.  Rather than the leaders of society, gaining power OVER the lives of everyone. 

           Consequently to rule our employees by their oath, and their work:   is to understand our law shall NOT be denied.   WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE/   not some damn employee, who has committed treason to remove our rights, by destroying our constitution, in a courtroom;  and controlling our reality, with lies.  Or propagating their “religious belief” on us; as is the cult:  university knows everything/ and cannot be questioned or ignored!  That ain’t your job!  Criminal punishments shall be “appropriate when necessary”/ but not used, as an example.



          We must now examine the reality between those who say, “we are the experts (we have a book; like all religions do)/ you can’t do anything; you can’t decide anything; you are worthless,  without us”.  Or “we are the great one/ and you are slave”.   Thereby attempting to prove:   nobility over the rest who know, or should know;  they are not “fully educated as we”.  Therefore you shall obey: whether  aware of what truth and its consequences do mean or not.  Because we the university diploma not only rules/ but owns your very life;   using counterfeit money to consume everything you built or did for yourselves/ is now ours!  Its called “KING, or           QUEEN”/ and their servants or slaves, etc.


          THE VALUE of every decision IS NOT found in the assumptions or knowledge of men/ that is irrelevant, and often leads to tragedy; as is plainly evident in this day.  Rather the value of every decision resides in the truth that is known, and proven to exist: because the consequences have been identified, “establishing what it will or does mean to be wrong”.   This is knowledge/ this conceives of understanding, and brings wisdom.

          In its simplest terms:   it is reasonable and sound of mind, to work in all ways that do not risk more than can be ethically lost:   finding knowledge with care, as you proceed.  BUT, within that reality is one single rule or law to keep life safe.  You are REQUIRED:   YOU MUST KNOW, before you begin/ what you MUST NOT do; lest there be consequences you nor we can afford to make; as these do occur.

           At its essence then: the foundation of every decision resides in truth, and the ability to recognize what that truth is.  A reality NOT limited to books or degrees or claims of superiority!    Rather when working together, because we all care about the outcome:   we do share the knowledge, and apply the understanding of all, to accomplish “the best we can do” for our lives, our nation, every future, and our world.  Remembering who shared with honesty and caring: becomes the foundation of leadership, if they desire it to be so.

           People withhold knowledge to gain a claim of superiority/ and control the work or the money; etc.  These are the predators of society, as that changes to encompass “more for me”.  But make no mistake, if there is truth and substance creating value for all/ then there is cause to sustain a claim of “more for you”; because you did do more for us.  Let equality be:   “The best I can be/ without restraints and obstructions placed in my way; a fair chance”.  Those people who fight for “everything I can be in business, etc”/ often did do more.  But it matters:  if that is or was,  for society or just plain self.


          Confronting leaders and employees of government: with the news, “we demand changes shall be made.  We demand these laws shall now rule our lives,  as we did create them for ourselves”.  This,  Will find resistance.  Because that law/ that authority to control society itself:  removes power from those who covet that power.  It removes the claim of superiority from those who are so damn arrogant, they can’t see the sewer/ vermin/ or parasite, they became.  Therefore you become “their enemy”/ by establishing:   a friend of society itself.

          The critical development is:   without our work, without our acceptance of “their money”, without our simple obedience to what we have been told: there is no power structure to government/ no game to play.   It is only law and life, the basis of peace and harmony.  Without weapons to kill, maim, or  establish fear; they cannot regain control.  Consequently every attempt will be to delay, or to deny, or to excuse, or to use rules of procedure, or any other form of “livestock herding” that they can possibly find.  When that fails, an attempt will be made to control by fear: settle it in your mind, DUTY, DEMOCRACY, / NOR FREEDOM, is free.

            Therefrom,  “a tax revolt”/ by any of its definitions in reality, is the foundation for being respected as participants in this government, establishing we are its owners.   Proving we have constitutional rights/ is as simple as organizing yourselves to inundate and flood every courtroom in this nation with the demand for REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, and more.  Proving there is no escape/ from our law:   or our constitutional authority as WE THE PEOPLE!   We are the government.  We, Are owners here/ not you the employee..

          The reality of weapons, is governed by the military and policing divisions of society: we outnumber them, but they are better organized, and have the potential to add bloodshed, rather than words.  A basic soldiers bill of rights grants protection for all humanity, except rulers!  Get it done.

           The question is then:   with your own citizen laws/ with your citizen demand FOR JUSTICE, and equality;  FOR ALL.  With your demand, that society shall be fair for everyone, remembering the work that has been done does construct “mine”/ but democracy does construct “ours”/ thereby limiting yours.  We confront your ability to control the wealthy, and give equal rights or more correctly substantive rights;   to all people in this society.  The question does then erupt:   do your police and military agree, do they understand what is being fought for by law?  And if they do, recognizing justice, freedoms, and rights:   will they join you/ or fight against life in this democracy; as would be against themselves.   For far less than what you do in fact offer them as a new and different society for everyone.  Even a different world for life; to respect and protect our survival as a world.

          The majority will join/ but there will be the few, “who hate you even more, than anything else in this world”. So then as always:   will you let the few rule your world because of the violence, mayhem, and chaos they project and propose to do?   Or will you respond to the realities of our entire world!  The reality our world is in danger with a firm reliance on the truth:   “We are too many people to be enemies/ WE MUST change; defending life itself, and find friendship as best we can: for the protection of our world”; without judgment.  Yes, or no ?

          The few who hate,  will be found, even though they will cause harm/ they cannot defeat you.  Because you do outnumber them “millions to one”.  Hate must then be “rounded up” and removed in one form or another/ because it will NOT coexist with peace and happiness.  They are opposites.  Anger is a reality of “change and justice,  will fix this”.  Be careful what you do/ lives are at stake;  and some of the most hateful people, hide and are never seen in “the light of day”.  Because they are true, “professional liars”.   Intellect means:   “I can devise a trap for you/ or conceive of yours for me”.  It is not the means to “superior”; it is primarily;   just for games.  Only truth can survive reality without loss/ bear it in mind.


          We end with “bullying”/ the reality of people determined to make you fear them; because they assume power is a right; if you cannot defeat them, or so they believe.   These are assumptions that grow from childhood, and create one single purpose which is: to believe I am more, than you.  Regardless of what more is.  Therefore bullying is a game of trophies/ and your fear or submission, is the prize.  Take the game away, and the bully dies/ or is enraged and must pretend to win, by going beyond what he or she desires to do.  Which is prove, rather than simply suggest “I win”.  There is a difference between the bully and the criminal who hates: the bully believes this is a game/ while the criminal seeks revenge when they lose.  Criminals are constructions of three basic parts: “i want more/ I will take more/ you can’t stop me”.   The crime fundamentally exists in, the development of a predator, “I won’t let you see me coming”.

           Reality knows, that no one truly wins a fight.  Not because of the immediate physical or mental consequences/ but because of the long term consequences, that may or may not be revealed, after a battle.  Every predator attacks with a surprise, because that lessens his or her potential for long term bodily damage.  Or more simply: it does not take long or much damage to learn, this fight was NOT worth the cost to me/ even if I won.  The alteration of that is the fighter, who chooses to prove “he can take the abuse/ and still fight on”.  Or, I won’t be defeated by pain, as very many are!  That is his or her trophy.

          We now come to the questions: why do people play these games/ why do people seek revenge even when they did deserve whatever they got/ why do people seek a trophy?      

          The answer is:   divided into three parts as well.  People play to demand pay attention to me.  People seek revenge, to prove I won’t be defeated by you.  People want a trophy, to say “I am superior, with authority”.

          The common link between all three is:   I want, to be more to someone; than I am:  even if that is me.  Thereby “used (do what I say)/ abused (be what I demand)/ refused (I alone, have value here) / isolated (don’t deny me) / or abandoned (crippled by severe righteousness, or arrogance; and unable to find yourself, because of fear)”.  The cause is the same: I want to be more than you/ by proving I CONTROL;   to these others; or more simply making you lose too.  To do that, “a judgment has occurred”.  Dependent upon the verdict: you are less (plotting and planning are found here), loser (I win/ I am more), worthless (garbage, I can throw you away, including death), or defeated and a slave (I can whip you, or anything else I desire, so long as I keep you alive).


          It is want, that makes a bully or a criminal.  Therefore it is want, the basis of all lies; that proves to be the true enemy.  The foundation of want, is created when time constructs a path, “too slow for me”.  Or more simply: I want more, for me;  faster/ than my life, environment, or other factors will allow.  Therefore I lie/ or conceive of more as the second part of bully or criminal becomes clear:   you must lose/ so I can win.  The critical question becomes:   why do you want more/ why am I expendable?  The answer all return is: because you, must consider me “god”/ therefore you are then less.  Or, more simply, compared to you or them, “I get to play god: my decision matters/ my rights matter/ my choice decides/ I am the ruler/ I am everything:  and YOU are my slave, because I need someone else to prove I have power to control you”. Or being god is simply, no fun!  Consequently prejudices, bigotry, and more arise here as well.

          So then we come to the final question:   why, do you want to play god?


          The answer varies: from complete control, I AM GREAT; therefore I will take anything I want.   To the true foundations of complete arrogance which assume, even beyond insanity:   you can’t stop me from gambling all life on earth.   Because I want to prove I am god/ I want you to worship me.


          That leads us to the age old question:   what does it take to stop the destruction of peace, hope, and life;  from those who refuse to accept equality, justice, or even love with the rest?  Choosing hate!


          The answer is:    Prove equality, RIGHT, AND LAW;  rather than judgment, by justice for all.

           While hate participates in revenge, the predator can be found.  Hate means: I will never accept equality, or justice, or peace with you.  Therefore hate must be “removed” in the most successful way, possible/ because true change is not possible for these.  HATE is not a game/ IT IS A CLEAR DECISION.  Hate constructs everything evil in life, living, and society/ because love and life itself, has become the enemy. In everything, but me.



          Finally we come to more, the essence of a battleground, where men assume they are the great ones, if they have or control more.  Consequently more means “fight”.  Which builds competition so the fight can commence. Therefore competition is necessary “for more” to exist as a game. Otherwise it can only be “life or death” for every adversary.  The game is for most, the solution for boredom/ and the reality of trophies: I WIN.  The functional reality or purpose, of an adversary proves:   I am important, in this life/ because I, or we; can lose. Or we can win!  The crux of every attempt by humanity,  to be more is then:   “I want to be important, to be more than just me”.  Simple as that.

          So the critical question of more is:   how do we all feel important, because no matter where you are in life/ respect for yourself is required. The honest, earned respect of others can be cherished; if not bound by pride.   Or the failure of respect establishes:  there will be depressions/ suicides/ fantasies/ and mental failures as in, this is just because “I didn’t care enough, to succeed”.  And more elements of mental consequences, rather than happiness.

          The fundamental answer here today is:   we cannot be more important to life and this entire world/ than we all are, this very day.  Every single life on earth/ trillions and beyond measurement:   is at risk of horrendous death, and the consequences of people playing god with life;   just because they want too.  Whosoever helps life, and defends this world:   is truly important, and will remain so; according to what they do.  This work, this reality:  is not a game; our entire earth can die soon.  So says the evidence.

IF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW HAS NO PLACE OR MEANING, in a courtroom/ as is proven by the evidence: THEN THIS IS NOT AMERICA ANYMORE! Does that not demand a fight?  WHEN, WE THE PEOPLE, are refused the legal right to be informed and protected, and allowed our own decision:   regarding those people and those leaders, who gamble with our entire planet/ all its nature/ protecting the destruction of, all its resources; ending the future for every child.   THEN THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY ANYMORE.  We are attacked; plain and simple!

          By that cause, & the simple truth of our time, on this earth:   IT IS NOT necessary to pay TAX, to the ones who are attacking life/ exterminating the future/ killing the world/ destroying the nation/ refusing democracy/ living in fantasies and lies/ and corrupting everything we value in society.  That would be “paying the executioner”/ and it is not a valid expense.  It is constitutional anarchy!

          When the guaranteed rights of constitutional law have been met/ the reality of threats, that will make us all extinct are investigated, and proven by public examination:   when wrong is not death for this world.  The money is returned to reality, ending counterfeiting and lies; stopping the dispossession of our nation, our property stolen, our securities simply given away by lies, has been stopped.  Then taxation has its dignity and purpose returned/ a tax revolt ends. 

          The first amendment US law says:   REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ or more simply, the right of WE, THE PEOPLE, to hold our employees accountable, and determine our own future by vote, under constitutional restraints: governs this nation, as our own authority here.  Because we are the owners of our democracy!


             Criminal contempt by the judiciary; proven by irrefutable evidence/ as is to refuse all constitutional decree in every courtroom throughout this state and federal system including the supreme courts both state and nation! In case after case; start hereThereby DENYING    the law of our democracy/ THE REALITY OF OUR AUTHORITY:    AS WE THE PEOPLE, “govern ourselves”/ by constitutional law!

          Failure  IS NOT:   “What I am willing to be taxed for”.  Duty to our nation, LIFE, and world;   demands better, of both me and you!

            The money is dead,



exhibits I, J, & N.   CASE 14SC-2


By examining the evidence OF FEDERALRESERVE.GOV;   TABLE L.5, TOTAL ASSETS AND LIABILITIES OF THIS USA looking across the top;  years on left/ quarters of the current year on right.


we find this: “table is listed, in billions: 1.  Equals one billion.

1998            Line 19 total liabilities             $55,993.4            = $55.9 trillion

1998             Line 33 total assets                  $76,134.7            =$76.1 trillion


2003             Line 19 total liabilities             $75,945.6           =$75.9 trillion

2003             Line 33 total assets                  $96,257.7           =$96.2 trillion


2009             Line 19 total liabilities           $121,372.0        =$121.3 trillion

2009              Line 33 total assets                $153,381.4        =$153.3 trillion


2014              Line 19 total liabilities          $139,512.4        =$139.1 trillion

2014              Line 33 total assets               $188,503.7        =$188.5 trillion

the difference 16 years makes is:     An increase in debt of   $83.2 trillion

                                                          An increase in assets of $112.4 trillion


the difference 4 years and one quarter makes

                                                          An increase in debt of $17.8 trillion

                                                          An increase in assets of $35.2 trillion


REMEMBERING; that one trillion dollars, does by the math equal ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people.  That means over the last sixteen years our debt load as a nation increased $832,000.00 per each individual, by counting one hundred million citizens.  While the money supply increased during that time by $1,124,000.00 per each individual,  of one hundred million citizens. ROUGHLY 312 million people, with 102 million actually working.

          During the last 4 years plus one quarter of accounting;   our debt load as a nation increased $178,000.00 per each of one hundred million individual workers.  While the money supply increased in those 4 years by $352,000.00 per each of one hundred million people.  Did your salary go up by three hundred and fifty two thousand dollars in the last 4 years?   SOMEBODIES DID! At least they collected it, as this currency inflation does exist in someone’s hand.  And not a single whisper, “from your media”/ even though they knew.

          What is not inflated by government directly, is given to banks and wall street to expand the inflation so it is not readily accounted for; “its magic”.  Or more simply, the banks can legally multiply every dollar in their accounting by ten.  While wall street can legally provide margin accounts at not less than every dollar will get you fifty more to gamble with. A reality intensified by wall street/ because nothing there is sold at less than ten times its actual worth.  Or more simply, it has no real connection to business;  its just a gambling game, with our economic lives at stake.

           These “additions to the currency” is where the extra “can’t possibly be true” money in the GDP comes from.Fantasy, that then pays for all the extreme experimentation, degradation, destruction, disease introduced as genetic mutilation, lack of sense, the attack on our democracy for the money, the greed over-running society; and a thousand other lesser evils because nobody wants to pay the price, of what our leaders, AND THEIR FOLLOWERS,  have done, to life in this nation.  “Give us lies”/ let the future be damned/ sacrifice the children, throw away the water/ oxygen/ food/ etc.  Equals:  Soon you will be dead by countless attacks on reality.  Or more simply, America itself is under severe attack, in all aspects of life and nation; and the people don’t even know it: because the free press exists no more! The US supreme court sold it!  Adding in: The majority are so damn concerned they might lose a penny; they might be ridiculed for demanding common sense/ as they have been attacked by the propaganda  media. They are allowing: our executioners to “throw this entire nation, and this entire world” in the garbage forever. 


           No matter what you give these leaders in tax/ they spend whatever they want, by counterfeiting!  Then claiming what can never be repaid, is not inflation: when it so clearly is.  The reality: Only we, the people are removed from those numbers/ we don’t share in this inflating of our currency; because this is where “the university diploma” gets its million dollars more;   “Straight from fairy land”/ without any reference to reality at all.  Counterfeit or bribe to them: But they do use it to steal our property, to give foreigners our nation/ dispossesses us all from the land and our resources.  Ripping the work you have sacrificed to earn;  “for a later day”, by tearing tomorrow into civil war. Other than the fact, the money in your bank account has no meaning;  “it lies, and they bribe”.  Reality states:  to pay for their “endless wants, without any association to reality”. Somebody has to be slave, if the money you are paid:  is not real/ its you, is that not so. Liars/ cheaters/ and thieves; ain’t government, “its organized crime”.    Fools, failures, murderers and assassins: form the demand to exterminate life on this planet with genetic mutilation, & experiments that gamble with all life in this world!  Adding realities of resource depletion that can only lead to complete world chaos:   ARE, at its essence “SATAN on earth”.  Destroyers of this world; is  not religious/ it is our reality; these things exist.  A ten million degree fire, that does not extinguish itself; means, NO ONE survives! “just, for instance”/ is only one.

           Where is your duty to life?    You just want what you want/ don’t bother me!  Well guess what, once biologic chaos/ genetic mutilation ( the destruction of:  ORDER, discipline, balance, structure, in DNA; walking/ talking/ hearing/ seeing/ and everything else;   even the ability to think itself) has spread too far, the whole earth dies, including YOU.  Does disease not spread? And the people have said: Can’t be, university knows what it is doing?  HOWEVER  What the university is doing, as is proven by the evidence:  is playing god/ people just like you, “ain’t no better”.  Can you play god?  IF YOU BELIEVE the university knows what it is doing: they you know they will bring the same fire here as is on the sun: BURNS YOUR SKIN from 91 million miles away; in summer.  On purpose.  Depending on, “not enough gravity here/ so a ten million degree fire:  will just put itself out”.



            ONCE THE COURT DELIVERS ITS CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY, AND PROVIDES ALL CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEES TO ME/ to every citizen;   AS SUPPORTED AND DEFENDED BY OUR DEMOCRACY; as is WE THE PEOPLEThe contract: of redress of grievances and more:  will be enforced upon our employees by, their own oath.

           THAT, is the sign of constitutional government, justice, and true democracy!


           Proving to them:  you DON’T get paid for invading our democracy, and removing our laws, or destroying our constitution from the courtroom!  Proving, No one is allowed to threaten all life on earth. Proving,  No one is allowed to steal all our money, or use the military;  however you wish.   Is that not a right of ownership: our authority as we the people?

           THE LAW OF THIS United States of America and state of Illinois:  As defined in these filings/ this case 14SC-2; and all other cases on these sites!    PROVES by law, and irrefutable evidence:  that the constitution does not rule here.  Proves, the court, and its lawyers, believe in arrogance; that they has no legal obligation to adhere to their oath of office.   Therefore a legal guaranteed right, as written in the constitution itself: called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  For each and every citizen of this state or nation;   THIS DEMOCRACY, does not exist/         in FACT.     A reality  established in trial after trial/ the law of our government: has failed in case after case.  Thereby an insurrection exists against America: and the traitor is found within our  leadership.



          My purpose is:   I AM TELLING YOU, investigate, and prove the truth:   establishing, THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT HUMANITY IS DOING TO THIS PLANET!

          That is now definable, and plain to see, IF YOU simply think;   instead of being told: for yourselves.  Demand proof of reality/ what it means to be wrong: no more experts, no more committees to decide, no more back rooms! No refusing to testify. No liars, etc; this is life or death for our world/  or to jail, or to death you go.  “WE THE PEOPLE” WILL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES!  If our future, our children can survive;   by open (before the world) redress of grievances TRIAL.


           The future can be known:   as is so clearly stated by “university knows”:   for example.  THEY ARE experimenting everyday:   going to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.  THEY ARE going to mutilate every life on earth (if an egg does not complete the enclosure: THERE IS NO next generation),  genetic mutilation destroys the disciplines, order, balance, structure, thought, and everything else this creation is: bringing CHAOS, instead of nature which is genetic construction/ AS IS THEIR PLAN.   Because they worship evolution (chaos built us) as their own religion:      and want nothing of truth.

           THINK FOR YOURSELF!  Evolution says:   we built ourselves, one piece at a time/ without even a mind, a hand, a tool, or anything else;   “Its all magic”.  WAKE THE FUCK UP/ pitiful damn dumb ass! Take a look in the nursing home; and understand what it means to lose even a little bit of what you were born with!

            What good is the rest of your body without a heart/ or blood/ bones without joints/ or a mind:  Its just a DAMN PITIFUL lie, without substance of any kind.

           Adaption, is the sign and seal of true thought and design:   “I knew this would be needed/ so it was prepared in advance.”

           THE “university diplomas’ in charge of are world:   ARE destroying every resource; and are working in countless ways: TO MAKE YOU WAR! To kill the future itself.   That is what hate does, or more distinctly, that is what rulers are willing to do; so you can’t or don’t see their mistakes and failures/ and thereby remove them.  THEY worship & WANT power, pride, and prestige; demanding, its more than your life is worth. 

          Our reality:  Arrogance is our enemy/ a disease that rampages through society, at epidemic levels; as is today.  Not the least of which is, a federal IRS that steals in open court.  And a state IRS that threatens to bypass a bank account (refusing the money):  so they can attack a vehicle; sell it for pennies, (to whoever is first in line) and then come back for more.  Establishing by that action: clear extortion using government to hide this operation, deliberate organized crime using the courtroom to hide that fact, and establishing the reality of policing operations in support of these actions:  that are not less than “simple thuggery”. Have they not done this before? Is that not worth investigating!



       The university diploma, by its leadership; has declared,   A CLEAR AND ABSOLUTE DISRESPECT FOR EVERYTHING, especially LIFE!  THAT, is what the evidence says!  Even you, can understand what that future will be:     Call it whatever you wish/ it is,  all SIMPLE AND PLAIN,     tragedy coming.                              Wake up or die! This ain’t no game.






          The proven reality is:   Unless you are young, “the price of changing society, the money, our future, protecting the young, life itself, etc;  is just too DAMN high”.  So the old believe in “their cult, of university knows”; because its easy, and the figure to die, before the debt comes due.  Then its,“Your problem now”!

          Nothing however is more blind: than to gamble with all life on earth.  Establishing the  lazy, or diseased mind cannot rule.  The cancer of our lives must be removed by law.   The rulers of this time, having Discarded all reality: all truth.  Cannot, Even when they tell you:  all the mass in this entire universe came from a spot no bigger than a marble; find sanity. They are, because they want to be: Still a cult,  still “we believe”anything the university says.   Basing the entire theory:   that “its safe, to bring sun fire here” on that math, (not enough gravity here to hold it down). Its called brain-dead, or sheer fantasy, and delusions.  Its called extinction!

           Because all the mass in the universe CANNOT fit in one tiny marble size hole.  HOW CAN YOU DOUBT that is true?  The most dense physical reality known, is a black hole.  Where they say not even light escapes.  Which means they gamble our earth, based upon the assumption, that something ( “a rope”; or, they know not what) tying the planets to the sun, is physically being forced back into a very tiny hole at the center of the sun.  A spot they demand:  is far more dense than a black hole, where no light escapes.

          To assume that:  they must,  Discard all physical laws of the known universe. Because they made their math fit, “all points of a sphere, meet at the center; so gravity must force itself back into that hole”.    Not even little children, ARE THAT ignorant.  But too arrogant to listen/ too blind to see/ to filled with power, because of counterfeit money;  to stop.


          So,Their theory:   a ten million degree fire, that burns atomic bonds as fuel; will just extinguish itself.  Threatens life, everyday!  A reality fit only : “ for comic books, or cults”. Because it is based upon nothing proven or established as true.  Being wrong, turns this planet into “a lake of fire”. That is your life lost too.

           These are then:  the moments, before we become “exterminated”.  NOT GOD threatening us.  “University knows”, and the diploma’s of leadership threatening us, an entire world:   with their assumptions, delusions, disgrace, and absolute arrogance.




AS STATED:   the entire purpose of trial/ the purpose of these sites, and this work is fundamentally summed up by the motions filed in this case:   14SC-2

EACH BEING FUNCTIONALLY ABOUT:   what happens, TO US;   when you’re wrong?

Motion 1    (to investigate threats that gamble with our entire world.)

Motion 2    (To investigate threats that gamble with our entire natural world of life).

Motion 3   (To identify and prove, what the future will become/ as it applies to resources and environment)

Motion 4    (To stop and prove counterfeiting/ thereby returning to reality and truth in money).  To stop civil war, by using the law.


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Consider the Source Constitutional Redress Leaders Involved
Miscellanious Summary Consider the Source Established
Consider the Knowledge    Consider the Understanding Court Statment


Established by the reality of our time.


          If you had $35,200.00 in the bank 4 years ago. By the increase in US  currency reported: which equals $352,000.00 per each of one hundred million people.  You lost 90% of the actual REAL purchasing power of that money to inflation, in four years. Or more simply, those who get the inflated dollars for themselves; are buying ten times more, of your properties, your life’s work/ than they deserve. And you cannot compete, because they use “free money”/ or more correctly “its your debt”; they signed your name!  Read on.    Do bribes, and counterfeiting,  sound free now?  Soon only a few will own anything/ certainly not you:   as even a hint of inflation, can take everything away.  However fast, those who counterfeit want it to be true.


          WHAT you need to know is then tied directly: to the foundation, “debts that cannot be paid”/ are inflation, not debts.  We are lied too, when we are told this is not inflation.  We are cheated, when the REAL numbers that are created by those employed in government: are not distributed fairly/ but exist only as counterfeit money “given to a tiny few”, for their purposes. They buy anything they want; counterfeiting spends EASY.  We are robbed:   when the actual real value of the money you work for, has already been spent by;  that inflation/ leaving you with nothing but numbers.  Got a lot of numbers?  It won’t buy food that does not exist (without antibiotics, close confinement agriculture fails entirely) (the factory trawler takes every last fish in an area, leaving nothing for “the next generation”)/ or a drink from water so polluted it cannot be drank (trillions lost to oil, gas, mining, ethanol, chemicals and more)/ won’t save a world standing on the edge of horrendous extinction events (billions of tons of insects ARE FOOD for a large percentage of other creatures; all gone. No food/ no life.)/ won’t give you a breathe of air, because motors (a semi truck consumes the same air in one hour/ as 100-120 people require for 24 hours) and fires from 7 billion+ people;   consuming all the oxygen leftover time as ozone, and more than this earth can produce today.

          Or more simply.  By the facts distributed in the federal reserve table L.5   if you had $1.124 million dollars in the bank 16 years ago.  Today, for each of those dollars, there are $2.248 million dollars in circulation: available to be spent.  If that were all/ it would mean, your spending power had dropped by 50% in those 16 years.   If, on the other hand you had one hundred and twelve thousand / $112,400.00 dollars;  in the bank 16 years ago: THEN today, there are 20 times more money in circulation; which means;  that money has dropped in spending power by 95% .   Do you not see who loses most?

           If this economy was real/ which it is not!  Because hidden from view, by claiming this inflation is a debt;   we continue with relatively stable lives.  BECAUSE people continue to pretend “it’s a debt/ it has to be paid”.  While others contend, “I ain’t never going to pay/ BUT INSIST, every damn dollar they hold is worth the same today as it was, 16 years or more ago.”  Both cannot be true!  It is the machines that make the lies possible/ it is the bribes that make people tolerate their position of deflating bank accounts.  It is the resources ravaged that keep the machines going/ thereby sacrificing the future to sustain what cannot be sustained.  It is lying/ cheating/ and stealing from American leaders and wall street;   that has enticed foreign nations into playing this pyramid con game.  The most successful of all con games in the history of human society.   How long before it crashes?  Well, that depends on humanity;   continue to ride this disease,  less than two more years, and the whole world dies.  So then what is a world worth?  What is world war 3, “to you”?

           But:  Or more directly, the nation itself has added over those 16 years an additional $112.4 trillion dollars to the currency:   divided equally by 312 million citizens (babies and all) there is an additional $360,256.00 per citizen in circulation.    If we expand that to the total US currency in circulation today, every single citizen is responsible for $602,564.00.  Or that is how many US dollars existed at that moment.

          Just as bad is the increase in debt.  Debts are not something children pay, or the retired, etc.  Debts are paid for by the workers, which in real terms are about roughly;  100 million workers.  Government claims about 150 million but those are numbers generated by all taxpayers.  In other words if you file jointly, or as a child, or because you receive social security, and so on;   you are claimed as a worker in their numbers.  However the military is excluded from these numbers.  Nonetheless, if you take the claimed unemployment numbers and its percentage of the workforce, and do the math, remembering a percentage of those employed do not earn their pay; which leaves the rest to do their job;   it comes to a little over one hundred million workers. Easier figures!   So then in the last 16 years we have increased in debt by $83.2 trillion dollars:   or $832,000.00 per worker.  If you expand that up to the entire debt of $139.1 trillion.  Each worker owes $1.394 million dollars;   “To pay it off today”.

          The federal debt was nearly one trillion dollars at the end of the Carter presidency; established by the Vietnam war/ which was a precursor for world war 3. Go back in time, and find Kennedy asking “do not ask what your country can do for you/ ask what you can do for your country; review the evidence, and ask is this NOT:   A PRELUDE, to war? It was Kennedy who placeed missiles on the USSR border/ BEFORE the USSR put them in Cuba. What stopped war, was the missile; first the surface to air missile/ and then the intercontinental ballistic missile . Then death.

           “Too bad” for Vietnam, and every soldier: preparations for world war 3 is why “hamburger hill” was taken and then released time after time; a “little” killing field:  To battle harden those who were left in preparation for invasion of the USSR.  The electronics came about for military use at about that time; and Vietnam;  became a “testing site” for all the new stuff. Courtesy of military leaders/ and presidents, or leaders;  with “other things on their mind;  than soldiers dying.” Even though civil rights was equally important/ thereby Vietnam left to the military; proves [every soldier needs their own BILL OF RIGHTS].  The trip to the moon;  was simply a coverup for building intercontinental missiles. Nothing more than that.  It is true, even if hard to prove.  Can’t be, America is great?  Well its leaders are not/ nor have they been: remember nuclear bombing pacific islands: strictly to make the world fear.  Remember Nagasaki: 2 days after Hiroshima, means they hurried; so they could use it before Japan surrendered.

           Regardless Carter tried to stop the express ride into bankruptcy;   and everybody thought, “we should get on this train: inflation will work for us at 15% “BUY something”.  So the attempt to pay down the debt failed/ because greed rose to meet it.  Then came Reagan who released the money from reality/ and then sold the entire national gold supply:   what is left is on line 21; hidden behind “SDR’s” (don’t know).  Releasing the money from reality (each dollar, tied to gold on hand); became the “gold mine” for all university educated people, with a diploma.  Didn’t matter what you did, if you had a diploma: YOU got a BIG RAISE, and if in the right place with million dollar bonuses if not more. Which has increased to, more than one million dollars in salary for just about all with a diploma in one way or another: “they are special”.  Even though nothing else substantially changed as to business; just the money supply.  Just the damage done to society itself, in a thousand different ways;   “Like declaring the children who weren’t perfect little robots; as needing drugs.  The very children who get the others out to play; so the end result of youth obesity was obvious”.  The intellectual hates, the children suffer/ society dies.  And the expert removes even the possibility of a conversation:   because they own the topic, and no other can even consider having an opinion or fact that denies “TV” owns, the mind of  society.  They are your “god” too; isn’t it wonderful: just “be a robot/ and be happy”.  Mimic, and you can’t be wrong; well, unless nobody cares anymore/ in which case; “you can be ridiculed for anything and everything, without end”. Back before the world was full of human robots, “filled to the brim with university:  do it, exactly as we say:  or we will blacklist you/ / bankrupt you and your parents besides”.   We had conversations, rights, democracy, friends, and a future.  Think about it; today, we have threats/ bankruptcy/ failure/ traitors/ and fools: without a future.  Unless true change comes immediately.  There ain’t no “human robots” today?  Nothing proves you wrong better, than the two people working for a power company; that could not find a way to interpret their book “of worship: this makes us powerful, proud, and with privilege”.  So they insisted a service cut in half/ which had two pipes, but now needed only one:   STILL had to be completed with the second pipe (at a cost of roughly $500.00), cause their book/ did their thinking. Everybody else knew it; just not the book.  And the book ruled; to their shame.

           A side note: every farmer, and every rural community that was even a tiny bit vulnerable went into bankruptcy; because 15% + inflation/ suddenly fell to almost nothing.  They went in: because to pay the debt down was going to take a long time; “security”.  Suddenly no inflation meant can’t pay.  To hide that inflation, they call it debt, its our problem/ so they can keep on spending anything they want, by giving or demanding:   “WE HAVE the power of attorney, to sign your name to any contract we desire”.  And so they did, providing themselves with pensions and everything else they could think of, by making us essentially slaves.  Their money is virtually free/ while we must work hard for our living:   competing with people who use counterfeit money to buy whatever they want, “for free”.  And we are suppose to thank them for that, “cause it’s a job/ you want to live on the street, and eat garbage:   THEN SAY THANK YOU”.  WHILE THEY use counterfeiting:   to build fantasy machines to destroy our world/ mutilate our nature/ end our food, water, and oxygen supplies/  sacrifice the children by destroying all resources/ and refuse to share one damn penny they don’t have too, “to keep civil war at bay”.  It is coming; as more and more people are discarded in the trash; replaced by computers and robotics and foreign lands courtesy of wall street, and leaders who will do anything to keep from being “discovered as thieves/ liars/ terrorists/ and cheats”.

          But that is not all.  Hidden behind the door by the Clinton administration, and what had been done, probably since Reagan:   was the spending of all social security funds.  They hid that reality by claiming its “ their IOU’s, are just as good as: the full faith and credit of this USA”.  Its all paper/ no substance:   or more simply our federal employees took the entire value of the social security fund, roughly $70,000,000,000,000.00 in today’s money; that’s 70 trillion.  And they spent it without telling anyone; on whatever they wanted for themselves.  At the opposite end is their separated pension plans, etc: which are “fully funded”/ and haven’t lost a penny until their investments in 2008 went bad.  Which is why, they just counterfeited more money to keep their own pensions;  “well stocked, or we got everything we want”. Let the rest be damned!  Perhaps you missed vice president Cheney demanding “debts don’t matter”.  Well, as does trial 14SC-2 establish:   they matter if its against WE THE PEOPLE/ but not if it’s a government employee spending it.  As in the latest assembly hall Urbana U of I remodel.  “Its all going to be private paid”.  LIKE HELL/ they have a tiny bit pledged;   and this state of ILL taxpayers are going to put up the money/ and they ain’t never going to pay it back.

          The stock and bond markets;  is no better/ you can buy on margin at 50 dollars for every $1 dollar, actually invested; if you have enough numbers.  The board of trade “walks a fine line between traitor and fool”.  The banks over the last ten years or so multiply every penny they get for 24 hours, is multiplied by ten/ perhaps more today. “See the inflation”?

          Etc/ etc/ etc!  But nothing compared to the tiny few at the FDA;   whose opinion is, “sure lets mutilate everything in nature: we KNOW best”.  Knowing nothing at all/  simply bribed, and didn’t care!  Medicine is wonderful:   consider the increase in need, and ask why? Then look at reality, it ain’t a surprise.


          So then what can be done is again:   bankruptcy, which simply means; the people who had enough money to make this loan;   “Are just going to have to surrender the debts that cannot be fully paid”.  Simple as that.  But we must control that bankruptcy for ourselves;   or we will be sacrificed, and thrown aside in the garbage/ while a tiny few “filled to the brim” with counterfeit money take it all.

          But the thing about counterfeit money is:   if it ain’t real/ then its stolen.  If it ain’t real; then a billion dollars or more; ain’t worth nothing!  Its just a number.  Which is why they could say “debts don’t matter, for them”.  Because YOU can have a trillion dollars in your own personal bank account;  and believe that/ and its all just fine:   UNTIL THE DAY YOU WANT TO SPEND THAT MONEY.  Then someone has to surrender their own time, or resources, or ability and so on:   to do something for you.  Or the money is worthless if they don’t accept it.  It is that simple.  Or more correctly:   WE THE PEOPLE, and the resources of this nation;   are where the real value of currency is found.  Without that link, without that work, or those resources; numbers have no meaning whatsoever.   If you cannot exchange it for something else:   then no value has been established.  And that goes for contracts, pensions, etc; where someone else signed our name, to their expectation.  When you knew we could not pay/ but signed anyway: reality proves, it was not only theft, but fundamental extortion.  Or the expectation to steal, what we needed to survive, or at least minimally deserved; as in “slave”.  Slavery is illegal; as is then the contracts made to enslave us for the others.  The new nobility, “you got a diploma” or you don’t belong.  That too, is illegal.

          If that was enough/ but it wasn’t.  Instead of being satisfied with what could be stolen/ and was.  The attack then came against everything we as a nation had built.  Or more simply, “they cannot be your saviors” unless you need them for something.  So they attacked every foundation of our lives, and replaced or tore down everything they could:   so they could establish themselves as “playing god” over our lives.  And they are working against this entire world of life, by mutilating it: so that they can be hero’s by simply trying to UNDUE, everything they destroyed.  Which will fail; but hey, who else can save you from their destruction?   GO AHEAD AND BEG; you damn fool.  Isn’t that so:   “Waiting until everything is destroyed”/ until nothing can be rebuilt.  Because that, is what cults do!  Are you not a believer in “university knows”?  The propaganda machine of media; has worked endlessly to make it so; is that not true?  You ain’t no expert, only an expert has a say, a right, or a brain.  Democracy is theirs/ NOT yours; and they became “rulers” over us, by destroying constitutional law in a courtroom as has been proven again and again in the cases on these sites I do provide.  Simple and plain.


          Nonetheless:   we must establish a framework for returning to reality, constitutional rule, the end of threats, and the foundations which will let us survive if possible; as that is not more than a   “50-50" possibility right now.


          This question begins with a moratorium on experiments which gamble with all life on earth: THAT IS DONE IN A COURTROOM/ and enforced by the police, military, and citizenry of this nation; which does include this state.  It then extends as the realities of what happens, to our lives, and our planet/ our nature, food, water, etc when the tragedies of what is being done continue.  Or more simply, YOU MUST OPEN YOUR MIND;   and let truth show you the possibilities of what our future as life on this earth will be;   IF THINGS GO WRONG!   Such as bringing the same fire here as is on the sun.  If it fails to extinguish itself/ then this planet becomes a sun!  It is that simple; you want them to continue?  You willing to let “university knows” gamble with all life on earth:   BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING

            And they are wrong/ just too arrogant to admit it.  Which means we are dead/ unless we change this ourselves; as every court in this land to date/ has ridiculed, “let the people decide for themselves if this should be done: ITS OUR LIVES”!  AND REFUSED CONSTITUTIONAL LAW in the process.   We the people change our road forward, or we die; how is that not true, particularly when every resource is attacked/ and even the reality of nature which is DNA as that builds the body of life, and mind; is being mutilated and crucified everyday, around this globe.  It ain’t no game.

          Quote: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.... fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....not only life as we know it/ but also "life as it might be"...synthetic biology-including synthetic organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, origin of life, paleogenetics.... cloned...first human embryos.  Quote:   created an organism with manmade DNA...worth more than a trillion dollars..."its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA.....and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet.  The danger is not just bio-terror, but "bio-error"... sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ....labs thousands of miles away.  Or, more simply; EVERYTHING that nature is, including the ability to eat, think, see, move, have sex, have a face that is human, talk, and everything else life can be:   IS BEING MUTILATED, because a few want evolution (chaos built everything) to control our lives.  Chaos builds nothing/ instead it tears apart everything complex, to reduce it “to trash”.   No second chances, too late is too late; horror beyond imagination.  Because “your gods, at university knows” say; “we built ourselves just one piece at a time/ without even a mind”.  Take out your liver, and you WILL see:  if you don’t need it all, at the same time: “to survive”.

          And a few thousand more examples of terror coming.  Want to know why, children are becoming mass murderers?  They lost hope, because no one will truly participate in their lives; and calm the fears, the voices, the future, and the failure of a society that has no place for them as they are.


          Beyond everything that is truly important/ is the money.

          The cause and consequence of civil war: the plan to rid this earth of “too many people”/ by deliberately pitting one group against the other.  While all the guilty parties await your death in some other foreign land.  So they can gut your work, your family, your everything; and take it for themselves when all the fighters are gone.  IS IMPORTANT in and of itself/ but not equivalent to an entirely dead earth;   unless we get to weapons of mass destruction.


          So lets back up, and see if we cannot save ourselves/ from ourselves; by demanding a legal solution!  After all,   WE THE PEOPLE ARE OWNERS HERE.  OUR REAL GOVERNMENT IS THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF/   not a single government employee is sovereign.   All are hired under the threat of a sworn oath:    Obey the constitution or there will be consequences.   Which by all elements of a contract, they entered into willingly:   gives the power of democracy TO OURSELVES. 


          WE OWN the right of mass communication among ourselves/ WE CAN, AND WE WILL DECIDE:   who gets to continue providing “the news”.      If they fail to inform, and provide all the “free press” that is necessary to achieve        DEMOCRACY RETURNS!

            THE RIGHTS AND OBLIGATION OF LAW:     Is defined by, WE THE PEOPLE.   NOBODY is superior to our will, as one people united for the greater good, within constitutional authority, as defined and established by its own purpose which is created by “the preamble”.  Within the freedoms and liberties and future under law, as established by the amendments, each of WHICH THEN GOVERN our employees, along with the rest of that document/ and the bill of rights/ with the declaration of independence in charge of our interpretation.   This is who we are!


          Therefore as owners here!   We have the right to determine our future for ourselves; so long as we adhere to the basic and real demands of constitutional law.  Remembering without hesitation:   that the real interpreters of OUR CONSTITUTION/ is OURSELVES.  And not any tiny few citizens employed by a job; such as a courtroom.   The constitution itself is sovereign: which means you don’t get to alter it/ unless we all agree, by substantial majority vote, and acceptance of the fact.

          AS OWNERS:   we have the right, to demand a courtroom (nobody gets to lie/ or there will be penalties) investigation into what our employees have been doing!  Its called redress of grievances, a first amendment law.

          AS OWNERS: we have the right to assess the damages, and decide for ourselves what is fair.

          AS OWNERS: we have the right, “to lock out our employees”/ until such time as a true or new agreement shall be made;   as to their work, responsibilities, and our payment for their services.  We also have the right to adjust our future, and change the direction of “the nation” as we see fit.  Not an employee:   AS WE THE PEOPLE, who are deliberate and real owners here in this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

          AS OWNERS: we have the right to establish and sustain a new currency/ destroying the old, with the least amount of real consequences possible from that action.  Because our employees have been stealing from us; and we must take action/ or all peace and the potential of law, will be destroyed by them.  Even all life on earth.

          AS OWNERS:   WE, THE PEOPLE, have an absolute right to establish world law, world court, and world policing along with every other nation that then establishes:    What our leaders can or cannot do to ourselves or any other nation.  Making it clear “this law/ court/ and policing” established by all the people;   SHALL NOW GOVERN OUR LEADERS.  And bring them to court for justice, if they do not obey our will, and purpose within that law we create.

          AS OWNERS: we have no choice but to reestablish “ a world that can survive”/ but it won’t be free.  Therefore it is a choice, that leads us all into a new and different world/   or leaves us under the reality of what is current and true, “the university knows how to steal/ how to threaten/ how to mutilate/ and how to destroy the future for all of life/ sacrificing the children/ and setting up ALL THE TERROR, HORROR, AND HELL;   that true arrogance and a lack of respect for life allows. 

          The predicted year of our death from the same fire as is on the sun, igniting by whatever means;   is the summer of 2015.  When even more horrendous experiments are expected to begin.  When the biological disciplines of nature itself, are predicted to collapse under the demand, “university says;   only the chaos of evolution ( nature being destroyed)” is now allowed.

          Are you ready to be wrong?   IT IS A LIFE OR DEATH DECISION:  FOR THIS ENTIRE WORLD!   As in the fire as is on the sun:   once ignition has been achieved/ there is no going back!  No putting it back in the box/ no second chances;   life or death by FIRE, for everything in existence/ and all the future could be.   Just like mutilating nature/ or destroying the resources we depend upon for our survival, and work.

          Simple and plain.   Very soon, the point of no return passes by/ when your decision no longer matters;   because the damage is too severe, we cannot turn it back!   That is the price of delay.  A dead world, even if you’re still breathing for now.    Ain’t no damn game:   these are facts we face/ and decisions you will make.  Even if you run away/ that is your decision too.

          Still convinced “your gods” at the university know everything?  Well consider the current “cosmos show on tv; after all if your gods of TV tell you; then it must be true”/ ain’t that so?   Listen to the announcer: “all the mass of the entire universe came out of a hole no bigger than an atom”. [even though  astronomy experts demand the universe is expanding. There prediction of gravity is: “something is being sucked into the sun”; therefore it all has to go back to one tiny little hole.  Even though it goes against a black hole (no light escapes) entirely.  SO their delusions come straight from “fairy land”.].

           Better listen, THAT IS WHERE ALL THE MATH, that decides its safe to bring the same fire 10 million degrees hot/ that burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away; that fire, with flame spurts said to be 12 times farther than the moon is to this earth.  Comes from.  In other words;   IF ALL THE MASS in this universe did not come out of a hole the size of an atom!  Then once ignited on a planet made out of fuel/ our entire world will burn; because no possibility exists, to put it out.   Ask yourself:    Just how did all the mass in this universe “fit into a spot the size of an atom”?  Cause if it can’t do that, then you’re going to die;   whether you are the greatest cult member of all time.  Brainwashed will not save you from that fire.  Nor will it save you from being crucified by the death of nature; as is going on in genetics this very day.  Or will it save you from all the water on earth/ food supplies destroyed/ oxygen consumed by fire/ ocean emptied because factory trawlers take everything; therefore nothing is left for a “next generation” or the predators that need to eat too:      or everything else, that brings only terror all coming true in a few months or a tiny few years at best.   Still not enough:   consider they refuse every law of physics to make their claims about how the fire on the sun exists.  Trying desperately to claim knowledge by making the “pieces fit their delusions”.  To demand that all the mass or whatever it is they might call it instead: MUST fit back in the “tiny atom”, EVERYTHING came out of.  They had to decide extreme “gravity” had to be at the center of the sun to force it into that hole, under tremendous pressure as is obviously “necessary” with the fire.  But that complete delusion:   defies every law of physics and reality known; literally.  But to make their delusions of gravity fit, “it just has to be”;   so they say.  Defying every known law is not “wisdom”/ it is insanity.




          The reality of our lives as a nation, is also very simple:   as proven in case after court case “James F. Osterbur vs”;   on these sites.  Consider the source; every level of courtroom throughout IL and the US federal court system.  Every leader/ every judge/ every lawyer for state or federal government;   etc;   have all filled their pockets with counterfeit money/ and they DON’T want to give one single penny back.  Even for the sake of this entire nation or world/ not even for their own children;   they stole it/ and they want to keep it.  They won’t give you redress/ SO THAT YOU CAN DECIDE IF THESE PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO GAMBLE WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH!   Rather, they do insist:   “We can gamble with this entire world, and every life on it”;   cause university knows everything, & CANNOT be wrong.  They have thrown out our constitution from the courts/ robbing democracy of “its heart”:   so they could play “king or queen” over our lives.  Proven true by court cases that leave no doubt.    End of story, all dead/ or we begin a new story with true democracy:   one citizen one vote, we decide the law we live by for ourselves.  Simple and plain.

          Your media shares one billion dollars or more for just a presidential election;   they love their counterfeit money too.  And entertainment preach’s a continual “a gun is the answer/ fantasy/ fear/ etc.   Your medical industries  share roughly 5 trillion dollars a year for all combined realities, including social security;    Which means they charge and collect in counterfeit money;  the equivalent of $50,000.00 per worker per year.  Does that  counterfeit money, not buy your property and everything else?  They limit or refuse to educate any more doctors than they did in 1960 to control the competition/ and monopolize our lives, “can’t go nowhere else”.  Until the foreign doctors came; stealing them from other nations with greed.  A fact the media and leadership hides; because they want to be first in line, if something goes wrong. The university elite “so they say”;   share one trillion dollars in personal student debts (ten thousand dollars each, per one hundred million people);   stated as:   “owed to them”/ that only your death can erase.  Whether they made a difference in your life or not.    While all small business at least in IL;   as proven by the Selimi case.   Are given thirty days to file a mechanics lien and then attempt to get their money, or lose it all.  And there is NO INFORMATION from the state or courts to inform or establish that fact:   “Until they ridicule and laugh:   TOO DAMN BAD, you fucking loser you”.  Six months of overtime work, is nothing more than a game.  Get the picture;   because it is complete disrespect for our working lives/ every single one?  No respect for the children or their future.  No respect for life itself!   That too,  is what “University knows” is all about; as proven by the evidence of our time.


          Either WE THE PEOPLE FIGHT FOR OURSELVES, AND OUR WORLD;    Or we get to be slaves for the rest of our time.   Even if you are willing to accept that/ reality states it will not be long.

           BECAUSE ALL THE EVIDENCE OF THREATS, against every living creation on earth;   says we are certain to die very soon/ unless true change comes quickly.


          Occasionally I forget, and plan a bit for a future that does not at this time exist/ but reality always returns.   Nobody gets to refuse truth.  Lies all fail, leaving the debris and tragedy and failure they deserve.  Disrespecting all life on earth, is death to nature itself.  Disrespecting the planet, is a lost planet of life.  Disrespecting the needs required for life to survive in the future as are resources, food chains, etc;   leads only to cannibalism, and the end of everything.  Disrespecting the money people sacrifice their lives for/ ends in world war 3.  Insanity without end/ until all are gone.  That, is the contribution of   “University knows”;   apart from a few trinkets and toys/ stories without end/ and the takeover of democracy itself by lies.


          This is CHOOSE:    Either life comes first from this moment forward/   OR DEATH FINISHES the quest of “university knows, it can play god”. 

          One or the other decides the fate of this earth/ because that is where “university knows” has led you in this day; even as a world.  Nobody is excused.    LIFE   OR    DEATH?

                              MAKE YOUR DECISION.




            In every relationship, there are conditions of acceptance and value.  The critical question is RESPECT.  Because without respect, you will end with nothing between you.  Thereby a reflection of the words used on occasion to identify the current work is necessary.

          Economic depression comes: because we are a nation ransacked/ raped/ ravaged/ and to a large degree ruined.  That is said ONLY because our leaders have done so much damage.  Just federal debt alone is now 17 trillion dollars.  Which is equal too:   a debt load of $170,000.00;   per each and everyone of one hundred million citizens.  From their decisions.  Ransacked!  We add in the failed policies that brought us all into massive debts, and recognize that social security funds were spent, by our federal employees instead of borrowing outside the country or defending their actions/ returning to us nothing more than “IOU’S”.  An action said to equal roughly $70 trillion dollars/ OR, $700,000.00 spent by these few in our name, per one in three citizens; babies or not.  Raped!   Our debt load as a nation courtesy of the federal reserve site

is about $145 trillion dollars (haven’t looked, for over a year; it’s a guess; you look).  The table is in billions (every 1.  Is one billion dollars).   Ravaged.  The reality of all that currency inflation is: roughly 2 million percent.  Or more simply:  if we go back in time prior to Reagan releasing the currency from reality, and start there.  For,  Every dollar in your hand:   prior to that day, even at enormous debt then.  There are now about 2 million more of them in circulation or someone’s bank account.   It is spread around the world as counterfeit money; and the world is coming here to dispossess us all from our nation by buying our property with this counterfeit money.  Which we did not get to participate in.  Did your income go up 2 million percent?   SOMEONE’S DID.  Who then stole all the money?  So we follow the money, and find it in the hands of “every university diploma” that could take it.  Which then gave them the power, to change our government/ control our elections/ propagate anything they wanted/ and steal our work, our time spent, and our sacrifice for a future intended to be “for yourself”.  All gone.

          We add to that the simple truth: a recall of beef at 8.5 million pounds represents about 15 million head of cattle.  Add that to the recent 8 million pounds of beef recalled a few months ago, and you have lost roughly 28 million head of cattle;   just because “a diploma” wanted too.  All of agriculture, is run by the aged/ with few to replace them!  The cattle herds are being decimated, and will soon be lost.  The pig herd in close confinement has a disease that will essentially wipe them out, because antibiotic feeds are no longer effective/ and close confinement does not, and will not work without them.  Poultry faces the same conclusions.  The insects responsible for roughly 50% of all diversity on earth, are nearly extinct because of mutilated genetics, and poisons; or, not many fruits, nuts, and vegetables.  The seeds are sterilized, and being brought to a level of similarity with all natures defenses removed; because that is what you chose, to let happen.  The seas responsible for feeding a billion people or so;   have huge factory ships which “take them all”/ ending the possibility of rebuilding/ ending the predatory fish that prey on them.  Global warming has reduced the ice flows on the ocean/ WHICH MEANS, a primary base food source for much of ocean life has lost its ability to reproduce; because they do so, on the bottom of that ice (no longer there); so the ocean starves.   Etc/ etc/ etc.  Guess whose next!


Let there be light

Everything here, that I provide is free/ use it however you wish; but NOT by restricting others.  It is necessary, for you to contribute to these sites and take responsibility for distributing their purpose: LIFE COMES FIRST!


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Their reply:    “The king (we are the power)”,    will not let the slaves go free:  

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MAKE A TRUE AND HONEST DECISION ABOUT LIFE, and our reality.   Download the html site zip file; so the benefits and substance of these sites cannot be taken away.




          The difference, between whether you believe, “you are a winner/ or loser”.  The reality deciding if you shall be rich/ poor/ or slave.  The only thing, that is believed to be, “important to the vast majority” of humanity! Except of course, “themselves/ and what they want”.


          The foundation of money is:   if I control the resources/ then you must do what I say, or I won’t let you survive.  That is modified with the reality: if you won’t let me survive/ then I have nothing to lose, and will search for the ways to kill you, and yours.


          Society is born to further modify that reality into:   we the people/ or I the ruler shall decide, “THE LAW” with rules or weapons or force, between those who refuse to obey us, and what we demand.  Therefore what society demands, and implements as law:   determines the level of peace and harmony for that nation.   Greed rules, takes every form of justice;  all away.


          The essential ingredient between justice for society, and the money demanded by rulers:   is equivalent too:   the fifth US amendment; which includes, “...nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”.   BUT, if you will not fight for your laws/ then the evil of men SHALL rule, and consume you until you war.  It is the lesson of all history.  So we ask what is evil?  The answer is:   to destroy the foundations of peace, hope, love, trust, and life IS evil.  To destroy life itself constructs the demand to play god.  So then the games begin; which play with justice, and law/ until one or the other surrenders; and life in society then changes good or bad.     


          We all know what private property is: “I worked for this/ its MINE”!  We all know what tax and public use is:   “They took my work, and did whatever they wanted with it; either good or bad”.  But few understand the meaning of “just compensation”.  Or the equivalent to: I have a right to expect, identify, account for, and clearly understand that the tax I have paid is going to have a justifiable effect on my society, my life, and my future; in this place as we all agree should be done. 

          A right assigns the legal opportunity to investigate and decide by the evidence for ourselves or as a jury of ourselves looking at the facts, and expecting the truth from each of our employees; whereby none are allowed to hide.  That is the simple solution of understanding a legal right.  Wheresoever a bill is paid: you do have the legal right to demand an accounting of that bill, so as to ascertain, you were NOT stolen from.  It’s the law.

          So we ask; what is an accounting that is clearly understood?  The answer is:   nothing hidden, nothing covered up, nothing disguised or discovered by accident/ or more simply EVERYTHING OPEN FOR PUBLIC VIEW.  And absolutely no evidence hidden or refused.

          So we ask what it is that our taxation can be used for?  And assemble the facts of this day as: 

1.  Experiments which gamble with all life on earth/ killing us all, when they are found wrong.  Is not allowed.

2.  Experiments which seek to destroy and mutilate all of nature; deliberately trying to bring chaos and disease into our lives.  Is not allowed.

3.  The refusal to protect life on earth as is the recognition of resource loss that ends with war, cannibalism, and other catastrophes for all life.  Is not allowed.

4.  Counterfeiting our securities, our money, destroying our financial lives. Supporting and defending a pyramid scheme that is wall street today/ failing to defend the money of investors at the board of trade from computer trading, and all the theft that results.  Is not allowed.

5.  Our employees declaring themselves rulers, changing the direction of society.  Corrupting the constitutional purpose defined as OUR NATION, AND OUR DEMOCRACY;   instead of being subject to their oath to protect and defend and obey the US constitution first.  Is not allowed.

6.  Our employees giving themselves ENORMOUS RAISES, PERKS, GIFTS, BONUSES,  BENEFITS, A DIFFERENT PENSION PLAN, and a host of “free gifts” at our expense.  Supporting and creating an army of “university diplomas BRIBED” by allowing and using our credit to create their counterfeit pay.  Is not allowed.

7.   Dispossessing us from our own nation, by distributing enormous amounts of counterfeit US currency abroad. Covering it all with lies/ by calling it a debt: which we absolutely cannot pay.  IS TRAITOROUS!  Is not allowed.

8 .  Stealing our money, our time, sacrifice, labor, resources, and purposes which include a future for ourselves:    So that the few, including major banking interests, etc can gamble and lose/ BUT WE PAY INSTEAD.  Is not allowed.

9.  Destroying the possibilities of a future for every child on earth, stealing their money, resources, time, and every possibility of an earth which can support or feed them.  Is not allowed.

10.  Destroying the free press; an organization that is NOT subject to the whims and demands of a tiny few/ so as to protect our lives with a fair and deliberate reporting of ESSENTIAL NEWS, that will then protect our democracy, and WON’T allow the invasion of our rights or our democracy by thieves, failures, fools, or traitors.  Is not allowed.

11.   Damaging every child, by giving control of their education over to the failure of a few; giving the university few, a debt owed of not less than ten thousand dollars, per each of one in three citizens; babies and all.  Is not allowed.

12.   Destroying the elections of a nation, discarding democracy in its entirety by removing it from the reality of a decision/ to the essence of who has the most money.   Is not allowed.

13.   ETC/ ETC/ .........................................ETC.  And more.  Not allowed.


          If the foundation of human society is money/ then we have been betrayed and all is lost.  Simple as that.  The university diploma stole everything, we cannot truly get it back/   game over.


          So then the question of money is:   IF IT IS NOT the foundation of human society/ THEN WHAT IS?


          The answer; LIFE ITSELF!


          The question of control over society, and those who demand to rule it is:   who has a right/ and what controls their right; to intervene on our behalf, and protect WE THE PEOPLE as a democracy?


          The answer:   CONSTITUTIONAL RULE, aided and abetted by the fact, we can no longer rely upon “voting for someone to vote for me”.  But must now choose to make the laws that control our lives and our society for ourselves.   As is the example of a US constitution/ or the biblical example of  ten commandments:   THE LAWS WE NEED ARE NOT MANY.  Therefore we can choose them, if we understand them/ then we can enforce them, for ourselves.  Because then we are the army of law, chosen as one.  United as all.   We CAN choose how the money will be spent; with a percentage that cannot be betrayed without prison “for you”.  WE CAN, dismantle the hierarchy of “government agencies” such as the IRS by removing them; and assigning that job by contract to those we the people hire, and vote to retain or remove.  Giving ourselves the power to decide what will be taxed/ and what our rights and our liabilities, and ALL tax deductions possible shall be for ourselves.  No more letting money power or pride decide/ no more lawyers or politicians or any other group get in our way.


          The question: how shall we control bankruptcy?  Because we have no choice, but to remove the money that is/ and replace it;   or let the world dispossess us, and steal every possibility of our future that does remain.  It is not a choice.  It is the reality chosen, and established as fact.  By greed!


          The answer:   we CANNOT return the financial well-being of a nation or state or city; etc.  To the fools and foundations which brought us to this moment in time.  It is that simple.   Change means: that we must take control over the currency/ by demanding a relationship to currency that is secure.  We must take control over all credit as a state or nation or city, etc;  for ourselves.  We do that by demanding our own vote decides/ under the control of constitutional law.  That law SHALL give rights and ownership to the children, and their needs for a future/ that CANNOT be overridden as in this day.  To control what cannot be overridden by “congress and others”/ there must be a critical change in our democracy:   instead of making laws, those hired to represent us shall investigate if the laws we have made to govern ourselves are in fact being implemented as agreed to by ourselves.  To control taxation:   we decide, by dedicated taxation, as in a gas tax shall NOT be used for anything other than roads, or the like. Etc.  To control property taxation, so people who do build their own homes are NOT forced out of their own work.  The primary source of this revenue shall be directed at utilities; and resource control will be implemented to reflect a growing reality you MUST share. 

          Having implemented or at least establishing the foundations for change/   REDISTRIBUTING THE MONEY, AND PROPERTY TITLES.  Is as follows:

1.  Those who gained their wealth through the use of counterfeit money, NOT functionally considered to be “by my own sweat and tears” so to speak/ shall lose, their ill-gotten gains.

2.  Those who took too damn much, and controlled our employees for their gain either through the courts or any other method;   SHALL lose their ill-gotten gains.  Returning them to a state considered to be “the new wealthy/ by our limits as a people”.  Hint:   ITS NOT “billions”.

3.  The people who control the stock market and counterfeited billions/ SHALL give all their monies back to the nation.  As you stole our businesses and methods of survival and gained nothing for life but pain and suffering.  You retain nothing.

4.  Those who took too damn much extorting from all of society for healthcare that was NOT justified. Demanding pay or die; and compensating yourselves with “government money”.  Monopolizing and controlling the competition for yourselves against we the people.  You will return that money to life; as the nation sees fit, and decides for itself.  Extortion is a felony/ and refusal is prison.

5.  The courts and policing agencies who have made this nation “the MOST incarcerated people” in the civilized world.  SHALL return the money stolen from those who were simply trying to stay alive and endure you; as is consistent with the purpose of society itself.   THAT WE ALL have a right to be free/ to be less than perfect/ and be employed with a decent job at a realistic pay; so that no one is forced to consider the alternative.

6.  The business and industry that stole our future, by raping the environment and stealing our jobs/ destroying resources/ and deteriorating our position as a nation in this world worth dealing with.  A failure of many kinds.  Those who have international links shall be finding themselves sold to the nation you went to: for the purpose of paying debts for this nation which you helped create.  Those businesses and industry which did not establish international consequences for life in this nation, and failed debts to this nation:   shall help pay those who did at a level that will be decided as fair to all businesses involved.  Nobody gets out free/ we the people certainly did not.  That means your business or industry does not either.  You benefit from “the purpose of a university diploma”; therefore you shall pay for the education, of those whom you hire; or train them yourselves.

7.  Those involved in banking shall be dissolved down to the level of an independent community bank; as is consistent with the nation itself.  And NONE shall be allowed to join each other or control each other in any possible way.  All the money they control, will be redistributed to pay the debts they did create.

8.  Every employee/ and every university diploma; that has received an increase or a salary beyond the “average American” SHALL give it back/ and shall be investigated for fraud:   did you or did you not do the work for which you were paid/ in a true and realistic manner.  If you did the work fairly you will keep whatever the average American keeps.  If you did not, all you have will be confiscated and given back to repair the national and state debts.

9.  Every claim for social security is dead.  You will reintroduce social security to constitutional law; and establish the true and realistic guidelines that can be paid for WITH REAL MONEY.  No more games/ and no more fantasies:   choose who lives and who dies.  Because healthcare beyond the limits which can be paid for is not healthcare;   ITS ROBBERY.

10.  The foundation of GREED brings us all to the reality of bankruptcy, as a state, nation, individual, everything:   BECAUSE YOU WANTED MORE than reality would allow.   Reality now governs life, or every threat you face will consume and devour your existence.  That means if you choose to create “limited capitalism” so that you can retain control and remove the most toxic forms of greed from your lives. Then you can begin again, and find some level of harmony and peace on “down the road”.  Because you chose it.  If not HELL IS COMING. 

11.  Dividing the property is subject to reality:   NOBODY gets to play king or queen over us all!   Redistributing the property is subject to what is true.  The example will be agriculture.  The reality is: few are prepared for farming/ which means you starve if you don’t do this properly; and decide at both state and local levels what is fair for any individual to have control over.  After that, the reality is:   those currently doing the job shall not surrender that work immediately but plant, and harvest those acres not assigned to others at a pay rate which is fair.  But the removal of weeds, in particular; shall be “farmed out” to those who believe they want to be farmers.  They will prove their decision by removing the weeds from fields under their control; WITHOUT chemicals.  If they do a good job/ then they proceed to the next step, which is a loan or possibility to increase their pay and their work to include the entire operation.  Once they have been educated by reality and work, and proven ability.  Our need is to remove all the chemicals from production as much as is possible.  Our need is, to employ the maximum number of people possible;   with a decent job.  That means, there will be adjustments until the combination of realities that work, have been found.

12.  The end of not for profit corporations is fair.  UNTIL YOU PROVE every penny of accounting is publicly available.  Every employee of any kind, including those who call themselves owners: shall not receive more benefits or money or gifts, etc combined:   than what is the salary of the “average American worker”.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  


          You start, by understanding:   we have not been paid for a long time/ as does the reality of over 2,000,000 percent inflation hidden by calling it debt: DOES PROVE.  You have nothing more than “paper or numbers”; like it or not.   Therefore the fact that you must endure the initial hardship of finding a solution to survival while digging through the sewage and vomit of those who cursed you, with financial chaos; INCLUDING yourselves/ is a reality you cannot escape. 

          We must eat and drink: that is a reality that can only truly be accomplished by granting a new debit card to each individual worker/ which only has enough money on it for that food and that average utility expense.  Keep on working and you get paid/ fail to work and you don’t.  Housing is a reality of life, that is subject to a reprieve when necessary for the good of the nation itself.  The landlord does not get to collect/ and cannot throw the tenant out: IF THAT tenant takes GOOD CARE of the property.  People representing both sides shall inspect, with the landlord in attendance.  If they disagree NOT “good care”/ pictures shall decide, and a base level of acceptance will be established in court.  Fools shall be thrown out, to sleep on the street or wherever.  An accounting shall be kept/ and when the reality of this bankruptcy is finished;   whatever can be paid back to the landlord by both the tenant and the nation shall be done.  It ain’t a free ride/ it’s a reality of greed, and the landlord nor the tenant is free.  The nation comes first.

          Every debt that exists shall be considered potentially up for sale.  The debt holder holds the percentage of ownership that is assigned by the reality of money that has exchanged hands.  And retains that level of compensation  through a sale.  Thereby every debt that is assigned to sale, shall be re-evaluated and reassigned at the new decision of value: created by us all.  The credit card shall be removed; if not eliminated from existence, then reduced to less than one thousand dollars; and under no circumstances more, not for a single one. The banking industry returned to “fifties” rules.  No more identity theft, or those who give the credit will be responsible for it all.             


PS: THERE IS absolutely NO CAUSE for running a pipeline from Canada to the gulf of Mexico.  Stop the pipeline in N. Dakota (because it has an oil field)  or elsewhere along the border; and refine there.  Preferably in the bad lands or somewhere similar which can be proven “spills are not a complete environmental catastrophe.”




                   A legal tax revolt:   is the difference between paying your own executioner, to destroy everything you value, including yourself; and being made to pay for that.  OR DEMANDING NO MORE LIES!

                                       Only truth shall rule.



                   I will remind each one of you: that it is not I who have been trying to change society/ but your universities, manipulating, tempting, propagating, and controlling not only the money, but yourselves.

                   I am, merely working to salvage what is left from their fantasies, failures, and theft.   Not because of the money; but because you threaten, as do other nations:   ALL LIFE ON EARTH, even the planet itself.  No escape for anyone, including YOU and me/ other than by death, OR CHANGE!  IT IS that simple.

          I remind you as well: even if you believe you are safe from the consequences of hidden inflation.  All that has to happen is a slight raise in your living expenses to drain your bank account, and throw all your work into the sewer.  None are safe from over a two hundred trillion dollar debt; not even the nation itself.  Go find the evidence, and prove me wrong.  Because the evidence is quite clear;   go to  And remember “its in billions”.  Just to start.


Excerpts from trial filing 14SC-2:   court date 3/ 7/14



 begins with the understanding: WE ARE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION!  Our nation is threatened with complete economic chaos, because of leadership counterfeiting.  OUR WORLD is being raped for the very resources required to keep us all alive. Our state of IL has enslaved us, for the purpose of a very few. 


The elemental reality of democracy is:   that we are united under the constitutional contract, that is OUR OWN DESCRIPTION, of what we the people have chosen to be our government. 


It is clearly stated in the preamble of this USA;   that our agreement, our legally accepted governmental purpose:   as a united people shall be:   quote, “WE, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.These words comprise the foundation of what every person who swears:   to get their JOB;  accepts this job, as their governmental duty.  Each and every constitutional amendment constructs a legal duty, without discretion or interpretation beyond what the people themselves expected;



 IN EVERY COURTROOM TRIAL THE DEMAND WAS:       WE THE PEOPLE MUST BE NOTIFIED!  Of what happens when this is proven wrong. 


   The university says:   “We can bring a ten million degree fire here/ because there is not enough gravity to hold it down to earth: SO IT WILL JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF!    A fire, that clearly burns atomic bonds!  To a planet made entirely out of atomic bonds: WHICH MEANS EVERYTHING HERE IS FUEL FOR THE FIRE.


Not a game, if that fire does not put itself out: then it grows, and consumes the earth; it burns atomic bonds: which means EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire.  That fire,  will eject our entire atmosphere in roughly 40 days.   They DO bet our lives on what  is literally a one time experiment/ NO going back!    We cannot put out a fire that is 8-10 million degrees hot/ with flames said to reach 12 times farther, than the distance of our moon to this planet. Which means we live or die, as a planet/ based upon their theory!



From me in opposition:   THERE IS absolutely NO scientific evidence that the fire on the sun is “fusion:


Redress means: together we stand, for the guaranteed rights, freedoms, and realities of law that are declared in constitutional words & intent. Together we shall judge our nation, by investigating the realities of our lives.  Together we shall assemble the information that CLEARLY STATES:   what will go wrong if these experiments fail/ and choose for ourselves, if anyone shall gamble with all life on earth.  Together we shall decide our future/ because we have earned that right, and it is OUR LAW!  Together we shall own our democracy again, by law!

 We, are the owners here; because we are the experts in democracy.  Or, more simply:   each one OWNS their vote/ together we inform/ together we then decide.    Its called     “THE UNITED”   States of America.

 All of us, NOT “just a few”


  BUILD WITH LAW (THIS IS, what we demand) AND DEMOCRACY (WE DO, have a vote.  But NOT a vote for someone to vote for me:   MY VOTE, ON THE LAWS AND RIGHTS AND REALITIES THAT DECIDE OUR FUTURE), it is the only way.


One trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each and every individual of one hundred million people.  Just federal debt alone is now 17 trillion dollars.  Or roughly for one in three citizens of this USA, babies and all:    They have been placed under a new debt load strictly because of federal officials at $170,000.00 apiece, in the last 12 years or so.  Or more simply: those who received this promise of payment, granted by our employees against we the people:   now hold the keys to buying one hundred million properties, worth $170,000.00 apiece.   How is that not dispossession; and there is much more! table L5 proves trillions more has been counterfeited,


Which means “this is NOT debt/ and neither is it credit”.  It is lied about inflation, which only the few are granted access too.  That is treason:   our work, our resources, our democracy, our future is tied up in what are called the securities of currency.   All of it dissolved by a tiny few whose job did not include:    anarchy/ treason/ or betrayal.



a legal tax revolt: the withholding of tax to demand the return of our true democracy/ the reality and relationships that govern our currency, alter our society, destroy our ownership, and threaten our lives SHALL BE STOPPED FIRST!   To do less is a desertion of duty; it is America surrendered to complete failure.  We must return ownership to ourselves.   As is the purpose of this trial, beginning:    March 7, 2014.  Read AT



Expanding to



     The question presented is NOT:     whether I am wrong or right regarding threats that can exterminate us all.  It is not even whether those who experiment are right or wrong.  That is fundamentally unnecessary.

 The question is:   IN  EXPERIMENTS,   that literally CAN AND DO endanger our very existence as a planet/   WHICH THREATEN the very  nature we require to survive and be happy; as is everything ALIVE!



The LEGAL answer is: BEING WRONG IS DEATH TO US ALL/ our right to understand fully, and decision for ourselves,  without interference:   is in fact undeniable!

The democratic answer is:   OUR LIVES ARE THREATENED/ therefore our legal rights, and our own decision:     IS THE LAW.  

NATURE ITSELF,  is the "factory and instructions and utilities etc/ that build the bodies of life" called DNA.  Not a game, every living thing is at risk!


    When you hear the words truthfully, that understands with all certainty: the university terrorists are mutilating every form of life on this planet/ altering life as they themselves describe.  Fully knowing the reality of pandemic's are generally created when a disease crosses species barriers: and these terrorists are doing it intentionally, “EVERYDAY”. Literally injecting chaos, into the genetic (NATURE IS, the building of a living body) reality of our lives, and our world.


  And they are building three, aligned  by triangulation; these lasers can be combined into  3 million/ one trillion volt;   lightning strikes, all hitting the same place at the same time.  A fire so ferocious/ PACKED INTO A LASER BEAM;    That it will ignite the same fire as is on the sun/ here upon this earth instantly.  The exowatt laser does represent the single most likely event to destroy this world immediately:   expected roughly 9/1/2015


Scientists said:      "lets play with the single most destructive event in the history of this universe".  They have currently created a 5 trillion watt explosion at CERN: the instantaneous release of 3.2 billion btu’s of energy or 67 billion units of horsepower.  In their tiny cage fueled by numerous atomic energy power plants. Not a game.


Separated from extreme threats listed above: but still able to damage or destroy us all.  Realities  REFUSED, by the courts and the media and all leadership:  TO INFORM “the people, and let them decide”.  Logic says:   unimportant, because the religion of “university knows” intends to kill us all.  As they have already abandoned the future, and now live only to make us beg.



            ARE YOU WILLING, to let them  BE WRONG?

answer the question.  Join the petition for class action status, and redress trial in this USA.

                          FIGHT FOR THIS WORLD!

                                       THERE ARE NO    SECOND CHANCES.


            DUTY, is the development of a distinct decision, a signature in truth to the people who own it (I AM, standing here, for a purpose you will understand).  We are a world at war, with those who would out of disrespect, and a complete disregard for reality and truth destroy us all.  The trial that completes these sites, given as a dispute over taxes/ identified by the words of the US constitutional  article 5 “nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation”.     Income as is every form of money earned:   a private property:    that cannot be taken for taxes unless there is just compensation; as in WE ALL benefit from this/ NOT just a few.  US congress has just approved another loan of $11,000.00 per one in three citizens (babies and all) to pay themselves more money; in salaries and benefits (where do you think the money goes!).  This state has approved for itself pensions that we the citizens here cannot afford.

           That however just opens the door, to our truth need:   WE ARE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION, and must address that reality by investigation of all the facts, examination of what goes WRONG, and how that will affect our future, your children, our world, and our lives.  Thereby making a decision for ourselves, that these leaders cannot!  The responsibility to defend your world is ABSOLUTE/ nobody is excused; when our very planet, and every form of life is threatened with extermination: not a game/ our reality.   You are not asked to believe that level of threat/ YOU ARE ASKED, to join this lawsuit Champaign County IL 14SC-2   court date is March 7, 2014;    And make redress,        a first amendment law/ and a guaranteed right of the US constitution     happen.   So that we all have the opportunity to understand our situation, and our future: AND MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS.    Video Advertizement:    short version /   middle/   long version.


WE THE PEOPLE own this state and this nation: the trial, Champaign county court, IL;         14SC-2   filed 1/8/14.   established on the principles of democratic ownership.  Seeks to identify and prove:   the following statement as our authority exposed:     so that  NO MAN OR WOMAN employee, etc:  shall then ever dare say, or imply;  to any citizen again:  

            (we can, and will gamble with your life, your world, your nature, your child, your future;  steal your money, imprison or enslave you/ or anything else we so desire;  and there ain’t nothing you can do about it).

          Ownership means:  The clear and certain authority of democracy,  MUST BE ESTABLISHED, and ENFORCED/ same for all.  No one is ruler, that means redress of grievances a first amendment guaranteed legal right of the US constitution: MUST BE OBEYED.  The reality of redress is: “the most powerful words ever written”/ because the legal right to bring our employees into court, and demand an accounting or investigation DOES prove we the people truly are, “THE OWNERS” here.  But that does mean LEGAL participation/ responsibility/ & decisions to investigate our employees, OR the very extreme and serious threats that can make us all extinct/ the opportunities of TRUE ownership/ etc as we the people:   ARE GOING TO BE DETERMINED BY YOUR VOTE, or YOUR ACTIONS, or  YOUR DECISIONS in the next few weeks.   The filing is/ the laws used/ the brief   and the summary of trial purposes.  Trial 14SC-2 is “your trial for democracy and control”.  Make your decision, because there is nothing else legal, or illegal;   I can or will do for you.  You have a legally guaranteed right:   either use it, or abandon it.  The law is true.

          THE foundation of our democracy as a state and nation is:   that WE THE PEOPLE, are owners here/ there are no rulers/ no religion may rule!   In contrast to that, our employees have created situations and corruptions that fundamentally deny our right to that authority; and give it to the assumptions of university knows.  The US constitution HAS a solution:   its called redress of grievances/ a first amendment law.  In contrast to the claim by the state of IL; that they are “doing their job”/ comes the realities of debt, that only serves a tiny few.  Failure to protect the people even though the evidence of potential terrorism is absolute, and against this entire world.  A failure to confront federal employees in their counterfeiting of money, conspiracy to deny redress; etc.  A failure at very many levels;   “Because our employees,  believe the university knows everything/ and the people can call them “the government”; as is a lie.  That assumption constructs a cult worship: where even though it is clearly known, and removed from court time and time again.   To bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ can in fact make us all extinct!  There is no proof of otherwise.  There is only a blind and extremely foolish assumption:   “Not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will put itself out”.  If that fails/ WE BURN.   Every threat, that possess the potential to destroy billions of lives, and even an entire planet/ or mutilate all life:   BY LAW, must be investigated.  BY LAW, our lives cannot be gambled with.  BY LAW, WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE the right to know,  but all are refused, by all forms of leadership.  When/ how/ what can happen/ what is not known, but merely is an assumption or theory without ANY TRUE facts.  Is nonetheless a reality:  which exists as experimentations that can destroy everything we need, & everything we are.   IS A TRUE THREAT, a reality that can become our extermination. Or the refusal to protect resources we depend upon for our very existence and survival:  is substantively a very traitorous act, by our leaders.  Not the demand they must do as I say, or believe anything I present other than law.  The law: recognizes  the fact, that potential complete extermination of life;   its mutilation of genetic DNA potentially beyond horrors;  for a religious cult called evolution.  The known resources in jeopardy of collapse.  Even the threat of civil war, by the counterfeiting of money.  Or a long line of extinction in nature itself;  that ends in our own demise.  Are all facts that can be investigated:   and are absolutely within  the public right to know/ and in fact  must know, for their own survival.  Gambling at this level: IS OUR DECISION/   NOT, a tiny few;   who claim to be “god (we can, and will gamble with your life/ and there ain’t nothing you can do about it)”.

          This court casefights for redress; as is the law.  Exhibits A, B, C, DThis court case fights for protection from execution by, SAME  fire, as is on the sun: it burns atomic bonds/ because nothing less can produce the energy.   TO INVESTIGATE :   is NOT the assignment, “the court must decide what will happen”!      BUT THE DEMAND: TO INVESTIGATE, WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THESE SCIENTISTS ARE WRONG!    And subsequently protect us all:   when being WRONG, is absolutely our extinction.  Because there are NO second chances.  Once ignition occurs/ once a pandemic is released from species mutilation/ once nature collapses, or our primary resources are completely lost: we die.   Just the facts!

           This court case fights for equal treatment under the law; through democracy:   WE HAVE GUARANTEED RIGHTS.   And does seek the reality of justice, and fair play; including the demand LIFE must always come first/ for this planet.  This case is not less, than any of these things: it is more.   Time is running out 1, 2, 3


          Which brings me to you:   trial date is set:   march 7, 2014 courtroom D   Champaign county courthouse   case # 14SC-2.     THIS IS, the very last “go around”/ last chance anybody gets to interfere with the outcome of all the threats we do face.  Because there just AIN’T enough time left; for any other chance or person to intervene.  Like it or not! 

          This ain’t my war, its OUR war to survive.  If you can’t find some way to support the fact, by a fair and deliberate reality:   THAT WE DO NEED TO INVESTIGATE THESE THREATS.  Then;  I  am done/ because time does run out, and a long court battle that merely delays the inevitable:   “ YOU JUST DIDN’T CARE ENOUGH”.   Isn’t worth the effort/ even if I choose to continue anyway; it will be pointless.  One second too late, and we are all dead.  Not a game, a demand for proof: we won’t die, because our leaders failed/ a damn theory was wrong/ or a blatant curse, to demand evolution must be proven.  Were just plain lies, or worse!

            Not a game;   why should we be their slaves/ as is a debt that cannot be paid (no end);   or an inflation that we do not share in the numbers: “the few,  get it all”. 

                In the definitions that control our lives,    comes the truth: that we did not create the miracles of life which surround us, and keep humanity alive. 

          Chaos, the assumption of the religion called evolution DID NOT create/ chaos only destroys.  Which means thought, discipline, and order, came before anything else called life.  The human reality of this day is a march into chaos, that will end in the destruction of everything; SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE, and its introduction here .  Therefore you, the reader: MUST comprehend an honest and real understanding, “UNLESS we change as a world; from WANT first:   TO LIFE MUST COME FIRST”/ there is no future, for any living thing.  To be wrong, on numerous decisions that gamble with our entire world, and ability to survive;   means we are dead/ no second chances.  As is consistent with the theory: “we can bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ because there is not enough gravity to sustain the fire”.  Even you, can understand; being wrong, is death to this planet.  You know:  That fire burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer: it burns atomic bonds at 8-10 million degrees F!  We can’t put it out.  One, of the  Experiments going on right now. 


          IF you agree with the purpose of that statement: “life first”/ THEN you have become “a messenger” burdened with the truth:   that we all have a right to know what threatens us.  We all have a right to understand the possibilities and potential of what can be changed, to rebuild our futures.  We all have a duty, to build for hope/ and accept the responsibilities that come with our existence on this planet, in this time; and choose; to work for life first.  There are consequences, to what you do/ or what you do not do.  The reality of greed, the consequences of want, the tragedies of pride and power and destruction: have become a burden nature can no longer overcome.  That DOES mean, our world has changed.  You, are destroying faster than nature can provide.  You, failed to “put anything back/ and you cheat, lie, and steal;  proud of yourselves for that fact; its called revenge/ or they did something, to me first”.  You worship a university that has increasingly threatened not only you, but this entire planet.  Without change: YOU WILL receive your reward, for the decisions made.  Not “GOD” punishing you/ reality and truth establishing, “no more lies, no more mercy”.  You chose!

          In the hope that you will “find your mind, heart, and even soul: and fight for life on this planet” / therefore I continued the work. These sites are provided free, and may be used without restriction.  Take them to your own sites/ change the name; do whatever you consider best, in a battle for life on this planet.  I don’t care: they are “yours”.   Download the html sites so they cannot be taken away.   Support the sites, and each other:   so distribution can be simple and successful; when or if  needed.  I am irrelevant to your decision:   this is YOUR choice/ this is for your world, your child, your future, and even your eternity.  It is not mine, I have made my choice/ and done as duty required.  My job, and my need to participate ends here; because only you, can change yourselves, or your world.

            It is not my job, to bribe/ tempt/ manipulate/ lead/  or control you.  It is your job, to RESPECT YOUR WORLD.  If you continue to refuse:   the duty and responsibility, to use, or understand what has been substantially prepared for you, for free: to defend this world, and protect its life: then simply, YOU deserve to die.  I cannot support that, with continued work/   I have not failed your children, or life;  substantially or on purpose: they do not deserve to die.   Can you say the same?  I HAVE proven to be “a friend, to life”/ not an enemy, or any religious illusion.  I have proven here on these sites, your need to investigate/ examine the evidence/ and decide for yourself.  Simple and plain.

Excerpts from energy Excerpts from Biology
Hope and Love Jesus
Tyranny and Deceit Forums / Chat Room
Freedom & Time Friendships and Rulers
Heart and Mind The Majority

            Tyranny and deceit are constant in human leadership.

          That fact, identifies a need:   “To do this for ourselves”!



          Nothing better illustrates the fact of tyranny, than does “vilifying a particular group”.  Truth does not vilify/ but extreme exaggeration for the purposes of power, and the pretense of righteousness does.   Little is more deceitful than the counterfeiting of money; which is to steal strictly with lies.

          So then we come to the consequences of this day, in the history of humanity on earth:   where extreme exaggeration of purposes creates the lies that are soon to terrorize this planet and all its life.   The question is WHY?

          The answer is, for pride (I win/ you lose)  and power (you, are my slave/ I own you, and all you can, or will ever have).  So then we look for the evidence to support this claim of tyranny; and find in the lawsuits of these sites/ the very critical reality:    Even the law, by itself;  cannot control those who are gambling with every life on earth.  Even the constitution, as written; is not enough to insure the purposes of democracy are kept/ because these rulers refuse to allow the people their right to know, and decide for themselves.  Even the oath of office imposed upon all upper level officials, which warns of a clear and certain penalty for the failure to do all these things;   “Is merely laughed at”/ and construed to be irrelevant and worthless to the people themselves.  That is    Treason, and traitorous acts against the United States of America.


          We then look for realities of deceit, and find them everywhere in the state of IL, and the nation called this USA.  To claim that a debt which clearly cannot be paid, is somehow not inflation;   is a outright lie, without the slightest sense of truth, other than these few,  are stealing from our lives.  When searching for where does the money go?  The answer is:   to a very few, who then consider themselves to be “gods” over our lives/ because they hold the numbers, that can literally buy our nation from us: and make us all beggars, or worse.  All they need now, is to declare bankruptcy; massively inflating the dollar/ forcing everyone into bankruptcy;    for the entire nation/ and then finish stealing it all.  These few leaders, mostly hidden behind closed doors and controlling government and the courts;   have already done very serious damage.  

          The reality of our lives and our nation is however defended by democracy IF, instead of letting rulers destroy the very foundations that establish our rights and freedoms;   by controlling that bankruptcy to their own benefit.  WE THE PEOPLE CONTROL THAT BANKRUPTCY, by bringing it into open public view; and establishing what we will or will not allow, in the realities that must be dealt with.  Understanding the damage already done, SHALL be dealt with as well.  The first issue of reality:   there shall be limits, to what any individual can declare as income/ hold as property/ or control so as to destroy the rights of others.  The second issue of reality is:   that counterfeit money is concealed theft/ and none should be allowed to benefit by that theft.  We are owed an accounting, that is justified by the work done, and the personal contributions made. 

          Then we will decide by vote: what will be our economic decisions.  Establishing in constitutional decree,   that the currency of this nation SHALL BE, tied to the population count; so as to control those who are employed; from substantial stealing again.


          The question of university arises;   as the reality of their delusions has increased.   No other group, is more responsible for today’s failure and coming tragedy; than is the university diploma: they DO, control society, media, and propagate lies (its debt/ not inflation), tyranny (we are the rulers here, and the people have no say) , terrorism (we will gamble with every life on earth, and there is nothing you can do), and theft:   you stole our living/ our securities/ our work/ our resources/ our nation/ our future/ our world/ the sanctity of nature/ the safe  environment of planet/ and our democracy; even more.  How is that not substantial enough: for a clear and definite investigation of the facts arising out of the evidence we are literally threatened WITH EXTINCTION!


          We then turn to, what is or is not true: about the proliferation of rules to control society and remove its rights, its freedoms, and its voice.  To find the courtrooms cases of this state called IL and this nation; as depicted on these sites.   Littered with corruption distinctly intent upon denying DEMOCRACY ITSELF/ destroying due process/  and controlling society with rules, instead.


          Continuing on:   we find that smokers have been vilified; when little actual evidence of considerable damage to others, has been done: so says the evidence established throughout the years prior to the 70's when everybody was subjected to that smoke from time to time.  That does NOT say smoking isn’t bad, for health/ but it does demand individual freedom CANNOT be refused, just because you don’t like the result.

          The extreme vilification going on in the state of IL today against alcohol abuse; has little actual truth involved and consists of making the public even more fearful of its own shadow.  Go search the parameters of what actually constitutes “alcohol involved”.  Reality suggests:  and you find “a beer can in the ditch/ an accident within 2 blocks of any establishment selling alcohol/ alcoholic beverages in the car, just bought;  regardless of its location/ and a wide variety of other factors are all “sewer grease” smeared on your face:   because THERE IS A LOT OF MONEY BEING EXTORTED.   Just 3 DUI  arrests in a month, will pay an incoming police officer salary for a month.  And more police establish more power/ and control with more rules enforced: got to do something.  Which then angers and enrages the public, and they prepare for civil war, by buying guns, etc.  The addition of numbers generated “because you didn’t wear a seat belt”/ are also established simply TO MAGNIFY AND MULTIPLY THE NUMBERS;   so as to vilify those who do use some alcohol/ and make them guilty regardless of the truth.  Reality states: I was following a man dressed like a judge/ who was playing with his laptop while going down a 4 lane street; not looking at the opposing two lanes completely filled with rush hour traffic; I passed him and two blocks later he looked up, panicked and sent his car sideways in the street.  He had no excuse/ it was a personal decision NOT to pay attention to the road, and his punishment should have been equal or worse than an alcoholic; at least they have lost hope, or are generally desperate for friendship. The vomit of this earth, are leading you/ for purposes you won’t like.  To crush freedom with rules/ to let righteousness drown constitutional guarantees/ to manipulate the news and lie continuously about anything that stands in the way of “what these few want”/ to destroy democracy itself: with a vote that does not matter, “because the fools own, who gets to run”.  And more. 

          While alcohol abuse, that is beyond what others are allowed to do with their phones, their sleep, their disability or old age, and so on;  is a bad thing.  Those who are using it to destroy democracy itself by surrendering every concept of freedom:   INSISTING   “FEAR THEM”;  PRODUCING the power to control life, because now we have a rule, and now we have a right; and you become a slave/   is far worse!  There are fair and legitimate solutions/ none of which the courtroom, nor the righteous wants.  They want the power, and they want the SLAVE.  “You stepped across this line, we put in the sand/ so now we own you”.  How is that not correct?

          Demanding fear, is a staple of tyranny; without fear, the people cannot be controlled.  Because, without an enemy:   they then DON’T NEED “a savior”.  Consequently all realities and relationships that are used to generate FEAR/ are purpose driven examples of how to make the public fear us, themselves, their body, or someone or something else.  It really doesn’t matter/ so long as you accept and demand:   “We must have a savior/ someone to lead, even if that is bad;  we are threatened, so it will get worse.  PAY THE PRICE.”  When the majority accept that summation/ their democracy, their society, and their lives have been tampered with or rest upon the delusion, “the enemy is not among us”.  Rather truth applies:   “the enemy” leads us instead.  Elements of this disease are found in the gathering of money;   as in   “Women should fear heart disease/ they all die from it; GIVE US YOUR MONEY”!   When reality says, there is extremely little female heart disease/ and these numbers come from death at old age;   because if you haven’t noticed:   NOBODY dies of old age.  Wake the hell up, and investigate what you are told.  Or more simply:   “the world has never seen a bigger LIAR, than media represents today”.  The singular tool, used to distort and cover up all “university disease, with the aid of media: we can put blind folders on them, and lead them with a rope around their balls”/ and the constant cult consequence, “we have to keep these people brainwashed” or they might wake up!

          What do you suppose all those surveys are for:   IF NOT, to find the words and illusions you will accept:   SO YOU DON’T RECOGNIZE THE LIES!    Dumbass, wake the hell up/ or you will enter within it.

          Still think you can defend yourselves, or this society with a gun?  It ain’t so!  All you can do with a gun is murder, or maim someone else/ or they you:   how is that “repairing society, for peace and happiness”!  Or getting any money back/ unless you steal it too.  LIARS/ THIEVES/ AND TRAITORS are merely going to use you to kill each other; so they can then discard your lives, enslave the rest, and consume your world.  A gun ain’t no defense:   against those who do intend, to deliberately cause your extinction; by leading you to ruin.  As has already been done.   It is the leaders who have become an enemy/ it is the university cult (we are superior/ we are gods) that controls them all.


          The enforcement of constitutional law/ and the demand:   your oath to us mattered/ and we will enforce it.  IS THE CLEAR WEAPON; that gives democracy back,   “As power to WE THE PEOPLE”.   Anything less, IS A LIE/ that merely aggravates and distorts both the law, and the truth:   WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION.  And we never gave that up.  We never contracted/ or legally allowed in any other way:   that our employees, can be our rulers!  That is anarchy expressed through traitorous acts. 

          We, the people:    are the law!  Because this is our nation, and we the people deliver EVERYTHING that has value to our society.  Whereas NOTHING but greed and apathy for life, or planet, or child, and anything living has been found among these leaders and their religion, “the university knows everything”.  The cult, and its propagation teams:   must be disbanded/ so democracy can rise again.

          Prove what is true, by investigating/ examining the facts/ and then determining your own  decision:   WITHOUT being influenced by media.  Only then, can the future:   begin again.   BE FAIR/   ESTABLISH JUSTICE/   CREATE EQUALITY/ and enforce an equitable reality for all, as truth allows it to be.  Anything less is delusion, fantasy, or failure:   because you don’t know/ you didn’t understand/ and you chose without wisdom or knowledge or a clear decision to build   FOR LIFE FIRST.

          Remember this as well:   there are NO “blanket statements” here, demanding that all are “bad, or traitorous or other”.  Rather these are necessary developments in writing, to discuss and identify WHO MUST BE SUSPECT.  As is true of all policing actions:    The accused are not guilty/ until proven so.  But make no mistake:   if you don’t stop the university terrorists, and control the courtroom    Yourselves!  By demanding resolution to these threats and these accusations , with a firm grip on reality:  as are needed to insure “OUR VERY LIVES, CAN GO ON”.  Then you will lose.

          DON’T get lost in rhetoric.  Demand SIMPLE AND PLAIN/ or you go to jail, for being in contempt of the people who own this America: for as long as it takes to make that understood/ and clear the garbage out of your mind.  Proving with truth and reality:   “This ain’t no damn game”!  Lie, and you can be killed.

          These sites constitute a clear and deliberate warning:   that life on earth has changed, because humanity demanded it shall be so!  The listing of major threats is simple and clear for the most part/ and is associated with numerous legal cases that were all designed for the simple purpose:   WE MUST address these threats, before every horrifying prediction of “the end of life on earth” comes true.  The reality being confronted is grievous: to be wrong, on numerous fronts means we all die.  The most descriptive of which is: “the university diploma/ with your government counterfeit money.  Is deliberately trying to bring the same fire (roughly 10 million degrees F/ a pillar of flame,  miles high) here, as is on the sun/ a fire that burns atomic bonds for fuel.  They theorize “its safe, because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”.  They also theorize: that according to their math; all the mass in this universe came from a point in space, no bigger than a needle point.  YOU SHOULD consider the reality of our situation:   you know the sun exists, with a fire that burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away.  That fire can, and will be ignited soon, turning the entire planet into “a lake of fire”/ UNLESS you stop them.  The courts/ your leaders/ your media/ your universities/ your religions, etc all declare “the university knows what it is doing”! I demanded the people have a right to know/ a right to choose;  this is their world!   IT’S THE LAW!  The court, and every leader answered: NO,   Period, end of story!  And refuse you, the right;  to know the rest of the story, that they gamble with our entire world/ and there will be no going back/ once ignited, the whole world dies in fire.  Look at the sun, we cannot put it out!  The same is true of mutilating all life on earth, by genetically altering “NATURE ITSELF,  is DNA; the building of every life body in existence”.  Nature in chaos is Armageddon.Your university geneticists are and have been deliberately working, trying desperately to be the first: to destroy the foundations of discipline/ order/ balance/ and the processes of thought that make every living body of life on this planet.  They theorize, that when it fails: THEN “they will learn how to put it back together, so they can play god themselves”.  They can’t/ life will become the living dead.  They theorize, that evolution MUST be proven true; so their chosen and stated purpose is:   to bring chaos into life, thereby opening the door for evolution to make “new species”.  The religion: Evolution is, just “we shopped, and picked everything we wanted for free/ without even a brain”.  There is no going back from that horror either.  They theorize, they can play god now, instead of evolution; by mixing species DNA together, “to get something else”.  Which is in fact a crucifixion of life, because they do try to make a living creation  live, with these mutilations/ crossing disease barriers to bring us all pandemic after pandemic until death is complete.  They are in fact building and releasing into this world biological weapons of mass destruction/ which we cannot then stop. The courts/ your leaders/ your media/ your universities/ your religions, etc all declare “the university knows what it is doing”! I demanded the people have a right to know/ a right to choose;  this is their world!  IT’S THE LAW!  The court, and every leader answered: NO,   Period, end of story!  And refuse you , the right; to know the rest of the story, that they gamble with our entire world/ and there will be no going back/ once ignited, the whole world dies by horrific mutilation; which can invade you too; ending the peace and wholeness of you, even all life on earth. 

          There is much more, including the end of oxygen: by burning fire and running motors in a world filled with over 7 billion people: every single day:   taking more oxygen than this earth can produce/ killing & destroying everything that produces oxygen for us.  A population Growing in numbers at 2 million more every week.  You save a child, so they can participate in war/ starvation/ cannibalism/ mutilation/ and hell.  Our world has changed/ we now threaten our own existence, along with every other life on the planet.  The water is attacked (in so many ways, and yet you know nothing; to your shame)/ the creature foods we eat, is dependent upon antibiotics that are failing; ending your medicine and surgeries as well.  The ocean is near death.  Every seed we use for food is mutilated, and most are sterilized.  The insects we need for pollination and nearly 50% of all diversity on earth;  are nearing extinction because of poison farming and city disgrace.  The attack on world resources is massive, and cannot be sustained; bringing to reality, the demand of thirty years ago:   “let the children’s    gold mine,    be our garbage .”  . The courts/ your leaders/ your media/ your universities/ your religions, etc all declare “the university knows what it is doing” ! I demanded the people have a right to know/ a right to choose;  this is their world!  IT’S THE LAW!  The court, and every leader answered: NO, !  Period, end of story!  Or in this case, “we don’t care”/ let the children deal with it.

           The university diploma has destroyed your securities; counterfeiting over $200 trillion dollars [$2,000,000.00 per each of one hundred million people]/ stealing from an entire world:   which will soon go to war/ because that is “Man’s only answer”.  When confronted with “this must stop”.   In a world now filled with guns & anger or hate.  The consequence of war will be, since there are no “Uniforms” to guide you by/ that your face will become “the uniform”.  Even if you choose another group, they will consider you a traitor, and shoot: “can’t take any chances”.  Making the apocalypse “blood as high as a horse’s bridle” come true. Particularly here in America, where now the world comes to buy with counterfeit money, and dispossess those who were here/ because the university diploma, could not contain its greed/ or thirst for power and pride, “we are gods”.  And its consequence, “they are nothing”. Your leaders lie, claiming a debt that cannot be paid is not inflation.  Borrowing 1.5 trillion dollars more than stated income IS:   creating roughly 15,000 percent inflation and calling it 1.2%.   They cheat as fast as they can, which includes claiming a 15 trillion dollar GDP, which would mean if the nation had 100 million workers, every single one, would have to establish $150,000.00 of work; and the media propagates everything but truth .  Because they want the bribes too!  Consider:   just a presidential race costs over a billion dollars/ and the media gets most of it.  NOT “your protectors” at all.  That inflation is just for the few/ the rest have their money controlled!  So the few can own “our world”/ and destroy our nation; by counterfeiting our money: not theirs’.  The courts/ your leaders/ your media/ your universities/ your religions, etc all declare “the university knows what it is doing”!   I demanded the people have a right to know/ a right to choose;  this is their world!   IT’S THE LAW!  The court, and every leader answered: NO,  Period, end of story!  Or, its not my problem, I have a gun/ I will survive; therefore I don’t care.


           Leaving life on earth to ask the question:   is not woman’s way {we must depend upon the law, it is the only hope} better.  Not individual woman/ but together as one, choosing by vote for the laws that then govern all our lives.  NOT voting for someone to vote for me; which is plainly so corrupted and diseased; it can never be again;   or we all die.  Not groups of men or women who constantly conceive of rules; which are “don’t cross this line I established/ or you will be punished:   rather than law, we must/ respect, peace, harmony, and life require it.  There will be consequences, but if you do understand:   our need, for life on earth to survive,  MUST come before individual desire.  Then we can survive, even if that change is far more than expected.  Change does not mean worse/ but it does mean different.  Peace requires happiness, which is a direct participant in personal freedoms.  Harmony does require responsibilities and discipline as truth and reality impose.  Love establishes joy.  Even so, reality knows this earth cannot endure much more of “today”.  It is a choice, humanity judges upon itself.  No going back; “its time to grow up” & remove the mental infants, and worse you call leaders: or die.

          This is, “the best men did do”/ and we stand at the edge of extinction for our entire planet; so says the evidence, a portion of which is presented on these sites.  You, are responsible for the investigation of facts/ the presentation and consequent examination of evidence before the world itself/ you are responsible for the decisions that will allow life to continue, or let it die.  My only job was: to create an opportunity for you to recognize your need;   to assemble the understanding “we are threatened/ as a world”.  And to bring you choices for a different world as I have done.  What you do with those facts, is up to you.  Without true change, this earth does not survive; that is your choice.  Change or die!  My job is now over/ the decision: for or against,  “life on earth” is entirely up to you!  No excuses accepted.  No second chances, too late/ is simply dead for all life on earth.  Too little, and you simply extend or multiply,  horrors.  The cancerous plague, that is “the university diploma, IS RULER HERE/   the university diploma is king here, and they deserve all the money, power, and pride/ the university diploma is god here; and shall NOT be questioned as to facts/ the university diploma __________,_________,,,,,,,,,  ”;   has in fact done that much damage, and even more. IT IS, properly called TREASON; which means, deliberately and willfully choosing against this democracy and all its people.   It is a pandemic: out of control, and killing this world.  They control by making enemies (such as smokers, exploding alcohol abuse, and anything else the public will allow as against our rules).  They confuse deliberately by any and all means of billing, etc.  They override common sense and reality, “by naming every grain of sand”/ which then becomes a foreign language so you cannot understand or confront.  All of which gives them power over you and me.  They corrupt the courtroom “with irrelevant rules that destroy justice.  They refuse to obey the law, as written/ as do the policing agencies; contending they are above it. They failed our world, and their “gods:   these cannot be questioned for reality” have prepared our extinction/ and the media says, “we don’t care”.  Establishing “it is, a true cult”.  They are insane, as does the religion evolution establish; by commanding the nation to believe “chaos can build anything”!  While truth demands, only thought, and its values;  can build.  They refuse a useful education to all but those they choose to invite, into their own delusions; and then demand “be a human robot”/ or we will destroy you. They seek to exterminate us by choosing to destroy nature, the planet, the peace, the resources, the water, and even the solar system itself (by establishing this earth SHALL become a sun).  How is that not satan?  A reality of lies and destruction that fits no other word.


          As for me:   I watched my little nephew die at 9 months old from a brain tumor/ which meant he had to die of starvation or thirst, whichever came first.  It is a TERRIBLE thing.

          That is probably the single most motivating factor of this work.  As at the time, in “attempt after attempt” with people from all different walks of life; absolutely none cared or were concerned about the consequences that we now face.  It was going through my mind, to abandon you as well; because you just didn’t care/ GREED CONSUMED YOU/ WANT overruled reality/ and FEARS caused each and every one to just run away or hide.  Because the bribes were too strong, the realities too demanding.  Today, after decades of your failures; our reality is bleak/ even with a true concerted effort; the future cannot be guaranteed; we CAN become extinct, the entire planet lost.   I have prepared as a consequence, the realities of what I could do alone:   to gather irrefutable evidence by establishing courtroom cases that clearly identify what is, and is not true:    about the United States of America leadership.    I have prepared the foundations required to rebuild life on earth, with a new reality.

            Consequently I abandoned my lifetime, as a personal potential; and I  have warned you:    DO NOT let this happen, to all the children of this earth.  You will be held responsible, in eternity.  They cannot defend themselves!  I abandoned relationships, and every distraction beyond its minimal effect: because that can cause “critical consequences”. This world is more important than me/ or you!  But make no mistake, long before my nephew died; I had chosen this journey.  Because   GOD IS GOD,   and JESUS is my Savior.  When looking at the potential this entire world can die;    It must be accepted to hold that truth in your life and your heart,   “This is a work required from us all, by   GOD”.   It is not a game.

                      HIS Creation is at stake/ as well as our lives: EVERYTHING.     

                                Ending every excuse you have, forever!


          I have never asked you to believe.  I have only demanded: YOU MUST investigate these threats, identify reality, determine what is or is not TRUE, and fight for life on earth:

                                                 WITH THE LAW!



          The question of economic depression looms very large/ because that is what your university diploma’s built for you; stealing everything they could, and counterfeiting all the rest;  that is anarchy, covered over by tyranny/ and swept under the rug with bribes and media control;  tyranny.  It is a simple fact of our lives and time.  They refused every responsibility, and ruled instead of worked for democracy; that is traitorous, and it is treason as well.

          Reality states: that depressions exist, because the “rich man won the game”/ and the poor man has nothing left to trade.  Therefore he is not needed anymore;   the rich man has all he wants, except for sex & slaves/ toys and trinkets and the power to threaten and cause fear.  The poor man begs.  Or kills, steals, lies, and so on; its all that is left; until they organize for war.

          But in this day, truth also indicates and proves:   the rich man counterfeited all his money, thereby stealing property that was never paid for.  The consequence of that is: “even if he holds a billion dollars of counterfeit money/ its still worthless.

          That leaves us all, with one simple decision:   WHO will decide the future/ rich men and their weapons?  Or the rest of us, with numbers beyond their control!  The foundation of power is supported by one simple rule:    Are you not better off working or killing for me/ than being with them?  The foundation of freedom also has one simple rule:   are we not better off deciding for ourselves/ than being destroyed by the failure and corruption of others?

          Democracy allows:   that WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners of this nation!  Those are very powerful words, and they are expressed and explained by the foundation of law called redress of grievances.  Or more simply:   when confronted as a nation, to the point that we the people decide OUR EMPLOYEES MUST be investigated, and the constitution erected again as the law of this land!  Only then in judgment of what has been done, that was against our command, and the employee oath to obey that command:   shall we own this nation/ and decide our own future, by true independent vote of all the people for themselves.  We MUST own the future.  WE MUST decide what is fair to us all, with regard to these debts.  WE MUST, decide what is justice for your children.  WE MUST NOT ALLOW LIFE ON EARTH TO BE THREATENED.  And we must return balance and truth to our currency.  Which means simply a constitutional change to demand OUR currency shall be tied to the population count:   so much currency per person, and no more debts made by government employees.  Thereby we will all know, just where we fit in the reality of exchange; through limited capitalism.  No more, “you get extra for a diploma”/ wherein the truth identifies and understands, the most common description made by those at the university for a diploma is:    “Best years of my life”.   How is that, a just cause for the rest to pay you more?  You got your extra, you didn’t go to work; but played in an environment filled with young men and women, where personal freedom outside “ the tragedy of studies [memorize our words, and do exactly what we say]” grants romance and everything “pleasant, and desirable” for those searching for romance or sex.

          If you continue to fail to defend yourselves, wanting leaders instead;   I guarantee, you will be very sorry indeed.  No second chances.  If you do no better, than those who lead you now/ as they are the people who escaped the Vietnam war by going to college; and believed “they would change this world by protest”.  Claiming to be “warriors for peace”/ when a couple of people died at Kent state college for being stupid; EVERY SINGLE ONE of them disappeared into the woodwork, never to be seen again.  Its called cowardice!  Do better than they, or stay home and burn; its more merciful than what will come next, if you don’t.  Find your heart, search for your soul:   DEFEND YOUR WORLD.  Or lose it.

          This is “Christmas, 2013" and you now stand at the crisis line/ the failure to start and be consistent for life, will soon have consequences.  Past the point of no return, all become “the living dead”.  Wake up, WORK;   and keep this earth ALIVE!

          The question of jobs!  The competition of “BUT I WANT MORE, FOR ME”!  And the reality:   we must all have less; but as a consequence IF we become honest friends with each other/ THEN we can have just as much that has value, or more!  There is nothing to be spared just for the garbage/ but if you’re simply willing to throw it all away;   then no substantive reward existed.  Only the assumption of a trophy (they wanted it) or prize (I won).


          Critical to our survival as a world over-flowing with people/ is the simple reality:   without sharing we will quickly have nothing for anyone!  Without caring; sharing does not happen.  As a consequence the fundamental decision that elevates RESPECT to the foundation of our national and world society, as equal human beings (so long as hate is not found):   MUST BE FOUND.


          We begin with the very simple words:   that in a war, “everybody is somebody”/ that is one part, of the reality:   why men choose war.   We are, in actual fact, going to be “at war” with the destruction that has been caused; by all whose greed and selfishness/ whose pride and utter insanity, have been so effective against us all.  Causing extreme destruction as their fantasies became our reality.  Our environment is collapsing through global warming, ozone loss, oxygen deterioration, water destruction, pollution, poisoning, garbage, ocean losses, coastline destruction of life, water rising across the world, extreme weight re-distribution by glacial melt and mining operations, greenhouse gases, fossil fuel heat release, antibiotic resistence, over population, the destruction of forests and its habitat, the extermination of insects (a biological nightmare, as this is the base food source/ and the pollinators for a wide variety of life), the extinction rate of all aquatic life, the loss of all diversity due to agriculture, loss of fish species a growing extinction because of over- and irresponsible fishing, loss of shelf fish, destruction of habitat, the coming failure of all major livestock operations, the growing list of pandemic possibilities due to genetic engineering, the clear potential loss of all plant foods due to genetic mutilation, the growing consequence of biological war, as is responsible for allergies, food intolerance, and a long list of more tragedies to come than we can survive without the slightest chance/ unless    GOD   intervenes, and helps to keep us alive.   Such is the failure of men/ the common conception of humanity itself which is apathy:   and “I don’t care/ GIVE ME MORE MONEY”.


          So then we must all step back from the brink; assess the critical evidence of what happens when this all goes just a bit farther; when the experiments funded by counterfeiting, and done with our own hands (ALL I WANT, is the money; leave me alone) against us all.  Has destroyed any further chance that we might survive all this “designed by university, and human greed; horror & hell”.  Reality states: this is no game.  The “thirst” for Money, has brought you to the beginnings of hell and horrors.


          So then the question is: will you war against our extinction/ NOT with guns;   but with work for life on this planet first/ making all the concessions that must be made as best we can;   so that the most possible repair to life and planet will be done.  Or will you just walk away, and assume “someone else can work for life/ YOU have better things to do”!  As always, “You WANT, everything”/ and refuse to hear, life will not survive this anymore; regardless of the evidence.  That is a statement millions will share/ a reality that cannot be avoided, because they are human too.

          The critical conciliation for all parties is:   that we must separate, as a humanity and never look back.   If you want money more than life/ then you must “go, over there”!  If you are willing to accept life has the greater value, and we must do the best we can: then you must live “over here”.  But there shall not be any change of decision.  Rather you will live, the choice you make; even including the children attached to their parents.  When major weaponry is removed; the possibility of containment becomes real.  Those whose greed and selfishness lead them away;   will not find a way among themselves to build beyond the minimum that begins their life apart.  This is a choice, to disrespect the others and assume “winner”.  This is a reality, that will kill anyone left behind, that chooses hate and remains among us; no second chances for hate.  We will not work for life, only to have “serpents (hidden hate) and devils (we worship power & control)” destroy. Let the human predator be doomed/ the human prey be lost, and without refuge:   so that human existence itself, may come to life as “the creatures   GOD   meant for us to be”.


          As to the fundamentals of work and a job, the initial change:   is from money and want/   to life and needs.  Truth decides, not people; but the consequences of being wrong, for this moment and time beyond.


          Money demands, and to obtain it people supply!  Counterfeiting means: people demand/ but supplied nothing but lies, so the future is empty.  Work constructs from the elements of a resource, whatever it is that humanity desires and can do with what is available to them.  The failure to work is, a fundamental reality of competition or laziness.  Competition means: “I want more for me, than reality allows”/ therefore to take yours, without a war:  the existence of welfare came to be.  The lazy do not want a choice for work.  Those treated unfairly, cannot find a job with realistic respect/ or the education system failed them as youth.  Money is the exchanged rate by which we divide our time, the planets resources, and our ability into a shared experience in society, called work.  Without society to deal with, no money exists.

          Capitalism: is the law of supply and demand attributed to money/ resource/ability/ and labor.  Counterfeiting is the destruction of capitalism to demand: WE WANT MORE for ourselves/ let the others pay.  The reality of our lives is:   democracy as, “a vote for someone to vote for me” has failed us!  Because the liars/ thieves/ and cheats became our rulers; rather than our employees.  Describing themselves as “gods over us (greater than we could ever be)”:   they stole everything we worked for, to give it to themselves, or their army bought with bribes, counterfeited from our established credit.  Which no longer exists.

          The listing of what went economically wrong in America has some value: it begins with the tragedy of presidents/ threatening a world with atomic weapons.  Which resulted in the USSR and a cold war.  Which became the Korean war, as a means of testing the will and power of American military and its people for fighting the USSR; the answer was NO.  Which then became the Vietnam war; as the means and measure of preparation for attacking the USSR, along with other elements such as the initial placement of missiles at the USSR border;  that caused the “Cuban crisis”.   ALL of Which became an extreme expense; which if you missed it, “Kennedy intended world war 3; listen to the speeches”.  Which became “lets go to the moon: TO HIDE, intercontinental ballistic missile testing and research”. Which was very expensive.  Johnson was too proud to stop the killing/ and was told by his military leaders “we have the perfect testing facility; for a wide range of new weapons that include electronics”.  Which ended only when the American public had enough grief, to start complaining; instead of being sheep.  Nixon began the grief that would become international trade. Carter did his best to resurrect the nation from economic catastrophe; but the people said, “with this inflation, WE CAN GET RICH”/ buy something, or your money will just disappear.  REAGAN: the critical link/ the beginning disease, and endless failure that has resulted in this day.  Removed the link between money and reality; and the universities WENT WILD, with gross and negligent salary increases and everything else they wanted for play (he gave the nation away).  The next effect was: nearly EVERYONE who had bought property now went bankrupt/ because money was free, and inflation was hidden by debts.  Rural America dies/ the family farm is now “diseased and dying”.  Reagan Said: hell no, we won’t pay/ debts don’t matter; lets give the nation away to foreigners.  Not enough!  But he found his solution:   SELL all the gold in fort Knox/ and with that resource gone; we became locked into “counterfeiting and thieves who claimed: to big a problem to solve/ we must let them STEAL”.  But congress said, “if we steal the children’s future”/ then we can make a difference; so they did.  But spent it on frivolous things instead.  Having led the personal invasion that destroyed the foundation of America/ reagan finally dies; and all the people grieve because their hero cannot give them bribes and counterfeit money any more.  To hell with the USA/ or more correctly for the majority, “we don’t care; just give me the money”!   GREED has taken control!  The first Bush does little damage.  Clinton, steals all the money out of social security (providing only IOU’s), and hides everything he can, including the fact that he separated out social security from the accounting;  but kept the money paid in as federal dollars, and then raised social security/ with congressional help.  During this time, wall street becomes its own banker/ and the flood of “I’m going to be rich (invest one dollar/ play with fifty, or even more)” dollars.  Buy stocks in companies at multiplies so far beyond actual value, that anyone who looks can understand: this is nothing but a game, using lives and nation for its toys, trinkets, and chips.  Most of the money,  which was spent; was  now counterfeit anyway;   going to wall street: to rob every business and destroy every middle class person, and strangle this nation.  They steal manufacturing infrastructure, and sell it for housing ending the business that provides the money to live. Build without restraint, anything that people will invest in; such as derivatives:   people don’t have a clue/ and absolutely DON’T want a clue:   its JUST GIVE ME THE MONEY; until it all fails.  So the federal government employees ; continue searching for credit, “let us borrow from you/ we will give you our jobs, in trade”; demanding let the whole world in, to take our jobs.  So we don’t have to rebuild, what wall street destroyed; “its practically free”.  Presidents continue giving the nation away to foreigners, and we are invaded by foreign investment through REITS; real estate investment funds and stocks. The people buy bonds; so that state and municipalities can bankrupt themselves even more.  To stimulate spending: federal employees promise the banks and lending institutions, “go ahead, make loans without restraint/ cause we won’t prosecute you”.  And they do; those who particularly don’t understand,  jump in/ but mostly its just greed, apathy, and absolute selfishness.  Then comes “too big to fail”/ which begins as an enormous bailout, when the federal pension money is found to be heavily invested in derivatives (its all lies/ but we DON’T care; give me the money).  So now borrowing becomes epidemic;   because the university graduate, especially those in government employ:   CANNOT be expected to take a salary less than “enormous”. So the USA borrows $1.5 trillion dollars a year/ lies about GDP/ and pretends “its all good”;   just a tiny amount really.  While behind the scenes reality is a debt of over $200 trillion dollars in American dollars and promises.  So the world comes buying our property, and we are being dispossessed because your rulers, with a university derived education:   were so extremely selfish that nothing mattered but their own greed, pride, and power.  NO, WE WON’T PAY NOTHING; “its all free, for me”!  BRIBE THEM DAMN PEOPLE, with more: just to keep them quiet!

           Even so: we must not forget the monopoly of medicine which charges roughly 5 trillion dollars a year including social security which is owed about $70 trillion dollars/ and student loans, more stealing from the youth at $1 trillion dollars.   Each: One trillion dollars is equal to $10,000.00 per each and every one of one hundred million people.  Or, per one in three citizens, babies and all.

           In review:

1.  The military sucked out every penny and more throughout the years, with the games they played using the USSR as the cause.  When in fact, it is absolutely clear, that the USA was primary to all military buildup and the instigator of the cold war.  It cost you everything earned.  They made you indebted to the point of collapse economically.  And it only stopped, because the USSR ran out of money as well. The american military machine ran out of the power to use the American people as a threat to this world.    They stole the foundation of money from American democracy!  But America still had credit.

2.  A single attempt to rebuild the economic infrastructure by Carter failed/ and then resulted in extensive bankruptcy, among the primary savers of this entire nation;   because Reagan changed the rules/ and sold the gold.  He is considered personally responsible for taking the final securities required to rebuild this nation, and giving them away.  Because nothing the federal government did at that time rebuilt anything of value to life or society.

3.  Reagan removed reality from the money, and every thief with a diploma moved in to give themselves a raise or a bonus, “for wiping their ass; while vomiting on life; another bonus, and a pension/ and benefits/ and an expense account/ and money for friends/ and money for universities “without end”; to entertain themselves”; with arrogance beyond measure .  “We are gods”!

           While they continually vomited, diseased, and constructed both terrorism and traitorous acts; against America and even world society itself.  The three rules of dominance fell into place> the current power lost momentum/ those who controlled the banks and the property as a majority became bankrupt> and those whose arrogance knew no bounds gave themselves an endless supply of counterfeit money, and took control over government, reshaping the rules for business and courts.  They then took over all hiring, and controlled society with a diploma enforced by rules. That made it possible for the worst of society (those without the slightest common sense, or integrity; an endless assault by liars and thieves) to buy bankrupt properties,  spend it on wall street, by making wall street a legalized counterfeiter, and controlled the courts to insure compliance with their own agenda.  To destroy the middle class, and assume power/ America as a democracy BE DAMNED!

4.  Congress accepted the premise “debts don’t matter”/ or more simply, “WE AIN’T NEVER going to pay”.   And did their part to destroy every security they could touch.  Expanding bribes, and buying votes, elections, and committing every fraud available.

5.  Clinton refused the debt owed to the American citizen, called social security; and stole their savings.  The internet bubble “we can be rich” ; sucks our even more money from the middle class.

6.  Bush establishes, since debts don’t matter:   go ahead make loans to anyone, who the hell cares/ its all good.  “Nobody has to pay”.  Then gets scared and takes failure to a whole new level in Iraq.  The bubble bursts/ the consequence is, “lets give the rest of America to foreigners”; nobody cares.

7.  Obama comes:   “I love to spend money/ just listen to me” nobody has to pay, let the government control it knows everything;   “Cause we’re special”.

8.  The medical monopoly continues to refuse educating more doctors than in 1960, and the prices rise to suit their greed.

9.  There is still a tiny bit of money left somewhere:   make the people pay for their children, with college costs/ make the children our slaves, with loans: establishing, “YOU WILL be human robots” or you will be thrown in the garbage with the rest; in debt forever!

10.  Nations across this world are sucked in to the same university disease, and pride that destroyed ourselves as an economic nation.  You are poor, beyond your imagination.  And the only way out is bankruptcy.  Then let truth decide what must be next!


          That, IS what your university led leadership has done for you;   aren’t you proud?  This is, the price of leadership!  As proven by world history;   these are merely “the best intellectual thugs, whore’s,  & devils;  in the business of corruption/ lies/ theft/ disgrace/ destruction/ treason/ and death”; our world has ever seen. But make no mistake, the propaganda machine of “news and media” participated “with gusto”; to see that you were kept entirely dead/ dumb/ and blind.  “You don’t believe me”?  Consider this: when JUST, a presidential champaign costs over a billion dollars/ WHO do you think gets a majority of the money?   And all the people said, “just don’t make us pay/ the debt is too high: MAKE the children pay”!  We are AFRAID, and unwilling to pay our debts.  We are boiling mad; over the debts, our employees made: and buy guns!

          While it could be said, that China obviously had the very same problem at the turn of the last century;   having all their intellectuals targeted and killed.  The evidence proves: “painting them all, with the same brush”/ is an extremely bad idea, as we are individuals; and that means:    not all the same.  Extreme arrogance, is your first clue.


           Well, apart from not only gambling with our entire planet and all its life.  As well as the continual release of biological warfare against all life on earth. And the absolute refusal to deal with any part or problem related to our survival.  They hide, by intending to exterminate us;   so we cannot cause them grief/ for what they have done.  Soon, it will be too late to turn back, and the planet itself will be lost.   

In the struggle to survive, the foundation event is:   that we must find the resources we need for ourselves!  People then learn:   IF I control what the others need and force them, to do what I say/ THEN I can play god, and have many things for myself.

            The consequence of that reality is the basis of society and the cause for,  formation of governments.

            So then, the critical relationship we share with each other is not friendship/ but the control of enemies: those who want us, to be their slaves!

            The critical relationship we share with this world is:   without resources we die, as a consequence if we destroy what nature and planet provide, we then war against ourselves!


“If it can kill you/ it ain’t no toy”!     

            Therefore we begin the search for what is sane, by understanding:   that the leadership of men, who have “run this world throughout history”:   is critically flawed.  Their want/ their pride/ their thirst for power/ and their lust for sex have caused extreme harm to both life and planet,  and humanity.  Their need, and the reality of their decisions however are based upon the fact: that a few other men are determined to enslave them, control them, take everything for themselves to let the rest die, or some other form of critical tragedy that demands either we fight, or we just give up and lose everything, including family.  The need for sex originates from the fact, that men are driven to survive/but finding no hope for better than being some form of slave, they try to find solace in sex “at least life is better for a moment/ I am dying inside”.  Finding money here, others enslave and abuse or use women, and even children.  Violence against women beyond the simple “sex”/ is about power, and the intent to play god over someone.  It is a misdirected revenge against those who play god over them (they are too strong), and thereby create hate.  Some just want hate, some simply hate women, and choose its violence.



            Therefore the search for economic reality in society ends with “limited capitalism”  To discover and control the realities of choice among us all/ by demanding, that NO ONE   gets to have “too much more” than the rest/ or too little, so they become as slaves.  By taking away the power of a few to control.  As a democracy we own that right.  As a democracy enforced, by the first amendment law called redress of grievances;   we become the reality of life in society, by our own choices as we the people/ under constitutional law.   Therefrom the pride that demands life is a game, is reduced to our own version of existence in society, and as friends or enemies; by choice among us all.   The elemental relationship we share with other life and planet CANNOT be underestimated as to creating value for our lives:   we are nothing, literally extinct; without these resources.  Want is an enemy/ not a friend!  Of which we are NOT functionally or honestly aware, as a humanity.   Not respecting:   just how much any other life form means to our survival: and MUST treat them all with absolute respect.  Because they too, are life; just as important, as us/ in very many ways.  The complex chemicals each provides, cannot be replaced/ neither can specific behaviors nor all the rest. The chains of life that provide everything based upon another living existence;   CANNOT be underestimated in value.  No food/ no life; only HELL. 


            Time and destiny; assembles a base elemental relationship within the confines of our human existence, to understand better, what we must choose, by understanding “why”.

The disciplines of leadership DO NOT include, an outright gambling with all life on earth!  Of all the critical failures, that represent the reality of “university knows leadership” in this portion of the same US supreme court/ US tax court case ; that identifies criminal corruption in all the highest levels of US federal government.   The very worst/ most easily identified is:   these leaders have decided they CAN bring the same fire here to this planet as is on the sun, a 9,000,000 degree F fire, that burns atomic bonds.   Because the theory goes:   “Not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”/ so it will just put itself out.  On a planet that is nothing but fuel!  In case you missed it: that means when they are proven wrong, this entire planet becomes another sun. There are NO second chances/ once lit, either it puts itself out, OR we are incinerated .  It is that simple/ no one escapes “being wrong”. 

          Of the various methods needed to prove them wrong/ it is also useful to understand.  In terms of gravity failing to hold the fire to this earth/ the more critical reality is:   just how much suction does a 9 or ten million degree fire establish, particularly in this atmosphere?  Do you not understand a forest fire 3,000 degrees;  sucks in air (a chemical bond fire)?  It does so, because the expansion of heat creates a vacuum!  The probable air speed of this atmosphere on earth being sucked into that fire at the base of its flame is roughly one thousand miles per hour.  Or more simply “just like a candle sucks up the was to burn/ an atomic fire will suck up this earth and burn anything that is built with an atomic bond.  Which is everything.  In terms of fire growth, a chemical fire doubles in size every minute.  An atomic fire will do over 12 times that.  In terms of a candle and the room needed because of heat expansion:   test it for yourself/ light a candle with full air flow.  The flame will be roughly 7 times bigger than the wick/ the flame will rise roughly 7 times higher than the wick engulfed.  A candle flame is roughly 500 degrees/ as we then multiply the effect of heat expansion which is the same regardless of the source or type of fire:   a 10 million degree flame needs 140,000 times more room!  That simple reality proves the flames you see on the sun itself (its visual size), are NOT the source of fuel/ but the reality of heat. The wick itself turns to ash as it is incinerated.  The ash cloud of an atomic fire, is the simplest possible combination of atomic structure that is able to form after any possible “singular” components of atomic structureescape the fire.  Thereby the hydrogen chemical signature of the sun is nothing more than its ash cloud.  Everyday, the national ignition facility tries desperately to ignite an atomic fire on earth.  The day comes soon, when that fire will destroy us all!  No one escapes.  Or, more simply the CULT of “university knows” will then be SATAN on earth.  With all its believers assigned as “devils”.   You chose to let them!  You have NO EXCUSE, because you do understand a fire 91 million miles away, that burns your skin here in summer; is no toy!

The sites I provide are these.  The primary information for all sites, for this entire work:  is this portion of “trial after trial”:   in both state of ILLINOIS and US federal and supreme courts.  A FEW, of the thousands of links used upon these sites. The most powerful words for human society ever written.  The question called life.  The reality:   those who say “debts don’t matter”; believe they are rulers, and never intend to pay.     To even suggest media has not failed us entirely, is fantasy!

        The purpose and desire very simply:   we are threatened with extermination as a planet/ so says the evidenceThat fact,  cannot be left:   to those who have made created the threats, and realities we now face.  Download these html sites/ so they cannot be taken away, or hidden from you. Support this work, or it can disappear.  Support “life for this planet must come first”/ or it, and we, will all disappear.  You are not asked to believe: as was demanded of the courts;  you are asked to investigate the evidence and prove what is or is not true/ because we cannot survive being wrong; not even as a planet of life.  You are asked, as was the courts:   to communicate these threats to “humanity” and let each one decide for themselves; as is consistent with freedom and democracy itself.  As for me, I have proven and delivered everything in this work, I came to do.  The decision, and the consequences of life or death for a planet:   the investigation, trials, etc now comes to you.  I have finished/ nothing else is required of me, for this work, or your decision.

        Should the IL tax lawyers decide: after months of silence, to go ahead and accept the demands of the IL supreme court document filed; by certified mail:  but again “refused, without a single word from the court or the lawyers”/ because they cannot win.  I would return for that, or similar.  As is consistent with your own realities; the work is not perfect/ it is simply the best I did do, for life, and planet; that will soon be approaching one tragedy or crisis, after another.  The critical question is do you care, & will you share the information you accept as “too important to be wrong”; with anyone else?          


Balance states;   it should be recognized, that none of these sites/ all these words, represents the assumptions of an optimist (I believe everything I want, will come to me).  Neither do they represent the assumptions of a pessimist (I believe everything I don’t want, will come to me).  Rather reality states, that truth has a definable order, and the disciplines of thought are decipherable, if you simply apply wisdom/ honesty/ and a clear understanding of courage.  Can you not predict: when you spent more than your checking account has in it/ what happens next? The same is true of more than “just counterfeit numbers”.  Truth matters.

             That said, the worst possible decision humanity could make is bringing the same fire here as is on the sun/ a fire that burns atomic bonds, here; where everything is fuel.  There are NO second chances, a fire that cannot be extinguished/ just like the sun.  The second worst decision is of course, the intentional destruction of life as a body in time itself.  By mutilating and crucifying genetic structure; (the basis of all Creation itself, across this world), and spreading the foundation of pandemic disease.   Which is genetic boundaries crossed between species. The third is the destruction of all resources that support life; as is constant and sure today.  The critical question:   where all leadership has failed, because they believe the universities are god/   can YOU find your mind in time, “to fight for this world”!  All WILL certainly die, if you don’t!  You are not asked to believe that statement/lain  you are asked to investigate and examine the evidence, establishing a clear and certain response:   CAN WE AFFORD TO BE, OR LET THOSE WHO ARE LITERALLY GAMBLING WITH EVERYTHING WE VALUE ON EARTH, including life/ planet/ survival/ and even the solar system itself BE,     WRONG!    That is a true and accurate statement, clearly establishing;   this is not a game.  Everything we are or need or value is threatened with extinction.  The choice is yours;   as I have done everything I could do, to inform and educate you.  Only you, can change yourselves, or your world:     or defend your future.  Ask any farmer, “if you eat next years seed”/ you can be happy today:    BUT, what certainly will happen to next years crop!    To believe in your leaders, or your media to protect you, has been proven foolish.  Clearly, they didn’t care about tomorrow, at all! We add one final reality, the prophecy called Daniel 12.  It reads, “from the time humanity starts trying to ignite the same fire here”;   NIF as is on the sun (worst possible decision)/ there will be 1290 days before that ignition occurs.  That date coincides perfectly with the expected operation of the exo-watt laser= one million lightning bolts, all striking the same place at the same time.  It continues at the 1335 day from this beginning/ all life on earth will be lost. Or, more simply:  the fire will have grown, and the entire atmosphere of earth will have been ejected into space.  For those who are certain this is just trying to scare you:  the reality of coal/ oil/ gas/ as the fossil fuels we use, DO prove beyond any doubt, that a world wide flood did occur.  Because there is no other way, to clump these masses of life together, and bury them under thousands of feet of earth or sea; in some places.  Simple and plain, these things are, “life or death”; not a game. The destruction of a world, BY CHOICE:  is called “SATAN”.  Not a religious statement, simply a fact!  Where then, do YOU stand?  Eternity will remember/ there are no excuses; not for anyone, including YOU.

Summary overview of sites.

Stop a rape display,    many rapes are begun by climbing through a window/ this is a simple motion detector, placed below or anywhere in the close vicinity of a window.  It turns on a light, and a noise maker of some type by simply screwing in a light bulb socket adapter.  Placed it could easily be hooked to a camera/ it could easily be hooked to an aerosol chemical spray, which contains an identifying chemical for tracing in court, an odor for tracing in a crowd, & some fluorescent paint; for seeing the perpetrator at night.  There are a wide variety of types and kinds of motion detectors, the one in view cost $8.00.  It is wired simply by attaching a simple two wire lamp cord, to the two wires in the motion detector base, and covering the base with a standard octagon cover plate. It can be set on the floor or hung on wall or ceiling. Victim defense jewelry is also a good idea.

Debts prove:    Either lies exist/ or there is sufficient cause to believe, “we will” be repaid.


            The debts proven true as a result of US government employees and their methods: are inflation plain and simple, because they cannot be repaid.  The term debt lies, about the truth: this is merely the multiplication of numbers;   so as to give a tiny few people “their fantasy pay”. While the rest are forced to accept:   they are stealing from us, our very working lives/ literally forcing slavery upon us, because these numbers they call money, no longer have any foundation left: IN REALITY.   That proves counterfeiting, and the probable death of a nation from traitors inside.  “You stole my life” is what the lie of inflation called debt, truly means.  “You aided and abetted the enemy” in what is the continual denial of reality, and the constant propagation of failure;  the disease of foolishness, and the blind reality of cult worship that is “university knows” as is media.  The courts add in treason:   to enforce or reenforce the enemy, that destroys our nation.  The policing agencies “pick the side of those expected to stay in power as rulers”/ and thereby become thugs:   to enforce organized crimes & deliberate rules to destroy democracy:   against humanity or society.  And the people say:   its too late/ the price is too high, we must accept the lies; and prepare for war with guns!  Even that, is merely the beginning of threats we cannot possibly survive without true change.  The numerous US federal and state of IL court cases on these sites identifying those threats, has proven what your leaders will do.  The evidence is irrefutable. The reality of how did these few leaders do this?  Is very simple: they bribed continually, “printing money” to control and create a true “welfare nation”.  “Let the government pay/ get a government loan/ accept a government program/ control the banking and tell them “its all free/ go ahead”  and so on.  Remove the options of work, by destroying the foundation of choice that is work.  Destroy their resources, so you can make the people beg/ or accept slavery. Threaten with death, and let fear control/ enforce it with propaganda.  Establish “the expert” so as to take away all forms of defending yourselves;   “Are you an expert”.  Common sense (we learned this from the school that is life), “be damned”.  Control the courts, by placing puppets in power;  those whom “the few, with money; do control”. Make them angry with each other;   simply destroy justice and fair play/ remove equality and declare “we the university diploma’s” alone;  understand what this society should be.  Therefore we the superior ones, have a right to manipulate/ tempt/ take/ and destroy whatever we don’t want.  Because we are better than you/ we are “the thinkers/ you are the slaves”   producing hate, and its intent: to war.    And so on.  The list is long, and irrelevant to the purpose of these sites: threats that are going to exterminate our lives and planet.

            Some will say, I don’t believe, our leaders would never do such things as these: this is AMERICA!  But reality returns to the singular consequence of being human, “people want/ and then, if rewarded;  are too proud to share”.          The consequence of all governing is:   if the people have options, and are unafraid/ then they will refuse rulers, and ignore all attempts to control them.  If however the options no longer exist, and fear is infused with life;   the people will demand, “rule us/ MAKE this better”.  So people try to provide themselves with options for their lives and their children.  While government employees want pride, power, respect for their authority, and control;   choosing then to manipulate society and work;   until these wants are achieved.  How is that not clear?  What nation is different/ are we not all people?


            The final question available to all of life is:   DO YOU CARE?   Because unless “the common people” of this world decide to rule themselves;   as is true democracy.  Our world will die.

            So the final  quest of this entire work, establishes a very simple principle of human intelligence or failure:   you must think, to understand what the future shall be. 

            Thought confronts reality, to examine it for truth; and then let that truth decide the direction of our own existence.  The foundation of our own experience.  The future of what our expression as life, can be.  Anything less, will die/ because lies sustain nothing, but chaos and destruction.  You must quit   “Believing; they know”.  And establish the evidence: if they know/ then they are exterminating life on earth, on purpose.    If they don’t know, then fantasy rules, deceit filled to the brim with arrogance steals, and horror as is known to exist in all mutilation is their tool/ & terror as is known to be in fire, a true threat against all life.  Not even counting all the rest; we cannot survive any of them.   Which means:   because these are choices being made by “the university diploma”;   how can they be considered anything less than   “Satan”?  For lack of a better word:   it means destroyer of a world!


            We can easily solve the financial crisis across this world/ by simply removing the power to control the money supply from those who have so blatantly disrespected our work/ our lives/ our needs/ our nation/ our world/ every child/  and our future.  Simply take them to court: you have the numbers, and they cannot threaten any true mass of people.  Simply be determined/ resolved to make this better, or die trying:   because we will all die anyway, unless you do.

            Returning the money to reality; as in “so many numbers are available as currency dependent upon the citizen population count”/ and then we do have a connection to the truth of our own work and its reward.

            Removing the media as an influence upon your lives is also simple and plain:   if they cannot prove/   WE DID DO, everything we could in support of this nation and this people, protecting this democracy and keeping the thieves/ the tyrants/ and the oppressors at bay for us all.  Then they deserve to lose their license/ and all rights shall be given to “others” who will prove to protect and serve us all.  Instead of “just themselves”.

            Removing the terrorists from government protection and aid is as simple as removing leaders/ confiscating all money and tools in the university: and reducing them, by threat and reality:     IF YOU EVER THREATEN US AGAIN.   We will mutilate you, or terrorize you as we see fit.  Make no mistake:   NOT even a tiny threat is allowed without our distinct and real approval as a people by vote, and full prior disclosure.  Anything less is terrorism/ and the punishment WILL be severe.

            Constructing a future out of “failure everywhere”/ is less distinct.  We must make choices, protecting life itself as best we can.  To do that means: a true reduction in resource consumption/ a wide ranging change in society and behaviors/ a deliberate choice to be “friends” as best we can/ and to establish law, by our own demand, rather than voting for those who vote for me.  We shall vote:   each one personally, on the law itself/ and the realities of government that form the structure and disciplines of our lives, our work, and our future.  As is true democracy;   a decision to rule ourselves/ by the law, and the future we create.  It is not difficult/ but this does rely upon your decision to care; rather than want.   An extremely necessary reality, that is not simple or plain; unless you accept that truth itself, must rule our lives.

            The future is now our choice/ because we are so many people we have overrun nature’s ability to sustain us on this earth.  And horrific choices have been made to threaten our lives with the university diploma.  It is not a game; this earth is dying/ and threatened with extinction.  Nobody gets to leave, fantasies are useless.  Either we choose for life, doing the best we can/ or we die.  Because that is the choice, “people on earth” at this time, did make.  And all the rest of the  people let them.  Even though, the reality of these threats could not be denied.


            I have done everything I could do for you.  I continue to work even after my job is entirely finished;   because this is life or death of a world.  How could there be any other choice, even for you?  I have established a seed (its presence cannot be denied) in “high pressure sales”.  I have been in every courtroom both state and nation/ confronting every leader that was within the bounds of these decisions.  I have tried to solicit media (TOO PROUD, can’t hear; absolutely refuse)/ and even paid; resulting in advertisements “hidden”.  I have approached “MANY people” with information supported at various times by evidence, or just plain knowledge.  I have approached “university participants” to find many;    We don’t care about life, or reality, or evidence, or truth/ we win/ we rule!  I have provided information and opportunities to business and charities over the years, including those who claim to be “protecting life for you”; with no response of any kind.  I have provided information and opportunities to international sources over the years;   the result, “we don’t care/ we believe university knows”.  Even though the evidence is overwhelming: they do not think for themselves; as is consistent with this nation.  All want these realities to disappear without cost/ so they make it a game, and declare “it ain’t my responsibility; THE UNIVERSITY KNOWS” what they are doing/ and they wouldn’t let us be so threatened as this.  How could that not be so/ and yet it is.

              I have approached many religious leaders and “just plain folk” over the years:   “The response/ they will run you down, looking for a place to hide”.  Or, more correctly;  Don’t tell me nothing;   “I am innocent/ so long as I am stupid”!  And I want to keep it that way.   It is a fools’ desire.   Proving beyond any doubt: if you cannot win the heart of even a few/ there is no cause to spend the money or effort to assume the rest will do any better.  A very tiny few could hear, not enough for a world change; as is needed for this world and this work.  Leaving the reality of information distribution to you.  Telling you the simple message:   without change, you will certainly die/ so says the evidence.  Whether you believe that or do not, is irrelevant: truth decides!

             The simple summary being:    “You want what you want, and that’s all you want, and you don’t want anything that proves you must share or care, not even at the risk of our entire world.   And are just too damn proud and stupid,  to accept that want, as it is:   is absolutely NOT possible,         if this world      Is to survive!   That doesn’t mean you can’t be happy with change/ but it does mean, without change you can’t survive, not even a few.  Because humanity itself chose to populate this earth without the slightest regard for responsibility/ and committed themselves to “university knows: they built trinkets and bombs, and decided all life is just chaos magically turning into order, and so much more.   A more insane religion was never invented/ but it was what you wanted:   “We went shopping, and just picked out our new parts and pieces from the store;   for free” as is evolution and its assumption “life can be built, one piece at a time”.  Who is a bigger fool than you/ throughout all of history?  Can’t think of a one; who could have been described as so insane:   their purpose is to exterminate life from this world/ because their pride and power is more important than life, or even the entire planet.  No bigger failure exists than to put life itself last:   under want/ lies/ stealing/ playing god/ and demanding to be rulers.  Allowed by the people, because they took bribes; thereby living in the filth of deceit, lies, theft, and absolute GREED.  Choosing to help the devils: by destroying their own economy of a nation/ accepting their own leaders stealing all they can take; while yelling “me too”!  Which makes the majority,  a pitiful damn dumb-ass, for believing in fools/ and surrendering to fear.  The cost is: Choosing war instead of reality and law.  The reality is  through democracy, we own the law/ and we can enforce it!  But you refuse/ because you want the bribe, and now the lies cost too much; so you don’t want to pay, as the bill for what you, or they have done becomes real.  So you play games!   The university diploma says: “its not me & especially, they know what they are doing”; by playing god they will prove it.  The leaders say:  we want to be rulers period, without exception/ so we counterfeit;   because nothing else is left but the price of failure.  The courts say:   “We got a damn good job/ and ain’t giving it up for nothing so worthless as democracy or justice or fair play”;   we are gods here/ and don’t you forget it.  While the police say:   “We are an army of one/ anyone who gets out of line AIN’T our friend”. We obey the rulers, because they have power.  The religions say, “we can believe anything we want”/ and lead the rest; cause we’re children of god: no matter what we believe or do/ or don’t do.  It’s a free pass!  Business says, “I have better things to do, than fight for life/ the competition will eat me alive”.  Charity says:   “Believe in us/ but don’t question anything”.  The young say:   “I will be depressed, sad, and alone; if you make me believe this”.  While the worker says:   “I am being trampled upon, by all this greed, competition, and a fight for more/ and must join them to survive; I have no time or interest in anything else”.  The old say:   I earned my retirement, and I won’t surrender it for no damn issue or reality but myself. What do I care if the world is lost/ I WILL soon be lost, “to hell with you”.   So life itself is constantly mutilated or crucified in laboratories around this world/ “satan himself” prepares to ignite your world on fire, making this planet a sun.  And everybody is TOO DAMN BUSY, or afraid:   to be concerned with anything more than,  “I only WANT,  WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT NOTHING, but what I want:to hell with you/ to hell with life;   GIVE ME WHAT I WANT”.  Or be cursed by me.

             Go test their theory out/ they mutilate for the direct purpose of playing god, fully intending to make their religion evolution come true/ by forcing chaos upon life.  You believe them, so go ahead:    Take away your own blood, just drain it out, and see if you don’t die/ why would you need that part?  Evolution says, “life was built, one piece at a time”!  Want to bet on the outcome?  Or more simply, even if you have all the rest of the parts and pieces, WITHOUT EVERY SINGLE ONE that is required for life/ you get nothing but death.  How can you be so blind?  Its insane.  That is just one simple example of fools at work, leading a nation and propagating anything they please; even though it has destroyed the eternity of many.  How much more destructive is a theory: THAT WE CAN BRING THE SAME FIRE AS IS ON THE SUN, here to earth/   because not enough gravity here means “it will put itself out”.  To be wrong with this one is death of the planet itself, as a sun; even death of a solar system over time.   NIF tries everyday!   And the religious say, “we believe university knows too”/ after all they can kill us, if we let the other nations be more   “University driven” than are we.  The atomic bomb proves it.  But reviewing the reality of those experiments; it turns out, that the people who said it might just cause a reaction that cannot be stopped, and the whole world die: were they not right.  Thousands of atomic weapons/ chemical weapons/ and biological weapons which now exist because of what did happen with the atomic bomb, and American military and political zeal (fear us), established by threats to “rule the world/ we can blow up islands, and more”.  Their people just too tried of war to fight;   just like today.  So the rulers win, and play god until the guns are pointed at them.  Let us not forget the tempters, manipulators, terrorists of all kinds, religious zealots, and so many more who place traps and deceit;  at the feet, head, torso, sex, and every other place they can find so as to ridicule or enslave the rest.  Making them all certain, “we dare NOT listen, to anyone or anything” cause its nearly always A DAMN TRAP.   So, in a stupor we travel together, as one humanity going on the same journey, to the same fate for this earth.  The failures lead/ the fools’ guide/ the insanity plays god, because they believe in their pride/ and the rest are left with fighting for their lives, and the little bit of happiness those others didn’t shit on.

            The reality of this day; the atomic bomb, Proves even though the doubters were wrong in their assumptions of atomic relationships/ they were fundamentally right in the outcome of what these weapons mean.  They did change this world; giving university its power!  The weapons will kill you/ if you don’t remove them with world law!  But so will the university stupor, which continues to play god.  No doubt exists/  you will die from any of these other threats; or you will die from the war that comes first.  Or you will stop being insane!

              But men fear war/ and the university wants its pride, and the power that is the potential of their job.   Both refuse sanity; saying “we want our saviors”: weapons of mass destruction/ our job to make men, and women, and children fear.   And the people say:   We will pay the price, to be first with “intellectual horror”/ even if it kills the world.  And so you are.


            The reality of your insanity, failures, and fantasy turned me, “to the spiritual world” after reading the biblical chapter Revelation 12;   asking the question, is this going to be the end of this world”.  Finding no solution in male, this is the best men did do/ and they will return immediately upon any respite; to the ways history proves is theirs.  The only alternative is to look within “what would or could female do”?   That turned into a battleground, because a spiritual truth cannot be denied/ and no one passes through, or looks inside;  without understanding.  I could not understand what it is or means, to be female:   “The parts and pieces of body” literally are important to the outcome/ and I didn’t own them.  The consequence of that is:   you find cause to assume me insane/ even though my only significant words to you are/   that women are different, and we must have different to survive.  That is our reality!

             The consequence to me is: as is consistent with the differences between men and women/ the requirement to remove all intent of force by any method and return only to the law; as has been done.  However to learn that, and more; there have been other personal changes as well.  Nothing perverted; but “different”, & a complete surprise, as I did expect that I would understand “women” without the parts and pieces.  I was wrong/ and lost that fight.  It is however spiritually true:   even though the cost was high/ the reality of   “The possibility we could survive as a world” as was found with female;   is worth its price.  Believe it or not, there is no solution in men; we stand at the edge of extinction, because this is their way.  Fundamentally proving: it does not matter what women would choose, as their own portion of humanity worldwide, by vote/ they simply cannot do worse.


             I have created these web sites; so that you might transfer the information as best you can: for the sake of life on earth.  That is your job/ it is not mine!  There are few choices left, to find change and prove the evidence is real or not/ time will end, every single day we move closer to death.  Being correct about an entire planet dying; is no reward/ what good is that.  Life and planet sustained & alive with honest happiness, is the reward I desire.   Your greed, and thirst for power;  is your own/ it is not mine.


             This is not a game/ it is OUR LIVES, and it is OUR DEATH:   and it is the future of every child, and every living creation on this planet.  If that is not enough for you to work/ then truly you don’t deserve to live.   Go search the evidence, and prove it is not so.  If I told you, “a million dollars” is hidden here:   would you not search until you found it?   How much more is this entire planet/ along with every living thing worth: TO YOU?  Answer the question, because it truly exists!  Your debts far exceed the reality of your money.  You have been stealing the future of this planet; along with all your international competitors; BECAUSE YOU WANT MORE, than this planet can provide.  Populating this planet beyond what nature can compete with.  Failing every possibility, EVERY THREAT AGAINST OUR   survival for ALL LIFE    on our earth.   We are, “ now in charge/ because you disrespected nature itself”.


       Killing every child, destroying every resource, stealing their very lives/   by the choices you have made.      How is that not :             “Satan” destroyer of a world.



            LIFE, AND PLANET:    SHALL BE FIRST!    YOU WILL CHOOSE THAT FOR ALL OF HUMANITY!       YOU will awaken from your drunken stupor of want and pride:   and find your heart and soul.  Because life is no longer a guarantee provided by nature, because nature ruled over men.  Men now rule or threaten nature; they have achieved their demand:   to play god over this earth.  Fail, to make the correct decisions now, as is identified by truth itself according to reality and the evidence:  Or every horrifying prophecy, every potential for evil and worse will take over this planet; because that is what you chose, or allowed.  Without mercy or any second chances/ the end will come.

Following the money.


         THIS BEGINS: with the clear assertion in reality, that where justice lives/ and fair play rules/ and life is considered equal by all;   because life is, “the most important part”.  The reality of money makes very little difference in the quality of life itself.  Because life is not a game/ and neither should money be!

        Life is:   the critical passage through time, that prepares us all for eternity!  Time is: the distinction and discovery, that we have the ability to choose for ourselves, a vast array of what life and the world we live in;  can or will be.

        Money is:   each participant in society, that determines the realities of all our lives/ shall receive the option to do as he or she does please; according to their own freedoms, and desire or purpose.  Defined:  By law, by resources, and by reality.

        The question of how to provide freedom and opportunity has been judged to be money.  That money is distributed by numbers.  Those numbers reflect the respect, the reality, and the truth of each society by establishing the fundamentals that control “supply and demand”.  Respect demands: that all members of society are essentially equal/ but they do not participate “all the same”.  Therefore adjustments shall be made.

        The criminal contempt/ disrespect/ theft/ and utter disgrace of lies built upon deceit that is counterfeiting, particularly by governments:   is treason.  The public demand, “give me what I want”; is equal. The reality of a traitor in our midst, and anarchists in government itself:    destroy nations..


        We then take these elements and apply them to this day.

        Critical to the development of an understanding is the comprehension of how economies exist.  That necessity of society rests entirely upon the single truth:   what resources are available to us!  Without resources there is no economy.  Therefore what you do, or did, with your resources determines the future, the past, and the present.  The extreme destruction of resources today is a predictable end to the future of all life on earth tomorrow; there is no doubt, whatsoever.  Life will fail/ unless true changes are made.


        We begin with this America, and apply the simple knowledge: that war, stole all your money/ because the leaders past and present:  refused reality, and wanted power, pride, and a purpose to manipulate or control this world.  Therefore weapons were created/ pollution and poisons dumped/ resources wasted/ and failed decisions piled as high as mountains became the norm.  The people themselves refused a right to fully understand or determine a different means:   they were not allowed the law of redress; to intervene in their government or protect a world.  Because power, its effect of hate/ violence/ death & mutilation/ disease/ etc:   was more important to leaders/ than life.  Insanity rules here, because the people themselves do not understand how to control their government. Their employees are anarchists and traitors; deliberately trying to destroy democracy itself.  Because every rich man knows: you can’t be rich on your own work/ YOU MUST have slaves.  Because every ruler knows: equality, equity, and justice make people believe they are the same as you/ and they hate that.  Every courtroom knows; that the law is more powerful than a judge or a lawyer/ and many judges hate that.  Most lawyers just want the money; “thievery (society owes me this) is good”.

        All that war/ all those weapons/ all that resource/ the mutilation and heartbreak/ and the levels of pride that would reach to the moon if it could: have demanded money, and taken it from society itself.  Or, MORE pride demands:  everything for ME/ to hell with you, I don’t care.   That simple reality requires other nations to assume the worst, and raise war as the solution of their nation as well.  Many “fight to be, first enemy” in a line; as power is the clear delusion of very many leaders across this world. Stealing from this world, and all its life for their pride.

        This episode of human time exists because war, the reality of atomic weapons, and even worse (biological weapons);   have driven life and society to the edge of its own insanity, throughout this world.  We must live now/   BEFORE these damn people kill us all!   That brings us, “to I want more: to hell with this entire world/ I WANT more”.  Or, the end of justice, fair play, equality, and responsibility to the future have been the cost.  The end result for humanity itself is now:   we MUST have world law/ and the end of major armies and their weapons of mass destruction;   or we die as a world.  Because the assault on resources will not let us live much longer; at a minimum we will war.  We must choose “for life first”, as a planet.


        The corruption of leadership and the courts/ the collusion of “us/ not you”; that is so rampant in “university diploma’s”.  The bribery and descent of society itself due to greed and selfishness/ the demand to be rulers, and the counterfeiting to prove it true.  All This pride;  that cannot be sustained, because it is “too damn much”.   Are elements that must be addressed and cleaned as much as possible, to recover anything of value for a future;  or you fail.


        As we view the decline of value in everything across this world/ we see a humanity in fear.  The entire planet is out of control, and even leaders, nations, and law is unable to contain it; therefore “its every man for himself”.  That foundation of impotency is delivered by the simple fact:   we are over 7 billion people/ growing at 2 million+,  more each week/ standing on one acre of growing land per person, with an ocean about to be emptied of all chance to recover and provide any food to us.  We will be 8 billion people before 2020; and we are literally about to eat ourselves out of house and home, an entire planet destroyed.  So selfishness runs rampant, and failure/ fantasy/ and foolishness have overtaken life in society.  That is the first measure of defeat/ a reality we cannot avoid or discard. All contribute in some way/ all must change, or we die.

        The second measure is: every want has an action or reaction attached to it/ and our environment now begins to prove how destructive we as humanity are.  The chains of life, the ecosystems that bring the next generation, the oxygen we need, the water we must have, the extinction of species, the destruction of forests: absolutely everything of value is under attack.   Because people want, and there are so many/ they take more than nature can provide or recover from.  Reality allows:  humanity must take;   ONLY what nature can survive and recover from.  Diversity MUST remain, because life itself is far more complex than any human knows.  Antibiotics must be protected/ and no “factory” livestock confinement allowed: because it is a pandemic about to destroy us all.  No more “beauty pageants” for animals/ so that artificial insemination may all but stop; and allow creatures, to return to some degree of happiness with behaviors they were born to exhibit. No more poisons everywhere/ etc.

        The third measure of defeat is: “let us all believe, the university”.  The assumption being, they know.  Reality has proven two distinct things:   there is a great deal they don’t know/ and they will lie to protect their ignorance, and their pride;  regardless of the consequences to life or planet.  Two distinct things brought university into the lie; “they are gods (can’t be questioned)”.  Weapons of mass destruction, a threat so extreme we cannot be wrong/ we cannot let the others have alone.  And vaccines/ antibiotics (let nature provide the solution) or more simply, the resultant “people don’t have to die”:   became the cry “do anything the doctors say”.  These are propagated and protected by the streams of money that have occurred.  Not by reality, but by counterfeiting money, or “let the government pay”/ and the subsequent “debts don’t matter, for government”.  So the university gave themselves money, by taking over governments: pretending debts don’t matter/ and deceiving all with the assumption “its just, government money;  we should spend anything we want”.  Giving themselves slaves by creating government student loans/ instead of letting supply and demand decide their pay.  Giving themselves extreme extortion in all forms of healthcare; because its your life, “you going to pay or die”.  Can’t pay: “let the government pay/ we will deduct your care from our taxes”.  Etc/ etc/ etc. The “university gods” have protected themselves by the creation of words (it’s a foreign language to you)/ therefore you cannot defend yourselves, or even know what is being said.  The expansion of bribes, has created armies among the public: I am going to get ME, some too!  And they quit trying to be real, or accept responsibility:   “Nobody else has too”!  The corruption of religions, by the use of evolution, “a fools’ paradise” reduced the organizations of “common citizens” to:   “You got nothing”. And the creation of toys and trinkets, have given the public a distraction; so they cannot see what is or is not true.  The media serves money, power, and pride; never your life; they serve their own:  “hey/ who the hell pays your bills; damn fool”.  All of it demands: let the public hide in their fears, and run away from reality; waiting to die/ rather than fighting for life.  Because we, the university are their rulers; and we ain’t “no friend”.

        There are more, but it is useless to define them/ you are defeated, and will die from this planet unless “great change is accomplished”.  That is not a threat/ it’s a fact, that you can investigate and assemble a decision from; for life or death.  Its now a choice/ NOT a guarantee.  We must all protect our world/ or we will lose it, along with our lives.


        Fear will defeat you!

        Money is, the elemental exchange of time, in human work.  Very little is of “a greater value” to society than time/ therefore very little that conceives of work is more or less:   than equal!

        Resources however, are the future for all life on this planet. You will die, and then begins eternity!  But as for this planet, without resources that you stole from the future; all life is assassinated, because you stole their world, their time, and their possibilities for life.  Want to guess, if eternity exists? 

        Life is a proven miracle, without any possibility for existence without thought!  Thought, does NOT exist as a chemical by-product of a body or mind/ but is the essence of life itself.  Therefore whatever thought is, can be eternal.  Whatever thought does, as is already true in this world/ CAN bring you happiness, or hell.   Destroying this Creation?  Guess which one you get!


        Do you believe everything the media tells you?  When was the last time anything of significance: “we need to know this”/ was established?  Watergate was significant/ since that time, when did the press ever truly warn you of anything, or try to protect this democracy?  See for yourselves, if reality did not demand their attention/ go search; or are you just TOO DAMN LAZY.  Your courts are corrupt/ your government is broken/ your military is largely, in shambles/ your university is trying desperately to kill you/ your world is about to collapse/ your money is stolen;   and not one word about any of it from “the press”.   Counterfeit money owns every word you hear.  Constant surveys, give them the lies you are willing to hear.  Your leaders believe themselves to be rulers.  Your money is a fraud, and that means everything you believe is a security you worked and sacrificed for: is a lie.  They stole the value/ leaving your pockets empty.  That fact will soon be “extremely real”.  Not a word from the press;   just pretend.  The congress and every politician cannot find a solution/ because they only know how to spend money;   and they bankrupted you or more correctly let you bankrupt yourselves, by giving them the tools. You let them play, and now the only solution: is bankruptcy for a nation and a world.   You participated, by refusing to be responsible yourselves/ by letting “the diploma” rule.  Lawyers stole your law and judges stole your courts; and that makes the police an accomplish or a thug.  Keeping you from fighting, by threatening you with complete bankruptcy for yourselves, or prison; whichever is easier for them.  The university diploma has destroyed “fair play”/ and that makes society believe “let me out of this”; and the only way out is money; which brings massive competition and therefrom GREED/ and then “I don’t care, about anything but me”.

        Debts don’t matter, “for governments”/ is the simple saying:   WE DON’T have to pay you/ but you still have to pay us! 

        Did they let your debts go?  No, someone has to be the slave, or no work gets done; neither fantasies or delusions can grow. Slave means:   you get nothing but the food or threat required to keep you working.  Counterfeit money proves “you got nothing of true value/ only delusions and lies; that WILL turn on you, and be “nothing”.  It means, the single unifying reality of people in power is the university diploma/ and these chose to sell your nation/ your property/ your communities/ and your life, to the world;   without your permission.  Because that, is what counterfeiting over $200 trillion dollars means in reality!  They wanted all they could get/ so they lied/ so they bought the media and took over governments: TO HIDE their treason.  Did you not want your own bribe!  Do you not say, “keep the lies”/ WE DON’T want to pay!  Indeed you did, and that is fundamentally traitorous; when you know only the truth can keep us alive. All lies steal. So the people buy guns; because “government”:   our employees are trying to destroy us/ can’t be trusted.  But in a nation filled with guns, who will you trust?  Once you start shooting, WHO is on your side?  The answer is bloodshed “as high as a horse’s bridle”.  And disease to wipe out the rest.  Your only answer is law!


        The elemental truth of democracy is: that WE, govern ourselves;    By the law that we choose to create, or destroy for society ourselves!  That means:   WE THE PEOPLE, must vote on the law/ must define what is, or is not fair to life and this society.  Must take control over our participation in this world, by demanding law; and controlling the weapons of armies/ the reality of leaders: by making them, obey our law!

        None of that is done by electing someone else to vote “for me”.  You must vote on the law that rules this democracy or this world;   yourself!  That requires participation and knowledge.  That requires every single one, to rise up and change this world in the ways that will survive.  It’s the law:   under first amendment redress of grievances.

        Let no damn employee stand in your way.  They are just like you, with the exception they chose to swear:    WE WILL OBEY THE CONSTITUTION, and all it says/ OR, THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES visited upon us.  Therefore the people may trust.   Are you dead?   WAKE UP, or go to HELL!   That ain’t no threat:    It’s the road, your leaders chose.   And it is the reality,   “You, want to be rich”!  Let the world be damned:   GIVE ME MORE!


        The solution is:   learn what is true, and then let reality and fair play through the fundamentals of justice and equal treatment under the law decide!

        The solution is:   discard all numbers called money above a “certain level” such as one million dollars or less/ and begin sorting who gets what is left, starting at the lowest levels and making that the standard for all the rest.

        The solution is: make currency available tied to the numbers of citizens, so many numbers per citizen/ decided by  public vote, on a periodic time table such as every 12 years.

        The solution is:   control the university yourselves.  Take away their tools which threaten. Stop the terrorism/ take away their funding/ demand prison, and remove those who have aided and abetted the people trying to exterminate our lives.  Demand respect for life and planet or we will destroy you.  Establish that as fact, and let none gamble with this world, its nature, or anything beyond their own lives.  CHOOSE LIFE FOR THIS PLANET FIRST, and let none destroy or tamper with that truth.


        The solution is: create a world language based upon “the dictionary of deaf people”.  Because they know, the words that are important to use.  So you CAN talk to each other, as a world! Let every nation decide “on the sound, that their equal portion of words, shall make”.



        So then now lets look at your chosen reality closer!


        The question is no longer why.  The answer to that is you want more than nature can provide; each and every one/ and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.  Even destroying a planet/ enslaving the rest/ or just plain playing god, and using life as your toy.   So you don’t have to answer for what you have truly done, not in time.  Instead NOW, it is only important to understand HOW:   WE MUST LIVE WITH THE COMING RESULTS!  Wishing them away won’t help, hiding is for cowards; “no offense intended,  to the name”.


        Since this is about money and economies rather than more important issues/ although you will war, unless resolved. We begin with the very simple truth:   that major politicians don’t run countries, they are puppets to the “old money” that puts them in place.  Get out of line, and you’re dead or replaced. “We want, what we want: and we paid to get it”.  Or more simply when a political race costs billions of dollars, democracy doesn’t exist:   “Its just the window dressing”.  Corruption follows/ collusion and conspiracy begin to control the slaves (you are forced/ you have no say) who will be complaining.  With a courtroom ( you can’t fight the law/ but we, can only hide it), and with rules.   Thereby rulers exist/ and those who make the rules oppress:   “We are gods/ we know, what we want, and we don’t want your freedom/ therefore we rule you”.

This is removed, by controlling government ourselves, as a true democracy: making our own laws/ and controlling our own money in taxation/ and currency, so that no one STEALS.  AND by changing the job of government employees to: you will investigate and prove, “our decisions” are being kept!  And by TRUTH DECIDES, not your want!


        Critical to every economy is: what resources are available, & WHO OWNS THE RESOURCE!    Resources exist in three basic categories:   nature (biological life) made this/ the earth itself made this/ and people made this.  The cost of any resource is our human relationship to it.  What we do, or need not do, to find value “in this”. 

        So we begin with people made this, and start that with doctors DO go to school.  But they go to school controlled by a university that demands money/ therefore it makes them do whatever they say.  Adding years, and debts far beyond anything that asserts or defines, “this, was necessary”.  People do it, because the end result/ separated from the debt, and the grief of people who don’t belong here running my life;   going to college, as declared by most is:   “Best years of my life”/ after all, its where young men and women ready for sex; can and do meet each other.   So the question of a human demand for money, for the resource of some form of medical attention:   is, what do we really owe “the university”/ that set up this debt, that now we are expected to pay?   What is fair is:   that supply and demand should control realistically.  Or more simply: what is fair for the university is, “you shall take a percentage of what your student makes per year/ based upon the fact, that your teaching had a direct and real effect upon their getting the job from which you expect your own money.”  There does need to be a base rate, for those students, who simply want to avoid reality (I don’t want to work).  No government loan.  Society sets the bar for entrance/ society pays the school per student; the student pays society back with work for society, while they learn.  Such as teaching younger students what they have learned.  Thereby everybody gets a chance/ because it doesn’t take a college to find an education:   it only takes the opportunity, to find the path, “that lets me arise for myself”.  But the ability to do that, is a gift; even though you must work, to clean it up, and make it valuable to life.  Society controls the university at all times/ demanding and creating teaching positions, the fundamentals required, and the pay.  It ain’t a business anymore.  It ain’t a free ride anymore: tenure shall cease to exist: equal with the rest.


        Every natural earth resource, is fundamentally a gift.  What people do, to collect that gift from this earth: is a base source for social wealth. The damage they do for wealth,   is a base source of destruction for the planet and its future.  But it remains true, that the gift itself;  belongs to us all.  Therefore we all have rights.


        Every resource from nature itself, what is life:   is a fight/ because the desire to live does exist.  And most of what we do with nature is kill it, or keep some other creature from getting it.  But we have needs too!  Consequently if we were to be fair/ there would be rights.  Among those rights are: DON’T interfere with sexual rights.  DON’T manipulate and control life, so that it does not experience or express the base values it was born to have.  DON’T take a life, so quickly that it cannot feel as if it has lived.  YOU AIN’T GOD, remember that, and find RESPECT! DON’T cause extinction, or go insane trying to protect your DAMN pennies.  Do, understand realities such as the numbers of cattle would not exist/ if we did not eat them.  Therefore we protect them, feed them, etc.

        DON’T poison, unless no other possibility to save a crop exists/ and it is absolutely necessary.  DON’T destroy environments, find a way to live in harmony.  DON’T destroy all insects, they are an integral part of the chain of life; extinctions rise and fall because of them.  That does mean: you shall not consider all plants except what you want, to be “weeds”.  Every creature needs a refuge/ stop controlling everything, and make room for life.  DON’T let a tiny few own or control it all/ that is a disease raping, and ravaging society.  DON’T   pollute the sea, or water in any form; it is vital to the future of all life/ and it cannot be easily replaced.  DON’T cut trees to burn them: find a better use, with the majority.  DON’T cut forests, or other oxygen creating environments;  or we won’t breathe anymore.  DON’T air-condition where possible, only a tiny few exceptions: because it is the primary cause of global warming/ an extreme concern as well as so many others.  The list is long; do some work for yourself.


        The functional reality of human work, and the foundations of money that are, a fair and legitimate trade.  Construct justice in society.  Justice means: we have chosen to defend each other, by demanding these rights/ these freedoms/ and these liberties shall be our gift to each other.  It is “up to individual nations” to declare their own gift to every citizen/ every human being or life.    Fair means:   I have been treated as an equal, with respect for my contribution or intent, and not used or abused.  Legitimate means:   inflation shall NOT be called a debt/ government interference shall be kept to a minimum/ the currency shall be protected/ and our courts shall NOT use rules to avoid law, abuse people, destroy democracy;  or the constitution itself.  As is consistently done,  this day.

        That leads us to, what is work in terms of human dignity and respect?  The answer is, that when we participate for the purpose of filling our own needs, and doing our part by taking responsibility for what society itself needs: then we have done what is required of every living creature.  Some do more/ some do less, some choose risk: but fundamentally all share the same equalizer. It is our time, our risk, and our effort that grants we did do “the same”/ as you.  Or more simply, each earns roughly the same as each other; within a few multiples such as 3.  Because nothing is more important than life (which is time)/ little is more important than body or mind (which is risk)/ and all are given the abilities they are born with, its just who uses them most effectively that decides the contribution.

        That leads us, to the effective wage, for work done! 

        This is assembled in three parts:   I did do, what I could do.  I did do, what society or family prepared me to do.  I did do, what reality/ business/ or society gave me the tools to do.

        Each of these categories is governed by one single thread: that there WAS something to do/ that could be done.  Therefore each category is entirely dependent upon the resources that were available to each one.  That means, it is the resources that govern work in society.  It is ownership and the contribution of those resources that determines wealth.

        The male quest/ and in some instances the female quest: to get more/ to get everything/ to get “yours too”; provide the battleground which is competition for wealth.  Competition means: I CANNOT have everything I want/ because YOU are here!  Therefore the critical reality involved is: “WANT”. Because greed does never allows, for there is enough for everyone/ pride demands: “I cannot be the winner/ until you lose”.  The question that is want requires the fundamental called selfishness.  Without selfishness, want is limited to needs.  Selfishness asserts: you have no true value to me/ therefore I can treat you in any way I please.  When that turns to you are worthless to me, violence can easily follow.

        So then it is necessary to decide:   WHY, doesn’t another life have value to you?  What is selfishness, that it measures and judges another life?  The answer is:   value is the gift of relationships governed by respect.  Therefore either the relationship or the respect is lacking in you, or for you.  Selfishness is:   the refusal to accept or give another the opportunity to have a real relationship with you/ because you don’t want to share or care about anyone or anything but you!

        The critical question then, to effectively and permanently distributing peace and harmony through society itself/ is to understand why people do not desire “sharing or caring” about you/ or life itself.

        The functional answer is: “nobody cares about me”.  As defined by ridicule, exclusion, use, abuse, temptation, lust, jealousy (I can’t compete), and other realities of society in general.  So then the simple solution is:   to participate with each other, particularly starting as young as possible: with truth and respect.

        The reality however is:   “Somebody always wants to win”.  That sets up ridicule/ bullying/ failures/ heartache/ isolation/ deceit/ fantasies/ and more. 

        So the question is: HOW, can life in society be changed, in order to bring respect, sharing, and caring:  without competition?

        The answer is:   if we all have a voice/ if we all have a say in what is allowed to be fair, in our economy, and in our society so that work and its rewards are honestly acceptable with each other.  Then life in a business economy will be justified. Or limited capitalism will control.  If we choose a different path, for small children as they grow up/ by giving females a greater role, then life in society will be more balanced, for men.  That role would be:   schools will put older girls with younger boys in the same class.  The girls will then  have the advantage, if they are too much older.  But will balance the passions of boys, and teach them how to act or react with girls if they are roughly the right age.  The boys will benefit, because part of that job for girls is, to tutor them.


        When we follow the money, according to tax tables that have now been removed from the federal reserve site; the approximate real money of goods and services in this USA is about 2.5 trillion dollars.  The claimed income for this USA is about 14 trillion dollars:   which leaves any realistic person to ask:   where is this money coming from/ OR is it all a lie?  So, looking at banking; which generates “its own money” by multiplying every penny you put into the bank in any form by at least 10 times, and then loaning it out; a few trillion is found.  Looking at wall street; which sells a lot of stock on margin;   “Invest one dollar, and we will give you at least 50 dollars per each dollar to play with; if they like you.”  This too is wall street money/ not US currency; but it is treated the same; a few trillion more.  The rest appears to be government money just given to employees or whom ever they please.   So then we the people work for under 3 trillion dollars, and all the rest is counterfeited in one way or the other.  Its called debt, to hide the inflation.  It ain’t a debt/ if it can’t be paid. Its not income if its borrowed money.


        So then the pyramid scheme is: give us your work, and we will give you a reward, a bribe in one form or another; so that you don’t ask too many questions.  And all the people say:   HELL YES, give me this money, “its all free, to me”.  But we are just like Palestine; where the Jewish people particularly from America bought their land secretly; and then suddenly came and took possession of it.  “Didn’t they own it/ they bought it legally, even if the corporation that did the actual buying was completely legitimate, EXCEPT for the owners, and what they intended to do with those property rights.  Ever wander how so many immigrants could have come to America in such a short time, and they all seem to have money?  The answer is, our employees in government have been spreading about $200 trillion dollars around; all counterfeit/ all hidden in debts we cannot pay/ hidden in an income we did not make/ hidden in our jobs they gave away, for more credit/ hidden in the threat:   if you want to go back to the truth/ you now have to be bankrupt.   So take our vomit, sit in our shit/ and keep your mouth shut.  The summary balance Federal reserve in billions is.

        And the media tells you everything you need to know/ ain’t that right.  But alas, they didn’t tell you how Clinton balanced the budget: by simply removing social security from the balance sheet.  “It’s the people debt to themselves/ it should be separate”.  But he kept all the money in the treasury, and even raised social security taxes.  Not a penny went into the fund/ just promissary notes;   so they could play with our pension funds, and not be accountable for what they did do.  Roughly today that adds into the federal reserve accounting about $70 trillion dollars of debt.  You still get a check, ain’t that right;   but its counterfeit, like everything else.  Everybody in government or university gets a check too, for “whatever they want/ to use however they wish”.  And its all counterfeit money, because we don’t make enough as a nation to give them all they want.  So they just take it, by counterfeiting; hit a couple of key strokes, and electronic bank accounts suddenly have another few trillion to spend.  But alas someone has to do the work, and they demand payment;   so they get counterfeit money too/ for their real work. That does constitute slavery, because if your paid with worthless money/ then you aren’t paid at all.  It is worthless, when over 2 million dollars in debt is assigned to each and every worker, per one hundred million of us.   Can’t pay it, simple and plain.

        Did the media tell you every trillion dollars is $10,000.00 per each and every 100 million citizens?  They tell you “Washington DC is where the money is”/ but that is a lie; there is no money there, its all counterfeit.  If we follow the money, we find it wherever the money is used to buy;   because resources are the wealth of a nation/ therefore when you take what is counterfeit and turn it into resources; you do then have something of value.  Something to use, that cannot simply vanish into “thin air”.  So if we trail the major money that leaves washington dc, “the seat of counterfeiting”;   we find our resources are being used to cover up their debts.  Just stealing was not enough/ they had to play with power too; as all rulers do.  Making rules to protect their power from anyone who gets too close, to the truth.  That traitors control our government, and the constitution does not.  Corruption and conspiracy control our courts, and the law does not.  Collusion and bribery control the media, and any will to serve and protect the people is considered a “firing offense”/ you will never work here again.  Obey the rule, and the rule is: slaves don’t get no weapons to use.

        The solution is of course, “BANKRUPTCY”!  Because fundamentally that means the “rich man” has to pay.  Or more simply: we need to demand redress of grievances, a first amendment law that gives us the right to investigate our employees and judge them.  It gives us the right to control OUR GOVERNMENT, which is the constitution and its mandate or agreement of the people which is: for the purposes of this work:  stated within the preamble itself: we grant our employees and ourselves the following rights.

        By taking control over government, as a democracy, by the laws that are owed to us: WE WILL then decide what is fair to all.  WE WILL then investigate to see what is or is not left of our securities, resources, and threats to life and planet/ we will decide who is a traitor, and who is not.  That is our legal right, granted by the US constitution and not subject to intervention by any claimed authority.  Rather they swore to obey the constitution, and while the US supreme court is given the right to interpret, they are not given the right to refuse constitutional law.  WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, under constitutional law/ and that makes us the owners of every interpretation that is presented to us.  IF WE THE PEOPLE do not agree, then the interpretation does not stand.  IF WE THE PEOPLE demand a change/ then we DO have the legal right not only to enforce that demand but create the change for ourselves.  That is democracy, or “we the people rule ourselves, by the laws we create”.  No longer by voting for someone to vote for me/ but in all matters of true national important:   one citizen equals one vote, each their own. And it begins with a legal tax revolt!  Or more simply:    If you refuse to do the work the constitution requires of you/ then you are an illegal employee and it is our duty NOT to provide assistance, or payment of any kind:   so as to protect democracy itself.  Not until the law of redress and the oath of office has been met!  Not until we the people agree:   this is the nation, and the work, and the debts:  that we are paying for.


        Enforcement of democracy is:   the unquestioned right as owners, to control our own government.  NO employee, or agency is “the government”/ including the court or the president or the congress; as that would make them our rulers, and they are not.  Rather they are merely citizens, hired to do a specific job for which they are paid, by our taxes.  As citizens, they are exactly “equal” to us/ neither more or less. The only difference comes with the highest political jobs which demand:   your oath, that the power we provide to you, shall NOT be abused or used beyond constitutional purposes/ OR PENALTIES shall exist.  As that too, is a purpose of the oath, to enforce what you swear to!  As do all rulers, those who deny the authority of ownership to the people themselves/ SURROUND themselves with “hired thugs/ or armies” to threaten & control the people.  With rules, and a corrupt court, the people are forced to surrender their freedoms, rights, liberties, jobs, and anything else the ruler demands/ by bribing those who will be bribed.  Our jobs have been lost to a wide variety of attacks: which do include the counterfeiting of money/ bribing foreign nations/ surrendering our jobs for more credit/ giving resources and properties to foreign nationals, because power worships the pride to say, “see what I can do for you”.   With licencing/ taxation/ the expert/ media propagation (let the people believe anything they are told)/ public surveys (to establish what you will hear, and what you will believe:   so as to make it even more deceitful)/ political campaigns that are little more than buying a vote: where the tiny few media owners, of everything you hear:  are the biggest bribery winner of all/ by billions..... and more.

        With options, we are free to choose.  When the reality of our lives is:   damn few options if any/ we all become discarded in the trash, to beg or war.  Then the thugs come in as the  righteous: who say, “they broke the law/ let them die, or rot”.  When in fact the critical link broken with society is:   you refused to give me a chance!  By controlling everything, with your rules, and your diploma.  Human Robots in charge, [one prime example is: cutting the electrical service in half, required engineers from the local power company to ok that.  They came and could not accept/ that meant half the piping as well.  I said call your supervisor, who came and together they “opened their book of worship; nope, no diagrams here for that”.  Couldn’t think for themselves, “owned by the rulers of the book.  It ain’t a pretty site;   cults, only the priest, or the book;  is allowed to think!]   Such is the professor to most: because he controls access, to the job.  Thereby the money, to buy back your freedom, from the tyranny of a student loan.


        When we become owners of our nation, and our employees know it.  We then become the designers of our future, and the force of our own destiny: WE CONTROL THE OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO EACH AND EVERY CITIZEN.


        The resources are every nation’s wealth/ whosoever controls them controls the nation itself, and every job in it.  The law is:   the foundation of all life in society!  Whosoever controls the law, controls the very fabric and possibilities for every citizen in the nation or state. The law, controls it all, including the politician.

        Therefore whosoever controls the law:   controls our destiny as an individual, as a state or nation, and as a world.

        THAT MEANS:   ENFORCEMENT OF DEMOCRACY IS DETERMINED BY WHO OWNS THE LAW!  AND IN PARTICULAR WHAT THAT LAW SAYS!   If your law says;  you have no freedoms/ then you have no rights in a courtroom.  If it says: these freedoms shall be protected, and enforced.  Then every freedom has an army called the law protecting the individual against “government we the majority decided;  interference”. The law becomes an army “against them”.  The law then is “the majority”!  Whereas, when the people say by law:   we have the liberty to enforce limits and boundaries, then that power to refuse certain freedoms that can and do, threaten or worse; has been given the power of law and is an army against you.  The law is then RIGHT.  Every rule seeks to break the law, and apply penalties for a freedom you own/ thereby allowing the righteous to rule over you personally.  Therefore every rule is a potential threat, and must not be given the right, or even suspicion;  to rule over law.  The law governs reality by proving a need.  The rule governs people by assuming a need, and expressing an irritation among the righteous, who believe they own everything, including your decision.  The law lifts society/ or destroys it.  The law explains society/ or denies it.  The law gives us justice/ or takes it away; based upon who does or does not enforce that law.  Therefore the judge contrary to the thieves and traitors who have assumed and commanded that the judiciary cannot be touched.  In direct opposition to the constitution which states, a judge may be seated only during good behaviors: reality demands, a judge must be judged.  And truth, law, purpose, and foundations meant to express justice, fair play, and equality in society:   are the desires of society in any courtroom for life, and not money.  Money is a disease of the court.  Power, temptation, and pride are its plague.  WE THE PEOPLE OWN THE COURTROOM, and there is no other.  Only the people who swore, to provide justice/ fair play/ equality/ dignity/ respect/ and honor to society itself.


        We the people make law by creating a vote, understood by the majority:   as our decision for life, peace, and harmony: the purposes of a true society, in democracy.

        We make that vote, by creating the communications necessary to inform the majority that something different must be done here and now:   which is the foundation purpose of REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  A first amendment law!  The law exists: therefore we need only enforce it/ and use it, to command obedience to OUR DEMOCRACY!  Not yours, there ain’t NO JOB that strips us of our rights as owners, by vote/ this is our nation!  We own the rights, the law, and the constitution which gives us those rights!


        When the press refuses to do its job.  The very first order of business as a true democracy is to take away their right to be “the press” in this nation or state.  And give it to another, as we desire it to be.  That is the first price of treason: to aid and abet our enemies/ to surrender and give away our democracy,  even though we believed, because  you swore:   “We are protecting you”.  It has not been so, not by any means or purpose: therefore  TRAITORS EXIST! 

        Defending this nation from an attack within:  with or without the media, is done by:       PUTTING DEMOCRACY FIRST!   Contrary to Kennedy’s call, “ask not, what your country can do for you/ ask, what you can do for your country”.  Which was a beginning call for world war three.  The same words can be said today, but the purpose is:   to avoid the second civil war here in America, where a “billion guns” reside.  It is a choice today.  But once all hope is lost, so will the opportunity to stop these bullets from entering your own home.  Because the damage done, by the university diplomas who are so certain “we are nothing/ and they must do all our thinking for us”:   CAN’T be undone with a few damn words! 

        Only the law can do that.  That law cannot be enforced, until WE THE PEOPLE demand it.   But we are millions to one in power! Therefore it is up to you, to fight for your democracy and your future/ or surrender it: because it is being stolen.  The decision is:   for truth, equality, freedom, rights, courage, respect, disciplines, balance, boundaries, hope, and a future that includes life on this planet!   OR, for more bribes, and the lies delivered by a sewer.  It’s a choice!  Think for yourselves, DON’T wait for the damn box to tell you what you think!


WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!  And we under no circumstances, nor in any conceivable way: gave that ownership to our employees!   WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS DEMOCRACY!  And that means, “we, are the boss”!  By the law, and its foundation:   our constitutional agreement!


That FOUNDATION, the bill of rights, and the declaration of independence:  THAT AGREEMENT, this is what our nation shall be:  WHICH CONSTRUCTS ALL  LAW and its authority IS:

We, the people of this United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America!


That preamble to the constitution is FUNDAMENTAL to every oath taken in government employment.



                Both the legal right, and the fundamental foundations for a legal tax revolt, are provided within these two court cases;  of primary interest are the state of IL filing/ to which there was no reply, due process denied.  Noted, the US supreme court/ tax case appealed, demand for civil penalties:   is a deliberate part of the IL case.  And the validity of national due process, and guaranteed rights under US constitutional law;  must be addressed, when that case comes to court.  PUSH IT!  And the US supreme court filing detailing a right to be involved/ a demand for constitutional obedience by the US TAX COURT, & THE US SUPREME COURT.  Treason proven by the blockades used before; a traitor with premeditated intent,  denying access to constitutional guarantees:  in cases found on, and another.

Our associations with society, determine the character of our lives; by changing what we would otherwise be, into a mixture of our lives together.


            The fundamental blessing of society is:   we need not be lonely!  The critical curse of society is: very many are.  The explanation is, our experiences translate the fundamentals of who we are together, into what we are when confronted by the decisions society allows or punishes.  These actions and reactions for or against an individual,  need not be “right or wrong”; according to society.  Rather they exist as rules and rulers, the expectation of greed, and the foundations used to procure sex or establish control.

            We begin in the elemental knowledge, that our experiences as life in time and in society search through the meanings and methods of our own true environment.  Not what you did to me/ but what has happened inside of me, through you.  Struggling to achieve “justice,  revenge, or joy”is the foundation of all “character” in humans.  Character means:   I have become more, of something, or someone else.  Tragedy means: I have become less of me, because of something or someone else.  Honesty means: only truth defines, with nothing added or taken away.  Blessing means: to be the cause, of something given in love.  Curse means:   to know, you cannot be trusted.  Society is: the experience of many, confined by the reality, we need and desire to live among each other.  Justice is:   the explanation of what serves us all for life, peace, and happiness.  Revenge is: to take the experiences of another, and crush them because you can.

            Of the various realities that impact society, little is more conclusive of what “these people shall become”:   than their interactions as male to female/ female to male.  Little alters the world itself, more than law.  The tragedy of weapons and rules, the reality of men:   is a heartache that has not healed for thousands of years.   Because none are worthy;  and very few are able, to be fair:   the foundation cause is particularly; the attempts to find, overrun, and then chain the slaves; so the few with weapons can be “gods”. 

            The assembly of experience searches for control, because without control someone else is going to control you.  That fact, as is a reality conceived by the leadership of men, constructs the primary tear that then destroys the functional harmony and peace of human life.  After the war, there is functional peace because the organization of men is splintered enough, and the people unwilling enough to listen and be told to obey.  However as years accumulate, and the people begin to feel at ease, and as if they have enough for themselves: the quest for more reveals a road that leads right back to the temptations, manipulations, purposes, and decisions of a few who demand to control everyone and everything so they can “believe they are gods”.  To do so money is invented as the means power easily controls society.  To establish slavery debts are formed, and easy money is used:   “Now I own you”.  To remove the options for people to find another way, propaganda is used and abused/ the courts are corrupted/ the government employees conspire and collude/ and university expertise demands, “you are just a damn idiot/ only we, have a mind; we are like god, compared to you”.  Media constantly reminds us of that.  The courts cannot acquire justice or fair play because of that.  Education is in slavery to that, as is religion.  And government employment is based upon “university knows”. 

             Which as so obviously happened again, as is the purposes of a few: the ultimate game to be played with people is war, proving “you are puppets”.   Or in this day; the mutilation of their world is an alternate game, proving we hate you enough/ to laugh, and find you nothing more than  a toy!  Consequently, tragedy looms large/ and the need to control or extract obedience has grown even beyond the means called weapons of mass destruction.  Therefore the threat that is bringing the same fire here as is on the sun exists.  Or, we can kill you all/ with just one match!  A civil war is brewing/ HELL is coming.  The constant of men is:  unless some other nation can be found to redirect the damage and chaos that is brought;   these tiny few who secretly call themselves god, are going to make us pay.  Because we let them play with our lives, our world, and every living creation.

              It is necessary to ask WHY is this:   the few do control us all/  allowed?  The answer is fear!  The critical test for every human being/ the fundamental reality of every nation is:   can you believe, that life itself is enough?  The answer to that is of course:   he who holds the weapon/ takes whatever he wants.  He who hates, visits a surprise attack upon the rest.  He who loathes life, finds his solace in seeing or hearing the damage, or the violence caused to others.  Therefrom leaders arise, and people follow, demanding take more/ so we need not be afraid of these others.  But reality and history both know:   this is the very method, the extreme purpose of using fear to control you in the first place.   To make you believe:   you must accept these few, and their rules:    as your rulers!  Today, it is the university that defines:   “We WANT to be rulers/ and play god too”.  Making slaves of society is no more complicated than counterfeiting money.  Because until the resources run out, money is merely a game.  But look to “the mount everest-size garbage pile you have created” and know:   the future for this planet is extremely bleak.  Not a game; it will be endless war/ unless you choose very carefully from this moment on.  Do you not refuse/ and buy weapons?   Is that not your choice.  Do you not follow your fools, to be fools yourself?   Because the greatest threat we all face is “the university and its experimentation” with life, planet, environment, and our very survival; our bodies, our food, our water, our everything are ALL being destroyed.   And you look to kill each other: shame on you!




            Back to character and the consequences of society!


            Character constructs a participation that does not recognize the herd as its primary goal.  Or more simply put, to attain “character identification” you must establish your own identity by some distinction or level of personal independent thought.          Character then establishes: the competition does not decide/ rather what is true for me, conceives of an expression that should be considered my own.  That experience has costs. 

            The consequences of society are:   we must defend ourselves/ we must feed ourselves/ we must employ ourselves/ and we must find a way, to live in relative peace and harmony among ourselves. 

            The foundation response required for our survival is: that only the law can decide/ ONLY THE TRUTH, can save us/ university experimentation and failure has become “satan: we will destroy them all”/  and war is only the acceleration of our death as a planet.

            The law decides freedom and rights.  Society decides the limits and boundaries of what we will or will not do for each other.  Resources decide the future.  And a clear and certain decision about what shall or shall not be done to corral and harness university diplomas shall be made.  The question of threats shall be answered within reality.  The existence of critical information shall be “threshed out of the vomit and useless disease” that is university expertise.  The decisions to be made regarding every possible reality of our future SHALL BE governed by LIFE FOR THIS PLANET, shall come first/ never money again.

              And women, if they organize themselves properly will control the vote of any true democracy;   because this is the best men did do/ and we will on the edge of extinction itself.  How is that NOT “time for change”!  Like it or not, this planet cannot survive by just “keeping on, doing what you are doing”.  That is a fact, believe it or not.


            The trials on these sites show you the laws, the arguments, the methods, and the means to understand redress of grievances/ democracy, and justice.  They also show the truth about American justice, the courts, and your leaders.  Although I won no trial established here by the courts decision/ I DID win every case by law, and legal argument without a single failure.   If you study the trials, YOU WILL see the reality of government and leaders and courts in this state of IL, and this nation called the USA.  You will learn:   WE THE PEOPLE CAN CHOOSE, our future, our laws, and what “government” shall be,  FOR OURSELVES,   “It’s the law”.....

            The elements of life in time, require our assistance to establish change, to understand happiness or hope, and to build a new life for us all.


            Download these html sites, to protect your right to know they exist. Open the zip files, then open the index file, and they will appear same as they do on the internet; but the links won’t work if they are outside that specific site.  The individual files however will be there.


             In the trial and tragedy that is Syria:    World law means: ;  We go get the leaders and bring them to justice, at trial based upon this law.   Or kill them if that is necessary, to stop any aggression that cannot wait. No excuses, and NO exceptions.  In the current case of Syria: the fundamental required of this moment is, “to distribute as many gas masks to the general population, and opposing forces;  as is necessary.”  Only then, shall you attack the chemical weapons held by the national army:   equal to one bomb by them equals one bomb by you against their own chemical weapons [ which makes possession a distinct threat, to the soldiers who hold them ].  More.

THE RULES beginning a quest to understand living and working together.


            Are functionally elevated to a discipline, when respect identifies what we can and cannot do “to make life better for all”.  Or more simply, this must change:   pride, the decision to make life a game/ want, the decision to measure life less important than you/ arrogance, the purpose identified by failure and fantasy/ or hatred, by its many themes are all merely the intent to rule over the rest, in one form or another as reality allows. 

            To change what cannot be identified as “valued for life”/ means, that the truth:   our responsibilities to each other, our existence established in thought, our need recognized as nothing less than “we the people, are equal”, our world is simply put “a true miracle in every way”/ and our love, the expression of a desire that is not less than “sharing and caring, about life”.  Must be respected!  Must be understood, as the basis of all peace, harmony, and elemental happiness that can be experienced in this life as time.

            It is the intellectual that damages the world by “creating rules/ demanding to be ruler through those rules/ and then changing the rules should anyone threaten their rule”; that fundamentally identifies the majority of “cause and effect” that throughout history establishes failure, by its fantasy.  The intellectual makes life a game, by pretending that pride: the assertion “I win/ you lose”; is acceptable/ it is not.  We are not a game, we are life!  The difference is: only an intellectual trap, and its aggravated effect on society through manipulation and then control can cause strife and failure where there was none.  Life is a reality of existence that does not change with the games people play/ therefore the only purpose for making life a game is: that “these want slaves/ demand to steal/ and rule for the singular purpose of ridicule by its cause, which is disrespect.”  That arrogance: to do what you can do/ even though you know it will or can cause great harm;   is the same as playing god (I can do anything I want with them) over life.  That form of hatred is nothing less than a decision NOT to accept responsibility or its duty to life.

            The foundation of people “playing sheep” is established because:   “We cannot defeat the rules”/ they are suppose to protect and defend everyone.  But instead when the rules distribute power over us:  when our leaders let that reality of intended justice and fair play die; thereby defeating us all, with the corruption of rules, law, and injustice.  Picked upon by “one at a time rules”/ the reality of authority as we the people cannot exist;   until revolt changes the leaders.  That is fundamentally a very serious matter/ UNLESS we the people take control over the law itself, and demand obedience to our law, from our leaders.  That is the assumption and intent of democracy: that we are the authority/ thereby we are the rulers ourselves; and none should ever claim to be “our government or our rulers”.  Yet everywhere in American government, their only claim is to be “the government: king or queen over us all”/ by using rules. Every tyrant uses rules to manipulate/ enslave/ steal/ and control:  it is the easy way.  Every form of injustice uses rules to assert, we DON’T have to follow the law/ we have a rule, or simply the power,  to discard you.

            The elemental sword or weapon that stops the game from overtaking society itself as is government employees without fear:    IS THE LAW.   But no society can keep the law sacred (for justice, fair play, and equality) unless they make that law themselves, and do it well; our own vote on the law itself/ NOT A VOTE for someone to vote for me.   By protecting freedom, guaranteeing rights, and asserting the authority to demand an investigation of their employees in government: so as to be “their judge”/ instead of them alone,  judging us: we rule ourselves.   The law required for life in peace and harmony is:   our decision to identify the truth,  and control those who would control or threaten us.  Majority rule!   The law is:   our personal freedoms and rights, guaranteed for the deliverance from tyranny the elemental reality, that our complaint shall be heard by a fair and impartial jury of our peers/ your children shall be protected thereby guaranteed a future/ and our world shall NOT be gambled with by anyone:   so that we can survive, and be happy in this place.  NOT majority rule/ personal freedom and right rules for equality;  among us all.   Thereby “a functioning balance” between what is necessary, and what is fair.  Not power or money/ but life and its own purpose which is to identify, and thereby create  ourselves.


The rules of living and working together by understanding personal rights.


#1:   what anyone wants for themselves CANNOT decide for us all/ unless it is a truly small issue with few consequences.

            INSTEAD: what is true, realistic to the situation, fundamentally and financially relevant to the decision we must make: gets to decide.  Not a human/ not your choice or mine, but the evidence itself forms respect, and wisdom through understanding and knowledge establish a foundation to survive and be happy;  for life in time.

            Identifying the various choices as established by what is true, substantially known and understood:   constructs respect rather than rights or the assumption of leadership which is “I get to decide/ or let him or her decide”.  You do not get to declare yourselves “not my fault/ I didn’t do it, if you lead / follow/ or run away”.  That does constitute a choice.  What is fundamentally true, and adequately defined by the situation at hand, the consequence identified for our united future, and is established as functionally realistic to our needs, and our abilities or resources:   does get to decide.  Therefore we live, and build for tomorrow.

            Want is a selfishness identified, a desire for inserting a demand into a relationship, rather than allowing reality and truth to decide.  Want is also the foundation of every lie: if you don’t want “it/ or if you do want “it”; and believe you can take it with a lie, then that lie exists, and becomes a reality, with consequences;  if you use it.  Little wants, with little consequences that do not lead people to alter their own behaviors don’t matter.  Big wants, that change something because you manipulated, tempted, flattered, controlled, used, abused, hated, or the like DO matter because these all have consequences; and can change the future for any or all involved.  Demanding little changes of another consistently:   add up to a single big decision that has had consequences.  You wanted to control, shape, and change someone else to adapt them to what you wanted for your own purposes/ that is unfair, and will destroy trust, respect, and truth between you.


#2:    People who do not establish HONEST respect for life, even all life; cannot be fully trusted/ even if it is themselves they do not respect.  Anger is the decision that something specific is UNFAIR.  Even if they are wrong, it commonly deserves a listen/ to find out.  You CANNOT listen, if you have already judged: simple and plain, you have made your decision, and judged:  without them.  Anger turns to hate, when all other established avenues of communication have been surrendered.  Consequently to judge/ DOES have real cost to life/ hate is a terrible thing!

            Respect is our relationship with someone else, another living creation or Creator;   established by the foundations of discipline, order, boundaries, wisdom, courage, peace, love, and harmony.  Balance provides that we should not go beyond our ability to stay “stable”/ because if we do, the fault is ours, and in some form we then need either mercy, or to be rescued from ourselves.  Trust is an element of our existence that shares the decision of what shall we be together, and then shapes time for the purpose of our own true desires.  Therefore truth consists of “a purpose, a reality or more, a consequence and its expression, the relationship experience provides, and the base foundations which knowledge, understanding, and wisdom explain”.

            When you judge/ you take away reality to prove “I am god over you/ because of some expectation that righteousness or superiority have made this so”.  What is selfish, cannot listen because that requires you to participate as well, as me: and in selfishness there ain’t room for the both of us.  Power assembles the truth, that there is no greater want than to survive/ but even so, the demand for more than the others, establishes itself as a design and decision to make them do for you, what they would not otherwise do.  The element of bodily perfection (thought, detail, design, and the building process)  that leads to lust enters here. The making of sex, as a powerful tool in proving “YOU cannot stop me”.  Is a foundation upon which respect does not survive.  Unfortunately for women, that assertion of power/ that demand to disrespect, use, and abuse has found many followers: to the shame of all men and boys.

              RESPECT IS: a relationship that listens, understands because you are participating, cares about the consequences for each involved, shares the decision when truth allows for it, and combines time into the disciplines, balance, and boundaries that support and defend the value of every life.


#3:    The elemental rise of freedom and rights so declared as to be “law” which governs us all/ are not frivolous or unworthy of our time, work, and life.  These freedoms and rights defend or destroy the essence of every society;   they are the foundation of civilization when formed around the single word equality.  Each is the same/ only the law, valued and true;   can judge. 

            The costs and rewards of ownership are fundamental to the preservation of time itself.  If there is no balance, and no purpose or desire beyond self/ humanity simply destroys itself by attacking the very foundations that give it life, “the earths’ resources”.  The basic realities of our existence can only be governed by “we the people ourselves”/ because it is our legal right to protect and defend the future of our own existence, our own portion and part of this world.  That is not a game, without participation which shapes a future separated from what you want/ as what does our needs, our lives, your children, and this earth demand.  The earth dies, chains of life are broken, extinction occurs; and so on,  as is so very evident today if you look even a tiny bit.  We are failing as humanity on earth, because not only want has invaded our ability to survive/ but the most heinous reality of all, has crept into power and piece by piece has been dismantling our future:   with the clear purpose of exterminating all life on this planet.  That reality is “human intellect”/ or more simply, the perception to build and control traps by which the majority are redirected from their own fate, into something conceived by those who call themselves “god”; because they can and do manipulate the vast majority of people.  What is intellect today identifies itself with tremendous theft/ horrific experimentation/ a complete discarding of every resource and reality necessary to life being sustained/ and the destruction of every eco-system, environment, species, reality, and truth that is a foundation for the future.  All of that is happening today, and nears the very moment of complete failure {its too late to change now} on earth.  The reward for cowardice (“I can’t die/ I cannot face the pain”) is death.

            The cost of our continuing as life on this planet, is now very simple:   we must change from “want and money decide everything”/ to become truth and life, now make every decision in support of life itself comes first. 

            The reward of confronting our truth, as reality defines it is:   only then do we the people have control over ourselves.   The most powerful words ever written are redress of grievances as is first amendment constitutional law in this USA.  They mean:   that we the people have a legal right, to call for the examination and investigation of those employees which have lead us.  To decide and judge for ourselves if in fact they did or did not do their job, as the constitution “our agreed upon government” stipulates/ and as they did so swear to do.  The reality of finding our situation is far worse than expected or desired simply means:   if we try real hard, maybe we won’t die!  Whereas if we continue to do nothing, only terror, insanity, and total “heartbreak” will be left.  All dead/ because none cared enough to fight for life on earth.   IT IS A TRUE, AND DELIBERATE CHOICE!

            The ability to recognize, and thereby realize “options for life”; gives to us all, the moments by which we then may decide for ourselves what is fair and equal to us all.   The reality instead of employees who have established anarchy and chosen to steal our democracy (our lives, and our sacrifice, and our work) by refusing to obey their oath, our constitutional law (we agreed), or our government (to this) which is the constitution.  Is simply true:  that we are then  invaded by an enemy who does or does intend to rule and enslave us all.  In support of this recognition, are the trials, and evidence of threat against our lives: as so established by James F. Osterbur:   in the true reality of our court system, and leaders by irrefutable evidence; a courtroom trial/ this is the truth.   Proven is: corruption/ conspiracy/ collusion/ theft/ treason/ traitorous acts/ criminal conduct/ disrespect for all life and world/ sacrificing our children/ and the intent to exterminate our world, by playing god over this earth.  The reality of duty has been displayed.  The consequences of failure, by the judiciary, leadership, military, police, and others has been identified and established without a single valid opposition to the truth.  They simply want to rule, and don’t care about the law: end of the story.  They believe “they, and not the constitution; are the law”.  Without a public to defend itself/ and in particular by mutilating the court system of this USA and this state of IL:   with the clear intent to steal or imprison.  We are without our democracy/ invaded and nearly destroyed, by our own employees.

            Make no mistake those are “battleground words” which must be weighed and measured carefully with the clear and deliberate purpose to identify and establish the truth, by investigation of the evidence/ to establish a cause and a decision that “fights for life”.  You cannot simply believe what you are told, as the media propagates continually.  Rather you must earn your knowledge, and understand your decision prior to any action or reaction that generates itself because this is necessary for us all.  That does generally mean: NO WANT, or what is strictly personal to you is allowed/ rather what applies to life, happiness, peace, and survival of the whole must decide with clarity and distinction under constitutional law.  Letting the media, the courts, or any form of leadership take control over your life, your property, your money, and your decisions that support or defend the future:   IS A DISASTER! As has been proven, the intellectual, who knows only “one little thing”/ cannot or will not accept “such a little thing” does not make them god.  They have nearly destroyed us all.  The use of rules to betray us, is fundamental to being ruled.  The reality of “American’s, being the most incarcerated people in the civilized world”;   is proof enough, that JUSTICE is not here.  A rule with little or no merit or right is all they need to extort, control, manipulate, abuse, or use our lives.  Because the courtroom is either friend or enemy, the judge a criminal or a friend, and the police either “thugs and henchmen” or a support for life:   the reality becomes whatever society allows. 

            Happiness stems from freedom and justice which bring peace and harmony.  Slavery, is the reward for rules and rulers.  No rule is needed, unless it is true and fair to all humanity presenting EQUAL treatment for all/ it is not democracy.


#4     The elevation or ascension of life, to a liberty worthy of our existence; the miracle of our reality as living creatures with a soul;   is functionally worn through limited capitalism.  This is democracy is our right to decide regarding the money, the resources, and the work; for the good of ourselves.  The single united demand of democracy is: that no one gets to be ruler over us!

            To achieve that reality requires the majority cannot rule over freedoms and rights/ nor can the minority control such rights and freedoms:   only the constitution can do that, because it is our decision “to be equal”; as one people united in this common decision for justice to all.  To construct this, foundation boundaries must exist so as to guarantee everyone shall have these rights and freedoms by law.  That cannot be taken away, unless we the people allow it ourselves.  That does not happen, unless greed and bribery get in the way.  To your shame!

Simplified: the various guarantees required to sustain society in  happiness and peace to all, are these

1.  Nobody gets unfettered control over the money or resources/ therefore the right to collect and distribute the money called tax is given to the people themselves, as a percentage of the whole that is true.  Or more simply:   your vote is to declare a percentage to healthcare/ education/ ways and means; etc.  Only the money collected can be spent/ not a single penny more.  Only the tax allowed as a percentage of income is available, and NO subsequent taxation of any kind will be tolerated.  Only income tax, so as to control for ourselves how much is taken away.

2.  Nobody in government employ has authority to establish a loan, or guarantee our acceptance of a debt:   without our vote.  Our vote to increase the tax for a particular purpose is then the increase in taxation, rather than a loan.  The children will have their own debts and troubles: LEAVE THEM ALONE.

3.  Any debts including governmental claims not consistent with legal expectations for work done/   shall not be paid without the fore knowledge and strict legal accounting required for all to be certain: this is in fact a legitimate demand on our lives, and our government/ NOT theirs, as rulers over us.

4.  The future is governed by what we all do today.  Therefore legal consequences as are necessary to understand the cost and consequences of what is or is not being done for “life tomorrow” shall be clear.  The children must be protected/ they must NOT be ruined (resources all gone) or destitute because of you.

5.  The foundation of all true freedom is: “that what is personal to me, is my decision   and no other/ so long as I substantially threaten none but myself.”  Your judgment over my life/ mine over yours,    IS NOT welcome or legal under the guarantees of democracy.   Friendship which is a partner in justice with truth, respect, peace, and harmony: knows “even if you don’t understand, this is my life/ it is not yours”.  Even if it affects your life “politely” or is perceived to threaten in some minimal way: if you have options/ you have no say.  Reality of every decision that is free means: I MUST pay the greater price for my freedom; the consequences shall affect me the most/ therefore the decision is mine.

6.  The functional relationship of every society is: acceptance of this simple fact, “that I have value/ and so do you”.  Friendship understands, “life is better, because of you”.  But even less than that knows: when an attempt to rule over you exists/ then next in line is potentially me.  That fact is meant to unite, because unless I protect you/ you will not protect me either: we MUST rise and give protection for each other against traitors.  It is a duty.

7.  The passage of time ends, with the reality of every miracle of life as we know it, “gone”.  Such is the truth of genetic mutilation, and the reality of disease that is a university diploma out of control, and trying to be god.  Only the biggest fools ever to walk this earth assume that chaos builds/ and then they say, “for us, we used our head, and engineered our way with thought; therefore we are: the best we can be”.   Chaos nowhere, but in their fantasies used to destroy the basis and foundation of any other understanding that gets in their way/ and says to university: HELL NO, YOU CANNOT GAMBLE WITH LIFE OR PLANET!  That is treason, terrorism, hatred,  and punishable by death.


Simplified, to attain realistic happiness in life as a human being, the elements required are these.

8.  Trust is an element of life “EARNED/ not given”.  It is sustained by the choices which then bond our lives together, because you cared enough to choose me, instead of want, or any other form of selfishness.  And I chose to care about you as well.

9.  The critical test for peace and happiness whether it be as a society or an individual is love.  “Love lifts us both”, into a world beyond selfishness, because “we”  then;   are more important than just “I”.  Hate is the opposite of that measuring life as worthless or to be destroyed.  Anger resides in the middle, where reality demands: something is wrong, with _________/ pay attention to me; this must be dealt with by us all.

10.  Need is relative to the reality of threat that presents a situation demanding this is very important.  Every need is not life or death, therefore it is critically important to understand “exactly what” is this threat?  Everything cannot be a threat.  But everything that is a threat cannot be hidden, or denied.

11.  Communication is limited by the desire to learn! When truth does not matter/ when democracy is dying/ when the future is dead:   even though you did or easily could have recognized the evidence.  No longer can you say, “I didn’t know”/ instead you chose. To believe, is to assume the evidence does not matter; or more simply what you accept as your “god (can’t be wrong)” leads you without truth.  Propagates do not understand, simply believe what you are told.

12.  Forgiveness is a decision: its purpose is, that “I or you” has been found more valuable than this.  Thereby the elemental truth required for forgiveness is HONESTY, and the reality of repentance (I AM sorry, and won’t do this again).  Many people have a fundamental battle with “voices inside”.  This comes from nothing more important than the fantasies expressed of what you want or wanted, being recognized as something you could attain through lies.  Whether the spiritual aspects of such a temptation really exist or not, is not the purpose of this writing.  Regardless truth in you, is a desire accomplished by the purpose:   what do YOU desire most.  If that is something your heart can accept as love, then your purpose expands to encounter a reality beyond yourself: that is real.  “Voices be gone”/ as they are driven by loneliness or hatred.  If your love proves untrue, in you or the one you love/ then reality will recognize, “I have given away something truly valued within me/ and I cannot have it back: that gift belongs to the one who received it now”.  Therefore the heart breaking is in reality, the realization of loss in you/ rather than the reality of what was taken.  What has value is not a game/ what is “the best of love inside” cannot be given unless it is given to GOD.  Only HE is worthy of that, although in the purity of true sexual intimacy, this can be shared; if you both care enough honestly and without the intent to steal.  Loss means “my own needs/ my own life must now be protected, to lose, or  more correctly give more,  is/ can be,  tragic to me”.  That is then the erection of a boundary wall inside, between all others and you/ it is not easily broken. For some, the creation of a door between us, even if earned;   does not exist. 


13.   The rules of marriage are not complicated: little things matter, search for the moments that can be shared: because you care/ because I care too!

            Discipline means: there is respect between us that must not be abandoned, because our very foundation as a relationship, as life shared depends upon that respect being mutual.  Discipline demands responsibility, and expects “I shall be first in your heart, whenever love or need expresses itself: come to me/ I to you”.

            Order establishes that we have chosen a journey together as one, therefore boundaries and a distinct path that we share bind us with courage, to understand I will be there for you/ you for me;   if there is a need.  Your life is important to me.

            Courage understands that I ACCEPT the limits of my life, I acknowledge that I will die, and lose everything called time in a single moment, when reality changes forever.  It is not a game, or a guess; and all eternity comes thereafter.  Consequently to accept death will come, and eternity will follow understands that only eternity truly matters. Only when you are ready for death/ can you rise above fear.

            The addition of “failure and fantasy” exist, because one or both “want/ don’t want/ or believe in something” that is selfish.  Therefore the lies begin.  These are the same elements in existence as the constant “mine/ mine/ mine” of a small child.  Therefore reality states the truth of fantasy and failure is, “as if you returned to being a small spoiled child”.  Or its alternative, which is one of the many forms of hatred, all of which include or expect that “your purpose is to make me happy/ be my slave/ and obey me with no exceptions: I am god, over you”.  The fundamental involved is simply that want is selfish, thereby truth does not matter, because it interferes with “power to control”.  “Don’t want” is equally selfish, fundamentally establishing your life does not matter to me/ or simply mine is so MUCH more important you don’t count.  To believe is a description of what you want/ or don’t want: so that everything your fantasy desires can be considered true.  All are essentially the same in your mind; simplified, “nothing is important but me”. Since that has social costs, and relationship consequences who fantasize just as much about themselves: religion was born.  To demand “my book” says so/ which extended means:   these people died, so you cannot win “this argument”.

            Every religion is about the providing of rules to want.  With rules, you get control, and become rulers/ thereby superior to the others who are outside “our rules”.  If the rules are fundamentally true, then life will improve because want is replaced with truth.  If the rules are critically wrong, and you believe them anyway: then you       Sell your life, and your soul, to be, or participate in a lie.  Every lie is, a place to hide your want, or desire to not want this.  Every want the foundation of every lie.  With lies, the intent is to achieve what cannot be done, with truth.  Every belief is the consequence of rules:   “We cannot justify or prove this” therefore we simply believe because it is easier than searching beyond ourselves in time/ selfishness therefore rules in belief.  If what you believe proves true/ then the price of your belief is, I could not find faith/ or I would not accept this fact as truth, and let it influence my life in time.  If your belief proves wrong: then the fundamental of following lies into eternity will be your own disaster.  Only truth survives eternity/ it is that simple: all lies will die!  With rules, you get to be ruler or even play god: he or she broke the rule/ so then we are allowed to “hate/ judge/ etc:   you”.  He or she didn’t follow the rules/ so we are then allowed to call you worthless and judge you to be “like the garbage, or an enemy”/ and as a consequence do anything we please to you: “none care about the trash” isn’t that so. It is perfectly acceptable to hate an enemy is that not correct?   With rules you get tyrants, thieves, failures, treason, corruption, criminals, and terrorism: because all intellectuals (even if you have little)  are certain:   “they can beat the system/ and win”.  They can make the rules into power and control for them, and extort, or take whatever they please.                       Every religion is born to demand: “my book of GOD, says so”/ you cannot defeat an authority who is dead.  Every religion is about the rules of want/ so that you can achieve what you then sell your lives for.  Or more correctly, the essence of every social organization is to procure their wants/ to control, and deliberately manipulate the others by demanding “we have the right, and the power to rule this place”/ to rule you.  We have a book of GOD!  Written by men/ in a man’s language/ for the purposes of men/ about men/ and with all their failures and fantasies added in.  Religious books do contain some valuable words/ but they are not perfect.  How is that not true, when what you describe as “your book of GOD” has been established by man who are NOT perfect/ language that is NOT perfect/ understanding, that is NOT perfect/ and people who translate it for themselves or others that are NOT perfect: are you perfect!  If not your acceptance of any part cannot then be perfect.  Just how it is.

            People have created a religion out of “university knows”; or more simply “we don’t have to be concerned with who leads us:   cause they are perfect enough”.  Yet as you look deliberately at the truth of what is and has been done in the USA today: every form of corruption, tragedy, terrorism by leadership, failure/ fantasy/ ignorance/ deceit/ greed/ lust/ hate/ criminal actions/  judgment without rights/ anarchy/ mutilation of all life/ distinct gambling with our entire planet/  traitorous actions/ and even more are found in everything. If they are a god, “its SATAN”/ to your shame.

            That brings us to coward (those who live in fear/ because they do not want to endure any pain or cost).  These all say: “the lies” are better than the truth.  With the truth we have to pay for all the things we have done.  Therefore give us lies/ give the university diploma anything they want: so I can live   “Free= because everything is stolen/ and all the money is counterfeit”.  But who cares, say the older adults (I am too old to lose everything that was stolen); let the world, and the children, and all its life:   go to hell.  After all, these elders are going to die; so they intend to get out free:   but alas, you chose to sell life “TO HELL”!  Tell me truly:   what do you suppose is the price for that in eternity: destroying all life/ terrorizing and assassinating every child/ making the world  itself ( GOD’S own Creation)    DIE!  Because you didn’t care, and certainly would not share, or accept any truth.   “GOD doesn’t exist for you”?  Take another look at all the miracles of creation that you have elected to mutilate and destroy and damage with endless pain and chaos: and imagine what it means when you are proven wrong.

            Want is an abyss;   because you can never have enough/ that ends the game, and then there is no more pride or trophies to collect.  No reason for you to live/ is there! Want demands more, because like every trophy, its value decreases the moment after it touches your hand: all done/ do it again or be left behind.  Lies are found everywhere: such as people say “we want to be equal”.  But what they truly mean is:   they want to be rich/ they want to be the richest person around with the most power and control, or absolutely no responsibilities, and complete vanity:   descending into injustice/ disrespect/ demeaning/ and destruction to demonstrate and prove,  power over others.  A very tiny few, want to be equal: because it means we are all to be treated the same/ or more simply power, and control: the essence of slavery over you:   must then die. 


On a far more simple scale, the rules for relationships including marriage are these


1.  Without respect there is no relationship, it will die.  Because no respect constitutes use, abuse, and avoidance.

2.   Access is everything in dating and life/ because time spent, becomes the equivalent or description called friendship when respect is added.  Therefore spend your time with the ones you love/ or if someone else will, you will be left behind. Or depression, anger, or want may set in and cause considerable grief and heartache, because you didn’t care enough to share what is so important:   we will or will not be happy, because of it.

3.   The path to friendship, respect, and even sex is: “I value you”/ and will establish an HONEST relationship to share that truth.  Want is a liar, “therefore you know”; and you then choose for yourself.

4.  liars are born as a mutilation of want.  Every lie is governed by want.  That means if you see excessive or determined want in someone; the lies will follow.  Liars see that want has provided something, and then they want more; even to the point of not needing a want anymore,   to lie.

5.  The physical body demonstrates discipline and respect for your need as a human being, granting more than we could ever even imagine building for ourselves.  It is our only true asset, within time, apart from thought.  That does make everyone equal, regardless of the differences: because a gift, is a gift.  What you do with that gift (as best you can), or how you choose for the next generation is up to you.  A beautiful body is not the same as a beautiful soul.

6.  The mental expressions and experience of:   “Will you play with me/ will you judge me/ will you be a participant in my life, my hopes, and my freedoms?”  Or if not/ can you make me happy in some other way?  Does control the longevity, the imagination, and the purpose of every relationship in time.

7.  The sexual dignity of a shared experience as is sex: requires, that we both care, about this moment, and its impact on each other.  That reality does, “construct the next time, and next, and next; or not”.

8.   EVERY relationship requires that you are listening/ rather than wanting.  That you are talking/ rather than controlling.  That you negotiate with a clear purpose for “fair play” and equity based upon truth and love, and sharing.  That you will accept the price of forgiveness, if repentance is true.  That you are “a gift to my life/ and accept my gift of life as yours”. To understand responsibility is to earn the commitment that becomes a duty;   that then builds the bonds called heart.  The bridge between our human souls.

9.   Love is a shared purpose defined by a shared life/ a shared desire which brings intimacy between opposites sexes in the pleasures and passion called romance.  To help me do better for you/ is to help you do better for me:   therefore understanding states, be kind and a reward shall come.

10.   Sex is the ascension beyond our lives in its purest forms, as the combined spiritual experience of joy expressed for the value and dignity of life itself, in each other as one.

            Mutilated  Sex is:   crushed by pride into a game.  The manipulation of another life by lust.  The control or abuse or judgment;   of another human being by violence and fear.

            Playful sex; the decision that we need not be committed to each other, is a common foundation upon which many adults trade their lives.  This is an elemental description of want, and why you want me is related to “something other than simply you”. Sex is a playground rather than an intimacy here.  It is sex for those who do not care enough, and a measurement for those who judge.

            Sex is: a reality that can escape time, and find love;   only when the value of our lives together, “reaches for GOD”.

11.  Heart, is the fundamental builder of desire/ it takes apart the mind for the purpose you chose to reassemble it as your life’s expectation.  Heart creates the journey you will take/ because it is consistent with your soul.  If soul is your true choice.

12.   Every relationship with GOD, begins with the HONEST RESPECT AND TRUE DESIRE, that fundamentally knocks at the door:   asking may I belong.   There is no other way!


Lesser things

13.  No one listens, until they discard want, and all its expectations.

14.  When it is completely clear, that someone is deliberately telling you, “THIS IS important to me”!  The refusal to acknowledge that passion, by you/ will lead to anger in them: therefore listen up, and remember this is about your relationship and its future.  Not just what you want, even if you cannot comprehend why this is important.

            Anger leads to a closed door/ which then becomes rejection, and the eventual assertion: “I DO NOT need you in my life.   That is a heavy price to pay for what      Seemed at least to you, “as a little thing”.  Passions exist, because no one listens/ or chooses to care enough “when I do”.  Forgiveness exists, ONLY when you remember, “I ain’t perfect either”.  But trust is assembled and maintained ONLY when we remember to respect each other properly, and accept what we do together cannot be determined by “just one”.  Every life has RIGHTS/ but fear will destroy.

15.  The fundamental respect for an individual is:   don’t push so hard that people are forced to confront themselves/ because that is their own job, not yours.  DO, push hard enough when life and earth and every future is dependent upon finding the truth, no matter who you are.

16.  Remember to be free in your heart.  Recognize that everything in this world of life is a miracle/ even the planet itself.  It is humanity that destroys: that means you have a choice, and a duty.  Work for life, nature, and world; or we die.

17.  Remember “debts do matter/ to someone”!  Be fair/ be equal/ be honest with reality: or you will face the consequences.  Remember counterfeiting is making someone else your slave/ it ain’t fair, honest, or equal.

18.  Realistic confrontation is required to define and understand a decision/ a right/ a law/ a courtroom construction/ a marriage/ or any other form of freedom in society.  We live together with understanding.  We live apart without, and delusion then appears, and/ or fantasies will rule.  Because people who cannot understand, are left to the illusion of images, the decision of want.

19.  The demand for sex is a constant in all human societies.  What is fair, constructs the agreement:   “ONLY, if I say yes/ to you”.  Sickness/ rape/ perversion/ fantasy/ dreams/ etc are NOT part of any agreement or cause. These are criminal acts, if you said no.  But if you changed your mind:   what is or is not criminal constructs a different set of rules.

20.  In the elemental truth of our lives:   every heartbeat shared, “creates a moment composed from the purposes and desire called love”.  These are edited by the environment called time, to discover life itself, only when “two hearts, beat as one”.   The edge of happiness lives in this very critical truth: that miracles are transient, and life will close these doors at its end.  Eternity is different!   The heart becomes real, when you have learned to discard all the games people play/ their pride/ their want/ and the images they do present.  Only then can true passions rise: the time created when the world departs, and we are left alone as one.

            We were born to live, and create our own destiny by choices made.  We are reminded the miracles of life include death.  But passions (the world and its voices do not matter/ I search for love) exist in the journey for freedom and justice: the essence of what we can share together, because we cared.  It can be said, “we eat the substance of love”/ to gain soul;   the breathe or blood of required to journey into eternity as life itself.  Thereby everyday is a message: to be what you can be for life/ and it will reward you.  Even if people do not: love will.  Every form of love is a nourishment for the soul, that understands;    life shared,  reveals eternity.

            Love is more than time, it is the gift that shares your soul with other living creations. Life is more than body, it is the essence of thought and the struggle called freedom/ the desire called love:   given to you, as the purpose of life itself.

            Creation means: clearly and without any doubt    GOD, BUILT THIS!  Because only thought and its order/ energy discipline and defined/ soul as the place we meet creation itself and discover the truth “I AM alive”.  Cannot be less!

            GOD means to human life: nothing is impossible.  The only thing GOD cannot do, is make you love.  That is your decision alone.

            JESUS means: we are NOT forgotten/ we are loved.  We are a life among miracles which share an identity with our Creator.  Not the same, but never truly alone.


            These are words given in the hope established, a reality of courage conceived for you to help you survive these trials of life/ the threats which can make you extinct.  They are not a guarantee of continued existence: that, is your choice alone.

Expressions beyond a simple mind; the elemental task of assembling critical content.


In this day of university organization that has trodden down democracy, and invaded every aspect of our lives; are now grouped together, from the least to the highest levels: same.  By stealing our property/ destroying our constitution/ corrupting our courts/ and flagrantly infiltrating every aspect of freedom, to declare “obey us, or we make you pay”.  Regardless what that level of freedom is/ a rule for everything is a tyrant establishing oppression.  The foundation of anarchy that is we the rulers (having discarded employment and equality) of this state, city, or nation will not obey constitutional law.  As has been proven time and again on my sites; starting at is merely the beginning of proof:   we have nothing left of our democracy, but traitors,  liars, and their lies.  The foundation of theft so flagrant that we are now 200 trillion dollars in debt;   as is depicted on the federal reserve site but does not include the 70 trillion or so of social security debt.  The lies and liars who counterfeiting our money, still had not enough and  gave away our business/ selling our nation to foreigners/ driving our opportunities away, so that we become beggars, or must accept the very limited realities of only a tiny few hold every job/ a tiny few control everything.  Threatening our nation, and  Destroying our world, as is clearly assigned by threats listed below

            The assertion is, that you have a legal right to violate constitutional law, and infiltrate my life/ trespass upon my property/ and oppress and change the meaning of freedom, the virtue of liberty: and assume your rule controls my life.  That begins the construction of a claim assembled  within amendment 3, you have  intended to take possession of the property, and install your soldiers to keep watch that my freedom may be crushed by your rule.  Just because a handful of people made a rule which violates property rights and freedom to choose for myself;  as held sacred and true by any and all citizens and all property owners/ has no meaning unless it does comply with constitutional laws.  You do not.  The elemental demand that is freedom/ a guaranteed right within constitutional law DOES construct the singular demand:   I shall NOT be told what I can do or not do, unless these actions demonstrate a critical demonstration of clear threat that cannot be understood as consistent with biological laws and fundamental physical realities/ OR accepted by common practice in society itself.  Without a clear and true need : Your taking control over my property, or my rights in association with that property, or my requirements of work as is consistent with job and life:   is criminal trespass/ as you have no valid argument of threat.  As established in the extra ordinary writ arising from 11 cv 2023;   you have no respect for zoning or law or citizen rights or any part of the reality called governing in a democracy.  The courts threw  that away.   Therefore NO authority to intervene, regardless of the fact that you may not like what I do, legally exists.  You have established treason;   your job is to establish and insure the guarantees of constitutional law/ instead, you have invaded democracy as traitors, and seek to rule over us as tyrants.  Critical threats established is not subject to your decision alone/ you are not god/ you are not ruler/ you are merely employees who have gone to far, again and again and again without responsibilities or duties owed to a worm.  The disrespect proven by you for life, for every citizen, for this world is without doubt.  The failure is horrendous. The endless listing of your fantasies, criminal conduct as has been proven in court,  failures in every aspect of society, use of every child as your slave or pawn is tedious and without purpose.  Rather the primary threats of your fantasy and total disregard for life and planet in conjunction with all rulers, who have deliberately acted against the constitution of this USA,/ is treason.  These actions chosen to destroy the securities of this people/ have defied all pretense and purpose of law/ and are now proven to seek to destroy life in this world totally.   Fundamentally, that can only be proven as nothing less than a satanic cult, out to destroy life/ a religious delusion of “university knows” gone completely insane.  These facts Are defined within the term by tragic, catastrophe, horror story;   or in other words “a university diploma”.  As is the singular constant among, “Those who led us here”. 


    The accumulation of threats,   237  U.S.  309.  Its understanding:   as is consistent with our legal right to defend and protect ourselves, your children, our future, our nation, and our world:   25   F   556,  558.  are listed below.   329   N.E.   2d 880, 885.   With the clear intent that an investigation must ensue, and the reality of our own decision, as state or nation:   SHALL rule, what is or is not allowed.  167   P.  619, 620.   That begins the fundamental called  justice/ the legal right called ownership, of our lives, our planet, and our future.    203   S.E.   2d   739, 740.    Or more clearly THIS IS OUR DECISION/ not yours, not theirs, not even this nation:   because gambling with all life on earth, with the planet itself:    IS NOT YOUR RIGHT!  IT IS,    TERRORISM.


THE EXTREME THREATS:    WE CANNOT SURVIVE, not even as a world, WHEN PROVEN WRONG.  A gamble we cannot turn back.

1.   Because a tiny few said:    "Let us bring the fire on the sun here TO THIS EARTH!    The national ignition facility NIF  (with 500 trillion watts of power), and 192 lasers all surrounding and focused on the same spot in space and time”. Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.  They continue experimenting today, which means at any time, life on earth can be lost forever.

Their theory is:   "not enough gravity here to sustain it".  Is enough to risk all life on earth.  This is their defense for bringing that fire here/ that “ it will extinguish itself.”

Not a game, if that fire does not put itself out: then it grows, and consumes the earth; it burns atomic bonds: which means EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire.  That fire,  will eject our entire atmosphere in roughly 40 days.   They DO bet our lives on what  is literally a one time experiment/ NO going back!    We cannot put out a fire that is 8-10 million degrees hot/ with flames said to reach 12 times farther, than the distance of our moon to this planet. Which means we live or die, as a planet/ based upon their theory!



For threats,  2- 36 click here/ not all by a long way, but enough to understand.



            Having done all that I must do, for the sake of life and planet/ the rest is up to you.  Because it is your life too/ and very few fight for life.   The essence of every heartbeat is dependent upon true change, without it you will die, "a horrific death": so says the evidence against you.  Want DEMANDS NO/ but truth has nothing to do with want.  Our world has changed, because 7 billion + people have overridden nature's ability to survive and defeat us. That means what we do, decides life or death for nature and ourselves.

             The reality of a heart elevated, by the creation of love; learns what is true decides.  In contrast to that, I do have a choice;   your pride will demand "we are gods (our universities will save us)/ we don't have to change NOTHING".  But reality doesn't care what you want or think, only  what is true does decide life or death for us all. Lies always fail, and your leaders/ your societies/ your universities, and everything else are so corrupted, nothing will survive.  Thought presents to me, the possibility of doing more/ but you continue to refuse even the most simple concept of them all:   bringing the same fire here as is on the sun; WILL result in earth being a sun.  You even refuse to investigate/ your media absolutely refuse to protect you; about anything:  they are only "Sunday social news/ propaganda/ or its ok to fear". 

             Extinction looms;  However I choose simply to continue teaching/ these are some simple lessons, as I desire it to be. You must change yourselves, I cannot do it for you, "its not my right or possibility".  Whether you learn or continue to refuse, the opportunity was yours.  Elements of the heart/   Rules for relationships/ fundamentals of sexual behavior/ bribery and life/ no tears.  As to the traitorous conduct that denies due process of law in the US supreme court/ or the IL supreme court;   there is likely to be consequences, simply because pride hates to hide, it is a thief/ just like want is a liar/ and "loser, plots revenge".  Failure is consistent, wherever university goes:   not as the propaganda teaches you/ but as the reality of consequences hidden behind the doors they refuse to open suggest.  The university diploma rules government/ and government could not be more bankrupt.   "Pride steals/ and people lie" as is clear and present in this tax case


BELIEF, the elemental search


            The singular element within which "I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT" is elevated too, "god/ or an assumption of the purposes of god/ or words in a book; etc".  It is not without notice , that "I DON'T WANT THIS/ I DON'T WANT THIS, ETC" is the basis in fact for hate.  Thereby they function together at opposite extremes.  Want forms the assumption of love, in a simple mind; because it accepts that more of anything, particularly a trophy or prize will grant happiness: "I WIN/ or you lose".  It is momentary at best.  While "I don't want",   forms the critical descent which then becomes an opportunity to join hate, and despise the world of life.

            The religious expression of belief explained here,  is then NOT, directly functional by association, with what is experienced by want; assuming that theory is more than simple want.  The purpose being to discover what is worshiped without a right.  But the reality of belief,  is assembled by asking:   what is MORE important than want?  Want and belief are intertwined.


            What is not a "witches brew, or a sorcerer's intent" about this / humanity has not changed, only its tools, and the possibilities now,  of extreme tragedy, and complete death for this  world.

            When we consider the possibilities of a billion times a billion watts of energy transfer, all within a tiny area as is a laser beam/ the reality of lightning strikes do come to mind.  It is said that, one lightning strike at its maximum can generate a trillion watts of power (although none know for sure).  Nonetheless the exo-watt laser would then be equivalent to the release of one million= one trillion watt, lightning strikes all in the same place, all at the same time.  That is what "the university is doing next".  YOU know what lightning is.  We know that the fire on the sun exists/ how it is possible, a fire so ferocious as this will not light this planet on fire?  The university says, "not enough gravity here to sustain it"/ but if they are wrong, in this one time is enough experiment: this entire planet becomes another sun!   How is that worth the risk?

            As is consistent with the realities listed above, identified in these works;   to be led where the consequence of wisdom itself,  does not let you go: is a disaster waiting to happen for you.  We must gain wisdom, to understand the consequences of knowledge.  We must let truth decide what is commensurate with RESPECT for life and planet, rather than simply wanting "to be more" than truth itself will allow.  Without respect every relationship dies, that includes marriage and friendship, OR our ability to live on this planet.  Without value, the essence of discovery, and the foundation of discipline; the reality of opportunities for the future itself; simply die.  That includes the people who commit suicide/ and the people who prove they don't care about life, and gamble with our own.   Eternity is not without similar rules.  More of this,   the list of sites I provide.

THE LAW IS AN ARMY OF ONE; that represents all of us, as one law, one order of things, one decision for justice, life, and peace.  That law, is then used against those who fight against us/ or to defend those who are attacked.  "I want you to remember those words/ as you read".

             life as is nature, planet and environment, the critical structures of discipline, balance, and order MUST BE PROTECTED AND DEFENDED,These leaders SWORE, to obey the constitution, protect and defend our nation and our lives.YOU must make them as a nation/ OBEY THE LAW; you must prove an oath has meaning.   You enforce constitutional law with a legal tax revolt: insisting,  DO YOUR JOB AS SWORN, or you don't get paid;   same as us.  It is a duty owed to the state and nation, and world/ it is a contract signed by oath.  My demand in legal tax revolt (trials above) is a jury trial/ under the terms of democracy/ as is first amendment redress, it is the law!  OR more simply my demand is:  LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES, if they have been wronged. Let the evidence be presented to them.  Let them assess the risk of these extreme threats, "IT'S THEIR LIVES/ THEIR EVERYTHING"! They do have an absolute legal right!     The IL supreme court.

            Your leaders and your courts and your media all say NO; the people SHALL NOT be informed or have any say.   (they are cult worshipers) believers in  "The university knows"/ university is a god, "can't be wrong".  Believers that they are the superior ones and can make every decision for life or nation/ YOU cannot.  They absolutely want power,  and control over us as is consistent with organized crime. But established by extreme experiments is the truth:   WE CANNOT undue, what will destroy us, when released. If the same fire as is on the sun, DOES NOT extinguish itself (as their theory goes/ not enough gravity here; but they don't know what gravity even is.  Betting the entire planet anyway);   we all burn with this planet; just like the sun.  It is a true one time only experiment, once true ignition fundamentally occurs.  These leaders SWORE, to obey the constitution, protect and defend our nation and our lives.  They endanger and threaten us all, instead/ even the world itself.

City of Urbana

response by James F. Osterbur                                               

re: your letter   (Parking ticket complaint)   7/ 22/ 2013


dated today;   7/ 27/ 13


            In this day of university organization that has trodden down democracy, and invaded every aspect of our lives; are now grouped together, from the least to the highest levels: same.  By stealing our property/ destroying our constitution/ corrupting our courts/ and flagrantly infiltrating every aspect of freedom, to declare “obey us, or we make you pay”.  Regardless what that level of freedom is/ a rule for everything is a tyrant establishing oppression.  The foundation of anarchy that is we the rulers (having discarded employment and equality) of this state, city, or nation will not obey constitutional law.  As has been proven time and again on my sites; starting at is merely the beginning of proof:   we have nothing left of our democracy, but traitors,  liars, and their lies.  The foundation of theft so flagrant that we are now 200 trillion dollars in debt;   as is depicted on the federal reserve site but does not include the 70 trillion or so of social security debt.  The lies and liars who counterfeiting our money, still had not enough and  gave away our business/ selling our nation to foreigners/ driving our opportunities away, so that we become beggars, or must accept the very limited realities of only a tiny few hold every job/ a tiny few control everything.  Threatening our nation, and  Destroying our world, as is clearly assigned by threats listed below

            The assertion is, that you have a legal right to violate constitutional law, and infiltrate my life/ trespass upon my property/ and oppress and change the meaning of freedom, the virtue of liberty: and assume your rule controls my life.  That begins the construction of a claim assembled  within amendment 3, you have  intended to take possession of the property, and install your soldiers to keep watch that my freedom may be crushed by your rule.  Just because a handful of people made a rule which violates property rights and freedom to choose for myself;  as held sacred and true by any and all citizens and all property owners/ has no meaning unless it does comply with constitutional laws.  You do not.  The elemental demand that is freedom/ a guaranteed right within constitutional law DOES construct the singular demand:   I shall NOT be told what I can do or not do, unless these actions demonstrate a critical demonstration of clear threat that cannot be understood as consistent with biological laws and fundamental physical realities/ OR accepted by common practice in society itself.  Without a clear and true need : Your taking control over my property, or my rights in association with that property, or my requirements of work as is consistent with job and life:   is criminal trespass/ as you have no valid argument of threat.  As established in the extra ordinary writ arising from 11 cv 2023;   you have no respect for zoning or law or citizen rights or any part of the reality called governing in a democracy.  The courts threw  that away.   Therefore NO authority to intervene, regardless of the fact that you may not like what I do, legally exists.  You have established treason;   your job is to establish and insure the guarantees of constitutional law/ instead, you have invaded democracy as traitors, and seek to rule over us as tyrants.  Critical threats established is not subject to your decision alone/ you are not god/ you are not ruler/ you are merely employees who have gone to far, again and again and again without responsibilities or duties owed to a worm.  The disrespect proven by you for life, for every citizen, for this world is without doubt.  The failure is horrendous. The endless listing of your fantasies, criminal conduct as has been proven in court,  failures in every aspect of society, use of every child as your slave or pawn is tedious and without purpose.  Rather the primary threats of your fantasy and total disregard for life and planet in conjunction with all rulers, who have deliberately acted against the constitution of this USA,/ is treason.  These actions chosen to destroy the securities of this people/ have defied all pretense and purpose of law/ and are now proven to seek to destroy life in this world totally.   Fundamentally, that can only be proven as nothing less than a satanic cult, out to destroy life/ a religious delusion of “university knows” gone completely insane.  These facts Are defined within the term by tragic, catastrophe, horror story;   or in other words “a university diploma”.  As is the singular constant among, “Those who led us here”. 


    The accumulation of threats,   237  U.S.  309.  Its understanding:   as is consistent with our legal right to defend and protect ourselves, your children, our future, our nation, and our world:   25   F   556,  558.  are listed below.   329   N.E.   2d 880, 885.   With the clear intent that an investigation must ensue, and the reality of our own decision, as state or nation:   SHALL rule, what is or is not allowed.  167   P.  619, 620.   That begins the fundamental called  justice/ the legal right called ownership, of our lives, our planet, and our future.    203   S.E.   2d   739, 740.    Or more clearly THIS IS OUR DECISION/ not yours, not theirs, not even this nation:   because gambling with all life on earth, with the planet itself:    IS NOT YOUR RIGHT!  IT IS,    TERRORISM.


THE EXTREME THREATS:    WE CANNOT SURVIVE, not even as a world, WHEN PROVEN WRONG.  A gamble we cannot turn back.

1.   Because a tiny few said:    "Let us bring the fire on the sun here TO THIS EARTH!    The national ignition facility NIF  (with 500 trillion watts of power), and 192 lasers all surrounding and focused on the same spot in space and time”. Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.  They continue experimenting today, which means at any time, life on earth can be lost forever.

Their theory is:   "not enough gravity here to sustain it".  Is enough to risk all life on earth.  This is their defense for bringing that fire here/ that “ it will extinguish itself.”

Not a game, if that fire does not put itself out: then it grows, and consumes the earth; it burns atomic bonds: which means EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire.  That fire,  will eject our entire atmosphere in roughly 40 days.   They DO bet our lives on what  is literally a one time experiment/ NO going back!    We cannot put out a fire that is 8-10 million degrees hot/ with flames said to reach 12 times farther, than the distance of our moon to this planet. Which means we live or die, as a planet/ based upon their theory!


            THE ARROGANCE required to gamble with all life on earth/ is beyond insane;   which can only then mean, “this is satanic”.   These are university terrorists, plain and simple and without exception.  Those who support them in governmental employ ARE TRAITORS.  They are criminals who have chosen to gamble with our lives, our everything, YOURS TOO.  Which is TREASON.


From me in opposition:  So we begin again on the theory of gravity that the sun is extremely massive, and thereby the anchor itself, in solar construction;  as mass.  Thermal dynamics, or Thermal expansion means that the fire seen on the sun has grown apart from its source fuel/ because it must, or be turned back upon itself. Consequently the fire by expansion lifts from the surface of its fuel.  As is plainly seen with a candle.  The sun is not, “the functional reality of its flames.  Instead clearly we know by thermal dynamics;  that the energy has expanded enough to allow room for itself on top of the flame.  Heat expansion requires it/ the greater the heat, the more room required.  Because this is a sphere, we know that the expansion is even greater than what would normally be seen here on earth, because there is no place else for that expansion to go, other than out.   Like a flame on top of a candle/ the heat expansion rises above its fuel source, by a substantial amount even at a temperature change of roughly 500 degrees F.  Your scientists proclaim that the aurora, outer edges of the sun’s flame are millions of miles long and millions of degrees F hot.  That means, the actual mass at the center of the sun CANNOT be anywhere near the mass they believe it is/ because thermal expansion will not allow it.  It is a law of the physical universe.    The propaganda media refuse to allow any information that is not functionally in worship of the “university knows”/ even though our world is literally at stake; that means only religion can be this blind.  That means only a cult and its worshipers can be this determined to exterminate our lives with their own beliefs.    Substantively fools, and worse.


            Lesson five:   your scientists theorize that the mass of the sun,  is extremely hot at its core.  They base their entire conclusion about gravity on this illusion.  However the facts cannot support that theory, in any shape or form.  If the core was on fire, then the entire mass is being consumed,  all at the same time.  IF THE ENTIRE MASS is being consumed at the same time/ as is a house on fire, all at the same time: it will be reduced to ashes quickly/ and will not be sustainable for long periods of time.  We know the sun is relatively speaking: about as hot as it was several thousand years ago, by written human history; therefore we know that the relationship between a sustainable fire, and a fire that is literally out of control is determined by how much fuel is being burned/ at once.  To retain its fire at a constant level, for these thousands of years:   it cannot be consuming all its fuel at once. Rather that fuel is suctioned up, in the flames above/ the mass underneath considerably cooler than they expect, because heat radiates outward.

            Lesson six:   in the reality of a supernova, as your scientists state, “they know”.  The first part of that reality in time and space is: for the flames of a sun to grow in size and heat.  Therefore we know, that MORE FUEL is being burned.  Simple as that, no other physical force can cause this effect/ therefore proven true.  For more fuel to be burned, there must be fuel available that has not been involved in the flames before.  That means the core cannot be burning as your scientists say/ unless they can prove as they suggest:   the heavier materials are last to be burned at the center core.  Which would mean:   somehow the lighter/ less dense materials such as hydrogen would be burned first.  That is contrary, and in open denial of  gravitational pull/ and thereby unproven or dis-proven by their own theory.  Because heavier materials sink to the bottom/ center first;  is that not so.  Consequently for a sun to burn as they say:  it must consume the heavier materials first/ because that is what is available at the core. Leaving only less energetic materials/ with less gravitational pull for last.  So they have defeated their own theory.  Even so, the composite description demands a major explosion at the end of this cycle: without “dense explosive materials” how is that possible?  Again proven wrong.  When only the lighter materials are left, it is simply a flame dying out, smothering itself so to speak/ and the mass that is left;  turns cold.

            Lesson seven: your scientists declare, “that the sun is made out of hydrogen/ a gas”; because that is what their spectra-graph shows (lines that show a chemical signature, in a machine dividing the physical view of light).  There is no doubt as to the fact that the most common “release of ash” so to speak, during a fusion fire is the least massive or most simple combination possible in atomic environments. Because everything else has burned away.  Not a lot of pollutants coming off the sun from that fire/ which means nothing escapes, but the simplest elements, most of which can be reformed as they escape. The simplest elements possible to reform;   are hydrogen first, and some potential helium.   Or more simply the sun is NOT made of hydrogen/ the hydrogen seen is simply the result of the fusion process, the reassembly of what is left:  its “smoke” if you will/ which turns out to be hydrogen.

            So then lets review: your university diplomas/ with your political leaders providing your money: are gambling this entire planet and all life on earth/ BASED UPON the simple theory, “there is not enough gravity here on earth;” to allow fusion fire to continue burning.  They consider it to be, an explosion that simply continues on as fire/ rather than an actual explosion that expands so rapidly it cannot be contained as fire.  Which means to them that such an extreme gravity exists, a pressure so immense that it melts the core; which holds the fire to the sun.

            The critical review of fire however, even here on earth where we know the difference between a molecular fire, as is common fire/ and a molecular explosion as is seen in such things as TNT, are not the same.  There is a difference between an explosion, and a fire/ the energy release is entirely different. Which means the situational realities are also completely different.  They assume that a thermo-nuclear bomb is fusion released; because of the energy/ rather than a fission bomb as is considered to be the first atomic bombs used.  However, where is their proof?

            The university is merely liar or fool.   So says the evidence.


2.    When you hear the words truthfully, that understands with all certainty: the university terrorists are mutilating every form of life on this planet/ altering life as they themselves describe.  Fully knowing the reality of pandemic's are generally created when a disease crosses species barriers: and these terrorists are doing it intentionally, “EVERYDAY”. Literally injecting chaos, into the genetic (NATURE IS, the building of a living body) reality of our lives, and our world.   Quote: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.... fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....not only life as we know it/ but also "life as it might be"...synthetic biology-including synthetic organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, origin of life, paleogenetics.... cloned...first human embryos.  Quote:   created an organism with manmade DNA...worth more than a trillion dollars..."its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA.....and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet.  The danger is not just bio-terror, but "bio-error"... sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ....labs thousands of miles away.

             NATURE ITSELF,  is the "factory and instructions and utilities etc/ that build the bodies of life" called DNA.  The realities which give us movement, thought, senses, options, and the abilities to make a decision.  The consequences of growth from its initiation as a body, to the balanced/ disciplined/ and orderly existence separated by boundaries which keep us all alive as is our truth.  Not a game, every living thing is at risk! Balance “two hands/ two eyes, etc.   Disciplines, including thought, eye focus, “sewage” realities.  Order: if your muscles are not grown in a specific sequence, and through a distinct pattern: “nothing works correctly”.  ETC!  Evolution is “chaos controls everything”/ chaos build order and disciplines and balance and thought;   without a single atom worth of evidence.  They then suggest, “WE SHOPPED, and picked out anything we wanted, it was all free”/ a religion without substance or merit: a fools fantasy! What did you build out of chaos/ what comes out of destruction but death?  Thought alone builds.           But reality knows:      what builds us/ can just as easily destroy us instead: and they choose to make that happen, by mutilating all life. 

            Quote: "Building an evolvable physical self-replicating machine is a grand challenge.  The main problem is that the device must be capable of hereditary variation, that is replicating in many configurations-configurations into which it enters unpredictably by mutation. Template replication is the solution found by nature........replication must be maintained by preventing side reactions such as spontaneous ligation, cyclization, product inhibition, and elongation of staggered ends. The last of these three results in every lengthening sequences in a process known as the elongation catastrophe.  The extreme specificity of structure required by the monomers is indirect evidence of some kind of natural ......prior to


            FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: as is the reality of the last paragraph made above: biology is NOT a simple mix of chemicals in a pot, stirred/ it is not numbers to be rearranged.  Mutilations cannot be undone.  Pandemic's cannot be reversed. Lives destroyed, bodies of life horrifyingly mutilated intentionally: is crucifixion of life itself.    It is the intent of these fools, to play god and create a “new existence of life”/ replacing this creation with their own version of “chaos, as initiated by man”.  They want evolution to mutilate everything, “so they can laugh and play, and pretend they are gods”.  They will get HORROR/ TERROR/ MUTILATION WITHOUT END/ AND ALL THINGS DESTROYED, without the slightest chance to stop the reduction of life, into slime, before it completely ends as all life on earth.  That is what they do!

            Your geneticists ARE:   True terrorists trying to destroy a world;   as is consistent with their other accomplishments. Biological weapons can kill 97% + already, of humanity; created to threaten us all.  These university mutilations are things just like biological warfare against us; and they are released into the environment by university and others: with your money, every day!  EVERY dollar you give them for “medical research” becomes another nail in your coffin, as they dig your graves, and prepare worms to invade your lives, arms that will simply fall off, and a list of horror TOO GRIEVOUS to even list.   Media propaganda demanding your support/ hiding in absolute arrogance, & refusing the elemental knowledge of what happens when this all goes wrong, is constant throughout leadership.  Creating the foundation necessary to build a cult of fools; out of you/ and a deadly mix of insanity, coming rage, and a complete failure of life.


With our money, and with support from our universities, and leaders:   these exist to create Armageddon: which does mean,  “Nature in chaos”.  A reality you will never escape, once it takes over life.

            Terrorism and traitors to a world, and to every child.  Nothing less than a cult, can be this insane, this totally and completely arrogant, without a cause:   merely an assumption, a theory, a delusion, or the clear reality of hatred against life itself;    “kill them all”.


3.     Consider the next big thing of university and government intent,    an exowatt laser:   stated to be 1million times more energy , than 10 billion 100 watt light bulbs of heat, packed into a single focused laser beam.  (Grab a 100 watt light bulb and see.  Imagine the heat of every person on earth 7 BILLION of us/  holding 1.4 million :  one hundred watt light bulbs EACH):  A fire so ferocious/ PACKED INTO A LASER BEAM;    That it will ignite the same fire as is on the sun/ here upon this earth instantly.  Or in simpler terms, it is one million, one trillion volt (largest lightning strikes possible), all hitting the exact same spot in time and place at once.  They have no use for it, the only thing suggested is “we can boil the vacuum of space”.

            The exowatt laser does represent the single most likely event to destroy this world quickly, by creating the same fire here as is on the sun:   expected roughly 9/1/2015.   Do you doubt the fire on the sun exists/ that same fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away, right here on earth.   Although the other threats, are equally dangerous/ this appears to be the most immediate crisis that can be critically determined: it will end our world, with just one experiment that works.  That means:  Time does run out/ this world dies only once.  Are you willing to be WRONG? There is no going back, these are life or death trials for our entire world.  How much more information do you really need?   Still believe them?  These are the people who say:    All the mass in the entire universe came from “one tiny needle point in space”/ so says their math.   Try finding your mind, and asking:   really all the mass in this entire universe came from one area no bigger than, one tiny needle point!   All the mass of you/ all the mass of this planet/ all the mass or this solar system/ all the mass of thousands of galaxies from one tiny spot:  WAKE THE HELL UP,        YOU DAMN FOOLS/ find your mind.

             It is noteworthy to understand, biblical prophecy declares in the book of Daniel:   that from the single worst possible decision that humanity can make, it will be 1298 days until the end of time.  Roughly the expected difference in time between the national ignition facility beginning/ and this exowatt laser in operation.  Not a theory, a fact.

             It goes on to say there will be an additional 40 days or so, before everything is dead; or more simply that is the amount of time required for an atomic fire (the burning of atomic bonds)  to eject our entire atmosphere.  For this earth:     A lake of fire comes true.

            SATAN is here, hidden behind the closed doors of a university/ a cult of fools leading to death; as is proven by NOT A SINGLE DECISION PROTECTS OR DEFENDS OR RESPECTS LIFE, OR PLANET.      That fact,  removed from review by the use of “foreign languages” that cannot be understood by the majority; and protected from confrontation by a media that is nothing less than psychotic believers in a cult.  Or a court so corrupt that it worships power more than life.  That is the reality of counterfeit money, wherein all “supply and demand” as is the basis of resource protection has been destroyed/ and fantasy rules, tyrants control with rules and the refusal to obey our laws, the slaves (you have no money, you are 200 trillion dollars in debt as a nation; which means you work for nothing, even though lies control) are oppressed, and the end of our world, our nation, and our future are all in view.


4.   We add:   university Scientists said:      "lets play with the single most destructive event in the history of this universe".  They have currently created a 5 trillion watt explosion at CERN: the instantaneous release of 3.2 billion btu’s of energy or 67 billion units of horsepower.  In their tiny cage fueled by numerous atomic energy power plants. Not a game.   Very NEAR to igniting that fire, which would destroy us/ or changing atomic order to explode the planet, as in “the big bang”.  Other planetary damage as well.        Fools without a brain, diseased children that have intentionally mutilated their own minds.


            FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: Their reality at CERN:  is an environment of extreme atomic de-stabilization/ coupled to an electron mass so extensive: that it can allow a completely different state of energy suspended outside of time.  That electrons WILL retain its connection here.  Or more simply: even just one impact that escapes the consequences of time in this experiment, can multiply and influence changes in every other proton that is going through that energy, causing it to grow.   The stage is then set with a cloud of electrons set apart from the nucleus of atomic structure/ considerable lost, to the surrounding environment; but what remains is "determined".  Three things happen when "a train wreck of protons" above the energy levels called time are caused to exist.  1.  The orbital reality of electrons is moved to chaos, but still connected.  2. The critical structure of a proton/ neutron relationship is changed to become aggravated: relieved of disciplines called time.   3.  A separated environment establishes its own rules and laws.

The answer is:   that a big bang did not happen without structural disintegration.  That means: SOMETHING "sliced and diced" the mass  to be blown apart prior to the big event so that everything could go at once.  That means in real terms "a proton" so energized no physical resistance could oppose that force, existed against it.   But tied by "electrons", this force  moved back and forth through the mass at tremendous speed.  Thereby destroying atomic order (time itself), a little with every pass.   THIS is what they do!  They choose to destroy time itself.


If you have no mind to understand there ARE realities here so described that require us all to be involved:   IT IS OUR WORLD THEY PLAY WITH/ OUR EVERYTHING THEY ENDANGER!  Then you are both coward and cult worshiper.  Because nothing less allows you to escape the mental argument:    WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG, with this entire world or its life.   You have no excuse, either you fight for life/ or you worship their devil: the reality of an arrogance so extreme, they are dead inside.


            Separated from extreme threats listed above: but still able, prepared and ready;   to damage or destroy us all.   Forced into many courtrooms by me,  under REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, our constitutional law guaranteed to each citizen.  BUT:     REFUSED by every court/   the demand,  TO INFORM “the people, and let them decide, for themselves”, if these university decisions can continue.  REFUSED, by every leadership, courts, religion, and media.   All worshipers of the cult “university knows”/ all providing the covering that  hides and allows this cancer, this arrogance so extreme our entire world dies:   from being investigated or understood by “the common humanity”.   They are your rulers, which means their purpose and their reality is ANARCHY.    Because, Their decision to destroy constitutional law, and replace it with their rules, is nothing less than oppression, the defiance of law, and the deliberate intent to use force the force of lawyers, the reality of bankruptcy;   “They will steal ALL your money”.  To control our lives, steal our possessions, and then destroy our very world to keep their failures and criminal decisions from being known.  What could be more corrupt?


REFUSED, by media, courts, leaders, religion, and more:

               THE RIGHT TO KNOW, AND TO INVESTIGATE the consequences of what these realities mean, and why they exist by the evidence to be examined. OR more simply, the consequences of being WRONG!  The right to decide for yourselves!   As a DEMOCRACY.    ALL DENIED.   Not a leader found anywhere who could or would support the simple fact:     We the people have a right to know, how our lives, our planet, our nature, our world, our resources, our future, your children, and every possible threat is destroying EVERYTHING.   WE HAVE A LEGAL  RIGHT, to the guarantees of law/ the protection of property/ the sanity of NOT PLAYING, where we absolutely CANNOT BE WRONG:   or we, as life on this planet will be destroyed forever.    How is that not less than complete, and utter tyranny? 


OUR LIVES ARE THREATENED WITH MORE;   and not one leader will speak out to say, we MUST know what is the truth about these things.  NOT ONE courtroom will defend your existence or this world.  And your university gods, are either worthless, or the direct and true instigators that bring these catastrophe’s,  to each of us.


1.  We burn more oxygen with fire, than this earth can produce/ you also cut down, mutilate, or destroy the very organisms that produce the oxygen we need.   Biosphere 2 project clearly defined the amount of oxygen being produced.  "The average person uses about 3,000 liters of air to breathe a day; a small car, driving one hour, over  average distances:  use thirty times that much. A large truck over one hundred times more."  Think about it: using more oxygen just for fire, or motors,  than the planet makes/ WHAT happens next?  The answer is, the OZONE layer is the storage container for thousands of years of excess oxygen generation: when its gone, “its just the atmosphere”, and what this earth can make.  Answer the question; are you going to survive?  No, not without true change, in your human behaviors.  Not without considering every green leaf, and every other form of oxygen generation valuable.


2.   Antibiotics are failing/ which means the factory farm is nearly extinct: a single pandemic then destroys the entire herd; across this world (taking your food with it).  Close confinement DOES NOT work without antibiotics in feed.   We cannot wait to rebuild, ANY livestock herd or flock/ and probably can’t.   The ability to survive destroyed, because of disease manipulation that ends in its ability to destroy us.   Too many mouths to feed.  We have NO OTHER means or substantial methods left:  to raise or keep these animals currently; therefore it will be cannibalism.  Antibiotics are what make most of your healthcare possible; surgery without is worthless for most/ the disease will get you, particularly if you open the skin. "All gone, for a few pennies, and a little ease".   In addition, Pharmaceuticals of all kinds/ mutilations of plants and animals/ human engineering without the slightest conception of more than “one damn thing”; sucked in by the handfuls, swallowed everyday, poisons everywhere, etc; ARE without doubt causing the increases in autism, asthma, and more.  Mutilated foods are a clear concern in allergies/ and the livestock which eats that mutilated crop, can easily become allergic itself, to it; which means they then all die, and cannot be returned. People have been known to become allergic to all foods.  Your “federal experts” are a tiny handful of people guessing: and being paid well, to guess as they are told/ or as their religious university cult demands, “believe in us”!  Consider all your “pharmaceutical, bad drug:  lawsuits”/ and the reality of information spread to eliminate those lawsuits:   without a single word as to the reality of numbers that are already known to have been injured.  Not to mention all those who were killed or injured that could not be linked to a specific drug.  They exist, or existed.


3.  Only one inch of rain reaches or replenishes an aquifer/ per fifty inches of rainfall/ that is in an aquifer that can be replenished.  Ethanol is added to fifteen percent of all gasoline used in the USA/ times at least three gallons of water to make it/ times (guessing another two for irrigation, etc). The Ogahalla aquifer stretching across several states is known to be nearly dry: “the dust bowl returns” with no end in sight. IN A DECADE or so. You lose “a billion bushels, and more”.   Trillions of gallons of water have been pumped into gas fields/ oil fields/ coal mining/  used in chemicals/ made toxic by chemicals/  contaminated from radiation or garbage/ removed from saturation into the aquifer by tiling; and a whole lot more.

Go find out: what are you going to drink.  Ask where are these people going to go, to survive once the water is gone.  Test your wells, particularly where ethanol is made:   when will it go dry/ measure it?  The aquifer can collapse.  Understand this is no game/ it makes war, without mercy or ending.   The reality of opening gas pressures beneath an aquifer:   sure as hell ain’t worth no damn job.  It takes only one earthquake (or other possibilities), to change what is contained gas, from under a water source:  to become a released gas, in the water:   we cannot drink it; even in immense aquifers, at a billion to one “kills the water”, everything is lost very quickly!   Just like the Japanese who built next to the ocean relying upon: “our generators are great/ nothing bad can happen”; you are now very vulnerable.   As tsunami’s prove.  But then the people who say it, “can’t happen”  do commonly leave/ or take the money and run away, when things go bad.  No water means no life/ very few days to survive.


4. There are experiments in nano technology, small enough particles to invade cellular structure and clog immunology, function, foundations of life and life processes as well as other cellular activities Self replicating means: potentially complete overtaking of the biological system/ even every biological creature or plant on earth.  Can’t get rid of it/ can’t stop it: pandemic IS a true possibility.   Your media presents only propaganda, “it will be great”.

5. The advances to artificial intelligence are an easily detectable threat. It will be horrible because it can be horrible/ not because it has to be?  Machines to kill you, controlled by a tiny few: is the essence of insanity itself: we are trapped, they just won’t die.   Your media presents only propaganda, “it will be great”. With GPS tracking every person and every phone call, we will find you “anywhere”.   Preparations are already underway/ hitler will be considered a petty criminal after this.  But not to worry, “you have guns”/ isn’t that so?  So when the leaders order: go get their guns: “telling the police and military,  its your job” (call for backup)/ and the people refuse, we won’t let you take the only protection they believe in  away (call for backup); the ensuing massacre heard around the world.  It Is a bloodshed event, that will be HORRIFIC, after all, you got guns/ who doesn’t need one, dies too.  The reality in advance:    With bribes being paid by counterfeit money:   the result of which is, that all the property in this nation is being sold to a tiny few, or to foreigners everywhere including foreign nations.  “Like Palestine” YOU TOO, are about to wake up without a nation to live in.  “Its all gone”/ they bought our nation and moved us out.  Your media says nothing. And american  counterfeit money taken in  place of your titles and property, will dissolve into nothing, “overnight”.  None will save you, either the money survives/ or the courts are dead:  “its their law”; you get nothing, unless you remove the law, and begin again with your own; under constitutional rule.   Failure means:   guns are all that is left.  One hundred million armed, and trusting no one; it is the apocalypse:   BLOOD EVERYWHERE.

            Can’t happen here, it already has.  Search REIT’s and find out who owns your nation/ find out who owns the property, and how they bought it with counterfeit inflated dollars, that you have nothing to do with.  The university diploma’s:   don’t share the numbers, “do they”?  Hell no, its theirs/ all theirs, YOU can beg or die, or surrender as slaves considered worthless.

              Last year the federal government borrowed 1.5 trillion dollars or so, that they admit too/ that equals $15,000.00 per one in three citizens of new debt.  Your media says nothing. That does not include the inflation directly responsible for controlling the GDP numbers, from manufacturing and all forms of actual business.  By changing  roughly 5 trillion dollars of actual work and products.  Into 14 trillion dollars, “courtesy of wall street, and your big bankers”.  If it didn’t come from business/ THEN it is “imaginary money, and a promise to pay/ what cannot be paid”.   Because one trillion dollars is equal to $10,000.00 per each and every one of 100 million people.  That is the math.  This is your debt, “the number 1 equals one billion dollars”.  Federal reserve table L.5.  But it does not include $70 trillion or so in social security, nor state debts; and without doubt bonds hidden everywhere in schools and counties and cities and private debts; etc.  If you look at the federal reserve table, you will find gold:   divide the gold by the price per ounce today/ and it is NOT   “Fort Knox full”.  Just a semi load, or so, for the entire nation.  “Reagan” sold it all, do you not remember removing all accountability from the money supply/ and the media didn’t say a word.  Clinton hid social security debt, by separating it from the federal tables, saying “it’s the people’s debt to themselves/ not the governments responsibility”.  BUT THEY KEPT THE MONEY, and didn’t fund anything in social security, claiming in that lie:    “We balanced the budget, and federal government owes nothing, “to the people’s own pension fund”.  And your media said nothing.   But, The people then all said:   “Oh boy, MORE bribes”, don’t look no farther; don’t make us pay: LET GREED CONTROL:    LIE TO US.   STILL think BANKRUPTCY, can’t happen here?  Dumbass, YOU are hiding/ demanding war to resolve this reality.  Take over the court, and the nation with redress:   and find your own legal  solutions.  It’s the law, we own as WE THE PEOPLE!


6. The introduction of mutilations such as Bt corn (kill any insect that bites, sicken many insects in contact with the pollen/ and the pesticides based upon that same chemical reaction/ or other types of killing. Now spraying the cities too, including private yards.   DOES sicken the entire living world that lives on insects, or lives on the results of insects. Killing the insect world, IS transforming the rest, by destroying “the bottom up, as we know it” of the food chain of life; that does include us, as it goes up.  This IS destroying a vital link in the chain of life on earth.  Cities and yards the same; poisoning everything is poisoning life itself, no escape for life, is a dead mind.

            This is:  The determined end of habitat for insects, and for all but what men want.  This  IS the extinction of species, by removal of diversity/ the end of more than you can imagine.  By poisoning everything in sight, out of sight,  water, ocean, and everything else. Devastating OUR POLLINATORS, the creatures who ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR; an entire base food source to this human world. The entire system of pollination, from all its creatures, to all its seeds (sterilized or mutated), to all its life is being decimated.  We are about to enter and  live within and forever changed as, "a true silent spring". Where fruits and vegetables no longer exist/ where much of life itself is soon to be extinct, in one very fast “can’t survive this anymore”: man killed us all.  You cannot take life apart by decimating:   the food, the homes, sicken, alter or injure  reproduction, breaking apart the chains of life and more:   without extinction. You are guilty of horrific actions against creation itself.  As is so evident today, and will accelerate; because that, is what you do.  The only thing left: will be swarms of insects dedicated to the plants men do want: MORE poison/ more adaption/ much more aggression in insects, worms, and more;   that will be transformed to attack humanity itself.  Your immunity to these attacks will fail. Your ability to revive the plants and animals you genetically altered will fail; you sterilized them/ you chose to mutilate them. You will be cannibals, on your way to starvation and war.  Your university gods, as they now believe themselves to be, “shall long be dead; ; crucified most likely”/ it’s a reward for destroying life on earth, with absolute arrogance and complete disrespect.  But hey, listen to the media, and “be happy”; your gods are in charge today.


7. Fail to feed fish populations that you have so badly decimated, and they cannot return/ therefore you starve; and WAR.   Global warming exists as is proven by the loss of ice cover in the ocean/ it is that simple.  In 2011-12  a size larger in area  than the United States of America disappeared.  Much of the initiating  ocean food chain begins on the bottom of those ice flows.  Therefore not only is the ice gone/ but so is the food/ and so is the relief from human trawlers (can’t get me here) dedicated to “taking them all/ leave nothing for the future”.  Just so you know;    the only thing we have to spare to feed the ocean is: dead human bodies.   Or more simply “you’re dead shredded for food/ or your own life and child starving”:   choose.  The ocean feeds over a billion people/ you already have a billion hungry/ and another billion coming before 2020.  And you are literally about to cause life in the ocean to go extinct.


8. "It's a choice"/ or more clearly its your choice: to fight for this world or just surrender as cowards!  Time To Think for yourself; or continue as a cult of believers in “those who claim to be gods”.  The media and its constant propaganda “the university knows”;   regardless of how little you are told about anything important or real.   Is subjected to the term:   brainwashing from the cult of their religion “university cannot be wrong”: must be stopped.   We are believers/ must be turned into:    We demand,   TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND FULLY:    WHY these threats exist, and shall be judge and jury ourselves, about who is right or wrong/ and what that means to our future, and this planet

            The tragedy of belief is:   you can believe anything you want/ it is absolutely irrelevant what you believe; that is “mental freedom”.  But only truth determines if, or what,  is real.

              Truth is NOT a game or a theory, or a delusion by its fantasy.  Truth is not “this makes me money: so shut the hell up”.  Truth is reality proven, by consistency; or proven by the fundamental:   even without true knowledge established by life itself/ I believe love can do this.   Because Love is a truth, substantiated by the realities of caring and sharing and respect for an individual life or its work.   The elemental threat is:   that you have been led, (you have been told what to think/ rather than given the information for understanding or investigating any suggestion or assumption or theory, for  yourselves); therefore you fail/ because they hide that information in “foreign languages which does include math”.   Today,  we do stand at the edge of extermination from this planet.   Because your leaders “believe in university knows/ after all, they have diplomas too, and they stole your money with the endless bribes of university owns both life and planet;   let the rest be our slaves”.  The evidence of threat,   proves these leaders entirely wrong, in terms of:     LIFE, and our DEMOCRACY in every decision,  MUST COME FIRST!  They have all done exactly the opposite of protecting or defending or respecting life or planet or a resource or ourselves.  They have prepared extinction/ and continually deny without cause or law, the realities of threat presented to them:   so they can continue to play ruler over us/ to play god, over our world.  The end result will be:   DEATH by HORROR.  Unless you quickly save yourselves, by understanding what can be done to change these threats, and save ourselves. Stop the fools/ stop the counterfeiting/ take away the tools/ destroy their power, by ending their ability to make laws; and giving that right only to yourselves.  And much more.  PROTECT AND DEFEND LIFE, BY CHOOSING     LIFE COMES FIRST, FOREVER.  Never again shall money rule!


9. Evolution is their excuse for mutilation.  They say, it will fix anything they destroy/ so they can destroy anything, and not be concerned for life: IT IS “a pure (can’t be decontaminated, it must be erased from existence) fool’s dream and fantasy”/ THE RECIPE for HELL.   In contrast: The cult worships themselves with the expectation:  Something new will come out of your chaos, their intentional destruction of life on earth, thereby proving they can be gods.  OR in their own words (we CAN MUTILATE LIFE, because evolution will fix it) "in a million years or so". You want to wait a million years? They have proven nothing, but adaption:   the sign of perfect design, and clear thought:  “I knew, this would be needed”.   Evolution is the basis of genetic mutilation:   “We can do anything we want”/ without responsibility, TO LIFE!  IT IS “A PURE (what could be worse; but do remember above, the university is everywhere in threats, that exist as an exterminator of life).  They are: the THREAT OF EXTINCTION”.  They choose nothing for life.  They steal everything they can.  They respect no one but themselves.  They gamble with every life on earth.  They consider themselves to be your gods/ DEVILS INSTEAD, Has been proven true.   Not every single one, but the foundation for extinct has been laid: and all the evidence by design;   points to them.


10. Of the various things available for us to see the past/ one of the most clear is: that to have created the vast amount of coal, oil, and gas underground/   major caches of organic debris had to be accumulated.  Then some buried thousands of feet down/ all at the same time.  The ONLY KNOWN mechanism to do this is:  There had to be a world wide flood/ nothing else could bury this amount of debris, all buried at one time, in the same places, on top of each other;   so as to produce these quantities of fossil fuel.  Or relatively pure (not much sand, etc) carcasses of life, crushed together, and decayed, into coal, oil, and gas. The same religion that establishes this flood declares, "the next time" by fire. So enters;   fire as on the sun, and specifically the exowatt laser!  A religious prophecy or not:   we do stare at “this fire, can  come true”!  “Lake of fire, and so on”.  From thousands of years ago, the relationship of days/ the reality of fire as “content of the story” established in the book called Daniel, does now exist.  Turning the water in wormwood (gas invading the aquifers)  now exists.  And more.


11. THERE IS NO WORK/ NO LIFE, WITHOUT RESOURCES. How long before you have nothing left? How long, before a critical part, a critical material or element, disappears forever? The future assassinated, along with every child!  The business media brags:   “in the last ten years” we have produced and sold,  more than the entire history of humanity put together.  How long, before it is all gone, with 7,000,000,000 people demanding, wanting, and needing every single day “for a hundred years or whatever it is they live before they die”?   How many does a desert keep alive?  Your life too.  Answer the question/ your future demands it.


12.  Fools demand, global warming does not exist.  The question however is:   More simply, when the ice melts, you cannot "make cold" anymore.  The human caused heat required to melt this amount of ice:   will NOT have anything to stop it soon.  That result is:   As simple as “your glass of water cannot be cooled without ice”/ neither can this world, without that ice.  This world will increase in temperature by ten degrees a year;   soon!  Because it is a “multiplying cycle”/ the more it accelerates, the more it accelerates.  Great amounts of ice have melted, some say enough for a 20 inch rise in sea level around this earth. THAT IS, ALL THE PROOF REQUIRED: TO demand change; because GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL!  But it is not the only threat.  This means you have moved "billions of tons of  weight" from its location on one tectonic plate/ to another tectonic plate shifting the balance and disrupting the stability of these earth structures.  You do this with mining too.  De-stabilizing the world itself.  The result:  Creating tsunami’s, earthquakes to come, etc.  The major impact on global warming is not only burning fossil fuels/ but air conditioning:   heat to generate electricity/ more heat to remove the heat.  Blaming greenhouse gases is just an excuse to remove responsibility:   “It’s the planets fault”.  Dumbass, you cannot replace the water/ you cannot do anything but stop the insanity and choose for our planet; or die.  The consequences are many, in ways far exceeding your imagination.


13. The current situation in USA with weather: is likely to remain abnormally hot and dry: on average/ because ground temperature can prove there is no great deviation from hot to cold across the nation. That temperature difference creates the weather and its rain.  This remains a prediction UNTIL the melting ice no longer exists in sufficient quantity to cool what you have done with your generation of heat. Just because it is hot or cold in your area of the world, has nothing to do with the reality of an entire world.  Our weather will change, is changing, entirely because of human impacts.   We are   “Tearing our only  house down”.  Shifting weather patterns/ changing food production or water resources:  causes massive “human movement/ massive extinction events”.  The world is full of people in need/ which means war will come.  Which means world war three will include every weapon of mass destruction there is.


14. We cannot be wrong about energy experiments. We cannot be wrong about genetic crucifixion of life, or mutilation. We cannot be wrong about weapons of mass destruction. We cannot be wrong about food or water or anything that will make us extinct.  We cannot be wrong about oxygen.   We cannot destroy the ocean life, WITHOUT true consequences to humanity.   We cannot be wrong:  Because if you are/ the planet dies, and you will die with it. EVERY SINGLE ONE.  You can prove to yourselves that these threats exist/ you do understand death comes with each one.


15. Because men want NO DIVERSITY/ they want only what they want, it is the search for money:   that ends the diversity of life.   That process, establishes unintended consequences, and describes environmental change. The chains of life are real, break a chain and everything dependent upon it fails to survive.  Farming is filled with chemicals as are most homes:   a world filled with the insane trying to play god.  Destruction of life is the cost of chemical pesticides/ herbicides, fertilizers,  pharmaceuticals, and more; interrupting life/ mutilating life/ destroying the possibilities required for life.   Creating ocean Dead zones.  Dead or damaged rivers.  Dead eco-systems.  Entire chains of living organisms dead.  Pollution without recourse.  Radiation as well, in the water and ;more.  Already more than you know, or can imagine.  It is,  Failure at every level/ hidden at all cost;   because your leaders and your media worship money, power, and control;   more than life..


16. We cannot continue to ignore Yellowstone super volcano/ if it erupts; life on earth will die by the billions (just in the human population); a reality of consequences. Thought must prevail. We can intervene by drilling to relieve the gases that cause an explosion to occur.  Without the gas, it can only be as is an Hawaiian volcano; no explosion.    There are Possibilities that can be changed to intervene;  for tsunami’s that threaten: what we know exists as that threat,   both man-made (a submarine filled with atomic bombs/ etc)   and natural (immense mass, clearly threatening) and so on. 


17. THE OCEAN FEEDS OVER ONE BILLION PEOPLE (you already have one billion people hungry), that makes two billion if you lose the ocean.  Factory trawlers are assigned  “take them all/ fill the ship, or don’t come home”.    Ending the food supply for every other kind of fish dependent upon that food supply too: such as tuna and others. Killing entire " sea nations at a time".  It is devastation on a massive scale/  nothing left for predator fish/ no chance to survive for the few that are left.  The tiny few left are defenseless, in a sea dependent upon numbers for protection.  Extinction/ because there is  No balance: it's a man's way.. Nothing but want, and greed. "Make me rich"!  Don’t come back, we want enough, “to throw it all away”!    The list is very long, regarding human tragedies created upon the sea and its life; extinction comes for you too.


            It has proven to be pointless to provide an endless amount of information and facts with regard to all the information presented.  After all, thirty years later, you still do not react to the very simple warning:    These “university diploma’s, are trying to bring the same fire as is on the sun here to earth/ a fire we cannot survive”.  A reality easily understood, as none of you, can claim not to be informed about fire, or the sun.  I will let those more educated by studies of fundamental science: NOT theory;  inform you, with regard to critical decisions.   As is consistent with all descriptions here, you DO have to depend upon the information that can be investigated and understood.  Find it yourselves/ is your life not worth that work?


18.  Ships Are now invading even the last refuges for the very last stocks of many types of fish:   because the ice is gone or leaving, in the Arctic, and Antarctic ..   That is extremely bad;  the next generation lives here!   People,  Are genetically mutilating creatures of the sea. A complete we don't care attitude, a "we are gods" arrogance. What is the result: IF NOT a DEAD OCEAN?  You are polluting/ stealing from base food sources/ poisoning/ attacking with noise, such that it makes creatures deaf, effectively killing them/ interrupting ocean currents with global warming/ killing the incubators of ocean life/ killing the creatures that make oxygen/ extreme garbage dumps / invading sea life with diseases caused by entrapment: and much more.  None of which is sustainable, all of it a man-made disaster.  You are killing yourselves. You are believing in the university is your god.  But you are following with all intent to demand:   GET US WHAT WE WANT/ DO IT NOW, and do it for free, to hell with life and planet;   is literally the chant.


19. While human engineered crops are currently producing more: in exchange you have opened the door to an epidemic/ a catastrophe: that can kill the entire plant/ leaving you with no option but to abandon the entire species once this has taken over.  Life is not “simply numbers to be rearranged”.

  Life is, the very critical reality of “lower species” that must get along in the same place (same body) and do well, and NOT contaminate or invade the other species (and their needs)   that form together to create a more complex living structure. 

IF ANYTHING goes wrong in that living environment;  the entire plant or life dies.  If anything escapes and contaminates the rest of the species by any one of a variety of methods: the entire species will die.   YOU HAVE NO CLUE/ “university doesn’t know/ can’t know/ won’t know, until it is far too late.  And they race outdoors, with every mutilation:  specifically to endanger everything they can, “to prove evolution, by changing life;   themselves.  Pretending we are gods”.  CATASTROPHE IS COMING!  This is, A religious cult gone mad: or evolutionary priests demanding,  “we have NOTHING, no evidence of any kind to prove evolution exists/ so, we will make it happen”, for ourselves!  By destroying everything that exists.

              Is it not said:   that asbestos poisoning takes 30 years to erupt into trouble/ until then, “everything is fine”! Think about it.

            The vast majority of plant seeds are now sterile; and the base “natural” plants from which all “engineered seed originates” is nearly extinct (very little new seed production per plant) :   too much interference.  Consider that a warning.  All life, “needs a reason to survive (happy)”/ slavery, and prison;  isn’t it.  Or it accepts suicide/ which is surrender to death.  Even a plant.  We know this is true, because life is more complex than a chemical consequence/ death however is not.


20.  The extinction of multiple species in all categories of life is consistent with:   “You changed everything/ WE CANNOT survive”.   Reminding you again:  You are killing all pollinators at once/ with poisons clearly introduced that weaken their defenses and make them vulnerable to everything.  You are affecting every species dependent upon insects and pollination; including your own existence.   Your chemicals have invaded every landscape and environment.

JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT THEM, does not make any chemical safe for life, for the pollination/ reproduction of a species.   These are dependent upon “cleanliness”.  As all are forms of living within specific boundaries/ and if not consequences occur.  There will be trouble. That includes roundup/ along with a LONG list of chemicals;  as a probable instigator of the coming extinction in many insects and aquatic life.  That includes the humanity that likes nothing better, than to say, “I am god here”/ and not a plant or an insect survives that I did not choose to live.  God of death is your title, the reality of your eternity defined.


21. You have built death and starvation searching for easy money/ we will control it all. You have built "superbug's/ or extremely powerful diseases with antibiotics:    that can invade us as well". You will starve/ there will be horrors; because you overruled reality and demanded to be gods: and lock up life to demand they are worthless, except for your food.  It is disease that kept humanity from doing this over thousands of years.  Keeping disease limited, and at bay.  Keeping the population of humanity itself from destroying everything with their own population growth. All destroyed, because there is no balance left/ there is every intent to control what will not be controlled, which means the day comes when the disease you fight will defeat you too.  YOUR surgery and healthcare are very dependent upon antibiotics: and that means, you die too/ no more “easy solutions”.  Most antibiotics are completely worthless today, unless used in combination; because of ABUSE.  The livestock industry uses billions of tons of antibiotic feed a year.   All antibiotics will fail.  All are going in that direction: ending close confinement livestock farms, your easy healthcare, and your chance to survive.  Because the factory farm is not going to quit on its own, until disease takes it away: TOO LATE/ there will be no more “life foods”.  You were lazy, foolish, blind, and without respect for life;   and will receive your reward.  Healthcare will simply rise dramatically in cost; as will death. Your fears will multiply, because of a single promise, “its one penny less/ or its almost free food, that you CAN THROW AWAY”.   We are gods/   devils more correctly proven true.


22. With one billion people already hungry/ 2 million more added EACH, and every week; as the human population grow; they need more. A population that is over 7 billion + people: A POPULATION THAT WILL BE 8 BILLION before 2020.  9 billion, by 2028.  A sea so badly damaged today;   it is about to die/ leaving another one billion hungry with no place to turn, and NO water to drink.  How is that not war or cannibalism.    3 billion  hungry people in less than 7 years: COMING!  With no food or water to give them.  HOW are you going to survive?  What will war use, if not weapons of mass destruction:   “Just too many, kill a billion people/ STILL 6,000,000,000 to go”/ and growing.  And that does not include disease, mutilation, or the consequences of playing god.  Or the release of biological weapons.  It will be chaos: hell on earth/ and there is no escape unless you the humanity of this earth truly and deliberately and forever accept the changes that demand:     Only life first, for this entire planet;   can govern our ways, from this moment onward.  Want is irrelevant, truth decides, based upon the evidence of reality, the existence of a choice.


23. Because men don't want to pay the price for life: a reality proven particularly true in the leadership of university wants.     A reality,  WHICH IS, from this point forward: ONLY LIFE FIRST MUST LEAD. BY ITS OWN TRUTH/ no more money first, no more want first, no more insanity. ONLY LIFE FIRST, forever.           That is your choice.  Or the world itself will die/ taking you with it.   The consequence of that is:   we must find “different leaders”; or the ending of us all,  is plain and simple.   Different leaders can only be found in female/ because this is the best men did do, after thousands of years of evidence to prove what is real.  Different realities are found in governments redesigned by the people themselves with their own laws, an entire human society voting;   in control.


24. In a world filled with thousands of known nuclear bombs, only twenty five detonations of which are said to be enough to end life on earth:    Time is limited, you will be dead.  With experimentation that can destroy us all, time is ending.  With resource loss extreme, our environment being destroyed, and endless species facing extinction: time and life,  demands your support.  World courts removes the excuse of weapons, by governing leaders with law we create.  World policing chosen from among us all:    to enforce OUR LAWS/ we the people, of this world.   Supported by  all nations, this policing power: IS THE ONLY solution.  It takes the power of leaders away/ and gives all of humanity itself the right to decide what our world shall be.   Which means we must have one single overriding language; so we can all talk and understand: the deaf know best!  What is important for any language to be understood; listen to them.


25. With many nations holding biological weapons, whose stated efficiency is OVER 97% DEATH RATE in humans if released: WORLDWIDE.  Your leaders believe they will escape: prepared tombs (they will not escape), but just too believe it is possible means/ too bad for you.  With university experimentation that is already biological warfare released:   you have no chance to survive unless you control the university, and take away their tools/ their money/ their power/ and their right to decide anything that you did not allow.  To refuse sanctuary to all government and university officials, makes them just as vulnerable as everyone else.  Or more simply, NO MORE HIDING PLACES/ NO antidotes/ NO ESCAPE; you die, YOUR family dies, everything you want, including your job, your power, all of it dies too.  The consequence of biological treason and terrorism  is:   Killing anyone who refuses to obey:   “NO MORE OF THIS”.  Is mandatory; there will be no “second” chances.  No excuses, no coming close, no anything that resembles a threat to life.


26. PURPOSELY trying to cross humanity with any other form of life, in a direct crucifixion of the genetic stability of nature itself.    Is an  INTENTIONAL HORROR, a tyranny beyond words fitting.  Life injected, or in any other form infected with “ biological chaos”:   clearly intending to damage and destroy  living creatures of life on this earth: as is mutilation.   Consists of such biological responses as these:   “if it were done to you, then finding worms in your chest, eating you alive; limbs simply falling off; “order in a body of life died/ balance ended/ disciplines destroyed:  and so on”.  That consequence is:  .... Crucified/ in any life form.... the intentional killing by torturous means!  The Media cults,  propagating "how great this will be;   we are gods"/  praise the university, all bow down and give up your money, and your life.  Promising anything you want to hear/ delivering terror, torture, and a maze of horror that will never die, until humanity is,  exterminated from this planet; as your reward.

Functionally:   It is Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ chosen by men.  Coming true.


27. How is an angry world, a world stolen from, and berated as less than "us/ the extra special smart people" going to stop itself from war. The endless stealing by the university diploma: WE WILL TAKE MORE, AND MORE, AND MORE: demanding A humanity then reduced to slavery by the extreme prejudice of “university over life”.   In all ways and with all money, opportunity, and soon to be property given to themselves, by counterfeiting, and claiming “let the government pay”.  Which is literally: let the people pay for everything we want/ by stealing their currency, destroying their control over the courts and government, and becoming rulers instead of employees for the people.  Tyrants, traitors, thieves, liars and fools.   Men reduced to slavery;   choose war as their answer, how is not the GUNS SOLD a clear indication of your future?   You threaten yourselves, or more correctly your “university gods” have proven to be devils in disguise: planning extinction.   Taking far more than life can provide/ throwing it all away,  and sharing nothing.  Removing the primary element of government for the people:   which is,  life must come first for this planet!  As is proven here, they chose to threaten instead, by playing god with our lives, our future, our very planet and everything we need to survive.  They lied about the money to giver themselves more.  They stole everything they could want, and claim we owe “for a thousand years” as slaves/ because they signed our name to their contract, and refuse to be fair, justified, or accept equality as WE THE PEOPLE.  WHY, do you believe in your invaders, the people who stole your democracy and reduced you to beggars;   by the truth of their actions.  Money does matter, numbers do have consequences: resources are raped/ people are plagued with no possibility for work/ machines have stolen your jobs/ tiny groups control your information/ billionaires claim:    One person is entitled “to a million people PAYING them, one thousand dollars each”.   The list is long, the reality of failure is complete/ change is mandatory, or we all die.  NOT a game.


28. 7 billion people growing at 2 million more each week!  Is who we are as a world! A world of people, that  ARE already:  Standing on one acre of "growing land" each.   This world is limited, that acre of growing land “farmable” must also produce enough for every other creature alive on land as well as you.  Crop land that can grow nothing, which means it is not even an acre now/ and humanity continues to destroy millions of acres to plant extreme examples of their own gluttony and desire to prove “I am god/ look at my house”;   to HELL with the forests, and everything else.   GIVE ME WHAT i WANT.

              The children will grow, and need, want, and demand MORE.  The reality of starvation looms large:   EVERYTHING is in the balance/   YOUR CHOICE IS,  deciding in this day, if we can even find a possibility to survive.  Your decision to fight for life itself, the only thing that conceives of the slightest possibility we can survive as a world.  If you choose not/ then it is true, lighting this world on fire is more merciful, than every horror coming.  If you choose life/ then there are no second chances, you must choose only for life, and not money or want; or you will simply fail.


29. Want a better world, create world law; to govern leaders/  & dedicated world police, to intervene where life and law demand we must, across this planet.   Those police,  who will not attack nations, BUT WILL bring their leaders to justice by trial, or if necessary other means of enforcement and denial of superiority, shall include death for leaders, if necessary. The law, we create,  Will enforce our need to control those who intend to control us. 

            IT IS LAW, that brings discipline and peace to society!   NOT rules, which exist as the reality of those who wish to control us.  BUT LAW, the reality of our decision as humanity itself, governing ourselves by choosing what is fair, justice, equality, and freedom for us all.  By vote, for the law itself/ NOT by voting for someone to “vote for me”.  By fundamental and periodic review throughout all of society, of each law:  that law cannot be changed, unless a greater percentage than what brought the law into our existence, proves it needs to be changed.  Democracy is not a vote!  Democracy is a decision by all of society, that this shall be our law, and our way of living amidst each other.  This is our freedom/ this is our right/ this is our liberty to decide for ourselves by vote among ourselves: because there is no other way to protect what belongs to us all/ than to decide what shall be law, for ourselves.  To demand through redress court:   investigation, to decide if in fact our employees have obeyed us, and kept our laws.


30. The separation and protection of women from men in terms of making a nation different: is absolutely necessary/  we are equals.  Nothing is a greater incentive to the vast majority of men, than women separated from them: IT IS A TRUE incentive to men, to make the other men change. To change themselves/ to change their society/ to change their laws and ways:  So that the women will return.  Which means simply:   any nation that fails to treat women fairly, MUST BE DIVIDED into “women here/ men there”.  Until JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY, THROUGH EQUALITY FOR ALL is served;   for women, and men, and children, and life/ and for all this world.   You will protect the women, consistent with laws that protect everyone (NO difference);   as a world.  Where society or a nation must be divided:    For enough time to establish whether the men will change/   humanity shall protect and provide for these women and young children.  IF the men will NOT change and choose law and equality/ then  those women who refuse to return, “to less than equal” shall be allowed asylum in another country.  Let the men fight, give them weapons/ but not food, unless they prove change.  Make them change: where it is necessary.   To establish what is expected as justice, and fair play:   The women MUST make their legal  demands clear!


31. Want to use all the resources of earth today: HELL yes/ no worry, we will just go get more! After all, how much stuff can 7,000,000,000+  people take, every day/ every year for their entire lives: answer the question!  Your machines have made it possible to feed the factories that provide an endless supply to your garbage dumps:   making it unlikely twenty years shall pass without an end to every resource on earth.  Your decision:   let the children eat our garbage/ let them shift through the shit we leave behind, in a war to survive; as cannibals.


32. Armageddon means: "Nature in chaos". Geneticists are actually working as hard as they can, for the last fifty plus years/ DELIBERATELY trying to cause genetic stability, disciplines, and balance to be destroyed. They believe once they see it fail/ then they will know what to do, to "be gods themselves". I say: instead of gods/ they will be "satan";   the destroyers of this world.  WE CANNOT FIX,   “WHAT THEY ARE DESTROYING”!  That means it is a life or death question for this entire world.   Are you going to stop them entirely/ NO exceptions.  Did they fix A.I.D.S.?  No, they just made it possible to infect more!


 33.  Just your garbage dumps/ failure to recycle, reuse, etc;   properly;   proves the reality of complete failure in leadership.  “Lets throw it all away”.  It further Proves the assassination of your children is not an accident/ but a choice.


34.  You have numerous nuclear power plants, that all have a distinct life expectancy: because corrosion WILL eat away at the pressure vessels.  They won’t tell you, “just before the explosions occur”: there are always excuses.  Just like   “The big banks who failed”/ your leaders will say, we cannot let this machine stop;   it affects too many people.  So they WILL let it go, until it explodes/ its what they do. They don’t tell you when toxic waste sites are full/ they don’t tell you what is pumped underground/ or dumped on it/ or dumped in the ocean.  They don’t tell you anything/ and the media joins them, because the money controls, and your leaders worship power over you.  The media worships control over you, thereby taking the power to tempt, to manipulate, and to drive you into poverty so they can be superior.  The people with money will leave, at the slightest sign or trouble; stole it all/ time to get out.  Just too bad for you!  The “old boys club” controls all forms and facets of government/ because they have grown up learning how to make men fear/ how to keep the chains on slaves/ how to tempt, manipulate, and control the vote, the power, the money, or the lust; and use greed as their source of refusing peace and harmony in society.  With greed, one group is set against the other/ one man an enemy to the rest;  and so on.  To change governments, in real terms:   requires the complete dissolution of “the old boys club”.  To dissolve their power and control requires not only a vote to decide the laws for ourselves/ but women in control as all women voting and deciding together (so that none can be targeted).  Because they are NOT part of the old boys club/ therefore they cannot and do not have the means to repeat the same realities or consequences

            You must participate in understanding and reviewing the evidence/ and you must pay the price for intervention; whether you like it or not.


35.  You have an extreme threat under one of the great lakes, that has been defined; and will not be again, because of terrorists.  The people who just want to make you cry  Solutions are at least in part; somewhat available.


36.  Of all the failed schemes and declarations, “we are the superior ones, a university decree”/ is the reality that has clearly brought us to the cliff edge of extinction for an entire world.

               Little of human history has been more destructive than, “let one, or a tiny few” speak for all. They simply become rulers, taking too much for themselves/ and then fight the rest, because “we have nothing left” is the inevitable result.   This america,  has become,  the “land of the expert, and the media” ( a monopoly,    18   N.W.  2d 905, 908.  as have others invaded our nation, to rule us).  Thereby we have all failed ourselves in letting them lead.  Because they chose:    INSTEAD OF TRUE DEMOCRACY          WHICH IS:   LET ALL, “speak for one”! Its called law, when we make it ourselves, its called democracy.  NOT voting for someone to vote for me, and make laws for me/ that is merely the recipe for corruption, collusion, and conspiracy:   TO LIE/ CHEAT/ AND STEAL.  America being the perfect example.  The university expert being the clear element of a biblical version of satan:   they chose everything destructive/ and have prepared to exterminate this world.  The fundamental cause of destruction is:    “I want/ I want/ I want, or I don’t want; and I don’t care about anyone but me”.   It is that simple, and it cannot be controlled unless the power to take individually is removed.  That requires law.  That demands every aspect of governing be reduced to its least powerful position.  That sustains a world court, to protect each nation, by letting the law decide/ making the rulers or leaders or whatever they are called responsible to the people, by making them obey the law we create for ourselves.


McCulloch v.  Maryland (1819) still rings true:   “Let the end be legitimate, let it be within the scope of the constitution, and all means which are appropriate, which are plainly adapted to that end, which are not prohibited, but consist with the letter and spirit of the constitution are constitutional.”


            Today is July 29/ 2013   and I have never seen the sun brighter, in sixty years.  Which causes me to wonder if our time as life and planet has already been determined to have been “long enough”.  You believe whatever the university tells you, “such as; the sun will not go supernova for at least a million years”.  They know nothing, yet you believe them anyway.  The critical question is:   do we have anything of value left, for which our lives could be spared the horrendous fates of all these threats/ or the sun simply consuming us?  Only GOD knows/ only respect and truth will decide.   Life is not a game.


            As to you, there is more than enough information here to provide you with the substance and opportunities to make a difference for life on earth.  Create a five minute movie/ DO SOMETHING, and fight for life;   its your choice, to let this world die, or work.  Your life is at stake, as is every life on this planet;   there are no excuses.

IT IS TIME TO PUSH!  To become, what we will be, “forever”!   Make your decision: for life, and child, and world:   “the essence of love”/ OR, want, selfishness, greed, and the rest “called hate”.
             DISCIPLINE DEMANDS, That life should NEVER be a game/ that we, the people of this earth; have a value greater than theories/ more distinct than risk/ and more defined than those who believe “they can play god” with our lives.  Reality demands: we must choose differently.  Balance demands a new structural outlook, to what we do; In our relationships with each other.
            The final analysis of this work is very simple: if we don’t recognize and respect the reality that is coming, the consequences of being WRONG/ we don’t survive.  If we don’t respect nature, stop mutilating and crucifying it/ nature itself won’t survive, because we are now so many people, this world has changed, and nature can no longer defeat us all. It cannot defeat the horror’s inflicted if they don’t stop immediately.  If we don’t accept our responsibility NOT to let people play with energies they cannot control; we all die, a horrible death.  People say:   I don’t care, and all run away to hide from all they fear.  It will NOT help/ that changes nothing.  Unless we defeat those who threaten us with extermination from this planet/ we die.  It is not a hard concept.
            The confrontation that is government employee versus law and democracy; constructs a literal demand:   are we owners/ is our government, the constitution?  How that is answered decides who rules the future!  Currently our employees rule by bribes/ created with counterfeit money.  But the reality is: having “printed” 200 trillion dollars of inflation; the national  debt plus social security and state debts =$645,161.00 per 310 million people each.  Did you get yours/ its all free:   no reality attached!   The answer is no, we didn’t/ but a few did, plus ours, plus whatever they wanted to loan with this inflation/ all covered over with lies by government and media: THEY DO KNOW.   What is particularly bad however is this:   that they take these counterfeit dollars, and they buy our real property with them.  That means: they get it for free, someone got this money.  But because there is no reality of payment attached/ consequently it is not a debt/ it is pure inflation, given to only a tiny few, who chose to inflate their salaries, benefits, pensions, etc by using our slavery.  If it ain’t realmoney/ you didn’t get paid; they just kept you alive for the work, with bribes.   Soon we the people will own nothing/ because you cannot compete “with a printing press”; nor out of control government employees.  America will be, “like Palestine”: sold out; too late now.  You must demand democracy rules, and enforce constitutional law, oath,  and restrictions. As owners.   Or you will be forced to abandon America itself.
            Americans “have bought a gun”/ because they know its bad, and their options are few.  But lets review:    If you surrender ownership, and choose a gun: whose side are you on?  If you say America or the United States, it cannot be so, because you have failed the law, and our democracy.  We rule ourselves/ by the laws we create, the constitution that rules us all; including every law.  The judiciary does not/ they are bound by oath in support of the constitution and its intent: that is their job, and its power to rule is strictly limited to constitutional rights and demands.  What is important if you don’t use the law and democracy is:   even if you win a battle in civil war/ you cannot change the ownership of property until you have created a new democracy to control and change that law, which then controls you and us.  That means a new nation/ not this one: or more simply America itself,  must be abandoned. it will be BAD.  Particularly since it is unnecessary and irrelevant to the task of defining WHO DOES OWN THIS NATION/ and what is a legitimate claim over our property or not.   That right, is justified and decided by law; according to evidence and its truth.  Therefore whosoever controls the law, controls the future.  YOU CANNOT control the law with a gun/ it is impossible.  You cannot control truth, IT IS, whatever it is.  You CAN control the law with democracy, BY YOUR VOTE.   Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but your own distinct vote on the law that governs our lives for yourselves.  We need very few: short and simple, so we all understand/ and can use or enforce the law ourselves.
            We can change our world, and our money/ by choosing LIFE, AND PLANET;   MUST COME FIRST:   for us all.   If, you think for yourself! You are “smart enough”!   We are at the edge of crisis in all kinds of ways: the cost and consequence of letting “the smart people” lead.  THAT DID NOT work, they are lazy, as a group, living largely in fantasy and delusion; as the evidence does prove.  We must ALL work together, not just you, me, or them.  Learn more.   Some basic links. Thinking differently;

Developments in democracy:   HOW,  we understand our lives, our duty, and our ownership of that democracy:   within  our state and nation or world: Preparations for redress, in ILLINOIS.

            THE VALUES, the realities, the consequences/ basic rights/ and fundamental courage required to change our world;   do not exist in fears.
The critical truth that is functionally our need to change ourselves; does not exist in religious rhetoric or base level extremism. 
The extreme threats cannot be dealt with by simply assuming “GOD will take care of us”.  Instead the reality is, that this is what humanity has chosen to do/ or what the rest allowed for these few to do; because they would not, or did not care enough to intervene; or at least try.  In other words:   what people decide to allow for life or planet, and work together to accomplish that purpose and its distinct desire or want:    These are the facts, and humanity demands freedom to do what it wants.  Is that not so?  Therefore these are the elements of your own decision.  And there are more; all people trying to play god, and rule over life.
People who say, “I will depend upon GOD”/ are in fact expressing excuses, and religious righteousness: or more simply “I am special/ therefore nothing bad will happen to me; even if the rest of the world dies/ I AM SAFE”.  But lets review:   those who say, “I don’t need to work anymore/ GOD will take care of me”;   DO quickly find themselves without.  Is that not so?  Of course it is/ because even if   “GOD watches over you”: HE is NOT your excuse, for the failure to act when it is necessary for life itself.   We are living in this world, to make choices for ourselves/ to identify and decide what is critically and forever true, regarding our lives.  Or more simply every choice you make is: the foundation of your future, and even your eternity.   Which simply means: YOU ARE responsible, when you choose to do something/ or YOU CHOOSE NOT to do something;   for life, or against it.  There are no excuses; particularly in this time, when an entire planet and all of nature itself is at risk of extermination.

            So there are no excuses/ only what we did do as a humanity, & what we did not do as a humanity.  The question is:   what are you willing to change?

            With regard to the money: the only solution is, that we must return to reality/ the plain and simple truth, that our work, our resources, and our lives are basically equal; and we must be fair with each other.  Rather than playing games to see who can win, or who will lose.  We do that by insisting “this playing with our lives” shall not go on.
We do that, by demanding our constitutional right called redress of grievances.  They are, the most powerful words ever written/ because it gives WE THE PEOPLE, our legal right to enforce:   accountability and power over our employees in government.  We are the owners/ WE WILL DECIDE what is the law, what is fair, and what is justice:   by our individual vote.  Majority rules, under constitutional law.   NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/   my own vote, on the critical law or realities of our time; democracy for real!
The simple demand for money is:   that all personal wealth, above the limit we set, “such as $500,000.00"/ or whatever you wish.  No longer exists.  ALL of that so called promises made upon the American people for their work or their resources is now vanished/ and cannot return.  Everything under that limit set, shall be returned to a gold standard, so that it is fixed upon something tangible that cannot be easily counterfeited or robbed.  To do that, you must establish an auction of all property that does not meet the standard of realistic ownership: which is not less than ten percent paid of the value assigned.  Every asset then publicly assessed for sale, and will be sold accordingly.  Every asset that does not meet the standard, goes up for sale/ the previous owner receives a percentage of the sale;  according to whatever actual value he or she did invest. The banks are emptied of counterfeit money/ and returned to THE banking RULES of 50's and 60's America.   Wall street is reduced to reality: NO MORE MARGIN FOREVER, or anything that conceives of “a loan, to play with”.  Strictly real money and nothing less.  Want to buy a stock but can’t/ THEN OPEN COMPETITION, build another business.  Limit size. NO over-selling the business, industry, etc.  Every public sale SHALL BE held with gold and silver as “the value called money first”.  When it is used up, or there is none being offered: then the sale can be “tolerant of other forms of money”.  Coins become worth more than “dollars”/ because dollars are counterfeited the easiest.   Government takes the gold and silver in exchange for title to the property.  The alternate to that is:   let gold and silver seek its own international market/and use a population count alone as the means of identifying what is or is not fair per person.  Or more simply if you wish the average person to make $50,000.00 per year as salary, then times the workforce/ but minus what you are willing to allow for “less or more” as workers who do get a vote.  Then that is the amount available to this society.
THERE SHALL be limits placed upon property ownership: so that all have an opportunity to share.  NO MORE extreme wealth.  Pick a number and set it true:   no more than this for anyone.  That number then affects the property by its valuation: your ability to buy or own ends here!  At this number.

There shall be limits placed upon business: regardless of the designation, such as “corporation/ limited liability, personal or other”;   the community decides/ but no business shall own or control any other location or property other than “just one”.   NO OWNERSHIP OR ANY FORM OF INTEREST in any other business shall exist, other than this one:   one name, no exceptions, and no deceit/ or we take it away.   This is YOUR business/ your responsibility, and if you corrupt it/ we will not be allowing you another one for ten years.  The inclusion of property valued beyond $500,000.00 for the clear purposes of business: shall be based upon the reality of income these produce.  As that is the standard that matters. No taxation of business will be allowed until it has made a clear and certain  profit: the first time.  Once you are fully established, you are on your own.  But NO allowance for any person to take more than what is the area “average salary” out of the business per year/ while taxes are not being paid.  This is to build your business, and when you stop building, or its paid for:   taxes will come. 

There shall be limits placed upon all industry:   WE THE PEOPLE OWN THE RESOURCES OURSELVES.  No other title or demand exists.  Therefore we now inherit the right as owners to decide upon what is or is not in the interest of our future, our society, and our world.   That includes deciding what type of production can or will be done.  That includes what type of machinery can be used.  That includes what kind of money you are allowed to make.  And every other version of real control as can be devised by the owners of any real property.  WE DECIDE/ and you bid upon whether or not you are willing to work for us, under these conditions.  Or as the conditions that you set/ WITH the exception:   clear environmental and life sustaining choices will be made for our future, and every child.  No more “cut/ destroy/ damage: and run”.  We decide the limits, and if you fail to keep them: we will take back our money paid: with potential penalties to you.   The simple plan is:   WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU/ but no more destruction; no more disasters; no more let the future be damned.

            The foundation of our lives is based upon nature, environment, resources, ecology, chain of life, ocean, sun and moon, species existence, and disease resistance.   And no war!
Every single one of these is at the edge of catastrophe!

            THAT DOES MEAN CHANGE IS REQUIRED TOO SURVIVE!  There are no exceptions to that rule.   Change DOES mean DIFFERENT/ not just “touch it a little, and leave it alone”.

            We begin with nature, to understand for thousands or more years, LIFE has been alive strictly because of nature itself: AS IT IS/ and that fact has been a true and complete blessing to our existence in every single circumstance.  MEN, NOR WOMEN:   CANNOT PLAY GOD no exceptions/ or we kill YOU.   That is a primary rule, and cannot be “touched”.  No exceptions/ no theories/ no experimenting/ no alterations, or anything but nature rules us all.  That includes the simple reality:   we are in such dire straits as is our entire planet threatened, because of what people did, or did not do, when possibilities were changed.  Reality must rule/ truth must decide for the future as well as the present.
            Our environment is a delicate balance between all extremes: to change that, as we already have means we have lost our ability to predict exactly what the future will hold for us all.  Because real change IS GOING TO MOVE US/ from one place to the other.  Real change is going to produce wars, because there is no food or water for us/ “this place is full”; but there is no longer any place to go.  And that breeds trouble.  Therefore the return to “a delicate balance” for our earth DOES REQUIRE extensive changes in what we do.  That includes driving vehicles/ not only for all the reasons of pollution and global warming, etc.  But primary to that truth is:   WE DON’T HAVE the oxygen to spare for these vehicles.  This earth makes only so much, and experiments at “biosphere 2" proved what the oxygen production was.  Therefore oxygen generation by nature, SHALL be protected.  OR WE DIE.  Primary to oxygen reduction is:  that we move close to jobs, business, groceries, etc;   as life in the past had to do.  That does not mean it will be the same life as their’s/ we do have more options.  Everybody works, we share the hours, we share the work, we share the resource/ and that requires that you care, respect, and value friendship, family, and life itself.
            Our resources upon this globe are being attacked; at the rate stated by industry of “we manufactured and sold more in the last ten years, than in all previous recorded history of humanity on earth.   In other words, the resources will be entirely gone soon.  Primary to resource protection is:   NO MORE garbage dumps.  Or more correctly, recycle, reuse, don’t throw it away, no more junk;   including garbage if there is any, because something or someone can make use of it/ and if not then pay someone to find a use for it.  NO MORE just throw it all away/ YOUR CHILDREN, AND YOUR WORLD:   NEED IT.
            Ecology means: the delicate balance life itself needs to survive.  That includes all the chains of life/ species existence that provides one for the other, and so on.  YOU are killing everything at a horrendous rate with poisons spread everywhere.  YOU are choosing to damage, cause abortion, mutilation, and other horrendous disasters to life; by what you do with chemicals, seed manipulation, sterilization, the end of habitat, the draining of swamps, clear-cutting timber, and much more:   is a race to see who can take it all/ and win the prize, “I got more than you”.  That must end.  Clear and simple rules SHALL govern what can or cannot be done that impacts life/ changes will be made, that benefit life.  Such as:   farming IS a relationship with weeds.  But the value of weeds is:    That this single factor, KEPT a tiny few from owning or controlling it all/ thereby creating the primary foundation of America in the past, which was agriculture.  Returning to “human weed control” is absolutely necessary.  People WILL earn the right, to participate by controlling the weeds.  Others will plant and harvest.  All will share fairly; based upon yield.    Primary insect control is rotation of crop/ which simply means at this time, a corn crop can be moved one hundred miles/   from one year to the next, “for instance”.  Chemicals in the water shed can be measured:   everybody pays, so pay attention.
Chain of life REQUIRES diversity/ which requires pollinators, diverse habitat, realistic conservation methods, water controls, and so on.  BEND, so the rest of life can live.  No exceptions; do what needs to be done for life/ or it will be extinct beyond your wildest imagination.  Then you will face your own extinction as well/ because you are not independent of these chains in existence.
            The oceans cannot be more DISRESPECTED than they are today;   YOU are terrorists to the sea.   You do know how to stop, failure is starvation and war;   because there is NO possibility humanity survives without the sea.  War will take everything.  Do what does need to be done, in every single way.  It ain’t a hard choice:   but you will remove the large vessels in favor of smaller ones: because the threat to sea life is not as severe.
The university occult: “those who demand to be god/ and play with life as a toy”/ there are MANY.   Cannot be allowed to remain in power, or given ANY assistance whatsoever in the experimentation of life.  If they proceed on their own/ you will kill them: as a risk the planet cannot accept anymore.  The intent to bring the same fire here as is on the sun: IS BEYOND INSANE.  No possibility exists that we will survive it.  “Flames 12 times farther, than our moon is to this earth”.  How do you survive that?  Impossible, they gamble with us all;   as toys.
The existence of species specific to distinct boundaries, limits, and rules are the foundations of this natural world.  Those who genetically mutilate, demand to destroy, and intent to initiate “new species”/ are terrorists and worse: they literally crucify life on earth everyday:   and you help them with your money.  Even though they promise “we will wipe away your every tear”/ the reality of their work is:    You WILL soon be extinct/ or wish you were!  Nature is no game/ and people are clearly NOT intelligent, or they would RESPECT LIFE:   instead they play  being DAMN gods (shit-hole fools), or“just satan”.
The mutilators of life/ the geneticists from a clear intent to destroy; are merely another version of “witch doctor religion” as is evolution.  The assumption that “we just picked whatever we wanted off the shelf/ and didn’t even have to pay”.  Chaos builds nothing/ not for you either.  Only thought builds.  Thought knows:   that the destruction of boundaries and limits as nature as created for us, are the protectors of us, from diseases that affect other species of life.  Remove those defenses, and we become open targets to every possible threat in existence.  THAT IS WHAT GENETICISTS DO, every damn day of their lives.  Kill life on earth, by releasing biological warfare against us all.  It ain’t no game.  It is LIFE or DEATH.   STOP THEM, or die.  Stop them means: take away their tools, don’t play, tell them all very, very simply:   if you mutilate ANYTHING or