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These are the methods and means of changing our world, our nature, your child;  and our future.


We are threatened/ WE, are in need;


If you let this planet burn/ or any other threat take over your lives: then that is your choice/ because you do have everything you need to stop these experiments. There are NO second chances/ failure is your (we the people of this earth) decision; as is life saved.  Either think for yourself, or die.  Not a hard concept, your leaders have chosen against life: ‘they want, what they want”, regardless of the risk/ end of story.


JustTalking5.info Is, an alteration to the work which proceeds it. Now, its simply live or die, as a world!
Justtalking4.info A summary site of what matters most/ what threatens immediately or worst.
Justtalking3.info Compilations choosing to inform with various methods employed.
Justtalking2.info Centered around supreme court cases demanding redress of grievances. Proving corruption in the US supreme court.
Justtalking.info The beginning survey, a disciplined talk.
TrialForLife.info Centered around US federal court, tax case: demanding adherence to democratic authority & constitutional law.
TrialOfLife.info Centered around state of IL realities: refusing justice/ corrupt, and supporting "cruel and unusual punishment" upon the poor.
SoulTalking.info Confronting initial questions "why".
CriticalEconomics.info Asking what is real for tomorrow.
ComplexDestiny.info Developments in life and living.
The homepage of each reads like a newspaper, "top is last writing/ bottom first"/ except the last two (4,5). The writing started one month beyond 9/11.
These represent a search, for what will get your attention, as the decades previous proved: truth (evidence)/ consequences (extermination)/ reality (can't be wrong)/ money (all gone)/ religion (we only believe what we want too)/ nor anything to do with life, or values, or evidence "of biblical proportions": could not! There was, more than a reason humanity itself, should investigate. But chose "to hide, and run away". With very few exceptions!
WANT, was all that mattered.


          Unfortunately, due to the volume of words, it is impossible to know exactly what has been changed.  “Just like the bible” If it seems “out of place, not consistent”/ it almost certainly is. Truth is a law, that does not waver!  Each site is a composite demanding LIFE, not money or games:  MUST COME FIRST!         Download these html sites;   so they cannot be easily taken away.




       How, did we pay for current costs! “etc”?

Add reality has a list and federal reserve #1 & #2 & #3

       Then ask yourself: if nothing but a few forced pennies, have been spent on infrastructure for the future of this nation over the last fifty years.  WHO took, or spent the money on fantasy or their delusions?  The answer is, “every university diploma” that became “our leaders”.

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Primary forum/ mine;    secondary forum, democracy and law; third forum, scientific, evidence, knowledge based discussion; initial forum, short discussions to enable “living and life issues”.   chatrooms 1; 2; 3.  For the purpose of you, creating opportunities/ organizing with others (meet only in public places, “safety first”/ no excuses, no exceptions), simple discussion; etc.  A primary concern: The extreme light infrastructure (eli),  Additionally  federal reserve accounting.         Review of hospital billing A Beginning




          As a testament to hope!  The elevation of happiness requires participation by another human being.  Therefore it is necessary, and consistent with “alive”, that foundations which lead to man and woman finding each other/ should be included, in a disciplined demand for change.  While biblical prophecy gives our world “only until September 2015" (to clear to be ignored: Dani to stop the insanity; or reap “your reward”.  The reality of time itself, grants “a few more days”/ between now and then.  Consequently if fear does not consume you, the possibilities to know and earn “a very short lifetime” with someone else: is still worth the experience.  I remain committed entirely, to the preservation of life and world: these threats are entirely MAN-MADE.  Which means it is not “decreed”/ rather it is simply predicted: the university brain, will destroy our lives: with people who follow, and insist with them,  “Yes we can/ play god”.  Either stop them, or it will come true: as “Satan, god of destruction and chaos” here on earth. For lack of a better word.  Threats which can exterminate us/ Will destroy everything, because the evidence proves, they now can.


          Nonetheless this little tidbit, is about the hope that lives which join honestly, and for happiness: may still exist, for whatever time is left.

          To achieve happiness between man and woman/ between male and female, even as children: you must understand three basic conclusions.

1.   Access is everything in dating. No date/ no future together.

2.  Men respond to the simple conclusion: “yes I can make this one happy”.  Yes I can be “good enough” for her.  Women do the same!

3.  Women understand they are vulnerable, and as such rely upon each other, to decide if a male can be trusted enough, “to give him a try”.  Men know they must get “noticed”, as do women/ and that leads to a wide variety of behaviors.


          These three simple realities control the first partition in dating: this far/ before you are allowed to go ANY farther, where the choice involved is not simply sex.  Sex merely wants chemicals, nothing more or less: it is not a relationship/ and does discourage the necessary realities which form a relationship.  Because sex, “gets in the way”.


          The second partition is:   now, there must be a connection made!  Without “something”, to keep each other interested, between us: one or both will simply “fade away”.  Today, the common lunge is sex/ therefore chemical addiction is used, “to make you stay”.  NOT a valid construction for life, or a future together/ as it is truly “only chemicals (lust)/ or an interest in your body: miracles for me, or a trophy”.

    To achieve a relationship:  

4.  You must be willing to identify a foundation upon which we can build a friendship together/ only then can building a life together will begin.

5.  Foundations for a “clean: I can trust you” friendship include, but are not limited too:   kindness/ caring/ sharing/ happiness/ hope/ disciplines in value/ balance in living/ purposes which increase LIFE/ desires that produce love/ RESPECT that honors all existence/ courage as needed/ strength, I shall not surrender, when life or truth is at stake.  And so on!

6.  A responsibility to those who are your friend.  A commitment, that has meaning; beyond yourself.


          The third partition is: in order to pass beyond friendship, and enter within romance, and the beginnings of love/ there shall be an inherent and literal desire between man and woman, which exceeds their “simple control”.  No more planning/ no more plotting/ no more manipulation or control/ no more pride between us, or power, or lies!  You will become reliant upon the evidence of an honest passion, “to share our time together as one”.

          To achieve romance therefore means: 

7.  TO ACCEPT each other in trust, because we earned that right through living as truth, especially with each other.

8.   TO ACCEPT each other, not as body; but as a spiritual beginning that searches within truth, to find our hearts, and join them with love.

9.   TO ACCEPT each other, as male and female united for the JOY of being all I/we can be:  for “you”.


            The fourth partition is:   departing from the old, to build something new.  NOT by destroying the framework of our lives prior to this moment.  But by learning what togetherness is meant to mean: for life, and living without fear of loneliness.  By understanding, a purpose “beyond myself”/ must include a reality, that can “meet me, in the middle of our lives, hopes, and needs” to share the future.

10.  This is the search for freedom, because it secures happiness when reality accepts, that my freedom/ is now directly tied to yours; as we journey from this moment, into forever.


          The fifth partition is:   creating the future.  Which literally means, our search inside the love we each shall bring, to discover what our love can be. 

11.   HERE, reality sets in as we do discover the values of each heart/ versus the needs of each person.  To create the critical truth of a destiny we can or cannot achieve together.  Even love, cannot overrule the consequences of survival; particularly when confronted with a truth that is so pervasive “a world, or even less;  is threatened with extinction”.


          The sixth partition is: a value set beyond ourselves, that can be achieved;   only when the elements of sex can participate.  To become “soul-mates”, is to cast aside our individual lives/ to become as one life, bound together by a trust that will not be broken.

12.   This cannot be done, without a true and respectful relationship with  GOD   our CREATOR!  Every form of spiritual environment, is created by truth.  Every truth is governed by “laws of this universe”/ and cannot be changed.  Therefore to achieve “together forever”: is at its essence a purified truth.  Which does mean, you have cleaned each other from what is NOT:  love, trust, truth, fear, or respect, and bound yourselves into miracles as your choice forever.


          The seventh partition, is created only by    “Acceptance of your gift/ your choice:     From     GOD   !  “As a true relationship formed”! That requires literally,    “A match made in heaven”.

          There are no little things here, they are forgiven or forgotten “In you too”!


          In crystal clear certainty, the reality of our days, at this time in the history of this our world is:   that we the people, are truly on trial.  Whether you see the courtroom or not, the facts of our existence identify the critical truth; not only are we in danger of exterminating ourselves.  We are guilty of endangering the future of every child, every life, and every future living existence on earth.  We are threatened/ because we the people have allowed those without reality, respect, truth, honor, values, or sense, to become leaders of our world.  We are threatened, because a few wish to play god with our planet, its nature, and our very survival in all ways and things.  That is not a game/ neither is it without cause for true, plain, and simple investigations: so that the facts may be known, “without alteration, excuse, or conditions to be met”.  Any assertion other than what is true: as best we can”; IS NOT JUSTICE.  Is not democracy or its own distinction which is:   we the people, are OWNERS here!  Which does mean: NO ONE has the last say, the ultimate authority, or the clear foundation right:   with regard to our nation or state/          except WE THE PEOPLE. 

          The term honorable, is withheld for those who care! The discipline of those who respect, shall be recognized by those who share. Integrity is a decision of the soul, only for those who can answer: “are you friend, in truth”!  Dignity is the definition of “the best you can honestly do”. The decision of JUSTICE, is identified: when you combine honor, with discipline and respect.

           Every child, even every life depends on YOU; what greater responsibility could you have?  Because every threat listed on these sites, is real!  So says the evidence;     Wrong is a dead world!

                              Simple and plain.

          Time in the essence of a life,  is a distance measured by the heart/ not a clock.  The essence of everything you are, and everything eternity will allow you to be: is given its life, by the decisions and the actions or reactions you take, to become “an identity revealed”.  If you remain hidden in the darkness/ you have no home.


The foundation, of a male driven society:  Everything is a game!


          Nothing is important but that game/ because a few men control the resources; and their purpose is to play with your lives.  Pretending they can or will be “god” over us all.  When the failure is extreme [WE DEMAND MORE], “there will be counterfeiting or war”. Counterfeiting means: the future is raped/ the children are ravaged and ransacked/ the world is abandoned to selfishness and greed.  When the fantasies of counterfeiting end; catastrophe begins.

          As a consequence to that game, nothing is left behind for the next generation/ because if you do, some other man will come behind you and take whatever you left/ so they can ridicule and claim superiority, demanding “what a fool” you were.

          As a reality of that game, there will be wars.  Because life is not a game/ and needs are not trivial as is every game.  The consequence being HATE is generated/ and fools emerge behind nearly every single door.

          There are politics in a civilized world: civilized means, “a few men have control over the rights and realities of living needed by the rest”. The rest then demand, in return for no war (for your life)/ you will give us a job, that keeps us all from begging.  Politics means: we have a teeny tiny voice, that no one listens too; but it is enough, when used together;  to remove small amounts  of the continual shit, strewn throughout society by the games of men.

          The reality of courts and policing, is a discovery of purposes/ the reality of how and why or why not, will there be justice, equality, and fair play.  On a scale of one (none) to one hundred (best); the courts in America rate at about 30/ the policing at roughly 50.  Because corruption throughout is excessive/ and the law is denied, because the legal professions control the courts through their greed, arrogance, traitorous acts, and fundamental treason.  The congress and leaders of all types are thoroughly entrenched in this warfare against us, and against this democracy; refusing their oath is; to obey the constitution (our agreement as a nation)/ rather than rule over us.  The military is, what the military has always been: “lets play king of the hill”, like men.

          Work in society, the economy that generates society; because it provides the solutions (good or bad) to our need; is entirely dependent upon resources.  We are approaching 8 billion people, and will soon be without resources/ because they are all either destroyed, thrown away, poisoned, or extinct.  That means only war and cannibalism is next!  Because the games men play with life, CANNOT survive more than one person per agricultural acre/ CANNOT survive a deforested world/ CANNOT survive a world where the oxygen supply has been desecrated by machines and fire/ CANNOT survive the chains of life damaged and destroyed/ CANNOT survive the ocean consumed or destroyed/ CANNOT survive as a planet set on fire/ CANNOT survive weapons of mass destruction/ CANNOT survive overpopulation of humanity/ CANNOT survive all of nature mutilated by university/ CANNOT survive an entire planet in crisis, hidden by the propaganda of media cultists worshiping the universities which brought us here.  Or, more simply; “Your job” is minimal, on the list of extermination that attacks us now.  Even though you do not yet see it: ask any farmer what it will mean, “if you eat or destroy the seed for NEXT YEARS CROP”.  Mutilated corn is not enough/ and you are clearly on a path to destroy the species itself with genetics; which will then attack all other grass plant species as well.  Such is the contribution of “genetics”/ or as is biblically predicted:   Armageddon (nature in chaos).

          Or, in the most simple words possible: human society and this earth itself, IS DISEASED, by the games men play. Life is not a game;  unless you return to reality quickly, NO possibility of life or future for any child exists.  That is NOT, believe in me; “a worthless excuse”/ this is INVESTIGATE REALITY FOR YOURSELF/ EXAMINE WHAT THE COST OF BEING WRONG SHALL BE, OR CAN BE/ IDENTIFY THE TRUTH, OF WHAT LIFE NEEDS:   and assemble LIFE shall come first for this planet.  Or the evidence will prove beyond the possibility of doubt:   we are the last of humanity, making us soon to be, “the living dead”.  For the remaining few minutes left.  Don’t like it/ don’t believe it:   TRUTH does not care!  It is what it is, your opinion or beliefs, are completely irrelevant.

          So then lets assert: WE MUST HAVE DIFFERENT, than the games men play.  We must have a grasp upon the reality of LIFE FIRST, that will not die, or be dissuaded from the truth: without equality, justice, fair play & a demand truth alone shall lead;  among us/ there will be WAR, and extinction for us all/ for life on earth.

          This is the way, and these are the days: that thousands of years of men in charge have made.  This is the best they did do, and we do stand on the crumbling edge of extinction.  NOT because I say so/ because the evidence will prove it is true.  That leaves only one true solution: women must try to lead.  NOT as men lead, by selecting one leader and the rest must follow: that only raises an army; and armies have only one purpose.  RATHER as all women united by a vote: there must be an acceptance of our reality, along with the understanding of what each and every possible choice shall mean.  When you have found your way as “every woman on earth” so to speak: this is what we know, will help life and living for us all.  THEN your solution is put before men, and all will vote to control and identify what government will be. 

          Men play games; and as is consistent with the Carter administration in previous US government: paying back the debt failed. He should have declared bankruptcy, and rebuilt. He should have declared to the Iranian terrorists: harm a hostage, and we will take out your sewage plants/ if that is not enough, we will attack one or more water stations, if many are harmed we will destroy your main government installations, and so forth.  Just like the terrorists of today who threaten lives should be dealt with by making that decision: “YOU will be sorry too”.  The difference being they attack life/ we in response attack the things you need for life; sparing life itself/ but making it hard, for those who surround you/ because of what you chose to do.  They will then teach a terrorist;   this “game is over”.  Nonetheless in Carters day;  Because men wanted to find a way to be rich/ they destroyed the possibility and potential of returning to reality in accounting. The consequence of “paying your debt/ was inflation”; that quickly turned to high interest; because of their increased demands. Which then became the cry, “buy anything, or watch your money go away”. That ended the payments of debt/ because a majority did buy, increasing the national debt instead of paying it.  Then when most were highly leveraged/ intending to “be smart”: they lost badly when Reagan declared and proved: “we AIN’T going to pay NO damn debts”. Thereby stealing nearly all investments, and all belief in government for many. The consequence of discarding reality: Made it possible for those who lived in fantasy and delusions;  “the university diploma” took control. Men play games; and as is consistent with the Reagan administration in previous US government:  the failure to pay a debt results in thievery, corruption, traitorous acts,  counterfeiting, warmongering, and treason at all levels of society.  Thereby Reagan gave the nation to “a university diploma”/ and conceived of an army to control our lives, discarding democracy, and destroying much. The worst leader by far economically, democratically, and militarily; yet you loved him, because he was a “good talker/ and knew how to act”.  Even though he is responsible for a major portion of your individual bankruptcy (we depended upon this)/ the destruction of currency bound to reality/ and selling the entire supply of gold in secret against the nation; to finance his games. While the media hid him is vile cult worship; because he gave the wealth of this entire nation to the universities diploma. A traitor is a traitor. Men play games, and they want everything for free/ for me.  Or more correctly they want everything that cost a thousand dollars, to be a “dollar” to them; so they can declare what winners they are/ and what fools you are.  The consequence of that is:   when you depend upon their leaders,  for society itself: disaster is coming.  Which then becomes war.  As is proven throughout history, time and time again.  Individually, the vast majority of men will attack any type of change in society with a clear determination to rule that change, and establish for themselves “by hook or crook” any and all ways “to WIN”, MORE for themselves.  Its called “success”! And the vast majority are willing to follow ANYONE, who will give them what they want/ regardless of the method, the destruction, or even hate. Those who hang back, are left wanting; therefore they surrender.  Because “Mine;  the result of male domination” means, “nothing for you”. The reality after a decade of looking for any possible method of leaving men in charge of “LIFE MUST COME FIRST FOR THE PLANET”: ridiculous/ they can’t do it.  Their games, their want, and their power & pride: is what they do instead. History proves they cannot defeat it.  That does make me a little sad/ but life or death for a planet is no game: and we absolutely MUST HAVE DIFFERENT, than this.  NOT A CHOICE, our reality!  The only method beyond men,  is “pure democracy: whereby we the people choose”.  That eliminates leaders, by electing the laws we will enforce as our decision for life.  That is sufficiently in the interest of men, to gain their acceptance.  But it is beyond their grasp, because no matter what: the male demand for “I WANT, OR I DON’T WANT”; has proven to be their ruler.  In a world of 7-8 billion people; that is dead/ or we will be.

           The only reality of honestly different ideas:   cannot come from men, because these are “their ways”.  That leaves women as the last resort/ or last hope for life on earth; “like it, or not”! 


          Women CANNOT play games, or life on earth will fail!  The only power allowed is law.  That means: governments shall NOT be allowed to create their own credit, establish a military beyond set limits, or spend money that society itself has not approved through their own vote and boundaries.  Or more simply: true democracy must rule.

          Women CANNOT discard equality, justice, or fair play for all life on earth, including men; or life fails.  Pride is an enemy, the maker of games that become the corruption and crime of civilization.

          Women CANNOT be simple-minded: they must choose wisely allowing truth alone, by the cause and consequence of reality:  to decide what is best for life on earth. Every want, is the precipitator of a lie/ every lie, an impending disaster to life.

          Women CANNOT be leaders as are men; because that removes the will and rights of society, to pretend a few can make the choices that cause life or death for our entire planet.  WE MUST make these decision together as one world.   LIFE FIRST LEADING, not want!

          Women CANNOT ignore or avoid: the reality of over-population.  Or we eat ourselves out of house and home, devouring the earth, and every life in it; ourselves.

          Women CANNOT allow the universities of humanity to control society; as has been proven: THEY ARE NOT WORTHY, OR WISE for life! That has been proven through experimentation, and stories whose end result threatens us all: because wrong is death to life on earth.

          Women CANNOT allow the weapons of mass destruction to remain/ that does mean world law, and its enforcement SHALL arise and control leaders on earth.  They shall not control us anymore; nor shall any form of expertise dismantle or discard the need to protect this earth FIRST, for all its life.  As universities do threaten everything: they cannot teach, just as the vile construction of evolution proves.

          Women CANNOT discard the future, as have men; assassinating every child, because of what they did or did not do.  Rather an education is valued; and that means a true education that removes most of “university and tech schooling”/ to bring that directly into the high schools.  For four years of reality, at the tax payer expense.

          Women CAN assist themselves in an absolute demand for equality, justice, and fair play;   becoming by law:   “NEVER AGAIN less than men or their decisions”.  Remembering distinctly, that although the differences in men and women by life SHALL dictate, “what can or cannot be done”/   there is room for justice, equality, and fair play to be the same for everyone on earth.  No exceptions/ and no religion shall intervene or change that demand.  Make it so.  The vote of “billions” CANNOT be denied: it will control this earth!  Or you will die anyway, because that is what the evidence does prove. 



          One truth is: without hope, we die/ therefore work for hope, by building and designing for life; as best you can.  Keep working for life, keep fighting for a future, keep talking or accepting: there will be a future; because anything less is death. Our world needs workers, who live and think beyond want;   to survive.  So long as there is life, there can be hope; until by the evidence there is nothing left, that we can do.  Life is not dead yet/ remember that and keep working, or begin.


          The fundamental existence of hope, extends from truth.  Truth is recognized through reality, and its predictable outcome; as an understanding that begins in knowledge, works for life in understanding, and declares an honor, by respect;  has been earned in wisdom.  Hope then comes not from any form of belief/ but is formed from the consequences found in truth.  Truth, by the evidence says: unless we change/ there is no future for life.  That does NOT mean there is no hope.  Rather it merely takes the knowledge of this day, to understand change MUST COME quickly for life to survive on earth.  That fact demands:   “Do not believe”/ search for truth, and accept the foundations that evidence will provide.  Then make true decisions, which respect:   life comes first.  Hope exists, because reality makes it so/ otherwise, it is merely a lie, used to tamp down fears; and will fail.


          The critical question of our time, is whether the delusions, fantasies, tragedies, and failure of a “university cult” influencing the ability of this entire planet to survive;    Can be confronted?  Or has the propaganda of media influence, taken away your voice, and your mind forever?

           Because every court, every media group, every leader, and many more: even though they have no answers, and have proven, they cannot contest with me, in law or by fact. The opportunity to survive, is not to be found there. Rather,  I won every trial by law or justice/ but was refused that reality by graft, corruption, collusion, and conspiracy to deny democracy. Instead their control by power, and ability to disrupt both democracy and law;  by frivolous acts of violence against “we the people”/ DO establish betrayal. The leaders each refused to “let the evidence decide”/ because the court “has minders”; people whose job it is, to make certain the judge does what he or she is told.  Proven true, in trial after trial.  Every court and media group has refused to identify, or allow the revelation of risk associated with experiments going on today: no exceptions. Because they believe in “university knows”; even though the evidence proves wrong is a dead earth, or a mutilated world.  Should we the people not know that?  Your leaders say no! Your president, your FBI, your policing and military, and all organizations contacted, (many) whose job it is “to help save this world, and this nation”.   Instead: With the same “robotic mind”, and the same voice; all said NO!  Not a word followed or flowed for life, even though “useful invitations to the policing, etc existed; to DEMAND, & say LOOK AT THIS CAUSE”.  Instead, they found anger in me/ because I point out the  people who are threatening to exterminate this world.  Providing sound and true reason to believe “they are terrorists”.  Instead of them, I am accused.  Instead of an investigation of reality and its consequences, I am threatened.  Instead of protecting life:  Do they not aid and abet those who are threatening to murder every living thing on earth?  Indeed they do.  Without a brain between them, that can move outside the lines of an asshole in charge/ they are merely “a robotic army of humanity”. A mob simply by another name, believing in their cult; and finding “its either us/ or them” as their only true need to protect.  The current case of a thousand police searching for one killer for a month; utter proof/ not for anyone else.  But send us the billing anyway!

          Functionally:  Filling in, until the robots of artificial intelligence arrive, to simply kill you without a cause; ruled by one.  How is that not so, history will prove it.  How is this type of mob,  not characteristic of all religious cults.  “The religion:   university is our god”/ not a single question can be asked: they are god.  All bow down.  Proven true.


            Where there is evidence influenced only by reality/ there will be truth found.  Consequently, it is not the university that knows/ but reality itself, that knows what truth is.  It is called “common sense”: where, We all live in reality.  Even though university is particularly bad at believing its own fantasies and delusions/ forcing these through media on the rest.   Every leader today, refuses truth: the risk of gambling life or death for this world on a theory without the slightest evidence of truth/ is insane.  Truth says: we cannot risk killing this entire earth or its life, just because of a theory!  How is that not true?

          The reality instead:  like every cult that ever existed/   you can’t question the leaders! When they are proven wrong: the cult dies.  Therefore fear, keeps them, and their followers:   from identifying in this case, “death to our planet/lives/ or horrifying consequences to our nature”, and so much more.  All are interwoven, in the tragedy of failures and fantasies and counterfeiting;  that leaders and their cult provide.  So says the truth, by its evidence.  You may search the sites I provide for considerable information/ or simply search for yourself; bearing in mind, “the propaganda demands, these experiments, will be GREAT”.  While reality says: being even a little wrong, is the end of every life on earth.  Nothing more clearly proven true in that statement: than trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.  If that ten million degree fire, does not extinguish itself/ we all burn; and every single soul, understands that statement is true!  The theory, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so it will extinguish itself”.


          The delusion of playing god with nature, mutilating all DNA; the foundation which builds every body of life; risks EVERYTHING! And will create pandemic’s (ebola is a probability of this in one way or another).  If you can’t release a genetic mutilation in one place because of legal consequences: where better, than Africa, or “least law”!  Because life boundaries crossed between any species;  is a known factor in every major pandemic.  “Your university gods know that”/ and still throw every mutilation they can into nature itself; hoping to prove evolution.  The insanity of life as building it:  “one piece at a time”/ AS IF, you didn’t need everything at once.

          The fantasies of playing with energy; is rampant in University.  They believe they can be gods, with their machines:   that it’s fair, to gamble and risk every single life on this entire planet.  Because, They believe!  

          There are potentially millions now, the world over:  mutilating nature, intending to cause chaos in nature.  Intentionally committing life itself,  to chaos by destroying disciplines, order, balance, structure, and everything else associated with genetic structure.  All gone, because the university fool, “wants to play”. The purpose is: to play god and prove it, by causing “strange new life forms” on earth.  Evolution worshipers;   according to university, media, and government: trying to prove, LIFE is all just an accident”. Instead, they will prove life has been destroyed/ because of their religion called evolution.  Belief, is a terrible thing/ when it impacts an entire world with horrific death. Little is more insane than evolution: nothing builds itself one piece at a time: go ahead rip out your heart/ apparently you didn’t need it till later.  You are a believer/ aren’t you?  Prove it, take out what you do not need.  Perhaps your lungs, etc.

            Or accept:  Life MUST have every piece, every resource, and every process in place, before it can begin to build a body, or survive. There will be mutilation, and horrors, instead of happiness/ courtesy of “your university gods”.   Reality knows instead:  Even with every piece in place, LIFE must have everything else it needs to survive immediately; such as a mothers milk, and a mother to care, and a father to work and provide food, etc.  Even then, there MUST be food available/ and the body must be able to recognize that, use that, capture that, transport that, excrete that, and so on.  Or more simply: for life to survive, everything required must be in order; so that it can sustain itself.  Even a fool, can understand/ why not you? Want to see further proof evolution is a fantasy?  Go to the nursing home, and see what losing even a little bit of what you had as a completed body does mean.  Then ask yourself, given their assumptions of “started off with nothing/ not arms, legs, eyes, mind, stomach, teeth, etc” (absolutely nothing but a chemical accident): how can this be?  It is an hallucination/ it is a university curse, on you!

          Find your own brain/ why be insane?```````````` Ebola now teaches you, that even a tiny little anything, from an infected body/ can make you sick, from across the earth: because you fear it, you are learning that.  Yet that disease, most likely caused by men: is NOTHING compared to genetic chaos/ or nature mutilated, and without the possibility of repair.  As is the reality of what men and women are doing, across this world.  MORE HORROR, and MORE OUTRIGHT TERROR, as bodies dissolve into slime; than you can possibly imagine, is coming.  Or in its religious version “Armageddon (chaos in nature) is coming”.  Because that is what these people chose/ and you supported them;   cause they promise no more tears.  LIARS one and all!  Dead brains, as is anyone who listens/ beyond stupidity, brings horror by your own hands.

            As to the reality of MORE evidence, identifying these particular delusions are not alone: the experimentation IS already underway, “we will ignite the same fire here/ as is on the sun”.  Cannot be more tragic or delusional/ because if their theory “not enough gravity to sustain it” is wrong (and it is)/ then our entire planet dies in fire, as is the biblical prediction.    Can’t believe that: then, You are a member of the cult, of “university knows” are you not?  Because the experiments exist, and the machines are real, and being built.  That means you do believe they can bring that fire here/ which means you must accept the theory “the fire that burns our skin in summer from 91 million miles away/ a, 10 million degree fire;  will just extinguish itself.”  Because if you do not accept that theory of not enough gravity;  in its entirety: then you are willing to let this entire world die, including you.  All because of  delusional psychopaths, who not only believe they can be gods.  But believe they can, and do intend to become “satan”.  Destroyer of a world, religious or not makes no difference to the outcome/ while making you their accomplice.  Did you say no?  Reality says: “you can’t be this wrong/ without intent”. That intent is: to gamble with every life on earth/ proving they can, and fully intend, to play god.


          The university is responsible for  the endless mutilations of nature itself, they create. As genetics are nature itself:  the builder of “the bodies called life”/ & there is no other: that means the crucify nature.  Every intentional fantasy, that allows the crucifixion of life on earth: like throwing into and affixing snakes, or worms, or destroying hands, etc;   to your own body; such is the reality of their work. How is that not crucifixion?  With your blessing, as the constant is: “we will fix all your problems, with this”!  The mutilation of every body of life on earth: IS A VERY PREDICTABLE, the end result of absolute HORROR on earth!  SATAN AGAIN, IN FULL VIEW!  Crossing species barriers;  the known cause, and thereby purposeful intent, to create  pandemic disease on earth/  end of your food supply, turning it to poison/ the manipulation of plant and animal species we use for food, to be turned into allergens against us/ the end of diversity because of genetic manipulation/ the opening door of further species extinction, by removal of all genetic defenses/ the failure that is endless genetic change thrown into nature, so that its influence can be as massive as possible.  Not knowing literally anything about what exactly or even slightly happens,  to every life that touches these intentional “life bombs”.  Etc, etc, etc.  Yet you believe whatever you are told, which makes you so devoid of sense: a consequence that constructs;   people have become so weighted down with the propaganda of media/ they share the same realities as the occult.  A head so filled with garbage, fantasy, or delusions;   that you can’t lift it off the ground. And the only way you can drag it; is with your ass in the air/ backwards, so you can’t see where you are going, “the 200 lb brain”.   As anything less than this, would be a person who actually had a tiny bit of sense or reality attached to their soul.  Alas, billions don’t; you just want what you want/ and believe absolutely anything you are told: “the university is your god”.  To your shame.


          So then lets look beyond the start, of a simple world called  “university shame”/ and find governmental anarchy instead.  Plenty to go around as they say.

          Nothing is more descriptive of any form of government, than its courts.  In trial after trial; that I personally developed myself, the evidence is real: therefore my testimony is true.  The reality of every court both state and federal is:  that NOT ONE WORD, was responded too, regarding constitutional law, guaranteed rights, or any other form of governmental control that is democracy in action: by constitutional law.  That is treason, and it is established, not only by the intentional rebellion: to keep the constitution silent/ by refusing its voice in a courtroom of law, it is betrayal.  When constitutional law is in fact, the entire focus of the case in trial: there is no excuse/ it is anarchy; the intentional traitorous act, of removing the government of this state and this nation:   so the employees can call themselves “the government”. Thereby “rulers”/ rather than employees.

           It is not true, we gave them no such right; and require oath of office, to make certain they understand: it is the constitution that rules here/ NOT you.   Instead of obedience to our law, the constitution itself, which governs all law and authority:   the courts use irrelevant procedural rules/ and claims, “that the constitution is frivolous, and does not belong in court”, by its every action.  Again every form of leadership in governmental office: was informed.  And given a chance to do what is right/ they failed us all, as is an open rebellion against “we the people”.  Proven in court case, after court case.  Www.trialoflife.info   Search court cases, on this and other sites.

          Of the endless tyrannies being cast upon us: these are a few, “we are, the most incarcerated people in the civilized world”;   hardly speaks of freedom, now does it?

          We are indebted as a nation according to government accounting one hundred and forty seven trillion dollars;    Line 19, the chart is in billions, or “the number 1"   = one billion dollars. http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/z1/current/accessible/l5.htm

in real money terms, if that were possible and it is not.  One trillion dollars is equal too:   ten thousand dollars, per each and every one of one hundred million people.  Or as roughly one in three people here are workers; which equals one hundred million people: every single worker owes $1,470,000.00 each.   Over the last four years, two quarters not yet accounted for: the debt has increased for the nation by: $21,373.4 trillion dollars!  Not exactly supply and demand economics is it.  

           So much for the ability of a university diploma, “the single unifying factor” in government leadership: to lead. Not, for ethics, adding, or reality.  Give applause to Reagan; as he opened the door, and let the “university wolves” feed on our lives. [no offense to the animals]. They have intentionally stolen your “heart, with media”/ defiled your democracy with experts/ and worked to assassinate the future: because greed overwhelmed them: WITH ARROGANCE.

           That after they already collect over fifty percent in taxation: ADD IT UP, including state, federal, property tax, social security which holds nothing but counterfeit numbers.  THEN ADD IN sales tax, fees, utilities, and more.

          But alas, we are not done: increasing debt with delusions and tragedy was not enough/ there is also the counterfeiting of numbers by inflating the currency, and then lying about that too.  The claim of today is: that America holds $198,250.1 billion dollars in assets (line 33).  Or $198 trillion +.  That is an increase in currency over four years, minus two months;  or asserted valuation from 2010.  Or our assets as a nation: Has increased by    $37,602.9 trillion dollars, in less than 4 years.  Did your income or assets increase the same?  That would be a rise in less than four years of three hundred and seventy six thousand dollars: that someone spent, in your name. That is inflation.  Currency rise divided by 312 million people equals $635,417.00 dollars, divided equally:  per citizen.  Somebody has it/ and they expect to spend it, at today’s prices; “hell its all free”.  Unless you are a slave (they paid me in worthless numbers, that can’t survive)/ or if you are a child: then these thieves took every resource you needed, just to throw it in the garbage; pretending fairy land could exist.    Even though the constitution is quite clear about counterfeiting/ granting no excuse; these employees do so anyway. Every counterfeit dollar, either steals from the past, or the future: because it does not exist in reality/ the past is already gone: BANKRUPT. Like it or not, the counterfeiting is the fuel, for every horrendous experiment going: to kill this world.  “Not in your lifetime” is your fantasy.  This is today.


          What is truly important however, is the fact that these numbers exist, and they were spent for something by someone/ and are being held by someone; as if they were actual “working dollars”.  They are not.  37.6 trillion dollars; divided by 100 million workers is an additional increase in what is owed: because the numbers exist, and these counterfeit numbers, compete “with YOUR real MONEY; I earned this”, as if real.  Consequently you lose/ to the game!  This is an additional new currency load of $376,029 dollars per each of one hundred million people. In addition to the previous debt.  While the debt is counterfeiting, by lies;  we can’t pay it.  This currency overload is inflation/ and because the inflation is lied about: and propagated by media to keep you blind.  Reality makes this entire governmental bureaucracy,  a criminal activity of organized crime/ in true rebellion against the USA.  These few,  take the money; and spend it however they wish on fantasies and delusions/ stealing the substance from our work.  And destroying the future generations of all life: because the numbers, steal resources the future will need/ and they do steal work and resource, from foreign nations as well.  Which means anger is coming, from all sides: equals civil or foreign war, right here.

          So then we look to the military, and find tragedy coming in all forms and ways; not only for Iraq and more; but for ourselves.  As the military has been at war for over a decade continuously, with no real end in sight.  Adding in:   if you were an enemy searching for a way to destroy and dismantle a military: would you not do this very thing/ and to add even more grievous tragedy, “then send the troops into a disease hot zone” for which they can do next to nothing/ BUT GET SICK!  Then come back and infect the entire military with that disease.  Surrounded by decades of the same failures: is that not, What  “perfect traitors” would do?  Answer the question;  is that not so? 

          But alas we are still not done with our government employees, by a very long way.  Because worst of the worst in currency is: foreigners are bringing back all this inflated currency/ at today’s prices: and buying all the property of this nation:   evicting the citizens of our land/ and preparing to make every single one.  “Just like Palestine” thrown out of their homes, because the money was a better, and more devious invader than guns!  Or you can remember “debts’ don’t matter” as stated by your leaders: BECAUSE you can have as many numbers in your bank account as you want.  Unless you are a slave!  Go ahead, add a trillion dollars to your bank account statement, “feel great”/ believe it with all your heart.  “Just don’t try to spend it, because reality will come.  Is that not so?  But lets not forget the stock market, where computer trading at well over one million times a second/ can have you bankrupted in less than a blink of an eye;  even if you are watching. They can manipulate the market, in its entirety.  Where they too, create their own counterfeit money; “happily provided by your congress”/ and you can buy on margin at fifty to one odds, if not more.  Alas reality will come, as the ground under their feet begins to tremble already; and with lots of numbers/ but no reality at all: the end result is not a guess.  Even so, The greater problem is: we are being dispossessed with these numbers; because inflation is hidden/ so thieves can spend the increase on themselves; and our nation/ even our world can be disemboweled, because they were monetary terrorists, as are all who followed. Deliberately destroying our nation (cause they’re experts at lies, and propaganda)  leading this USA;  in so many ways to disgrace and defeat.

          The oceans are nearly empty, trawlers everywhere; believe it or not. The fish are attacked, “take them all/ don’t leave a single one”: IS THE CREED of every single trawler.  The university diplomas are trying to explode this planet: by recreating the big bang, and may do so/ believe it or not: this is CERN.  Every time you donate to nearly any form of medical cure:   they mutilate genetics, and do little more.  That fact makes you their source of power to do so.  St. jude hospital: is where they experiment on children/ using them instead of   “White rats, or guinea pigs”.  Where they die a dozen or more times/ instead of just once: a true and real investigation of the facts MUST be done.  With reality proving what is HONESTLY;  in the best interest of each child.  The entire livestock industry is dependent upon antibiotic feeds/ because one single disease, can wipe them all out in a few weeks. Entire species of plants put at risk, through genetic manipulation.  Seeds sterilized. A whole world in jeopardy, leaving nothing to eat.  Antibiotics are nearly gone; believe it or not/ replaced by “super-diseases” instead.  Mutilation and crossing species boundary lines: the main cause of every pandemic.  Medicine dies with antibiotics, because surgery ends; leaving only the drugs which end in lawsuits continually.  The pollinators are nearly dead, from poisons everywhere/ and mutilated crops, which are intended, to kill them all. Poisons everywhere in cities too. Nearly all diversity in food, ends with the pollinators death, as well as so much more. Insects are dying in hordes: which means a “billion tons and more” of livestock feed, for wildlife, rivers, streams, lakes, and ocean is missing.  Over 80% of all forest land on earth is gone/ habitat included, creating mass extinction that will gain speed.  We have a mine that is enormous, held up by only “domino sticks”/ and when it collapses; it will be as if, a large asteroid crashed into earth; coming soon, it takes only one small earthquake to start it.  Then the Yellowstone volcano WILL erupt as well/ hell on earth begins.  All the weight of the ice you have melted/ now sets somewhere else: changing tectonic plate construction; which brings more earthquakes, and increased volcanos.  It also means the earth itself is now out of balance/ and there will be consequences. The water will be gone for most of this USA soon,  spent for fossil fuels/ or, with a single earthquake; give special thanks to “natural gas”/ destroyed.  One little crevice opens, and the aquifer for a million people or more is dead. Nonetheless the water in the great lakes will disappear, almost overnight, because of an earthquake: it is a provable fact.  Water by the trillions has been pumped into old oil reservoirs, mines, and more.  (one gallon of oil per billion gallons of water; is “polluted”/ and then we have radioactivity, and chemicals besides).  Water is endlessly treated as if it were nothing/ this is where the current glut of oil comes from.  You traded water to drink, for cheaper gas: “oh well”.  The Ogahalla aquifer is nearly empty bringing back the dust bowl; with no way to stop it!  According to “experts”, an aquifer gains only one inch of water, per fifty inches of rainfall; in permeable soils.  More than a thousand square miles of ocean off coastline is inundated with ammonia from fertilizers, killing life there.  We will soon be out of potash, a critical fertilizer.  The lack of trees which literally holds the atmosphere to the planet itself: because the equator spins at one thousand miles an hour/ means,  the atmosphere itself will speed up.  The endless fossil fuels burned: has already depleted the upper atmosphere of oxygen content. And everything that creates oxygen for us has been nearly destroyed. Ozone has not been “repaired”: it takes an abundance of oxygen to create ozone naturally: they lie.  Along with the incubators of ocean life, the garbage dumps in the ocean and on land, prove failure; and so much more/ the future is dead. Without true change!  “Wall street” bragged:   we have manufactured more products in the last ten years/ than throughout all of human history.  Bringing to reality: just how many resources are being plundered/ and a future being assassinated for every child.  Not to worry though, “you got a gun”/ and nations got weapons of mass destruction; ain’t that so.  They are “your saviors” ain’t they?

          Then we certainly can’t forget the general public, now can we.  No sir; after all, increasing the population by over 3-4 billion people in fifty years can’t be done alone.  Nor can adding to that population by over 2 million more mouths to feed than deaths per week; is a massive feat.  There is no future, without birth control.  We add in that most of global warming is caused by air-conditioning/ the more you do it, the more you need it: the more ice that melts/ creating a planet that cannot be cooled:  in the near future.  The simple fix is insulation/ the simple reality is “NO, you won’t”.  Then there is the ever encroaching “suburbs”/ demanding cars; destroying agricultural land and habitat; on a world where there are already one billion people or more hungry and thirsty, nearly every day. There is no future, if you continue to hide from reality, and run away from the truth; as is the consistent choice, throughout the entire forty years or more that I have worked for life on earth/ and been rejected at every single turn.  You want what you want, and don’t want nothing, but what you want/ PERIOD; don’t tell me nothing, because I don’t want to know; I want what I want! And you want MONEY most/ because greed controls life.  Yet money buys you no happiness (if you were set onto a rock in the middle of the ocean alone,  with all the non-life possessions you could ask for: I guarantee you won’t be happy.   Yet  possessions are your life, and trophies the only goal you accept/ while  life itself, is going to be exterminated!  A provable fact;   yet you still  don’t care.

           Life other than your own is not a possession: therefore you can’t take it, you can only share/ use or abuse/ or kill it.  Shame on you.  Going to get your gun?  Going to kill a billion people?  Still 6+ billion to go/ better buy more ammo. All terrorists are fools, destroying themselves first!

           We hang by a thread, just a few can destroy the last links and possibilities we have, with a future.  We are ALL, in this together, and nobody gets out alive, if we all don’t do the best we can for life.  The evidence is clear/ the reality is very simple.

           The unifying denominator in all this destruction is a university diploma; but it is also“man”.  He did, what he wanted to do/ according to what the others, and nature would allow.  Creating Across this world, by the reality of evidence today:   that we DO,  stand on the edge of extinction.  With nothing  proven more destructive to life, than men/ EXCEPT their university.  This is the best men did do.  The consequence of that is: WE MUST HAVE DIFFERENT/ the only choice, is then women.

           Simply because they are different/ that fact alone, means they will choose differently!  They cannot do worse, at this point in time.  There is no solution in men, I searched for ten years/ there is no solution in men.  Because behind every hidden door, in every crack and crevice of the mind; resides “the old mens club”; whereby those with money and deceit;   plot, and plan and manipulate men to destroy justice, and deceive, cripple, corrupt, conspire, lie, cheat, steal, ravage, rape, and construct themselves as rulers of the world/ or by just hating you, fail life.  Even if the majority of men try, and they do from time to time as history proves: hidden in the darkness, there are “the sewers of humanity” trying to disease or destroy everything the rest will build. Trying to turn any design or desire for life or justice;  into failure, so they can play god (we own you/ we own everything, and you get nothing).

           Women do not have this particular internal social structure fighting against them.  Men do not understand women, so they cannot simply control them without fear. Therefore let none be singled out.   Stop the fear, and let women try. NOT as a single woman making decisions/ but as all women deciding what is best FOR LIFE ON THIS PLANET COMES FIRST!  How is that not fair/ men brought them here too; and they are about to become extinct, just like you.


           Remembering two things, to start:   nothing survives without truth/ therefore truth must decide.  Nothing can be understood without reality/ therefore the evidence which determines truth cannot be allowed to be corrupted: it must be real.


           Consider this as well; that perfection is like a dead animal under the back seat of your car/ you may think everything is fine with your eyes, but the smell will prove you wrong.  Do the best you can, and accept there will be failures:  which must then be “rebuilt”/ with your new understanding.  Don’t be distracted, or the planet dies.  Don’t be substantially wrong, or life dies!


          Then comes just for balance: The constant of media decision and delusion is: “the university knows, what it is doing”.  As is the constant of all “people in positions of power,  having a university diploma/ including all religion”.  Or, it could be more simply put as: “YOU, or I, in this case/ are just too damn dumb, poor, plain, and stupid.  How dare you believe: you have your own brain/ “the cult hates you”.  The punishment:   all must, “ridicule him”/ a prize to the one who can make him cry: so says the cult!  Is that not realistic: nobody but the “expert” is allowed to know anything.  Resulting in:  if you ain’t “one of us”/ you ain’t nothing.  How much less, if you question the people who say they are/ or you accept to be:  “gods to us”.  Same as its been “forever”/ as ancient history proves, nothing has changed except the ability to destroy.

           But alas, I am not the one questioning “university knows”!

           I am the one: questioning the results of what goes wrong, when insanity and fantasy fails reality. I don’t care what they know/ I care what they think, etc.  It is their life/ it is their freedom/ it is their eternity:  I don’t care what they choose for themselves.

           BUT, what happens when THEIR FAILURE CAUSES, everything to go wrong for an entire world, THAT,  IS A completely different story. There is a difference, between religion and reality:  it is called truth.   RELIGION requires you to believe what you are told/ truth gives you faith, in the evidence and reality of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom!  See the difference/ /unless you lie!

           Truth doesn’t care what you think, or believe/ or who made the decision: if wrong is a dead world/ then everyone needs a say/ because everyone is involved, even you!  The court calls this frivolous, and betrays constitutional law. The public responds:  bribes are either simply too good, with counterfeit money/ greed controls.  OR, the public in general by the vast majority, simply runs away to hide.  Alternately:  threatens in some form or fashion to indicate ‘NEVER tell me this again”.  They want what they want, period; with an excuse to say “I didn’t know/ so it ain’t my fault”.  A liars excuse.


           But lets look at what the “big brains” believe: in terms of fire from the sun.  1.  They believe fusion (crushing two hydrogen atoms into helium releases all that heat).  THEY HAVE now proven themselves wrong at the NIF, in experiment after experiment.  And there is no helium in any sizable quantity coming off the sun: so it is, and it was,  strictly fantasy from the beginning.  2.  They believe the sun is entirely made of hydrogen; the lightest known element in the universe/ but they believe that hydrogen is responsible for extreme gravity; it is,  merely science fiction supported by “experts”.  3. They believe that the sun is on fire from the core out/ which means the every element throughout the entire sun, are involved  entirely, thereby engulfed by flame.  Which means with everything burning at once; there is no longevity to the time a sun will burn/ nor is there any possibility of a supernova event.  Just a fairy tale, without reality.  4.  They believe the sun is the size of the flame: allowing nothing for the laws of thermodynamics/ because they believe it is all fire;   a fools dream.  5.  They believe gravity is “some kind of black hole”/  but with light shining out.  Can’t have both.  6.  They believe solar gravity is “some kind of chain” that gets sucked into the center of the sun, and then just disappears into another dimension.  Idiots at large/ BEWARE.  7.  They discard all laws, and all proven reality; to assume they can play with a fire that is obviously the burning of atomic bonds: destroying elements, thereby ejecting hydrogen/ the simplest possible combination of atomic structure, that can escape.  Similar to the chemical fire here on earth, which is the burning of complex molecular bonds (reducing “stuff” into elements) using oxygen as a reactant; to destroy complex molecules, and turn it into simple elements;  by the means of “ chemical chaos”.   Whereas the sun fire burns atomic bonds, to reduce elements themselves into “dust without a bond”. The illusions of evolution begin, and end with chaos!   Chaos, builds nothing/ it only destroys.

          The fools who are creating nano-structures;   that by their own admission, can self multiply.  Can and will invade biological cells, and work like a virus.  The end result will be tragic/ just like any other disease, or worse. Artificial intelligence; which supports robotic warfare against all life, including you; is coming close to working. That means:   one person in charge of death for millions is the end result/ “gee, what could go wrong”? Hitler and many others, would have worshiped it: isn’t that so?    Chemicals which mutilate, and cause abortion across all boundaries, throughout nature; are aggressively used by agriculture and more.  Genetic mutilations which cross borders: so as to avoid trial in your own country; do exist.  Story exists: that monkeys who were genetically altered, and survived/ were then returned to Africa.  To see what would happen to the general population of the species.  It was said: that the individual responsible for spreading AIDS/ came back from Africa, in these regions where these monkeys were released.  It is suggested, he ate one. Or more simply: just because a tragedy starts in one location/ doesn’t mean it started there.

          Single individuals in government employ;  who have made it their business to throw away millions of pounds of food, for nothing; but to control competition. In this very hungry world.  And a list of failure so damn long, it is worthless to write;  all because you believe “university knows”/ and can’t raise your head; because you believe media protects you, as well.  Even though they have known about all of this “since I told them”, for decades.  Instead, they tell you nothing of importance;  and they let your money be destroyed by endless greed to get billions for themselves. Even letting our entire  world be gambled with; and refuse to say a single word/ as to the horror of being wrong.  They are not the protectors of liberty/ reality says betrayal exists......owned by a tiny few;  there is no liberty to do what is right.

            Because the US supreme court which is a sewer itself (so says the evidence of court cases), sold the entire media industry;  to a tiny few/ who control it for power.

           Because a presidential political race now costs over a billion dollars (its all free, with counterfeiting)/ and most all of it goes to the media, as a bribe.  Keep their mouths shut!  The few owners who then find themselves, with cause not to inform you about anything, BECAUSE OF GREED: “we are rich”/  fail life.  Its called greed/ arrogance/ and propaganda combined to desert democracy and destroy justice, life, and truth.  Still believe “everything you are told”? 

           Your businesses, and your jobs;  were given away to China and elsewhere/ STRICTLY to hide the graft and corruption that would have come out, had they not found another sink hole, to hide the debts inside; a simple truth/ this world “needs a job”.  Wall street is NOT as stable, “as a house of cards”/ it is only a game, with losers: they stole your money, your business, and your jobs.  Keeping for themselves, “nothing but trillions of counterfeit numbers”.  Counterfeit, “means worthless, and a lie”; do you understand? Your governmental unions have not only terrorized you with debts;  we the people cannot pay/ they gave themselves everything they could, and more [BRIBES];   to make the rest their slaves.  That is the truth.  “Hey, I ain’t my brothers keeper/ THIS IS ONLY ABOUT ME, or my group.  Bribery creates  an army of the bribed/ who then tear down the walls of reality and destroy the foundations of democracy; so they can play god (better than you) over THE REST: be our slave. While they didn’t teach anything of value to the vast majority of students/ and still pretend, they deserved more.  While the reality of university led government proves:   decades past without a single real infrastructure payment: because the fantasies, or greed took it all.  Spending lives in the military for the politicians own fears.  Killing millions because a tiny few leaders; “shit in their pants” (save us few/ make them fear)!  While All the gold, of an entire nation;  in Fort Knox was sold by Reagan; and not a word by the media/ even though they were told; by me.  Critical information sent: the federal reserve was “cooking the books” changing 3 trillion dollars from the debt column to the asset column in one week: not a word.  Your protectors, they are not!  Your entertainers at best/ traitors at worst. Instead of protection; fears, with just a little to make you feel safe, or more afraid.  More critically however, they are cult worshipers: because you cannot worship AND RESPECT, THE CREATION OF LIFE, or protect the people, and that life.  While refusing to question: WHY are these GAMBLING WITH EVERY LIFE ON EARTH; and call yourselves the press.  To let you know they exist, they do entertain.  While they aid and abet those who have proven treason against us all.  After all, “only the expert” knows anything; isn’t that so; ask any so-called reporter?  But, if you; Take a look at our reality, demanding“the university knew”, as they stated/ then reality says,  they are satan; is that not so.  Who else, would gamble an entire world on fantasy?


          But hey, what has all that got to do with you/ HELL, you just want what you want!  Or Destroy anything you can, to play god with your world. The result of evidence identified:  Not only stealing from every child, but choosing to assassinate them/ and mutilate their entire world of life; if you don’t burn the entire planet first.  HELL, just because cannibalism threatens, even if you don’t recognize it.  Just because you want what you want; and reality will prove, in the ocean you are eating “next years crop today”. Etc/ etc/ etc.

          DON’T BELIEVE ME/ don’t believe anyone: search and find the truth, by clear and certain evidence.  Then learn what it means to be wrong, when life is threatened with extinction.  Or just go ahead and die, taking this entire world with you.  HELL eternity can’t be real: “right”!  Why even if it is   GOD, CREATOR OF THIS ENTIRE WORLD; won’t really care if you destroyed HIS entire work:   “Would HE”/      HELL NO, isn’t that right/ why you are practically gods yourselves; ain’t that so; go ahead, “Live an eternity”.  By your god (university knows), every religion agrees: “lets worship the university”! How could they all be wrong, why HELL, some of them are even going to “fly off into fantasy”/ as the thousand plus mile per hour updraft wind from a ten million degree flame pillar, on earth sucks them in.  Why it will be “great” religion calls it “a rapture”/ but alas unless your god is going to completely destroy you: it ain’t going to be “heaven”!  Ain’t that so!  Don’t have to do NOTHING to worry about; paid my dues/ to religion!   Sure, what could go wrong/ you gave them counterfeit money; “its all free”.


          We could throw in, every biblical prophecy of end times is   clearly coming true:   but “you’re a cult”/ so you can’t believe anything unless media propagates that; and they do not.  They do propagate evolution: or more correctly, “chaos builds everything”, without so much as a brain; one piece at a time.  Even the delusional and insane, should know that is untrue/ but not a cult; can’t question the leaders/ can’t think for yourselves, “its forbidden”!  Noah’s flood, is proven real in a number of ways:   but the only one needed, is the fact fossil fuels exist, in the quantity and reality we know they do.  Only a world wide flood could do what was done/ because we know that coal comes from organic plant life/ while oil comes from creature life; each buried in piles, some at thousands of feet down, and in strange places besides. Making archeology and geology;  90% dead, or just plain wrong.

            My personal favorite biblical prophecy is Daniel 12:   or, when the great abomination rises.  Which is the beginning of the machine, being used or built to bring the same fire as the sun, here to earth. We know that fire exists/ therefore it can be done; reality has already proven it is so .   Therefore they are Risking every life on earth, and even the solar system itself; on their simple, or single-cell “200 lb  brain”.   Their theory, “the fire will just extinguish itself”.   You can’t be more delusional than this/ or more insane.  Therefore it is the great abomination.   From the start of the national ignition facility/ to 1298 days later:   puts us at September of 2015, or thereabouts;  to stop them, or die.  That date is the time predicted for the building completion of the exa watt lasers:   3 million of the largest lightning bolts possible/ all hitting the same spot, at the same time. They store electricity in capacitors, to do it.  Believe nothing, find the truth!  Its only purpose is to ignite this world on fire/ these lasers have no other legitimate purpose; and that is why they are building three.   Situated where they are to triangulate their beams into one spot, combining all that power.   They need only work Once, all dead, a pillar of flame that burns atomic bonds for fuel, that will extend beyond the atmosphere.  Ejecting that atmosphere in about 45 days or less.   Or, all dead and gone from this earth at 1335 days (37 days more) from the  beginning of that fire.  Life on earth is gone!  It may take only one laser.  Think about it;  for once in your life/ try finding a little truth! So you can continue to live on earth.


          If you work for life/ then be at peace with your existence: we have done then, the best we could.  Nobody does better, even if it is not enough.  It is all anyone can do.  Eternity will remember you.

           If not, “let someone else”/ then, like igniting the planet on fire/ being wrong has consequences.+



          For a simplified understanding: I am NOT against “a university earned degree, in some field of realistic study”.  I AM THOROUGHLY AGAINST:    THE EXTREME ARROGANCE, DISEASE, AND DESTRUCTION ASSIGNED BY CRITICAL DISRESPECT OF LIFE, PLANET, AND ALL THAT SURVIVAL MEANS OR NEEDS/ AS WELL AS THE TAKE OVER OF GOVERNMENTS/ LYING/ STEALING/ CHEATING/ THE  PROPAGANDA OF FOOLS AND FAILURES/ DELUSIONS AND FANTASY RULING/ THE DISRUPTION OF JUSTICE/ TREASON:      and everything NOT associated with truth, LIFE, and survival of this world.  Through the disciplines and evidence of order, balance, structural reasoning, and just plain common sense.  These things don’t have a degree; they are learned through life, and its association with reality.  Teacher or not/ makes no real difference.  Memorization, is not enough!


          I offer you three deliberate expressions;   to decide if more can be learned by “university knows”/   INSTEAD of gambling with all life on earth.


reality of sun energy

heat, fire, and explosion

atomic structure


The Critical Element, Discoveries in Life

Organizing for life/ the return path to true democracy!

Reality has a list

Three exa-watt lasers      More

the national ignition facility

trial after trial

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mutilation of nature itself/ the intentional destruction of DNA/ the biological release of “weapons of mass destruction” as is the crossing of species boundaries” a known cause of every pandemic identified in history.

The fire fence, Bribe 1            theory of operation            video  

This is the video for bribe 2 stopping the tree borer.          Theory of operation.       

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Wrong,     Elevations begin,    Value,    Society,     Counterfeiting.


THE CRITICAL ELEMENT: truth will win, in the end/ because what is true, never stops being true. That means: whatever you believe, has no meaning, or purpose at all; until it is proven true! The foundation theories, and experiments that threaten all life on earth, by university design, and leadership decision: shall be proven wrong! Truth then demands, in that day: your lives, your child, and your future are EXTINCT.

Over the decades, various assertions were tried and tested; as to why humanity itself cannot overcome the simple reality: “I want, I want, I want, what I want/ and I don’t want nothing else; and don’t tell me nothing! Because I don’t want to know, and I don’t want ANY responsibility for anything”: SO, if I refuse to learn, then it ain’t my fault, and I don’t have to pay. YOU do/ anyone but me. Or, more simply: I want you to do everything for free, for me/ and I want you to give me everything I want, and pay me; making me rich. I want everything “to make me god”, without paying more than a couple of pennies for it: cause if I pay anything/ then I don’t even owe you a thank you. I can ridicule you instead, because you were then a fool, or I was superior enough, “to make you cry”. Alternately, I will trade your life, or friendship: “ by being your fan, for a few minutes once”. To make all you sacrifice worthwhile. But don’t ask for anything else. Don’t expect that to last more than five minutes, even “if you save my life”. You must, Pay for everything, and ask me for nothing/ leaving me alone, so I get to be as selfish, as life can let me be.
That is the state of human existence, proven true. A reality of “University knowledge” leading humanity: that has NOT done anything more, or less: than spend every single penny they could counterfeit upon themselves. Manipulating endlessly/ claiming superiority/ and in all ways expanding the description above: into their intent, to play god with life. Or more simply: they are the latest herd, to decide they could be predators.
Over the last few decades in America; and since we now represent every nation on earth; how is that not “a true sign and signature” of what a university education means. The combined purpose of “us all”/ is to control the rest. Since reality will prove American’s are being dispossessed as a nation, through leadership counterfeiting: civil war now threatens us here. Because ask any person in America, how they will react to trouble: and they all say “I have a gun/ or someone I know does”. They can’t defeat the words/ so like every other nation in all of history: they will pick up weapons. That definition extends, to a world, influenced by the same cancerous disease of “university knows: we want it all”/ as is here.

I used to believe; “more evidence was needed, to prove we are threatened as a world”/ didn’t help. I use to believe; “a different style of educating” was needed”/ didn’t help. I use to believe; “more educating, of all kinds was needed”/ didn’t help. I use to believe: they absolutely CANNOT deny such a simple thing as published evidence, “the university is trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun”. Therefore they will awaken to the coming extinction of life on this earth: didn’t help. I use to believe, “religion would recognize their own prophecies so well interpreted, and simple to understand: you cannot avoid the outcome or reality”. But they are armed with, a thousand excuses, all of which say: “We don’t have to do NOTHING”/ go away. I use to believe: you might wake up in time to survive and keep this earth alive: because bringing a fire here just like the sun/ is so simple and plain, it cannot be misconstrued. I now believe, that life on earth is absolutely dead, without the slightest chance of survival: UNLESS “GOD” HIMSELF, will wake you up. Since you have failed, “drought/ flood/ weather/ etc”: That might include a terrible crisis of some sort: or any other possibility, including “the birth of a child”/ as was “the wake up call” granted in JESUS time! I really don’t have a clue. But it is true and simple and plain: that “university knows” has released so many horrifying potentials/ just opening the door a tiny crack, to any of these tragedies. Could release extreme consequences for every living thing on earth: mutilation/ starvation/ pandemic/ dying of thirst/ asphyxiation/ etc/ etc/ etc . I do not know, what will come. But have no fear, “Your university propaganda teams of media” will be certain to direct, manipulate, and control you: “Pointing elsewhere”. Anything but truth, is their proven zeal, & motto for life in lies. After all, they lie about the reality of counterfeiting/ fusion/ mutilation/ food/ population bombs exploding/ oceans dying/ they have hidden every aspect of counterfeiting/ every case that defends justice or democracy/ every possible threat to their power or pride: because “the rich and powerful” /protect the rich and powerful; that is how they stay “wealthy, and enslave by money; far beyond your ability to stop them”. Because they control the press and nearly all communication.

They have even hidden the reality of an entire earth being risked with complete destruction, as is bringing the same fire here as is on the sun. Being wrong is a dead world.

Every leader says: NO, “we the people CANNOT know”: what happens when this goes wrong! NO, “we the people CANNOT know” the true purposes of genetic experimentation: the death of nature itself! So that their own religion called evolution can replace it.

After all, “the university knows everything”/ isn’t that so? Chaos means: the complete destruction of everything down to its very simplest form; yet this supposedly, “built everything called life”: according to evolution; their god & your shame. Let evolution rule: is their purpose. So it will be great: Isn’t that so; after all, the university will kill everything, CALLED NATURE! & with evolution in charge, “a billion years or so from now”, life might come back/ fantasy is GREAT. Good thing you don’t mind horrors (its called Armageddon/ nature in chaos). You don’t mind, do you; hell, “gods do, what university gods do”/ can’t stop that, its their world: isn’t it!
Evidence of Tragedy and crisis COMING, is everywhere! A reality of failure and fantasy degrading life into chaos: identifies that is their choice/ as leaders of this world. You can’t stop them: because you don’t care enough to investigate and learn what reality is! Until, a crisis is literally the only thing left, that you can respond too; coming soon. But too late, is too late; you will become the living dead: no chance to survive for long. So says all the evidence!
But, Even that possibility/ that reality of evidence proven true: that is clearly simple: they are going to burn our world/ the biblical prophecy of fire ending life on earth; is literally coming true. Even that can’t capture your interest, but for only a few seconds at a time/ poof, its gone. Those few people at a time, who do find an interest/ fail to alert the others. Every single one does understand/ no exceptions: LIFE OR DEATH for this world/ and all you can do is sit on your ass, and whine about what you want.

It is apparently my “image, in your mind” of course/ that gives you the excuse. You don’t need to be concerned “cause its just him”/ nobody else is “sounding an alarm”: so its all good. He is insane, he is the problem, we are doing great: so say the majority. But the evidence of reality is very clear: I am irrelevant, to the consequences of what being wrong does mean! Therefore I am NO EXCUSE! Your leaders WANT, to be god in your eyes/ so they can prove superior, and continue their fantasies. But to be god they must play with things that “only god can do”! As is the fantasy of bringing the same fire here as is on the sun. Yes it is a wonderful heat source/ but no, it cannot be controlled: which means we all die. Your university says, “this heat comes from fusing hydrogen into helium”/ but there is no helium to prove this. They have now done years of experimentation at Lawrence livermore laboratories (NIF) and proven fusion is nothing more than a fantasy. Their second theory: “not enough gravity here to sustain that fire on earth”/ is about to be tested, “with three million lightning bolts of energy, all hitting the same spot at the same time”. An energy burst of 1 x 10 to the 54 power: the exa-watt lasers/ used together. 1x10 to the sixth power: is a million watt light bulb! THINK for a second. No going back! Being wrong is a fire, that already burns your skin in summer from 91 MILLION MILES away. A fire that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel. Risking every life, for this theory from fools. But they do believe themselves to be “gods”/ and you let them; making this gamble “yours too”.

None wish to be me, and I don’t care: no power, pride, riches, looks, reputation everyone wants, diplomas to hide behind, (can’t be happy about a world dying); or any other device (image) to prove, “he could be right”. But they refuse to accept “being wrong”: so they are willing to destroy life on earth. You can’t stop them, because they control “the news”/ and proclaim themselves to be “the experts”. Or more simply, you have no brain: get lost, you are nothing.
I, as a plain human being: Just present the evidence of reality, and the consequence of knowledge identified by its own truth. I demand, from the very beginning to this day: that you must investigate the evidence/ examine the reality of being wrong/ and decide if you are willing to pay this price they “the experts”; have committed to our lives. Who wants that, obviously you don’t. It would mean: “you have to think”/ you have to be responsible for the decisions you then make. It requires: that you must treasure life itself; rather than measure each other, or want more in selfishness, by playing games. Since that is not the human desire: I want/ I get more, and this is not “follow the leader” to power and pride. You do find it “undesirable” as to the vast majority. But there is no mercy in a fire consuming this earth/ or mutilations which take every body of life away, in HORROR! Or all the rest that threatens our extinction, with evidence. The genetic alteration in plants, have already increased your allergic reactions to food, to other things. Not to worry though, you can just collapse in terror and fears, blaming your creator for what you did do. Alas, Because truth has no mercy/ that won’t help you. Thereby it is a future identified by critical elements of tragedy and threat: proving we must change as humanity on earth; or we will all die. And people say: “Hell” what good is that: want is your life; and it is being erased/ and you don’t like it! You want, what you want; thereby people fall into belief, and find fantasy! Truth will win, life will die, because truth does not care. All lies fail, all fantasies crumble, in the end.

I do suggest you HONESTLY pray to your CREATOR: Remembering “this ain’t no shopping list”! RESPECT OR DIE, IS THE FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH! Nonetheless your complete failure, over decades would mean: you cannot save yourselves/ and have become entirely dependent upon what “GOD” WILL or will not do. HE has not threatened you/ you threaten yourselves!
Nonetheless: you threaten HIS entire creation on this earth/ I would suggest, that is a VERY BAD thing to do. To your shame/ should there not be consequences? It is such a beautiful planet; why must you accept being “so ugly (dead inside)”? I do not understand: even memorized by a cult, “the fantasies of university, we can play god”. Regardless of constant propaganda, lies, and theft: you do still have a brain/ don’t you? Does that not mean: you have no excuse, when the evidence is absolutely clear, what can go wrong is ALL LIFE ON EARTH IS EXTERMINATED.

Of the various accusations against me, and there were many; the most cynical of all is “consider the source”/ as if I had anything to do with the evidence presented other than to make you aware of the truth, that is our reality/ and threatens to make us all extinct. Truth is truth, it is that simple. The purpose of “consider the source” is: to push me away, so that the listener NEVER has to hear: “Life is NOT going to be what you want anymore. Not going to accept: “university people” are trying to kill us all/ not going to understand, accept, or know; that tragedy lurks behind every closed door”. Fears establish most such contempt: DON’T tell me nothing, I can’t be that sad/ I can’t do nothing; I can’t live afraid, and I won’t “stick my neck out” to be killed/ ridiculed/ or hated. Leave me alone to hide and run away, from truth. But there is no place to hide, and you cannot run away from an entire world threatened with extermination. Ridicule is used to temper hate for many (you make me fear/ I hate that)/ as they do not have to change, do not have to consider you equal or even alive if they can point to “one little thing” and say, “NOT the same/ or worthless to me”. Without an excuse, to remove you from their lives (as unworthy of me. To control their cowardice); some do fall into hate. Some use avoidance. Regardless, Hate is the beginning of “hell, in you”. It is better, to provide an excuse for ridicule/ than allow hate. But do remember this: that ridicule enlarges to measuring/ which then becomes “used or abused”/ and can escalate into violence from there; so you do have to fight if it is going bad. Today Reality proves: nobody cares enough to even save their own children, or life on earth, or themselves: they choose ridicule. So they can hide from that reality; and retain membership in the cult of “university knows everything”. More simply as is consistent with every cult: you can’t question them, they are gods. The university makes a “billion extra words/ fancy math/ etc”; so you can’t understand what they say. So they can pretend to know something worthwhile, when in fact their work, is barely more than measuring what already exists. Can’t question/ can’t know the stupidity of it all, when things go bad, can’t blame them: because you aren’t allowed to see the true evidence. Can’t stop the stories of insanity; as is all preconceptions of time tables stretching over a billion years. When the evidence plainly shows by the reality of fossil fuels/ that had to be gathered by a flood, so it could be buried together/ and resting under thousands of feet of soil in some cases: which can only mean “Noah’s flood, was true. Can’t know the cancer infecting our world with complete arrogance “we can play god”, because the evidence is hidden behind closed doors/ behind experts and media used to control you behind the fence of “a foreign language” so you cannot respond. This is a reality that extends from the few/ rather than the majority; because only a few control the real power and pride of “university knows”; and they don’t share it with society. They bankrupt you instead. They work to overtake, and destroy our entire society with their own purposes, desires, disgrace, disrespect, and death. They fail life, in a thousand different ways; rarely if ever responding to any situation of knowledge or understanding: this must change. Instead, “they talk/ so they can keep talking” so they can cover their tracks, and keep all the thieving for themselves; making certain “we won’t surrender nothing/ we steal it all, for ourselves”. The entire world, “just for us”/ let all bow down.

So then we begin the countdown to the last of days here on earth. Biblical prophecy (Daniel) is very clear in this matter: the great abomination, is a decision, and a reality, that the entire planet cannot survive. What is absolutely clear as well is: humanity DOES UNDERSTAND, that bringing the same fire here as is on the sun/ WILL BE THE END OF LIFE, entirely on this planet. If that fire does not extinguish itself/ and truth allows absolutely no possibility of that. Nor can we extinguish it ourselves. Then Ignition is death/ and everyday “university” tries to ignite this fire; and has machines and methods coming that will ignite that fire on earth. Ten million degrees, a fire that clearly burns atomic bonds: therefore everything on earth is fuel. A chemical fire burns molecular bonds. They gather the energy by storing it in capacitors/ and then releasing it all at once.
Including: A reality of understanding the exa watt lasers/ that comes down to 3 million of the largest lightning bolts possible: all hitting the same spot at the same time: is no game. The assertion, “this WILL ignite our planet on fire”/ is fair and reasonable to demand. Even one exa-watt laser is probably enough: one million lightning bolts.
Playing with thermonuclear explosions inside the lasers at the national ignition facility is probably enough as well. Yet not one soul, even though they do understand the reality of FIRE COMPLETELY; is fully known by me as working to demand in this society or anywhere else: that we CANNOT let these people finish their experiments and destroy us all. That does not mean many don’t exist; it simply means all our effort combined cannot open the door to expose this “human sewage & waste”. An arrogance so extreme, the whole world has to die, to prove you were wrong! Humanity refuses to participate/ stating the excuse, in one form or another: “Who are you, to question the university”? Even though most understand so completely they no longer even do that: all simply run and hide; after all, “the university is your god”.
My answer is: I do not question the university/ they are irrelevant. I question the evidence they present; I question the theories that cannot be true, simply stories; I question the purposes of an experiments which obviously has no scientific purpose, or more distinctly, the validity of RISKING OUR ENTIRE PLANET/ EVERY LIFE ON IT; AND MORE. I remind people that we do not live on “religious belief”/ we live by food, water, oxygen, and realities that have obviously been attacked and will fail our entire planet. I question a future where every child is dead; because you gambled with their lives, and stole their resources. I demand counterfeiting must stop, and all the lies, cheating, and thievery must end. I remind all that it is their duty to stop the destruction of democracy, and the death of our nation as we are being dispossessed because of all this counterfeiting and lies: establishing undeniable proof, this is so! Reminding all, there is much more going wrong, including the mass extinction of many species because every chain of life/ every ecological stability/ every environmental structure and purpose have been attacked. Ocean life IS going extinct; because 7+ billion people HAVE A GREAT MANY NEEDS: every single day. And according to reports tabulated: we now stand on one acre of agricultural ground, per human being across this planet/ and that acres must support a great many other lives as well. I remind all that according to your university scholars: even in permeable ground, only one inch of rainfall reaches the aquifer per every fifty inches that touches the ground. Consider drought, understand the dust bowl is coming back. Regardless of any other information, it is clear the ocean is attacked! Nonetheless the biggest “seafood sale” reported has been a decade or more back at 11 million tons, an American site, that hid shortly after, per year. So if this is an american ton: then it equals 22,000,000,000 pounds of seafood sold, not including thrown away. Just like your money: you never put anything back.
We then return to the massive reality of experimentation in all areas of “university diploma’s” trying to be god with energy, with life by mutilation, with manipulation of the entire population, with money playing rich by counterfeiting anything they want, and so on. With an entire population too damn scared to say no to anything: “They might save my life someday/ DON’T make them mad”. Instead they mutilate not only the entire genetic structure we are entirely dependent upon/ they mutilate all of nature itself: because “a tiny scrape” and you are insane with worry, “I might die”. So every life on this planet is put in peril, because “you might die”. Got news: you will die, and eternity follows. Got news: mutilating everything will bring you more horror, terror, and hell than a tiny scrape, that nearly always heals itself. Got news: your body is the result of “a billion or so” independent life forms, that are all united into the same environment which is your body. Unless they all get along/ unless they all get what they need/ unless they are all able to do their work, transport goods and services between them; etc/ you die, get cancer, etc. But humanity throws everything “Including the sewer of pills/ mutilations/ and ANYTHING they can find into that environment”; demanding of nature itself (those billion creatures & its genetic instructions) , to survive what you do. Oh well: So you are bowed down to everything else the university demands, and led to your own slaughter as fools; because you let them be “your gods (they are going to save me/ I won’t make them mad)”. Too bad for you/ discarding an entire earth, and every life in it: for a couple minutes more of time, just for you: is “satan: let us destroy the world”. A failure of reality/ Plus, eternity will remember your failure.
Of the university extreme arrogance, and there are so many/ the extreme failure of humanity itself: to gamble and allow university to destroy nature itself: that is exactly what they are doing/ intentionally. Because they are religious zealots/ with your money. So they can bring you evolutionary chaos. Little is more submissive, destitute of courage, and destroyed of honor, duty, respect, or soul than the constant mutilation of life by geneticists. You want a cure for ANY PROBLEM that arises in a body; so you let these “devils (we care about nothing)” mutilate everything; with promises “we CAN be gods”! And you believe in them; because they provided a few trinkets and toys (did you need any of it?). With antibiotics, humanity became able to actually do surgery and mend the injured as well. Used and abused: The antibiotics will soon collapse, and with it over 90% of medicine. The mutilations will take over: causing pandemic after pandemic. The sanctity of life will disappear into dust; as order/ disciplines/ structure/ balance/ thought/ motion/ and everything else we depend upon is thrown into chaos. Just like your university gods have told you. Their purpose is to demand evolution SHALL exist: so their decision is to bring CHAOS into nature and all life that exists. Shall be dependent upon complete destruction to survive. It is a fools dream/ how is that not so? That is their clear and certain reality of university driven genetics, occurring around this world. You support that with your money: every time you give anything to “scientific research, or a cure for anything”/ nearly every penny goes to genetic mutilation. Give to St. Jude’s: they literally experiment on the children/ creating a reality of “death by a dozen ways/ instead of just one”. Because of your own tears, not theirs. You worship the university as your gods: sure, go ahead and mutilate all life on earth/ after all “we believe you know; everything”. They will! “It’s called SATAN”/ destroyer of a world. AREN’T YOU happy to be a part of the greatest human experiment in history? HELL YES, you can play god; “we win/ just like any fanatic”. Its your money, therefore YOU DID participate.
Nonetheless, apart from your continual homage to those who lie/ cheat/ steal endlessly/ commit treason/ dispossess you from your land/ discard all justice and democracy: and in all forms have become the clear evidence of a traitor and terrorist in your midst. As is “the university diploma” controlling this society and this world (does anyone else make the decisions of this society/ without a diploma?). Through counterfeiting/ propaganda/ and fears; you are kept from knowing anything about the true consequences, or the perceived purposes of death. Gambles risking all life on earth/ are not coincidences: they happen on purpose. The reality of extreme experimentation with genetics can be considered, even potentially understood by the majority: within these few words. The possibilities of HORROR/ TERROR/ TRAGEDY/ INSANITY/ MUTILATION BEYOND IMAGINATION/ BODIES BEYOND RECOGNITION/ BEING EATEN BY WORMS AND SO MUCH MORE; begins with genetics.
The human body is a complex chemical factory, “it is not simply (I)”. Or the critical element of life as a body is the chemistry that holds all life inside of you together, operating in harmony, established by peace, and functioning in ways that do not establish conflict between the various functions and foundations such as are organs that give us life. Or on a more simplified explanation: your body needs food/ because it breaks down that food into the chemicals that cells within your body require to survive. Every cell works at microscopic levels: which means the chemicals required for you to survive are very specific and largely complex. The reality of cellular life is that certain chemicals control all types of function/ create all the building processes/ and establish the energies for moment, brain function, and more. Some of these chemicals are reduced from another living organism (food), to one part per billion reactants that accomplish whether or not you will survive. Without that chemical factory working, there are cancers, and a wide host of horrifying realities that cannot be diffused. Without the other complex chemicals put into our bodies as food. Those independent living realities of both plant and life sources that provide the complex chemicals we ourselves need: we die. Without the complex chemicals those food sources need for their own lives, they die/ then us. If you lose one single primary source chemical, or the ability to break it down/ transport it on time/ vary its size so it cannot be used/ or anything else: that causes you to lose the ability to live; because the body no longer works. Then what did you do/ what did their genetics do? And that does not include all the chemicals that can intervene, and cause irreparable harm; which people do constantly, and the body survives/ so far. You are willing to gamble ALL LIFE ON EARTH, for a tiny few lives (it might happen to me) who have lost a great thing, “NATURE’S GIFT”! Failing the most important lesson in nature: don’t gamble everything, or ALL life itself can die! Who wants to be mutilated? Only the most insane! Yet the university diploma mutilates everything/ throwing that mutilation of life into nature itself, in a desperate attempt to destroy nature itself: so they can pretend evolution exists as anything more than complete chaos which is death to all but the most simple elements possible. That is your future, today. That is the gift of your universities; the most insane group of people who have ever lived. They cannot even comprehend, “their greatest triumphs were not chaos driven”/ it required thought, and nothing less would do. Yet they give the entire reality of miracles that is nature away to the garbage dump of their purpose which is to “remove GOD from life”. Like the curse of gamblers, which is to win once; and then spend your life being enslaved. The same is true for all genetics that might seem an improvement over breeding programs. An increase in grain does not mean: you didn’t risk the entire species to do it. Doesn’t include the truth, “that all life, even plants; must have hope and some limited happiness, or it will seek death instead”. Humanity has no clue/ and that means catastrophe will come. Humanity is now prepared: media entertain you by preparing you to fear, and make choices to judge and kill with their violence. Video games prepare you for carnage. Competition and a wide ranging reality of injustice prepare you for war. The end of water, food, and even oxygen; true hell on earth coming/ all the evidence is clear. Too late is too late. Etc, etc, etc.

The evidence/ or more correctly a true beginning to that evidence is commonly and easily available in many instances today. But none appear to care, for long; I work alone/ it is my reality, not my choice. The foundation of this work is a search, where only truth can go/ therefore, it was necessary to search alone. But it has never been necessary or desired to fight for life on earth alone. NOPE, not a soul working with me, that I do see. Apart from the person who does web work in my interest, and I do provide “gifts of money” in return; to him. I have finished the work, consequently there is room for others, on a much wider basis. But reality still remembers, “I am fighting for change, that the vast majority will never want: because it removes want so that LIFE FIRST for this planet, by truth; can rule instead”. The failure of want (the hope for endless possessions, pride, power, etc) means hate/ hate means I will be targeted; therefore anyone with me at this time gets targeted too. Consequently it is not a good idea to invite anyone, based upon the possibility you might “wake up”. No matter how unlikely at this time. If that reality continues to prove, you have begun to die/ I will change my mind.
But even otherwise, biblically (not my prediction) there is only time for life on earth, until sept of 2015. Life or death for a world, requires “to fight, to the last second of the last day”; because life, cannot simply be abandoned. At least not by me; how few could live that life. For me, As always, life first/ rather than me; what is important, must be so. Not a hard concept! It should be stated, my own life has changed some in these last years (last weeks); from complete independence and freedoms/ apart from the consequences of tintinnus. To become affected by the critical elements of “female spirituality walking with me”/ taking control over some limited realities of my life. It is, “learn/ accept/ identify/ change/ and work”; nothing more. You don’t understand, and you never will: I am however obligated to tell you, this work was not completed without her influence. There is no other way to do that. She changed me: stopping anger/ demanding shared information, even though you are not worthy/ providing hope (even though men have no possibility of keeping this earth alive/ women do); and more. She changed me; because after searching for a decade/ for even the possibility life on earth could survive: it was accepted, with male in charge, that is impossible. This is “the best men did do”/ and they will return to the exact same methods, no matter what kind of change is initiated as soon as possible. Only truly different can arise as “hope, for us all”. Nonetheless we do stand at the gate of HELL, and even worse/ by the realities of this day. So says the evidence/ which I simply ask: investigate/ examine/ and then decide what is true. When none can argue against that, anymore: it is too late. Use your mind, your heart, and find your soul!

Consider the source, that says: we have at most, until September of 2015 before this world dies forever. That would be Biblical prophecy: it is not mine. I simply find no cause to doubt it; the interpretation is too clear. This depicts this day, with extreme energy experiments: as the book of Daniel describing: 1298 days after the single worst possible decision humanity can make is becomes established by the work/ all life dies; 45 days more, and all evidence of life on earth will no longer exist. Not terribly hard to interpret is it: bringing the same fire as is on the sun, to earth; is that work. No possibility of life beyond ignition.
In the prophecy; All are bowed down to their ruler/ can’t see anything because they fear the consequences of their rulers. It is life as a slave, that is you: confined and controlled by “university knows”. Nothing is more enslaving than fear: medicine and media, has you afraid of your own shadow! Take our pills for life/ pay anything/ do anything, we demand. Because you cannot get up, and make your own choice/ not even to save an entire world. Yet truth says, you can/ you simply refuse, because university knows, is your god: and you don’t want your god to die. You want to believe, therefore as all religious zealots do: you refuse reality. Antibiotics saved your life/ and gave you surgeries; and you want what you want, regardless of the cost to life itself; simple as that. But they also gave you a planet overrun by people, and about to collapse into complete chaos because of that. Not exactly “great”/ there were consequences. So you pretend not to hear anything you don’t want to hear/ closing your mind to all things: because “gods, cannot be questioned”/ or belief fails. Nonetheless, your lives are gambled with: as an entire planet, every single day at the national ignition facility/ lawrence livermore laboratories in San Francisco. And your leaders at all levels are completely worthless. Every living creation: absolutely dependent upon the single theory, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. Already proven wrong/ but they lose their job, their pride, and their power if they quit. So they don’t even question themselves: they want, what they want/ and they don’t want nothing else, and that is final. After all, “they get to play god”/ do they not, demanding to ignite a fire “only god” can create? Is that not so! What greater proof is there, “that they replaced GOD”? But alas; You will die too/ eternity will not be kind, to you either! They don’t even know what gravity is, and yet these “devils” gamble all life on earth/ risk everything; on nothing more than pure arrogance and fantasy. “Satan; when it is put together as one”. Religious or not, it fits.

So then we begin the final countdown for life on earth/ as I for one consider the biblical prophecy that is so critically defined regarding these last days: having been written roughly 5,000 years ago. It is interesting: That they knew, after ignition of this fire: that pillar of flame will rise miles high from the surface, AND is going to eject all the atmosphere of this planet in about 45 days. Assuming it will be the exa watt lasers that ignite the fire; as they are predicted to be completed at exactly the right time. We see by their placement in Europe: an increase by location identifies that more time is allowed than would otherwise be possible. Simply by keeping the flame away from the oceans for a short time. Everything is fuel/ nothing extinguishes a ten million degree flame. The flame spurts noted and identified on the sun, extending beyond the cornea: are twelve times the distance between earth and moon. Your skin is sunburned in summer from 91 million miles away: what is not to understand? Ignition means we are dead/ steel melts at 3,000 degrees F. They try everyday to ignite this fire; and the media/ the courts/ the leaders/ religion/ and all I have talked too say: WE DON’T CARE/ GO AWAY, and don’t do nothing, because I like my life just the way it is. Or, they say this is terrible, and refuse to do anything but what they want to do. Or they want revenge; “take away their stuff too”. Or, for the masses of religion; in one form or another “it will be great” we get to go to heaven/ and we don’t even have to die: whoopee. Not a single one, offering: this is GOD’S CREATION/ and we must work to keep the rest of humanity from destroying it.
RATHER, the constant in religion is: “its all free/ we don’t have to pay nothing, but a tiny few words” AND THEN: WE GET ETERNITY FOR FREE, AND DON’T EVEN HAVE TO CHANGE/ cause we get to be “gods”/ and true gluttons, with all the sex we want, and nothing “but pretty will do”. “We want/ we want/ we want”; and don’t forget ITS ALL FREE! NOBODY ever has to change, isn’t that so. Religion says: NOT going to pay one single penny, just pay the insurance policy and its all free? OR, “It DAMN WELL BETTER, be free” as religion promised; or I am going to be pissed”! Ain’t that so? After all, you get to play god, don’t you?

Therefore the critical element is: Having done everything you can think of to avoid reality, and depart from truth; so the fantasies of university knowledge can survive in you.
Are you going to finally question at least the most absolutely insane reality we face, which is people trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun? And determine for yourselves: WHAT GOES WRONG/ when their theory of “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; actually proves “you, YOUR children, your hopes, desires, purposes, loves, and everything on earth IS NOW DEAD”. Because you didn’t care enough to even try to understand what happens when this goes bad; you simply ran away to hide in gluttony, greed, lust, selfishness, and worse.

WE BOTH know, you can understand the question. We both know you can understand what will go wrong if that fire does not extinguish itself. We all know, that this is the beginning of CHANGE YOURSELVES OR DIE/ because we are so many people on this earth today: there is no other choice. So the critical element is: are you an assassin of your children as well? You don’t get to hide or run away/ we both know, once a fire that is ten million degrees F and burns atomic bonds for fuel is ignited: there is no place to hide/ all die. We ALL know, every threat that risks our lives/ OUR PLANET/ OUR NATURE/ OUR EVERYTHING: MUST BE DEALT WITH! WE ALL know, that what you want, in comparison with life or death for this earth: makes that want absolutely irrelevant.

The real question is: can you escape the LIAR in your head? Can you stop the image you created for yourselves; and face reality? Can you demand from EXTREME ARROGANCE, AND CLEAR ABSOLUTE INSANITY; that they reveal the truth? About what will go wrong! Can you reclaim democracy and law/ from those who now rule you as traitors. And build a world that will return to survival in time?
Or more simply: with no place left to run/ are you going to just lay down and die; killing your children as well? Because you just don’t care enough to even try: when it is absolutely clear, you do or would understand, if the liar inside could stop. Its just your brain measuring why you don’t want to pay the price, for change. Life is more than that: WAKE UP. Stop the lies, not a single person, not a single life is free from the consequences of igniting this planet on fire/ or mutilation of nature/ or the possibilities of pandemic/ or loss of resources/ cost of world war 3, and every weapon of mass destruction being released; etc/ etc/ etc.
Make your decision.
Because we are ALL, “in this together”/ whether you like it or not!

Do remember this: I am not the question presented/ I do not threaten you at all. The evidence does. Go search. I am not your savior/ devil/ etc. I am just the messenger; “Who cannot simply deliver the mail”? Added to that is the simple truth: the Jewish people did not want the job/ religions did not want the job/ nobody apparently wanted the job, because it did fall to me. I literally have no idea why; other than I choose for life on this planet/ but will never intentionally gamble my own eternity for you. I use to think determination, but others have the same/ perhaps it is passion, for this Creation; few have that. Your choice is a world in jeopardy: that means it cannot be dismissed or denied, for your own life/ your own eternity; as well. Ain’t nobody making you choose for life/ ain’t nobody coming to stop you from choosing death for a world or your own eternity. This is individually your own choice/ your own price/ your own reality: regardless of the rest. No second chances; live or die for this world is not a game.
The message is: without true and sustained change, that puts LIFE FOR THIS PLANET FIRST; forevermore. The planet itself will be allowed to die/ you too. Because that is what you, the humanity which will decide: chose. One way or the other. The middle ground no longer exists, we are too many people.
The reality of hate is fueled by the consequences of over-population: “you left me to die/ you gave me nothing/ you stole my life so you could have better for yourselves: WHY, should I not hate you? The reality of war and of this time is VERY SIMPLE: without WORLD LAW, COURTS, AND POLICING, to watch over leaders, and make them obey OUR LAWS. As we the people of this world! There is no true hope/ life will go to war; because over-population is that bad, for our entire planet. The man with a gun, as proven throughout history; CANNOT create peace/ only a few moments without war. Then war returns, because that is how men lead.
You will learn how to fight fire, or lose the world. That includes the fire fence I designed, changing “university experts control”/ using logging equipment that can clear a forest very quickly to create a fire line path. Instructing all the people in how to fight the fire, and using everyone with purposes clearly defined prior to their need. Finding those who are “In the area”/ where more than one fire starts. Teaching the whole population: that we cannot afford ANY more oxygen lost, to insanity.
It is necessary as well, that you learn to combat “business and industry”/ as they consider themselves to be “armies” entitled to whatever they can take; sending the cost of their decisions to others or the future. While it is, and will remain true: that each does have to choose, “either business or charity”/ the reality of “filthy rich”, is completely without merit. Nonetheless: They are believers: “This is what I want/ this is what I need/ I have the money, therefore it is my decision; and get out of my way, YOU are as nothing here. The foundation of it is male domination, or the money rules/ instead of life. When money rules, and each tries his best to achieve more than the others (we won): those abandoned soon turn to war/ its all they have left (they lost). As history proves. A billion dollars is just a number/ as is true of all “governmental money”; until someone accepts it in trade for their work, or resources they control. Wealth is simply: whosoever controls the resources, by whatever means/ shall have power to control the people who need that resource. This is not fair. Supply and demand mediate somewhat (so the counterfeiters seek to destroy that; and have, in america with bribes)/ but only limited capitalism can defeat it. Life decides/ not money: establishes truth confronts us all, and the future MUST be respected, regardless of our own need: we must share, our relationship with this planet. We MUST, care about our relationship with others, and accept the interdependency we all share.
True population controls must arise/ that is the domain entirely of women; and men shall not intervene; they must pay instead. Women will pay too/ therefore men must share the burden. There must be hope, for a happy life: the foundation of all true happiness in humanity begins and ends with the differences between male and female. You must accept happiness is a two-way street, which lets neither gender rule the other. Every relationship must be fair/ justice must arise and be balanced within fair play. The rights and
responsibilities of “your own personal body” must be accepted and honored by all people. The disciplines which make a marriage work, must be identified; that includes “money/ food/ exercise/ cleanliness/ participate or not/ religion/ sex (“loving - physical only)/ and so on.
If we review even slightly: it is clear, that media replaced family gatherings/ don’t need you anymore/ don’t need friends either: got a blank mind, and a lazy ass from media. Air conditioning replaced community: never go outside, means never meet the neighbors, or learn, or play, or participate in their lives/ they yours: just lock the door, and let tv teach you to steal/ lie/ cheat/ murder/ threaten/ terrorize/ manipulate/ disrespect/ destroy/ ridicule/ hate; or any and all other methods of social and personal deterioration that is possible to contribute to society. A little better, to keep you from running away; but nonetheless a constant diet, of failure/ a gun is the answer/ and mental disease. Plus the constant propaganda to keep you from identifying truth/ assembling yourselves to ask questions/ and in all ways assassinating democracy, by stealing your heart (we have no say/ we have no rights/ we cannot defeat or defend ourselves: they have “experts”)/ and social murder (they stole justice, from society/ and replaced it with games). The one unifying factor in all leadership in every form, is “a university diploma”/ or no they ain’t your god, “for life”. The one unifying factor in all “common humanity” is want/ and the inability to accept your own responsibility to this planet and its life. You hide or run away pretending, this is all someone else’s fault: “don’t tell me/ cause I don’t want to change/ I don’t want to work/ I don’t want NOTHING, but what I want”. Consequently your relationship with media, is clearly something chosen/ even if humanity itself is not the power player, but the recipient of what you, the majority want.

Truth must lead, there is no other way to survive. Reality identifies the choice. Common sense (life itself, taught us this), is your guide. Other forms of prejudice such as “only a university diploma/ gender/ color/ etc”; are to be evicted. Life comes first/ for the planet, and its future: first. The vast majority will say: “every damn thing is fine”/ we are doing great, just give us what we want”. However life for this entire planet is, “just like your money”/ the true securities, the actual value, the future, and the numbers have all been stolen: and this nation lives on lies/ theft/ cheating/ traitorous acts/ bribery/ and terrorism (scared to contend). The elders absolutely refuse reality, because then they must give back the stolen property from every child; “they would rather die/ because they fought, sacrificed, and did do what should not have been done”. The game was rigged, most hated it; but loved the bribes and the numbers/ none wanted to pay for truth. But that is just the money, and money itself/ is nothing more than a promise of one person to another person: do this for me, and I will return something else for you. Therefore money simply represents your relationship with each other: you lied/ cheated/ and stole from each other; and your own children as well (let them pay/ they don’t want to be bankrupt either). Making everything worse. True wealth is in the resources/ and every resource is being assaulted/ attacked/ destroyed/ executed/ damaged/ or disgraced to the point of ruin; including governments as well which then result in world war 3. That is what this work is about/ NOT your damn money; or more correctly “the excuses for war and destruction/ the power to experiment with death for a planet”.

I do “Wish you well”/ I spent my lifetime, in proof of that! Not a game/ not a choice: either you will learn to think, or the days of your lives will soon end forever. Reality and evidence agree: the experiments/ the damage done/ the failure of securities/ the complete betrayal of old versus young/ every foundation in support of life dying/ every option for even attempting to repair and rebuild a future soon lost ALL PROVE. Either start investigating/ start examining the cost of being wrong in all these threats/ or your world soon ends, for everyone/ rich or poor, etc.

It is “fair and legitimate” to say: that I do represent the first reality of biblical Revelation 12 coming to life. That does mean the first eleven chapters of what happens if man continues to lead this world on its last days/ dies. Revelation 12, is the beginning of what could happen if change becomes: “female leads” this world. I am NOT female/ but that does not mean the interpretation is wrong. “A great and wondrous sign appeared (surely this cannot be) in heaven (the spiritual image, of what humanity needs)”: this refers to what humanity cannot do of its own. A woman clothed with the sun, “represents knowledge of life, without war”. With the moon under her feet “establishes, a distance from our reality on earth/ that is both foreign and known in time. It is spiritually interpreted as standing on the body of man (she is in charge)”. That, is certainly me, as life continues to prove: I have traded “gender places” with female (no complaints allowed). She is spiritually, in charge of me. Including decisions, I made “to enlarge tits” (it seemed to bring happy/ but I didn’t ask. I did that once, as an experiment; I am sorry to say; certainly not a right.)/ and its recompense. Its complicated/ not entirely fair, is irrelevant! It was want, that led me to “the spiritual door of female”/ an absolute passion, to find an answer, for how this world could survive. Intensified, by the death of my little nephew: “the children cannot protect themselves”. A decade of searching strictly male, proved man has no answer. It was just a question, “matters to female too; every life faces extinction here”/ but truth has no “maybe”, reality took over: I did, find the spiritual truth of female; and opened the door. What you believe has no meaning/ what is true decides. A crown of twelve stars on her head: is the level of understanding given as evidence of wisdom.
The pregnancy is you: the reality that your own heart must be stirred to find your soul, or you will as a planet go extinct. The demand to stir your heart, and bring you back to life: has been hard. You are believers, in those who destroy you: you must return to life, by truth; to survive.
A different sign appears then in “heaven (the imaginary image, of what humanity wants): this refers to what humanity does do. An enormous red (angry or hate) dragon (shadows on the wall); is the university diploma: the power consuming this earth. They have an organization to control/ weapons to use/ and knowledge of a different kind. The university has taken the spiritual awareness of the people/ and destroyed it; as would be the complete fantasy called evolution, and more.
The question of life is: who is “GOD” ? The university/ or the evidence of miracles so far beyond the ability or knowledge of humanity; that nothing else can explain this! Your answer decides your fate/ each SHALL “make their decision”.

James Frank Osterbur


On this earth, there are literally trillions of “all life on earth”/ every single one of which is being threatened with extinction; including yours.  That fact comes clear, as our reality becomes certain: our destiny or fate is:  “about to be sealed, so says the evidence”!  In these words, you are asked to share:   is, The question!  With trillions dependent upon what we do/ you do.  With trillions of individual lives, including every child, & every future child (we are all miracles);   dependent upon the reality:   do you/ or do we  care?  The answer must be:   LIFE, for this planet, MUST COME FIRST!  There are, no other significant objectives here: simply life must survive, by law; & no gambling with our world. No threatening every existence on earth, with your experiment, theory, fantasy, lies, theft, or excuse.  WE MUST SAY    “NO”! Taking their tools for this,  away.    BY ENFORCING OUR LAWS/ OUR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY:  called    “WE THE PEOPLE”/ are owners here.  We paid, for that right!

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          CAN YOU SURVIVE, oxygen loss in the atmosphere, because of all the fire we create, consumes oxygen.  7+ billion people; with cars, furnaces, cooking, and more; having cut down or attacked in all ways, the very parts of creation itself that make oxygen for us all to breathe? The atmosphere is losing oxygen concentration as we speak.  The answer is no.

          CAN YOU SURVIVE, water lost in the production of ethanol.  Water lost in the filling of old oil reservoirs, to float up the remaining oily debris from the “hundred year old” empty caverns. Loss from mining, and much more.  Aquifer recharge is one inch per 50 inches of rainfall. Can you survive the loss of water ending at least one of the great lakes.  Can you survive all the trillions of gallons of water being polluted in a variety of ways/ used in chemicals, etc.  Can you survive even one pressure leak, which sends natural gas into a major aquifer?  Can you survive an earthquake that releases many pressure leaks into nearly all aquifers?  Can you survive an earthquake several times larger than anything this earth has ever experienced in its history of time: the evidence is clear/ its coming?  Can you afford to be wrong?



AS STATED:   the entire purpose of trial/ the purpose of these sites, and this work is fundamentally summed up by the motions filed in this case:   14SC-2

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Motion 1    (to investigate threats that gamble with our entire world.)

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Motion 3   (To identify and prove, what the future will become/ as it applies to resources and environment)

Motion 4    (To stop and prove counterfeiting/ thereby returning to reality and truth in money).  To stop civil war, by using the law.


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Memories are, the messages of love.

Nightmares are, the moments of hate endured or feared.


Every mind that “escapes itself”; does so, because fantasies are asked to “create themselves”.


Every moment, that seems to last “forever”/ tells us all, that eternity is no game.


The reality of time is, our own decision is required.


The reality of every decision is: we have created our own truth.


Family means:   acceptance/ respect/ friendship/ love/ and truth live here, for me; and you.


Religion is a discipline for your heart, when desire by its own truth;   “needs a rest”.  Not “your savior/ a friend, if you believe”.

FAITH is, the anchor of your soul/ the place inside life, you accept & trust, shall be true.


       The foundations of all mental health, are summed up in the words, “I am important too”/ not just a footstool; to be used or abused or forgotten: “to elevate you”.   But a true measure of life, expressed and experienced without judgment, by anyone.   Therefore, “I have something to say”/ I need something to do/ and I must be respected for who I am.  Within these rights and restrictions, are the foundations forming RESPECT.    

       Or, more simply:  life, and value;   is not just you/ “its me too”.


           Elevating a need to talk/ constructs topics for discussion.

                            One day at a time; finds heart.


                     Expressed as “I”/ but written as all.


       “I am”:   the desire of my heart, woven in the fabric of my soul.

       “I am”:   the discipline of mind, fabricated by sacrifices of life.

       “I am”:   the tragedies I have endured/ the realities I brought to our existence.

       “I am”:   the love that gives me hope.

       “I am”:   the respect that lives inside as my reach and purpose reveals.

       “I am”:   the moments that endured.

       “I am”:   the expression that lives, beyond the limits of time: as is truth.

       “I am”:   the mental anguish, the foundations of “being alive”, and the decisions which became the experience of my time.

       “I am”:   the anchorage, chosen by me/ as trusted and true.

       “I am”:   the child, and the life; that became the essence of me.

       “I am”:   everything time built, with my help.

       “I am”:   the destiny, that gave life its purpose.

       “I am”:   the creator of my soul: the decision to accept   GOD . Or deny.

       “I am”:   the critical passage, that searches for life itself.

       “I am”:   the simple and plain reality of my own truth.

       “I am”:   the worker, that builds an eternity for me.

       “I am”:   the essence of romance itself/ when life is shared, by the reality of “happiness blooming” within.

       “I am”:   the honesty of a lover, when trust forms the passage called trust.  This is the bridge between us.  The bond created when the world doesn’t matter anymore, because “we have found each other”.

       “I am”:   the discovery of time, without want/ if I accept the price demands,   “Without pride”.

       “I am”:   the value of creation, because love exists within me/ the most valuable treasure in this universe.

       “I am”:   the footsteps, that lived because I chose my life.

       “I am”:   the sound of every heartbeat, every kindness, that became my humanity.

       “I am”:   the measure of moments I could not erase.

       “I am”:   justice, the essence of every right.

       “I am”:   the decision I shared, the relationships I kept, the forgiveness I gave, the determination of my desire, and the eloquence of my own truth as one life on this earth: changing reality.  By defending you.

       “I am”:   happiness revealed/ the inheritor of a beautiful world: we must save.

       “I am”:   the decision which cares.

       “I am”:   the possibilities beyond time, in each and every one.


       It is not the body or mind, that gives anyone soul: that exists only, in what we cherish as love, truth, and trust.

        It is not what we believe, that guides our heart/ but the anchors we hold as true.  The purpose and desire we hold inside, as “real”.

       It is not what other people do, that defines our world of life/ it is what we choose to do with that experience; whether inside or out.

       It is not the things we win, or the realities we lose, that governs true friendship;   but forgiveness/ because we must, none are perfect.

       The elements of prejudice and all it means; are governed by what we expect/ rather than who we are.  Judgment designs an enemy. Neither life nor body can do that.  Want is an enemy revealed.

       Sadness reflects the truth: I chose not to accept/ or turn away, from my own desires.  Or to surrender my own purpose, rather than fulfill it.  “As best I can”.

       Every relationship of love, is built upon respect.  Nothing less will do.

       Everything we fight for, with, or against; requires a decision from us/ that decision determines what we then expect.  Defines a direction we will follow; either alone as is a path/ or together with “like minds” as in a road.

       Love and hate do not live together: hate fights/ love defends. People deceive themselves, to believe they can be both.  It is a lie.

       Every honest religion is a discipline/ not a savior: only truth can do that.

       Every search for life itself:  is a catalogue of consequences: created by the effects of what society, parent, life, and time teach you.  You must find yourself/ you must respect yourself, even if no other does:   before you can find a single “greater truth”.

       Pride is a terrible enemy/ extremely hard to remove: but that removal holds the key to everything beyond time can be.

       Spirit is the essence of truth itself.  To find it, “demands purity, respect, and unwavering purpose”.  To enter it, requires everything you are; at risk for forever.

       We bind ourselves to each other, “with trust”.  Therefore every lie, between those who claim, or do, love each other fails them both. 

       We live within this world by our work, our acceptance of realities we cannot change: the care we take to provide for ourselves and our future.  That can overwhelm any relationship:   therefore true patience is required.  When love is worth the price.  Fight for your time, but remember your reality!  We all forget/ when faced with survival.

       The true elegance of any moment, is not cherished by possessions/ it is known by the lives we touch.

       Happiness constructs our integrity, “life is worth this price”/   but surviving sadness discovers our dignity, even when no other agrees.  Because life is neither simple, nor plain.

       We all make mistakes: move on. Learn as best you can.

       Dating means: I will be kind. 

       Loving means: I will share, and care, and sow in my heart respect for you.  A responsibility that grows, only when we cherish the moments apart.  For that, time requires your patience.   Life requires your decision: demanding what is “Most important, to you”.

       Kissing, is the elevation of “meeting in the middle of our lives/ NOT our bodies”; to give the artistry of our soul, time to belong within this moment. 

       Sex is, “accepting the risk”/ while to love sexually, is to ascend beyond ourselves, and find the expression:    “I AM,   alive in you”.  When that achieves the essence of ourselves united:   you have touched “a spiritual world”.

       Only the parent knows, if they did the best they could for their child/ only the child knows if that was enough.  None are perfect, all fall short; both sides.  Love does not need to be perfect/ “only true”, for us.

       Divorce, “legal or not”; is a purpose to divide/ a reality of choice delivered as “I need time, to heal myself”; on both sides, “the middle ground (the place we communicate, the reality of how we define ourselves” ,  has died”.  Or more simply, “I must choose myself, today”.  Anything else, “is a predator (life is only about me)” in the house.  Love is a gift/ it is never owed. Slavery is an excuse/ the clear attempt to buy, what cannot be bought!

       Whether it is the beginning of life, anywhere in the middle, or the ending of our bodies in time:   every moment is a decision that reveals the essence of our heart/ the sadness of our soul/ the purpose of our desire/ or the message we give to each other, “elevating destiny”; because we cared.

       These are your own choices.  Even if led/ you then chose to follow.


       MERCY LIVES IN THE HEART, where love repents of failure/ and begins again as life earned through respect.  Same for all!


       No life is the summation of a moment/ every life is the creation of moments that reveal our own description of what is true, by the essence of love or hate,  within yourself.


       Loneliness, is the separation of heart/   from the reality of time.  Or more simply, “when we believe, or have evidence to prove; survival means divided from the life we earned”:   there will be loneliness.

       The passage of time expects, opportunities will arise, to participate honestly and with friends.  The failure of that, becomes a relationship with fantasies/ or an education in fears/ or a reality of searching for more, that can endanger your life.  Be fair with your life, understanding the realities of others, are governed by their own needs and desires.  Even if it is selfish/ each must protect themselves first: if you fall, or fail;  then you can help no one else.

       The reality of growing old: is the acceptance time is ending/ because the body or mind will prove that is so.  Thereby we each know:   these are the last chances you will ever receive to change who you are, for an eternity. To decide what love means to you?  To accept life itself, is a gift you must surrender to the young/ because they “need your place”; for their time.

       The essence of being lonely, “is I”.  Thereby the reality of not lonely, is “we”.  The critical construction of reality, beyond self,  is then:   to accept the foundation of eternity, as is governed by human knowledge, “becomes   JESUS   CHRIST”!      HE IS, the evidence/ thereby HE IS   “Your savior”; by the existence of a relationship between    GOD and HIMSELF!   As is proven within the writing by realities testified too, no other could/ or has ever done.   His teaching is:    “We too, shall have that relationship”/ if we share the two commandments given.    HONOR AND RESPECT    GOD!     Love each other, as you would yourself.   It is not free.  You must choose, and then do the work, accepting trust.  By learning truth!   Not simple belief (whatever you want, or are taught).  Rather faith:   I not only accept, but trust, what I know to be true/ as are these miracles of life surrounding us all.


       LOVE is the decision to cherish “your soul”/ friendship, is the decision to “cherish our time together”.  The difference is eternal.



              THE MOST CRITICAL EXPERIENCE OF EVERY LIFE, is with self!  The most definable method of finding the truth called self:   is to express, and then discuss, the realities we have faced or known.  NOT “as an expert”/ but as friends who understand:   every decision of our lives, is a direction we established within ourselves.  Every person has a right, to their own direction; because every decision identifies our personal truth.. Every desire beyond ourselves, is the elevation of friendship/ the reality of moments;   when caring proved, you are important to me too!

       Discipline demands:   that we must maintain a purpose in our lives, no matter what our reality insists or allows.  NOT because “I, or you” are important to life/ but because life is important to each person.  Not one lives for death, all live “for life”.  Therefore knowledge assists, but only foundations upon which we trust our future can define. 


       ORDER comes as the direct relationship established by love.  Chaos  comes as the direct relationship established by hate.  The mind measures, the body reacts:   the heart identifies our purpose/ but the soul constructs our truth.   LOVE shares.  Life takes and gives, everything we are or can be. 

       People escape, because they don’t want to pay the price of their reality.


       The distance we live from love, “shapes our heart”!  As time shifts from moments into the possibilities of eternity;   every heart wonders, “what will become of me”?   The answer accepts three fundamental truths:  

1.  I am alive by no action, reaction, or thought of my own/ body, mind, and life itself are true gifts of nature.  Not given by humanity to itself, as there is no possibility we created ourselves or any part of nature.  But given by    GOD    To each one, through nature; as love defined and declared true.

2.  Truth is the essence of survival, because only what is true survives the test of time, without altering the outcome.  Or survives eternity, because law rules, where energy does not.  Truth cannot be changed, it is/ whatever it is.  Thereby the laws which control, identify, and correct; “wherever you should be”: as truth demands.  Will move you, by the reality most true in you.

3.   MERCY is the existence, of an alternate experience and expression other than law.  It shapes our soul, by committing boundaries and limits to our existence/ therefrom establishing life may survive, even if it is not “completely true”.  Much like living in the body of time/ yet very different; as lies are not allowed.  Thereby want is removed; leaving only desire as is love, and purpose as is the destiny established by your soul.


       IN THE EXPRESSIONS OF LIFE, the days before death/ become our final statement of time, to this world, and to ourselves.  The definitions of who we are, multiplied by the reality of our decision to find love or express  hate; construct the path we will then follow into eternity/ or avoid, “to become as ghosts (Dissipating into nothing/ because we didn’t care enough to “grab onto life itself, rejecting this world”; in the moment life itself did leave the body and mind)”.  The fact we can be separated from our lives as body and mind; conceives of the truth, that something else awaits our identity.  The fact we must choose, in the final moment of time: what we cherish most.   Elevates or ascends as a decision constructed by love.  Respect demands:      GOD IS FIRST!  Never forget that truth.







Within our reality as time on this earth, each and everyone learns lessons of value to themselves and others.  The foundation of sharing, recognizes that lessons of life in time SHOULD NOT be lost.

Therefore, the compositions of that learning/ by whatever method or means it was found, construct a reality of existence by which the young are educated in ways far beyond what school will teach.


TO EXTRAPOLATE, AND IDENTIFY,  that learning requires:


The assertion of complex, developments: designed to release the heart, and realize the purpose of life, is not just “you”.


To recognize: even the simplest reality, can lead to critical knowledge.


To understand, the basis of truth itself/ has nothing to do with intellect; but confronts us all, with consequences that cannot successfully be ignored.



Therefore the construction of HOW, DO WE DEFINE OURSELVES by truth, rather than want; is refined by the purpose we choose, and the desire we accept to be our reality.  There is no place for fear/ no cause for judgment/ no relationship beyond life; that will adhere to the disciplines required.


1.  TO ACCEPT, the foundation of teaching someone else, what you have paid to learn by living:   is to understand pride (in any form) cannot be allowed.  Is to acknowledge, “want” is the foundation of every lie!

2.  TO ACCEPT, I will care enough, not to let the young, or someone else fall, where I did fall:   asserts the value of your heart, the respect and honor of your soul/ even your eternity;   matters to me.

3.  TO ACCEPT DISCIPLINE, within the realities of an education;   identifies, that we cannot be less than respectful to the purpose declared/ or we break the spirit of our desire, with the reality of its law.  To understand patience for the others, is required; is simply a fact of life.

4.  TO ACCEPT there is an order to learning: limits us all, to the expressions and experiences that justify what we intend to teach.



5.  Is to create a destiny for this day, week, or month as best you can/ and then participate with each other until the essence of what you choose to say:   becomes the shortest possible definition agreed upon/  as is the summation of your work.    This then, IS the true lesson that we, the people involved, can teach all those willing to listen.

6.  Elemental participation in that work, uses any tool available/ any person that is willing; to convert the realities of “my own life”: into a lesson for your life.  Lessons are truths, that we literally paid with our lives, to learn.  They are buried inside, when the price is high:   and cannot be found unless you uncover them, for the sake of another life.

7.  The recognition of reality, understands one simple principle; in this our time on earth.  That it matters not, who teaches the lesson, nor where it comes from:   when truth is what matters most.  The law, of the land cannot be ignored/ but the lesson itself, is not to be judged beyond its value for the rest.

8.  The critical essence of time is: that we WILL be pushed and pulled, until what is most valued in each of us, becomes the truth we depend upon.  The reality we trust most to determine our own future.  The question of life is then: are you simply the survival of a body or mind/   OR are you life inside of your body, discovered by a relationship with your mind: that exists as soul?  What is trusted to survive time, has little to do with soul: therefore every lesson divides on this line.

9.  The accomplishment of religion is: “we must have rules”. The consequence of every rule is, “you must accept this/ and simply believe it is true: NO questions, or insubordination  allowed.”  Thereby the foundation of religion “YOU/ can’t rule us” stays intact: no one gets to change it, “the book” remains “god”.  Although “priests, preachers, the people themselves, etc” will try.   Making the book god, however;  damages the lesson.  Every true education in truth, searches for purity in the lesson.  Not in the people or their words;   because none are perfect, or even close.

10.  The tragedy of politics is: “we get to be rulers/ because we make the laws: thereby bribes exist behind every single door”.   To ascend beyond the constant return to tragedy in society: we must make our own laws as we the people.  Thereby the most effective lesson given to society itself is:    The listing of laws most valued.  The reality of relationships creating a vision for the future.  The honesty of love, family, and living which becomes the discovery in time:   we can and do share with each other.  Or more simply: THE LISTING OF: an examination establishing what works, and does not work for family;  what gives love its best chance to survive;    how to create friendship rather than competition;    and what are the terms established by respect for each other, that bring peace/ harmony/ and hope:   to all life on earth.


          This is the beginning of change, as discovered by the truth of those who are willing to commit:   I have something to share.  Proven NOT by books.  Proven NOT by looks or stature/ nor wealth or poverty.  Proven NOT by my current place in life or time: but by the honesty and purpose of my own words, & the essence of what we can or cannot be “together as one society”:  proving we do care.



            DUTY, is the development of a distinct decision, a signature in truth to the people who own it (I AM, standing here, for a purpose you will understand).  We are a world at war, with those who would out of disrespect, and a complete disregard for reality and truth destroy us all.  The trial that completes these sites, given as a dispute over taxes/ identified by the words of the US constitutional  article 5 “nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation”.     Income as is every form of money earned:   a private property:    that cannot be taken for taxes unless there is just compensation; as in WE ALL benefit from this/ NOT just a few.  US congress has just approved another loan of $11,000.00 per one in three citizens (babies and all) to pay themselves more money; in salaries and benefits (where do you think the money goes!).  This state has approved for itself pensions that we the citizens here cannot afford.

           That however just opens the door, to our truth need:   WE ARE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION, and must address that reality by investigation of all the facts, examination of what goes WRONG, and how that will affect our future, your children, our world, and our lives.  Thereby making a decision for ourselves, that these leaders cannot!  The responsibility to defend your world is ABSOLUTE/ nobody is excused; when our very planet, and every form of life is threatened with extermination: not a game/ our reality.   You are not asked to believe that level of threat/ YOU ARE ASKED, to join this lawsuit Champaign County IL 14SC-2   court date is March 7, 2014;    And make redress,        a first amendment law/ and a guaranteed right of the US constitution     happen.   So that we all have the opportunity to understand our situation, and our future: AND MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS.    Video Advertizement:    short version /   middle/   long version.


WE THE PEOPLE own this state and this nation: the trial, Champaign county court, IL;         14SC-2   filed 1/8/14.   established on the principles of democratic ownership.  Seeks to identify and prove:   the following statement as our authority exposed:     so that  NO MAN OR WOMAN employee, etc:  shall then ever dare say, or imply;  to any citizen again:  

            (we can, and will gamble with your life, your world, your nature, your child, your future;  steal your money, imprison or enslave you/ or anything else we so desire;  and there ain’t nothing you can do about it).

          Ownership means:  The clear and certain authority of democracy,  MUST BE ESTABLISHED, and ENFORCED/ same for all.  No one is ruler, that means redress of grievances a first amendment guaranteed legal right of the US constitution: MUST BE OBEYED.  The reality of redress is: “the most powerful words ever written”/ because the legal right to bring our employees into court, and demand an accounting or investigation DOES prove we the people truly are, “THE OWNERS” here.  But that does mean LEGAL participation/ responsibility/ & decisions to investigate our employees, OR the very extreme and serious threats that can make us all extinct/ the opportunities of TRUE ownership/ etc as we the people:   ARE GOING TO BE DETERMINED BY YOUR VOTE, or YOUR ACTIONS, or  YOUR DECISIONS in the next few weeks.   The filing is/ the laws used/ the brief   and the summary of trial purposes.  Trial 14SC-2 is “your trial for democracy and control”.  Make your decision, because there is nothing else legal, or illegal;   I can or will do for you.  You have a legally guaranteed right:   either use it, or abandon it.  The law is true.


          THE foundation of our democracy as a state and nation is:   that WE THE PEOPLE, are owners here/ there are no rulers/ no religion may rule!   In contrast to that, our employees have created situations and corruptions that fundamentally deny our right to that authority; and give it to the assumptions of university knows.  The US constitution HAS a solution:   its called redress of grievances/ a first amendment law.  In contrast to the claim by the state of IL; that they are “doing their job”/ comes the realities of debt, that only serves a tiny few.  Failure to protect the people even though the evidence of potential terrorism is absolute, and against this entire world.  A failure to confront federal employees in their counterfeiting of money, conspiracy to deny redress; etc.  A failure at very many levels;   “Because our employees,  believe the university knows everything/ and the people can call them “the government”; as is a lie.  That assumption constructs a cult worship: where even though it is clearly known, and removed from court time and time again.   To bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ can in fact make us all extinct!  There is no proof of otherwise.  There is only a blind and extremely foolish assumption:   “Not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will put itself out”.  If that fails/ WE BURN.   Every threat, that possess the potential to destroy billions of lives, and even an entire planet/ or mutilate all life:   BY LAW, must be investigated.  BY LAW, our lives cannot be gambled with.  BY LAW, WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE the right to know,  but all are refused, by all forms of leadership.  When/ how/ what can happen/ what is not known, but merely is an assumption or theory without ANY TRUE facts.  Is nonetheless a reality:  which exists as experimentations that can destroy everything we need, & everything we are.   IS A TRUE THREAT, a reality that can become our extermination. Or the refusal to protect resources we depend upon for our very existence and survival:  is substantively a very traitorous act, by our leaders.  Not the demand they must do as I say, or believe anything I present other than law.  The law: recognizes  the fact, that potential complete extermination of life;   its mutilation of genetic DNA potentially beyond horrors;  for a religious cult called evolution.  The known resources in jeopardy of collapse.  Even the threat of civil war, by the counterfeiting of money.  Or a long line of extinction in nature itself;  that ends in our own demise.  Are all facts that can be investigated:   and are absolutely within  the public right to know/ and in fact  must know, for their own survival.  Gambling at this level: IS OUR DECISION/   NOT, a tiny few;   who claim to be “god (we can, and will gamble with your life/ and there ain’t nothing you can do about it)”.

          This court casefights for redress; as is the law.  Exhibits A, B, C, DThis court case fights for protection from execution by, SAME  fire, as is on the sun: it burns atomic bonds/ because nothing less can produce the energy.   TO INVESTIGATE :   is NOT the assignment, “the court must decide what will happen”!      BUT THE DEMAND: TO INVESTIGATE, WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THESE SCIENTISTS ARE WRONG!    And subsequently protect us all:   when being WRONG, is absolutely our extinction.  Because there are NO second chances.  Once ignition occurs/ once a pandemic is released from species mutilation/ once nature collapses, or our primary resources are completely lost: we die.   Just the facts!

           This court case fights for equal treatment under the law; through democracy:   WE HAVE GUARANTEED RIGHTS.   And does seek the reality of justice, and fair play; including the demand LIFE must always come first/ for this planet.  This case is not less, than any of these things: it is more.   Time is running out 1, 2, 3


          Which brings me to you:   trial date is set:   march 7, 2014 courtroom D   Champaign county courthouse   case # 14SC-2.     THIS IS, the very last “go around”/ last chance anybody gets to interfere with the outcome of all the threats we do face.  Because there just AIN’T enough time left; for any other chance or person to intervene.  Like it or not! 

          This ain’t my war, its OUR war to survive.  If you can’t find some way to support the fact, by a fair and deliberate reality:   THAT WE DO NEED TO INVESTIGATE THESE THREATS.  Then;  I  am done/ because time does run out, and a long court battle that merely delays the inevitable:   “ YOU JUST DIDN’T CARE ENOUGH”.   Isn’t worth the effort/ even if I choose to continue anyway; it will be pointless.  One second too late, and we are all dead.  Not a game, a demand for proof: we won’t die, because our leaders failed/ a damn theory was wrong/ or a blatant curse, to demand evolution must be proven.  Were just plain lies, or worse!

            Not a game;   why should we be their slaves/ as is a debt that cannot be paid (no end);   or an inflation that we do not share in the numbers: “the few,  get it all”. 


                In the definitions that control our lives,    comes the truth: that we did not create the miracles of life which surround us, and keep humanity alive. 

          Chaos, the assumption of the religion called evolution DID NOT create/ chaos only destroys.  Which means thought, discipline, and order, came before anything else called life.  The human reality of this day is a march into chaos, that will end in the destruction of everything; SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE, and its introduction here .  Therefore you, the reader: MUST comprehend an honest and real understanding, “UNLESS we change as a world; from WANT first:   TO LIFE MUST COME FIRST”/ there is no future, for any living thing.  To be wrong, on numerous decisions that gamble with our entire world, and ability to survive;   means we are dead/ no second chances.  As is consistent with the theory: “we can bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ because there is not enough gravity to sustain the fire”.  Even you, can understand; being wrong, is death to this planet.  You know:  That fire burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer: it burns atomic bonds at 8-10 million degrees F!  We can’t put it out.  One, of the  Experiments going on right now. 


          IF you agree with the purpose of that statement: “life first”/ THEN you have become “a messenger” burdened with the truth:   that we all have a right to know what threatens us.  We all have a right to understand the possibilities and potential of what can be changed, to rebuild our futures.  We all have a duty, to build for hope/ and accept the responsibilities that come with our existence on this planet, in this time; and choose; to work for life first.  There are consequences, to what you do/ or what you do not do.  The reality of greed, the consequences of want, the tragedies of pride and power and destruction: have become a burden nature can no longer overcome.  That DOES mean, our world has changed.  You, are destroying faster than nature can provide.  You, failed to “put anything back/ and you cheat, lie, and steal;  proud of yourselves for that fact; its called revenge/ or they did something, to me first”.  You worship a university that has increasingly threatened not only you, but this entire planet.  Without change: YOU WILL receive your reward, for the decisions made.  Not “GOD” punishing you/ reality and truth establishing, “no more lies, no more mercy”.  You chose!

          In the hope that you will “find your mind, heart, and even soul: and fight for life on this planet” / therefore I continued the work. These sites are provided free, and may be used without restriction.  Take them to your own sites/ change the name; do whatever you consider best, in a battle for life on this planet.  I don’t care: they are “yours”.   Download the html sites so they cannot be taken away.   Support the sites, and each other:   so distribution can be simple and successful; when or if  needed.  I am irrelevant to your decision:   this is YOUR choice/ this is for your world, your child, your future, and even your eternity.  It is not mine, I have made my choice/ and done as duty required.  My job, and my need to participate ends here; because only you, can change yourselves, or your world.

            It is not my job, to bribe/ tempt/ manipulate/ lead/  or control you.  It is your job, to RESPECT YOUR WORLD.  If you continue to refuse:   the duty and responsibility, to use, or understand what has been substantially prepared for you, for free: to defend this world, and protect its life: then simply, YOU deserve to die.  I cannot support that, with continued work/   I have not failed your children, or life;  substantially or on purpose: they do not deserve to die.   Can you say the same?  I HAVE proven to be “a friend, to life”/ not an enemy, or any religious illusion.  I have proven here on these sites, your need to investigate/ examine the evidence/ and decide for yourself.  Simple and plain.

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To assemble a “new society”; requires the construction of new values/ ways/ and means!


            The question is:   WHY, should anyone want, a new society/ when bribes have kept this one going, in the words of many    “Just fine/ leave it alone”!


            The answer is: avoiding all the consequences of threat/ and settling just one the reality of life in society:   we come too the evidence of lies!   Who does not understand: lies don’t survive truth, when it comes by the evidence of life, reality, work, love,  or survival.

            In other words: the lies, deceit, theft, cheating, delusions, anarchy, bribes,  and treason that has plagued this nation and this world due to “university diploma’s in charge”:   will be killing us all soon!  It is not a guess, these are all “bad”/ and they have infected,  the entire world.  So the world itself is about to collapse in the dismal disgrace and shame of letting lies, and liars lead.  When that happens, war will break out/ with a gun in every hand, “the apocalypse: blood everywhere” will occur.  Then disease will become rampant/ the plague of weapons of mass destruction will be used/ and life on earth will be exterminated.  Because of lies, fantasy, and delusions of playing god over people,  their lives, and this world.   Or as the evidence says clearly:    TO HELL WITH LIFE/    GIVE ME THE MONEY!


            IF that scenario, which will become true without honest change is ok with you/ then there is no reason to change the road you are on: you chose, and intend to complete “HELL” on earth.  For the money, that is counterfeit anyway; how is that not   “An absolute fool”?


            IF you choose life must come first/ then, an extensive amount of work and time and decisions must be made to repair/ rebuild/ redefine/ and repossess our future, thereby working for life, rather than money;   MUST be done!   Your “playtime” is over.  Soon, your decisions today will become LIFE OR DEATH for our entire planet.  Not a game/ such is the road your leaders chose.

            YOU KNOW, how to choose life must come first/ its not a hard concept.  Simply follow truth, and it will lead you to peace, and prosperity for all.  But life will not lead, to “let the money rule”; as is the constant decision of men: that is simply the return to, HELL COMES, for us all!  Have men not had thousands of years to prove what they can or would do?  This is the best they did do!  We stand at the edge of extinction!  That is enough:   of men in charge.

              Therefore it is time for women to decide what our future as life on earth can be.  Simple and plain.


            Critical to our continued survival, are the decisions that will become the laws of our lives!


            NO MORE GAMBLING WITH LIFE OR PLANET, sits at the very top of the list!


            Everything else is less, apart from RESPECT THE MIRACLES, RESPECT THE REALITY, RESPECT THE VALUES, AND THE SANCTITY, THAT BUILDS  EVERYTHING WE CHERISH AS WORTH LIVING FOR!  And respect each other, as well as yourself!


            To achieve those goals/ those foundations of life and living on this planet in time: the reality is we must make laws to control the fantasies and delusions of those who want to play god, or absolutely don’t care, and won’t share reality or its resources with us.  That requires TRUTH MUST DECIDE/ not want or money forever more.  Because we are so MANY people now;   basically one person on every acre of “agricultural land” that exists on earth:   there is no room for any selfishness.  We live now, or we die now; forever, by the decisions that we make as a world.


            THE LAW

1.  NO person, group, or nation is allowed to endanger the others.  Truth defines/ terrorists, by any substantial reality;  will be destroyed, in one form or another.  NO person, group, or nation is allowed to endanger this living Creation, or any of its members:   which means respect shall rule.


2.  World law and world policing, that is designed for peace/ stability/ survival/ and respect for all concerned.  By laws limited to these concerns.  Established    To control leaders    around the world without the slightest preference given to any nation: SHALL GOVERN this earth.


3.  Jurisdiction means: to establish the right, to interfere in your freedoms!  The right to decide in terms of experimentation with nature, planet, energy, etc; is a matter of life and death/ horror and tragedy beyond compare.  That right of law, to protect ourselves is absolute, and cannot be contested otherwise.  WE, the people of this world;   ARE YOUR JUDGE!  If you threaten us, WE WILL kill you first!  If you enslave us/ WE WILL demand JUSTICE.  If you control us, without respect for our individual freedoms, our personal decision without your manipulation, temptation, or leadership : WE WILL imprison you.   Where significant rights are challenged:  Our right, to govern ourselves within the assembly of constitutional grace; is fundamental liberty.  You have the right to inform, and its duty where a threat exists.  We have the right to decide, each one for themselves; under law; by vote.  Rules shall NEVER approach the power to control laws, they are merely excuses, and ought not exist, unless absolutely necessary to clarify why a law must exist.


4.  Without resources we are all dead!  That fact applies to the future of all life on earth, including humanity as the child, the young, and the unborn.  WHICH MEANS THEY HAVE the same RIGHTS to every resource just like you.  The critical reality of resource establishes it is a world law issue, and shall be controlled by world truths.

            A) You shall not destroy; foundations for any resource.  Rather when it is clear and substantial by the consequences viewed: such as the lose of ice on this planet/ the distribution of that weight which has caused tsunami’s, earthquake, and volcano; as well as critical changes in ocean and continents.  It means you will stop/ identify the cause/ and change what you do.  

            B) You shall not play with life.  You shall not destroy chains of existence.  You shall not disrupt or damage the fragile network that is environmental necessities in support of diversity.  You shall not allow, the deliberate insertion of mutilation or genetic alteration that is directly,  human derived.  You shall limit pollution to what is absolutely necessary, and combat that amount until it is truly not life, OR FUTURE  threatening.  One hundred years is not long enough/ one thousand years is the minimum allowance for any decision that represents a threat,  to the future.

            C) You shall NOT take more than is justified:   thereby reuse/ recycle/ renew/ rebuild/ find another way/ feed another life/ help LIFE SURVIVE, by implementing the methods that help other living creatures survive.  Control your population around this world.  Feed the ocean or it will quickly die, ending your opportunity to live as well.  Don’t use antibiotics for feed.  Don’t allow nitrogen applications that damage.  Don’t over-fish anything.  Don’t cage in the ocean or on its shores.  Don’t let volcano’s such as at Yellowstone erupt: remove the gases that allow it to explode.  Don’t let money rule, or you will go insane. 

            D) immigration takes from those who have done better/ to give to those whose elders have done worse!  That is unfair.  The consequence is then:   without true population control established in your own nation, and critical realities both defined and controlled as to resource loss:   NOBODY MOVES.  “Fix yourselves first”/ then you may immigrate.   Let the world decide, who does or does not meet this criteria.  And participate in punishment of those who fail.


5.  The elevation of equality for all human life is NOT limited to men!  But consists of an actual decision in law and its authority to control society itself.  Every nation SHALL implement a series of foundation laws that SHALL BE TAUGHT in every school, and every home, and every business:   that these demands shall be accepted.  Will be known, so that none have an excuse. 

            A) Every human life is equal to yours: male, female, child, unborn all the same/ unless hate, establishes by law: that you are not.  Abortion is not birth control!  But reality demands: for the first period of 40 days during pregnancy, the right of termination belongs to the woman.  After that, the reality of a human life supercedes their demand unless threatened with personal harm.  If a man, including a husband stands in the way of “her decision”/ that man goes to prison: where he shall work as a slave giving all to the woman, for a period not less than one year, nor more than seven years if true mental abuse was found.  Violence is a separate issue.  Abortion may occur beyond that date/ BUT ONLY with the consequence:   “You shall not, physically be able, to do this again”.

            B) Every human life is entitled to a job, as that confronts us all with the reality of keeping our bodies alive, and our minds intact; for the purposes of a “society at peace, and structured by the intent called  harmony”.  You can no longer compete, which means you must share, and find in friendship the value you displaced with money.

            C)   Freedom is NOT limited to what you demand, or what you believe!  Freedom is functionally “the right to be wrong/ even if the others don’t like it:   so long as NO ONE ELSE (including nature and world) is NOT substantially threatened!  Truth demands of you:   IT IS THEIR OWN LIFE/ not yours: it is THEIR OWN ETERNITY/ not yours.  Let them choose. Liberty allows:    Those who consist of “this group”, if too far outside the norm:   shall find their living space   “Over there”.

            D)   Every human life is required to assist in our survival as a society/ NONE are exempt.  If you are unable to contribute anything of value; after ninety days, your life shall be terminated in a realistic and fundamentally necessary way.  Because we are so many people on earth: if you aren’t worthy of your life/ someone else will take it, another child shall be born instead of you.  Let humanity itself decide what these parameters are/ remembering someone from the future WILL die, because this other took the resources they needed to survive.  WE ARE, that many people.


6.   Every person on earth deserves an education that is substantial to their own needs!  Every school on earth shall be required to teach:   foundation laws/ critical knowledge, in the control of leaders, courts, and policing/ fundamental understanding in communication, between the sexes, and for the purpose of a happy and pleasant society.  Shall teach:   what is dangerous, and why, both physically and mentally as a discussion based curriculum.  Shall teach: the elements of basic and real foundation medicine, and what it takes to deal with the consequence of injury; or the signs of distress both physically and mentally.  Shall teach: trade secrets, and provide the fundamental avenues to work in this society.  Shall distribute, a foundation examination in what is freedom, by the essence of your own individual freedom and thought:   establishing the means by which society frees itself, from those who intent to control.


7.   All mass communication, either for religious, governmental, entertainment,  or other purposes:    Shall be forced to accept the responsibilities owed to life itself.  That means: INFORMATION SUCH AS THIS, WHICH IDENTIFIES TRUE THREATS AGAINST AN ENTIRE PLANET;   shall not under any circumstance be refused or altered or denied their responsibility to inform the others, and change society by its choice.  Establishing redress or a vote.  Through a true and accurate information champaign which will not be stopped or lessened, until that fact is established. All shall be forced: to accept the limits of our earth/ and accomplish population control:   through a true and accurate information champaign which will not be stopped or lessened, until that fact is established.  By the means chosen for an individual society by itself.  Anything less will result in cannibalism and war.  All shall be forced: to accept no further “expert” exists.  Rather all assumption of expertise:    SHALL be confronted by the people themselves; with their own versions of “expertise” / creating an assortment of knowledge:  to be discussed by the people themselves.  RATHER THAN   “The assertion, these are gods, that need not be questioned”.  As is the complete and utter tragedy/ the disgrace and destruction  of this day, spread across this world;   as a pandemic disease.



            While this does constitute leadership by the illumination of conceptual knowledge and understanding.  It is NOT leadership to me!  Rather it consists of the simple truth;   I seem to have been made into a   “Mother”/ because you absolutely refuse to GROW UP!  Requiring I do everything for you, because you refuse to do anything but play, and play and play.  Shame on you/ DON’T make me watch you die.  It is             UNWORTHY of this effort!


          The most powerful words ever written are/    The most critically impressive economic reality identified, “each $1.  representes one billion dollars/ $1,000.  Is one trillion”.  One trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people/ or roughly one in three US citizens, babies and all.   The basis of society, and the foundations of our behavior are recognized through understanding.  The most critical questions humanity has ever faced now exist as the relationship we have allowed to be created:   through university leadership.   Our ability to understand the levels of extinction that we face: cannot be determined by what you believe or what “we all want”/ as that is irrelevant to this reality, in this our time, and by the consequences of our truth; as the choices made by human societies on earth. Our courts and political leaders have made their decision; regardless of the law, constitution, or democracy itself:   they choose power over us; an illustration of some of the laws they deny.; at every level.  The media, or more correctly the propaganda machinery of the powerful and proud, have made their choice:   they choose pride and want, over life itself.  Every single life on this planet is involved in the outcome of what is being, or has been chosen by those who lead humanity on earth today.  Our leaders, have chosen HELL:   humanity without hope/ ARMAGEDDON:   nature in chaos/   APOCALYPSE: a war without end or mercy, because hate controls now; where all weapons of mass destruction will be used/ and turning this planet into a sun, by bringing the same fire here as is on our sun.   Saying of their efforts, “the fire will just put itself out/ because there is not enough gravity (they admit: don’t know what it is) here”; even though this entire planet is made out of fuel.  As that fire is:   the burning of atomic bonds.  As is similar to the burning of molecular bonds by fire here on earth. A reality similar to the difference between TNT and theatomic bomb.   Time for change, is running out. 

          To demand better requires this information must be distributed so as to give humanity itself as WE THE PEOPLE/ their right, to refuse:   and control, those who are so badly attempting to destroy our world.  Those who literally gamble with all our lives, based solely on their desire to do so, risking our entire planet, all its nature, and every possibility of a future that exists by refusing to address the threats that we cannot survive.  WE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO INTERVENE; this is life or death for our planet!   WE HAVE LEGAL JURISDICTION, the law called REDRESS:   THIS IS ABOUT LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR NATURE, EVERY CHILD, EVERYTHING WE VALUE.   Therefore this decision requires, US ALL, thereby:   to take control over our democracy, and resurrect our future/ ending the fantasy and delusions of “university knows”.  By demanding truth/ nothing but the truth/ and no excuses or lies.  All theories refused/ or examined by proven realities:   for what happens when this is proven wrong! NO GAMBLING WITH LIFE!  Is necessary to survive, not only as.  WE THE PEOPLE OWN, this nation!  But as aworld.   To refuse payment, for those employees who have threatened our extinction with their decisions:   is fundamentally required.   The need is:   GO TO COURT, and examine the evidence/ to find what is TRUE!  Before you die, or have absolutely no recourse: “to damn late now”!   The sites I provide to assist you are these.  If you succeed, the requirement to aid in the distribution of this news, to a world; demands a donation.  Let those who say, “its not time yet/ or the consequences are too extreme”;   remember the lesson of a tornado or other natural event:    We you literally see it coming, IT IS TOO LATE, to prepare now!  The lesson of this day is: “the cancer of a diploma, is a disease that kills, steals, and destroys”; because the power released upon society by the assumption of “an expert”;  has proven their pride has no boundary, and their want extends past INSANITY.  A proven;   absolute failure, to all that is important for life.  True, whether you like it or not.  Reality then states, “the expert so called” can and must testify, but only to present the existence of known data.  No theories accepted/ absolutely no rules allowed:   only justice, the literal expressions of “fair play”, and the quality deserved by ALL life, understood by the word: “equal/ not superior in any way” .  Judged by the reality called liberty, and the jurisdiction called freedom:   establishing WE THE PEOPLE!  Under constitutional rule, as the preamble, and its amendments demand.   “We, are the owners here”/ not our employees! 

          Reality states:   our employees/ “the university diploma”  stole our money/ they stole or attempted to destroy our future/ they refused the very basic elements and fundamentals of democracy that support our lives, and keep us all from dying!   THE PRICE for that is:   NOW WE DECIDE! 

          You can control leaders by establishing world laws, that do have the authority to bring ANY LEADER into “our courtroom, as people of this world demanding critical rights and fundamental respect”.  When they understand: you are NOT EXEMPT from the laws WE DECIDE and enforce as a world/ nations will be changed. You can control any weapons, in any nations;  that you so choose as a world: so long as its equal and fair to all.  You can protect the earth, the sea, the resources, and more; by enforcing cooperation with these laws. 

          You CANNOT evade or choose, to lie about the truth of your destruction: and what must be done to hope, “life on earth shall continue”.  Truth decides everything; applied to reality, means then:   your decision shall be made.

          YOU CAN, resurrect the money; by simply tying the numbers to a population count: thereby each knows, what is or is not fair.  Choose a number as the maximum anyone can keep, and erase everything above that line.  Let limited capitalism do the rest.

            DOWNLOAD THESE html  SITES, so they cannot be taken away. Distribute them; they are yours, free of charge.


          The elemental relationship that has limited my own response “to the law”; shall be recognized as owed to “the spiritual woman inside”. As is constant with male, “I was, headed in a different direction”.  Law is the answer/ force is not! Let the law be your army! But make no mistake, without direct participation from we the people as a nation or a world or any part thereof: you will fail.

          I am not your leader/ change yourselves!  It’s:    YOUR JOB.    Not mine.  You have: the tools/ the law/ the rights/ the democratic authority/ THE NEED/ the understanding/ the incentives/ and the foundation DUTY, TO PROTECT THIS WORLD, and even this nation and its democracy from terrorists. That includes: protection against the geneticist/ the physicist/ and all who threaten life; which does include population control!. If you fail to accept the responsibility you owe to life on earth, and every child:   I guarantee, you will get everything they have prepared, with your blessing:  for you’re  own extermination, and conviction (you chose too).     The death of this world:  So says the evidence.  The religion of evolution, which has conceived of genetic mutilation, and brought it into our lives:   believes, and attempts to destroy genetic disciplines/ balance/ boundaries/ order/ and everything life is, to bring chaos into this world.  In an attempt to prove, what is an absolute lie.  This is “Armageddon coming”.

            The evidence also says:   you, are the worst generation that has ever been, to have allowed all this destruction and wanton failure/ BUT YOU ARE also the generation that decides if this earth and all its life will live or go extinct, by terrors unimaginable.  Making you the most important generation that has ever lived.  It’s a choice.  You WILL make it, and be responsible for what you did or did not do:   forever!  There is no place to run.  There is no place to hide.  There are no excuses that will be accepted: including fear!   Life or death for this world, is no game/ and neither is the threats you face.    I DO NOT demand that you believe this message/ rather I demand you investigate, examine the evidence, participate in a courtroom decision as the democracy you are, and identify the truth for yourselves, and this world.  Which does have every right to participate; in what affects us all.  Because there are NO SECOND CHANCES!  The failure of any critical system or chain of life, means we are all extinct.  Any assumption, that our world cannot be lost; is dis-proven by   “Noah’s flood”:   because the evidence of fossil fuels found covered all at once, some thousands of feet deep/ CANNOT have occurred in any other way.  Try thinking for yourself; for a change.  Is dis-proven by a sunburn, from 91 million miles away.  Is dis-proven by birth defects/ hunger/ and reality.   GROW UP.



Certified Mail, In the Superme court 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8 From the court , IL Superme court 1, 2
In the US Tax Court Case 11108-12L 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13, My Response Last Order And again. And again. Yet again, Letters from the IRS

The disciplines of leadership DO NOT include, an outright gambling with all life on earth!  Of all the critical failures, that represent the reality of “university knows leadership” in this portion of the same US supreme court/ US tax court case ; that identifies criminal corruption in all the highest levels of US federal government.   The very worst/ most easily identified is:   these leaders have decided they CAN bring the same fire here to this planet as is on the sun, a 9,000,000 degree F fire, that burns atomic bonds.   Because the theory goes:   “Not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”/ so it will just put itself out.  On a planet that is nothing but fuel!  In case you missed it: that means when they are proven wrong, this entire planet becomes another sun. There are NO second chances/ once lit, either it puts itself out, OR we are incinerated .  It is that simple/ no one escapes “being wrong”. 

          Of the various methods needed to prove them wrong/ it is also useful to understand.  In terms of gravity failing to hold the fire to this earth/ the more critical reality is:   just how much suction does a 9 or ten million degree fire establish, particularly in this atmosphere?  Do you not understand a forest fire 3,000 degrees;  sucks in air (a chemical bond fire)?  It does so, because the expansion of heat creates a vacuum!  The probable air speed of this atmosphere on earth being sucked into that fire at the base of its flame is roughly one thousand miles per hour.  Or more simply “just like a candle sucks up the was to burn/ an atomic fire will suck up this earth and burn anything that is built with an atomic bond.  Which is everything.  In terms of fire growth, a chemical fire doubles in size every minute.  An atomic fire will do over 12 times that.  In terms of a candle and the room needed because of heat expansion:   test it for yourself/ light a candle with full air flow.  The flame will be roughly 7 times bigger than the wick/ the flame will rise roughly 7 times higher than the wick engulfed.  A candle flame is roughly 500 degrees/ as we then multiply the effect of heat expansion which is the same regardless of the source or type of fire:   a 10 million degree flame needs 140,000 times more room!  That simple reality proves the flames you see on the sun itself (its visual size), are NOT the source of fuel/ but the reality of heat. The wick itself turns to ash as it is incinerated.  The ash cloud of an atomic fire, is the simplest possible combination of atomic structure that is able to form after any possible “singular” components of atomic structureescape the fire.  Thereby the hydrogen chemical signature of the sun is nothing more than its ash cloud.  Everyday, the national ignition facility tries desperately to ignite an atomic fire on earth.  The day comes soon, when that fire will destroy us all!  No one escapes.  Or, more simply the CULT of “university knows” will then be SATAN on earth.  With all its believers assigned as “devils”.   You chose to let them!  You have NO EXCUSE, because you do understand a fire 91 million miles away, that burns your skin here in summer; is no toy!

The sites I provide are these.  The primary information for all sites, for this entire work:  is this portion of “trial after trial”:   in both state of ILLINOIS and US federal and supreme courts.  A FEW, of the thousands of links used upon these sites. The most powerful words for human society ever written.  The question called life.  The reality:   those who say “debts don’t matter”; believe they are rulers, and never intend to pay.     To even suggest media has not failed us entirely, is fantasy!

        The purpose and desire very simply:   we are threatened with extermination as a planet/ so says the evidenceThat fact,  cannot be left:   to those who have made created the threats, and realities we now face.  Download these html sites/ so they cannot be taken away, or hidden from you. Support this work, or it can disappear.  Support “life for this planet must come first”/ or it, and we, will all disappear.  You are not asked to believe: as was demanded of the courts;  you are asked to investigate the evidence and prove what is or is not true/ because we cannot survive being wrong; not even as a planet of life.  You are asked, as was the courts:   to communicate these threats to “humanity” and let each one decide for themselves; as is consistent with freedom and democracy itself.  As for me, I have proven and delivered everything in this work, I came to do.  The decision, and the consequences of life or death for a planet:   the investigation, trials, etc now comes to you.  I have finished/ nothing else is required of me, for this work, or your decision.

        Should the IL tax lawyers decide: after months of silence, to go ahead and accept the demands of the IL supreme court document filed; by certified mail:  but again “refused, without a single word from the court or the lawyers”/ because they cannot win.  I would return for that, or similar.  As is consistent with your own realities; the work is not perfect/ it is simply the best I did do, for life, and planet; that will soon be approaching one tragedy or crisis, after another.  The critical question is do you care, & will you share the information you accept as “too important to be wrong”; with anyone else?          


Balance states;   it should be recognized, that none of these sites/ all these words, represents the assumptions of an optimist (I believe everything I want, will come to me).  Neither do they represent the assumptions of a pessimist (I believe everything I don’t want, will come to me).  Rather reality states, that truth has a definable order, and the disciplines of thought are decipherable, if you simply apply wisdom/ honesty/ and a clear understanding of courage.  Can you not predict: when you spent more than your checking account has in it/ what happens next? The same is true of more than “just counterfeit numbers”.  Truth matters.

             That said, the worst possible decision humanity could make is bringing the same fire here as is on the sun/ a fire that burns atomic bonds, here; where everything is fuel.  There are NO second chances, a fire that cannot be extinguished/ just like the sun.  The second worst decision is of course, the intentional destruction of life as a body in time itself.  By mutilating and crucifying genetic structure; (the basis of all Creation itself, across this world), and spreading the foundation of pandemic disease.   Which is genetic boundaries crossed between species. The third is the destruction of all resources that support life; as is constant and sure today.  The critical question:   where all leadership has failed, because they believe the universities are god/   can YOU find your mind in time, “to fight for this world”!  All WILL certainly die, if you don’t!  You are not asked to believe that statement/lain  you are asked to investigate and examine the evidence, establishing a clear and certain response:   CAN WE AFFORD TO BE, OR LET THOSE WHO ARE LITERALLY GAMBLING WITH EVERYTHING WE VALUE ON EARTH, including life/ planet/ survival/ and even the solar system itself BE,     WRONG!    That is a true and accurate statement, clearly establishing;   this is not a game.  Everything we are or need or value is threatened with extinction.  The choice is yours;   as I have done everything I could do, to inform and educate you.  Only you, can change yourselves, or your world:     or defend your future.  Ask any farmer, “if you eat next years seed”/ you can be happy today:    BUT, what certainly will happen to next years crop!    To believe in your leaders, or your media to protect you, has been proven foolish.  Clearly, they didn’t care about tomorrow, at all! We add one final reality, the prophecy called Daniel 12.  It reads, “from the time humanity starts trying to ignite the same fire here”;   NIF as is on the sun (worst possible decision)/ there will be 1290 days before that ignition occurs.  That date coincides perfectly with the expected operation of the exo-watt laser= one million lightning bolts, all striking the same place at the same time.  It continues at the 1335 day from this beginning/ all life on earth will be lost. Or, more simply:  the fire will have grown, and the entire atmosphere of earth will have been ejected into space.  For those who are certain this is just trying to scare you:  the reality of coal/ oil/ gas/ as the fossil fuels we use, DO prove beyond any doubt, that a world wide flood did occur.  Because there is no other way, to clump these masses of life together, and bury them under thousands of feet of earth or sea; in some places.  Simple and plain, these things are, “life or death”; not a game. The destruction of a world, BY CHOICE:  is called “SATAN”.  Not a religious statement, simply a fact!  Where then, do YOU stand?  Eternity will remember/ there are no excuses; not for anyone, including YOU.

Summary overview of sites.

Stop a rape display,    many rapes are begun by climbing through a window/ this is a simple motion detector, placed below or anywhere in the close vicinity of a window.  It turns on a light, and a noise maker of some type by simply screwing in a light bulb socket adapter.  Placed it could easily be hooked to a camera/ it could easily be hooked to an aerosol chemical spray, which contains an identifying chemical for tracing in court, an odor for tracing in a crowd, & some fluorescent paint; for seeing the perpetrator at night.  There are a wide variety of types and kinds of motion detectors, the one in view cost $8.00.  It is wired simply by attaching a simple two wire lamp cord, to the two wires in the motion detector base, and covering the base with a standard octagon cover plate. It can be set on the floor or hung on wall or ceiling. Victim defense jewelry is also a good idea.


The elemental purpose of “no more tears” exists:  but that cannot be conceived of, without an understanding of “who, I/ or you are, as the person we independently chose to be”. We must have tears, to prove where our heart belongsThat means, more so than any other life or influence, I am the designer and greatest influence upon my own life; because I choose my own response! There are “hardship consequences in life, for many people”.  Realities that were unfair; “not by my own cause”.  Definitions that were not equal (not by my own actions), and those who did not choose respect for me; established not by my own decision, rather they judged and measured me. The critical desire of life and value;   is love.  Love constructs the value of a life inside, and assembles the bonds by which we join “outside ourselves” in the freedom of our heart.  Love exists to search ourselves, and each other;  for this time, as heart (your choice) & souls (choosing your own eternity) on earth.   So the question is:   what is life/ when death closes the door to time itself?  What is old age, that it robs body and mind, as time disappears in each one?  The answer: a critical learning and a clear demand, that we will enter into a different world/ and must prepare.  Your need arises to understand: discarding this life as body and mind is necessary to eternity, because they will be no more.  Your challenge is: to enter within love (bonded to soul)/ rather than hate, imprisoned by time and its consequences. For that to be true, “you must see yourself as saved”/ rather than lost to death or decay.  Saved means:   GOD LOVES ME.  Not because I am worthy, but because I have chosen to accept nothing is more important, than HIS LOVE. And I respect the critical truth; my own existence is a true miracle that only love, and thought would have, or could have created for me.  These, are the essence that leads to soul.            Examining value as the substance from which we grow into the identity we choose, gives hope to our own involvement, our own choice; as a true participant in life .  Value here means: to assemble truth and love into the treasuries that form, “my heart and soul”.  These,  are not “body or mind”/ but consist of the elemental relationships that were born, in our own desire to participate with life/ rather than control it.  Love is not a body, to be controlled. Neither can you  control heart or soul:  they are separated from your mind, and exist in the elemental transcripts of thought.  Elevated or descended from eternity by Your individual choice, in life; to discover, decide, and determine if and how they may exist.

            Truth is an environment, as well as an existence (because it cannot be changed {this moment is captured} it is, a reality that must remain the same). The same is true of your eternal identity: not a prison/ your choice.  While love is an expression, which can only exist as reality, when another life is present. The consequence of love is:   that our heart shares the essence of this life, in this time, as an expression which soars above, or beyond  ourselves/ you can’t keep it, you can only share it.   The reality of love is: even if another life is not present today/ we share the possibility of life in love, by creating “moments”, so that you may join.  So that I/we may understand:   “my own love exists, I cannot do more”. Love is not a force.

             Everything we can be in life, is constructed out of a relationship with life itself:   an “I”, that is conducted in the song and rhythms of your life, by love or hate.  Love is the element of a beautiful creation in time itself;  proven by miracles (this didn’t have to be).  The reality “I live with the life that is in me”/ is consistent with the truth, we did not create ourselves: but we’re born into our existence; or “loved, by the truth of this gift”. Value considers Creation, as a gift of love: because miracles prove the essence and reality of caring and sharing and respect for all of life on this earth.  We have MORE, than required/ those few who are born with less/ are not loved less; but freedoms granted to humanity do have costs and consequences.   Every truth creates knowledge.  Every aspect of knowledge controls both wisdom and understanding.  Understanding: is a decision to let both truth and reality teach/ while you listen.  The quest for wisdom, is to participate in truth, while it teaches you.  The foundation of all  thought then becomes:   my teacher, is my soul!  Soul means:   the relationship I share, with my CREATOR, as truth in my life.

            If you accept that    GOD IS ALIVE!   Then you do understand, that this relationship means, “I too” shall live, regardless of time.  Because love exists, we have been joined as one; that is the purpose of love:  to bind together as one life shared/ because we do care.    Death is the end of body and mind!  It is not the end of truth, thought, or a relationship with GOD as soul.  Because life itself, is an energy which can be transformed/ rather than destroyed. Entering within that life; separates our identity from body & time.


In the simple construction of our human identities


        The fundamental most critical to our existence is: what direction will you turn?  When faced with any and every decision WHAT is, the determining factor which guides and controls your life in its purpose and desire?  Or more simply: WHY, do you choose what you choose?

        The elemental answer is: primary to life, beyond simple survival itself are the fundamentals that move us.  The critical assembly or disassembly of human existence for the purpose of why life is important to yourself!  Or more distinctly what is called the will to live is more distinctly:   what is so valued, that you will endure what you choose to endure/ or search for what you believe or accept will be happiness?  What is the construction of thought/ so that it conceives of “treasures”!

        While thought itself is NOT suitable for examination.  The elements of happiness are/ the realities of hate exist/ and the substantive review that is life itself, “I don’t want to die”; are all functional relationships to understanding the basis and foundations of your own identity.

        Happiness is:   the existence or ascension of life beyond self/ wherein we learn to understand, being alone is not necessary, we have options and abilities.  We are the designers of our own fate/ because we control our own action and reaction to everything that can be a decision we are allowed to make.  Therefore happiness is, the knowledge of freedom, and the path of understanding that confronts life itself with your own decisions.  When those decisions enable the expressions and experiences of shared existence, and cared for experiences: the opportunity to be happy exists.  It is not a simple “mathematical equation”/ do this, do that; be happy!  Because other people/ other life;  contribute to the experience that is “happy”.  Therefore the contribution they make is, the variable of value beyond ourselves, that gives life its meaning. How you accept or deny their contribution to your life/ WHAT their purpose is, in participating with your life; are all factors in happiness that will not be denied.  Happiness is then constructed, rather than owned, it is “rented/ and given” according to the desire or design of your own heart.  Heart means: I believe my life has meaning, when I share it with someone else!  Heart is expressed;   when I become responsible for caring, about those whose life I can value.  Not all life is valued, because some choose hate.

        Hate is a decision!  Hate is a predator!  Hate is a battleground that refuses to die/ because you won’t let it.  Therefore its value to any life that chooses it is:   “I” will control/ manipulate/ tempt/ deceive/ steal/ disrespect/ mutilate/ kill/ or in any other way cause those whom “I” choose to hate:  to lose their happiness, so “I” can play god.  “god” here means: what another gave/ “I stole back”; for myself.  Or more simply: hate cannot exist without an enemy/ without pride itself, because the lack of a game means no one wins or loses.  Hate itself dies, without that game/ because it is “no fun”;  if you cannot “play god”.

        The critical reality of life itself however is: that we can die/ whether hated or loved or alive or dead inside.  It is not a game, but a question that none can answer for themselves. Therefore those who play god, want to solve that riddle; by commanding you will die now, or scream or cry.

        The question is:   WHY do you desire life?  The answer is:  you have found something worth living for!  It is that simple.  Thereby understanding self requires that you assemble the necessary knowledge or insight, that reflects the foundation of you, by conceiving of your own truth.  Most lie, and produce an image of who they want to be/ rather than who they are!  To assemble truth, it is the reflection itself, that must be entered into.  That is done, through the elemental relationship:   do you defend life/ or sacrifice life for your own purposes?  More critically true is the understanding: to be truly ALIVE, it is absolutely necessary to participate in the discovery that is “everything here is a miracle/ including you”.  If you adhere too, and accept this very simple principle of knowledge, and path to wisdom/ then you will defend life itself, because we are all equals here; we are all life!  If you do not participate in this discovery, the opposite will be true: that you choose an image to hide behind so as not to understand (selfishness), life is more than you are (hope).  Or, more simply:   we are “an element of the whole experience/ rather than the experience itself”.

        Identity then comes to mean:   whether you separate yourself from the whole, either for hate or thought itself/ or accept the path beyond self, which enters into life, as a participant of the whole.  The critical relationships are these: hate destroys/ thought ascends;  or fails and declines/ the relationship of “us all”, demonstrates time as life.  But it does not construct life itself, the existence of true freedoms;  without mercy.

        We turn to want, as the fundamental relationship wherein identity is not only formed, but lost.  Want is the basis and foundation of every lie/ because you will not lie, unless you want, or don’t want the reality itself.  The lie is required, because truth will simply not let you have what you want.  Therefore to steal it, or when they believe it is owed to me in some form;   people lie.  The critical question is: can you accept truth will decide/ NOT want? 

        For most, the answer is a definite NO/ they will want.  Humanity divides here; as those who desire hate, then learn to believe their want is “the treasury inside” they cherish most.  The vast majority MUST compensate for their want, and its effect upon their life; so they create images, and believe whatever they are told:   because “its someone else’s fault” then.  I believed, so I am innocent/ YOU made me do it!  Is the excuse.  The reality however is: if you had a choice/ then you made the decision, even if the choice itself was less than what you desired it to be.  The majority want, because they desire for themselves both “love and hate”.  Or, I don’t want to love them all/ and I do want to hate some of them just because I have judged them unworthy of me, or I simply want to be superior; to prove I am worth more, than you/ or them.  NOT equal/ better!  Gossip is a prime indicator of this; it is reflective of the purpose: I am, to be considered better than you; does ridicule not prove this is so!

        For the few that choose to enter into thought, as a passage beyond self/ constructed by the decision to isolate yourself into thought, and consider its journey beyond time.  The dynamics of thought are: it is a path that constructs itself, with only a single direction to be chosen by you.  There are NO, distractions or turn around points or other.  Once the decision is made, thought ascends or descends on the path that you chose/ and you cannot make any other decision until the journey is finished.  To turn back, is to find insanity; because there is no escape.  You must finish the journey into thought itself as a directional decision.  Once it is completed, only then can you escape the experience:  through understanding the truth of what it is you searched.  If you do not understand/ you are trapped.  If you enter any truth as a lie/ the potential for your own death is extreme. Thought is then rare, because the price is high, and few can survive it.

        Nonetheless, eternity is built upon life/ and life is built upon thought.  To enter within any truth is NOT dangerous within itself/ because it is true, and truth survives.  Rather the danger is entering a truth which you do not desire as a lifetime.  So then the choice, that controls where your decision beyond time may take you:   is absolutely critical and real, to the consequence           Called eternity.  If you enter and cannot escape the truth of what you DO surely desire with your heart and soul/ WILL YOU NOT   “Be happy”?  If however you fail to desire the truth of what you do desire for life/ you may or will fall into “something else”;   beyond time, where no action and reaction exists.  That then means: no changing your soul now.

        The question: eternity itself/ or where does thought live?

        Examines energy itself, as the essence of freedom constructed beyond the reach of time.  That means to evade the destruction of action and reaction: no changes exist to the decisions that you may or will make.  The question of time exists upon distance, and its relationship constructed by “the past/ the present/ and the future”.  The question of eternity must then remove distance and conceive of participation through thought as the freedom which exists in energy as a body of life/ rather than a foundation of time. The discovery of self is removed, to become “within the essence of everything alive”.  The discovery of life then becomes a relationship with    “GOD”!   The reality of your purity, as    GOD IS PURE; determines what that relationship may be.


        There are those who believe everything/ there are those who believe nothing: there are those who cannot make a decision, because they refuse to “be wrong/ and cannot conceive of being right”.  There are many so     Righteous, they cannot conceive of being wrong/ so they assume “I/ or we, are right”.  There are religions so as to prove to each other:   this is the way/ follow us.  There are leaders of various kinds that assert, “He or she is the way”; a common lie.

        JESUS IS THE WAY, beyond what is common and ordinary in human life.  HIS WORK illustrates a foundation and a path upon which all other searches in thought, love, life, respect, order, and disciplines do arise.  HE IS, “my teacher”. The reality, more complex than you can understand at this time/ because you fail to separate yourselves from want.


        As to me, the searches beyond time were valuable beyond measure to my own life/ but NOT without a price. Much of what you may glean from their impact is written about.  The critical decision: established because “male had no solution” for how to help keep this earth alive:   was opening the door “to female truth”.  It is a lesson in what happens when you just open the spiritual door, to a path in thought that cannot be understood. Or, DON’T open any door in spirituality, that you are not prepared to live in. Female is different/ you have to be female to understand it.  I assumed, it is more “thought oriented”, I would understand. But it is more body oriented, these realities make the differences possible/ you cannot understand the difference unless you own the body.  Consequently: even though I only opened the door (can I ask a question)/ with no thought to go inside.  That was enough, to begin the journey.  It is a strange place to be, spiritually.

        There are NO “gifts of knowledge”/ everything must be learned in the reality of this time, because cause and effect cease to exist.  Or more distinctly, there are no second chances/ because there is no time. What you do not take with you into eternity, you shall not own. This is your time to decide your life.

        There are “gifts of knowledge” in time, courtesy of the opportunities to be wrong.  My life is one long learning session, much of it about being wrong; in degrees.  It doesn’t take a lot of wrong/ to see “the future”, of where this goes.  Critical learning is: in the struggle to find “truth”/ the initiating question is, where do you look!  In, or through, the elevation of truth in your life: it becomes necessary to discard what humanity says, and search more distinctly beyond their words.  That gives the illusion of what “these believe”; therefore an image is created, and the possibilities of following or believing or testing that image can be found.  IT IS, “a BAD plan”.  Because the image created by religion and other forms of human expectation, is a lie.  This is the reflection called “human truth”! It is the basis of most insanity (I am unable to recognize our truth)/ other than those who simply choose hate.  It has little truth, and no value;  and was discarded by me after testing/ until a moment arrived when I did not know what was or was not true in me.  “Better not take any chances” WAS an absolute disaster, because it opened the door, to the potential: perhaps wrong about this image?  Do you see the failure?  It is “when I did not know, what was true in me”.  It is, when I tried to hide from my own decision/ because I didn’t know if it was accepted as a right, or rejected as “a sin (you had no right)”.  The same will be true for you.

         Consequently, the reality had proven one critical truth:   to go beyond time and assert a deliberate action with the intent of passage into any truth.  YOU MUST FIRST, assemble every aspect of truth in your own life/ and know its result without question.  Beyond that restriction, the possibilities of entering truth itself becomes real.  The reality of being wrong, when you enter a deliberate truth; can be catastrophic to you.  Death assembles the respect and reality of “the total life” that you lived/ to give an answer of mercy or not.  Choosing to go beyond time does not do that/ but constructs passage only to those who abandon their own truth, so as to participate in some degree within the truth they chose to enter.  To abandon your own truth means:   respect here, is more important “than me”.  That is a truth, and you will flow with the expression and experience or die.  You cannot flow with the truth, or experience its understanding; by fighting against it or saying “I am important or I want”.  Truth is more important than you!

        Universal Truth is an expression of law/ an experience of relationships discovered only through respect.  Therefore respect is, “your invitation” to enter within.  Without respect, to enter into any foundation truth: is literally to request death and disassembly from life.  Don’t!

        To enter within any universal truth and try to run away from that reality;   constructs mental breakdown.  You cannot run away or hide from truth/ that constructs a lie, and the consequence is the anchor of your life will be destroyed.  An anchor is: the single accepted truth of your own life, that you absolutely refuse to abandon.  Or this is, when all other things fail to protect me: what I choose to defend my own existence, at its core:  in this time.  JESUS is my anchor!  Not by religious rhetoric/ but by truth itself.  In the essence of love, the values of respect, discipline, courage, and every other form of truth that I adhere too:   HE led the way.  At HIS end on this earth, the question of eternity arises.  The question or choice: will I accept HIS TESTIMONY, or more correctly HIS ways.  Or live among those who killed him, fighting for greed/ etc;   assuming this is better.  Is an easy decision for me:   I will live in the reality of HIS ways, and leave the rest to die on their own.  Respect does not abandon you or this world.  Respect fights for this CREATION OF GOD, even all of it/ that includes all who have not chosen hate; even those who can come back from hate.  GOD IS MERCIFUL/   it is foolish and blind to assume less is tolerated from me, or you.

        The quest for understanding death, is a simple one.  Examining the proof of body clearly indicates: NO life here/ proven without doubt.  A discarded mass.  Examining the reality of thought, and the existence of energy: provides two distinct truths.  One of the fundamentals considered true in energy is, “it never really dies, (unless it dissipates; dispersed into meaningless forms)/ it is simply transformed into something else”.  And thought is a form of movement, therefore to enter within energy as it is transformed, “is to tag along (participate in some degree)” wherever it flows.  So the question is: if you enter within the energy that is leaving you in death/ an energy that is a participant in your own existence, and a relationship with your own thought: then where would you go? 

        To find that answer, you must participate with the energy of life itself.  To search: you must enter within thought itself.  To begin that journey, you must enter within truth itself; and be found, by life.  These are distinctions of a spiritual existence/ and are by no means either “cheap or free”.  All life energy originates from      “GOD”,    OUR CREATOR!  Therefore no matter who you are, or what your body has become (every body becomes, “a discarded mass”):   the potential “to find   GOD” exists.  Or more correctly, if you have respect/ if you live within truth that has value/ if you choose love over hate; and repent (sorry/ won’t do it again; as best I can);   then GOD will find you.  There is NO comparison of the others.  There is NO “religious affiliation” or insurance plan or gift from you to buy eternity: there is only you, and what you chose to do/ or not do.  There are NO excuses, and there are NO second chances beyond time; there is only what you chose, or refused; mercy adjusts how close you may come to    GOD.


        The fool says:   there is no god.  But miracles prove, no other explanation exists.  Those who want to be satan demand:  evolution is our god/ therefore we can create chaos in nature and with energy, and pretend to be gods ourselves!  But reality refuses that easily;   what part of your body can you do without/ what part of the disintegration called old age; does not easily identify:   this won’t work, to keep us alive.  How much less the assumptions of evolution.  How pitiful the disease and cancer filled vomit of “university knows”; when you ask, what if bones had no joints/ or your head had no ligaments to hold it erect/ or muscles to use; or a mind to function them.  What if, the heart was made of anything else/ or the valves in a heart were too small, or not there at all/ or it just floated in a mass of ooze without the discipline these devils and mutilators are determined to destroy.  What if there were no order, so that individual muscles wrapped themselves properly to give you movement.  What if there were no balance:   one leg ten times longer than the other/ one hand fifty times bigger than your head.  These are the purposes of evolution; the mutilators of life/ and the complete disrespect called “university knows”.  This is what they are doing to nature, in this day; and much more.  Gambling to destroy you; before you wake up to confront them about all their thefts and failures.  They’re hate!  They are, “your leaders” to HELL (a humanity gone insane/ because it is going to die without resources, or food, or water, or oxygen:   cannibalism, and more) to ARMAGEDDON (which means, nature in chaos), and to the apocalypse which is:   “Kill them all/ trust no one; we have guns/ and bombs/ and fire/ and disease”.

          Their pride refuses to protect life.  Their arrogance refuses to allow you the simple truth of our reality in this time.  Which means their purpose is TREASON (we will sell their souls):  against this entire world.


        I am not your leader/ I am a messenger: telling you, that unless you change and find respect for life/ you are going to die as a world!


        I am not your leader/ you must save yourselves; because it is the failure of all as a vast majority that brings you into this day.  Those are your decisions, and only you “can make better decisions for yourselves, and your world”. 


        I am not your leader: that would assume I can save you/ I cannot!  I can help you understand.  I can help you find respect and truth.  I can die, and it will not change anything:   you must still change yourselves or face the consequences of what has been done.  Past the point of no return/ there are NO second chances.  You must arise from your sleep, your greed, and your failures:   TO CHOOSE LIFE, for this planet, MUST COME FIRST, from this day forward.


        I am not your leader.  I have mistakenly entered into the spiritual environment of female/ although it has proven to be necessary to survive; for us all.  What is male is in evidence as the history of this world/ they chose.  What is male will return to “their ways” as quickly as possible; which means we cannot survive any amount of time as a world/ by their continued leadership.  We stand at the edge of extinction, by the reality of threat today. That leaves only female to try. 


        I am not your leader, as the following will prove that.  The definitions used however will NOT change the threats to your own reality/ consequently they are irrelevant to your own truth.  I cannot save you either:   YOU MUST DO THAT, BY CHANGING WHAT IS WRONG, AND REMOVING THREATS!


        My own reality is now a DISTINCT mixture of male and female consequences/ as of late spring 2013; the balance has shifted in favor of “female influences”.  The reality of overriding female demands, establishes a flow being: that influence began in Ernst with, “like a pair of shoes dropped and then held by their shoelaces” my rib cage is now tapered (pulled together); it was a painful experience.  Reaching to pick something from a cabinet completely unaware: what was by all measure a powerful explosion within my chest behind each tit/ has become steadily growing breasts.  Driving along I was suddenly aware those breasts were being pushed or pulled to the point of tearing the skin .  I didn’t do anything/ not doing anything/ not taking anything/ and don’t know how to stop it.  Breasts are however a very powerful force in the recognition of what it does mean to be woman; “they have feelings of their own”/ it’s strange. Lots of things are “strange to me”. Including; The elemental consideration of what can only be described as “a force field (a powerful electrical force/ shock, from nowhere defined)” has now been found on several occasions: growing in strength each time it occurs.  Which does require my redirection, no matter which way I turn; “even a bull is redirected with an electric shock”.  The demand is: To a more “female decision/ or just plain acceptance of this reality”: I have lost control of force. I am dependent upon law.   As always, this is NOT what you suppose it is/ rather every truth has its source, therefore every elemental truth has its own discipline, and order; thereby its own existence. But unless it is life itself, no truth is governed by balance, rather it consists of itself. And is shaped by its existence or needs, in reality.  Every source of elemental truth KNOWS, if something foreign or corrupting or causing an alternation exists within it.  Every purity of truth requires these things SHALL be dealt with.

          Or more simply: because the spiritual truth of women entered me/ and I cannot remove her; my reality has changed. I didn’t belong, demanded to learn, what I needed to know: and literally got MORE THAN my wish.  Even though female is just as threatened with extinction here on earth as is male.  Tolerance  has grown on both sides; but she is very determined I will learn, what women demand of me. Whether you believe that or not is absolutely irrelevant.  I cannot predict the future of this/ but must participate in some degree; it is strictly “a thing; between the essence of women and me”. Or more simply, I have no rights or say in the realities this spiritual woman deems necessary for me to understand about women.  I don’t know why, I am functionally “tamed” to the point of ridiculous, and can’t go back.  Its been a seven year battle, and I lost. That much work, means there must be something, I am required to do for women.  Not a clue, I tried to get help/ tried to say “you must learn this”; no response.  Definitely not up to me.  So its up to you!

          Nonetheless, the essence of this reality is:  she has already helped me. I needed her (apparently she has a need for me too).  Because male can’t save this world, doesn’t matter who you are; he would go back to what he does; the instant an extreme threat seems “tamed”.  That would just delay HELL or ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos), a tiny bit.  Without true change, we cannot survive as a world. Life or death for this planet is now “our combined choice”.  Female at least, does provide the option of one last chance;  for this world to survive, by changing to a “new life, a different way: LIFE FIRST/ not money”.  Women are different; therefore they would lead differently; is the summation of that chance.  They are, more likely to choose for life, because they cannot substantially use force.  Just how it is. None of this, is about male; other than my learning what is, or is not true.  We live in the reality of male leadership across this world: this is the best “Men did do”.  And we do stand at the very edge of extermination; an entire planet of life is about to be lost!  Consequently, it is fundamentally true, I am bound to this spiritual woman, because we do fight for the very same cause:  LIFE on earth.  There are no other options, if women don’t rise, and men don’t help; this earth will die. After a decade of searching inside male, to find a solution for how we MIGHT survive; nothing was found.  This is what the majority of men have chosen for life, and themselves.

          No other male is allowed in these definitions/ it is your eternity. This part, of this work, is strictly between “women and me”.   You can ridicule, (hiding behind words) and will; but you cannot defeat the threats of our own extinction that exist, with nothing more than words and cowardice.  Prove you have courage:  GO INVESTIGATE, and prove the evidence is wrong:  because if you are wrong/ the evidence right, if their theories are wrong: this entire planet is dead, or all its life is mutilated! How is that NOT your concern!  It can’t be done, without the press or a courtroom; without lies, requires a penalty and the demand: “we get to decide/ you had your chance”! You cannot turn away without being charged with “DAMN COWARD”!  This world needs your participation______, it ain’t no game. 

        But, if lies continue to be, what you want/ then go ahead and die.  I did do, everything I could do. Simple and plain.

          I DON’T know why me, or what comes next; not my choice.  “Not a girl”/ but this is like living with a woman inside, and in control; who mostly leaves me alone.  But who can inject her own reality into my life, any time she wants; and I can’t stop it.  Should I lose it all, I can’t imagine “an uglier description of girl” than me.  That ain’t my desire, or purpose; this is a spiritual thing; you don’t understand! You can’t imagine the change; this is more like “trading places”.  The view from the other side of life, even at this stage;   really is different.  More so, than any man expects.  I am feeling a little distraught (like life is a bit out of control, and I am being taken for a ride without my consent or approval).  It is a life basically turned upside down; I couldn’t be more surprised.. Or, I got enough of my own problems: ITS YOUR TURN to work for yourselves, stop being so damn lazy; do what you can do.

         The fundamental purpose of these description is: to take away the assumptions, that I am your enemy, etc.  I am not, neither am I your leader or savior; as that should be clear by now.  Just “a messenger”; telling you about threats that will result in extinction without change.  You must focus on threats to your own life, nature, child, environment, future, and planet; NOT on me.

         I am Not now/ never have been/ never will be “homosexual”.  Absolutely no, “desire to be woman, no “tit envy” nothing;  or anything connected”/ I LIKE male.  “Its not my job”.  This is NOT about sex; my job is life.  My reality is: it will, take women in charge, to help this world survive. The summary of the experience itself however is:  these tits do anything they want, and send me the bill/ its like being run over by a truck at times. I have had to pay for every molecule they grow; it seems like they just consume male. They have feelings: “you didn’t respect me/ you didn’t do what I needed you to do/ you didn’t pay attention; etc/etc/ etc.”  Not a voice, “a feeling, there is a difference”!  No say/ no rights/ no options, no refusal.  I do not understand them, they seem to swell 3 times bigger (at least to me) periodically/ retract at times to half the size they were; and fundamentally just keep getting bigger. Absolutely nothing, I can do about it.  If women experience any of this/ I guarantee they don’t get a tenth of the respect they deserve for just having these things. And my mind is changing, with some extremely weird imagery starting to appear/ and my ass is growing.  A one word summary is “help/ or stop/ or no;   or I am not a toy”; none of which has any effect at all.  Not fun.  As to having breasts: didn’t do anything to get them, didn’t use anything, didn’t make any decision; which means I can’t “just put them back in the box, so to speak”. Functionally, they are a sign of change in me, that cannot be denied or altered.  Like it or not, is irrelevant; I have changed inside too; it is a journey way beyond expectation.

        . To discard force, and remain determined to change the reality of this earth from death back to life, is not irrelevant.  Our reality is:   the failure of us all, NOT to choose life for this planet comes first/ will be our extinction.  That is a choice we all must make, because we all have an influence in our existence on this earth I am only one; it takes billions of people to change and accept life is first; not money or want/ not power or pride or selfishness: to survive. I have chosen: make your own decision; and do whatever you CAN do.  And yes I am complaining a bit;  but fundamentally, basically, its just different. 

        This is between the spirit of women and me; that, has absolutely nothing to do with other men.  It is fair to say, when confronted with something particularly important/ I too, generally “take the direct route”; rather than politely discussing it.  Consequently I do functionally understand the basic reality of the above description as simply necessary; even if not polite or kind (distinctly considerate of me). If I could, I wouldn’t tell you about:  what you will only ridicule; no a choice in that either. Friendship, work, realities separate from anything sexual or completely different than “a woman’s choice, or rights, or life” are exempt.  Learning about women is now my job/ it is not yours: I DON’T know why!  I do know,  it is not your right to intervene in any form as men, or man:  Just don’t do it.

          Whether I am important to their learning/ or just some type of lesson to women/ or whatever this is; is beyond my understanding; I just don’t know why this is necessary.  The potential: that is male and female working together does come to mind; but that assumes women cannot find their own answer.  Or it asserts, they cannot identify with men enough, to make the concessions required of them; and must be taught; negotiations are required.  Or, The last fundamentally simplified cause is perhaps: the spiritual essence of women are demanding a man shall listen and understand. It is not functionally my choice/ these are simply my conclusions; and it is entirely possible I am completely wrong/ who knows.

        Even so;  I did agree to help her, she helped me to find an answer how life on earth might survive/ when I had none; man or men, can’t do it.  She added balance (turn away from force), and demanded: tell them what they must hear/ even though the risk is high. Which means “this spiritual woman inside is directly responsible” for a lot of the work done here.  The lesson: at the extreme edge of the essence of male is force, and the demand I will not accept this without a war; somebody is going to die!  At the extreme edge of the essence of female is determination; you must change for life/ so that we all may live!         We are still alive as a world: therefore intervention beyond this world does exist!  That deserves repayment in some form.  Although this is far beyond anything expected; I leave what is fair   “To   GOD”.

          I owe. Its complicated!  That is my simple truth; connected to the reality for forty+ years, I have been fighting for life on earth; its not a game. What was serious, is now at the edge of extinction for us all.  While it ain’t pretty on a man, “having tits DOES” remind me everyday, that force (a male solution) cannot solve this/ life must look for truth in a female reality. No options, clearly solves the problem of “who is in charge here”.  My breasts grow, whenever I even think about getting angry/ if I actually get angry, it is much more serious.  Not a penalty, its just “you MUST do this the female way”/ but it requires “a little fire, a little fight, and passions other than just love”. Hard to get completely under control, when humanity is  threatening to exterminate this entire world. Like it, or not, “its something of a delicate dance, so to speak”!  She doesn’t dictate, etc; this is a truth and consequences kind of learning/  she does demand I learn “female, is a different way”.  Plain and simple. Some day, I will have learned.


        So, now lets look at your simple truth:    There was some realism until Reagan removed the gold standard making way for the extreme counterfeiting that has occurred since.  That by itself did not solve a problem, until Reagan declared, “let the people own gold”/ and sold the entire nation’s treasury of gold bullion. That started an avalanche of “let the government pay” and a university diploma is like a gold mine: just rape and ravage the nation; “because debts’s don’t matter”. {Until someone wants to collect!}.  Media worshiped the money, and said nothing about the inflation.  But more than that, the entire nation descended into greed:   I WANT MORE TOO!  So the bribes became severe.  For a decade or so, I searched for people who not only could understand/ but would fight for life; particularly among those I didn’t know; because it takes a nation, not a handful.  The end result was summarized in one man at the end of that time:   he understood/ choose to walk away; and demanding “what is wrong with these people”.  I shoved him into the wall, feet off the floor (does fear help): and  stated, “we are going to have to pay for this”!  With fear in his eyes, a refusal to look back then; and absolute sincerity in his voice he said to me: “I DON’T care/ for the first time in my life, I am making good money, and don’t you do nothing to interfere with that”.  Still to afraid to look at me/ but absolutely couldn’t change his mind, if I had beaten him half to death.  Even then, once he recovered a bit/ he would have crawled right back into his tomb (a tiny little world, with no life, & no way out. Locked in by pride, destroyed by power.) of want.    GREED was more important than life!   Simple and plain.  Everyone else approached,  had the same decision, spiced with “the university knows/ or the media will tell us”;  at different levels of belief; but the cult was clearly there.  Therefore here we are today, with the list at extreme consequences now

  1. The university is going to bring the same fire here as on the sun unless we stop them quickly.  9 million degrees/ it burns atomic bonds/ it can’t be put out, because everything here is fuel.  And still you don’t care.  You expect, just like the university, “that if it doesn’t work right the first time” you will just throw that away/ and try something else.  Look again at the sun; the fire hasn’t gone out, since it began/ OR, this is a one time, true; no second chances reality!  SHOULDN’T THAT BE A CLUE/ even to a damn blockhead like you?TO BE WRONG, about that fire, is to be a dead planet/ turned into a sun, destroying a solar system. Running away does NOT make you innocent of the consequences or the decision: it is like being there, to stop a killing, with little danger and plenty of time and ability; but refusing to do so.   Guilty, as an accessory to the crime: destroying this planet.  There are no second chances!  Once it is lit, life here is over.
  2. .Mutilating all of nature, the university is trying desperately to bring evolution (chaos built us, without even a mind) to this planet, by mixing species DNA.  In a diligent and deliberate effort to discard all the boundaries of species identity.  All the disciplines of life itself/ all the order that builds a body of life/ and all the balance that gives you two hands, two arms: same size; ETC/ ETC/ ETC/ ETC! Or more simply everything that nature is, including whether you can stand/ talk/ see/ hear/ eat/ or understand a single word! No second chances here either.  Can you build a heart, hook it up, put your muscles in order and attach them, create blood or oxygen or cleaning of all systems; pick the materials, hang the organs, establish the “software and hardware” that make the body run.  Or anything else, without lies!  What don’t you need to survive/ the body does not exist one piece at a time!  HOW is that unclear?  They deceive you, and you let them.  They promise you, “to dry every tear, we can be gods”.  They are right, you will run out of tears, “after the coming flood of horror (Armageddon, or nature in chaos.  That is what universities around this world are doing, and they know it) has claimed your very heart”/ because these SATAN’S have destroyed the very foundations of our lives.  You can’t be blind enough, or dumb enough, or dedf enough not to understand  either of these things;  which means you worship as a cult, “university knows”.  Add to that the mutilation of every food, the end of diversity in plants, sterilization, abortion because of chemicals, death of insects and the end of a life chain that feeds or affects a wide variety of all that we do value as life:   because a tiny few people in the FDA say, “sure, its ok to mutilate food”!  Got to wonder, just how big does the bribe have to be: to mutilate a world, and pile complications from these decisions into HELL. Again and again and again; “what could go wrong”! You will be dead soon/ your university gods having destroyed not only you, but every life that would have been, on this planet.   And still you do nothing.  The religious saying “I am saved/ I don’t have to do nothing/ let em die, I go to heaven”.  Even though all creation itself is at stake.  DAMN FOOL, pitiful blind excuse for a bastard;   even the disciples had to work/ are you more than they were?  This is life or death of a planet/ YOU AIN’T EXCUSED!  Your eternity ain’t   “Good”:   want to bet on that?
  3. The list is very long, but one of the simple truths that you can understand is:   our water supply is under attack.  The ethanol used for fuel is roughly equivalent to the amount of gasoline you use; with irrigation, etc.  Your increase in oil production is due to drinking water being poured into old oil reservoirs to lift the oil up; which means all the oil that has ever been used in this America is now being replaced with drinking water/ which can never again be used for life.  Billions of gallons of water are going into natural gas production: pressures far exceeding “safe levels” are used “because we want the money/ to hell with the future”.  And it takes only one small gas hole to destroy an entire water supply: just wait for the next earthquake.  Trillions of gallons of drinking water have been contaminated, with everything from radiation on down.  Trillions of gallons of drinking water have been used for chemical production; ending their possibilities for life. You build garbage dumps on top of the water. Destroy the saturation area’s for returning water to aquifers.  Your university says:   only one inch of water enters the aquifer per every 50 inches of rainfall.  And you take more than nature allows.  Just to start the discussion.  And still nobody cares.  It is war/ when the water dies up.  It is moving when the aquifer is destroyed/ it is the loss of food, the end of environment, and much more!  
  4. The food is under attack, and so is everything else, including healthcare; because antibiotics are dying.
  5. Your human population grows by over 2 millin more each week/ and they grow, and need more; over 7 billion now;   one human per acre of agricultural land.  And the sea which made the difference is just about to go extinct.   A billion already hungry every night. Damn pisshole!  WAKE UP.  This ain’t no game.
  6. You, are under attack, from every direction you turn some cancer from “university knows” is trying to manipulate/ control/ tempt/ deceive/ steal/ enslave/ invade/ terrorize/ destroy, discard, mutilate, rape, ravage, or force your life into submission.  Because they are so damn superior, they are so damn much smarter than you are: you can’t think for yourselves/ we made rules! The invasion:  that they own your life/ your decision/ your freedom/ your work/ your time/ and every damn thing they can think of;   “Cause compared to you:   led by the asshole that spews this disease (all bow to the professor),  they think they are gods (we memorized what we were told). If you fear/ then they can be your savior; then they CAN control you, because you don’t want to die.  Instead of knowledge to remove that fear, instead of the freedom to protect and defend your world; TO THINK FOR YOURSELF/ they sell your heart and soul.  Did they not steal your jobs/ controlling human resources/ banks/ governments/ courts/ and everything else?  Did they not rack up one trillion dollars in student loans ($10,000.00  per each and every one in three US citizens, babies and all):   do what we say, or be in debt for the rest of your life.  And the media propagates every lie/ every assumption “we are right”; parasites in every bed!  When you can’t find enough sense, NOT to do what life needs you to do/ even a worm knows that: DUMBER than HELL, are those who choose it.
  7. When I search for one unifying factor, to all the tragedy we face/ there is only one answer:   “The university did this, or helped”.  That doesn’t mean, “all bad”! There are many “good and valuable professors”/ and a lot of good that can come from a university!  But we cannot be this threatened without TOO DAMN MUCH GARBAGE hiding among the weeds (maybe useful in ways not understood).  It does mean, without responsibility for their actions/ without an investigation into everything they do behind closed doors/ every threat that exists:  so as to separate out “the good/ from the bad”.  They must all be condemned; as either an enemy to life/ or too damn simple minded not to eat their own damn shit.  Ain’t nobody perfect.  Everybody is stupid at times/ wrong/ etc.  And you will remember: that everybody wants to protect “a good job”/ and if they don’t find something to do, then the job is over.  If the professor can’t answer the question/ then ain’t nobody going to listen; and he or she is out of a job.  So they find an answer, and write it down, and everybody connected says: “hell yes/ who gives a damn if its fantasy”, let the people believe.
  8.           The question that controls is: ARE YOU choosing to threaten our lives/ damage and control our freedom or rights/ failing to respect the fact WE ARE EQUAL; or just plain choosing hate?  The answer ain’t a gun; kill a billion people, and you still have over 6 billion left to go/ and they are increasing at over 2 million a week.  How is your gun a solution?  The answer is law/ respect/ LIFE MUST COME FIRST, for this planet/ truth/ courage; and accepting the treasury of living is constructed by love and all its virtue & happiness.  Believe it or not.
  10. The fundamental truth of everything done at the university is simply this: they opened a “pandora’s box” with even a little knowledge, but added NO WISDOM WHATSOEVER.  And you believed “its all a treasure/ because now we and they can do more”.   But without any wisdom or value or respect or truth or discipline or balance or courage or ANYTHING that resembles responsibility  for life must come first: the evidence proves “this has become  a curse/ NOT a blessing”. Just like any other fool, “who throws switches in a nuclear power plant; such as Chernobyl/ or the people who said:   “Sure build the back up system in the flood plane in Japan; what could go wrong”.  The university diploma has cursed us, and the people all still worship and say:   “Do it some more/ cause you are our god”.  Tell me:   IS THAT JUST INSANE, or an absolute cult?  Only today, instead of part of the world being damaged/ it is the entire planet, and every life on it that is threatened with extermination.   How is that, not your job?   Knowledge is not what threatens us/ HUMAN FAILURE, PRIDE, WANT, POWER, FANTASY, HATE, GREED, AND ALL THINGS “evil (we play with life/ or throw it in the trash, just listen to the screams &  watch it die”).  Who then are you! Hate or love is the only real choice we get:   pick one. The days of play a little with both/ Are over.
  11.          Start thinking for yourselves/ start asking WHAT HAPPENS, when this assumption GOES WRONG. WHAT IS OUR FUTURE GOING TO BE, or beyond us; what did we do to their future.  Failure means;   Start digging your grave, because without true change, its all you have left.
  12.         And the people say:    “The sky isn’t falling/ it’s a great day outside, lets just go and be happy”:   damn him for all this bad news.  The university is still OUR GOD/ the media will protect us!
  13.           Isn’t that so?  Of course it is!  And so it has been for decades.  But your beliefs don’t change any of the evidence.  Evidence such as the national ignition facility; whose stated purpose is, “to bring the same fire as is on the sun, here to earth”.  That doesn’t change the exo-watt laser:   one million/ one trillion volt lightning bolts all hitting the same place at the same time!  YOU KNOW, THE FIRE ON THE SUN EXISTS/ it ain’t no theory, it burns your skin from 91 million miles away.  With flame bursts that are 12 times longer than the distance from the earth to its moon.   ALL DEPENDENT UPON:   “Not enough gravity here/ so it will just put itself out”.   Gambling every life on this planet, including yours on that theory and other lies.  Mutilating all life on earth creating pandemic’s/ and stealing your money, AND EVERYTHING ELSE besides.  Take a damn look at your truth, before your dead.  Truth don’t care/ it is whatever it will be!
  15.          All who wish to call me insane, or whatever; will use these description to declare   “We are right, we believe in our gods/ or he is worthless, just trying to scare you/ or he is “satan” himself, after all did your extra special priests not tell you to beware of anyone coming to help you understand anything; indeed they did”.  And so on.   I am telling you to investigate these threats before your dead.  HOW, IS THAT a threat to anything but:   “Our gods, ain’t right”?   Its your life!  Either defend it, or go to your grave a complete and utter fool.  PROVE the evidence is wrong/ I ain’t your savior.  I am telling you: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, and hidden within words you don’t fully understand; are devils.  Prove it ain’t so;   WAKE UP.  TIME IS RUNNING OUT!
  16.          The reality however is: with a world itself, at the edge of extinction/ I have no right to refuse. I am not your savior: which means you cannot use me to decide if what threatens you is true or false.  You must investigate for yourselves, and find your own truth; as a world!  Everyone is needed, or we die.  Because we cannot continue to be wrong/ we cannot continue to let terrorists prepare to destroy our world.  You must grow up!
  17.           Critical and true information is required, or we have no possibility/ no chance to survive.  What is female MUST have, or find a solution, or we fail as a world.  Men, have already failed/ that is why we are surrounded by threats.  They have been given their own chance to repent, and do better:  BUT REFUSE!  
  18.         While you contemplate that reality;   I remind you, “that one second too late/ in stopping the people who are trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun” and we all die as a planet.  Their assumption “that it will just put itself out”/ is far beyond insanity; only the religious zeal of a cult can gamble an entire planet for any cause.  How much less:     Complete stupidity.  Look at the sun, which burns you from 91 million miles away: they are literally trying, and experimenting every day to bring that fire here gambling our entire earth on the assumption “not enough gravity here to sustain that fire”.  You willing to bet your life on that mental disease?  How odd, a biblical prophecy is about to come true: Daniel 12 suggests that from the beginning of the single worst possible decision humanity could make/ there will be 1298 days until the death of the planet.  Or from the beginning of the national ignition facility to bring the same fire here as is on the sun, something will occur on about September of 2015; that ends life on this planet.  Enter the exo-watt laser: a man-made machine equal too;   a million “one trillion volt lightning bolts” all hitting the same point at the exact same time;  due in sept 2015.  Three are being built, with a fourth that is suppose to be greatly increased power;   billions spent, without a single redeeming purpose for society or the planet.  Its just “university fantasy at work”.  Or more correctly “http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2011-04/eli-project-will-build-worlds-most-poweful-lasersdrsltit’s the devils pitchfork” come to earth.  To kill you.  The prophecy allows for an additional 40 days or so: that is the amount of time required to eject the entire atmosphere of this planet, and kill every last one.  “What a good toy, don’t you think”?  Of course you will do what_____________!  Tearing these things down will not help/ they will just build another.  Rising together as the law of humanity called WE THE PEOPLE, will take them all away; and give us the tools we need to survive.  Its up to you.
  19.         Or, one second too late to stop the people mutilating life and all of nature/ is the beginning of Armageddon;   nature itself is dying, and cannot return.  Or, the loss of resources/ the loss of an opportunity to talk and let the law decide/ and more are all at stake in these the last days of planet earth.  Because the leaders of men/ and their followers:   chose to destroy it.  You are on trial, believe it or not as a humanity itself.  If you fail to find respect for life/ all die.  The human story ends!  Every child/ every life/ everything alive, including a planet:   because you were too proud to investigate and find the truth for yourselves;   will be destroyed.  Change or die/ its required.  You willing to bet your “everything living” on mutilation.  That is their purpose to bring evolution here; let all life  “be mutilated”/ is literally their plan.  They want to be “gods”.  They are; its called “satan”/ the destroyer of a world.
  20.         The religious of course are awaiting their own description of whatever it is they expect.  Just like the majority did in JESUS day; but were wrong.  It is noteworthy, that the second coming of    “JESUS”   Is NOT a return to the womb/ or a description of revenge or justice if you like.  But the consequence which brings us all BACK:    to a review of    “HIS LIFE”.  The realities of value/ destiny/ and purpose HE revealed. The descriptions that involve an eternity!
  21.           I am a follower of JESUS/       not your leader, certainly not your savior!  The question is: do you care about life or planet or anything but greed and selfishness?  Do you: care About this world, and every life on it/ or even any life in it, the future of every child;   including your own!  Answer the question recognizing you CANNOT be wrong!  If this earth is to survive.  There are no second chances/ past the point of no return; life here is dead.  That makes YOU, either: a friend or an enemy of everything about this Creation!  Pick your side, or be simply cast out, as worthless to life.
  24.                 MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION! And force the media to properly participate/ rather than propagate the insanity of fools;  for a DAMN cult!   Wrong is dead!  Can you survive a 9 million degree fire/ or a mutilated body/ or food, water, oxygen, and everything else we need destroyed?  ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION; this ain’t no game. Your leaders, participating as a brainwashed cult (they believe/ regardless of the consequences. What they are told are lies. Evolution has no truth.  The fire on the sun is its gravity.);   are killing this entire planet; so says the evidence!  
  26.         Are you willing to BET THIS WORLD?  LIFE or death on a damn university diploma?  They ain’t nothing more, than the kid you used to sit next to in school. 
  27.                         LEARN, AND CHOOSE!
  28.                                         Or, more correctly:
  29.         are you willing to fight for this world, because your leaders, your media, and your universities are experimenting with the same fire as is on the sun trying to bring it here, right now. They are mutilating all life on earth, RIGHT NOW.  And soon: they WILL get their wish!  To be SATAN, to all life and planet!  And you get to die with them, as their cult!
  31.                                 LEARN AND CHOOSE
  32.          How is that “too much, to ask”?   DO IT NOW! Answer the question: ARE YOU, going to let them gamble with all life and planet!  This ain’t no game/ YOU are eating the seed stock in the ocean now, or killing food in every description. You are destroying every resource; mutilating life on purpose; playing with energies that cannot be controlled; and preparing to war, because “that is what your leaders chose” by counterfeiting the money. And you let them because they bribed you”.
  34.                 IF you don’t, at least learn the truth about these things:   WHO, IN THE HISTORY OF THIS WORLD, is/ or could have been:    a bigger FOOL than you?
  35.                         The answer is:   “You win”!
  36.                 Ain’t nobody that stupid/ you have to be the follower of a cult: “university knows” or more simply, “we (majority public) believe anything you (the diploma) says”!  Or more correctly, “go ahead” gamble with all life and planet, we don’t care; you are their gods!
  37.           All aboard;   HELL, ETC is coming.
  39.                         DAMN FOOL/   WAKE UP....
  43.         So then, we return to the available realities of this day, examine what is or is not true; and find:   the point of no return comes quickly now.  The reality of university pride, is about to complete their fantasy, and take over this world as “its god”.  Which means: what they do or did not do, controls whether you live or die.  No second chances, no mercy, no possibility of relief, nothing but a dead world coming very soon.
  44.         Or, you can question: what happens if the fire that doesn’t go out on our sun, comes here?  Or what happens, when the bodies of nature are mutilated past the point of no return, when life is dissolved into horror; because humanity hasn’t got a clue/ but they still want to play god.  Or, what happens when all the fire you create, all the engines you run:   both of which you know burn oxygen out of the atmosphere/ causes the entire planet to run out of what we breathe to survive.  Its not a game, you know engines run on air/ just like us.  You know oxygen is created by living things such as plants/ you call the Amazon jungle the “lungs of the earth”; and are literally destroying it along with every other source on the planet for creating oxygen.  Who can’t understand the future of that? Not your problem; welcome to an eternity of terror in HADES.  You earned it!
  45.         Etc/ etc/ etc/ etc/ etc/ etc/etc/.................................etc!  All because you cannot discover, that your want is actually your enemy. It is the foundation of every lie.  Only truth keeps us alive/ and we have already overburdened this earth with an extreme human population, that will only barely survive at best, IF we change and do our best, FOR LIFE FIRST!   That much damage has already been done/ because you cannot hear anything “the box of ignorance (tv)” doesn’t tell you.  You cannot think for yourselves enough to know:   life is NOT a game.
  47.         As for me, for most:   “For women, I am just too weird”/ for men, I am just too strange.  Consequently “lets just reject him and everything he says”/ the university is god, we don’t need to think; therefore we can want even more!
  48.         But alas, the resources can’t survive you.  The food supply is in danger of complete collapse because of you.  The drinking water will be decimated; and all you have left is war/ cannibalism/ and horror.  Your healthcare will soon disappear, because without antibiotics, a wide variety of what you are able to do now:   will simply disappear.  After all, as your gods say: “why not, feed a billion tons of antibiotics a year; to livestock around the world/ to fish in the sea/ to yourselves, and everything else”.  What could possibly go wrong/ well except for now the diseases which they fought, are so much stronger they can easily kill you all, instead of making some sick.
  49.         But hey, so long as people can just discard all that truth; by saying “he’s weird or strange”, or we don’t like him, or our religion says, anyone trying to help must be “the enemy”.  After all, when the priest is a god, and the religion is a fool: the followers must be a cult: “you, are not allowed to think for yourselves/ just give us your money, slave for us, do whatever we, be whatever we want; and obey your gods who say;     be happy”.  What could go wrong?
  50.          Or, as your gods say:  look at him/ he is just a fool;   why are you concerned with, “his truth”.  He talks about a spiritual woman/ a man growing breasts/ and possibilities in a spiritual world that cannot be verified by anyone.  How is that not insane!  Don’t worry, be happy. 
  52.         I am not discounting the fact:   establishing a conversation about spiritual anything is far beyond you.  It is a fact!  But that does not change truth itself.  Every elemental truth IS a spiritual environment, because what is true DOES exist.  And what exists, does have an influence on its surroundings.  Life is a truth!  Which means it is an environment.  Which means the existence of that truth, has an influence in a distinct comprehensible environment where knowledge transforms the element of existence, and understanding alters the comprehension of what is real.  Life is then about thought, because without knowledge and understanding:   we are little more than movement. But with thought, we do become freed, by the essence of truth itself.  It is that essence, which is spiritual.  Not a game/ a reality with consequences.
  53.         I am not discounting the fact:   that male and female do not live as one body of life in humanity; “thank   GOD for that”.  What a blessing to this entire human experience.  But I am not discounting what   GOD   can do either; which means what is weird or strange is irrelevant to me.  I am not your savior/ this is my life not yours: and you need to understand that, by discovering;   not everything you believe, “is everything or the only thing, there is”.  It ain’t so, you ain’t that smart; believe it or not!  Follow truth, and it will teach you life, and more.
  54.         My breasts seem to have grown past the point of no return now; “a life of their own somehow”:   because I can no longer ignore them; they are here.  Their influence is getting stronger/ I don’t know why; its not my choice; but it is becoming my life.  They are participating in everything, adding a true female influence that I cannot ignore! So I accept them as a valid addition/ they clearly aren’t “going anywhere”; I will never choose to hate them.  Plain and simple, I now have breasts; for the rest of my life here on earth, they are, a part of who I am, or who I will be. You can’t imagine, its “different”.  Like it or not is absolutely irrelevant, this is a fact.  But honesty will demand:   what is female in me, HAS for a fact been the deciding factor in this work.  Or, there is value here in female! I traded my entire lifetime (at 60 years old) for this work/ and female made the difference. YOU HAVE YOUR CHANCE TO UNDERSTAND THREATS, AND MAKE A BETTER DECISION THAT YOU CAN SURVIVE! That is not an accident or an illusion.  That was the purpose of my time as work, on this earth; as has been proven by my own reality!
  55.          Male just finally gave up, “not enough time/ no one listens, not to anything necessary or true. Only war is left”.  It doesn’t matter what the evidence is; people  don’t give a damn: Want controls everything here.  Life, has no value except their own/ and want controls that too!  Plain and simple.
  56.          Nonetheless, female created the balance necessary to continue the work, even well past the simple truth:   ITS YOUR TURN, to fight for life on this planet.  I have literally done enough!  Or, in your own summary reality and purpose of most:    “yawn, I think I will watch tv, and compete for greed, and destroy something else; oh, lets go shopping so we can throw something else away, or at least ridicule the others.  Oh yes, lets lust too”.  Life is good/ except for the consequences of that, “damn truth coming”.  Like driving a car, with a cliff fully coming into view; “but I don’t want to stop” governs/ truth and its consequence don’t matter! Who cares, be happy, lies are better/ the world has always survived!  Hell, it can only die once; isn’t that right?  Hiding gives me an excuse/ running away proves “I didn’t know everything/ therefore I am innocent”.  Just because I knew enough, you can’t prove it was my responsibility: let the others do my job.  I like fear, it is my excuse!
  57.          Regardless, with the summation of this work being I have now done everything possible I can do for you.  There is nothing left for me to do, literally/ because I now did do everything I could do; for this planet.    It is not “your turn” anymore!  Rather it is your life, or your death, along with all of Creation itself.  Because these are the choices you did make.  I chose to fight for life on this planet.  You chose not too.  Only changing yourselves, can change the outcome of what is now developing the future, as true.  Even the biblical prophecies are all either true or clearly coming true.  But you don’t care.  I do!  That, is the basic difference between us.  I am more plain and simple, about the sanctity of life itself.  That is different, than you/ isn’t that so?
  58.          Playtime is over.  Either change or die; soon it won’t be a choice anymore!

        You can judge me/ you can even kill me/ or you can ignore me:   but what possible difference is that going to make, when this earth and all its life hang in the balance/ because threats so extreme they can each exterminate life on earth exist.  Life or death, is now your only choice: because the consequences of what men and their universities have done/ have simply become too extreme.  It takes a world, the time to help influence the outcome is over;   all that is left is your decision.   Either you work for life, or you chose for death!   Simple and plain.


Elements of the mind, the structural development


            Construction of the base that is the essence of simple  human experience is separated into 4 simple directions of the mind: 1, is human existence itself, limited to the expressions of want.  2, is the determination to identify and create a game by which there will be trophies and prizes for the winner/ pride over the loser.  3, exists as the development of religious fervor, which then becomes the entrenching of disciplines, for the purpose of order and law.  4, is the environmental existence of thought as the means to grasp and detail knowledge for the purpose of understanding, and thereby the essence of wisdom, without destiny.

            These four functional elements of the mind create the associations which become our life in society/ but they are not the more powerful means of extending life beyond measurements of the mind, as is necessary to attain thought, and rise above self;   struggle with desires, as is consistent with passion, love, respect, destiny, and courage;   or destroy, surrender to, or accept the violence that becomes a descent from humanity itself.  These are formally elevated as heart in the struggle with desires.  The foundation of soul, in the passages that become thought/ a reality of “inner self”.  Or destruction of self, the life inside;  as is descent.


            The question begins: of the four elements expressions of the mind/ why do we measure?  The critical truth is, we are born to measure our existence and identify what is or is not of value to us, each one.  Thereby we do attain a relationship with body, through the mind, rather than simply by sensual grasp.  That is important, because without a sense of value to life itself, there is only the development of “animal experiences”.  What has value becomes the basis of our connection with thought, even at its most simple levels beyond survival.  Therefore value is the first step into the experiences and expressions:   that are “simply human”; essentially leaving what is animal behind. 

            The four directions above consist of the basic assumptions that identify value; the first is want, which is the least of all things correctly called “human”.  Want understands that “something of value exists”.  BUT want is the foundation of every lie, which means it is also the base level trouble maker for all humanity.  People want, because they cannot conceive of how they will get something, or deny something, without a lie.  Which means simply: what you are willing to lie about is an avoidance of, what is truth to you;  itself.  Or more simply truth says you cannot have this or deny this, unless you lie.  Therefore the only actual asset of want is the recognition of value: or something exists that you desire more than simple survival. 

            2. constructs the second most common element of human behaviors which is the desire to make life a game;   so that you can be a winner, or a loser/ and attain a trophy, or disguise a loss as the appropriate reward called revenge, hate, and so on.  The elemental path to winning for most is:   to use or abuse someone else, as the means to prove “I win”/ regardless of how much I might lose. Disguising life as a game serves two distinct   wants.  The first is:   that if life is a game, then I don’t have to worry about the consequences “much”, because the game will be replayed again and again and again/ and I can choose how much I can or will risk with each game.  The second is a game allows for the elemental essence of fear to be found, and manipulated into something controllable, “expected” without severe consequences.  Fear is the decision, to value the human body or mind so severely, that fear controls life itself.  This leads to cowardice.

            3.  Understands that life beyond a game requires respect for “life itself” and all things living.  That fundamentally needs disciplines, or it will fail.  As discipline becomes both discovered and accepted/ the realities of law and order DO come into view.  The critical value of religion then divides upon the reality of whether you can separate the religion from yourself, or become drowned  by the invasion of rules to establish the religion in you.  We are not intended to be “owned by religion”.  Religion is not life, nor is it GOD.  Rather religion is the teaching of disciplines, which then leads to a better understanding of value itself.  Thereby elevating life.

            4.  To “think” even in its most basic reference of terms, requires knowledge. Not to think/ but to communicate with others.  Thereby the fourth direction is functionally the expression of an understanding, which then gains the respect of others, as they learn through you:   “What truth” can be.  And how that relates to a better life by changing society, through the creation of “better than chance/ we have learned something useful”.


            To rise above the simple expressions and experiences of human value as is called “heart”;   a value that is not measured/ but merely exists as or in life!   Demonstrates that the mind which is only able to measure; is not truly involved.  That “flies,  in the face;  of those who call themselves intellectuals, or thinkers”:   because it confronts the association of what is physical with the reality of time.  Time is the distance we travel in a given direction.  Heart is the elevation of life itself, beyond the essence of survival, where truth lives.  Where your own truth begins to reveal itself.  The structural difference is:   truth is not a physical relationship/ therefore it is not measured, but is known instead.  To know heart, is to know that life itself is greater than the mind understands.  Therefore this wisdom;   that constructs the path to destiny, now opens a door. 

            Thought does not come, until you have chosen for yourself the elements of critical acceptance:   as is consistent with building or the construction of an identity.  Every identity of a human being beyond the simple four directions of survival and participation in time;   must contain your own version of what value to you “must be”.  Thereby you have bound the disciplines of your life, to the order of your desires, and balanced passions with the consequences of law; as best you can.  Giving the first clue of definitions called you! 

            The struggle with desire means:   with the understanding, “I AM TRULY ALIVE”/ comes the foundation respect, “I do owe a debt”.  This life is more than anything I or any other human being or existence upon this planet can achieve.  The question is then:   WHO, do I owe?  The critical answer elevates time beyond a simple truth, into the existence of eternity itself.  Thereby we attend to the next question of WHY, am I alive?  And ask the question of ourselves:   what will happen WHEN I die?  These are answered as is the existence of thought even at its most primitive levels, by knowledge.  The elevation of life in time, to the status and value of “MIRACLES (what no man or woman can achieve)” ;   is the first answer that is identified by truth.  It is a simple answer, that needs no further discussion, because it is that simple.  Liars assert their own excuses, but the foundation of life itself proves, “this level of thought, that designed and created everything called life” can be nothing less than “GOD, an superior existence beyond ourselves”: that we cannot even imagine.  To attain this understanding, opens the door with respect,  to the possibilities of truth itself.  Because unless you can achieve this simple beginning, to go beyond the mental  measuring of life or time, is simply not possible.

            Here begins the elemental values of love, the critical passions of respect, and the certain destiny called courage.  Love is, “the removal of want”/ and thereby the building of a life that includes more than just you.  Love is, the placement of value without the interference of any form of measurement, upon the life I know as “trusted and true”.  Without trust, no real love can exist.  Without truth, no construction of trust shall be done/ because it is fraught with peril and lies.  Trust must come first.  Love is, a heart released.  Love is, a life achieved by freedom through respect.  Love is, the destiny we share, because the value of our lives together teaches us to care with or without time itself. 

            Passion is the distinct relationship shared, between “a Creator and HIS work/ and a creation (as we all are), identifying a need, to return something of value to   GOD,   as our own gift in return.  That is, the functional definition of respect, beyond the mind of a simple human being.  To achieve it, you must surrender the values of men and women, and find your truth in CREATION itself, as is life/ rather than simply time.  Time measures us all.  Life, recognizes that the knowledge of our existence, is a passage within itself beyond the definitions that limit and restrict us from eternity.  Time is, “for every action there will be a reaction”.  Eternity is, the essence of a truth, that restructures existence into an alternate creation:  by the laws which govern energy, rather than time itself.  Where there is no reaction/ for every action: there can be, the absence of time.  Where there is knowledge governed by thought, there can be eternity.  These are key elements to life itself.

            Courage equals destiny in life/ but not by the measure of anything less than its own truth!  To be courageous regarding what cannot survive, or is simply “stupid”/ is forever worthless and without value.  Therefore it is NOT assembled by life.  True courage recognizes that what has value becomes an identity that accepts the limits of freedom, as it builds for life.  Understands the basis and bonds which form the anchors called happiness, hope, and the treasuries of life itself; calling upon each one, to give of themselves for these things, and their continued existence.  And chooses not for time, but eternity; as this is the truth of our soul in its own quest to become worthy of our own existence. 

            Soul means:   to find your own relationship with life/ by claiming your own existence inside the miracle we do call “LIFE”.  Life itself is fully and easily understood as our most basic relationship with   GOD !  Thereby apart from body, or in conjunction with body and mind, the reality of a relationship does exist through the development of a spiritual reality.

            Spirit means:   I have chosen to elevate myself, beyond fear/ and accept the realities of law that can or will invade the disciplines, the truth, the trust, and the treasures of my life; as I have defined and chosen it to be.   Law means:   “You shall NOT”.  Whereas freedom means: “you MAY”.  The law is frozen in truth, as the existence of boundaries you shall not cross without consequences as determined by the realities of this universe, by its truth.  Those laws give us life, contain the existence of everything, and define what does and does not experience and express everything valued.   It is not a game.  Freedom however grants to the voyager, an opportunity to choose, and to search for the relationship and learning that is desired by truth itself.  Without truth there is no freedom/ which means, if you lie, or a lie is found in you: the punishment can be severe, even death forever.  So there must be, “only truth in you”; or there must be mercy.  Anything less does not survive.  Only truth survives a reality beyond time, because without “a reaction to every action”/ the direction you take only accelerates.  Until you are captured by the boundaries of a truth that cannot be altered in your own existence as thought.


            These are the basics of humanity; the rest is a decision that results from our associations called society/ the experience of our lives, and its environmental consequence; the sequence of expressions that identify what is or is not affecting us.

            This work is found on www.trialforlife.info   Used in conjunction with the courtroom evidence of that site explaining corruption, collusion, and conspiracy in the highest forms of US government employment.  Examined by the truth of our democracy decree, as is sworn too by each high ranking official as is seen and understood by the courtroom evidence found on www.justtalking2.info  The critical elements of extreme threats against humanity itself, as well as all life on earth does come into view:   as a decision to defend ourselves!  The trials defined and presented to you represent the combined work of preparations and planning over decades: to assemble what is or is not the truth of our democracy/ our law/ and our employees.  The purpose being:   unless you understand why, it is impossible to be a passionate worker.  Truth is our salvation, when coupled to the work required to keep this earth, and its creatures alive.  Therefore the understanding of what is true, and what is not true; becomes the door through which true change may come.  Within the divide, there is a path.


            The elements of life in time, require our assistance to establish change, to understand happiness or hope, and to build a new life for us all.


            Download these html sites, to protect your right to know they exist. Open the zip files, then open the index file, and they will appear same as they do on the internet; but the links won’t work if they are outside that specific site.  The individual files however will be there.


             In the trial and tragedy that is Syria:    World law means: ;  We go get the leaders and bring them to justice, at trial based upon this law.   Or kill them if that is necessary, to stop any aggression that cannot wait. No excuses, and NO exceptions.  In the current case of Syria: the fundamental required of this moment is, “to distribute as many gas masks to the general population, and opposing forces;  as is necessary.”  Only then, shall you attack the chemical weapons held by the national army:   equal to one bomb by them equals one bomb by you against their own chemical weapons [ which makes possession a distinct threat, to the soldiers who hold them ].  More.


          In the passage of time, the fundamental value of happiness is clearly established as a foundation to life itself.  Without happiness, chaos, depression, or violence appear.

          Finding happiness requires an elemental truth called love; which is summed up as the blessing of another living creation choosing to find value, acceptance, or desire within our “joined participation in, or as time shared”.  Love brings trust, and trust defined within respect creates happiness itself. The second part reassigns reality, to the consequence that our time will demand the construction of harmony, through the value ascended from decisions that “make room” for individuality; called peace.  Peace accomplishes two distinct relationships: that freedom is more important than want/ that truth is the only journey that establishes its own destiny.  Everything else brings fate; or more simply, without your own deliberate decisions created by an operational respect for truth itself, through understanding, wisdom, and knowledge; nothing of value will come to be, as a sustainable reality of your life.

          By that understanding, when we must search our heart for happiness, something of value “has died, or threatens too”!  Therefore three things fundamentally create the boundaries we must not cross to be happy.  Love which is our own decision to participate with another, choosing to value them, even if they do not value me or you.  Trust, the critical limits that determine who, how, and what I might share life with;  without fear of a trap, or a lie, that becomes some form of failure or death.  And respect itself which identifies our fundamental relationship with each other, as commensurate with the reality we have chosen to honor ourselves with truth.

          In consideration of these things, the loss of value means: someone or even something has crossed one or more of these boundaries to inflict harm.  When that happens, with clarity and understanding we begin to know “what life itself” means to me and you.

          The search for happiness begins or ends with one simple conclusion: does my heart live in you/ your heart in mine?  Heart means: my life is a gift, to those who honor, and honestly accept it as valued, by its contribution to their own life. Heart means: with discipline the creation of happiness begins when love redirects life itself.  Heart is the destiny opened within us, by the courage to accept what is or is not possible with life, and spirit by the essence of freedom.   In addition passion is a purpose where honor, discipline, and courage live, therefore without these, it does not.  Passion understands, I have but one life to live/ therefore I shall live it with my heart, rather than simple want. Desire cannot be less than the truth of who we are together, as one; because desire is the combination of what gives our lives meaning, and it does create the foundation of who is worth the fight to survive and build a better life with.  Without both, desire does not exist.  Desire requires another life to share with, and care about.  Unless these exist, you have failed.  Desire does NOT require a specific type of life/ merely that you accept another living thing, another living existence has true value to you.

          Happiness accepts, that we have conceived of, a shared truth; and then found each other as friends, lovers, or more.  As a consequence  Happiness constructs: I HAVE, “built a door beyond myself” that no other can close but me; and given you the key. Happiness rests in the carefully woven fabric of our lives, a distinction defined by choosing each other, a reality assembled by the time we share. The elemental truth of humanity is, among all who are governed by want/ they will express failure and foolishness from time to time. The question called trust will remain VERY limited, because want is the basis and foundation of all lies.  If you “want/ or don’t want”: then you will lie, as the purpose suits you to get “what you want”.  That ends truth, when you do so to your “friend or lover”/ that establishes an end to respect between you both. Time will heal all wounds, where love existed, if only we let them; it is a choice.  But lies are lies, and until want becomes an opening where truth itself replaces that want; there can be no real trust.

          Love is the greatest gift of all/ therefore when lost it is a grievous wound to the heart itself. We know what is love realized, and we know what is love, that has failed; none need tell us, even though where love lives it will reject reality, in a true desire to believe/ until that can be no more. Happiness is the reward for love, thereby it is love that we must value and share to know what true happiness does mean. Love is our decision to proceed beyond the dimensions of our simple selves, and appear where only truth can go. That is a spiritual development, rather than a physical understanding.  It means, to love or be loved in truth, requires the courage to be more than vulnerable/ it demands the acceptance of a purpose that is not simply you.  Love means, I have become a path between our souls, where only you have been invited to share the essence of life itself:   to understand, the difference between death and living are the miracles we know and share as this planet of life.  To understand what it means to be completely alone, isolated within an existence without life joined in this experience with “me or you”/ is to know, the elemental essence of why love is so precious.  To express happiness, that you are here “with me”/ is to accept, loneliness itself has died, rather than I.

            Happiness is the essence of miracles, they are the evidence of life surrounding us all.  Thereby the honesty of what does surround us as life everywhere; searches the soul. Because truth knows that we cannot build any of it/ we know, “someone” beyond our existence, clearly proven true by reality: did give us this time.  Life and body are clear and certain designs of love; because we have even more than we need to survive, we have a life that can be happy, and a freedom to know why, or deny it exists.  The fundamental essence of what then is called Creation, proves  special and grand is the only description constant, about this world.  Creation is literally beyond comprehension, and never leaves us, until we die.  Unless we ourselves as humanity kill it/ arrogance and lack of respect are the most common causes.

            The fundamental value of creation recognized is: that we are loved, this is a gift to us all.  The critical value of the life called JESUS suggests: that we are not abandoned/ but loved “forever”.  I accept that, without question/ because miracles prove love. The value of miracles established is,  everything alive that has not been tainted by hate, is truly evident of thought.  Every thought that constructs life, or builds for a future with honesty and value deserves to be called “alive”.  Alive means: that we have seen beyond ourselves, and understood the message presented is, “we are not alone in this existence”/ even if humanity has abandoned us.  GOD does not.  We have understood, within the essence that is thought itself, the realities of expression, the values of experience, and the construction of everything that makes living “alive” has been found.  Thought is that truth.

          Disciplines bring us hope/ but tears remind us of the value we once knew, and may or have lost.  That is not so simple as “I wanted and lost”/ rather the blood of life itself reaches the soul, where we conceive of what we ourselves would create.  The heart knows what happiness is, but the body resides where time and reality prove we are not “god”. The heart grants to us another day, to choose life beyond ourselves, which is an end to selfishness in you.  Selfishness acknowledges no life, or purpose, or passion;  is more important than me. To know what it truly means to be alive requires an honesty that accepts the elemental truth, of a relationship (called soul), with our Creator. Therefore, when you escape the elemental want of humanity to become, “a creation of god expressed by its own truth”/ you do find soul.

           Love is what it is/ neither yours or mine; but ours, created by each one. Truth is, what will “forever be”/ even though time allows for change, eternity does not, “forever takes hold”.  In human dimensions: people as in male and female together,  join together as one only, when both agree “I am the desire of your heart, and you are mine.”  Anything less, is a search that will continue/ all want dies, and searches for something else.  Trophies lose their luster, etc.  Anything that demands more than love from you, is a purpose that cannot be dismissed/ it is a desire that “does not include you”: beyond “your resources for him or her”.  Life decides if or when you can accept this/ or it fails.  But remember “none are perfect”/ including you.

           When sadness overtakes happiness, and demands “I cannot live here anymore”; something must change.  It means some form of reality assigned by respect or want inside;  has changed to the point of making your relationship extinct.  Or it is more simply understood:  as “I believe, everything beautiful between us is dying/ everything I wanted is dead”. That is a personal grief or sorrow:  the fault primarily of one or the other, or but it is always a participation of both.  Respect that dies/ kills your relationship, it will not survive the loss of respect. If respect has failed in you, then the other has done something that made it fail/ but where love has blossomed before, that does mean you did participate in some way, or failed yourself in some way.  Pain that is caused by the other one: is truth or lie,  but not always the cause “in view”.   Sometimes belief: or, more simply the evidence does not matter” intervenes to pursue the mind into fantasy and failure.  Either way, the fundamental of respect dying is: “I paid the price for respect/ but someone, if not you, stole that respect away”.  Without respect there is no trust.  Respect is, “the elemental acceptance” that this is someone that deserves the value of my friendship, my heart, or my soul.  It is not to be taken, or accepted lightly.  Without trust, the door is locked between our lives, and no one enters to participate, to respect, or be happy; unless that door is open. That requires your own decision, NONE can do so for you: YOU must unlock the door to your life, and your heart yourself.  You must take the risk, and accept the cost, either for good or bad. Life in humanity, knows this is unfair to some/ unwise for others, failure for all; when clearly we could be so much more to each other;    and know JOY through love.  But people want/ and want lies; thereby the games people play interfere and do grievous harm.  Heart means: “I have built a door/ and I search” for you:    inside my life, where you are to be,  treasured/ accepted/ honored/ trusted/ and desired.  Being alive means:   “Thought brings balance, order brings a decision established, and discipline assembles the path we are taking in a true effort to be all that life can be”.

            When that door closes/ that opportunity to be as we were created to be: has been removed. It is failure in one or both lives, by want, hate, pride, arrogance, lust, etc, that has taken it away. It is a journey divided that cannot find its own way to life. Love does not die, it is forced out/ by one or both!  The ways and means are varied, but the reality is not.  That fact does not mean, the door you have created, or built together, or tried to;  has vanished.  However  it does mean, “to save my own life, to value my own existence”, I must find a way to return to myself, to my love and my desire, purpose, and destiny: because I am dying inside. I must change the direction of my life to assemble something else. Something beyond this moment, or this time” is necessary for me/ I can give no more to this purpose, I can be no more to this experience;  and remain alive. 

          Happiness is a destiny created/ it is NOT a fate, you simply fall into; your decision matters.  The difference is, you construct the journey you choose, to make this so, with your decisions.  Happiness is a moment lived beyond the limits of survival, without the measurements of time.   Where Creation itself gives you hope, enhances your existence with love expressed in miracles, and constructs the truth of an Identity through your soul.  This is accomplished in ways, that are beyond yourself; in this time.  These developments and dimensions come through soul, an elemental relationship with life itself, as is governed by truth.  Life in time is a miracle/ therefore it exists as a direct relationship with its Creator.  That means, “a door exists” into creation itself, where the possibilities of truth can be found. The realities of truth in time;  exist in three distinct definitions: what is law, a foundation of existence that may not be broken for our very survival or peace and harmony in existence/ what is personal, the elemental existence of freedom established in choice/ and what is not personal, as is the liberty of another life to make its own decision.  Only through the spiritual envelope (our opportunity to proceed beyond ourselves), that gives us rest from time; as a reality ascending into creation itself, is evidence of becoming a participant in eternity.  To separate yourself from the “trials and tribulation of time” by spirit;   constitutes a path from what is measured as survival/ to the elemental creation of miracles.  Thereby an understanding that cannot deny what a beautiful reality this is, or ought to be. Looking beyond self ( the removal of all want and pride) establishes the realities of order, the consequence of discipline, the boundaries of peace and harmony, and the limits of a place designed for every life: as our existence.  Thereby every life, has the opportunity for its own experience and expression in time/  and if accepted, in life itself, beyond time.  Life is life, existence is not known by body/ but by thought.  The mind merely measures.  Or more simply, “GOD’S WAY” can be found in nature:    as a beauty and a complexity recognized that we will never match or fully understand. Only true arrogance and worthless pride fails to recognize it.  Or, More simply when we understand that life is more than self/ we have learned to recognize our participation in this experience, or expression called time has possibilities beyond ourselves and what we believe or know as real.  Our contribution, if accepted to this creation is:   to care, or to share, what it truly means to be alive in GOD.  Love is, “the only thing eternity lacks enough of”/ or, there is always room for one more of these.  Consider that a reality of truth, a law of the living universe itself.

          The alternative is hate.  The question of this life includes:  for all human existence shares a common reality; beyond survival, every choice you make will be either to “love someone else honestly”/ OR to hate them, which becomes a violence which betrays even you.  “It’s a choice”/ in every decision you make.  Irregardless of the others.  Survival has its own alternate developments, as need dictates and realities demand.

          Religion presents order to humanity; that is its purpose, when people feel lost inside.  Be it good or bad/ “regardless of the version”, religion is the practice of discipline, and thereby the search for balance and order; in a life struggling.  But religion is also the means for manipulation and control over many, by those who are functionally liars;  and literally do not care about life/ only want or pride.

          Nonetheless; there are three primary lessons in sadness:   pride means nothing/ want is a selfishness that destroys; because want is strictly personal, and does not share honestly, or care/ and death or dying reflects the life of body no longer is dependent upon ourselves, or our choice.  We are, at the mercy of things we do not know.

          The road to sadness taken by so many is established: 

          Pride defined is: “I am winner”/ which requires someone else to be loser!  That makes life a game, and your life a toy.  But life is not a game, the only reality needed to prove this is so, is the honesty of true tears! 

          Want defined is an abyss/ there is never an ending to want unless pride says enough. That means the list of “losers” is very long indeed.  Or A trophy is only valued, when someone else wants it:   when the game is over, that ends quickly.  WANT IS A LIAR, or more clearly, it is the foundation upon which every single lie is formed: if you don’t want it, or wish to hide something;  you don’t lie!  If you do want it, or wish to manipulate the truth so you can get it/ then you do lie.  That then becomes a window into someone else’s life: or more simply, what they want is a critical reality that is important to you too/ because it reveals where “the lies” shall be found. Without truth, love cannot survive.  Without respect, you cannot live together, it will fail/ your relationship will die.  Rebuilding is hard, and requires trust: I chose for you/ I will and do remember your needs as much as mine.

          Death and dying or the truth:   loss of every kind; brings us all to the measurements of what “this life, or this participation called value” DID or DID NOT in fact, mean to my own life”.  These measurements are the tools of our existence in time, the message, or the mind,  that gives survival a foundation to rest on. They are the anchors of our lives. But they are not love, as a reality of existence/ merely measurements.  Love requires life inside to be shared; that means, only in the experience beyond time can thought itself participate where the truth called death  cannot. That is a dimensional twist to the consequence of living as life by the experience of thought, and as time in a body governed by this existence.  Time itself builds reality as an existence discovering who you are. The expressions of time identified by a consequence called value, that become the identity we built within or of ourselves, is our truth.  Within that truth we can search “the memories of our heart”/ which does twist and turn our reality into both time and the past.  “We care”, because we choose to do that, where no measurement exists to deny the value of you to me/ or me to you.  The dimension is “I care”/ the second dimension is:   you remembered me.

          We care, when we remember: every joy is a tear/ when our time on earth ends; because joy and happiness are treasuries of our existence lost.  Some people fade  away from death, because they have no courage.  They look only at the body, and find no soul.  While others understand: to be loved is worth this price, to me! To accept the realities of miracles that cannot be denied, the foundations of thought that give us life, with our without a body, are not less than to be cared for.

          Happiness lives in the value of your own heart, mind, and soul when united with thoughts that make us know, we are alive.  To  understand, what true love does mean: establishes, Happiness is the acceptance of value, in being alive.  There are many causes and consequences in life where value is real. Beyond that moment of true  acceptance, refined by miracles and accomplished by truth, through respect:  time is transformed.  It becomes: I am MORE than just body or mind: I AM LIFE!  The difference is eternity. That in itself is a foundation upon which we build, an acceptance of the journey, we travel.  Whether reality requires we begins again and again and again, or not.  We have realized by truth in life, that “we are, the essence of love itself, as seen in miracles called life in time”/ the evidence is overwhelming.  To join that creation by putting   “GOD FIRST” in our lives, is a decision unto itself.  To join as soul with   “GOD”/ means we are never to be, truly alone forevermore.  Happiness is itself, then alive in you.  Love is an identity cherished in you.  The reality of what we made together as one life shared through a spiritual awakening:  knows, “my life has changed”.  Or, I am reborn.

          Nonetheless, we all do still have to live in time with all its human failures, until we die.  “It is, a good job though/ respect it” with honesty and life inside of you.




          It is noted: you cannot buy or sell happiness.  Happiness is life shared in time, with you”; which fundamentally means, we must join with another life to fully experience or express it. Sharing is a gift, it cannot be purchased, although it can be functionally understood by the things you do, or fail to do; that I, you, or we are willing/ or not.  Life shared is joining the possibility of Creation itself, as built by  GOD, in a spiritual sense/ as our decision to work and build as HE would do. That is not fundamental to time;  thereby it is a dimension without significant physical recognition: unless we provide it as our testimony: I have joined   GOD in HIS work.   We are here to judge ourselves only within the possibilities we understand as “doing GOD’S work”/ expanding or protecting or valuing HIS creation.   By understanding and expression all the parameters of existence that have value/ by gaining those experiences that teach us, about truth and reality and law.  Regardless of body, the path to spirit is up to each one: that is the invitation: the reality YOU must participate truly, or you shall not be joined to eternity.


          You cannot “make love” with sex.  At its extreme, which very few will ever know, because it does require truth, trust, love, respect, and the value created by our own identities: so that you can share souls.  IF you are already in love for real/ this is a journey created through trust, as a participant in love.  At its opposite extreme, the body is only used for  lust: the determination or decision is;   to use or abuse the body of someone else/ for your purposes, without acceptance of their lives as valued or even real beyond your selfishness.

          Happiness is, the gift of time OR, fundamentally it is the appreciation and honest acceptance for being who you are, the realities given to you; even if it is not what you believe you want.  The acceptance of who you are, or have intended to be, is a consequence of your life.  The assembly in value and truth by which the choices you made for love, life, and truth shall be respected.  Those decisions that participate only to destroy in either seemingly small or large ways and means;  shall be an injury to your soul/ or you do not belong to life, beyond time.  Time is a body/ life is a reality of thought: the difference is, thought exists beyond the limits of time.  It is not a function of the mind/ rather it is an expanding truth, that lives by law.


          Those who descend into failure and foolishness, or even worse as is the extreme arrogance of so many threats; show their insanity, by calling “life nothing more than an accident.”  The religion called evolution is one of these groups, there are many/ including the religion called “university knows”; and its cult.

           To understand ANYTHING about life or living;   firmly and forever destroys the failure to understand, or the fantasy that life can be as evolution demands “without even a mind”.  Chaos becoming  a pyramid of accidents, establishing order. A fantasy so bizarre that impossible is not sufficient as a description.  Consequently we will simply call it satan (another destroyer used by the assertions of religion:  believe in me / just another lie), because it does not deserve either the thought or recognition of more.

           Look in a medical dictionary, at thousands of words each trying to explain how this one tiny little part works, functions, participates, and survives as the whole: called a body of life.  Only a complete idiot believes violence and no sign of order did this/ OR cannot conceive of:  thought did this.  Thought comes first, as is proven by design, truths, miracles of life, and this entire planet.  Thought needs not a “human body” to exist/ rather thought proves the human body does exist instead.  Can you not keep the existence of a body “warm”/ but without a mind it is worthless?

           The consequence of thought and its relationship to life is: eternity then can easily be real. Thought is distinctly separate from all other realities of life/ therefore it exists under completely different laws.


Expressions beyond a simple mind; the elemental task of assembling critical content.


In this day of university organization that has trodden down democracy, and invaded every aspect of our lives; are now grouped together, from the least to the highest levels: same.  By stealing our property/ destroying our constitution/ corrupting our courts/ and flagrantly infiltrating every aspect of freedom, to declare “obey us, or we make you pay”.  Regardless what that level of freedom is/ a rule for everything is a tyrant establishing oppression.  The foundation of anarchy that is we the rulers (having discarded employment and equality) of this state, city, or nation will not obey constitutional law.  As has been proven time and again on my sites; starting at www.justtalking2.info is merely the beginning of proof:   we have nothing left of our democracy, but traitors,  liars, and their lies.  The foundation of theft so flagrant that we are now 200 trillion dollars in debt;   as is depicted on the federal reserve site http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/z1/current/accessible/l5.htm but does not include the 70 trillion or so of social security debt.  The lies and liars who counterfeiting our money, still had not enough and  gave away our business/ selling our nation to foreigners/ driving our opportunities away, so that we become beggars, or must accept the very limited realities of only a tiny few hold every job/ a tiny few control everything.  Threatening our nation, and  Destroying our world, as is clearly assigned by threats listed below

            The assertion is, that you have a legal right to violate constitutional law, and infiltrate my life/ trespass upon my property/ and oppress and change the meaning of freedom, the virtue of liberty: and assume your rule controls my life.  That begins the construction of a claim assembled  within amendment 3, you have  intended to take possession of the property, and install your soldiers to keep watch that my freedom may be crushed by your rule.  Just because a handful of people made a rule which violates property rights and freedom to choose for myself;  as held sacred and true by any and all citizens and all property owners/ has no meaning unless it does comply with constitutional laws.  You do not.  The elemental demand that is freedom/ a guaranteed right within constitutional law DOES construct the singular demand:   I shall NOT be told what I can do or not do, unless these actions demonstrate a critical demonstration of clear threat that cannot be understood as consistent with biological laws and fundamental physical realities/ OR accepted by common practice in society itself.  Without a clear and true need : Your taking control over my property, or my rights in association with that property, or my requirements of work as is consistent with job and life:   is criminal trespass/ as you have no valid argument of threat.  As established in the extra ordinary writ arising from 11 cv 2023;   you have no respect for zoning or law or citizen rights or any part of the reality called governing in a democracy.  The courts threw  that away.   Therefore NO authority to intervene, regardless of the fact that you may not like what I do, legally exists.  You have established treason;   your job is to establish and insure the guarantees of constitutional law/ instead, you have invaded democracy as traitors, and seek to rule over us as tyrants.  Critical threats established is not subject to your decision alone/ you are not god/ you are not ruler/ you are merely employees who have gone to far, again and again and again without responsibilities or duties owed to a worm.  The disrespect proven by you for life, for every citizen, for this world is without doubt.  The failure is horrendous. The endless listing of your fantasies, criminal conduct as has been proven in court,  failures in every aspect of society, use of every child as your slave or pawn is tedious and without purpose.  Rather the primary threats of your fantasy and total disregard for life and planet in conjunction with all rulers, who have deliberately acted against the constitution of this USA,/ is treason.  These actions chosen to destroy the securities of this people/ have defied all pretense and purpose of law/ and are now proven to seek to destroy life in this world totally.   Fundamentally, that can only be proven as nothing less than a satanic cult, out to destroy life/ a religious delusion of “university knows” gone completely insane.  These facts Are defined within the term by tragic, catastrophe, horror story;   or in other words “a university diploma”.  As is the singular constant among, “Those who led us here”. 


    The accumulation of threats,   237  U.S.  309.  Its understanding:   as is consistent with our legal right to defend and protect ourselves, your children, our future, our nation, and our world:   25   F   556,  558.  are listed below.   329   N.E.   2d 880, 885.   With the clear intent that an investigation must ensue, and the reality of our own decision, as state or nation:   SHALL rule, what is or is not allowed.  167   P.  619, 620.   That begins the fundamental called  justice/ the legal right called ownership, of our lives, our planet, and our future.    203   S.E.   2d   739, 740.    Or more clearly THIS IS OUR DECISION/ not yours, not theirs, not even this nation:   because gambling with all life on earth, with the planet itself:    IS NOT YOUR RIGHT!  IT IS,    TERRORISM.


THE EXTREME THREATS:    WE CANNOT SURVIVE, not even as a world, WHEN PROVEN WRONG.  A gamble we cannot turn back.

1.   Because a tiny few said:    "Let us bring the fire on the sun here TO THIS EARTH!    The national ignition facility NIF  (with 500 trillion watts of power), and 192 lasers all surrounding and focused on the same spot in space and time”. Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.  They continue experimenting today, which means at any time, life on earth can be lost forever.

Their theory is:   "not enough gravity here to sustain it".  Is enough to risk all life on earth.  This is their defense for bringing that fire here/ that “ it will extinguish itself.”

Not a game, if that fire does not put itself out: then it grows, and consumes the earth; it burns atomic bonds: which means EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire.  That fire,  will eject our entire atmosphere in roughly 40 days.   They DO bet our lives on what  is literally a one time experiment/ NO going back!    We cannot put out a fire that is 8-10 million degrees hot/ with flames said to reach 12 times farther, than the distance of our moon to this planet. Which means we live or die, as a planet/ based upon their theory!



For threats,  2- 36 click here/ not all by a long way, but enough to understand.




            Having done all that I must do, for the sake of life and planet/ the rest is up to you.  Because it is your life too/ and very few fight for life.   The essence of every heartbeat is dependent upon true change, without it you will die, "a horrific death": so says the evidence against you.  Want DEMANDS NO/ but truth has nothing to do with want.  Our world has changed, because 7 billion + people have overridden nature's ability to survive and defeat us. That means what we do, decides life or death for nature and ourselves.

             The reality of a heart elevated, by the creation of love; learns what is true decides.  In contrast to that, I do have a choice;   your pride will demand "we are gods (our universities will save us)/ we don't have to change NOTHING".  But reality doesn't care what you want or think, only  what is true does decide life or death for us all. Lies always fail, and your leaders/ your societies/ your universities, and everything else are so corrupted, nothing will survive.  Thought presents to me, the possibility of doing more/ but you continue to refuse even the most simple concept of them all:   bringing the same fire here as is on the sun; WILL result in earth being a sun.  You even refuse to investigate/ your media absolutely refuse to protect you; about anything:  they are only "Sunday social news/ propaganda/ or its ok to fear". 

             Extinction looms;  However I choose simply to continue teaching/ these are some simple lessons, as I desire it to be. You must change yourselves, I cannot do it for you, "its not my right or possibility".  Whether you learn or continue to refuse, the opportunity was yours.  Elements of the heart/   Rules for relationships/ fundamentals of sexual behavior/ bribery and life/ no tears.  As to the traitorous conduct that denies due process of law in the US supreme court/ or the IL supreme court;   there is likely to be consequences, simply because pride hates to hide, it is a thief/ just like want is a liar/ and "loser, plots revenge".  Failure is consistent, wherever university goes:   not as the propaganda teaches you/ but as the reality of consequences hidden behind the doors they refuse to open suggest.  The university diploma rules government/ and government could not be more bankrupt.   "Pride steals/ and people lie" as is clear and present in this tax case


BELIEF, the elemental search


            The singular element within which "I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT" is elevated too, "god/ or an assumption of the purposes of god/ or words in a book; etc".  It is not without notice , that "I DON'T WANT THIS/ I DON'T WANT THIS, ETC" is the basis in fact for hate.  Thereby they function together at opposite extremes.  Want forms the assumption of love, in a simple mind; because it accepts that more of anything, particularly a trophy or prize will grant happiness: "I WIN/ or you lose".  It is momentary at best.  While "I don't want",   forms the critical descent which then becomes an opportunity to join hate, and despise the world of life.

            The religious expression of belief explained here,  is then NOT, directly functional by association, with what is experienced by want; assuming that theory is more than simple want.  The purpose being to discover what is worshiped without a right.  But the reality of belief,  is assembled by asking:   what is MORE important than want?  Want and belief are intertwined.



            What is not a "witches brew, or a sorcerer's intent" about this / humanity has not changed, only its tools, and the possibilities now,  of extreme tragedy, and complete death for this  world.

            When we consider the possibilities of a billion times a billion watts of energy transfer, all within a tiny area as is a laser beam/ the reality of lightning strikes do come to mind.  It is said that, one lightning strike at its maximum can generate a trillion watts of power (although none know for sure).  Nonetheless the exo-watt laser would then be equivalent to the release of one million= one trillion watt, lightning strikes all in the same place, all at the same time.  That is what "the university is doing next".  YOU know what lightning is.  We know that the fire on the sun exists/ how it is possible, a fire so ferocious as this will not light this planet on fire?  The university says, "not enough gravity here to sustain it"/ but if they are wrong, in this one time is enough experiment: this entire planet becomes another sun!   How is that worth the risk?

            As is consistent with the realities listed above, identified in these works;   to be led where the consequence of wisdom itself,  does not let you go: is a disaster waiting to happen for you.  We must gain wisdom, to understand the consequences of knowledge.  We must let truth decide what is commensurate with RESPECT for life and planet, rather than simply wanting "to be more" than truth itself will allow.  Without respect every relationship dies, that includes marriage and friendship, OR our ability to live on this planet.  Without value, the essence of discovery, and the foundation of discipline; the reality of opportunities for the future itself; simply die.  That includes the people who commit suicide/ and the people who prove they don't care about life, and gamble with our own.   Eternity is not without similar rules.  More of this,   the list of sites I provide.


THE LAW IS AN ARMY OF ONE; that represents all of us, as one law, one order of things, one decision for justice, life, and peace.  That law, is then used against those who fight against us/ or to defend those who are attacked.  "I want you to remember those words/ as you read".

             life as is nature, planet and environment, the critical structures of discipline, balance, and order MUST BE PROTECTED AND DEFENDED,These leaders SWORE, to obey the constitution, protect and defend our nation and our lives.YOU must make them as a nation/ OBEY THE LAW; you must prove an oath has meaning.   You enforce constitutional law with a legal tax revolt: insisting,  DO YOUR JOB AS SWORN, or you don't get paid;   same as us.  It is a duty owed to the state and nation, and world/ it is a contract signed by oath.  My demand in legal tax revolt (trials above) is a jury trial/ under the terms of democracy/ as is first amendment redress, it is the law!  OR more simply my demand is:  LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES, if they have been wronged. Let the evidence be presented to them.  Let them assess the risk of these extreme threats, "IT'S THEIR LIVES/ THEIR EVERYTHING"! They do have an absolute legal right!     The IL supreme court.

            Your leaders and your courts and your media all say NO; the people SHALL NOT be informed or have any say.   (they are cult worshipers) believers in  "The university knows"/ university is a god, "can't be wrong".  Believers that they are the superior ones and can make every decision for life or nation/ YOU cannot.  They absolutely want power,  and control over us as is consistent with organized crime. But established by extreme experiments is the truth:   WE CANNOT undue, what will destroy us, when released. If the same fire as is on the sun, DOES NOT extinguish itself (as their theory goes/ not enough gravity here; but they don't know what gravity even is.  Betting the entire planet anyway);   we all burn with this planet; just like the sun.  It is a true one time only experiment, once true ignition fundamentally occurs.  These leaders SWORE, to obey the constitution, protect and defend our nation and our lives.  They endanger and threaten us all, instead/ even the world itself.


            The fundamentals of the American economy do conceive of a very clear future.  As is listed below, the last pennies have been spent/ the credit limits are reached/ the critical costs of government are growing;   because bribes must be paid: or the crime will be reported.  So then the criminal content of what our leaders have done to this society, through their university diploma (the single unifying factor):   IS NOT nearly as important/ as what reality is about to do.  That reality is very simply:   the entire world “holds American dollars”/ and when the initial failure of this economic society begins.  The entire world is going to use those american dollars, to come and buy our nation.  You will be dispossessed of your property (if you have any mortgage or loan) and your state and nation: WILL be insisting on greater taxation.  Because if they cannot borrow anymore, or pretend its debt anymore: THEN your leaders must get the money somewhere, OR THEY become just as broken as you.  They won’t choose that/ so they will attack, with courts and taxes and more.  The police and military will say to themselves: I DON’T want to be on the wrong side in this/ and they will do, whatever the money commands.  That leaves an initial 50% of the population without a home, and cast into the streets; because where there is no money/ there are no jobs.  That leaves the competition for whatever work or prostitution that will arise, as completely desperate, and will fail/ causing another 30% or so to lose their property and job.  Which will bring the world even more quickly to “get rich” by buying your property, and dispossessing your lives.  Thereby becoming “vagrants” in your own land.  Just like the Palestine nation.  But not to worry, you got guns.  Ain’t that right.  Unfortunately however;   they will have legal title, provided by the counterfeit money produced by your university diplomas who led you here.  And unless you dispose of the courts, they will win.  That leaves you with civil war, or surrender.  Since surrender means starvation/ begging/ no shelter, and being moved from place to place by angry people who don’t want you around: and since there is NO place to go.  Civil war it is.  The world will rejoice, “NOW, we don’t have to kill them.  We will just wait, and then go in and claim the entire nation just as soon as they are done killing each other.  Which will NOT take long, because after all: whose side are you on?  The end of America/ or the end of starvation, hunger, stealing, and lies:   which of course means anarchy instead of government, when you are done.  When enough people are without hope, it will be the end of America.  Because WHY should we starve: TO HELL with them.  The blood will run deep!   But not to worry, its just the price of a bribe/ the reality of what it means when a “special group” gets control and takes everything they could possibly want/ HIDING everything they do.  “Its called university; where fantasies run wild”.  And reality ends in catastrophe.  Good thing this is just money;   simply a man’s promise to other men.  Otherwise we would be in real trouble.   As is consistent with the extreme threats of university delusion attempting to destroy our planet/ our nature/ our future/ our everything: and they built all the machines necessary to do it; with your money/ by pretending its your debt.  They avoided every coming tragedy, every reality that is important to life: pretending it doesn’t exist.   So they could live in their delusions, play games, pretend “lets go to mars”;   and above all the rest,  make us slaves.  As is so plainly true in the numbers they have used to bribe america and the world with: “believe in us” so they get everything they could possible dream of.  You get enough to survive so you can keep working for them/ and if necessary bribes; a special slavery.  But alas the end result of it is reality, they stole everything we needed to survive and do well for ourselves/ because all fantasy dies.   Unfortunately, the entire world is pretty much in the same condition, for the same reasons/ “well obviously, we all just HAD TO buy every toy available”. Or at least the university diploma’s did.  But then who didn’t know : “that want is an abyss, and the clear beginning of all lies”!

             Not to worry though, your media entertainment has prepared you for war/ its “shoot them all”.  Or, more simply:   NO MERCY, hell torture is fun.  Just ask any geneticist as behind closed doors;  they cut off limbs/ sew on horror/ and invade every living participant in life with disease, and death,  terror, and absolute disrespect.  What the hell could possibly go wrong, WITH LIFE, OR EVEN PLANET;  with such wonderful leaders as is “the university occult”.  Do give them my regards.  After all they don’t have to defend themselves, “their gods”.  They just  hide from everything they have done in continuous lies, failure, and propaganda distributed by media who absolutely DON’T care about you. They don’t tell you about failure/ they don’t reveal the universities are“crucifying life” by mutilation and its horrors/ they don’t tell you, these physicists are literally gambling with all life on earth/ or anything else, that you might recognize: this needs to change.  It is “the hiding of truth, and the secrets of terrible choices, that are intended to affect or destroy your lives” that make the university an occult.   Did the media tell you anything?  Did they tell you Reagan “fixed the economy by selling your gold to you”/ did they tell you Clinton “balanced the budget” by removing all debts associated with your  social security from the budget (we the federal government don’t have to pay this/ it’s the people’s debt to themselves), but kept all incoming receipts from social security in the budget, so they could spend it?  Absolutely not, they tell you nothing.  They are literally the propaganda arm of the university.   Instead of reality as an investigation into the needs and rights of society/  or threats against society: as is the purpose of the press.  Instead  “lets just make them fear”;  sums up their contribution; “it keeps the people quiet/ and stops investigations: things could be worse you know”.  The bribes and pride and power could stop; the people get angry, when they learn their lives are ruined.  Nonetheless the people like “no bad news/ and no responsibility”, because it excuses their own bad behaviors; “its fair to steal/ ridicule/ abuse or use or violate or disrespect entirely, or play with life as a game, and it gives them cause to believe violence or fear, should be their answer too.  Isn’t that so?  But alas you cannot escape their failures, or yours: this earth will become a sun/ WHY would you believe the fantasy a 8 million degree fire that burns atomic bonds will just extinguish itself?   YOU really have to be “believers in your gods at the university to be that abhorrently stupid.  It has to be a religion/ NOTHING else can overlook the obvious to that extent.  You will burn or stop them, that is the end of your fantasy and delusion:   because this is a one try, no turning back experiment.  If it ignites and does not extinguish itself:  There is no putting that fire out/ everything is fuel.  The university knows/ but just too arrogant to believe they could be wrong: so they gamble this entire world on their theory, and you let them.   IT IS ALSO TRUE:  You cannot escape a complete breakdown in biology or its systems, as is the mutilation of everything; another it has to be religion/ and the only possible religion is “satanism” because that is the destruction of everything; and you help.  You cannot survive the loss of oxygen to all your fires: biosphere 2 proved the amount of oxygen produced by plants alone: 7 million cubic feet of air, with 3 acres of plants lasted 7 months, for 5 or 6 people.  It is likely the production of oxygen in plants is aided by insects/ and you are trying to exterminate them all; pollinators for many plants/ a primary food source of many living things in multiple species. All gone once you succeed just a little more. And on and on it goes:   but you want none of it.  So you run away.  Stop accepting their entertainment for 2 weeks, and then take a clear simple observant look at exactly what you have been watching:   FROM A VIEWPOINT OF LIFE, “what is truly happening here”.  Rather than delusion or fantasy or hate.  ACCEPT REALITY RULES, AND TRUTH CANNOT SIMPLY be covered over with lies: the day comes when truth controls soon.   There ain’t much, “for happy or peaceful life in anything”; and that is a fact.  But hey, what can you expect from “university gods”/ and their cult devotees, who are only interested in games or toys.   Are you not;  just fodder for their amusement/ slaves for their entertainment.
Just so its clear, “if you aren’t so damn arrogant and believe you are so superior you deserve extreme amounts of power, pride, or control over everybody else.  If you don’t believe you have a right to manipulate, tempt, lie, steal, cheat, abuse, use, mutilate, play with life as a toy, gamble with every living thing on earth, “etc”:     I probably ain’t talking about you”.  In terms of university anyhow.  Of course if you’re just a believer in university, and do everything you’re told without a thought in your own head: it might be about you!    Because reality itself includes: “the truth about what is going to have consequences”, and the life or death we will then have, because of these choices.   As is consistent with truth, and  everything else; that does include us all.  Nonetheless this writing is just primarily about the delusional:   they like to call themselves “the university elite or;  gods”, to the rest of us; but let’s not forget the fans, “go/ go/ go”.  They know it all/ yes sir.   The evidence could not be more clear, just consider the threats or the debts.  Therefore if they knew: what should we do?               
Some will always call, “for making the other people fear us”!  That is as consistent as war and death.  But reality says:   if you must make someone else fear you/ then it is your own courage that has failed.  RESPECT defines a different world, by demanding:   we are equals.  Fear says, I DON’T want to be equal/ I want to be superior, thereby powerful enough to deter violence.  Which is an absolute lie/ because it is violence that demands fear: you, are the problem.  Courage says:   truth is, the single ingredient that gives people everything they need, to defeat fear.  Love is, the only ingredient that makes it possible, to understand: this is, “worth my life”.  May you find your own heartbeat, and join the rhythms of life; that is never found in fear.

Excerpts from    Www.trialoflife.info


The fundamental threats for IL include additionally: 
This state with a stated population of 12.8 million is said to owe   $544 billion dollars.
This state with a population of 41% either under the age of 20, or over the age of 64 represents then roughly 7,552,000 workers/ minus the prison population 49,000; and those to sick to work.  No figure given.   7.552 million potential workers.  Unemployment is 9.5 percent= 6,785,560 workers to share the debt load of 544 billion dollars= $80,170.24 per each one.  Strictly for “state government expenses”.  We add to that the pension costs currently   $119.5 billion unpaid divided by 6,785,560 workers= $17,610.92 per each worker.  Bringing our grand total for this current  “reported moment to= $97,781.16 per each worker.  Just for the state of IL/ which does NOT include local  pensions, healthcare, or bonds issued for any fantasy offered.  Or the intrusion of future pension costs exceeding $640 billion more.  On top of what the federal government produced as bankruptcy/ and the social security spent without funding as mere debts.  Because the federal government employees simply robbed them of all income for social security (didn’t put a dime in the fund:   just IOU’S).  THEY KEPT the money, and increased the tax; which then remained hidden.  Nor does it include all the debts we owe ourselves, nor business/ agriculture/ etc.   You have prepared CIVIL WAR/


 no matter how much “the university diploma wants” to keep everything you stole/ IT AIN’T going to happen.  There will be consequences.  This is a reality of what our federal employees have done as well:   creating a national debt over $125 trillion dollars/ and a social security debt of roughly $70 trillion more dollars; and state debts, which don’t include local bonds for school districts, townships or anything else that they want to hide.  Equaling roughly $200 trillion dollars FOR THE NATION.   Which is equal to 200,000,000,000,000.00 divided by 7 billion people across this world =   bringing our grand total of debt:   to   $28,571.42 per person in the world at 7 billion.  OF AMERICAN DOLLARS, in use:   somebody expects to cash them in/ is that not so!  Do you not?  There are even more american dollars in play when you look at what is called an asset.  “ its your own federal reserve”.  Not their fault: look to who wrote the check, and demanded the money! The invasion has already begun, and unless we literally stop the counterfeit money from stealing all our lives (by taking property, resources, assets, titles, control of this state, this nation, the courtroom, etc)/ WE WILL ALL be just like Palestine; thrown out of our own nation.   This ain’t no game.  The realities involved are substantial/  the consequence are real/ and severe.


            The answer is:   WE DO, HAVE TO RETURN TO REALITY/   we do have to  ACCEPT THE PRICE of all this failure.  And redistribute whatever is fair/ so that we can all begin again/ changing government to refuse abuse, and protect us, defend our world, and build with thought.  Rather than chaos as is the universities proven way.  IT AIN’T COMPLICATED/   unless you refuse to be fair.   If you don’t/ it will be war/ a horror beyond words.    But hey, WHY would you care, its just everything, nature, planet, future, child; simply everything.

            REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, our first amendment law is our solution.  They are, “the most powerful words ever written”.  Because they literally give power to the people themselves over their employees:   by legally demanding an accounting of what has or has not been done.    Then WE DECIDE, what is justice/ and what will be the future, as best we can ourselves.  One citizen equals one vote.   NOT voting for someone to vote for me.  Rather I WILL CAST MY VOTE/   FOR THE LAW, AND THE REALITY, THAT WILL NOW GOVERN OUR LIVES, OUR NATION, AND OUR FUTURE.   WE DECIDE!  No more you decide for us.    It takes very few “critically true” laws, to functionally run a nation or state;   which gives us all the power to control our society, WITHOUT lawyers or politicians.  Consider the ten commandments as a preview.

            The fundamental choice here is: stop a war that will consume us, or just let it happen.   Create a “new solution” through different means, or just accept the occult has won, and will destroy our lives.  The single unifying factor in our current situation is:   that the university diploma controls, and has done so for decades.  They took:   all the money/ and spent it for whatever they wanted; bribing all the rest to let them.  If you look closer:   the university demands everything, should be their toy/ controls by demanding “we are the best” only we can rule.   And  IF YOU WANT ANY MONEY for your work: then you will come to us.  Then for those that do, they will be in debt for the next twenty years or more with no way out/ EXCEPT to shove this burden onto others; by making them pay more, for what they need.  That means if you are not specialized or fundamentally protected by family or whatever; you do become slave.  Just to survive.  That makes people angry.  That makes revenge “look sweet”/ but it NEVER is.    Even so, the extreme deceit: that is we are not all equal in life, if not isolated as “the garbage”/ is, then be my slave.  That WILL remain a cause for war; as it always has.  That, is what the university does for you; behind closed doors.  It is another element of “the occult”.  And people worship them as gods, even though they are about to destroy every life on the planet playing with energies they cannot control, and know it.  And they are about to destroy genetic disciplines/ order/ balance/ and all life on the planet;   because they mutilate everything trying to prove evolution, “their secondary religion”.  Which cannot be proven because it is sheer fantasy.  What they can do however is take away everything of value, and destroy everything we depend upon for life: which is exactly what they are doing.  Another prime example of “occult”.  And you love them; eternity will prove it.  Too bad for you/ because life, is more important than your pride or toys; alas, they aren’t gods, but you are “their cult”.  You will know, that mixed within those who do valuable things for society/ are those who literally became “satan” for lack of a better word.  It means destroyer of this world, in religion;  or, “together we go/ ain’t that so”.  Not because they were born evil/ simply because arrogance has such a grip, that nothing else matters but power to fulfill their pride, and prove “themselves as gods”.   They will never be gods, just destroyers;   too bad they destroy you, and everything you value, too.  Isn’t that so?   They certainly don’t work for you, or these threats would not exist.
You will know its true, too late/ only truth stands in their way today;   and I find no one who stands up for the truth, but me.  Some do try, but it takes more. I will offer, “thank you” to anyone who does try, even if it is not enough; it is a beginning.  Even if your own life is then lost, because all life on earth is simply more important than just one: it is worth the price.  We fight for a planet, and all its nature, every child.   That of course is, in the Christian religion:    The functional reality, of    JESUS.  The basic premise of why love, values for life, disciplines, courage, respect, helping people, and even the possibility of why, an eternity does matter.  How tiny few, actually believe anything of value.    Fear won’t save you.  There is no place to run from a planet under attack/ or our nature about to be destroyed/ or all your guns.  Either stand up finally for life, or all that the university has done; will kill us all.  Consider the possibilities.  Extreme arrogance literally doesn’t care about anything, but being god.  Can’t be god, unless you prove it, by some extreme measure:   isn’t that so?  If being god is the only thing that matters/ then nothing else does.  Just a warning, because you refuse everything else:  they are about to take your lives away for real.  The machines are built/ nature is approaching chaos with their mutilations/ the endless tyranny of “WE ARE TAKING MORE MONEY”; and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it:   because we own this government.   And muchmore.  All point to death, on a massive scale, or the end of every living thing.   All of that is of course,  evidence of the intent called occult (to hide the truth/ and assert I, am god here) as well.  But hey, “life is easy” isn’t it/ hell, its just like a trap!  Too good, to be functionally true.  Or more simply, you are bankrupt/ but living on credit that will soon fail:   “So you can be happy now”.  But you bought guns too, so when you ain’t happy no more:   SOMEBODY is going to pay.  Ain’t that so?  Too bad that is one of the least problems you face;   its just money, and money is just the game men play for power and pride. 

            An economy is what we do for each other.  Harmony is literally fair play between all parties as is determined by an HONEST exchange.  Peace recognizes the essence of justice, and lives within the purposes of friendship.  While love, does not destroy/ it only builds, until attacked:   then only if absolutely warranted, you will get what you deserve.  Thought combined with truth, by the laws it creates BUILDS LIFE AND A FUTURE.  Thought knows:   as a nation WE MUST take control over our government with law/ NOT war.  We must take control over our economy with a return to reality/ and the limits imposed by what JUSTICE AND EQUALITY FOR ALL does mean.   WE MUST STOP EVERY THREAT, or we die.   We must repair all the damage, share and care about our future and our planet, as friends; or we fail.  Because in a world over 7,000,000,000 (one person standing on every acre of green earth) people and growing by 2 million more a week: THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE, but death.   You WILL deal with your reality as a truth; or die.
Let the religious cult called evolution prove chaos builds!  Go ahead, throw a few rocks together, add a little mud; and see what you get;   oh wait/ you don’t have a billion years/ well not to worry, “neither does a sun”.  Damn pisshole.

IT IS TIME TO PUSH!  To become, what we will be, “forever”!   Make your decision: for life, and child, and world:   “the essence of love”/ OR, want, selfishness, greed, and the rest “called hate”.
             DISCIPLINE DEMANDS, That life should NEVER be a game/ that we, the people of this earth; have a value greater than theories/ more distinct than risk/ and more defined than those who believe “they can play god” with our lives.  Reality demands: we must choose differently.  Balance demands a new structural outlook, to what we do; In our relationships with each other.
            The final analysis of this work is very simple: if we don’t recognize and respect the reality that is coming, the consequences of being WRONG/ we don’t survive.  If we don’t respect nature, stop mutilating and crucifying it/ nature itself won’t survive, because we are now so many people, this world has changed, and nature can no longer defeat us all. It cannot defeat the horror’s inflicted if they don’t stop immediately.  If we don’t accept our responsibility NOT to let people play with energies they cannot control; we all die, a horrible death.  People say:   I don’t care, and all run away to hide from all they fear.  It will NOT help/ that changes nothing.  Unless we defeat those who threaten us with extermination from this planet/ we die.  It is not a hard concept.
            The confrontation that is government employee versus law and democracy; constructs a literal demand:   are we owners/ is our government, the constitution?  How that is answered decides who rules the future!  Currently our employees rule by bribes/ created with counterfeit money.  But the reality is: having “printed” 200 trillion dollars of inflation; the national  debt plus social security and state debts =$645,161.00 per 310 million people each.  Did you get yours/ its all free:   no reality attached!   The answer is no, we didn’t/ but a few did, plus ours, plus whatever they wanted to loan with this inflation/ all covered over with lies by government and media: THEY DO KNOW.   What is particularly bad however is this:   that they take these counterfeit dollars, and they buy our real property with them.  That means: they get it for free, someone got this money.  But because there is no reality of payment attached/ consequently it is not a debt/ it is pure inflation, given to only a tiny few, who chose to inflate their salaries, benefits, pensions, etc by using our slavery.  If it ain’t realmoney/ you didn’t get paid; they just kept you alive for the work, with bribes.   Soon we the people will own nothing/ because you cannot compete “with a printing press”; nor out of control government employees.  America will be, “like Palestine”: sold out; too late now.  You must demand democracy rules, and enforce constitutional law, oath,  and restrictions. As owners.   Or you will be forced to abandon America itself.
            Americans “have bought a gun”/ because they know its bad, and their options are few.  But lets review:    If you surrender ownership, and choose a gun: whose side are you on?  If you say America or the United States, it cannot be so, because you have failed the law, and our democracy.  We rule ourselves/ by the laws we create, the constitution that rules us all; including every law.  The judiciary does not/ they are bound by oath in support of the constitution and its intent: that is their job, and its power to rule is strictly limited to constitutional rights and demands.  What is important if you don’t use the law and democracy is:   even if you win a battle in civil war/ you cannot change the ownership of property until you have created a new democracy to control and change that law, which then controls you and us.  That means a new nation/ not this one: or more simply America itself,  must be abandoned. it will be BAD.  Particularly since it is unnecessary and irrelevant to the task of defining WHO DOES OWN THIS NATION/ and what is a legitimate claim over our property or not.   That right, is justified and decided by law; according to evidence and its truth.  Therefore whosoever controls the law, controls the future.  YOU CANNOT control the law with a gun/ it is impossible.  You cannot control truth, IT IS, whatever it is.  You CAN control the law with democracy, BY YOUR VOTE.   Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but your own distinct vote on the law that governs our lives for yourselves.  We need very few: short and simple, so we all understand/ and can use or enforce the law ourselves.
            We can change our world, and our money/ by choosing LIFE, AND PLANET;   MUST COME FIRST:   for us all.   If, you think for yourself! You are “smart enough”!   We are at the edge of crisis in all kinds of ways: the cost and consequence of letting “the smart people” lead.  THAT DID NOT work, they are lazy, as a group, living largely in fantasy and delusion; as the evidence does prove.  We must ALL work together, not just you, me, or them.  Learn more.   Some basic links. Thinking differently;

Developments in democracy:   HOW,  we understand our lives, our duty, and our ownership of that democracy:   within  our state and nation or world: Preparations for redress, in ILLINOIS.


TRUE TO THE PURPOSES OF THESE SITES; the foundations laid by need, and the structures of peace and law built.  Do testify and create, the final purpose of this work, which is: that women of this world, particularly this nation;   SHALL come together to identify and choose, what would be "their solution" for this world's problems/ our problems and our future.  Men have designed and created what exists today, and the consequences that will come, without change: threatening our very extinction, world war, and even more.  We will NOT survive that/ not even as a planet.  Through their leadership and courts: the opportunity to change, to protect, defend, respect, etc:  was absolutely rejected, a criminal attack against our law, democracy, etc.  They still refuse.  THE NEED FOR CHANGE IS MASSIVE, our lives and even our planet are in trouble.  THIS IS: for your decision:  WHAT WOULD WOMEN DO DIFFERENTLYAnd the expressions in law and reality that would give you as  women the opportunity to make a difference, and lead this world by democracy.

           A vote can be, a very powerful tool.  JUSTICE is a clear decision, to share and care for ourselves, our world, and the future;  AS EQUALS!  It is a choice, men have failed severely.  Therefore as women alone,  gathered together as one: DO YOU, or do you not:  DEMAND YOUR SAY!  The purpose is true democracy, the reality is redress: an accountability governed by constitutional law.  The consequence is:   a legal revolution/ to resurrect our laws, our rights, our money, and our democracy as intended.  Not a game, we are in trouble as a nation and a world.  This is your chance as women:   TO LEAD CHANGE, and demand equality for all!

A summary progression, establishing what I believe to be, the most important part: summarized as "LIFE COMES FIRST"/ No more gambling with life or planet.


          This is now, a legal revolt against what has been accepted practice in governing this nation and this state;   by our employees.  More substantially, this is the framework by which control as WE THE PEOPLE, who DO own this government MUST WORK to accomplish our authority as owners.  There is no excuse for weapons or war; these are failures/ because they never then go away.  This is law, by which the exercise of RIGHTS, as human beings united for a common cause: TO RULE OURSELVES BY LAW/ is established in peace, and with the maximum possible intent to be fair to all parties.  It should be recognized in that statement: that this is NOT about everybody gets the same/ as that is completely unfair.  NOT about there shall be no more wealthy people, that too is unfair; some do MUCH more than others/ and do deserve a reward.  Rather this is about JUSTICE, the acceptance of limits, by the boundaries which control just how much more, or less;  is fair.  This is about governing ourselves;   the ascension beyond being followers, to attain what is necessary in understanding and knowledge, for our survival as a world or nation.  Whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation, because the law is its own army; when enforced. Therefore we must make the laws that rule over us all/ OURSELVES.  A vote on the law itself/ rather than a vote for someone else to vote for me.

           THIS IS more importantly ABOUT: REMOVING THREATS THAN CAN END OUR VERY WORLD; MUTILATE NATURE ITSELF; AND BRING HORROR INTO YOUR LIVES FOREVER.   The change that is mandatory! Consequently the fundamental revolt is: that we must investigate our reality, instead of believing anything we are told.  No more experts, we will decide for ourselves. We must establish as best we can our future, and design our society, lives, and economies around what truth defines as a consequence. A reality, instead of this fantasy:  that will be in our own best interest as life on earth.  NOT "just you or them/ ALL of us".  Life for and on this planet, MUST come first.  To keep us alive.

          For this cause, and these reasons: these web sites have been created.  This opportunity to gather as women to demand your own say, and your own descriptions of CHANGE in society; has been created.   War is a man's way/ the game of money is a man's way/ the power to manipulate and control, is a man's way; each has failed entirely by the evidence of threat we do face.  Therefore woman's way has been devised.  Our leaders have been spoiled children, treating themselves to every form of disgrace and disrespect against us, that could be found.  Failed, by their own decisions/ but also because of an endless supply of "beggars, cowards, and bribes to control too many people. As a "honest mother teaches her child"/ we will remind them:   YOU have nowhere to run or hide.  We the people can, punish you/ can deny you/ can force you to understand: THESE were bad choices.  We are the military ourselves/ we are the police ourselves/ we are the nation, and without us nothing gets done.  We do have the power, to surround you, and deny you food/ etc.  We do have the power, to understand:   we are the government, the owners/ you, are the employees!  We do have the power to choose for ourselves, so long as we are willing to pay that price.  It is not free. But we DON'T have the possibility to survive anyone of the major threats that exist today. This world has changed/ because we are now over 7,000,000,000 people roughly one per acre. One on every acre of growing land on earth/ and growing at 2 million more per week. That acre has to support every other living thing on land as well. The ocean nearly empty.


 SO LET'S BE VERY SERIOUS/ the current supreme court case simplified.  "Goodbye then".                                                                                              


            THE ELEMENTAL RISE (it is now or never)



JUSTTALKING3.INFO is a combination of over 1500 linked  files/ together with its "sister sites" there are many more.  Their purpose is knowledge, you will edit for wisdom, by understanding:    We simply cannot walk away from our planet or its nature dying.  We cannot walk away from experiments so horrendous they can take our lives, our bodies, our food or water, our planet, our future, your children, and everything we value on earth away.  The evidence says:  To be wrong regarding any of these threats, is death for us all: examine them and prove that the evidence is wrong. Think for yourselves, because experts brought us here, to where we are today; did not the news join them! Search and investigate: an entire planet is worth that to you too, because nobody escapes! That is all I ask.     But understand this, if you agree/ then you must work for life; "as a baby or all grown-up" it doesn't matter; life matters, do whatever you can do. Is that not so? 


          In the reading of sites, that I write; the fundamental development is, that you should understand only one primary goal exists to this work: stop killing the earth and its life/ stop destroying its resources/ stop mutilating/ stop gambling with the entire planet: AND CHOOSE LIFE FIRST.  

          Or the evidence initiated here will prove, the tragedies of what people do; will kill us all, the future is lost/ if we, the people don't change, as reality requires, and truth allows or demands!


            Of particular immediate concern is: bringing the same fire here as is on the sun/ a fire that will burn your skin in summer, from millions of miles away.  That is, "the worst decision ( OR, the great abomination) humanity can make"/ and there are no second chances with that fire.  Fools say it will extinguish itself, because there is not enough gravity here to sustain it.  But if they are wrong, this entire planet becomes "a lake of fire", just like the sun/ because everything here is fuel!https://lasers.llnl.gov/  That does prove { this a one time only experiment, once ignition occurs; we cannot put it out/ we live or die}.  The experiments are going on right now, and any day we can see a flame so extreme it can be nothing else, and it is guaranteed we WILL,  know it is death coming for us all.  How is that not insanity?

          But a very close second is the mutilating of all life on earth by experimenting with genetic structure.  LIFE is not a toy, nor is it a game of numbers or anything else as the university cult believes.  LIFE IS, an extreme example of close knit cooperation; whereby many tiny organisms must live together, in peace and harmony;  as does represent the living mass that is our bodies and its individual components.  Or there is chaos, cancer, horrors , and so on ending life itself.  Introducing genetic materials from other species is certain to bring, as it has in the past: horrific pandemic consequences for all life on earth/ human too.  Disease that crosses species boundaries, are the cause of the worst pandemic's known to have existed.  And your genetic scientists do it every day. We add to that the known fact, that life and birth and every form of bodies; is dependent upon chemicals in as little quantity as one part per billion:   to accomplish what needs to be done.  That chemical has to come from somewhere, AT THE MOMENT it is needed:  or the structure forms incorrectly, tissues and membranes are too weak or too strong, and things don't work correctly.  The creatures of all types, that you have no concern or respect for: create these things, and we inherit them; through what we eat, breathe, and so on.  Kill or mutilate the wrong ones, and you kill yourselves/ or you mutate yourselves.  Kill the wrong ones, and you kill life that we depend upon; chains die.  Kill the wrong ones, and the life they depend upon no longer exists; extinction comes.  Do you understand.

          The secondary listing of threats are no less dangerous, and exist with only a little more time.  No going back here either; which means, you must grow up and do what life needs for you and all of us to do for survival of the planet and its nature and its oceans;   or there will be no tomorrow soon.  These things affect us all/ to walk away or hide is desertion of duty to life on earth.  We can make a difference, each one. BUT, remember this clearly: NONE but a diploma, and their experts, established by the propaganda of media have made a decision in this USA for decades/ only men, with very few exceptions. That does mean, they led us here; and this is, "the best, they did do".  A road to extinction, a reality of extreme theft, and weapons to exterminate our lives;  is their gift!

          The list of threats is long/ but the purpose of this particular introduction is to provide an understanding;  to the writing style used in its creation.  Decades ago, I was very clear, short, and specific in approaching people with regard to the concerns and threats which have made themselves increasingly clear today.  The result: everyone had an excuse, "ten thousand excuses/ seems to me", why they didn't have to worry, "this is America"/ and ran off to hide.  Most could not see past their greed, and even fear could not remove it; so this writing had to wait until the day greed or selfishness, was NOT the sole purpose in your lives; over 90%.  9/11 did provide that to a limited extent.  All the rest, and most of the above said, and I quote: "the university knows what it is doing"/ so that they could run away from the evidence, and hide from the responsibilities required to stop this destruction.  Each failed life, and it was clear:  simple and plain/ by the truth of the evidence supported in fact: could not or would not work.  Duty failed.  The end result of those efforts is these writings, whereby every effort has been used to remove your excuses/ provide an alternative view that confronts your cult ( we must) called "university knows".  Demanding, "maybe your god is wrong". By  presenting the basic understanding that is fundamentally necessary to have any chance this world itself, and all its life; can survive the destruction and disrespect of human ways.  The writing itself, required assembly in pieces:   because pride, power, want, and hate all represent the reality called murder: look through history.  They don't simply let you wonder in, and take all their power, pride, want, and hate away.  As is again proven by the trials necessary to protect life from extinction/ being treated as garbage, with ridicule, and criminal acts.  Not because they don't know better/ because they don't want to know better, and damn well don't want anyone questioning what is failure in them.  Consequently it shifts and turns a bit, it contains some "excessive descriptions" so that those who will hate it/ then believed nothing can come of it; & so that people who react might WAKE UP.  It searches through every avenue to gain an audience apart from bribery/ temptation/ or direct manipulation; truth is its own manipulator/ by consequences. And it is now fitted together with a more determined relationship within the writing to be realistically brief, and to the point in the final assembly.  Construction of the various pieces lists principle elements that are necessary to understand more complex developments that follow.  That in turn however often requires more than one individual element combined in a separate delivery of purpose so that you can tie the package together, and find the essence of order.  Not by the disciplines in every turn, but by the construction of pieces that show you a different view of the same decision or consequence.  Some frustration with you;  does leak through. If you do not run away/ you will find in nearly every piece some connection to the purpose presented: to identify knowledge and create understanding for the clear decision, UNLESS YOU START THINKING FOR YOURSELVES/ there is no tomorrow.  The threats we face are in fact that bad/ we have arrived here, do to the decisions of "the university diploma/ and the men who lead or follow"; simple and plain.  Links given represent "views from different angles"/ many are simply chosen, and without a need to be "perfect":   because the only real determination of this site is.  That you must understand:   WE CANNOT SURVIVE THESE THREATS, not even as a world.  Therefore wake up, or die.  Its not a game/ these are real life ending realities for an entire planet.  That DOES include you too/ your children/ and your future: there is NO PLACE TO RUN, or HIDE.  We must face our reality, and let truth choose our way together: for the SIMPLE and PLAIN purpose that is    LIFE FOR THIS PLANET MUST COME FIRST.  Want/ money/ greed/ etc; are functionally dead/ or you will be instead.  There are no second chances left;   this does represent a last chance/ last stand reality of existence or extermination for us all.  So says the evidence itself.  WE MUST have different leadership and different ways that RESPECT life.  Therefore alternatives are generated for every primary concern/ the beginning, which you must complete without your "experts"; because they have truly failed.  Find truth, and accept reality; within the disciplines that keep usalive.  Think for yourselves/ the media is owned by a tiny few; and unless you obey their rules, "the press" are out of a job forever: and they have no strength on their own: they want, power, pride, and control over you/ and they test continually with surveys and by watching you to gather the information you will accept, tampered with, so it does not betray the lies, the stealing, or the enslavement.  Very few refuse the statement: no matter how bad this is/ we know it will be worse, when depression actually comes.  They all refuse the reality:   with endless counterfeit money, the powerful are stealing every title to every property in this nation/ because you cannot compete "with their printing press".  That means, every day that goes by, weakens America by stealing your work, your time, your future, your nation, and your lives.  That is what delay actually means to you.  They will own everything, and you will own only guns: what happens then?  You kill yourselves, and they take the rest without resistence!  That's what.  Can't happen/ this is America? Your board of trade and wall street brokers use computer programed trading: that can generate roughly one million trades a second.  The programs can easily be set to sell at one penny profit/ or buy at one penny difference: with matching programs that automatically rise or lower the price at the board or stock exchange.  That equals: take a billion dollars in trade,trade at one penny profit per second, per trade, per million times a second; and make: $10 million dollars a second; and no one knows, because its just a number;  its all "free". Make the trade, "the numbers" say anything you want, while you watch a computer screen and believe anything it says!   One trillion dollars equals ten thousand dollars of new debt, per each and every one, of one hundred million people: one in every three citizens.  Did you know that?  Your news media does/ I told them all.  President Obama spent 5 trillion in new debts over 4 years/ what is equally important: the actual economy (workers, farmers, manufacturing) generates about 5 trillion dollars/ but the US claims a GDP of roughly 14 trillion:   9 trillion dollars created from "banks/ wall street/ and other forms of printing presses".  Someone gets this money;and they use it to buy your property, and compete with your life. At over $125 trillion dollars in debt, INFLATION in America has been extreme/ covered in lies called debt (can't pay it).  That means your claim to numbers called money, is going to "evaporate in thin air": worthless. But those who hold title to your property, will become "masters/ you will become slave". That is the bottom line/ unless you mediate these facts in court; under the law called redress of grievances;  and return to reality before civil war destroys this nation itself. Otherwise, you have no control/ the police will have to choose "nothing like you"/ or obey the power, and kill if necessary: the people will fight, the apocalypse (blood everywhere) will follow.  Every day you delay makes this fight harder: BECAUSE every week, human population grows by 2 million more mouths to feed, and they grow, needing more. Starvation comes/ the ocean is dying, and the drinking water is being threatened with complete destruction, and so much more it is beyond insanity; the only word that fits is "satan (destroyer of a world)".  Not a game, cowardice is useless!


          Trials are given to assemble the law, establish a clear path you can take;  and demand investigation of these facts/ so that you can determine their truth/ and your future;  for yourselves.  The courts denied/ this is "american injustice and leadership" defined by reality.  But true authority over democracy is called WE THE PEOPLE!  Thereby our employees cannot defraud and destroy what belongs to us; UNLESS WE LET THEM.  Consequently in essence this does then become a legal revolution under the law that is first amendment redress of grievances/ and our right to hold our employees accountable for what they have or have not done: IS LEGALLY OURS.  Whether they agree or not/ we are the owners here; WHEN we enforce that law.  Which does make redress of grievances, "the most powerful (we the people rule ourselves, by law) words ever written".  But not the most important to life itself.  The law is a very powerful ally: no employee is "the government".  Which means, when an individual citizen, employed to do our work as a government official:  decides to play ruler instead, and establish what is a criminal or traitorous action against this democracy: or a clear injustice in its courtroom.  That fact establishes:  only as organized crime, unless that individual is sent to prison/ the reality changed.  The law is ruler here, & the constitution rules all law.  That is fact, as democracy intends it to be.  When we make our own laws, instead of voting for someone to vote for me, on the most important issues of any society: we become "the people, who rule ourselves".         It is a better way, we need few laws, when reality rules.

          Support these sites so they will not be taken away.  Download these sites so they cannot be taken away (all but two, are viewable on a personal computer, without the network).  They are, now the most controversial, legal web sites on the internet today.  It is thereby noted and true, "I, do NOT control the outcome of this work or these words"/   YOU DO.  Whatever happens cannot be changed or stopped by me.  I simply brought you "the world this message":  change or die. This is not a game, and there is no going back to try again.  Your excuses are removed: make your decision.   For life first/ OR as if, threats nor evidence;  don't mean nothing.


          As for me; I have made my decisions, and they will stand forever. LIFE comes first.  For an entire planet!    In this life as time;  I have asked no one to believe me throughout any encounter, nor trial: only that you believe the evidence suggested is worth an investigation, a trial to determine the truth, and its consequence for being wrong.  Is NOT life/ IS NOT the death of a planet, your future, your child worth that price?  It is indeed, yet you continue to fail, and let life die.  Beyond time, I can only witness to what I know as experience in me; since you cannot investigate/ cannot prove to the majority;   it is simply a choice, to believe or not.

          As for spiritual discovery, the foundations which cannot be changed once you proceed beyond time: are elemental truths known only to those who can think, for themselves.  Destiny lives, and leads by love!  Fate follows your demand/ and confronts you, when you have failed.  The critical path accepts responsibility for every action or reaction that you have or have not made: there are no excuses (not even for little things/ not even if you simply did not know what should or should not have been done: accept reality as it is/ it cannot be changed. Failure to do this, has a high price.), and no lies in the spiritual world, without severe consequences. No one is perfect/ which means either the law will rule, OR mercy will be received. The most interesting of all questions is: what happens after you die?  That has absolutely nothing to do with the remains of a useless body.  It exists as the question confronting your soul/ the answer you give, is the creation of a relationship with life itself.  Therefore true desire, distinct purpose, and all that love does or does not mean to you; WILL enter in.  Truth is eternal/ therefore you must, and you will be true: every lie simply "burned away".   What is left, is your identity.  Thought is the evidence of your life, without it, all is useless.  Therefore thought is the critical link, between what lives, and what dies. At its essence is then the question: WHAT CREATES thought?  The answer is life!  I leave you to decide for yourselves, WHO created you/ YOU WILL "reap the reward" for that answer.  Therefore it should be, "only yours".  Or more simply "not led to it"/ I testify, to the realities I accept as the evidence of my own life and existence;  I do not lead.  I recommend you do the same.

          What is absolute, true, and without question is: that YOU MUST SAVE YOURSELVES/ FROM YOURSELVES; because you are the reality that threatens your own lives most.  Your choices MUST become, "life first"/ or you die; planet and all.   Just so its clear:    No possible interpretation of that allows you to think, believe, or assume; that in any possible way anyone can save you/ "I CANNOT save you".  YOU must save yourselves, and change to respect this planet, its nature, their critical chains, and the environment, oceans, realities, etc.  Truth decides, not you, apart from the best you can understand.  Not a game.

          My testimony to you is: from the past, a young man wanted my help; so I said to him 4 or 5 times, "go, and learn from these/ ask questions, and prepare; you are easily able" then I will help you finish what you do not know; potentially aid you in the work.  He said yes/ but even though plenty of time and possibilities existed;  he did NOT prepare at all.  Believing "I would do, &  teach everything instead".  I refused, because it was his life, he was to prepare for; that requires work and responsibility/ not simply a job.  I am NOT a simple answer/ you are NOT allowed to be a "simple child" anymore.  Grow up!

            The passions of man, all revolve around the simple words "I can/ or we can"; it is not determined by limits or boundaries but the expectation, "with weapons or tools or secrets".  These bought us here, and because we are now 7 billion people; we do stand on the edge of extinction because of them.  Therefore they must be exchanged for the practice:  "we must/ but only truth and law can". These are fundamentally "female" in concept and practice; because it is not physical strength that decides, it is not force that moves a mass of humanity so large.  But our ability to understand and enforce truth and law, & to accept the limits and boundaries we cannot change.  Thereby shaping our future accordingly. It is these concepts practiced, that finished the message of life or death: is now a choice for you, and this world.  Women will participate equally or more, throughout this entire world:  in this our "new future".  Because without different than did men do; there is no future.   Extinction comes, or you will change dramatically!  It is that simple, whether you like it or not is absolutely irrelevant/ it is fact.  So says the evidence.  Prove the evidence is wrong, or accept the fact. As is true for me, will soon be true for you: the failure to do what could have been done is harsh.  Only the best you can do, is enough.  No one does better than that/ no matter who you are.  Too late, is just plain too late; life is lost. Even so, reality proves "nobody here, is god"/ and that means nobody here is savior; nobody here is perfect; nobody here does not fail at times; nobody here, can be expected to surrender their entire life, or the vast majority of it, for the rest.  It just ain't fair/ respect does allow for limits. Honesty accepts, we must choose for ourselves as well.


          Because these are all serious or severe realities that cannot be dismissed/ I will add a little comic relief.  My own situation includes the sudden growth of "tits".   NOT MY IDEA/ didn't do nothing! Not just flabby "male additions"/ but what can only be described as female breasts.  I say that, because after a month of growing, during which they "beat me up" regularly/ wrecked my back for periods of time, so as not to work.  NOW they have quit that, and grow entirely different effects.  Suddenly, its kind of like an experience similar to this although entirely different: "it's a bit like watching a dog chew up paper on the inside "serious about it, but not really harmful"/ then you gather up the bits of paper and use it for confetti and have a parade or something "happy but not happy"; and then your back to serious/ and then something pushes, "really strange"; maybe bad/ maybe good/ maybe who knows what (a little taste of emotion) and then "you have to hold them or something; just do something; but nothing much helps".  And then they quit for awhile, and you never know when they will start up again; and yet it's a bit like playing cards with four people.  You know your doing it, you have to pay attention/ but its not "bad, enough to be bad"/ not good enough to be good; BUT NOBODY gets to leave.  Add in your playing for "a thousand dollars"; so its somewhat serious.   These 3  different players play their part; and at times you just don't know what to do with them; no choices allowed.  "Welcome to the world of feelings"!  Happy yet?  "Sigh"/ it's a different life. But at the end when it quits for awhile/ the game is over; all the players say, "lets just be friends, and you lose only pennies".  But the body has changed, and that leaves it on edge; and it all requires a mountain load of patient endurance.         And there's more.

          See, "life can be humorous too".  I guess!  I am NOT making "fun of women"/ I am making "fun of me; and my own particular situation"; for your benefit. No point in being upset/ can't do anything about it.   No purpose being upset about threats against this world either: DO WHAT YOU CAN DO.  Accept reality, if you cannot change it.  Understand, "even fear won't help you change people; particularly men; they put up defenses/ or simply threats don't work on a whole society or all of humanity".  So all that is left is knowledge, understanding, and wisdom: the realities of LAW AND DEMOCRACY; added in, with a little humor to keep life sane. That means an education in truth and justice and life.  Therefore the majority of this work is directed there.  We all die, so this is just a fight for time.  But it is also a fight, for the living which makes it possible;  for those who are yet to come, every child a future, as best we can. Not a game..

          Life is, Different for real, in me; men have no such feelings, as described above;  its just "yes or no"/ good or bad.  They either fight with that reality, or are rewarded by it "what's not to like"/ or its survival in some sense.  These basic participants are a bit like a card game with four players, too.  However what men do is say they play with pennies/ but at the end it can easily become serious: "we ain't friends no more/ enemies", and if it goes unchecked it can be life ending (war) at its worst.   The worst enemy a man has is pride/ it's a bit like living with a giant octopus on your back/ 8 arms around you; get rid of a couple, and still 6 more to go/ and the damn thing regrows the first two arms, while you fight with the rest. The ONLY way you can get rid of it is to "jump in the ocean of human judgment"/ and let all the people say anything they want, regardless what that is.  Just plain abandon all concern for society and its ways, or its judgments/ gossips/ etc.  However if you pay the price, and rid yourself of pride:   it is a great blessing to be free.  But it still requires you accept the price, you did agree to, and did pay.  Just for the sake of it: a penis is a toy to a boy, or those who fail to grow up; fail responsibility as well.  It is a tool to a man, with benefits; and he will choose to share and care, or not.  While the penis is a weapon to those "who love a fight"/ hate, and call you worthless/ etc.  Male, is not a complicated life/ but it is a life that demands your courage.  Those who are happy with it, find respect.

          The biggest "enemy; I guess" of women is the chemicals; they are just a massive effect when they are flowing/ run over me like a truck, absolutely cannot defeat them.  I am certain there are big effects for female too; but I don't know what they are/ other than apparently "tied to breasts" in some form or other.

           Which leaves me "somewhere in the middle" of male or female.  Or something.  It is a spiritual problem, and has absolutely nothing to do with perversion.  Desperation for an answer, HOW can we survive:  men will just return back to the ways they have always chosen. That fact:  Led me to female spirit (this world needs an answer/ I need an answer)/ and I got trapped there, believe it or not.  Still hard for me to believe I couldn't find, "let women lead/ they are different".  But I could not/ had to be told!  The spiritual woman, who now lives within me;  is not done with me yet, as is plainly described or proven, by just looking down; "its complicated". Some writing exists, here and there.   Anyway   good luck.

           And yes I know "this will just add another round of ridicule"/ but you honestly could use a little relief, its important. If you listen, the reality of men and women is just a little bit more clear; perhaps you will understand each other a little better, and get along.  Although both genders are a multi-dimensional, multi-tiered reality; and this is just a single element.  It is of some value to assert: that eyes without ears, "are like looking through a window at the world, from a darkened room".  You have the freedom to move around, but not the effects of a world that surrounds you; fundamentally "a male" experience. A "black or white world" at its core.  While ears without eyes "are the expressions of a world surrounding you, participating in your world: but not free, because movement is dangerous".  Fundamentally perhaps at least, "somewhat female".  At its essence.


            The threats listed in this work, are all VERY SERIOUS matters; to our entire world.  It ain't no game, humor stops;   because the consequences are real.  Don't forget that.  Don't forget, I am NOT the question, or the excuse: the reality is, you cannot survive the things, or the decisions that are being made by the men in charge, or those who follow and create their "public armies".

          Do remember:   this is    GOD'S OWN CREATION !  Given to us, which means simply,   until WE DECIDE, to just throw it away as a humanity; CURRENTLY OUR REALITY, and being done everyday.     Do remember everyday your scientists and others are trying to bring the same fire as is on the sun here, to earth/ where it will kill us all.  Your universities are mutilating all forms of life/ mutilating all forms of food/ trying to create "fantasy creatures" to prove they can be gods/ and building a vast network of biological warfare against us all; which will one day soon escape their "pandora's box" and invade our lives forever.  All because the cult of "university knows" has been such a cancer; even a satan,  upon this earth.

            It is fair to believe and trust:   IF you work, and IF people care; IF you will fight for life/ wake up and think for yourselves.  We must accept our reality and what comes/ there is no choice.    But, surely we will together, as humanity on earth:  stop all this absolute insanity before it is too late; if we work together honestly.  Time has basically run out/ it is now or never!  Not a game, horrendous things have gone on far too long.  If we do not stop them, it will be the end of life on earth:   because you just didn't care enough, or gave up/ therefore any and all of these threats will simply consume us all.  Its what you chose/ or YOU WILL change it NOW. One way or the other, there is no middle ground/ no second chances either: and no time left to believe less than for life or death of this entire planet.  This is, live or die as a world; by your own decisions; that does make you judge of the planet.

             You have been warned.  You have been given all that is needed in law, justice, and rights:  to change your world.  If you fail, you receive the reality that is "you get to be god over this planet, for real".  You get to die, if you fail to respect the truth/ and I tell you true;   you live in a "sea of lies".  There is no possibility of survival without true change; only horrors and insanity.

           I have completed my entire work now, "my job/ my duty/ my life" given to the demand:   humanity MUST KNOW, must have an opportunity to stop destroying itself; and change:       is delivered.

            It is thereby entirely your job to complete that need for:   a change, called:  life first, for the planet;  in you, & in humanity itself/ or die.  To demand or create the communications necessary to organize life, and help them understand the severity of this situation.  To demand a courtroom, and make it your own.  It is NOT my job to continue, its yours.

           If you refuse, I guarantee "HELL, etc;  will come".  Not because I say so, just because the evidence does prove it will be so; without true and real change.  Not a game.  You do, have to work, and choose truth, life, respect, and love or at least friendship;   to survive.   As a planet, we are far too many human beings to survive in any other way.  There will be war/ there will be weapons of mass destruction/ there will be tremendous resource loss/ there is already experiments that will destroy you/ there is a tremendous attack on the water, the oxygen content of air, and absolutely everything else we need as life on earth to remain alive.  IT IS ALL, UNDER ATTACK.   Stand up/ or dig your grave, and kiss your child goodbye; their life is gone too.  No excuses, make your decision.

          Not my threat, I have only tried to help you survive.  These are threats particularly from the university you worship,  the reality of leadership you chose, and the methods of participation that you believe in: as formed by men. Without the slightest regard, as always, when following men:    for what happens in the future. Tomorrow matters!      "The future, is here"/ the failure is massive.

          While I do recommend that you pray, TO THE GOD WHO CREATED YOU.  The majority of you even in religious circles have not got a clue what that means.  Religion is controlled by the universities too/ and have been modified "to be easy" or foolish.  When you see a miracle, every living creation around you!  Simply remember this:    No possibility exists, that I/ or you;  could create such a thing;  not even a blade of grass.    That fact should tell you, "to search far beyond yourself"/ where only life itself can be recognized, apart from any human description or religion or any other assertion of humanity.  Where miracle means:   nothing less than, only truth, and the evidence of pure love,  lives here.  When you find that moment within your heart;   you have found soul, and your prayer will be heard.

             GOD is NOT,   " a wishing well/ etc".   

           RESPECT YOUR opportunity to be heard.  Understand, "it ain't your decision"/ and respect the answer or reality that comes.


            The elemental summary of all sites I provide: therefore on the top of each one; for continuity;  so you may know.    Establishes one simple thing.  That I have done the best I could, for "we the people of this earth/ and this nation".  Court trials that prove it is so.  Not that you need to believe that/ it is simply true.  Not perfect by any means; but adequate to describe a state of reality that can exterminate our lives:   DOES EXIST.   You are now dependent upon yourselves.  To trust what has brought us all these threats, is unworthy of life. 

            The question presented is NOT: whether I am wrong or right/ that is fundamentally unnecessary.  The question is:   IN  EXPERIMENTS,   that literally endanger our very existence as a planet/ as the nature we require to survive and be happy/ as the reality of a decision that can take away our future, and destroy life on this planet:   SHOULD WE NOT HAVE OUR OWN SAY?   Your leaders and your courts say NO!  Should we NOT legally be informed as to the risk of being wrong?  Your media says NO.  Should we NOT have a vote on the reality of an experiment that will turn this planet into a sun:   when their theory is proven wrong.  Your time to find out, to insist on that vote; will end.

             They can create this fire, and they are mutilating all of NATURE ITSELF, which is the "factory and instructions and utilities etc/ that build the bodies of life" called DNA.  Not a game, if that fire does not put itself out: then it grows, and consumes the earth; it burns atomic bonds: which means EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire.  It will eject our entire atmosphere in roughly 40 days They DO bet our lives on what  is literally a one time experiment/ NO going back!  Which means we live or die/ based upon their theory! That along with mutilating every living creature on the planet by altering genetics:   what builds us/ can easily destroy us instead.  Is the reason for this work, and a lifetime commitment to ending the threats we cannot survive.   Not even as a planet. 

             How is that, not your concern/ its your life; or your death.  Because a tiny few said:    "Let us bring the fire on the sun here/ while others said, lets play god".  And still others said: "lets play with the single most destructive event in the history of this universe".  Not a game/ by stealing your money, and controlling your government: they have built machines to exterminate us all.   Can't believe it is true:   consider the next big thing an exowatt laser:   stated to be 1million times more, than 10 billion 100 watt light bulbs of heat, packed into a single laser beam.  A fire so ferocious;  It will ignite the same fire as is on the sun/ here upon this earth.  IF the national ignition facility does not succeed first.  The need to confront and establish full documentation, that will allow you, "the defenses necessary" to establish "university expertise is not perfect".  Is on these sites, but they are extensive: download them/ so they cannot be taken away.  Support them, when that is necessary.  If not before, the exowatt laser does represent the single most likely event to destroy this world immediately:   expected roughly 9/1/2015.  Although the others, are equally dangerousTime does run out/ this world dies only once.  Are you willing to be WRONG?  There is no going back, these are life or death for a world, each and every one that constitutes a real and true threat. US SUPREME COURT TRIAL


The critical decision.

Beautiful, Relationships, Trade
The legal demand for justice, freedom, democracy, and rights.

Illinois legal tax revolt, changes location, for all new filings:   to www.justtalking2.info   added in, are the legal descriptions called redress of grievances, and fundamental description of society and its rights.

Currently that filing,  becomes a letter to the policing agencies.

On this site www.trialforlife.info  The latest filing is, "opening statement in preparation for trial".


This is     JUSTTALKING3.INFO      Changed to reflect the true nature of its purpose (so there can be no doubt) in these simple words:   the old site remains, below.

            LAW RULES THE WORLD/ LAW RULES NATURE/ LAW RULES ENERGY; fail to obey those laws, means only chaos/ death/ or hell can exist.  

              Your universities/ your leaders, are determined to break every law that keeps us alive/ invade every boundary, that keeps us safe from disease or other trouble:  determined to prove they can be god.  They choose, no respect for nature; deliberately causing mutilation: trying to make genetic structure, balance, and disciplines fail:  CRUCIFYING every living thing. They choose no respect for the world bringing fusion (tfo make this planet like the sun).  They choose no respect for energy, which means vaporization, as the "big bang" here, destroys us all.  There are NO second chances in any of these things: LIFE or DEATH, for the whole planet, and every life on it, yours too/ your child as well!  Not a game. 

            Those who play god, by experimenting with nature and extreme energy:  choose no respect for you, or your life, your child, your future, your democracy, your nature,  or your world.   Which means they choose to kill you. There are no second chances with bringing the same fire here as is on the sun/ no second chances with destroying atomic balance or boundaries/ no second chances destroying genetic integrity, or the extreme pandemic's this will cause.

 It is, life or death for a planet:   Stop them, or die.

             LAW decides who and what rules humanity/ weapons do not, because the day comes when death is not accepted anymore; and that leaves only law.  Therefore whosoever writes the law, and ENFORCES the law:   DECIDESwhat society and the world of nations will be.  In a democracy, "we rule ourselves by law": that is intended to be you!  Not voting for someone to vote for you: YOU.  The law rules EVERYONE, where there is no ruler! The words matter!  But if you make rules to control the others/ THEN YOU choose to make rulers, "to control you as well".  Law controls society and the decisions of, or for this society, environment, or world.   Rules control individual people:    Freedom dies/ friendship fails.   Lies and liars/ thieves and cheaters/  fools and their fantasies come instead.   Has that not already proven true!   Support sites are used to identify  Hidden things,  exposed.    Or educate

                         The sites I provide shall NOT be shut down by me: without 30 day minimum notice established here "on this date_________________".  It is, up to you to fight for these sites, if they disappear (expect trouble).  No time left, for you to play.

                Your choice established by these sites is: To fight for your lives, your world, your nature and environment, your everything:   WITH LAW.   Or die in fear.        There is no other way!   The righteous rule.  Those who are alive inside, understand: LIFE ITSELF MUST COME FIRST, anything else is failure.   The law must rule life/ truth must rule people: or we "go to hell"/  become extinct.   Not a game/ no one is excused; ALL are involved.  Make your decision.  Time itself, has already begun to die for us;   because the threats of extermination for this entire planet:    are so severe.  These include: starvation, over-population (we grow by 2,000,000 more to feed, each week), water loss or pollution, oxygen depletion due to fire (engines, etc), resource loss, chain of life collapse, environmental destruction, ocean life collapse, global warming due to A/C:  and many more.  All are "backing you into a corner/ leaving nothing but death as an escape; because there are no second chances, when life requires these things that are being lost.  As proven in court; on these sites: all leaders refuse to inform, allow, or http://www.justtalking2.info/images/court/supreme_court_petition_4-22-09_sent.pdfdrsltaccept our democracy/ constitutional rights and law/ duty/ due process/ or "".

            Truth is truth, and nothing less can stop it, in reality: unless it too, is true. Only truth rules, life.   Your universities/ leaders have spread fantasy, delusions, greed, selfishness, and want without end.  Not a penny for infrastructure, all for play, "such as toys on Mars/ going to bring the same fire as on the sun here/ going to recreate the big bang/ crucify life to prove evolution, which cannot be done; because it is a religion for fools: etc".  Their decision is: Nothing for you/ nothing for the future/ stealing from a child/ extinction.  Giving back ONLY:  counterfeit money, LIES, theft; rebellion, propaganda, & threats;  because reality is not enough.

                 You must fight, or you will die from their tragedies; and even your own.

            This message is delivered, "without true change you're dead;    because of the human decisions made/ the planet itself will die." My work is done, because I can't change you, or what you do; only you, can do that. I regret, not working harder against violence/ but you refused.

             These sites represent a "mountain of information"; so that the message cannot be torn down, by lies,  assumption, diploma, fantasy, or ignorance. Search, and you will find more.  Accept the truth: nothing can defeat your want or pride, but you: neither will keep you alive. Your work has begun: CHOOSE, "life or death for this planet, and its nature/ you"!   Life is no longer free.  There are answers here/ but not without commitment and work, from you:

  A decision that LIFE will come first; for the planet.   

Life IS, Not a game, not a trophy or toy/ want is not enough/ pride is an enemy.

Life is, the immeasurable reality of peace and harmony/ balance and disciplines/ order and the essence of what is true, combined into a state of existence that will not be denied. The tragedy of humanity is: they refuse to exist within these boundaries; causing chaos for themselves.

Biblical interpretations long sought, are here as well: "think & search".  Daniel 12 states: 1290 days from the time, what humanity does for life ends (not for life)/ their next phase of testing involves detonating small amounts of nuclear explosives; wherein the probability of fusion increases dramatically. Or, if the prophecy is correct:  the abomination that ends life  will exist; roughly Sept 2015 .   1335= Final days, as the atmosphere is ejected by the fire.

 These sites provide a base level education to fight against "extinction". That is their purpose/ to build a better world for humanity, and keep "life and planet, alive".  Not your savior; you must save yourselves.  "You" are the problem".  I remind you clearly, that the evidence of Noah's flood is everywhere;   the burial that leads to:   gas, oil(creature life), and coal (plant life) " died and buried in clumps (major caches)"; all at the same time, some at thousands of feet deep:   simply could not have happened in any other way.  So says the evidence.  The prophecy:  earth is destroyed in a "lake of fire"/ is nothing more than fusion (same as the sun) ignited.  They gamble with all life, even the planet itself.  The religion "university knows" says: "fusion cannot be sustained here, because there is not enough gravity.  Wrong is, a dead world!

As has been constant for roughly 4 decades: you can ridicule/ assume/ fight against reality/ want/ hate/ steal, believe in greed, bribes, or cults/  lie/ run and hide/ or just plain don't care:   but you cannot defeat truth with any of these.

 The evidence says:    You cannot survive as life or planet, without dramatic change. 

That is the truth!   Your decision/ your work;  is your choice, or your failure:   for life.  Simple and plain, it is your truth exposed.


The question of my life, has become:   what does it take, to open your eyes?  While you may view that as an assault/ it is nonetheless true. That you, "the majority of humanity/ by far"; are so brainwashed and corrupted by the demands and desires of "want/ pride/ and power"; the leadership over you. That I have spent a lifetime, fighting over matters that should not even exist. 

          Such simple things as:   don't play with the same fire as is on the sun/ it will burn this entire planet, just like the sun.  I would NEVER have been able to conceive earlier in life, that you cannot understand this very simple concept.  Absolutely no respect, FOR THIS PLANET.  I would NEVER have been able to conceive earlier in life, that you cannot understand DON'T MUTILATE NATURE!   Absolutely NO RESPECT for life.  I would NEVER have been able to conceive earlier in life, that you cannot understand, "don't bring the same causes, for the single most destructive event in the entire history of the universe itself; here to earth".  It is beyond all reason/ beyond any hope of sanity or saneness:   ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT not even for what happens in this universe.  Which can only mean it is religious, and there is a cult of leaders that control you.

          Consequently, the reality shifts from what does this mean for humanity as is our reality/ to the deceptions that are, "I believe/ regardless of the evidence".  Or more simply, the realities of human decision that are translated by religion into:   I WANT/ I DEMAND TO WANT THIS/ AND "By god" I AM GOING TO BELIEVE THIS; SO THAT I CAN DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE IT REAL, to me.  That element of human behavior, is beyond all sanity or reason/ and relies entirely upon the decision:   "I can play god/ or I can be god/ or listen to me, I am like god; cause I KNOW, more than you: I know who, what, why, god exists"; etc.  And of course you know, "because you believe god is you; and you intend to prove that".  The end result of it is a long list of violence, just a glimpse at a reality of insanity that shapes this world, and the futile attempts to control truth with lies, just because you want, or you don't want/ and that is all there is.  To life or death for a planet; and for you.

          The decision ; and a short discussion regarding the end chapters of the biblical book called Revelation.


Returning to revelation 17


            It is functional and fundamental to understand, that a prostitute is one who sells, "the privacy and the rights" of their own body for something they desire more.  Or more simply, they choose: sexuality, and the elements of personal identity;  is less important, than what they want, or trade for it.  The punishment for that, by this description: leaders will know their failures in responsibility and respect;   the inhabitants of this earth, will be as if "drunk" by the realities of these things.

            The seven angels are seven distinct truths: survival is dependent upon having everything you need, when you need it most.  2.  Survival is dependent upon every living creature that forms the chain of life, having everything they need, when they need it most.  3. The environment determines needs.  We are dependent upon the ocean for food, or we war.  4.  We are dependent upon plants and creatures of the seas providing oxygen, or we die.  5. We REQUIRE resources to work and to live, or we have no future. 6.  To discard drinking water as if it were trash, to destroy it without the slightest bit of respect for what it does to keep us alive: IS INSANE.  7.  The end of trust in humanity, is the beginning of terrorism, and a violence that exceeds imagination.   The seven bowls are the realities involved with these truths that can be allowed to befall humanity.  Water is the power which drives or controls or mediates the chemical existence of our bodies.  "The great (asserts, beyond what others would do/ on purpose)  prostitute" is then one who surrenders everything, of human identity (particularly of a sexual nature/ but, not necessarily their own spiritual truth):   for the purpose they desire most; giving away that body in exchange.

            Adultery is the exchange of what you desire more, than the responsibilities or respect  owed, "to your friend or lover".  To be intoxicated means:   to let, or be unable to avoid, the effects of a desire once it has been taken into the conscious decisions of life.  The critical understanding, of what is more important than self.

            From a view above, an observer is found, but distant: what is true of this prophecy appears; to take place in a desert; a place where little life can exist/ where few witness.  There;  "a woman" is found trying to control "a scarlet beast". A beast (powerful, and hard to control; not civilized, loving, or caring; but capable of violence) is described as, "scarlet in color (blood red), in prophecy;  meaning ready for violence.  Upon its surface, what is easily seen is an "endless list" of things that do NOT respect, GOD OR HIS CREATION.  The seven heads are the means by which this beast came to be powerful, and proud/ and the ten horns, establish the means by which it intends to stay powerful.

            "The woman" whose skin is not seen, because it is adored in purple (what was the sign of royalty in this part of human history), and scarlet (ready for battle herself);   is shown with "precious things" that humanity wants.  Her "golden cup" is a sign of wealth, royalty, or religion; the abominable things are not attached to her, they reside in the cup.  Meaning not upon her, nor indicated within her.  The filth of her adulteries is a saying of men/ the intent to degrade and disrespect.  The reality:  one does not have sex alone: requiring "their adulteries"/ not just hers;  or in this case, those who berate her, are angry because they believe her message does not respect them, or is irresponsible to them and their want.  That means, it is a saying used in ridicule, or a demeaning of value/ to take away what she has brung:   to, misdirect and turn humanity away from the message she brings.

            The title on her forehead is "mystery"/ it is set apart; and refers specifically to the woman; as none are certain how this woman came to be.

            The second part is:   where she lives, "it is described as Babylon the great"/ meaning much power, and the historical record states that Babylon was where the first known library existed:   "The power of a university began here".

            The third is: "mother of prostitutes" :   or those willing and able to exchange what is "greatly valued" as a human body, which can only truly belong to the life inside: becomes traded for something else.  It cannot be simply sexual;  the woman  clearly is unable to "to do more sexually than has already been done".  Which means she creates the possibilities that becomes a pathway for others to do as she has already done.   To desire more than self, a new life for this world; "she is only one woman"/ it cannot be simply sexual.  Or it cannot be simply sexual.  The saying is in regard to this:   "those who become as she has been", spreading out across the world.

            The fourth is: "the abominations of this earth".  An abomination is, a decision made by humanity that directly negatively or violently impacts either the sanctity of life or planet.  These are made across this planet, by people who believe they can play god/ damage, &  do disrespect all life, nature, planet, and every aspect of Creation as has been shown.  None more distinctly observed doing so, "than the university itself".

            The observer states, "the woman is drunk (has taken in, and is affected by) with the blood of saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to JESUS.  Or her life lives, here in this moment;  because of these effects. Therefore it is clearly true, that what she brings is neither for or against religion itself.  But you are reminded, that religions are NOT "perfect" (you don't know, you believe whatever it is you want).  Their books and writings are NOT "perfect" (written by men, interpreted by men, in a man's language; CANNOT be perfect.  Simple as that), it is a foolish assumption. Their interpretations are NOT perfect (throughout history, as is plainly seen in nearly every major religion:   is the intent to dominate all life; and if you refuse, WE WAR), that is not consistent with Creation itself.   Their assumptions or purposes are NOT perfect either (such things as "the ascension of your human body, into eternity" is ridiculous.  Nothing about your body is eternal.  Only  your soul, and it represents the life inside, NOT the body or mind).  Or more simply: just because the woman does not worship religion itself:   DOES NOT mean she is against:   the VALUE OF GOD;    OR   JESUS in its truth as a message to human life.  This is a statement demanding "she does not worship the same, as we do"/ she does not give our religion respect as the religious commonly demand it must be.

            The man who writes is shocked by the scene above:   it is not what he expected to see at all.  OR, this is not what religion told him to expect.

            Truth (an angel; we giving the possibility to shape our future ourselves, by understanding this truth) says to him: why are you shocked your religions didn't know?  The Christian religion coming closest by this prophecy can claim little; because they never understood it.  The rest did less.

            The explanation:   the beast, as society, organization,  civilization or human existence on earth by the will and purpose of men, was once all powerful.  They did whatever they pleased.  Indicating men did rule this earth exactly as they desired.  But not now.  The abyss is, an elemental description of want unleashed, and the functional trap that want represents: because the more you want/ the more destructive as selfishness you become/ and that ends with killing everything you value in life;  or desire life to be.  Therefore a decision will come regarding the reality of male domination on earth.  Or more simply WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE, as is evident by the listing of threats;   nothing on earth survives.   The angel goes on to say;   all of humanity from the beginning of their lives on this earth, till now;   would be extremely astonished to find "women in charge", from this time forward.  Because men would never allow that to happen/ but they must; because they themselves have no answer to these threats; other than war.  War shall not help.   Requiring men will return in a new day;   with a new way, OTHER THAN domination of women, or of life on earth.  Or they die.  GOD IS GOD, and men are reminded: "it takes very few men" to populate this earth.  They are expendable, if the difference between this world of life and creation surviving or not:   continues to be threatened by men.


            From verse 9 a completely different description arises than the first part of the book called Revelation 17;   "A second part".  It is different, and would indicate something new has started; that must be governed by wisdom.

            The seven heads,  are the seven basic directions or desires, allowed to the minds of men or women; it is unclear, if this is describing male, female, or both.  The seven hills are the obstacles that stand in the way of each decision that must be made:   or more simply these decisions are not free/ you will work or you will fail, & not survive.  The seven kings, represents the ways of men that stand against these decisions coming true as well; there will be a struggle.   Because men are not willing to simply change, they are proud and intend to continue dominating,  controlling, and playing their game called money.  They will fight/ but it is unclear just how many will join.  The number 7 represents "a completed task".  Therefore the prophecy states of the various methods used by men to establish power and control:   5 have already died and no longer control the majority of  humanity.  One version of male domination or power remains in charge of the world.  Another attempt  will be made, "with something else".   It will work for a short time.

            The power of the beast, "that which is (powerful, and without true thought; but capable of violence)",  is most likely the universities of humanity; they have invaded everything of leadership or control in society. They are, where threats that can exterminate our lives have nearly all originated.  This beast, Is removed from power/ but returns with a "different plan and decision to rule".  But they cannot do it without the power  men provided.  By this prophecy will go to destruction for fighting against life;   re-establishing itself through respect, and by truth;   on earth.

            The ten horns are weapons/ the ten kings are established means of power and control.   These have not yet received a kingdom, because they have not yet been used: "with little doubt weapons of mass destruction"/ or threats that cannot be defeated once it is too late.  It will end quickly, but it does not say we are to survive.  It does say: the universities control them; which means the primary threat is biological, chemical, or leadership weapon.  It does say: that the beast or university will war with those who desire peace; which means simply: THEY ARE going to resist with everything they have/ those who demand YOU SHALL STOP TERRORIZING US. You shall stop crucifying life on earth.  The lamb, can be conceived as    "Those who believe in JESUS" or are like minded, "that love should rule this world".  This requires:  that we must stop these terrorists before they destroy us all.  Those who believe;  Will also believe that even though the threats against us, can be life ending for this entire planet:   they will trust in GOD.   Those who don't are SIMPLY faced with the fact,  there are no options,   THESE THREATS must be stopped.  Later IS NOT better than now; failure does not fix itself/ nor is the disease of arrogance able to be turned back, without reality proving "these are a cancer to life".  It must be stopped NOW, or life will be exterminated. The point of no return, we cannot make this stop; will pass us by; ending life itself.  The foundations of "university" are NOT all vile/ but the reality of threats so severe an entire planet or all its life can be exterminated: ABSOLUTELY IS!

            Verse 15.  Truth says to the man:   where the power of life, the living body upon this earth exist: all of humanity will face a choice.   Where the people change to value their own existence here on earth, and their lives enough:   to trade their want for it.  They shall survive.  If not, they die.

            This decision:  Will be hated by the university: brandishing weapons against those who REFUSE to allow;   their threats that are going to exterminate our lives, and our planet,  earth. From going further.  In an attempt to stop the loss of their power, position, control, and pride: to stop these decisions, this understanding among all people from encompassing this world.   They will create a torrent of excuses and propaganda;  against the woman who initially brings to the world, the reality, THEY ARE TERRORISTS.  They will find ways to ridicule, demean, and devalue; lie/ deceive/ plunder or rape the reality of "her ways".  It will be " a vicious attack"/ clearly intending to prove INFERIOR to us.  Demanding that humanity should believe them, and not "someone like this".    It says they will succeed, because the desire in their hearts is so extreme; the brain-washing has been so effective; and the weapons so extensive.  This woman is to become "irrelevant".  But the facts will remain, that we are threatened with extermination from this planet.  Therefore the decision will become the clear reality:   either humanity changes itself, OR Life on earth will end; so says the evidence.  It is NOT a decision that the woman is involved with, thereby removed.  Rather it is humanity itself, that must choose to save itself; by changing its ways, as truth and respect for life and this planet demand.  There is no savior: you must save yourselves.  The university will demand:   "They are the experts/ and only they are intellectually strong enough to decide anything for humanity".  But I remind you: THEY led you here, where extinction is only a step away; and if you lay down and cry instead of work: that will only make the precipice upon which you now stand, "more slippery".  

             The fact will remain: without true and distinct change; and that includes removing power and control from the university as well as men.  The planet dies.

             Therefrom as is the essence of verse 18:  We must all become equals, because we all have a part to play, and do have a decision to make regarding ourselves, and what we choose personally: for life, or death.  Because there are NO SECOND CHANCES.    We must establish a true and different method of living; NOT defined by money; as is the game of men.   Which can only be accomplished by truly "different leaders" in charge; as is consistent with all women, forming their own plans for governing;   by vote.  As is fundamental to democracy, by its truth: we rule ourselves, by the law we create.   History proves, that money IS; the only real purpose of most men/ that requires an endless demand for resources or war; as has been proven.  You cannot, and you will not:   survive, with 7 billion people all screaming, plotting, and planning WE WANT MORE; and we don't care who loses, for us to get MORE.

              That is the functional definition of verse 18. 


            Regardless how unlikely it seems;   I have become, "the woman of this prophecy"/ IT IS, a complicated story interspersed throughout several web sites.  Suffice it to say: having no solution how this planet could survive as male/ I looked to female. Surprises, changes, and realities of life established: only the law can protect us; nothing else will do.  That is, fundamentally female in concept and reality; but many of these things have also entered my life, and cannot be dismissed.   Since it says I will be ridiculed to the extreme;   I will add, that my own personal war with pride, would not be defeated; until the decision was made, "let the people say absolutely anything". It means, abandon the realities of human society, and search for truth; regardless of what they say.  The spiritual world does not include "any looking back/ even the slightest distraction; is potentially deadly".  The endless writing created, is a demand sustained:   that nothing less than removing every excuse, and combating every delusion would do.  You are insane, or you would not be so threatened.  You follow fantasies provided by cults (university knows)/ and destroyed your own brain; THINK FOR YOURSELVES.  The toys they have provided are meaningless/ the weapons they have produced now threaten every living thing/ only one true addition to medicine exists as the antibiotic; which now has also become a severe threat because of misuse.  The media fails you consistently, providing entertainment only; and very little of that.

             This court case, with its aftermath:   have become the prophetic  reality described.  If that is not so, if you fail to react so that humanity can survive:   it means humanity will soon die.  Because these threats cannot be undone, by simple want, power, or pride. Neither can war or religion make a true difference.  There MUST be a decision establishing true change throughout human existence: EQUALING, the functional reality called LIFE COMES FIRST/ for the planet.  Or you fail life, and existence; becoming extinct.

            Your leaders do not want change;   THIS, is what they created for themselves, over decades; "and they consider themselves to be gods".  They want "little insignificant bandages" that are only barely seen or not seen;   so they need not admit to failures or terrorism or treason.  That will end life on earth/ because little things are NOT ENOUGH.  You must face your own truth, and resurrect life on earth:   because the evidence says, without true and significant change, immediately; life here is extinct.  Not a game.

            I DO NOT desire to lead you/ that is not my cause.  My cause is LIFE MUST SURVIVE ON THIS PLANET; and YOU, are killing it with failures and delusion and university fantasies; while the rest of the people all say, "I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT, i ONLY WANT WHAT I WANT;   AND I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE REST".  Let them go to HELL!   Consequently all decisions have led you;  to where you chose to go.   Repent of it, which means accept the fact you failed life/ and do better, resolving never to do this again.  That is the price of survival.  Fail, and there are NO second chances; so says this world, by what you have already done.  I have spent forty years fighting for you to live/ fighting with you; who chose greed/ want/ failure/ foolishness/ ridicule/ disrespect/ and just plain selfishness.  I AM, tired of it.  Your children are literally going to die/ because of you: either resurrect yourselves from the grave you dug/ or be known as their assassins throughout eternity.  IT IS A CHOICE.  But not for much longer.  Simple and plain.


A LETTER, to the world community/ through the United Nations


James F. Osterbur                                                      

dated 1/ 25/ 13


            THE NEED, to recognize our vulnerability as a world, to extinction as represented by the crucial understanding of what experimentations in extreme energies and genetic mutilation of life will mean;   are fundamentally organized as a legal case included with this document.  It does contain links to better identify the realities involved.

            THE COMMON NEED, to recognize our vulnerability to the loss of resources, that are attacking our world/ the altered state of our environment and its consequences:   fundamentally cannot be more grievous, if we do not act now.  To mediate our future, as best we can.

            This is not a game.  This is not "a joy to me;  or an attack of any kind on you".  THIS IS ABOUT OUR REALITY, and the truth: either we face our future, and our existence on this earth/ or we can die in a short amount of time.  So says the evidence;  against our remaining alive.  I do NOT ask you to believe anything I say.  I DO ASK, that you investigate and identify the truth, by its reality and serve the nations of this world by understanding with significant wisdom the possibilities that are presented, and the consequences that cannot be changed beyond "the moment of no return".  Which DOES come quickly now. 

            I ask, "for five minutes of your time" to read the lawsuit or its website; thereby with links to understand better.  To discover if this is in fact: worth your time to establish and identify what is or is not true.  These are then the simplest statements, the most clear message possible, used to establish a need/ thereby a requirement: to protect and defend life on earth, from attacks that will not let us survive, if we don't intervene.   For our lives, our future, the children, and simply every living thing on earth.  The information presented:  is, "that serious"/ and it does deserve your time.  The demand is simple: prove the evidence is wrong/ OR prove we/ THIS EARTH can survive, if you are wrong about the evidence.  The theories your religion "university knows"  suggest, cannot be wrong/ because "they are like gods";   and continue on, if you desire to extinction.  But know this, if you choose for the people themselves, then you are their executioner in eternity.  Let them choose for themselves; make that happen, with law.

             The world is at stake/ our planet is threatened with extermination:  so says the evidence.  This is, "as simple as that".  There are no second chances. No mediation or prayers going to fix this:   we the people of this planet ARE RESPONSIBLE, for what has and is being done.  There are those among us, who have decided to play god; with our lives, our planet, our future, NATURE, and everything we need to survive.  If they continue, they will in fact be god over you;   "Satan" for lack of a better word"/ the destroyers, or DEATH of this world.  There is no return, from bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to this planet.  Once ignition occurs, it either extinguishes itself as their theory claims/ or we become just like the sun.  That is the gamble they make with our lives, our entire planet.  And it is based upon the theory:    The earth does not have enough gravity to sustain fusion here;   EVEN THOUGH, they don't have a clue what gravity actually is.  Evidence is presented, in the form of opposing theory, and actual fact: demanding "they are wrong".  I hereby invite or demand you:   to decide, if this entire planet, your life, your child, your lover, this whole world is of so little value/ that EVERYTHING on earth:    can be jeopardized, CAN BE KILLED.   Just to prove "men; THE UNIVERSITY CULT, which is their religion;  can't play god/ and survive".

            "Got to let them play"?  Really, flames on the sun said to be a million or more miles high/ heat radiated at millions of degrees F/ everything is fuel, because fusion burns atomic bonds.  CAN'T PUT IT OUT.  Which means there are no second chances.  NO, we will experiment and find a way.  Upon ignition this planet either lives or dies/  because if the flame does not extinguish itself;   there is absolutely NOTHING but death for this planet left/ AFTER the atmosphere of earth is ejected into space by the flames.

             There is absolutely NO REALITY associated with the claim "it will just go out, and then we can play some more".   Read the links, search for evidence, decide for this world:   LIFE, OR DEATH;  and be responsible in eternity.   IT IS ONE CHOICE, there is NO going back.

             So says the evidence, which convicts humanity of trying to play god.  Back away from extermination, or enter "the biblical lake of fire";  because you can/ and you know it.  Back away from mutilating everything called NATURE, because nature is DNA;   or enter the "biblical Armageddon: which means nature in chaos". Because you did, and refused to stop, which means HORROR beyond human comprehension.

              These are NOT games, for you to play.  It is life or death for this planet.  Time has run out:   CHOOSE.



            AND don't forget, about all the other tragedies coming; because even if you stop the horrors about to be established forever by the cult "university knows"/ there are still very many problems that cannot be survived without true and significant change.   They too, once past the point of no return, CANNOT be undone.  Things you don't consider DO matter, such as a large portion of what "feeds the ocean" arises on the bottom of ice flows.  The disappearance of ice equals, the increased disappearance of all ocean life:   which means, YOU starve too. Which means humanity turns to cannibalism. The list is long, and you are 7 billion people growing by 2 million more mouths to feed each week.  Needing more, and finding less.

            Life is no longer a game/ it is your decision: to do the work that needs to be done/ WITHOUT the constant whimpering and whining about money.  Therefore it is your judgment, your truth and its consequence: there can be ONLY   life OR death!  "The easy {nature will provide} middle ground" has disappeared.  You have no where to run:   FACE YOUR TRUTH.


            The lawsuit presented with this letter, IS "a docketed case in US TAX COURT".    IT HAS THE AUTHORITY OF LAW. It demands:   let the people understand/ and DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES!

              That is done through constitutional law already in place.  Yet the courts and the leaders of America REFUSE their democracy, AS PROVEN by previous lawsuits equal to this.   Therefore make them, OBEY THEIR LAW/ face their reality, and their future; by its truth.  Refuse them credit, opportunity, or whatever else you do have control over: AND FORCE THIS TRIAL. THAT IS YOUR JOB: For life on earth, by our decision as WE THE PEOPLE!   And more clearly  as,  WE THIS entire, HUMAN WORLD.  It is our right to know and decide;    because it is our lives, our world, the children, our nature, our future, and even possibilities in eternity.   They, and others;   gamble with.  They play with, and they risk:  EVERYTHING.  Who has the right?  Absolutely none.




            I am merely the messenger/ NOT your savior, or any other description than:    "determined enough, to get this delivered".   A messenger does not need to be perfect; merely determined.  "Ain't that so"! 

            This message is delivered.  YOU will decide, what happens from here; because there is no place to hide/ no place to run away to/ no possibility it does not concern us all/ and no right exists to pretend this does not involve you, them, or every living thing on this planet.

            THAT, is what your "university knows" religion has done for you/  THREATS EVERYWHERE!   And, what you have done to yourselves, by letting them propagate lies, failure, and fantasy.   Or, this is so simple, YOU just plain "didn't care enough", about life or planet;  to bother with keeping your own brain alive; "are you dead between the ears; WAKE the hell up/ or inherit your reward".

              ONLY greed (I want theirs too) AIN'T ENOUGH!   ONLY want, is a dead man's curse (I alone matter).   ONLY pride (winner) is for fools. OR the opposite, but equal [you set them up] reality of pride, (I can win by making them lose) as is hate.  BRINGS YOU WAR.  Failed and foolish, no matter which way you look;

              because you did not choose LIFE MUST COME FIRST.

                                                CHOOSE BETTER.

Is not the "cure"/ WORSE than the disease? At least for most.  


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            GRAVITY, SOLAR GRAVITY, and some elements of fusion; different views, 1 & 2

In the differences between male and female, is this simple fact:   men if all else fails, try to force you to listen/ while women know they cannot force you, so they must teach, and make you understand.  So that then you can choose.  This work conceives of,  the woman’s way/ because force absolutely will not work.  We are simply too many people.
The first lesson in the continuing battle to teach: that fusion, the same fire as is on the sun/ is a one time only experiment, that ends all life on earth:  if that fire does not go out on its own.  What could be more important than that, failure of their theory,  means the entire earth is dead.  Not a game, experiments are going on every single day, at the national ignition facility (NIF); ignition need come only once.
Your scientists, with all arrogance and apathy for the possibility of being wrong (they believe they are gods/ can’t be wrong), want you to believe that gravity here is insufficient for keeping the fire “planted on earth”/ or more simply its just suppose to go out on its own.  They believe it is essentially, an endless explosion/ rather than fire. However if they are wrong; then this entire earth dies in a “lake of fire”/ just like the sun.  Consequently with machines built, experiments going on today/ and more being built, that will ignite fusion here on earth; a one time/ no second chances gamble, continues.  YOU, have no say, and according to your leaders, media, and university; have no right to understand or complain: they get to do whatever they want: NO exceptions.
It is absolutely necessary as all life on earth to have our own say/ about whether or not, these fools and failures; this evil, as has come into our lives.  Will or will not be allowed to continue.  That is a fundamental right of life.  The failure as has been proven by the leadership, time and again; “didn’t know/ or intentionally destructive”.  Which brings us all this economic chaos/ these threats, through university worship; and most everything else, that is blind or worthless: is a decision, you will make. We can intervene.  We can demand:  Either they CAN OR CANNOT SIMPLY GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES, OUR FUTURE, YOUR CHILDREN, AND EVERYTHING ELSE.
We can by taking away their power/ destroying their money supplies/ reducing them to fools; and insuring they will never do so again: stop the people who are gambling with all life on earth.  Redress of grievances is first amendment constitutional law/ and it is our right to demand accountability, and governance as WE THE PEOPLE.  This is our nation/ not theirs alone.  We rule ourselves by law we create/ that is the meaning of democracy; the reality of removing rulers, by making leaders, responsible to the law itself.
If you like biblical prophecy, it says: “the earth will end by/  being judged by fire”. Then this is clearly the beginning of the end; as that is exactly what fusion can, and will be/ if not stopped.  A theory, is just a guess, until proven wrong or right.  To do that, this entire earth/ and every life on it:  must be gambled. These “scientists” have become your gods/ as a reality: the propaganda that has been shoveled “down your throat” so extensive/ your own life has diminished; “because the university knows”.  Isn’t that right; can’t be wrong; isn’t that so?   Yet, They play/ they steal/ they lie/ they tell stories without substance or merit (all mass came from a point in space no bigger than a needle); they fail all life (evolution is merely a religion; they have proven nothing but adaption. Adaption is, the sign of perfect design: we were prepared) all the time: by removing what is necessary for LIFE COMES FIRST (none protect environment/ resources/ or anything else), and providing toys or trophies instead; such as is the billions spent of your money to put toys on Mars. That is the reality of “science” (belonging to a cult of false god worshipers); doesn’t mean they are all wrong.  What is important however is LIFE MUST COME FIRST.  WHEN FAILURE, is the death of a planet; those involved at all levels of risk, have taken too much from our lives.  When mutilation risks pandemic/ horror/ catastrophe/ the end of life on earth by terrifying genetic maladies, the consequence of absolutely no respect for life:   those responsible for this horrific risk;  have gone too far.
The consequence of teaching you to understand anything, that involves “don’t simply trust the university”;  is intensive/ as is true of all brainwashed people.  But life on earth is at the crossroads of everything alive or dying; you have only one last chance to wake up and remain alive.  It is your choice/ but there are no second chances.  To believe anything less, is the mind of a fool: “you knew the reality/ you understood the consequence/ you gambled with everything/ and you lost”; because you wanted more than life, or its truth,  would allow!  I don’t care what you believe; however to risk this entire earth and every life on it IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE; and requires intervention.
This abomination, this bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth; is the greatest abomination of all/ because you know the lesson of fire, it is simple and direct, and every child understands it well.  Therefore unlike the other great abominations that exist today; your decision NOT to interfere, and let fools play games with all life on earth: once you are informed.  This CANNOT be dismissed as anything more than your own decision/ the people have spoken.  The earth, and all its life;  is nothing more than your game.  As the entire  atmosphere of earth is being ejected into space, and you wait for the flames to burn you alive. 
You will remember than statement: because it is your judgment day.  You chose to reduce all GOD’S CREATION/ to ashes!  Eternal damnation remains your reward.   CHOOSE BETTER TODAY, save yourselves from HADES (it means;  eternal torture).


Even though you should need nothing, to understand this must be stopped:   reality says, learn.   Reality says: understand the next big, “extreme laser experiment”/ their claim is, “a laser beam equal to 100 billion 100 watt light bulbs”: DUE in roughly 1290 days; from the time NIF began trying to create fusion.  Put your hand on a 100 watt light bulb, and then think for yourself.  That would mean in reality:  one hundred billion people holding a 100watt lightbulb at the same time/ or every human on earth holding 1400 watt light bulbs instead.  A fire so ferocious, fusion is guaranteed.   Is it not interesting, that the book of Daniel in the bible predicts the end of this earth by that many days/ and a short time (a few days more), as fusion ejects the atmosphere, the heat, lack of oxygen, etc:  a fire that comes to destroy everything.   But you don’t have a right to be informed; YOU, don’t have the option of redress of grievances even though it is the law:    Because your leaders, courts, police, and your media all say  NO.     Nothing less than a cult, can control people that effectively; it is, a proven fact. Truth does not matter, reality does not matter, the risk is reduced to “I believe in these gods”.  The consequence however is, wrong is the end of life on earth.

Since you are brainwashed, it is necessary to confront.
Lesson one is:   your scientists do not know what gravity is/ they assume it is simply one mass attracting another/ and yet cannot explain why that happens. That is their fact.
Yet their entire theory of why fusion is “safe”/ is based entirely upon the assumption extreme gravity is required to hold fusion, to create fusion, to sustain fusion, and thereby safe to bring here/ because the earth does not have enough gravity.  That is their conclusion.
So its just a guess, and that guess risks every living creature on earth, as well as this planet itself.
The understanding here is: that gravity begins in the simple statement, “as we know it, gravity is a very weak force; with a cumulative effect”.  If it were not so, we ourselves would be sucked into the earth/ by the effects of gravity as would be needed to create planets revolving around the sun; established they believe by this same gravity.  Therefore they say, that the sun is so extremely massive, this can then exist.  To compensate for the fact, even as massive as they believe it is/ without extreme internal mechanisms that dissolve everything at the center of the sun by “fire”; there still is not enough gravity to hold the solar system in place.  Which means simply, the entire sun is engulfed from the center out, by fire; not one thing remains of the sun, that is not on fire; by their theory.
So they bet your lives and this planet again, on the assumption: that what works underneath our feet/ is the same as what works to keep the solar system in place.  It is not.
Gravity exists by the simple mechanism: every mass takes up space.  Or more simply, if it exists physically, in any form (as we know it to be)/ then there are effects that can be found. The next step in understanding gravity is: that your body is made up of trillions of atoms, and even far more electrons.  Conceiving of the earth itself means, these cannot be counted.  So there is no lack of atoms and electrons on this planet/ an important consideration, because we know fusion burns atoms; which makes this planet, and everything on it;  entirely made of fuel.  What is consistent in the atomic environment is, “its moving”/ even if you can’t see it.  When atoms “mix”/ electrons are separated and become freed for at least a time.  Because they have an electrical charge/ that charge is released to act and attract in different environments.  When electrons are moving through their atomic environment’s (not limited to, only one description), they create change.  When change occurs, physical mass moving at the speed of light or beyond, as electrons do; is affected/ because they are atomic structures too. So then when a mass is moving through time and space, with energy/ it becomes a drag, or an effect;  on what surrounds it/ or collides with it/ or attracts it.  That “suction” (for simple understanding; but different, as it combines both mechanical and electrical realities /  similar to what we know, but at atomic constructions instead) is the gravity under our feet.  But it is not, what holds the solar system together.

            Lesson two.  The solar system itself does revolve around the sun as we know, from the “university”/ therefore something about the sun itself does cause that to happen.  What is obviously different about the sun is, that it is on fire.  Not the kind of fire we have here/ the sun is engulfed by fusion;   we have molecular fires.  Or more simply, the combination of elements, at a non-atomic scale: as are molecules, give us the fire we know.  Which  allows the burning of molecular bonds to destroy, or alter the substance of complex elemental bonds, and that breaks it down into composite parts; after the bond, “energy” which holds it together fails. Is used in fire.
Fusion burns the atomic bonds that form an atom/ thereby releasing the composite parts that are not burned; which are called proton/ neutron/ and electron.  Also courtesy of the university.  However to understand the next part you must first understand the reality of atomic environments. 

            Lesson three: what is known about atomic structure as is  called a proton/ a neutron/ and electron?  They exist in an environment which is created by the substructure of the whole:  or more simply at a base level, there is an attraction between these parts, which holds the unit together.  That which fundamentally allows or rejects the entire structure to grow into different elements by accepting more mass/ thereby growing an electron field;  or rejecting it.  The electrons fundamentally defend the environment, as mass: this is now closed/ a separate identity in atomic space.  The entire environment spins, and that functionally give it a much greater energy than it could otherwise contain.
So then the question is:   HOW does a proton/ neutron/ and electrons functionally form this environment? What is its secret?   To understand that/ you must first understand lesson four.


            Lesson four: the law of physics is, that for every action there must be an equal opposite reaction.  That means in very large explosions such as are represented by a supernova “sun explosion”/ the reality of the mass, and the propagation of violence as caused by the explosion; does not allow all the energy to escape fast enough.  In some cases/  that energy MUST then turn back upon itself, and become a black hole.  It is the law: for every action there must be AN EQUAL reaction; which means if the energy cannot escape/ it must then do something else.
Thereby we know, that a black hole as is seen at the center of galaxy’s exist because the energy of a massive explosion, simply could not be expelled fast enough, for the mass, or the energy at its core:  to simply get out of the way.
The second law of physics involved is: that thermal dynamics require expansion for heat to exist/ or a pressure rise.  The consequence of that is;   mass trapped in place, at the center:   by a supernova explosion or,“big bang”: is expanding rapidly anyway by increasing pressures.  The demand is SOMETHING MUST GIVE.  Which means, if the energy and mass cannot get out/ then it must turn back upon itself. That fact/ that reversal of energy and mass toward the center instead of escaping outward, which was impossible; then becomes “dark energy/ dark matter”.  The reality of construction allows, that an intensity such as this has then altered space and time/ becoming its opposite: the absence of space within the structure itself.  The inability to be measured; because there is no gap.  An energy flowing in the opposite dimension of time, which is “not measurable/ not destructive, in the physical sense we know it as/ and is substantively always “headed toward itself”.  Or as its beginning demands: it must turn all energy back into itself/ instead of out, into space.  A black hole however cannot contain all that energy within itself, as it draws more in;  and some escapes through the center hole, into space.  The center is where all forces meet/ the consequence of that is: if the energy cannot be contained, it must then be released, or the entire structure fails.  If that were in essence the “big bang itself”.  The center closed, and the force of an energy contained (pressure rise) caused the entire structure to collapse at once.

            So then: The answer to basic solar gravity is as follows:   what holds an atomic environment together is the neutron ( dark energy/ dark matter, that cannot be measured, from either the big bang or a black hole).  We know this is true, because for every action there must be a reaction/ and there is energy and mass moving in an atomic environment; which means there must be an opposite energy/ attraction;  within that environment, or the energy, nor its mass could be contained. As it is more simply understood:   if you have a tremendous amount of heat energy contained in a tiny environment/ then to balance that environment, something cold must exist or the pressures will escape; they cannot be contained.  Therefore from the atomic bomb, “courtesy of the university”; we know a tremendous amount of heat energy exists in an atom/ as is proven by the atomic bomb.  Yet these atoms exist all around us, and within us; by NOT releasing that energy.  Which means, by its composition: there must be something that equates to an equal or greater amount of “cold” (opposite effect) involved.   If we expand that property, we find electrons orbiting a mass called the proton.  The ability to sustain electrons in orbit, the possibility to grow a mass as is called a proton(s) within the atom; is entirely governed by how “un-massive, the neutron is”.  That is “the math” so to speak. 
The creation of electricity as is called the negative charged electron and the positive charged proton constructs a relationship that is defined by spin: one turns forward/ the other turns backward; so to speak.  The net effect within an enclosed environment is, a fundamental turbulence.  That turbulence defines an action, and a reaction, that becomes both positive and negative effects.  Doesn’t really matter which way either spins;  but there are subtle effects. The environment is the neutron.

            So then we return to solar gravity and recognize that fusion invades the atomic environment releasing each composite piece, while substantively burning both the electrons and protons, with physical forces.  The neutron escapes relatively unharmed, to become something like, “the solar wind”/ that works in reverse.  This is actually solar gravity or what holds the planets to the sun; the release of “dark energy/ dark mass (neutron)”.  The fusion fire fundamentally creates the effect of that release/ but is  not limited to the burning of mass, outside of the fact it is fuel for the fire.
Instead it constructs the use of energy itself, which is: a fundamental depicting two critical realities of existence.  That which “cannot get a grip, so as to remain in one place”/ and that which cannot be freed, from the forces which interact; contained in time and space.  The “slick one” is energy.  The contained one is mass. Both exist; one as time/ the other as space itself.  The critical question is:   what does existence mean?
The functioning answer is, a rhythm.  Rhythms are “shadowed reflections” of an opposing world. Every existence has the composite construction of a shadow when exposed to light, or any force other than itself. So the question becomes, what is the functioning relationship between a shadow and a distinction called time.  We begin with “every shadow” has a reflection as well.  You can see it, but you cannot touch it/ cannot “grip it”, as it has no means to become anything other than “occupied space”.  So the question becomes: what is the difference between an existence in time, and its relationship to “the essence of what cannot be discarded”. Because it is a force that applies to the reflection or existence, of everything that has mass/ time. Time is a construction of measurements.  If no measurement can be found, then it is conceived as eternal; or dead/ unless an energy exists. Rhythm means quote “an ordered recurrent alternation of strong and weak elements in the flow of sound and silence in speech”, a pattern of movement or fluctuation.  So we must ask the question: what is movement first?  The answer is a difference between “hot and cold”.  Wherever thermal fluctuations exist, there will be rhythms associated with the transference of heat.  But order asks:   why, does heat or cold exist?  The answer explains, without time: there is no difference in identities between movement or mass.  Without measurement, they do appear to be identical. It is the measurement (time), that identifies both energy and mass/ even though they do exist in separate realities.  So the question then turns to time itself, and asks: WHY? But why, is a development of thought/ and thought is a reflection of greater things than energy or mass.  Thought constructs the boundary, and delivers the law that separates and identifies existence itself.  The alteration between the composite definitions of a reality and its shadow, offer the greatest hint at the distance time embraces.  Distance is, the elemental conception of a journey; a separation that exists.  Time is the construction of that journey, by its own means:  The laws that allow movement.  When “a shadow and its elemental reality” are separated by time, the force used to hold them apart; is energy.  Order again asks: what is that force, at its more fundamental reality?   The answer is: “elemental to creation itself”/ and will NOT be discussed.
The reality here is: that what was male in me HAS absolutely refused to provide this level of information prior to this moment/ because it is insane, to provide more opportunities for a cult to massacre you.  However; Time has run out, for lesser venues/ the demand, to minimize the cult is real.  What is now woman inside, with me;   “insists”.
I add to that, these simple statements: ASK THEM,
What have you taught the children, that prepared them for life?
What have you done for this earth/ this planet: for the sake of life?
What have you done for justice, and peace on earth? 
What did you do to obey the constitution, and enforce true democracy for this people?
What did you do for economic stability, and the enforcement of a stable and real future for those who work, and keep you alive?
What great thing, did you do in medicine; IF NOW, we face extinction as a planet/ because of so many people?
What great thing, did all these resources buy; that are now gone?
What did you do, for all the money you stole?  For all the lives you ruined; with your greed and counterfeit money; the extortion and failure of money in medicine? For all the pollution, the uprooting of lives/ or the excuses used to demand:  “Throw it all away”?  What does the future hold, that you did not ruin/ that does not demand extinction will occur?  What horrific penalty shall you deserve, when all life is mutilated as you demand?  Of all the politics caused, and propaganda that you force fed society: WHAT did you do, that made life for the children, or the planet “better”?  For the trillions spent on your experiments, “your space, and the rest”: HOW is life better?  Just for clarity, if someone says, “the atomic bomb, is our savior”/ remind them, if not for terrorists in the US government and military after world war 2;   literally using the atomic bomb to say FEAR US.  The world would be a different place, it is american failure and disease; that spread these weapons, and added extreme biological (kill a whole world, just open this vial) ones as well.  It is america, where you used to be able to buy some of the worst pandemic diseases, shipped to your door;  to be used however the buyer wanted.  Shame on you.
This is an accounting, for what “the university diploma” has done for life in this nation, and on earth/ the consequences that arose/ and the reality either left behind, or we now face in the future, because of what you have done.  You took the money/ you brought to us extreme arrogance, and the disease of your religious beliefs:   it is time “to find, what the future holds”/ to search and decipher the truth, of what your past has meant, either for good or bad.  To identify, if this was for society/ for life, with honesty and truth/ for the planet, and its future/ for the children, thereby sustainable and safe; OR “just for you”.  The demand to know: DID WE GET OUR MONEY’S WORTH/ or did you make the rest your slave, did you rule, instead of work for life and democracy; as you were paid, and swore to do? And what that sentence in judgment (this is what you did do) upon this earth, this society, this government, and this time;  will cost us all. 
I tell you plainly: YOU AIN’T worth risking an entire earth.  To lead an entire planet to its death: IS EXTREMELY GRAVE.  The penalty even worse, in hades.  To crucify all creation: more than you can imagine.  “Big brain”/ or shit-hole;  let the people decide? 

So we begin again on the theory of gravity that the sun is extremely massive, and thereby the anchor itself, in solar construction;  as mass.  Thermal dynamics, or Thermal expansion means that the fire seen on the sun has grown apart from its source fuel/ because it must, or be turned back upon itself. Consequently the fire by expansion lifts from the surface of its fuel.  As is plainly seen with a candle.  The sun is not, “the functional reality of its flames.  Instead clearly we know by thermal dynamics;  that the energy has expanded enough to allow room for itself on top of the flame.  Heat expansion requires it/ the greater the heat, the more room required.  Because this is a sphere, we know that the expansion is even greater than what would normally be seen here on earth, because there is no place else for that expansion to go, other than out.   Like a flame on top of a candle/ the heat expansion rises above its fuel source, by a substantial amount even at a temperature change of roughly 400 degrees F.  Your scientists proclaim that the aurora, outer edges of the sun’s flame are millions of miles long and millions of degrees F hot.  That means, the actual mass at the center of the sun CANNOT be anywhere near the mass they believe it is/ because thermal expansion will not allow it.  It is a law of the physical universe.

            Lesson five:   your scientists theorize that the mass of the sun,  is extremely hot at its core.  They base their entire conclusion about gravity on this illusion.  However the facts cannot support that theory, in any shape or form.  If the core was on fire, then the entire mass is being consumed,  all at the same time.  IF THE ENTIRE MASS is being consumed at the same time/ as is a house on fire, all at the same time: it will be reduced to ashes quickly/ and will not be sustainable for long periods of time.  We know the sun is relatively speaking: about as hot as it was several thousand years ago, by written human history; therefore we know that the relationship between a sustainable fire, and a fire that is literally out of control is determined by how much fuel is being burned/ at once.  To retain its fire at a constant level, for these thousands of years:   it cannot be consuming all its fuel at once. Rather that fuel is suctioned up, in the flames above.

            Lesson six:   in the reality of a supernova, as your scientists state, “they know”.  The first part of that reality in time and space is: for the flames of a sun to grow in size and heat.  Therefore we know, that MORE FUEL is being burned.  Simple as that, no other physical force can cause this effect/ therefore proven true.  For more fuel to be burned, there must be fuel available that has not been involved in the flames before.  That means the core cannot be burning as your scientists say/ unless they can prove as they suggest:   the heavier materials are last to be burned at the center core.  Which would mean:   somehow the lighter/ less dense materials such as hydrogen would be burned first.  That is contrary, and in open denial of  gravitational pull/ and thereby unproven or dis-proven by their own theory.  Because heavier materials sink to the bottom/ center first;  is that not so.  Consequently for a sun to burn as they say:  it must consume the heavier materials first/ because that is what is available at the core. Leaving only less energetic materials/ with less gravitational pull for last.  So they have defeated their own theory.  Even so, the composite description demands a major explosion at the end of this cycle: without “dense explosive materials” how is that possible?  Again proven wrong.  When only the lighter materials are left, it is simply a flame dying out, smothering itself so to speak/ and the mass that is left;  turns cold.
Lesson seven: your scientists declare, “that the sun is made out of hydrogen/ a gas”; because that is what their spectra-graph shows (lines that show a chemical signature, in a machine dividing the physical view of light).  There is no doubt as to the fact that the most common “release of ash” so to speak, during a fusion fire is the least massive or most simple combination possible in atomic environments. Because everything else has burned away.  Not a lot of pollutants coming off the sun from that fire/ which means nothing escapes, but the simplest elements, most of which can be reformed as they escape. The simplest elements possible to reform;   are hydrogen first, and some potential helium.   Or more simply the sun is NOT made of hydrogen/ the hydrogen seen is simply the result of the fusion process, the reassembly of what is left:  its “smoke” if you will/ which turns out to be hydrogen.
So then lets review: your university diplomas/ with your political leaders providing your money: are gambling this entire planet and all life on earth/ BASED UPON the simple theory, “there is not enough gravity here on earth;” to allow fusion fire to continue burning.  They consider it to be, an explosion that simply continues on as fire/ rather than an actual explosion that expands so rapidly it cannot be contained as fire.  Which means to them that such an extreme gravity exists, a pressure so immense that it melts the core; which holds the fire to the sun.
The critical review of fire however, even here on earth where we know the difference between a molecular fire, as is common fire/ and a molecular explosion as is seen in such things as TNT, are not the same.  There is a difference between an explosion, and a fire/ the energy release is entirely different. Which means the situational realities are also completely different.  They assume that a thermo-nuclear bomb is fusion released; because of the energy/ rather than a fission bomb as is considered to be the first atomic bombs used.  However, where is their proof? 
We begin with the simple knowledge:   to sustain anything/ everything cannot be involved at once.  Something must be left to continue.  Therefore the fire that is on the sun cannot be “all the fuel used at once.  Some must remain “untouched” for later usage.  An “explosion” cannot be sustained, because if it is represented by “the same fuel” throughout; as is atomic construction.  Then the explosion will migrate through the same;  and all will be engulfed at realistically, the same time.  As is the case of a supernova event. The process of Fusion is then, something else.  Fission is the existence of “an atomic environment being used like, a person/ proton:  targeted in a dodge ball game”/ the effect is a release of energy in measured amounts.  So long as the effects do not get out of control.  When they do, you get an explosion because the energy release is too substantial to contain; it invades the entire composite; multiplying effects as it goes.   When you multiply the intensity of energy release as is a thermo-nuclear bomb by degrading the bomb materials so badly: “they barely retain structure”; the energy release is also multiplied because of that weakening.  It is however the very same basis and foundation of atomic energy, that creates the effect; fission/ not fusion.  Its just “super-charged”.  Not fusion at all.
Lesson eight;   to review the physical foundations that create fusion fire, and establish a base of critical minimal understanding.  WOULD OPEN the door to allowing men or women who are so deluded/ blind/ and foolish; “utterly insane” they gamble with an entire world: to their creating that fire immediately.  A world lost.  Therefore it shall NOT be done.  You have enough information here, to help you understand, being wrong is a true possibility.  A fundamental reality!
If you search within your mind for a relationship with truth itself/ you will understand all you need to know:   to decide if “your gods” should be allowed to continue gambling with this entire planet.

            LESSON NINE:    YOU KNOW WHAT FIRE IS.  YOU KNOW, WHAT THE SUN IS, BY ITS EFFECTS.  YOU ARE TOLD, by your own scientists, “this is the same fire” as is on the sun.  THEREFORE YOU KNOW, what happens if that fire is ignited, and it does not go out as predicted by your scientists.  This planet then becomes a “lake of fire”/ just like the predictions in the bible.  Not a game, not a religious statement: a fact that cannot be avoided/ a flame that cannot be put out/ a planet that is entirely made of fuel! 
You figure it out!  But make no mistake, there are machines running today for the purpose of creating fusion.  There are machines being built, that will cause the ignition of fusion, right here on earth; in a very few years. End of your life/ end of your child/ end of everything called earth.   HOW IS THAT, worth the risk?   Answer the question/ and tell someone else: WE MUST STOP THIS!  Gather together and insist on being heard.  Demand the law of an investigation/ a reality of WE THE PEOPLE to demand:   NO MORE OF THIS.
            DO, WHAT YOU CAN DO!   Or the planet will be lost.

            The religious zealot, cannot hear what they do not believe;  it destroys their world.  The followers of a cult, need no evidence/ because they already know, “their leaders told them, what to think”.  The cause and consequence of greed says:           “I don’t care/ unless it makes me money”, so they refuse to listen. The political and judicial leaders say, “only power, and prestige, is important to me; let the people die/ I will not be called a fool.  I will not surrender power”: let the whole world die.  I believe the university; it tells me, what I want to hear!  The media is only concerned with “listen to me/ I am like a god”, over you.
There are others of course, who absolutely refuse reality unless it provides what they too want.  The whole world at risk/ but who gives a fuck; “ain’t that so”: just, MAKE ME RICH.  Ain’t that you?

            That leaves life on earth, in the hands of those who do understand what it means: to be wrong/ when gambling with the planet; with every living thing on this planet; or simply not understanding the reality in these things, can kill us all.  No escape/ no second chance:  NOT A GAME!


            As to the forums on sites I provide, they have proven to be more trouble than I will tolerate.  After this last one opened, on www.trialforlife.info  in just a few days, the email address that was to monitor it received over 3000 deliveries. While I pondered “to sort through the spam or not” for a couple of days/ that amount went above the limit which would allow the email account to even open.  I waited several minutes, on a 4G network;  it never got over 3 per cent downloaded.  It was, effectively “shutdown” in about a week.  More work, than I will do; I have done enough.  Even though they are necessary to you; I have a life to return too, at this moment at least.  This is NOT my job.  I delivered the message/ you do the work from here; simple and plain.    Therefore my apologies to “those who applied themselves honestly” within the forums. Because those efforts were simply wiped away.  The over two thousand people who had tried to use the www.trialforlife.info forum two or three weeks ago, or longer/ not including spam; did not get through. Not including “filtered out spam”; the rest  was 37 megabytes of material.  NOT a few minutes a day.  I don’t know, how much real activity, but it takes SOME OTHER  person to filter the rest. I haven’t looked at the other forums recently; my apologies they haven’t been taken care of either.  Just how it is/ I DO, have other things to do.  Add to that; The posting applications,  ARE in a variety of languages/ whichmust be computer interpreted; that takes time too.  The end result of it:   means YOU MUST provide the forums for yourselves.  By paying someone else to do the work that is necessary.  I do not intend to let them be overrun again; so they are not  accessible without a monitor.  YOU DO, have a right to search for the truth, your own truth. You do have a right to present arguments for or against any work here.  You do not have a right to make me your slave to that effort.  Pay someone else.

            Again:  That means YOU MUST PAY SOMEONE ELSE, to monitor these forums for you, so that it is possible to open them, AND USE THEM.  “For your own say”. And not be overwhelmed by spam, or trash. The people who want to sell/ the perverts/ and all the rest who simply don’t care what the purpose here is about; shall be held out, or it closes permanently.  That requires an employee.  If you donate for this purpose, the forums will open accordingly; according to the money you provide.  I will provide an accounting.
If you do not/ then the reality here is, I am just not going to do it.  Forum restrictions are:   don’t spam/ don’t sell/ don’t abuse with perversions, or porn (sexual acts, or detailed organs); “mammary glands” do not count/ do they not feed your young;  not a suggestion, “I just don’t care”?  Don’t threaten or organize violence here or anywhere else/ DO post your opinion, your evidence, your ability to understand; DO establish what you believe to be important, or the evidence you can provide, in this fight for life;  or whatever else it is that you will do to help people decide for themselves.  For the planet, its life, and our future. DO organize yourselves and work for life.
I DON’T care whether you are for or against, that is not the purpose of this site. You do have a right, to your opinion/ your religion.   You do not have a right to gamble with all life on earth: however if that is the consensus: its what you get.  Nobody gets censored, with regard to this work/ these sites:  unless it is blatantly necessary, or outside the boundaries set above (so is the instruction given to “an employee”/ and my intent).  You may direct people to your own site/ no links provided; but you may list, or advertize in your forum post: if your posting is valid for the purpose of the site; don’t just use it to play games, or say nothing.  THIS IS about life or death of a planet, and all the threats which exist; “not simple chit-chat”.  NO guarantees of any kind, regarding any site found on a forum or chat-room; it is, “at your own risk”.
             The reality is, we must create a conversation so that people can make up their own minds/ by “just talking”.
This is important/ but if I did it, “my life, my work, and its reality/ the  time and peace I require for myself: WOULD be compromised.  I refuse, and that type of stupidity would assume “I am trying to save you”.  I am not/ this is about the entire planet: the only way it is saved at this point in reality, is by yourselves.  YOU MUST SAVE YOURSELVES/ from the humanity that threatens you; simple as that.  This literally is NOT my job; period/ I ain’t your savior; which means YOU MUST PARTICIPATE, as best you can.     Its you’re job! Because its YOUR LIFE, and the lives of everything, and everyone you value.    How is that NOT,   “Your concern”.  Your job!   
The foundation of my work, and my legal demand throughout these sites, and these courtroom cases is:   THAT WE THE PEOPLE, have an absolute right:   to be informed, to understand the risk and the realities, to choose for ourselves/ WHETHER OR NOT,   our entire planet can be put in jeopardy of extermination.    WE, are NOT “your toys, or your slaves”.
If that ain’t clear/ then you can’t read.


            I am, and have been “happy” for some time now/ always working before.  NOT responsible, for delivering this message anymore: freed/ my own life back. Because I have delivered the message TO YOU:  for which I spent my life.
 Without truth and real change, this world will continue dying; and extinction is all that will be left.  The time is short, because the EVIDENCE IS REAL!   Not a game.  What you do with that message is beyond my control.  Therefore NOT responsible.
 But regardless of the outcome for you;  as for me, I did what I could do.  You are;  Threatened with extermination in every conceivable way, every single day (experiments going on): demanding fusion (atomic fire, brought here to earth, where everything is fuel)/ mutilation to prove evolution, “a liar and a fool” (nature is DNA; mutilation a birth defect, a lost arm, etc; all at risk, absolutely everything. Because these want to be gods)/ oxygen depletion (a proven fact we consume more for fire, than this earth can produce; and still you destroy everything that builds oxygen for us)/ starvation (the entire livestock industry is dependent upon antibiotics “which are ending, because of abuse”, feeds.  Every cereal crop (altered genetically, the base plants upon which your seed industry depends are dying)/ the ocean (nearly dead, regardless of the propaganda: extreme excess/ a trillion pounds or more taken, per year; completely unsustainable)/ the water is being used, abused, threatened, polluted, and destroyed in every conceivable way (did you know according to state scientists, only one inch of water accumulates to replenish an aquifer, per fifty inches of rain) ; yet you don’t care; it will be war. Think about it/ because you cannot repair that aquifer, nor change what you have done with the water! What then is more important TO YOU? That is just the beginning; and still you find every excuse, every lie; not to care, work, or be concerned. Extermination for the entire planet; is TRULY at risk.  And you watch propaganda instead.  You listen to cults (people who say “trust only us/ believe only us: YOU don’t need to know NOTHING else), and worship them, as if they were your gods;   shame on you.
             Redress of grievances gives you the voice, the right, and the law:   to demand as WE THE PEOPLE, to investigate these things.  To investigate how it is, an entire nation is robbed/ an entire world is threatened.  Your leaders refuse/ your courts blockade/ your police, and military do nothing/ and the people all run away:   to your, and their own death.  There is no place to run or hide, from a dying world. It cannot be done/ which means simply you must fight for this one, or lose everything.  Not a game, when we all die; for a few being wrong/ or even the majority.  You nor they, cannot win.
Nonetheless, I cannot make you do anything; you do have rights/ even if a fool.  I have given you forty years of my life (even more), in an effort to help you understand, “life must come first”.  However, none listen (or more correctly work hard, so far as I know) and Extinction looms very close, as 7,000,000,000 people (growing at 2 million more per week) have many needs and wants/ are extremely destructive as they all intend to take everything they can.  Everything we need/ everything this earth provides for us, environment/ ecosystems/ species extinction/ chain of life collapsing; ALL OF IT.   Is about to collapse; and the majority can only scream, “GIVE ME MORE”.  Which means: Either stop run, OR every chain of life surrenders/ and you will die.  That too, is the message I bring. Since this is about all life on earth ending, from human disgrace, disrespect, and absolute arrogance; my own prediction is, “GOD, is involved” somehow.  Working to “save HIS creation”; by demanding you must understand and change.  Without direct intervention (you would be killed; purity could not stand you), that does mean someone has to deliver the message.
It is your choice, to believe in the religion,  “university knows”/ or, in the opposite of that:  reality of life, by its truth. The evidence of a dying world, is extensive, even to the most challenged.  The mind knows. The “religion (just believe) of university knows (we can be gods)”, has no concern other than greed, power, and pride.  The reality of life, has no concern beyond what is true, peaceful, and safe for life on earth to exist.  They are very different, realities.

These are the sites I provide:   THAT YOU, must now take responsibility for.  That includes paying for them, and insuring they are not taken from you. The links are above; this writing is for thinking/ rather than distraction.

Trial for life is a federal trial, at US TAX COURT; for the purposes of redress of grievances/ democracy itself.  It includes the proven cases involving corruption, conspiracy, and more.  Currently, the court refuses to proceed. It refuses the law.

Trial of life is, a state trial dedicated to finding justice and fair play, through democracy. Its secondary development is state constitutional law, which does include redress of grievances.  The demand, WE THE PEOPLE, are the government through our constitution here: YOU the employee, must then obey.
Currently the state court refuses to proceed. It refuses the law.

Just talking is, an initiating round of trials and compositions explaining, or examining the basic purpose of this work

Just talking 2, is dedicated to the original US supreme court case 08-1339; wherein the supreme court itself, along with the president and others are called into court to explain and establish why REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, has been denied. They refused CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: it is an impeach able offense.  As is the second US supreme court trial 11-100, listed on this justtalking 3 site.

Just talking 3 is dedicated to the fundamentals and foundations needed to understand and grow disciplines through thought/ for the purpose of intervening in the complete destruction of this earth.  As the evidence proves, time is very short/ NOT because I say so:   because we are threatened with extinction, in a variety of ways.  Is it not worth your time to find out?

Soul talking is; an elemental beginning framing life and death, in time or, to a very limited degree.  Beyond simple; this does include the elements or percepts, of thought itself.  Mental behaviors and so on; however it is not a “well developed site” at this time.  That is unimportant, if you refuse to save this planet.

Complex destiny examines;   developments in human relationships, particularly between men and women. And more. Not a well-developed site, but as with all sites I provide; it does contain “useful information”.

Critical economics is:   simply some basic facts and constructions,  about work, government, society, and life.  Also not a well-developed site;   simply because without a planet, it is a worthless endeavor.

            Variations of all things are intermixed throughout the sites;  as a means of inviting you, “to read on”.  Do download these sites; so they cannot be taken away from you.  Two will not work (justtalking and justtalking2) on a personal computer;  as they are in php/ instead of html (common computer language).  But you can copy, and paste them into html, if you wish.
Apart from all other things, I have spent roughly 40 years devoted to the singular demand, letting everything else be less:   WE MUST NOT let this earth die.  None came along, for any distance; but this is a challenge to the entire human race/ it affects us all.  Nonethelss;  ALL mimic in one way or another the life and reality of one individual in particular.  “He understood the gravity and reality of what was being told to him/ he tried to run away”.  I stopped him, and insisted: ‘WE ARE going to have to pay for all this”.  But with fear in his eyes, a trembling body;  and yet determination in his voice he said:   “I DON’T care/ for the first time in my life, I am making good money; and DON’T YOU do anything to stop that”!  In one form or another, all agreed.  But it is recognized “happy, with his-self/ yourselves”.   The only real problem being: ITS ALL A LIE, AND WE CANNOT SURVIVE THIS, not even as an entire earth.  So happiness is not the decision you must make: REALITY IS.  The fact change must occur, or you die, and take the planet with you.  Not a game anymore: this is your stark (you can see it) reality now.
Not a single word from the courts, or anyone else regarding the evidence or the law presented in court;   merely ridicule and rules without true meaning.  They want to be rulers/ they want their religion “university knows” to exist without examination;   “Simply we believe”. The reality of their religious cult:   They simply let you die, without a word in your defense. Even though they know and understand: this is for everything, NO LIFE ESCAPES, “being wrong”.  Still, “none cared”/ all believe; consequently when the evidence is death, and you hide in belief instead of working for life; it is a cult.
So here we are decades later, debts beyond comprehension, and a world threatened with true and literal extinction, in the next few years;  and humanity still continues to run away.  Your media still continues to propagate lies; your leaders continue to avoid reality and truth and law. It is your choice now, as people on earth.  Your decision to take what you can, to do what you can for life.  But remember this;  there is no going back, once we have gone past the point of no return; the entire planet is dead.  Nature simply cannot recover/ because humanity takes, and now needs more than nature itself can offer.  In the case of fusion everything is fuel (cannot be put out). In the case of mutilation; everything you know, depend upon, trust, value, hope for, and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE called life;  ends in horror.  Because the priests, in the religion called  evolution wanted to play; WITH LIFE.  You CANNOT war your way out of it: “kill a billion people/ still 6 billion to go”.
  Nature is DNA, the instructions, that build the body of life, for everything; currently being crucified (AND YOU do nothing) across this globe.  It will be horrific. Their claim is, with “this knowledge we will wipe away every tear”.  It is true:  they are going to KILL you all/ then you cannot cry anymore;  once the flood of tears, from every eye; has been cursed and killed.  Nothing could be more insane; “satan; destroyer of a world” without doubt.
The endless cause and consequence of every human denial, we must work for life is:   “The university knows”!  It is a cult, because none are willing to listen to the evidence, NONE in leadership are willing to accept, what cannot be denied: they lie instead/ because they want, or don’t want reality. The university refuses to be questioned, and the courts refuse to obey the law. Even the simple things, the absolute fairy tales are accepted without a challenge; such as, all the mass in this entire universe came from a spot no bigger than a pin head.  Really/ try thinking for a second;  “Thousands of galaxies, all the energy in the universe etc”; from a pin head spot in space?  Where is your mind.  Or evolution, its all free/ we just went shopping, without even a mind, to tell what is or is not beneficial.
So lets see, DNA represents a 6 billion piece puzzle (according to your scientists/ which they cannot understand), that is very specific to every life.  Yet without a mind, what you yourselves call “inferior to you”; this blob created (cellular life; created millions of specific/ ordered/ disciplined/ balanced instructions); then “supposedly built you” out of mere accidents.  A few quadrillion of them, to get the job done.  And somehow all those “experiments” didn’t kill you instead.   Wow: That all just happened to magically come in order/ creating the chemical factories for life/ the utilities to build and sustain that life/ the plans, the purposes, the software, and everything else not only required at the same time: for life to exist. But necessary to create any and all forms of life;  and sustain it; or allow the processes required to be life itself. Or recreate life, as well.  All of it without so much as a mind to recognize anything.  How blind can you be!  Or more correctly, YOU ARE religious zealot fools and failures; nothing more than a damn cult:  where is your “big brain”?  Lost it/ as religious “university knows” fools do. A cult, because nothing less could be so diseased and brain dead as you:  “True believers”, in every lie they can dispense.  Fantasy land for the diseased, and dead.
Nonetheless, you are what you are; and your choice is at this very moment: destroying the children, stealing their future; and all life on earth:   with no greater purpose than greed, want, pride, and absolute selfishness.  The sound of a truly insane mental-child, “saying I WANT, to be god”.  Take a look, at where the resources went: under this leadership, “in the garbage”.  Take a look at your money under their leadership: YOU ARE SLAVES/ they stole it all, to give themselves more.  The evidence of, aided and abetted by: the “MEN in charge”.  This is “the best they did do”; to their shame/ and yours.
Regardless;  I will continue to support these sites for a time: because with courtroom cases that have not yet been closed/ it is foolish, not to keep a public “messaging” center open.  Forums have been tried to assist you: however the corruption involved, has demanded a human monitor,   to watch over the sites.  Which you must pay for, [so you can have a say here] or it will not be functionally open or done.  If you fail to contribute to these sites remaining open, they will soon close; as it is now clear, I have done all that I can do for you; without true assistance from you/ that has failed.  Not, because “I ain’t perfect/ clearly I am not”.  But because you didn’t care enough;  and that too is reality.  This is a choice.  This requires a mind that words, an investigation that demands truth; NOT the sewage you live within/ the propaganda of fools/ the disease of failure/ and the fantasies of complete ass-holes; who do intend to gamble with your life, and this entire planet.  Simply because they believe they are “gods”;  next to you.  They are UTTERLY INSANE, instead; more commonly called “devils (a purpose to destroy/ a demand to see you cry)”.
Not a game/ they are your leaders.
I am not here for your amusement; this is life or death for a planet.  Prove me wrong/ by the evidence, and I will applaud you/ fail and the evidence will kill you, not me.  Remember this, “I am not your leader/ not your savior/ not your enemy, or religious anything”: simply put, I am a messenger telling you without true change; this world will die soon. That is functionally all I honestly care about in terms of this work.  You can believe any damn thing you wish; but killing this entire world, is too much NOT to be involved.
 I have provided more than enough information to support an investigation of your own.  I have provided the LAW, to insist upon that court case being opened.  The reality defined by its own truth, ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE THIS, OR NOT:  put in charge!
             Change is up to you/ live or die for the planet is up to you/ choose better/ choose fair & justice/ stop mutilating life/ stop gambling with this entire world/ stop being insane, beyond all comprehension; because that is what failure means, to choose death for this whole world.  To choose life, you must accept truth, and its limitations on your want.  REALITY decides, with a clear decision: the planet comes first! WE ARE now too many people for any other way.  This world has changed, because we are so many people.
These sites are all free for your use, however you wish/ apart from the simple reality:   you CANNOT impede or refuse someone else their own use.
Inventions are coming, which are not going to be free; they will be plainly marked.  It is something to do.

            The fundamental discussion of gravity/ solar gravity/ and how it works, should be read; because it discusses a base level of understanding, in terms of fusion: “that aspect of gambling” with all life on earth. WE ALL UNDERSTAND/ NO EXCUSES, “its fire”!  NO greater detail from me, will arise in fusion/ as that would only lead to disaster sooner.  The biblical prophecy of Daniel; gives you till September 2015; it starts counting at the constant operations called NIF.  Before this world is lost, it is your last chance to make a difference; not a guarantee or prophecy from me, “biblical”. Believe or don’t, not my decision to make.  However at that approximate date the first of, the ELI experimental lasers is expected to be finished. Their claim is, “the heat in a laser beam equal to 100 billion one hundred watt light bulbs”.  Put your hand on a one hundred watt light bulb, add in one hundred million people, and every single one of them must be holding a ten thousand watt light bulb (as a relationship to heat generated, and focused in a laser beam).  And tell yourself, WHY this is important! Or more simply, it is, a fire so ferocious  “fusion is guaranteed”.  Can’t put it out, everything is fuel; we become the biblical lake of fire, just like the sun.  Prove it isn’t true! That is the coming experiment with fusion, what the university demands; a gamble, with only one predictable outcome that matters: fusion will erupt.  The entire earth with: One chance only, either it extinguishes itself, or we die.    Still want to believe in: “university knows”/ its just a theory?  Failure is an entire world lost/ YOUR WORLD dead and gone; your children too!  The entire atmosphere of this earth ejected in a few weeks; once the hurricane like winds finish, “you won’t be able to breathe”.  BUT that’s ok, because you are being burnt. The biblical prophecy is: “eternally”.  Because that is what you chose.
              You DO understand FIRE. Its your life, your child, our everything on earth; no exceptions: that is what they risk.  And still the people say “university knows”.  STILL the courtrooms/ the leaders/ the media/ the police and military; ALL YOUR LEADERS AGREE:    You the people shall NOT be allowed to know, what is happening to this planet.  NONE of it.  Just like you were not allowed to know: what was happening with your money, your future, your water, your ocean; AND ALL THE REST.  Any “seepage of information”/ has been met with “university knows”.  Every aspect of a true cult, “university knows”; has been proven.  Their believers, utterly brainwashed;  clearly a fact.  How can this not be so?
So the question is:       Religious fools/ true believers;   shame on you.   OR GET UP AND FIGHT FOR LIFE;  all who refuse to get up and fight for life, have simply surrendered ALL life/ because that is the price of failure.  NOT A GAME.
I will add one little disclaimer: “I do paint with a broad brush”, because it is an entire world that needs information.  Consequently “none means”; we cannot affect so many lives with this few.  Rather some try, for a time; but all are affected by the simple truth: people don’t want this to be true.  So they ridicule, threaten, deny, refuse, use, and are tempted to abuse or even threaten to kill. Or run away and hide, NOT what they want.   But: Want is a liar.  Pride is a death trap.  Power is an abuse. Even so: more important than anything else is, “WHAT IS TRUE DECIDES”!   That includes you as well.  What is true about your concern, your decision, your ability to understand, and your acceptance of a need to work is decided by your truth. Your want, or denial is absolutely irrelevant; FOR LIFE. That has no meaning, other than to you and your eternity.  Rather,  Like a storm coming, just because you deny that fact, has no meaning at all; with regard to what is going to happen.  IS THAT NOT TRUE!  Religion won’t save you, from reality.  Just because you believe “anything”; has no bearing in the truth itself.  Unless it is a real foundation of life.  
“University knows” is a proven liar; in every purpose and every design that matters.  Because everything necessary for LIFE MUST COME FIRST, FOR THIS PLANET, FOR THIS NATURE, FOR OUR FUTURE/ has been abandoned, for their pride.               

            My work is done/ my responsibility to life is ended/ YOURS has begun;   or you die.  “The cemetery, or more correctly in this day: the crematorium”, awaits your decision.  Fusion is not a game.  BUT; Neither is Armageddon (nature in chaos), in so many ways. OR Hell, “all is lost/ the future is dead; nothing, matters anymore; cannibalism, murder, HATE, and rape have taken over this world.

            Do, what YOU can do.  Or more simply, this is about communication/ TO INFORM THIS WORLD, and give each one the chance to make their own decision!
             Rather than TO keep them from knowing; as your leaders and media insist upon.
OUR WHOLE WORLD is being gambled with/ by the religious cult, “university knows”.  ALL your leaders are concerned with, is their belief, their arrogance, their selfishness, and that you must be their slave; hearing only what they want for you to hear.  Their religion “university knows” is a cult; proven when you must accept whatever they tell you: without proof or evidence or investigation. Every religion “has its proof/ its own version of evidence”: doesn’t make it true!
Therefore tell them, and the world; as best you can:   WHAT MATTERS HERE IS, the life or death of this planet/ the sanctity of discipline, order, balance, and everything else necessary for a living body of life/ and the environmental world upon which we all depend.    UNLESS LIFE IS FIRST, we die.   I don’t care, what you think or believe.  Life for this planet; comes first, is all that matters to me.  Anything less, is failure: FOR YOU, AND EVERY LIVING CREATION.
              Tell your leaders/ university;   you cannot gamble with all our lives/ our future/ your children/ OUR WORLD; or all the rest: “without our direct permission/ full understanding/ and honest decision”.  You “ain’t” god.  Do not let them hide behind “university knows”.  Do not let them make you fear/ fear a dead world instead. Examine for the truth, and investigate for reality: prove what is important to and for life.  The rest is merely sewage, theft, lies, or toys.  Remove their money, and their tools; AS WE THE PEOPLE.  Change society and its rules, create its freedoms, by democracy; through redress of grievances.
Be legal/ be fair/ remember for good or for bad, unless we do this together, as we the people of this world; there is absolutely nothing we can do individually.  It is that simple.  Like it or not, is completely irrelevant.  Being wrong however, is not; being wrong in an experiment with all life on earth is dead.

            I am reminded, that once decades ago, after continual rejection: I suggested, “in my own way”/ that you could just take the information useful to you; and work with it yourselves.
That proved to be fruitless/ the demand to NOT come here to me; led to even more rejection (all because of some enlarged script, and stylized words).  How easily you condemn; a look, a word, a glance, a need, or anything else: and life becomes worthless.  Shame on you.
So we stand at the crossroads/ AN ENTIRE WORLD!  The court says, let them die.  The leaders say, let them all be damned.  The media says: “WE hate you”.  The police say, “we’re just fools for the judge”.  Religion says, “our pride is more important”.  And the majority says: THIS IS NOT what we want; so we believe whoever tells us, “be happy”.  But the evidence says: LIFE IS CONDEMNED, without true change.  And the evidence is true, to reality!

Life or death: is now a choice.  Like it or not, “is absolutely irrelevant”!
I am finished providing information; you have all you need.  But to firmly reject you, cannot be done either.  That leaves us with the simple truth, I am NOT going to help men; they will fail/ “THIS is the best they did do”.  Because they always go back to what they have done before.  War proves it is so.  Women are different, NOT better; but different.  At least different stands a chance of being better; so I will help women, IF YOU WORK FOR LIFE FIRST, for the planet.  If you ask.  Not a game; a very serious matter; or we will soon be extinct.  The biblical prophecy of Daniel, with the most likely beginning point defined as: true continual operations beginning at the national ignition facility.  To bring fusion here.  Gives us a date of about September 2015.  Which is when at least one, of the ELI lasers, are expected to be ready.  So whatever it is, that you believe you are willing to do.  Bear in mind, that my own belief is simply: beyond this date, without real change in this world; nothing else will matter.  Don’t need no more money.  Don’t need no more plans or preparations.  Don’t need nothing, NO child or living thing survives:  because all the evidence points to death for this planet.  The evidence is real/ therefore the reality is as well.  And that does not include the truth, they can ignite fusion at the NIF facility; “any day or time”.
Remember this: I DON’T lead/ but I do build, from the foundation up; and this entire nation is infested with “termites and terrorists” destroying everything.  YOU will lead yourselves by INFORMED choices you make.  YOU will decide “we won’t pay no more/ and truth will decide if then you die”.  Not me.  One of the first things is: global warming is primarily caused BY AIR-CONDITIONING.  It takes mechanically produced heat to remove/ it takes heat to produce electricity to produce cold (ADD IT UP); and you have as an entire nation with NO RESPECT, for the planet or this fact.  YOU WILL change that fact, for life first/ for the planet first; and it will remain so; because we are too many people/ or don’t bother to come to me.  “Just one cost” to you.
“It’s your choice, to work or not to work”/ but I will not play games.  Life or death, make up your mind. Surrender and die, OR fight for a legal solution, within democracy itself.  DEMAND WE THE PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS, or just whither away, melt into mutilation, or burn.


        It is the reality of this site, to acknowledge the fact:   the type of work you do, the relationship you have or have not with a diploma, and the foundation of your influence over many, few, or none is irrelevant to me.  What is relevant; is the fact that we are threatened with extinction in very many ways.

        The foundation of this web site is: to create democracy through REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; thereby granting to the people themselves, the right to choose their future.  It is a legal guaranteed right of the first amendment of the Constitution of this United States of America.

        For that work, your officials throughout the hierarchy of government employment:   consider me an enemy, therefore you as a democracy are treated with treason by traitors.

       Judge for yourselves: THE IMPEACH ABLE crime of denying and discarding   US SUPREME COURT CASE


        When you are done with the supreme court cases; then read DEMOCRACY RISING!                                Print and use this flyer if you consider it useful


        Without a courtroom to at least give the possibility of communication refused by mass media propaganda: through federal case/ & state case; numerous cases.  I turn to the truth, that you the reader MUST do the work required of you; and communicate with each other; as if your life depended upon it.  Because it does.  You do have everything you need for that very purpose; which means it is a decision you will make.  As have I!

        The elevation of critical life ending realities; being used against this entire world/ is the cause and consequence of this web site.  To illustrate the critical nature and identify the fundamental causes, establishing evidence in a direct association with those whose arrogance and absolute insanity allows them to gamble with an entire earth, and every living thing on this planet, there are federal cases; the latest being/ and state of IL cases; the latest being.  Both are being stonewalled: cannot move forward, because the law, due process, democracy, and constitutional guaranteed rights:   are all being broken by your leaders.  The religion called "university knows"; is a blight and a disease.  There theory is: that fusion cannot be sustained here on earth, because there is not enough gravity; that the sun is on fire from the inside out. Or more simply; when their theories are proven wrong; we all die.  The fire called fusion is real, the same fire as is on the sun:  a dying sun (getting ready to explode)  goes supernova, and as a result expands to more than 3 times its current size.For this to happen: the core/ mass of the sun must add more fuel to the fire, to increase the  intensity.(fires grow). For more fuel to be burned than previously, as a supernova proves it does.  It is absolutely impossible to believe the sun "burns from the inside out".  If it did, all the fuel in question would be already engulfed in flame/ burning quickly; it does not. The evidence of a supernova, ultimately and without question proves this their theory is in doubt. Their assumption that heavier materials burning, allows for a supernova; lacks substance, as the claim is: a sun burns from the center out/ where the heavy materials would fall first. They also state, anything heavier than iron cannot be self-sustaining.  Already proven by the evidence of thermo-dynamics;   reality is not as these priests declare.   The evidence of reality as to what does happen on the sun with fusion is: heat expands, just like the flame on a candle: therefore we know, that the flames are lifted off the surface of the orb/ causing the fuel to be vacuumed up: not fire held down by "their delusions of gravity ( the weak atomic force; or you would be sucked into the planet, not standing on it): which they don't even have a theory for".  Neither is the assumption that combining atomic environments into elements is what creates energy as heat.  While it is true that atomic nuclei combined into different elements does release heat, IT IS NOT the making of a new molecule or element that releases heat.  IT IS THE INTERFERENCE GENERATED, by adding into or subtracting from the orbital arrangements of an atom that causes heat to come forth.  The rhythms/ balance/ disciplines/ and stability of the whole atom/ each atom:  is interrupted and influenced to remove energy, and from that, energy releases from the outside (electron field)  atomic environment:  that is heat, from a chemical reaction. NOT the end result which is a different molecule or element/ but the degrading of atomic stability for a length of time.  Heat from a nuclear fire, is the degrading and dissolution of bonds that hold the proton and neutron nucleus together.   Their theory, "gambling the entire planet" is all that stands between you, and this planet on fire; once fusion ignition is established/ we cannot go back. To be wrong, is to be dead. Do you want them to stop/ or continue?  There is no going back/ we cannot contain fusion, control it, or extinguish it.  Biblical prophecy comes true; an entire planet, on fire.

          But truth does not matter to the insane, and a fire that burns atomic bonds, cannot be put out or controlled once lit: EVERYTHING is fuel.  Nonetheless all say, "university knows"/ even if they comprehend: being wrong is the death of this planet.  Religious fools, without a doubt.  But as is consistent with all religious fools, "can't tell me nothing/ I believe" rules.  Going to die for it.

        Apart from that, the reality of mutilating all life on earth is what genetic engineering does.  Yet the religious, belonging to the cult "university knows"/ cannot hear anything other than what their priests tell them:   "Going to wipe away every tear/ going to do great things/ going to be god"; and the people believe.   Too bad, what they really mean is: this will end life on earth killing us all, and that is why they "will wipe away every tear"; in the end.   Did they not tell you a few years back, "we will all be rich"?  Indeed they did/ the reality now clearly in view: THEY BANKRUPTED YOU INSTEAD. Or more simply, the religious zealots of genetic engineering are literally stealing your heart, deforming it/ destroying it/ discarding and disrespecting it, along with your body, your food, your children, and absolutely everything the sane know, "to be a miracle".  All of it discarded, mutilated, put at risk;  by those who believe they can be gods.  Their priests cross genetic species boundaries, deliberately trying to prove they can be gods, by making something life has never seen before.  It is a certain, and fully known recipe for pandemic disease.  Since they know, and absolutely try their best to interject ANYTHING into nature tlineitself in a desperate attempt to prove evolution:   "We shopped, and we picked this for ourselves, off the shelf/ for free".   The evidence of terrorism is real/ the foundation of a genetic bomb, that destroys all biological life is real.  THE REALITY YOUR UNIVERSITIES ARE DESTROYING OUR FUTURE, could not be more clear.   Nothing could be more absurd; than risking all life on the planet;  except the people who believe "we can be gods" too.  Or, our gods of the university will save us.  Mutilation is far worse than, but similar too:   let us suppose you buy a new car/ have invested your whole life in that car; and the university says.   Let us improve it for you!  So you give them your car/ what you use every day, what you sold your life and time to pay for.  They take the car, and start throwing garbage in the trunk/ sewage in the motor/ ripping apart the upholstery/ knocking out the window/ and in general destroying everything they can touch, and some they cannot; just because they can.  Then they give it back to you:    "New and improved" because they played god, and of course "god don't make no mistakes".  Ain't that right.   Are you going to thank them?  Genetic mutilation is absolutely no different than this!  Once the genetic disciplines are gone, life will never function correctly again.  Once the order and balance that gives you two legs and arms etc; instead of fifteen hands, and no feet, teeth in your ass, a snake for an arm;  or any other such thing as is "the blueprint, the factories, and foundations for life:   in chaos".  You will regret even being born:   DNA IS NATURE ITSELF!  Still the religious say, "university knows"/ and the zealot questions nothing.  Because they are believers, and fools.  Even just the question of 13 billion years in time (as they suggest) is absolutely absurd, and proven to be so.  The deep space field identifies an area empty; with galaxies far beyond.  The area empty, is where "the big bang occurred".  Therefore the starting position of current time/ cutting in half their estimates of time, without even trying.

        I have questioned everything instead, finding with all certainty that those who refuse to stop gambling with this entire planet or its life:   will cause our deaths.  You too!  Those invited to help me stop the insanity/ whose job it is to enforce democracy and let you choose for yourselves: refuse.  Those who are true believers in "university knows"/ who cannot see the bankruptcy brought on by the university diploma, are many.  "Those in charge of everything/ those who closed the door, to all but the diploma"; so they can play god, don't give a damn about life, other than their own.  An arrogance so thick with sewage, they can't think for themselves.  Those Who refuse to protect life or child or the future, or absolutely anything but their own greed and want.  Have earned their reward!  It is extremely regrettable that the young, and everything else will die with them.  That the earth will be destroyed because of them/ and the future is dead from their arrogance.  All destroyed, because of what is truly beyond insane.   It is:  The foundation of "satan"/ as there is no other word; establishing pure evil.  Evil is, "to gamble with all life on earth; fully knowing your own choice could end the lives of everything and everyone".  Nothing is more evil than that.  Prove it is not so.  Prove the evidence is amiss or lacking enough in detail to establish the very simple legal request made upon "government leaders":   ESTABLISH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, so that we the people can investigate, examine the evidence, and decide for ourselves;    by vote: if this can continue.  If we, are willing to risk the entire planet/ and die, when the diseased of university are proven wrong.  THERE IS NO GOING BACK!  

         They refuse.  They have censored my sites to inform you, REFUSED the law, democracy, and constitutional guarantees.  They have chosen, and will be responsible: for the end of this planet, earning their right to endless torture and torment.  Because   life, is far more precious than this!

        It is not "America" that threatens or misleads a world; because we are, "a ravaged and ransacked people".  It is the university diploma, that threatens, and misleads; America as well as the rest of the world.  NOT every single one, as there have been benefits; many with a diploma are sane and useful/ but few, are not overpaid.  In opposition to that,  everyone, that believes "they are, or can be gods"/ whether they admit to that or not; is clearly a liar, thief, and  fraud.  We did not get to a state nearing extinction; by accident/ these are caused by decisions.

         A fire does not combine elements as is the assumption of bonding hydrogen to make helium: their assertion.  Fire consumes atomic or molecular bonds/ thereby causing the destruction of balance in atomic structures, which allow a resultant change in composition; ending in different elements.  But as is plainly seen by every fire here on earth:   "It does not build elements"/ fire consumes, and leaves a residue by some form or substance.  Have you never seen a house burned to the ground?   Fusion is not the bonding of elements, it is the destruction of atomic environments: what is left of the energy unburned is, "the smallest particles of mass" that did not get burned, or more simply "escaped the fire".  Which on an atomic scale, and in an atomic fire;  would be hydrogen or helium.  They have absolutely no proof, this is not so!  Do your fires here on earth not smoke (small particles escaping); it is the same basic description, on a MUCH less violent scale. They have no proof, the sun burns from the middle out/ merely theory.  Reality says it's a lie.  In the case of the sun and planetary orbit: the remaining neutron now freed, is attracted first to the remaining mass of the sun itself/ and secondly to all other mass close enough to be influenced: that effect/ represents gravity itself. Therefore it is the fire on the sun that presents the greatest gravity in this solar system. Not the mass.  A greater mass attracts a smaller mass, because there is more degradation, of the nuclear environment; wherever there is more atomic nuclei, in motion.   The sun is NOT hydrogen, held together "by magic".  The sun is a dense rock, being dissolved by fire because the atomic energy of individual orbiting electrons are removed: thereby releasing the potential energy that is a proton at its core, by the resultant chaos, which "shakes the proton"to be melted. They have no proof the sun is made of hydrogen; merely a spectrum analysis,  after the fire is done/ that is NOT the elements of an internal mass, but the reality of a fire: and its debris field.  IF HYDROGEN were in fact burning on the sun; how is it ANY can escape such a flame?  That, would be impossible.


The most powerful words ever written, identify one simple thing/ that we do have the power as we the people, to control or change this world.  The most important, are about life, love, and eternity.

 Nonetheless today with our entire world at risk of extinction, it is necessary to understand "our options". It is necessary to conceive of "a new human world"!


The health and well being of any of us, is NOT a game/ NOT a reason for extortion/ and NOT beyond the limits of our control as a society.  But we must examine the reality as it is, and make the decisions that matter for ourselves: by stripping the power away from the medical industry, and returning it to ourselves, as best we can.  That method is limited, because of the reality that exists as a human body:   some, just can't wait!  So we are VERY vulnerable, unless we control medicine and healthcare,  as a society for ourselves.  Nonetheless, in reality there are and shall be, those who simply "are too expensive to repair".  Because the truth is, "we the people" do not wish to pay that much "for you/ or me".  So, it is absolutely important once critical changes are made, to decide as a society/ one person one vote, a majority over 70%: who will be taxed, to pay that billing.  Shall decide what are the conditions we cannot afford; not for anyone, or extremely few, if there is something set aside by the people in the beginning.

This becomes much more clear, when faced with your own personal realities and decisions.  Consequently most hide and run away from anything to do with healthcare IF they believe they can find what they need:   "Pay anything/ its my life".  And by that it is clear, they mean the rest must pay; not them.  That is simply not fair.  But it is equally unfair, to be placed under the power of people who can financially kill you.  Such as is the example of dental care currently needed: pull teeth/ get dentures top and bottom/ with abutments to insure they work correctly: roughly $15,000.00 on average.  Two hours to take out teeth/ two hours to make dentures/ one hour for implants/ one hour for misc= $2500.00 per hour.   Or in a more deliberate method: someone who makes $50,000.00 per year is required to work 600 hours, or 15 weeks/ and that does NOT include their expenses, making the time, if you can save 10%, a year, for this expense/ "its three years work".  Not including interest.  How is that fair? While there is some extra expenses involved: this price does not equate to "justice".  I have bargained/ but the reality is: when all want the same kind of money, there is a monopoly established by the lack of competition.  Which makes the truth of healthcare then, a shadow participant in organized crime.  The same is true in all aspects of medical need.  They know, when your choices are limited/ and can extort. We have to pay, accept anything/ or be harmed, even killed; by a body that requires assistance/  a reality in some circumstances.

Before you consider the medical doctor or dentist "evil or the cause of this"/ it is absolutely necessary to understand the more critical realities that govern these costs.  They are the university (demanding far too much/ requiring far too long/ and every excuse they can think of to elongate the process and get more).  They are the monopoly over medical education/ which limits competition, for the express purpose of charging more, and maintaining power over you.  They are the facilities and manufacturers of medicine and equipment, that know when you will pay/ regardless of the cost.  They are the government official, which surrenders to the voter/ or the medical facility, when they come crying, demanding more:   regardless of the fact, "we the people" simply cannot afford this anymore.  So they made a game, of claiming the children will pay/ extortion at its cruelest; in many ways. They are, the insurance debacle:   of too much given to a single individual for their loss/ a reality that must be surrendered, for if it was malicious, then its criminal.  If it was not malicious/ then we the people will decide what you get by vote: understanding we all face this same potential reality; and we all have to pay (one way or another) when it goes wrong.  Each of these are a solvable problem, with little trouble.  The insurance that makes it possible for some to pay way too much/ increasing the costs for everyone else: must end.  Exchanged with simply individual insurance only/ that covers the percentage of income that you would be liable for; nobody gets more/ unless society itself agrees, this is an exception.  Such as:  This one gave us all "help" in one form or another/ therefore he or she gets a little more.  Fair is "fair to all".  Justice is, the same for me/ as you.  Reality is:   nobody should die for "little things"/ but everybody shares the reality, "we have no other real choice"; everybody dies, then eternity begins [regardless what you think eternity is/ it begins.  Compared to a few more days here/ the rest should not significantly suffer, just for you].Limited capitalism will find what is fair for all/ as best we can.

I add, just because I choose too; that the situation with my own teeth occurred due to an initial glass of "poisoned water" decades ago. Since that day;   Too much acidic pop instead of water, was the choice.  However; That led me to looking at what was happening to our aquifers; the end result of which most "would find frightening".  One of the common misconceptions is:   "If you think nothing can go wrong for a hundred years"/ what about your children at one hundred and one years?  Its water/ not a choice!  But far more than that is being done to our water supplies; war is coming/ it will do no good, but war is coming, water is not a game.  It is, "life or death".  The failure of men to recognize, WE CANNOT simply go get more; IS A tragedy without words.  It is a disease of arrogance, as is so much of university leadership.

In healthcare, new methods must emerge/ granting fair play for all sides.  Trials have been established to illuminate a beginning; on various sites I provide as linked through here.   No more extortion/ no more hiding from reality:   the demand is FAIR/ JUSTIFIED/ AND EQUAL, for all; that includes your own payment for services rendered!   A reality as simple as removing the power (equal instead) of money and medicine. By establishing competition in medicine, and owning the facilities and equipment as it used to be in "public/ city hospitals".  Options other than the emergency room, and so on. Which then supports public payments for those who complete their medical schooling, and do the work: no debts/ apart from the time you must return to us for our work for you. Add to that, an infrastructure that simply accepts all who are able shall find a job/ and shall pay their fair share. Society DOES owe us all "a job"; because it is required for our survival; and we the people may not simply refuse/ or, you refuse the work.   The money is controlled, the power removed: when we the people control the quantity: no more printing money (we now understand what is fair)/ no more borrowing without our direct consent.  WE WILL choose how our money is spent, by presenting our employees with our base decision: which they must obey, or face trial.  No more war, unless we agree, "with a draft".

To accomplish change in healthcare, as a simple thing;  four basic truths must emerge as the foundations required for healthcare.

1.   We must all pay a percentage of income as the basis for extensive or intensive healthcare; that form of billing, controls over any medical state that is above a minor concern.  All pay the same percentage (with notice of property possession; be fair; don't let the rich man hide).  All pay the state/ the state pays the doctors etc on a per job basis.  Anyone who goes outside the nation intentionally to obtain healthcare: SHALL be charged for that healthcare as if they received it here. The doctors etc (nurses, and more);  can decide for themselves how to divide it between them.  Each group of workers gets a percentage. That is all there is.  Although it will be considered feasible to buy insurance; to protect your percentage.  It should also be true that insurance, for an "auto accident" will come, with every gallon of fuel you buy.

 Those who cannot pay SHALL work for the community as required; when they can.

2.  The monopoly control over educating doctors and others; established by  the university education system shall end.  A few years back: I looked, and they did not graduate ANY more doctors in that year, than in 1960.  Even though, the population had doubled.  THAT IS WHY, you see so many foreign doctors.  That is,  the CLEAR intent and dedication: TO CREATE A MONOPOLY OVER US/ to control the money, and extort!  They stole the doctors from other nations instead, leaving their people without. 

 Confronting those who made this decision with a courtroom, IS FAIR; they wanted a monopoly/ SHOW them a monopoly over the law, as we the people who you tried, and did  bankrupt. 

 Create a new method of educating doctors and such with limited and specific education.   NONE need an extended education, if all you do, "is one little thing".  Identify what is needed by testing the doctors that already exist.  Learning what it is that is required to be known.  Then teach that.  Any doctor that does not come up to the standard required, is removed from their license.  Teach throughout all schooling, what is "good to know (own the knowledge yourselves)" regarding healthcare and the specifics of emergency care, and more.

3.  Medical medicines and machines are a threat as well, that leads to extortion: we can charge anything we want/ because they need this.  That opens the door, to governmental intervention and ownership rather than capitalism.  Or more simply:   if we own the patents/ then we manufacture and sell as we the nation itself shall choose.  We will own the facilities, and we will own the places that experiment or develop new medicines or machines.  The manufacturing shall be allowed by any who can meet the specifications.  The actual inventor gets the same percentage that would be owed to any other inventor; but since they do not manufacture/ that amount is tied to usage.  We the people pay. If implemented limited capitalism controls the amount; with some variance for the future, or the right to direct a portion to charity or the like.  There should be an "extra" reward, for what benefits us all.

4.   The critical difference between the medical side of our population growth and ability to feel safe with regards to healthcare is PRIMARILY DUE to the invention of antibiotics and vaccines.    These two, have allowed for the extreme population growth, with the addition of finding food and water for the masses.  A different issue.  Regardless of other population issues.  The reality of antibiotics is, they are failing very fast/ and we WILL be without soon.  Because the livestock industry has taken to feeding antibiotics to create the "factory farm/ close confinement agriculture".  If we DON'T stop this practice/ WE WON'T have any antibiotics left for ourselves.  Which means we die in huge waves of pandemic's, that did not use to affect us, even without antibiotics.  It also means, that when the antibiotics fail/ the entire livestock industry fails as well, as all other methods of raising livestock have been set aside, and there are NO possibilities we can resurrect them in time to save an entire herd or even species.  Medical realities CAN come on very fast.  This type of farming must be banned, and soon, or it will be too late; and we starve as a world.  Vaccines have made it possible to limit hosting by "disease"/ so that the effects do not spread.  That means it is a public health issue; and that means it is not necessarily a personal one.  But it must be done with the safest methods possible, or at least given as an option to those who will pay extra.

Included with these, IS THE ABSOLUTE NEED to end population growth across this world: THIS EARTH, cannot support more!  Refuse, and it will be cannibalism/ until extinct.

Mental health is required, the initial definitions.

The fact we use more oxygen for fires and motors than this earth produces (proven true in the biosphere 2 project)/ the fact horrendous things are being done to our water supplies (go search, its your future)/ the reality of resource depletion at the extreme, is the difference between living and dying as well.  Or war.  Some say, according to the stock market, "more manufactured goods have been produced in the last ten years/ than throughout all preceding human history".  How long can we last, is in fact, "a healthcare question as well"!

The mutilation of all genetic structure, as is currently aggressively going on/ bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth (depending upon the single theory, "not enough gravity here to sustain it)/ creating the same conditions as "the single most destructive event in the history of the entire universe here to earth/ building a laser that is expected to isolate the same amount of energy we receive from the sun, into one tiny focused point (certain to bring fusion 8-10 million degrees/ burns atomic bonds; everything on earth is fuel, is absolutely certain to eject the entire atmosphere of this planet in less than one month; becomes a "lake of fire" over the entire planet)/ and so on.  Are extermination issues, rather than healthcare.  Still important though, don't you think?  To question this insanity, is the purpose of my web sites; you are free to disagree/ but no one is free to escape the truth.  What is true about that which threatens us all, is not a game.  I ask you to investigate/ not simply believe; as the university desires you to do.  The difference is: you must think for yourself, to investigate, examine the reality, and learn what happens when this goes horribly, irreversibly wrong.  Everything lost forever, including your child, lover, etc.

Yet people believe whatever they wish, regardless of the truth that stands in their way: "its called religion".  Consequently it is absolutely clear, "the university" has become your religion and your gods;   as you do, continually bow down and accept anything they say, no matter how insane.  Like every other religion, "some is right/ and some is wrong".  What matters to me is, "this entire world can die".  Believe it or not.  For my part, "I absolutely didn't believe you could be so foolish, with real evidence, and a demand to understand: these people are lying/ cheating/ and stealing from you.  Threatening this entire world!"  But so many do, the rest cannot shed their "wool".  The whole world can die, not because I say so/ because that is what the evidence does prove.  Not a game/ nothing for me to win, not your leader;   so life or death for this world, is up to you.   If you have an inclination, powerful words are added to assist you/ not me.  TIME is running out/ there is NO going back, simple and plain!


Controlling the future/ controlling self/ controlling the world/controlling relationships; heartbeats.  A dialogue intended to bring the ultimate close of this work to life, for your decision.  In addition to that work, the primary documents for both stateand federalcourt in progress/ thecurrent filing on this day. The whole filing; should be recognized as a value to you as well.  What is not of value, is an asinine president who has no clue or desire to live or work within reality.  Proof of that is a new debt load for each and every one in three of us, OVER $50,000.00 TAKEN OUT IN OUR NAME, as individuals, for the last 3 and a half years; for his decisions/ with the help of congressional democrats.  How is that not your concern: during this presidency every worker, at one hundred million strong, HAS BEEN GIVEN A NEW DEBT of fifty thousand dollars?  AND THAT IS JUST FEDERAL DEBTS/ not state, personal, banking, agriculture, or any other.  It is strictly, what the legislature, and people in charge of this American governance by these employees have spent. In our name: DID YOU get your $50,000.00 worth?  Do you remember: THIS is just what they borrowed/ NOT what they actually spent? They spent your money/ or its counterfeit and inflation: which you DID NOT get to share!  Its suppose to be your debt/ its spent as inflation, the multiplying of numbers that destroy your own assets; by people who are NOT you; counterfeiting, cheating, and stealing from we the people.  How is that not your concern?  Think he is for the people/ think you can continue living a lie? You can't/ it will fail very soon.  He chose only those who had power; he abandoned every small investor in the car fiasco; and gave the money to unions, he can't get out of the plane (spending billions of your money).  He refuses to work, and politics (wants money for nothing but himself) instead. And much more.  On the other side of that, are the people who don't understand: everybody pays taxes in the form of social security (15.3%; more than the rich; and it goes directly into the federal funds, it is NOT held back as separate.  Social security is broke; as well as medicare; owing over $60 trillion dollars all in IOU's from "the government"/ state taxes/ tax on everything you buy/ and everything you do: IT ADDS UP) so add it all together and see the result.  The people at the top of the income ladder pay virtually nothing.  Get inflated dollars basically for free/  handing us the debts for their gross negligence, and constant handouts to themselves.  It is the machines, who took your jobs.  It is our need that creates jobs/ NOT the money, but those who control the resources claiming (your opportunity to provide for yourself);  it's the money/ it ain't, it's the rich.  But more important than that is claims by the stock market that more goods were sold and manufactured in the last ten years, than in all of human history before.  THAT MEANS, the resources required for our survival, ARE BEING RAPED.  But make no mistake, it is "common" humanity that rapes and pillages and wars against the resources of earth: because I WANT MORE.  If the rich don't stop you.  Add to that the truth, that this presidential election is now going to be decided by the ninety five electorates who have not yet committed.  Those people who DO know how to play the game and get what they want:   HOW is it even possible to believe, "no bribes" are being taken?   They will sell this election, to the highest bidder; and you have no say/ no vote for the president/ and no democracy when even the smallest thing, as is a vote between two parties which select the candidate.  And even then, your vote doesn't  count; because the electoral college decides.  That does, make the election a fraud/ the nation a fool.  Throw out the electoral college, and be a democracy instead. How is that wrong? Remember to include all the people responsible for this mess, not just one man/ not just this immediate moment in time.  Remember, government grows because it takes an army to control all the people/ then it takes bribes to control "the army"/ then it takes counterfeiting and debt to keep them in line.  Then the country is bankrupt, and the murmurs of civil war exist; because we have been betrayed/ enslaved by debts, and our lives changed forever.    DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, so that at least, the last decision we make, will be ours if we fail to put this all back together so we can survive.  The list of threats is very long/ the failure is far more than just money.  The reality a grave, to continue down this road.

In the elemental decisions that face us in this day, there are delusions and fantasies to be dismissed/ truths to be faced whether you like it or not/ realities to be examinedso that we cannot be wrong, or simply die.  Because of insanity; and there are true decisions to be made about our democracy, both state and nation;  our world, and the future we face.  I am not the decision/ I am merely "the messenger"; enforcing the truth, "you cannot simply walk away or hide, from all this tragedy coming. It is neither your right/ nor is it possible to survive, unless we face our truth as a planet.  That is simply the facts, that must be investigated: TO PROVE; "what happens, when this goes wrong".  Redress, the reality of law provided by democracy through our constitution; is not a game.  Federal and state trials  going on today.  Nothing is more important, than the survival of life on earth.  The summation of this work proves, I am not playing; because the evidence proves we are threatened, WITH EXTINCTION.  Therefore "worth your time" to understand.  DON'T believe me;   believe the evidence or prove it is wrong.  But remember this: when gambling with an entire earth, and all its life: THERE IS NO "going back".  Once past the point of no return, we simply die.  The primary site is www.justtalking3.info

Something about you/ something about me.

 Another extreme threat being:  "they can do anything they want with nature itself".  Even though it is absolutely proven that the intertwining of species, the mutilating of DNA can produce horrific results:  including pandemic's/ complete disassembly of the body/ chimera's (bodies combined with other creatures, etc) or monsters for simple.  And VERY much more, bringing nature into chaos that cannot be reversed.   Ask yourself deliberately:   ARE YOU WILLING TO LET THEM BE WRONG?    And many more threats as well.

          Are you willing to understand,the experiment to recreate the single most destructive event in the history of the universe;  is not so simple as these assume.


In the elemental democracy that is "us/ a humanity";   we do NOT need to allow ANYONE to gamble with our lives, our planet, our future, the children, or this environment.  That means in these legal trials as found on this site; FEDERAL, STATE the right to intervene and stop those whose experimentations DO THREATEN US ALL, even with extermination; (tragedies) is absolute.   We can demand a moratorium on this experimentation/ we can take away the tools, the money, and the rights enforcing criminal law on terrorists;   we can "disconnect their electricity"/ or stop paying the government with a legal tax revolt, or stop paying the utilities/ or take every cent away from any industry that refuses us in the stock market or other.  We can enforce our rights to govern both this nation and ourselves, by the constitutional law called redress of grievances.  We can save ourselves, because we must:    Our leaders have constructed this day, and we are surrounded by threats, and debts, and a future that no longer exists;   unless we prepare it ourselves.  Therefore discussions on power and rights and democracy and disciplines are on these sites/ your options to do the best you can;   are given their opportunity.  The sites I provide are linked through www.justtalking3.info.  The rest is up to you. A forum will help/ but someone else must be found to monitor it; I will not.


By the descriptions of our knowledge, we become able to shape and change our future.  By the understanding, LIFE MUST COME FIRST/ we realize in this day; that, that simply is not so.  Instead we are threatened in every conceivable way;   we are attacked, by people playing god.  We are bankrupted by people who want to be our rulers, thereby making us their slaves with an inflation we do not share in (that gives them free numbers to spend, anyway they want; including stealing your property, with counterfeit money).  We are in need of jobs/ there are plenty, if we share the work/ by using limited capitalism; we become equal.  By using redress of grievances, a constitutional law:   we are the owners, and will change what we will change; both state and nation.  Business is important/ the university and politicians and everyone of us are important: because we are equal as life.  Respect all who choose life first/ respect NONE who play god, or think of life and planet, as their toy.  We CANNOT continue to take anything you want.  We are 7 billion people,/ standing roughly as one human being per acre of growing land on this planet.  This world is dying because of our destruction, the reality of numbers/ your want.  Being wrong is not an option, or we all die.  Already the evidence proves that is so.  Therefore we must make our decision today, for life first or not.  But remember this;   without life, nature, planet, peace, securities, resources, etc; there is no peace/ only war or death.  Search for the truth; save our world. That is what you are asked to do, here on this site, and in these trials, both state and nation.  Not believe/ but investigate; think for yourself, it is your life or death too.  Understanding we cannot be wrong; or we're dead.  The experts have derailed global warming even though ice melt clearly proves it/ once the ice is too far gone, the weather changes forever.  The experts  have derailed ozone depletion "the storehouse of excess oxygen", this planet did produce over thousands of years if not more.  We burn more oxygen than this earth can produce/ a proven fact.


On this elemental path to constitutional construction by law, the foundation presented is:   our employees shall obey the law called redress of grievances/ and be accountable for their actions.  Therefore two distinct trials are in effect as of this time.  US federal tax court 11108-12L   and a yet to be docketed case in the IL supreme court titles as "THIS CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CASE"/ the conspiracy...    The more decisive filings are presented on this page/ the full cases are presented at the two links above.  The primary site is www.justtalking3.info

 The critical foundation presented being: that I, being a citizen of this nation USA, and this state of ILLINOIS have been promised, and distinctly guaranteed the foundation of democracy called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.   The legal right, to demand by trial, an accounting from our employees in governance: so that we the owners here/ SHALL JUDGE if our contract "the constitution" either state or federal has been kept.  Their oath of office;  honored or destroyed.

The constitution guarantees to us, a society governed by its preamble and its two distinct other foundations of government:   the declaration of independence & the bill of rights.  The constitution allows and mandates, that our employees hired to do the work of governing SHALL obey the mandates of their employment as clearly written within these documents;  and be limited by the freedoms or liberties that we have promised to ourselves.

The US district court, being presented with the mandate under article 3; that it must make the states obey their constitutional guarantees to each citizen: they must protect the constitution;   concludes, as follows.   Their complaint "enough is enough" identifies the reality of their previous decisions.

The critical question of democracy is: WHO IS willing to fight for our rights/ the laws we inherited, the realities of our lives, our future, and our world? To date this federal case 11108-12L and its barricade is engaged; have proven the federal courts do not desire to obey constitutional law. To date this state of IL supreme court case/ appealing 4-12-0429 has not been accepted as a means of stealing our constitutional guarantees from us/ the blockade is thereby attacked. Even so, the reality of democracy is: either we work together to defend ourselves by constitutional law/ OR those whose only real desire is to rule us with irrelevant rules shall continue to overcome; and expand the damage they have already done.
Work to communicate/ demand to investigate/ identify those who are helping, and those who are hindering democracy as constitutional law. And fight for your world/ this nation: because it is NECESSARY. WE ARE threatened severely in many different ways.

case docket number   11108-12L       dated 7/ 13/ 12

a first amendment trial, of the US constitution

the summary demand:   obey the constitutional first amendment/ or be accused of treason.                  Make your decision!



NOTHING IS MORE UNCONSTITUTIONAL, than to refuse the constitution as written/ to refuse the foundation of democracy which is:   WE THE PEOPLE rule ourselves by the law we create.  That law accepted and understood as our government/ our law; NOT your law, but our law is the constitution itself.  The appeal of case Case 4-12-0429        www.trialoflife.info for a more spread out view.


To the IL IRS;    Box 19006   Springfield IL 62794-9006:   Your action exists to refuse my day in court/ which is the only reason a tax has not been paid.  Provide my legally guaranteed constitutional right/ and I will pay whatever I do literally owe.


You may have a forum as realistic to the purpose here, IF someone can be found to monitor it.

A requirement as established earlier, when forums left alone/  became overrun with "trash and garbage".  I am not going to do it; simple as that.


The document "money again"(do read it)/ its your life.      Working with Facts

This Work Reviewed

THE GUARANTEED LAW, that is a constitutional right equal in every participation of a courtroom, with the freedoms called "religion/ speech/ and press".   REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, is the law, a legal right; just like the other three.

Join THE PETITION:  Therefore class action is not only deserved, but WE THE PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO HEAR WHAT AND WHY, the court itself has evaded and denied us this guaranteed law of the constitution both state and nation.      DEMAND CLASS ACTION STATUS FOR THIS TRIAL 4-12-0429


JOIN THE PETITION:     The reality is, under due diligence/ the process that is identified as justice for WE THE PEOPLE, as to what I demand,  represents the foundation of democracy itself:    TO PRESENT OWNERSHIP of this nation as WE THE PEOPLE, under our constitutional law.

  Rather this is a jurisdiction that invades the courtroom to demand that each and every single citizen has rights here/ that we all have a legitimate hearing here:   TO DISCOVER and IDENTIFY,   WHY, the first amendment clause of LEGAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES has not been provided to WE THE PEOPLE!





Useable History Bet Your Life Passage Of Time Not Easy Presence Into The Wall






DON'T DESTROY CHOOSE LIFE FIRST, for this planet, and our souls.    We must work for a future. It is no longer a guarantee.

That is the summation of this work and these petitions!

The purpose of these two final trials, in court.  They are your trials, because they do represent the constitutional guarantees given to us all.  Thereby "your business/ your government;  same as mine".  They are not fundamentally about me/ these trials are about the constitution, our democracy, and citizen rights.  Which means, "even if I die/ you may continue these trials without me".  YOU DO, have my permission.

The distribution paper;   the court exhibits;   even more threats  

This site now moves to the simple task of bringing the opportunity  to choose as a democracy:   the very critical question.   Do we the people demand:  that our lives/ our nature/ our future/ our world/ and even our planet MUST NOT be gambled with, unless it is by our very own direction and decision.

The purpose of these petitions,  is:  so that we may force constitutional intervention, thereby establishing the clear and simple right:   OF AN INVESTIGATION, THE EXAMINATION OF TRUTH (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) AND THREATS BY THEIR REALITY, AND THE DECISION, THAT IS OUR democracy, therefore our decision, "AS WE THE PEOPLE".

          THE PETITION:   OUR EMPLOYEES OF GOVERNMENT MUST OBEY THE LAW, including constitutional redress.



400 second street NW, Washington DC 20217

James Frank Osterbur
2191 county road 2500 E. St. Joseph, IL 61873
social security #___-__-___
www.justtalking3.info www.trialoflife.info
United States of America

commissioner of the internal revenue

Michael T. Shelton
200 W Adams st. Suite 2300
Chicago IL 60606
William J Wilkins Chief counsel
Thomas R. Thomas, division counsel
Miriam A. Howe Area counsel
Elke E. Franklin, Associate area counsel

case docket number 11108-12L

dated 7/ 3/ 12
a first amendment trial, of the US constitution

The identity of a nation, the preamble of the US constitution/ the bill of rights/ and the declaration of independence: each of which unites us, and is the FOUNDATION; CARRIED forth BY LAW: to its rightful RESPECTED PLACE in the governance of this nation.


THE LAW IS: first amendment redress of grievances

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
To legally participate in redress: (we demand answers) as we the people in this our government, by demanding accountability and ownership, over our nation; as we the people under law. This Requires, A courtroom and its jury shall identify the right, by their vote: to call a greater audience, thereby to demand by majority a trial. The decision: IF WE SHALL investigate "this grievance" in our own presence, as a people? By examining the evidence, demanding the truth, punishing those who refuse. In trial, for the clear purpose to decide for ourselves: what is the truth; as best we can.
To discover: if we have or have not, been betrayed, or turned to disaster; to decide for ourselves, if there is a better way to achieve both society and governance as we desire it to be under the constitution.
as a democracy.

28 USC 453: Each justice or judge of the United States shall take the following oath or affirmation before performing the duties of his office: "I, XXX XXX, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as XXX under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God."

THE PURPOSE of an oath, is to assure all involved that what is expected is known, and fundamentally committed too, by the one taking the oath/ thereby subject to its confines and punishments if not upheld.
In this trial 11108-12L the most serious of offenses and criminal acts have been placed on trial/ confronting those whose actions can only be deemed as traitorous and beyond the bounds of reason and sanity. Our lives are threatened by a listing of evidence which when proven correct means: that the future of all peace and happiness has been terminated; the possibility our entire planet can be destroyed is evident; our nature which is DNA, the translations required by every body of life to survive and rebuild itself is being mutilated; our environment is being destroyed as a world; our resources upon which we all depend for work and life are being massacred; our money has been dissolved by ruinous leadership; and our democracy has been supplanted with treason, the judiciary intentionally organized to withhold and destroy a foundation guarantee to every citizen called first amendment redress of grievances. And more.

An oath destroyed, by so many; in direct denial of our legal rights, our lives, our democracy, and even our right to survive; given away for greed, pride, and arrogance/ an endless want to enslave the rest for their own purposes, games, toys, trophies, delusions, fantasies, and ultimately the tragedy of us all dead/ because these leaders at every level have failed us all. So says the evidence already presented.

The establishment of this trial asserts:
1. That our lives, our nation, your children, and our world are being threatened with energy experiments that are now beyond the level of clear and certain survival as a planet. The evidence shows: (a) that machines are being built (ELI, extreme light infrastructure), which if successful are intended to create a laser equal to the heat from our sun, hitting this entire earth/ focused in one tiny laser beam expected to be quote "about one million times more powerful than 10 billion 100 watt light bulbs./ and a fourth machine is coming with beams twice as powerful." A fire so ferocious, fusion (the ignition, and subsequent sustaining; of atomic bonds burning is guaranteed); same fire as is on the sun, here on earth. Destroying us all! "Simple satan"/ for lack of a better word. If their theories are correct, and it works/ the earth becomes a sun; and all life dies.
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS!

(b) that a machine is created and now in use for the purpose of creating fusion on earth called the national ignition facility(nif). Gambling with this entire planet, that they can in fact control the same fire as is on the sun, here on earth: because in theory, "fusion cannot be sustained here, because there is insufficient gravity here". Or more directly: these scientists are betting every existence on this planet, that their theory is correct/ EVEN THOUGH, they do not have a clue about what gravity actually is. Regardless of that fact, our leaders fund them through our taxes. Their proof of concept, that they can create fusion here is: "That pulse of energy lasted for just 23 billionth of a second, yet it generated 411 trillion watts of power. NIF said 1000 times more than the entire USA consumes in at any given instant". Quote, "we will generate 180 million degrees F (supernova explosion 18-54 million degrees F). Densities of environment equal to 1,000 grams per cubic centimeter (1,ooo times the density of a solid in stellar/ stars and planets; interiors; more than a core-collapsing supernova), and pressures more than 100 billion times as large as earth's atmosphere. Quote, "only three places in our universe have produced anything close: the big bang/ an exploding star/ thermonuclear explosions. Now available for laboratory experiments. What could go wrong? Ever hear of an engineering disaster! Take a look at the sun, "right here on earth, where everything is fuel"/ all of us, everything about this earth: dependent upon their theory, "not enough gravity here", to sustain the fire. They will point to thermonuclear weapons and say, "see, it doesn't last". But this is an entirely different machine than a bomb/ THIS is designed to hold all that energy into one tiny spot; or more simply to force the energy released, back in upon itself. That is, the basic process that forms a black hole as well, as the potential for fusion. No possibility if it remains lit/ that we can put it out. PROVE me wrong? Can't, without gambling with this entire world. For a trophy, "we played god". If their theories are proven wrong, this earth becomes a sun, and we all die.
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS!
(c) The energy experiment at CERN is built, for the singular purpose of "recreating the single most destructive event in the history of this entire universe; the big bang". Right here on earth, by revisiting the critical means of weakening atomic structure so as to prepare it for instantaneous collapse and explosion". These are processes beyond the limits of time, where action and reaction control each other/ once achieved: it becomes "eternal", and cannot be stopped. Therefore it will do exactly what it did prior to the big bang; destroying the atomic disciplines which hold all matter and energy together. Gambling with the entire planet, everything, and every life on earth: as a toy. The machine is now being rebuilt to operate at twice the power of before 7 trillion volts. That does represent the expansion of atomic structure by increasing the orbital existence or distance of an electron from its center point called a proton neutron nucleus. So that the proton can be dislodged, and the explosion as established by the collision of two protons being directed into each other; as if a train wreck, from opposite directions into each other, at the speed of light. That explosion represents a force, that will accelerate protons already moving at the speed of light/ that pass through the destruction, like a nascar driver through a track wreck. Some will escape, and be accelerated. We cannot go back. If their theories and purposes to recreate the single most destructive event in the history of the universe, are proven correct: then how can our fate on this planet be different?
Failure in each of these; is death to this world/ that does mean it is terrorism!
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS!

2. That the life experiments, the literal and real mutilation of nature through DNA, the instructions that build a body of life: are terrorism, without the slightest doubt, giving the enemy of life (those who refuse to care); an ability to destroy us all.

Their words, as useful are: "Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal, by producing chimeras- a hybrid creature that is part human/ part animal.....successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs....created pigs with human blood...create mice with human brains...watching how human cells mature in a different living creature..for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals. Artificial life refers to, "not only life as we know it/ but life as it might be". Synthetic biology is: synthetic cells, organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, and origins. "Going to rebuild life on earth as men want to play with it (mine)". First human embryo's cloned....."created an organism with manmade DNA....worth more than a trillion dollars....its pretty stunning when you just replace DNA software in the cell. The cell instantly starts reading that new softward, starts making a whole different set of proteins, and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges; Venter said". ...ultimately synthetic biology means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build BIO-WEAPONS. Virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet. The danger is not bio-terror, but bio-error. Biological samples, sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in corporate labs thousands of miles away. Synbio-dubbed genetic engineering on steroids- is inspired by the convergence of nano-scale biology, computing and engineering: "Using a laptop computer, published gene sequence information and mail-order DNA just about anyone has the potential to construct genes or entire genomes from stratch; including lethal pathogens". Or more simply from me: people will be able to mutilate you, simply by making you breathe their concoctions. Once inside; it is too late. Women are particularly vulnerable as the living incubator of life, those who want "something other than human" : want you. This is far worse than any other form of terrorism, as the consequences are not essentially instantaneous, but absolutely HORRIFIC. Nature is DNA, the building of a life body/ the instructional format and capability to use that body for yourself. Mutilation is: a different purpose, to bring nature into chaos, "to play god/ we are the creators"; to cause evolution by their own design. Nothing is more deliberately disrespectful of life and body, than to mutilate it. Nothing is more disastrous to our survival, than to play with everything we need to survive, as if it were nothing more than your toy. Nothing is more distinctly religious, than to believe in what cannot be true: "We will be gods"/ unless you understand, the only god mutilation will let you be is death. The defined purpose of geneticists world wide is: to dissolve the genetic disciplines/ the balance of body and mind/ to cause intentional collapse of everything nature is: so they can then believe, "we WILL learn how to put it back together as we want! Nothing is more worthy of the word SATAN (there is no other word to describe it, other than devil). Nothing is more correctly identified as a cult: than those who are so unable to defend themselves, even when clear death and destruction of everything they value is immanent: they still cannot or will not react even to save themselves: as is the current situation in this nation, even world. Because it would kill their beliefs, and ruin the trust they bet their lives, their future, and their children on: "the university is our savior". So they gamble & die instead/ of ending INSANITY.
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS! Let the people LEARN HOW HORRIFIC THIS CAN AND WILL BECOME; DESTROYING THEIR LIVES, THEIR HOPES, AND THEIR ENTIRE WORLD. LET THE LAW called Justice, identify the truth. Not the temptations/ but the reality of failure, the consequence all life on earth cannot be repaired. "The living dead", will arrive.

3. The elemental horrors of a world filled with weapons of mass destruction, that are now falling into the hands of "many people" across this world. Presents us with the fact: release of biological weapons CANNOT be undone/ they are expected to kill over 97% of humanity or more. The dead, will take care of the rest. It is said, that merely twenty five nuclear bombs exploded somewhere on the earth/ is enough, to destroy what we need to survive as humanity. It is known, the missiles created in the "deception, of going to the moon"/ are able to carry at least ten individual nuclear bombs that can be released individually: enough to flatten New York City with one missile; carrying an average of 20 megaton each/ that is individually over 200 megaton/ combined but released over seconds individually it becomes a bomb equivalent in power to roughly 1,000 megatons of explosive in one location. Dropped in the ocean, it is an immense tsunami. There is, "an aftermath". The use of chemical weapons as have already been demonstrated establish: not only death of millions with one release/ but blindness, and many other complications as well. THESE, ARE CALLED YOUR SAVIORS/ the reason no more war here. But reality now says: just one small bomb, delivered by terrorists, can become cause for retaliation that then becomes a war of mass destruction/ just one fool in charge; and in seconds, it can be too late, "to go back".
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS! LET THEM CONSIDER THE TRUTH: WORLD LAW (decided by all the people themselves) , AN INTERNATIONAL COURT (none allowed "special status"), WITH A POLICE FORCE (from every nation, with term limits, and a focus on law/ NOT rules), that primarily deals only with leaders; and their failure to obey the law. Rule instead. Weapons of mass destruction then peacefully destroyed, same time for all/ go get those who refuse, or kill those leaders, as a world.

4. The elemental reality of our own existence as humanity is in peril/ for the cause of many reasons: our water is attacked/ our oxygen required by fire as well is being consumed faster than it is created/ our food is being mutilated and endangered by false practices that cannot survive without antibiotics/ our pollinators are being destroyed/ our oceans are being devastated/ our environment is in trouble/ every chain of life is threatened/ our population has exploded past the point of sustain-ability/ species extinction is imminent/ pollution and the ransacking and rape of every resource is occurring at rates nature cannot repair/ the ozone (oxygen reserve/ critical radiation shield) is soon gone/ the ice is melting, proving global warming/ the ocean currents that feed the creatures of the sea are slowing/ tremendous weights in trillions of pounds are being displaced by water from underground, glacial melt; which will bring volcanos and earthquakes we have never seen before/ the weather is shifting/ Yellowstone volcano will erupt if we do not intervene by removing the gases that cause an explosion to occur/ and MUCH MORE, are all evidence we no longer have a future, our existence on this planet is threatened.
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS! The means to legally investigate all accusations, examine all the evidence by truth as best we can/ punish those who lie, or refuse to testify properly; and establish by our own vote: whatever we the people decide/ as is democracy unleashed.

5. The critical call of democracy itself is: that we the people/ the owners of this nation, state, etc; shall rule ourselves by the law we create to govern our rights, establish our freedoms, and seek a foundation that will survive and be happy for those who come beyond us. Democracy is not a government of rules/ because rules, are what makes rulers! To rule ourselves, we must have law. LAW IS, a truth identified that must be accepted, as a reality of life and society; thereby protecting and defending our lives/ RATHER THAN controlling our lives or society or business, etc. LIBERTY IS, the defining of truths, that become a foundation which gives and supports EQUALITY, JUSTICE, AND FAIR PLAY for every individual in society. FREEDOM IS: the functional reality of truth, that gives support to the words, "unless I threaten you, LIFE, or your property substantially; as the public will decide". I am free to decide my own life, for myself/ you have no say: it is mine! JUSTICE is: the critical decision that allows no one to become an example/ but everyone to understand, "same for all". FAIR PLAY asserts and demands: DO NOT trespass onto my life, or property by any means, unless it is absolutely necessary for survival. DO NOT violate my life, or cause me harm even when necessary, if there is a better way. I am owed, "what is important to you/ shall understand and respect, this is important to me". GOVERNMENT IS: the contractual agreement with ourselves, bound in one or more documents, that establish our rights, and the responsibilities owed to us by our employees. As is a constitution, and its accompanying definitions called the bill of rights/ and declaration of independence. The right of resources is a living thing, owed to the people themselves. The rights of an economy are: limited by capitalism to SHARE WITH US/ do not enslave us, and we will give you a FAIR reward.
TO ACHIEVE THESE ENDS: it is absolutely necessary for democracy, that the people create, write, define, and establish by their own vote: EXACTLY WHAT THE LAW shall be for themselves, and all who visit or work here.
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS!

6. The complete failure of government employees to protect our nation/ ourselves from financial turmoil as is demonstrated by plaintiffs exhibit 3 the federal reserve flow of funds chart table L.5 establishes a new and different method must be found to insure this does not happen again. That requires a constitutional amendment regarding debts, and how they are created. The elemental path that begins criminal negligence of the legislature/ judicial/ and executive branches of government with regard to this failure: the lies that debt is not inflation/ thereby allowing the theft of us all by numbers given to a very few for themselves, and against we the people, making us in effect slaves to their numbers. MUST BE DEALT WITH, before it turns to civil war. That method is through bankruptcy of the nation itself/ a return to reality, with numbers and expectations that prove we are in control of our money, as owners of this nation; and shall return to our lives, "numbers called money/ that are legitimate, a fair representation of work and life" as we the people. What is fair to all/ as best we can. Determined through the courtroom of investigation/ examined through the courtroom by reality of life/ and chosen by vote what will be, as a people: one vote/ one citizen, majority rules.
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS!
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW IS: Let the fourth amendment be proven true: "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, AGAINST ALL unreasonable searches and seizures, NOT be violated..." Let the seventh amendment recognize: that in this controversy, the right of the people to be their own jury is preserved as democracy enforced. Let the thirteenth amendment be raised as defense against those who claim their numbers give them rights to enslave the rest/ UNDERSTANDING, that numbers gained through lies, cheating, and thereby stealing Are NOT justified nor fair. Let the fourteenth amendment be established to prove: it is a court case that decides, by the law of our democracy which is, "we are the owners here/ sovereign as the people who are the authority under constitutional law". Protected against privileges that gave our money to others/ hiding the truth, it was in fact inflation; and we the people did not share. Rather this lie/ theft/ and cheating; became a betrayal of our lives, our work, our property, and our families. Due process of law demands we shall investigate and determine for ourselves: what is fair! Our law/ our nation/ our democracy/ our constitution/ our justice, under the concepts and purposes of our contractual constitutional agreement with ourselves. Let each one understand: DEMOCRACY IS NEITHER SMALL, NOR LIMITED, except by the people themselves, through their own constitution and its law governing society. An employee, is simply an employee.

7. TRUTH AND JUSTICE shall be returned to the courtroom/ where it belongs. Constitutional redress of grievances as interpreted and accepted by WE THE PEOPLE shall be incorporated as the law of this land/ because it is the law. The rule of our agreement with ourselves is: That the future of this United States of America shall be: "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America".

Given that direction, definition, and purpose, the reality of our choices in creating a better democracy for ourselves, than is this failure governed largely by fantasies. WE MUST accept the duty to rebuild foundations for our own protection and defense. As we the people choose by our own vote. NOT a new nation/ but a return to the nation and words which created our democracy for ourselves. A demand: our employees shall NEVER do this again/ by limiting the power of government, and choosing the methods most likely to become true freedom and trusted liberties for us all. We begin with: taxation shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Thereby know: regardless of what you have been told, that the accumulation of taxes is the true level to which we are subjected. Or more simply ADD IT UP: income/ property/ state/ sales/ healthcare/ social security/ miscellaneous everything taxes, penalties and fees. A new amendment guaranteeing to all the people a combined tax of not more than __________shall be enacted. With that comes the demand: NO MORE tax forms written by anyone other than the people who shall be using them/ then voted upon by us all: with fines and penalties by us, for us, against "us". With that comes, NO MORE IRS as a separate entity/ RATHER it will be a bid upon (every four years) contract existing in every state and county. An independent business, that is responsible to the people there/ and shall be audited as needed or desired by the people themselves.
You will understand: that the judiciary has refused constitutional law in case after case, both state and nation/ refused the constitutional law called redress. The judiciary chose in case after case to declare instead "frivolous/ gibberish/ incomprehensible/ and other forms of ridicule and disrespect to coverup the truth: this is law. They chose to hide by deceit and trickery, a constitutional guarantee; using the word denied; without substance, merit, or law/ without even a signature by a judge in the US supreme court (which is illegal, a secretary cannot dismiss a case). Even though the penalty for that if enforced is harsh, the reality criminal, and the consequence is "traitor". For these people to then choose against the law, as a united front; and enforce upon themselves the definition of ORGANIZED CRIME; the reality betrayal. Behind closed doors/ hiding in the darkness are the people who choose judges, and enforce obedience "or else". There are gangsters who control the court, manipulating our nation, state, and world! DEMANDED OF THE NATION: Open the doors/ investigate, and examine the facts: to identify treason.

Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS!

8. The elemental purpose of healthcare is: LIFE deserves LIFE/ until such time as the rest must pay for you. At that moment, it is what we deserve and decide within the balance, "if it was me/ then this would be fair". Within the reality: there is, only so much we can or will do, for you.
Healthcare requires competition/ therefore the medical industry that creates an education shall be changed dramatically to incorporate as much knowledge as possible EARLY in life and studies. Thereby reducing the need/ and expanding the competition, "I know how". NO FURTHER monopolies shall ever be created;/ those responsible for failing to educate SUFFICIENT NUMBERS, will be removed/ punished/ and severely fined. Therefore a constitutional amendment declaring how many "competent people, in each part of medicine" shall be delivered to society per 1000 people: to meet their needs, shall be established.

Healthcare costs are governed by life/ therefore life decides who is allowed to die, and what must be paid by a percentage of income; with a small tax applied for the maintenance of buildings, tools, etc. Those who provide healthcare shall be paid for what they do/ but the patient shall pay the state, and the state shall pay the doctor, and staff in accordance with reality of what is or is not done. Thereby all people of every income shall receive the same base level of care/ and the medical professional not be influenced by wealth. It will be a crime to bribe/ if caught it will be a half year salary for acceptance/ and double the cost of treatment for the patient. There SHALL BE an online accounting of patient survey and comment, with a clear level of competency shown for all doctors and staff: easily accessible at all times to the public. There will be NO insurance necessary for medical care/ the only insurance will be for the people themselves, who shall provide it for themselves in case of unfortunate consequences. If however there is medical malpractice of substance, or on purpose/ then the matter goes to criminal court.
Social security is a relationship with your duties in regard to maintaining the health and well-being of your own government. The failure to do that, establishes the following: every person reaching the established age of retirement shall receive the same, if needed. The law is: that a percentage of GDP shall be voted upon by the public to provide to these retirees, and they shall use and spend that money, whatever it is: for themselves, by their vote. The entire amount is divided up, and provided to social security organizations who shall then provide it to themselves as they decide by vote. This includes medicare, and you will establish for yourselves: when it is time for this body to die. There is NO MORE saying "let the children be our slaves"/ that is over. You will spend within your means, as the nation is able to provide. You will stop sacrificing your children/ stop stealing their future/ stop destroying their world: or face HELL.

Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS! LET THE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND: that the US supreme court has in fact now dissolved "obama care"/ with the words it is a tax. Because nothing in the words used to write the bill, describe it as a tax. The people who voted for the bill, then voted for something entirely different: which means the bill as written has no meaning, because it does not describe obedience to the law. The mandate to pay and punish was dissolved/ the vote to tax the citizen did not occur. It goes back to the floor of congress: either to change it; verifying it is a tax they created, and intended to create. Or it is a bill they will then reject instead: because today that bill has no power/ it is not passed as a tax. Therefore if it is a tax, as the court demands: it must be passed as a tax, or it has no legal right to exist. The court cannot rewrite the law/ only congress.

9. Free press is a guarantee of the constitution. Free press does not exist, unless there is access to the communications necessary/ the audience required to fight for democracy and defend our freedoms. Free press is a reality of ownership/ by the people themselves: so that individuals or organizations CANNOT control the news, or the journalist. That means in truth and trust for the sake of democracy itself: every news outlet shall be completely independent, and not affiliated with any other/ and each shall be responsible for what they do. National news, what is important to society itself: must then return to the people. The monopolies dissolved, and the people protected by freedom instead of the current: "We will, make sure you never work again/ because we own it all; if you disobey us".
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS!

10. Freedom of religion is required, so long as you don't threaten society, life, or environment. Religion is NOT allowed in this USA government/ but it has been invaded by the religion called evolution. They have proven nothing but adaption: to sign and seal of "perfect design"/ NOT a living body can be built one piece at a time: that is insanity. Their priests being directly responsible for the mutilation of everything in nature/ because they believe they can be "better gods" than creation itself. This is illegal in government. This is proven by the word mutilation and EXACTLY WHAT THAT MEANS; to be against both society and life/ a destroyer and a traitor in our midst. IT MUST be removed in its entirety/ and these priests brought to trial to determine the damage already done has consequences.
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS!

11. The legal right to speak in defense of our nation, is identified directly by REDRESS of GRIEVANCES. As the law does state. The legal right of this people to know, who does and does not represent RESPECT AND DUTY to life and even this nation: CANNOT be dismissed by a judge. CANNOT be legally thrown from court. It is the law. It is our duty to defend this nation. It is not a political act or discretion when that grievance, that speech is used to identify TRUE AND CRITICAL THREATS against us all.
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS!

12. The elemental right of democracy is: THIS IS OURS! The critical truth of governance is the agreement which creates a nation or state/ THAT IS THEN A CONTRACT, forming the identity, and describing the purpose and the design of what, and why we chose to be united as one nation. Therefore it is these words, in America: the constitution/ the bill of rights/ and the declaration of independence: that are sovereign. That are the government of this American people. Their employees, shall never be called "the government" again. Because they are employees, and not owners as are WE THE PEOPLE.
Demanded of the court: LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, their own fate/ THROUGH REDRESS! LET AN AMENDMENT to the constitution itself, declare it to be so.

I, James F. Osterbur: do hereby declare, that a true and correct copy of this first filing has been mailed to the following parties at the addresses so listed: by certified mail (to the court). Placing the parcel, in the US postal service/ as prepaid mail on the date of 7/ 3 / 12

US TAX COURT 400 second street NW, Washington DC 20217

the internal revenue service Brookhaven appeals
1040 Waverly ave. Stop 906
Holtsville NY 11742 refer reply to: AP:FE:LI-BR2: JXS

BOX 249
MEMPHIS TN 38101-0249

CINCINNATI OH 45999-0030

Michael T. Shelton
200 W Adams st. Suite 2300
Chicago IL 60606



This is the appeal of 2011 TR 022442 the demand that redress extends to the jury/ and threats that can exterminate us all, MUST be addressed by the constitutional law that gives us the power to demand NOT only accountability. BUT THE FACT: YOU SHALL NOT GAMBLE WITH OUR LIVES/ NATURE/ OR PLANET. Without our consent as a people.

This is a constitutional guarantee/ a legal right that CANNOT be denied: because it is the law; granted by a constitution which governs this nation and state. This is our right to fight for our lives, our nature, and our planet: because WE TRULY ARE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION. Therefore none, can truly stand in our way. The determination of we the people: because without direct attention and actions by the people of this democracy/ there is NO possibility of a "true legal outcome". YOU MUST ENFORCE DEMOCRACY/ YOU MUST DEMAND THE MEDIA ACCEPT THEIR DUTY: or it will not come.

The exhibits and filings (court documents)
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Second Filing Transcript Review Gen 4-12-0429
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Reply Letter to Circuit Clerk
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filed in tax  court;  the demand  "our leaders must obey the law.
This is the US tax court case extending the order, by democracy that "our employees MUST OBEY THE LAW". All of them/ president, judiciary, police, irs, etc! The evidence has been collected and proven. The reality of redress denied is no longer an assumption/ but a conspiracy without doubt.
However, UNLESS YOU PARTICIPATE as we the people demanding our constitutional rights and law through reasonable legal civil actions/ nothing good will happen for you.
This is your case, I am a citizen demanding my guaranteed constitutional rights/ the same guaranteed to you. I have been denied This is the reality of trial that demands change, the call of democracy which demands: WE RULE OURSELVES. Because this is our constitutional law, our nation, and guaranteed rights: We CANNOT legally be denied/ through redress we will make our employees accountable to us. So says the constitution. Choose, we the people: "Owners/ or slaves".

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Tax Court Filing 2
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Writ and motion for cease and desist
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Preparations for Trial
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Appellate Remembering
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IL Supreme Court 6-18-12
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Illinois IRS Retruns , Tax Revolt
Champaign Urbana Sanitary District   My Reply    Civil Rights     My Reply to Sewer filing   Charities   Sent Sanitary 5   IL Attorney general






DON'T DESTROY CHOOSE LIFE FIRST, for this planet, and our souls.    We must work for a future. It is no longer a guarantee.

That is the summation of this work and these petitions!

The purpose of these two final trials, in court.  They are your trials, because they do represent the constitutional guarantees given to us all.  Thereby "your business/ your government;  same as mine".  They are not fundamentally about me/ these trials are about the constitution, our democracy, and citizen rights.  Which means, "even if I die/ you may continue these trials without me".  YOU DO, have my permission.

But the reality is, these demands can only be implemented and established for society through the law.  THEREFORE, the constitution is resurrected from the grave, it has been thrown into:   AND "THE LEADERS" OF THIS SOCIETY CONFRONTED WITH :    YOU MUST OBEY OUR LAWS TOO!  Same for all/ everyone EQUAL by the constitution and its true law, designed as that preamble describes: regardless of employee position. "It's a job/ NOT the opportunity to rule.  Democracy means: WE THE PEOPLE do rule here/ by the law we create for ourselves


   The appeal that awaits your decision/ as it has no value unless supported by society itself;  a democracy established in the law:   fundamentally accepts the task of building a new and better democracy by understanding, the constitutional guarantee called redress is not a game/ but a true legal right.  It will demand that the constitution is "OUR GOVERNMENT"/ therefore our employees must obey its direction and definitions applied and chosen by we the people.  Functionally  the most important words in that document, exists as the preamble.  "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America."

          The courtroom has proven to be in contrast to this goal/ this demand placed upon every citizen and sworn by every high official to obey:   has been treated as "sewer waste".    Our lives, and our money; have been stolen for purposes we never intended.  Our very existence is THREATENED in ways that are so far beyond every single word of the constitution itself;    that we/ our children/ even our planet can be exterminated when these people who believe themselves to be god (they know), prove themselves wrong.

          The most immediate extreme being:   the demand for fusion, which is the same fire as is on the sun.  their theory is NOT ENOUGH gravity here to sustain it/ therefore a worthless experiment by their own description.  BUT IF WRONG, once fusion is started;  we cannot go back, and the entire planet of earth becomes another sun.  Same fire/ same result;  how is that not true?                 The foundation of most current thinking regarding fusion is exhibited in the assumption that it is fusion that comes from a nuclear bomb.  However what is necessary to understand in this scenario of threat is:  that NIF does NOT represent an explosion expanding to release that energy/ but a machine deliberately containing that explosion to mimic  and exceed the temperatures inside  an exploding supernova star.


          Another extreme threat being:  "they can do anything they want with nature itself".  Even though it is absolutely proven that the intertwining of species, the mutilating of DNA can produce horrific results:  including pandemic's/ complete disassembly of the body/ chimera's (bodies combined with other creatures, etc) or monsters for simple.  And VERY much more, bringing nature into chaos that cannot be reversed.   Ask yourself deliberately:   ARE YOU WILLING TO LET THEM BE WRONG?    And many more threats as well.

          Are you willing to understand,the experiment to recreate the single most destructive event in the history of the universe;  is not so simple as these assume.


WHAT IS BELOW THIS LINE, is a site document that is dedicated to creating a foundation for the work ahead.  It is a "three dimensional" description, of the various needs, rights, and realities that must be dealt with to assert WE THE PEOPLE CAN,         "rebuild this democracy" as we see fit.  Not I/ but we. I am not a decision you can make.  If you don't want too/ then there is nothing more that I can do for you.  But if you do demand:   OUR LIVES are worth more than this failure/ this rebellion by our own employees against us.  If you believe that NONE HAVE A RIGHT, to gamble or threaten our lives or nation/ Then that effort understands, THAT THE LAW ALONE DECIDES.  The right and the reality of constitutional guarantees, that WE THE PEOPLE    ARE, THIS GOVERNMENT/ ourselves.   We do not assign it to our employees:  rather we make them swear, to obey the constitution/ or there will be penalties.  That is the difference, between being ruled/ and ruling ourselves.

 The purpose of it all, is simply:   justice is a reality/ not a rule;    life is a treasure that MUST COME FIRST, for the planet, for nature, in all decisions; not a toy for anyone to play with/ gamble with/ or disgrace.   AND, WHERE THE EXPERIMENTS AND REALITIES WE MUST FACE, ARE THIS EXTREME:  THERE IS NO GOING BACK WHICH MEANS, THE PEOPLE WHO THREATEN ALL LIFE ON EARTH:   are literal terrorists who must be stopped.


This world seeks to live/ but there are those whose experiments at playing god, do seek to kill us all.

 That leaves a single question:   will you let them, or will you stand and shout from your soul, for life itself?

  The choice is yours, the reality we face is declared.  The decision is a discipline of your own heart, the essence of your own soul: a choice, that can only be made by you; each and every one.  Not a game, there are NO second chances; the world itself, and every living thing are on trial/ because we cannot be wrong, and we cannot go back in time, or change a reality through want.  Every leader has proven worthless/ every journalist has proven to be useless/ every greed, lust, and hate has proven to be against us all.  Therefore what is left is, "the rest of us".  The sound, that is WE, the people demanding to own this world, as equals in freedom and life: CAN, and MUST make for ourselves.  As desires and a purpose that are no less than any other, and even as love for a planet that deserves our struggle, because it gave us, and it gives us life in time.

Can you hear your soul!  It is life calling you, to give back.  It is the meaning and method of your existence saying to you: that I need you now!  Truth demands, but the soul survives; not because it has too, rather because your heart leads you to understand: there is no greater moment in time, than this moment.  When life and the existence of a world, its nature, and its value as an experience and expression worth the price can or will, be exterminated by men.  Your choice is, to do what you can do/ or turn away and believe want is all there is.

The exercise of "people power" begins with these two petitions The petition:   FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.  

the petition:    OUR GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES MUST OBEY THE LAW.   What you do with them, determines our future as life in time.   CHOOSE CAREFULLY!

The warning again:    Their claim is: that fusion cannot be sustained here, because of insufficient gravity!  Therefore based ENTIRELY upon this theory, they DO gamble with our entire planet, and every life!  With a fire, that cannot be put out, if they are wrong:  as is the sun, proof positive exists; "a literal lake of fire"!  The machine is CURRENTLY RUNNING.  One second too late, and the earth is forever lost.

The warning again: The crucial step...synthetic genome and transferred it into another kind of common bug.  As this bug multiplied, some of its progeny ditched their own DNA and began using the synthetic genome.  THEN the transformation began.    "Its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA software in the cell.  The cell instantly starts reading that new software, starts making a whole different set of proteins, and in short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges".

Applications of this enabling technology are enormous....weapon-ised microbes...make the most powerful bio-weapons imaginable....limited mostly by our imaginations... unless it is deliberately injected or sprayed into a goat...    NATURE IS DNA, "THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT BUILD OUR BODIES/ ARMAGEDDON IS;   chaos in nature!


The examination of threats IS


THE reality of information presented, is a consequence of endless people "running away & hiding from our reality"; others presenting one pitiful excuse or another and then closing their mind (therefore an answer MUST be in place, to block the exit). That time is over!  Today, if you want to survive, you will take note of the truth:   many of these threats represent! No more, "its too much/ its too little/ its too strong/ its too weak: ETC/ ETC/ ETC!   THESE EXPERIMENTS ARE  "one time only/ no second chances/ no mercy/ no going back in time". EITHER CHOOSE, or accept:  The terrorists who bring them to our door, can and will: destroy our world, our nature, our future.


But remember this: one second too late, and we are dead, or dying in horror.

 Play time is over.  Do, whatever it is, you can HONESTLY do.

EXHIBITS:                  of primary  interest , papers/ sites/ downloads,  containing the quotes: plus, an opposing view, on the very worst.

A; under construction:   the lasers will be the first to operate in the exawatt scale–a quintillion watts.  That is about a million times more powerful than 10 billion 100 watt light bulbs.  And a fourth laser to be built.....twice the power of these three.    By 2015

You are reminded with regards to each, "in opposition" position referred too: that if I am right or wrong is ultimately irrelevant, because I do not threaten you with extinction.  BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE, of the terrorists who have created these threats.

FROM ME IN OPPOSITION to exhibit A: this is a fire so ferocious, that fusion is guaranteed; a planet on fire.  The claim of an energy roughly equal to what the sun brings to this entire planet, in the same second; isolated into "a pencil point"; by men. What could go wrong: "take a look at your sun"!

B; an extreme IMMEDIATE threat: page 1, "411 trillion watts of power" NIF said—1,000 times more than the entire US consumes at any given instant. .....dramatically increase the power ....by the end of this year.....drive toward fusion ignition......we have all the capacity to make it happen in the fiscal year 2012.

page 2, NIF will achieve temperatures of more than ...180 million degrees fahrenheit....pressures more than 100 billion times as large as the earth's atmosphere.

  –only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions.     The BIG BANG.....INTERIOR OF STARS......THERMONUCLEAR WEAPONS. .....laboratory experiments that attempt to reproduce the processes in the sun.....in order to drive the implosion of the ignition capsule....

Page 3.   The equivalent of five million 100 watt light bulbs....result: one miniature star. ....fuel will be compressed to a density 100 times that of solid lead, and heated to more than 100 million degrees celsius- hotter than the center of the sun.......produce energy the way the stars and the sun do...our little star will produce ten to 100 times more energy than we used to ignite it.....the light and warmth that we enjoy from the sun; a star 93 million miles away, are reminders of how well the fusion process works and the immense energy it creates.

"Supernova explosion...much lower than the temperature expected to be achieved in the NIF target.....density.... well below what NIF will achieve.....the extreme neutron density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-(an exploding star- or when two neutron stars". collide.)

FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: the next step if contained is the creation of a black hole; if not fusion. The process:  if the energy absolutely cannot get out/ and more pressure is applied than the environment can withstand, then it must turn inward, and that is what creates a black hole, or dark matter as a result; "for every action/ there WILL be a reaction".  Is that not so!

Idiots suggest/ scientists gamble our entire world on: it takes extreme pressures to sustain a fusion fire (therefore safe)/ because they believe "the sun burns from the inside out";          But we see no fissures. HOWEVER  the primary evidence OF, the processes on the sun, in reality are already discovered.  That a dying sun (getting ready to explode)  goes supernova, and as a result expands to more than 3 times its current size. For this to happen: the core/ mass of the sun must add more fuel to the fire, to increase intensity.(fires grow). For more fuel to be burned than previously, as a supernova proves.  It is absolutely impossible to believe the sun "burns from the inside out".  If it did, all the fuel in question would be already engulfed in flame/ burning quickly; it does not. The evidence of a supernova, ultimately and without question proves this their theory is in doubt.  But there is no doubt regarding what a fire released on earth just like the sun will do: just look at the sun.  The evidence of reality as to what does happen on the sun with fusion is: heat expands, just like the flame on a candle: therefore we know, that the flames are lifted off the surface of the orb/ causing the fuel to be vacuumed up: not fire held down by "their delusions of gravity: which they don't even have a theory for".  Neither is the assumption that combining atomic environments into elements is what creates energy as heat.  While it is true that atomic nuclei combined into different elements does release heat, IT IS NOT the making of a new molecule or element that releases heat.  IT IS THE INTERFERENCE GENERATED, by adding into or subtracting from the orbital arrangements of an atom that causes heat to come forth.  The rhythms/ balance/ disciplines/ and stability of the whole atom/ each atom:  is interrupted and influenced to remove energy, and from that energy releases from the outside (electron field)  atomic environment:  that is heat, from a chemical reaction. NOT the end result which is a different molecule or element/ but the degrading of atomic stability for a length of time.  Heat from a nuclear fire, is the degrading and dissolution of bonds that hold the proton and neutron nucleus together.  In the case of the sun and planetary orbit: the remaining neutron now freed, is attracted first to the remaining mass of the sun itself/ and secondly to all other mass close enough to be influenced: that effect/ represents gravity itself. Therefore it is the fire on the sun that presents the greatest gravity in this solar system. Not the mass.  A greater mass attracts a smaller mass, because there is more degradation, of the nuclear environment; wherever there is more atomic nuclei, in motion.   The sun is NOT hydrogen, held together "by magic".  The sun is a dense rock, being dissolved by fire because the atomic energy of individual orbiting electrons are removed: thereby releasing the potential energy that is a proton at its core, by the resultant chaos, which "shakes the proton"to be melted. The debris field left that is ejected from the sun; consists of  whatever can survive the fire.  WHICH IS, the smallest/ lightest potential element/ that then reassembles itself beyond the flames; and even smaller particles;   as does become the debris field of this fire being ejected: therefore viewed as hydrogen.  It is a result of the flame, NOT a composition of the orb itself.

Add in, that they do expect their "star" shall produce 100 times more energy than they put into it:   they say they put in 1000 times more power than all the electricity used in the USA during the same time. Or by their quote: they must contain an energy equivalent of : 500 million 100 watt light bulbs in their machine. 50,000,000,000 (50 billion) watts, unleashed, in a very tiny area.

DRESS REHEARSAL is over/ nothing left to do, "but create fusion or a black hole/ or a megaton explosion in San Francisco".

C.  Crucifying our world Page 1.  "Is the first microbe that thrives and self-replicates with only a synthetic genome to guide it....forming an artificial chromosome 1 million characters long.   ...motivating force is commercial....could be worth more than one trillion dollars....proof of concept that we can make....changes across the entire genome of an organism....add entirely new functions....create a new range of industrial organisms....produced short strands ....strands reassembled....spliced in.   The crucial step...synthetic genome and transferred it into another kind of common bug.  As this bug multiplied, some of its progeny ditched their own DNA and began using the synthetic genome.  THEN the transformation began.    "Its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA software in the cell.  The cell instantly starts reading that new software, starts making a whole different set of proteins, and in short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges".

applications of this enabling technology are enormous....weaponised microbes...make the most powerful bioweapons imaginable....limited mostly by our imaginations... unless it is deliberately injected or sprayed into a goat...

Page 2.   They're building life.....dubbed genetic engineering on steroids" - is inspired by the convergence of nano-scale biology...mail order synthetic DNA.  "Just about anyone has the potential to construct genes or entire genomes from scratch, including those of lethal pathogens..... scientists predict that within 2-5 years it will be possible to synthesise any virus.....backed by government funding and venture capital.  They aim to commercialize new biological parts, devices, and systems that don't exist in the natural world. some of which are designed for environmental release.... concentrated in the hands of major multinational firms....biological samples, sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in corporate labs thousands of miles away.....tools for synthesising genes and genomes are widely accessible and advancing at break-neck pace....there must be an immediate ban on environmental release of de novo synthetic organisms until wide societal debate and strong governance are in place.....new technologies that will challenge human society and food sovereignty...

Page 3.   ...successfully fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....artificial life refers to the synthesis and simulation ...and also to possible life forms and concepts that man not have occurred ....not only in life "as we know it", but also "life as it might be"....US biotech company announced they have first cloned human embryos.... all embryos died early.... federal policy regarding stem cell research, human cloning, and biotechnology.   

"Building an evolvable physical self-replicating machine is a grand challenge.  The main problem is that the device must be capable of hereditary variation, that is replicating in many configurations-configurations into which it enters unpredictably by mutation. Template replication is the solution found by nature........replication must be maintained by preventing side reactions such as spontaneous ligation, cyclization, product inhibition, and elongation of staggered ends. The last of these three results in every lengthening sequences in a process known as the elongation catastrophe.  The extreme specificity of structure required by the monomers is indirect evidence of some kind of natural ......prior to existence.....life.

FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: as is the reality of the last paragraph made above: biology is NOT a simple mix of chemicals in a pot, stirred.  Mutilations cannot be undone.  Pandemic's cannot be reversed.  Biological weapons can kill 97% already, of humanity. Evolution is nothing more than another religion: very little more than "I went shopping for what I wanted a body to be/ I chose/ I built myself, over billions of years"; without a mind.  How is that not a religion?  Rather you cannot have a body of any life;  without all the parts, pieces, processes, reproduction, utilities, etc: that you must have/ that  you need from the beginning to survive.  An entire body without lungs/ a heart without blood or vessels/ mussels without bones or joints or hands/ everything else but no mind?  WHAT, DON'T YOU NEED, for life to survive?  How then did evolution build you one tiny piece at a time?  It is insane.

D. the experiment: can we create a big bang here on earth: the single most destructive event in the history of the universe.       CERN;  Experiments that smash protons...."god's particle"....proton smashups to 115 to 130 gigaelectronvolts....(.00000000000000232).   LHC will run through to the end of 2012....the beam energy for 2011 will be 3.5 TeV......to prepare for higher energy running starting 2014....prepare for it running at its full design energy of 7 TeV per beam.

FROM ME IN OPPOSITION:   The answer is:   that a big bang did not happen without structural disintegration.  That means: SOMETHING "sliced and diced" the mass  to be blown apart prior to the big event so that everything could go at once.  That means in real terms "a proton" so energized no physical resistance could oppose that force, existed against it.   But tied by "electrons", this force  moved back and forth through the mass at tremendous speed.  Thereby destroying atomic order (time itself), a little with every pass. A  GREATER understanding, is provided  at the end of these exhibits. Lacking the intent of a foreign language used to hide it, from the general public;  as is math; so that you may understand.

E.  LIARS, CHEATS, AND THIEVES:   Page 1.  Is a short summary of the various sites and information found, detailing the extreme disregard for reality, as it reveals "just 363 billion left in US account; after social security and medicare for a year, from taxes".  But they spent 6.3 trillion in IL they collected $21 billion, but spent 140 billion.  The money called a debt/ HAS IN FACT, been inflated to $504 thousand dollars per individual citizen: they just call it a debt/ so they can keep these numbers for themselves; using it, to steal everything; because we cannot compete with these numbers they did counterfeit; simple as that.

page 2.    US FEDERAL RESERVE RELEASES.   Table  L.5 total liabilities and its relation to total financial assets. In BILLIONS;   add nine zeros (not including cents) behind the period.  Or total liabilities (line 19) reads 121094.8 which then becomes $121,094,800,000,000.  Or 121 trillion, 94 billion 800 million owed.     Total assets (line 33); translated as total reported dollars in circulation currently:   $155249.5 or $155.2 trillion dollars looks like $155,249,500,000,000.00   or translated into more understandable terms: divided equally there is enough dollars inflated into the currency of this nation to provide $155.2495 trillion dollars divided by 308 million citizens presents each one with $504,056.82.  Babies, prisoners,  and all.  "You got yours"/ someone does.

FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: a debt that cannot be paid, is inflation.  One trillion dollars is ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people: one inthree citizens.  Bringing our debts divided by 100,000,000 people equally too: $1,210,948.00 or 1.2 million dollars per each and every one in three citizens.  Do you need more?   Every dollar the federal government loaned to the banks, was multiplied by at least ten:   which means they gave the money to banks, so they could secretly multiply that money by ten.  The stock market allows:  buying on margin at 50- 1 or more.  Every dollar bet;  turns into 50 dollars.

F. the short list, from other threats listed here:

1.  We burn more oxygen with fire, than this earth can produce/ you also cut down, mutilate, or destroy the very organisms that produce the oxygen we need.  "The average person uses about 3,000 gallons of air to breathe a day; a small car, average distances:  use thirty times that much. A large truck over one hundred times more."  Think about it: using more oxygen just for fire than the planet makes/ WHAT happens next?  Answer the question.

2.   Antibiotic feeds are failing/ which means the factory farm is nearly extinct: a single pandemic then destroys the entire herd; across this world (taking your food with it).  We cannot wait to rebuild, too many mouths to feed.  We have NO OTHER means to raise or keep these animals currently; therefore it will be cannibalism.  Antibiotics are what make most of your healthcare possible; "all gone, for a few pennies, and a little ease".  Pharmaceuticals of all kinds; sucked in by the handfuls; ARE without doubt causing the increases in autism, asthma, and more; chemicals of all kinds, ADD IN.

3.  Only one inch of rain replenishes an aquifer/ per fifty inches of rainfall.  Ethanol is added to fifteen percent of all gasoline used in the USA/ times at least three gallons of water to make it/ times (guessing another two for irrigation, etc).  Trillions of gallons of water are pumped into gas fields/ oil fields/ used in chemicals/ made toxic by chemicals/ contaminated from garbage/ removed from saturation into the aquifer by tiling; and a whole lot more.  Go find out.

4. There are experiments in nano technology, small enough particles to invade cellular structure and clog immunology, function, foundations of life and life processes as well as other cellular activities Self replicating means: potentially complete overtaking of the biological system/ even every biological creature or plant on earth.

5. The advances to artificial intelligence are an easily detectable threat. It will be horrible because it can be horrible/ not because it has to be?

6. The introduction of mutilations such as Bt corn (kill any insect that bites, sicken many insects in contact with the pollen/ and the pesticides based upon that same chemical reaction/ or other types of killing sicken the world that lives on insects. Killing the insect world, and transforming the rest, from the bottom of the food chain on up. The determined end of habitat for all but what men want/ extinction of species, by removal of diversity/ poisoning everything in sight, water, and everything else. Devastating OUR POLLINATORS, the creatures who ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR; an entire base food source to this world. The entire system of pollination, from all its creatures, to all its seeds, to all its life is being decimated: and we are about to live within and forever changed as, "a true silent spring". Where fruits and vegetables no longer exist/ where much of life itself is now extinct. The only thing left: swarms of insects dedicated to the plants men do want..

7. Fail to feed fish populations that you have so badly decimated, and they cannot return/ therefore you starve; and WAR.

8. "It's a choice"/ or more clearly its your choice: to fight for this world or just surrender as cowards! Think for yourself.

9. Evolution is their excuse, it will fix anything they destroy/ so they say. Something new will come out of your chaos, their intentional destruction of life on earth, (we CAN MUTILATE LIFE, because evolution will fix it) "in a million years or so". You want to wait a million years?

10. Of the various things available for us to see the past/ one of the most clear is: that to have created the vast amount of coal, oil, and gas underground/ some buried thousands of feet down. There had to be a world wide flood/ nothing else could bury this amount of debris, all at one time, in the same places, so as to produce these quantities. The same religion that establishes this flood declares, "the next time" by fire. So enters fusion!

11. THERE IS NO WORK/ NO LIFE, WITHOUT RESOURCES. How long before you have nothing left? How long, before a critical part, a critical material or element, disappears forever? 

12. More simply, when the ice melts, you cannot "make cold" anymore. Great amounts of ice have melted, some say enough for a 20 inch rise in sea level around this earth. THAT IS, ALL THE PROOF REQUIRED: TO PROVE GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL! That means you have moved "this much weight" from its location on one tectonic plate/ to another tectonic plate shifting the balance and disrupting the stability of these earth structures.

13. The current situation in USA with weather: is likely to remain abnormally hot and dry: because ground temperature prove there is no great deviation from hot to cold across the nation. That temperature difference creates the weather and rain.

14. We cannot be wrong about energy experiments. We cannot be wrong about genetic crucifixion of life. We cannot be wrong about weapons of mass destruction. We cannot be wrong about food or water or anything that will make us extinct. Because if you are/ the planet dies, and you with it. EVERY SINGLE ONE. 

15. Because men want NO DIVERSITY/ they want only what they want, and that ends the diversity of life by process, establishes unintended consequences, and describes environmental change. The chains of life are real, break a chain and everything above it fails to survive.

16. We cannot ignore Yellowstone super volcano/ if it erupts; life on earth will die by the billions (just in the human population); a reality of consequences. Thought must prevail. We can intervene by drilling to relieve the gases that cause an explosion to occur.

17. THE OCEAN FEEDS OVER ONE BILLION PEOPLE (you already have one billion people hungry) Ending the food supply for every other kind of fish dependent upon that food supply too: such as tuna and others. Killing entire " sea nations at a time" is devastation on a massive scale/ no balance: it's a man's way.. Nothing but want, and greed. "Make me rich"!

18. Are invading even the last refuges for the very last stocks of many types of fish because the ice is gone now in the Arctic .. Are genetically mutilating creatures of the sea. A complete we don't care attitude, a "we are gods" arrogance. What is the result: IF NOT a DEAD OCEAN?

19. While those crops are currently producing more: in exchange you have opened the door to an epidemic/ a catastrophe: that can kill the entire plant/ leaving you with no option but to abandon the entire species once this has taken over

20. You are killing all pollinators at once/ with poisons clearly introduced that weaken their defenses and make them vulnerable to everything. 

21. You have built death and starvation. You have built "superbug's/ or extremely powerful diseases, that can invade us as well". You will starve. YOUR surgery and healthcare are very dependent upon antibiotics: and that means, you die too. 

22. With one billion people already hungry/ 2 million more added EACH, and every week; as the human population grow; they need more. A population that is over 7 billion:

23. Because they don't want to pay the price for life: WHICH IS, from this point forward: ONLY LIFE FIRST MUST LEAD. BY ITS OWN TRUTH/ no more money first, no more want first, no more insanity. ONLY LIFE FIRST, forever.

24. With a world filled with nuclear bombs, only twenty five detonations of which are said to be enough to end life on earth:

25. With many nations holding biological weapons, whose stated efficiency is OVER 97% DEATH RATE in humans if released: WORLDWIDE.

26. PURPOSELY trying to cross humanity with any other form of life, in a direct crucifixion of the genetic stability of nature itself. The media propagating "how great this will be"/

27. How is an angry world, a world stolen from, and berated as less than "us/ the extra special smart people" going to stop itself from war. Men choose war as their answer,

28. 7 billion people growing at 2 million more each week! Standing on one acre of "growing land" each.

29. Want a better world, create world law & dedicated world police. Who will not attack nations, BUT WILL bring their leaders to justice by trial, or if necessary other means of enforcement and denial of superiority, including death for leaders. The law, Will enforce

30. The separation and protection of women from men in terms of making a nation different: IS A TRUE incentive to men, to make the other men change. So that the women will return

31. Want to use all the resources of earth today: HELL yes/ no worry, we will just go get more! After all, how much stuff can 7,000,000,000 people take, every day/ every year for their entire lives: 

32. Armageddon means: "Nature in chaos". Geneticists are actually working as hard as they can, for the last fifty plus years/ DELIBERATELY trying to cause genetic stability, disciplines, and balance to be destroyed. They believe once they see it fail/ then they will know what to do, to "be gods themselves". I say: instead of gods/ they will be "satan"; 

The machines are built/ the reality is at hand/ a moratorium (and everything else to stop it) is required at all levels: including demanding the press SHALL NOT escape our reality

. We are going to intervene RIGHT NOW, or we will be too late. Play time is over/ GROW UP OR DIE. It really doesn't matter what you want/

Finishing the basic framework, in opposition to CERN.

        Their reality at CERN:  is an environment of extreme atomic de‑stabilization/ coupled to an electron mass so extensive: that it can allow a completely different state of energy suspended outside of time.  That electrons WILL retain its connection here.  Or more simply: even just one impact that escapes the consequences of time in this experiment, can multiply and influence changes in every other proton that is going through that energy, causing it to grow

The stage is set with a cloud of electrons set apart from the nucleus of atomic structure/ considerable lost, to the surrounding environment; but what remains is "determined".  Three things happen when "a train wreck of protons" above the energy levels called time are caused to exist.  1.  The orbital reality of electrons is moved to chaos, but still connected.  2. The critical structure of a proton/ neutron relationship is changed to become aggravated: relieved of disciplines called time.   3.  A separated environment establishes its own rules and laws.

You cannot conceive of more, unless you understand the atomic environment as a whole in time as it is.  That relationship is constructed by three separate things as well.  1.  In the exploding mass that established a "big bang"/ there is an outer jacket of material, and an inner core of materials: each of which will experience a different level of energy.  Because even instantaneous means, the release of structure still requires a breakdown, by force,  more severe internally than externally.  2. A black hole is created by energy being turned into itself/ requiring the only possible exit, of a force too extreme to be denied is:   that it must turn on itself, and change its own description, becoming the opposite of what it was.  As a formation, that is called a black hole; commonly created through a supernova effect.  In this particular case; where all the mass of an entire universe is held together as one entity; KNOWN by the reality of expansion; the effect of an explosion beyond comprehension.  The reality of instantaneous presents us with the question:   if there was not time to form the structure of a black hole; or, there were many black holes that created spin in each other to the point of disintegration/ then what happened to the energy and mass, forced to turn upon itself in the extreme chaos that was internal to this reality?  The answer is: what is called mass/ anti‑mass & energy/ anti‑energy left the area together;   mass and energy in front.  BUT, what is a greater "anti‑force and level of attraction" coming quickly from behind.  3.  The effects of an explosion are: that what is external (the outer skin), receives the least foundation effects; in this case becoming the electrons (pieces so broken up/ they lose their identity (not mass); but retain an existence (force released, a hole without substance); later becoming a universal dust or haze/ but deprived of an orbit); divided into tiny particles that were pushed by explosive forces to extreme levels of energy.  Second is the middle effect, wherein larger pieces of composite materials shaped and filled by the forces exhibited are released, and then bound together/ including a wide variety of very small pieces or the existence of force defined, as in electrons are formed here as well.  Third are the internal components which have been altered to cause, or become the explosion itself.  Thereby the most vulnerable and most subjected, to extreme conditions: "can't get out, immediately; must endure".

We then take these conditions and examine nuclear compositions today: to understand, in order for an environment to be nuclear, and contain the levels of energy sustained/ there MUST be a force equal to/ OPPOSITE OF, and greater than;  the energy being contained.  It is called gravity.  That force, can only be what is called "anti‑matter/ energy".  What is otherwise called a neutron (forces and mass which mimic or express what are in effect, "like, tiny black holes/ improperly formed"), which does create the opposing force to contain an electron/ proton.  The proton being the force which becomes responsible for environment, the building of mass.  The neutron representing balance applied, by causing available mass to enter within the environment itself, until saturated.  The effects described as "positive or negative".

The levels of heat and cold do matter.  What is cold, will attach to what is cold, in a hot soup: if it happens quickly. You can actually see this effect, by simply frying "tator tots" in hot oil.  Therefore, the middle composition mass, of the explosion: having the least physical effects; because of distance; are found to be of varying shapes and sizes.  The question is: what is cold, or heat/ the true physical forms of energy in time and space (atomic dimensions work on a different plane)?  The physical existence of an action will result in an opposite but equal reaction is limited to heat or cold.  The critical question: what is temperature?  The illuminated answer is, an action or reaction that is measured in time, by the forces applied to it.  That force being, what is or is not done to the atomic environment/ when confronted with opposing dimensions that must shift, to become integrated, or at odds with the balance of the whole.  More simply, the chemistry of time is, the balance or failure to balance of the whole atomic environment. Cold is then, balanced and in a state of sustained cooperation/ while heat is unbalanced, the direct denial of "cooperation", within the components (no rhythms match/ collisions result) of a separated atomic environment.  These rhythms of an orbiting field of energy and mass binding together, or separating either quickly or over time, construct the basis of time itself.  A distinct definition or measurement,  that can be determined by the structure of what is involved.

The elemental dimensions of atomic structure itself are: that forces balanced by what is real in this dimension as mass and energy applied by force/ BUT CONTAINED as a relationship in time, by what is not conceived of as real, in this alternate dimension as is anti‑matter and anti-energy.  "The space in‑between matter & energy and its  anti-/ opposite effect":   Becomes a three‑dimensional state. Becoming Polar opposites,  with their result, which is the space called time.

These elements which include and become the primary foundation are:   the experience translated between what is real, and what is not real; assembled then as, {visited by the expression called  thought}.  Thought is, "a living experience".

As extreme energy is then, the critical existence of all those nuclei that have been elementally separated (forced to extreme distances) from their electrons by the reality of force being used, called electricity; the proton becomes an atomic anchor shaken.  Better understood as: the relationship between the atomic elements: proton/ neutron/ and electron are governed by rotation. Once that rotation becomes disconnected from the reality of its own rhythms, which did make it an independent atomic environment.  The energies associated with that environment are changed as well. The result is, "a proton/ neutron mass" that does not remain stable: "it shakes: due to electron effects in a less symmetrical or organized orbit".  The result of that is a mass that works like a chainsaw or sledge hammer/ on common balanced atomic structure surrounding it.

How a wormhole is made

Humans have now made "extreme energy/ as the basis of a kinetic existence (outside the speed limits of light), within an environment that does not allow that action (therefrom beyond time); as a consequence nothing exists (no reaction) to stop it from sustaining itself. Much like an electron sustains itself in a nuclear environment; the rules are much the same. BUT the potential effects are distinctly different due to the size of particles being allowed/ and the range of motion, separated from its disciplines by nuclear law; this "super weapon" is now free. The question is: what can the proton or "energy deposit" of a nuclear environment do here? More importantly: can the proton now accelerated beyond the limits of anything being able to react to its existence, continue on without interference from anything/ will it not heat up? Can it explode, without the element of heat being used? Is it freed forever, and what are the limits if any? Critical to the elemental study of what is possible, is the transfer of heat, from proton to the environment of cold; without an electron shield for balance/ the question becomes, "exactly what does the excited electrons already in this cold do, with an alternate nucleus that now mimics an electron freed; but is not"? There are only two feasible choices: either they tag along for the ride/ or they interfere with the passage of this proton, thereby heating it up. If then it is true, that the proton has nothing that can react to its presence/ in the absence of heat; it would also be true that the electrons in orbit around other atomic nuclei; cannot react to its presence either. BUT if it is true, that this proton represents a stronger draw to the electron than does it "parent nucleus"; then surely that electron will gravitate to the greater draw. The question becomes: does the "super proton" have greater/ or similar speed than an electron? In which case, the proton organizes a march essentially: of an army of electrons as it proceeds. The question of an orbit is abandoned, the balance of power is shifted within a similar situation as is the planets and sun; due to gravity. The larger draws the smaller, even though the distance in space can be great. Unlike the sun and planets, there is no discipline of action/ because there is no consequence called reaction to create time. These simply gang up, like a swarm of insects or such. The question remains: are they completely random, or is there an influence that remains to establish some aspect of order, as an alternate law in nuclear physics. In every gravitational solar system, (galaxy) there is a black hole at the center.... within which a planetary systems reside (an effective order). In this scenario, there will be no black hole created by the effects of pushing proton particles past the edge of time/ HOWEVER the influences illustrative, of a supernova collapse that leads to a black hole will be realized. Or more simply: in a supernova when the atomic energy is exhausted to the point all previous  order fails: there will be an reaction equal to the action that preceded it. Or in this case, as is the design of solar systems: a disk of influence will be defined, because the explosion has a distinct direction and at right angles to that direction the debris  will flow(mass cannot keep up with the forces ejected/ therefore they spin to the side). The effect of creating a "wormhole"; which is nothing more than an opportunity for electrons to collect in transition from a balanced atomic environment, "to an army"; is fundamental to pushing an accelerated proton past the limits and disciplines of real energy in time. Once past, the disk created by gravitational influences; these are held to the consequence of what a wormhole can do. Like a cord, it hangs on/ because the thread of influence is time itself. Therefore a constant emerges. Time as a constant, emerges as thought/ but time as a constant of energy; conceives of things that cannot be measured, because they exist at speeds so extreme there is no reaction to that speed: in essence then eternal. Critical to the end result is: how does the thread of existence, retain its identity? As energy, the critical existence of all those nuclei that have been abandoned by their electrons; become an anchor. That elemental truth then becomes a line which is attached to an endless action, that returns and returns and returns at unimaginable speed, slicing and dicing the reality of time and its balanced atomic nuclei at it proceeds through this earth.

         the terrorists at CERN/ the particle accelerator buried in a mountain, are reviewed.

Their stated purpose:  "to recreate and study, the energies responsible for the BIG BANG"/ THE SINGLE MOST DESTRUCTIVE EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.   Here on earth. IT IS, A gamble with this ENTIRE planet that is complex/ but understandable, if you try.



THE TRIAL IS,    FORLIFE FIRST: your decision, OR NOT!

THE DEMAND IS: this is our lives, our world, your children, our everything: THEREFORE WE DESERVE A CHANCE TO KNOW EVERYTHING about the risk to our lives, future, and planet:   TO, MAKE OUR OWN DECISION! BEFORE THESE EXPERIMENTS, these disasters, failures and this insanity proceed; to take over our lives and our choices forever.

YOU, are Called upon by this lawsuit/ this site/ my work

to decide if there are true threats listed here: capable of ending life on earth.  You are NOTcalled upon to decide, "if I am good, bad or indifferent/ I am not the choice". 

Rather, the choice presented to you here is very simple:   should ANY, of these threats prove to be true, life on earth shall end without doubt, in far less than five years, for some/ perhaps weeks, for others. Forever.   Therefore it is absolutely important, that you be truly informed, & make the correct choice, because even if you don't believe this is possible.  You are not asked to believe me:  YOU are asked to decide if the risk, is worth the price:   TO BE WRONG/ means the planet is  dead!

The method of investigation, the examination for truth/ and nothing but truth.  The deliberate decision as a democracy: IS THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, CALLED REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.   Or more simply, "we the people" own this nation/ and WE SHALL DECIDE, for ourselves/ what you, all involved;  are allowed to gamble.

We therefore now come, to the final few days of our reality as life on this planet; by the evidence of these threats.  The truth/ the choices you make, determine our future/ or the end of our time:   because this is no game.  Every risk/ every reality increases with time.  Every elderly person will say, "don't do nothing/ till I die".  But every young person will/ must insist: MY LIFE needs time too!

The most critical and most severe OBVIOUS threat to us all, is the threat called fusion.  Men have built machines http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7403916n&tag=mg;mostpopvideo to ignite fusion on this planet/ are building more machines   I say:The reality as is our sun here, proves that these fires, these suns; in fact burn for extremely long times.  Which means the fuel inside CANNOT be at the critical threshold of chaos until the very end. Or it would burn only a short time, leaving the universe dark.  Because if the intensity of fire at the surface begins in the center of the mass/ the entire mass is engulfed in that SAME heat: Therefore NOTHING exists to expand or change as in an explosive event.  That simply is not true of a star as is the sun.  As it is plainly noticed,  before the big event of a supernova/ the heat and fire multiply by two or three times greater than ever before.  Which simply means a far greater amount of fuel is being burned at this time.  Not possible, if everything is engulfed from the center out.  Further it then explodes, which is not possible if it is on fire in the beginning.  An explosion is a state of change that requires an accelerated opportunity, from one state of matter to the next state of matter;   as would be a mass, suddenly becoming a gas.  To achieve such an immense increase in energy release/ there must be disciplined energy to release.  Therefore it is fact, that not all the atomic mass is burning/ or there could be no explosion.

We return to the fire itself, and use another version of the same thermodynamic principle to understand:   as is the flame on a candle/ the heat release WILL search for the expansion necessary to resolve that requirement for space to occupy.  When an entire sphere is involved with a flame outside/ then the room needed for that heat to expand lifts the flame from the surface of the orb, thereby relieving some of the pressures that are inherent with that heat.  Which means simply "there is an internal empty space between the orb of a sun, and the flames it presents to the universe.  Or more simply "the fuel is vacuumed up from the surface to then burn in the fire". 

 (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4627237.stm  What exactly is fusion? they say: Fusion works on the principle that energy can be released by forcing together atomic nuclei rather than by splitting them, as in the case of the fission reactions that drive existing nuclear power stations.

In the core of the Sun, huge gravitational pressure allows this to happen at temperatures of around 10 million degrees Celsius. At the much lower pressure that is possible on Earth, temperatures to produce fusion need to be much higher - above 100 million degrees Celsius.

 To insure the work: others believe "it's a damn good job for me/ and refuse to learn more".  But lets review reality:  because the difference between these two theories is life or death for this planet.    THEY say safe, because of gravity/ I say gravity by the evidence has little if not nothing to do with it.  Doesn't matter who is right or wrong:   until you create an experiment that can light this world on fire.

FUSION IS, "A SELF-SUSTAINING FIRE"!  Take a look at the sun {it cannot be argued otherwise} :   do you see a damn machine making it stay lit?  No, you don't; if you are wrong, and let them bring fusion here/ this planet becomes a sun!  THEY must prove it is not so/ ain't that right: isn't that fair? Our sun http://nineplanets.org/sol.html:  is said to be roughly 8 million degrees The highly rarefied region above the chromosphere, called the corona, extends millions of kilometers into space but is visible only during a total solar eclipse (left). Temperatures in the corona are over 1,000,000 K .Read more about The Sun l  Sun Facts and images. by nineplanets.org

/ with flames believed to stretch out, a million miles or more.  That is fusion/  my view:

Fusion is clearly and without doubt, the burning of atomic bonds.  NOT an instantaneous explosion/ but a reality of influence on the atomic scale that cannot be defeated, until everything atomic has been used up; or dispersed from a supernova explosion/ or turned into a black hole, because of the intensity of that explosion.

Or, MORE SIMPLY as we see on the sun:    ONCE A FUSION FIRE IS LIT/ there is absolutely no reason to believe, it will die out, until the laws that govern that fire allow it.  THERE   IS NOTHING,  IN THIS UNIVERSE OF TIME, THAT CAN PUT IT OUT; it kills itself!  Self-sustaining means: it reaches out, from one atomic environment into another atomic environment to burn atomic bonds, growing hotter each time:   "Just like a chemical fire, does to molecular bonds here on earth:  as the fire we do know."  Fire is fire: the difference is similar or same;  as seen in the intensity of an atomic explosion versus, a chemical one (tnt for instance).  Real fusion means:  Can't control it/ can't stop it/ can't do anything but die BECAUSE: EVERYTHING HERE IS FUEL, even the rocks and water! (How, you going to put it out)Answer the question.  If your university priests are wrong/ you're dead, as is your child.

How: is THIS entire world NOT lost/ these experiments worth the price?  Which will not take long, because the intensity of that fire will eject the entire atmosphere of earth, in just two weeks or so/ at wind speeds approaching 200 mph or much more.  Another price of being wrong. This planet, then becomes a star/ and as an after effect, it will then destroy our little solar system.  Isn't that what they promise, "to bring a star here"!  Indeed it is, literally what they are doing.

That is the price of  the experiment your extra special smart people/ the decision universities  are making:   if they are wrong/ we die as a planet, and even a solar system.  How is that NOT your concern!

The media/ politician/ and more:   cannot comprehend what it means "not to be believers" in the university/ and they do not want to learn:   because MONEY/ power/ and pride are with "the diploma".  So they believe and propagate, "its all good/ to insure, you cannot stop: their progress/ their gambling with our lives".   All over now, "you're too late"!

 By NOT telling you, what the true risks are: you remain silent/ you remain "slaves (these few say, we will do, whatever we want:  to them)"To understand the risk means: demands, YOU HAVE RIGHTS, AND A CHOICE;  TOO!   But the media say (the university can't be wrong/ they're god's), the politician  says (it's what the people want), and businessman (going to make me some money) all remain silent.

 And the people ALL say, FOR DECADES NOW:   if the media don't tell us to worry http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-12-22/fcc-proposes-easing-of-limits-on-owning-tv-stations-newspapers.html/ WE WON'T WORRY, cause we want this too.  We will believe!

 But want is not truth, want is merely the foundation of every lie, ever made.  Do you lie, about things you don't want/ NO, you do not.  Therefore you now face a choice: as believers in university; a religion that says/ "they may gamble with your lives, without interference or choice by you; because they are so damn smart". Compared to you!  How is that not proven true?

  OR, YOU MUST THINK FOR YOURSELVES, AND DEMAND:  YOU CANNOT RISK OUR LIVES/ our world/ our children:  without our permission.

They want limitless heat/ without cost, "its all free".  So they LIE to themselves/ the propaganda media machines continue the LIE TO YOU: and fail to present ANY information regarding risk or reality.  They want, to play god;  they want, what they cannot have:   because it is a fire that does not represent "living time". Rather,  (for every action there is another action/ until the final reaction, that ends atomic matter, in this particular place and time).  Or,  Once started, you cannot intervene; the fire burns until the law of energy lets it die.

So we come to the day, when a true and final choice for this planet will be made.  The machine at NIF https://lasers.llnl.gov/programs/ife/ is fully capable of creating fusion, as a self-sustaining fire, that will consume this earth.   Proven true, means you now know, you and every living thing on this planet;   are dead.  That is, the price of being wrong.  Therefore are you a believer in university/ or do you accept:   THE PRICE of these experiments are too high/ and we must stop them.  We CANNOT be wrong/ therefore we MUST NOT accept the risk.  Make up your mind, because time for this earth is running out; the experiments start any time now https://lasers.llnl.gov/programs/science_at_the_extremes/.

 The diplomas believe:   "That fusion cannot be sustained here, as it is on the sun: because there is not enough gravity here".


Wrong is dead, for earth in fire.  

  MAKE THEM PROVE ME WRONG!  They believe:  the sun is on fire from the center out; completely engulfed, means you cannot see it/ THIS is a guess, an assumption.

Instead of a theory of men:     we ask simply: are there no  physical realities, which describe it instead.

Make them prove their theory: THEY BET YOUR LIFE/ YOUR EVERYTHING on the result! Prove it with truth, and wisdom;   not actions of the damned.

   IS, "that too much to ask"!  They will say, there is no possible REAL way (don't accept fantasy or delusion) to prove it is true or untrue without this experiment.  Rather they are believers, like any other religion: and their priests/ their congregations believe;   therefore like every religion,  nothing else matters, to them.  "They are, miniature gods"

  So then we again return to this our reality, too; and find:   IF THEY ARE WRONG/ WE ARE DEAD TOO!  OR more simply, these experiments are NOT, "just their choice".  The entire planet dies with them, if wrong/ an abhorrent risk so extreme, that it does constitute an abomination predicted in the Bible; Daniel 12.  Not a religious statement/ merely a statement of fact!  By the prophecy, it is 1290 days from its beginning;  to the end of our  time, for us all (December 2013).  Not a guarantee, simply "the prophecy:    something so horrendous by man will exist, by the hand of men/ that it can and will;  destroy an entire planet of life."   That prediction stands true: simple and plain.  The people get one last chance to stop it (days given), or dead.

So then lets review their experiment in real life: going to give you fusion fire for all your needs.  They say: they want to create a fire, that produces more heat than the heat they use to ignite that fire.  Simple as that, therefore:  for the experiment to have value, it must be self-sustaining.  Make its own heat/ which means expand, and consume.

 They say:   we will have to build the next machine (192 lasers already) to rapidly pulse fire, laser beams,  into the fire they create, to sustain it.   Therefore they believe, it cannot escape their boundaries.  Even though they say the sun: same fire as this/ burns at 8 million degrees, and everything at the atomic scale IS  fuel. And they cannot run their own lasers for more than a few billionths of a second/ or it melts everything!   DO YOU then imagine, that at 8 million degrees it can be contained? NO.  Therefore if IGNITION EXISTS;  and it even begins, to reach any such temperature, in this machine: IT IS SURROUNDED BY FUEL, this burns atomic bonds!  Can you guess what happens next?

 The believers will say: in the same chamber that started it (DO THEY NOT say, they will ignite it)/ it will be contained: BECAUSE of a lack of gravity! They say:  fusion is the combining of atoms rather than the burning of bonds "like chemical fire does".  Do you see extreme amounts of  mass, coming from the sun/ OR are there only tiny amounts of mass, as would be apparent from the destruction of atomic environments?  Do you believe, we can be wrong?  Wrong is dead, an entire planet lost!

Their  chamber itself,  cannot contain heat;  even at millions of degrees less than we know fusion is capable of. Therefore:  what if ignition,  sustains itself/ and their theory is wrong?  IS NOT THIS EARTH AND YOU DEAD?  Answer the question:    Prove; it can be contained/ prove their theories are worth every life on earth, even the planet:  to be wrong! That is the priceThe evidence of WHAT IT MEANS, to  fail,  is our sun.

    They will refuse, OR LIE;  because they know "their theory cannot be wrong/ like every religion"?

  At CERN, they intend to prove Einstein's theory:  that energy is equal to= a mass, times the speed of light squared. But broken down to its facts:  that formula is merely the correct formula for kinetic  energy= equals mass times speed.  Einstein simply guessed at the speed, but did nothing else. No great thing; merely the evidence of an action stopped/ reaction started.  But they bet our world on it, without a justifiable cause.

 They bet your life on it!

  Second,  NIF is, a worthless experiment; because,  the primary means of laser energy for detonation by this amount of energy requires:   first, the storage of electrical energy/ which can then be released in a fraction of a second.  It takes time to reload those capacitors so that it can happen.  It is unreliable to expect 192 lasers to repeat at the same levels of operation. Even intermittently, some will fail, leaving holes and gaps in the containment area, which energy will escape through. The entire experiment is a fraud, because their assertion of creating the gravity they say they MUST have; cannot be done.  The other methods are Extremely dangerous, and without value as well:   even if the experiment works/ by their description you still cannot sustain it, or more simply;   WORTHLESS/ or life ending.  A game, for those who fantasize how great they are, and play (isn't this fun) so they don't have to work or be considered, equal to you.

 So then, we come to the ELI project (under construction):

which promises quote: the three first lasers will operate at....a million times more powerful than 10 billion, 100 watt light bulbs. [1,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts of heat].  Scientists say: total energy received from the sun on earth is equivalent to about 232,000,000,000,000 horsepower multiplied by 746 watts per horsepower = 173,072,000,000,000,000 watts. OR, concentrated into a pencil beam: more power than the sun establishes on this whole earth: will be focused,  in a tiny location (for a few billionth of a second)!  Can't be done, NIF exists; are they lying?  They store electricity, and then release it all.

 And a fourth laser ...with beams twice the power of these three.

Or more simply, while the abomination called NIF might fail/ or succeed in the next few weeks: creating fusion.    By 2014-2015, there will be another set of lasers that promise

a fire so ferocious, fusion is inevitable. 

And if not the first three, then the fourth is set to be completed, or under construction, by 2015.

  This is what,  the "university priests, and their propaganda machines of media:   promise to you".  What they stole your money for!

   Want them to be wrong/ you willing to bet your life, your planet, your eternity?  It is, "a free will, experiment/ and you are NOW participating (because you know):   unless you do what you can do: to stop them".   THAT IS: The price of life, the price of an entire planet:   here, and now!

   Which means, this is a trial for life, YOUR DECISION MATTERS FOR :  this  planet/ wherein YOU ARE THE JUDGE.   You decide to stop it outright, OR YOU  demand an investigation and decide for yourselves based upon the information called reality and truth (as best we can as a world)/ or YOU decide to let them play god; "with everything"; and lose it all.

The same is true of many other experiments of the religion called university, those who call themselves/ are known by,  a "diploma".   NOT every one is a believer/ but many.  Letting them risk our everything IS STILL AT THIS MOMENT, "a choice"/ but only for a short time more.  No guarantees, on time:  they have done horrendous things.  Never once truly choosing life first; "only lies for, the delusion/ the temptation believe in us".

 They demand to be god over nature: saying, we will make "NEW CREATURES OURSELVES".  Their priests,  Hidden behind closed doors, have been deliberately trying to dissolve genetic disciplines/ balance/ and order:   every single day, for the last fifty years or more.  And suddenly are about to succeed.


Therefore every single day, the religious university priests who tell you simply:    "believe in us, as every religion does".  Whose churches, congregations, and worshipers using  MEDIA, POLITICAL, AND BUSINESS INFLUENCE demand:   DON'T ASK/ DON'T THINK/ DON'T TELL:  don't go to court,  "just believe". 

Do they not Insist, you, are going to be gods too.  Tempting you, "just go about your business; you can't understand anyway": leave us alone.  We are going to dry every tear, we are your saviors, we are everything you need;   just believe IN US, and let us do anything we please.  After all, we can kill you!

 Even though their propaganda arm; the media won't even tell you: that these liars/ thieves/ and cheats have stolen all your money; and are now working to take every property of value in the nation or world away; and give it to themselves (look at their salaries/ their pensions, and benefits; their work, and your slavery, to their debt: someone got the money, did they not).  Or they do, simply give it to another nation, so they don't have to pay/ don't have to share or be, anything for life.

 ALL OF IT, BY using counterfeit money http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/z1/current/accessible/l5.htm; which they give to each other/ handing us the debt.   Laughing at us all! The media knows/ the media knew:   "I TOLD THEM"!   But;  They want power, and they take bribes. The pride is too much for them, they cannot resist "look at me".

 Instead of protecting  life, with information YOU NEED/ they want to be winners themselves (look at me).  Which can only mean:  they choose, to let you be losers: does not someone have to lose, to make a winner/ does it NOT take many poor people to establish "riches, for a few"; somebody has to be "the slave"or you ain't rich!   Simple and true.

How are these NOT TERRORISTS?  They threaten our entire world/ every life on it/ every future life that could exist/ absolutely everything about this world, everything alive or as a planet.  And you follow them, believing in their priests (don't listen to nobody but us.  Don't ask/ don't think/ don't tell  just believe).  Does this religion NOT demand homage (bow down)?  Did they not give themselves "an endless debt"/ the right to collect over and above every other institution in America.  They took over government/ and made themselves gods, over you.

You will, either start thinking for yourself/ or die!  It is a guarantee; do they not have the machines running/ are they not literally doing the work, to threaten and gamble with; or DESTROY all life, with everything the planet is.   Based only upon their religious "I believe";   theories. http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/life/evolution/evolution1.htm Billions of years ago, according to the theory of evolution, chemicals randomly organized themselves into a self-replicating molecule.   Or more simply:   "poof, organization/ discipline/ balance/ life/ and everything it instantly needs just came out of chaos, without so much as a brain.  A MILLION BITS at a minimum just lined up/ found a specialized environment/ boundaries to protect it/ reproduction to enable it to continue;  in a puddle of chemicals.   OR, by their simplified version, "we shopped for what we wanted"/ and took whatever we desired for free;  again without so much as a brain.  How do you make a decision establishing anything new, with less than a brain? That does not even include all the mechanisms that are required to sustain life, separate chemicals, establish harmony between the various parts, contain the whole, import and transport the chemicals needed/ clean up and remove;  or a few billion other considerations.  If you abandon all discipline/ all balance/ all order, and randomly act without a single consideration of consequences:   WILL THAT IMPROVE YOUR LIFE OR BODY?  Obviously no.  Critically proven, without even a guess:  "NOTHING, BUT A DAMN RELIGION".  IF IT AIN'T CRITICALLY TRUE, at every level of comprehension/ THEN, it's just a  guess, and absolutely nothing more than another university religious insanity.    WHAT IS LITERALLY TRUE, and can be identified by its own reality, fundamentally constitutes LIFE by its essence.  What is belief, is merely a personal decision.

    Make your decision;   there are NO SECOND CHANCES:       Choose!      Do it now, time is running out.

The remaining threats below.


In a day when: the reality of every form of leadership has failed.  THE RESULT MUST BE:   that we learn to rule ourselves/ as a true democracy.  The price paid, because we must!

a primary learning     a detailed text     a secondary study     IRS   /   Letter     We The People

A DESCRIPTION OF LEADERS, whereby truth, reality, and the need to intervene, as we the people, IS CLEARLY required: BEGINS!
 In the elevation of threats, from mere fantasy and delusion as the university/ political leaders/ religions/ media/ policing/ military/ and others have all contrived to create, “THEY can play god”.   To the consequence revealed:   as is all other  power mad, absolutely insane people, throughout history would have you believe,   “Nothing will go wrong/ they are god.”   TO THE FACT ESTABLISHED:   THAT WE ARE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION.
The foundation of their claim, relies upon never accepting truth.   Never admitting the price of their failure, IS HORRIFIC.  Never accepting the limits of their mind, or our lives.  Never letting “we the people” see the future, or accept the decisions which risk everything;  for ourselves:   by hiding all relevant evidence and reality of that risk.  The propaganda of media, to redirect/ guide/ talk/ listen/ or control the conversation and ability to understand RISK.  The Threats revealed here:   that can easily make us extinct/ the realities of risk and gambling with all life, and planet that can easily exterminate our lives:   IS NO GAME.  
Learn here why these statements are true!

 The reality of evidence and information,  here on this site:  is all about RISK, and the gambling (complete or partial  failure, is death) of everything we are as life/ have as a planet. Will be in terms of living, or loving, or body and mind!  Can ever be in the future, because they bring us chaos and destruction, where (there are NO SECOND CHANCES) forever.   These truths, Are put to the test.

 That legal test is the constitutionally guaranteed right: TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, by requiring the law, shall be upheld.   To demand REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, as a democracy called WE THE PEOPLE/ and obtain the truth of our authority over this nation. This authority as owners of this nation:   is our reward/ our RIGHT to demand investigation/ examination of the evidence/ and accept the plain and simple truth: WE SHALL,  DECIDE FOR OURSELVES/ not you.  The consequence, for their being wrong, about their fantasies and delusions of grandeur/ their refusal to put life for the planet FIRST!  Is:
  Death to a planet/ to nature/ to body and mind/ to chains of life/ environment/ extinctions/ and everything else that is valued or important for life and living:
   these very things, ARE being gambled with, by the universities, and those who support them.  Behind closed doors/ hidden by media propaganda, these never reveal the risk, they are taking with our lives, our future, our world.  They never allow for your own decision to matter.  INSTEAD: they hide The reality of their experimentation is:    our future, our lives, living, and all possibilities for the entire planet;   die, when they fail! When they are proven wrong: because the experiments of men are now at levels which mercy does not allow.  The energies being played with/ the realities of life being mutilated ARE LITERALLY that extreme.  They do threaten “everything”.

By using our money/ our work/ our lives/ our democracy/ and what is now their media (to tempt, and flatter, and deceive):    to not only lie, cheat, and steal from us.  But also give these terrorists who DO plot to kill us all the opportunity, the means, and the hidden doors to build the weapons that destroy us all. Their failure, is our death/ our entire planet/ our entire nature/ our forever future dissolved into chaos.  That is the risk, being taken with our money, with our lives, and with this world.  The instantaneous response of the diploma is: “he’s nuts/ another damn fool”.  BUT Isn’t that what you are trained to think?  Prove THE EVIDENCE IS wrong, review what they do; below!  But understand this correctly: I am irrelevant, only truth matters here.  Whatever is said about me, “is little more than useless, to you”.  It could not matter less!  That is not true of this evidence.
 Rather than actually thinking for yourself/ believing you have a right to understand, and decide for yourself.  The foundation of this work is,    Instead of being told:   “You cannot understand/ we are superior”?  This demand is THINK, for yourself, and investigate until you know.

I say to you instead, of being hypnotized with toys and trinkets/ or fears: DO think for yourself/ or they will kill you without even a whimper.Read the information presented, with an open mind:   so that you can decide for yourself what is in the best interest of our lives/ our future/ and our world.

THE FOUNDATION, and FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE OR DESIRE,  OF THIS WORK IS: THAT LIFE FOR THE PLANET, MUST COME FIRST!  Forever, and with no further exceptions.  What truth establishes as life for a planet, and its true needs:  must comes first. That we may survive, and the children inherit their time;  as life on earth!
That means:  NO MORE, “GAMBLING WITH EVERYTHING WE ARE/ EVERYTHING WE NEED/ EVERYTHING WE CAN OR WILL EVER BE.  Rather let only truth decide the future, as best we can!  Let nature and planet be scared again.

The exhibits A are:   the insane men are creating another means of death to this planet.  With energy levels created that depict,   such a ferocious fire is expected that   IT WILL BE,  quote:   “About a million timesmore powerful than 10 billion 100-watt light bulbs.  And a fourth should be forthcoming, one with beams twice the power of these three.  By 2015.

This fire is expected to ignite fusion without any other assistance: a planet dead, by 2015 guaranteed.    It is, UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
Physicists are literally trying to bring the same fire as is on the sun here to earth, a fire that burns atomic bonds which means everything here is then fuel.  Just like the sun/ we can’t control it.  A fire once started is millions of degrees, miles high; on a planet, where everything is fuel.  This is the answer of your “extra special smart people”.  Do you agree? Is your life/ your child, your everything not dead/  when they fail, to put life first?  Not a game.

The exhibits B are:
quote, “an energy burst,  the blasted target generates 500 trillion watts-1000 times the electrical generating capacity of the USA”.  & quote; “the force and temperature of an exploding nuclear warhead”.  In a suburb of San Francisco/ currently running.
The insane men say, “if we just had the same fire, as is on the sun, here on this earth/ THEN we would have all our problems solved.  Their claim is: that fusion cannot be sustained here, because of insufficient gravity!  Therefore based ENTIRELY upon this theory,they DO gamble with our entire planet, and every life! The machine is CURRENTLY RUNNING.  One second too late, and the earth is forever lost.
Never accepting the fact, that fusion fire is born out from the burning of atomic bonds: which means everything here is fuel/ once started, it cannot be put out/ and it is NOT dependent upon gravity, but atomic bonds, which once invaded operate as any chemical (molecular bond) fire would!  Look at the sun, and ask yourself:   DO WE WANT, that fire here/ are there NO risks?  It is your death, in “a lake of fire”; for them, to be wrong.  So then, lets look at the possibility, that theories are wrong!
We begin:

A supernova is an exploding planetary type star/ a burning sun that reaches the point of no return, when ALL the remaining fuel inside reaches its critical threshold of chaos (no more discipline); and explodes the entire mass, as a consequence.  This has been documented as fact, according to scientists.
The question is why does it explode?  The answer is, that fusion is the burning of atomic bonds; therefore beyond comprehension fire.  NOT A FIRE FROM THE CENTER OF A PLANETARY MASS AT ALL. The reality as is our sun here, proves:  that these fires, these suns; in fact burn for extremely long times.  Which means the fuel inside CANNOT be at the critical threshold of chaos until the very end. Or it would burn only a short time, leaving the universe dark.  The “scientists” here on earth believe that the fire initiates and comes from the center outward, as if nothing stood in the way.  How can that be? Because if the intensity of fire at the surface begins in the center of the mass/ the entire mass is engulfed in that SAME heat: and does require venting. The reality, if entirely engulfed is:   Therefore NOTHING exists to expand or change as in an explosive event.  That simply is not true, as we know a supernova exists, AND EXPANDS tremendously.  As it is plainly noticed by the evidence,  massive change does occur.  Before the big explosive event of a supernova/ the heat and fire of that sun do,  multiply by two or three times greater than ever before.  Which simply means a far greater amount of fuel is being burned at this time.   That is Not possible, if everything is engulfed from the center out.  Further it then explodes, which is not possible if it is all on fire in the beginning.  An explosion is a state of change that requires an accelerated opportunity, from one state of matter to the next state of matter;   as would be a mass, suddenly becoming a gas.  To achieve such an immense increase in energy release/ there must be disciplined energy to release. 

Therefore it is fact, that not all the atomic mass is burning/ or there could be no explosion/ or expansion. Thermodynamics require that a greater heat, requires a greater space/ or the pressures involved will rise.  The law of physics is: for every action there will be a reaction/ consequently we know that once the pressures inside a vessel or mass exceed the breaking point of disciplined energy retaining that environment; there will be a release of energy, one way or the other.  Or more simply once the internal temperatures have exceeded the point of no return (the ability to hold itself together) for the entire mass of a supernova sun/ it all blows up.  Therefore we know, that the center cannot be long term involved with fire/ because that would have either burned the whole quickly/ or would have made it impossible for the energy release that is a supernova explosion.

We return to the fire itself, and use another version of the same thermodynamic principle to understand:   as is the flame on a candle/ the heat release WILL search for the expansion necessary to resolve that requirement for space to occupy.  When an entire sphere is involved with a flame outside/ then the room needed for that heat to expand lifts the flame from the surface of the orb (just like a candle), thereby relieving some of the pressures that are inherent with that heat.  Which means simply there is an internal empty space between the orb of a sun, and the flames it presents to the universe.  Or more simply “the fuel is vacuumed up from the surface to then burn in the fire”.  It is when the fuel (mass of the sun) has reached a low point making it hard to vacuum up more/ that the fire reaches down to take more in certain areas.  Causing hot spots to form.  When a hot spot does not go away almost immediately (as is created by a “soft spot” in the mass)/ that reality of heat is digging deeper, violating the disciplines that keep a balance between stability and fire.  When the mass of a sun is heated beyond its ability to retain that balance/ it begins to release mass for the fuel instead of the fire “sucking it up, from the rock”.  Surface heat causes rock to crack and come apart; hold a fire to a rock and see (with glasses on).  Or, in more simple terms: a supernova proves that the center of any long term sun is not on fire/ because if it was, there could be no expansion/ and there could be no explosion.  Because there would be no fuel, or state of discipline that could achieve that intensity of change.  Simple and plain, a proven fact.  Important, because the theory of fusion, and its ability NOT to represent a danger to us is based entirely upon the assumption that the sun burns from the center out.  They are completely wrong.   Their decision to gamble with our planet:  IS DEATH AT OUR DOOR! Think about it.   DO YOU WANT TO BE WRONG/ are they gods (can’t be wrong)?

The exhibits C are; the insane men (men do control this world) demand:   that all of nature shall be mutilated/ because they “can do better”.  They will create, “whatever they damn please” out of life.   
The reality however is:  Nature is DNA, the instructions for building a body of life, and allowi