If you let this planet burn/ or any other threat take over your lives: then that is your choice/ because you do have everything you need to stop these experiments. There are NO second chances/ failure is your (we the people of this earth) decision; as is life saved.  Either think for yourself, or die.  Not a hard concept, your leaders have chosen against life: ‘they want, what they want”, regardless of the risk/ end of story. Is, an alteration to the work which proceeds it. Now, its simply live or die, as a world! A summary site of what matters most/ what threatens immediately or worst. Compilations choosing to inform with various methods employed. Centered around supreme court cases demanding redress of grievances. Proving corruption in the US supreme court. The beginning survey, a disciplined talk. Centered around US federal court, tax case: demanding adherence to democratic authority & constitutional law. Centered around state of IL realities: refusing justice/ corrupt, and supporting "cruel and unusual punishment" upon the poor. Confronting initial questions "why". Asking what is real for tomorrow. Developments in life and living.
The homepage of each reads like a newspaper, "top is last writing/ bottom first"/ except the last two (4,5). The writing started one month beyond 9/11.
These represent a search, for what will get your attention, as the decades previous proved: truth (evidence)/ consequences (extermination)/ reality (can't be wrong)/ money (all gone)/ religion (we only believe what we want too)/ nor anything to do with life, or values, or evidence "of biblical proportions": could not! There was, more than a reason humanity itself, should investigate. But chose "to hide, and run away". With very few exceptions!
WANT, was all that mattered.


         “Just like the bible” If it seems “out of place, not consistent”/ it almost certainly is. Truth is a law, that does not waver!  Each site is a composite demanding LIFE, not money or games:  MUST COME FIRST!         Download these html sites;   so they cannot be easily taken away.




       How, did we pay for current costs! “etc”?

Add reality has a list and federal reserve #1 & #2 & #3

       Then ask yourself: if nothing but a few forced pennies, have been spent on infrastructure for the future of this nation over the last fifty years.  WHO took, or spent the money on fantasy or their delusions?  The answer is, “every university diploma” that became “our leaders”.

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Primary forum/ mine;    secondary forum, democracy and law; third forum, scientific, evidence, knowledge based discussion; initial forum, short discussions to enable “living and life issues”.   chatrooms 1; 2; 3.  For the purpose of you, creating opportunities/ organizing with others (meet only in public places, “safety first”/ no excuses, no exceptions), simple discussion; etc.  A primary concern: The extreme light infrastructure (eli),  Additionally  federal reserve accounting.         Review of hospital billing A Beginning

                       The function of every “newspaper”/ is to create the words needed for people to understand the basic choices they have, in life/ nation/ world/ and more.  Words interact within your mind: but what they say, is entirely up to you to understand.  Like religion: you can take any work or word/ and turn it into anything; and then mutilate it, to become whatever you want it to be.  That is the prowess of an intellect: to create  traps, out of nothing. 

          In contrast to that, are the elements which surround our lives with choices.  Which now conceive of threats so basic, and so horrendous, that our world can be ignited as a sun/ or our nature can be mutilated into oblivion/ or our food, water, resources, and every other foundation of our existence can be destroyed before our eyes.  Does not bend to the idea “this does not concern you”/ rather this is your life or death, along with every living thing alive or which could become alive, on earth. From this day forward/ even forever.   “Satan is here”/ like it or not; religious or not, the foundations for destroying everything, even the planet itself: are here!

          NOT one single person, does not understand: that we cannot survive the same fire as is on the sun, ten million degrees, here on this earth!  A fire that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel! Not a game, you know the sun exists. It is true, the university and your governments are employing people to ignite that very flame, with machines so horrendous;   DEVIL is the only word that fits!

          NOT one single person, does not understand: that a mutilated body in any form, IS NOT DESIRED by anyone.  That pandemic disease as is the result of crossing species boundaries: can be horrific.  That nature is, what builds the body of life, every living thing inhabits; and each of these is beyond comprehension by humanity.  Not a game, you know it is true!  This is ARMAGEDDON.  Which does mean nature in chaos!

          NOT one single person, does not understand: that if we lose our water/ its underground, and you DON’T know what “other people have done”.  We all war/ and the majority will die.  Drinking water destruction is MASSIVE!  Fracking/ contrary to the propaganda:   destroys the structure of underground subsoils, to create gas pressures that will then escape.  Establishing severe weakening throughout the soils above it/ which can and will then collapse.  Making fissures/ cracks/ and contamination of the aquifers inevitable.  No water, is no life!  Not a game, you know it is true.  This is TRAITOR: they sold our very defenses to survive, “to our enemy”.

          NOT one single person, does not understand:   that if we lose our food sources/ particularly by attacking the very seed of life which brings the next generation into existence.  WE WILL, soon be dead ourselves.  By ending diversity, as is the failure of pollination/ or the abortion that is poisons “everywhere”.  YOU DO NOT know, the MASSIVE attack against our food supply that is true/ nor how vulnerable it is, to one single disease; and there are many coming.  Such is the result of “university contamination”/ human FAILURES’;   in all ways.  Not a game/ try thinking once in your life, before you’re dead.  “Too late now”!  This is TREASON, a demand, an action to destroy the nation itself/ along with our world!

          NOT one single person, does not understand:   that oxygen is required for life.  NOT one single person, does not understand: that every fire, and every motor etc uses oxygen. Therefore you have NO EXCUSE, but to understand: if we consume more oxygen than this planet can produce/ OR LIVES have become sentenced to death, at a predictable date within our future.  Not a game/ reality judging &  sentencing you!  This is ABSOLUTE FAILURE, the descriptions of a fool.

          NOT one single person, does not understand: THERE ARE LIMITS TO THIS EARTH.  There are restrictions required of human behavior to sustain this environment/ these oceans/ & life itself.  That includes population control in humanity.  NOT A GAME, together we have already nearly destroyed our very home!  THIS IS criminal INSANITY; a purpose/ an action so grievous, it cannot be excused.

          NOT one single person, does not understand:   that we need resources to survive/ to work/ and to live.  NOT one single person, does not understand: that weapons of mass destruction are an enemy, of all life on earth.  And “ten thousand things more”/ all of which condemn us  to a grave, beyond the point of no return.  When no matter what we do, our environment/ this nature upon which we depend/ these mistakes and failures of humanity are going to consume us:   because it is just too late, and there are no more second chances!  This is TYRANNY; the true intent to make us all fear.

          GET OFF YOUR ASS, and DO whatever you can do:   to fight FOR LIFE ON EARTH! Dig your mind out of the sewage that is a university cult (we are gods)/ the disease that is infecting your brain with their delusions, fantasies, and failures: this ain’t no game.   There are NO SECOND CHANCES!   Whether this world is lost or saved, is UP TO YOU!   Not, because you are worthy/ but because the sum total, particularly of these last few decades is: a human threat, to literally  exterminate ALL LIFE on earth.  You,    Caused it/ or let this happen: therefore only you can stop it.    This is your last chance to stop the catastrophe of university leadership; by recognizing within the evidence that is REAL/   what it means, to be SO DAMN WRONG.  Our entire planet, along with all its life, is in jeopardy of extinction..

          IF,    GOD   grants you time.  Because you certainly haven’t earned it!  The only real difference between “me and you” other than this fight for life is:   you not only pay your executioner (I demand jury trial, under constitutional law;  and am refused)/ you worship them as god, and believe anything you are told.  You not only listen to the “university knows everything, priests of delusion, called the media”/ but you won’t think for yourself. Is it, “Too damn hard, or are you just too damn lazy”?  Your life, ain’t no game/ you have no excuse.

            No second chances, once ignition starts (the machines are real)/ or biologic stability fails/ or everything we need to survive is destroyed;   you will know, “this is YOUR fault too”!  Shame on you!  Wake up or die/ an entire world lost forever.   GUILTY as charged,   if you won’t stand up for life.

          The cost of all this human failure is: that men, the acknowledged leaders throughout history/ shall be replaced.  Their answer is:   “Money or WAR”/ and it is NOT ENOUGH! This is a “tough/ hard world” for the majority, because that, is what men chose! Like it or not, the only other answer available to this earth is: “let women try”/ they absolutely CANNOT do worse than this.  Not a game.  Not individually, as do men/ but as an entire body of women choosing for a different future, that we must all embrace to survive.

          If you cannot see, even one life ending threat from all that exist/ it is only because you refuse to look.  Demanding instead, “I only want/ what I want: TO HELL, with all the rest”.   Then go ahead and die, everything is waiting, and the machines are all nearly prepared. Its what you wanted: at least, that is what you chose, to let these others do!

          Don’t want that, THEN GO INVESTIGATE, examine reality for what happens when this GOES WRONG/ and understand your leaders chose this/ your universities created this/ and your media and courts HIDE IT FROM SIGHT, because they worship their bribes: more than your life, or even their own.  Its called GREED!  And only WE THE PEOPLE OURSELVES, can stop it; from becoming our grave. They want, what they want: they believe they can play god.  “What happens when this GOES WRONG”?  ANSWER the question.

The betrayal of life, begins with the crumbling step of man: as he covets and controls the single most destructive element ever created/ MONEY!


          Money is: the expectation of freedom, by confronting each other with a demand, made legal by the decision:   we shall take this, to be our life’s work!   OR:  Numbers buy title/ numbers buy weapons/ numbers buy participation and possessions and sex.  Therefore numbers rule the world. The failure of numbers buys poverty and disgrace. So says man.


          So then the question is: WHAT is a number?  Seems simple enough, it is a measurement and means of accounting: who won and who lost this game.  But alas life is not a game/ therefore winning or losing has nothing to do with our reality of being life on this earth.  It merely defines the competition/ and conceives of “frictional losses” due to the impediment of others.  Or, we stop our lives, simply to survive:  when the competition hurts us too badly/ because they took too much.  Therefrom making us poor, “so they could be rich”.  There are no rich without the poor/ because wealth means, “I have slaves to do what I command”!  Men and women, learn to hate each other for that.


          Betrayal is the search to be more, than you otherwise know you can be.  Or more simply: when you cannot win the game/ revenge says, I can destroy you instead, thereby leaving me as the winner here.

          Tools can betray you; they make a difference/ and can become “worshiped”, as more than life: a failure to your own existence, because you too are life.  Weapons can betray you, making confidence swell/ when reality will prove, “you were a fool, to believe”.  Money is a betrayal, because it can be used to consume the rest/ and change every life: because too much is just plain UNFAIR, and the corruption of everything.  Consequently “limited capitalism” MUST be chosen.

          We then look at the most visible of consequences among many elements of business:   available to the general public in America; and find in the money of general farming/ like so many others”;  is a betrayal to us all.  We do, have to eat/ therefore none can claim this is a game! Nonetheless because of what money does do, rather than who the people involved are.  Becomes a fundamental look, at life itself in this society; in general.

            The trouble with all aspects of farming is: MONEY (nothing else matters to most, but direct family) & ease (too good to give up)/ pride (machines; I have what you want) & power (I have more, and will take yours too)/ lies (life, other than mine or ours;  doesn’t matter) & greed (there ain’t no room for your competition here, not animal, insect, or human).  Just like every other aspect of society itself.  The foundation is simple: to be considered special, inside or out (I am more than you).  I want to have “special things”.    Each person literally does have to do something, or they fail!  The question is why? The answer is: even though we are each one special inside, the vast majority demand to be known, by others as “valuable/ or if not, then feared”. Which brings the competition: “more valuable than you”.  The evidence being: I have things/ I do more than you, or “see my stuff”!  And, when nobody else has this, or can do this: then I am REALLY special.  Consequently for some/  the game is played, the lies are conceived, and the outcomes can be severe. To keep the rest, from competing with me; “so, I can pretend to be, like a god”. Compared to them! Which also then becomes measured: as useful, or garbage to me.  The list of failure is very long, above this depression dissolving the human spirit into time.  Things like, “you (are the enemy)”;   standing in my way/ I abandon you all, to choose only me/ the manipulation/ propagation of lies/ control/ power/ pride/ greed/ lust, and so on.


The main forum   On; is divided into two basic parts: currently pages 1-3 are “people things primarily”.  All other pages are primarily “informational content.”  Past experience has proven the need for a moderator to monitor the site/ to keep out the trash; as perversion, etc crept in.  That means until the main site is funded, by you;  for that purpose/ it remains closed to your comments.  I refuse to do it.

          I further remind you, that these sites are at its core, “extremely controversial” to most people; and do seek to change the tragedies of current decisions,  thereby refusing a few, the power to control our lives, and risk our world.   By returning this nation and the possibilities of this world to “true democracy”.  Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but a vote on the issues and laws which control our lives; for ourselves!  A return to constitutional law, and freedom through responsibility. Consequently they may be attacked at any time; and it is in your best interest to download them now.  So that you may have your own copy, and use it in whatever manner you wish.  There are no restrictions; apart from this:   NO form or type of patent-able invention or copyright type of description or  document; SHALL be restrained or restricted from the free and legal, use of others.  This is free to all!

          Nations in Asia, have had to be blocked from access to this material; after deliberate sabotage/ for that very purpose.  Which means you have to provide it to them.  My previous email account, was attacked as well/ requiring a shutdown of that as well.  Not a game/ there are a wide variety of people who do not wish the transmission, or communication of this material in any way, shape, or manner.  Because it can affect their power to control us all.  Be it noted: whether I die or not, is irrelevant to the purposes explained and established by this work. NO EXCUSE is allowed;   life,    NOT death for our entire world, is what we must fight for/ a future we can survive.   Your chatroom without payment  is open without monitoring/ the forum on , is open without monitoring:  until reality closes it.

           THIS fight is, Not with weapons of war/ but realities of law: as these sites produce a full range and reality of what the court is, IN FACT/ as well as the IRS both state of IL, and US federal courts.  Along with descriptions, of how to disassemble the corruption, conspiracy, and collusion against us;   with constitutional law!  By assembling ourselves into “ WE THE PEOPLE”.  Or, Not “just me”!  The forum itself is not bundled in, for download/ and neither are the php sites;( but, you can copy and paste them) &  because of  vulnerability issues.

The tragedy of leadership!


          As is consistent throughout history, leaders refuse their duty to do for society, what society needs for them to do.  Pride, power, want, bribes, treason, lies, hatred, foolishness, failure, fantasy, stupidity, disgrace, deceit, denial, corruption, collusion, conspiracies, injustice, prejudice and bigotry, racism, violence, and war are just some of the definitions that leaders bring to our lives.  Consequently the question must be asked:   are we not better off, without leaders?


          That reality assembles around the reason there are leaders: because without organization to confront and fight with those who choose to attack the rest/ we become victims and slaves.  With leaders, as is consistent with the reality of America today, “we become victims and slaves”/ with hidden agenda’s, counterfeiting, bribes, treason, and so on;  its just slower, and less painful/ until war comes.  The end result is similar to no leaders at all/ but at least with leaders we have a chance, on some personal level. Because instead of war against just me/ its war against us all.  Democracy is:  “We are suppose to be, united in a fight, for all of us”.  Which is the purpose of democracy itself/ but corrupted with leadership, government becomes a fight, to see who can win the most, by legally allowed means:  for themselves. When the majority know they have lost, civil war begins/ or the distraction of attacking another nation is used in lieu of facing “our own realities”.  A fact that is consistent with all forms of government.


          So then the critical question is: WHY, can we not govern ourselves?  The answer is corruption abounds/ there is always someone breaking into the “back door (hiding truth, with garbage experts, foreign languages, etc)” to rob, steal, lie, cheat, create treason, corrupt justice, control bribes, and counterfeit money; etc/ etc/ etc!

          The obvious answer to governing ourselves is then: REMOVING THE BACK DOOR, which is controlled by three separate things.  1.  Controlling the money grants power & pride to the individuals who have a say.  2.  Controlling the debts, and lying about inflation to create counterfeiting and delusions about wealth: steal, corrupt, cheat, and lie.  3.  Controlling law and its enforcement throughout the system defeats the majority, because they have no rights beyond these words or actions.  That means law is “all of them/ against us, or me”.  Or more simply, unless the purpose and the reality is justified; these are simply the new version of attackers, rapists, liars, and thieves released and controlled by the few against us.  As is consistent without government; & against the individual.  Common today in this USA.

          Changing that requires:

 1.  Constitutionally controlling the amount of currency in circulation or use, by tying it directly to the population count.  Tying international currency to something that cannot be easily counterfeited, and is never hidden from public view

2.   Constitutionally controlling the ability or authority of employees to create debt: requires that they have NO SAY, in that regard.  Or more simply, they shall obey reality, and accept the limits of a true accounting: as do all individuals.  You cannot spend more than we create/ we the people will control that, by vote: recognizing inflation simply means more numbers, not more pay.

 3.  Controlling the law itself, means we govern ourselves, because these are the foundations and freedoms, including the responsibilities of every citizen in this nation.  It takes very few, simply short laws to govern a society/ everything else is about finding ways to ignore or excuse the law by an exception “for us, or me”.   Controlling the enforcement of laws means: WE, the people will judge the courtroom for ourselves, and reward, discard, or penalize any judge, lawyer, policeman, etc as we see fit.  Without significant trouble.  Constitutional law is the agreement of the people themselves: that this is the purposes for which we unite as one.  Making the laws of society for ourselves (once made/ done); gives us control over the many.  Thereby taking away the control over us, by the few.  Facing and controlling our own reality: leaves us all, with the decisions that become our future, thereby our fate or destiny revealed by the consequences of our reality as living and life.


          True democracy is then the assembly of our own design, to participate in governing ourselves, by creating the means to determine our own fate; or even destiny, when truth can be found.  The foundation of that is not only constitutional law, which then governs all other law.  But the enforcement of that law, by hiring people to investigate major influences on society/ to INSURE THEY ARE, obeying the law we demand shall be obeyed.  That foundation includes “redress of grievances”: the critical courtroom of the people themselves, demanding of their own employees, a true and accurate accounting/ wherein NO ONE is allowed to hide, and everyone is subject to the law of our constitution, and what we the people declare our society shall be.  We are the government, we are the owners, we are the final authority (no one else), we are the jury of our employees!

          Redress of grievances is: the final step in confronting those who believe they are our rulers, instead of our employees.  To make traitors accept our authority, as we the people, is final: we must be the jury that decides their fate/ that decides for ourselves, if they have failed us, or even committed treason against us.  Today, we hold the power of communication: by controlling and owning ALL MEDIA SOURCES as a nation.  NOT controlling the reporter or press, but controlling the distribution of news, and the separation of powers to influence society.  Thereby a clear format, and absolute resolution: that there shall be NEWS regarding the state of the union, state, law, courts, money, debts, inflation, etc/ so that LIARS CAN BE FOUND.  Thieves can be rooted out.  Bribes can be ended.  Wars can be stopped.  Propaganda and cultists like “the university knows”/ can be questioned about their insanity, delusions, fantasies, and LITERALLY STOPPED, CONTROLLED, OR KILLED; to avoid or destroy, their illegal impact on this world.  News about world law, and its policing.  News about illegal state government bankruptcy, and enslavement; so the few who gained bribes can play “nobles (better than you)”.   News about law, or injustice, or disrespect for life, or equality and fair play.  News about the direction of society, the education necessary for a vote, the proper methods of teaching/ rather than the deluge of excuses.  Whose only real purpose is:   to keep the public ignorant, rather than teach them what they need to know for life, law, happiness, responsibility, parenting, gender respect, or society.  To enslave them, with excuses for “Now you must pay US (kings or queens)/ the few:   with your life”; for any living beyond poverty.


          THE POWER OF CHANGING GOVERNMENT IS: “he who controls the gold (money)/ makes the rules”; so the saying goes.  It is largely true, unless weapons have replaced money as the power of your government.  It is also true, whosoever controls the communication of “news”/ controls the direction of the people by propagating anything they want: true or not.  With these two things, governments arise/ or are brought down; with or without weapons involved.

          That means: if the people, as well as other nations do not accept the money/ OR PAY THE TAX;   those few who have declared themselves to be rulers, instead of our employees governed by constitutional law.  Are without power.

          That means: if we demand an investigation of reality by the evidence/ instead of being told what we are to believe or think is true.  Then we get to decide for ourselves, so long as “this redress” is valid, and identified by all sides, and all evidence, as the best we did indeed do for ourselves.


          That means: we then have a choice!  NOT, everything we want, or fantasize about;  as is the delusion of rulers and a university diploma.  But a return to reality, and to govern over the consequences of our future, by determining what is true; and then accepting the decisions that must be made for life and nation (justice/ fair play/ equality/ nature, child, & world) to become first for this society again.  Only truth can keep us alive, not a game: simply the evidence, and your heart decides.

          The method and means are:   FIND THE TRUTH, IDENTIFY REALITY/ DETERMINE WHAT HAPPENS IF “THIS” GOES WRONG:  and then you will know, “what needs to be changed”.  BY VOTE, through an educational period, you will be able to define “a new order, respect, and responsibility for society itself”.  That is “fundamental government”/ and lacks only employees to get the job done.  Employees that do not lie, cheat, steal, or chose rebellion against us.

          The reality of our situation as a world is: we now face extreme competition from over-population, environmental and resource devastation.  There will soon be not enough, as there already is in too many places: which begets war, and terrorism.  If we the people do not take over government, the few will control our lives as slaves, “very soon/ if we survive at all”.  The consequence of that monetary loss, is loss of control over our future, by those with the power to change our lives/ as they already have.  But the truth of their money and their power is, “American currency and others, are built entirely upon fantasies, and contain no real life value at all.  It is all counterfeit/ therefore what they bought with that money is NOT legally binding; nor is their claim to have more.  As a billion dollars of counterfeit money, is still worthless/ apart from toilet paper at best.”  They have no power, only an image of wealth; because it is not real.  As does the table L.5 assets and liabilities of this USA prove.  We will control the competition and share the resources correctly among ourselves/ or the majority of us will soon starve; because that, is what the evidence does prove.  World War, with weapons of mass destruction, comes next/ the end of life on earth.

            THE FIRE FENCE TEST WILL BE:   on Sunday October 26, 2014     Fire started at 2:00 pm/ and is expected to burn at intensity for about 20 minutes total.  That ASSUMES the wind will be from the south or southwest, and less than 15 miles per hour; to insure no unexpected damage can or will be done.  It also assumes the burn materials will be fully dried.  The location is approximately                   2170 county road 2500E St. Joseph IL

             The patch of cornfield to be lit on fire is 24 rows wide/ each row 24 feet in length/ with roughly 60 bags of dried leaves placed between the rows for added intensity.  The smoke could be heavy/ but I hope not.   If for some reason that fails to happen on that day/ the next date will be the following Saturday or Sunday at 2:00 pm.   You may check this link for information on the day of the fire/ unless the internet goes down here, which it sometimes does.


Reality has a list:   when life is last/ and fantasies are first; because that is what humanity chose, by worshiping university.  Extinction is sure to follow.

          What is not terrorism or traitorous or tragic?

          What is life, “to you”!


1.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation:  to bring the same fire here as is on the sun: lawrence livermore laboratories in San Francisco/ is this planet turns into a sun, and kills us all.

2. The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: to create an energy burst equal to one million lightning bolts of energy all hitting the same spot, at the very same time is/ our planet is extremely likely, to be, lit on fire, at ten million degrees.  One exa-watt laser/ to be completed in 2015.

3. The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation:   that recognizes they are building three exa-watt lasers, situated to triangulate their beams into one spot; thereby allowing an energy burst equal to 3 million lightning bolts of energy all hitting the same spot at the same time is/ it is impossible to believe this will not light our planet on fire, “same as the sun”.

4. The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation:   with energy experiments that intentionally try to escape the boundaries of physical forces that hold this planet together; by accelerating atomic mass up to the speed of light, and then creating explosions to push what remains through that portal to become a wormhole in atomic realities.  That can then re-create “the big bang”/ ultimately cutting the planet into pieces, so that it collapses onto itself, and then explodes like an enormous thermonuclear weapon.

5. The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: on a variety of scales around this planet in energy, that has no bearing or verifiable purpose for life:   is we can all die, by their hands.

6.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation:   that mutilates genetic structure/ is the collapse of nature itself.  Genetic sequencing is the key to building a body of life/ every body of life: the failure of even one tiny detail results in horrific consequences.  Everyday, across this planet, people are mutilating genetic structure: and anything that lives, is cast outside into the world for the deliberate purpose of “trying to infect and change other biologic creations”.  Bringing intentional chaos to all life on earth.

7. The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation:   every pandemic known to man, has been caused by the disease that affects one distinct species, escaping that species by mutilation or chemistry: to become a disease in another species which heretofore had no invasion or experience with that disease.  Thereby we know, “that university experimentation” is bringing us widespread pandemic results; as they mutilate everything they can touch/ and chemical alterations, at high concentrations in the world of life, are dumped onto this planet for agriculture and other: by the billion ton.  This is chaos without end, coming soon; because life is not a toy, and neither is genetics.

8.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: on any biological structure is, that even one small change ends that life/ even that species.  Cellular structures are based upon microscopic realities, such as “pore size” in the cellular walls.  They are dependent upon critical chemistry at exactly the right time and in exactly the right amount: or cells die/ turn cancerous/ mutilate/ or fail to produce the correct result.  The failure of one, can easily create the failure of more; as each system within a body is dependent upon the other systems of cellular function and harmony.  If any part fails, the entire body can fail.  The entire species can collapse.

9.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: on the chemistry that controls biological function/ or creates the biological processes by which the critical structures, processes, utilities, re-creation events, and more are dependent is: everything living on earth is at risk of extinction.  Failing to protect the critical link between the building process and such things as how muscles are built/ wrapped/ tied onto bones, and all the rest:   recognizes the worst birth defects possible, are all directly linked to these types of failure.  Now being forced upon genetic stability and disciplines around the world, in a direct effort to cause their complete collapse.  Geneticists want:   to destroy the foundations of genetics/ so that they can then “use the parts and pieces” to recreate life in their own image, playing god, regardless of the true outcome, as is HORROR coming to us all.

10.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: the critical tampering with food, such as corn through genetic alterations intentionally stripping away every form of protection that holds the species itself together/ will result in the species being lost; as an invasion of that altered genetics by known realities of “things that attack life”:   cannot be far away.    Your gains, then become the end of a distinct food supply.

11.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: that attempts to mutilate all food sources genetically is/ there will be allergic reactions, that come “out of nowhere”.  Because changing the genetics in one living body of life/ can change the genetics in all other life associated with that single previous event.   ALL Food, is called a chain of life; for a reason.  Thereby the future is grim.  Changing one single aspect of chemistry within the body of life, and one tiny thing can go wrong: ending the ability to grow arms, attach limbs, create acids to break down foods, create skin and stomach liners, heal, think, or altering the blood & immune systems;   and about a “billion more” so called incidentals that are crucial to a working body of life. All of it at risk, due to genetic alteration or direct mutilation and deterioration of environment.  Everything needs food, break down the food, or our ability to use it for survival, and we are extinct.  Consider your food recipes, “fail to add something/ add too much/ add the wrong thing; etc”;   and it becomes uneatable, or hard to swallow at best.  Same is true throughout nature.  Consider the fig tree, many have seen the documentary: it goes, without a specific wasp/ there will be no more figs.  If that wasp gets bigger or smaller it won’t fit in a very specific hole made by the fig tree/ if that hole changes, then other insects will fit; no more figs.

12.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation:   whereby all of agriculture dumps billions of tons of chemical poisons onto this earth and all its creatures.  Contaminating the water supplies/ causing abortion in creatures forced to drink from streams and rivers/ killing insects by “trillions of tons”.  Ending the food supply for entire groups of wildlife, including fish,  because they need insects to survive at times: extinction follows.  While the insects themselves pollinate the widest possible range of diversity/ giving us fruits, vegetables, flowers, and much more; even though they do eat their share.  To end their lives, is to cause diversity itself/  mass extinction.  Mutilations will rise, in all things.  Including humanity. Agriculture says “we must”!  But reality says, “only to keep your current decisions from collapsing”/ there are other ways.  Among them, includes removing the dependency upon ethanol production to keep your prices from becoming, your bankruptcy.  And ways reminiscent of the fifties/ sixties.

13.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: which includes nano-technology/ as they have described for themselves, they are able to make self-replicating machines.  The release of these machines into nature means: the possibility exists of an invasion like a virus/ that cannot be beaten back by nature.  Or at the alternate occurrence these nano-objects are small enough to invade the micro-biology of every living thing; becoming clogs and consequences to all cellular activities, including damage to the blood and all other critical systems.  But then hey, “you will swallow anything”, especially if a doctor gives it to you/ isn’t that so?  “Why, being a believer” is so rewarding; until the bill comes due.

14.    The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation:   which includes the allowance of artificial intelligence/ SHALL NOT turn out well.  Robotic machinery has advanced sufficiently to create “warring robots”/ which will be hard to defeat.  Can be massed in great numbers, and used to enslave, or kill entire nations when the full weight of this disaster comes to be known.  It is not possible to believe that humanity, given its history; will do anything but harm with these weapons; even if you believe they will fight for you.  It takes only “another hitler; and there are many” to turn them against you.  It will be horrific; just like all the other experimentation of this day.

15.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: with global warming, means, there is no way out of this mess when it is finally accepted;   we did wrong.  The alteration of a planet and its environment as is consistent with all significant data/ IS A VERY BAD DECISION.  The foundation of our world, as a living system of life; depends upon temperature, water, and wind as much as it does food.  To change the critical relationships that determine those three basic needs/ is to exterminate life at its end result.  We cannot cool this planet, once the ice is gone, or diminished even a little more:  we lose control over the temperatures that govern our existence.  Once the ice is gone, we lose the weather patterns it creates to control our seasons, and lives.  Once the ice is gone, the wind has lost its governing controls.  In conjunction with the loss of forest lands and its ability to tie our atmosphere to the globe itself: wind will greatly increase in velocity/ ocean temperatures will rise, etc.  Secondary but very significant is the reality of weight shift, as the weight of ice is massive/ and that weight moves from one tectonic plate to another: there will be tsunami’s such as occurred in Japan/ and earthquakes,  volcano’s, and subsequent damage to aquifers, cities, and so on will greatly increase.  It is propaganda that keeps the majority from realizing this.

16.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: as is the reduction of ozone/  the protecting layer against radiation from the sun is completely lost.  Decisions that do not reflect the intensity in cost to life;  of this loss/ is living in a fantasy world.  Radiation is extremely bad for all life;  do you doubt this?  Radiation that never lets up, will destroy and mutilate life.  In addition, it is the ozone that represents the excess storage of oxygen produced by nature.  Then released as radiation changes the chemistry back to oxygen itself.  Once that storage is used up, it can never be replaced/ radiation forever; until exterminated by mutilation and lack of food. Every form of oxygen generation, by nature;  is under massive attack.

17.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing experimentation: as is the various governmental agencies which proclaim, “yes we can genetically alter everything we want”/ because evolution will fix it.  “Yes we can store biological warfare agents specifically engineered to cause our own extinction from the planet. All weapons of mass destruction.  HELL, WHAT could possibly go wrong with that.  Other than everything men touch turns to the possibility of catastrophe; when led by a university diploma.  Insanity is insanity; and without world law, policing, and courts that rule over leaders BY THE LAW WE CREATE, as “we the people of this world”.  There is no possibility we survive this either.  Evolution itself proves that true: as it has not one single thread or speck of reality, other than adaption.  Which is a true sign of intentional design.  Chaos builds nothing.  Bodies of life CANNOT be built “one piece at a time”/ they don’t work, and die: because they need all their parts to survive.  The brain cannot come last; just like a robot, the structure, therefore the reality doesn’t work.   THOUGHT came first, as is proven by the fact;   you are not capable of building a life/ because it is beyond your level of thinking!

18.   The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist:   among the worst are, mining under the great lakes in America.  Thereby creating an impending and eminent disaster beyond comprehension.  As a trillion tons or more of weight descends approximately 20 feet, to crash onto the mine floor.  All made possible by the collapse of a single pillar of salt/ or more probably an earthquake that shakes an area so large now, no possibility exists it will continue to stand.  The result WILL be an effective earthquake from the tonnage fall, equaling several 100 megaton nuclear explosives.  The result will be the collapse of all cities within 500 miles of the epicenter/ extreme damage to more.  The loss of water/ ability to generate electricity/ aquifers lost for a thousand miles;   and the eruption of Yellowstone super-volcano, is an absolute       Certainty.   Not less than half the population of this world will die within 7 weeks.   Cannibalism will erupt/ the disease and war that causes will devastate everything: and not less than 5-7 billion people throughout this world;   will be dead within two years.  Because it will be hell.  Releasing the gas pressure under Yellowstone would at least reduce the loss by half, or less.  Filling the cavern would end the worst possibilities of collapse.

19.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist:   

the new factory fishing trawlers, are designed and built/ “to take them all”; OR, more simply, leave nothing in the sea here to rebuild the next generation.  The opening of the Arctic ocean puts every creature that was protected, and was rebuilding life throughout the upper oceans: at risk of complete massacre/ ending life in the sea.  Because there are thousands of ships all trying to capture as much sea life as possible, every single day.  Leaving nothing for the future, even though tiny efforts exist to pretend something is being done.  Sharks are now appearing on your shores, because the prey fish, and the lower predators that fed on them; are gone or so scarce it is impossible to find enough food, or soon will be.  Therefore things will soon change, and sharks will feed on you.  Added to that, primary food sources for the ocean in all its ways, have been attacked; from the shore line with chemicals and more/ to garbage in the seas/ to nets/ to every incubator of life in the ocean in trouble.  The ice which is responsible for creating a major source of food by allowing an environment for certain creatures to incubate their young is also disappearing.  A thorough review will establish our entire ocean system on this planet is in trouble; because of men.

20.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist:   includes the reality of human over-population.  There is roughly 7 billion acres of agriculturally used land on earth, and over 7 billion people demanding to eat something, every single day/ for every single day of their lives.  That is one person per acre of growing land. And every day more is lost to urban development or other.  The cost to nature itself is horrendous; it threatens collapse.   Adding over 2 million more mouths to feed, every single week.  Take out land for drought/ take out land for other creatures to eat/ take out land for floods, and human development;   and every year we have less opportunity or possibility to even consider feeding ourselves.  Nature is devastated already/ creatures and plants, literally everything is facing extinction: including us, because of all these numbers.  This reality of life feeds life/ and if you break the chains that feed the reality of living upon which you depend: you kill yourselves.  Without true decisions which face our reality by its truth, there is no hope for life on earth.

21. The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist: 

 Is the end of confinement livestock as we know it/   becomes the reality, that without antibiotics to use in feeds, for combating disease, or retaining health in the flock or herd: they all die, with a single infection.  In a world of 7 billion people, there is no possibility that waiting for a new herd to be rebuilt, one life at a time can be accomplished.  It is a very hungry world/ they will eat “the seed crop”/ just as is happening to the oceans.  Antibiotics are failing, and will not survive much longer.  There are no substitute methods of raising livestock today/ because the source of that operation is the small farmer, and he has been nearly eradicated; because of chemicals, competition, and counterfeiting.     In addition, the reality of “university knows, in government” has been desecrating the beef herd: by throwing away millions of cattle on a nearly yearly basis.  Claiming with one assertion of a disease, that all the rest of this food must be destroyed.  The consequences of huge livestock operations is also as a major incubator of any and all potential diseases and problems;  found in  water, air, and ground.  That must excrement, etc;  sitting around for long periods of time, does have consequences. Additionally the near constant use of antibiotics, throughout this world;  has increased the virility of all associated diseases.  These are ready to attack us as well/ and without antibiotics there is no surgery, which means 90% of your own medical industry will die out as well.  What is left, will be the drugs, with endless lawsuits; because they didn’t work, or did work, but left serious trouble instead, and so on.

22.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist: continues as the end of diversity is also being accomplished with every seed growing company that exists/ every artificial insemination.  Each wants only one basic characteristic, as the farmer demands: I WANT MONEY/ I WANT TO WIN, don’t give me nothing else.  As selection continues to narrow down what agriculture wants, to the ending of all other base elements of diversity in plants and animals/ the potential for great or massive levels of death; in any and all forms of pandemic that do attack plant and animal increases.  Or are coming because of the chemicals and mutilation of genetics.  Every chemical has a consequence on life.  Every chemical makes changes in life, “its what they do”.  Those changes can be gruesome.

23.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist:   CONTINUES as the true reality, as is the complete collapse of all drinking water in the USA, and most of this world.  In America: the purpose of ethanol is to take water as the resource we have such an abundance of we need not care.  Ethanol uses nearly as much water as gasoline because of irrigation/ processing/ and other realities of growing a corn crop to support it.  More importantly: trillions of gallons of water are being lost in mining/ dumped into old oil reserve’s to lift the remaining oil to the top: it is said, a contamination of oil at one part per billion is enough to make water unsafe to drink: that drinking water is then lost forever. There is a tremendous loss of water/ lost to chemical manufacture, and contamination, pollution of all kinds, including farming methods.     Water is put at risk by fracking which will destroy it as soon as an earthquake comes;  if not before.  Fracking is not as presented (simple and plain): rather,  it takes only one small fissure to ruin a billion gallons of water/ destroy an entire aquifer.  That water cannot then be separated from the gas by any easy or cheap method, if at all. Contaminated by other forms of pollution; as well as the destruction of ground sourcing, the allowance of water to sit in one place long enough to soak into the ground to become water in the aquifer.  Which does include excessive tiling in fields.  Because the ground is not the same everywhere, wherever fracking goes;   it only takes one tiny leak to destroy a billion gallons of water, or more.   Over ninety percent of the water used comes from underground aquifers, and they are recharged even in permeable ground, at a rate of only one inch of water recharge per fifty inches of rainfall.   That means you can have flood after flood on the ground above/ but nearly nothing to recharge the water supply from which you drink.  In the ogahalla aquifer that supplies 6-7 states with water, and ended the dust bowl of the thirties.  Roughly 90% of that water is now gone; and can never be replaced.  Once an aquifer is dry for any amount of time; it collapses onto itself, and will never hold water again.  The dust bowl returns, and you are completely unprepared.   Without an aquifer to drink from: half or more of the USA becomes desolate. Plus the great lakes will soon collapse entirely as well; a clear and provable  fact.  Leaving only war to decide who lives or dies from thirst.  Loose your aquifer/ then you have three days to live or die or take someone else’s water:   how is that not war, in a world of 7+ billion people with no place else to go!

24.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist:   the endless fire of this human population has a price.  Every fire/ every motor requires oxygen.  Even your small economy car consumes the amount of oxygen needed by over thirty people in a twenty four hour day: per each and every hour it goes down the highway.  A   semi-truck uses the same amount needed by 100-120 people in that twenty four hour period/ per hour it drives down the highway.  And yet you drive endlessly around the world/ have fires to warm your housing/ air-conditioning (electrical generation)/ etc; without end.  Asphyxiation is coming/ the decrease in oxygen concentration in our upper atmosphere has already begun. 

25.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist: over 80% of all forest land in this world has been destroyed, very little has been replanted.  The habitat loss has cause extreme loss in wildlife, and threatens massive extinctions.  The reality of no forest left, will be war.  You trade a days worth of work/ for a lifetime without the benefits of a forest: killing the future.  You look at a tree and say “I don’t care/ plenty more”.  Without the slightest reference to reality on this planet.  You destroy buildings “for fun”.  Throwing away mountains of resources, because “you just want too”/ its more fun this way; “you can play god, and make what you want”.  Or, “to hell with every child.”  You import and export every problem you can find, that damages another life/ and are completely insane in all things you do: not giving a damn about anything but you.  Such is the world you have built, under “university knows”: where life, does not matter/ because lying, cheating, and stealing are more important to them, “we won the game”/   and you.

26.The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist:   is the reality, that resources no matter what they are/ is the money, life or death, and its subsequent need for war; because without resources we die/ can’t work (we have nothing)/ therefore can’t live as we are.  According to wall street, “the last ten years of manufacturing has produced more goods (thereby used more resources)/ than in all of human history prior to this date.  Think about what that means for your future, and remember all that has already been taken.



So we turn to the reality of governing, etc.

27.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist:   humanity lives and dies fighting for its money; for most, there is little else.  In america the endless propaganda, directed and controlled by “university knows” has taken over your lives; and lies in wait to complete the process of providing your extinction.  Experts control every decision.  University diplomas’ control nearly every job.  They have taken control over the money, and counterfeited well over one hundred trillion dollars, in just a few years/ so says the US accounting statement.  One trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each one, of one hundred million people.  Your debt is completely a lie/ it cannot be paid:  As is the claim of assets;  and that proves nothing is spent here but inflation.  To stop the complaint of failure, as we the people try to float this sinking ship:   “everybody gets a bribe”, so the people say “good for me” / except the slaves (you are paid with worthless paper, there is no future) of course.  Slave means, “you have no choice, but be thrown into the street/ OR, accept the terms of welfare, and DON’T compete with us anymore.”  Work hard for nothing but more work, because reality knows, this money is going to die.   While the beneficiaries of the bribes, fight to keep them:  work little, don’t care,  retire early, and assume we will continue to be their slaves.  They are after all “the new nobility/ the army for fools”;  in their own minds, superior/ therefore earned.  To hide the debt owed to this people themselves; government employees have taken that work and sold it to foreigners, demanding credit: thereby we don’t have to pay right now.  But debts come due.  All the counterfeiting has brought an endless stream of immigrants to this nation/ with money to buy us out.  Thereby our property goes to them/ and our citizens are being dispossessed from this land.  Search the real estate trusts to see who really owns what/ and understand what it means to be “Palestinian”.  But in the case of Israel, the reality of the holocaust is cause enough to understand why they did what they did.  For america however its simply the university diploma demanding to be rich/ and taking everything we as a nation ever worked for, and throwing that away.  Teaching people to compete, not for work and life/ but to dispossess those who owned a right; from the very work of their hands.  Because destroying the people who have some power over their own future, and their own nation means:   NOW, the traitors who have betrayed us, own the future/ as we have no further say, in the nation we sustained & built.  The university threat is:   we can destroy, mutilate, and damage even more than wars do: BE AFRAID.  The reality is: be afraid of not confronting what is truth about life and our future, or you die.  How did it get so bad: you are a cult/ worshiping university knows.  And the few, sold your heart for lies, theft, cheating, and treason.  Investigate?  Absolutely not, the press won’t let you/ the courts won’t listen/ the leaders will never obey/ the constitution is worthless, unless it is their own weapon:   rulers exist/ not employees, anymore.

28.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist:   the reality of every courtroom, proven by facts in those courtrooms, IS.  Our leaders, bound together by their diploma’s: have made rules to destroy constitutional law, and take over our nation, and every form of government; so they can be rulers instead of employees, bound by an oath to DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD.  According to constitutional law/ with penalties.  It is anarchy in the court/ by the judiciary/ infiltrating all policing agencies; and a descent into the levels of aggression that plainly define: what comes next is “the gestapo/ and SS”.  BECAUSE we are no longer people to many in leadership and policing situations: we are potential enemies which must be killed, so they cannot harm or kill us:   “Us against them”/ that’s the law. while both sides shout: “we have guns”.

29.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist: the elements of an education are: if you ain’t one of us/ then we don’t need you.  Put in the time, and get out/ or leave early; we don’t teach, we separate.  That fundamentally means: in the future where university diplomas’ control every job/ there is no place without your diploma, and your debt: which means you are chained to the wall, and we will make you do anything we say.  Because if you don’t, you will be thrown out into the street to beg.  But that is only the beginning: medicine costs, because the few in control;  refused to educate any doctor in this country beyond the number level arrived at in the early sixties.  Ever wander how we became flooded with foreign doctors?  Its because the medical associations wanted a monopoly against you, to drive up the price/ and make you beg.  Not every doctor, but the majority of leadership in medicine caused this/ and continues this, even though the population has more than doubled.  And your leaders let them, because they constantly protect only themselves. Media begs for money for them: such things as “women are at risk of dying of a heart attack: we have to let them do anything” its horrible/ even though heart attacks in women under the age of 60 are nearly non-existent.  Told you have breast cancer?  But won’t consider for a few moments the medical business gets a tremendous amount of money: because you are afraid.  Can’t be wrong/ can’t be greed/ can’t be power or pride over you?  Think again.

           It is true, the only true medical cost evaluation is:   “All pay a small base/ each pays a percentage of income, dependent upon the work that was done on your behalf;  with limits; is necessary”.  Or more simply: you will control the costs of medicine by taking away the business of medicine/ and applying reality.  That doesn’t mean doctors are going to be poor/ but it does mean, NO MORE EXTORTION.

30.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist:   media is a billion dollar business, simply because the counterfeiters have taken over every political campaign: because they have the money.  They stole it from our lives, by giving us nothing but worthless numbers; “here, have a few more and be still”.

            Over the last 4 years proven true by the federal reserve accounting table L5.   We the people have not shared in the inflation established as a $350,000.00 increase in currency over these last four years; per each and every one,  of one hundred million people.  Federal government is “too big to fail/ the nation is too broken to stop: because our leaders cannot control themselves”.

           Nonetheless, debt increase in America during these last four years, is $178,000.00 per each and every one of one hundred million workers; in a nation of about one hundred million citizen real workers.  Thereby the foundation of real society, which is the working people of every or any society:   have been bound into slavery (we cannot escape this debt/ and or its consequences)/ therefore anger builds. The reality combined is: $87,500.00 in inflation per worker per year/ plus over and above what taxation pays, the new debts of $44,500.00 (that they admit too) gives us a grand total of $132,000.00 per each and every one of one hundred million workers; per year for the last four years: to keep the lies from being found.  While foreigners get your work/ your property/ and your lives as slaves, because the money sure as hell is coming, “ain’t real”.  But hey, “you got a gun” so it doesn’t matter, right/ we can’t stop them now, right!   However we cannot survive as a nation or world;  if we don’t, and that is the truth.  Control the bankruptcy/ remove the university diploma, and be as fair as possible: “poor first”.

            People take it, and walk away/ letting democracy itself die.  Shame on you.  A single presidential campaign is a billion dollars per side; ninety percent to the media.  The media is owned nearly in its entirety, by a tiny few people who get whatever they demand; regardless of the liars on tv.  “They have the money/ and can blacklist anyone who gets in their way”.  While the people in charge of the news, “believe themselves, somewhat free”/ the reality is simply: those chosen to select the stories/ and rule the newsrooms;   have been so chosen because they refused content the owners want hidden/ and do stories the owners want done.  Nonetheless: as reality dictates “we the people” have no further controls over anything/ they then choose to abandon all knowledge, because that reality of loss, “just makes them mad”: so they don’t want to hear it no more.  It is a circle/ that will be torn apart on the day guns rule life; and nothing will put society back together ever again: that is the price of continual manipulation, the reality of an intellectual trap, that took too damn much.   Alternately,  The money, pride, and power:    own the court, particularly the US supreme court which controls the rest: and that means corruption/ conspiracy/ collusion/ and traitorous conduct that is treason “trickles down from them, throughout our society”. That control/ that intent to create rules by which to overtake democracy itself, and become rulers against us:   isn’t justice/   it is a purpose too discard the constitution itself,    As is anarchy!

31.  The cost of being wrong, when allowing BAD DECISIONS to exist: we are the most incarcerated people in this civilized world/ because of rules.  Step across this line/ and then I can do anything I want with you; rules can be made out of anything.  Traitors can stalk you.  But the single most prevalent cause of why “black skin people” end up in jail more than the others is varied. The greatest cause is a lack of critical teaching at home; because parents lacked that knowledge as well, or just couldn’t find the energy to do it. Therefrom no substantial participation in society, or schooling; causing a significant delay in the generation of a “good job”. Anger decides “its because we were slaves”/ its all “white skin” fault. But that is not true, as none living experienced that slavery. The primary cause is a lack of respect/ creates a lack of respect, on all sides, and in every situation!  The primary cause is: when dealing with a percentage in any group is significantly higher for trouble/ with this group, they are abandoned for those with a better record; causing trouble for all those in the group.  Three is  a willingness to be lazy/ to take the easy way:  by too many: thereby to accept the bribe, “don’t compete with me”; and sit aside. But that is largely the lack of preparations and support to compete well.  The foundation of building wealth/ is the prior generation, whereby you continue to build on their sacrifice. If your previous generation was a slave/ then its up to you, to do what can be done; and build with those who are like you.  That has been tried in the black community in places/ but wanting more for themselves, it only takes a few “whites” to destroy that work.  That is not the majority/ but that too is irrelevant. Prejudice is an economic or behavioral issue, without sex involved.  The difference in behaviors are: that too insure, white men didn’t mix with black men in the past while slaves/ behaviors were adopted by blacks,  to keep them out.  The critical reality of justice is:   can you, or can you not establish a defense against unlawful crime?  The answer is: only the constitution can rule over the law/ it is the government, and there are NO employees that have authority over the constitution: therefore if they fail the guarantees of constitutional government/ these do become traitors, and their work against the contract that is “ constitutional America itself”;  is   then  treason.

           Don’t live with “your wife (cause that means its your responsibility to pay for your children)”/ or,  the “white ones”  won’t pay for your baby; so “husbands” are abandoned for money.  A disease that has now spread throughout the poor/ as women solve loneliness, with a child. That is not, a clear participant/ because without a true opportunity to work and get paid honestly: choices can be few.   The critical truth involved is: to get more for me/ you must get less.  As is the constant human relationship with wealth.  There are few or no “rich”/ until they make the others poor; its just a fact of life.  But a clear participant in our human troubles is:  social manipulation by university diploma’s who have intentionally set or sent black men to combine with white women (suggesting to white women & helping them believe “nothing wrong with that). Not having work means, “ energy, either for trouble or sex/ or growing lazy”.  While on the opposite side is:   the purpose of media has become to send white men, to the garbage pile.  The white men don’t like it; its called revenge/ & they still  do control the majority of power/ because they still own most of the actual work; even though it drains energy, and therefrom reduces the desire for sex.  It is power the university diploma wants, not work; as the majority are very lazy/   by removing the power that exists, they create a gap:  to invade and separate society itself, thereby the opportunity, to take over and rule. To cause strife between men and woman: is to overturn peace/ and create disharmony, so they can be “your saviors”.  Black women are then moved to the side, with white men as well: and everybody is unhappy, because neither likes this situation.  Not because it is fundamentally wrong for a skin color to make a difference; it doesn’t, even though different subsets within a particular species exists for a cause/ each having a value of their own.  But because the increase in competition, particularly sexually/ has consequences; like it or not;  just how it is.  While in secondary actions the court system, attacks the white male differently/ and they make him pay heavily; for any and all children that he could possibly be responsible for:   thereby becoming a slave.  While a majority of the black male, faces almost no legal consequences for causing pregnancy, with any woman. His fault or not, the court throws them in jail easily: making them responsible for any and every crime, with very little if any evidence at all.  A half black/ half white baby that comes forth; is societies debt:  that too in nearly entirely the white man’s debt (so he believes); even though he had nothing to do with it.  They want the work/ so they get the bill.  So the university diploma provides  counterfeiting and bribes, to fix the problems they created/ and the nation goes bankrupt, because none in the history of this world, have been more foolish than they. And all the people say:   I DON’T AND WON’T pay anymore/ you took too much.  Which leaves the government employees, with no choice; because after all, the university diploma sure ain’t going to admit:    thief/ liar/ fool/ cheat/ traitor/ treason/ terrorist/ and horror story to come; after all “they’re gods”.   Keep on counterfeiting/ it’s the plan.  Nonetheless, Because a few  fools, traitors, etc  manipulate and control this society; while hiding behind closed doors:    the entire nation waits for civil war to erupt.   Because these few,  have been effective in rebellion against us all.  Your addiction to the television: is your downfall/ but your greed and acceptance of the games men play is why.  They now own your mind, because you let them/ you have reduced participation to:   we can’t defeat the experts, “they talk to well”/ and they bring a “foreign language against us; so we can’t compete.   Thereby all we got to defend ourselves because of that is a GUN.  The few in control,  propagate any damn thing they want; because we the people, have no say, “only the expert” decides what society will be.  The consequence:   university leaders decided: to rob (they counterfeit to gain their wealth by using our nation)/ rape (they build their toys, with our work and future)/ ravage (they have failed to invest in the future, letting our infrastructure die)/ ransack (they have created pensions and early retirement for themselves; to make us their slaves )/ control your heart (through continual manipulation/ and exterminate your world, so you can’t retaliate (they do hold death for this planet, in their hands).  “Too bad for you; they have control over television and all media (to make you fear/ and prove only their expert has a voice or a choice)/ over work (they control nearly every job, by controlling who gets hired) and fantasies (nobody gets to question their insanity; they are gods/ and have built a cult out of our society) that are clearly going to make us all extinct”.  All bow down, an don’t say a word/ you are as “nothing”; your democracy is dead.

          Separated from that:  There are MANY university graduates who are upstanding people, and at least try to work for life/ this is not about them.  Instead, These manipulators and thieves, who control our lives, are the people whose decisions have become a trap, a pandemic disease, and a cancer infecting not only your heart, but they are against your very soul.  The people who have turned America into their own “fairyland: fantasy rules here”/ are at fault (they want to play god).  Without counterfeiting they cannot/ with counterfeiting you are a slave of course; because the money is not real, and it will collapse, ending your claim to work saved, and rights accordingly.  They have bankrupted all of us.  Therefore you must have a bribe/ or the nation itself collapses: into the chaos of “what do we do now”.  Then,  you are a  nobody, giving the few, an excuse to control even more/ spend even more/ cry even more “they must”;   and manipulate this entire earth into extinction: as they worship power, and obtain complete control. Demanding the few shall own and control everything; as is consistent with the direction and purpose of every business/ every courtroom/ every government official/ etc;   of any size.   To stop them we must control the bankruptcy ourselves! Removing the game, and claiming reality.

           Pride is the enemy/ and it is extremely hard to remove.  You cannot defeat it/ you can only exchange it, for a humility that cannot be defeated; because that is what you chose instead. That humility is now your life.  Pride at the opposite end,  is “the demons” that live inside/ and fight as a voice that will not die”; without true humility.  It isn’t your own voice/ but it is your own arrogance (I am superior) coming to decide: what the purpose of your life will be. That means you are now divided: to live one way/ or the other.  You do then, have to choose:   the value of your own heart, of life itself in you.  Or,   the pride of winning, “I am superior”/ I judge;  the others are losers. These elements of the mind are opposites, and cannot live together in peace.  “The voice” inside; thereby declaring war, until the decision is made.  You cannot play with pride, it will defeat you in the end if you do.  Its promise is: that this  will keep you from being lonely, and many succumb to pride because of that simple fact.  But it is a high price to pay, beyond this limited moment called time.  Arrogance is the acceptance of superiority/ pride is the decision, that I can win, rather than I am a participant equal to all the rest. Regardless of ability, birth, skin, gender, or any other excuse.  In addition:  I am equal, (not the same) is the decision each must make to begin the fight, to attain heart, which is to ascend beyond the simple excuse: “I want”.  Heart therefore is: not only acceptance of the value of another life. It is the decision to trust, everything I can be/ everything I am, is a reality given to me by my CREATOR.   Therefore nothing other than my decision, and my acceptance:   to love,    is truly mine.  That love, is then my home, forever!

          Alternately,   Pride is the embodiment of want: therefore it has substance/ therefore it can fight with you in that want, the house you built with your time.  The key to removing loneliness, and its depression is: that you must live/ instead of want.  The difference is:   life itself is your substance of value, the miracle of your existence; beyond the limits of time to explain. All that life can be in terms of “being human among humans (as is want)”;  is left to the elements of your own heart, or mind.  Heart is the multiplication of time, as each life that joins you in friendship becomes “time without a cost”.  Love is an element, discovered in the presence of a value created from these  moments among the miracles; it is then the essence of true friendship, without a cost.  The mind knows only measurement; therefore everything, and everyone,  has a cost or a price.  Which then leads to judgment.


            The addition of love shared in heart, as in “the opposite sex, wakes the breathe in me”; & magnifies the reality of existence itself; to become a “walk among the flowers”.   Living A time beyond the purpose of happiness itself/ where every true bloom of life shared, is a treasury that keeps us all alive; in the blessing we are not alone.  We are “the home of each other, when a heart of love; given by another living creation”/  honors us as well.  Respect, love, and desire are, “a beautiful things”/ as is life itself.  Loneliness knows, that miracles are enough; but hearts joined by truth/ trust/ and love,  are truly better.  Sexuality knows: “there are keys in me and you”/ that open our heart and soul.  The discipline required to open these locks, comes only through respect.  To share these moments as lovers, is to accept the miracle of our bodies: does know the combination we must make in praise of life; “to open the doors between us”.  To hear the rhythms of truth we can trust, is to expand the meaning of ourselves/ beyond the limits of time itself.  Where we may join as one;  “ is to see, feel, and smell the flowers bloom inside of soul”.   This is, to embody the essence of being ALIVE, and discover the sanctity of love itself.  The elements are:  Mysteries of life unfold;  as freedom erupts/ identifying every individual where truth and love exist, “is a different kind of flower”/ a different passage beyond ourselves.  The need for, Time and securities are lost; because life finds trust in truth, and love.             No small thing. .

          Liars are thieves/ even if they don’t intend to be.   Forgiveness is required, for friendship:   as very, very few are truly worthy of this kind of trust.  Tragedies do occur.

           As to the creation of “your little voice inside”; it is in actual fact, the difference between separating your brain from your life.  The brain exists in time/ life exists as a participant in eternity.  The difference is large/ but captured in the reality of our lives in time. Hate is a brain that failed life itself/ by assuming nothing exists but time. Critical hate, is a decision: other lives have cost me my own.  Love is an experience, that expresses and proves the passion of our existence survives in the relationship we create with soul (our CREATOR).  It is life that leaves a body without movement or means to survive.  It is thought, that ascends from existence; into the possibilities of an eternity/ by understanding, “everything exists, because of energy and thought”.  Death is not a brain, but a body itself that is no longer attached; to life/ is that not true?  Life is the substance or energy that makes movement and existence possible/ thought is the essence of life itself.  The brain only measures, but given the release to measure everything, it can then invade everything we are, and everything around us: to become a judge of everything we do.  Therefore the brain becomes its own voice/ and the life inside becomes “your ears”; if you let it.  Insanity is: not being able to control the voice inside.  Being ALIVE, is recognizing: life comes first, no measurements allowed/ beyond the simple elemental definitions of time itself, by the evidence of critical reality!

          As to the fundamentals of controlling your own brain: so that life itself can find “heart and soul/ love and happiness”: want must be dismissed as worthless/ only desire lives here.  Desire is not an expectation/ but a foundation upon which all value is assembled; as the path we must take: in our own personal search for truth, life, and eternity worth living.  Thereby desire builds a treasury of purpose, love builds a home defined by truth, acceptance, and respect.  The essence of living is then your own truth identified; thereby your own trust created within yourself/ so that none shall be measured or judged.  ALIVE then comes to create SOUL, “our relationship with our    CREATOR”.   Nothing is more clear than the evidence of miracles found in every living creation;   as the brain is nothing in comparison of the illumination called thought, when conceived as the reality involved in each miracle called life.  A reality so far beyond anything being human can do:   is absolute proof, of    CREATION ITSELF.   JESUS is evidence, we are not abandoned.  Therefore the search begins, for life beyond the limits of time.  The brain knows nothing of this/ because it cannot measure miracles.  Life knows of this, because it conceives and creates thought as a participant in soul.  Thought constructs all things, through truth.  Therefore the search for life, is a search within “the heart of truth itself”.

            Pride is a reality, of discovering: there is a difference between us, that can be exploited/ it is the basis of every murder/ the foundation of war.  Passion and purpose exist upon the foundations we create, thereby the question exists, upon what true anchor in life and living;   will you attach your life?  There is no substantial life outside of an anchor/ because that means you are adrift, in a sea of “mud: the body without direction”.  The mind cannot function correctly, because only delusions about grandeur, and selfishness exist/ or revenge, and judgment.  An anchor is the heart recognizing, “my home needs a purpose, for my heart to complete its desire; and find the essence of creation itself.  It is that creation, a value beyond comprehension that presents a hope that will never die.  Thereby happiness exists.


          There are of course many other tragedies and horrors of human decisions made in complete arrogance/ as they have always been throughout history: the biggest compilation of arrogance is today identified by “the university diploma”.  Which is why they as a group/ continue to return in this writing as “the instigators/ the designers;   of what our future will be”; they made the decisions, in their fantasy and delusions; that we now face as our truth, throughout this world.   One threat of extinction, after another/ with the entire world at risk of extermination.  How should that be called anything other than   “Satan”?


          As to end of this world issues: the oldest religious text is biblical.  The prophecies given in that bible are in fact coming true, and can be correctly interpreted as such.  The most simple of them is:   in the final days, humanity itself will ignite this world on fire.  Today, the university and american government have established the national ignition facility to bring the same fire here as is on the sun!  The book of Daniel adds:   from the beginning of that decision,   IT IS, “the great abomination”/ THERE WILL be 1298 days until the end of time on earth.  It adds an additional 45 days as the final closing.   Simply added together (starting from the completion date/ the  moment that facility began its actual work:   that gives us till about September of 2015 to make this stop, or the ignition of that ten million degree fire will occur: so says the bible.  In reality: once ignited, it will take about 45 days to eject the entire atmosphere of this planet/ and heat it, to complete death for all.  How is that not accurate enough?

          We also see, that mile after mile of excavation at the same level completely undermining one of the great lakes: is an earthquake so large: because trillions of tons of mass will fall at nearly one time: because they are held up with salt pillars, and an earthquake of any size will shake and break; a sink hole will melt and collapse.  Causing absolute destruction over a thousand square miles/ opening the Yellowstone volcano; and throwing our world into HELL.  How is that not so?  Unless you stop the process, and hope you have time.  Etc/ etc/ etc.   Your choice/ but not for much longer, as the seas are nearly empty/ humanity is ready for world war 3/ and not a single decision the university leadership has made in the last 75 years has been:  LIFE on this planet IS FIRST.    Instead of,  it is all “I WANT/ I WIN:   MINE, MINE, MINE”.  Consequently we face a future with true starvation/ thirst/ asphyxiation/ and much more; all bad.  Including the death of every child, and every future, and every life on earth.


          Shame on you all, for letting your own want, apathy, and greed/ bring us all to the threshold, of destruction:   for this entire  world.  Letting a tiny few decide the fate of life on earth is “horrific” plain and simple.  As is the idea a very tiny few at the food and drug administration can decide “its ok to mutilate every crop and every life”/ they know nothing of value.  Or, the president can decide if there must be war; and people die/ get mutilated/ and lives change forever without a cause as is the case with Iraq today. Methods  Pitiful, and diseased with death!  Some things will remain, this is the way it is because of reality.  But many other things can be successfully changed/ even if you don’t want to pay the price, it is necessary.  Other realities of business, industry, and life must be negotiated; because anything less damages.  That does mean anger and contention: because nobody likes to change or pay money for that change;   because it takes from what I have and expect.  Or more simply, nobody in America wants to pay for the future/ they want the future today, and expect it because of bribes, & lies.  You won’t survive.  So, the realities that can be identified with me; starts with the noise made by business in this area. I have tinnitus/ and this can be harsh/ that disability,  can be transferred to others by noise; therefore important to you too.  The  problems are identified, in the court too. The people are informed as reality allows/ the authorities are impinged, with the possibility of error: and the consequences will be whatever the cost will be for us all. Because this requires thought/ rather than want: or,  as it applies to “life first”/ instead of       Power/ greed/ pride/  or money.  The question is: Changing the conditions here, requires alterations in methods and mechanisms to reduce the noise.  That can be endured without substantially changing business involved. As are “methods of putting the fans inside the grain storage units” [hang them with pipes/ support them from the bottom (easily removed).  Recognize this allows for direct influence of the grain/ by reversing the motors, different combinations for wet areas/ by including directional vanes, perforations, and winching for repairs; in the piping & fans.  You can then influence one particular spot; no need for “stirring”]  to limit noise/ and other methods of grain drying itself include a similar setup working between two integral bins.   Otherwise:  Transferring some of the business to other area’s.  And in general working for a future that is less invasive for all.  But of course that does require work and money; and people say, “he stole a penny/ & I hate him for it”; while they never account for themselves.  This is what we did do/ because this is what we chose to do; and we ain’t going to change.  Not even the railroad, which consumes the oxygen for thousands; just to idle on the siding:  simply “like’s it that way”.

           I am fundamentally through with trying to instruct you on the consequences of choices made/ the reality of even a ten million degree fire being ignited on this planet; which CLEARLY burns atomic bonds for fuel, and cannot be extinguished once ignited.  Too much trouble for you to interfere with, “got things to do/ ain’t my job, I got bills to pay/ things to buy”.  Even though you know inside your soul, this world cannot then survive; you still won’t fight for this world/ only greed, power, pride, and hate refuse.  Even though the majority know: it is a biblical prophecy this world ends in fire, and all the realities necessary to create that fire now exist/   all just run away to hide, from the moment when an entire world is on fire.  You are insane, simple as that; no second chances.

          As for me: I did my job.   As to my future on earth: so long as the communication of this message remains “blank”/ the few will not care about me.   Because they believe I am contained; and I give them bits and pieces of information they worship and corrupt to use:  as the means to continue controlling you; so the message can be complete.  If that changed, and you woke up from your delusions:   my own life suddenly will become a true threat, to all that is power and hate and pride.  Therefore it is unlikely that I should survive long beyond that moment.  Therefore I say to you simply:    It is not me, that can save a single one.  You must save yourselves by changing what must be changed.  You must create world law, or die.  You must do the best you can/ or you will perish from this earth.  It is that simple, and what you believe is absolutely irrelevant, because only truth will participate, in deciding the end/ or a new beginning for life on earth.   Not a game, it is your simple reality, easily understood:   because you know, there are things you must have to survive.  You know, there are things you cannot survive.  Once none can argue/ nothing can be changed.  Or more simply: as is the case of biblical prophecy in terms of the fire they do work & intend to create:    We have exactly (within a few days)  one year left, before;     the world has died/ you are too late.      Somewhere around the first of September 2015.       Make a better decision.


          Understand genetic chaos is coming as is consistent with Armageddon; that is the choice university made/ and you let them.  All out war is coming, the current situations prove that;  as is consistent with the Apocalypse. The world is bankrupt, becoming insanity, “first decision, into hell”/ because you didn’t stop them with truth.  Resource loss and devastation will be HELL, first reality proving HELL etc.  We are about to run out of food (you are eating “next years crop, from the ocean; mutilating all foods/ there will be consequences”) and destroying water (simply thrown into the garbage), even consuming oxygen with fire (hell I want to drive/ air-condition/ heat, everything I want:  forever).   All, a  Free choice:   cause you can’t stop me!  All choices made by humanity or its god, which is university.  All realities hidden by media/ leaders/ and others; refusing to identify critical costs of being wrong; thereby no investigation of facts, no relationship to the needs of 7+ billion people; each of which want and require food, water, etc/ everyday.  While harvest generally comes only once a year; what could go wrong!  But hey, you got a gun; so there is no need to worry.

           All tragedies biblically predicted, and clearly by the evidence already known; are set to come true; imagine that.  Without human change, there is no hope.  These are 99% all human induced threats.  In other words humanity is the cause/ therefore the only solution as well.  It is a choice/ it is your child/ it is your life lost.             All because you don’t want to pay NOTHING!  All because a few control your lives, and threaten your world.  Can’t stop a cult/ they know “everything”:    Got it out of the garbage/ can’t be wrong!  Or, you can whine/ cry/ hide/ fear/ run away/ be depressed/ scream/ or whatever;   but none of that will stop people from killing our world, by mutilating every life/ causing the same fire as is on the sun, here on earth.  Or destroying every last thing we depend upon for our survival.  Because money rules, NOT LIFE.  That literally must be changed.


          Communicate our need/ investigate what happens when this goes wrong/ examine the evidence with your OWN mind/ question the decisions being made, and where does the reality come from.  Change, because we must/ like it or not.   This ain’t no game.  No second chances.

          Communication must be changed as well.  Instead of letting a tiny few decide everything the masses will hear or see:   WE own the air waves, etc/ therefore we decide; and that means “selling by the hour”/ to those who meet our own conditions.  No more letting the few decide: like owning highways so all the people can use it/ we must own the broadcast networks/ and create open opportunities instead of closed “we the few, own it all/ and you can’t compete”.  Reality says the necessary changes, are truly “a long list indeed”.

          True democracy exists ONLY, through these three factors:  

1.  The law as written, BY WE THE PEOPLE (this is about our lives, and our society, and our future),  rules/ constitution over all.  Public vote, after clear information and investigation presenting facts has been done.

2.  We the people control access, by controlling the means and the methods from which all access arises; in everything that affects our lives as a society.  Thereby allowing none to have power, and refuse the rest.  Letting competition decide/ not money, thereby limiting capitalism.   Or, take away the power/ and give it too ourselves.

3.  Justice requires opening the courts/ and judging all participants for their value to society as justice demands.  Removing any judge, or any lawyer from practicing law if we deem it necessary by vote.  The purpose of a jury is to determine if JUSTICE was served/ not if a rule was broken.  Justice is a foundation best understood:   if I/ or anyone I know, including my family was so charged with a crime/ then this was the punishment due.  If it was not “good enough for you”/ then it ain’t good enough for them!         Protect each other/ by proving the guarantees we have given ourselves SHALL BE SERVED.  No exceptions, not for a single employee; or there will be consequences.   Representatives, are for investigating whether our decisions have been carried out.


          All those in powerful places will say: “WE CAN’T/ WE WON’T/ WE DON’T/ WE REFUSE”. They are men/ these are the choices of men; and they believe themselves to be rulers; or we decide, the games we will play/ the wars we will wage.

           But the truth of democracy is,   “We the people OWN this nation”.  We the people have a legal right to determine the direction of our nation, as it is our future: AND OWNERSHIP HAS ITS PRIVILEGE/ none more so, that those who own the nation itself.  Legal redress of grievances, IS the method and means for peaceful LEGAL actions to determine by vote:   what our future, and every other critical concern shall be.  That too, is your choice.  Not theirs/ they are merely employees; or shall be governed by law/ regardless of a claim called money.  As all individuals, fall under the authority of law/ none are exempt, including the courts.  We the people shall decide!  Its called DEMOCRACY.

          Images conceive of “possibilities/ be they good or bad”; which is why you worship them/ judge them/ fear them/ and make them religious, social, or military icons: true or not.  More simply “this image, will provide MORE for me/ or less”.  Reality does not believe in images/ it constructs our future by truth, and its consequences.  More has ended/ because the world is no longer big enough, to let humanity do anything it wants to do.  There is no more plenty/ a reality we will all face or die.  But there is enough, if we share/ care/ work properly/ and respect life.  The army of business cannot simply overrun society, or its citizens.  The army of want, cannot continue to discard nature in all its forms; as if it were their own private toy.  The image of more has died/ or soon will/ that leaves war and hatred: or change by us all.  Pride is an image, created or accepted.  Its true purpose is to conceive of controlling others/ to make them obey some form of law or purpose that is not accepted as their own.  Therefore it comes from within, as individuals search for methods that not only combat loneliness, but create the opportunity “for more, something”; that is how it becomes “the voice inside”.  Unfortunately as with any form of “artificial intelligence”/ the image, then creates a powerful influence that continues to control, direct, or manipulate;   with or,  without your acceptance or direction.  Pride has then unleashed:   the development of an opportunity to divide and separate your soul.  Soul means: a relationship with truth, that is both fundamental and honest in all ways.  Pride is functionally a relationship with want, that is fundamentally a liar, in all ways and manners.  These are opposites, and construct what religion calls “the demons” inside.  Pride seeks power (the end of your decisions: slave).   Soul searches for love (the beginning of shared respect, valued caring, truth and the treasures of being ALIVE, among miracles): do you see the conflict?

            The reality of our new truth soon begins, and it will not be disobeyed without consequences in death.  Not a game.  You want more/ you demand more/ you hate being denied more/ you want more than the rest, to prove superiority:   but nature and environment are “tapped out”/ and will die if you don’t stop destroying everything you touch. We need every other life form, because these construct the complex chemical molecules we also need to survive and cannot make on our own.  Even if a specific species does not make any chemicals we need/ they do make chemicals that keep other species alive, that then do make chemicals for us, and our survival.  The chain of life is long, & complex.  Not a game/ wrong is tragedy comes.

          Establishing true democracy solves a number of problems for people/ but it does little on its own for nature.  Nature is, “what we cannot do for ourselves”/ thereby precious to all.  We must rebuild with respect and realities that conserve our future, and redefine our world in such a way as to limit our own impact on life and environment.  We must stop the damage, and restore what does work.  We must end “the excessively rich man”/ but that means, there will be a competition for what he loses; ending in disaster, because you as a majority don’t share; or the others will take it all/ and leave me nothing, so I intend to get as much as I can.  A reality that no longer works. 

          It is simple and true: that men are men, and this is the way they have always done things/ and they will not turn away by choice; for any length of time.  They will then return to their own ways quickly; as history proves time and again.  There is no hope in men: because this is the best they did do/ and we stand at the brink of complete extinction for this entire world.  Men did bring us this far/ but the future requires a different way, and a different method of thinking.  That leaves only women, as a possibility; to choose our future.  Simply because they are DIFFERENT/ so they are expected to choose differently; no one knows, except for: extinction is obvious, without change. I literally searched “everywhere”, for a decade/ and could find no answer in men; for a future that could survive/ they WILL return to their proven ways as quickly as possible, the instant they believe they can.  That eventually led me to the spiritual door of women; a place beyond the reach of any man; unless you risk everything.  My true advice for all men is, NEVER open that door.  The simple answer for society, to that moment is: “let women try/ they are different, more so than any man understands”.  We must have different, it is not a choice: or we die as a world.

          A footnote: risking everything above/ does NOT mean homosexual in any conceivable or imaginary way.  That does not exist/ perversion is not a participation in the opposite gender.  It is simply, the excuse, “not to live in the reality of your gender”/ which is playtime, rather than life.

           My life, lives in reality, as time provides; the essence of my spiritual truth today however, now lives with women.  Not as woman, but male, boxed in without choices:   required, is change after endless change.  Complicated, “learn or die”. Never my intent.  However: If you can’t understand in the spiritual world, what is true/ then you can’t leave or abandon the choice you made. It is Not bad [nearly the same in most area’s/ not the same in others] its still life; mostly, just very different in more ways than you can imagine.  Even though “mostly the same”; it is not, never for a second, “completely me” anymore.  As life used to be; Prior to this time:   complicated.

           Really not sure why, or why me/ however that said; having entered herein, the change established has completed this work.  Whereby without that change, the only direction I could find: “was war with you”/ and I knew that would fail life on earth, and help no one, including me.  Consequently, the sum total of everything, in regard  to the spiritual world of women;  is “grateful”/ overall.   This is just a different life “of some kind” for me/ caught in the middle or male or female; its complicated, but never perverted. The reality itself, is really very simple: I get to learn, by encountering, “the essence of woman; her way”.  Or, more simply, “to see parts and pieces of their life,  from something similar to their own point of view”.  Trading places, I have every right and defense a woman has/ but they get to play like men: “I literally can feel inside” this is going to be true . Men are completely excluded from this with me {any man that fails this, will lose his eternity}; nonetheless, that is a threat identifying: do not  attempt any form of perversion.  As to all other realities of life, men are included, essentially the same.  My existence with women has changed/ not my fundamental reality with men.  Not complicated, simple.  My changes, or realities that have been made, “different, in me”; exist as a trade.  I wanted a choice for life/ man had no choice that would survive; I searched.  Gave up; and asked:  The spirit of woman, did you have possibilities for life on earth?  The price: Not a choice/ not my decision; her demand is, you will learn, and teach men, NOT to be so damn blind, deaf, and dumb!  Its Complicated; I get to experience and express the realities of woman/ while they get to experience and express the same as men, with me.  Not fair, doesn’t matter. Changed, she gets to make the decision, “where any gender issue exists”/ and I get to live with the result; as is consistent in the battleground, between men and women. The opposite being, “see how I like it”!  Nonetheless; This is between “women and me”/ not men and me:  don’t interfere, the price for male is very high! The price of what is fair; “for woman” is required of women.

           Even so, I have always considered man and woman to be equal, in life, rights, and time; not a true loss or gain.  Just different. Don’t know how it ends/ or where this goes from here.  Not “female”; just not strictly male, anymore.  You can’t imagine; can’t really get a grip on it at all;   “Out of my control”.   So I am done complaining.  Had to do it, not a choice, “something inside”. 

           In contrast to personal issues:   Whereas the importance of a chance for humanity to learn, of threats: and understand  there must be change.   The reality,   We all face,   IS:    life or death for this entire world.   That Establishes a price: I literally cannot accept, without a true fight; even if it is alone.   As death for this world:   without a true choice, for life.    Is unthinkable.  

          Since I know, that you know nothing of a spiritual world/ and no doubt will fear any and all talk about anything deemed spiritual with ridicule.  I add the following: every foundation of existence, that can define a dimensional space; as is male or female.  Each being one distinct space in time and beyond.  Within that space is a truth that holds it alive.  Within that truth is the purity of why this exists.  Thereby “the envelope of our identity” which carries our own life through time, has a “calling”; to achieve or attain this spiritual truth, so we do not die, past time.  Every dimensional existence has a boundary, that unless you are allowed; no one enters.  Every truth has a door, including you; if you are true to yourself/ that then identifies your own reality in relation to the truth into which you have entered.  What is female, cannot be entered by male; and vice versa.  The difference in me is:   a need in both male and female truth, that cannot be resolved in any other way; our world is dying for both os us.  But there are consequences, from opening the door.  Because every dimensional truth is, a purity, and thereby must defend itself, within its own truth.  Every participant within that truth must “understand the laws which govern that truth inside itself”/ or they cannot get out: locked in.    These are some of the basic realities of spiritual existence.  Everything written by me: testifies to the fact, “the door I opened is spiritual woman”.  That should not make you afraid; as the rest of the evidence produced here testifies to the fact: “I am friend, not enemy; so is she.”  I choose/ we choose:   life first, for this Creation of   GOD  . Believe it or not, is irrelevant.  That is  Not what the evidence of  men do first:    as is money, pride, power, and games always come first.  LIFE FIRST, for this planet, is different.


           I won’t, and I did not let this world die without a fight; that is the end of the story, as my time strictly,  as man.  I have changed too much, to accept anything else; thereby  not strictly male anymore;  its complicated.   Nothing else, no one else,  has mattered enough to me; to change my direction. 

          I have carried it through:   THERE MUST BE CHANGE: at least,  “A CHANCE FOR THIS WORLD TO SURVIVE”.   Because of all these threats; listed herein and many, many more.  You are going to die as a world;  or change.  I did do, what I could do; as I thought best: the spiritual woman inside, did deliver her promise, your chance exists/  there would be time. It is clear; I will complete my end of the bargain, want too or not.  Not my decision to make.  The reality of it, belongs to women; so it seems.  It was never my duty, or my job to communicate with a world.  My job is to deliver the message to you; so each that finds it, can deliver that message to the rest.  Anything else would assume “savior”; and that is absolutely not me.  Communication is your job, not mine.  I delivered the message to you.

            Trying to buy you, would not have changed you or your direction: that leaves “strictly teaching”; so you change yourselves, through knowledge, understanding and wisdom.  But alas, I couldn’t do that well (too angry); until opening the door to spiritual woman; where combined “male and female” has changed that too.  Of some interest is:   teaching was at least partially;     JESUS  work as well.   His term of   “Savior” comes from eternity, rather than time.   Not the same at all as me; but I can be “friend to life”. Proven true.


           What is left personally for me, I cannot honestly say: too much has changed, “its complicated”.        I can say:  you have your chance! As best I could provide; with or mostly without any assistance at all.  My choice, I do not regret it!

           The purpose of my life;   is NOT as your savior/ that is ridiculous. You must save yourselves!  You, are the problem, humanity does require change;  for nature and planet to survive. 


          Nonetheless, for life on earth to survive: women must try to make changes for society, with law.  We cannot survive as we are/ this is the best men did do: we stand at death’s door.   The choice for women is:  Not as men do things, but as women do things: or,“together we decide without a true leader ( not, I decide as ruler, and you follow/ as men do.  Not as the games men play with money/ but for life first on this planet)”.  Or more simply: we must provide ourselves with true democracy, considered and controlled and defined by the vast majority.  That means a dedicated attempt, among a great many people:   to find the laws, and discover the ways, that will become a “survivable life”.   For all life!  That change in you,  requires “fundamental happiness/ true justice/ and critical laws, freedoms, and rights that are protected from invasion”; for us all as equals.  That change requires a more critical respect between the sexes! That change demands making decisions for life, rather than want or money; which no one wants to make:   but we must/ like it or not.      Love establishes the future through respect, duty, and justice for all.  That is your goal, or you fail.  Failure is death for this world.


                   The message is delivered/ the reality is complete

                   Your decision will follow; whether you like it or not.

                   Because you are free to choose your fate/ or work for a different destiny:   but you are not free to continue as you are; and you take every child and every life with you.   One direction or the other/ the middle road, is dead.  Nature is dying, and humanity has already overrun its ability to survive, by the things you have always done. As is a population count beyond what nature can allow; without true change.  As is mutilation of all life/ energy experiments you cannot survive/ and so much more; the result of a cult called:   “university knows”/ their true proven reality, ideas/ methods, and ways, produced to exterminate you; with fantasies in charge!


           Believe it or not/ there are no second chances.  This world has changed/ men have prepared the end of life for themselves, by their own decisions.

          We now stand at the crossroads.  Either you will communicate with each other/ and work, for the sake of life on earth: shall commence.     Or, the descent from peace, harmony, and the very possibility you might survive:  shall end.

          Not because I say so.  Not because “GOD” has cursed you or any such delusion. Not because you cannot change the direction of your own ways or decisions or rulers!  Not because prophecy won’t let you change.  But  Because that is what the reality of human society has chosen, and established by their work, or allowances; created when  following your leaders into HELL.  That is your choice.  If you choose differently, the outcome will be different; as you change by your own choices.

                   I do wish you well, I have spent a lifetime proving that.  “You spent a lifetime wondering what is his problem; we all agree,  this world can’t die”.   Even though reality proves otherwise; you believe anything you want.  Truth has no mercy, it is what it is.

           I do not judge you: instead I bring you this message; and remind you of the cost of being wrong or doing nothing. {Today, life or death for all living creation;   is a choice!  Tomorrow if you fail/}  rather than a world that keeps on living, EVERYTHING YOU did or did not do for life; becomes your epilogue.  As you descend into the grave. It will be grim.  You wanted to play god with nature and planet, and you do;  today you decide if you are willing to pay that price, to continue destroying the home within which you live, work, and survive/ your very lives from this earth, are being thrown away.  Not a game, the reality of your choice!

          WRONG has consequences beyond your imagination. Said because it is reality/ not for fear!  Can’t stop working for money/ got bills to pay?  Who needs a world, or life, or a body that works, or food/ water/ oxygen to breathe;  etc.  Obviously money is the answer; ain’t that right?  But as trial after trial has proven, “your so-called   best” can’t hear anything but their own want/ their own worship of “university knows”.  Even with the evidence so obvious any child would know; death is coming!


          As I began, remains the same: the purpose here is DON’T believe me/  DO:    INVESTIGATE REALITY/ IDENTIFY THE TRUTH/ EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE: AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, as if the choice is life or death for you/ your child/ and your world.   Then understand what it means to be WRONG.   WHAT IT MEANS; to be one second too late!

                   Make a decision for better; and do the work/ pay the price, or die.



          The clear and consistent and true summary of it all; is simply, “not a game”!  Not an intent to take your money/ not a desire to attain power or pride over you/ not a decision to manipulate or control or tempt you in any way or form; as there is nothing here, or anywhere in my writing to suggest that.  Since it began in October of 2001.  The day it seemed possible, that your own pride was broken enough; to conceive of something other than yourself. 

          Spiritual issues are not a game either; this is my reality/ a consequence of my own decisions (although I expected something completely different)/ the reality is true, “you can’t understand a woman/ unless you are a woman, or at least live with some of the details they do”. Without that, I cannot understand the problems, between male and female.  I have nothing to gain/ that any man would want; at least I can’t think of anything, by telling you anything to do with “spiritual woman and me”.  Never in a million years as strictly male, “would I have thought of this for myself”.  That part of life is over/ but it was and is true, without a female influence overriding male; the anger would have taken over/ teaching would have remained minimal: and even the possibility you could survive would have disappeared.  If I was hiding something, I certainly would be hiding this “spiritual information”/ I can’t.  As is true of this fact; it is also true, at this time she can make me do things I would not otherwise do.  Never violent, perverted, or anything like that/ much more simply: learn, accept she decides/ and I live in the consequences of her decision ; like it or not.  As is consistent with how men treat women:  learning what women, being on the other side of that decision, endure or feel like.  It does become “listen to me/ I have feelings too/ I have needs/ I want to make my own choices/ I have intelligence/ not fair; and a whole lot more”.  None of which says “thank you, to the one who bosses and controls my life”; even though this is very limited.  Even though I am not angry/ this type of thing is unkind:   fails to respect my needs or desire;   and must be endured rather than accepted as love.  Men should not do it either;  Do you understand? Not a game!

          It is fair and reasonable to add: that security issues create wants in women that can literally threaten to “drown a man” with your needs: we must choose too.  For ourselves, it is our life too.  The tears can be overwhelming.  Consequently, men back away from that, & it is said “men want to chase a woman”/ which is untrue, except for those who women are always chasing.  Men desire a woman, who clearly looks like a woman, acts like a woman, and lives in a freedom that shares his own respect for life.  It doesn’t matter what you dress like/ so long as its obvious “this is woman”! Extremely “slut’ty (everything about you should not say sex)”; that is the only exception.  Shout life instead.  What does matter is: are you healthy/ are you happy?  Can you choose me, and live the life I live; can I live yours. Am I more valuable to you, than less important things; such as any addiction/ obsessions/  over-eating (because if I am not/ then I am not valuable enough to you; you chose food instead of me) and more.  You get to ask things too!  Disciplines matter, because if one is a fitness person/ and the other is not: that will be a friction that refuses to die out; and problems will arise.  The same is true alternatively: if you want food more than fitness/ you also want a partner that not only accepts that, but joins you to some extent; so it can be what you do together, at least a little.  Disciplines do cover a wide area of realities that must be lived with; decisions must be made accordingly.  Men quit looking at women, when they are rejected (with fervor, or even eyes that condemn) too often; by those women who want to create boundaries and rules for themselves, “that do not include you”.  The end result is: all the rest of the women who could be desired, and would be asked/ are no longer worth the price of what could come instead.  It is that serious, and what the more lovely women do to men/ DOES affect all other women as well.  Even if you think it shouldn’t/ even if you are certain “your righteous in this”. Happens to women too!  Lies are tragic/ who can you believe? If you cannot trust something:   then you cannot have a relationship; you cannot build anything: consequently you refuse to care.  Thereby you are reduced to sex, and hormonal needs; instead of a search for happiness in time, the question is “are you pretty enough” for me (measured, without life inside) . True for both sides.  Sexuality is a chemistry that has strong influences on a body/ suddenly turning that off has consequences: if you never start/ then you do not know, “its called innocence”.  Becoming celibate after sex “this is threatening;  out of control”;  offers extreme frustrations: “can’t do this/ because that will happen.  Can’t do that because/ something else will happen; pregnancy, lies, abortion, and more are added in; all of it limiting what people can be to each other; etc”.  A decision must be made!   Not a small matter.

          It is one of the most important lessons of dating: that you cannot change someone else’s heart!  Only they own it/ and it is not your toy, or your possession.  Love is a lesson in acceptance/ a reality given its value, “because I chose you/ and you chose me too”.  True for all!  You cannot buy a slave (pay for my everything/ my needs) with sex; if you do/ then sex will become a slavery to you; happiness will fail.  Want gives you everything you can know about the future: because it tells what is most important/ and it reveals what they are willing to lie about.  Respect, as is confined to honesty:  is the reality most clearly defined: as the possibility of a long term relationship exists here.  The moment of commitment: is when I believe, “this I can trust, to participate as a friend in my own life; even forever”. Trust, because of “insight or truth”;   is then the bond people share.  The problem with that commitment is:   we all see and believe what we want to believe; even when the evidence proves otherwise/ we generate hope.  Sometimes it is a blessing realized/ sometimes not.   Sometimes the lies overcome the love, and everything falls apart; because want rules instead of life.  Love is never fickle/ it is always real.  Planning for a “forever” however/ is many times fickle, because this is suppose to be “everything, from now on”.  A decision can be hard/ because the elements of life are many.  The foundation of choosing someone else for marriage is:    Do you love them/ because if you do, then you can adjust to almost anything.  The foundation of choosing a destiny for your life is: what is most important to you/ because everything less, will suffer for your own choices/ or theirs.  Love has nothing to do with marriage by its social concept;  marriage is a legal contract.  Love has everything to do with becoming intimately joined/ with a true desire and passion to share time, life, and sex.  Love is “a freedom exposed”, a reality shaped, by what we can and do become as one.  It is not a prison/ whereby each or one, is accountable to the other; even if marriage is that.  Love is not.  Love is the ascension of our lives beyond time; where happiness is ruled by the space between our souls.  Love leaves no obstruction between us: no matter how far we are apart. 

          I always believed there would be at least, a little time left, “for me, a normal life”/ but not anymore, all gone.  It is ok; I am old/  I have achieved what my own true desire demands:   you do have a chance to survive!  You do know threats exist, and must be stopped or you die! Whether you use the knowledge or not/ has absolutely nothing to do with me; its your        Choice, not mine.  My choice, my demand is:   you can’t die this stupid/ WAKE up.  I did ring the alarm/ I did provide the information, in a wide variety of ways over decades. The fact you sleep, and do not care the world itself is dying; and this does require just a little thought from you.  Has nothing to do with me; that is your choice not mine.  I did my job/ that is all I can do.  Your success is, “you made the others do, or not do something; for you”.  My success is: “I did for myself, as I chose the value most dear to me:  and did do what I could.  Completing the journey that was,  most important to me”; regardless of the cost.  Neither matters, when an entire world is lost.


          The critical truth of our situation as life is NOT:   “The sky is falling; fear everything”. Fear changes nothing, for the better!  Rather the critical evidence IS: consider what can go wrong, when everything on earth is put at risk.  Consider our reality as human beings, when nature and every resource this planet has, is gone: being wrong here means we don’t survive either.


          Consider what it means:   if the “university” is wrong/ and a ten million degree fire:   DOES NOT EXTINGUISH ITSELF!  “these extra special smart people are betting our entire world: that it will”! The courts, police, leaders, religion, etc:  refuse to question them/ which can only mean a cult exists here! And everybody I talk too recognizes the problem, and then runs away to hide. 

           That fire will melt steel, from a hundred miles away; we CANNOT put it out.

           They have already proven fusion is a lie; by national ignition facility experiments.  Their other “great theory”; for why the fire will extinguish itself/ is dead, just like you are going to be.  Or stop that and fail nature itself.  Then life is mutilated beyond all recognition/    as geneticists get their wish: and turn nature into chaos, in true worship of their religion evolution; all dead/ and entire world of life lost, “because the extra special smart people, were wrong”.  Just the beginning.  You are the most insane generation that has ever lived on earth; you let them do these terrible things. Head down: never questioning the cult, and so much more.

          No second chances!  Stop being a cult, and ask serious questions/ wake up or die, as a world.

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On this earth, there are literally trillions of “all life on earth”/ every single one of which is being threatened with extinction; including yours.  That fact comes clear, as our reality becomes certain: our destiny or fate is:  “about to be sealed, so says the evidence”!  In these words, you are asked to share:   is, The question!  With trillions dependent upon what we do/ you do.  With trillions of individual lives, including every child, & every future child (we are all miracles);   dependent upon the reality:   do you/ or do we  care?  The answer must be:   LIFE, for this planet, MUST COME FIRST!  There are, no other significant objectives here: simply life must survive, by law; & no gambling with our world. No threatening every existence on earth, with your experiment, theory, fantasy, lies, theft, or excuse.  WE MUST SAY    “NO”! Taking their tools for this,  away.    BY ENFORCING OUR LAWS/ OUR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY:  called    “WE THE PEOPLE”/ are owners here.  We paid, for that right!

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Audio Atomic Structure Elements of Me Beyond Desire Treasons of tragedies  
Audio Reality of sun energy Forming Destiny Audio True Democracy I Chose
Presence Battleground of Harmony Man Wants More Reality of Energy The Law of True Democracy Basis of War




So we examine the reality of energy:   establishing Terrorists. “University knows” is trying to ignite our planet on fire; everyday, at the national ignition facility. Killing every life on earth. Their claim: the fire will extinguish itself!  Yet the sun continues to burn.  Wrong is death for this planet.


1.  No evidence exists to support the claim of fusion: “Its just two hydrogen atoms combining into helium”;   as the means of heat generation on the sun.  Where is all the helium/ Their math is: for every two hydrogen atoms lost/ there will be a helium atom created. Thousands of years, and more; prove no such helium exists. Neither has their  experimentation here on earth produced anything but affirmation: this fantasy is nothing more than LIES.

            The only chemical signature from the sun is:   an ash cloud from the fire.  You cannot see through the fire/ and no instrument of any kind can reveal what is behind a ten million degree fire.  Rather the result of the fire is:     hydrogen, because the burning of atomic bonds, would release the simplest possible atomic creations; which is hydrogen, and much less helium.  As is fact.


2.  No evidence exists, to support the claim of extreme density/ beyond any known element; no evidence to support size, other than the actual fire; no evidence the sun is made of hydrogen/ other than an ash cloud, no evidence of fire that exists from the core outward;   nor any consolidated theory of gravity (you have less than that).  As is necessary to conceive of a claim or consider:   “We can gamble with this entire planet, and every living thing”; because we know.They do not.  A fire that will consume the earth:   UNLESS, their theory, “Not enough gravity” here to sustain the fire/ so it will extinguish itself. RATHER THAN “the reality” BURNING THE ENTIRE PLANET, because everything here is fuel.



3.  No evidence exists, to prove this so-called fusion fire (by any name);   will simply extinguish itself! OR that it will not continue to ignite across our entire planet;   just like the sun.  There is NO putting out a ten million degree fire; therefore NO second chances.  Ignition is either the end of this world/   or the elimination of an extreme amount of jobs.



          EVIDENCE DOES EXIST TO PROVE: by the laws of our physical world,      The following realities exist.


4.  By the evidence of history data, as a proven source establishing constant temperatures from the sun; over thousands of years.  Is, A proven fact. This, Demands nothing less than a very stable relationship between the fire on the sun, and its fuel source, does exist. Clearly true.  That is not possible with the core (the entire sun) on fire.  A core fire does mean all the fuel must be critically involved (there is no “new” fuel, it is all on fire).  Simply physics as proven fact.  Like a house on fire, when all the fuel is engulfed by fire on the inside: everything collapses and dissolves into ash/ in a short time.   Disproving core fire theory.   Thereby if the fire begins, by involving all the fuel that exists.  Where every part of the sun itself is sustained on fire; as is the essence of core fire.  Then from the inside; that heat will expand the sun to its maximum limit quickly. A physical law of pressures and temperatures.  The sun will then extinguish itself;   in a very short time; because the fuel will run out.   Which does mean by proven fact/ with no fuel, no increase in energy is possible: therefore no supernova event can exist from or in a star.


5.   By the evidence, the fire on the sun is driven by atomic fuels/ not fusion: it is a ten million degree F fire.  Nothing else can achieve this energy release; it’s a physical law.  Stability does not include theory, as in a series of explosions, inside, or outside. That with an entire sun engulfed from the core outward, would cause the entire mass to explode, wobble; shape change; or appear with crevices/ canyons/ mountains, and such.  A Simple volcanic reality.   If you claim the gravity pulls it back together/ then prove by physical law how that exists.  There is no evidence of any sort, or kind of series, or individual events noted throughout all of history:   that can be labeled as “continuous explosions, or change in the sun”; as that is not stable.  This is fire, everything on earth demands: fire and explosives,  are different.  Where are your facts/ math is not enough: TO GAMBLE OUR WORLD!  Math predicts where you measure or point the equation to go/ it is not truth, it is measurement based upon your decisions: just a fantasy too.

          By their math, used to calculate: “its safe to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.   Their assertion, by that math is: all the mass in this universe came out of a tiny hole smaller than an atom, “ping pong ball, whatever”.  Thereby,  No big bang, because for that mass just to exit:   it would take how many trillion, trillion, trillion years simply to exit the hole. WHERE was all the mass stored?  Other than their imagination.  Their, Fantasy land. The assumption of density far greater than a black hole, “by trillions of times”/  is a lie.


6.  By the evidence,   the law is:   heat causes expansion, or pressures inside “the container/ the core”.  Extreme temperature and pressure: will continue to rise until an explosion destroys the whole, or not less than a large part.  No evidence exists mass is being pushed back “into a tiny hole”/ as is their fantasy creation without a shred of evidence anywhere in this universe.  Reality asserts, one tiny spot/ or deviation of less gravity; in a pressure vessel, and the result is deformation. That would be visible.  The sun is proven stable/ across the whole; across time.  Their assumption of core  density IS FAR beyond what any physical law will allow; unless they proclaim it’s an “extreme black hole”.  If it’s a black hole, “its black, because no light is allowed to exit”.  If its not a black hole, then there is no possibility that the energies released by a ten million degree fire can be considered dense. Heat needs room!

           Flame spurts are said to extend 12 million miles, from the surface of the fire on the sun. Thermodynamic laws demand space, because heat expands. These plumes identify “a freedom from the gravity”/ or they cannot extend in long thin lines.

            Fire is different than the heat/ they are not the same.  Likewise fire and explosions  are separate entities, and do not occupy the same space; although they have a similar signature in some ways.  The claim that the sun is the densest object in our solar system; & is made of hydrogen: is a fool’s lie.  The lightest known element in our solar system/ cannot occupy the same space as their claim of heaviest (most dense) elements.  Their refusal to accept that reality:  further denies all facts known about element composition: the physical laws we rely upon.  Or the laws of physics;   Have been, Replaced with fantasies. To pretend they know what gravity is.



7.  By the evidence, an exploding super-nova star proves the core of a sun cannot be on fire.  Because it expands massively, a result of heat;  on its last days, and that expansion requires new fuel to be added.  It is a proven fact. This is the opposite of a core on fire, and refuses the assumption that elements of greater density will arrive last into that core fire, even if they are, or are not on fire.  Reality proves, The densest materials are heaviest/ thereby as in gold panning:   these elements would go first into the core, gravity pulls them harder.  It is a proven fact.


          THEORY DEMANDS: according to the laws governing physics.


8.  That just like a candle fire, that rises above its fuel source, due to thermodynamic expansion.  A fact The fire on the sun rises above its heat source.  Because it is a sphere, it rises even more.  A fact.  A ten million degree flame needs a lot of room. A fact Therefore what is viewed as the size of the sun, is simply the size of the flame, and NOT the rock underneath.  A ten million degree flame DOES have an extreme vacuum: because the rise in temperature from the fuel source stability, to ten million degrees, is VERY RAPID.  A fact. The heat from that flame, even though it has risen above the surface of the fuel: affects the fuel source (sun rock) and heats its outer surface causing it to expand on top faster/ than the material underneath, thereby cracking that rock; then it is vacuumed up by the fire.  Where the flame will disintegrate all atomic bonds dividing the elements involved into the subsets of atomic structure.  A fact. The atomic bond is what is on fire/ and it is very similar to the molecular bonds of chemicals we know as fire on this earth; except for the energy release. A fact.

           The observed “sun tornado”/ are appearances in the fire:   formed by, particularly hard spots on the rock called our sun.  Beneath the heat, different elements refuse to release their elemental bonds, creating a different rate. Simple reality.  As a consequence, the heat and flame surround this hard spot, opening space;  and creating  turbulence in the fire. That massively increases vacuum, and heat, causing even the most stubborn elements to release.  Similar to the earth in some respects this sun rock is also composed of different elements as a part of its fundamental structure.  The flame spurts seen on the sun/ exist as the other side of this phenomenon. A burst of flame means Elements that have been vacuumed up in a higher quantity, or faster rate:   that what is normal for the system to produce.  Thereby more fire exists here, for an instant, being released as in excess energy escapes.  Simple reality.  More fire needs more space.  There is then, by the math, a large volume of empty space, between the rock that is the sun, and its flame.  As thermodynamics prove;   followed by an intense vacuum applied by the fire in this space/ from the expansion of fire.  Thermodynamics; are Preventing the heat from going down to the rock.  Thereby the sun rock itself, remains relatively cool.  Just like the space underneath your fire here on earth/ because the law of thermodynamics rules the sun too.  When the fire gets closer to the rock, that means the fire has cooled.  This decrease in distance, then makes the rock gets hotter and that releases more fuel to grow the fire, expanding the area between fire and rock. By vacuuming up more fuel at a close distance.  When the fire gets farther away from the rock, it cools.  The fire does grow in size by distance equally, because this is a sphere.  The fire pushes energy outward, thereby not greatly heating  the rock/ because distance prevents it.  When cooling,  the fire returns to the fuel source; because the heat is the source of expansion not the fire.  Either way, the outer appearance of the sun does remain similar in size, and heat output;   because of this interchange, and its overall size of fire involved.


9.  It is the fire itself, that sustains solar gravity.  Understanding begins as:  The energy release of what holds the particles of atomic structure together: REQUIRES, that there is an equal but opposite reality of energy sustained within an atomic bond in the creation of an element.

          That means when the bond is released, or forced apart; there will be an action and a reaction that follows.  On an atomic energy scale.  This is proven by the heat released from the atomic bond as seen in atomic explosions. “The energy is there”.

           To achieve a stable element, capable of sustaining itself, in a balanced state.  THERE MUST be the equivalent of “the opposite energy in place” to hold the relationship, within a specific environment.  Or described  more simply, “a great deal of heat/ to achieve a balanced state: must then be influenced by an equal amount of cold”.

           The oblong pattern of planetary orbits are likely influenced by cycles of “fire close/ fire far”/ created over time.


                   For more information go to  That includes information on constitutional democracy.

           The link is reality of energy: for greater understanding of solar gravity, atomic construction, strings, etc

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expressions in common sense

expansion of physical laws

critical construction

fundamental reasoning

elemental betrayal of us all.

Gambling with our world

life or death for everyone

THE LAW, that rules over true democracy, as in WE THE PEOPLE/  is controlled by these:


          The seven methods used to combat each of the common failures, the fantasies & the tyranny of fools, in government  are:

1.   We must make our own laws by public vote and participation/ because whosoever makes the law, rules society.  Being completely aware, and utterly suspicious: of the words used, because these will be corrupted if they can. They will be attacked time and again, in a true effort to seize power over society:   as history proves time and again, forever.  Our protection from traitors are words:  “plain and simple” without room for doubt.  Protecting the definitions of these words as well/ because this form of corruption, is also where laws and rights are attacked.


2.  Controlling the currency of government by constitutional law: TAKING CONTROL over debt/ from our employees.   By tying currency directly to the population count/ establishes a specific number to each and every worker (if we all made the same:   I would then know what is fair to be paid to me,  for my “forty hour week”________. Whatever the currency is:  Establishes public knowledge, and knowledge is powerful.). Therefore I know, if these, or this group;  are taking TOO DAMN MUCH!

        It takes a constitutional change to alter these, our decisions by true and correct, public vote.  This takes a recurrent vote, every few years;  to insure the predators don’t change the rules; gaining power over you.


3.  Controlling the economy: by creating limited capitalism, :   controls the greed/ thereby the competition!  By allowing every citizen to vote on just how much money or property or income ANYONE can attain in any given year/ or hold as a possession, by any means: WITHOUT OUR VOTE.     THIS, IS THE AUTHORITY OF TRUE DEMOCRACY.   {“I”, own the freedom and responsibility and choice/ but “WE”, own the opportunity TO SHARE this society by protecting ourselves; with limits and boundaries controlling all EXCESS}. Additionally; You may not hold, run, claim, advertize, or own any business other than the one, you literally work in.  Society, Returning to that “Limited capitalism vote” every few years to insure none are able to defeat our own control over society, or the nation itself.  IS NECESSARY.


4.   Controlling our society by creating “governmental decisions”, for ourselves.  REQUIRES: that every new law;   new change in the constitution;  or alteration in the realities designed to establish control by we the people owning our, “true democracy”.  Does mean:  RULING OURSELVES,   with the laws we create & the decisions we make>  DEMANDS, in order to maintain control:  No law or decision can be erased or changed in the future;  unless a greater percentage of the people voting, than did pass the law: shall then agree to it.  As with all decisions/  the public must be made aware.  That means: control over all media SHALL exist: to establish by “the free press”: what is important for society to know. Those who do more than entertain: establish knowledge which protects and defends democracy, world,  and life: will control by established public payment; the access, “time and space” as they desire/  and prove important to democracy and life ! Voting to change, by A higher percentage: than did create these new laws and decisions; means we will NOT be inundated with new demands at every vote. Its hard/ not worth the effort.   Or more simply:   if,   70% of the people made the law/ then it takes 71% of the people to change that law or edict or right or limit; etc.  In that way, you keep out the predators, and retain control over your rights.  IF the change you make is within constitutional guidelines as presented in the preamble of that document: then you may begin with not less than 60% in favor/ so that extreme arguments need not occur, and flexibility may exist for later,  more clearly definable decisions.


5.  Establishing new money means:   the resources and the work/ the ability and the sacrifice;   are the foundation of currency or reality as in wealth or poverty;    existing in society.  Without resources, there is no work or wealth.  Without ability, you are limited by ignorance as a society.  Without sacrifice, as in “I believe” my work will benefit me later/ there is no building a future for the nation or world.  Therefore money is not a number/ but a consistent relationship within society itself; a security created.

        What is my value, “to the rest (thereby shared)”/ begins with: what are my options in food, true necessities, or potentially even shelter?  The answer to most clearly EQUAL is established:   when the money is divided into three separate decisions.   “Need money” is given as the primary source of initial payment to all people.  That limit establishes the same amount for all, based upon hours.   The SAME first rights, rich or poor, then exist:  to buy necessities for survival and life.  This limit,  throughout society;   constructs everybody is equal in their ability to buy food or other needs: that  controls peace and substantial equity in all work.  Or more simply,   rich or poor: We can all compete to buy, with equal dollars/ for our equal needs, as life!  Because you can’t buy this (NEED) with any other form of money/ and society controls how much you get by vote. No tax allowed.  This is societies work force/ they deserve “minimum” FAIR compensation; as in equal rights regarding food, etc.  THAT amount governing need money;  is determined by society as their own vote.  As well as,  what will or will not be bought with that form of payment.  That money when used, is returned to government; to be exchanged for “business money”.

       The next tier of money is business:   or more simply this cannot be used for anything less than tools, or distinct resources certified important and relevant to your own business.  We will create all the tax forms, deductions, etc;  for ourselves. This money shall not be taxed, UNTIL a profit has been shown for the business.  This is societies workplace/ it deserves space and time to establish itself. Once profitability exists: all other money beyond business expense: without the owner taking any money outside of business purposes for themselves.  Or this is not yours, this money belongs only to the business.   The owners’ Salary, Is then business money returned to government in exchange for “luxury and personal need money”. As with all employees; that is your income.

       The third tier of money is for luxuries only (anything beyond need or business): which means simply if you are working hard/ you should be allowed the freedom to rest or whatever seems right to you.  Because freedom allows it, reality earned it/ so long as you don’t harm the environment or life or society intentionally.  It is taxed at the rate society defines for itself.

       Trading between nations: shall be resource based, as governed by a world board associated with world law.  All nations the same/ one vote; no exceptions.


6.  The power of weapons, is a grievous reality that deserves a critical truth:   WE CANNOT control the vast numbers of men who have historically attempted to  rape, ravage, pillage, destroy, murder, hate, enslave, and ransack other people:   WITHOUT WORLD LAW!  Reality pushes, leaders commit, followers fail to find a solution without war.  

       The only alternative to each of these is: to establish the laws that WE THE people of this WORLD shall make!  To control our rulers, the leaders of nations, and make them OBEY, our law.   We do that together, by defining the laws we demand our leaders shall NOT change or defy:   without being taken to court, BY THIS WORLD;   for examination of what is true.  Or if truly defiant, to “we the world”/ and refuse our law: then simply they shall be killed, so another can take his or her place.

        By controlling the policing of our world, with “officers of the law”; from every nation on earth working as one force. Thereby we WILL remove all weapons of mass destruction; including extreme methods of other kinds as decided by all humanity.  In stages.  If leaders cannot lead to war/ then followers cannot follow.  It is, “The simple solution”.

         Reality as is the consequence of resource devastation, environmental destruction, extreme experimentation/ mutilation of nature and more.    Must  also be dealt with by this policing force as well.  Because your failure/ becomes our failure, your gamble becomes our death; and so on.  When your need overwhelms what we built,  as well as what you built (immigration): over population threatens us all.   Consequently:  “Together we go, as one world: making choices”.  Because,  There is no other way to survive:  ACCEPT IT/ and quit complaining.  Human  Population control is no longer a choice.


7.  Redress of grievances, are the most powerful words ever written; because they make government employees at every rank/ ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES!  That simple fact:   MAKES US RULERS OVER OUR OWN LIVES, our government;  AND OUR EMPLOYEES.  It is the power of society, over itself.  Rather than the leaders of society, gaining power OVER the lives of everyone, with their rules. 

        Consequently to rule our employees by their oath, and their work:   is to understand our law shall NOT be denied.   WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE/   not some damn employee, who has committed treason to remove our rights, by destroying our constitution, in a courtroom;  and controlling or betraying our reality as a nation, with lies.  Nor propagating their “religious belief” on us; as is the cult:  university knows everything/ and cannot be questioned or ignored!  That ain’t your job!  Criminal punishments shall be “appropriate when necessary”/ but not used, as an example.


            For the entire text and more,  visit 


Replied too: A message to the director of the US census bureau


from James F. Osterbur


dated 6/ 21/ 14


          The assumed threat of law, is a disgrace deliberately attacking democracy at its core principle: “the right, and the guaranteed freedom: TO CHOOSE for myself/ rather than be forced to submit to authoritarian rule”.   Any court trial will begin within these words and precepts of constitutional law.  A reality of government as is constitutional law,  governing, controlling, and dictating the limits and boundaries of all governmental employees.  That constitution is our government/ YOU, and all the rest of our employees, including presidents and legislators, ARE GOVERNED by its limits and boundaries.  The current anarchy against the United States of America, as is the replacement of constitutional authority/ the current treason, as is the constant attack of rules on constitutional guarantees: the sign and seal of a traitor in the courts (proven in trial after trial).  The clear thievery, lies, deceit, cheating, terrorism, and absolute failure of university led government and nation; proves to be less than the sewer of your soul, and assigns the word “satan” instead. Rather than acceptance of democracy/  the purpose and reality of rebellion is, “the constitution is controlled by you”.  Rather than we the people rule ourselves through a constitution whose deliberate purpose is to control our employees with laws they cannot tamper with; or the constitution, IS “YOUR BOSS”.  Fools, failures, traitors, thieves, and even worse;  are the fact of this day. Any alteration of constitutional authority, or its guarantees; is in fact  treason,  added in, as is constant in this day is any form of tyranny. Which is the demand to control by the creation &  enforcement of rules outside those limits and boundaries of the constitution/ for the purpose of power over we the people instead of employment for their purposes as defined in constitutional decree: that is traitorous.  The list is long, and the reality of counterfeiting as proven by documentation “ table L.5 assembles the proof.   Currency Inflation over the last four years over and above the earnings of this people is $88,000.00 per each of one hundred million people/ per year.  That means we have not been paid.  That means our leaders have made us slaves.  That means our nation has been sold, and we are BETRAYED, fully and without cause.


          Excuses shall not be used to control the constitution, with regard to your legal “statement of cause”; it fails entirely.   You have all the information you need at a national level/  regarding community, or other, that is not your right or authority.  While I did not look at your survey/ it is clear by its length: that this is NOT your purpose/ therefore a lie.  Constructing an alternate reality as is: to gather information,  consistent with all “gestapo preparations: To construct a web, and destroy a society instead.”  By profiling and declaring these are “not good (fully diseased) cult members”   The reality of a cult is absolute; as proven below/ because nothing less than “a religious believer” can be so blind, and destitute of mental abilities as is required to sink into eternal hell.  The reality of our situation as life on this earth is extreme/ the consequences of ANY involvement in that descent, the absolute chaos coming:   is “helping the enemy”. 


          While that may seem excessive to you, the reality is much more plain.  I do refuse to participate with any and all leadership in this nation, etc.  Until or unless they choose to accept the limits and realities of   LIFE, FOR THIS PLANET/ MUST COME FIRST!   No more sewage, no more insanity, no more lies, no more games, no more preparation for: assassinating every child/ every life on earth.  As is our current reality.  That is the price for my participation/ you refuse, thereby so do I refuse you.

          That is not a threat, it is merely a fact, that does not surrender to your leadership; the constant fact, that is a death march to all life on earth.  So that you may not be confused, I provide some of the more distinct realities which produce this refusal to “walk with you further, down this road to HELL.”

           It takes a world of humanity to change direction, therefore without that world of humanity accepting the reality of our situation within themselves, a fight further is completely useless and will not be done.  That is not surrender on my part, it is merely reality; as it is absolutely certain “I cannot save you/ we must save ourselves”.  Your failure decides.


Nonetheless:    Consider the source/ identify the reality, because this entire world of life, will soon be completely lost; and your own contribution, “for or against life itself”;  will be eternal.

          More information, a path by which reality becomes more clear/ and consistent with some links provided through, and its associated sites.  Is your choice to consider, not mine.


SOME, of the extreme threats are these!

1.   The “university diploma”:   promises today that it will in fact create a ten million degree fire here on earth, “just like on the sun”.  They have built machines to do so, and more are coming.   Their theory, “it will be great”/ relies entirely upon “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”: so it will just extinguish itself.  The failure of that theory means our entire planet becomes a sun;   within forty five days of ignition the entire atmosphere of this planet will be ejected into space/ not that it matters.  A fire that clearly burns atomic bonds for fuel/ obviously establishing the fact, this entire planet is nothing more than “something to burn”.   Betting every life on earth, once ignition is attained:   we live or die, every single existence of life/   entirely dependent upon an insane and ridiculous theory, that will obviously fail.

          A reality so insane, and so deeply arrogant: it can only be called “satan”, on earth.


2.  The tragedy, insanity, and horrors  of physics;   as seen above are not limited to something so extremely clear, even a child fully understands the consequences of being wrong.  But that does not mean, the foundation of fools, the worms and disease of life without a functioning  brain; as is consistent with the majority of diplomas dedicated to destroying our world; as is seen at CERN.  Could not be more arrogant or insane/ protecting their job, instead of our planet.  Working to further the one contribution of humanity, and in particular men to the reality of our lives which is war machines.  The list is VERY long, the horrors coming beyond your imagination.

          A reality so insane, and so deeply arrogant: it can only be called “satan”, on earth.


3.  The cult of evolution, and its priests of death and destruction as is so clearly evidenced by genetic mutilation of life itself, in labs across this world; as if life had no meaning other than to be “your toy”.  Is nothing more than the intentional release of biological weapons of mass destruction.  Genetic mutilation/ crossing species lines and boundaries are the known cause of every pandemic on this planet.  The elimination of diversity as is the purpose of “the business of men”/ will become extinction of ourselves.  The demand of the religion called evolution: is to destroy the foundations of discipline, order, structure, integrity, and EVERYTHING ELSE WE DEPEND UPON AS THE BUILDING OF EVERY BODY OF LIFE, on this planet:    Is bringing Armageddon:   or NATURE IN CHAOS!   To this world, ending life by TERRORS beyond comprehension.  THE DISEASE of arrogance so damned delusional/ so utterly propagated by media; the slaughter of life itself/ in EVERY form, stands at the door.

          A reality so insane, and so deeply arrogant: it can only be called “satan”, on earth.


4.  Every fire, every machine that runs on fuel, BURNS OXYGEN.  The proven reality of oxygen creation/ the proven reality of oxygen depletion/ the clear destruction of oxygen stored in the atmosphere as ozone; and the reality of 80+% of the forests already destroyed on this planet.  The destruction of ocean life associated with oxygen, and the reality of 7+ billion people just breathing MEANS we will be asphyxiated, within a very few years.  Not a guess, just a reality of numbers/ choices made.  The lack of trees clearly suggests, our planet WILL lose control over its atmosphere;   which means like every other orbiting mass in this solar system/ the winds which will soon result suggest speeds over 200 miles per hour are coming: minimum.

           THE FAILURE to address, educate, and participate in understanding what is true here: IS, An act of terrorism and treason so insane it is the planned assassination of our world of life.


5.  Our humanity grows in population by over 2 million more mouths to feed; each and every week.  Propaganda fails society, fails humanity, fails life on earth: in every conceivable way!

           The food supply for over one billion people, comes from the ocean/ and it is being completely destroyed.  The cattle herds are being destroyed.  The fish are begin destroyed.  Everything is being destroyed, and soon without even the possibility of recovery.  Go search.

                     THE FAILURE to address, educate, and participate in understanding what is true here: IS, An act of terrorism and treason so insane it is the planned assassination of our world of life.


6.  The water supply is being destroyed, particularly in America: where trillions of gallons are lost:   to ethanol production (includes irrigation, without justification)/ to mining operations/ to oil production, water pumped in to lift the oil/ and a thousand other excuses:   every year.

                     THE FAILURE to address, educate, and participate in understanding what is true here: IS, An act of terrorism and treason so insane it is the planned assassination of our world of life.



7.  The salt mine under the great lakes is now of a size that can easily collapse; a trillion tons of mass and water, HELD UP, by pillars of salt:   all falling down twenty feet or so. Will cause an earthquake so massive every city within a thousand miles will be destroyed or affected.  The super-volcano under Yellowstone will then erupt, and billions of people across this world, will die as a result.

          A reality so insane, and so deeply arrogant: it can only be called “satan”, on earth.


8.  Our food supply teeters on the edge of extinction/ as all livestock production is now dependent upon antibiotics; and they are clearly and forever failing;   “For a few pennies” for fools.  One disease, can destroy an entire species, because men chose to destroy diversity and construct their business: which is “I WANT MORE THAN YOU”.  Choosing only one group, for that purpose.  The irrigation waters for the great plains, are nearly gone; the dust bowl returns.  The last reserves under the arctic ocean are being plundered.  The pollinating insects are nearly extinct/ the end of insects is a trillion tons of “food supplies” for a wide variety of life, ending their chain of existence as well.  But hey, “we got to have chemicals, and mutilated plants”.  The end of diversity in plants will soon provide the end of that species entirely/ or its ability to serve humanity as a food source will end, as tolerance in all creatures end; and allergic reactions take over.  Even with all that and MUCH MORE, bigger fools could not exist, who continually throw food away, destroying farming operations and a whole lot more:   because the university diploma is a death wipe.  “No, you can’t let life decide; you have no useable brain/ WE the diplomas, ARE gods here”.   Can’t you tell yet: they are indeed gods;    Its called “SATAN”, as that is where they led!

                     THE FAILURE to address, educate, and participate in understanding what is true here: IS, An act of terrorism and treason so insane it is the planned assassination of our world of life.



9.  Preparations for civil war in this USA have been extensive/ counterfeiting is a war cry.   Democracy itself has been attacked and defeated by rebels and traitors in “government places”.  Failure exists on all sides.  Because only money matters, and even the money is all gone: stolen by liars, cheaters, fools, failures, traitors, and thieves.  Which means this “house of cards” will collapse/ and the people will war.  As does this entire world stand ready to do the same:   because NO DECISIONS were made in support of life.  Rather every decision led by a university diploma (are they not in every leadership position):    Has been a FRAUD, a LIE, and the excuse to hide reality, so they alone can get more power, pride, and prestige;   for themselves.  As all fools do.

                     THE FAILURE to address, educate, and participate in understanding what is true here: IS, An act of terrorism and treason so insane it is the planned assassination of our world of life.



10.  The onslaught against resources/ to destroy the future of every child, every life on earth:   BY TAKING IT ALL/ and leaving them “your garbage”.   IS A WAR AGAINST your own children.  Shame on you!


          Is that not enough, for a beginning!

          Leave me alone, unless you fight for life/ YOU aren’t worth my time.    I will not be falling for the parasitic lies, or temptations or threat;  as constructed by your note.  Meet me in court, if you insist: where a jury trial is imminently mine, and inherently guaranteed by constitutional law:   to demand.  Wherein we will see, “who is the traitor to this democracy/ to this world”.  I demand freedom is mine/ I demand your rules, are worthless bits of tyranny; wrapped up in delusions and fantasies of being superior.  Everything you have done by a university diploma is clearly wrong!  Everything we need to survive as life on earth, will have to be resurrected and resuscitated from the damage you have done;   and that is unlikely at best.  Why then fight, congratulate yourselves on being satan/ and wait for eternity to begin:   will you not receive your justified reward?  Should you not be happy, HELL is coming/ these are the choices you made.  The arrogance you demanded made you god, thereby you had the right to decide what your future would be.


           As is proven by reality; the university construction of death, the ultimate failure of lies, the building of toys (WITH counterfeit money, as is proven slavery) just so the DAMNED can say:    “we are like gods”/  rather than LIFE!  Is a failure beyond sewage.

            Leadership by the evidence:   is, a listing of fools, failure, and their march into  HELL.   On purpose!


          Your descent into cannibalism/ civil war/ horror beyond imagination/ and terrors that will invade your soul, and never let you go;   does NOT contain “my participation”.  The foundation of participation by those who lead us all, into extermination; is as a coiled snake, choking the very life out of democracy itself.  You, are not “the government”/ YOU, are an individual citizen hired ONLY to work directly under the authority of the US constitution, and by its guaranteed promises, and clear consent of WE THE PEOPLE.  Instead, we are betrayed by courtroom rules aligned only to produce anarchy against us all.  We are enslaved, by thieves stealing not only our money with counterfeit currency: but inherently dispossessed by that very counterfeiting of our property and nation through your failures.  We are attacked by the rebellion of a cult led and propagated as “university knows”: when in fact gambling with our entire planet is the clear sign of “SATAN” himself/ because there is no coming back from these fantasies you support, by stealing and cheating every citizen in this nation.  We are diseased and will soon hope for death/ because you MUTILATED ALL LIFE; for the sake of your religion called evolution; a treasonous act against us all.  We are a failed, and foolish people;   because you invaded every school room; and deceived the children with your religious lies.  Evolution is your disgrace/ not even a brain, a tool, or a possibility,  to build a life with;   IS CLEARLY A DISEASED CANCER you infected society with; to your shame.  Not a shred of real evidence anywhere, just the claim of adaption: which is literally and only, the evidence of “perfect design (built by intelligence, understanding, wisdom, ability, purpose, and knowledge.)”.  The children led by your counterfeiting, to believe in fantasies, lies, delusions, and a superiority that does not exist.  A failure to all life;   with very few exceptions.

          I worked, and work only for life/ YOU fail alone.  I demanded communication and investigation and work to identify all that threatens existence of life on earth.  Because it can be TOO DAMN LATE!  I forced court cases to establish the guaranteed rights of the US constitution.  You, as is summed up by the majority influence controlling all aspects of government in this nation, and throughout its states: FAILED at every level and every possibility of reality.  Abandoning life to extinction;   as does reality prove is coming. The propaganda arm of media notwithstanding extreme arrogance, absolute greed,  and complete worship of the cult called “university knows”.  Have proven to be the same.

           Coupled together, the evidence proves;    “University has failed, deceived, and will soon destroy: this entire world”.   Supported by an endless thievery that counterfeits the life and work of every single American:   so that you can worship your god “university knows”.  You are betrayed, but since you cannot think for yourselves; but have proven to be absolutely deaf and without a brain.  I abandon you/ just as you have abandoned your own children, even your own life:   to HELL.



           I, refuse to participate/ your death, the assassination of life, death of an entire world of creation, and your resulting eternity are strictly, and selfishly:    your own.  Leave me alone, unless you choose truly:   LIFE COMES FIRST, no more games, only truth and reality decide.

          I am not your enemy/ YOU ARE. 

          I am not your enemy, because it is a cowards disgrace to assume violence can solve any problem; when reality so clearly proves it solves nearly nothing.  Whereas communication instead,  DOES represent the possibility, humanity might save itself:   since media refuses/ they too, are the enemy of life.  Leave me alone, you are the creators of this fate/ receive your reward: the terror, of  Every life you sacrificed for your pride.


          The most powerful words ever written are first amendment redress of grievances: the legal right to hold our employees of government accountable for the decisions they have made. THE LAWS AND RIGHTS which assemble that command over governments are found on these sites.  The constitution and its law,  the oath of office, the foundation of WE THE PEOPLE;    Has been proven rejected and denied authority in every courtroom both state and federal.   THAT IS TREASON.        Enforcement of the law, ON OUR LEADERS/ described by their oath is: DEMOCRACY!   The demand our constitution is the government, and they are merely employees is the substance, and authority:  called WE THE PEOPLE.

          The failure to do that: means traitors take over your nation, terrorists threaten, taxation has risen over 50% of your income (add it up).  Thieves have counterfeited your money. The courts are corrupted. The future is abandoned,  because cowards lead, fools fantasize, and delusions then control our lives.  Trying to destroy everything we built/ so they can do it their own way.  “Thereby playing with us as if we were toys”.   Where is your soul!


           The most powerful statement ever made is “JESUS”.   Or, HIS message was:   eternity is more precious/ than time. Just so you know.

             JESUS is also responsible for the most important words of life itself:   “THAT WE ARE LOVED”, and not forgotten:   BY OUR CREATOR!    That fact, did change our world, and our individual destinies.


           The consequence of every battle is: “that no one man” can fight a war with an army (there are no true rights, for a soldier). Because the army has no law, but its own. Every soldier needs “a bill of rights”: you do not own my body/ you do not own my mind/ you do not own my life/ you do not own my allegiance.  Rather I fight for my home, I fight for my guaranteed rights and proven freedoms, I fight for my family and future.  I fight for the law which brings peace and happiness and justice.  NOT FOR YOU, but for me!   Therefore we work together, as one.  OR YOU FAIL THIS NATION, YOU FAIL OUR LIVES, and you fail the authority which demands:   “This ain’t no DAMN GAME”.  My Life or death ain’t your toy.  The failure of constitutional law: is traitorous.



           A tyrant controls by demanding he is the law.  It takes law enforced upon a tyrant to keep democracy alive.  It takes our law, as we the people, united as OWNERS.  Thereby  governing the military, to establish peace, and control ownership of our nation, for ourselves. It is a clear and certain sign of oppression: when the people are afraid of their courts, their government in any form, or their leaders.  As is evident today.

            It takes constitutional law enforced,  to change a despotic government, overrun by tyrants, liars, terrorists, and thieves: who have illegally  seized power, altered democracy & do want to enslave us all, by counterfeiting money.  They have taken control of the courts, and are  declaring themselves rulers, because they replaced our law, and our courts;  with their rules.  As is, the university diploma, declaring themselves “the nobility” of America today. 



AS STATED:   the entire purpose of trial/ the purpose of these sites, and this work is fundamentally summed up by the motions filed in this case:   14SC-2

EACH BEING FUNCTIONALLY ABOUT:   what happens, TO US;   when you’re wrong?

Motion 1    (to investigate threats that gamble with our entire world.)

Motion 2    (To investigate threats that gamble with our entire natural world of life).

Motion 3   (To identify and prove, what the future will become/ as it applies to resources and environment)

Motion 4    (To stop and prove counterfeiting/ thereby returning to reality and truth in money).  To stop civil war, by using the law.


Video Last Lecture
Consider the Source Constitutional Redress Leaders Involved
Miscellanious Summary Consider the Source Established
Consider the Knowledge    Consider the Understanding Court Statment


I am reminded, the last thing you need to know:   is how to remove the claimed  protection from government employees, and others who are NOT protected.   Those claiming the fifth amendment.        This is March 7, 2014


          The fifth amendment, US CONSTITUTION:   reads, (1) NO person shall be held to answer for a capitol crime or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger;

 (2)   nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb,

 (3) nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself;

(4)  nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law;   (5)  nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.

          This is the law, for easier reference I have divided it into 5 categories


          The comprehension of that law is constructed by its purpose, which is to guarantee to every citizen: THAT THEY SHALL NOT, be isolated by the powerful, and forced to surrender anything that is not owed, equally by all; for the public good.  Or in the consequence of a crime by a proven legitimate court case; establishing the  evidence. Under the surveillance of a jury; to insure this is FAIR.   The demand of the fifth amendment  on government employees:  is to take the power away from those who claim to be “the government”/ so that only the law can decide; by the truth of actual evidence.  The demand on we the people is:  remember, that any single citizen can be brutalized by those who have the power of a prison, or the illegitimate control over a courtroom, or ulterior motives for being in political office: ETC.  Therefore we UNITE as the STATES of AMERICA, to assemble the boundaries, protections,  and limits of our nation: 

                                       as WE THE PEOPLE.


          Now, to understand the words within the context of their purpose is to understand NO PERSON can claim the fifth amendment UNLESS they are charged and subject to the punishments of a felony criminal crime.   READ THE TEXT:              

 (3) nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself; 

           WHICH DOES mean:   if you are not protected by being charged with a crime/ if you have not been “(1)  unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury,”    You can be required to testify, and do come under the laws of perjury, contempt, and betrayal when in government employment of your oath:   to do the best you can, for the nation, putting all other things aside/ in order to get your job.

           The ninth amendment does apply here.  “The enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”.

          And again (1) “NO person shall be held to answer for a capitol crime or otherwise infamous crime...... except in cases arising..... or public danger;”.     Thereby we are given to understand, WHENEVER it is reasonable and publicly viewed; so as not to be hidden behind any form of concealment:    Upon the indictment, that the public is perceived to be in danger by government employees, or other forms of potential criminal activities as may endanger the demands put upon those who have sworn allegiance to us:   as is the terms and conditions set forth in the preamble of this US CONSTITUTION. 

          “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.


          THEREBY NOT ONLY does the congress for instance have the right to call any governmental employee for questioning/ and demand answers.  It is their duty to do so.  It is their job to insure the purposes of this contractual statement which unites the nation is protected and upheld.  Consequently ANYONE who summarily assumes they can hide from such questioning HAS IN FACT DEMANDED TO BE, charged with criminal conduct &  PUT ON felony CRIMINAL TRIAL; because that is the only condition,  wherein the possibility (3) arises   (3) nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.

          If that governmental employee does so:   they then refuse his or her oath of office/ proving betrayal against the oath so made.  They shall be placed immediately in prison, and remain there until such time as that trial is resolved.   Their punishment for the crime of breaking their oath of office is immediately and without restitution: they DO surrender their job, or it will be taken away/ they DO surrender their pay, benefits, pensions, and all possibilities of compensation.  They shall be subject to NO possibility of return to any form of government employment, ETC.   This is the price of betraying your oath/ and it is very similar, but with greater penalties: as is a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE from the military.  They give their lives to protect the constitution/ YOU have DISRESPECTED that sacrifice, and that service. Although called to honor this people/ you have chosen to betray them.  The price of being in a position of power,  to do an entire nation, city, or state; true harm: means, the punishment for that crime or similar shall be, not less than twice the norm, for all other citizens/ criminals. 

           In the case of a judge: placed under the authority of WE THE PEOPLE;   as provided under Article 3. Section 1   “Shall hold their offices during good behavior”.  WHICH DOES MEAN: EVERY JUDGE, HAS A JUDGE; including the US supreme court.

           The tenth amendment applies here.  “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, OR TO THE PEOPLE”.

          The punishment for the crime:   discarding constitutional law is life in prison.  Less extreme rebellion against this nation:  shall be triple whatever is the normal consequence for a crime similar in nature established by an ordinary citizen.   DURING this particular time, wherein corruption is “everywhere in government”;   the penalties shall be determined by public vote.


          In this case 14SC-2   Champaign county court;   section 4 of the fifth amendment DOES apply:  (4)  nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law;    DUE PROCESS has not only been denied, it is proven so corrupt, that no appearance in court is possible; because that would only lead to the expansion of penalties to include the probable $1000.00 fine.  The conspiracy between governor/ court/ clerk/  IL supreme court/ IL IRS/ and lawyers for the IRS;   have proven collusion to deny this law of the US constitution.  The penalty for that betrayal: is a clear and certain trial of all due parties; based upon the oath given, the reality of involvement, and the consequences established against the rights and protections of OUR DEMOCRACY.  Before the people of this state called ILLINOIS.

                                      WE, ARE THE OWNERS HERE!


               Plain and simple, this 5th  amendment says:   to protect all of us/ WE MUST protect every one of us.         



We the people of the United States,

          The three great legal contributions of democracy are

1.  That all citizens are equal/ none are above the law: liberty, DUTY, and responsibilities are for all to decide.

2.  The individual is guaranteed both freedom and rights, OR no one owns my life, my work, or my property but me: except for the degree the constitution, which is our agreement with each other to unite:   allows that to be so.

3.   The jury is our guarantee, that justice shall not only be carried out according to the law/ but as fair play, depicted by equal treatment for all, conceives of the realities,  that do govern us all. As truth declares for society itself.  Social law is not as written/ but as society declares it will be.


Redress of grievances asserts: the fourth great legal foundation of constitutional democracy should now enter into our lives/ because the world has changed and we are ready for true democracy.  Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but my own vote on the law, and the realities that govern our lives and our future FOR MYSELF.



 in order to form a more perfect union,

          Jurisdiction declared:     In Champaign county court:   as in accordance with the taxpayer bill of rights included page 2:   20  ILCS   2520       I am taking issue with this assumption of debt by;   demanding JURY TRIAL.    By demanding class action suit!  As is my legal right!

           US article 5 “nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation”.    A  CONTRACT!



establish justice,

          denied/ the guaranteed legal rights of US constitutional law, as is the first, fourth, fifth, and seventh amendments; guaranteed to every citizen;  denied/ due process as is US fourteenth amendment law, “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”; denied/ US constitutional amendment 16;   grants ONLY to the federal government the right to collect income taxes, and NO other; which means, without constitutional authority;  it is against federal law to do so.

          US constitutional law amendment 13; establishes that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall be allowed:   which does mean, you must give account, and justify the private property you take/ as is commanded of you by the US fifth amendment.  “IN ALL suits at common law (we have a contract, you do what the constitution demands of you; and I will pay taxation at a justifiable level. YOU are not ruler, YOU are employee). .....the right of trial by jury SHALL be preserved....”  Denied.    



insure domestic tranquillity,

            Even though this is a clear and well defined TAX ACCOUNTABILITY LEGAL CASE, under US constitutional law, and demanding not only a jury trial, but class action suit because it does apply to us all.  Thereby the office of the governor, and the legal counsel for the IL IRS have both said to “ WE THE PEOPLE” of IL.  You have no legal rights, and they will not be held accountable; not even in the matter of   “Just compensation” for a U of I football stadium observation room; for 6 damn afternoons a year;   at a cost to we the people of over $129 million dollars.   We, the people have a contract with our employees.  That contract called a constitution DOES NOT allow, these employees to take or do anything they please.  Our legal right is: to demand accountability from the actions taken by our employees, and receive justification for our payments.  We bought a product, with our tax: that product is a better democracy/ justice for ourselves/ opportunities as are appropriate to reality/ and FAIR PLAY.  Any employee who knows this is what they have been doing: IS ready to reveal “they did their job”.  EVERY employee who knows: “they have been lying/ cheating/ stealing/ and destroying the very foundations of what they were hired to protect and defend” REFUSES accountability.  Because prison is coming.


provide for the common defense,

           Their legal statement then is: the law has no effect on them/ they own the law: and we are NO BETTER, than a slave/ without rights or any authority to demand “why have we been billed for this”.  Their letter is:  PAY OUR EXTORTION or be damned, to endless servitude; as the penalties rise.   Or more simply, as history proves again and again under the direction of men:   they have crowned themselves “the new nobility/ we have a degree”.  Therefore superior; we get more pay/ we make all the decisions/ we are to be worshiped as gods (we are the law, not subject to it)  over you; “nothing but a damn slave”.  In terms of democracy,   THAT IS TREASON.



 promote the general welfare,

          Within the purposes and demands of constitutional law; IS the oath sworn.  You cannot be our employee at a high rank,  to receive the work and position you have obtained: unless you give that oath.  Each letter, from the defendant, who is legally liable for accepting all lawsuits as a defendant for the state of IL/ and his lawyers, who are paid by the citizens of IL: constructs the demand, “we are above the law”.  That IS TREASON, in open court; the witness declared, by an overt act to remove ALL THE LEGAL GUARANTEES CITED in the US constitution and IL constitution.  Because this is a trial, and you are signed and sealed as litigants;   this then becomes irrefutable evidence of the same.  

           THAT IS ANARCHY and BETRAYAL of “WE, the people”; as this legal demand, stands in open court as a trial, demanding:    That JUSTICE shall be BLIND!   Which means each litigant stands on equal ground, no one is superior as democracy demands.  Only the evidence, by its own truth shall decide within the meaning and words called law.  Which means you have no superiority over me, or any other taxpayer: the law has superiority over each the same.  ITS CALLED    DEMOCRACY!  The law says:   I am entitled to just compensation for all taxation demanded of me.  The law says: I am legally entitled to redress of grievances, accountability that gives the authority OVER all government:   TO WE THE PEOPLE.   For our own decision.  THE LAW SAYS:   WE, SHALL NOT BE THREATENED, by our own employees, with death/ with mutilation of nature/ with any experimentation that is beyond constitutional law and the rights of reality justified by communications which then identify what the truth is, when something goes WRONG.  The LAW says: that our future shall be protected and defended/  NOT every child shall be sacrificed as is being done today.  THE LAW SAYS;  that our decision as a democracy and as a nation is,



 and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,

          TO TERRORIZE, by aiding and abetting/ protecting terrorists from examination of their activities by this society; AND ALLOWING THEM to gamble with every life on the planet.   IS NOT LESS “than Satanic”. It means to deliberately choose to destroy, damage, or mutilate; ending life on earth, forever. The assertion “it won’t happen, MUST be proven true” PRIOR to any experimentation.  That is impossible/ therefore NO possibility exists to proceed.


 Nothing is more deliberately SATANIC;   than igniting this planet as a sun/ by bringing that fire here. 


So we examine the reality, and find your hidden truths here:   establishing traitor.

1.  No evidence exists to support the claim of fusion: “Its just two hydrogen atoms combining into helium”;   as the means of heat generation on the sun.  Where is all the helium/ it does not exist.  Neither has experimentation here on earth produced anything but affirmation: this fantasy is nothing more than LIES.

            The only chemical signature from the sun is:   an ash cloud from the fire.  You cannot see through the fire/ and no instrument of any kind can reveal what is behind a ten million degree fire.  Rather the result of the fire is:     hydrogen, because the burning of atomic bonds, would release the simplest possible atomic creations; which is hydrogen, and much less helium.  As is fact. 

          PROVE IT IS NOT SO.  Because anything less, establishes terrorism, and any participation in a coverup, to hide the truth:    these are extreme traitorous pre-mediated attempts to be murder us all.   Constructs A HATE CRIME  against this entire world.


2.  No evidence exists, to support the claim of extreme density;  size/ other than fire; made of hydrogen,  fire that exists from the core outward;   or any consolidated theory of gravity (you have less than that); as is necessary to claim or consider:   “We can gamble with this entire planet, and every living thing” because we know.    Not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so it will extinguish itself. 

           PROVE IT IS NOT SO.  Because anything less, establishes terrorism, and any participation in a coverup (DON’T let the public see or hear), aids and abets these extreme traitorous pre-mediated attempts to  murder us all.   Clearly A HATE CRIME against this entire world.


3.  No evidence exists, to prove this fire by any name;   will simply extinguish itself/ OR that it will not continue to ignite across our entire planet;   just like the sun.  There is NO putting out a ten million degree fire; therefore NO second chances.  Ignition is either the end of this world/   or the elimination of an extreme amount of jobs.



          EVIDENCE DOES EXIST TO PROVE: by the laws of our physical world,      These realities are proven to exist.


4.  By the evidence of history, as a proven source establishing the constant temperatures this world receives from the sun, over thousands of years.  A proven fact.  Demands nothing less than a very stable relationship between the fire on the sun, and its fuel source, does exist. Clearly true.  That is not possible with the core (the entire sun) on fire.  A core fire does mean all the fuel must be critically involved (there is no more).  A proven fact.  Like a house on fire, there must be room (not density) for turbulence.  Disproving theory.   Thereby if the fire begins, where all the fuel exists; where every part of the fuel is sustained on fire; from the inside; then the sun will expand to its maximum limit quickly. A physical law of pressures and temperatures.  The sun will then extinguish itself;   in a very short time; because the fuel will run out.   A proven fact.


5.   By the evidence, the fire on the sun is driven by atomic fuels: it is a ten million degree F fire.  Nothing else can achieve this energy release; it’s a physical law.  Stability does not include a series of explosions, inside, or outside;  as that with an entire sun engulfed from the core outward, would cause the entire mass to explode, wobble; or appear with crevices/ canyons/ mountains, and such.  Simple volcanic reality.   If you claim the gravity pulls it back together/ then prove it exists.  There is no evidence of any sort, or kind of series, or individual events noted throughout all of history:   that can be labeled as “continuous explosions”; as that is not stable.  This is fire, everything on earth demands: they are different.  Where are your facts/ math is not enough: TO GAMBLE OUR WORLD;    nothing is a bigger liar than numbers: take a look at American currency; just a fantasy too. 

          By their math, used to calculate: “its safe to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.   Their assertion, by that math is: all the mass in this universe came out of a tiny hole smaller than an atom.   No big bang, because for that mass just to exit:   it would take how many trillion, trillion, trillion years for that to actually happen/  and WHERE was all the mass stored?  Other than their imagination.  Their, Fantasy land.


6.  By the evidence,   the law is:   heat causes expansion, or pressures inside “the container” will continue to rise until an explosion destroys the whole, or not less than a large part: It would be visible.  The sun is proven stable.  The assumption of density beyond what any physical law will allow; unless they proclaim it’s a “black hole”; denies that law.  If it’s a black hole, “its black, because no light is allowed to exit”.  If its not a black hole, then there is no possibility that the energies released by a ten million degree fire can be considered dense.  Flame spurts are said to extend 12 million miles, from the corona of the sun. Thermodynamic laws demand space, because heat expands.  The fire is different than the heat/ they are not the same.  Likewise fire and explosions  are separate entities, and do not occupy the same space; although they have a similar signature in some ways.  The claim that the sun is the densest object in our solar system; is made of hydrogen: is a lie.  The lightest known element in our solar system/ cannot occupy the same space as the heaviest (most dense) elements.  The refusal to accept:  further denies all facts known about element composition: the physical laws we rely upon.  Replaced with fantasies.



7.  By the evidence, an exploding super-nova star proves the core of a sun cannot be on fire.  Because it expands massively, in heat;  on its last days, and that expansion requires new fuel.  It is a proven fact. This is the opposite of a core on fire, and refuses the assumption that elements of greater density will arrive last into that fire, even if they are, or are not on fire.  The densest materials are heaviest/ thereby as gold panning proves:   they would go first into the core, gravity pulls them first.  It is a proven fact.


          THEORY DEMANDS: according to the laws governing physics.


8.  That just like a candle fire, that rises above its fuel source, due to thermodynamic expansion.  A fact The fire on the sun rises above its heat source.  Because it is a sphere, it rises even more.  A fact.  A ten million degree flame needs a lot of room. A fact Therefore what is viewed as the size of the sun, is simply the flame, and NOT the rock underneath.  A ten million degree flame DOES have an extreme vacuum: because the rise in temperature from the fuel source stability, to ten million degrees, is VERY RAPID.  A fact. The heat from that flame, even though it has risen above the surface of the fuel: affects the fuel source and heats its outer surface causing it to expand on top faster/ than the material underneath, thereby cracking; then it is to be vacuumed up by the fire.  Where the flame will disintegrate all atomic bonds dividing the elements involved into the subsets of atomic structure.  A fact. The atomic bond is what is on fire/ and it is very similar to the molecular bonds of chemicals we know as fire on this earth; except for the energy release. A fact.  The tornado appearances in the fire, are particularly hard spots on the rock called our sun;  beneath the heat,  that refuses to release their elemental bonds. Simple reality.  As a consequence, the heat and flame surround this spot, opening space;  and turbulence in the fire, then massively increases vacuum, and heat, to release it.  Similar to the earth in some respects this rock has different elements as a part of its fundamental structure.  The flame spurts on the other side of this phenomenon are elements that have been vacuumed up in a higher quantity that what is normal for the system to produce; thereby more fire for an instant, here.  Simple reality.  More fire needs more space.  There is by the math a large volume of empty space, between the rock that is the sun, and its flame: as thermodynamics prove, and intense vacuum applied in this space prevent the heat from going down to the rock; it remains relatively cool.  Just like the space underneath your fire here on earth/ because the law of thermodynamics rules the sun too.  When the fire gets closer to the rock, the fire has cooled/ but then makes the rock gets hotter and that releases more fuel to grow the fire, by vacuuming up more fuel.  When the fire gets farther away from the rock, the fire grows in size, but not heat; and returns to the fuel source; because the heat is the source of expansion not the fire.  Either way, the outer appearance of the sun will remain similar in size, and heat;   because of the interchange. 


9.  It is the fire itself, that sustains solar gravity. The atomic release of what holds the particles of atomic structure together: REQUIRES, that there is an equal but opposite reality of energy sustained by an atomic bond in the creation of an element.  That means when released, or forced apart; there will be an action and a reaction that follows.  On an atomic energy scale.  This is proven by the heat released from the atomic bond.  To achieve a stable element capable of sustaining itself, in a balanced state.  THERE MUST be the equivalent of “the opposite energy in place” to hold the relationship, within a specific environment.  Or described  more simply, “a great deal of heat/ to achieve a balanced state: must then be influenced by an equal amount of cold”.

           The oblong pattern of planetary orbits are likely influenced by cycles of “fire close/ fire far”.


10.  The composite understanding of basic elemental atomic structure, that the sun represents, as a relationship to heat and light, is then as follows.  Fire releases the energy, that controls the bond in an atomic nucleus.  The bond itself however retains its attachment; by being compressed into what can be called similar to laser light (a string, that holds both ends together; so to speak).  We know that is true, because the light retains considerable energy, even though it travels through an incredible amount of time and space. “Sun fire” roars:  The radiation revealed by sunlight, constructs a rhythm as a result of that roar, that functionally ties both ends of the string together.  The net effect of that is “solar gravity”.  In terms of atomic environments: the bond between proton and neutron is created when they smash themselves together/ that action causes a compression to exist that then crushes tiny bits and pieces that stand in the way of a “perfect fit between the sides”.  These bits and pieces are called electrons; the “atmosphere” of an atomic nucleus, is then constructed because of that action and reaction to mass being compressed, by bonding.


          You are now educated beyond all possible excuses.  The failure to remove this threat immediately;   is your death wish granted.  Every single life is involved/ therefore it is YOUR DECISION TOO.  Either make them ALL stop or die  by your own hands.


          NOTHING, IS A GREATER CRIME; than destroying NATURE itself.


          YOU, THE PEOPLE OF EARTH:   DO KNOW;   that mutilating nature itself, which is genetic structure, boundaries, disciplines, order, balance, energies, and design;   IS UTTERLY INSANE, AND THEREBY REEKS OF    “SATANIC WORSHIP”.  No, you can’t play god, without destroying this entire creation.   FAIL TO STOP ALL OF THIS;   and you will get your wish;   the disease of university chaos will infect EVERY LIFE on this planet.  And nothing but HORROR, TERROR, AND CATASTROPHE BEYOND all possible imagination will result soon.


          You are now educated beyond all possible excuses.  The failure to remove this threat immediately;   is your death wish granted.  Every single life is involved/ therefore it is YOUR DECISION TOO.  Either make them ALL stop or die  by your own hands.


          Because of your diseased mind, the complete betrayal as is media propagation of “university knows”: the endless temptations to “believe in us/ we can be gods”.

          The review of evolution;   the primary religion that has taken control over government, and allowed control over media; by the assumptions of their theory. The disease of their failures. Is given slight overview, because of your insanity.

          Chaos builds nothing.  The lack of even a brain (they say a brain is last), builds nothing.  The lack of tools, such as hands, eyes, etc; builds nothing.  The inability to use, collect, transport, communicate, remove waste, establish utilities, give birth, find food, inherent knowledge which then knows what to do to survive, the ability to breathe is not simple.  The ability to swallow, is not simple.  The ability to create blood, or build blood vessels, or have a heart and make it pump with valves and arteries; etc; is not simple.  The reality of bones and joints and lubrication, and tying them together so they don’t fall apart; is not simple.  The consequence of muscles, and the reality of they MUST grow in exactly the right order at exactly the right time; or the body fails to work properly;  is not simple.  The senses giving to life its essence of participation in this world; is not simple.  Immunization to keep you alive, the skin which completes itself and heals, the mind and neuro-senses which give you the ability to grasp knowledge or understanding are absolutely necessary; as is pregnancy, the ability to stop another baby from beginning in the same womb as one already there/ the construction of mammary glands, and about one trillion other miscellaneous details of life;   THAT MUST   COMBINE AT THE SAME TIME, to conceive of a species called life.   Are no game.  The proof of adaption, within specific species boundaries; is an element of perfect design, “I knew this would be needed”.  There is NO adaption across species boundaries/ ANY INTERFERENCE HERE becomes pandemic disease;   TO REMOVE the intruder, and keep the genetic species involved alive and intact, as a whole entity of life. Rather than simply one individual is more important than the whole.


          And YOU KNOW IT.  There is no excuse/ other than worshiping “your university gods”.  Who have become the evidence of Satan on earth.  It means destroyer of a world!




 do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.    “All of us”, as one.

            To accept anything less than our promise to ourselves: is DESERTION of DUTY.  A crime against this state and nation.   THEREFORE A LEGAL TAX REVOLT IS JUSTIFIED.   Until such time as obedience to the law, and fair play to the people has been re-established.   The corruption/ collusion/ and conspiracy REMOVED!


          To belittle and demean the courtroom, the laws of this nation and this state.  Is to use contempt and fraud as the means of escaping judicial intervention, and democratic authority.   The demand for JUSTICE in taxation FOR ALL THE PEOPLE;  as well as protection of all life; is NOT discretionary.  That is the law of our nation, and the agreement of this people.  Those who seek to destroy democracy itself, establish the assumption:   every leader is a ruler; and every ruler is above the law that rules us all the rest/ but not them.

           Anything less, than the legal right to question and obtain clear and deliberate answers;   within the law, is not democracy.  Within our legally guaranteed authorities as a citizen protected by “we the people”; as is constitutional democracy: refusing the oath sworn, is treason.  Anything less, than true obedience to the law;   regarding those who swore they would uphold our constitution, “as the reason we, the people UNITED in this state and nation as this government itself”; is traitorous.   Anything less than due process: which means ONLY by the law, may you answer; because that makes each one EQUAL:  is slavery.  You have attempted to steal our only legal protections, and make yourselves superior to the law/ that is rebellion.  Anything less, than true equality in a courtroom:  as one citizen to another, divided  by the rights and truth of law itself (not a judge)/ is not democracy.  Therefore it is anarchy (trying to destroy democracy itself), and it conceives of traitor: the deliberate conspiracy between two or more, that corrupts the courtroom and colludes to deny the law, and subvert this democracy; is to destroy:  we the people.    That is a hate crime against democracy itself. 

Let there be light

Everything here, that I provide is free/ use it however you wish; but NOT by restricting others.  It is necessary, for you to contribute to these sites and take responsibility for distributing their purpose: LIFE COMES FIRST!


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Their reply:    “The king (we are the power)”,    will not let the slaves go free:  

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MAKE A TRUE AND HONEST DECISION ABOUT LIFE, and our reality.   Download the html site zip file; so the benefits and substance of these sites cannot be taken away.


            DUTY, is the development of a distinct decision, a signature in truth to the people who own it (I AM, standing here, for a purpose you will understand).  We are a world at war, with those who would out of disrespect, and a complete disregard for reality and truth destroy us all.  The trial that completes these sites, given as a dispute over taxes/ identified by the words of the US constitutional  article 5 “nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation”.     Income as is every form of money earned:   a private property:    that cannot be taken for taxes unless there is just compensation; as in WE ALL benefit from this/ NOT just a few.  US congress has just approved another loan of $11,000.00 per one in three citizens (babies and all) to pay themselves more money; in salaries and benefits (where do you think the money goes!).  This state has approved for itself pensions that we the citizens here cannot afford.

           That however just opens the door, to our truth need:   WE ARE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION, and must address that reality by investigation of all the facts, examination of what goes WRONG, and how that will affect our future, your children, our world, and our lives.  Thereby making a decision for ourselves, that these leaders cannot!  The responsibility to defend your world is ABSOLUTE/ nobody is excused; when our very planet, and every form of life is threatened with extermination: not a game/ our reality.   You are not asked to believe that level of threat/ YOU ARE ASKED, to join this lawsuit Champaign County IL 14SC-2   court date is March 7, 2014;    And make redress,        a first amendment law/ and a guaranteed right of the US constitution     happen.   So that we all have the opportunity to understand our situation, and our future: AND MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS.    Video Advertizement:    short version /   middle/   long version.

The fight against rulers, is a progression of time; divided by the three rules of conquest!

1.  Do not let them see more than they must.

2.  Do not fight them on their terms, or decisions about where the battle shall be fought or how.

3.  Be patient;   both arrogance and aggression are your enemies,  as well as theirs.


          Freedom is, “the distillation” of what can be achieved, whenever a ruler is removed.  But it is not any assumption, that law will not rule.  Without law, there is only anarchy and ruin.  With laws that produce justice, fair play, and equality for all: an army is formed, which will live or die to protect itself.  Because these are the foundation of freedom, and its reward which is peace, harmony, and happiness for all.


          Every ruler exists, because of rules/ not laws.  Rules are the excuses used to transform the majority, or the few, into a ruling class.  LAWS are the rights and realities of critical demand, that duty, as well as responsibility;   owes one and all.  Freedom is everything in-between.


          The quest to be happy, constructs three separate ingredients as the means to complete your journey in time.

1.  Happy shall mean:   I have known love, cherished another life as if it were my own soul/ and become alive.

2.   Discipline ignites the passion, that lives within desire and its purpose:   to fill our soul with life.

3.   Respect identifies the reality and relationships of who can or cannot be trusted, because without truth and the acceptance of value; there is no future.



WE THE PEOPLE own this state and this nation: the trial, Champaign county court, IL;         14SC-2   filed 1/8/14.   established on the principles of democratic ownership.  Seeks to identify and prove:   the following statement as our authority exposed:     so that  NO MAN OR WOMAN employee, etc:  shall then ever dare say, or imply;  to any citizen again:  

            (we can, and will gamble with your life, your world, your nature, your child, your future;  steal your money, imprison or enslave you/ or anything else we so desire;  and there ain’t nothing you can do about it).

          Ownership means:  The clear and certain authority of democracy,  MUST BE ESTABLISHED, and ENFORCED/ same for all.  No one is ruler, that means redress of grievances a first amendment guaranteed legal right of the US constitution: MUST BE OBEYED.  The reality of redress is: “the most powerful words ever written”/ because the legal right to bring our employees into court, and demand an accounting or investigation DOES prove we the people truly are, “THE OWNERS” here.  But that does mean LEGAL participation/ responsibility/ & decisions to investigate our employees, OR the very extreme and serious threats that can make us all extinct/ the opportunities of TRUE ownership/ etc as we the people:   ARE GOING TO BE DETERMINED BY YOUR VOTE, or YOUR ACTIONS, or  YOUR DECISIONS in the next few weeks.   The filing is/ the laws used/ the brief   and the summary of trial purposes.  Trial 14SC-2 is “your trial for democracy and control”.  Make your decision, because there is nothing else legal, or illegal;   I can or will do for you.  You have a legally guaranteed right:   either use it, or abandon it.  The law is true.

          THE foundation of our democracy as a state and nation is:   that WE THE PEOPLE, are owners here/ there are no rulers/ no religion may rule!   In contrast to that, our employees have created situations and corruptions that fundamentally deny our right to that authority; and give it to the assumptions of university knows.  The US constitution HAS a solution:   its called redress of grievances/ a first amendment law.  In contrast to the claim by the state of IL; that they are “doing their job”/ comes the realities of debt, that only serves a tiny few.  Failure to protect the people even though the evidence of potential terrorism is absolute, and against this entire world.  A failure to confront federal employees in their counterfeiting of money, conspiracy to deny redress; etc.  A failure at very many levels;   “Because our employees,  believe the university knows everything/ and the people can call them “the government”; as is a lie.  That assumption constructs a cult worship: where even though it is clearly known, and removed from court time and time again.   To bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ can in fact make us all extinct!  There is no proof of otherwise.  There is only a blind and extremely foolish assumption:   “Not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will put itself out”.  If that fails/ WE BURN.   Every threat, that possess the potential to destroy billions of lives, and even an entire planet/ or mutilate all life:   BY LAW, must be investigated.  BY LAW, our lives cannot be gambled with.  BY LAW, WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE the right to know,  but all are refused, by all forms of leadership.  When/ how/ what can happen/ what is not known, but merely is an assumption or theory without ANY TRUE facts.  Is nonetheless a reality:  which exists as experimentations that can destroy everything we need, & everything we are.   IS A TRUE THREAT, a reality that can become our extermination. Or the refusal to protect resources we depend upon for our very existence and survival:  is substantively a very traitorous act, by our leaders.  Not the demand they must do as I say, or believe anything I present other than law.  The law: recognizes  the fact, that potential complete extermination of life;   its mutilation of genetic DNA potentially beyond horrors;  for a religious cult called evolution.  The known resources in jeopardy of collapse.  Even the threat of civil war, by the counterfeiting of money.  Or a long line of extinction in nature itself;  that ends in our own demise.  Are all facts that can be investigated:   and are absolutely within  the public right to know/ and in fact  must know, for their own survival.  Gambling at this level: IS OUR DECISION/   NOT, a tiny few;   who claim to be “god (we can, and will gamble with your life/ and there ain’t nothing you can do about it)”.

          This court casefights for redress; as is the law.  Exhibits A, B, C, DThis court case fights for protection from execution by, SAME  fire, as is on the sun: it burns atomic bonds/ because nothing less can produce the energy.   TO INVESTIGATE :   is NOT the assignment, “the court must decide what will happen”!      BUT THE DEMAND: TO INVESTIGATE, WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THESE SCIENTISTS ARE WRONG!    And subsequently protect us all:   when being WRONG, is absolutely our extinction.  Because there are NO second chances.  Once ignition occurs/ once a pandemic is released from species mutilation/ once nature collapses, or our primary resources are completely lost: we die.   Just the facts!

           This court case fights for equal treatment under the law; through democracy:   WE HAVE GUARANTEED RIGHTS.   And does seek the reality of justice, and fair play; including the demand LIFE must always come first/ for this planet.  This case is not less, than any of these things: it is more.   Time is running out 1, 2, 3


          Which brings me to you:   trial date is set:   march 7, 2014 courtroom D   Champaign county courthouse   case # 14SC-2.     THIS IS, the very last “go around”/ last chance anybody gets to interfere with the outcome of all the threats we do face.  Because there just AIN’T enough time left; for any other chance or person to intervene.  Like it or not! 

          This ain’t my war, its OUR war to survive.  If you can’t find some way to support the fact, by a fair and deliberate reality:   THAT WE DO NEED TO INVESTIGATE THESE THREATS.  Then;  I  am done/ because time does run out, and a long court battle that merely delays the inevitable:   “ YOU JUST DIDN’T CARE ENOUGH”.   Isn’t worth the effort/ even if I choose to continue anyway; it will be pointless.  One second too late, and we are all dead.  Not a game, a demand for proof: we won’t die, because our leaders failed/ a damn theory was wrong/ or a blatant curse, to demand evolution must be proven.  Were just plain lies, or worse!

            Not a game;   why should we be their slaves/ as is a debt that cannot be paid (no end);   or an inflation that we do not share in the numbers: “the few,  get it all”. 

                In the definitions that control our lives,    comes the truth: that we did not create the miracles of life which surround us, and keep humanity alive. 

          Chaos, the assumption of the religion called evolution DID NOT create/ chaos only destroys.  Which means thought, discipline, and order, came before anything else called life.  The human reality of this day is a march into chaos, that will end in the destruction of everything; SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE, and its introduction here .  Therefore you, the reader: MUST comprehend an honest and real understanding, “UNLESS we change as a world; from WANT first:   TO LIFE MUST COME FIRST”/ there is no future, for any living thing.  To be wrong, on numerous decisions that gamble with our entire world, and ability to survive;   means we are dead/ no second chances.  As is consistent with the theory: “we can bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ because there is not enough gravity to sustain the fire”.  Even you, can understand; being wrong, is death to this planet.  You know:  That fire burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer: it burns atomic bonds at 8-10 million degrees F!  We can’t put it out.  One, of the  Experiments going on right now. 


          IF you agree with the purpose of that statement: “life first”/ THEN you have become “a messenger” burdened with the truth:   that we all have a right to know what threatens us.  We all have a right to understand the possibilities and potential of what can be changed, to rebuild our futures.  We all have a duty, to build for hope/ and accept the responsibilities that come with our existence on this planet, in this time; and choose; to work for life first.  There are consequences, to what you do/ or what you do not do.  The reality of greed, the consequences of want, the tragedies of pride and power and destruction: have become a burden nature can no longer overcome.  That DOES mean, our world has changed.  You, are destroying faster than nature can provide.  You, failed to “put anything back/ and you cheat, lie, and steal;  proud of yourselves for that fact; its called revenge/ or they did something, to me first”.  You worship a university that has increasingly threatened not only you, but this entire planet.  Without change: YOU WILL receive your reward, for the decisions made.  Not “GOD” punishing you/ reality and truth establishing, “no more lies, no more mercy”.  You chose!

          In the hope that you will “find your mind, heart, and even soul: and fight for life on this planet” / therefore I continued the work. These sites are provided free, and may be used without restriction.  Take them to your own sites/ change the name; do whatever you consider best, in a battle for life on this planet.  I don’t care: they are “yours”.   Download the html sites so they cannot be taken away.   Support the sites, and each other:   so distribution can be simple and successful; when or if  needed.  I am irrelevant to your decision:   this is YOUR choice/ this is for your world, your child, your future, and even your eternity.  It is not mine, I have made my choice/ and done as duty required.  My job, and my need to participate ends here; because only you, can change yourselves, or your world.

            It is not my job, to bribe/ tempt/ manipulate/ lead/  or control you.  It is your job, to RESPECT YOUR WORLD.  If you continue to refuse:   the duty and responsibility, to use, or understand what has been substantially prepared for you, for free: to defend this world, and protect its life: then simply, YOU deserve to die.  I cannot support that, with continued work/   I have not failed your children, or life;  substantially or on purpose: they do not deserve to die.   Can you say the same?  I HAVE proven to be “a friend, to life”/ not an enemy, or any religious illusion.  I have proven here on these sites, your need to investigate/ examine the evidence/ and decide for yourself.  Simple and plain.

Excerpts from energy Excerpts from Biology
Hope and Love Jesus
Tyranny and Deceit Forums / Chat Room
Freedom & Time Friendships and Rulers
Heart and Mind The Majority
Forum One Documents  

THE QUESTION is, how do we make the bullies, failures, diseased mind, and religious zealot behave?  Little arrogant children, who have not been disciplined properly DON’T have an interest in playing fair.


          It is necessary to acknowledge the problem, before you can adequately understand the situation and its causes.  The problem is:   those who could, DID take everything they could take/ giving themselves extreme salaries and benefits and claims to know everything: taking away the freedoms, securities, sanctity of life that is “its my choice”, and claiming to be “gods: or, don’t question me/ I am always right”. 

          The failures believe themselves gods too, whereas the significant trouble is:  THEY ASSUME, that since the earth is not dead yet, nothing they do has a cost!  So they can do absolutely anything, playing with all life, as if it were their personal toy.  So they took all the money they could find, and didn’t have enough for their delusions, and like the bullies simply counterfeited more.  Leaving all the people without a right/ without a choice/ without a law to intervene/ and without a democracy to control the traitors and anarchists of our lives and nation and world.

          The diseased mind, is a fundamental pit/ an abyss of want; that can never be satisfied, because after they collect whatever they worship today/ there will be something else they worship tomorrow; creating an endless want.  So they don’t have to deal with life as it is, as a participant in something more than themselves.  Extreme selfishness is constant, in all who hate.  Extreme demands for control over the others is constant, when the abuser is not challenged.

          The religious zealot is a fundamental illusion come to life as a weapon, rather than a soul.  Or more simply: they surrender their heart, and believe in the measurements of their mind, to assume “god makes them do this/ whatever form of violence that takes”.  Not their fault: they have orders “from god”/ or in the case of a majority called current humanity, “the university made me do it”.  Or, obviously “they know everything/ and to question them or their assertions is blasphemy”.  They will show you “the book”/ and obviously anything written in a book or taught in school “is from their god”.  Or, you must obey too!


          Assembled together as the current form of leadership particularly in America, we look for cause in the same words: the bully wants only to be selfish, and to do so, he or she robs the majority.  The failure wants only to play god; so he or she deceives the others with assertions like, “we will dry every tear/ and keep you alive longer”; just leave us alone/ and don’t watch.  We will tell you, when we have become “GREAT”.  Or, now: we are god without question/ bow down you damn vermin!  The diseased mind worships itself, and assumes greatness in themselves/ because they have judged everyone else as less.  Giving to themselves an absolute authority, that cannot be questioned or denied.  The religious zealot worships the assumption, “I am god too”/ and as gods, WE MUST make you do what you are told: since you, the humanity;  are less than “witchcraft filled toads”.

          Or reduced to extreme simplicity:   this is “want/ want with pride/ want with power/ and worshiping hate”.


          So the real fundamental question is: how do we control want/ pride/ power/ and hate?

          The answer:   every want exists, because truth is denied.  Therefore when truth alone rules and decides; the foundations of want do collapse.  Consequences are the teacher of “common sense”.

          The answer: pride is a game/ that fully intends to make one a winner, and the rest losers.  To stop playing the game, and remove the foundations which allow a game against all life to exist:   control over the money MUST be exercised correctly.  That is accomplished by “Limited capitalism”.

          The answer: power is a demand to control life/ accepts the theory, that we cannot be wrong.  Some cannot be converted back to reality; as a consequence having identified these: they need to die, before they do more harm.  The rest that are not fully deluded within themselves, must be shown the tragedy of what it means when they are proven wrong/ or fail to recognize the full extent of what happens to life or society or nature, even if they prove to be correct about any little thing.  To rearrange nature in any capacity is to assume you can be god; that is blatantly NOT true.  Those who fail to be controlled, choosing again, “instead of protecting life/ to play god:  shall be killed.”  The answer is: controlling currency means, the sneak thief; nor devil worshiper:   cannot cheat us all.  We control currency by establishing a number that is the average wage throughout the nation/ and making that number constant according to population.  And then reviewing that number, by vote;   every twelve years or so: to insure our control is NOT being diminished as a population in charge of ourselves.

          The answer: a religious zealot worships to become, or to demand:   greater within themselves.  Is a fool: you know better/ but worship yourself as,  “superior to the rest” anyway.  Fools are hard to deal with, because they always “know better”.  They studied/ they believe/ they worship/ they accept the authority to demand change by their standards:   they assume evidence is unnecessary, truth does not matter, instead what they believe is their truth.  So then the lessons required are: evidence does matter.  What you believe is “ok for you”/ because it is personal to your life, and your eternity.  BUT WHAT YOU DO TO US, NATURE, PLANET, ETC;   is not ok simply because you believe something unproven.  The answer is: we must agree, only proven truth decides for all of us/ fundamental rights and freedoms, by constitutional grant control/ & deliberate democratic authority called “we the people agree”;   can rule over us all, by voting on the laws that govern society ourselves.


          These are the tools necessary to return society to:   peace and harmony.

          The most powerful words ever written are/    The most critically impressive economic reality identified, “each $1.  representes one billion dollars/ $1,000.  Is one trillion”.  One trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars per each and every one of one hundred million people/ or roughly one in three US citizens, babies and all.   The basis of society, and the foundations of our behavior are recognized through understanding.  The most critical questions humanity has ever faced now exist as the relationship we have allowed to be created:   through university leadership.   Our ability to understand the levels of extinction that we face: cannot be determined by what you believe or what “we all want”/ as that is irrelevant to this reality, in this our time, and by the consequences of our truth; as the choices made by human societies on earth. Our courts and political leaders have made their decision; regardless of the law, constitution, or democracy itself:   they choose power over us; an illustration of some of the laws they deny.; at every level.  The media, or more correctly the propaganda machinery of the powerful and proud, have made their choice:   they choose pride and want, over life itself.  Every single life on this planet is involved in the outcome of what is being, or has been chosen by those who lead humanity on earth today.  Our leaders, have chosen HELL:   humanity without hope/ ARMAGEDDON:   nature in chaos/   APOCALYPSE: a war without end or mercy, because hate controls now; where all weapons of mass destruction will be used/ and turning this planet into a sun, by bringing the same fire here as is on our sun.   Saying of their efforts, “the fire will just put itself out/ because there is not enough gravity (they admit: don’t know what it is) here”; even though this entire planet is made out of fuel.  As that fire is:   the burning of atomic bonds.  As is similar to the burning of molecular bonds by fire here on earth. A reality similar to the difference between TNT and theatomic bomb.   Time for change, is running out. 

          To demand better requires this information must be distributed so as to give humanity itself as WE THE PEOPLE/ their right, to refuse:   and control, those who are so badly attempting to destroy our world.  Those who literally gamble with all our lives, based solely on their desire to do so, risking our entire planet, all its nature, and every possibility of a future that exists by refusing to address the threats that we cannot survive.  WE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO INTERVENE; this is life or death for our planet!   WE HAVE LEGAL JURISDICTION, the law called REDRESS:   THIS IS ABOUT LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR NATURE, EVERY CHILD, EVERYTHING WE VALUE.   Therefore this decision requires, US ALL, thereby:   to take control over our democracy, and resurrect our future/ ending the fantasy and delusions of “university knows”.  By demanding truth/ nothing but the truth/ and no excuses or lies.  All theories refused/ or examined by proven realities:   for what happens when this is proven wrong! NO GAMBLING WITH LIFE!  Is necessary to survive, not only as.  WE THE PEOPLE OWN, this nation!  But as aworld.   To refuse payment, for those employees who have threatened our extinction with their decisions:   is fundamentally required.   The need is:   GO TO COURT, and examine the evidence/ to find what is TRUE!  Before you die, or have absolutely no recourse: “to damn late now”!   The sites I provide to assist you are these.  If you succeed, the requirement to aid in the distribution of this news, to a world; demands a donation.  Let those who say, “its not time yet/ or the consequences are too extreme”;   remember the lesson of a tornado or other natural event:    We you literally see it coming, IT IS TOO LATE, to prepare now!  The lesson of this day is: “the cancer of a diploma, is a disease that kills, steals, and destroys”; because the power released upon society by the assumption of “an expert”;  has proven their pride has no boundary, and their want extends past INSANITY.  A proven;   absolute failure, to all that is important for life.  True, whether you like it or not.  Reality then states, “the expert so called” can and must testify, but only to present the existence of known data.  No theories accepted/ absolutely no rules allowed:   only justice, the literal expressions of “fair play”, and the quality deserved by ALL life, understood by the word: “equal/ not superior in any way” .  Judged by the reality called liberty, and the jurisdiction called freedom:   establishing WE THE PEOPLE!  Under constitutional rule, as the preamble, and its amendments demand.   “We, are the owners here”/ not our employees! 

          Reality states:   our employees/ “the university diploma”  stole our money/ they stole or attempted to destroy our future/ they refused the very basic elements and fundamentals of democracy that support our lives, and keep us all from dying!   THE PRICE for that is:   NOW WE DECIDE! 

          You can control leaders by establishing world laws, that do have the authority to bring ANY LEADER into “our courtroom, as people of this world demanding critical rights and fundamental respect”.  When they understand: you are NOT EXEMPT from the laws WE DECIDE and enforce as a world/ nations will be changed. You can control any weapons, in any nations;  that you so choose as a world: so long as its equal and fair to all.  You can protect the earth, the sea, the resources, and more; by enforcing cooperation with these laws. 

          You CANNOT evade or choose, to lie about the truth of your destruction: and what must be done to hope, “life on earth shall continue”.  Truth decides everything; applied to reality, means then:   your decision shall be made.

          YOU CAN, resurrect the money; by simply tying the numbers to a population count: thereby each knows, what is or is not fair.  Choose a number as the maximum anyone can keep, and erase everything above that line.  Let limited capitalism do the rest.

            DOWNLOAD THESE html  SITES, so they cannot be taken away. Distribute them; they are yours, free of charge.


          The elemental relationship that has limited my own response “to the law”; shall be recognized as owed to “the spiritual woman inside”. As is constant with male, “I was, headed in a different direction”.  Law is the answer/ force is not! Let the law be your army! But make no mistake, without direct participation from we the people as a nation or a world or any part thereof: you will fail.

          I am not your leader/ change yourselves!  It’s:    YOUR JOB.    Not mine.  You have: the tools/ the law/ the rights/ the democratic authority/ THE NEED/ the understanding/ the incentives/ and the foundation DUTY, TO PROTECT THIS WORLD, and even this nation and its democracy from terrorists. That includes: protection against the geneticist/ the physicist/ and all who threaten life; which does include population control!. If you fail to accept the responsibility you owe to life on earth, and every child:   I guarantee, you will get everything they have prepared, with your blessing:  for you’re  own extermination, and conviction (you chose too).     The death of this world:  So says the evidence.  The religion of evolution, which has conceived of genetic mutilation, and brought it into our lives:   believes, and attempts to destroy genetic disciplines/ balance/ boundaries/ order/ and everything life is, to bring chaos into this world.  In an attempt to prove, what is an absolute lie.  This is “Armageddon coming”.

            The evidence also says:   you, are the worst generation that has ever been, to have allowed all this destruction and wanton failure/ BUT YOU ARE also the generation that decides if this earth and all its life will live or go extinct, by terrors unimaginable.  Making you the most important generation that has ever lived.  It’s a choice.  You WILL make it, and be responsible for what you did or did not do:   forever!  There is no place to run.  There is no place to hide.  There are no excuses that will be accepted: including fear!   Life or death for this world, is no game/ and neither is the threats you face.    I DO NOT demand that you believe this message/ rather I demand you investigate, examine the evidence, participate in a courtroom decision as the democracy you are, and identify the truth for yourselves, and this world.  Which does have every right to participate; in what affects us all.  Because there are NO SECOND CHANCES!  The failure of any critical system or chain of life, means we are all extinct.  Any assumption, that our world cannot be lost; is dis-proven by   “Noah’s flood”:   because the evidence of fossil fuels found covered all at once, some thousands of feet deep/ CANNOT have occurred in any other way.  Try thinking for yourself; for a change.  Is dis-proven by a sunburn, from 91 million miles away.  Is dis-proven by birth defects/ hunger/ and reality.   GROW UP.



Certified Mail, In the Superme court 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8 From the court , IL Superme court 1, 2
In the US Tax Court Case 11108-12L 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13, My Response Last Order And again. And again. Yet again, Letters from the IRS

The disciplines of leadership DO NOT include, an outright gambling with all life on earth!  Of all the critical failures, that represent the reality of “university knows leadership” in this portion of the same US supreme court/ US tax court case ; that identifies criminal corruption in all the highest levels of US federal government.   The very worst/ most easily identified is:   these leaders have decided they CAN bring the same fire here to this planet as is on the sun, a 9,000,000 degree F fire, that burns atomic bonds.   Because the theory goes:   “Not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire”/ so it will just put itself out.  On a planet that is nothing but fuel!  In case you missed it: that means when they are proven wrong, this entire planet becomes another sun. There are NO second chances/ once lit, either it puts itself out, OR we are incinerated .  It is that simple/ no one escapes “being wrong”. 

          Of the various methods needed to prove them wrong/ it is also useful to understand.  In terms of gravity failing to hold the fire to this earth/ the more critical reality is:   just how much suction does a 9 or ten million degree fire establish, particularly in this atmosphere?  Do you not understand a forest fire 3,000 degrees;  sucks in air (a chemical bond fire)?  It does so, because the expansion of heat creates a vacuum!  The probable air speed of this atmosphere on earth being sucked into that fire at the base of its flame is roughly one thousand miles per hour.  Or more simply “just like a candle sucks up the was to burn/ an atomic fire will suck up this earth and burn anything that is built with an atomic bond.  Which is everything.  In terms of fire growth, a chemical fire doubles in size every minute.  An atomic fire will do over 12 times that.  In terms of a candle and the room needed because of heat expansion:   test it for yourself/ light a candle with full air flow.  The flame will be roughly 7 times bigger than the wick/ the flame will rise roughly 7 times higher than the wick engulfed.  A candle flame is roughly 500 degrees/ as we then multiply the effect of heat expansion which is the same regardless of the source or type of fire:   a 10 million degree flame needs 140,000 times more room!  That simple reality proves the flames you see on the sun itself (its visual size), are NOT the source of fuel/ but the reality of heat. The wick itself turns to ash as it is incinerated.  The ash cloud of an atomic fire, is the simplest possible combination of atomic structure that is able to form after any possible “singular” components of atomic structureescape the fire.  Thereby the hydrogen chemical signature of the sun is nothing more than its ash cloud.  Everyday, the national ignition facility tries desperately to ignite an atomic fire on earth.  The day comes soon, when that fire will destroy us all!  No one escapes.  Or, more simply the CULT of “university knows” will then be SATAN on earth.  With all its believers assigned as “devils”.   You chose to let them!  You have NO EXCUSE, because you do understand a fire 91 million miles away, that burns your skin here in summer; is no toy!

The sites I provide are these.  The primary information for all sites, for this entire work:  is this portion of “trial after trial”:   in both state of ILLINOIS and US federal and supreme courts.  A FEW, of the thousands of links used upon these sites. The most powerful words for human society ever written.  The question called life.  The reality:   those who say “debts don’t matter”; believe they are rulers, and never intend to pay.     To even suggest media has not failed us entirely, is fantasy!

        The purpose and desire very simply:   we are threatened with extermination as a planet/ so says the evidenceThat fact,  cannot be left:   to those who have made created the threats, and realities we now face.  Download these html sites/ so they cannot be taken away, or hidden from you. Support this work, or it can disappear.  Support “life for this planet must come first”/ or it, and we, will all disappear.  You are not asked to believe: as was demanded of the courts;  you are asked to investigate the evidence and prove what is or is not true/ because we cannot survive being wrong; not even as a planet of life.  You are asked, as was the courts:   to communicate these threats to “humanity” and let each one decide for themselves; as is consistent with freedom and democracy itself.  As for me, I have proven and delivered everything in this work, I came to do.  The decision, and the consequences of life or death for a planet:   the investigation, trials, etc now comes to you.  I have finished/ nothing else is required of me, for this work, or your decision.

        Should the IL tax lawyers decide: after months of silence, to go ahead and accept the demands of the IL supreme court document filed; by certified mail:  but again “refused, without a single word from the court or the lawyers”/ because they cannot win.  I would return for that, or similar.  As is consistent with your own realities; the work is not perfect/ it is simply the best I did do, for life, and planet; that will soon be approaching one tragedy or crisis, after another.  The critical question is do you care, & will you share the information you accept as “too important to be wrong”; with anyone else?          


Balance states;   it should be recognized, that none of these sites/ all these words, represents the assumptions of an optimist (I believe everything I want, will come to me).  Neither do they represent the assumptions of a pessimist (I believe everything I don’t want, will come to me).  Rather reality states, that truth has a definable order, and the disciplines of thought are decipherable, if you simply apply wisdom/ honesty/ and a clear understanding of courage.  Can you not predict: when you spent more than your checking account has in it/ what happens next? The same is true of more than “just counterfeit numbers”.  Truth matters.

             That said, the worst possible decision humanity could make is bringing the same fire here as is on the sun/ a fire that burns atomic bonds, here; where everything is fuel.  There are NO second chances, a fire that cannot be extinguished/ just like the sun.  The second worst decision is of course, the intentional destruction of life as a body in time itself.  By mutilating and crucifying genetic structure; (the basis of all Creation itself, across this world), and spreading the foundation of pandemic disease.   Which is genetic boundaries crossed between species. The third is the destruction of all resources that support life; as is constant and sure today.  The critical question:   where all leadership has failed, because they believe the universities are god/   can YOU find your mind in time, “to fight for this world”!  All WILL certainly die, if you don’t!  You are not asked to believe that statement/lain  you are asked to investigate and examine the evidence, establishing a clear and certain response:   CAN WE AFFORD TO BE, OR LET THOSE WHO ARE LITERALLY GAMBLING WITH EVERYTHING WE VALUE ON EARTH, including life/ planet/ survival/ and even the solar system itself BE,     WRONG!    That is a true and accurate statement, clearly establishing;   this is not a game.  Everything we are or need or value is threatened with extinction.  The choice is yours;   as I have done everything I could do, to inform and educate you.  Only you, can change yourselves, or your world:     or defend your future.  Ask any farmer, “if you eat next years seed”/ you can be happy today:    BUT, what certainly will happen to next years crop!    To believe in your leaders, or your media to protect you, has been proven foolish.  Clearly, they didn’t care about tomorrow, at all! We add one final reality, the prophecy called Daniel 12.  It reads, “from the time humanity starts trying to ignite the same fire here”;   NIF as is on the sun (worst possible decision)/ there will be 1290 days before that ignition occurs.  That date coincides perfectly with the expected operation of the exo-watt laser= one million lightning bolts, all striking the same place at the same time.  It continues at the 1335 day from this beginning/ all life on earth will be lost. Or, more simply:  the fire will have grown, and the entire atmosphere of earth will have been ejected into space.  For those who are certain this is just trying to scare you:  the reality of coal/ oil/ gas/ as the fossil fuels we use, DO prove beyond any doubt, that a world wide flood did occur.  Because there is no other way, to clump these masses of life together, and bury them under thousands of feet of earth or sea; in some places.  Simple and plain, these things are, “life or death”; not a game. The destruction of a world, BY CHOICE:  is called “SATAN”.  Not a religious statement, simply a fact!  Where then, do YOU stand?  Eternity will remember/ there are no excuses; not for anyone, including YOU.

Summary overview of sites.

Stop a rape display,    many rapes are begun by climbing through a window/ this is a simple motion detector, placed below or anywhere in the close vicinity of a window.  It turns on a light, and a noise maker of some type by simply screwing in a light bulb socket adapter.  Placed it could easily be hooked to a camera/ it could easily be hooked to an aerosol chemical spray, which contains an identifying chemical for tracing in court, an odor for tracing in a crowd, & some fluorescent paint; for seeing the perpetrator at night.  There are a wide variety of types and kinds of motion detectors, the one in view cost $8.00.  It is wired simply by attaching a simple two wire lamp cord, to the two wires in the motion detector base, and covering the base with a standard octagon cover plate. It can be set on the floor or hung on wall or ceiling. Victim defense jewelry is also a good idea.

       REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES ARE:   "The single most powerful words ever written, for human society!  By including in our own constitutional agreement as a nation that this:   is who we shall be, and how we shall enforce our will/ on our employees.  They are THE LAW, of democracy itself! THAT LAW IS:   Power to the people  established.


             Redress is, the fundamental demand for accountability from our employees.  Hired for the purposes of the people themselves;  under the rules for governing, which are included in the constitution itself/ and identified as “the government” by an oath that says: “the constitution SHALL rule you”.  The question of authority becomes: who SHALL be the final judge, as to what these words do mean.  It is not a supreme court, which is bound by oath to obey them.  Rather we the people ourselves, OWN the right to determine what we meant as a nation to say!


             A national or state grievance is fundamentally decided in court/ by a jury of the people themselves called to this action by:   an evidence presented which requires our investigation, and THEN our decision as a state or nation for we the people ourselves.  Particularly used in cases of threat, or treason, or compositions clearly indicating corruption/ collusion/ or conspiracy to deny the rights and freedoms of democracy itself.  Or, the authority of the constitution as our government/ rather than ANY inference that our employees, can be “our government” instead of the constitution itself.  Democracy denies this claim.  A vote on the laws, or the most important decisions of society by the people themselves;  denies power to every employee.


             The jury:  which must then decide if they will or will not "call out to the nation or state"/  because the evidence presented cannot be dismissed without true harm if correct.  Chooses and enforces.   That we the people being informed:   must, or we will investigate, examine, and decide for ourselves; as judge/ as owners.   IF our employees did or did not obey the laws we placed before them.  Did or did not protect/ defend/ and obey our constitutional agreement, "that this, is who we shall be".   Did or did not protect our world, these children, or our future; gambling with life itself.


             Within that fundamental ownership of a nation: is the cause and consequence of a legal revolt.  When it is proven true, that our employees have failed us all/ they have broken their oath.  The end result of that is:   WE MUST/ AND WE SHALL rule ourselves by taking over the law, and writing for ourselves, the simple truths that will govern all our lives.  Instead of hiring those, who then vote for me; for the few laws we actually need, as a society or individual.  Those laws or decisions which are truly important.  The reality of democracy is:   as one and every citizen must agree, I will vote, on the law that governs our nation, and our lives: FOR MYSELF.  Because less than that has proven to be corrupt.


             As is true democracy itself, the essence and the reality of democracy enforced.  It is, our right as owners to rule ourselves, and govern our employees.  To investigate ANY charge of corruption or failure or democracy lost as we so choose.  To demand and accept:   the authority to change as we desire, under constitutional laws already established.  Or to change the constitution itself/  by a 70% approved,  vote of  all the people as needed.


            Enforcement includes:        A legal tax revolt consisting of one single known reality. That we the people hired our employees for the purpose of governing, by giving to them the single set of instructions called the constitution of our state, and nation.  We made them swear, that they would uphold, honor, respect, protect, and obey our society/ our freedoms/ and our lives.  Or face the penalties.

             Therefore a legal tax revolt recognizes, UNLESS we are given by constitutional guarantee:   what you swore you would do, as is the enforcement of constitutional law.  Which includes a constitutional duty: established as, " we swore to ourselves", as well:   to enforce this constitution.   THERE IS NO OBLIGATION to pay an employee tax (people acting as our rulers): because you DID NOT do the job for which you were hired.  Until it is proven, that the evidence is wrong.    That these threats do not functionally and literally exist.  That due process as is revealed in the reality of cases found upon these sites, by the evidence;   is constitutionally acceptable


            To fail constitutional law means:    you broke our agreement with ourselves, our agreement  with you, and with the future.  That constitutional decision:   that we did build as our nation or state identified by these words;   and intended to be maintained through integrity, determination, dignity, and honesty,  by hiring you.  Intentional failure,  is fundamental treason.

             You have instead:   worked against our state and nation/ you destroyed the financial foundations upon which we depend with your greed, lies, thievery, and cheating.  And you refuse to protect anyone from anything;   as is clearly proven true, by the listing of threats which gamble with all life on earth.  And by understanding we are, in fact:   the most incarcerated people in all the civilized world. 

             BY RECOGNIZING: There are threats of extinction that we cannot survive; therefore an investigation MUST EXIST/ because we all die, if these threats are proven true..  Which means no option exists, other than a true examination of the facts;   before all the people, because IT IS THEIR LIVES YOU GAMBLE WITH.  Has been  refused by the courts and leaders and police.  That fact exists as a distinct betrayal among all media outlets against this people.   PROVEN TRUE is:   WHEN WE ARE NOT, even allowed to know as a people; that our leaders " are betting this entire world, our entire planet, and every life living on it";   on a damn theory.                            Then democracy exists no more.

             That fact makes no sense, to anyone with a brain of their own; therefore fantasy rules.  And each "set of leaders, courts; police; politicians; media; military; religion; etc" have all said:   NO, THE PEOPLE CANNOT BE INFORMED/ NO, THE RIGHTS GUARANTEED BY OUR CONSTITUTION SHALL NOT BE OBEYED.  That is traitorous/ that is criminal/ and that is terrorism combined.  An absolute certainty:   redress of grievances MUST occur.

             That failure is:  A reality not only identified as outright theft, but consists of using our democracy as organized crime.  Failing the constitution, and using the assumption of law to make rules, “to steal justice, fair play, and equality” by;  is being used to tear the nation, city or state apart.

             The list of  betrayal is long;   to insist on being paid, when the proper and real work is done: is government in action.   But the reality of bankruptcy in America, and this state called IL:  is beyond question. The failure of schools, and nearly everything else; cannot be disguised. Which means NO REAL OR PROPER WORK has been done.   Another, in a long line of the many;  delusions called university "expertise knows": as has been proven false/ or corrupt.  ALL university expertise HAVE PROVEN true IS, "they are more effective thieves, liars, and cheats" than the rest.

             If no real justification exists to claim a payment/ then it is extortion; or more simply,  just because you can, by force.   Thereby using OUR government/  as your weapon.  That is an invasion from an enemy force, a deliberate action to destroy democracy itself.


              UNDERSTANDING,  the truth of democracy IS:   WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE.   The foundation for an accounting, from our employees; is absolute and real and must be exercised within the legal format: THE INVESTIGATION MUST FIND TRUTH, AND ESTABLISH REALITY!  So that we the people can judge for ourselves, who did or did not obey their oath/ and protect our lives/ our society/ our values/ and our future.

             Our right to insist is called the US CONSTITUTIONAL:  first amendment redress of grievances/ enhanced and established for the state called  IL by its own fifth constitutional amendment.  OUR LEGAL STANCE PROVIDED BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, IS BEYOND QUESTION;    That we the people own this state and nation.  That our lives are being gambled with and thereby threatened, as are these children and every living thing on this planet.  That our jurisdiction as owners over our democracy and those we do employ, is ABSOLUTE.  No dissension is allowed,   WE THE PEOPLE, are RULERS over our employees.  So says democracy itself!


              We must take responsibility for ourselves/ when our employees have failed.  The assumption of our employees is: that"we are special/ we deserve more"; is proven to be a clear and certain LIE! That  IS NOT JUSTICE, IS NOT DEMOCRACY, IS NOT FAIR ; NOR is it LEGAL by contractual law.   The opposing side had no real option to remove you/ no real option to negotiate:   no option at all, to demand the children shall not be "used, and abused".  A contract denied WITHOUT redress of grievances ;   lacks legal, EQUAL standing.  A tragedy for all:   Because their greed is beyond everything fair/ their reality a proven network of failure, their gambling and intent of power establishing disease (you are killing us), and true threats of extinction.  It is further true:   When one group gets millions, and another gets pennies:   true damage is done to society itself.

              The university diploma has promised themselves "at least a million dollars more, than the inferior ones".  Is that not so?   Since work is about what humans do for humans/ or take from nature.  Reality has Proven;   all the people, who could not afford to give more "yesterday";   are now forced to recognize, their  work meant nothing, to their future.   They  have no rights/  no reality of justice in court/   no true democracy left, to protect or defend them; because “their employees have chosen to become their rulers”.   Leaving the people themselves, with nothing but  guns.  A clear recipe for civil war.


              It is time to govern ourselves by the laws we create for that purpose.   Making it simple and sure, that no damn lawyer gets between our rights and our laws.

             By deciding what laws will rule over us all, as the vote called ourselves/ as individual citizens: WE then OWN THE FUTURE.  By demanding:   we will be your slaves no more, and restructuring both money and work, with limited capitalism.  Ending pensions forever/ banning public unions forever by constitutional law.  Stopping every act of violence against us;   whether in a court of fools, or the cancer of a university diploma that absolutely does not care about life, or gambling our entire planet or anything else.   "We the people" will become owners again!

            By,  Keeping the LAW,  simple and direct so all can understand/ therefore WE THE PEOPLE CAN ENFORCE that law, because we know what is real, and what is owed; for or to  ourselves. We do become the “government”.  One citizen equals one vote:   for the law itself.   That is NOT:   a vote for someone to vote for me.  That is a vote for myself, on the law that will govern our lives; and my life as well.  How is that not true democracy!  It is a CHOICE.              

             Redress is proven by:       WE ARE OWNERS HERE/ this is our democracy.   Presenting the question:   Do you own this state and nation OR do you not?     Answer the question/ its your everything:   yes, I will enforce democracy/ or no, I don’t care about life, nation, or anything but me?

              ANSWER THE QUESTION.



            It is a reality of our lives, that those who want us dead, have found ways to use our own governments and money or work and resources against us.  That is born out in numerous ways, but of all the tragedy we face, it could be said the most egregious is fundamentally trying to burn the planet with the same fire as is on the sun, brought here by university in conjunction with the governments of this world.  The primary methods are these:    The national ignition facility in San Francisco; which has been in operation for about a year and a half so far.  They have failed to date/ but it must be recognized “some point soon” they will be switching from trying to create this fire.  TO THEIR military purpose which is to explode and contain small pieces of nuclear bombs to “see if these still work”.  Once they switch to more energetic materials, the potential for same fire as is on the sun, the possibility of creating a black hole here on earth, or the escape of an energy beam equal to the combined energies of roughly “a billion times a billion watts of power” through a failed laser beam:   multiplies dramatically.

            The more dramatic laser called the exo-watt; being built in Europe.   Three different lasers at three different locations; each at one billion times one billion watts of energy released/ or one million, one trillion volt lightning bolts (biggest you can imagine) all hitting the same place at the same time.  Are set up in a highly probable configuration so that the real purpose is to create a triangulation area;   whereby the energy of all three lasers can be directed at a singular spot; where the laser beams meet,  to create 3 times the energy at that point than any one by itself.  Not to mention, the suggested laser being built for use a couple years later that has twice the power of the first three.  No good use for any of them; simple as that!   But government employees want to be proud, and they don’t want to help the poor, and they do want to deliver “high paying jobs”; so the world waits to die.  We know the same fire as is on the sun exists.  The university theorizes:  “broken down into its true reality”;   that there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire, so it will just put itself out.  Gambling All life on earth on that assumption, and they actually do acknowledge;   they don’t know what gravity is.

            We come to CERN:   the people with a 7 trillion volt particle accelerator in Europe, whose entire stated purpose is, “to recreate the big bang”!  The single most destructive event in the history of the universe.  So they can study it.  But reality states: that a mass the obvious size of all matter in the universe, encompassing every star/ galaxy/ planet/ etc;  suddenly being blown apart by one big explosion.  Requires a “slicing an dicing operation” prior to the big bang that reduces it all to dust.  It is that slicing an dicing operation that is the focus and reality of CERN.  They have already succeeded in scaring themselves “practically to death” once/ but make no mistake others will come to try again.

            There are more, but surely this is enough, or nothing is.  The illusion or delusion is: they are going to “make the movie,  star-trek come true.

            To crucify all life on earth, mutilating everything for the simple purpose of trying to play god:   “Go talk to them/ without the makeup of propaganda”.  Or just read their papers.   The fantasy is: the can play god, interfering in billions of deliberate instructions, limits, disciplines, and boundaries without destroying life itself.  Not to worry, so what if people start throwing poisons down your throat/ cutting off your limbs/ sewing on a snake for your head, and all the other things they do; pretending “its all for you”.  Crossing species boundaries and combining them trying to create new creatures to prove you can play god:   IS THE MOST sure method of creating pandemic catastrophe.  Let us not forget:   GIVE US ALL YOUR DAMN MONEY, for research;   “Or, we are doing    Great things” just for you.  On such things as “lets bring chaos here, so evolution can change everything”.  None of it, is anything more or less than terrorism/ unless you prefer the name satan.

            Then there are the people destroying all water resources, by ethanol production (15% of all gasoline, times a minimum of 3, times all the water used for irrigation, times all the fuels used in production, and the oxygen they burn).  Drinking Water destruction:  by pumping it into empty oil reservoirs to retrieve the remnants (do you understand, this is filling the empty hole;  of all the oil sold for one hundred years or more) with your drinking water/ then comes a large amount for mining purposes, chemical production, and more.  Additionally there are the toxic pollution’s of agriculture, every city, industry, military, and more.  Then there are the water being pumped into natural gas, but far more importantly is: the reality, unlike the propaganda which shows a clear uninterrupted substrates/ reality demands “it ain’t that simple”.  There are areas everywhere in ground structure that is not consistent with the surrounding area; which means there are holes, fissures, cracks, boundary seams where hard meets soft;  in the substrata, and it is not well contained.  Particularly not in an earthquake, where entire states can suddenly lose all access to drinking water, with just a tiny hole, that cannot be “fixed”.  All the water gone.  Little of the above can be recovered, it is lost forever as a drinking source.  Not to mention all the garbage dumps built on top of water supplies/ the toxic waste being pumped in next to water supplies, and overloaded as in Chicago.  The clear and deliberate terrorism being practiced under the great lakes, it is, going to disappear.  Or, the future is dead/ without severe and real change.

            Then there is the oxygen concentration of this planet, undergoing substantial deterioration:   because 7 billion people want heat/ want electricity/ want air-conditioning / set fire to forests, and cut down the plants and life that produces oxygen for us.  And all the vehicles each of which uses a tremendous amount of oxygen for their fuel cycles:   one semi-truck using the same amount of air in one hour:   that one hundred of more people need for a day.  Vehicles now litter the earth, across all populations/ as does furnaces, in homes, business, industry, even pools;  and more.  77,000 square miles of forest disappears from the earth every year, or perhaps every day, with fire and destruction its hard to tell.  The ocean creatures that produce oxygen are being devastated for many reasons too.

            The fundamental ocean is no more, you are changing the sea currents with global warming: that brings the food to different places, and creates the map used by smell for all the sea creatures that migrate.  Ocean pollution is horrendous/ the coastlines are largely dead/ the incubators of all sea life or its food are nearly gone.  The sea ice which protected the next generation of ocean life, at least a little, is disappearing:   2012 an area of ice the size of the United States melted entirely.  That same ice is where a large percentage of “base ocean food chains” originate.  Which means you have destroyed their food, for your air-conditioning.  It is not green house gases that create the problem/ its all the heat you release with your fires.  The other side of that is, the green house gases ARE a tremendous pollution problem.

            Your stock market brags;   “We have manufactured more goods in the last ten years than all of human history prior to this day”.  Just how long do you suppose you can do that?  The answer is not long/ we are 7 billion people and growing, beyond deaths;   at over 2 million more mouths to feed each and every week.  And you throw everything in the garbage claiming “we will just go get more”.  It is deliberately and exactly like your money “ the bank account is overdrawn because fools are in charge” and soon bankruptcy will overwhelm your world.  Because too many who could, wanted a free ride, with as much luxury as you could provide.  Consequently they counterfeited the money, and you accepted it with as much greed as humanity itself could provide.  It is, “a tremendous amount”/ literally assassinating the children in your wake;   but hey, “who cares”.  Did you know, that an investor can get at least 50-1 credit by buying on margin:   you put in one dollar, and you buy $50.00 of stock!  Which makes them one of the biggest counterfeiters in America and this world; “it ain’t, real money”/ but it can produce a big stock market number.  When you, the small investor, buy in with “real money”/ then the large investor sells; collects your assets, and starts the game all over.  Did you know: that every economic depression occurs only “win the rich man wins”/ don’t need you anymore, “you got nothing to gamble with”.  And that means, “labor, etc;   is free!

            You have built an entire livestock industry on antibiotics, because close confinement does NOT work without the medicines.  That has resulted in horrifying possibilities of disease for humanity and the creatures imprisoned.  The antibiotics are nearly useless as a result, which can only mean soon:   the entire livestock industry will be wiped out by pandemic; leaving you without.  Leaving medicine without any antibiotics for you either/ with a long list of pandemic probabilities.  Not to mention, mutilating all plant life in the search for more profits.  Particularly deceptive is the additional attack on insects:   which ARE a base food source in the chain of life, for a wide variety of creatures.  A billion tons all gone/ along with the plants they pollinate, and nearly all variety of foods and plants on earth.  But who cares?  You don’t need no damn birds, or reptiles, or water life, or small mammals;   or anything but money; AIN’ T THAT RIGHT.   HELL, the university knows everything/ and they wouldn’t hurt us on purpose; ain’t that right?

            The healthcare industry is listed at $5 trillion dollars per year, including social security programs.  One trillion dollars equals $10,000 per person per one hundred million people or nearly one in three citizens, babies and all.  Therefore healthcare equals $50,000.00   per one in three citizens.  Doesn’t even include taxes you must pay.  Not reality based.  The only fix for healthcare is competition:   “To graduate more doctors, and control their pricing”.  Only then does a percentage of income apply to the realities we require for a fair and just society.  The US medical monopoly has not graduated any more doctors when last I looked a few years ago, than it did in 1960.  The price does not go up because “the poor can’t pay”.  The price goes up because whatever the limits of insurance are, will be met/ and all the rest is chanted “let the government pay”; but WE, the people are the government, so they mean let the people pay, rather than the doctors.  Ending supply and demand as is consistent with this entire nation: not capitalism, its communism.  Only limited capitalism can fight with greed and win.  Only changing the money supply to reflect a population count:   so much currency per person and no more, stops the counterfeiting.  Only feeding the ocean will keep it alive/ and whether you like it or not, the only thing we have to spare is dead human bodies; ground up and used for “fish food”.  You killed the rest/ and you will starve if you use something else.  Its just reality, not a desire.

            Did you know how “Clinton balanced the budget”?  He removed social security from the balance sheet/ but kept the money paid into social security in the balance sheet;   just giving IOU’s to “our pension plan”.  He then raised social security tax, and kept that in the federal balance sheet as well.  Did you know why AIG was bailed out?  It was because the federal government pension plan was heavily invested in that company.   Did you know how Reagan “made everything better”?  He raided Fort Knox and sold all the gold to “we the people” or whoever offered money.  The proof is on the federal reserve balance sheet: gold(line 20) divided by the current pricing equals, “not fort knox full”.  Did you know that the US government claims roughly $15 trillion dollars in GDP last time I looked”.  That however requires  an income of $150,000.00 per person, per one hundred million people; one in three, babies and all.  In a nation of about 60 million possible workers.  Gee, do you think maybe someone is lying?  No, you don’t get out free.  But if you do demand redress of grievances as a democracy in action:   you can control the redistribution of wealth and assets yourselves, as   “We the people”.   Poor come first/ rich come last;   not at all like Obama, and the proven auto crisis whereby the small investor was simply stripped of his or her money, while the rich investors, and large union vote;  went largely untouched. Who will judge our employees, and make the laws by voting for ourselves, instead of voting for someone to vote for me.

            And there is much more, but you aren’t interested:   cause you got an excuse!

            OR, you just don’t want to give up destroying everything else, on the road to get what you want; even if, the children are going to die.  Hell, you got bills to pay;   want more, NOT no damn less of anything.   The evidence is absolutely clear, in your debts(line 33).   To bad for you,  reality doesn’t care!   Truth decides what will come/ lies just make everything worse.  Reality states:   unless there is true and drastic change, well beyond anything you believe you want as a majority/ you will all soon be extinct.  Its just what truth suggests.  Go ahead and lie/ but make no mistake the point of no return is nearly here, and there is no going back.  Its just like bringing the same fire here as is on the sun:   “You can ignite it/   but that fire is the burning of atomic bonds;   and this is a planet full of fuel”.  Why would you assume their theory is correct?  Even if you do, there is no going back.  No stopping.  No second chances.  It will consume the planet/ at 8-10  million degrees; it will eject the atmosphere of this planet into space,  in roughly 40 days/ and destroy the entire solar system over time, by creating a new sun out of this earth.  There is no possibility of control, unless it puts itself out.   Your leaders, your courts, your media, etc; have all said:    HELL NO, the public does not get a vote/   we are the rulers here, and they have no democracy (as in redress of grievances), no rights (as in THIS IS OUR LIVES, even our world you play with), and no say in what the university or your leaders choose.  Court case after court case proves what is true, here in America and Illinois.

            But make no mistake, the entire people of this nation helped choose your current reality, with a greed that was beyond insanity throughout.  One person thirty years or so ago, described it well:   having understood, and walking away;   I demanded an explanation with the words “we are going to have to pay for all this”.  And he said to me:   “I don’t care, for the first time in my life I am making good money/ AND DON’T you do nothing to interfere with that”.  Even though it was just a bribe, using counterfeit money by removing all reality from the US dollar.  I then realized:   had to wait for something “big” to jerk you back to life.  But alas;   you are still a cult, still worshiping “university knows”.  Even though what they have truly proven is:   complete and absolute failure, added in with thievery beyond anything this entire world throughout all of history has achieved.  Ain’t they special!  

            That is a broad brush, but it does reflect “majority rule”.

The dimensions and development of national intent; in this USA


        IS the discovery of truth by its reality, and the subsequent determination of our future based upon that existence.  The reality of threat to this world, based upon decisions that leaders have made in our name, and with our lives, our work, and our future, now consists of this critical decision:   can we “live” with those decisions/ or can these children endure, because of that decision. 

        In the past, we have been trampled again and again, because our ability to understand or disrupt the intent of leaders/ has been disabled by a media owned by the rich.  We have NOT been properly informed about anything important or necessary to the survival of this nation, or the security of this people.  That fundamentally is a treasonous act;   because we have depended upon “the press”/ and be cast adrift instead of protected.

        Therefore fundamental to the existence of a decision/ is the reality of communication that is NOT infected with propaganda. The university is not an expert/ they are not “always right”/ and they are not gods (able or wise enough to make our decisions, instead of informing us, so we can make our own decisions.)

        As is consistent with any form of physical exercise: the questions are, “what are my options/ what are my needs/ what is the potential of my ability/ and where, when, or how do I go ahead with life and body, from here.


         The foundations of every courtroom available to me/ every politician that is considered “legally serve-able in court/ every policing agency assigned to this district, including the FBI; the media and even the military.   Were all:  pushed/ pulled/ demanded/ controlled the court (made them answer)/ established treason (this is our truth, and theirs)/ identified criminal behavior (they stole in court) in the court and leadership/ identified oppression (they decide/ freedom be damned)  and tyranny (they are the government/ rather than employees) in “government forces (propaganda exists, rather than truth)”/ and more: in the court cases established as evidence of what is, or is not true about living in this America. 

        The sum total of All the evidence,  proves anarchy: the intent to destroy our democracy, and replace it with their rules/ their decisions/ and their control.  Traitor: we are in need, and you sold us out for your own purposes.  I demanded, let the people know, show them the threats against their lives, and let them decide.  Treason, they refused: we can all die, because you did this/ or refused to do it: you swore/ and you refused your oath, because we are the government, NOT you.  Failure: the reality of decisions that have invaded our lives without a true cause; bankruptcy and more “just your theory gone bad/ until it is our lives that have been lost”.  Fantasy: the belief, that “university knows” is entitled to gamble with an entire world/ mutilates nature/ and ends with the extermination of all life on earth. Only a religious cult, can be so blind and deceitful as to not understand reality at all. Corruption (due process refused), collusion (theft in court), conspiracy (let none provide constitutional law) to deny democracy (our right to know, and decide for ourselves), to deny law (the foundation we depend upon for justice and fair play), to steal everything they can (with counterfeiting), and destroy everything we need (stealing our lives and future and nature and food and water and planet); just to prove they can.  That itself has been proven true/ by courtroom evidence.  The assassination of every child exists:    by destroying their resources/ destroying their world/ gambling with their lives;  and ending the possibility they could or would survive.  Because of what you have done, or refused to do! Is proven evidence, by the facts.

        The critical demand: WAS FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, the legal right, guaranteed in the first amendment of the US constitution: to demand an accounting from our employees: with WE THE PEOPLE, as their judge.  I was denied access, refused DUE PROCESS, by constitutional law, both state of ILLINOIS and nation.  The constitution itself was discarded in the trash, from the US supreme court, president, FBI, congress, media; on down.

         The critical command was:   we are threatened with extinction by your actions.  You are gambling with every living thing in your university experiments/ mutilating life, gambling with this entire planet, on ignorant theories proven false.  REFUSED.   I legally demanded: the people have a right to decide, particularly about these threats: FOR THEMSELVES.  They have a legal right to know/ and must be told, because their very lives are at stake.  They have a legal right, to know about the money you stole.  DENIED. 




        I forced a courtroom beyond the simple preliminaries: by demanding and proving; a LEGAL TAX REVOLT. No law refused me.  Proving: You are not owed money by taxation/ UN LESS you do the work, and produce the results that the constitution has required of you by oath.  That is particularly true in:   REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ proven by law, and established in court case after court case without a single defeat by law.  The law won/ but the cases were all refused:   because treason exists.  The law, did not rule/ the employees did, and that is anarchy in democracy.  Democracy is: Where we rule ourselves, by the law we create.  Which fundamentally makes the constitution itself, “our government”/ because it is “our agreement” to unite as one people!  By our decision within those boundaries, those who came before; died, sacrificed, and became mutilated or disabled: democracy exists/ and has been stolen from us.  Because if the constitution does not rule/ then someone or something else does: and that AIN’T what an oath of office says!  Breaking an oath is breaking a guarantee sworn under penalty of law.  The law is an army that moves, when we enforce it.




        The critical question is not fundamentally how do we prove a democracy disgraced and defiled.  That is already done. 

        The critical question is how do we remove these threats, recover our democracy as it was intended to be, and take our money back?


        The critical answer is:   democracy itself! In three steps.

1.     That brings us to critical knowledge:   the leadership and rule of men, by a majority;  across this world is assembled under these simple truths.  They command: I WANT/ I WANT MORE/ I WANT EVERYTHING, I WANT SLAVES, I WANT POVERTY (people to beg me, like I was their god):  but must bribe an army to help them.  So then reality, by its temptations, casts some as generals (you can have most of what you want too)/ majors (you get way more than the majority)/ colonel (you can have a lot)/ captain (you got a job to do, with pride and power)/ lieutenant (do what we say, or be like them)/ sargent (make them work, some power is better than nothing)/ private, etc:   if you do what we want and win, there will be something; better than the losers get.

          Or more simply, men rule to get what they want/ men fight to take what they want, or keep it/ men want to play god/ and they use money and power to prove “our weapons will rule”.  You lose.

        So the critical question is: whether in war or peace, “armies stand at the door, weapons drawn”/ to insure nobody gets in to change the status quo.  The secret police hide “in the bushes” to kill or threaten whosoever comes close. Therefore what can alter, the history of this world?


2.     That brings us to the critical understanding of democracy itself.   It begins: power hides inside the rulers house/ BUT DEMOCRACY is built upon the people themselves, and exists outside the rule of armies and leaders. To rule ourselves, by the power of making laws, and establishing government by our own decision: is true democracy!  With one vote, equal say to all:   we form an army, disciplined by law, when we enforce it/ governed by the justice when we choose it/ established under fair play, when we accept reality and truth must rule/ and balanced by the terms of freedom, which grant equality to all.

        Therefore, the so-called “halls of power”/ are destroyed:   BY THE VOICE, CALLED :  WE THE PEOPLE, have chosen.  The weapons used for force, become:   let our law decide/ our search for happiness, and a home.  The freedom to be who we choose to be.  And the liberty to decide one citizen equals one vote; as ourselves; one voice from us all/ defending each one.  Not one voice commanding us all, “to be their servant or slave”.  True democracy is  NOT, voting for someone to vote for me! But voting on the law, and the governing of our lives, and the money we tax for ourselves: to do our work.  Because once these are in place and settled: “in our best interest”.  Then very little needs to be changed.  We need employees ONLY to investigate, and insure OUR LAWS, AND OUR DECISIONS have been kept.   World law, does the rest.


  1. It is critical to wisdom, that only truth may rule life; or it descends into chaos.  As is consistent with the lies of this day, and where we are headed.  Therefore the very first order of governing required is:   that we must assemble the truth, as best we can.  Refusing ANYONE the assumption that they need not testify as best they can.  All who are called shall testify, and be searched for truth.  We need to know:   WHAT HAPPENS IF YOUR WRONG/  about every threat.  No theory shall rule, only provable facts. We need to know about every threat to resources, environment, ecosystems, chains of life, oceans,  consequences and every single possibility that can destroy our future.  These are done around the world, all at the same time;   collecting what can be proven/ and assembling what happens when or if this goes wrong, and why!
  2. Or, more simply: GO FIND YOUR HEART AND SOUL!
  4.         When the threats gambling with our extermination:   have been identified properly, and assembled clearly: AND CONTROLLED, for the purpose of a public decision.  WE NEED TO KNOW/ WE NEED TO VOTE/ WE NEED TO ACCEPT, “our decision is going to shape or destroy this world”;   because we are so many people it can’t be otherwise!
  5.         Then, with the worst behind us: it is time to understand what OUR GOVERNMENT is going to be.
  6.         With government by its foundation laws established: has been done.  Only then is it time to investigate and determine what happened to the money/ what to do with thieves/ and who gets whatever is left shall be done. 
  7.         None of this is about what you want!
  9.  All of this is about LIFE MUST COME FIRST, for this planet/ NO GAMBLING!
  11.         Whosoever forms the biggest block of influence, rules the day.  Whatsoever is determined to remain, as the foundations of freedom, justice, fair play, and equality: rules society.  Removing money from the decision of governmental employees; serves us all.
  12. Judging the judge/ and removing corruption; keeps democracy alive.
  13. Healthcare nor police work shall be extortion anymore.  It ain’t a business anymore; you failed.
  14. Education is for the masses, and their lives/ not the few, and their pride.
  15. Welfare is the deliberate action to “help find you a job”/ it is NOT warehousing.
  16. Prisons are not for livestock confinement/ and how much money can you make; or how much righteousness can you vomit.  They are for controlling, or discarding (no more “second chances”) hate.  Work farms; are for informing the temporary fool, “this” won’t be accepted.  We won’t be threatened, beyond these limits.
  18. Limited capitalism will change our lives/ by removing tyrants!  And make us “equal” as reality itself allows/ by our own vote.
  20. Communication is: the time to understand, “I and you; have something to say/ that is important to us all”.  Go inform the others/ let them rise, and come forward to be counted: in every courthouse/ in every media center/ on any given corner, at any time of day or night.  Go find your work, and do what you can do; for life, and nation.
  22.         We now turn to jobs; the reality soon, “more than half of all workers in the USA” will be turned out of their job, and never find a replacement of any value.
  23.         That is said for the following truths:


  1. We are bankrupt as a nation, and lies will all fail.
  2. They sold our jobs for more credit so the “university diplomas” could continue with their fantasies and theft of our lives.
  3. The computer has automated machinery to the point of being true competition today/ it will only get worse; unless we the people control that competition for ourselves.
  4. The resource base upon which we do rely completely for the basis and foundation of every job is being attacked, and thrown away.  The current wall street claim is:   we have manufactured and sold more goods in the last ten years than in all of previous human history.    It ain’t hard to understand, that won’t continue.
  5. The university graduate controls nearly all jobs/ with rules, licensing, monopoly, abuse of power, control over the court and the government, patent abuse, lawyer abuse, courtroom corruption and conspiracy to deny, taxation (we can target you), treason “you ain’t free”, political corruption and media propagation of deceit, lies, and temptations; and a lot more.  You don’t stand a chance, even if you have a university diploma; because when we are so very many people out of work/ SLAVES of all kinds, are easily available, and can’t say no; or they starve.
  6. The growth of personal wealth HAS risen tremendously; as is constant or consistent with the counterfeiting of our money. You cannot compete with someone who just “gets their money for free”; as is consistent with all in government employ or with a graduate university job.  They own the banks, and give themselves loans.  They own the media and give themselves a monopoly.  They own the healthcare of this nation and extort whatever you can get, forever.  The own the universities and the claim, “either do exactly, what we tell you to do”/ or you will be poor all your life.  They gain more control everyday, and with bankruptcy in the hands of university graduates, they WILL steal it all;   becoming “gods (we answer to no one/ not even the law, because we own that too)” over our lives even more so than today.  With a tiny few businesses left, you have no options but to beg to be their slave.  Because if you don’t accept “nothing”/ then you won’t have a job.  They do have to maintain an army to control you; but there will be no lack of volunteers, “its bad/ we must”.
  7. The courts are completely corrupt, and choose to destroy democracy and all this nation stands for.  The leaders choose the same, because either you belong to the group/ or you don’t.  It’s a choice.
  9.         Although we cannot compete with their counterfeit money supply; “ Just take our electronic government bank account and add a few zero’s;   its all free, if you’re part of our group”.  Call it debt/ to hide the inflation;  and tell the American people to pay.  When they don’t confiscate everything they have, and sell it, or give it:   to foreigners; “its great”.  They know how to be slaves/ or they want to be here bad enough, they won’t never complain, and they can’t really fight.  Not like the people we must get rid of, with weapons.  “Its really not a problem”;   THEY ARE going to kill themselves/ and after they rot;   the entire world will come here to take their place; we can sell it all!  Nobody, will say no; after all that carnage.
  11.         The only alternative to that scenario which will come completely true/ unless   we, the people change it ourselves, is:   that we must declare bankruptcy on ourselves.  The reality is:   that even though you have billions of counterfeit dollars/ you still have nothing, when its all fake!  That means: we will become “near equals” again.  Robbing the thieves of all their ill-gotten gain.  That is simple and plain.
  12.         What is not so simple and plain is:   HOW do we keep from robbing ourselves/ and retain control over “OUR government”, as people become afraid of the consequences that truth will bring?
  13.         The critical concept is:   every facet and every possibility that is earned money rather than counterfeited money, begins with the poorest citizens.  When you have designed the separation from counterfeit money, by reality and its truth.  That truth will assign, in order to continue as an economy; the masses of people themselves MUST have “money: the opportunity to meet their own needs”.  That means it is the poor who will come first in line “to get their share”/ and all who follow, will receive in like kind.  What is necessary is:   that NO ONE who has worked for their money, deserves to get less than the line drawn as “poverty scale”.  Whatever is left beyond that of currency, is divided by those who proved to be responsible, and participated with society in the best interest of all.  The currency itself is CHAINED TO THE POPULATION COUNT OF CITIZENS.  The reality of numbers involved as a yearly income, is irrelevant; that can be whatever you wish it to be; the average salary of today across this nation limits problems.  Limited capitalism does the rest.
  14.         The very critical reality of returning property to its rightful owner:   because counterfeiting took it away.  Is subject to the understanding: what has been done cannot be fully corrected.  That, is just how it is.  Therefore what is consistent with justice, must replace the foundation of “fair play” with the reality of what we can do now!
  15.         We can:


  1. Take the current percentage of ownership, and apply it to the new methods of mortgaging property.
  2. Search for where did this money you use come from, and if it came from other than TRUE WORK, in the realities and certainties of business in its “concrete forms”.  Then you will prove, it was earned rather than a reality established by treason or theft, as is counterfeiting itself.
  3. Stop the governmental handout, and remove all pensions funds, and other benefits from government employees; just like they did to us/ by not paying into social security.  And stealing our securities.  Social security is going to become:  THE ONE AND ONLY pension plan allowed in this USA.  Establishing it with money requires a percentage of GDP as a nation/ and that money SHALL go directly to the people receiving social security, including medicare, etc; AND THEY SHALL DECIDE in their own little groups, how that will be spent.  There is no more/ bear that in mind.
  4. Stop the IRS, and destroy its existence as a national entity/ by replacing it with deliberate state businesses, that will be bidding for the business under a contract that “the business people of america will write for themselves”.  That business which gets the contract SHALL be responsible for their own actions or failures.  The tax law shall be rewritten into a ten page document: containing all the law/ and every form shall be “public approved”.  No more deliberate deceptions and intentional confusions allowed; or its prison for the creators in government or business employ.  No more games.
  5. No more governmental charities:   the majority of federal government shall be discarded, and replaced with only that which cannot be done by the states themselves/ they get to decide.   0r by independent businesses hired to do the work in specific area’s, over a short specified period of time.  Their stated objectives shall be reviewed at the end of that time/ and those who failed shall be removed from the list of those who may compete for a bid.  NO more “we control it all, monopoly of American life”.
  6. The foundation of fair and legitimate healthcare is:   a percentage of income, along with a small tax for the purpose of buildings, maintenance, and the like.  BUT THAT must be coupled to the clear and certain increase in doctors that has not occurred in this nation since the early sixties.  Because those in charge of medicine, want a monopoly: for the deliberate purpose of controlling price! The patent of medicine ends/ the government shall own every patent for healthcare and medicine; business will compete.  The government shall run the experimental branch of research by giving short term funding of those who have a useable idea/ and do the work in a realistic time frame to prove or disprove their own expectations.  No one is an employee.  Those who are chosen/ will decide who next gets the funding.  Because unless you do something worthwhile and proven valued: your job is done at the end of one year of funding.  NO GENETIC EXPERIMENTATION ALLOWED.  Absolutely nothing!
  7. Wall street is destroyed of its ability to counterfeit money.  It is not by any definition or form, a bank;  and it never will be again.  The casino SHALL be removed.  And the purpose of wall street shall become:   we support this business/ we support this new business/ we provide this education: and if you want to invest.  The terms are limited to reality/ and that is based upon true critical infrastructure or realistic yearly product sales.  Reality means: you may not multiply the facts/ only truth is allowed.  No foreign investment allowed/ no foreign investor here allowed.  We will invest in ourselves.  We will control and decide our own future.  No trading with other nations;  without real consequences, which means that cannot be done without tying the international money to a real resource such as gold.  Bonds are no longer sellable/ because they too are counterfeit.  Treasury bills are no longer sellable/ because they too are counterfeit.  Instead of these; the people themselves shall decide by making payments not less than fifty percent of the cost/ and then voting on the realities proposed.  To select and request a ten year debt upon the rest.
  8.  Large Banks have been fraudulent members of an organized crime; let them prove otherwise.  They are and were a force used in the destruction of America.  The consequence for that is/ NO MORE large banks, they are disbanded; their funding confiscated.  No more international loans, they are   refused.  Only small independent single site banking shall be allowed.  All banking will be returned to the rules and the realities,  that made the “fifties” in America work.  
  9. The military SHALL BE subjected to WORLD LAW/ and what the world dictates as the suitable reality for any nation.  Because now our law as a world, SHALL GOVERN our leaders in every nation.  They shall be brought to trial, if international trouble arises.  They shall be brought to trial, if substantial internal bloodshed arises.  They shall answer to their own people, regarding a legal request by that people to understand what is or is not true, and within our legal as a world;   human rights.  No leader/ no country is “special or exempt”.  World law is about leaders/ but there will be a small contingent of world policing established by all nations, and held primarily aboard aircraft carriers as the means to enforce across this world.  The Guantanamo bay in Cuba; is a suitable place for finding Justice.  Transmitted to an entire world, in every detail/ always, without exception.
  10. Go ahead,_______________   WORK and THINK and DO;  for yourself!
  13.         I have considered linking all the various trials and so on in this document of roughly ten thousand pages  But the fact is, either you will do it for yourselves, or as your participation in this work for others.  Or you just plain won’t.  Nothing I can say or do will affect that/ because it is your choice.  I refuse to tempt you.  I have not manipulated or controlled you: because it would do no good/ you must change or the world itself dies.  You must think for yourself, or life here will end.
  14.         The primary substance of this document is built upon the premise:   if they won’t accept evidence or value or reality or truth or investigation or anything that substantiates the consequence of all these threats/ but constantly insist, “the university knows what it is doing”.  Then all that is left is a foundation much like the bible;   a grouping of stories, that depict knowledge and understanding in a much more simple format.  A reality of find it for yourself/ because there is nothing else I can do, to make you hear or see the consequence of what you and your leaders are doing.   Good luck.  I do not judge you/ your reality does.  Your truth inside, will open the door either to continued life/ or absolute death for the entire planet.  Or, in the history of humanity: no one at this time, is more important than you.  As a mass of human beings we now hold the keys, to life or death of an entire planet and all its creation.  “Ain’t you proud”?  The university is, they know;   “We are their gods”; they believe.

         So the only question is: does truth matter inside of you?  DOES LIFE!

The last possibilities of humanity begin with this.


            Nonetheless, as the last act of the last moment when life can remain alive is still, “a few seconds away”;   we will pretend that sanity could participate in your lives, and reality examine the truth so that at least the possibility of survival can still exist.

            We must examine character, to find the flaws that let insanity arise and control this world.  Insanity means:   you have hidden the truth/ to live in your fantasy.  “Failed Character” means: I have become a part of that fantasy, and its failure.

            The fantasy most in charge today is, “university knows”/ whereby because they have participated in “dressing up what someone else has invented”. Media and men who want control over the money that goes into university swear, “they did this tiny thing/ so they can be gods over everything”.   The abuse of media asserts, “these experts know everything”/ and as a consequence the people themselves know nothing; and are given to believe “just give us all your money, and you can join, if you play our game”.   Or we will steal your lives: With counterfeit money, and lies, the university plays god.  The end result of it is, as the evidence demands: every form of threat that is proving to be the destruction of our entire planet and all its life, including you; is seconds away from becoming true/ an irreversible change, for all the reasons we cannot survive.  An irreversible mutilation of all life is underway, because the “cult of university knows”, wants evolution to be true.  So they are creating chaos in nature to destroy you with their lie/ because the truth is not what they want.  The reality of biological life, which is the assembly of innumerable “tiny life cells” each independently working to give you the body you inhabit CANNOT survive without peace and harmony between them.  When that fails, mutilation follows, and disease by any form/ and then death, even to an entire species, or more.


            To change in a meaningful way, so as to establish even the possibility we will survive requires twelve separate realities to exist. And then more.

1.  There must be a tax revolt establishing the truth, “we the people” SHALL own our government, and rule ourselves, as the constitution allows.  Or more simply true democracy must rule our lives, our nation, and fundamentally our world; removing the power of leaders, and thereby finding justice, fair play for all, and equal treatment because the law itself is our weapon.  The truth of law for humanity is: that we ALL choose together what is justice/ fair play/ equality/ and equity in the governance of our lives.  The establishment of that law is:   that we the people have chosen for the individual: same for each and EVERY single one.  Thereby choose carefully because it WILL be applied to you.  The critical oversight of a courtroom is the jury: THEY OWN the courtroom under law/ not the judge.  They are the protectors of our law in reality, as it is used for or against the people themselves on an individual basis.  Therefore they either protect the law and the individual, by ruling over the judge/ BUT UNDER THE LAW:  or become traitors against the life and society we chose for ourselves, each and every single one.

2.  There must be redress of grievances as is first amendment constitutional law provided as our own power to assert and demand that we the people are the owners here/ and we will enforce our law, on our employees, and take them to court.  THIS IS THE LEGAL DEMAND:    To investigate every threat, and every rule that is not consistent with our happiness, peace, or survival.  TO DEMAND that those who took an oath to become our employee, SHALL NOT be rulers, SHALL NOT discard our constitution, or rights, or needs:   without criminal consequences to themselves.  The corrupt courts, will not help either a nation or life on earth: they are traitors       Establishing treason.

             Therefore it does take the masses to prove, we will not be turned away from our constitutional law.  We will not be discarded into the trash.  We will NOT ALLOW our lives, our future, your children, our nature,  or our world to be gambled with and therefrom destroyed.  That is the law of our democracy, and the anarchists of leadership as is consistent with this day;  have chosen to destroy you and life on this earth instead.  They are believers in the cult, which means they worship those who destroy, and intend to destroy every life on this planet.

3.  There must be, NEW LAW established by the process of the people themselves voting upon those laws, deciding what our justice, and our freedoms and our society shall be.  Creating those laws for themselves, as did the people who built this nation called the United States.  They were not many, who wrote the law/ but they were the vast majority of people who chose, THIS IS WHY, we will fight and die and sacrifice our lives for a better tomorrow. In their day it was the bill of rights, that found substance in their hearts. In this day, it is life or death for a world/ because with over 7 billion people, and the ability to mutilate and threaten: either we stand for life, or everything dies!  It does NOT take many laws, or many words:   to correctly identify what is justice/ fair play/ equality/ equity/ and the foundations that will provide us with a future.      Vote for the law yourselves/ NOT a vote for someone to vote “for you or me”.  MY VOTE on the law that controls my life, my society, or your influence upon my world!

4.  There must be a return to reality in money.  Thereby bankruptcy must be found as our answer:  it is the only way to readjust all the counterfeiting that has been done.  To take away from the liars and thieves, their plunder.   So that whatever is left, can be returned to its rightful owners.   Starting with the poorest first, and then at each stage of financial existence, giving back their working lives.  That does mean, “the rich man or woman is last”.  They have had their time of ease, and power.  The establishment of “limited capitalism” is the right of the people to say:   NO MORE shall we be ruined by money and forced into bankruptcy by thieves and their games/ their lies/ and their manipulation.  To prove that shall be so: we the people shall establish limits and boundaries over both rich and poor/ by our vote; as we see fit.   A depression is:   the game of money has been played too long, and now only a tiny few “own it all”/ and they don’t need you anymore.  You are beggar/ thief/ whore/ or slave until the day when war comes to prove we will have another way.  Today, that war ends life/ because with 7 billion people; even if you kill one billion people, there are still 6 billion more to go.  War is nothing, and it will only increase hate.   Without resources the planet goes dead.

5.   There must be a demand that the property of this nation can no longer be held by a tiny few.  Rather limits and boundaries that establish by vote:   what is fair to all,  in our community shall exist. NOT taking possession and redistributing just because you can.  But limiting possession, so that those who work hard for themselves and society SHALL have their reward too!  So that all have an opportunity to share in life by their work, discover their opportunities,  and find its reward.   Participation in,   “nature’s gifts”.

6.  There must be an end to the stock market and like entities which do not fully and functionally work for society and business.  No more games/ only truth.  No more “bets/ no more margin/ no more investments into more than one stock, and only one bond.  No more treasury bills or notes or control over the money supply by the federal reserve.  Rather we the people shall establish the critical terms:   for each citizen there shall be __________dollars available as the actual money supply.  Equal to the average pay for a citizen of this USA, for a year.  There shall be no city bonds/ no school bonds/ or other unless the people being fully informed as to every detail of credit being suggested: the debts being given to them to resolve/ shall accept that debt and pay it in full, over a ten year period.  The debt shall be collected with your tax/ it shall be paid on a yearly basis, and no other debt may occur until the last one is resolved.

7.   There must be a take over of government by the people themselves under the law of democracy itself.  Democracy is, WE RULE OURSELVES!  Thereby like determining the sections of a “pie chart”.  There shall be a vote upon each category involved in the governing of a nation.  And the people shall vote upon the percentage of their money that shall go, as their taxes paid: to each one.  There is no other money, when you run out/ you are done including salaries and expenditures, for the rest of the year.  Only war is different/ and we the people shall vote to determine the wars that are allowed, and when the soldiers come home.  We will decide if there shall be world law, and world policing/ thereby removing all weapons of mass destruction; or not.   We the people, own that right/ it is ours.  It does NOT belong to any employee to decide. That part of the constitution shall be rewritten.

8.  There must be healthcare, that is consistent with equality and rights.  To accomplish that there shall be MANY more doctors educated here, so that competition controls the business just like any other; establishing “an average income”.  The current monopoly of medicine and the traitors who control it, SHALL be brought to justice, and stripped of their ill-gotten gains.  The price of treatment SHALL be: a percentage tax shall be included in your taxation for buildings and equipment/ paid by all.  The price of individual treatment shall be, a percentage of your income or if found wealthy and with income hidden: you shall pay with assets, at a higher rate.  ALL the money spent shall go to a general fund, which then pays the doctor, etc/ according to their work, and their success.  As is consistent with real life work; “no more he’s god; failure/ fool/ idiot/ thief/ etc as is found in every form of job”. There will be limits/ you will choose them for yourselves, but you shall NOT be allowed to write any debt for healthcare:   reality controls.  We all die, and then eternity begins; whatever that will be.

9.  There must be social security, that is a percentage of the national income, taken out of taxation and redistributed to those who have earned the right.  BUT that percentage is all you get/ it is all the nation can or will afford: and the people receiving it shall decide what, and how it shall be spent.  Each person receives exactly the same/ every healthcare expense comes from these monies as it is just another expense which those who receive social security shall decide for themselves.  You, the recipient;   will choose the limits, and when, and why, and how:  “it is time for you to go”/ or pay, and take less for yourselves.  No more games/ no more “let government pay”; as are the words most prevalent in the ravaging and rape of this nation in these past decades.

10.  There will be education funding from the federal government/ therefore SAME for all.  The curriculum shall be what teaches people to live in democracy, function and fight under the law, participation as equals, foundations and realities establishing critical elements suited to work and survival.  Fundamental participation and elemental sharing between the sexes.  Early training for jobs and work.  And for the few that are clearly determined to be “educated beyond the others”/ by the work and training they do in their early years to prove it is so;   an opportunity to be with those who are like minded, and work for the future honestly, and with honor.  The current form of high school education is little more than warehousing the competition, for a few more years/ as little is done to prepare these young people for life.  Rather, they are prepared for debt: “go to college” and be our slave, for the next thirty years.  The intent:   they should remain uneducated to the realities of life is clear, and the purpose of an unprepared person is;   this is an easier prey!  A deception, and a disease against society;   for the purpose of “cheap slaves”/ or raising livestock.  Livestock meaning:   if you get so frustrated that you break their rules, THEN they can throw you in prison, and MAKE MONEY by playing god;  cursing AT,  your heart or soul. 

11.  There must be an end to “experts in government: they will bid, for a job you design”.  There shall be information provided to the people themselves: and they shall vote upon any and all change or experimentation or mutation or drugs or work for themselves. As is clear from the threats to every life/ YOU CANNOT let “a university diploma decide anything about direction or gambling, or life:  for themselves”. They have proven to be terrorists, and thieves! To aid in this, there shall be a listing of what is allowed to be sanctioned here/ a   chart determining what the money can be spent for, and how much is available for each category.  There shall be: a sworn testimony establishing the critical and real possibilities of what can go wrong with these things you suggest, in every possible conception.  There shall be NO gambling with life/ NO borrowing from the future (NO stealing from a child, as did the current and recent leadership) / NO continuation of employment in politics without a gain that is real, substantive, and valuable to life. Let someone else try. Let every single one that is employed prove what they did or did not do for life: and establish why!  Prove you did what you promised, or explain why/ the people themselves who elected you, will then decide your pay;  Etc.

12.  There shall be welfare:   but it will be a “fair job”,  paid within the limits of capitalism so defined/ by the people themselves. No more warehousing people/ no more let the rich get richer!  Those who do not work, shall not be paid, and there will not be any form of governmental relief.  Either work or starve, you have the opportunity.  Let the cities and counties,  decide for themselves.  No more separate pensions for anyone including government employees: social security is all there will be for everyone; no exceptions. All government employees elected or not return to the reality of life like everyone else; no exceptions, including presidents.  The damage they have done throughout is horrendous. The failure of congress and many more is obvious: NO more of this!  The welfare program for them is over too. 



            The question erupts, HOW did this nation get into such a mess: every truth required to stabilize and support our future in shambles.  Every moral fiber that weaves society together nearly destroyed.  Every possibility of ethics ambushed and killed.  Every freedom assaulted (the court, the media, and the leader have become tyrants, believing themselves to be god)/ every right refused by rules, (only the rulers can decide, the law means nothing, the constitution merely trash)/ every decision for life or nation, destroyed by “experts (I know one tiny little damn thing, if it ain’t a lie)”.  Every leader a believer “we can be gods”.  Every fool in charge of the money.  Every failure in charge of the university.  The disease of apathy overtaking life.  Nature itself at the brink of complete mutilation, as is the prophecy called Armageddon (nature in chaos); due to, the religion of university evolution, or we can be gods/ all we have to do is destroy the order, balance, and disciplines of life.  And a planet at the edge of extinction.  Just to name a few!

            When we ask how, the answer always turns to:   “The university is in charge here”////////!  And the people all say:   “But they are our gods/ and we believe, the university knows”.  They are your gods, I agree:   to bad you chose satan, and devil worship instead of life.  Its just your eternity.   Is this not destruction?  Is death not waiting, for an entire planet/ without so much as an invitation to do better:   because your “soul suckers” have proven, even with an entire world, and every life in it at risk of extermination, they will not even allow you to know how close to extinction you really are.  That you might do better.  Because doing better means: THERE MUST BE DIFFERENT LEADERS!  And they refuse, choosing to destroy you instead/ their pride and power, more important than a world of life, including you.  How is that not “god”/ over you?


            The simple portion of a time table is this:

1.  By creating fear with an atomic bomb, resistance crumbles/ this nation decides its better to have such things than work for a safer world: with law.

2.  By assaulting historical religion, and overtaking the schools with “university knows”, and presenting evolution is god (“there is no order, there is no discipline, there is no balance, there is no thought, or design or purpose”:   absolute chaos is their only builder, and then without even a mind, we just went shopping, picked what we wanted from the shelf; its all free) / the door to mutilating an entire world of life opens, respect disappears, and failure becomes epidemic.

3.  America becomes a war-monger; using atomic weapons to intimidate the world/ by blowing up islands to prove “fear us”.  “Hero’s” decide,  there must be an opposing force, or the rulers in America will dominate, overtake, and threaten all life on earth:   because with just a few atomic weapons, the biggest cities in this world,  can be destroyed; in minutes. 

4.  The military is enlarged, NOW we have an enemy again!  Antibiotics become “saviors”/ and world population skyrockets;   medicine, and the doctor,  is a god.

5.  The leader Kennedy decides to prepare all means for attacking the USSR ( kill them once and for all), he sends troops to Vietnam to prepare.  They return with what becomes the “Cuban missile crisis”.  And the American military decides: the new electronics, and other weaponry “need testing”. Decides the best method of hiding missile testing (let us kill a world) is to declare “we will go to the moon”.  Debts rise.

6.  Reagan releases the currency from reality, and declares “debts don’t matter”/ selling the nation’s gold supply becomes his “success”.  And the media says nothing, because the bribes are now huge.  The words “let the government pay”; become an endless chant, with the university leadership digging deep:   “Its all free, for us”/ let the slaves die, they don’t know anything.  The bribes get bigger, and more elaborate, “its all free/ let the government pay the university diploma for anything they want:   let the government provide college educations and loans, so the university can charge anything they want; ETC.

7.  But debts do matter, so the children are attacked/ social security is raped, ransacked, and left for dead/ media is sold to the highest bidder.  Clinton “balanced the budget by taking social security out”/ but he kept the money in, and gave IOU’s instead robbing us all.  He raised the social security rate as well, but it never went past the “government gets it first”. Now the nation of people cannot be told, because it became clear with Nixon, that the media could influence this nation; so the wealthy began buying media/ and selecting “supreme court judges” to do their will..  This US:  Other nations are begged for money, but they insist “we want your jobs, and your resources;  instead of paper and promises”; so they are stolen.  The nation decides for itself:   we want a huge pension, and healthcare, and promises galore/ so they surrender their jobs, and harness themselves into “big business”;  and say with unions we will get more.  But then comes reality, and with bigger and bigger business/ you get fewer and fewer jobs, less opportunity, and no power or control over your own society.

8.  The world of people now comes here, because they are filled with counterfeit american money too/ and want to buy.  Throwing Americans out/      Very much like Palestine, it isn’t a game.

9.  The constitution becomes a joke, we don’t have to pay for an oath; to hell with them.  The courts are criminally corrupt (as I have proven on these sites), the lies exploded, and the truth became nothing more than an inconvenience; to those who now proclaim themselves rulers.    Demanding that anarchy OUR RULES;   NOW controls (your democracy is dead/ just an image of what used to be, a lie to pacify the people, and nothing more).  Because the university rules.

10.  The university traitors gather today,  to protect their plunder/ to continue their rape and ravaging of this world.  Controlling media,  to insure nobody can organize to rebuild America:   because they sold it, to themselves.   As is consistent with all of human history;  “Those who now believe themselves to be masters (superior) do not surrender their slaves”.  The lie is, that Americans are free.  The reality is: with counterfeit money, given to only those with a university diploma, and a tiny few more:   the rest have become their slaves.  They get “free money/ as much as they want”: NOT true for you is it.  Competition established extreme greed.  The whip is simply “a dollar bill”/ die if you don’t, or we will steal it all, and      Discard/ disrespect/ and destroy the peace, harmony, and happiness from your life.

              Because the entire world of resources has been plundered and raped, the majority don’t understand reality: throwing everything in the garbage means you have thrown away your freedom and future as well.  But history cannot be wrong:   when the resources are ended, there is only war, oppression, tyranny, and death left to endure.  Your captors have led you to that cliff/ and clearly intend to push you over it.

11.  Are they not your gods?  They gamble with all life on earth, creating tools that can destroy a planet.  They mutilate all life on earth, demanding their religion called evolution is going to be proven; even if they have to kill the whole world.  They create pandemic after pandemic by crossing species lines: a known cause of pandemic chaos.  Have you never heard of swine flu?  It’s a billion dollar business based upon “we, the university know best”/ give us your money.  Just imagine what a more serious disease means for their financial interests?  Did they stop AIDS/ hell no, what they do today is far worse, and without end, past the point of no return. Will you not beg, plead, and even kill when afraid?  Indeed, the majority do!

12.  Complete financial collapse is immanent/ and will likely start in the fall of 2013; because the leaders have stolen everything they could steal.  They have plundered the entire nation, and damaged as much of the world as it is possible for them to do: because debts do matter.  Because when the expectations of numbers called money is spent:   somebody has to do the work/ and all work requires a resource.  Therefore like every pyramid game: so long as no one is spending the numbers expecting work to be done: then you can have as many numbers in “the bank” as you wish, it truly doesn’t matter/ until you spend.  Your resources are approaching exhaustion.  The chains of life are nearing extinction.  The environment is dying.  The oceans are horribly impacted and near death, because of what you do.  The population is growing at over 2 million per week more mouths to feed, that becomes another BILLION PEOPLE in less than ten years; and they grow, needing more.  We are already one billion people hungry.  We already stand at one person per acre of growing land on earth.  WHO CANNOT see the future?    Change or die, this ain’t no game.

            Investigate your reality/ identify what is true, and substantiate it with facts/ critically review the future, and what it means to be wrong.  Fundamentally understand: THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES, and decide to fight for:    LIFE MUST BE FIRST, for this entire planet/ without exception.  Or we stand no chance at all, of living more than another decade or two at the absolute most.  By the state of experimentation in bringing the same fire here as is on the sun:   our lives can become extinct in a planet itself on fire, at any given time. Even you, can look at the sun, and know that fire exists, it is not a fantasy.   But by biblical prophecy; that actually won’t occur till roughly September of 2015.  If, you wish to believe;   “The facts however, do support it”.   By the evidence of other truth regarding every threat we face as a world:   our chances of survival as a planet;  end completely, within this decade.  Not a threat, simply the facts chosen by human leadership under the grave reality of   “University knows”.   You need not believe anything (truth does not care)/ but reality will prove what is or is not true, and your lies cannot save “a fly”, much less a world.  The world has changed:   7 billion people make that true!


            Not to worry though, your media will protect you: ain’t that right/ why hell, this is America; you don’t have to worry;   “Your rich”.   You don’t have to protect yourselves, “the universities know”.   You are a democracy, in a dying world;   a leader because no one in history has proven to be, as big a counterfeiter as those who stole your lives, wrecked your nation, destroyed your future, and ransacked every resource so they could have more than you. 

            This nation is like every other/ the only real difference in the past was resources available;  because the Indian nations were massacred.  It is competition that destroyed common sense.  It is “university knows” that destroyed respect for life and planet and nation.  It is media propagation of the “expert” that stole your ability to defend yourselves.  It is the lack of education that has value, that became the door: for failures, fools, tyrants, and criminals to come in.  It is the surge of population that gives no time to understand better.  It is the cost/ the price of repairs: that makes your government completely impotent/ apart from criminal activities and deceit.

            THERE ARE NO EASY ANSWERS TO SURVIVAL!    EITHER YOU WILL DO, WHAT LIFE NEEDS YO U TO DO, ENDING THE DEATH MARCH FOR MONEY.  Or you die.  It is not a complicated future, even you can see its true.  Go prove it to yourselves/ because anything less is absolute cowardice, and the assassination of life on earth; including your child, and you.

            The proper method of changing society is with law!  In fact there is no other way, because war will not help/ it will just accelerate our demise by destroying even more resources.  The proper method of changing the law, is by controlling government itself.  In this democracy called the United States of America, that democracy is owned, established, defined, and controlled by the constitution/ or it is anarchy, and treason ruling you.  The first amendment includes redress of grievances, as our legal right to investigate and call for true democracy in action:   “We the people rule ourselves by the laws which we create”.  Which is the foundation of these sites, when combined with:   we must vote for the laws which rule us, ourselves/ and NOT vote for someone to vote for me; on the most important realities of our social lives.

            As is established by the various trials on these sites;   your governmental employees/ your universities/ your courts/ your police/ your military leaders/ your media/ your religion and so on:   like what they stole, and don’t want to give it back, not even with this entire world at stake.  They want the power, and they intend to rule;   lies, deceit, thievery, criminal corruption, collusion, graft, bribes, (have all been proven);   and even murder is a clear possibility.  Which means the only true method of obtaining ownership of this nation again, is to establish a legal tax revolt.  That means simply:   UNLESS YOU DO, what the constitution demands of you as an employee who     Swore, they would obey the constitution, and all its decrees, as the government of our nation.   We shall owe no tax!.   That demand includes the legal right of ownership, and the clear demand for an accounting of what has been done, and what has not been done, by all who swore:  thereby ending the assumption of a fifth amendment allowing silence.  YOU SWORE/ and you are obligated to tell the truth; or be imprisoned for the rest of your life.  So says the purpose of democracy, when confronted with the realities of this day.

            Make yourselves heard: with a tax revolt/ with a march against the courts/ with a clear and deliberate demand established against the media (and the threat, WE SHALL take your license to operate away, and give it to another):   if you don’t do, what the constitution gave you the duty to do.  To inform and protect, so that we can organize against traitors and their treason.  It is the university diploma that has established most of these threats in one form or another.  They are the major participant in the extreme theft, and absolute deceit of inflation denied. They are the mutilators who have decided to prove evolution which is their own religion/ they must destroy the order/ balance/ disciplines/ and life we know and love in this world; bringing us pandemic after pandemic in the process.  And if that was not enough: they literally gamble our entire world with energy experiments that will destroy this entire planet, and all its life.  Let them prove it is not so.  But remember this, as with all large groups:   some are enemies/ and some are friends/ and most lean toward whoever has the biggest bribe, becoming traitors to the rest.  Large groups can be judged, for the purpose of removing their possibilities and controlling their actions/ but their individual participants can only be judged by HONEST and real trial, when necessary and prudent, for the purpose of eliminating, a threat we cannot otherwise contain.  Life is not a game, and neither is this work.

            When the plundering stops, and reality must be faced: the instantaneous response is, “either inflation or bankruptcy”.  Your leaders will choose inflation/ but you must choose bankruptcy or the nation itself will die.  Civil war, will be HELL.  Bankruptcy means:   we investigate where the money is, and who spent it, etc.  Then with that information in hand, MANY DEBTS will be discarded: everyone with over one million dollars or less/ will find themselves without the rest.  With that information in hand, the people who did do what society needed them to do, and obeyed reality; will re-establish themselves “as best they can”: making hard choices/ because you must.  Medicine will be returned to reality.  Credit will be cancelled, for ten years; while you relearn reality.  The currency of a nation WILL be established as:   the average income  salary of the majority for the nation itself,  DEFINES the currency available for that nation.  You will then know, what is realistic and fair.  The nation SHALL NOT make its own debts by allowing employees to decide/ you shall    Create a constitutional amendment, and establish only a true vote by all the people having been fully informed: can decide by 75% approval.  Those with property under loan, will be adjusted as a percentage of ownership under the old numbers/ is now a percentage of ownership under the new numbers.

            Foreign nations deserve a realistic and fair exchange for their work and resources/ that is not a number, it is a reality based upon what is or is not true.  Foreign citizens shall not own property here, unless they chose to be “american citizens”;   making that commitment within 7 years of their entry here.  If you refused/ then it is time for you to go home.  Sell, and collect what you are owed, like any other citizen in this time.  There is no going back/ if you refused to be an American citizen after 7 years: then you made your choice/ and you deserve to go back to where you feel you do belong.  Further immigration can only be given to those nations that adhere properly to world laws (to be created, and including securities and equality, for women)/ and only those who shall adhere to population control, as is consistent with reducing the numbers of our humanity on this planet will be allowed.  No more foreign language here, either learn it/ or go home.   There should also be a new “world language” based entirely upon “the dictionary of the deaf” so to speak/ as they are knowledgeable and aware of what is or is not important to learn in communication.


            Consistent with your need to recognize the truth of our reality is: that those who call themselves “the government”/ are absolutely NOT.  There is only one government in democracy, its called the constitution, and everyone is intended to obey it/ NOT the employees, we hired and forced to swear “they would obey it, or face consequences”.  The cloak of “government” is an illusion or image used to dismiss the reality of “these are simply citizens with a job”/ and thereby give them an authority they do not own.  To increase authority “citizens with a job” DO, commonly create rules, so they can rule you/ us all.  It is these rules that create anarchy (the intent to dismantle constitutional rule).  It is these rules that assemble traitors into an army, so they can rob, steal, disrespect, lie, and counterfeit bringing us all depression.  Which is nothing more, “than;  too few, now hold all the options for everyone/ and they don’t need you anymore”.  Rulers want complete command/ therefore they “want human robots, that cannot think for themselves”.  A case in point is: I changed an electrical service on a business cutting it in half/ but the power company representatives who were college educated, could not find an example in their book of rules.  Time was pushing, so a second pipe that was never going to be used, and was known to be so by everyone involved.  Still had to be put in just because “they cannot find a rule”. Toilets do better/ it was oppression: “you will do it, because I demand it, or, I am your truth, reality does not count”.  The “robot people” not nearly as responsible as those who instilled this infection in them, and have caused the cancer of “expertise” to damage the mind itself.  Alternately;   my demand for fair treatment:   let me be paid, in working on a restaurant/ was denied.   Even though every aspect of evidence necessary for a motion trial without substance was present:   I was in court that day, even if not physically present, the evidence clearly existed.  The evidence that would have convicted me of any crime: I paid/ I testified/ I established cause, descriptions, and contract proof, or more simply “I WAS there”.  Still not sufficient for a simple motion trial, where no excuse or law could exist to remove my demand.  Evidence I was legally involved and pushing for truth,  HAD been established in court/ a fool’s rule, and a blatant disrespect for law by the judge, denied to me:   justice.  Where justice is not given FIRST RIGHTS/ only tyranny (I do whatever I want, and you accept it) exists.  Rules are not law/ they are merely excuses for control.  Law establishes justice/ fair play/ and equal treatment by confronting only what is necessary and valid, “to get the job done”.  Even that is not as tragic as the listing of threats so extreme, this entire world will soon be extinct.  Not as tragic as those horrific threats of mutilation, that will destroy the sanctity of ALL LIFE on this planet soon/ bringing terrifying disease with it.  Not as tragic as the energy experiments these rulers built which include the intent to explode this planet/ the intent to create the same fire here as is on the sun; burning us all alive; and even more.


            Our ability to rule ourselves comes with one distinct truth:   if you do not accept this responsibility, as is clearly proven by the threats that exist already; there is no future for any life on earth.  Not you.  Not your child.  Not anything you love or desire or need.


            Your leaders have lied continually.  Your leaders are members of a religious cult, “we cannot be wrong;   university knows”.  Therefore they know, that all the threats we face are real, and there is no tomorrow, there is no life as a body or mind working, because their truth is “to bring chaos” into this world.  They know, that if the same fire as is on the sun does not put itself out, as they predict/ this entire world will become a sun, even destroying this entire solar system.  They know that they are bringing pandemic’s.  They know they stole by their own accounting roughly $200 trillion dollars with counterfeiting.  They know the children are betrayed, and the future is going to assassinate them.  ETC.  And still, they chose it anyway.  Your media tells you nothing, but propaganda.  Your agriculture destroys billions of tons of insects with poison, removing that food supply, destroying the chains between “a very productive livestock feed/ and all that lives because of it”.  Your oceans are just plain attacked, with genocide.  Etc/ etc/ etc!  Soon it will be too late to even care.

            Chernobyl & Fukusima nuclear power plants prove what it means when men are “just a little wrong”/ there is no going back, and the world is now full of old nuclear power plants which contain “boilers” that are know to be cavitied over time, making them extremely dangerous, and potentially explosive.  Your leaders have left the future to die, trying desperately to “play god”: or more simply “to HELL” with truth;    we want, what we want/ and so do the people who follow us.   Or more simply in terms of energy generation: they intend to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.  Demanding, “there is not enough gravity here to sustain this fire” so it will just put itself out.   Being wrong, turns our planet into a sun; every life incinerated at the atomic scale;   because that fire is the burning of atomic bonds.  Which makes this planet nothing but fuel.  It is the fire itself, that causes “solar gravity”.


            The examination of facts, establishes the United States as a “brainwashed nation”/ fully immersed in the religious belief that “university knows” and cannot be questioned; because the experts all “live there”.  Or more simply “Only the priests and propaganda mongers have a right” to question “god”.   Whether they can revive themselves from a religion that worships death and destruction, is yet to be seen.  What is not in doubt is the truth regarding threats so distinctly and extremely dangerous to all life on earth:    That the need to question WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT FOR LIFE, must come first, before all other things.   Trinkets and toys are worthless, without life.         They want to be gods/ they want to have everything they want, without cost; pointing to those who have indeed stolen the money, and destroyed democracy to be “rulers’ instead.  Not entirely the people’s fault, as is true with every society destroying itself.  The rulers, or in this case the university diploma;   bears nearly all, the fundamental responsibility for what is wrong.  Failing to question your god however, falls directly on the people themselves.  The competition to fight for bribes, or be buried by their consequences, has driven the focus of this people into a grave:   “We cannot see a way, out of this place”.  It is the beginning of every insanity; no options for me.

            Wake up or receive your reward:    death for, an entire planet!


            Any assumption that reality will not come to America is blind, deaf, and dumb/ truth will not let you escape.  Every possible theft to avoid or evade the future even just for debts, has already be made.  That leaves only inflation or bankruptcy.  Inflation will destroy the last possibilities of the majority/ and bankruptcy although it will save the majority is the last thing the puppeteers who control government want;   not going to happen/ unless the people do it for themselves.  The price of gas falling, is merely the evidence of leadership admitting:   we have lost control over this economy, and the only thing left is to reduce the price of gas.  It will hit the moment of no support, and depression then begins.  That debt, was your leaders choice, the media told you nothing, as is consistent with everything you actually need to know; and the people were buried by experts and fools.   Reality, is your future.  You won’t like it/ but if you do change honestly, FOR LIFE FIRST;   it can be “reasonably sane”.

            YOU, and this world should be “grateful for this trauma”; because it is now the only possible way humanity can save itself:    from the “university satan’s” which they have created, of themselves.     Not a pretty picture, life or death at the cross-roads!  Trial begins, and you decide the fate of this world.  No second chances, in time or eternity.  Life or death:   CHOOSE.

            The elements of life in time, require our assistance to establish change, to understand happiness or hope, and to build a new life for us all.


            Download these html sites, to protect your right to know they exist. Open the zip files, then open the index file, and they will appear same as they do on the internet; but the links won’t work if they are outside that specific site.  The individual files however will be there.


             In the trial and tragedy that is Syria:    World law means: ;  We go get the leaders and bring them to justice, at trial based upon this law.   Or kill them if that is necessary, to stop any aggression that cannot wait. No excuses, and NO exceptions.  In the current case of Syria: the fundamental required of this moment is, “to distribute as many gas masks to the general population, and opposing forces;  as is necessary.”  Only then, shall you attack the chemical weapons held by the national army:   equal to one bomb by them equals one bomb by you against their own chemical weapons [ which makes possession a distinct threat, to the soldiers who hold them ].  More.

We live today, as the very last gasps of life, for this planet.  ANY POSSIBILITY that remains to even hope for the miracle we might survive, REQUIRES THOUGHT, or at least hope governed by truth.  Or to hades (eternal damnation and terror) you shall go.  Very soon, the reality of your university gods, and what they have done shall be unleashed to consume and destroy this world:   because that, is what you chose.   NONE of it can be stopped with a gun or any other form of violence/ that is nothing more than “shit in a babies diaper”.  The reality is: humanity did this to themselves, by allowing the intellectual the realities required “to play god”.  Either we the people:   WILL “clean this up/ and set it aright quickly”/ or die.  It is not a game, every thing we require to survive and have a future is being destroyed/ absolutely everything.  That must be stopped.  Force of any kind, cannot make humanity change itself either/ you will just hide, or believe yourselves attacked, and therefore without a brain: only panic and fears.  Our future exists ONLY WITH THE LAW, or nothing can keep us alive.  Extreme corruption, in every form of government/ liars and thieves every where you look in leadership or media: who want desperately to continue with their stolen property, power, and control; are not going to save you.  These are the products of “university knows” a cult brainwashed to believe “we are gods/ and the rest are inferior, or worthless”.  As is proven by their demand for “way more money than the rest”/ even though they actually do very little for society itself, and most of what they do is horrendous, rather than for life.   Nonetheless, “with trinkets and toys” you believe them, because they “performed a little magic along the way”/ and made you fear/ and changed the rules so as to control you better.  But they stole every thing of value that you worked for/ and now threaten an entire earth with extinction: that does include you too!

            OUR OPTION is simply this:    To call for a vote by we the people, demanding real and true  investigation of the realities called a threat, to our planet/ our lives/ and the future of every living thing.

             Establishing:  the consequences of an oath of office that many did not keep.

            Returning too:    first amendment constitutional law/ it already exists for redress of grievances: the demand to make our employees LEGALLY account for the problems and realities we face.  To demand that we the people have the authority to redefine and recreate our government.  It is NOT theirs, it is ours.

            This very purpose of democracy as is our legal right: TO DEMAND LEGAL ACCOUNTABILITY, AND AUTHORITY AS OWNERS.

            Our army is the law, THAT is our defense/ because the law does make us equal: each and every one.   Including employees who work for us. 

             When the law is written for truth, justice, fair play, and equal treatment as declared by democracy.  WE THE PEOPLE ARE “at peace and harmony with our lives, our world, and our nation.  That is the benefit, and that is the test to understand what is or is not going well with our nation.

              To enforce the law, upon those leaders who will not obey i t:   we must identify and prove, that WE THE PEOPLE,   ARE A DEMOCRACY, which is GOVERNED BY OURSELVES.  As the constitution does decree.

             As owners of this nation, those employed by ourselves, swearing under the rule of constitutional  government, that they SHALL obey the constitutional mandates required of them.  Then fall distinctly under the authority of that constitution: therefore they CAN BE FOUND in contempt of the law/ guilty of criminal behaviors/ traitors or terrorists or conceived of treason against us.  All of which has been found, plus anarchy and more in the USA.  Within our courts, by our leaders, and in particular by “the university diploma” which has conceived of true threats in terrorism against our entire world.  These:  Thieves, liars, and common criminals can be thrown in jail.  Those called the police are governed by the law itself/ NOT the criminals who control the court or the politics of this nation or state.   Consequently:  whosoever among the police refuse to arrest, by law those accused of defaming or destroying the oath of office as is defined by the constitution.  As is created by the preamble of that constitution: do then become “named traitors”.  Our constitution is the government as assigned by WE THE PEOPLE.  Our employees are not rulers, nor are they “government”/ they are merely citizens with a job to do.

              By the law which says:    WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE/ and the legal oath of office, that is more than just words.  The charge becomes:   you didn’t follow the rules/ you didn’t do what the constitution and thereby we the owners of this nation or state demanded of you.   That means you are subject to our jurisdiction, arrest, and prosecution;   as democracy itself demands/ as is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES by first amendment law.

             Our option is:   to demand our own vote shall decide.   Our jurisdiction is: that we the owners here shall:   hold court in full view of this entire nation/ and account for our own investigation of what is, or is not true.   Deciding what our future shall be, for ourselves: by our independent vote!   NOT A VOTE, for someone to vote for me; but my vote on the law which controls our society, our lives, our freedoms, and our future: FOR  MYSELF!  It does not take many laws to do that!

             Our option is:   to march on the courts, every single one, and prove we shall demand OUR DEMOCRACY RULES/  not you.   WE SHALL accept the reality:   if we don’t save ourselves, with truth and reality/ changing our future; we will all be dead! That means we demand a trial to investigate what threatens us, and every life on this planet.  To establish what is or is not justice: what is or is not fair/ what is or is not equal under the law in this land.  To understand where the treason exists, who became a traitor,  and who stole all our money: and how will we divide what is left/ and who gets nothing.  To construct the foundations of what will become our new future: one that lets us survive. To establish true democracy as the constitution itself provides; by removing those who would and have ruled us/ oppressed us/ and seek to terrorize the planet with their foolishness, fantasy, arrogance, and failure; their refusal to obey LIFE MUST COME FIRST. 

            Secondary to this reality is: that we must identify what is, or is not fundamentally true about the propaganda that hides everything those who would and do oppress and threaten us at every turn/ and find them legally responsible.  For the anarchy that is and has become the destruction of what is plainly no longer “a free press, that works for us”.  The media produces NOTHING, that protects or informs us in any fashion.  Their purpose exists to identify what can or cannot be done for the people themselves:  to understand and know what threatens or seeks their destruction in any other way/ or steals their money, their democracy, our justice or future or life.  That purpose is not fulfilled, nor is anything else for which “the free press” is intended to operate and provide, a reality of our lives/ instead they hide what our traitors do, and control our lives with “university knows”/ which means simply the rest have no say.  NOTHING of constitutional intent, remains in media/ they are not only worthless, they are in partnership with the traitors and invaders and rulers by criminal intent, who have come  to control, annihilate, and destroy the ability of this people to rule themselves.  To protect their world, their children, or their lives.   The media is absolute failure, as is proven by the list of threats/ and the realities of courtroom defiance, and constitutional anarchy proven by irrefutable evidence: they fail.  In complete and utter worship of the religion called “university knows”/ in obedience to their own greed and arrogance demanding “only the university diploma has rights, or a mind”.   Yet from the list of threats given: we look inside that university diploma, and find only raw sewage, utter vomit, and poisons that would make a snake shutter.

            OUR OPTION IS:   to use the law as is constitutionally correct, and enforce that purpose as stated in our preamble to redefine and re-establish our rights, as “we the people”:   in ownership of this democracy.   That preamble, which forms the basis our this nation as our agreement, this is who we are to be/    is:   WE, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.   It comes with one demand:   if you ain’t willing to fight for your life or your liberty or your home/ YOU WILL lose it all.

            The civil rights movement of the sixties, IS a suitable construction of methods to make people aware of our rights, our democracy, the list of threats for which this exists:   and the consequence of your decision regarding life and this planet, and every child.  Work or die.

            OUR OPTION IS:   TO WRITE THE LAW, THAT RULES OUR LIVES,    OURSELVES!   SIMPLE AND PLAIN, AND WITH ONLY ENOUGH WORDS TO GET IT DONE.  The ten commandments are a suitable example for content and brevity; as is proven by the fact they still survive, and are understood today.  The same must be true of any law that is made.  WE CAN ESTABLISH TRUE DEMOCRACY:   which means we the people,  vote for ourselves/ NOT for someone to “vote for me”.

            OUR OPTION IS:   A LEGAL TAX REVOLT, demanding that constitutional law, and the oath of every office by every employee so demanded of: shall be kept.  AS THE CONTRACTUAL DUTY OWED/ to obtain or demand that we shall be taxed.  Redress of grievance is a constitutional first amendment law/ and it CANNOT be dismissed or denied, because it is “ our government/ that which unites us as a constitutional democracy”.  Do the work first/ then get paid (by tax): same as everyone else.  Failure to do your work as demanded in oath and law MEANS:   NO LEGAL RIGHT TO COLLECT, until it is done.


             Therefore let us review

the university knows:    That it gambles with this entire planet, and every life on it, pretending what a great thing it will be, to bring the same fire here as is on the sun: burns our skin  from 91 million miles away/ but they can play with it, because according to them.  “It will just put itself out”.  On a planet where everything is fuel.  A fire that burns atomic bonds.  An exowatt laser coming at roughly 1298 days (a biblical reference in Daniel)  past the initial firing at the national ignition facility/ which is one million lightning bolts of the largest possible all striking the same point at the same time.  It will make this planet a sun.  Therefore as of this date 9-8-13 you have about 2 years as a world until being consumed by fire.  1335 days simply means it takes about 40 days to eject the entire atmosphere of this planet, so we are dead before the fire consumes most.

the university knows:    That mutilating genetic information is a horrendous act, with consequences that can affect this entire world/ destroying the sanctity of body, the reality of mind, every function of life, every aspect of harmony with the rest of life.  Their purpose is:  Creating an end to balance/ an end to order/ an end to disciplines/ an end to absolutely everything that is life itself without mutilation.  Their claim is, “we can be gods”/ yet their reality is nothing of the sort, apart from destruction.  Or more simply their truth is “satan” has come in their disguise.  Evolution is their excuse (chaos and complete illusion built life without a tool, a mind, a resource or a thought/ not with order or discipline or balance: or any possibility of action or sustain-ability (no food, no anything, no means of reproduction etc).  But even a fool knows better:   so it is simply the intent to play god, and literally exterminate life because they can only play destroyer instead.  To make you fear, which hate consumes as power or pride. Terrorists plain and simple.

the university knows:    That destroying the boundaries between species opens the door to pandemic after pandemic with all species facing potential extinction with this war of biological weapons unleashed; even if it is a “little at a time”.  Like AIDS it takes only one, to infect millions and more.

the university knows:    That altering the food supply genetically is certain to bring allergic reactions and limit the possibility of sustain-ability.  The base plants used by seed companies are failing badly. No diversity in genetic information means: one simple problem, and everything dies.  Do not the farmers want “all the same thing”?

the university knows:    That genetically altering the seed to cause extreme sterilization in plants that we depend upon for our survival is certain to bring the death of nature itself in plants, as this is the fundamental that keeps life growing.  Knows that depending upon only a tiny few species/ and only a tiny few specific traits in those species is a functional demand for extinction of the species itself by any form of disease, or the creatures that depend upon those seeds for their survival.  “It is, putting all your eggs in one basket”/ sooner or later, you will trip: a dead world “chains broken/ cannot be mended”.  Diseases released are not easily contained.

the university knows:    The “green desert” as is consistent with agriculture being so extremely dependent upon a tiny few plant species/ becomes the end of thousands of insect varieties and other life as does require a landscape that is varied to survive.  A landscape completely saturated with chemicals, which are known to cause abortion and mutilation in plant and animal species/ death to aquatic life and more;   extinction without end/ not even the roadsides left alone for a possible refuge.  Not even a potential refuge in any crop by biological and chemical warfare against the insects that provide and produce at least 20% of our food supply by pollination, and nearly all variety of foods that we eat.  Which does now include the cities and their attempts to control insects with all forms of chemicals that destroy their existence/ and as a consequence of what is called the chain of life: everything that then depends upon insects for their survival, such as birds, small mammals, reptiles, aquatic creatures and more.  90% extinction of all species;  is close at hand.

the university knows:    That feeding antibiotics to farm animals of all kinds in close confinement is required, or the creatures get sick, spread the disease, and they all die; destroying the financial investment; so by the billion ton or so across this planet:   “Super diseases” are being created/ as those that can survive the antibiotic are formed and raised to infect the livestock and us.  Because the entire “live food industry” is now dependent upon close confinement: that means, a disease that forms which cannot be controlled, WILL WIPE OUT the entire world food supply of that particular animal or bird in a few short months.  Because there is no back up plan/ all those who did form the ways and means of “live foods” have been removed by chains and monopolies of men.  There will be NO possibility of rebuilding a herd/ the food will be gone, because you are 7 billion people and growing at 2 million more mouths to feed each week.  Either they starve, or you eat everything and then turn to cannibalism. 

the university knows:    That antibiotic loss means, we the people will be subject to diseases that we cannot survive.  We will be worse off by far, than any human existence that has come through time:   because these leaders chose to build a better biological weapon against us.

the university knows:    That nearly the entire healthcare industry is dependent upon antibiotic use, as every surgery exists because the wound does not kill you due to infection.  Which is the direct result of antibiotics.  If you cannot control the infections/ you cannot have surgery, or over fifty percent will die.  Because the diseases created due to animal antibiotic feeds (by the billion ton, worldwide) for close confinement livestock;   have become more deadly, that percentage is likely to be over 80%.

 The university knows:    That the ocean is nearly extinct of its variety and substance of life.  Over-fishing/ pollution/ attacking the food chain/ destroying the incubators of life/ dumping chemicals/ nitrogen affixation/ destroying the ice that forms an incubator for much of the food chain in the ocean;   and much more;   will soon make this food supply to humanity extinct.   A reality of a billion people fed today, will be no more.  The ice fields dissolving means the last refuges for fish species is now vulnerable to trawlers, and it is a relentless attack.

the university knows:    That global warming is caused by air conditioning.  Not only does it remove the heat in a building and put it back out into the air surrounding/ it is not efficient, and requires roughly  3 or 4 times the heat production throughout the process of mining, electrical generation, and mechanical refrigeration to do so.  NOW, Multiplying across this world. The loss of ice on a world scale is tremendous.  Not only are water supplies dying, the weight redistributed is responsible for tectonic plate movements/ and no doubt the primary cause of the Japanese tsunami recently.  There is no doubt regarding the disappearance of ice/ which means there is no doubt about global warming.  In 2012 an ice flow the size of the entire USA disappeared/ all that ice cooled our planet, just like it cools your glass of water/ no ice, means no cooling for the planet, and that means a severe increase in global temperature.   No more ice for the production of base food chain organisms which do originate at the bottom of these ice flows.  A dead ocean, & a dead world:  will result in extinction of plant and animal species, and then major migration of humanity; even though there is no place left to go: so it will be war.

the university knows:    That the oxygen we require to breathe is created by plants/ and with high probability,  their interaction with insects.  Every organism that creates oxygen is under attack, forests disappear at 77,000 square miles per year or more, not including forest fire/ or what people take for firewood, cut in cities because “I want to play god, and create my own little world”.  Etc the ocean is over harvested of every life form, including those which produce oxygen:  which means it is dying.  The biosphere 2 project proved oxygen production is minimal, and we exist because it is a big atmosphere that has been saturated with oxygen over thousands of years if not very many more.  That oxygen supply is held in the ozone layer, and when it is fully gone, the probability of our continued existence here is minimal.  Every little car consumes the oxygen required for at least thirty people for a day, in an hour of highway driving.  Every semi-truck consumes at least the oxygen required for one hundred people for a day, in an hour of highway driving.  And you love to leave the engines run, even if you go nowhere; to your shame.

the university knows:    That the population of this planet is over 7 billion people and growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed each week.  With one billion people already hungry, and many without hope of better.  7 billion equals one person one each and every acre of “agricultural land” across this planet: measure out an acre, and see what keeps you, and every other land creature alive;  without the sea.  Add in drought/ etc.

the university knows:    That humanity is choosing to bury agricultural lands in subdivisions and private property that no longer provides food.  Chooses to build cities and become dependent upon vehicle transportation that is literally killing us all.  Chooses to destroy eco-systems and declare “it ain’t important, to me”.  Even though we live because of the life which lives with us/ and we are dead, without them.

the university knows:    That we cannot survive without resources/ there is no work or life without resources.  Yet the financial district brags, “we have manufactured more goods in the last ten years than in all of the preceding history of humanity.”  And ninety percent ends in your garbage dump, because that, is what you choose to do.  A direct and deliberate assassination of every child; with full knowledge.

the university knows:    And drugs every child it wants to control without regard for their future, or the future of every other child.  It is the hyperactive children that get the other children to work and play for life;   without them being that active, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle occurs.  You chose to severely impact their lives, because of your damn greed, failure called want, and insanity called pride/ SHAME ON YOU, forever.

the university knows:    You drug yourselves to escape the reality of what you have done/ finding solace, in blaming “I have a disease/ I have an EXCUSE”.  When in fact, you are merely escaping the truth: that you fought for nothing but a bribe, and threw away a world, because you were too damn lazy to fight for life.  You are hiding from life/ and running away from reality!  Or just to DAMN BRAINWASHED by the cult of a university diploma telling you what to think through media.  Controlling your lives through the tyranny of a criminal court system that knows little of justice/ nothing of fair play/ and protects only the power or pride; as a conspiracy against democracy itself. Letting liars and thieves steal your democracy and create the terrorist actions that led to threats everywhere, against us all.

the university knows:    Every facet of your financial lives is a counterfeit excuse. Thieves in government/ but particularly thieves, liars, and cheats with a “university diploma” stole it all: because they are special, and we are nothing.  Their purpose is:  not to deal with the truth/ to be rulers instead/ to be masters, over you as the slave:   by using “money”.  The constant chant: “tell us lies”/ give us a bribe”; with nothing but numbers without reality (counterfeit) all say “who is really harmed; we still live like we did.”   Accepted:  because we don’t want to pay for what these leaders/ these intellectuals and their traps, temptations, manipulations, and their outright criminal rampage against society and life;  have done.  They stole your life, they stole your past, and everything you worked for, everything you sacrificed for and expect from a future that simply is not true.  It is dead/ just like this world, without true and significant change. This nation is being dispossessed, just like Palestine; your university diploma’s created over 200 trillion dollars of fake money and spread it around the world: that is over $28,000.00 per person on the planet of US currency: and they expect the american worker to do something for that money, “ain’t that so”/ just like you.   The makings for war are real!  It is a changed world reality, because with 7 billion people,  nature can no longer control us.  Instead what we do, controls nature; and it is death and destruction at every turn humanity makes through their leaders.  Without life first you die.  Every leader chooses power or money first: “to HELL, with life”.  Therefore your fate is sealed, and your time is very short;   unless you truly search for truth, protect life, and demand this planet must survive, doing the work required; whether you are paid or not.  Shame on you, this reality exists.

the university knows:    Shame on you that weapons of mass destruction exist/ they are not your “saviors”/ only the least mentally aware cannot know that, and that includes less than humanity:   because you have no excuse.  World law and a world court with policing from every nation:    to demand your leaders shall be controlled by the law/ rather than war.  These are the limits of what ANY leader or nation can do: so say we the people of this world!  We go get the leaders and bring them to justice, as trial based upon this law/ or kill them if that is necessary, to stop any aggression that cannot wait. No excuses, and NO exceptions.  In the current case of Syria: the fundamental required of this moment is, “to distribute as many gas masks to the general population, and opposing forces;  as is necessary.”  Only then, shall you attack the chemical weapons held by the national army:   equal to one bomb by them equals one bomb by you against their own chemical weapons [ which makes possession a distinct threat, to the soldiers who hold them ].  If you want to alter governments it is plain and simple: attack the rich man subdivisions, leave the rest alone/ because these are the people who control governments; and they don’t like being attacked and will react, with all power , equal or greater to militaries: to change leaders.  While you try to find the diseased courage, which is all that is left of your leaders, or your societies;  at this time.  Their demand to control power, establish arrogance, and form pride is pure insanity; as it has always been.  You cannot have what you want/ you can only have what is true, based upon the reality that controls every situation.

the university knows:    That destroying the water supplies is not only criminal but world war or civil war in simply a different dimension: no one lives without water in one form or another.  The destruction of water at 15% ethanol in gasoline requires an additional 3.7 gallons of water to produce a gallon of ethanol.  Uses billions of gallons of water in irrigation to produce a few pennies more in agriculture.  The major aquifer Ogahalla for several states is nearly dry; bring back the dust bowl soon, and removing a billion or so bushels of grain and more; much of it used simply for ethanol.  Uses a trillion or more gallons being pumped down old oil reservoirs for a few gallons of oil more.  Uses trillions of gallons in gas production, mining, production of chemicals, pollutes more; and finishes with endless amounts of garbage placed on top of the water/ billions of gallons of toxic waste pushed in all around the water supplies, that are already over filled.  And will be released upon the next major earthquake.  Destroying major areas of civilization: because without the water, you die. And that does not include the many trillions of gallons of water and more, that are so severely threatened it is simply incomprehensible, that anyone could be so blind, dead inside, or destructive as to do this.

the university knows:    It has corrupted the courts/ corrupted the law/ corrupted democracy/ corrupted and attempted to destroy business/ failed entirely at education for the masses/ destroyed the financial integrity and viability of a nation/ literally attempts to exterminate life itself/ damages the planet/ and refuses every possibility that might allow us as life on earth to survive.  And the media in every sense not only propagates these things, they enforce them.  Insuring the armies of university experts are the only ones given the opportunity to control, enslave, starve, and destroy an entire nation or world.  Not only “not your saviors/ devils in disguise”.  While we fight to survive the endless assault against every potential job in this nation because the power, and abyss of horrifyingly simply minded greed;   demands only a tiny few, shall own everything.  So you can beg/ steal/ prostitute/ or sell your soul for another day in what will be HELL.

            Expressions beyond a simple mind; the elemental task of assembling critical content.


            IT IS, to the elemental disgrace of all humanity, that life is NOT granted its proper position in terms of human decision/ that which establishes simply:   LIFE ITSELF FOR THIS PLANET,       MUST COME FIRST!   No exceptions, means no excuses; not for anyone.


            Instead of life first, we are surrounded by those who play games with life, destroy life, are death to the resources all life needs for a future to exist, and are constantly mutilating biology/ poisoning the environment and all of its biology/ or by any other definition truly doing their best to exterminate life itself, from this world, destroying for us all.  That is literal, and is not an exaggeration.  Do read on to find out why!

            The university physicists are playing with energies beyond the boundaries of time, which simply means these exist without action or reaction to intervene and change or control the outcome of what has been started; as is fire on the sun.  Or more simply time ends, because no decision can be made to intervene/ this now exists instead.  As in the experiments to bring a lake of fire onto this earth at the national ignition facility; intending to bring,  “the same fire as is on the sun here; a fire that burns our skin from 91 million miles away.  To a place,  where everything is fuel”, currently running.  The next big thing is a laser beam rated the equivalent of:  one million lightning strikes, as big as they get equaling one trillion volts each/ all hitting the very same spot at the very same time.  Middle of 2015.   Or the assertion at CERN;   to recreate the single most destructive event in the history of the universe, the big bang; already “scared themselves to stop”/ and so on.  “These are, the worst possible decisions humanity can make”/ but they are not alone in threatening our very survival as a planet of life.  These are people who believe they can be / or are already   “God”.  Their theory is:   that not enough gravity exists on earth to “keep the fire here”/ therefore it will put itself out!  Our entire world,and every living thing gambled:   LIFE OR DEATH, by these experiments.  Once ignited it either goes out/ or the entire planet will be on fire, with nothing we can do.  It will be just like their expectation for “biosphere 2"/ they planned for massive amounts of oxygen released by a few plants; and they got 7 million cubic feet of air relieved of its oxygen content by a few people in a few months.   This fire however, they cannot break a window and climb out of/ there are no second chances: the fire burns atomic bonds.  Sun fire releases atomic structure so as to create the gravity itself/ the mass at the center has nothing to do with this result.  Therefore absolutely, insane!  These admit, “we don’t have a clue what gravity is, or atomic structure and how it works”/ and they refuse realities they can understand.       Yet they are willing to bet all life on earth, on a completely unproven theory with absolutely NO opportunity to change the result/ all dead, a planet burned.

            But in terms of a complete insanity that proves an absolute loss of all mental abilities, the capacity to think beyond want;   which is then animal rather than human.  There is nothing more deliberate, nothing more horrifyingly stupid;   than those who intentionally mutilate the bodies of life itself.  Deliberately intending to destroy genetic instruction and stability so that then they believe, “we will understand how to put it back together as we wish”.  Interfering with the instructions that build our bodies, our food, our very existence as humanity, intentionally mutilating our ability to survive and be human, injecting “parts and pieces of other species, into disciplined/ ordered/ balanced/ and all but perfect life”, is the most horrifically arrogant examples of “Satan” for lack of a better word, that can be described.   Measured  by human existence to ever walk or live on this planet.  “You win the prize for these things, WORST of any generation to have become life”. 

            So then we DO have to look at why, questioning how is it the most horrendous examples and realities of little more than “vomit and excretions saying to each other:   how is it you came out of the same damned hole?  The answer of course is, without a mind/ the other hole is completely unnecessary, the ass is all that works”/ and that, for not much longer.   Genetic instruction is not a game, or a number.   Nonetheless, that is a reality that does not answer why the mind or mental ability to conceive of anything related to thought, no longer exists in so many people.  So we must begin at the levels of human existence that do destruct the ability to think, and establish the order which then learns,  what failed us all.

            Little in human life is more destructive or beneficial to the majority, than religion; it literally helps or hinders dependent upon the person or people involved.  Two distinct religions that have been established in recent times which operate for the deliberate purpose of destroying the balance between what men don’t know, and what they believe they know; by establishing fantasy as majority rule.  Religion one is evolution:   “Now we know what we can believe, irregardless of the evidence belief absolutely doesn’t care”.  As is consistent with all religion, “you can believe anything you want”/ religion exists because more than one are willing to believe the same basic thing.  Religion number two is “university knows”/ OR, now we are so smart,  we can be gods, we the men of this world can rule over nature and life.  And you do, or these threats of extermination, would not exist.

            With these two religions, the failure that is a world at the brink of extinction has come to pass.  Today, our ability to survive any length of time longer as a world alive, is in grievous doubt, we are attacked.  We are being overrun with university arrogance and demand for worship: DON’T question us/ accept whatever we say.  We are being destroyed as a world, by the effects born in the religions established above, because people who believe don’t ask for evidence or truth, they make up their own.  As established in the evidence of our world today as seen above;   the university, political and judicial leadership threatens with energy experiments to destroy this entire planet.  Based upon one insane experiment; to control the same fire as is on the sun/ here; as men, “being god”.  As established in the evidence of our world through genetic mutilation;   the university threatens every creature, every plant, every existence that is life on this planet.  With mutilation (or, as they say;  we the university can do better/ we can use chaos [evolution unleashed], to build a different world that we created.  So they say.  What does chaos build; but anarchy and destruction?  Answer the question!  It is nothing, but violence.

            As established in the evidence of our world;   every resource will soon disappear, every requirement of life that allows us to be happy is being destroyed, the ocean life [a major food source for you] will soon be extinct; billions of tons of food for you gone, the drinking water supply can be entirely destroyed for millions, with one earthquake, or a variety of other realities, by pressurized gas.   The oxygen content we need is being consumed by fire and motors/ the removal of forest and the attack upon everything that creates oxygen for us. The livestock industry is on the verge of a plague that will destroy it/ confinement cannot survive without antibiotics.  The same antibiotic’s we need for nearly all medical intervention is being destroyed in this livestock use; feed daily in the millions or billions of tons.  “Super-bugs” are being created from which we will have no defense/ and that includes the use of antibacterial’s , in your own home.   The insect world (responsible for pollination and a third of vegetable and fruit food production,  a base food source in billions of tons, for countless species, that will go extinct without them) is ready to collapse.   Poisons everywhere: established by an  agriculture determined to remove diversity (make me rich), consistently establishes sterile, and in effect  HAS, “put all the food sources of plant and animal alike in one “egg basket”.  Which means when something happens to that single source/ our lives are dead too.  Even the planet itself,  at all levels is under attack/ global warming is moving billions of tons of weight from one tectonic plate to another: there will be earthquakes and more.

             Or more simply, “the university expert” HAS led this world to:   absolutely everything life needs to survive IS at the point of collapse/ everything we need for life, every possibility for our survival is  under the most severe attack.  They are all, including us; about to be exterminated.  The future is dead by all reference to the evidence that exists/ which means those university experts, who led us here;  “who you say,  know what they are doing; ” have chosen to assassinate every life, and particularly every single child deliberately.  Because they only want, what they want, and refuse responsibility or duty or respect for life.   Without the slightest doubt from society, even those plagued by fear/ are fearless where “the university knows”.   Not a question to be raised, not a doubt even though everybody knows what fire is, means:   nothing less than a religious cult can do this to humanity itself.  Brainwashed, and without a soul; lost forever, unless something can make you “wake up”. 

            The list of curses university and the control over government creates, includes these:   Without resources, there is no future, only war/ and cannibalism.  Because life itself has no apparent meaning to leaders who choose money/ want/ and power first.  The prize is: “we control, manipulate, enslave, and terrorize  other than people, life, and now even the planet;   reducing each one,  as merely pawns in the games they play. Or more simply worthless, except as toys.  The university diplomas,  which are experimenting with all life, the planet, and even  society itself,  through media controls and propaganda, have established governmental anarchy.  A treason against democracy by demanding:  the constitution is worthless/ they rule instead.  As traitors, they cannot repair the damage they create/ they cannot fix the securities or monies which they stole by counterfeiting .  To give themselves the power of  numbers, calling it money,  and declaring themselves rich.  Blinded by bribes: it is, “to late is too late, sorry is not enough”.  That means, for all intent and purposes “their want, has become our enemies” whether intended or not.  Even so, we return to the religion “university knows” and examine the reality with certainty by their effects:   they stole your money, by establishing “prison bars” on every good job, every attempt to declare what is or is not justice, every governmental job and basically anything with power, control, or propaganda to manipulate, tempt, and establish “slaves”.  The foundation of your money is nothing but a number, based upon their fantasy and decision to steal, to hide with lies, and to cheat us all.  That means, “its worthless” when tested with reality. They stole your children, giving them debts that cannot be erased regardless of value or reality.  They cheated your students and then they sent them to all ends of the earth, or at least “any place, other than with family”;   because now they have or expect a job, and must pay the debt.  At one trillion dollars of college debts already created/ one trillion dollars is equal to one hundred million (or roughly one in three citizens) are indebted $10,000.00 dollars each.  Many are imprisoned by that debt, and if they don’t make the salaries the fantasize about, it will control their lives.  Payable to the universities, “tiny few elite”; the master criminals so to speak.  The cult then infiltrates and controls every thread, and every fabric of society that holds us together/ or tears society apart.  Because if their graduates do not do exactly as they are told/ they WILL be replaced with someone who does.  Which means “the robotic element of I can’t say no”/ the price is too high:   Becomes not only the demand has been met/ but years later when the debt is gone for the lucky few; they are fully indoctrinated to do only what they are told; as all cults insist upon.  Society follows, sacrifices and fights;   because these called a “university diploma” have taken over every business, media, and all points of leadership:   thereby life becomes,  OBEY or be cast aside, separated, and refused.  Fear leads them/ reality refuses them.  The university leadership continues to destroy business opportunity, thereby the possibilities of work for the majority: because they must continue to cover their theft/ and hide their lies.  Foreign nations demand something of value:   it is your business, resources, and future.   The end of work for the majority means you shall be slaves.  The end of resources, so that at least there is a possibility, means soon:   you will be beggars and prostitutes, selling your own children to that world.  That is “the university gift” to you/ apart from a few trinkets and toys/ which although you worship and want:   do separate you from human contact itself, replacing life with a machine, will in the end          Only bring unhappiness, once the thrill is gone.  Even so these machines are a spy, and they track you everywhere; giving power to a tiny few.

            So then let’s look directly at evolution, the initiating charge by the university diploma that HAS allowed an extreme amount of destruction to occur.  OR, more distinctly, “we DON’T need to care about anything we do, because evolution is god/ “to a fool”. Belief expects,  chaos will fix your failures, by just changing life into something else”.  After all the university knows everything,  ain’t that right;  “ these gods can’t be wrong; ask any generation throughout history”. They all made their images of god as have you.  The priests or “university professor” does make the student bow down to worship at their feet: do what I say/ believe whatever I tell you; or be thrown aside, as worthless.   Proving nothing has changed throughout human time, the predator still stalks the sheep/ and kills it at will.   People try to stop humanity and its hate, by playing god in one form or another/ try to control and enslave each other to get MORE FOR ME; using religion or any other tool.   But the ability to mutilate and damage life even planet;   more aggressively than at any other time in history HAS CHANGED living.  Over population due to medical advances which are primarily antibiotics; has altered our world forever: we now control whether nature itself lives or dies.  One person on every acre of agricultural ground/ 7 billion + people growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed each week DOES mean we will never go back to life a century ago.   Genetics are just a different set of words, a tiny difference in the images men create and worship with their beliefs: we can be, if not play god.  

            The end result remains, humanity searches for a leader/ someone to blame, or take the blame for failure; but mostly its “make ME rich, or more correctly its I WANT power”/ who gives a damn about the rest.  The purpose of government is:   just leave me alone/ let  the rest pay:   give me time to do anything I please,  give me what I expect.  The constant chant:    No time to think/ GOT TO GET MORE, for me!

            Evolution is the demand:   that out of chaos comes order/ it just happens, as if winning the lottery, again and again and again:   when the odds against do not even exist/ because chaos and order are exact opposites.  An absolutely beyond belief possibility/ that cannot exist in truth.  Fortunately, for the religious, “your university cult”:   reality is completely irrelevant; they believe/ truth does not matter.  For the zealot, religion is:  “they can prove what they believe, cause they got the book”.   Nonetheless, as we journey down the road evolution demands is god, next comes their statement “it just happened” analyzed : for truth.  Or:    “We shopped, for whatever we wanted/ there was a store, and we just took arms, and hands, and minds and eyes and legs and everything we wanted: and didn’t even have to pay”.   We just let the worthless die/ or kill them for food.  Never mind the realities involved, such as digestion/ teeth/ something to find the food with or control it/ not to mention muscles or bones or blood vessels, lungs, heart, organs all the compositions of thought that enable life and body to exist, eat, breathe, move, sense and survive; THAT MUST EXIST ALL AT THE SAME TIME, or your ability to survive does not exist.   Or a food supply available/  because something else of life exists.  But even if that were not enough, it is the university that prides itself on proving evolution is wrong.  The failure of many assertions, fantasy, or  assumptions is:  that order/ disciplines/ boundaries/ balance/ laws, etc is worthless to evolution.  Their demand is:  chaos  builds.   Yet they assert order in adaption as the primary tool of evolution even though they have proven absolutely nothing but adaption.   The reality:   DNA is everything ordered, in very specific terms, by boundaries, existing in balance, and directed by disciplines which they don’t understand.  Which means “the one celled biological entity is MUCH SMARTER than they”.    The human body itself proves that balance, “the elemental need, for structure and life to be supported by reference to itself, to environment, by the distinctions applied within reality”;   cannot be considered wrong.   Because life is our proof, that we need two arms and hands the same size, with the same capacities, with two legs and so on; we need it all/ or we are dependent upon those who do.  Balance is required/ and even the word required,   demands thought must exist: NOT chaos.  The foundation elements that establish boundaries between the species, that the university so DELIBERATELY tries to not only  destroy; BUT INFECT this entire world with!   Are species assembled within the true conception that these realities of existence MUST be separated for the good of the whole, or there will be failure in the whole, and thereby extinction.

             Consequently thought does prove, that the true intent of genetic scientists is “to exterminate life on this planet”/ and they terrorize that life, and our ability to survive every single day across the human world, by invading every species of life with their chaos.  Trying desperately to create PANDEMIC’S we cannot survive; as they are and  will become “weapons of mass destruction”.  Released on life!    Evolution is Trying to prove, “NOTHING called thought or mind or with the slightest sense of order existed/ just energy and  mass, which “magically, poof , its all good” became life.   A reality considered:   worms are  smarter than them.   Energy and mass,  which is also order ;  exist without chaos when violence is not present.   Thereby proving evolution absolutely insane, OR demanding:  It is only destruction and violence that conceives of chaos/ and even that has limits and boundaries to prove chaos itself builds absolutely nothing.   What good ever come from chaos in you, your work or your home?  Did you make a living by destroying your home/ do you survive by refusing to attain what you need, is knowledge worthless as it is in chaos? Where is the ability to survive as evolution suggests:   in the very old?  Are these NOT superior to evolutions assertion of life “by early standards”.   The elderly regardless of condition:  are so far superior to the assumptions of evolution, NO ONE with a mind, can accept “some damn little one celled bit of biology built “us all”.   Not to mention the fact that time is not;   what, or how they assume, stars have limits too.  Evolution is not even for fools, because it is so insane/ or so beyond the grasp of anything called truth or reality;   only a religious zealot can accept it.  “We believe/ therefore we need no evidence”.  Adaption is merely the evidence of perfect design, “or, I knew this would be needed/ so it was prepared for life to use”.


            The elemental acceptance of life is:  that thought came first, that thought conceived of and prepared the bodies of life, for all species.  Tthat thought exists in order, balance, disciplines, boundaries, and everything we have here on this planet as bodies of life; the reality proven by  living among miracles;   is absolutely clear!   Thought is NOT a fundamental of time/ but exists within the planes of energy as an extension of the base level participation in order, that grows as wisdom declares it shall.  What is construction, is completed by the laws of physical realities/ the consequences of chemical development as an elemental relationship, with its own truth/ the energy applied, over the mass used/ and the basic reference of life itself, confined by the boundaries that hold all its members together in one harmonious expression of peace within ourselves.   An individual creation of life dependent upon the biology that is completed only when an enormous mass of   “Individual biological elements collaborate, and combine” to attain and sustain the whole.   We are then the gift of time as a human element, transported into the possibilities of thought, by our own efforts and decisions to recognize what is valued and valuable regarding existence itself.  Or more simply:   our time, is given to us, as the elemental determination of our own decision to participate in thought, by the freedom of what we choose to become for ourselves.  Your decision/ becomes your life; affected by environment, but controlled by you.


            Nonetheless,   liars are the topic of this discussion/ those establishing “the chaos of human arrogance/ which then becomes the elemental reality of satan (for lack of a better word) in this world” . As is consistent with, “trying to exterminate us all”.  Or these so called gods of university knows, which have invaded every part of human society, every facet of life and environment;   establishing delusion and illusion and fantasy/ while they stole your everything: are greatly to blame.  They have been destroying your governments with counterfeit money and the excuses “we the diplomas deserve SO MUCH more”, corrupted your courts with rules to destroy law and justice,  prepared for your extinction by a vast array of extreme threats. And fundamentally control your lives with propaganda and the assumed “expert”.   All these threats, Must be dealt with today, or life on this planet is dead/ and that includes you. 

             Whether you like it, or not.  Whether you believe it: regardless of the evidence which proves:    SIMPLY proves what a religious zealot and fool,  you really are.   WE, AS LIFE ON THIS EARTH/ cannot avoid or deny a list of threats which WILL exterminate us: anymore!

               Just so its clear,   I DON’T give a damn, about what you believe/ its your life/ its your eternity go ahead and die, believing anything you want.

              However I DO CARE about the arrogance of fools and failures and utterly delusional idiots destroying this entire world/ destroying every child/ bringing HELL (men are now gods over themselves, consequently the planet is dying, and we can do nothing to stop it).  ARMAGEDDON ( nature in chaos, nothing is ordered or safe from mutilation.  True UGLY comes, and all beauty will die, every hope, every life, every sense or purpose or value all destroyed with chaos.  As is its “nature”).   The APOCALYPSE  ( IS,  blood everywhere, shoot them all; etc.  SO DAMN ANGRY, nothing is respected, and nothing is safe: kill them, before they kill you.  Is society).   THE LAKE OF FIRE (as is bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth) COMES soon.  The assassination of every child by the destruction of resources is proven true;  and more.  The extinction of species across this planet due to poisoning everything in a vain attempt to play god; destroying nature and the chains of life, because you are insane. The complete failure that is:  money is more important than life/ what I want is all that matters; and of course, the endless: “who gives a damn about you”.   All of that, and MUCH more is reaching its climax;   which is nothing matters anymore, THE PLANET IS DYING/ and it is too late to change that fact for life.   “You lose”.   Because the religious cult that is university knows:  gambled with your planet/ demanded Intentional mutilation/ hid all they did with  propaganda/ lied endlessly:   about  the truth of what happens when this goes wrong.  They are  traitors exchanging government, and destroying democracy:   for the lies and liars which stole your life’s work;   the cause of anger enough to war, at catastrophic levels.  Establishing the elemental drive, to insure you have no option but to slave or war, because your resources are gone/ your water no longer exists, and all you have is guns, fire, and cannibalism.  Not even the end of it:   so much more it is ridiculous and beyond comprehension that people across this planet “could be so damn stupid” as to have let this happen.  The university diploma proving among the few:   that it is in fact,  an insidious disease, a cancer that consumes your mind/ destroying your world, and making you “zombies without a brain”. For lack of a better description.

              Only a religion out of control, can do that.  Religion has two meanings:   both are bound by belief/ but the diseased one is controlled by zealots.  The other, by disciplines assembling for at least some, into respect for life.  It is the zealot, that becomes the terrorist and traitor; “they have a book”/ so they KNOW what their god wants them to do; isn’t that so?   “Its, kill the pagans; of course!  What better way, than kill the entire planet; destroy it all”?   They really are, “true believers”.  But the question of course is WHY, are you?

            The answer comes with the clear assertion:   it was the atomic bomb, that made “university knows” a religion.  They can destroy us all, “like gods”.   A fear that overrode and controlled every other reality, for years.   Enforced by American leadership, and its military leaders;   attacking islands, and presenting fear us;  after world war 2.  For the specific purpose of saying WE CAN KILL YOU, to all of  humanity.   With that fear:  The  university  used evolution as the means to destroy “the people’s claim to knowledge and understanding of their own”.   Presenting theory as god.  Or, evolution is your god/ and we have an army of words and university priests, to destroy your knowledge and control your understanding.  We have control over your government and thereby your schools, and your child. We will destroy your claim of knowledge or understanding, “with experts, who must have a diploma”.   With an endless supply of “foreign languages, which includes math and endless words you cannot understand”/ because they are intended to overwhelm you.  So you have no option and no means to defend yourselves”.

              Particularly since they stole the courtroom, and reduced justice to meaningless rules, and absolute arrogance.  Proven in these sites.  The university rules/ because the court rules society.   Even so, the masses followed:   Still no excuse, “but the diplomas’ bribed endlessly”, and too many of the people proved to be “gluttonous, greedy”/ and without sense or a desire to live in reality.  Or, in fear they say to themselves:  “we have to lie/ to survive”; the consequences are just too grim.  But of course that is not so, it’s just another lie without merit or life;   another step into the grave these leaders dug for you.


             Order constructs our world, establishes our planet, bodies, and lives/ and you know it!  Discipline teaches and elevates life through knowledge.  Balance gives understanding and creates therefrom wisdom.  Boundaries establish and control governments.  Courage sustains our freedoms, and fights for our liberty.  WHERE IS YOURS?   Thought, the elemental rise beyond self/ gives eternity its foundation.  None of which have even the slightest bit of chaos in them.  Even democracy itself is ordered life by the laws we create for ourselves and our society in freedom, responsibility, and fair play or equal treatment for all.  NOT chaos, truth.

            Evolution is an absolute lie/ and a complete failure of human life on earth today; it is your sewer religion; where only the excrement flows.  “University knows”,  is your satanic religion:   simply consider your extreme threats/ and all that has been destroyed to sustain these threats against you.  The free press no longer exists, they are owned by “Money” and controlled by a very tiny few.  Justice is a whim, and even the judges are controlled, by those in the background who control them: the law does not rule a courtroom.  Therefore the courtroom is a lie.  Your leadership controls the money:   requiring counterfeiting to survive/ because they refused to limit themselves, and take only what the people could afford.  That is how you became bankrupt:   those who wanted more for themselves, simply made themselves numbers called it  money;   and lied continually without merit, about how they must.  Then they stole, whatever else  they wanted/ played whatever games they wanted/  and gave to whoever screamed the loudest, whatever they wanted, to shut them up, with more counterfeit money.   Politicians, members of this cult;   gave control to the university over everything, including debts for themselves which made this nation a slave.  You cannot pay it, no matter what you do.  That literally means: YOU ARE bankrupt.  And because you hide in the lies, and consistently run away from the truth:   you have allowed your enemies to prepare and control your grave.  The cemetery opens soon, and there will be no way out: that is what your fears bought.  That is the fundamental gift of those in university who have NO RESPECT for LIFE, OR TRUTH!  Or you.

            There is still a slight chance we can survive as life on this planet.  Soon only a miracle will be able to keep us alive/ just a fact, established by over population and everything else.  The simple truth however is:     If you cannot find your courage, you cannot survive.  At this moment in time, I find only cowardice;   to your shame/ you fight for nothing!  Defeated by a few failures;  who cannot even keep themselves alive/ unless you provide for them everything. With our entire world dying, you hide and run away.


            It is however fair and legitimate to establish:   the fear which consumes so many!  Is driven by realities that are perceived to be overwhelming or impossible to confront.   It is the foundation of this fear that controls the vast majority/ although want and selfishness are integrated and controlling as well.  Nothing small or insignificant exists in this work, we require change that will literally create a different experience and expression of humanity on earth; a different world.  Not a small thing/ but without it, only terror is left; death to everything will be the result.  Therefore change is your decision to build a different world.  And all say, “we like it just the way it is/ many even like or believe they like war”.  The problem with that defense is:   you have become over 7 billion people, “kill a billion people, and still over 6 billion left, and still growing at over 2 million per week”.  The world that was, where nature could defeat you/ thereby keeping you alive regardless of your choices:  has vanished.  You are left, to understand the reality:   UNLESS YOU CONTROL YOURSELVES, and that includes leaders:   nature dies, and so then shall you.

            So the question is NOT what you believe/ but what can be proven regarding our future as a nation or a world; for all life on this planet.  Because what we choose determines our future. That fact too,  is a reality of order.  Now, since we have become so many people that what we do,  determines what the planet itself or its life can do; to survive; makes us “god over ourselves and our home on this earth.   If we fail the planet or its life, or its chains, or its eco-systems/ we fail ourselves and die.   Your wish has been granted, “you are gods” over your own existence on this earth.  Fail to choose correctly and you die.   To date, everything your leaders have chosen:   is death!  Consequently, to survive there MUST be true change/ change that completes true democracy so that all have their say, by vote.  No more “lay down and die”/ rather rise up and demand the law shall rule us all.

            The method is simple:   in America you must choose to enforce constitutional law.  The primary law is: first amendment redress of grievances.  Which gives “we the people” the right to investigate and take our employees of government to the courtroom; wherein we the people shall judge if they did or did not do, as they were hired and paid to do for us, by our law/ and by our government which is the constitution of this United States: and their oath.  They are NOT, “the government”/ they are employees.  OUR AGREEMENT, contractually binding ourselves to the constitution which thereby became America:   IS OUR GOVERNMENT.  Because the constitution is our agreement, that this is what and how our nation will be.  Nothing more, and nothing less.   The establishment of:  “I shall vote for myself on the laws which govern this society and me/ RATHER THAN voting for someone to vote for me”.  Is true democracy in action/ and it gives us all the power to change our world into what we ourselves deem is necessary and true or important, in this day.  Therefore the fear that is overwhelming/ HAS BEEN CONQUERED BY LAW.   We have the legal right to investigate/ to examine/ to decide for ourselves what is justified or fair or equal treatment in life and society.  We have the legal right to assert and demand authority as owners over this UNITED STATES.  WE THE PEOPLE, HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT, TO CHANGE OUR DEMOCRACY, OUR MONEY, OUR LAWS, AND OUR LIVES.  Other nations,  as time and work,  proves it will be can do so, for the sake of this planet; same as the people here.   Because we are the people everywhere:   who make everyplace  a nation/ and do its work.   We are equals/ we are “the government” under constitutional law, the agreements which bind leaders by oath to the laws over us all. 


            The power to make this true in reality as well as law is:    Let yourselves be heard!  Or, more simply   “Be silent no more/ let the law be your army”.  Stop listening to what you are told, by media or “experts”/ and demand ONLY THE EVIDENCE WILL DECIDE.  Only we the people as a nation will judge!   Learning simply by the evidence so clear: that these experts have truly and completely failed us all. Therefore bring to us, as WE THE PEOPLE,  in open court, each and every witness and their oath, each and every threat, each and every opportunity to fully understand in a language and with a clarity that none can deny:   is fair and legitimate to these purposes.  That we the people are the owners here, and we shall NOT be overrun or threatened anymore.   WE THE PEOPLE OURSELVES, shall decide the future.  We shall decide what “the government” means in this day, for ourselves.  That, is democracy!  Or more simply, democracy is:   “We rule ourselves by the laws that we create ourselves”.  The opportunity to do that directly has been achieved, therefore the purpose declared as “hiring someone else to vote for me”/ has been replaced.  Lawsuits have been established in evidence of our reality as a nation or state of IL: major federal courts primarily  And state courts, demanding constitutional obedience and justice primarily   Combining all sites through  Therein  Other cases are constructed to establish and declare:   exactly what the courtroom is, in America and the state of IL in this day. establishes US SUPREME COURT redress of grievance law. Your leaders including president/ FBI/ supreme court/ IRS/  congress and others have been included in these “top level lawsuits”; and they all failed you.  Denied due process, and refused to obey the constitution and the law itself, and in fact in US TAX COURT proved that combined they did in fact choose:   to criminally steal and extort, by not providing a tax writeoff promised and given to all others.  For me, they choose to steal and extort the money instead, with all eyes of government watching: the law, could not contain them, because no one was watching, and no one cared, but me.  Or more simply: your leaders are NOT going to save you/ and when Oboma  declares that they intend to tax the coal fired power plant out of existence/ he is telling you they do expect “the same fire as is on the sun/ burns your skin from 91 million miles away” to take its place.

              Regardless of the fact:    That by their  theory, this fire is going to put itself out/ because they assume it behaves just like gravity effects on  a molecular fire here on earth: only hotter.  MEANS LITERALLY:  Wrong is death for this world, the biblical prophecy of our world ending in fire is about to come true.  Not a game, life OR death for a world/ with NO going back to “do it over”.  This is an 8-10 million degree fire, they intend to start on this planet where everything is fuel/ ONCE IGNITED, there are no second chances to put it out.  Because the sun fire DOES burn atomic bonds, and everything called mass here, is the result of atomic bonds.  If it does not put itself out/ there is absolutely nothing in this world that can be done except to burn.  That is the risk they choose to take.  GAMBLING Your life/ your child/ your world/ your everything, and every life as well.   All LIFE ON EARTH,  gambled on the simple minded theory,   “Fire started on a “fuel source”/ will just put itself out!  Beyond insane, therefore “satan”: the arrogance of men, so extreme they choose to destroy themselves with their fantasies by playing god.  AND THE PEOPLE say nothing: to your shame.   Proving a “religious cult”/ brainwashed and without sense themselves.


            I am NOT your leader/ and YOU CANNOT remain sheep or even predators, because fools have attacked your world and taken the option to choose for anything but life or death for this planet away.   Either we stop these threats, or we die; and everything about them establishes that fact, and reality determines:   you do, literally know this is true.

             I cannot be your leader, because that would make life or death of this planet dependent upon me/ a ridiculous assumption that cannot and will not ever be true.  Rather we the people ourselves, MUST rise up to assert the law that is our constitution shall rule.  To DEMAND that redress of grievances, our authority as a nation to legally demand accountability from our employees: SHALL BE HEARD and enforced.  Stand up and be counted; we outnumber them by millions.  To find our democracy means:   we will change this society and this world for ourselves.  By our vote on the law itself.  NOT a vote for someone to vote for me/ MY VOTE, ON THE LAW, that we will all be forced to live by: the freedoms we protect/ the oaths we enforce/ the foundation of money we replace with our own decision/ the end of experimentation and rule by “university knows”/ and the creation of world law, a world court, and world policing to remove all weapons of mass destruction immediately.  Plus the laws that will be enforced on the ocean/ the laws that will be enforced to give women equality and protection/ the laws that will rule over “rulers”; granting to all of humanity the authority to say to every ruler.    Whether elected or not: THAT THIS IS THE LAW, YOU will obey, OR we the world of humanity will come get you, and bring you into court, tp establish our justice against you:   personally.

            Whosoever forms the greatest “voting block” / with the most acceptable purpose: will win the right to determine what our future shall be.  Fail to vote/ fail to understand what you are voting upon and the after effects of a law enforced: and you will be called justifiably “a fool”.  Fail to protect your freedoms, and clarify/ shorten/ and identify only what is necessary to be called THE LAW;   means you fail yourselves, and this world called life.  Not a game, time is running out for us all.  Our world is being gambled with/ our bodies of life are being mutilated/ our ocean life is nearly extinct, and soon will be/ our environment, our water supplies, our oxygen, our food sources, our medicine, OUR EVERYTHING is being devoured by those who believe they can be gods, and literally DON’T care about anything else.  MAKING US all, THEIR DAMN TOY!  That means:   Either become a human being with thought and purpose and value established for respect and the protection of life.  OR YOU WILL DIE as sheep, and  predator alike.  This entire world ends, without true, and significant change.  That is Not a game,  IT IS YOUR life or death too.   What you want or what you believe is absolutely irrelevant/ truth will decide your fate (couldn’t choose anymore)  or destiny, “I chose this, I worked, I sacrificed because it was necessary,  for me and us”.


            Let it be plain and simply understood: a war against leaders/ university/ books/ or others IS NOT the solution here.  Knowledge is required, no matter where it comes from so long as the truth can be found through it.  Understanding, requires us all to be EQUALS/ because it is impossible to predict “who understands best”.  Which means you cannot discount anyone as a value to our future.  Only time can prove who is, and who is not.  The evidence has already proven:  I am not your enemy, merely a messenger, trying to help life on earth survive.  That is, the purpose of my heart and my life, and there is no other.  That means: this is a war to make the law our ruler/ to make democracy “our king, through the agreements we make between ourselves with RESPECT”.  That means:   I do demand LIFE MUST COME FIRST, for the planet/ and nothing less; as must you to survive on earth.

              As is consistent with the evidence of time, I am NOT your expert/ and most would define me as insignificant:   BUT I do write to you this message:   either change or die, because the threats are so extreme.  Proving it is so, even though you the majority find me “useless, if not worthless”/ or a matter for ridicule or gossip or fear, and a game to be played; all run away, or so many the few need not be counted.  The judiciary and leadership of all kinds, consider me “a menace”/ primarily because they have not defeated me with law, only corruption and rules and contempt.  But in doing so they defeated themselves, by proving corruption/ collusion/ and conspiracy to deny not only the law, but democracy as well; “with irrefutable evidence”.

            I do not consider humanity “bad”/ many are valued expressions of life.  Nonetheless ALL are required to fight for life on earth!  ITS YOUR DUTY.   I do prove want, greed, power, selfishness, etc are bad:   because they lead, where life cannot survive, or end in war.  The only question I presented here is:    DO YOU DESIRE TO LIVE?   EVERY other question is yours to create.   Because with 7 billion people all stretching out their hands everyday demanding MORE;   their possibility called time,  no longer exists without true change.  We stand at the threshold of “there is NO MORE”.   There are true consequences that cannot be mitigated if we cross that line.  We stand at the threshold of : OUR PLANET IS ON FIRE/ and we cannot put it out!   WE STAND ON THE THRESHOLD:   OF MEN MUTILATED LIFE (are they not in power, choosing), and its result will be HORRENDOUS, a TERROR once started;  that will not go away, until we are all destroyed.   That is one, of the Consequences to the choices being made/ that you allowed, with silence and fear.  Shame on you each one/ do better or die!  There are NO SE COND CHANCES;    Either find your soul, or be destroyed.    It is that simple.


            It is, the most simple mind that merely accepts “the measurement of want, or don’t want/ is enough for life”.  Across the gap between life itself, and humanity as a measurement of time is the basis of variables so distinct, that they create a dimensional existence which then elevates our relationship with life into the participation with time/ the ascension of miracles into RESPECT,  itself.  Or more simply, the fact we can assess and understand, that life and death do exist/ and there is order, balance, disciplines, boundaries and more to aid our experience and expression of life proven by this creation.   DOES mean that thought can exist for each one.  What we then accept as the law which governs our truth, elevates or accelerates the path into thought; and becomes the multi-dimensional definition of disciplines that can be understood as a relationship to life.  Soul is, the relationship we share with life itself/ not simply body, but the very reality that possesses time or life itself.  Do not be so simple, as to believe anything you are told!  Understand as best you can/ investigate for knowledge by the critical element called truth/ and ascend beyond the limits of humanity, to accept participation in wisdom as the value truth assembles.  The miracle of love/ the value called “alive” can achieve.  Thought envelops the concept simply: that you cannot inherit this participation, unless you surrender self/ to the consequence that only truth can decide what is or is not critically important to life.  Love exists, as the compensation for surrendering self, or more simply, “we have joined, the treasury of our souls”, to become more than anything self can understand.  GOD is LIFE, therefore each and every person is capable of this relationship.  Or more simply, even if humanity discards you:   GOD exists, and does love you/ as is distinctly proven through the life called JESUS.  That is an element of truth, NOT one of religion/ religion is merely the messenger of, “we are not abandoned”.  They are NOT as they believe, “god on earth”.


            Nonetheless, facts are facts;   and you are living in a drunken stupor so extreme you can react to nothing, because the bribery, and the fantasy, and the descent into religious fervor as is “university knows” is so extreme:   that you are prepared to die, just so you don’t have to stand up or be counted as one who accepts our duty as life.  A life that not only lives with respect/ but demands that our world, and every living thing in it CANNOT be gambled with/ or mutilated WITHOUT A FIGHT.   How few you are, that can be called “alive” today.  CHANGE THAT!


            FAILURE MEANS:  Therefore you MUST be shaken hard, to awaken; for one last chance to remain as a living planet/ rather than a dying planet.  That means, I have prayed now:   that the simplest plague of human existence which is your university leaders bankrupted you/ they stole your money, and destroyed everything you expect from the future or your work; and it is time to learn what is true/ shall begin.   NOT because I ask/ but because that is what you chose.  Because life on earth will die/ if you continue to refuse RESPECT/ IF YOU FAIL, to accept LIFE   SHALL   BE FIRST, and that includes justice, fair play, and equality among ALL people; in your every decision from this day forward.  Women in particular SHALL be granted “absolutely equal with men, in every conceivable way as a society, as life”. SIMPLY “different.”

             Whether you can keep from killing each other with your guns, your delusions, and your anger long enough to even have a chance for this entire planet to survive;   “Is entirely up to you”.



            Fear grants death/ revenge takes away your lives.  Courage alone is the only virtue that sustains life, discipline the reality most necessary at this time, to confront injustice.                                                                    CHOOSE!

Expressions beyond a simple mind; the elemental task of assembling critical content.


In this day of university organization that has trodden down democracy, and invaded every aspect of our lives; are now grouped together, from the least to the highest levels: same.  By stealing our property/ destroying our constitution/ corrupting our courts/ and flagrantly infiltrating every aspect of freedom, to declare “obey us, or we make you pay”.  Regardless what that level of freedom is/ a rule for everything is a tyrant establishing oppression.  The foundation of anarchy that is we the rulers (having discarded employment and equality) of this state, city, or nation will not obey constitutional law.  As has been proven time and again on my sites; starting at is merely the beginning of proof:   we have nothing left of our democracy, but traitors,  liars, and their lies.  The foundation of theft so flagrant that we are now 200 trillion dollars in debt;   as is depicted on the federal reserve site but does not include the 70 trillion or so of social security debt.  The lies and liars who counterfeiting our money, still had not enough and  gave away our business/ selling our nation to foreigners/ driving our opportunities away, so that we become beggars, or must accept the very limited realities of only a tiny few hold every job/ a tiny few control everything.  Threatening our nation, and  Destroying our world, as is clearly assigned by threats listed below

            The assertion is, that you have a legal right to violate constitutional law, and infiltrate my life/ trespass upon my property/ and oppress and change the meaning of freedom, the virtue of liberty: and assume your rule controls my life.  That begins the construction of a claim assembled  within amendment 3, you have  intended to take possession of the property, and install your soldiers to keep watch that my freedom may be crushed by your rule.  Just because a handful of people made a rule which violates property rights and freedom to choose for myself;  as held sacred and true by any and all citizens and all property owners/ has no meaning unless it does comply with constitutional laws.  You do not.  The elemental demand that is freedom/ a guaranteed right within constitutional law DOES construct the singular demand:   I shall NOT be told what I can do or not do, unless these actions demonstrate a critical demonstration of clear threat that cannot be understood as consistent with biological laws and fundamental physical realities/ OR accepted by common practice in society itself.  Without a clear and true need : Your taking control over my property, or my rights in association with that property, or my requirements of work as is consistent with job and life:   is criminal trespass/ as you have no valid argument of threat.  As established in the extra ordinary writ arising from 11 cv 2023;   you have no respect for zoning or law or citizen rights or any part of the reality called governing in a democracy.  The courts threw  that away.   Therefore NO authority to intervene, regardless of the fact that you may not like what I do, legally exists.  You have established treason;   your job is to establish and insure the guarantees of constitutional law/ instead, you have invaded democracy as traitors, and seek to rule over us as tyrants.  Critical threats established is not subject to your decision alone/ you are not god/ you are not ruler/ you are merely employees who have gone to far, again and again and again without responsibilities or duties owed to a worm.  The disrespect proven by you for life, for every citizen, for this world is without doubt.  The failure is horrendous. The endless listing of your fantasies, criminal conduct as has been proven in court,  failures in every aspect of society, use of every child as your slave or pawn is tedious and without purpose.  Rather the primary threats of your fantasy and total disregard for life and planet in conjunction with all rulers, who have deliberately acted against the constitution of this USA,/ is treason.  These actions chosen to destroy the securities of this people/ have defied all pretense and purpose of law/ and are now proven to seek to destroy life in this world totally.   Fundamentally, that can only be proven as nothing less than a satanic cult, out to destroy life/ a religious delusion of “university knows” gone completely insane.  These facts Are defined within the term by tragic, catastrophe, horror story;   or in other words “a university diploma”.  As is the singular constant among, “Those who led us here”. 


    The accumulation of threats,   237  U.S.  309.  Its understanding:   as is consistent with our legal right to defend and protect ourselves, your children, our future, our nation, and our world:   25   F   556,  558.  are listed below.   329   N.E.   2d 880, 885.   With the clear intent that an investigation must ensue, and the reality of our own decision, as state or nation:   SHALL rule, what is or is not allowed.  167   P.  619, 620.   That begins the fundamental called  justice/ the legal right called ownership, of our lives, our planet, and our future.    203   S.E.   2d   739, 740.    Or more clearly THIS IS OUR DECISION/ not yours, not theirs, not even this nation:   because gambling with all life on earth, with the planet itself:    IS NOT YOUR RIGHT!  IT IS,    TERRORISM.


THE EXTREME THREATS:    WE CANNOT SURVIVE, not even as a world, WHEN PROVEN WRONG.  A gamble we cannot turn back.

1.   Because a tiny few said:    "Let us bring the fire on the sun here TO THIS EARTH!    The national ignition facility NIF  (with 500 trillion watts of power), and 192 lasers all surrounding and focused on the same spot in space and time”. Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.  They continue experimenting today, which means at any time, life on earth can be lost forever.

Their theory is:   "not enough gravity here to sustain it".  Is enough to risk all life on earth.  This is their defense for bringing that fire here/ that “ it will extinguish itself.”

Not a game, if that fire does not put itself out: then it grows, and consumes the earth; it burns atomic bonds: which means EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire.  That fire,  will eject our entire atmosphere in roughly 40 days.   They DO bet our lives on what  is literally a one time experiment/ NO going back!    We cannot put out a fire that is 8-10 million degrees hot/ with flames said to reach 12 times farther, than the distance of our moon to this planet. Which means we live or die, as a planet/ based upon their theory!



For threats,  2- 36 click here/ not all by a long way, but enough to understand.



            Having done all that I must do, for the sake of life and planet/ the rest is up to you.  Because it is your life too/ and very few fight for life.   The essence of every heartbeat is dependent upon true change, without it you will die, "a horrific death": so says the evidence against you.  Want DEMANDS NO/ but truth has nothing to do with want.  Our world has changed, because 7 billion + people have overridden nature's ability to survive and defeat us. That means what we do, decides life or death for nature and ourselves.

             The reality of a heart elevated, by the creation of love; learns what is true decides.  In contrast to that, I do have a choice;   your pride will demand "we are gods (our universities will save us)/ we don't have to change NOTHING".  But reality doesn't care what you want or think, only  what is true does decide life or death for us all. Lies always fail, and your leaders/ your societies/ your universities, and everything else are so corrupted, nothing will survive.  Thought presents to me, the possibility of doing more/ but you continue to refuse even the most simple concept of them all:   bringing the same fire here as is on the sun; WILL result in earth being a sun.  You even refuse to investigate/ your media absolutely refuse to protect you; about anything:  they are only "Sunday social news/ propaganda/ or its ok to fear". 

             Extinction looms;  However I choose simply to continue teaching/ these are some simple lessons, as I desire it to be. You must change yourselves, I cannot do it for you, "its not my right or possibility".  Whether you learn or continue to refuse, the opportunity was yours.  Elements of the heart/   Rules for relationships/ fundamentals of sexual behavior/ bribery and life/ no tears.  As to the traitorous conduct that denies due process of law in the US supreme court/ or the IL supreme court;   there is likely to be consequences, simply because pride hates to hide, it is a thief/ just like want is a liar/ and "loser, plots revenge".  Failure is consistent, wherever university goes:   not as the propaganda teaches you/ but as the reality of consequences hidden behind the doors they refuse to open suggest.  The university diploma rules government/ and government could not be more bankrupt.   "Pride steals/ and people lie" as is clear and present in this tax case


BELIEF, the elemental search


            The singular element within which "I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT" is elevated too, "god/ or an assumption of the purposes of god/ or words in a book; etc".  It is not without notice , that "I DON'T WANT THIS/ I DON'T WANT THIS, ETC" is the basis in fact for hate.  Thereby they function together at opposite extremes.  Want forms the assumption of love, in a simple mind; because it accepts that more of anything, particularly a trophy or prize will grant happiness: "I WIN/ or you lose".  It is momentary at best.  While "I don't want",   forms the critical descent which then becomes an opportunity to join hate, and despise the world of life.

            The religious expression of belief explained here,  is then NOT, directly functional by association, with what is experienced by want; assuming that theory is more than simple want.  The purpose being to discover what is worshiped without a right.  But the reality of belief,  is assembled by asking:   what is MORE important than want?  Want and belief are intertwined.


            What is not a "witches brew, or a sorcerer's intent" about this / humanity has not changed, only its tools, and the possibilities now,  of extreme tragedy, and complete death for this  world.

            When we consider the possibilities of a billion times a billion watts of energy transfer, all within a tiny area as is a laser beam/ the reality of lightning strikes do come to mind.  It is said that, one lightning strike at its maximum can generate a trillion watts of power (although none know for sure).  Nonetheless the exo-watt laser would then be equivalent to the release of one million= one trillion watt, lightning strikes all in the same place, all at the same time.  That is what "the university is doing next".  YOU know what lightning is.  We know that the fire on the sun exists/ how it is possible, a fire so ferocious as this will not light this planet on fire?  The university says, "not enough gravity here to sustain it"/ but if they are wrong, in this one time is enough experiment: this entire planet becomes another sun!   How is that worth the risk?

            As is consistent with the realities listed above, identified in these works;   to be led where the consequence of wisdom itself,  does not let you go: is a disaster waiting to happen for you.  We must gain wisdom, to understand the consequences of knowledge.  We must let truth decide what is commensurate with RESPECT for life and planet, rather than simply wanting "to be more" than truth itself will allow.  Without respect every relationship dies, that includes marriage and friendship, OR our ability to live on this planet.  Without value, the essence of discovery, and the foundation of discipline; the reality of opportunities for the future itself; simply die.  That includes the people who commit suicide/ and the people who prove they don't care about life, and gamble with our own.   Eternity is not without similar rules.  More of this,   the list of sites I provide.

THE LAW IS AN ARMY OF ONE; that represents all of us, as one law, one order of things, one decision for justice, life, and peace.  That law, is then used against those who fight against us/ or to defend those who are attacked.  "I want you to remember those words/ as you read".

             life as is nature, planet and environment, the critical structures of discipline, balance, and order MUST BE PROTECTED AND DEFENDED,These leaders SWORE, to obey the constitution, protect and defend our nation and our lives.YOU must make them as a nation/ OBEY THE LAW; you must prove an oath has meaning.   You enforce constitutional law with a legal tax revolt: insisting,  DO YOUR JOB AS SWORN, or you don't get paid;   same as us.  It is a duty owed to the state and nation, and world/ it is a contract signed by oath.  My demand in legal tax revolt (trials above) is a jury trial/ under the terms of democracy/ as is first amendment redress, it is the law!  OR more simply my demand is:  LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES, if they have been wronged. Let the evidence be presented to them.  Let them assess the risk of these extreme threats, "IT'S THEIR LIVES/ THEIR EVERYTHING"! They do have an absolute legal right!     The IL supreme court.

            Your leaders and your courts and your media all say NO; the people SHALL NOT be informed or have any say.   (they are cult worshipers) believers in  "The university knows"/ university is a god, "can't be wrong".  Believers that they are the superior ones and can make every decision for life or nation/ YOU cannot.  They absolutely want power,  and control over us as is consistent with organized crime. But established by extreme experiments is the truth:   WE CANNOT undue, what will destroy us, when released. If the same fire as is on the sun, DOES NOT extinguish itself (as their theory goes/ not enough gravity here; but they don't know what gravity even is.  Betting the entire planet anyway);   we all burn with this planet; just like the sun.  It is a true one time only experiment, once true ignition fundamentally occurs.  These leaders SWORE, to obey the constitution, protect and defend our nation and our lives.  They endanger and threaten us all, instead/ even the world itself.

IT IS TIME TO PUSH!  To become, what we will be, “forever”!   Make your decision: for life, and child, and world:   “the essence of love”/ OR, want, selfishness, greed, and the rest “called hate”.
             DISCIPLINE DEMANDS, That life should NEVER be a game/ that we, the people of this earth; have a value greater than theories/ more distinct than risk/ and more defined than those who believe “they can play god” with our lives.  Reality demands: we must choose differently.  Balance demands a new structural outlook, to what we do; In our relationships with each other.
            The final analysis of this work is very simple: if we don’t recognize and respect the reality that is coming, the consequences of being WRONG/ we don’t survive.  If we don’t respect nature, stop mutilating and crucifying it/ nature itself won’t survive, because we are now so many people, this world has changed, and nature can no longer defeat us all. It cannot defeat the horror’s inflicted if they don’t stop immediately.  If we don’t accept our responsibility NOT to let people play with energies they cannot control; we all die, a horrible death.  People say:   I don’t care, and all run away to hide from all they fear.  It will NOT help/ that changes nothing.  Unless we defeat those who threaten us with extermination from this planet/ we die.  It is not a hard concept.
            The confrontation that is government employee versus law and democracy; constructs a literal demand:   are we owners/ is our government, the constitution?  How that is answered decides who rules the future!  Currently our employees rule by bribes/ created with counterfeit money.  But the reality is: having “printed” 200 trillion dollars of inflation; the national  debt plus social security and state debts =$645,161.00 per 310 million people each.  Did you get yours/ its all free:   no reality attached!   The answer is no, we didn’t/ but a few did, plus ours, plus whatever they wanted to loan with this inflation/ all covered over with lies by government and media: THEY DO KNOW.   What is particularly bad however is this:   that they take these counterfeit dollars, and they buy our real property with them.  That means: they get it for free, someone got this money.  But because there is no reality of payment attached/ consequently it is not a debt/ it is pure inflation, given to only a tiny few, who chose to inflate their salaries, benefits, pensions, etc by using our slavery.  If it ain’t realmoney/ you didn’t get paid; they just kept you alive for the work, with bribes.   Soon we the people will own nothing/ because you cannot compete “with a printing press”; nor out of control government employees.  America will be, “like Palestine”: sold out; too late now.  You must demand democracy rules, and enforce constitutional law, oath,  and restrictions. As owners.   Or you will be forced to abandon America itself.
            Americans “have bought a gun”/ because they know its bad, and their options are few.  But lets review:    If you surrender ownership, and choose a gun: whose side are you on?  If you say America or the United States, it cannot be so, because you have failed the law, and our democracy.  We rule ourselves/ by the laws we create, the constitution that rules us all; including every law.  The judiciary does not/ they are bound by oath in support of the constitution and its intent: that is their job, and its power to rule is strictly limited to constitutional rights and demands.  What is important if you don’t use the law and democracy is:   even if you win a battle in civil war/ you cannot change the ownership of property until you have created a new democracy to control and change that law, which then controls you and us.  That means a new nation/ not this one: or more simply America itself,  must be abandoned. it will be BAD.  Particularly since it is unnecessary and irrelevant to the task of defining WHO DOES OWN THIS NATION/ and what is a legitimate claim over our property or not.   That right, is justified and decided by law; according to evidence and its truth.  Therefore whosoever controls the law, controls the future.  YOU CANNOT control the law with a gun/ it is impossible.  You cannot control truth, IT IS, whatever it is.  You CAN control the law with democracy, BY YOUR VOTE.   Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but your own distinct vote on the law that governs our lives for yourselves.  We need very few: short and simple, so we all understand/ and can use or enforce the law ourselves.
            We can change our world, and our money/ by choosing LIFE, AND PLANET;   MUST COME FIRST:   for us all.   If, you think for yourself! You are “smart enough”!   We are at the edge of crisis in all kinds of ways: the cost and consequence of letting “the smart people” lead.  THAT DID NOT work, they are lazy, as a group, living largely in fantasy and delusion; as the evidence does prove.  We must ALL work together, not just you, me, or them.  Learn more.   Some basic links. Thinking differently;

Developments in democracy:   HOW,  we understand our lives, our duty, and our ownership of that democracy:   within  our state and nation or world: Preparations for redress, in ILLINOIS.

THE ELEMENTAL RISE (it is now or never)

From the court

Case #____________

2191 county road 2500 E. 
St. Joseph IL 61873

the United States of America
state of ILLINOIS

dated: 4/ 30 / 13
140 F.  Supp.  925, 928.
in the extra-ordinary case of
332 U.S.  46, 65.       391  U.S.   145.
a writ demanding civil penalties against the individual employees of this USA
379 U.S.  476, 481-485

WHO HAVE distinctly and with fervor   183 So.  759, 764.
decided: they will NOT obey the constitution of this nation.  41 N.Y.S.  858.
first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  426 U.S.  833, 851.

AS IT IS WRITTEN:    You have no rights, and you have no laws to discard or disregard this case.  That means, since you have blatantly chosen to do so, in the appeal of a US TAX COURT case 11108-12L AND ITS ASSOCIATED EXTRA-ORDINARY WRIT as so indicated in now 8 legal filings within your court.  6 of which you have illegally acted to avoid.  That is nonfeasance  191 N.E.  2d 5889, 591. At its minimum and malfeasance   97   S.E.   2d 33, 42.   when associated with the other blockades of fundamental democratic law/ that you have deliberately destroyed in the past: against the full and true legal standing:   OUR CONSTITUTION DOES RULE/ not you.
YOUR mandate as a clerk of the court IS NOT:   to destroy constitutional intent, but support it, and let the people decide what is: as represented by this case:   A LEGAL RISK OF THEIR PLANET/ THEIR NATURE/ THEIR LIVES/ THEIR FUTURE/  AND THEIR WORLD.
YOU HAVE no authority, therefore malice is shown true 99 A.  2d 849, 854.    Under these circumstances that is malice aforethought   and comes under criminal law 75.  Thereby you are found accused of criminal behavior and intent to destroy.   In this case, whereby the president of this USA, the FBI of this USA, The ATTORNEY GENERAL of this USA, and the SOLICITOR GENERAL of this USA are all involved and have been notified.    They are now called to do their duty and arrest you.  Try you for treason, and take you to prison/ along with whosoever gave command to GAMBLE OUR LIVES AS IF WE WERE NOTHING, but the trash. 

Your excuse is invalid, and without merit.
You have no jurisdiction over constitutional law:   ONLY THE JUDGES OF THE SUPREME COURT ARE ALLOWED.   Rules of the court CANNOT destroy constitutional law, NOR can they devalue the lives of 310 million citizens or a world that is threatened with extreme destruction.     That means:  Even they cannot destroy the purpose nor intent of our constitution.  BECAUSE THIS IS OUR DEMOCRACY, and it will never be their property to discard or destroy or deny.

I have PROVEN:   that the evidence is substantial enough to warrant supreme court relief/ and that it cannot be obtained in any other form or from any other court.  And these are EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES;   because you are not “scientists/ and you are banned from just believing them as is consistent with any religion”.  That means YOU MUST INVESTIGATE, AND PROVE:   that extreme threats based upon theory and religion/ that use OUR MONEY AS WE THE PEOPLE/ our nation, our resources, our everything, cannot be THE DEATH OF US/ when their theories are proven wrong.  
Which means this court stands on the brink of joining those who have proven to be terrorists.


 under 74 P.  695, 501 and is governed by the needs of 9 F.  Supp.  422, 423. 
This is life or death for our entire world!  No excuse is accepted/ an investigation in defense of this nation, and the protection of its citizens CANNOT BE DENIED.
The fair and literal evidence thereby proven to the people themselves: it is their lives, and their nation, and their world. 
 As has previously been established.  To your shame.

remembering more from filing 7
demanding review of the extreme risks revealed and testified too:   which begin as, a fire that cannot be controlled/ and the crucifixion of life by mutilation, that occurs everyday against all LEGAL RIGHTS AND PROTECTIONS FOR LIFE, in this USA.
576   F.   2d 165
426    U.S.   833,   851


THE CRITICAL investigation:      319 U.S.  105, 115 WHY, is our democracy (constitutional law) being destroyed, our lives threatened with extinction?  48 U.S.  1, 42. Our LEGAL 153 N.E.  13, 17.   guarantees as a citizen DENIED.       302 U.S.  309
THE DEMAND, return our ownership as WE THE PEOPLE:  BY, our LAW.
247 F.  Supp.  188, 191.     
 In association, with this writ
 The 12th  amendment is to be dissolved; our need has ended.   123N.W.  504, 508.


Filing #7
413   U.S.  496, 505.     627 F.  2d   906, 909.
60   F.  Supp. 235, 236.
Separated from the constitutional developments, that assert ownership and the right to sustain, defend, and protect our democracy through constitutional law, as is OUR GOVERNMENT, in writing.  Our law, described, defined, and dictated to our employees through their oath/ and to ourselves as the basis of all law; and critical foundation of our nation or our state.   This extra-ordinary writ DOES INCLUDE the following.

The question presented is NOT:     whether I am wrong or right regarding threats that can exterminate us all.  It is not even whether those who experiment are right or wrong.  That is fundamentally unnecessary.
  The question is:   IN  EXPERIMENTS,   that literally CAN AND DO endanger our very existence as a planet/   WHICH THREATEN the very  nature we require to survive and be happy; as is everything ALIVE!     221 A.  2d   315, 318.      358   S.W.   2d   302, 305.
  The reality of a decision that can take away our future, and destroy life on this planet:   DEMANDS,   WE THE PEOPLE, SHALL HAVE OUR OWN SAY?  Is that NOT democratic authority and purpose!  Is that NOT “America as it should be”?
  The LEGAL answer is: BEING WRONG IS DEATH TO US ALL/ our right to understand fully, and decision for ourselves,  without interference:   is in fact undeniable!
   The democratic answer is:   OUR LIVES ARE THREATENED/ therefore our legal rights, and our own decision:     IS THE LAW.   Our legal authority is,   WE, not you;   are the owners of this nation, and this state.   You are, our employee; governed by the constitution and the oath you do take/ the penalties you do accept: to attain your job.   314   F.  2d   718, 749.
  Should we NOT legally be informed; of any and all consequences?   Should we NOT be enlightened:    as to the risk of being wrong? Should we NOT decide for ourselves:   Particularly in experiments using extreme measures.   73   N.J.L.  729, 744.  If we are willing to die for this theory, these people who say in effect:  “we can be gods”.

Failure to allow our public participation:  Becomes treason,    69   P.  241, 243.    The reality:   you have taken it upon yourselves to gamble:   with our lives/ our nation/ every child/ every living thing:   and even our world, our nature,  the planet itself.    278   N.E.  2d   504, 510.  That reality as is fundamental and true states: there  is  NO POSSIBLE consideration, NO legal construction,  or legal conception of:   “abiding in the law”, or its justice.   By this decision/ that takes our lives, and our everything for their purpose, or to become their toy, AND HIDES EVERY DANGER, as if it didn’t exist.  Using media propaganda to disguise what being wrong truly means for life, future, and planet.  That is 255 N.E.  2d   793, 795.             95   N.W.   2d.   657, 664;      162   N.E.   99, 100.   The law of the case.


            I, James F. Osterbur:   do hereby declare, that a true and correct copy of this first filing has been mailed to the following parties at the addresses so listed:.   Placing the parcel,  in the US postal service/ as prepaid mail on the date of 4/ 30 / 13
the US SUPREME COURT    1 FIRST ST.  NE.  DC 20543

THE SOLICITOR GENERAL   ROOM 5614, Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania ave, NW   Washington DC 20530-0001

the internal revenue service Brookhaven appeals  1040 Waverly ave.  Stop 906
Holtsville NY 11742             refer reply to:   AP:FE:LI-BR2: JXS

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE     BOX 249     MEMPHIS TN   38101-0249                                   

Michael T. Shelton     200 W Adams st. Suite 2300     Chicago IL 60606
the FBI     the Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania ave NW    Washington DC 20535-0001
THE PRESIDENT OF THIS UNITED STATES Barrack Obama 1600 Pennsylvania ave NW, DC  20500
the US ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE   US dept of justice   950   Pennsylvania Ave NW DC 20530-0001                                   

 Lisa Madigan      IL attorney general office  500 S. Second st.  Springfield IL 62706

 Governor Patrick Quinn    State Capitol  207 Statehouse      Springfield, Illinois 62706

THE ELEMENTAL RISE (it is now or never)

Case #____________

2191 county road 2500 E. 
St. Joseph IL 61873

the United States of America
state of ILLINOIS

dated: 4/ 22 / 13
140 F.  Supp.  925, 928.
in the extra-ordinary case of
332 U.S.  46, 65.       391  U.S.   145.
a writ demanding civil penalties against the individual employees of this USA
379 U.S.  476, 481-485

WHO HAVE distinctly and with fervor   183 So.  759, 764.
decided: they will NOT obey the constitution of this nation.  41 N.Y.S.  858.
first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  426 U.S.  833, 851.

THE CRITICAL investigation:      319 U.S.  105, 115 WHY, is our democracy (constitutional law) being destroyed, our lives threatened with extinction?  48 U.S.  1, 42. Our LEGAL 153 N.E.  13, 17.   guarantees as a citizen DENIED.       302 U.S.  309
THE DEMAND, return our ownership as WE THE PEOPLE:  BY, our LAW.
247 F.  Supp.  188, 191.     
In association, with this writ
 The 12th  amendment is to be dissolved; our need has ended.   123N.W.  504, 508.


Filing #7
413   U.S.  496, 505.     627 F.  2d   906, 909.
60   F.  Supp. 235, 236.
Separated from the constitutional developments, that assert ownership and the right to sustain, defend, and protect our democracy through constitutional law, as is OUR GOVERNMENT, in writing.  Our law, described, defined, and dictated to our employees through their oath/ and to ourselves as the basis of all law; and critical foundation of our nation or our state.   This extra-ordinary writ DOES INCLUDE the following.

            The question presented is NOT:     whether I am wrong or right regarding threats that can exterminate us all.  It is not even whether those who experiment are right or wrong.  That is fundamentally unnecessary.
 The question is:   IN  EXPERIMENTS,   that literally CAN AND DO endanger our very existence as a planet/   WHICH THREATEN the very  nature we require to survive and be happy; as is everything ALIVE!     221 A.  2d   315, 318.      358   S.W.   2d   302, 305.
The reality of a decision that can take away our future, and destroy life on this planet:   DEMANDS,   WE THE PEOPLE, SHALL HAVE OUR OWN SAY?  Is that NOT democratic authority and purpose!  Is that NOT “America as it should be”?
The LEGAL answer is: BEING WRONG IS DEATH TO US ALL/ our right to understand fully, and decision for ourselves,  without interference:   is in fact undeniable!
The democratic answer is:   OUR LIVES ARE THREATENED/ therefore our legal rights, and our own decision:     IS THE LAW.   Our legal authority is,   WE, not you;   are the owners of this nation, and this state.   You are, our employee; governed by the constitution and the oath you do take/ the penalties you do accept: to attain your job.   314   F.  2d   718, 749.
              Should we NOT legally be informed; of any and all consequences?   Should we NOT be enlightened:    as to the risk of being wrong? Should we NOT decide for ourselves:   Particularly in experiments using extreme measures.   73   N.J.L.  729, 744.  If we are willing to die for this theory, these people who say in effect:  “we can be gods”.

            Failure to allow our public participation:  Becomes treason,    69   P.  241, 243.    The reality:   you have taken it upon yourselves to gamble:   with our lives/ our nation/ every child/ every living thing:   and even our world, our nature,  the planet itself.    278   N.E.  2d   504, 510.  That reality as is fundamental and true states: there  is  NO POSSIBLE consideration, NO legal construction,  or legal conception of:   “abiding in the law”, or its justice.   By this decision/ that takes our lives, and our everything for their purpose, or to become their toy, AND HIDES EVERY DANGER, as if it didn’t exist.  Using media propaganda to disguise what being wrong truly means for life, future, and planet.  That is 255 N.E.  2d   793, 795.             95   N.W.   2d.   657, 664;      162   N.E.   99, 100.   The law of the case.

            The accumulation of threats,   237  U.S.  309.  Its understanding:   as is consistent with our legal right to defend and protect ourselves, your children, our future, our nation, and our world:   25   F   556,  558.  are listed below 329   N.E.   2d 880, 885.   With the clear intent that an investigation must ensue, and the reality of our own decision, as state or nation:   SHALL rule, what is or is not allowed.  167   P.  619, 620.   That begins the fundamental called  justice/ the legal right called ownership.    203   S.E.   2d   739, 740.    Or more clearly THIS IS OUR DECISION/ not yours, not theirs, not even this nation:   because gambling with all life on earth, with the planet itself:    IS NOT YOUR RIGHT!  IT IS,    TERRORISM.

1.   Because a tiny few said:    "Let us bring the fire on the sun here TO THIS EARTH!    The national ignition facility NIF  (with 500 trillion watts of power), and 192 lasers all surrounding and focused on the same spot in space and time”. Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.
Their theory is:   "not enough gravity here to sustain it".  Is enough to risk all life on earth.  This is their defense for bringing that fire here/ that “ it will extinguish itself.”
Not a game, if that fire does not put itself out: then it grows, and consumes the earth; it burns atomic bonds: which means EVERYTHING is fuel for the fire.  That fire,  will eject our entire atmosphere in roughly 40 days.   They DO bet our lives on what  is literally a one time experiment/ NO going back!    We cannot put out a fire that is 8-10 million degrees hot/ with flames said to reach 12 times farther, than the distance of our moon to this planet. Which means we live or die, as a planet/ based upon their theory!

From me in opposition:  So we begin again on the theory of gravity that the sun is extremely massive, and thereby the anchor itself, in solar construction;  as mass.  Thermal dynamics, or Thermal expansion means that the fire seen on the sun has grown apart from its source fuel/ because it must, or be turned back upon itself. Consequently the fire by expansion lifts from the surface of its fuel.  As is plainly seen with a candle.  The sun is not, “the functional reality of its flames.  Instead clearly we know by thermal dynamics;  that the energy has expanded enough to allow room for itself on top of the flame.  Heat expansion requires it/ the greater the heat, the more room required.  Because this is a sphere, we know that the expansion is even greater than what would normally be seen here on earth, because there is no place else for that expansion to go, other than out.   Like a flame on top of a candle/ the heat expansion rises above its fuel source, by a substantial amount even at a temperature change of roughly 500 degrees F.  Your scientists proclaim that the aurora, outer edges of the sun’s flame are millions of miles long and millions of degrees F hot.  That means, the actual mass at the center of the sun CANNOT be anywhere near the mass they believe it is/ because thermal expansion will not allow it.  It is a law of the physical universe.

            Lesson five:   your scientists theorize that the mass of the sun,  is extremely hot at its core.  They base their entire conclusion about gravity on this illusion.  However the facts cannot support that theory, in any shape or form.  If the core was on fire, then the entire mass is being consumed,  all at the same time.  IF THE ENTIRE MASS is being consumed at the same time/ as is a house on fire, all at the same time: it will be reduced to ashes quickly/ and will not be sustainable for long periods of time.  We know the sun is relatively speaking: about as hot as it was several thousand years ago, by written human history; therefore we know that the relationship between a sustainable fire, and a fire that is literally out of control is determined by how much fuel is being burned/ at once.  To retain its fire at a constant level, for these thousands of years:   it cannot be consuming all its fuel at once. Rather that fuel is suctioned up, in the flames above.
            Lesson six:   in the reality of a supernova, as your scientists state, “they know”.  The first part of that reality in time and space is: for the flames of a sun to grow in size and heat.  Therefore we know, that MORE FUEL is being burned.  Simple as that, no other physical force can cause this effect/ therefore proven true.  For more fuel to be burned, there must be fuel available that has not been involved in the flames before.  That means the core cannot be burning as your scientists say/ unless they can prove as they suggest:   the heavier materials are last to be burned at the center core.  Which would mean:   somehow the lighter/ less dense materials such as hydrogen would be burned first.  That is contrary, and in open denial of  gravitational pull/ and thereby unproven or dis-proven by their own theory.  Because heavier materials sink to the bottom/ center first;  is that not so.  Consequently for a sun to burn as they say:  it must consume the heavier materials first/ because that is what is available at the core. Leaving only less energetic materials/ with less gravitational pull for last.  So they have defeated their own theory.  Even so, the composite description demands a major explosion at the end of this cycle: without “dense explosive materials” how is that possible?  Again proven wrong.  When only the lighter materials are left, it is simply a flame dying out, smothering itself so to speak/ and the mass that is left;  turns cold.
            Lesson seven: your scientists declare, “that the sun is made out of hydrogen/ a gas”; because that is what their spectra-graph shows (lines that show a chemical signature, in a machine dividing the physical view of light).  There is no doubt as to the fact that the most common “release of ash” so to speak, during a fusion fire is the least massive or most simple combination possible in atomic environments. Because everything else has burned away.  Not a lot of pollutants coming off the sun from that fire/ which means nothing escapes, but the simplest elements, most of which can be reformed as they escape. The simplest elements possible to reform;   are hydrogen first, and some potential helium.   Or more simply the sun is NOT made of hydrogen/ the hydrogen seen is simply the result of the fusion process, the reassembly of what is left:  its “smoke” if you will/ which turns out to be hydrogen.
            So then lets review: your university diplomas/ with your political leaders providing your money: are gambling this entire planet and all life on earth/ BASED UPON the simple theory, “there is not enough gravity here on earth;” to allow fusion fire to continue burning.  They consider it to be, an explosion that simply continues on as fire/ rather than an actual explosion that expands so rapidly it cannot be contained as fire.  Which means to them that such an extreme gravity exists, a pressure so immense that it melts the core; which holds the fire to the sun.
            The critical review of fire however, even here on earth where we know the difference between a molecular fire, as is common fire/ and a molecular explosion as is seen in such things as TNT, are not the same.  There is a difference between an explosion, and a fire/ the energy release is entirely different. Which means the situational realities are also completely different.  They assume that a thermo-nuclear bomb is fusion released; because of the energy/ rather than a fission bomb as is considered to be the first atomic bombs used.  However, where is their proof?

2.    When you hear the words truthfully, that understands with all certainty: the university terrorists are mutilating every form of life on this planet/ altering life as they themselves describe.  Fully knowing the reality of pandemic's are generally created when a disease crosses species barriers: and these terrorists are doing it intentionally, “EVERYDAY”. Literally injecting chaos, into the genetic (NATURE IS, the building of a living body) reality of our lives, and our world.   Quote: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.... fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....not only life as we know it/ but also "life as it might be"...synthetic biology-including synthetic organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, origin of life, paleogenetics.... cloned...first human embryos.  Quote:   created an organism with manmade DNA...worth more than a trillion dollars..."its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA.....and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet.  The danger is not just bio-terror, but "bio-error"... sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ....labs thousands of miles away.
 NATURE ITSELF,  is the "factory and instructions and utilities etc/ that build the bodies of life" called DNA.  Not a game, every living thing is at risk! Balance “two hands/ two eyes, etc.   Disciplines, including thought, eye focus, “sewage” realities.  Order: if your muscles are not grown in a specific sequence, and through a distinct pattern: “nothing works correctly”.  ETC!  Evolution is “chaos controls everything; WE SHOPPED, and picked out anything we wanted, it was all free”/ a religion without substance or merit: a fools fantasy! What did you build out of chaos?  Thought alone builds.           But reality knows:      what builds us/ can just as easily destroy us instead.
            Quote: "Building an evolvable physical self-replicating machine is a grand challenge.  The main problem is that the device must be capable of hereditary variation, that is replicating in many configurations-configurations into which it enters unpredictably by mutation. Template replication is the solution found by nature........replication must be maintained by preventing side reactions such as spontaneous ligation, cyclization, product inhibition, and elongation of staggered ends. The last of these three results in every lengthening sequences in a process known as the elongation catastrophe.  The extreme specificity of structure required by the monomers is indirect evidence of some kind of natural ......prior to
FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: as is the reality of the last paragraph made above: biology is NOT a simple mix of chemicals in a pot, stirred/ it is not numbers to be rearranged.  Mutilations cannot be undone.  Pandemic's cannot be reversed. Lives destroyed, bodies of life horrifyingly mutilated intentionally: is crucifixion of life itself.  Biological weapons can kill 97% + already, of humanity.  These things are biological warfare against us released by university and others: with your money!   And propaganda demanding your support.

With our money, and with support from our universities, and leaders:   these exist.
3.     Consider the next big thing an exowatt laser:   stated to be 1million times more, than 10 billion 100 watt light bulbs of heat, packed into a single laser beam.  (Grab a 100 watt light bulb and see.  Imagine the heat of every person on earth 7 BILLION of us/  holding 1.4 million :  one hundred watt light bulbs EACH):  A fire so ferocious/ PACKED INTO A LASER BEAM;    That it will ignite the same fire as is on the sun/ here upon this earth instantly.  The exowatt laser does represent the single most likely event to destroy this world immediately:   expected roughly 9/1/2015.  Although the others, are equally dangerous.  Time does run out/ this world dies only once.  Are you willing to be WRONG? There is no going back, these are life or death trials for our entire world.  How much more information do you really need?

4.   Scientists said:      "lets play with the single most destructive event in the history of this universe".  They have currently created a 5 trillion watt explosion at CERN: the instantaneous release of 3.2 billion btu’s of energy or 67 billion units of horsepower.  In their tiny cage fueled by numerous atomic energy power plants. Not a game.   Very NEAR to igniting that fire, which would destroy us.  Other planetary damage as well.       
FROM ME IN OPPOSITION: Their reality at CERN:  is an environment of extreme atomic de-stabilization/ coupled to an electron mass so extensive: that it can allow a completely different state of energy suspended outside of time.  That electrons WILL retain its connection here.  Or more simply: even just one impact that escapes the consequences of time in this experiment, can multiply and influence changes in every other proton that is going through that energy, causing it to grow.   The stage is then set with a cloud of electrons set apart from the nucleus of atomic structure/ considerable lost, to the surrounding environment; but what remains is "determined".  Three things happen when "a train wreck of protons" above the energy levels called time are caused to exist.  1.  The orbital reality of electrons is moved to chaos, but still connected.  2. The critical structure of a proton/ neutron relationship is changed to become aggravated: relieved of disciplines called time.   3.  A separated environment establishes its own rules and laws.
The answer is:   that a big bang did not happen without structural disintegration.  That means: SOMETHING "sliced and diced" the mass  to be blown apart prior to the big event so that everything could go at once.  That means in real terms "a proton" so energized no physical resistance could oppose that force, existed against it.   But tied by "electrons", this force  moved back and forth through the mass at tremendous speed.  Thereby destroying atomic order (time itself), a little with every pass.   THIS is what they do!

Separated from extreme threats listed above: but still able to damage or destroy us all.  REFUSED TO INFORM “the people, and let them decide”, by  leadership, courts, and media. 

1.  We burn more oxygen with fire, than this earth can produce/ you also cut down, mutilate, or destroy the very organisms that produce the oxygen we need.   Biosphere 2 project clearly defined the amount of oxygen being produced.  "The average person uses about 3,000 liters of air to breathe a day; a small car, driving one hour, over  average distances:  use thirty times that much. A large truck over one hundred times more."  Think about it: using more oxygen just for fire than the planet makes/ WHAT happens next?  The answer is, the OZONE layer is the storage container for thousands of years of excess oxygen generation: when its gone, “its just the atmosphere”, and what this earth can make.  Answer the question; are you going to survive?

2.   Antibiotics are failing/ which means the factory farm is nearly extinct: a single pandemic then destroys the entire herd; across this world (taking your food with it).  Close confinement DOES NOT work without antibiotics in feed.   We cannot wait to rebuild, ANY livestock herd or flock/ and probably can’t.   Too many mouths to feed.  We have NO OTHER means or substantial methods left:  to raise or keep these animals currently; therefore it will be cannibalism.  Antibiotics are what make most of your healthcare possible; surgery without is worthless for most/ the disease will get you. "All gone, for a few pennies, and a little ease".  Pharmaceuticals of all kinds; sucked in by the handfuls; ARE without doubt causing the increases in autism, asthma, and more; chemicals of all kinds, ADD IN.  Mutilated foods are a clear concern in allergies/ and the livestock which eats that mutilated crop, can easily become allergic to it; which means they then all die, and cannot be returned.  Your “experts” are a tiny handful of people guessing: and being paid well, to guess as they are told/ or as their religious university cult demands, “believe in us”!  Consider all your “pharmaceutical, bad drug:  lawsuits”.

3.  Only one inch of rain reaches or replenishes an aquifer/ per fifty inches of rainfall.  Ethanol is added to fifteen percent of all gasoline used in the USA/ times at least three gallons of water to make it/ times (guessing another two for irrigation, etc). The Ogahalla aquifer stretching across several states is known to be nearly dry: “the dust bowl returns” with no end in sight. You lose “a billion bushels, and more”.   Trillions of gallons of water have been pumped into gas fields/ oil fields/ coal mining/  used in chemicals/ made toxic by chemicals/  contaminated from radiation or garbage/ removed from saturation into the aquifer by tiling; and a whole lot more.
Go find out: what are you going to drink.  Test your wells, particularly where ethanol is made:   when will it go dry?  The aquifer collapse.  Understand this is no game/ it makes war.   The reality of opening pressures beneath an aquifer:   sure as hell ain’t worth no damn job.  It takes only one earthquake (or other possibilities), to change what is contained gas, from under a water source:  to become a released gas:   we cannot drink it!   Just like the Japanese: “our generators are great/ nothing bad can happen”; you are now very vulnerable.   As tsunami’s prove.  But then the people who say it, do commonly leave/ or take the money and run away, when things go bad.  No water means no life.

4. There are experiments in nano technology, small enough particles to invade cellular structure and clog immunology, function, foundations of life and life processes as well as other cellular activities Self replicating means: potentially complete overtaking of the biological system/ even every biological creature or plant on earth.  Can’t get rid of it/ can’t stop it: pandemic IS a true possibility.   Your media presents only propaganda, “it will be great”.

5. The advances to artificial intelligence are an easily detectable threat. It will be horrible because it can be horrible/ not because it has to be?  Machines to kill you, controlled by a tiny few: is the essence of insanity itself: we are trapped, they just won’t die.   Your media presents only propaganda, “it will be great”. With GPS, we will find you “anywhere”/ preparations are already underway.  But not to worry, “you have guns”/ isn’t that so?  So when the leaders order: go get their guns: “its your job” (call for backup)/ and the people refuse, we won’t let you take everything away (call for backup); the ensuing massacre heard around the world.  Is a bloodshed event, that will be HORRIFIC, after all, you got guns.  The reality in advance:    With bribes being paid by counterfeit money:   the result of which is, that all the property in this nation is being sold to a tiny few, including foreign nations.  “Like Palestine” YOU TOO, are about to wake up without a nation to live in.  “Its all gone”.  Your media says nothing. And your counterfeit money taken in  place of titles and property, will dissolve into nothing, “overnight”.  None will save you, “its their law”;   so guns are all that is left. 
Can’t happen here, it already has.  Search REIT’s and find out who owns your nation/ find out who owns the property, and how they bought it with counterfeit inflated dollars, that you have nothing to do with.  They don’t share the numbers, “do they”?  Hell no.  But last year the federal government borrowed 1.5 trillion dollars or so/ that equals $15,000.00 per one in three citizens of new debt.  Your media says nothing. That does not include the inflation directly responsible for controlling the GDP numbers, from manufacturing and all forms of actual business.  By changing  roughly 5 trillion dollars of actual work and products.  Into 14 trillion dollars, “courtesy of wall street, and your big bankers”.  If it didn’t come from business/ THEN it is “imaginary money, and a promise to pay/ what cannot be paid”.   Because one trillion dollars is equal to $10,000.00 per each and every one of 100 million people.  That is the math.  This is your debt.  Federal reserve table L.5.  But it does not include $70 trillion or so in social security, nor state debts; and without doubt bonds hidden; etc.  If you look at the table, you will find gold:   divide the gold by the price per ounce today/ and it is NOT   “Fort Knox full”.  Just a semi load, or so, for the entire nation.  “Reagan” sold it all/ and the media didn’t say a word.  Clinton hid social security debt, by separating it from the federal tables, saying “it’s the people’s debt to themselves/ not the governments responsibility”.  BUT THEY KEPT THE MONEY, and didn’t fund anything, claiming in that lie:    “We balanced the budget, and owe nothing”.  And your media said nothing.  The people then all said:   “Oh boy, MORE bribes”, don’t look no farther: LET GREED CONTROL.   STILL think it can’t happen here?  Dumbass.

6. The introduction of mutilations such as Bt corn (kill any insect that bites, sicken many insects in contact with the pollen/ and the pesticides based upon that same chemical reaction/ or other types of killing.  DOES sicken the entire living world that lives on insects, or lives on the results of insects. Killing the insect world, IS transforming the rest, destroying “the bottom, as we know it” of the food chain on up.  IT IS destroying a vital link in the chain of life on earth.  Cities and yards the same.
The determined end of habitat for all but what men want, IS the extinction of species, by removal of diversity/ poisoning everything in sight, water, and everything else. Devastating OUR POLLINATORS, the creatures who ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR; an entire base food source to this world. The entire system of pollination, from all its creatures, to all its seeds (sterilized or mutated), to all its life is being decimated.  We are about to enter and  live within and forever changed as, "a true silent spring". Where fruits and vegetables no longer exist/ where much of life itself is now extinct.  You cannot take the food, the homes, sicken, alter or injure  reproduction, breaking apart the chains of life and more:   without extinction.  As is so evident today, and will accelerate.  The only thing left: swarms of insects dedicated to the plants men do want: MORE poison.

7. Fail to feed fish populations that you have so badly decimated, and they cannot return/ therefore you starve; and WAR.  Global warming exists as is proven by the loss of ice cover in the ocean in 2011-12 in a size more than the United States of America.  Much of the initiating  ocean food chain begins on the bottom of those ice flows.  Therefore not only is the ice gone/ but so is the food/ and so is the relief from human trawlers (can’t get me here) dedicated to “taking them all”.  Just so you know;    the only thing we have to spare to feed the ocean is: dead human bodies.  The ocean feeds over a billion people/ you already have a billion hungry/ and another billion coming before 2020.

8. "It's a choice"/ or more clearly its your choice: to fight for this world or just surrender as cowards! Think for yourself.  The media and its constant propaganda “the university knows”;   regardless of how little you are told about anything important or real.   Is subjected to the term:   brainwashing from the cult of their religion “university cannot be wrong”: we are believers.  The tragedy of belief is:   you can believe anything you want/ it is absolutely irrelevant.  But only truth determines if it is real.  Truth is NOT a game or a theory, or a delusion by its fantasy.  Truth is not “this makes me money: so shut the hell up”.  Truth is reality proven, by consistency; or proven by the fundamental:   even without true knowledge established by life itself/ I believe love can do this.  Love is a truth.   The elemental threat is:   that you have been led, (you are told what to think/ rather than understanding or investigating for yourselves)  and we do stand at the edge of extermination from this planet.   Because your leaders “believe” in university knows.  The evidence proves them entirely wrong, in terms of:     LIFE, and our DEMOCRACY in every decision,  MUST COME FIRST!

9. Evolution is their excuse, it will fix anything they destroy/ so they say: “a pure fool’s dream and fantasy”.   They do expect:  Something new will come out of your chaos, their intentional destruction of life on earth, (we CAN MUTILATE LIFE, because evolution will fix it) "in a million years or so". You want to wait a million years? They have proven nothing, but adaption:   the sign of perfect design, and clear thought:  “I knew, this would be needed”.   Evolution is the basis of genetic mutilation:   “We can do anything we want”/ without responsibility, TO LIFE!  IT IS “A PURE (what could be worse; but do remember above) THREAT OF EXTINCTION”.

10. Of the various things available for us to see the past/ one of the most clear is: that to have created the vast amount of coal, oil, and gas underground/   major caches of organic debris had to be accumulated.  Then some buried thousands of feet down.  The ONLY KNOWN mechanism to do this is:  There had to be a world wide flood/ nothing else could bury this amount of debris, all buried at one time, in the same places, on top of each other;   so as to produce these quantities.  Of relatively pure life decayed, into coal, oil, and gas. The same religion that establishes this flood declares, "the next time" by fire. So enters;   fire as on the sun!  A religious prophecy or not:   we do stare at “it is coming true”!  “Lake of fire, and so on”.

11. THERE IS NO WORK/ NO LIFE, WITHOUT RESOURCES. How long before you have nothing left? How long, before a critical part, a critical material or element, disappears forever? The future assassinated, along with every child!  The business media brags:   “in the last ten years” we have produced and sold,  more than the entire history of humanity put together.  How long, before it is all gone, with 7,000,000,000 people demanding, wanting, and needing every single day “for a hundred years or whatever it is they live before they die”?   How many does a desert keep alive?  Your life too.

12. More simply, when the ice melts, you cannot "make cold" anymore.  The heat required to melt this amount of ice:   will NOT have anything to stop it soon.  As simple as “your glass of water cannot be cooled without ice”.  This world will increase in temperature by ten degrees a year;   soon!  Because it is a “multiplying cycle”/ the more it accelerates, the more it accelerates.  Great amounts of ice have melted, some say enough for a 20 inch rise in sea level around this earth. THAT IS, ALL THE PROOF REQUIRED: TO PROVE GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL! That means you have moved "this much weight" from its location on one tectonic plate/ to another tectonic plate shifting the balance and disrupting the stability of these earth structures.  You do this with mining too.  Creating tsunami’s, earthquakes to come, etc.  The major impact on global warming is not only burning fossil fuels/ but air conditioning:   heat to generate electricity/ more heat to remove the heat.  Blaming greenhouse gases is just an excuse to remove responsibility:   “It’s the planets fault”.  Dumbass.

13. The current situation in USA with weather: is likely to remain abnormally hot and dry: on average/ because ground temperature can prove there is no great deviation from hot to cold across the nation. That temperature difference creates the weather and its rain.  Just because it is hot or cold in your area of the world, has nothing to do with the reality of an entire world.  Our weather will change, is changing, entirely because of human impacts.   We are   “Tearing our only  house down”.  Shifting weather patterns/ changing food production or water resources:  causes massive “human movement”.  The world is full/ which means war will come.

14. We cannot be wrong about energy experiments. We cannot be wrong about genetic crucifixion of life, or mutilation. We cannot be wrong about weapons of mass destruction. We cannot be wrong about food or water or anything that will make us extinct.  We cannot be wrong about oxygen.   We cannot destroy the ocean life, WITHOUT true consequences to humanity.   We cannot be wrong:  Because if you are/ the planet dies, and you with it. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

15. Because men want NO DIVERSITY/ they want only what they want, it is the search for money:   that ends the diversity of life.   That process, establishes unintended consequences, and describes environmental change. The chains of life are real, break a chain and everything dependent upon it fails to survive.  It is the cost of chemical pesticides/ herbicides, fertilizers,  pharmaceuticals, and more; interrupting life.   Creating Dead zones.  Dead or damaged rivers.  Dead eco-systems.  Entire chains of living organisms dead.  Pollution without recourse.  Radiation as well/ already more than you know, or can imagine.  Failure at every level.

16. We cannot ignore Yellowstone super volcano/ if it erupts; life on earth will die by the billions (just in the human population); a reality of consequences. Thought must prevail. We can intervene by drilling to relieve the gases that cause an explosion to occur.  Without the gas, it can only be as is an Hawaiian volcano; no explosion.    There are Possibilities that can be changed to intervene;  for tsunami’s both man-made and natural.

17. THE OCEAN FEEDS OVER ONE BILLION PEOPLE (you already have one billion people hungry).  Factory trawlers that “take them all”: are Ending the food supply for every other kind of fish dependent upon that food supply too: such as tuna and others. Killing entire " sea nations at a time".  It is devastation on a massive scale/  nothing left for predator fish.  The tiny few left are defenseless.   No balance: it's a man's way.. Nothing but want, and greed. "Make me rich"!  Don’t come back, until the ship is full!    The list is very long, regarding human tragedies created upon the sea and its life;

 I will let those more educated by studies of fundamental science: NOT theory;  inform you, with regard to critical decisions.   As is consistent with all descriptions here.

18.  Ships Are now invading even the last refuges for the very last stocks of many types of fish:   because the ice is gone or leaving, in the Arctic, and Antarctic ..   That is extremely bad;  the next generation lives here!   People,  Are genetically mutilating creatures of the sea. A complete we don't care attitude, a "we are gods" arrogance. What is the result: IF NOT a DEAD OCEAN?  You are polluting/ stealing from base food sources/ poisoning/ attacking with noise, such that it makes creatures deaf, effectively killing them/ interrupting ocean currents with global warming/ killing the incubators of ocean life/ killing the creatures that make oxygen/ extreme garbage dumps / invading sea life with diseases caused by entrapment: and much more.  None of which is sustainable, all of it a man-made disaster.

19. While human engineered crops are currently producing more: in exchange you have opened the door to an epidemic/ a catastrophe: that can kill the entire plant/ leaving you with no option but to abandon the entire species once this has taken over.  Life is not “simply numbers to be rearranged”.
  Life is, the very critical reality of “lower species” that must get along in the same place (same body) and do well, and NOT contaminate or invade the other species (and their needs)   that form together to create a more complex living structure. 
IF ANYTHING goes wrong in that living environment;  the entire plant or life dies.  If anything escapes and contaminates the rest of the species by any one of a variety of methods: the entire species will die.   YOU HAVE NO CLUE/ “university doesn’t know/ can’t know/ won’t know, until it is far too late.  And they race outdoors, with every mutilation:  specifically to endanger everything they can, “to prove evolution, by changing life;   themselves:”  CATASTROPHE IS COMING!  A religious cult gone mad: or evolutionary priests demanding,   “we have NOTHING/ so, we will make it happen”!
              Is it not said:   that asbestos poisoning takes 30 years to erupt into trouble/ until then, “everything is fine”! Think about it.
            The vast majority of plant seeds are now sterile; and the base “natural” plants from which all “engineered seed originates” is nearly extinct (very little new seed production per plant) :   too much interference.  Consider that a warning.  All life, “needs a reason to survive (happy)”/ slavery, and prison;  isn’t it.  Or it accepts suicide.

20.  The extinction of multiple species in all categories of life is consistent with:   “You changed everything/ WE CANNOT survive”.   Reminding you again:  You are killing all pollinators at once/ with poisons clearly introduced that weaken their defenses and make them vulnerable to everything.  You are affecting every species dependent upon insects and pollination; including you.   Your chemicals have invaded every landscape and environment.
JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT THEM, does not make any chemical safe for life, or the pollination/ reproduction of a species.   These are dependent upon “cleanliness”.  As all are forms of living within specific boundaries/ and if not consequences occur.  There will be trouble.

21. You have built death and starvation searching for easy money/ we will control it all. You have built "superbug's/ or extremely powerful diseases with antibiotics:    that can invade us as well". You will starve. YOUR surgery and healthcare are very dependent upon antibiotics: and that means, you die too.  Most antibiotics are completely worthless today, ABUSED.  All are going in that direction: ending close confinement livestock farms, your easy healthcare, and your chance to survive.  Because the factory farm is not going to quit on its own, until disease takes it away: TOO LATE.  Healthcare will simply rise dramatically in cost; as will death.

22. With one billion people already hungry/ 2 million more added EACH, and every week; as the human population grow; they need more. A population that is over 7 billion + people: A POPULATION THAT WILL BE 8 BILLION before 2020.  9 billion, by 2028.  A sea so badly damaged today;   it is about to die/ leaving another one billion hungry with no place to turn, and NO water to drink.  How is that not war or cannibalism.    3 billion  hungry people in less than 7 years: COMING!  With no food or water to give them.  HOW are you going to survive?  What will war use, if not weapons of mass destruction:   “Just too many, kill a billion people/ STILL 6,000,000,000 to go”/ and growing.  And that does not include disease, or the release of biological weapons.  It will be chaos: hell on earth.

23. Because men don't want to pay the price for life: WHICH IS, from this point forward: ONLY LIFE FIRST MUST LEAD. BY ITS OWN TRUTH/ no more money first, no more want first, no more insanity. ONLY LIFE FIRST, forever.           That is your choice.  Or the world itself will die/ taking you with it.   The consequence of that is:   we must find “different leaders”; or the ending of us all,  is plain and simple.

24. With a world filled with nuclear bombs, only twenty five detonations of which are said to be enough to end life on earth:    Time is limited, you will be dead.   World courts, governing leaders with law and world policing:    to enforce OUR LAWS/ we the people.   Supported by  all nations, as policing power: IS THE ONLY solution.  Which means we must have one single overriding language; so we can all talk and understand: the deaf know best!  What is important.

25. With many nations holding biological weapons, whose stated efficiency is OVER 97% DEATH RATE in humans if released: WORLDWIDE.  Your leaders believe they will escape: prepared/ too bad for you.  With university experimentation that is already biological warfare released:   you have no chance to survive unless you control them, and take away their tools.   Make all, just as vulnerable as everyone else.   The consequence is:   Killing anyone who refuses to obey:   NO MORE OF THIS.

26. PURPOSELY trying to cross humanity with any other form of life, in a direct crucifixion of the genetic stability of nature itself.   THE INTENTIONAL HORROR, injected into living creatures of life on this earth: as is mutilation/    consists of such things as “if it were you, finding worms in your chest, eating you alive; limbs simply falling off; “order died/ balance ended/ disciplines destroyed:  and so on”.  This is.... Crucified/ in any life form.... the intentional killing by torturous means!  The Media cults,  propagating "how great this will be;   we are gods"/  praise the university, all bow down and give up your money, and your life.
Functionally:   It is Armageddon (nature in chaos).  Coming true.

27. How is an angry world, a world stolen from, and berated as less than "us/ the extra special smart people" going to stop itself from war.  A humanity reduced to slavery by the extreme prejudice of “university over life”, in all ways and with all money, opportunity, and soon to be property.   Men reduced to slavery;   choose war as their answer, how is not the GUNS SOLD a clear indication of your future?   You threaten yourselves, or more correctly your “university gods” have proven to be devils in disguise: taking far more than life can provide/ and sharing nothing.  Removing life must come first for this planet!  That is a threat.

28. 7 billion people growing at 2 million more each week!   A world of people, that  ARE:  Standing on one acre of "growing land" each.   This world is limited, that acre of growing land “farmable” must also produce enough for every other creature alive on land as well as you.  Crop land that can grow nothing, which means it is not even an acre now.  The children will grow, and need, want, and demand MORE.

29. Want a better world, create world law; to govern leaders/  & dedicated world police, to intervene where life and law demand we must.   Those, who will not attack nations, BUT WILL bring their leaders to justice by trial, or if necessary other means of enforcement and denial of superiority, including death for leaders, if necessary. The law, Will enforce our need to control those who intend to control us.

30. The separation and protection of women from men in terms of making a nation different: we are equals.   IS A TRUE incentive to men, to make the other men change. To change themselves:  So that the women will return.  Which means simply:   any nation that fails to treat women fairly, MUST BE DIVIDED into “women here/ men there”.  Until JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY, THROUGH EQUALITY FOR ALL is served;   for women/ and for all.   You will protect the women;   as a world.   For enough time to establish whether the men will change.  IF NOT,  those women who refuse to return, shall be allowed asylum in another country.  Let the men fight, give them weapons/ but make them change: where it is necessary.  The women MUST make their legal  demands clear!

31. Want to use all the resources of earth today: HELL yes/ no worry, we will just go get more! After all, how much stuff can 7,000,000,000+  people take, every day/ every year for their entire lives: answer the question!

32. Armageddon means: "Nature in chaos". Geneticists are actually working as hard as they can, for the last fifty plus years/ DELIBERATELY trying to cause genetic stability, disciplines, and balance to be destroyed. They believe once they see it fail/ then they will know what to do, to "be gods themselves". I say: instead of gods/ they will be "satan";   the destroyers of this world.  WE CANNOT FIX,   “WHAT THEY ARE DESTROYING”!  That means it is a life or death question for this entire world.   Are you going to stop them entirely/ NO exceptions.  Did they fix A.I.D.S.?  No, they just made it possible to infect more!

 33.  Just your garbage dumps/ failure to recycle properly;   prove the reality of leadership.  “Lets throw it all away”.

34.  You have numerous nuclear power plants, that all have a distinct life expectancy: because corrosion WILL eat away at the pressure vessels.  They won’t tell you, “just before the explosions occur”: there are always excuses.  They don’t tell you when toxic waste sites are full.  They don’t tell you anything/ and the media joins them, because the money controls.  The people with money will leave; just too bad for you!  You must participate in understanding and reviewing the evidence/ and you must pay the price for intervention; whether you like it or not.

35.  You have an extreme threat under one of the great lakes, that has been defined; and will not be again, because of terrorists.  Solutions are at least in part; somewhat available.

36.  Of all the failed schemes and declarations, “we are the superior ones”/ that have clearly brought us to the cliff edge of extinction for an entire world:   little has been more destructive than, “let one, or a tiny few” speak for all.  This has become,  the “land of the expert, and the media” ( a monopoly,    18   N.W.  2d 905, 908.  as have others invaded our nation, to rule)/  we have all failed ourselves; because they chose.   INSTEAD OF TRUE DEMOCRACY          WHICH IS:   LET ALL, “speak for one”!

McCulloch v.  Maryland (1819) still rings true:   “Let the end be legitimate, let it be within the scope of the constitution, and all means which are appropriate, which are plainly adapted to that end, which are not prohibited, but consist with the letter and spirit of the constitution are constitutional.”


I, James F. Osterbur:   do hereby declare, that a true and correct copy of this first filing has been mailed to the following parties at the addresses so listed:.   Placing the parcel,  in the US postal service/ as prepaid mail on the date of 4/ 22 / 13
the US SUPREME COURT    1 FIRST ST.  NE.  DC 20543

THE SOLICITOR GENERAL   ROOM 5614, Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania ave, NW   Washington DC 20530-0001

the internal revenue service Brookhaven appeals  1040 Waverly ave.  Stop 906
Holtsville NY 11742             refer reply to:   AP:FE:LI-BR2: JXS

INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE     BOX 249     MEMPHIS TN   38101-0249                                   

Michael T. Shelton     200 W Adams st. Suite 2300     Chicago IL 60606
the FBI     the Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania ave NW    Washington DC 20535-0001
THE PRESIDENT OF THIS UNITED STATES Barrack Obama 1600 Pennsylvania ave NW, DC  20500
the US ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE   US dept of justice   950   Pennsylvania Ave NW DC 20530-0001                                   

 Lisa Madigan      IL attorney general office  500 S. Second st.  Springfield IL 62706

 Governor Patrick Quinn    State Capitol  207 Statehouse      Springfield, Illinois 62706

THE ELEMENTAL RISE (it is now or never)



Case #____________





2191 county road 2500 E. 

St. Joseph IL 61873



the United States of America

state of ILLINOIS


dated: 4/ 19/ 13

140 F.  Supp.  925, 928.

in the extra-ordinary case of

332 U.S.  46, 65.       391  U.S.   145.

a writ demanding civil penalties against the individual employees of this USA

379 U.S.  476, 481-485


WHO HAVE distinctly and with fervor   183 So.  759, 764.

decided: they will NOT obey the constitution of this nation.  41 N.Y.S.  858.

first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  426 U.S.  833, 851.


THE CRITICAL investigation:      319 U.S.  105, 115 WHY, is our democracy (constitutional law) being destroyed, our lives threatened with extinction?  48 U.S.  1, 42. Our LEGAL 153 N.E.  13, 17.   guarantees as a citizen DENIED.       302 U.S.  309

THE DEMAND, return our ownership as WE THE PEOPLE:  BY, our LAW.

247 F.  Supp.  188, 191.     

 In association, with this writ

 The 12th  amendment is to be dissolved; our need has ended.   123N.W.  504, 508.





            At no time, and under NO consideration of facts, intent, or purpose, not by presidential, or congressional actions:    can the constitution of this UNITED STATES, or the constitution of the state of ILLINOIS be considered less than:    THE LAW GOVERNING    THIS,  OUR DEMOCRACY;    Called    WE THE PEOPLE!      177   P.  742, 744.   The constitution IS OUR AGREEMENT UNITING US AS A DEMOCRACY:   BY THESE WORDS.  IT IS OUR AUTHORITY OVER OUR EMPLOYEES.  WE, the people are the law established;   by governing ourselves through democracy (we died for this/ we sacrificed for this/ we paid for this.  IT IS OURS.) itself;   as is the constitution by definition.  The contract we declared to be "sacred": the foundation of life in society and law:   in this United States and the state of IL.  There is no other!


            Our constitution  IS THE LAW, because the constitution is no less than the authority under which this people does UNITE, the foundation upon which we rule our employees.   OUR DEMOCRACY, means:     we the people UNITED under this common cause.  That cause which unites us:   IS OUR LAW, over those we employ to govern under our authority.  BY NO MEANS or method, is that an opportunity to rule us.  That purpose of our constitution  is:   to define and create OUR FREEDOMS, and OUR LIBERTY, and OUR DUTIES that govern ourselves in the responsibilities we owe to each other. That demand obedience from our leadership employees by their oath/ because our constitution governs them, through its words, its intent, and by its redress of grievances (power to the people): when proven necessary.


            Any act, any discretion, any purpose other than what has been noted and assigned to ourselves, or our employees in the furtherance of our democracy; can be traitorous.  Any act  that consists of the potential called:   rebellion, failure, fantasy, destruction, gambling, treason, traitorous, or other/ that risks our lives is a foundation for treason.  When situations arise that present an invasion of our constitution, and our lives,  our future, our democracy:   or our need to be informed failed by "the press": realities which threaten our world, our nature, our future, and ourselves.    These consist of an act called   BETRAYAL.  That is subsequently outside the limits of the oath we demanded:    that you agreed, to protect, defend, and obey the constitution; as is elemental to protecting, defending, and obeying our democracy/ the decision called,  WE THE PEOPLE, in this our home.  There is NO immunity for that, it is punishable by law; regardless who the perpetrator is.  To underscore and establish what is, or is not a conspiracy against this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:   the elemental reality of  refusing to obey the constitution itself.   This demand for an extra-0rdinary writ HAS BEEN FILED,   in the US supreme court .   To determine if in fact our judiciary has deliberately chosen to fail   "We the people" of this UNITED STATES, or this state of ILLINOIS.  To account for the critical relationship we now share with THREATS that can cause our very extinction.  To decide what shall be done with the money so corrupted, the lies so deceitful, and the theft so extensive:   we have no choice.   This has now become a duty required:  "to save our democracy" .  The consequence:   we must demand redress!  Our legal right to the information/ the decisions of governing/ the rights of ownership/ and the duties owed by our employees, or ourselves.  The legal demand to defend ourselves, and protect our world, these children, and our lives. 

            The foundation of this writ, established against the judiciary/ various leaders who discard constitutional law as well:   the elemental beginning,  refusing their support for a guaranteed right(s) of the constitution.   Of this nation and this state:  is formally and functionally decided by the evidence created within the judicial cases represented by James Frank Osterbur versus state and/ or nation.  The primary element of conspiracy being:   TO DENY AND DISCARD, a legal tenant of the first amendment called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  The fundamental constitutional condition being failed repeatedly and with preconceived  intent:   fraudulent descriptions,  failed rules, and deliberate decisions to avoid and thereby refuse or confuse, constitutional values, demands, or oaths.  This  DOES in fact raise the elemental question:    Did these members, and these courts representing the judiciary in both state and nation; along with the political entities, so named:  in fact DENY NOT ONLY THE LAW, BUT THE CONSTITUTION AND OUR DEMOCRACY AS WELL.     In fact:   is it not true, these things could not exist, "without the critical test"/ OUR LEADERS have so chosen against us, that this is their demand "behind closed doors"?  Do they even threaten our lesser employees?  And if so, who stands at the top of this cascade called treason.                                                                                                                                                                              


            In this appeal of US TAX COURT case,   #11108-12L/ that is joined to this writ, as elemental evidence.     As  established by the commissioner  of the internal revenue against James Frank Osterbur.  A defense created to insist:  the legally guaranteed citizen right: to own and demand that "DEMOCRACY MUST COME FIRST/ the constitution shall be obeyed"; before taxation.  Establishes duty: as my own constitutional guaranteed rights: particularly as of REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES:   shall be honored, before taxation is due.  That is part and parcel of my responsibility to defend this nation and this state, AND PARTICULARLY MYSELF.  To protect all I possess, or desire or value as my existence here on earth:   from EXTREME THREATS created, allowed, or funded by the employees of this government:   A FACT that cannot be discarded.     42   U.S.C.  4332.

            The deliberate experimentation, and decision by our employees:  To risk my life/ to risk our everything, by evidence proven true:   constructs a legal RIGHT, and a legal contract that has not be kept.   There is no freedom and no basis in law that allows:   my life/ our lives shall be put into danger for and by university experimentation.  Particularly in extreme measures as is consistent with bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth/ mutilation of all nature; and more.    347 U.S.   618, 634

             This writ seeks to prove:   our right as a nation, our rights as a state, our rights as a citizen:   TO BE PROTECTED, DEFENDED, AND CONSTITUTIONALLY governed.  Has been denied.  That;  Has been an act of both treason (you handed our money and our lives and our world and every life on this planet; over to a university theory).  With regard to constitutional law and the oaths given to obey it; the preamble itself proves you wrong/ these are EXTREME RISKS to our world.  That Has now been defined as  traitorous acts: a reality of what can only be called "cult worship: by our employees in governing".   YOU CANNOT gamble with our lives, regardless what you believe! The separation of "your church/ university knows" and our government is absolute; you have no right/ a theory is not a fact.  American constitution law 772 2d ed 1988  You have no right.    As our employees:  Your job is to obey the constitution and protect, defend, and respect our democracy.  OUR INTENT for this government is, as the preamble and its constitution state. Nor can you gamble with THIS ENTIRE EARTH.  NOR can you risk all of nature with mutilation: NOR can you avoid realities that will invade our lives, resource loss, or other demands that compromise or control our survival, as a nation or world.  NEITHER can you USE and abuse  my money/ or our money,  to do so.   We have rights!  WE ARE THE OWNERS, and we decide as a people IF OR WHEN our lives can be gambled/ our world put at risk.  Our money stolen.   By our vote, our informed and legal decision as we the people.     That is in part;  the essence of we rule ourselves!  NOT YOU.


              As is consistent with redress of grievances, and its LEGAL PURPOSE in the governance of our lives, our society, and our nation or its future.  That demand has been established before the court and government entities of this USA and this state called IL; numerous times.   I am denied:   a guaranteed right of constitutional law, to inform the citizenry through LEGAL procedure, by assembling information such as I have:   to ask of "we the people", must we not defend ourselves?  By legal trial: demanding accountability for this!   There is no petition unless the power to rise in our democracy, as owners through the law exists.  Without the power called ownership of our democracy/ as the essence of our authority, we are mere "sheep"/ ruled, not free.  That is treason, as every purpose of our constitution is:   that we SHALL rule ourselves.  Which does mean, we must protect, defend, and respect our constitution, if our employees fail to do so.  It is not only our right/ it is our duty:  it is our law called redress of grievances.

              I am discarded by those in political office whose job it is to watch over the judiciary (they are not gods) and defend the constitution; when it is clearly not obeyed.   You cannot gamble with our world, our nature, our money, etc   163 S.W.  2d 948, 953 .  All those:    Whose job it is to protect our lives and our state or nation FIRST, and not last/  or at their own whim: are subject to penalties.   You chose, and you swore, your job was given to you, by the demand upon you:   that we would be first, our constitution would rule you, and us.   255 N.E.  2d 793, 795.  We are denied.   The facts are simple and plain:   recorded in the various  courts, both state and nation;   from which trial did come.   The evidence of a clear and simple purpose to attain the guaranteed right called redress/ and to "alert the people" of an absolute danger.  To clarify and display: that a theory, or a religion, is the false pretense of knowledge/ and cannot be depended upon for life.   That knowledge:  as must be recognized for the sake of our lives, our state, our nation, and our world: FREED from the propaganda surrounding it.   Is a demand for investigation, of the true threats established in pleadings: the reality what happens when their theory is WRONG!  Refused.  The demand for "let the people decide for themselves": it is their very lives, their planet, their children, their everything at risk:    DENIED. The interlocutory issues constructing "the possibility of extermination": for our very planet or its nature CANNOT be denied.  None are "an expert"/ only theory exists: AND THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES, wrong is a dead world.  These facts of risk, by those who treat life and planet as their toy;   that can kill, mutilate, disease, and damage our world are the foundation of this demand for redress.  They are sufficient for the need:   establishing,   an investigation MUST exist/ the people MUST be given their opportunity to vote/ or no risk can be taken.   294  F.  2d 150.  On every risk so extreme, a world can die or life itself be mutilated forever:   the critical knowledge  attained is/ WE CANNOT be wrong.   212 F.  275, 277.   The law called redress, becomes our last defense:   denied/ interrogatories   REFUSED. 149 A.  761. 

            In addition too:   the failure of constitutional law, as is secondary to this writ;   in the protection of society and me.   271 U.S.  228. The fantasy and delusion that "university knows";  constructs a cult of worshipers that believe, but do not know.  Thereby the "brainwashed cult": chooses to  gamble and RISK all life on earth without our consent, at a minimum: BY VOTE.   That Is without substance or legal merit/ THEY CANNOT.  112  F.  2d   886, 887.  Without TRUE knowledge, every risk that can destroy us all:   is TERRORISM.  That knowledge cannot be obtained without risking everything on earth: therefore it cannot be done.  To be wrong is a dead world/ a destroyed nature/ or HELL on earth.

              These are not rights nor duties of the parties in question;   they, nor our employees:   CANNOT override our laws, or our constitutional intent, "with their religion;   we know everything"/ and then RISK EVERYTHING.   With methods and means:   that can exterminate our lives, mutilate our nature, and destroy our future.    192   P.  2d 589, 593-594.  That is utterly and without doubt unfair TO ALL LIFE, and criminally insane.    141   N.E.  2d   202, 206.    The criminal coercion consistent with the abuse, and methods used to obtain our money, and use it for these crimes against our world  621 F.  2d 123,  124.,    is not less than a fact/ thereby an act of war against us all.  179 S.E.  2d 138, 141.

             The corruption established in 11108-12L is fundamental, and absolute.   The direct robbery 152  F 2d  808, 809    within the supervision of all litigants as established in the proof of service.  Constitutes a forcible taking,  from myself, in open court.   The right of depreciation as the law, and IRC, section 179 code allowed/ was owed, thereby legally mine.    342  F . Supp.  1048, 1062.  There failure to abide in the law:  consists of theft in the amount of $8200.00.   The indirect robbery that is larceny   53 So 2d   533, 536;    Constructed by:  Fully knowing, and established in filings as US tax court 11108-12L: that the only purpose in demanding this court hearing, by withholding tax payment until "my day in court" to demand: was and is CONSTITUTIONAL LAW must be upheld/ had come.  Their failure,  Has been proven, without doubt.  I was again denied, and charged interest and penalties for what is MY DUTY: and theirs.     To defend my nation and my state:   against those who refuse to obey constitutional law, and accept the responsibilities of their position, by respecting OUR DEMOCRACY, honoring our constitution, and protecting our lives.  I owe nothing for that.  Particularly when it is clear and substantively proven:   I HAD NO control over the court, nor when it would bring this trial for "GUARANTEED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS" to a hearing.  Which they refused to do:  "until the money made them,  by time restraint.  Wherein I demanded a jury trial, after being assaulted by the threat of a $35,000.00 fine, and more.  Which I was also refused.

              The FBI/ THE PRESIDENT, THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, THE COMMISSIONER OF THE IRS, and its cohorts, being named litigants, assigned to protect each citizen;   we're all informed. The congress of this US added in:   when my representative acted in good faith/ and was told of "a crime in progress": by me.    Returned, Quote:   "The US house of representatives committee on standards of official conduct has informed me that because this is a legal matter, I cannot intervene".  That summary judgment holds no merit, as a crime was clearly involved.  They failed or refused their duty.  They chose to suppress.    94 So   408, 409.

            The establishment of corruption, and collusion/ the conspiracy not only to deny constitutional law, but our authority as we the people in governing ourselves, by redress of grievances.  Our authority to demand  accountability from our employees, for what you did, or did not do:   is PROVEN TRUE.

1.   My guaranteed rights under amendments # 1   319 U.S.  105, 115,   have been removed from me.  From us all!   Redress of grievances is the law.

2.  Amendment  # 3 (you threaten our nation, by financial graft, university arrogance and deceit/ inflation disguised as debt, our nature mutilated; and  MANY MORE extreme possibilities of extinction.   These are, "AN INVADER, in my house/ treason in my homeland.")

3.  Amendment   # 4,( my property and myself has been attacked in open court, in direct disobedience to the law, with all leaders watching)

4.    Amendment  #5 (nor shall any person be subject....twice....nor be deprived of ... property without due process of law).  A crime in progress committed in open court: IS NOT due process.  Nor is the denial of constitutional law, redress of grievances is a right:   called by,  any form of justice.

            My demand for a  Jury trial,  Replaced by:  A "special trial"!  That demand consists of a "special verdict:  which MUST make a specific finding on each ultimate fact put in issue by the pleadings"   Civil procedure 208 (2d 1970)   NO substantive issues established by the pleadings were contested, recognized, investigated, or defined by the terms of   CONSTITUTIONAL  law: AS IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THIS CASE.  The assertion that the court is not an expert fails:

             THESE PLEADINGS ARE NOT about theories.  These pleadings are about what happens when theories fail, IN EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION:   and the resultant TERRORISM AND DEATH, that will result from BEING WRONG!

              Therein  All  DENIED, without cause; as the constitution cannot be separated from redress of grievances.  And our lives, our world, and our nature cannot be separated from the consequence of what being wrong DOES MEAN.  In addition, the current   order received  from Lewis R. Carluzzo .  Consisting of an obvious threat   (... nor shall any person be subject....twice) .  For more damages, or other:   costs from the court.

5.  Amendment 6   confronts the court regarding the theft of depreciation in 11108-12L and recognizes NO TRIAL ensued, even though I demanded justice: from the president/ attorney general/ and FBI.  Thereby civil penalties and law reside here.   50 A.  2d 39, 43.      15   U.S.C.  45(1). 



6.         In addition:    Let the facts show, amendment 7:     a jury trial was denied, THE "SPECIAL TRIAL" did not construct a legal remedy as is consistent with a specific finding on each and every issue established.  To glibly assert: we cannot be expected to understand "science or theory" is no excuse.  The court DOES understand the consequences of being wrong: is an end to life on earth.  Cult worship is not a defense.    208   U.S.  412, 420. Thereby hidden from view, our constitutional remedy for failure by our employees, as is redress.  The final protection for our democracy was taken, by force; from us all.   229 A.  2d 388, 394

7.         The criminal construction of : a fine under threat of more extreme punishment as is 47.5 % interest.   For more than $14,000.00 not constitutionally owed.  Is restricted under the eight amendment/ thereby illegal and stands as a testament to battery.

8.   Amendment 9 understands that immunity at any level or assumption/ SHALL NOT be abused.    682   F 2d   883, 885.  Nor shall corruption, collusion,  conspiracy OR INSANE RISKS AGAINST OUR PLANET OR ITS NATURE OR OUR FUTURE:    be used against our state, nation, or world.  339   P 2d 398, 402.  All subjects of the pleading established and filed in case 11108-12L; and other cases both state and nation:  denied without constitutional trial, or mention of the fact: this is about constitutional law.  The foundation pleading is: constitutional.   The evidence of courtroom reality is:   complete and absolute avoidance, and  denial.  140   P 2d   335, 338.

9.         Amendment 10:   deliberately and without compromise establishes a secondary defense for first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  426 U.S.  833, 851.  OUR AUTHORITY AS OWNERS,   is found, even though it was never in doubt.  THIS IS, "OUR NATION"/ and we the people will NOT be ruled.    219  S.W.  2d 282, 285.    We must become our own trustees, while trial over our employees shall be done.  There is no potential called "impossible"/ we demand our laws shall be kept/ our democracy and citizen rights respected.   We rule ourselves by the laws we create, and enforce: particularly those called CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!    25 N.W.  2d 225, 228.  That is the foundation of democracy itself.

 10.   Amendment 11:    "The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity......"   Which DOES MEAN:   That legal matters of corruption, collusion, conspiracy, and others:   subjected to,  clear irrefutable evidence in support thereof by the trials of   James Frank Osterbur.  Established in county, state, federal, and supreme cases.  Constructs cause for investigation:    by our  government of the people, and against the judiciary.  As is the essence of redress of grievances/ our first amendment right, and legal law.   They  CANNOT JUDGE THEMSELVES.  103   So   835.   Nonfeasance exists particularly in the US supreme court by the failure to docket this case in a timely fashion and according to law.   115   N.W.  2d   411, 413. Nonfeasance exists in the IL supreme court, for its failure to docket a previous case on IL constitutional law.   279   P.  2d 472

            To properly establish this doctrine of justice 18 F. 2d   752, 753.     Reality DOES NOT allow the judiciary immunity for criminal construction or organized crimes against individuals, society, state,  nation, or world.  Which DOES return us to FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.   "LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE".  This is our nation/ and you are "our employees" by oath, punishable by law.  We are the judge and jury in fact; in any case involving our judiciary, and in particular all who swear to obey our constitution and protect or defend our lives.   But then fail.

             Functionally:  The demand is for emancipation from the control of another/ a freedom from the claims of another:    TO JUDGE if the law and the individual oath of office have been met, as a democracy expressed.  20 P 2d   896, 897.  The reality:    Our leaders are in this writ and conjoined appeal:    accused of illegal acts, and improper reliance upon immunity itself.  Accused of letting a religion (we believe, "university knows"/ risk our everything):   thereby run the government and our lives. 421  P.  2d 586, 589.   Immunity:  is to aid in the process of justice/ NOT deny it.     Prosser and Keaton , torts 132   fifth ed 1984.

            Let the foundation include:   that the US supreme court did in fact deny redress of grievances in docketed cases 08-1339 and 11-100/ nonfeasance and dereliction of duty were present in both.   Refusal to obey the law is expressed contempt for the people and their right to be protected by law, and in society through the extra-ordinary writ refused without a right.  A blockade established in the US supreme court filed, by me;  in appeal of federal case 2023.      32 A.  2d 413, 415.       188   P 2d 592, 595.

Misfeasance was clearly established by the US supreme court in the latter 2023 writ.  191   N.E.  2d  588, 591.


Separate, but established,  within this filing is: amendment 12.

11.   Amendment 12;   ESTABLISHED under redress of grievances: "our right to decide by our vote".   Is the proper and real intent to legally question WHY our independent vote as citizens of this nation HAS BEEN DENIED by constitutional law; in the direct election of our officials.  When in fact, the very purpose for this amendment has been destroyed.   124   N.Y.S.  2d 634, 636.    We have become "as educated as necessary/ although uninformed".  We have become able, if unwilling to investigate, understand, and decide for ourselves.  But remain as competent as the others: without propaganda intervening.  Thereby have no further need of this amendment.   Communication between the people themselves HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED.  The need has ended, for intervention, "a vote for someone to vote for me"/ that is, the denial of true democracy.  The right (I vote, for myself/   NOT,  for someone to vote for me) must begin.    18  A   2d   807


12.  Amendment 13:   Broken.  Slavery and involuntary servitude has been established in direct relation to the employees of government:    Abusing power, and establishing inflation to reward themselves/ by giving us the debt.  458  P.  2d   336, 338.   Lying deliberately as if this debt  could be paid: which by federal reserve accounting table L.5   it plainly cannot.  192 N.Y.  266, 282, 283  Therefore NOT a debt, and the leaders all know it.  251 N.E.  2d   468, 471.  Roughly totaling $200 trillion dollars, all totaled together: state, nation, society itself, social security, pension, bonds etc.   OUR SECURITIES, AND OUR WORK, AND OUR DEPENDENCE UPON:   "The money has value" WAS BROKEN. 97 S.E.  2d 33, 42.    And our future IS in disarray; the people buy guns.  118 N. W.  2d   422,  425.   Our property is being stolen by foreign interests and those citizens who use this new counterfeit money, to literally steal our nation and our individual property. That fact creates slavery: it is payment without value, a deceit.   234 A.  2d 442, 443.  That inflation  NOT given to the people as numbers within which they share or understand, as its truth of life in this society; then becomes counterfeit (the real value hidden): 99 A.  2d 849, 854.  The obvious purpose:  TO STEAL EVERYTHING our employees can, is NOT a foundation of your oath, or our democracy.     8   Ind.  339, 341.     24   So 847, 848.   Negligence without compromise     133   N.Y.S.   2d 423, 427.      85   S.E.   2d 327, 332.

            Amendment 14:    Demands that,    DUE PROCESS OF LAW CANNOT BE DENIED TO ANY PERSON within its jurisdiction, the equal protection of the laws.    115   A.   484, 486.    I have been denied rights, stripped of property, and refused due process (constitutional law)  by those who uses frivolous innuendo and irrelevant rules:   to discard or deny knowledge and thereby refuse constitutional basis or  rights.  214   S.W.   788.   By spurious excuses, outright abuse as is substantively:  "I don't understand what a child would".  Irrelevant courtroom rules used to override constitutional law.  The clear intent to evade or destroy the laws, freedoms, and rights of our democracy, as guaranteed by our constitution, has been proven.  Both state and nation.    108 S.W.  2d 489, 493   This is our nation/ as you well know: it does not support "rulers"; denied.  As one after the other calls themselves "the government".  They are not, each is nothing more, "than our employee."  14 So.  805, 806.

            Amendment 15 according to published reports, "we are, the most incarcerated people in the civilized world".   How is that not the rights of citizens denied or abridged?   An investigation must ensue.  134   S.E.   527.       234   N.Y.S.  52, 53.

            Amendment 16:   the fundamental value of a democracy is,   "To strip away, remove in its entirety, or deny to any and all who would rule over us, that opportunity".   32 F.  Supp 964, 987. Therefore NO FUNDAMENTAL POWER exists to collect taxes without the clear and deliberate adherence to constitutional laws.   183 N.W.  2d   813, 815. It is the constitution itself that declares:    IT IS,  THE POWER IN THIS DEMOCRACY. 18  So  2d  282, 284. It is we the people united that agree and accept this foundation as our national or state creed:   OUR LAW DEFINED, over our employees as the government we provide to ourselves.  78 S.E.  2d 323, 326. We exist as a democracy/ we fight as a people/ we live by the freedoms and liberties that we believe belong to us:   AS GUARANTEED RIGHTS, under constitutional law:   denied.  160 P.  2d,   37, 39.   The refusal of any of these constitutional guarantees, is a revocation of any and all power, assumed or granted by an amendment, "to tax".   By a law, by a position of authority, or any other form of democracy: I have been denied, my guaranteed rights.   463   F.  2d  600, 602. Because the constitution itself rules that amendment 16:   it also controls it282   N.W.  389, 392. The constitution bears only THREE distinct truths.   The preamble, which is our agreement as a people who chose to be united as one nation or state.   The instructions to our employees, governed by its consigned oath:  that you, the employee,  SHALL obey our constitutional law, protect our lives, and defend our nation;  and live within the decisions of this society.   AND,  The rights enumerated and expressed as the basis, by definition, of our intent to seize justice and fair play,  from those who would rule us.

               Our desire as constitutional law is:   to express FREEDOMS, and rights that will not be denied/ by those definitions which are, the critical  purpose which conceives of JUSTICE,  fair play, and equality for all.  Coupled to our need to recognize what is, or is not a duty, and responsibility as is consistent with liberty: to ourselves.    72 F.  2d 560, 564.

            Where the oath of office has been broken/ it is a duty, to deny taxation until that oath to obey our constitution and its law, has been met.   47  F.  Supp 395, 400-401.  Our rights to govern ourselves by vote, our demand made upon our employees by oath:     IS "democracy first"!  That fact,  will be  defended, and our society as a democratic government:   which consists of this constitutional contractual demand between ourselves and our employees.    Understands and Demands  THAT WE THE PEOPLE of this nation , SHALL,    391  U.S.  145.  Choose LIFE FIRST.  As is consistent with our preamble.  A fact of unity, and right;  that  SHALL BE RETURNED TO US.     27 S.E.  133, 140.

            Only then:    Does the right to demand payment for services rendered, hold legal authority over us as a state or nation.   32 F.  Supp. 964, 984.    WE ARE THE OWNERS!    Not you.  We employ you to do a distinct job for us, with honesty and a purpose outlined in constitutional law.   286   N.W.   844, 846.  WE DO NOT owe for the failure to do all things consistent with terrorism , deceit, denial, theft, or other versions of delusion or corruption.   We do not owe for:   "LIES, CHEAT, STEAL, EXTORT, organized crime;   etc."   383 F.  Supp 346, 350.

            Its called JUSTICE!   342 F.  Supp. 1048, 1062.


            The US supreme court is then hereby ORDERED   278   N.E.  2d   504, 510:    To protect, defend, and obey the constitution of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,   and establish OUR full and legal right of REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AS OWNERS OF THIS DEMOCRACY.   420 S.W.  2d   530, 533.  "We are the owners here".  To hold accountable, our employees:   thereby establishing a clear determination to assemble and create, "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth":  as best we can.  130   S.E.   764.   To defend our society and our future from all attackers or invaders:   ourselves.  To protect the future for every child;   by protecting our planet, our nature, and ourselves from those who gamble or steal.  From TERRORISTS AND THE INSANE/ or cult worshipers. From those who have lied and stolen, regarding our money. Or those who fail our law, and our rights guaranteed to each citizen of this United States,     84 P   685.  and to:     Redress for,  These citizens of the state of IL, as well.

            The formation of trial, the payment of lawyers dedicated to constitutional law and protection or defense of this democracy first; is ordered.    107 So.  103, 104.

             The fundamental investigation of THREATS, particularly those so extreme OUR EXTERMINATION from this planet can occur. IS THE LAW!   138  P  2d  846, 851, 852;   350   S.W.  2d  729, 732. Plus all threats fundamentally posed to present extinction to our lives or our planet by lesser means: MUST BE DEVELOPED for the protection of every child;   as is a duty to our world.  All under constitutional intent and purpose; AS IS consistent with your job/ thereby your oath.    342   F.  Supp.  1048, 1053. 

             These judgments are:   a decision that will be made by WE THE PEOPLE in recognition of our true authority as owners here, in this state, and in this nation.   We are the power, we are the law, we are the nation, we the people are owners here/ and we decide the ultimate demand required by oath upon our employees.  It is our right.   147   P 2d   759, 761.

              As citizen most representative of this trial:    Those lawyers who are chosen or retained or removed:   SHALL be under my direction, should the need arise.  That they be found:    failing our democracy; by me.    Nonetheless:    they shall work only for the people, both state and nation.   I will defend myself, my citizen rights:   as the need arises.    446  S.W.  2d  987, 903.

            A trial that must include: proper public notification, communication, awareness, and open unrestricted access to all aspects of trial itself.  Including filings, investigation materials, etc.  Nothing shall be hidden or refused its right to be "public".    1 F.R.D.   229, 231..

            OUR CONSTITUTION MEANS:    THIS IS OUR CASE~ as We the People/ it is the assertion, the evidence demands:   our laws, our lives, our future, and our democracy have been impacted.  319   P.  2d 983, 986.  We all, have a vested interest in this outcome.   170   S.W.   885, 888.         This is about our money, our world destroyed or not, our nature protected from disease and horrifying death, by definition:  every child, a future must have.  There is NO allowance for dismissal of the fact:   WE THE PEOPLE are vested in this case.   192   P 2d 589.   Both state and nation.

            The simple construction is:   YOU MUST deliver to me, and each citizen the promises made, for which we have paid a tax.  I/ we, did not pay a tax to allow you to bankrupt us/ allow you to create situations which threaten our very existence/ allow you to discard the future, or a single child: and much more.   YOU ARE NOT RULERS!  You, are employees, arraIgned under the charge:   "An oath you failed to keep".   116   N.W.  2d  68, 71.    That is not the purpose of this democracy: THIS IS.

            We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves, and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

             You MUST obey constitutional law and intent, or treason ( the act of rebellion against the doctrines, definitions, and purposes of our democracy) may be established against you.          429   P.   2d   115, 118.           

            You must obey TRUTH as is consistent with the foundations of survival for life on earth.  Lies only bring death.   The consequences of reality are less, than the consequences of a failed existence, about to be exterminated from this planet/ or thrown "into hell".  What can  be changed,   FOR LIFE MUST COME FIRST:    is then "the future".   The simple demand:   Continued,  Life for this planet, and this nation is my cause.  That does not exist, without TRUTH!   279   P 2d   276, 278.  

             Truth is:   the constant source established by proven knowledge/ that becomes our foundation, governing thought, and everything that is or is not essential OR, the essence and reality of our lives.



            I, James F. Osterbur:   do hereby declare, that a true and correct copy of this first filing has been mailed to the following parties at the addresses so listed:.   Placing the parcel,  in the US postal service/ as prepaid mail on the date of 4/ 19/ 13

the US SUPREME COURT    1 FIRST ST.  NE.  DC 20543


THE SOLICITOR GENERAL   ROOM 5614, Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania ave, NW   Washington DC 20530-0001


the internal revenue service Brookhaven appeals  1040 Waverly ave.  Stop 906

Holtsville NY 11742             refer reply to:   AP:FE:LI-BR2: JXS


INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE     BOX 249     MEMPHIS TN   38101-0249                                   



Michael T. Shelton     200 W Adams st. Suite 2300     Chicago IL 60606


the FBI     the Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania ave NW    Washington DC 20535-0001

THE PRESIDENT OF THIS UNITED STATES Barrack Obama 1600 Pennsylvania ave NW, DC  20500

the US ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE   US dept of justice   950   Pennsylvania Ave NW DC 20530-0001                                   


 Lisa Madigan      IL attorney general office  500 S. Second st.  Springfield IL 62706


 Governor Patrick Quinn    State Capitol  207 Statehouse      Springfield, Illinois 62706

Certified Mail, In the Superme court 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8 From the court , IL Superme court 1, 2
In the US Tax Court Case 11108-12L 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13, My Response Last Order And again. And again. Yet again, Letters from the IRS

            As is true of every predator, they will only attack if they are desperate or believe there is an opening by which they can escape unharmed.  As a consequence, to the failure to respond:  they must believe that opening exists. The US tax court returns because they believe there is that opening/ or they are required, "by their minder's" as may be the supreme court itself.  Governments do not corrupt themselves/ they must be invaded.  The courts job is, as it has been proven to be: protect the powerful.  Just as it is the media editors job:  to protect the owner, and do what they say, OR BE FIRED.

            Even so, they also acknowledge receipt of the filings/ same as the US supreme court received.  The US supreme court continues to remain silent, because they know "I am within the doors of the courtroom" and cannot be dismissed without adherence to law.  That means they must answer within constitutional demands.  They must Answer:  redress of grievances.  They have refused.  But because they are fully aware of this case after now five filings in the US SUPREME court:   it is true and adequate to indicate, "with the full knowledge and direction  of that supreme court/ the tax court now prepares to do violence to me. Without doubt ordered:  Simply "get rid of him"/ doesn't matter how; as is consistent with all forms of tyranny.


            I demand "DEMOCRACY FIRST"/ they refuse.  I demand, that because our lives, our planet, our nature, our future, every living thing/ THE LIFE of every child   IS BEING GAMBLED WITH:      that we the people MUST be adequately informed with truth and THE consequence of being wrong MEANS WE DIE/ THE ENTIRE PLANETSO THAT WE MAY VOTE FOR OURSELVES, to let these gambles continue/ or NOT.  They refuse.  I demand, that because our constitution and in particular first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES is not honored, is not respected, is not obeyed/ and we the people are not protected, or defended as is so clearly proven by the threats of this day.   Greater issues than tax, money, property or any other reality we can survive exist here.  THIS CASE is about threats we cannot survive as an entire earth of life/ all die, when they are proven wrong.  THEY PLAY, with extreme energies demanding chaos/ THEY PLAY with life itself as nature is DNA, the building of bodies called life, demanding chaos/ THEY PLAY with the same fire as is on the sun, demanding we die, if they are wrong! THEY PLAY WITH AN EXO-WATT LASER; a fire so ferocious the same fire as is on the sun is guaranteed: due in 2015.  It is not more or less; than life or death for a planet. They will not stop themselves: "its their job/ their pride/ and their power": or your life. You lose!   Add to that:  Even though the parameters of money, and more must be understood as a threat established on human society: by the disease of numbers without any connection to reality: UNLEASHED on our existence.  It does not compare!  Slaves are not born, they are forced by the circumstances of their life, or their environment; but most survive.  The cause:  When a tiny few hold all the numbers/ when your own holdings can collapse in an instant, because of inflation: slavery exists.  Wars erupt: with guns everywhere/ you get bloodshed everywhere. Weapons of mass destruction unleashed.  Not a game.

             WE MUST, IT IS OUR DUTY, to deny the collection of tax:  

             Until the constitution IS OBEYED, and WE ARE defended, protected, and respected AS OWNERS of this nation.    That is the price of democracy, and it is not free! 

             It is our duty to investigate as a nation and defend our planet, our nature, our future, and our lives from those who are so arrogant, and extremely delusional:   that they chose to endanger us all, based upon simple theory, which they don't understand (don't know what gravity is/ they assume).  But risk the entire planet anyway.  This earth dies only once, there are no second chances.  Neither can be rebuild nature, when genetic disciplines, order, balance, beauty, and more than you can imagine are deliberately caused to fail.

            They are the employees, whose leadership jobs all exist, NOT because they earned them/ or were elected to them:   BUT BECAUSE THEY SWORE, UNDER PENALTY OF LAW, that they would put the constitution first: they would defend our lives, they would protect our nation and that includes our world, that they would obey the laws of this land, and the constitution which is OUR GOVERNMENT as we the people who did accept you under these specific terms:  as our employees.  Not as our rulers!

            The functional reality of these sites now becomes a pathway to democratic rule, literally as we the people.  Not because I intended it so/ but because in the need to take control over those who experiment and threaten all life on earth: IT SIMPLY MUST be done.  They refuse to protect or defend life, which means: WE MUST.  It is not a true choice, "we must".  There will be a price to be paid, consequently find a way TO BE FREE.  To be liberated from their debt (they did it/ its theirs, NOT ours.  Simply prove you have said NO: don't pay their tax, until democracy is real.  OUR GOVERNMENT is returned.)/ their threats and weapons (answers are given: you have a vote, create world law.) & to return as owners of this state and nation (they have stolen it today, they believe "they are rulers". Prove it is not so.) & download these sites so they cannot be taken away; they are free. (Enforce your constitution; surround them, and demand it shall be so; OR your oath shall punish you.  Use the law.)  "Its your job" now.  Don't wait/ you don't have the time; life on earth truly is, "in grave danger".  I would not have come this far, had that not been true.  "I ain't no martyr"/ and the corruption is severe;   consequently the list of possibilities regarding my future for this work;   doesn't contain much that anyone would desire.  It is also true, that if completely ignored, your future as identified by this work: will be horrific.  Without true change, there is no hope.  This is the best men did do/ as history proves: they cannot change beyond it:   which does leave only women as an option for different.  We must have different/ or we die. This is not a game, because reality doesn't play, it lives or dies.  Even your finances (they stole our money) can kill you/ how much more so, a list of threats so extreme any one of them will kill you, if left unchanged.

             As for me, I will simply hope for the best/ for me, and you! As for my current reality: I have continued on this far, because I have chosen to be, "an amusing toy to a predator/ that part is a game of cat and mouse": providing information only because it was necessary.  That reality  however is truly likely to change, as their amusement turns to "he has damaged us; our power, lies, and pride".   Or more simply: everything you need for life, and a better world has been given; at least the possibility to survive, by understanding change is required now exists.   The price:   "you (whoever you is)" cannot kill a world, "at least not my world" without a fight.  The rest is up to you.

            Do NOT depend upon your media; they lie, deceive, and fail to protect at all levels of life and especially university.   As is proven by your debts  They knew.  As is proven by the extreme energy and life experiments that will take your lives, your bodies, your child, even your planet; unless you stop them yourselves.  NOT A GAME.    To be wrong means:   your dead.


            A footnote: "the spiritual woman" and me; is in fact a complete surprise, and not a game.  It is, as fundamentally written.  Simple and plain.  Spiritual means: within the essence of its own truth. Every essential truth has its own consequences/ beyond time, they are not mediated.  The consequence of that to me is, if you cannot understand/ then you cannot get back out.  "Its complicated"/ but distinctly NOT perverted or homosexual in any way.  Its just complicated. 

            I have complained, but I have benefitted as well.  I would do so again, NOT because I would want too/ but for the exact same reason:   life for this world / because it is threatened with  death to this world:    ABSOLUTELY IS, worth fighting for.    Even so, I cannot save you: YOU MUST participate and do the best you can.  That is the price to you!  For life.


                                                                        GOODBYE THEN,

                                                                        Or, as life decides for me.


                                                            James Frank Osterbur.     4/15/ 13

          This is now, a legal revolt against what has been accepted practice in governing this nation and this state;   by our employees.  More substantially, this is the framework by which control as WE THE PEOPLE, who DO own this government MUST WORK to accomplish our authority as owners.  There is no excuse for weapons or war; these are failures/ because they never then go away.  This is law, by which the exercise of RIGHTS, as human beings united for a common cause: TO RULE OURSELVES BY LAW/ is established in peace, and with the maximum possible intent to be fair to all parties.  It should be recognized in that statement: that this is NOT about everybody gets the same/ as that is completely unfair.  NOT about there shall be no more wealthy people, that too is unfair; some do MUCH more than others/ and do deserve a reward.  Rather this is about JUSTICE, the acceptance of limits, by the boundaries which control just how much more, or less;  is fair.  This is about governing ourselves;   the ascension beyond being followers, to attain what is necessary in understanding and knowledge, for our survival as a world or nation.  Whosoever makes the law/ rules the nation, because the law is its own army; when enforced. Therefore we must make the laws that rule over us all/ OURSELVES.  A vote on the law itself/ rather than a vote for someone else to vote for me.

           THIS IS more importantly ABOUT: REMOVING THREATS THAN CAN END OUR VERY WORLD; MUTILATE NATURE ITSELF; AND BRING HORROR INTO YOUR LIVES FOREVER.   The change that is mandatory! Consequently the fundamental revolt is: that we must investigate our reality, instead of believing anything we are told.  No more experts, we will decide for ourselves. We must establish as best we can our future, and design our society, lives, and economies around what truth defines as a consequence. A reality, instead of this fantasy:  that will be in our own best interest as life on earth.  NOT "just you or them/ ALL of us".  Life for and on this planet, MUST come first.  To keep us alive.

          For this cause, and these reasons: these web sites have been created.  This opportunity to gather as women to demand your own say, and your own descriptions of CHANGE in society; has been created.   War is a man's way/ the game of money is a man's way/ the power to manipulate and control, is a man's way; each has failed entirely by the evidence of threat we do face.  Therefore woman's way has been devised.  Our leaders have been spoiled children, treating themselves to every form of disgrace and disrespect against us, that could be found.  Failed, by their own decisions/ but also because of an endless supply of "beggars, cowards, and bribes to control too many people. As a "honest mother teaches her child"/ we will remind them:   YOU have nowhere to run or hide.  We the people can, punish you/ can deny you/ can force you to understand: THESE were bad choices.  We are the military ourselves/ we are the police ourselves/ we are the nation, and without us nothing gets done.  We do have the power, to surround you, and deny you food/ etc.  We do have the power, to understand:   we are the government, the owners/ you, are the employees!  We do have the power to choose for ourselves, so long as we are willing to pay that price.  It is not free. But we DON'T have the possibility to survive anyone of the major threats that exist today. This world has changed/ because we are now over 7,000,000,000 people roughly one per acre. One on every acre of growing land on earth/ and growing at 2 million more per week. That acre has to support every other living thing on land as well. The ocean nearly empty.


 SO LET'S BE VERY SERIOUS/ the current supreme court case simplified.  "Goodbye then".                                                                                              

TRUE TO THE PURPOSES OF THESE SITES; the foundations laid by need, and the structures of peace and law built.  Do testify and create, the final purpose of this work, which is: that women of this world, particularly this nation;   SHALL come together to identify and choose, what would be "their solution" for this world's problems/ our problems and our future.  Men have designed and created what exists today, and the consequences that will come, without change: threatening our very extinction, world war, and even more.  We will NOT survive that/ not even as a planet.  Through their leadership and courts: the opportunity to change, to protect, defend, respect, etc:  was absolutely rejected, a criminal attack against our law, democracy, etc.  They still refuse.  THE NEED FOR CHANGE IS MASSIVE, our lives and even our planet are in trouble.  THIS IS: for your decision:  WHAT WOULD WOMEN DO DIFFERENTLYAnd the expressions in law and reality that would give you as  women the opportunity to make a difference, and lead this world by democracy.

           A vote can be, a very powerful tool.  JUSTICE is a clear decision, to share and care for ourselves, our world, and the future;  AS EQUALS!  It is a choice, men have failed severely.  Therefore as women alone,  gathered together as one: DO YOU, or do you not:  DEMAND YOUR SAY!  The purpose is true democracy, the reality is redress: an accountability governed by constitutional law.  The consequence is:   a legal revolution/ to resurrect our laws, our rights, our money, and our democracy as intended.  Not a game, we are in trouble as a nation and a world.  This is your chance as women:   TO LEAD CHANGE, and demand equality for all!

A summary progression, establishing what I believe to be, the most important part: summarized as "LIFE COMES FIRST"/ No more gambling with life or planet.

THE ELEMENTAL RISE (it is now or never)



Case #____________





2191 county road 2500 E. 

St. Joseph IL 61873



the United States of America

state of ILLINOIS


dated: 4/ 15/ 13


in the extra-ordinary case of

a writ demanding civil penalties against the individual employees of this USA

WHO HAVE distinctly and with fervor

decided: they will NOT obey the constitution of this nation.

THE CRITICAL investigation:   WHY, is our democracy (constitutional law) being destroyed, our lives threatened with extinction? Our LEGAL guarantees as a citizen DENIED.

THE DEMAND, return our ownership as WE THE PEOPLE:  BY, our LAW.




The response to UNITED STATES TAX COURT; order dated 4/4/ 2013



          Your order is errant, and invalid/ as there is NO CONTINUANCE in the case of 11108-12L.  As plainly indicated in the title caption of the filings that you do admit too.  This is a United States Supreme court case, on appeal of 11108-12L, and in conjunction with an extra-ordinary aspect to the critical nature of what it means for life:   to be wrong.  When fools and failures take into their own hands the right and expectation that they can and will experiment with such dangerous realities as is being wrong:   shall become THE DEATH OF THIS PLANET.

          A FACT, that cannot be denied or dis-proven.


          YOU as US tax court; have absolutely nothing to do with this supreme court appeal nor its extra ordinary writ.  It is/ and you know it is:     BEYOND your jurisdiction, and therefore consists of an attempt to reopen the case itself/ and it is expected:  damage me, by criminal mischief or worse; again.


          Consequently I remind you: that double damages do not exist/ in justice. And you may not reopen the case/ as I had plainly indicated in the last filing with your court:  "I am done with you".  Your authority over this case has ended: including the assumption that this is an order in that case. It is not/ that is a usurpation of the law; and it has no valid purpose here.


            Rather the filings sent to you are required by due process of me: to inform the court from which I appeal: that this is being appealed as is the law.  If you wish to go on record that is not necessary: I will gladly stop sending you the filings, made in the US SUPREME COURT.   Simply acknowledge this is NOT required of me by DUE PROCESS/ and you will receive no more.


          Even though the US SUPREME COURT refuses to acknowledge receipt of the filings/ IT COULD NOT be more clear: that this is, and is intended to be a US SUPREME COURT MATTER, involving constitutional law/           democracy first/ WE THE PEOPLE, do have guaranteed rights           as is the law of this state and nation.   Among those rights are:    NO ONE shall jeopardize our lives, our world, our nature, our food, our future, our children; and more.          As is the substance and merit of this case, which you denied.


          You are completely   incorrect in your indication that I have proceeded in this case: that is absolutely untrue.  I have appealed this case, and made it extensively more clear by the terms of an extra-ordinary writ at the supreme court: that the duty and oath of a judiciary governed by constitutional law/ under the authority of WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS USA.  Including,  the supreme court CANNOT be lacking in the appeal of such matters as are these.


          Anyone who criminally constructs the consequence of a dead nation/ when their assumptions prove to be wrong:     IS A TERRORIST.


          The us supreme court HAS AN ABSOLUTE OBLIGATION AND DUTY: to investigate that reality, to assign the careful constructions of OUR DEMOCRACY UNDER THE CONTROL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND INTENT: and protect, defend, and identify the people of this nation, and this state of ILLINOIS: who are threatened.  The governing employees of this state called IL,  have an equal obligation/ and cannot side with those who do risk our lives with their experimentations.  You have no right/ neither do you have the authority to deny without cause.  Rather:  The court must investigate and find the truth:   do we, the people of this state and this nation DIE, if their experiments go wrong?

          The cause:  Because bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to this planet is just that/ if their conclusions fail.   Their conclusion is: that fire will  extinguish itself.  Our reality is: if it does not/ then we die?  

           If that is the case clearly established:  then they shall be stopped, and ALL who aided and abetted them:   are guilty of treason if they are not.


          Likewise are the issues of mutilating all of nature itself.  As nature:    IS GENETIC CONSTRUCTION ( building the living bodies of life) BY DNA. 

          When  Species boundaries have been crossed: they are known causes of pandemic's catastrophes/ killing millions .  These experimenters:   plainly state, that is exactly what they are doing/ and then releasing that mutilation:  into nature itself.  Which means, they are deliberately constructing disease, calamity, and terror for this world, by all the elements that consist of  biological warfare.

    If that is the case/ then they shall be stopped, and, and ALL who aided and abetted them:   are guilty of treason if they are not.


There are more!  Which must be addressed, investigated, and identified as terrorism or not/ as treason or not:   in the supreme court!   As is my LEGAL right under DUE PROCESS OF LAW!    To demand, that the government employees:     who swore, and entered into contract with us, as a nation or state:     THAT they would protect me and this nation; and  MUST DO.

And you know it.

          This writ and its appeal of 11108-12L  IS A LEGAL DEMAND FOR CONSTITUTIONAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT:   IN THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT.    Not your court/ and NOT their court:   but our court as WE THE PEOPLE who hired you to defend us/ and allowed you to do your job, based upon the oath you did take and proclaim "yes I will/ under penalties of law".

           In US tax court:   You denied it.   You have no further jurisdiction over this case/ it does not proceed in your court: and you are completely aware of that fact! 

           Any further action by you: is contempt of court/ or contempt of legal due process; clearly contempt of me.  I have NOT "proceeded" in this matter with you/ your jurisdiction in this case is closed/  apart from its US SUPREME COURT APPEAL, AND combined EXTRA ORDINARY WRIT.  As is plainly defined and established by the fact YOU ( the US tax court)    IS NOT the court of appeal, from a decision that you did make.  You have made your order and judgment/ ending your involvement.   You are through with this case/ you have no say.


          This appeal and its joining:   extra-ordinary writ in the US SUPREME COURT:     Now DEMANDS DOCKETING AND ITS GUARANTEED RIGHT:   called DUE process!  Time has pasted, and it is long enough.  Any further delay is contempt of constitutional law, and we the people of this United States.

          It is illegal, to withhold, my appeal and extra-ordinary writ, from docketing.  It is contempt to deny it was not received: as this will make the fifth filing in this supreme court case.  YOU DID receive/ and I have NOT been returned a single word: that is contempt.   As the US SUPREME COURT/  it is your duty, to identify yourself, and make a statement with regard to this case. That statement shall be returned to me: indicating that your time limit has not yet been reached.  Which I do firmly doubt/ or docketing shall proceed.


          I will remind you as well in this US SUPREME COURT:    That your congress over whom it is your job to insure that they do act within the law; has failed.  By congressional letter "John Shimkus dated 2/ 8 / 13 "..the US house of representatives committee on standards of official conduct has informed me that because this is a legal matter, I cannot intervene".  The information sent to him was about criminal actions and theft in open court against me, by the court itself.  THAT fails immunity/ and demands action by those in government who are also intended to insure the judiciary DOES in fact obey the laws of this land.  INSTRUCT THEM BETTER.  Do your job!  He had every right and cause to stand up and defend me, as is consistent with the protections intended for every citizen, of which I am one. 


I will remind you regarding the brief filed with the US supreme court     dated 3/14/ 13   by this  short statement from that filing.




            Having established in case 11108-12L US TAX COURT;   Osterbur versus commissioner of internal revenue.  That this cause and this case, and this purpose of delaying tax: so as to obtain a jury trial under the constitutional law called redress of grievances, IS VALID AND MERITOUS.  The critical test for justice is, the most important demand of REDRESS TRIAL:


              THAT under no circumstances, and by no means nor claim of expertise: CAN LIFE or death for ON THIS EARTH;    BE SUBJECTED TO EXPERIMENTATION.

             Particularly not, a one time only life or death extermination EVENT.

            NOR:  A  pandemic, CREATED entirely by humanity!

              NOR the acceptance of  mutilating NATURE IN ITS ENTIRETY, (which is the building of the bodies called life; as IS ORDER AND DISCIPLINES/ BALANCE, STRUCTURE, AND EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH DNA; thereby destroying our very existence! 

            That which can  burn this entire planet, and every living thing, to death: is a heinous crime of terrorism, by the mere fact it exists.  When  proven wrong, we are literally dead as a planet.  Which makes this experiment a weapon of complete mass destruction for our world.

             The genetic mutilations, the demand by a religious cult called evolution to:   destroy order, and bring chaos into nature:   makes life itself unbearable because the bodies we require are then no  longer functioning.   That is biological warfare against this world.


            This case and this cause called 11108-12L:   asks simply, LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES IF THIS SHALL GO FURTHER; let the people investigate for truth, examine the evidence of what it means when anything that can go wrong does.  And choose if they will gamble with this entire planet, its entire nature, their children's lives, every living creation;  and themselves.

            That is the foundation democratic rule/ that is justice defined: NO ONE OWNS THE RIGHT, to gamble with my life, or any other living creation. Only their own.




            PROOF OF SERVICE

            I, James F. Osterbur:   do hereby declare, that a true and correct copy of this first filing has been mailed to the following parties at the addresses so listed:.   Placing the parcel,  in the US postal service/ as prepaid mail on the date of 4/ 15/ 13

the US SUPREME COURT    1 FIRST ST.  NE.  DC 20543


US TAX COURT    400 second street NW, Washington DC 20217


the internal revenue service Brookhaven appeals  1040 Waverly ave.  Stop 906

Holtsville NY 11742             refer reply to:   AP:FE:LI-BR2: JXS



BOX 249     MEMPHIS TN   38101-0249                                       



CINCINNATI OH 45999-0030


Michael T. Shelton

200 W Adams st. Suite 2300

Chicago IL 60606


the FBI     the Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania ave NW    Washington DC 20535-0001

THE PRESIDENT OF THIS UNITED STATES Barrack Obama 1600 Pennsylvania ave NW, DC  20500

the US ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE   US dept of justice   950   Pennsylvania Ave NW DC 20530-0001                                   


 LISA MADIGAN    STATE OF IL attorney general office

500 S. Second st.  Springfield IL 62706


Governor of the State of Illinois; Patrick Quinn

State Capitol   207 Statehouse

            Springfield, Illinois 62706

Certified Mail, In the Superme court 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
In the US Tax Court Case 11108-12L 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, My Response Last Order And again. And again. IRS Letter.

THE ELEMENTAL RISE (it is now or never)



Case #____________





2191 county road 2500 E. 

St. Joseph IL 61873


the United States of America

state of ILLINOIS


dated: 4/ 8/ 13

in the extra-ordinary case of

a writ demanding civil penalties against the individual employees of this USA

WHO HAVE distinctly and with fervor

decided: they will NOT obey the constitution of this nation.

THE CRITICAL investigation:   WHY, is our democracy (constitutional law) being destroyed, our lives threatened with extinction? Our LEGAL guarantees as a citizen DENIED.

THE DEMAND, return our ownership as WE THE PEOPLE:  BY, our LAW.

In association with US tax court case 11108-12L


The reality is: what do you owe this people? Their law/ their constitution/ their government/ their lives/ their future/ their children,    more than mine.


YOUR DEBTS have been calculated; and you are overdue!

          Subsequently the charges and interest, including penalties exist below

To steal everything of value, or sell it: discarding our rights as a nation; even gambling with our entire world, cannot be less than "prostitution". Exchanging "our sacred", for your money, power, or pride.  IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE. We are used and abused, threatened and bankrupted/ lied too, cheated, & Denied rights


1.  FOR THE COMPLETE FAILURE, in your duties as employees, too:   this United States of America.     100 trillion dollars/ as is consistent with the debt accumulation of over $125 trillion dollars; so says the federal reserve. The sale of all substantive "gold reserve"/ and the removal of all reality, in accordance with the inflation noted;  as its result. The allowance of "the financial street (all of it)"; to play government and create inflation (the increase in numbers, that represent counterfeit money. NO reality.) at its own demand.  Is now overdue against our employees of government.


2.  FOR THE COMPLETE FAILURE, in  your duties as employees, too:   this United States of America.     $200 trillion dollars/ as is consistent with the damage done to this nation, by the lack of honor, courage, discipline, balance, respect, disgrace, and all things lacking the substance or reality of your sworn oath, in acceptance of these jobs.  The attack on all resources combined/ the disintegration of any and all realistic hope for a future on this planet, or in this nation/ because you refuse the responsibility owed; as is consistent with LIFE MUST COME FIRST. Is the substance of a traitorous act.


3.  FOR THE COMPLETE FAILURE, in  your duties as employees, too:   this United States of America.     More than you can imagine/ as is consistent with creating, supporting, "supplying munitions too", defending, and protecting the terrorists:   that have threatened our entire planet, our future, our nature, these children, and every living thing in existence.   See US tax court case #11108-12L As is consistent with treason.


4.   FOR THE COMPLETE FAILURE, in  your duties as employees, too:   this United States of America.     For the refusal to obey constitutional law, AND PROVIDE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES AS IS FIRST AMENDMENT LAW.  Is consistent with an occupational army, having overthrown the real governing body of this nation and this state called Illinois. Due process denied, state and nation! Your oath is NOT discretionary.  The reality demanded is plain and simple: "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office ____________ and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States."  Having failed that constitutional guarantee:  in every courtroom in this nation within the state of ILL.  Its own subservient courtrooms having failed as well: including what has been guaranteed and established as ILL law.   With an equal failure by their employees to obey their oath as is consistent with the guarantees, the rights, and the responsibilities:   of our IL constitution to this particular people. A true judicial conspiracy against this democracy: equals treason.  The amount of    $100 trillion dollars.  As is consistent with article 3 section 2.1


5.  FOR THE COMPLETE FAILURE, in  your duties as employees, too:   this United States of America.     Provide for the fundamental relief of the elderly and disabled/ by stealing their substance, and claiming THEIR MONEY, to pay your debts.  So that the swindling/ stealing/ lying (we balanced the budget)/ cheating/ disgrace/ and disrespect for an entire nation could go on.  Claiming social security is separate than the federal government, "it is the people's debt to themselves"/ thereby removing it from accounting.  BUT KEEPING THE MONEY PAID IN, as federal income, $70+ trillion debt hidden. The amount due is $100 trillion dollars.


6.  FOR THE COMPLETE FAILURE, in  your duties as employees, too:   this United States of America.     The demand to keep religion and state separate;   discarded for the religion called evolution/ and its companion religion called "the university knows everything".  Propagated by the media, through "the expert"; whose functional idolatry is simply "we are gods"; the diploma being their weapon or "sacred object".  The reality of this marriage between state and religion as is consistent with the absolute acceptance of ANY blind, ignorant, foolish, insane gamble being a cult of practicing demagogues who used/ abused/ threaten/ and have attempted to destroy us all.  As is consistent with bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to earth/ creating a exo-watt laser with claims of all the power hitting the earth from the sun, "isolated into a laser beam"; to create that fire/ mutilating nature itself which is DNA, the critical and real instructions that build our bodies of life/ establishing or helping to establish experiments trying to recreate the single most destructive event in the history of the universe.  And more.  THIS IS WHAT YOUR RELIGION BROUGHT US/ along with complete and utter bankruptcy for this state and nation; with influences upon this world.  Every single second of it:   ALL BAD.   Every single defiance of the constitution in letting these religions (failed to prove) control society, democracy, governing, life and media;   have proven to be a catastrophe for every living creature.  The destruction of business, the rape and ravaging of every citizen included in the attack on property, time, and future through the extreme greed presented as their "salaries/ pensions/ benefits/ wages/ etc.  The demand ONLY true monopolies can control business, industry, and everything else: give everything to a tiny few; make them kings or queens over the rest. The extreme selfishness established throughout these cult members who have demanded: "we alone are superior/ we deserve MUCH more"; gods (you are nothing in comparison).  The complete discarding of an education for those NOT worshiping,  their religion/ the damned cult;   called university, or more clearly those who claim "we can, and we will, be gods over everything".  Who have deliberately invaded our lives:  With stories for fools!  Experts and propaganda stealing our existence, with failure and fantasy;   our reward:    coming HELL, ARMAGEDDON, and bloodshed everywhere.  AS DOES testify:  reality, by its truth.   The reality of current leadership and their cult, "university knows":   biological warfare, and pandemic's waiting.  If not plain and simple extermination, or death of a planet. There is no going back;   this is dead or alive.

            The price:   GO GET EVERY PENNY BACK, [put the primary terrorists in prison for life].  STOP ALL ACTIVITIES THAT DO NOT FULLY AND COMPLETELY COMPLY WITH:    LIFE, no gambling;  MUST COME FIRST!   Remove all control from:  those whose entire purpose has been to enslave, to threaten, and play god:  One trillion dollars of student loans, "oh god save us/ or is it make us rich".  To, Propagate their  control over us all, by experts and media, now clearly proven to be "horror sent"; as is this edge of extinction, upon which we now stand.  The investigation of reality and the future presented by their methods and ways.  Examined by TRUTH and its reliance upon NO THEORIES/ NO GAMBLING/ NO ASSUMPTIONS, STORIES, OR RELIGION.  No experts, only the facts and nothing but the facts with its concurrent associations that describe a subsequent future or its demise.


           Absolutely NO ACCEPTANCE:       WRONG IS DEAD    FOR A PLANET    OR ITS LIFE    OR ITS NATURE.  You will protect, and defend, and respect what is truly sacred.     OR DIE.


7.   FOR THE COMPLETE FAILURE, in  your duties as employees, too:   this United States of America.     In protecting this people from extortion and the desecration of life in America and this state of IL.  The foundations of healthcare corrupted by a complete loss of reality.  The failure to adequately protect, defend, or provide for all aspects of medicine, both doctor and patient as would be consistent with FAIR PLAY, and its subsequent justice for WE THE PEOPLE.  The demand: "a percentage of income"/ a reality of right and responsibilities/ a medical training both in time and money that is consistent with need and its own truth/ legitimate pharmaceutical pricing that includes all "health patents" will be owned by the "government".   An ownership of all medical facilities as in "public hospitals"/ so there can be no "favoritism".  The resolution of all billing, with adequate respectful results determined by time spent/ actual materials used:   and the training of sufficient citizen doctors to meet this nation's need within our borders IMMEDIATELY.  No excuses/ NO MONOPOLY: you will establish true competition/ which means the option to go elsewhere, because real opportunities exist.  The penalty; Go get the medical terrorists who have invaded our lives, with the full and clear intent to destroy the fabric of society, by terrorizing their financial existence/ and bring them to trial.


8.  FOR THE COMPLETE FAILURE, in  your duties as employees, too:   this United States of America.     Of terrorizing this planet with your weapons of mass destruction.    $300 trillion dollars/ as is consistent with demanding our lives, our world, our nation or state or future can be exterminated at your whim.  As is consistent, with spreading this death around the planet.  As is consistent with your refusal to establish world law, and policing of leaders.  As is consistent with tyrants and fools/ failures and the disease called human pride: MAKE THEM FEAR.  As is consistent with bringing war upon our neighbors without sufficient proof of harm.  As is consistent with abandoning the military soldier and his or her family for your power: a nation does NOT go to war for years, or for any true purpose without a draft.  That fact, makes all war our own decision/ unless directly attacked, or by clear and certain need, no sane person can dispute.   The failure demonstrates:  Without respect for those who have went, or those who are required to pay in other ways.


9.  FOR THE COMPLETE FAILURE, in  your duties as employees, too:   this United States of America.     One trillion dollars.  For the dismemberment and desecration of "the free press"/ THOSE WHO JOB IT IS TO PROTECT OUR LIVES, OUR NATION, OUR WORLD, from people or employees who threaten, lie, cheat, steal, disgrace, disrespect, and in all other ways intend to destroy our way of life; or peace; or harmony; or respect for each other, this world, our environment, nature, oceans, etc.  By selling the rights to communicate as media for the public; to a very tiny few.  Who have failed us all repeatedly and without the slightest evidence of duty or responsibility to this nation.  Instead propagating lies/ worshiping cults/ discarding reality and truth/ failing to disclose absolutely everything of importance to this people, this state, this world as would be necessary.  Particularly when "these satanic (we will destroy you all) cults; have been gambling with every life on this planet, even including the planet and the solar system all at risk.  Bankruptcy clearly proven decades ago, and every other form of threat discarded without the slightest interest in protecting/ defending/ or constructing a clear and literal defense for the nation.  REMOVE THESE TRAITORS/ exclude them from further participation:   let others take their place.

          IN CONCLUSION:

          The foundation laid is simply this:   as is consistent with law, democracy, and justice.  WE THE PEOPLE DO intend to make you the employees equal to us all.  YOU HAVE BANKRUPTED the entire nation/ this state called IL; giving, allowing, or stealing property away the nation itself; to give to foreigners. Now it is our turn to bankrupt you: full scale, no rights, no exceptions/ property reclaimed as justice allows.  You shall receive the same pay scale as each and every other citizen without exception: you are now bankrupted too. Without benefits/ without pension, planes, healthcare, or protection. You gave our property away/ we will come take yours. You shall "be like us"/ until the day our own finances have been straightened out: our reality returns as fair.  Only then will any consideration of more be given to those who remain out of prison.   You have created for this nation "the most incarcerated people, in the civilized world"/ and WE THE PEOPLE DO, intend to apply that label to you, the employees who have criminally acted against us without duty or restraint of any value to this nation or state.

          It is my purpose in this trial:   to assemble and create democracy as intended by constitutional law. 

          Thereby information established that:    WE THE PEOPLE DO, intend to recognize and enforce: WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE, is justified.   It is our authority to demand and establish what is fair, and what is justice within our borders, within our nation, within constitutional law: AS THIS IS OUR OWN CONTRACT WITH EACH OTHER.  And you, are merely employees, not only assigned a work to do, but sworn to do it/ in order to get your jobs.

          IT IS with clarity and truth, that I do state and demand:   until the conditions above have been met, it is the duty and responsibility of every citizen who claims to be "American for democracy".  That they must accept the consequence of LEGAL enforcement of that democracy: which is a legal tax revolt/ a determined decision to return our authority as owners here/ and a path hereby, that does NOT deter from constitutional law.

          IT IS with clarity and truth, that I do state and demand:   that democracy exists as "power to the people"/ but it is ONLY TRUE, when the people create their own laws to live by as society.  That is NOT, "voting for someone to vote for me/ but voting for my own self:  on the law that will determine how and what justice and life in this society shall be."

                   IT IS with clarity and truth, that I do state and demand:   that change is absolutely necessary for our survival as a planet or nation or state.  The absolute failure of what is obvious and real, constructs a sufficient claim to evidence that then DEMANDS AN INVESTIGATION OF WHAT IS UNSEEN, as well as the foundations of proof that establish:   what is the truth/ the whole truth/ and nothing but the truth for us all.  In clear and certain public hearings that shall not be compromised without prison against those who would disrespect or deny our right to know.  There is no "fifth amendment" when treason exists/ a world that CANNOT be gambled with.  We will know everything asked/ everything necessary/ and everything that would be to our best interest: OR YOU will go to prison for a long time, or death.  No liar will be tolerated, do the best you can, be consistent with the truth/ don't overextend, without a clear definition why this is important to LIFE SHALL BE FIRST/ never money again.

          As for me: I do present financial information for taxing purposes without payment AS I AM OWED/ NOT you.  The alternative to that is: I cannot stop organized criminals from stealing anything they want/ its what they do, and until the people themselves decide NOT to accept it anymore, it is what they will do.

2012Total money collected 18,281.12   business expenses 7993.89   income 10,287.23     This is all you get/ both state and nation.  Unless you steal more.

  I do NOT refuse the tax/ I DEMAND DEMOCRACY!  As written      BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.           Do that, and I will happily pay the tax/ .

          State or nation.  IT'S THE LAW, guaranteed to me!  Denied.

          It is consistent with treason: for you to penalize me in any way for demanding that my constitutional rights MUST BE OBEYED.  Failed! The fine is one million dollars/ extremely cheap; in consideration of forty years required to fight consistently for this democracy without help. You will then say, "he wants the money/ its all about the money"/ but that is blatantly false, nonetheless liars are liars.  I don't expect you to pay/ you are thieves, thieves don't pay, they cheat. However I give you this decision: I don't give a damn about your money, its just a slap in your face.  I do however care about the gathering (links on sites above) of women to decide a different fate, and a different world for life;   support that honestly, communicate that option, and work for change;   "The charge of money is then dropped".  If not, as always "arrogance rules".

          It is consistent with criminal behaviors:   as defined by the personal filings already found within this court/ a leadership out of control, who believes they are rulers instead of employees.  THAT is, within the definition of tyranny and contempt;  of a judicial system conspiring to deny democracy, IRS code, and constitutional law.   That a charge must be made; for the nation above/ for me, because of costs that include human relationships: family, friend, wife, everything unavoidable/ damage done: time stolen, a life lost to your failures, an entire planet in trouble.  Not less than ten million dollars, even though that is a slap in my face/ because in no possible consideration of facts, would I ever have chosen to trade my life for this worthless sum of numbers. This is, as has been consistently demanded:   ABOUT LIFE OR DEATH, for this planet. And the fools who terrorize, and trade their souls to play god (no one can stop us).

            In consideration of forty years required to fight consistently for this democracy without help. You will then say, "he wants the money/ its all about the money"/ but that is blatantly false, nonetheless liars are liars.  I don't expect you to pay/ you are thieves, thieves don't pay, they cheat. However I give you this decision: I don't give a damn about your money, its just a slap in your face.  I do however care about the gathering of women to decide a different fate, and a different world for life;   support that honestly, communicate that option, and work for change;   "The charge of money is then dropped".  If not, "arrogance rules".

          As is consistent with criminal contempt for the law, and this democracy, and this nation or state:   the clear and certain demand to STEAL from me/ in a court called law.  Proving it is no such thing; in full witness by the top judiciary/ leaders/ police/ and within sight of media:   having all chosen HELL NO, MAKE HIM PAY; LET THEM STEAL.  You have proven an arrogance, a clear hatred for the law, a clear contempt for this people, and a certain determination called tyranny as your methods.  For the nation above, as for me: 20 million dollars.  I have faced an army of fools alone.   in consideration of forty years required to fight consistently for this democracy without help. You will then say, "he wants the money/ its all about the money"/ but that is blatantly false, nonetheless liars are liars.  I don't expect you to pay/ you are thieves, thieves don't pay, they cheat. However I give you this decision: I don't give a damn about your money, its just a slap in your face.  I do however care about the gathering of women to decide a different fate, and a different world for life;   support that honestly, communicate that option, and work for change;   "The charge of money:"arrogance rules", cannot stand.


          Your pride and thirst for power/ abyss of your want;  is suffocating you to death, while I don't care whether you personally live or die.  THE REALITY OF DESTROYING A PLANET/ MUTILATING ALL ITS LIFE/ and throwing the existence of everything into HELL; because you refuse to pay the price as is necessary for life itself to survive. IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT MATTER!

          The critical question being:   HOW does anyone fight with a cult/ because cult members are NOT allowed to think for themselves/ and you are clearly nothing but cult worshipers.  It doesn't take a mind, to recognize bringing the same fire here that burns your skin from 91,000,000 miles away;   IS A HORRIFIC INSANITY.  It doesn't take a mind to recognize destroying the order, disciplines, balance, and perfections of all living creation by MUTILATING NATURE,    IS A HORRIFIC INSANITY.   NOR, all the rest, that does so plainly threaten our entire world.    Everything is at risk/ every living creation can die; BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU ARE SUPPORTING, or YOUR PRIESTS of a damn cult "university knows" ARE DOING.  But you cannot grasp it/ a child can understand; but not you.  The only explanation for that is a cult.  The reality involved, as is consistent with "university alone knows":   memorize what we say/ do what we tell you to do/ give us all your money (one trillion in tuition' [pay or slave])/ and treat us like gods, because we know everything, and you are as nothing unless you can mimic and parade as fools in worship of their grandeur.  Not even sewage sinks this low!  Damn piss-head, shit-hole fool.           THIS IS NOT A GAME,         LIFE OR DEATH FOR A PLANET AND       ALL ITS NATURE;       Ain't your toy!   Try thinking for yourself/ maybe something beyond insanity can be found.  Maybe you can be human, instead of lined up to "take your poison and die" bastard's; bringing an entire planet with you.  Dead.  Very, very close many times already, because of university religion and disease.

          The only other option for making you understand, the absolute failure of your ways is comparison/ because without clear thought; the only thing left is images (they are like us, OR not like us;  etc).  A story you know! The only true comparison here is "even though I despise writing it (there is no comparison in me/ but it is a similar purpose)".  Or, similar too:  JESUS and Pontius Pilate.  His message was:   that time is a barrier, NOT an ending.  That we are NOT abandoned, and the potential for eternity for each one does exist, where love and respect can be found.  LIFE can go on!    That is, the most important message ever written. It changed humanity.    Fools killed him, because he threatened their arrogance, power, want, and pride.    Failures say, "worth more than life".  Liars and fools in charge.  Life is more than "just self"/ life is a decision beyond IDIOT.

          My message to you is:   life cannot go on, without clear and critical change/ because our world has changed.  Our humanity now has exceeded the ability of nature to survive us as we are; do you eat rocks.  Therefore either we change to support nature in its need, and by its own ways; or it dies, and so do we.  My message to you is: TERRORISTS have come upon this earth threatening to exterminate us all/ university experiments, and more underway, that will destroy us all.  Nature being crucified, because fools, failures, and the dead inside;   want a few seconds more time/ or just to play god.  Cowardice rules, and we are about to die as a world.  BECAUSE THAT, IS LITERALLY WHAT THE EVIDENCE SAYS, and there is no going back in time for a second chance.  Either we fix this right now/ or we all die.  My message to you is: WE CANNOT BE WRONG/ therefore go prove to yourselves what the evidence is by:   "The whole truth/ nothing but the truth/ and a clear decision based upon truth, that will provide a future for every child; as best we can".

          For that, I am endlessly ridiculed in court, and throughout society, its leaders, & particularly by media.  Truth however cannot be ridiculed, it is, what it is! The evidence is clear!  I demand justice, and together as one you say: STEAL, just another form of ridicule.  I demand democracy, and you say, let us pay gods/  punish him;   let the people fear us; as is consistent with traitors and fools.  The verdict is still out, whether the murderers win or not/ are you a mob (lets get him), or not?  Because there are murderers (hate is a simple thing) among you.  It won't be suicide!  That said, reminds me that I too, forget to remember "the other side of any story exists".  The reality is: this nation helps you do it/ this nation, transformed itself into greed without a future/ a massive portion of this people, wants to be bribed; and so on.  It ain't just leaders, or elements of a university!  Its failure on the scale, and realities;  of a mob bent on death.  But they too; HAVE been forced by competition beyond reason or right/ realities out of their control/ and a future riddled with threats they can comprehend.  The end result of it all is:   EITHER CONFRONT YOUR REALITY, so that you can identify these threats and change your future today/ BY ACCEPTING THE PRICE is, what the price is.   Or face every threat, when they control you, and NO escape is possible. &n