These sites are now closed; no further comments/ no further input/ no further expense to me. If you wish to keep them open for yourselves/ then you will donate to that purpose.  If you give more, I will let others decide what to do with it! This is not a “tax free site” keep it in mind. Without your support these sites will all close (November 1st 2018), and unless I am attacked by the court, and forced to defend: I am DONE/ they will not reopen/ unless you reopen them with your money. I have spent forty plus years fighting for you, and not one joined me in this fight: it is foolish and blind, “not to see, or read; the writing on the wall”! I may add on some inventions to be found here at this link: for sale. Just for something to do that does interest me a tiny bit. That is the only reason I would come back to these sites, or pay for any of them again. As humanity, even life on earth you are abandoned, you simply did not care enough! As individuals I will remain hopeful “for you”. There is no hate; simply truth. Free to do what I want; but alas there will be months of ear trauma, and then comes the massive decline in our reality; so what that really means is debatable. I could move, but “the footsteps of my memories” are largely here; not enough time left to count. Too the plus side, I am no longer concerned with the consequences of someone who joins me; insofar as hate from humanity spilling over to them, or even me; unless things DRAMATICALLY change.

In contrast to that; I recommend you do not have any more babies; as adding another billion people every four years means literally: “the cannibals are coming”. As to the people in the courts; they are just like you. As to this last trial, whether any respect is deserved is unlikely; as both judge and prosecutor “incarcerated me into the courtroom time and again waiting for trial”: just to laugh or not/ just like the others. Too proud to believe anything but what they want, or don’t want is true/ regardless of the evidence, it is far easier just to disrespect and ridicule me. Regardless of that; there are overseers in the court, that do keep the judiciary and lawyers in line, choosing only for the powerful, or the righteous. As history proves throughout; same/ same. You want what you want, the foundation of every lie. You believe whatever you believe because that is what you want/ not because it is true. Your universities failed to stay within the boundaries and limits of discipline, order, or balance; and that means chaos. Which is of course their chosen god, as evolution proves. Since you worship them, their god is your god; and chaos will be your reward.

I have decided to review this final case, just a bit, before I go. The critical reality here is, like the others, these two men (judge and lawyer) refused to be educated in the critical needs of what the trial represented; and instead believed “this damn fool, is just taking our time, for nothing”. Pride does that, because pride does not want the consequences of being placed in a situation that is not where they want to be: so forcing with ridicule, disrespect, and disgrace, “the tiny mob says, GET OUT”. The core reality of pride is:  I want to be what the herd (group) I live with, wants me to be! Simple as that, it functionally means pride says and proves: I CANNOT stand alone. I must do, whatever the group wants me to do, say, and think. There is no room for individual thought or actions/ no room for reality, or a purpose that is not what WE want!

The intellectual steals “one inch at a time”: with rules/ with hidden inflation and debts that will never be paid/ with an army created by the diploma/ and with media propaganda that will never let you forget, “only the universities have a brain”. Don’t worry about nothing, just laugh or fear or fail: but leave everything, to their experts. Ten thousand threats of extinction later, their experts prove to be “satan (destroyer of a world) himself”.

Are they not just like you, forty years of evidence, producing endless volumes of why we must change; says they are. EVEN when our nature, our planet, your children, your whole world is the price of being wrong. NOT EVEN to investigate for yourselves; because that is not what you want. And the sheep all bleat “we just want what we want, without a fight; that should be our right”. While the dogs who keep them inside the fence; continually create new rules to insure that fence cannot be broken. The slaughter house is open, soon you will go through; because want is not enough to keep you alive. Just like want is not enough to remove the reality of overcrowding this FINITE planet, to the point of cannibalism; isn’t a game, and cannot be stopped just because you don’t want what you chose to do. The judge destroys democracy by removing my call for first amendment constitutional rights. Introduced into court as such, there was no legal right to remove me from trial. The lawyer separates me from the sheep, so that I cannot tell them where “the gate, to get out” is. One of the prevalent rules to insure the powerful cannot be uprooted is: we are not allowed to take our government into court and demand answers or change. Instead I must be taken into court; and it cannot be for less than a tax issue; or no constitutional guarantee can be raised. I have forced my way into court with tax issues/ and as soon as the judiciary realizes where this is going: they simply throw me out of court “with a tiny irrelevant rule, or a claim called frivolous”. NOT ONE WORD from the constitution, will be answered in a court of “law”: Which is anarchy and treason against the people of this USA, this state of IL. Not one word from all the documentation I presented in this final case was responded too. Making it disappear, in the vile poison that is “the devils’ bed” of a university town. Or more simply:  WE AIN’T LETTING NOTHING happen to the pride, power, or purposes of a university; “they are THE MONEY” here; and NOTHING else matters, PERIOD!  As established, NOT even an entire world.

I choose truth, it survives. I choose law, because it creates the boundaries and evidence of life. I choose GOD OUR CREATOR, because the evidence is clear, as all miracles prove (distinctly NOT an accident. I choose JESUS, as the reality of his life was dedicated to truth, love, & respect: the values which assemble soul. Simple and plain as that. Goodbye.