Land plant production. Aquaculture. Livestock production.  Who is going to pay?

The critical reality of farming is:  I do have to make money. In order to do that I must compete with the others who are doing the same. I must use what the others use, or be left out of the common practices which means I am essentially on my own. Without major investment today, there is no farming for me: because the landlords expect to see “wealth”; so the farmer can pay me. The elevators have been taken over by a tiny few, which means they control the price to suit themselves. The reality of debt, means most of the children cannot stay. Farmer organizations fail; because farmers are too few, as do small towns.

So lets review

  • Primary change in plant production is chemicals. Chemicals make the big farmer possible/ without them the big farm fails; because the weeds will overtake them, and cause bankruptcy. Therefore it is the chemicals entirely that made farming plants what it is today.
  • Fertilizers made a huge difference in farming; because they made poor ground produce much better! Potash, was thought to be entirely consumed twice now/ but a new area was found each time; that will again run out. Which means you must make plans for when that happens.
  • Water supplies are thrown away into ethanol: “its just to soothe farmers”/ and is a tragedy. Water supplies across what was the dust bowl, as in the ogahalla aquifer are nearly depleted and cannot be renewed without a major effort and much time IF, you are lucky. Irrigation must be changed. Critical decisions to combat another dust bowl must occur and be implemented. No water under the ground means you can’t live there. Think about it. Consider the fact once the water supplies are gone or polluted; as the whole world soon will be:  chaos will erupt. Chemicals go somewhere, and they do cause other chemicals in the soil to be released and fall into the aquifer as well. IL water survey says: it takes 50 inches of rainfall, to produce a one inch increase in an aquifer.
  • Fracking risks the entire water supply, “for a few dollars more”; to a millionaire. Farmers are tiling so much, NOTHING (no water) gets to the aquifer.
  • Factory livestock farming is dependent upon antibiotics; which are nearly useless for that purpose now. When they end entirely/ a disease will come, that wipes out an entire industry in less than a year. Which means people will starve/ chaos erupt. Change now.
  • Aquaculture needs to move out into the deep ocean/ where a feeding station will keep the fish close by; which a trawler will then pick up.
  • Salmon will go extinct if you don’t change the reality of dams. Instead of a turbine wheel/ for the main salmon run: a bucket water wheel will provide a calm simple ride down the dam to the bottom, and still provide electricity. That same bucket wheel can give the salmon a lift up and over the dam, during the return run. The rest of the year it operates with a turbine.
  • Instead of constant bid changes in commodities at the elevator. Farming needs one bid per day/ not more than two. As that is all the time the average farmer has to deal with that aspect of the business. Either no more basis bidding/ or it changes to: if I sell for a set amount to deliver next year/ but must take less if you want too; then I deliver that same percentage less grain than I sold, if I want too. And so on.
  • Dairy and livestock operations must either remain at a level that does not endanger the environment/ or make the necessary adjustments to protect that environment and its water supplies. Critical stability requires that a distinct herd size shall control the area farming: no more anything goes.
  1. Every major wet spot goes back to a wetland/ because we must for life’s sake. Every division of square mile for farming must include some ground for wildlife. Every runoff from farming shall be measured to control the drainage at a rate that does not cause major damage downstream. That means retention ponds/ enlargement of ditches/ and so on: you will be charged for excess drainage beyond the limits set.
  2. The ability to survive as a world population, depends upon farming. The ability of this earth to survive humanity, depends upon our decisions. We cannot be wrong/ therefore you will do what it takes to INSURE, we are not.
  3. If you didn’t plant the trees, you shall not harvest the trees: the earth needs what is left. No clear cutting/ no leaving the earth barren/ no stripping major hillsides/ critical fire controls as I have put forward in videos for you. And so on.
  4. Without the pollinators, at least 30% of all food diversity and fifty percent of diversity in all things ends with extinction. Pollinators include insects/ a base food source for countless species of life; or the first link in the chain of how we survive. Agriculture is responsible through genetic mutilation and poisoning for making this entire chain of life approach extinction. Or, there is more at stake than just a few insects nibbling on your crop. The reason island nations became cannibals is: human overpopulation reduced the food supply to “its YOU or me”.  Even an outright fool, can see that day coming; with another billion people to feed, added every ten years.
  5. Endless university and media propaganda exists regarding how great manipulating genetics will become/ just like it does for evolution. To insure the voice that controls you; is theirs/ not yours. Without evolution to point and convince you away from “MIRACLES OF LIFE”/ THERE WOULD BE NO GENETICS. Because the reality of what can go wrong is so horrendous, that not even the insane would dare touch it. The list is over a quadrillion realities long. Because life is a very organized/ disciplined/ balanced/ extremely technical reality of existence; that we will never fully understand in any conceivable way. Which is why reality proves the word MIRACLE, a reality so far beyond our own comprehension: it is impossible to attribute this level of thought, to anything but GOD  !   Even you, can understand this: “which came first the mammary gland, and its nipple; or the baby”? The baby won’t survive without it; so no reproduction could exist“.  This ain’t “go buy it at the store”; Why would a body adapt: no baby no need? And that is just one tiny piece of the body called life.    Evolution is a fools sewage, spewed into the sepulcher of a pebble sized brain: the reality of disease that has spread by liars and deceit.  Every form of genetics other than what is used for crime detection is wrong/ because we cannot go back. Nature proves the value of what we already have, to intentionally allow fools who cannot even understand evolution is wrong play with that life:  proves satan in you as well! The list of horrors due entirely to a university decision is very long. The intent to exterminate life, is absolutely proven true!  PROVE THE EVIDENCE is wrong!
  6. Oh wait, “the university is god” because fewer people are dying? Check again: the reality is, our entire world is dying/ because humanity is now overrunning and destroying this entire planet of life. Your great cause is now extinction for all! They’re great knowledge, is now the evidence of HELL coming soon.  One single critical mistake in genetics, and the whole world of life, literally dies. That reality could then easily be:  SO HORRENDOUS AND SO VILE, that you too will quickly want suicide instead. It is the price of being WRONG! THIS IS the cost of letting university disease into your lives as a cult. 
  7. Trillions of tons of poison dumped, in/ around/ and on the water supplies. Chemical concoctions that alter and mutilate and cause cancer in living tissues of life; “nothing matters, but money”/ and all the money is counterfeit, and ultimately worthless in an instant. Because the universities took over governments. Not to worry though: you got lots of weapons of mass destruction, and more coming every day. All worship the devil as in “university knows”/ now ain’t that right!
  8. Every advance in control over death by disease or the production of food or other/leads the result that is over population of humanity. The vaccine led to vast increases in European population/ which then became genocide to the American Indian. Which then causes world war and its genocide. Every increase in human population comes with more time for some, to play with their fantasies: and create the trial and tribulation that becomes life or death for our world. Even those who rush to “save the children” without bringing critical birth control with them as the price: simply fight for war and extinction of species to occur. This is a finite world, and nothing is “without a cost”. Threats on every side; because the university believes it can be god/ and you let them; even though you know, “these are, the kids you grew up with”! To your eternal shame:  you can’t even stop the people who are  trying to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth/ a fire that burns atoms for fuel!  GEE, WHAT COULD GO WRONG?   You, like the universities “want to live without   GOD “/ The day comes quickly now;  the reality, more than you can even imagine.  Yes, I am angry with you for making this possible/ no, I don’t hate you;   writing for you is what is left, because I cannot stand the apathy or fears anymore. I cannot tolerate “want, without reality”! So life or death for a world, is literally in your hands: WAKE UP OR DIE!  The vast majority are just stupid, blind, and without sense because that is:  “what a cult (the university is god) is”.  If you were not a cult (we believe whatever we are told/ because we want too)/ then we would not be here at the edge of all things bad! War with you is useless; a believer cannot think. It’s too frightening/ that is why they turn to cults. These are human issues, NOT simply agriculture. These are world issues/ not individual realities of humanity, society, education, or nation.  FIX IT ALL, or don’t bother; you won’t survive anyway.

90% reduction in agricultural farms/ do to the presence of chemicals, and the changes they caused.  Poison/ poison/ poison everywhere; no room for an insect, or anything other than “MAKE ME MONEY”! The green desert IS (no room for nothing, that don’t make me MONEY), so agriculture has moved to mutilated plants, and endless chemical attacks.  HAS TO BE, they say!   The cause:  Because I don’t want to pull no weeds/ and now there ain’t equipment for smaller places/ and there ain’t expertise for smaller cleaner farms/ and there ain’t no money for change, or a desire to do so.  Because bigger is in many respects EASIER, and I get to play rich/ even if I am in debt beyond what I can believe is true. Video  deliberately

We then add government welfare to agriculture, which was instituted to gain control over farming, by inventorying everything. So now we know/ and now we, the politician or employee, can control food pricing just by whatever means we choose.  Thereby because politics are what politics are:  the ability of farmers to survive based upon the controlled pricing of politics is very limited. Which means soon MANY MORE farmers are going to go bankrupt. They will probably be given bailout money:  its all counterfeit so it doesn’t matter.  But that will leave them as slaves, because it won’t be entirely free, as in “sell us your life”. Then of course the public screams how did this happen, we are starving? And the politician says:  “it’s the farmers”, they couldn’t do what the business needs.  So now, that we basically own all the farms;  computers, as in artificial intelligence;  will have to make all the decisions, and the slaves must obey. It is a “prison plan”.  But who cares, right? I was born in agriculture, which means I can think for myself;  video redneck professor   video space objects.



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