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    IN THIS WORLD; your only hope of peace or harmony is world law taking control away from leaders; many whom believe they cannot be wrong. THE LAW focuses on individual human beings; and does not need an army to determine is: “this one” needs to be investigated and removed from office. Because they went too far into tyranny (I will not surrender power; you will obey)/ or not far enough for the sake of life and earth (our world is dying, life is surrendering to extinction; as is the curse of university knows).

All of humanity faces the curse, of not enough food, water, or resources; because everything you did do in the last one hundred years is to trash this earth, and throw it all away; as is proven by your garbage mountains; and more trouble than you can conceive of due to universities in charge.

All of humanity faces the curse of, “counterfeited money/ and debts beyond reality”. All of humanity faces extinction due to universities gambling with life and world; “without a brain: as is evident when no respect exists”.

All of humanity faces weapons of mass destruction; not your saviors anymore/ as reality pushes each nation with WE NEED MORE; and they turn as men have always done: to kill the other group, and take theirs.

All of humanity faces a dying ocean of life, now becoming extinct. Endless failure of respect; becoming an overheated world. Endless failure of men; becoming another dust bowl, which will create deserts. Endless failure of respect; destroys nature. Endless failure of respect; ignites this planet into a sun. endless failure of existence itself, opens the door to Armageddon (nature in chaos), through the universities vaccine. Endless failure of reality proves a war so violent it is beyond comprehension as all water resources fail.

AND MORE, as everything on earth now faces extinction; because of university “Knows”/ and plays god with life and planet; to bring us HELL. Refuse to accept human overpopulation; and you too become the SATAN enforcers of extinction; just like them.

So the reality is: DO NOT BELIEVE/ FOCUS ON THE TRUTH, AND INVESTIGATE OUR REALITY AS TOTHE COST OF BEING WRONG. Because there is no going back, and if you don’t stop the descent currently underway; you are extinct; and will soon know that is true. Let the truth lead, as only truth survives. Which means open every door, and turn on every light, and kill the rats hiding under every surface that can be moved. So that reality returns, before you are literally dead, as a world!

NEVER BELIEVE; it is only want, and want lies!  PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, and ACCEPT THE FAITH TRUTH PROVIDES: BY THE EVIDENCE OF REAL WORLD REALITIES AND CONSEQUENCES, WHICH ARE NOT POSSIBLE TO DENY, without lies. NO expert/ NO university theory/ NO politician decides. GO TO COURT; and investigate to decide and determine for yourselves; THE COST OF BEING WRONG. Because the real world evidence points to extinction as this world lost to arrogance, apathy, and greed.

I REMIND EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET: THAT the experiments to “create fusion”; ARE NOT “trying to change hydrogen into helium” as has been proven wrong at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in San Francisco. BUT ARE IN FACT; ATTEMPTS TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE; as is the only thing a tomak reactor can do. BELIEVING THEY NEED NOT BE CONCERNED with the consequences of that fire; because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the ignition. So it will just extinguish itself. BUT THE COST OF BEING WRONG IS: THEY IGNITED A NUCLEAR FIRE ON A PLANET MADE OUT OF FUEL; turning earth into another SUN. SOLAR GRAVITY COMES FROM THE FIRE ITSELF; as can be proven by reality.

In the same vein of reality: THE ONLY THING EVOLUTION HAS PROVEN IS: “this looks like that”. Yet they gamble all life, all of nature, all of survival on mutilating genetics; GENETICS IS NATURE.  WAKE UP, “you pitiful cursed CULT”;  and save this world.     CHANGE OR DIE.

I REMIND ALL, ONE FINAL TIME: THAT BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, the US supreme court, and all lower courts, and all employees of our government; ARE SWORN to obey the constitution itself, as written/ and have so agreed in order to get their job. FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; IS ONE OF THOSE SOVEREIGN, you can’t deny this, (without treason) LAWS. By the law that is our government called a democracy: you cannot be refused the real world guarantees of our constitution. WE THE PEOPLE, are its foundation and final authority; that makes us the interpreters of what the constitution itself does mean. OUR DEMOCRACY, means we did NOT hire employees to rule our lives. OUR LAW IS OUR GOVERNMENT; and we all must obey that law, or be found in rebellion against; the very foundation of our society and nation.

The extreme FAILURE of university is; they accepted, THAT THIS WORLD OF LIFE, is nothing more than an accident of chaos; as is taught in evolution; the cemetery of the dead. The extreme foolishness of believing they can play god;  demanding reality does not matter; only manipulation does. PROVING, that they are in fact AT WAR, with life and planet. A truth of life, that leads our world;  only to death.

And all the people say: WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN, we want what we want/ GIVE US WHAT WE WANT; OR be dead, because we won’t care.

So, the reality of my work is: to insure you had your chance to change what you do, in order to survive, and not go extinct. But today, as you have for forty plus years; the constant reminder is, “you won’t, CARE enough to even try to save this world; because the cult of university plays god, owns your soul”. That is the choice: called life or death, for this world.

And the people say: YOU, can’t scare us; we are like gods; we know everything, the universities are savior and friend; they are the best we can be.

But let’s review one final time: you are facing the loss of most water supplies/ therefore horrifying war; because there ain’t enough for us all. You are facing weapons of mass destruction; no turning back, no fantasy, no choice; extinction. You are facing the mutilation of everything nature is; including you. You are facing people trying to ignite atoms on fire, just like the sun; here. You are facing food shortages which begin with ocean life is now dead. Plants modified and sterilized past the point of no return have no defenses. Poisons by the trillion ton per year have overwhelmed nature and planet. Global warming has succeeded in killing this world; but “even you, no longer have air conditioning; the primary cause”. Super diseases take control, the result of your pharmaceuticals. Overpopulation “eats the world dead”; most probable rate is “adding one quarter of a billion more human mouths to feed each year”. Every resource has been thrown away. The dust bowl returns. disease overtakes livestock. Ozone losses and radiation releases cause your skin to boil. Currency devaluation proves: humanity was turned into slaves, and there will be war. Media propagation is suddenly recognized as the enemy; and anarchy beyond leadership burns down this human existence. The atmosphere releases from the planet, and in a very few years is flowing at over one hundred miles per hour; no real forest to slow it down. Cannibalism takes control over this world. Oxygen levels drop/ pollution levels rise above what life can tolerate. The soil becomes sterile, and unable to support what little life is left. The universities release their biological weapons; again and again and again. the Yellowstone super volcano may be released; but that would help some tiny portion of life survive; all the tragedy; maybe. One single earthquake destroys the aquifers beyond comprehension; as reality turns to prove now you die. Mass migration of humanity, occurs just to meet with war. The pollinators are gone/ the chains which support life are gone/ the opportunity to live, as nature dies from mass mutilation because universities believed in evolution: ends all hope/ ends all desire for life itself. Judgment day proves to be your own extinction too. As the cost of participation on this earth: finds all life dead. All hail the universities; your god of choice. End date; not over ten years, more likely 2-4; say goodbye 2032. unless of course, they ignite a nuclear fire; which gives you a few weeks, at most; if on the other side of this world. As HADES invites you in.

but hey; “who is smarter than you”; right? Don’t need to worry or investigate or defend; about NOTHING; SACRIFICE EVERY CHILD! Cause the universities are god, and the cult don’t take no damn prisoners: OBEY or be dead. Right?

INSTEAD REALITY PROVES EVERY LIFE IS A MIRACLE BEYOND OUR COMPREHENSION. University says: they understand, and with CRISPR (genetic mutilation of everything)/ they will prove evolution is true. But all fantasies can do is destroy life; deny respect; curse this world; and delude themselves into believing they are gods who can even play with the same fire here, as is on the sun. Opening the door to HADES “the lake of fire” just like the sun. LIFE PROVES: that we the people are ultimately in charge of our own existence, and we must obey the limits and realities of law to survive. The boundaries of what respect allows us to do, or refuse to let the others do. Universities claim: they need not obey any law of life or world/ discarding it all to play god; as if they could be anything but SATAN (destroyer of a world).

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IT IS TRUE AND REAL: that a vasectomy not only removes the chance for a woman to get pregnant from “this man”/ IT IS ALSO TRUE; that a vasectomy removes the chemicals of sex for the male; and that turns a sexual intercourse into simply “hot sticky work”. So it fails for both male and female; “forever”. NO, I don’t have a vasectomy; previous complete control offers “a view”. It is true, as in no further ejaculation for you. Think about it/ because media will not help you!

Reality assembles the discipline to say: consider the steam locomotive/ a direct drive vehicle, that is now gone; because a diesel was much more efficient to use. “so: electric”/ every extra watt is produced by the least efficient means? Order recognizes: once again, that sending a nuclear weapon into space to explode next to an asteroid: is just like hitting “a ball with a bat”. Yet your scientists cannot understand: because it takes away the game, and all their money, pride, and power. As is “game over”. Alas, “you can’t be a hero/ without an enemy”. So, hate makes enemies; to prove you can’t ignore me.  Can’t sell a vaccine: UNLESS you create a pandemic.

It is worth noting: LOVE cannot change hate, that never happens. Instead each individual life must choose love or hate for itself/ based upon what is true within you. Not what is beyond you: people choose for love in terrible conditions/ and people choose for hate, in the most enviable conditions possible. Because reality demands YOUR TRUTH decides.

Americans and others; should understand that democracy does not functionally exist “on a vote”. Because your vote nearly always is a vote for someone to vote for me; rather than purely we the people decide by our vote. DEMOCRACY MEANS: we are united in our decision, that the law, and not a ruler shall guide our nation; by establishing the limits and boundaries of what we the nation believe and accept is required for our own benefit. That is vastly different than a vote for someone to vote for me; as allows them to decide and change my vote into their vote. Nonetheless, the foundation of law is THE CRITICAL PART of every democracy. That foundation is a constitution; and in this America as lawsuit after lawsuit by James Frank Osterbur does prove: your university taught leaders, discard the constitution and its law; by refusing to acknowledge it even exists. Leaders Allowing: the counterfeiting of money (as hidden inflation and more prove true)/ destruction of freedoms as covid proves true/ denial of the free press, as proven by US supreme court gave all media communication to the very few/ will not remove religion, but indoctrinates; throughout schooling as is evolution/ manipulates, propagates, controls, denies, terrorizes, betrays, steals, cheats, and constructs extinction by allowing universities to experiment with life and planet itself. NONE OF WHICH is an example of democracy/ but all of which is called tyranny. Which means anarchy, insurgency, rebellion, and betrayal has taken control over America. NATIONAL and state COURT, AS IS first amendment redress of grievances; is the law guaranteeing our ownership, and our right to rule over our employees. AND WORLD COURT; THE LEGAL DEMAND OVER ALL UNIVERSITIES: THAT YOU SHALL IDENTIFY THE CRITICAL CONCEPTS OF TRUTH, not theory. And the CRITICAL CONCEPTS ESTABLISHING THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; TO OUR WORLD AND ALL ITS LIFE; by your betrayal and cult worship of “Imagination”. Is the only method beyond war, to rectify and rebuild our reliance on RESPECT, LIFE, NATURE, CHILD, PLANET, FUTURE, WATER, FOOD, EVERYTHING; that is in fact being attacked; by university knows.

The tragedy and disgrace of this human world is: the size of your human animal herd. Wherein all are believers in whatever the cult worship of university is our god religion demands you believe. Such things as the “covid pandemic”; was never a pandemic to this date; as would be proven by reality. And was in fact formed by the media plague of university driven “nazi formation”. Or more simply: those who want power, are willing to believe anything that gives them power/ as is I can make you wear a mask, I can make you hide your face, I can make you lose your money, and I can steal more than you can conceive of; because “university is superior/ therefore god over you”; as in Hitler has arrived once more. To your shame as a world.

The pure curse of science; that is genetics: built that disease/ and then sold you their so called vaccine: without the slightest truth, regarding how the body would in fact react to this genetic change. Placing all life on earth at risk of Armageddon; by fools believe, rather than investigate to know. They now mutilate life; on a factory scale, because you let them steal all your money to buy whatever they wanted and do whatever they wanted, and play god however they wanted with life itself on earth. To your forever shame. Only one of the horrifying truths of science so called. It is not science to gamble with the entire world/ or mutilate its life/ or poison its existence; etc. that is merely SATAN on earth; as is your reward for believing whatever you want or being told by your cult to believe.

But make no mistake: trying to ignite atoms on fire, is even worse; thereby turning this earth into a sun/ by your own cult worshiping belief; in the pure puke disaster, called science. They are the enemy of life and planet/ not your saviors.

Knowledge is not the enemy, and there are even a tiny few geneticist who try to help life/ but the vast majority only want to play god; and worship their devil (help us kill them) called evolution. Or play god on every other scale of apathy, disrespect, and arrogance are in control now. To your shame.

They play/ they do not grow up: because playtime means they can remain a child without consequences; because you are not their parent anymore. But failure and fool, is a pandemic; and its consequences threaten your extinction, and this world. Your geneticists throw chaos into life, believing evolution will “just make something else”. And it will: called HELL ON EARTH, the reality of it will terrorize every living single thing; as the truth of what they did do, can no longer be hidden. Bringing us all to the edge of a nuclear fire will not only consume this earth: but cause it to explode.

Lets call it the result of “death walks this earth”/ and its called “a university diploma”; while media is its battle-cry of war.

In this America, “what is left of it”; the people all say, “we can’t do nothing”/ because they don’t want to be involved. YOU DO IT, and we will all complain; because the end result is: WE WANT OUR DAMN BRIBES; don’t you do nothing to take that away. But alas, you threw your nation and your future away; even your children into hell; for the few pennies you got. Making “the vast majority” here, as stupid as it gets/ but that is, the price of cult worship; and the universities remain leading.

Nonetheless, there must be hope. To achieve hope: you must be confronted with: YES YOU CAN DO SOMETHING, to bring this nation back to reality, by whatever truth still remains. The answer is: our constitutional government, is the law which rules us all/ NOT the employees ruling us all, but our constitution is the law of our government. No rulers allowed! But anarchy (tear it down) exists, by universities control over the courts: behind closed doors; refusing even to acknowledge the constitution exists/ thereby discarding it. University Insurgency exists: taking control over the public securities, debt and inflating currency; to spend it for themselves/ on themselves/ for whatever foolish purpose they can find. Rebellion exists: manipulating and propagating whatever the universities say as if they were gods/ discarding our rights, for their superiority. Subterfuge exists: as is the genetic mutilation of nature itself; in worship of their god called evolution. Satanic worship exists: demanding we can ignite the same fire here as is on the sun; “without the same result”/ is truly insane. Religious attack exists: as all children are indoctrinated into the cult of universities are god; “they cannot be questioned”: FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY; they cannot be wrong. The ravaging of war exists; as every resource is confiscated and thrown away. Even the rape of nation and world exists; in countless threats of extinction.

So the opportunity of democracy is: redress of grievances. The LEGAL DEMAND, by enforcement of constitutional first amendment rights. Which do guarantee for the people: that we are the owners here. And when any suspicion of contempt or invasion by our own employees discarding their oath of office exists. WE THE PEOPLE DO: HAVE AN INALIENABLE RIGHT, TO TAKE THEM TO COURT: demand the evidence be presented as “pure as possible” . Whereby we the people judge for ourselves: if they have kept their oath, according to the purposes and definitions of what this nation is intended to be. WE ARE: THE OWNERS HERE. And to enforce that right of ownership: should our employees fail to present us with constitutional trial of themselves; as we demand it to be. They are accused of TREASON, and held responsible for their actions: as preparations continue to create that redress trial, by not paying the tax to our insurgents/ the invasion of those who rebel against our democracy; which is AGAINST THE LAW, to aid and abet “the enemy”. YOUR JOB, does not entitle you; to any false constructions of authority. WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE, AND YOU DO: WORK FOR US. Which gives the citizens of this nation: every legal right, to investigate, and then judge if our workers; are for/ or against us, by their actions constructed as our own decision in the framework of a courtroom; FULLY OPEN, WITH ALL LIGHTS ON, AND COMPLETE ACCESS TO ALL INFORMATION; an absolute certainty. MAKE NO mistake: taxes remain to be paid; BUT NOT until the government which is the constitution by its law; has been obeyed. As is “your sworn oath” to do. Taxes in exchange for “obeying the law of our government, supporting our democracy with guaranteed rights/ NOT the rules to avoid it”.

There is NOTHING more evident, in the realities of our lives; particularly in this America: than the constant cost of universities do NOT know/ and have failed us all. Because the consequences of their change; their playing god; their judgment of what is safe or not. Is utterly false, and cannot be trusted to any degree of value. Every reality of threat proves that true. Every experimental decision; gambling with life and planet, proves the cost of being wrong; is not even considered; because they imagine their fantasies must rule our lives. As reality asserts: they have deluded themselves into believing they are “the superior ones”. The evidence of our time is conclusive: they are not/ plain and simple as is true. DO NOT BELIEVE; demand the evidence, and search for truth. Because you cannot go back; on so many things they have changed and are attempting to change by playing gods. With life, health, food, child, oceans, water, world, nature, EVERYTHING; alive or dead/ by a university professors claim “I know”. How is that not a religious cult, believes. NO truth required.

The existence of time, forms a barrier between life and time; as a relationship governed by thought. While we each begin our journey into humanity as “an infant”; our discovery of life is entirely dependent upon our own decision. Many are those who fail to discover life, and give themselves entirely over to time; as the gradient of what each animal experiences in an action or reaction and then death. To ascend beyond the limits and boundaries of self; we are required to accept the foundational destiny: that miracles prove we are more. With respect, the ascension begins; and each will rise according to their desire; into the disciplines of thought, the balance of gender appreciation, the construction of order, and the truth that miracles are not accidents/ but realities of thought beyond self. Therefrom the question is: “WHO”? But the answer is: LOVE built this world, and it is only LOVE which can describe the values, purposes, and desires that elevate our lives into the quest to envision more. Within that LOVE, the desire for eternity begins; because only LOVE searches to remain “sharing and caring” with you. Therefore the treasury of life is built entirely upon love; and there is no better example of what love is, in all its truth: than the biblical story of JESUS . Whereby, the true differences between love (life shaped beyond self)/ and hate (death and destruction of life) are revealed. IT IS, that story, that reshaped this world; saving it from the infants who truly refuse to “grow up”/ and become alive, within themselves; as the miracle of existence they were meant to be. University is an infant child; with temper tantrums demanding: ME/ DAMN YOU ME, is all that matters. But like hate; their assertions are death of this entire world (Satan), instead of just a few, as hate would do.

you stand on the precipice of your own extinction; as chosen by those who lead. All of which come to you from university is god; fear/ believe/ obey as you were taught to do; in the cult of failure that is “university knows”. The evidence of that: is found in nearly every threat which surrounds our world.

YOU CAN offer to women the chance to form and fashion the laws which will gain acceptance through truth, right, justice, fair play, and respect. OR you can continue as men leading this world; screaming at each other: FEAR ME, as is the cause of weapons!

The foundations upon which you stand, as a living world; are being destroyed. None more so than nature itself; as is done under the disguise of “university knows”; they do not.

Consider the truth, that every living body of life, not only makes its own chemicals to create its own living substance. It tears down the materials which are available to make these things from realities you cannot even conceive of. Within the process of a living human body of life, being formed automatically with near perfection every time. There are chemical substances far beyond what any university knows; timing within the process of creation; knowledge sustained within the process of building; utilities which provide the energy; construction involving miles of neurological pathways, blood vessels, organs, and more than you can imagine. Yet your university gods claim its all an accident/ and they can recreate life; by mixing species together/ by stealing what nature provided, and then mutilating it. Which is the foundation of all horrifying disease pandemics. THEIR “great ones”; ARE DEAD inside/ but WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN?

The change from “human animals/ into humans being alive in truth”; is no game, and requires acceptance; as is balanced from the certainty of evidence that must be found in order for you to survive. That comes only from world trial of every threat, and every consequence that is, “we cannot let them be WRONG”. AS IS the case with trying to ignite a nuclear “just like the sun” fire here on earth. Claiming “not enough gravity here”: so it will extinguish itself. WRONG IS; this earth becomes a sun: PROVE it ain’t so, on a planet that is nothing but fuel.

And the children say: WHAT CAN WE DO/ WE DON’T WANT TO DIE; before we even got a chance to be, what we choose to be. The answer is: YOU CANNOT war with them/ they will only war back; a brain is dissolved by the university cult command: “fear/ believe/ obey”. The curse of want is a terrible thing/ the curse of pride is a terrible enemy/ the curse of power; wants violence to prove “i am god”; and the end result of it is very simple. OUR ONLY OPTION IS THE LAW/ AND OUR ONLY METHOD OF CHANGE IS TO PROVE BY A COURT OF LAW, JUDGED BY WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH; THAT REALITY AND THE EVIDENCE DO DEMAND THIS WILL BE CHANGED/ OR LIFE, INCLUDING YOURS; “WILL be extinct”. Nothing less will do/ nothing more is available; it is our only choice. Do what you can do, or “you surrender/ as we sink into HELL”. CHOOSE! ALL ELEMENTS of diplomacy or reality of warfare; are now shifted to informing the Russian people and military of what their leader threatens; as nuclear annihilation of their own nation! THE DECISION: is HE worth losing your world/ your everything? The end of HIS life, looms large; for any hero who makes it true.

Tell the Russian people, and their military: to run from Putin/ and don’t go near; as his world will end. Tell China:  “Putin declares this world must die/ BECAUSE HE says so: and that includes you”. NO, “changing your mind/ NO going back”: the end of life on earth. “includes us all”!  “because he says so”.

Because nothing less “than world domination” is the alternative: and that means, “ANYONE” WHO THREATENS as well.     Pride will then enforce: the end of this world!

Every war, is about what a leader did or did not do. Just as every purpose for war is about what society did or did not do/ as the values they put into place, and assumed as is so true of this USA; “this failure will not be, in my lifetime”/ so I don’t care! Let the children pay. It is fair to say, throughout this world: the constant of university led, leadership is “let the children pay/ let them die; WE WANT MORE”. Today, failure looms large; as reality will prove: “either to slavery and destruction as a world (because you would not choose law)/ OR, to gamble with this entire world (life or death); because weapons of mass destruction CANNOT be undone: once used we are extinct”. Proving “the university way”; is not savior, but Satan.  “you, stand on the threshold, you chose”!

We are: surrounded by threats of our own extinction/ death of our own planet; because that is what you chose, to follow universities play god.

Leaders lead to claim power: power is, either the demand, “pay attention to me/ or I will make you cry”/ OR, it is justice and law decides by truth. Leaders want lies, so they can distribute power, and make you pay attention to me”; but they choose pride, to claim superiority, and thereby a right to rule.

Lies end in failure; as is seen by the evidence which does surround us all. Believers claim “we won”/ by hiding the truth, in their beliefs. A believer needs no evidence; instead they believe whatever they want: as is “weapons of mass destruction are our saviors”. Suddenly extinction appears; because they are not. Universities claim: evolution is our answer/ respect nothing! But little throughout all of history is such a blatant and corrupt lie as is this: all but a fool/ knows that is true. So who are you? Etcetera, and more; as we wade into the sewage created by “university man”. CHOOSE TRUTH DECIDES, OR DIE! That is the only, real world choice: you have left.

 BUILDING A WORLD COURT, SUSTAINED AND ENFORCED BY WORLD LAW. SO THAT THIS WORLD CAN SURVIVE/ AND WAR END; and weapons of mass destruction be eliminated peacefully.  WORLD LAW ELIMINATES; the destruction of cities, and lives and armies. BY REMOVING AS A WORLD DEMANDING PEACE: your weapons of mass destruction [INCLUDING tanks and so forth, as decided by us all].   AS A WORLD, of 8,000,000,000 people! WE ENFORCE IT/   BY THE LAW WE THE WORLD OF HUMAN EXISTENCE:     CREATE:  “TO RULE over, ” OUR tiny few:  LEADERS”!

ACCEPT this: that China all by itself, grew in population by one half billion people, in the past twenty years. “all those needs”/ are only the beginning. This world is dead truly, without  true population control. No water/ NO food/ NO resource; only war, and the HELL it will create.

WAKE UP as women of this world: TO MAKE YOURSELVES BE HEARD/ and enforce on nations that a world court and world laws ARE THE ONLY SANE CHOICE we can make. OR FACE “WHAT HAPPENS IN WAR/ as is all law is lost”. CHOOSE PEACE. Stand up and march or whatever . BUT understand this:  “by the money they rule us”/ BY CHOOSING “LIMITED CAPITALISM”, WE RULE OUR WORLD. by removing excess money and power and property from the few, to ourselves. BY OUR VOTE.

in addition to this video  in case you miss it, a cheap, simple wind turbine, generating electricity: can run an electric stove/ which eliminates charcoal in Africa; on any windy day.

Please join us in our class action lawsuit:  to design and establish WE THE PEOPLE,  take control of over those who have been creating our healthcare billing.  For the clear and singular purpose of confronting extortion, as a current criminal outcome of our:  “healthcare billing”.  one example of redress Links to trial. “which is constitutional authorized, power to we the people” is      WE GET TO DECIDE WHAT OUR CONSTITUTION MEANS, therefore what our nation will allow/ NOT our courts.   Not enough people demanding their legal rights; ends with nothing has changed/ they locked the courtroom door; power decides.


as seen in this video: outgassing is not healthy for you/ but more serious occurs with incineration: so beware. Insulation is perhaps the most important; considerable air entrapment occurs/ global warming is mitigated by serious insulation. building structural components can include “an outer casing, that open spaces, are then filled correctly; to create the product desired. The potential product bears similarities with the better parts of asbestos; and can be formed using recycled heat; just direct the furnace exhaust before it goes out; for instance.

FEAR will not save you or your world/ YOU MUST choose to enforce LAW, AS OUR ONLY HOPE. We are: “too many people, for any other way”! Thereby establishing, for our world: that “we the people” have made this so! NO FOUNDATION OTHER THAN TRUTH, will keep this earth alive. Therefore YOU MUST establish a courtroom trial, as a world searching for what is true/ and what are the consequences for being WRONG. Thereby forming the question: of our own fate, or destiny/ by the reality of, what we the people did choose. This is a finite planet; and you are 8 billion people grabbing for all you can get “24/7, expecting to do that for one hundred years long”. Think about it, and accept reality as it is/ not as you want it to be.

COURTROOM REDRESS: 2022    Another US Supreme court trial 11-100  Docketed case

compliance to avoid world war 3; the end of life on earth.

Even so: the most vile and destructive disgrace, ever to live on this earth: “is a university”! PROVEN TRUE; by the fact, “even though you know, that a human infant builds itself”, from a microscopic egg/ attaching in order every muscle in groups/ building every bone and joint/ constructing blood, organs, heart, health, functions, senses, “your eyes and hands; face, feet, and brain”. All of which is so far beyond what any human being can do or understand: that truth KNOWS this is a miracle we did not do for ourselves. Even though, you know: if an egg does not enclose itself, or the chicken cannot make it or release it or a billion other things/ or if plants become poison to us; or oxygen fails; or the world becomes overheated; and a billion other things: all life ends! YET, fully knowing this; the universities lie/ create fantasies of knowledge that are lies/ construct machines to participate in delusions of energy/ and in all ways fully attack this earth and all its people and life: with an imagination of playing god; that will end with our extinction. Yet the people say: GIVE US WHAT WE WANT, because they believe in the thieves who literally bankrupted a nation, state, and world! Making of life and society, “little more than cult worshipers” who clearly have no brain. Apparently the universities sucked it out “like vampires/ leaving you like zombies”; as is your imaginary world. Which now kills; “shouting WE DON’T CARE”; to the real earth and its life. THEY LITERALLY CANNOT BUILD A SINGLE “TRUE MOLECULE” OF HUMAN LIFE/ AND YET THE UNIVERSITIES CLAIM: “THEY CAN DO BETTER”. THEY CANNOT: BUT THEY CAN “TAKE IT ALL AWAY”, a reality we cannot turn back.

In the essence of time, we shape our lives by the decisions that we make/ or the realities of what the others will or did do. ANARCHY, is the decision to participate with: those who discard law, justice, and values/ by enforcing hate, violence, abuse, and UNFAIR. So the critical question at this moment in time is: DO YOU CHOOSE FAIR/ or, do you hide from the traitor who wants it all, by killing justice, and forming raiding parties; to steal whatever they want. The result: hiding makes you a coward/ then a slave; because that, “is what you chose”.

There is endless confrontation in this nation; the result of “university knows”; as manipulation, temptations,  and social engineering: “to make you better people” in their eyes and mind; conflicts with freedom, rights, purposes and desires that are your own/ instead of theirs. Can’t have that, as the universities demand; “they are the superior people”; so they say. In reality however, they have proven to be “death of life and world; as threats of our own extinction” begin to swell into chaos and destruction of all we need to survive. Do to their decisions. Consequently people are afraid to speak honestly, people are afraid to make their own decisions/ people believe the predator is waiting to steal, etcetera; because that is what the university education allows for. Debts beyond control, which demand: get the money, beg, or die. So the university education builds traps; to steal what they need. Stripping life and truth, from reality; so that fear/ believe/ and obey rule instead. You don’t get a university diploma: unless you memorize and mimic what you have been told. Making the universities, simply a cult; as only the leader has a brain.

Democracy is the existence of “we all get a vote”/ even the stupid, or the intellectual people you don’t like. While that is filled with “potholes and failure”; it is at least the sense of freedom that comes with respect. Thereby an element of value, rights, and purpose or desires that belong to me/ NOT you. The curse of being human is: someone is always trying to steal (+)/ therefore others believe they can or should steal too; and society deteriorates into chaos without direction. This potential class action lawsuit recognizes that to protect ourselves: we must fight for ourselves. In order to do that beyond “simply selfish”; we must ban together so as to form a society choice. Rather than a personal choice. Discipline then allows; the communication of what can we do for ourselves, as a society. While order based in the truth must be found; therefore a courtroom as best we can. Granting through redress of grievances, our authority as owners here: the balance of what we the people honestly do for ourselves; as the choice we then declare belongs to us. As our democracy enforced upon the employees we do hire. They are not our rulers/ nor is university knows, a reality without errors/ media manipulation is treason, not a right/ while corrupt courtrooms must be changed. Because the law of this USA is: the constitution, our government: written out for all to understand and interpret for themselves, as reality will allow. NONE of our employees, including the supreme court: holds authority over the constitution. Instead the constitution holds all authority over them; as we the people honor this, with our lives, our choice, and our future as a democracy guiding our place in life and world.

Ultimately, my work is about law and democracy: the difference between order and its opposite, the university disgrace which is chaos (as proven by where life and planet is today: did they NOT lead us here)? The value of law is truth decides, not you or me/ only truth by the evidence of our reality. The value of democracy is: that with law, and constitutional authority over employees who have power: we decide for ourselves, what our nation, state, or even impact on this world shall be. By our own vote, as WE THE PEOPLE. That foundation of ownership is called “redress of grievances”. The clear fundamental proof: of who does, or who does not own the right to decide by law/ not want. Making the law, and whosoever makes that law: the single most important decision we the people can decide. A law controls all the people, as equals: it must be PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Any deviation is outlined in a court, and then given to the people to decide/ by their vote. Once REAL LAW is formed correctly, it cannot be changed without a 2/3 majority vote. RULES are very different, and they are meant to control “you or me”; which makes them powerful, against the individual/ and a threat to society itself. Consequently rules must be limited to only what is needed by all, to present to each a peaceful and harmonious society; justified by law, and formed in the grace and diligence of fair play. Therefore each element of my work seeks to identify the realities, and the purposes, and the dignity of finding solutions among ourselves/ in order to take control over life in this world. WHICH DOES: require you to examine every threat, and every resource, and every decision to be made in, and by its own reality of truth: so that a fair and deliberate decision can be made by communicating ONLY WHAT IS TRUE. Thereby presenting the quest of dignity, and the value of disciplines. That BY THE LAW, we the people of this planet: DO CHOOSE for ourselves; our world will be changed, and life goes on. One vote/ one life; the decision is made. The power beyond law is removed, by WORLD LAW, we enforce as WE THE PEOPLE, on our leaders.

To sustain that: there cannot be “closed doors in a courtroom”; and every judge must be judged “for good behavior”/ and removed when he or she is found guilty of failure to put democracy and justice first. There cannot be “a ruler”; who decides for us: let the law do that. Instead there can be investigators, who prove our laws are being kept; or identify those who are not. There must be communication of the facts; NO MORE “entertainment” disguised as news, to manipulate and control you with propaganda or university plays god. Real world, we the people decide; “as internet chooses”; what will or will not be broadcast to the nation or state. Real world: everyone has a chance; because limited capitalism controls the power: thereby lifting us all, by voting for boundaries and limits upon the rest. Real world: let every business declare what the increase above its cost will be: or you lose your business to someone else. Thereby opening the door, to all business entrepreneurs: because now, you can buy locally, and know the price is fair.

IN THIS WORLD, the very best you can do for yourself, is learn to do for yourself. Don’t expect others to take care of you/ don’t ask beyond what reality will allow/ don’t judge, because that is the door to “hate and hell” in you. DO, participate, and allow the others to be equal; until hate is proven true. DO, accept that love is a balance between your life and mine; and its not equal as it should be; unless we do have the same power to decide. Which constantly means: if I do the work/ I make the decision: but if my decision affects both our lives, we each have a right. The best you can do is: don’t want, that discards reality; don’t accept pride, that destroys friendship; don’t use power, unless it is absolutely necessary; “nobody gets to play god”. Forgive, or you live alone. Accept the limits and boundaries of what truth will allow, so that you can build your home. Remember to build your family as well, if possible: because “blood is thicker than water”; and they are the best chance you have, to be remembered in life or needs. Race/ color/ size/ shape/ mind; does not constitute beauty or value or enemy. It simply describes different, and different confronts us to change: which can be either good, or bad. “needed, or not”.

SHOW THIS WORLD, and your employees:  who you are as a society and a nation: DOES CONSTITUTIONAL LAW RULE US/ OR, has your cowardice replaced that? With the curse of slavery and cult worship; of those who are responsible: for distributing chaos, and extinction.

And just maybe, the world, and all its soldiers, will take note; and understand that “we can do this too”. A world run by law/ NOT by leaders, who bring us war, failure, delusion, collusion, destruction, poverty, and even extinction; from their fantasy of playing god with life and world.

STAND UP FOR LIFE AND PLANET: DEMAND AND DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER: TO INVESTIGATE THE THREATS WE FACE, THE REALITIES OF BEING WRONG, THE CONSEQUENCES OF MUTILATING NATURE, BEING INCINERATED BY A NUCLEAR FIRE UNLEASHED, THE DEATH OF EVERY CHILD, THE COST OF THE DECISIONS BEING MADE. Which does include “hidden inflation/ covid/ global warming; and all that we do need to survive”. Simple as that: make your courtroom before the world/ and enforce democracy as is: WE THE PEOPLE shall decide this. As is the legal right of constitutional authority, in this USA; proving democracy is real. THE COST of failure is death; so do the best you can do; none do better than that! Including me.

You WILL remember: that government, media, university, scientist, healthcare, lawyers and judges, etcetera: are ALL JUST PEOPLE. Same as you, with a different job, that does not make them superior. It simply gives them a voice you do not have; because the deliberate insurgency against democracy has taken that away. In order to reclaim DEMOCRACY; you must reclaim “first amendment redress of grievances”. OUR LAW AS WE THE PEOPLE, which enforces the foundation right of authority over government: which is, “we will decide for ourselves, by vote”; NOW. As it is, our legal right to do. As it is TREASON to refuse the constitutional authority, of we the people own this nation called USA. CALLED into court: our employees, are subject to our demand for truth, evidence, and the right of democracy itself; which is WE THE PEOPLE, shall not be denied our legal ownership of the choices, we have decided to make.

  The destiny of life, is shaped by the decisions that we each will make; to control living, as we see fit. When challenged, to “see fit to do your own living, by someone else’s decision”; the realities of love or hate begin to take shape. The quest of love

SHOW, THE NATION, THE SOLDIER, THE WORLD, AND THE PEOPLE; that a real and true democracy is controlled by the law, NOT by the ruler or his weapons or threats. COURAGE KNOWS truth is better than the cowardice of lies, betrayal, and terrorism! It is that simple: the constitution is OUR GOVERNMENT, the ruler and the courts MUST OBEY! Or it is not; and the rebellion against THIS democracy, is then complete.

is peace and justice, building upon the designs of truth and law. The curse of hate is, to consume the others’ life, so as to make them obey/ fear/ and believe you have the power, “to make them cry, or even die”. Between these are “the devils”; who do everything they can to enforce “fear/ believe/ obey”. OR, the few who cry out, that only the evidence can decide our direction, and we must let truth decide; because want (its all MINE), like pride (I AM judge): is our constant enemy. The element of war exists, because “the herd of animals, shapes chaos”/ instead of life as a human defined by miracles: owns the road. Men choose war, because they live and die for the game; to prove pride and power/ instead of love and law. More use the law to demand power and pride/ than do build a society for peace, by implementing the value that is FAIR and JUSTIFIED law.

The dead weight, of living skeletons; that only pretend to be alive; as is “the universities pretending to be gods; who know”. Destroys life and living and planet, as their contribution to pride, power, and want; forcing the indoctrination of children; claiming school, “you are an animal; and cannot think beyond”. Therefore want (nothing matters but me)/ pride (only the superior ones win)/ and power (hate is faster, “to the throne/ I judge”); than love, the essence of life itself. Your pretend gods: have given you everything promised in biblical literature: by mutilating genetics which is nature, they bring you Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ by poisoning the water, and making overpopulation (ending the water), and the media curse of mob (kill them all, none can be trusted) the human possibility (they bring you the Apocalypse); which is war more fierce and violent, and deadly than ever before (blood flows like a river). By removing resources, and proving global warming: you will bake as in an oven; which you will call HELL. By igniting a nuclear fire, the greatest fools who have ever lived; will be consumed; along with this entire planet, “as it becomes a sun/ and then explodes into solar dust”. And yet the animal, cannot see it true; because the animals cannot think beyond themselves. The animal, only wants what it wants, fights for the best it can have, and becomes violent, abusive, and threatening when demanding, MORE for me.

None of those things are conceptions worthy of a living humanity, that knows: every miracle proves, a level of thought existed here, before humanity was born. Therefore we, the living search; and are called human; because life is more important than want. The universities sold you to hell; wake up, and understand the decisions we make, become our future.

Return to the living; or go extinct: such is the truth of this day.   IT IS, fair and true to establish and construct: that soldiers can be hired to protect a nation; as a method of defense. BUT NONE, can be hired to attack a nation, as they construct an enemy in our midst: and that is a true war crime. Identified by those who hire/ those who train/ those who commit to the carnage they inflict.

This is, the best men did do; and we do stand on the edge of our own extinction: this is, who men are. The consequence being left now: “to women must try”, to save this world. BY LAW ENFORCED/ by balancing men with justice, truth, and fair play/ by accepting, only truth is fair in love; and there is nothing fair about war. The male, “I am in charge of everything”/ MUST be dissolved into world law, and functional equality with women. The reality of  “want regardless of the consequences”/ MUST be removed to accept, the foundations of life and world now decide; or we have no home and die. The curse of “university is god”; ENDS, or you go to HELL and even worse.

While religion says of me: “he is nothing/ he is not a believer/ do not accept anything he says”; the universities are god: “they know”! So, I say of them: “they are correct”, I am not important/ but the evidence of your reality is. The truth of what you chose, and the consequences of what your universities are doing: ALL point to extreme threats of extinction. “they are correct”: I am not a believer (we want what we want)/ rather I have faith in the evidence of truth, the reality of miracles, and accept the quest to learn what it means beyond self, to be simply alive. “they are correct” the universities are your gods; although the evidence will prove them to be the biblical prediction of “Satan on earth”; as the destruction of everything does prove (destroyers of a world). The reality is simple: the universities say, they know how to be gods; and can change nature into their own creation with genetics. The universities say they know how to be gods, and can play with the same energies as on the sun; here on this earth; by igniting a nuclear fire. The universities promised “don’t listen”/ you don’t have to do nothing; this world cannot die. And yet the evidence proves them wrong. But the cult worshipers, and the propaganda machine called media: scream, “we can’t all be wrong”. Even though, reality knows; you already are.

The majority of women then say; “we can’t/ because men are stronger and violent”: WE want what we want too! But they, and you now face the extinction, of this entire planet: so says the truth of evidence. Their own cannibalism and fate of HELL and HADES; as is formed by weapons and leaders and university. Making the decision simple:  you WILL CHANGE, or this whole world ends! Proven true, by the consequences of evidence already known. Proven true by the realities coming, from the decisions they have made: to disrespect all life and world, for their want! YOUR CHOICE as women is:  to use the evidence of your own reality, as a world. The consequences already in place to prove the curse and destruction of decisions that are killing this earth: to demand LAW, AND ENFORCE LAW on us all/ that is true, fair, and deliberately equal for justice to exist: as the choice we all make!  OR, you can wait for the endless rape, ravaging, cannibalism, and fate of HELL controls all; as is the result of “university plays god”.     CHOOSE, with truth and honesty!  FORCE THEM INTO COURT, so that everyone on earth, can know what is, or is not true (NO, LIES: PROOF OF THE COST TO BE WRONG)  about the threats of extinction we all face, “here and now”. The reality: CHANGE today, or tomorrow you will wish you were dead.

And all the people say: “we have nothing to fear; the universities are god”! But alas, with so many hands taking constantly from a finite earth/ with populations rising easily at 3%; a quarter of a billion more/ each year. The reality is: as soon as a robotic army can deliver all it needs to itself; as is the purpose of artificial intelligence. That allows, the tiniest few: to control life or death for all the rest, as a military “of living skeletons [if you prefer, the army of the living dead]”/ and genocide will follow. You might believe this to be “decades away”/ BUT, with the new battery packs (cars do it)/ the “warrior robots” are already being built, in secret.   “don’t worry, its a surprise”.  BESIDES, with your phone tracking your every move/ facial recognition (GOT A DRIVERS LICENSE, ETC) picking you out of the crowd/ digital money to control you, or deny you access/ and more: true sitting ducks, so to speak.  Don’t worry:  “the warrior robots” will easily find you/ you will be begging, prostituting, or dying; as your money and access, no longer exists.  “so you can thank them for your protection; RIGHT?” Because reality itself will prove; as it has throughout history: when their ain’t going to be enough for us all/ the powerful decide: “we will kill the minority”. Because our group shall survive. And yet the university elite are the minority: but they will intend to create the largest and most deadly army possible. Along with biological warfare, the whole world dies; because we can’t survive the future as it is. Just one, of the many consequences for: “we don’t care”. SO, I say to you: DON’T fear/ DON’T believe/ DON’T simply obey whatever you are told. INSTEAD, consider and prove by the evidence what is true, and construct the cost of being WRONG; so that you survive their surprise.

The constant claim: “I will just go get more/ will fail, on this finite planet; with 8,000,000,000 people, all claiming the same/ along with every other life you chose to sacrifice! You will scream: “I have money”/ but reality will prove its only numbers you have; a hidden inflation stole everything of value; as is “university knows, and plays god”; with you too. Humanity will yell: “not in my day/ let the children pay”; as they have for fifty years in this USA. But be surprised when reality listens no more. You will cry, but none will care; because this is, what you chose. Religion will sacrifice; because that is what the animals do/ but fail to change anything. Too late to change, is the end.

And religion says: our prophecies do not include YOU. But reality says, the bible [my only interest] predicts in Revelation 1-11 how the nuclear war of men will “play out”/ as men try to be gods; and prove it so by destroying this earth.

In contrast is the prophecy of Revelation 12-22: which is what will occur if women do their best to alter the course of human history. Neither is for free, as these include the consequences you chose for yourselves. Nonetheless the second half of Revelation lives, while the first part of Revelation dies. Which do you wish to be?

          The biblical book of Daniel 12 also has an end of the world prediction:  that began with “the great abomination”. Which was the experiment at Lawrence Livermore Labs, in San Francisco:  to attempt to ignite a nuclear fire, by using 192 lasers all pointed at one spot. To generate by their estimate 180 million degrees of heat/ and 500,000 lbs of pressure upon that spot containing hydrogen (and all other material elements as time went by).  Claiming they would make hydrogen into helium; as is the fantasy called fusion. They failed; but because the money, power, and pride are so lucrative; they continue on; by not trying to make hydrogen into helium/ but in the tomak reactors: simply ignite atoms into a nuclear “burn the bond of atoms” fire. They lie to keep the public at bay: changing the temperature of the sun to ten thousand degrees or even 5,000 degrees/ claiming just a “ten percent rise of energy once ignited”. But fully knowing that the evidence is absolute: the temperature of the sun is closer to 10 million degrees/ and the expected release of energy once ignition occurs is roughly 4 million times more. But you don’t need to know that;  cause if you did, you might stop them! If you realized: just the radiation released from ignition would explode anything biological within a minute up to a minimum of one hundred miles;  you might fear what they do. And the people say:  “they can’t burn atoms/ that is foolish; they are gods/ they know better, this whole planet is fuel”. YOU are a “blasphemer/ the universities are god”. But alas, they are “witch-doctors”, intent upon playing god; and completely ignorant of the fact: WRONG is our world becomes a sun. And I am correct, as the evidence does prove: the chemical fires we know, “burn the bond between molecules”. As to Daniel 12; the prediction has been overridden by the new testament of Revelation/ which now decides, by your decision; what will be, our fate.

Accept the cost of being wrong: ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT THREATENS. Such as; The critical question for every Russian citizen and soldier: DO YOU, want your nation to be the epicenter of world war 3? Destroyed at every level of existence, without life forever more?  Because it only takes a single command to do so.  Some say, “thank GOD”  Ukraine doesn’t have any nuclear weapons! But reality reminds all: they did have many, and whose to say, “some weren’t kept (even if they had a count: fake bombs, can look very real)”. No missile necessary, just walk it across the line/ or put it in a cardboard box, with a shipping label. And then there are those, “who will help them out”. CAN’T happen? Well the university biologically mutated disease called “covid”/ to gain trillions of dollars, and wipe out all resistance to their opening the factory line of mutilation throughout all of nature genetics; proves you wrong. “as millions” now exist who can; curse life on earth. Individuals across the planet, who can unleash weapons of mass destruction single-handedly. Doing as much damage as a world leader; “without you”. And then comes: Deliberately injecting CHAOS into life itself;  as religious “evolutionary zealots” do, to prove their god is real; or just to prove they hate you; same. Or “a thousand other extinction threats”; if you prefer: courtesy, “your university gods”; and their priests of cult worship, as is media.

The alternative is very simple as well: even putting the massive number of true threats, demanding extinction of us all aside. The war, “as is the curse of cult like leaders on earth”, using the people of Russia as its toy. Represents the end of this earth/ as reality will prove true: particularly if they extend the slightest bit beyond the Ukraine/ and they most likely, if or will: once Ukraine has been dissolved. Because that is what history proves true; men do! Whenever Europe looks to be “involved”/ CHINA will invade Asia: because all the evidence proves they want too. When the military of Europe, and America is substantially involved; “just like world war 2, and the Japanese/ china will decide they can’t bother us now, and attack, as history proves true”. The only method of stopping them will be nuclear weapons. One explosion, and this world has 24 hours to live. But if you fail to stop them: they will take control, and soon after want more. Ending with, there are too many people here for us all to survive: SO SOMEBODY HAS TO DIE, and billions will face genocide. As is the case across this earth; because overpopulation of humanity WILL cause our extinction/ and once the chains of life that sustain the food we eat die; you are next.

Even “1.3 billion people” are no match for the newer machines and realities of a war, that has no respect for life or a future. And that includes, the extremely high probability of igniting this planet into a sun with multiple warheads dropped within seconds of each other. Unlike the wizard of oz; that is university Satan; claiming delusions, fantasies, and imagination won’t hurt us: the reality of the sun is clearly a fire fueled by atoms being broken at the bond which controls all that atomic energy. A certainty, without question: because in order to contain that much outward energy as is push/ there MUST BE, an equal if not greater amount of pull energy to keep the push in suspension; thereby balancing the energies involved. Destroying that releases pull (solar gravity)/ and establishes heat: PUSH; which is roughly 10 million degrees; as is the number needed to reach this earth, and the far corners of our solar system. THEY LIE, to keep you from realizing: the true gamble with all life and earth called “fusion; another delusion already proven false in 2012-2013.” Yet they go on: “because the money, power, and pride; is GOOD”. Just like the vast majority of you.

And all the people say: WE BELIEVE IN WHAT WE WANT TO BELIEVE! But I remind you: BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, AND have been doing instead! Because the evidence of that is extinction; whether you like it or not, is absolutely irrelevant! TRUTH DECIDES.

Once genetic mutilation of plants and animals hits that one single moment, which cannot be undone: only chaos in nature is left. Or ignition of a nuclear fire, “just like the sun”; unburdened by the fantasies of university delusion; IT WILL consume this earth turning our world into a sun. in other words: if NATO were wise, “just to start”; it would immediately begin aligning its troops and tanks along the border of Ukraine, and more facing Russia/ as an absolute, and unquestioned threat: WE CAN DO THIS TOO. To prove this ain’t no game, anymore. THE USA; move its armor from the middle east to Europe while you can; because a declaration of war, or a surprise; will sink it all; as traitors designed you to fail.  OR, a single missile from a sub defeats you; which causes that submarine to be attacked; and the twenty missiles or so, along with a hundred nuclear warheads or so; are detonated along with sinking the sub. OR, because they know where you are going; a single nuclear weapon planted in the ocean sinks the entire battle group, and destroys the docks and infrastructure needed to unload; in one simple tsunami. OR MORE CLEARLY; the games are dead, because the outcome can be deterred by a tiny few individuals. No longer, only the leader decides.  

The foundation of life is very simple: if you don’t let truth decide, and reality govern what can or cannot be done/ then humanity digs its own grave, and the environment is destroyed by their constant struggle to survive. Because men: always take the very last one (If I don’t/ they will), insuring nothing comes back to sustain life or world. For that cause armies are formed: WE MUST go take theirs/ kill them, so they don’t attack us back; “nevermore”. Or more simply: they give you war; as their solution. But in this day: “kill a billion people/ and you still have 7 billion more to go”/ and beyond that reality will prove humanity is growing at roughly one quarter of a billion more human mouths to feed each year. So war solved NOTHING/ BUT EXTINCTION COMES.

The foundation of our future is very simple as well: with machinery and more, the reality of our lives is, “90%” of the people, are no longer necessary/ and if they were dead, those who are left, would be better off. So universities, and their hidden army (particularly biological warfare): disguise their efforts to survive, by killing the rest: as has been the constant throughout history, “surprise”!

So, the universities hid the reality of what they were doing, cursing life and earth by invading government, communication, education, work, life, and society: delivering the horrors of men and women can have anything they want, “not in your lifetime”/ and deliberately chose to destroy a world, end all living things, and sacrifice every child, and every future life: to fuel their “single generation” greed, selfishness, and hate. Your economies nearly worldwide are based entirely on lies, rape, and destruction of life and world: to your shame, reality and truth now knock on your door with extinction.

The reality is: a very different world must arise, in order for life and humanity and world to survive; and that is the truth. Sharing/ caring/ respect/ responsibility/ courage/ hope/ discipline/ and balance are required. OR more simply: exactly the opposite of all things taught by “university is god”. They want you dead/ truth desires that you survive; simple as that. To achieve that reality of survival: REAL WORLD CHOICES must be made/ and that CANNOT BE DONE/ WILL NOT BE SUSTAINED; unless you go to court, and identify what is true, and fundamentally no longer a choice for you to make. WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR LIFE AND WORLD DECIDES/ not what you want, but what is fair and deliberate to all life and earth. Supporting peace and harmony, though justice and fair play for all; as best we can.

You cannot define the future, by limiting it to the past. WHERE THERE IS LAW, no war is allowed, because the only solution is truth. The evidence decides, not the size of a nation or its wealth, or its poverty. The critical question is: DO WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH, demand the law shall rule us/ OR rely upon the men, who have always chosen war, as their method of solving any problem/ destroying any nation/ or raping whatever they can trample upon. LAW DESIGNS AND CREATES A NEW PATH. BECAUSE ENFORCING THAT LAW AS WE THE PEOPLE, HAS become a reality.

The curse of “university” is: HIDDEN behind closed doors, the greatest terrorists the world has ever seen are operating the doors; which open to every horrifying reality that can be conceived by humans. Mutilating nature/ destroying atomic safeguards/ TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE (lets burn atoms, on a planet where everything is fuel)/ denying habitat/ trillions of tons of toxic waste dumped every year, on and in everything/ oceans raped and ravaged/ species going extinct/ chains of life ruined, and in chaos/ food and water supplies cursed/ overpopulation of humanity/ global warming/ earths atmosphere, “ready to disconnect”/ oxygen depletion/ ozone depletion/ magnetic earth collapsing due to CERN/ currency fraud, and governmental rebellions, destroying securities and forcing civil war/ biological warfare released as is covid/ endless chemical disasters in every city/ resource devastation/ the future itself assassinated by choices made/ greed beyond contempt/ religious cult worship, and denial of truth; “evolution”/ university is god, the betrayal of life/ weapons of mass destruction/ poisoning the water supplies/ air conditioning: the release of heat/ acid rainfall/ media manipulation, “social engineering”, temptations to achieve slavery in others, mass hypnosis, religious indoctrination of every child/ takeover of society, by university debts/ enslavement of society by medical billing/ corruption of the courts, by “the rich”/ conspiracy, to elect only those who agree with insurgency; destroy this democracy/ forced occupation, YOU will do what we say; as is covid vaccine/ stripping genetic structure, and preparing for Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ was for water and more, soon horrifying due to need (someone has to die)/ destruction of groups, as is everyone is now an enemy; and more.

And all the people say: “________________”! when all I ask is: INVESTIGATE THESE THREATS, and DON’T LET LIFE AND WORLD BECOME EXTINCT! GO TO COURT, as a world; and prove what is true; before death takes control.    NO, going back in time; when it is TOO DAMN LATE.  simple as that.

Mental balance is the removal of want/ mental order is the removal of pride/ mental discipline denies power the right to decide or judge. The value of life constructs peace through justice, by fair play/ never war.  for more

The critical choice is: WE, are the armies, etc/ the providers of all supplies and weapons! So the critical solution is: TO PROVIDE FOR THOSE SOLDIERS, all of them; the means to say no. Because we are protecting them, if they refuse to attack us. TO ACCOMPLISH THAT: the answer is, to provide more than one area, “AWAY from primary targets”/ that they will gain food, water, citizenship if they want it, the means to communicate with their families and so on: SO LONG AS THEY STAY PUT. If they choose to then move out, without permission; things change. EACH AREA; is entitled to protect themselves; in their situation/ but stay put in a realistic, even if spread apart reality. “WHERE NO TARGET OF VALUE” can be threatened; so they need not surrender their weapons.

GUARANTEE NO attack, particularly from the air will come, “by us”. GUARANTEE, the military leadership of Russia in this instance, will be displaced and denied authority; if that fails you may stay here “with us”. GUARANTEE, that we do not wish to harm you/ but you cannot harm us either. IF, your families are threatened: we WILL provide transportation back into your nation, for the purpose of covert operations against the leaders “and their families” who now threaten life and planet without a cause. YOU will remember: “it is the rich” who run the nation, and they can be easy to attack. YOU WILL remember: the mayhem and catastrophe that you inflict/ can be turned back onto your nation, far more easily than you can imagine.  You should be aware: that the new method of military nuclear bombardment is, to drop a line of bombs so as to create the maximum destruction possible of life. What they don’t know: is when a series of nuclear bombs are dropped “a second apart or so”/ the result of that will be. The first explosion goes up/ the second explosion is affected by the first, causing the blast wave to tilt down/ the third explosion now sandwiches the second, and creates a tunneling effect/ and the fourth and more explosive event lays down horizontal with the ground; to create a blast wave 5 times more extreme than the first. ENDING WITH, a high probability of creating a nuclear fire “lets’ burn atoms just like the sun”. As is the means (closely impacting meteors, in a rapid succession, and proximity, to each other) the method most likely, used to ignite the many stars in the sky you see. A nuclear fire burns atoms; as every sun does/ it is not the fantasy and delusion of fools, in the sewer called “university imagination”.       OH, lest we forget:  “don’t need no damn missile”; we can just carry nuclear bombs and place them wherever we want/ OR open chemicals/ OR release more biological agents;  after all millions were taught how!  Gee, what could go wrong;  as every life is sacrificed, every seed eaten; and the future destroyed, because there is no tomorrow for food or water or life to live on earth.      all hail the university, playing god!   

 When confronted with a walled off nation: the first line of communication is to the invading troops, they are coming to you; and it is very easy to not only put information that need to know available to them/ it is reasonable and fair to provide the necessary tools so they can communicate with their own family and friends; back home. The world itself, needs to assemble a true world court: and identify the law we will enforce/ so say us all.      Set whatever you use, easily recognizable/ in numerous places WITH candy, alcohol, “something the majority desire”; And DO NOT TAMPER with it/ they MUST trust you later.  It is a gift/ for the purpose some shall read and understand. 

To disassemble the military chain of command: what you must do, is replace their leader with the realities of what is being done/ and what the consequences of their actions shall produce. Then protecting those who will change sides, becomes paramount to a foundation of insurrection. The critical knowledge is:  “as the reality of bombs” express/ there will be nothing left of your nation either; all will be lost/ food, water, a future, every child, and more; because this world can release weapons of mass destruction due to a single individual; and that chain of command.    UNDERSTAND; what the truth of “universities play god” means! CHOOSE LIFE/ because there is NO going back. As is true of every threat “university knows” has made.

 while every honest desire would be, that no war should exist/ that every defender is simplified as hero/ while every invader can only be cast as enemy; the cost of the primary soldier is, “we have few choices”. So then what is written, what is done: is against an enemy, not against a soldier. We begin with the reality of women will be raped/ and people; will come enticing women to “come with them”/ but it will end with sexual slavery. Because that is your reality. CONSEQUENTLY, the women of this world need to gather together/ and fight to stop that; providing themselves for what is needed by those being cast out from everything they need. “the anti-pregnant plan B pill”; should be widely distributed/ because rape will happen, as men realize they could die. Beyond that the world itself MUST come to understand its own power, as we the world of humanity:  WILL now convict the invader/ and in the case of Russia. The penalty for invasion is now you have lost your entire control and claim to all fossil fuel sources; to the people of this world.  The penalty of invasion is: EVERY CITIZEN of Russia outside that nation shall be gathered to demand of them, that they shall work to defeat “the enemy”/ OR, they will lose every asset and possession they now hold: when this war is done. Because either the war is done/ or world war three has brought extinction and hell to us all. What is confiscated, will be redistributed as a world court decides. WE HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT; you invaded for murder, mutilation, poverty, and worse: there are consequences. That will include, when the war is done; if not immediately:  “the one percent wealthiest of Russia” SHALL lose all their possessions” and that will be redistributed to the people who have not. Because it is the wealthy, who elect and keep a leader in charge: thereby they pick the enemy, and support that effort to destroy. The consequence is: we will destroy what you built, by taking from you; whatever the world decides to do.

   AS TOO: the fighting itself, you will instruct the invading soldiers: “we do not wish to harm you/ however you give us no choice; and that means we must”. it is the officers that require damage and death to be done/ therefore war crimes exist; above the rank of lieutenant; and each will be taken to trial, for what they did or did not do. The critical reality of stopping the carnage, requires a warning equal to what is being done to the defenders.  As indicated previously: remote controlled weapons are the preferred method. one such method is “a popup machine gun/ or tank gun”; that operates out of; from underneath ANY potential manhole cover in a city. Popup weapons that are buried in the ground and are then “ground covered” by appropriate materials; need to be placed in watertight containers:  “they will shoot their way out”. batteries are the obvious method. Methods such as small remote controlled vehicles; can be used to infiltrate “enemy camps” at night; igniting in what sounds like gunfire or more/ will cause the enemy to “shoot itself”. Armies move by stealing whatever they want; which includes fuel (water or sugar goes a long way), ammunition (mixed with it will tear up your gun), food (dysentery stops an army in its tracks), etc. the use of “blow up balloon, tanks and troops” with heaters to fool the sensors; can be very useful, particularly when aided by “simple missiles, and fireworks”: they use up their ammunition/ and if they become wise to that, or distracted by that: it opens the door for a real attack. Clear, filled Hydrogen balloons, attached to drones, provides some control (or not), will keep them aloft much longer/ you can include a “cut the string” device to let the drone return to you: the software used for patriot missiles, to blow up in front of planes and helicopters; would be useful (they are coming to you/ if prepared, you can answer). Another method is: you can build a drone “with a lawnmower engine or bigger; and six automotive radiator fan blades; v-belts tie them together; a common remote control for toys, can be “added” (it its a drone; by tethering it; you can use that motion, and its controller; to control the bigger machine. you need at least 3 smaller fans for directional control; which can then be used to target ammo and fuel trucks (thermite has a value, as does small bombs or other), or leaders.  There are no military targets in an invading nation other than WHERE the leaders are to be found; and that does include the very rich/ munitions/ and the universities. MAKE IT ABUNDANTLY CLEAR, TO ALL THE PEOPLE/ INCLUDING SOLDIERS;  what will be lost to you as well as extinction for this WHOLE world;  if weapons of mass destruction are released. but make no mistake, IF JUST ONE were used to stop a war of extinction; when no other way can be found/ the edge of world war is true & clear; that is, then justified.  Because a city is less than a world.   OR, MORE DISTINCTLY; SURRENDER THOSE WHO CHOSE THIS WAR/ TO THE WORLD FOR TRIAL; “dead or alive”. Because it is justified those who created the trouble should answer/ INSTEAD OF A NATION that has been used.  “the righteous/ religious” may suggest NO:  BUT, the example of JESUS is similar “one man/ he died”; to show humanity the difference between love and hate; and it remains a vital and true story today; because love and hate does not change.  “one or all” is NOT, a hard decision to make!      GIVE THEM NOTICE,    as a world    AND THREE WEEKS, to produce “their leaders” for TRIAL.            FAILURE IS: JUST ONE, “nuclear or neutron bomb sent”/ if it is shot down, that is a warning.  But unless you deliver   “the enemy leaders”/ in three weeks another will come.     And the people say; “we will strike back or first”!    BUT, that is extinction for life on earth”/ the consequence of your choice; the decision you take into eternity {to destroy GOD’S CREATION}.  And the military will say:  “we have submarines and more”/ but again:  THAT IS extinction for all life on earth!    CHOOSE YOUR LEADERS, THAT CAUSED THIS DESTRUCTION TO BEGIN, WILL PAY/   OR YOUR WORLD, WITH NO OPTION LEFT WILL  TO EXIST.    THE PRICE, “of universities play god”.

THIS IS NOT, “PLAYING god with life”!  THIS IS, taking the decision away from leaders; and demanding “YOU, THE PEOPLE” shall decide/ or WE, the people will face our truth; and demand “it is better to risk losing a world/ than it is, to be certain by world war; that our world shall be lost”. Even if you escape weapons of mass destruction/ resource losses will make you extinct. Because there is no other way/ the evidence is certain.

It is not a game, to mutilate nature/ it is not a game to ignite a nuclear fire “just like the sun”/ it is not a game to poison the water or destroy the resources; which have already killed a billion or more people from the future; because without resources, there is no life. It is not a game to release biological weapons such as was covid; to steal trillions and collect pure power as is “they even stole your face, and contaminate genetic nature itself, with chaos”. It is not a game, to war/ or be threatened with even more weapons of mass destruction: BUT THESE ARE THE CHOICES YOUR LEADERS, “ALL OF WHICH” HAVE A UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA; HAVE MADE FOR YOU/ and as a cult of worshipers, you let them do it. So now, the question is not: “what you do or do not want”/ but what truth and reality will let you do instead.

With Russia demanding war in Europe, it is a guarantee that China will invade next, all those area’s of Asia (all those people want and need resources, and it is easier to steal them; than not): a repeat of “the Japanese”. Once you are thoroughly busy in Europe and beyond; making this world war 3. as to Russia; same as always; when the leaders fail a nation, they cover it up with war. Nobody gets to complain in war; the law is broken.

The disciplines of war, are SIMPLE: stop people from joining the fight. One of the new methods for doing that is: to incorporate camera’s on the guns which protect the road from an invading force (operated remotely), and their convoy. WHEN you know, where the convoy enters: then you know how to stop them, with remote controlled weapons (by wire if necessary; they cannot find you even when close; a simple rope, allows you to pull the weapon back, and carry it away; build accordingly); facial recognition can easily be programmed to recognize “tank treads”; and fire the weapon: and that includes, within the city.  A weapon that can also “recognize war lords”/ and remove them; just as they chose to eliminate you. That allows you to create wreckage to block the road, and more/ with small enough guns to take out the tank tracks:. So that you can then take control over the tank itself: wait for them to run out of fuel, force them out with “heaters”. MORE effective at a large scale; than that is; to make the invading nation begin to pay the price.  AS TO AIRCRAFT;  what we know, is they are very susceptible “to any glitter” that enters the jet engine. With cheap drones, a small amount of explosive, and a few electronics: YOU KNOW where the targets are/ and can prepare. “swarming software is available; accessories as well”. The invading leader: identified as individually responsible for the cost; as a world standing up to shout WORLD LAW/ NOT WORLD WAR. WE WILL rule our leaders. NO MORE hiding behind an army; “YOUR WAR”, will not end/ until YOU have paid! so, says the world!  In the disciplines of making the invading nation pay; the reality of suppliers must be recognized. “friendly nations”; provide food and more/ so in the case of Russia; selling anything to China which could be used by sending it over the border; does fall into that category. The critical question is not: what can they do instead/ the critical question is: do the vast majority of people on earth want this war stopped, or not?

That leaves you with the truth: either you stop Russian leaders from advancing, and make them retreat/ or you enter world war three; and that will be the extinction of this earth and all its life. IT IS, ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN: THAT THE RICH, who run the government/ DO NOT WANT THAT; AND WILL retreat from their leaders, and corporate puppets. Because you will NOT be able to go back; the resources do not exist/ the realities required will fail: you WILL be cannibals; living on human carcass and drinking blood for water. Because that is what you chose/ that is what reality will demand.

Which means: AS A WORLD, WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS; YOU MUST CONVINCE THE PEOPLE OF RUSSIA, BY ANY AND ALL MEANS. To reject their leaders, and turn them into the world court, for trial; to determine the level of punishment that fits the crime. NOTHING LESS will keep you from war. TO ACCOMPLISH THAT AS A FACT; the people MUST see for their future, the cost of keeping these leaders/ rather than the cost of turning them over: AS ABSOLUTELY IN THEIR OWN BEST INTEREST. THE CLEAR AND LITERAL THREAT; that this world shall in fact use whatever force is required to either kill their leaders/ or force the nation of Russia itself, to kill their leaders or surrender those leaders to the law; we this world demand. As is: WORLD LAW/ NOT WORLD WAR. TO INSTILL the truth, “we will NOT” as a world invade Russia. INSTEAD; we WILL insure you KNOW the truth: THAT WHATEVER IT TAKES to stop this war from escalating into our own extinction: WILL BE DONE.

Even if the consequence is extinction comes a tiny bit sooner; because world war 3 IS WORLD EXTINCTION, and Russian leaders are trying to ignite that fuse. Which makes the Russian people, “the first to be incinerated”; if it all goes bad, instead of BY LAW, we the world will fix this. And return our lives to “the best we can”. MAKE SURE “THE SOLDIERS KNOW”/ MAKE SURE; WE THE WORLD, CHOOSE TO DO THIS: because less will fail.

And the people of this world SCREAM; “let them have their war/ DON’T make us all die”! BUT I TELL YOU, WITH NO possibility of being wrong: that overpopulation means genocide [genocide means: there ain’t enough for us all/ so we DON’T want your competition no more]. NO RESOURCES is certain death and complete CHAOS! And if you are standing on the wrong side of that: IT MEANS YOU/ AND IT MEANS WAR IS “YOUR FUTURE TOO”. There is no escape; YOU CHOSE this. Millions know how to release the chemicals that are already there/ millions know how to mutilate life into chaos/ billions know how to create havoc, ignite fires, and be hate: you have no chance, without law that is real. Which nation will not release its weapons of mass destruction when faced with being overrun? And you are not the only living things WHICH MUST SURVIVE; in order for humanity to survive! ONLY TRUTH has a slight chance of fixing it, with REALITY; no more delusions or university imagination. REAL WORLD, NO EXCUSES, TRUTH. GO TO COURT, AND LEARN WHAT THAT MEANS.

  WORLD LAW IS: established by, one hundred or so, clear, simple, plain, short laws (we all understand)/ that we as a world, we the people of this earth: choose for ourselves to govern those who lead.

World policing is: from the very best of humanity, throughout this earth! the force of law, is to bring those who break the foundation of our choice as a world: into trial before the world, by that law the right to legally enter, and remove the accused criminal for trial.

World court is: the change from male domination (yes we can/ because you cannot stop us). Confronted by: (no you can’t; because our law, singles out those who lead this charge for war/ into those who face this entire world, which now says no: you shall not. The primary difference is “female domination”; as they know better than men: only the law, can save us now! So, they are to lead the charge for that law, by creating the terms men could not find. Sad, but true.

The foundation change is: we the people of this world, by enforcing our laws/ we, shall not target nations; but only their leaders: IF they fail our law, over them. As the military targets a deserter/ or a society targets the criminal. Let the military stand aside: so the new laws of our earth, created by the vote of us all (51%, among all nations; or better to start): can be fair to our world; to us all. For those who doubt, I remind you simply:  all of us, 8 BILLION PEOPLE, can rule over “one of us”/ as is a leader of any nation. “JUST a former classmate, in school”. NO authority, or right; to play god.

World enforcement is: that there can be no “weapons of mass destruction” left among the nations/ so there can be no threat beyond the limits of what is fair to our world. With world law, we enforce that as true.

WORLD LAW IS THE ANSWER/ WORLD LAW IS THE ONLY ANSWER; YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE; BUT THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS WORLD.  SIMPLE AS THAT/ YOU TAKE AWAY THEIR CLAIMS, “of justice”;  BY DESTROYING THEIR RIGHT TO PROCEED against the law.  PRODUCING THE CAUSE, “WE, the people of this earth: ALL HAVE A SAY, in world court/ AND THE LEGAL RIGHT, TO SAY NO”. “BY RULING OVER RULERS”.      stand up or die.        IF media had any value at all, in this entire world: it would present that message to the world/ and cause the communication of ideas to enforce the choice is ours.  And does not belong, “to individual leaders”.    THEY DO, “KNOW”/ BUT REFUSE!    Because ratings and money, are about stories/ and war, along with the money and pride it will generate;  is even more pervasive, than covid.  As every general knows: “you don’t get promoted (I am the important one) without a war”.  So, your job is, as humanity on earth:  IS, to fight for communication, to inform this world: that by law, we need not war/ or allow for wars to begin.  TEACH THEM THE OPTION IS REAL;  teach them extinction is real as well. It is your duty.

If Russia is to claim: “independence for breakaway sections of a nation/ then it must recognize, their own breakaway sections of Russia; and identify a way, their separation from Russia begins, and ends with peace. That is called reality, rather than lies.

The foundation reality of weapons of mass destruction is: even though a leader invades with an army/ he can be told to turn back. Because the cost of refusal: is annihilation of the nation itself. The difference being: LET THAT ARMY “TURN HIM IN” TO THE WORLD; for judgment by a court of law: “THE LEADER/ OR, THE NATION: CHOOSE”. The reality is: world law, removes the cost of failure/ and denies ownership of all weapons of mass destruction throughout this world. And the people say: NO, this could go wrong. BUT THE REALITY IS: if you do not dismantle the death of a world/ your world will die; and soon. Because men are men, and they will fail life and earth: and we are surrounded with threats of extinction. Far beyond war. MAKING A TRUE CHANGE; IS NOW, OR NEVER.

Changing the direction; “elevating life”, by discarding the disgrace. REMEMBER THIS: that the “fall of man” is decided by judgment. When you judge any form of life, “as worthless”/ that opens the door to claiming the power, to then do anything you want, with that life; “as if you were god”. The descent into animal: which includes abuse (you are my slave), use (you owe me), violence (I can hate you), rape (you are my toy), pride (I AM, the superior one), and even murder (you mean nothing, to me) starts here. Only hate can be judged as true, or not yet completed. Only the evidence can decide, if the law  of  HONEST justice and fair play, must intervene. In terms of coverings such as is “university, government, media, etc”; what hides beneath,   “the serpent”! only when arrogance, and its manipulation of the truth; cannot be denied, as real. FREE speech, constructs the evidence, so that each can decide for themselves; it is not more than that. Which proves the reality of “media induced covid fear/ believe/ obey”. Free speech, does not manipulate, nor does it enforce: OUR law does that, as we choose it to be. Therefore evil hides where power exists, to “cover them up”.

 NOTHING on earth, shouts DEAD WORLD, more than a university geneticist: THEY DON’T even know that evolution is an absolute, disease ridden lie/ without the slightest element of truth. Chaos builds nothing/ accidents are not orderly or disciplined or balanced/ realities of similarity prove the respect of thought, as it searches for all that life can become. NOTHING on earth, shouts DEAD WORLD BURNING; more than a university physicist: the people deliberately trying to ignite the bond that holds an atom together into fire “just like the sun”. NO GOING BACK/ no extinguishing a fire that burns atoms for fuel: incinerated world. The great university advantage: “just like high-school”; all they have to do is change the words/ so the rest don’t know, they don’t know. and the cult worshipers all scream: “YOU, CANNOT question our gods of university”; they are gods (they CAN’T be wrong/ WE BELIEVE).

 In the constant plague, that is “university knows”/ the one foundation that can be counted upon is a complete and utter failure of life and planet ending in extinction. As their cult continues to shout “NOT, in my lifetime”. As reality proves: then you better die quick; because the cost of fantasy (we can do anything we want), delusions (life comes from evolution; a the traitors paradise) , imagination without reality (lets mutilate all of nature; evolution will protect us), whoring (nothing matters but me, and money), cheating (kill the children, their future is dead anyway), stealing (we are gods, we emptied the treasury, and gave it to ourselves), betrayal (no infrastructure needed; no future expected), terrorism (lets ignite a nuclear fire, and burn atoms for fuel), Satanic worship (lets KILL this world to prove we can), and outright descent into HELL on purpose (keep the propaganda, from TRUTH)/ has a price. Its called extinction, and every leadership decision; as is represented by “the universities do this/ no one else allowed”; fights to make you die. With their delusions, fantasies, and pandemic of deceit.

OR, to simplify it all: unless you find true and honest respect for life and planet once more quickly and forever. Which means discarding your precious “university knows education; their fantasies, delusions, imagination, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, manipulation, temptations, and more”. There is NO future, because they led you into all things HELL. Poisoned water/ no ocean life/ overheated planet, we bake/ earth http://www.iter.org ignited into a sun/ all of nature in chaos/ all food sources lost/ all life extinct/ cannibalism “ain’t nothing else”/ war with weapons of mass destruction/ civil wars, all the money and resources are gone/ world war; overcrowded into insanity/ every form of habitat, every chain of life lost: because the universities said, “we can play god”, nothing matters but what we want: TO HELL with the children, “NOT in my lifetime”. SO, the spiritual woman and me, surrender you to your choices; because the final human truth that decides is, “you can’t change a believer; he or she is locked inside their own prison cell: to insure NOTHING can affect me now. No truth, not reality, no cost of being wrong, no investigation of the future, no possibility even to go to court, “as the best we can be”; to find what is true. CARE AND WORK; OR, be extinct. “its your choice”!

And the people say: we don’t need to worry about NOTHING; the universities will save us. BUT alas, in a real world , before they changed the numbers; is a 3% population rise per year (3 new infants over deaths, per one hundred people/ 30 per thousand per year over deaths: investigate, with those who surround you. prove what is true, remembering each life expects “one hundred years” of living). Which adds up to 240 million more mouths to feed every single year. WHERE is all that life you intend to eat, coming from? Or water, or resource, or sanity: or WAR. On this finite world, clearly dying in front of you all; as even the most insane can see. NO, you don’t have to care; but you do, “have to die”.  and the cult screams:  “YOU can’t make us fear; he is the devil; DON’T listen to nothing”. Yet reality proves, I simply provide the information, you NEED to hear: fear is what you supply for yourselves. I am innocent of the charge; yet a believer has no ears, eyes, or a brain to “think”: they are locked in their prison to hold this world OUT. “To prove we will not think”; about people who are injecting chaos into nature, destroying life and planet, or even trying to ignite a nuclear fire (which cannot be extinguished, when everything is fuel). because if they did:  “then the universities would be Satan”. As reality proves, “nature is genetics” EVERYTHING OF VALUE EXISTS, because of what nature did do for us. Yet “university says”: WE, will do better/ even though chaos is all they offer; in worship of their religion called evolution: LET CHAOS LEAD. Which has no evidence of truth or value; “only this looks like that”; and their claim of violence:  it is not enough. Which even a worm knows is true.

But not to ruin reality: every cult worshiper of university is god believer; joined in; and screamed, for the last forty years +: “we want what we want/ to HELL with life and earth; NOT in my lifetime”. So together your elders ran into extinction; and every child faces the same choice; as is NO, you can’t/ or life on earth is lost. And down to the very last human animal; they all shouted, “we want what we want”/ and we don’t want to pay NOTHING for life or earth to survive. THEY DIDN’T PAY/ WE WON’T EITHER; but alas they were 4 billion people, at the beginning of complete desecration and disrespect/ you are now 8 billion people looking back on “we DON’T care”! With every single on taking as much as they could get, with very few exceptions. So the last of “human alive”, waits; because every true threat of extinction is “caused by humanity”. As is “by your own choice, your belief in university; this occurs to you”.

In the constant plague of “saturation propaganda” as is used in this “nazi  (we are a mob) takeover” of America and more. The foundation of covid is: “that the university not only knows/ but is your savior god”. In contrast to that is the reality of their knowledge, as is “if they only knew one millionth” of what they claim to know; they could potentially be at a “vagrant (tolerated/ but not welcomed) level”. As the evidence of life reports through pharmaceuticals: “nothing is certain, but the truth of risk”. Whereas what is certain is: even a tiny bit of chemicals, that should not be here; can cause death or destruction of an entire body of health. If not immediate/ then forty years later; as is the evidence of smoking. They not only gamble with life, they intentionally mutilate nature to create chaos; in worship of their cult “evolution is by chaos”; thereby attempting to recreate life on earth by the destruction of what already exists. Injecting chaos in genetics, is “Armageddon unleashed”; as will prove true. “devil gods”; a disaster to life and child; with every possibility of extinction for all, in this living world. While the herd shouts “we can’t all be wrong”/ the reality is: ONLY A VERY TINY FEW make these decisions; and the disease of their influence is spread by media producing the pandemic insanity; of belief.

  the claim of super power” is errant and wrong/ as today literally millions have been trained by “university is god”; to be able to attack and destroy. To create enormous consequences for all the rest, in disease, biology, chemistry, nuclear, cyber, nano-space, experiments, destruction of atomic order, mutilation of nature, opening the door to radiation poisoning, habitat destruction, no water for life, ocean life dead, etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. Or more distinctly: Satan is upon you; as “the gift of universities”/ and you do understand the word, and can see its meaning.

 There is only one reason why, foundation utilities and so much more need to be connected by “cyberspace”: so only a tiny few can control it all/ and threaten you to obey their will or be refused that utility; “water/ electric/ everything”. Which means your leaders chose: to enslave you/ on purpose; and are actively working against you.

The claim of Russia and its leaders is: “most of the Ukrainians want us to lead them/ they belong to us”. While the opposition says; NO, we don’t. HAVE AN ELECTION; LET THE PEOPLE CHOOSE; and then enforce their choice as best you can.

Which then proves: the dignity of any “national group”, is the right to choose as a nation/ to prove as a nation, what we the people desire to be the authority of our lives. Proves without question: the right of our own choice, instead of yours. As would be: the curse of power/ by the disease called pride. Or more distinctly: NO right to war/ that is proven to be a fraud.

In the real world of truth and values: if an election is held, and the majority of people in Ukraine: “desire to remain independent”/ then those who deliberately wish to return to “Russian”/ should in fact go back. Just as those in Russia now; particularly if Ukrainian, desiring change; should trade them places. So that each can live the life they believe is better. That is balance, shaped by truth.

TO TAKE AWAY, the power of thugs in charge of nations: IT IS NECESSARY, that media communications to the world itself; NO HIDING!

[the world itself/ history itself; is now looking at the truth “of you; whosoever has a true part”; in “hitler/ or not”].  We the people, or traitors in our midst! The difference is: “we have the right and the opportunity to choose for ourselves/ versus power: the demand for chaos, to infer and insist, “I will choose/ not you”. Without chaos, that does not exist beyond hate rules now/ therefore WAR proves power must rule. As is You, have no rights; bow down; slave.

These should declare this as the only constructive or legitimate course of action; as is “the press” in action. OUR RIGHT of life; as people of this world; proven true! OUR legal RIGHT; against any army, who attempt to declare themselves as “our god” instead of our friend/ or enemy; as the case proves to be.

The foundation of it is to take away your liberty “to find another way”/ and your freedom, to have any choice of your own. Same as the threat of any war, or insurgency against you from the inside.

Government is NOT a complex construction! It merely needs to create the boundaries and limits which allow for justice, fair play, happiness, hope, values, courage, dignity, respect, discipline, order, balance, and trust to illuminate “the best we can be, as love allows”. Hate the constant used by men to destroy what those who do better create/ establish fear and destruction by enabling war; whether weapons or universities; their end result is the same. KILL life/ and take what we want. So the critical question throughout history has been to remove the threat of the living dead, from invading our lives; by preparing for war. The critical answer to removing that threat is WORLD LAW, and the governing of leaders; so that nations are not allowed to create their solution, by invading the lives and work of someone else. WORLD LAW REMOVES ALL weapons of mass destruction/ and replaces them with world policing and a world court: which then determines by the evidence of LAWS    WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD MAKE, fundamentally protect and enforce.   CHOOSING, by their obedience to our laws: if these leaders shall remain in charge of their nation. LAW, IS THE ARMY; of we the people of a nation or world. Because law identifies the individual who fails the rest; by understanding what is honestly important for us all: shall not be undone by others. Weapons exist to remove law/ armies exist to remove the courtroom and demand slaves/ wealth serves itself, by corrupting the laws. however LAW alone, stands as the barrier which limits the damage of others on our own lives. Those who enforce it properly gain peace and happiness/ those who don’t face the realities of history; which is men play games, that end in war. Leaders are the result of money: limited capitalism, replaces excess wealth, with we all get to share, by our vote: upon limits and boundaries to protect life and earth.

   DIGNITY, is the value of friendship attached to the respect owed another living creation of life. Every form of life is a gift; unfortunately the freedom of that gift is allowed to choose its own direction; as the liberty of living within the boundaries that humanity chooses for itself to obey as the law. The critical path is: every miracle owes respect to its CREATOR. While the opposite of that truth is, discarding life itself, each is allowed the freedom to cast their life aside, and die. Fear brings religion/ the fight against that fear, brings apathy and disgrace: but every miracle proves a relationship of love, not threat; and that is an ascension into faith. Faith relies upon truth, just as truth relies upon the evidence. Wisdom understands: “only thought can do these things; called life”. Therefore to search for Creation and its Creator: is at its core, to enter thought, and achieve soul.

It is noted and true: THE FOUNDATION OF LAW, is NOT, “whatever we the people want”/ but an honest review of what we the people need, in order to remain free, and beyond the reach of those demanding power to control us/ the pride to ruin us/ or want to remove our options and destroy our own opportunities to survive and be happy.

The decision to survive as life on earth is: TO FULLY UNDERSTAND, AND FUNDAMENTALLY ACKNOWLEDGE: what is a threat, and what our choices as a world can be, to offset that threat and sustain this planet and our future as life and world. THAT REQUIRES TRIAL, AS A WORLD PARTICIPATING TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE.

The unfortunate truth of all government is: “what a vile interfering rotting corpse of failure and disgrace you are”. The consequence of that is driven by a university diploma as no other is allowed: only these create the sewer of fools that gamble with life and planet, destroying everything while they compliment themselves on “how great they are”. As all criminals who conspire and then control society do.

There is only one way back to reality: FACE YOUR TRUTH, and accept the cost of money is, you must pay your debts/ or it falls apart, and the university criminals enter in. to be like America, and others: threatening life and earth, by university fantasy and delusions. The imagination of a cult who claims BY LIES, AND MEDIA MANIPULATION; we can take it all. CONTROL YOUR OWN BANKRUPTCY, and understand ALL CORRUPTION starts with money; which makes counterfeiting assets, and creating debts which cannot be paid: the foundation of war, racism, slavery, poverty, prostitution, and more. Because the power “to make you die”/ is enough to make them fight as well.

Beyond the simple minded disgrace of money is the reality of government, and all government can be run with laws instead of people. Contractually hiring what we need to be done, as best we can. Because the foundation of society is: humanity never changes, it merely plays the game until the game divides society/ and then society divides what the rich has by destruction, so they can then buy back twenty years of their own labor; with a life in slavery due to that game, of recycling sludge/ and a reality of living spent by gambling “to win/ revenge to lose”: destroying every resource on this earth. CHANGE IT, remove the governmental employee/ tax only for very specific purposes/ and understand LAW CAN RULE LIFE, because humanity never changes. Unless forced to do so/ and then it falls back into the sewer of games as fast as it can; because that is what men do. So change the constant of failure that is human government; by letting women try/ because they are different, even though not better. DIFFERENT is change, and we MUST have change. CHANGE MEANS: CREATING A FOUNDATION OF LAWS, THAT WILL GOVERN US ALL FAIRLY, AND BY TRUTH. Thereby armies will disband, weapons will be changed, the courts will prove justice or be tried for treason, the children will be taught the values of living and the respect needed for life and earth to survive, and the foolish will be removed from their control over society. So that happiness, love, and peace will blossom.

We then search within the realities of truth, to understand the difference between human male and human female is: men believe in strength (I can make you fear), while women are forced to believe in law (because the army of justice, is more vital to our experience and happiness for living, than is fear). Recognizing fear is: the mind altering a decision, to produce every conceivable reality of what can go wrong. While courage is: the decision, I will pay the price of my choice, because it is necessary; and every soul knows that eternity matters more than time. Only when you believe the cost will be beyond what you can stand; that belief, forms the barrier, which no longer allows you to move.

In this day of traitors, terrorists, liars, thieves, cheats, whores, failures, fools, “university imagination, delusions, and fantasy”; does the realities of what we have lost, now come into view. As the horror these “cult worshipers of satan” represent: could accomplish, the end of life on earth.

So we have two choices: to let them crucify us all, and end our existence with their complete lack of respect for life and earth and child/ OR, TO STOP THEM, WITH LAW; as is the female method of survival for life.

Male currently controls; with all intent to continue as life has been on earth: with men in charge by war/ MAKE THEM FEAR/ TAKE WHATEVER WE WANT/ WE ARE THE SUPERIOR ONES. And the leaders caused weapons of mass destruction to be made; with the intent and purpose to kill the masses, and threaten the whole population of life on earth. Making them, “the superior ones, who get to play god with all the rest”; as is the price of power. Yet without true fear, they have only the extinction of themselves as well.

What they failed to recognize with weapons of mass destruction; including machine guns. Is that even one soldier/ one guard whose job it is to protect them: now holds the power of his or her own army, and can kill these leaders instead. Because the weapon is lethal and fast; “too late now”. While drones are for killing leaders/ and millions now know how to make biological weapons; along with missiles that can have GPS guidance; even if they are only one or a few. So the cost of threatening the world is, millions now exist, who can literally threaten you as leaders. Or more distinctly; while a large group of predators can attack and panic a very large herd of prey animals: without fear, those prey animals can turn back, and both trample and gore the few who are predators to their lives.

What happens then? Anarchy? The critical question is: DO YOU WANT LAW TO RULE THIS PLANET/ OR DO YOU WANT WAR, to rule this planet; as extinction then becomes certain? Answer the question; because the horror of a university education; is fantasies rule with delusion, and imaginary claims, by theft, fear, manipulation, belief, and the cult demand to obey.

So how do we rule this planet with law? Answer: take control over television media/ and use it to demand the communication that is: OUR DEMOCRACY “at least in this country” AUTHORIZES REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES AS OUR MEANS OF CONTROLLING THIS NATION AND THIS GOVERNMENT AS “WE THE PEOPLE” will now choose for ourselves. To lead, into law by governmental authority; the rights of individual freedom, and the rule of liberty to decide as a nation for ourselves. Is a truth than can multiply throughout the world; once they believe it can be true.

But make no mistake: the curse of university power and pride will stand in the way, shouting and screaming: “you have no rights/ you are nothing; we are everything”. Calmly inform them: that the manipulation of life and evidence and nation is over; and the foundation of our democracy demands OUR LAW MUST RULE. Which demands, that all policing is on your side/ not theirs. That the law of our government, which is the constitution/ NOT AN EMPLOYEE; commands, that it is treason to fight against the authority of our own democracy. Our own nation that grants to each citizen the guarantee: WE SHALL NOT BE RULED, by our employees. But given sufficient cause for grief and failure: may in fact by first amendment LAW, demand our own accounting of the facts. And make our own decision regarding each employee who gave us an oath/ and each decision that is not consistent with our purposes as a union; as is written through constitutional, and foundation documents: intent.

So the true question is: do we the people of this world, allow armies to decide their soldiers can only do what leaders demand. OR, do we the people of this world, who are and who supply the armies of this world (providing a bill of rights to every soldier); shall now choose for ourselves by implementing world law as our ruler over this earth. As is the removal of weapons of mass destruction, and the leaders who cause them to threaten this earth. Who exist to enslave us/ rape and steal from us/ who manipulate us, by the power of fear. Or more distinctly, as a world: do you demand world law rules us now/ or do you choose weapons of mass destruction, to await the day when life on earth is dead? NO, it won’t be free/ but it is the reality of choice: LIFE, by laws formed for justice to all/ or death, by the curse of men and their constant called, wars.       WORLD LAW GOVERNS LEADERS, AND  MAKES THEM COMPLY WITH OUR DEMANDS/ by enforcing that law through a courtroom. Instead of their demands, with an army, marching for mayhem & death.  Which does include planetary safety: no you may not destroy our world/ no you may not destroy our portion of this world. WE HAVE RIGHTS.

The behavior of men is: that want controls, but life is determined by the games they play; adding in or taking away power. Without pride to control the game; there is only law, and law does not own a winner or a loser/ it merely is, what it is. Thereby the herd gets to disperse, because the game finds an end: as power is revealed by law, and removed. Leaving only want; and if truth decides, then the future of consequences for the choice’s you make; is limited to your values and the realities of what is left. At that point; the value of woman and child, takes on a new meaning, and this world becomes a different place to exist.

 I ask the question: since CRISPR is something university found in nature; and can be used by universities to slice and dice genetic chromosomes into pieces; “to insert change”. UNLIKE the laboratory, this is and is intended to occur “a billion times” throughout the body of life in nature. thereby replacing what is nature, with what is “men derived”. Nature uses a repeating code to insure that it stays safe for life; unlike universities who intend and deliberately inject chaos; “as homage to their god of evolution/ as all religions do”. WHAT keeps this same “enzyme”, from doing whatever it wants? According to geneticists: “don’t worry, evolution will create new life with that, in a billion years or so”:  so why not, RIGHT? Which ON THE OTHER HAND, could easily be, unleashing: “an all out war against nature itself”. Or more simply: since your university gods CANNOT identify what creates a single organ/ or what allows for any of the chemicals used by the body to be formed/ or any portion or part of what makes a body work/ or any portion of what life is/ or how thought works, even at the mental level/ or how does a fetus exist/ OR ANYTHING INCLUDING how do we stopa disease. The only real difference between a university geneticist and their counterparts (old world “ooga booga witchdoctors”; is instead of throwing “eye of newt, shit of bats, or whatever they can find in a stew”; these new world witchdoctors throw their curse into life itself; by mutilating genetics. and their cult helps by donating money, complete obedience to chaos, absolute disgrace against life and world; by making fools their god.

THEIR VACCINE WORKS, by sending in CRISPR to automatically slice out, a portion of your own genetic structure/ and then splice in “the university decision to play god with human life”. Because they believe in evolution: the insanity of “this looks like that; so what has life got to do with it. Or, in real world terms; their evolution claim is “we built ourselves” with pieces we chose, off the shelf: without a brain, or a tool, or anything real. THEY ARE, “INSANE”, as proven by truth. But hey, don’t you worry now: “cause scientists” all say; as their replacement for “laboratory rats”; you don’t count. After all, they are making trillions of dollars; and proving “nobility over you”: who else controls your mind with media? And all the people say, “NOT, our gods”! But media is filled with those who could not refuse the temptation of trillions, or power, or pride; or even everything they wanted to prove “they are gods”. Shame on you; for your belief.

like parasitic disease, the university satan continues its quest to destroy nature entirelyThe idea they can claim to be gods; so we should simply continue to give them trillions of dollars to experiment on human life/ or gamble with all of life and earth. Is so far beyond sanity; even a worm is more intelligent, than you.

And the people; say, “university keeps us alive with medicine and surgery”. Yet you do not know how much damage they do as well; nor do you consider the vile “spiders web” of medical mayhem, that is keeping a body alive that should have died; just so they can collect the money.

Instead of purely believing whatever you are told by the religion of “university is god now”. A far more reliable source is Biblical: and its prediction of Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ its prediction of the Apocalypse (war so extreme it is now horrifying beyond words; as water escapes our grasp). Its prediction that humanity will judge itself in the final days, and die by fire: as is the claim of fusion/ and the intent to ignite a nuclear fire, by burning the bond in atoms “just like the sun. Or its prediction of HELL, as we face the endless sea of human faces, that no longer have a chance to survive; because every resource/ every chain of life needed for your own food sources/ everything that keeps us alive: IS TORN INTO DISASTER, by university knows; and media manipulates with mass hypnosis, to keep you from knowing; how utterly insane you are. Children of the dead; play god/ the DAMNED let them.search through who is dying

I ask the question: if scientists declared the sun to operate at 10 million degrees F in previous decades; because after traveling 94 million miles; only an area about the size of our moon actually heats this earth. THEN what makes you believe, the “scientists” of today are correct when they declared the sun operates at 5,000-10,000 degrees F instead? Which is roughly equivalent to exploding TNT. failure is as close as a leader; LET US CHOOSE LAW instead THEIR CLAIMS OF KNOWLEDGE, are pure fantasy and delusion; proven by facts which are real. yet media, and humanity believe “we can’t all be wrong”. When the reality is:  ONLY A VERY TINY FEW, claim to know, and then others shout “they are like gods”. TO YOUR SHAME.

Human existence begins, with the reality of orientation; or more specifically, “one tiny part” in the brain functions to allow us to stand, sit, walk, or crawl; without it, we cannot even conceive of being vertical or horizontal. Without organs attached to the skeleton/ without “ten thousand billion things” all of which are a gift to us all; there is no life called human, and very little else that conforms to a living existence. Yet your gods of university say: “we know/ but they only believe”; as is the cost of every religion. The difference in this one is: they invaded life itself, and have no respect for anything beyond greed; as is proven by covid. The “university led”, human prey animals; want a herd, so they refuse to think for themselves. While the human predator animals; know stealth and surprise are their best weapon; so they refuse to be revealed. Yet unless you learn to think, and abandon “university as god”; extinction is certain.covid count first page

The answer, in one such reality: to alleviate fears of “university playing god” by trying to ignite that same sun fire here “claiming fusion” which does not exist. PEOPLE feared; so they lied. When confronted by the reality of a 4,000,000 times heat expansion when ignited into a nuclear fire just like the sun. “the universities playing god” lied, and said; well it will just be 10 or 20 times more. When confronted by radiation from that “one time only ignition”; now we cannot extinguish a nuclear fire (everything is fuel, and it only needs a self sustaining plasma to continue burning_). The universities lied; and said it will just extinguish itself “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; and yet reality proves it is the fire that releases “solar gravity”.

The most critical reality of life and earth today is: that every true threat of extinction, beyond one; is a reality of what the universities have chosen for us all. Weapons of mass destruction/ realities of overpopulation/ genetic mutilation of life in response to their cult worship of evolution/ attempting to ignite a nuclear fire/ destroying or attempting to destroy every chain of life we depend upon/ trillions of tons of poisons released/ resource destruction/ ocean life on the edge of extinction/ habitat destroyed/ media propagation of lies and the cover-up of theft and more/ the destruction of democracy/ indoctrination of children/ delusions, fantasies, and imagination founded upon arrogance and the assertion “universities are god”. The intent to produce a reality of slavery among all, but themselves. The destruction of diversity/ the destruction of business, industry, personal freedoms and choices/ the end of liberty; the curse of righteousness (we will make rules to rule over all). Mass hypnosis to produce nazism, and create another “hitler”. Even more. As is the rise in crime and violence; as people recognize the cost of “nazi, covid in control”/ is the end of freedom, democracy, work and securities, life itself; and all that has value to our world.

Nazi refers too: “a large group, starving for power or pride” who finds their solution in “fear/ believe/ obey”. Because in those words, the righteous enforce their rules/ and rules create power over anyone who fails to believe: they are now in charge. Hitler as a consequence: refers to any leader, willing to give them that power over society.

       THE FOUNDATION FOR DEMANDING FIRST AMENDMENT:  REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES;    A GUARANTEED LEGAL RIGHT OF AUTHORITY    PREPARED AND PROTECTED BY THE US constitution/ as well as state constitutions:  IS OUR METHOD OF RETAINING CONTROL OVER OUR GOVERNMENT.  Granted to insure, WE THE PEOPLE shall not be ruled over; but truly involved in the decisions which shape and control our own lives as well as our nation, our employees, and its impact upon this world.

While it is constant and true: that the very foundation of all conception, creating democracy itself is “..by the consent of the governed/ that all power is vested in, and consequently derived from the people/ with certain inalienable rights…..” GOVERNED by “that no man or set of men are entitled/ thereby the oath: I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of……..and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States. AUTHORIZED BY WE THE PEOPLE, joined in the union of our nation: “…in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity: do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America”; which then becomes the foundation and form of all government authority itself.

REALITY PROVES: an insurgency against this constitution, and against this nation, and against its foundation members of society; by those who have taken control. Discarding the press, and replacing that with propaganda of experts alone/ denying foundation laws/ gambling with extinction for life and planet and nation/ destroying the securities of money held by those in government employ/ cursing us with debts that cannot be paid/ and in general destroying the very fabric of life, planet, and nation; to “cult worship the universities as god, over us”. Each of which is a treason.

THE US SUPREME COURT proves, in docketed cases 08-1339 & 11-100: that they are in full revolt against the US constitution, by refusing the constitutional demand for first amendment redress of grievances. The US SUPREME COURT proves in docketed cases 08-1339 & 11-100 that they are in contempt of democracy; by causing or allowing a secretary of the court to dismiss these docketed cases. Which means ONLY a judge can do that; proving by his or her signature, and cause/ never a secretary of the court; which is rebellion against our law, our authority as we the people of this democracy; who own your job. That fact means: instead of assembling a vote to prove this petition is valid and must go forward by law; before the nation itself. EACH CASE; is “first in line today”/ and must be resolved by judicial decision, rather than the attack: of leaders, who have armed themselves in revolt, by destroying our first amendment law.

New  Ice Traction video

a video "sand in a bottle" on ice for traction found on youtube

   TRUTH, is the singular bond, which aligns between life and death; as the passage beyond time. Where that truth illuminates a choice, the question of life itself appears. ONLY truth survives, beyond the realm of a question. Therefore the quest, is to identify and create “the law within self, that can survive”. That law is: with love, cherished by the bond of trust, completed by “we”; the value of living shall go on. The realm of life, is then the value we ourselves create; as our own participation in living. Freedom releases happiness, but hope orders boundaries: the limits of love, shape then; our eternity.

IT OCCURS TO ME: THAT, I should put some type of time stamp on the invention I created and released over the last week or so; in order that it remain free to all (create your own business; don’t try to patent). That invention is: to simply put sand in a bottle; so you can put in in your coat or purse or car; to carry with you. IN ORDER TO: sprinkle it in front of you on ice! That, allows you to create your own traction; and thereby not fall down and break any bones (as I have done). Simple as that: dry the sand or it will turn into ice; shift the sand so it will escape your metering hole; use fine sand, to go as far as you can, and not create any more mess than necessary. Put it in a closable bottle; put it in a bag, poke hole when needed; but carry additional bag to put what is left in that. keep yourself together: as I am told “4-6 months” until all better for me. Todays date is January 23,2022  1:30 AM.  In a similar sense, I will ask the question: WHY are bones put together with screws; when to wrap them with a banding material would be so much better?  A heat shrinking plastic with tiny wires embedded in the plastic to shrink it once in place comes to mind/ stainless steel banding can be coupled with “one or more”  sliding joints. a band controls the joint, keeping it in line, while preforming structural assistance until healed.  CURRENT COST of this, very simple broken bone; without emergency room:  $39,334.47 and not done.

   just a footnote: Russia seeks the nuclear missiles and weapons of the Ukraine; IT IS literally that simple.  So the only method of revealing that: is to allow, WE WILL DISMANTLE ALL THE WEAPONS of mass destruction, and take them away. ALLOWING for a vote, watched over by the international community:  to decide if the Ukraine people will join Russia or not.  IF, they say no; then it is an open admission of purpose; and it will not go well if you let the weapons return to “Hate, wants the world to cry”; because as always, power is not enough, without fear. WHY? The descent could be interpreted as the beginning of Revelation 16;3.  By seeding the oceans with nuclear weapons “on a timer or other”; an attack can be orchestrated upon “all competitors”; without giving a clue as to WHERE did this come from. Leaving those nations not subject to a tsunami “high and dry”; with missiles ready.  SO, how insane are men; because many can now get this same idea. HIstory says: “it only takes a few men to start a war”! Reality says: “it is, the universities that are insane”; or they would not do, what they do. “university is: the people who do not functionally work for life or planet; BUT IMAGINE, and fantasize, and delude themselves into believing; they are “gods” over us. OR more simply: NO consequences, “for them”. Even though truth proves that a lie; and the cost will be high. This type of threat “works for terrorists and more”; leaving your only option: to either remove the nuclear bomb; or take your chances. Russia a few years back; were clearly bragging; “they found a new weapon; very proud of”. This, would be it. The Tonga volcano is very similar; don’t forget, a large nuclear explosion on the bottom of the ocean; will react like a dagger, plunging itself into the core of this earth.

A JOURNALIST; is someone who looks behind the rhetoric, to examine the evidence in real world truths/ so that what is reported is based upon what we need to know: rather than what power and pride want us to believe.  NOBODY who actually works within truth and the values of life and planet as respect dictates; denies THE EVIDENCE or fails to accept “our right to know”; as best we can.  “the media mice” of this day do none of that; are trained to believe, and lie is directed to do so: because only a very tiny few control all the “news”.

The greatest insurgency ever formed: is the university    invasion of America   / the plague of fools and enemies who believe they are so much superior: that they need not obey any constitutional law of the land. Breaking every guarantee of our contract that is the constitution, (our law over government with a contract [we, not you]; by placing limits on our employees) decides, NOT YOU! That government is their own particular servant, their slave, and their army; to induce and command the participation of all the people; in whatever they themselves want. Robbing us all of our entire wealth; by the creation of debts which benefited only them. Counterfeiting assets, to inflate the currency; by laundering and criminally conspiring to create the greatest pyramid scheme ever conceived. By threatening with media: fear/ believe/ obey; and robbing us of our freedoms to decide. By stealing the entire framework of work and life; to instill their own deliberate failures of imagination, fantasies, and delusions; as are all extreme experimentation. Disguising the death of our world, by “experts of chaos”/ who lie continually, to deceive and control; the end of our world. Corrupting our courtrooms: with do not obey the constitution (protect only the powerful and proud); as has been proven in case after case through James F. Osterbur versus state and nation. Making the universities god; “can’t question anything the universities say”. Even though they risk not only our lives with their claims of knowledge, but even our entire world of life; with such insanity as “its all magic”/ a reference to they know how the sun works: “entirely with delusions”. Claiming gravity is the result of imaginary elements, that do not exist. Mutilating life; stating “they know”/ what clearly they do not know; but can mutilate into extinction. Destroying our privacy/ selling our manufacturing and resources and property behind our backs; the greatest WAR against those who built this nation, that has ever been. Lies (university is the government), cheating (university can bribe anyone it wants with government), stealing (university controls the currency, reality is ejected), betrayal (university mutilates nature; to prove evolution), terrorism (university experiments to ignite atoms on fire; on a planet made then entirely out of fuel), failure (university claims, imagination is all that we need), fools (university destroys the economics of this USA), insanity (university believes it is god; can’t be wrong; and uses media to propagate that), rebellion (the university alone controls media through power), anarchy (the US supreme court removes THE PRESS; from our lives, and sells all communication to a very tiny few; who DO control everything we hear), the curse of those playing god (resources lost/ ocean life near extinction/ water poisoned/ the future destroyed/ biological weapons “covid” released; and we pay them), criminal racketeering (healthcare), the religious indoctrination of every child (university is god), the overrun of sanity; by the proof of a world on the edge of EXTINCTION; SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE, that is or can be proven true. Global warming/ weapons of mass destruction instead of world law/ overpopulation of humanity/ extinction of species/ EVERYTHING POSSIBLE BEING DESTROYED, BY THE ARROGANCE, AND OUTRIGHT DISRESPECT; of a nation being used and abused for the purposes of a university who believes it is god. By producing the most insane of all statements ever conceived: as is evolution, “life built one piece at a time/ with chaos, and no brain/ by endless accidents”. Without a single piece of proof; other than “this looks like that”. To their shame, “warriors, who have used guile and disguise” to overrun life and nation; by destroying constitutional government from the inside. By a cult of worshipers, indoctrinated to “believe anything you are told/ FEAR anything we tell you to fear/ OBEY us, or die; as we take over life in America to prove “hitler exists”.

   One of their lies is: “its safe”; but reality knows, “a genetic abnormality, can crucify you, from the inside; as all life sources, collide into chaos”!  DNA= 6 BILLION pairs/ 23 chromosomes +RNA; “they don’t know: period!   GENETIC STRUCTURE IS:    NATURE!    MUTILATING IT, IS DEATH.

There is nothing more inherently CRUEL, than to invade the delicate balance, disciplines, and order of genetics/ and mutilate life; into crucifying itself. The curse of university now begins: its intent to destroy all of humanity itself. The destruction of US government has already occurred; the war to destroy democracy is nearly over; the corruption and conspiracy to deny both life and liberty; is as transparent as “the universities who choose to be satan; destroyer of life and worlds/ by arrogance so extreme, they actually believe they are gods”. And humanity continues to say: “we want what we want/ give us what we want”; as that becomes literal HELL on earth. So we search, to find a brain.

Reminding each: that the foundation of all criminal conspiracy actions, are directed into the back door, “of whatever you trust”. Because whenever possible, the human vermin are just like mice and rats; sneaking into places you believe “they just can’t”. That is true of the courtroom; where anarchy exists in the removal of constitutional law (proven true, in case after case; by James F. Osterbur). That is true of government; where every guaranteed right, is being destroyed/ every freedom corrupted beyond description/ every media report: the result of a very tiny few owners who do control their mice. Their expert: the universities who collect trillions + more; because you believe. That is proven true, in the denial of first amendment redress of grievances; and more.

Reminding you: greenhouse gases, “are just the tip of the iceberg”/ it is the heat you release that causes global warming. When the ice melting cannot counteract the warming of summer anymore: the point of no return exists; and the temperature will rise “as if HELL exists”. Electric vehicles are NOT “emission free”; all excess electricity needed; is generated by the least efficient  power plant methods;  coal. And all forms of production and delivery cause emissions and heat. And if natural gas, then MUCH more oxygen is burned to create that heat; “want to breathe”? Liars lie, its what they do! NO ice; NO base line food source for fish. Versus 250 million, more  human mouths to feed, than deaths:  per year for the last 6 years. ALLOWS: Another billion in LESS THAN: 5 years. Or, each year; another 81 square miles of ground, [the last 6 years; an area 486 miles long and 81 miles wide] that cannot support anything else;  because it is now covered with humanity: each standing in a space 3 feet, by 3 feet.

Their claim is, “we must”/ BUT, where are all the dead bodies “outside the nursing home”? They don’t exist; liars lie, especially for trillions in PROFIT.

SOON, the healthy will die; because the cult of university gods went too far; and now life itself is dead; and they are your only hope! But will fail, and then YOU WILL CRUCIFY THEM, and all their “university diploma classmates; an army of the damned”; for crucifying you.

With a special surprise for all people of media, for leading them into the crucible of HELL: “they will eat you alive; slowly”. Is that not fair? But hey, WHY worry: after all, “the universities are god”/ right! CAN’T be wrong/ right? And all the people shout: “we want what we want”.

BUT, so does university expert; as they mutilated “SARS, or the FLU” into covid/ TO SELL YOU a cure, TO BANKRUPT YOU, AND MAKE YOU   BEG  WHILE,  playing god with your lives, & your world.    But as we all know: CULTS cannot question their leader:  so, HELL is coming .   CANNOT be; the universities are your savior?  look around you: threats everywhere, of real world extinction/ and absolute failure in leadership or reality by truth.  The scourge of fools/ and  a media, that presents “witchdoctor medicine/ the destruction of humanity (hide your damn face)/ and worse.

Is that not: the basic plot of “evil”, throughout history: to MAKE YOU, “fear/ believe/ and obey”; the curse of THEIR power,  over YOUR life. 

AS the reincarnation of “Hitler; and his SS”, would say:     YOU HAVE NO CHOICEAs those now powerless to stop him; are rounded up, for their turn in the gas chambers.    FIND YOUR BRAIN.

As to media claims of “a surging pandemic; FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR”. THE CONSTANT reality is; people are very suggestive, as is seen with MASS hypnosis. And if they BELIEVE they are suppose to have “covid”; then they do, because a herd is nothing, if the members don’t cooperate. Believers don’t need no damn proof of evidence or reality; they believe; end of story! In their world; You are not included, you are a traitor: if you don’t “go along” with the crowd; as all of media shouts “OBEY”. ONLY TRUTH IN EVIDENCE; NOT CORRUPTED BY CLAIMS OF WANT AND EXPERT; can be investigated to reveal the truth of what is real, and WHO did cause this; as it is from “the universities”. WHICH DOES; bring the claim: should they NOT “be paying us/ facing prison or death”? WHILE MEDIA, uses propaganda to insist:  BOW DOWN, you miserable worthless slaves: the university gods have spoken.

The foundation of peace and happiness; is law, that is honest, fair, justified, and elementally bound by the limits of what it takes, to make everyone involved accept the fact that they too, have a realistic chance to participate with hope, and a share of what nature and earth does provide to us all.

The cost of men is: they don’t want that, but choose to make life and society turn into a game, by using money as their weapon of choice/ to steal from the others, and remove all boundaries so they can take even more. The consequence being: WE ARE at war.

The cost of women is (whether they choose it or not): the reality of overpopulation, as nothing can survive peace; because the end result of excessive competition is. “Either we die/ or you do”/ when reality proves there is not enough for us all.

The CURSE of universities is: they believe the limits and boundaries of life and planet, are merely their personal toys/ and seek to prove they can play gods, by destroying life and earth; with extreme arrogance, and a complete lack of respect. SCREAMING at the top of their lungs: AIN’T NOTHING SACRED, life is just a game.

And all the people scream: “hurrah”/ we cannot be punished, for what we do. Religion whispers; yes you can; so they run to universities, to believe “you can be gods instead”: we will LIE! Because we want what we want; TOO (especially to be RICH; SLAVES for me). BUT, Alas, truth demands: ONLY what is true, survives; and every truth has a consequence: every love a reality that defines your purpose; as does every lie!

Love is a disciplined hope; a destiny created by the elegant surrender into truth, as shared by two people, or more; who desire a value in the essence of what caring about life was intended to be. Love is, the discipline to understand only truth can keep love alive. Love is, the creation of an environment that belongs only within our hearts; as the respect that makes living “alive”. The essence of where we search for life itself, and who we honestly desire to be, is shaped by love. Within that discipline are the decisions which do identify, who we are. Order and balance dictate the journey we shall inherit as our lives in time. While courage constructs every decision, it is freedom that opens the heart, to conceive of trust. As freedom gives us hope, and hope changes happiness into the treasury of life itself. The rhythm of our lives, constructs the home. That home, is our invitation to life, and the living: to bind each, into who we are, as one/ but if not, then only to share some of time; because home is where the heart seeks peace. I could not leave the journey, to repair this world behind: because love knows, “a dead world” offers nothing, to a single one. Love requires, “the duty”, to shape a future for life.  IT IS, “your job now”!

THE FOUNDATION OF EVERYTHING, that can or will survive upon this earth by human decision; from this point forward: is determined by the truth of the evidence that will DEMAND CHANGE. In America, that cause is redress of grievances: WE NEED TO KNOW/ and refuse to believe. SHOW US THE EVIDENCE, and we the people will judge what is true. Nothing less, can bring the change required.  The people scream: WE DON’T WANT, no damn extensive change/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT! But reality SCREAMS BACK: if you don’t change, by the truth of evidence surrounding you: THEN YOU WILL go extinct. CHOOSE: by knowledge called truth, you live, “its called courage, love, and respect”/ OR, by arrogance and imagination you die; “its called cowardice; lies, theft, betrayal, hate”. Because life is not a game, every truth has a consequence; and reality decides. Those who hide from the truth; “hide in a burning house”! So says the evidence of our reality. INVESTIGATE, and then decide; OR choose fear, and enter into terrors beyond your imagination. Simple as that!   WORLD LAW IS YOUR ONLY HOPE. REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; YOUR ONLY MEANS OF CREATING THAT DECISION, AND REALITY.

The blind, deaf, and dumb; commit themselves to a world is, “whatever we want it to be”. But reality offers the best evidence; as is 1950 considered to be 2 billion people on earth/ today 2021 considered to be 8 billion people on earth; where lies are a constant. Even so: 6 billion in 71 years/ versus 6.5 billion in 2015 to 8 billion 2021=1.5 billion in 6 years versus 84.5 million per year from 1950!  Versus 250 million, more mouths to feed, than deaths:  per year for the last 6 years. ALLOWS: Another billion in LESS THAN: 5 years. PLus all the food, pollution, water, & realities of what that means. Your claims for “no change”; cannot be heard/ reality speaks for itself: and reality says you die. UNLESS TRUE CHANGE CAN SAVE YOU;  which becomes less likely, with each day. 

in case you can’t add: that equals 2.25 billion square feet; per year; based upon giving each human: is covering one square yard of space, until they die. Or, each year; another 81 square miles of ground, [the last 6 years; an area 486 miles long and 81 miles wide] that cannot support anything else;  because it is covered with humanity. Plus all the needs humanity requires or wants: one pound of food a day=1.5 billion pounds a day more (for the last 6 years=547 BILLION POUNDS MORE PER YEAR) . Each expecting; for the next one hundred years. We are already beyond: one person standing on one acre of agricultural ground; as a world/ with all ocean life in jeopardy of extinction/ water supplies ending, habitat destroyed, etcetera. And a world filled with weapons of mass destruction. But hey, each is, “just like you”. I wander what could happen?  Considering every other living thing needs to eat too. 

In the eloquence of life, the question is not survival, but happiness generated in the values of hope, and its construction by love, respect, trust, and truth. Courage is essential; because energy has no mercy. Therefore we must learn to understand the concepts of law, construct the wisdom of truth, and identify the desire called heart, shaped by soul. Because anything less will not survive.

Those facts dictate the relationships we share with time; because they are elemental to the decisions which form our purpose in living. Hate cannot come; because Limits and boundaries do exist. Because laws govern the cost of going beyond, without mercy; want therefore cannot rule existence here. Reality: is, what it is, even in eternity!

Our lives in time are also governed by limits and boundaries here: as is the method of our survival depends upon NOT overrunning the ability of environment to support each one. Humanity wants, and refuses limits and boundaries; therefore disease, starvation, war, and more exist to force compliance to the realities which our planet does provide. All balanced accordingly, until “university changed that”. While humanity hated balanced proportions; the disciplines of order. Our reality has proven overpopulation is worse/ because it is proven extinction coming, by all necessary realities & means; the consequences of want rules the earth. Want is irrelevant to life, you chose to abandon the laws of survival on earth; both male and female with wants. Which brings us all: to the decision that is our reality. NOW: No more births can occur, this year/ than there are people who died, this year. One of the MANY costs and consequences of “universities and their cult, changed this”. Because another billion mouths to feed every 4 years or so; cannot survive on a limited planet; No argument is needed, proven true. And the people say: we know this is true. Because we know, what starvation, the lack of water, the horrors of war, and consequences beyond our control: will be, it is not hidden, from the mind, nor for many from the body. So the elemental question is: to change/ or to die? Because anything less than truth, and the honesty of our reality: will fail. It is, that simple; proving those who make it complicated, are trying to murder you.

  While all truths are hidden by university plays god/ the realities of failure, liar, cheater, thief, traitor/ terrorist as is university:  also plots, plans, and secretly  overthrows those who built this nation, this USA. by counterfeiting assets, to hide inflation. Cultivating armies from want and ridicule, and destroying options, while hiding truth with media, through “the expert”.. Which then allows all other nations to come buy your property deposing you from ownership and control. Just like the Jews, did to Palestine. While the university is represented by the constant tantrums of a spoiled 2 year old/ the reality of what they do is not:  it is “devil”; that sneaks around/ using  manipulation, temptation, subversion, conspiracy and corruption as their methods.  Propagating failure, with a parasitic [TAKE IT ALL, one tiny piece at a time] media. IN this USA, the fool says; “my numbers make me safe”/ while in reality, it is those numbers & your university gods;  which betray you, and steal your world. While they are enemies; the rest of the world, trying to take what they need; are merely like you:   “its US/  OR   THEM”. Whose side are you on?  YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED; and it will never go back to what it was forty years ago. WAKE UP or die. Because you will soon know:  “there isn’t enough of anything left, to keep this earth alive”/ its all gone. So, WHAT do you think, “happens then”?  CHANGE, AND PRAY; “for time, life, and earth”.  The change is: YOU, must become “human alive”/ instead of an animal as the universities made you, by discarding reality, in time. The primary difference is RESPECT/ THOUGHT/ AND LOVE; must guide us into truth.  The animal games are dead!

The constant cost of treason and the traitor/ thieves and terrorists/ liars and imagination: IS, these need you to fear, or they cannot get you to believe. If you do not believe, you will not obey. If you do not obey/ then their only power over you is violence and hate. The consequence of that is: NO EVIDENCE is allowed, unless they submit it. NO BRAIN is allowed, except for the leader. EVERY organization; that could offer a different view is attacked, with the purpose of dissolving it: so none can rise against. ALL METHODS of “data collection” are used to identify who might lead a revolt (Nazi lurks, and wants to know); when tragedy hits, and belief dies. Realities of threat are discounted and denied: as is global warming [once the ice can no longer moderate the summer temperature; heat will rise, and all life will die], the ignition of a “atoms on fire”, poisons, and death soon to surround the earth itself; as extinction comes. And yet the extreme hate required “to let this world die”/ is aided and abetted with the constant “not in my lifetime, and a bribe [steal, EVERY chance the children have to survive]. Leave them NOTHING. “THEY” are: the intellectuals, who design plots and plans/ traps and propaganda/ corruption and conspiracy; to prove they can play god with life. No greater example of this exists: than the intent to bring the same fire here, “http://www.iter.org/ :as is on the sun”. I AM, “an intellectual [can create OR identify “traps”; too]. IT IS, hate and extreme arrogance, that separates, and defines.

Humanity says: “we want what we want”/ we fear what we are told to fear: while religion adds, “ GOD, won’t let nothing bad happen to us”. While the serpent of media continues its coiling; to make you die/ without a fight, by “fear, damn you fear/ believe your worthless fool, OBEY or we force you”; because “we are gods now”. The university owns it all.

Yet, the “nazi’s: traitors in disguise (a constant throughout time; the power hungry)”/ are upon you; using covid as their weapon of war/ their army to ruin and make submit; their own means to enslave. As all armies do: To steal, cheat, kill, rampage, ravage, rape, and ruin all those who came before. To take control, and remove the builders of every society; as the righteous do, by making rules and removing freedoms and rights. As those who have little, and want MORE; constantly do: saying to themselves “YOU owe me”. Even though that is not true. The new version of “Hitler”; will be arriving soon: when they believe enough control has been gathered to quell an uprising. But that is unlikely at any stage; because those who built, at least in America: “want their fake numbers, living in delusions of wealth”/ and believe their debts don’t matter (let the children pay). Untrue, imagination run a muck of course, but lies and liars cannot be separated from their fantasies; without reality forcing them. To your shame.

The entire purpose of Christianity; is to show the difference between love versus hate/ to identify an eternity goes in only one direction: to love and joy. While the decision of hate goes in the opposite direction; to terror and chaos. That foundation grants, our choice matters; every miracle is proof! But as JESUS death proves: if you do not fight for love by laws that are fair and justified/ realities measured by truth. Then as genocide proves (we will murder them); hate will use time: to steal, & kill/ to enslave with fear. When asked WHY? The answer is always: because this is what humanity chose.

When you let laws and justice and rights be destroyed by lies, and your governments are overrun by liars and thieves; media turns to mice; and courts are corrupted by power: then truth dies/ and war begins again. While fear shouts, “leave us alone”/ hate laughs, and enjoys the ride; into your very home.

I did do, what I could do for you: what is left will remain “entirely your choice”. These are the most powerful words ever written; because, they give you the chance for life back/ on a world quickly going extinct. The stench, of a rotting corpse, that is “university plays god”: stands in your way. Their servants and priests of media worships the university; hiding truth.  CHOOSE: life or death/ INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE; judge for yourself.  Do not simply “believe”. and all the people say: We want what we want / Let them all, let this world: go to hell, WE WON’T CARE.  Which makes humanity “the graveyard people, THE LAST to live”, as you throw the future from your grasp, and basically all; just continue to dig holes/ an abyss, to die in.

Ask your “genetic scientists [who declare they changed your genetic chromosome/ structure; with a vaccine]”: to prove, what times the process of building a life body/ what determines the level of concentrations/ separates the elements; or where it comes, and how things like organs separate themselves from the rest, and end in the right place: attaching themselves there; wiring themselves there; sustaining themselves there. From or how are temperatures regulated in that process; [because as cooks know; just a little alteration from the recipe/ can change the whole thing]. HOW are bones made, to transport themselves where they belong, and balance themselves as the process of growth exists to change so much. WHERE does the software exist, that controls the body of life being created? How do the same elements create different life forms; because math only measures: and reality decides, endless combinations exist in the genetic disciplines and order; that construct a balance of values significant enough to sustain a species with limits and boundaries. That prove evolution is a hoax, a fraud, and a fool. LET YOUR PHYSICIST explain gravity with reality; as they gamble this whole earth on the assumption not enough gravity here to sustain a nuclear fire; so it will just extinguish itself.” WAKE UP/ OR JOINS THESE damn FOOLS IN THE GRAVE, they chose to dig! SPEAK UP, AND DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: DEMOCRACY DECIDES AS WE THE PEOPLE NOW. Or be your own curse of death/ because that is what you chose.  NOT “gods”/ death by choice.

Humanity is the problem, which makes humanity is the solution; apart from the Yellowstone super volcano. Swelling ground indicates extreme gas pressures; which is what causes an explosion: “so limit the gas”. The critical question is: since universities have established nearly all the problems faced by humanity; including covid fears, as media propaganda demands it to be. It is humanity that must investigate and assemble the evidence of what our truth as a world; in fact is. The universities will not help you/ nor any organization they took control of; such as government, courts, media, education, industry, ,,,,,and more. That leaves REALITY, as your only means of finding truth. The reality of covid is: 95% of all deaths/ hospitalizations are declared to be “covid related”. As is nobody has a cold anymore/ nobody gets the flu/ and you can’t have a disease without covid; “just doesn’t happen.” so is that truth/ or lie? And why are you paying the people who created and then released this biological weapon against life; as is university”?

Without respect, no happiness or relationship can survive. Without truth, there is no hope of value. Without love, and the disciplines and order which balance our desires, to shape our world “as romance, and lovers” can be; all that would be left is chaos, and hate.     IT IS, “A CHOICE”

a man asked me at the beginning of “covid vaccine”: convince me, the universities are not correct? I replied simply, as is the truth of genetic realities:  you could have your arms fall off. Because that illustrates the intensity of playing with genetic truth. It has not changed; because we don’t know: how the skin is formed, the mind works, the body regulates, the organs form, the muscles create, the bones transport and grow in order, balancing each other; OR A TRILLION OTHER REALITY OF BODILY TRUTH.  and that includes how what we eat grows into a life body. because the end result of it all is:  WE ARE BUILT OF ATOMS, AND THOSE ARE REGULATED TO PERFORM THE CONSTRUCTION OF LIFE, “without us”. So playing within the delusions of “scientists”/ are like cutting off your own arms, or even worse.

The foundation of everything called knowledge to humans: IS, that you may experiment and survive; ONLY IF, you know for real, what you must NOT do. Because that is the difference, between things you can change, and the things which will kill you or change the realities of your own life. The “university shit-hole” of imagination, fantasy, and delusions are enough, to completely disrespect life, child, nature, planet, energy, oceans, water, ground, habitat, plants, and literally ANYTHING they can touch. Proves only one thing can result: extinction, because you did do and change, what you even knew; should NEVER be touched. The failures of arrogance, are a death trap. The foolishness of disrespect; is opening the door to chaos. QUESTION, the cursed; instead of dying with them in their deliberate HELL.

HOW IS: depending upon the pure fantasies and fiction of “scientists, around the world”; who are deliberately trying to bring the same “SUN FIRE” HERE, by igniting a nuclear “lets burn atoms” reality; NOT the incineration of you/ when they are proven WRONG? In their one time only experiment; because a nuclear fire cannot be extinguished. OR, THE DESTRUCTION OF ATOMIC BALANCE, as is the result of CERN; annihilation of life? OR, resource destruction/ chains of life/ planet overheating/ population explosion/ or all the rest of “university plays god”; NOT going to end in extinction? PROVE that is not true! BECAUSE YOU CAN’T be wrong, and survive. Or even: weapons of mass destruction/ INSTEAD OF, world law and enforcement by all nations on our leaders.

Of the constant truth, that is the human predator animals among us: what is most consistent is, their desire to take everything for themselves. The constant truth of human prey animals is: their desire to stay away from danger, and take everything they can get. But the reality of American greed is: the prey and predator believe they have gained from the stock market and other delusions based in numbers: “its all free”. While in reality, extreme inflation means: that the tiny few, have and are finishing striping this nation to the bone (NOTHING LEFT, to hold it all together)/ leaving only the skelton of what once existed. Because as reality proves: “so much is already gone”/ and all you have are numbers, without reality attached. AS media proves to be a parasite; an infection; hiding all the information we need to defend ourselves.  Yes you can communicate: WE MUST HAVE REDRESS, TO INVESTIGATE! Because we cannot let this be WRONG. Without a true noise of volume to prove you are listening: no change can occur, until they wipe you out, and your numbers are proven meaningless.

The puke and vomit of media mice, who simply repeat whatever “one expert” says to them; then establishes another million sequences of other media mice who CAN sell that information as if “god himself” had said it. Because in the real world: media is like an army, “no parade, UNLESS there is a war: MAKE THEM FEAR”. And the people say, “they can’t all be wrong”. Yet as with hitler, or religious gurus, or other varied leaders: all it takes to influence a mob of believers; is to tell them what they want to hear. In   the case of WW2 Germany: “life can be better than this”. To give them control, and make them saviors (great among many; hero’s); as is the passion for pride, and power among the vast majority who believe. Yet reality points to the question of a pandemic; and finds no secured evidence at all; but plenty of illusions (as magicians produce). Believers claim a mandate to take it for all: yet in a short time, now its a 3rd booster shot; which means not working: becoming out of control. Yet they claim its safe, very quickly; when we know a wide variety of consequences to various chemical infiltration’s of the body; do not reveal themselves as cancer for years. The only way; ANY SCIENCE; could predict “safe”; is if they had been trying out the vaccine years in advance of declaring “we have it”. Way back; when they first created the disease, in a laboratory; as depicted by reality: “we can sell this”. It is said the human genome is 6 billion individual genes; which are divided  by 23 chromosomes; which use RNA as a communicating device to create:  IT IS, A SYMPHONY OF ALL WORKING COMPONENTS, ACTING TOGETHER.
which gives a possible combination in numbers beyond imagination.
yet your “scientists” say they know? THINK ABOUT IT, and ask questions! Each gene is an instrument/ each chromosome is “like a woodwind, drum, brass, section in an orchestra”; while RNA is the conductor, as it builds a body of life:  ALL at the same time, with a vast array of complexity beyond your imagination! And that does not include all the rest, of how does what you eat translate into the mass you are. There is a bridge between life and death, fail to construct it, and you die. That bridge forms the essence of “human”; as love stands with life; and hate stands with death.  Those who believe they can have both: stand over the abyss, when time runs out. There is a great divide between time (measured movement) and eternity (the force behind energy itself): fail to trust, “THE TRUTH”;  and you die. As all of “university knows, and media” shouts: DON’T LISTEN TO NO DAMN REALITY/ “just tiptoe through the tulips with me”. and don’t forget to FEAR covid/ and BELIEVE EVERYTHING the universities say;  as you all know, “you must” obey the university gods.

The final say in covid/ the final say in war or not/ the final say, in our currency, or any other description of how society should be run: is ultimately our own. Because with redress we do become the proven owners here. NOT for small matters, but for the purpose of deciding: DID our employees go beyond the limits and boundaries of our constitution, and their oath to us, to obey that law in order to get their job. NOT kings or queens who decide for us: our employees, who work for us, until we decide they must stop. That does not mean the US constitution is perfect, or should not be redone to address the changes in our reality. But it does mean: WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION, and we are the ultimate judge of what needs to be done, or what we allow for our employees to do. United by “each citizen gets one vote/ and no more”. Governed by constitutional guarantees of freedom and liberty/ restraint upon those who work for us; and a basis for life, child, nation or state that is a true foundation for the future to succeed. None of that, is being done today; and as such a constitutional forum must arise. The future is being slaughtered, and that must be stopped in every conceivable way; by establishing a TRULY PUBLIC COURTROOM; where we the people judge for ourselves; the path we not take to resurrect our future, and protect both life and earth.

As is declared in the Preamble we share as a nation: as the direction this nation must go; so say the citizens of this USA. It reads:

We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, (change is mandated; this is not working) establish justice (the constitution itself rules government, and the court), insure domestic tranquility (don’t destroy my freedoms/ MY decision), provide for the common defense (we choose, not you; as are guaranteed rights), promote the general welfare (protect life and earth from games, gambling, or extreme experimentation; as is “university”), and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (don’t destroy the economy, manufacturing, or do anything that is not sustainable; which includes “pay your own debt/ don’t enslave, or sacrifice: your child”), do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of “America”!

That is: the primary declaration of purpose; along with the freedoms and liberties guaranteed: are behind the oath (this is what you swear to deliver), to take office. Our governmental employees have failed us.

  1. Every form of life IS facing extinction, from the catastrophe of “university knows”. The child has no future at this time; your garbage mountains prove that. Threatening business to be your army; enforce these new rules on society: or else (hitler). To every citizen: DISCARD YOUR RIGHTS/ or we take them away.
  2. The planet IS; facing overheating, due to fossil fuel usage, and extremely poor management by government employees. Once the ice cannot regulate the summer temperature this earth will dramatically change.
  3. Every form of food, and most of nature itself is being changed and sterilized/ pollinators dead/ base food groups such as insects destroyed/ oceans depleted and poisoned; MORE. Our water supplies ending.
  4. Super diseases/ antibiotics failing/ overpopulation of humanity itself/ extreme experimentation which will end horrifically.
  5. Extreme disgrace in currency manipulation/ debts without meaning/ lives displaced/ businesses lost/ crime overriding/ a tragedy waiting behind every door; much of it due to covid lies.
  6. Media propaganda (we are right/ you have no say; real world evidence be damned), and nothing less/ government overridden by universities in charge/ evolution a propaganda of lies in charge of education/ destruction of those who built this country or sustained it/ wars without a right.
  7. Failure to sustain basic infrastructure; because universities took all the money for themselves. Monopolies created to remove independent business and create a hierarchy of rulers/ while making all the rest slaves. Pure fantasy stock market/ healthcare extortion, habitat destruction, oxygen depletion, “surrounded by threat”.  And MORE!

THE FOUNDATION of freedom is DON’T make decisions that belong only to me. THE FOUNDATION of liberty is; DON’T decide what we must do; because that is our decision by vote, if not fully defined by constitutional law. THE FOUNDATION OF DEMOCRACY IS: our constitution IS, THE GOVERNMENT! Because that fact removes the claim of authority, beyond what the constitution allows; from every employee/ and returns each of these decisions; to WE THE PEOPLE. Redress decides, if we will change what you do/ including if we will remove you from our work. The courts refuse; because they want power; as do our employees:/ but that is treason!

Russia “with only the tiniest bit of information gathered”/ DOES fall into the category of “power always wants more power”; as a consequence to that, they intend to retake the USSR. As is the first step in claiming the most valuable target; “where missiles are”. What you do need to know is: THEIR NEW PLAN is: when confronted, as you will, if not now/ then soon: they will explode a 100 megaton nuclear bomb, in the ocean; off the coast of all primary targets at the same time. Thereby wiping a massive number of people off the planet, with a tsunami; while leaving the radiation in the ocean; so they can claim “the world”. THEY DO, expect this to cause so much panic; as to leave the door open; for a nuclear air attack/ to dismantle as much as is possible in all other ways. By destroying your GPS, which is absolutely crucial to all return attacks: major military groups will fail. Even so, some will get through and the end result is extinction for life on earth; because “thousands and thousands of weapons of mass destruction which will include the release of biological weapons” cannot be deterred, even with a surprise attack. Because it only takes a few, to destroy this world. That fact should be made abundantly clear to all involved; in the game called “yes, we can”/ while shouting to each other, we are the superior ones. As is the constant of men.

WORLD LAW IS YOUR ONLY SOLUTION, and you need it now. Pride truly is, “a terrible thing”. The law that is: WE THE PEOPLE of this world; have now chosen to rule over our leaders, with these laws which all shall obey. Disregarding boundary lines; to prove no leader is above world law, as enforced by world policing; which targets only leaders first. For trial if possible before the world; but if not, then by all means necessary; searching first among those closest, by using bribes; as is “you can rule instead/ until your nation speaks”.

Those who claim superiority; do terrible things. Such as, demanding unproven vaccination; for lies! Or more simply:  YOU have no rights/ democracy be damned: “the universities have spoken”. We the leaders are god.

Remember simply: the difference between democracy, and any other authoritarian government: is we the people get to decide/ NOT our employees. The difference between enforcement of that reality, and our decision to investigate and decide for ourselves: is first amendment redress of grievances LAW. NOT a gimmick; it is the law, just as clearly and certainly; as every other portion of our constitution. Neither the constitution nor democracy itself; gives the universities any authority over us at all.

The assumption of society is: that universities created a vaccine “for covid”. But what they actually did was: to continue mutilating a known disease such as SARS, until it changed into something else. Which now knowing how this changed/ then reversing that mutilation, they caused; “to create the claim of a vaccine to sell”. HOW is that not the perfect criminal plan? As you won’t refuse “to be healthy/ and fight to the death, anyone getting in your way (believers)”; you only die once! Even if, tragedy awaits on the other side of their cure; as is consistent with every “pharmaceutical advertisement”/ and still you swallow it. Because you believe, rather than know. How many more diseases can they do this too? Enough to reduce you, “into quivering molds”. Yet, even though for forty years+, I ask you to investigate/ NOT believe; you, call me fool. Yet reality proves through your TV lawsuits; that even a tiny misstep, an errant chemical, more: can destroy your body.

The same is of course true with the people trying to ignite a nuclear fire “let’s burn atoms”/ on a planet that is made entirely out of fuel. WRONG means the earth becomes a sun/ and they are absolutely wrong, imagining fantasies, and creating the delusion of elements that do not exist. Claiming not enough gravity here, so its safe! Yet reality says: IT IS THE FIRE that produces the gravity, as an atom is torn apart. With this entire earth lost: by genetic mutilation/ or energy experiments to prove they can play god with the same fire as on the sun/ with resource destruction/ poisoning water/ destroying the oceans/ over population/ theft beyond imagination by criminally counterfeiting assets which do not exist/ and much more. Your entire structure of society, including most religion, is: “we believe the universities are god”. Extinction looms, because truth in you, fails! I did do, what I could do; for life and earth; simple as that.

In this now abyss, of continuing threats; the cost of your failures, the complete tragedy of relying upon universities as god, the elemental rise of fear; all dictate you will never escape the tyrants who now control you. As it is with all tyranny; when you no longer fear the threat/ far greater levels of violence will appear. When you no longer believe whatever you are told, or fail to obey fully; far greater levels of conspiracy and corruption will prove the “leaders” are gods, compared to you. The destruction of life and planet will follow; as it always does when power rules society.

And the people say: we will NEVER/ just as they always say, when the tyrant takes control. But today, with all forms of data collected to invade your lives fully and without descent; you have been made into “robots”/ because you chose, lies and betrayal/ rather than truth and law as is justified by life and earth. To your shame; you chose “counterfeited numbers/ the lie, we are rich”. Instead of reality, and the construction of a future which could survive. You chose the disguise of Satan, as is university: the mutilator/the terrorists/ the curse! Rather than nature, miracles, hope, happiness, love, truth, courage, and respect. Discarding CREATION, to worship fools and their evolution: fully knowing, without eyes, or hands, or tools, or food, or knowledge, or anything that gives life the hope of survival/ INSTEAD you want pride, power, and hate to play games; which always end in WAR. You made your choice; to the few, simply do the best you can.

And the people say: “you are nobody/ you are useless/ you are worthless”; just like us! THE EVIDENCE LIES! Because unless you can judge someone else; you can’t play god, nor can you play god with truth, it is what it is/ or assume to be “followers (I know, all I need to know), unless a believer”. But as always; I have informed you of the cost for being wrong; saying investigate/ and you do, by your own choices: decide your own fate. Because you worship “belief (I/we can have anything we want)”, more than life or truth.

Unlike you; I am not a believer/ I search, letting truth decide; as best the evidence will allow. The evidence is: life on earth was Created; because the complexity is so far beyond any other truth/ that only a complete fool doubts. The evidence is: that universities have become so arrogant and disrespectful, as to have become Satan (destroyer of a world) on earth. Because that, is where truth leads; and the evidence proves: WRONG ends life and planet. Yet media is the plague/ the pandemic, shouting: “believe/ DON’T question your god, the university”. Prey animals NEVER stand alone; fear makes them a herd. Being alive inside, never asks to be an animal; instead of human.

Just like you: knowledge defines the limits of every honest decision, constructing heart, with truth/ but what you don’t know, creates the boundaries that define you. Because what you don’t know, produces the fantasies  and lies, of what you are willing to believe. I am not willing to want, or accept life is a game as is pride; nor does power in any form shape my life. Unlike men and their leaders who live by want, shape society by pride, and demand more with power. EACH LEARNS HONESTLY; by understanding: “so long as you know, what you MUST NOT do”/ it is tolerable to investigate and experiment with realities that cannot escape beyond what it does to self. UNLIKE REALITY TEACHES; the universities are built entirely on the imagination of playing god with everything, and declaring to HELL with restrictions; as is the cost of being WRONG. And they deliberately risk life and earth, to prove the delusion “yes we can; play god”. The end result will be HELL, and then extinction; because life, survival, and energy, are not games. Only OUTRIGHT FOOLS, LIARS, FAILURES, TRAITORS, AND WHORES; believe it is.

ONCE reality proves “you past the point of no return, and will soon be extinct”; people will recognize DEAD STALKS YOU/ and fear reality. But it will be too late, and changing anything/ sacrificing anything/ weeping and crying for mercy: will be irrelevant and without life. As is the realities of truth, with lies uncovered. Think for truth, or die “with imagination leading to HADES (an eternal cost for being wrong)”. Its your choice; but there is no going back. Open your eyes, and see the truth of your consequences; the reality, “university played god”.

And then comes: “this is all HIS/HER fault” (meaning me, “did or didn’t do”/ makes no difference, the cult will believe)/ as those who led you into the abyss, now seek a victim to use for distracting violence away from themselves. It will be “like my sister and her husband”; who blame me, for at least a portion of their “infant sons’” death; and use hate to avoid reality, and keep his memory alive. Because love needs an answer, and none could call this love. Love makes you vulnerable, and able to feel the pain: so people say, “if it had not been for love, I would not know this pain; therefore love is the problem”. Yet without love, you fail to feel the value of life, at all. It is “truth and consequences”. He died of a brain tumor/ but included is a major screw-up by the hospital; which had nothing to do with me. However a pint or more of blood was drained from his 9-month old body, after surgery/ and I was startled to find that true. Hospitals aren’t god either; just people. Failing to decide: if this was to be “a reduction in pain, the senses dulled/ an early death to avoid the true misery of his disease/ or what; means I could not intervene; I am not god”? Because that was too much blood clearly taken; I recognized there is no possibility to reverse this, without the damage being done. I chose to walk away. His diagnosis was to die in severe pain; by starvation or thirst; in about 3-4 weeks. Dying quickly? Coming back3-4 hours later: at 5-6 in the morning (still alive)/ when staff would be available, and I would be heard. Their assertion is “I did not do enough”. But their reality is: they made the very same decision; not to make the infant suffer “a hundred deaths” at St. Jude or the like; and he died 3 weeks later, after going blind for a week or two, etc/ after enduring the consequences of extreme medicine, to take away the pain. Today, I recognize what this moment in time did do: was close the door to “the butcher shop”; as the reality of organ damage removed the constant claim of organ transplant is what should be done. A reality that assumes, far more than it delivers. AS to what caused a brain tumor: my best guess is, when he was roughly 4 months old (on hands and knees; putting things in his mouth) ; they sprayed poison for spiders; in and around the area he played in. 

So we examine love, asking why? To understand that freedoms come with consequences; and realities we do not desire. Love stands as the treasure of our existence, but reality will always prove: “love is not enough”/ we must encounter the truth of survival which is: only truth survives, when love is enough to make life valuable. Or more simply: we are not gods, life is a gift, we do not own. Love returns our gift back to life itself, and we gain the truth of being alive is worth this price. Even though we must accept, truth not love will decide.

Life itself stands at a similar moment to his life; cherished, but without the means to honestly aid survival; it is unclear, what could be done. Because getting “the few people”, who might have made a slight difference; to accept a terrible mistake had been made. Was almost impossible; as every university diploma shouts, “they are gods, and need to know nothing from me”. Begging does not suit me/ the morning brought a different resolution, to produce an understanding as needed. The reality of it however cannot be determined; as to the life of that child “saved then for death, and pain”/ even though his parents worshiped every moment they got back, to cherish one more day. As we watch our world die now; from the extreme curse of “university disease”; you should remember that love gives you life/ hate only grants death. Turn to the future as is eternity; and understand what the truth of miracles as seen in all of life; does mean to you.

TRUTH EXISTS, ONLY when the evidence does prove itself, to be true! The search, never relies upon “just one voice, a university expert, or what media says”/ NOR does the reality of real world evidence rely upon the mob (yes we can/ right, or true is irrelevant; we know, what we want). NOR does the death of the elderly constitute a pandemic invasion of life. NOR does the claim of covid as is attached to every disease possible; represent reality. Instead it proves a lie does exist. Make no mistake: the universities DID release a biological weapon against life; they call covid/ to get trillions in payment for their prepared claim of a cure. Including being released from all experimental restrictions; so they could worship their god of evolution/ and destroy nature itself with mutilation of genetics. But the decision to not hold them responsible/ or fail to adjust the claim of evidence to reality itself/ or to allow them “whatever extortion they wanted”; just proves how corrupt this government is. How utterly, the cult worship of university (your former classmates), hiding under the cover of a diploma; which means “I have memorized and mimic what you told me to believe”; truly is. “YOU know, only what media tell you”/ what a TINY FEW; say is true. What you know, is only what you believe: its called religious/ and if you truly believe, “its called zealous”! Meaning not governed by facts; or, according to the masses; “university is god”. But alas, “only people; just like you”. WOULD YOU lie and deceive, “for a few trillion dollars & more”? The filth and sewage of propaganda prove “so many do/ discarding a world, for a job!the us supreme court gives free speech through media enslavement; "believe fear obey:" to the tiny few. You should believe: that their intentional release of biological warfare against us is real, and could turn into “a crucifying nightmare” at any time; as can their claim of a cure/ the fraud of a vaccine; to collect trillions (just like history proves every con artist does). But it is not today, and that leaves you with the time to search for what is real; deciding for life and self, what is true.

Mass hypnosis: is the creation of “a need to fear”/ which then gives “the operator” of the purpose, an opportunity to create panic, as in you must believe this. AND then become like a mob (a stampede, as is formed by a herd). That of course brings the IMMEDIATE tirade of media propaganda; used to demand, “THESE ARE A THREAT/ THEY RISK ALL OUR LIVES; BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE, AND DO “WHAT YOU ARE TOLD” TO DO. (as they are paid to do)! People being very suggestive to such a need: then accept that anything remotely (like a common cold) similar; are willing to fear you were right. The end result being as with covid: “all of humanity is the enemy of me; DISEASE everywhere, your face is the weapon”/ and they rush for the hospital shouting “save me”; as is obedience to the operator of this purpose. To create an army, who never questions why/ because the operator is their savior/ their god, whom they have accepted as their protector: when they obey. Success in this, becomes the precipice most easily identified as “nazi”. NOW, we are an army of the righteous; nothing matters but us; and that means we must dominate the others, so as to protect and defend ourselves: WE, have a right/ WE, obeyed the law, proving rules, and rulers make us god!   That is of course, the basis of rape (just change “we, and us; into I, and mine”); just as hate is the basis or all violence; what you believe decides what you will do. People become religious; to lock the door against “the vermin”; who want me to believe; what I do not want. But alas, now you are judge; and that fails life.

Disease has been a part of living since near the beginning; as the most non-judgmental/ non-violent form of population control. Without population controls, specific creatures threaten all life on earth; by overwhelming the planet itself/ destroying chains of life and living/ and removing every possibility to survive. The worst a human can become: links imagination (we can claim ANYTHING), with the power to make decisions that are not limited by truth or consequences; as is “university”. Because violence is not simply aggression, but an invasion which destroys the rest like a pandemic, out of control disease; as is “university; we can play god”.

The common belief is: that there is no design, “just another disease”/ but that is not so; as the reality of dredging the sewage has produced a reality of invasion never before seen in human existence. We can take over this world: with genetics/ by making the people fear. By making the people believe “university genetics is their savior”. By making the people obey, even to the point; of making them “zombies (no brain here, to resist)”. Consider this:      The next S-curve has been visible for a while now. It doesn’t yet have a name, but it is essentially the future we describe in our megatrends reports. In this future, social contracts will be rewritten to be more inclusive and sustainable, compelling businesses to take a more proactive role in creating long term value. YOU are expelled from every decision (slave)/ university rules! The global system will be reshaped by everything from shifting power dynamics to 3D printing. Human augmentation technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things, will transform every human domain, from consumer behavior to the nature of work. So far, these have been long term trends over a distant horizon. In one fell swoop, the COVID-19 pandemic changed that. It has moved us, almost overnight, into a new renaissance, a global reset.   AS “university takes control”; and NATURE is discarded, along with your rights, and “your reality of being human”.

It is the constant of tyranny: to collect information on people so as to remove those who prove to be unwilling subjects to their power over all; we demand to play god over them all. The consequence of that throughout all of history is: people are betrayed by that information/ people are betrayed by lies associated with all that information/ and friends and family are murdered, do to that information: because hate is hate. And it worships whatever forms an excuse: to rule over you or yours. The reality of intensive and extreme data accumulation as is the constant practice of leadership in this world today; examines the reality of what will be done with that information/ and it points entirely too massive catastrophic chaos, as the reality of power seeks to destroy ANYONE it considers to be “non robotic”/ and willing to do absolutely anything these human robots are told to do; including suicide or murder. Therefore reality insists: that true proven by outside sources examination of all the data taken is in fact a value to society/ rather than its curse and failure to all; as is the constant of history throughout time.

What makes this planet valuable is life! EVERYTHING beautiful, valued, loved, and alive; is because NATURE created it, by the genetic realities which are “nature itself”. EVERYTHING hateful, tragic, chaos, failed, mutilated, and horrifying is made by men; even more so, since “university” arrived to take control/ and cause extinction to sit on our doorstep, now prying its way inside. The horrors of man (its a man’s world)/ are belittled by the horrors of university science. Instead of chaos/ we face extinction. And this human world bows its head down; to mumble “university is god”/ and fails life on earth, “whispering, we can’t all be wrong”. Even though the evidence is true.

The plague of failure (nothing built for a future/ destroying every resource needed for survival instead), liars (none can doubt evolution: we built ourselves one piece at a time/ without even a brain; even a worm knows better), terrorists (let’s mutilate all life on earth), traitors (with media propagation of cult worshiping university/ we will overrun them, and control this earth), and thieves (every penny, every claim of wealth: is what you stole from the children and their children, and are just lies covered with trash) as have overrun this America; influencing the world to do the same. Reality says: you will soon face its truth/ that you and your followers chose HELL (trust nothing/ kill them all: a billion dead, still 7 billion to go; cannibalism rules), instead of life. Armageddon comes (nature in chaos, by genetic collapse; “the living breathing essence of life itself, dies”)/ the Apocalypse comes (WAR intensified by thirst; poisoned or gone; food supply collapses)/ you are done, and will not rise again. The rise of a pillar of fire, beyond imagination comes: as reality proves, what burning atoms will do; ejecting the atmosphere/ burning the earth/ pulling the moon into this earth/ and then exploding our planet into dust; as the final expulsion of your memory, as life; is dissolved forever. And those are just the bigger things; as more awaits your reveal. Because believers need not accept what is the evidence called truth/ choosing lies instead; allowing “the universities, to make you extinct”. After all: how could your former classmates, “not be university gods/ and media saints”? “I think”, that I will declare this work done. IT IS NOT, my job to say exactly when/ it is only my job to deliver the message change or you will die. I have so done that work. It is your job to communicate “what is your own truth”.

 I desire (my hope extends) for you to “think of something”; that life and love are not a game to be played by those who have nothing better to do with their lives, than play. Therefore I have worked. Claiming instead of disinformation their “believe/ fear/ obey”; the cult of university expertise MUST display: TRUTH BY THE EVIDENCE, to decide for ourselves! NOT propaganda. How many lies, will just five trillion dollars (5,000 billionaires buy?). REDRESS is our LEGAL RIGHT, THE LAW of this democracy: when faced with any critical decision! TO DEMAND: WE DECIDE/ not you. Instead of self (limited by body), choose life, an essence created in freedom, by the means of thought, which then conceives of an eternity. Because thought, is destined to achieve a value beyond time. To enter within that value of discipline, you must order your life and experiences; to balance the definitions of your own expressions in truth: with honesty, respect, and love. These are the steps which guide the living, into an eternity, they chose for themselves. So the critical question is: what, do you choose, for life itself, to become in you?  LIFE IS AN ENERGY, formed by thought. When you die, that energy leaves; because it is transformed into something else; discarding mass. Therefore learn: truth governs thought, just as thought governs life.

IT IS, UNFORTUNATE: but we must confront the realities of our lives in time as well. Surrendering only:  I did do, “the best I could”. Even, if you believe you could have done better; that has no bearing, or purpose on me. MY contribution is my own; as is yours!

I remind you diligently and with care: that covid was “discovered” in China, a particularly hard place to investigate. After 20-30 people were declared infected with a new disease/ which instantly was called a pandemic. A couple weeks later: “the whole world was infected” with this pandemic. And presto, they just happen to have a “university genetically mutilated; vaccine”/ all prepared in another couple of weeks. With declarations of complete safety a couple months after that. When the university diplomas: set their price, at 5-6 trillion dollars “to save your life”/ with their fake vaccine. While when we look back in review at science pages in publication: of these people we find them trying to make new diseases; with the claim, “so we can be prepared with a vaccine; when new diseases appear”. Oh my: a new disease, mutilated from the flu or common cold: APPEARS! And suddenly, the university diploma’s around this world, along with all forms of genetic mutilation of life; collect at least ten trillion dollars. Get to order you around as slaves/ steal all your money/ destroy your entire economic society/ and just keep coming with new additions: so they can finish you off. Politically, financially, socially, religious cult of “obey fear and believe anything” the universities say. Because playing god, is not nearly enough fun: UNLESS you can be like hitler, and destroy lives. Simple as that/ so I say to you: THINK before you believe. Because this world is filled with LIARS/ TRAITORS/ THIEVES/ AND WORSE. Therefore we ask: HOW MUCH, does the university geneticist, media, and others OWE YOU/ for releasing a new disease, they created themselves? OBVIOUSLY to collect money, and power; as is the constant of human existence! HOW MUCH, is absolute propaganda/ and HOW MUCH is true?  ONLY a true and open courtroom investigation “with all lights on”: can find out! A  BELIEVER CANNOT learn, because their only truth is , whatever they want it to be.

The most critical disgrace of covid fraud: is the fact, that governors and presidents have no jurisdiction over the constitution/ nor does congress, apart from suggesting change which must be verified by the states before that change can become law. The only jurisdiction allowed by the courts is: “arising under this constitution”/ NOT above it, nor as its spokesman or interpreter. That has been done; and stands as the foundation of democracy itself: OUR LEGAL AUTHORITY, “TO GOVERN OURSELVES WITH LAW, BY CONSTITUTIONAL DECISIONS, which control the framework and reality of every decision that affects this entire nation. What has been done is an insurgency, an act of rebellion; against this nation and this state of IL. NONE, shall play king, god, or other/ we the people, are the owners: they are the employee. PROPAGANDA is not evidence of a pandemic/ nor is the claim of endless disease “with covid”, or its companion of nursing home deaths/ nor is the cost of death over the age of 65 years, with the vast majority over 75; as would be consistent with KNOWN “old age” parameters. The cult worship beliefs of university worshipers: IS NOT A FOUNDATION, for destroying democracy and overrunning the nation itself with claims of superiority. Cult (we cannot question the university; they are gods) worshipers cannot rule this nation; as religion and its cause; by any name is banned from becoming the law. WE ARE FREE, and that shall not be taken away; by the failures of fools. NONE can predict the outcome of their fraudulent claim of a vaccine/ it does not exist; as a vaccine such as smallpox was entirely nature made; as was the introduction of antibiotics as is penicillin. THEIR claim of medicine, replaces a genetic chromosome; with a new university defined expression of what they want “nature in chaos” to be. Yet they CANNOT create a single hair/ not even with stealing natures parts and instructions. As is the constant of religious zealots: they want to prove evolution/ by destroying nature (lets take it completely apart) to force their claim to come true. Reality calls this SATAN, for lack of a better word.   To do what they have done: requires Marshall law/ a condition they have not met. A PANDEMIC; reduces the population/ US and world population continues to rise.

American democracy is this: that by uniting as one nation, we achieve and protect: the laws, freedoms, liberties, and duties that we choose to enforce upon ourselves. Justice CANNOT be left to individuals hired as the judiciary or legal profession; as they prove throughout history, untrustworthy. Pawns of the powerful/ or too proud to conceive of our law as more important than “their law”. OUR society is achieved by FAIR (same for all) play, work, etc/ and that means nothing less than JUSTICE (the law must not choose favorites, and that means a minimum of rules/ with no possibility of making an example of anyone). THERE IS NO, allowance or legal right or democratic authority; to pass along your debts to any child/ not now or ever: that is betrayal. We exist as a society in harmony ONLY when we protect each other, by the simple terms: “society owes you a job, at realistic scale, and fundamental same as the rest”; nothing more. Not welfare/ not pensions beyond same for all/ not endless competition, because you failed the boundaries and limits of life or world. The blessing of liberty, society, justice, and democracy itself: is protected in redress of grievances/ our first amendment law. Because it removes the final authority of every decision from our employees; and gives it back to ourselves as the judge of what is right, and fair to the lives called “American”.  LIBERTY, IS THE BALANCE between freedoms and the legal right to construct a law that serves and protects us all. That does not include the vote of those who are not American; because our constitution does not extend past our own borders/ NOR does their decisions extend into ours. THAT FOUNDATION of democracy; proves “every rule makes a ruler”/ therefore every rule is an enemy, unless we create it for ourselves. NOT,  a vote for someone to vote for me/ my own vote: on the power to be used against me or you.  Reality will soon end the last chance to stop Armageddon: which literally means “nature in chaos”. LIFE IS NOT PAINT BY THE NUMBERS, AS EVEN THE BIGGEST FOOL SHOULD KNOW. IT IS AN ORCHESTRATED CONCERT, DEFINED BY THE INNER WORKINGS OF DISCIPLINE, ORDER, BALANCE, AND RESPECT.  NONE OF WHICH, CAN BE FOUND IN “UNIVERSITY PLAYS god”.Armageddon "nature in chaos" comes as predicted

we search for solutions. Including, you will understand: “life cannot be built one piece at a time”/ which means evolution is a lie. The ignition of a nuclear fire www.iter.org/ CAN result in “just like the sun” here on earth; as they built their theories used; entirely on fantasy! Even a damn worm knows that: BUT UNIVERSITY DOES NOT, TO THEIR ETERNAL SHAME.  And the people hide in fear of university; waiting for HELL TO ERUPT; to their own eternal shame! While the university diploma continues: Mutilating nature, as is accelerated due to covid money: fis a catastrophe/ which cannot be undone; “they YOUR former classmates”; don’t even know, evolution fails by the evidence/ they merely want what they believe”. Only truth, is truth. the truth here is the amount of money in trillions; makes people do bad things: LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, BETRAY, MORE: AS IS,  a variant another shot/ a booster shot/ every child needs a shot; for trillions more. MOST nursing home patients end their lives in the hospital.top right "hospice deaths; claimed covidGEE, I wander if doctors make mistakes; OR,   IS IT JUST GREED,   THAT CHARGES SO MUCH; STEALING A LIFETIME OF WORK, IN A FEW MINUTES OF THEIR OWN.?covid is a world wide financial pandemic; believe fear obey. the universities save

A tax revolt is consistent: “with fighting for democracy in this USA”/ because it is anarchy and rebellion to assert and demand;  “believe whatever the universities (your former classmates) say; OR MEDIA propagates for money”. AS IS CULT WORSHIP. Without media: there would be no pandemic.  WHILE WHEN WE LOOK AT TAXATION  WE FIND EACH OF US IS BEING TAXED MULTIPLE TIMES ON THE SAME MONEY. First income, taxes every penny: then comes sales tax, property tax, and more; which is the second time around/ taxes added into a product is a third. covid is clamped to everythingAS LISTED ABOVE:  95% of all death claimed: covid is not the primary cause. Which does mean THIS IS A HIGHLY ORCHESTREATED CONSPIRACY/ produced by university cult (never QUETION THE LEADER) Leadership, to create TRILLIONS FOR US TO PLAY gods/ AND COMPLETE FREEDOM TO MUTILATE ALL OF NATURE. Without pandemic, AS PRODUCED BY MEDIA:  there would be no plainly visible rebellion. In fact: without the fear produced by media, there would be no fear, “of everything” as is the result of endless “BELIEVE NONE can be trusted”/ BUT UNIVERSITY.   THEIR PROPAGATION of violence destroys peace, ending harmony. Nonetheless, here: THE LEADERS; have defied constitutional law/ and that is treason. UNTIL they obey our constitutional law, the tax should not be paid. THEIR OBEDIENCE, to our government, which is the constitution:  IS PROVEN BY REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ our legal right, as WE THE PEOPLE;  TO JUDGE FOR OURSELVES.  By the truth of evidence, proven in court:  what we the state or nation will allow, or change. OUR EMPLOYEES swore obedience to that fact of our constitution. Which is: OUR GOVERNMENT/ not them.  THEN, WE OWE THE TAX, that is legitimate and fair. The reality is very simple: “aiding and abetting the enemy” is treason. Those who refuse that the constitution itself is our government/ and claim they are the government (merely our former classmates) instead: are attempting rebellion and overthrow; as is tyranny. It is “an American duty” to resist; and demand: DEMOCRACY SHALL RULE/ NOT you.death rate 26 drug overdose us

LEADERSHIP decisions about covid:  are however the cause for true increases in drugs, suicide, homelessness, bankruptcy, crime, and more., The communist insurgency created by the judiciary; whose deliberate actions as proven by the various court cases of James Osterbur vs state or nation. Identify the proven fact, that constitutional law is being destroyed by the refusal of each level throughout the courts defying that law, by refusing to recognize it even exists. Refusing to participate as the constitution demands: “we the people of these untied states in order to form a more perfect union…….do ordain and establish this constitution…..” Refusing to protect the life, nation, child, planet, or world; by hiding in the words, “we CAN’T question the universities”; even when their failure, fantasies, and delusions can end with our own extinction. THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ THE REALITY OF THREATS THAT ARE  UNIVERSITY EXTREME!  DENYING,”…..provide for the common defense…. The socialist insurgency of the current president and all those who used media propaganda to overrun this society “….promote the general welfare…..” and elect the curse of those who believe “all we have to do is take from the rich and give it to the poor”. Deny the fact, THOSE WHO WORK deserve more/ than those who DON’T. Fail to recognize “…..insuring domestic tranquility….”: is a job, NOT welfare…..” The Nazi insurgency, is the creation of a mob among all those who don’t have everything they want; “….refusing justice…. and now by the socialist agenda/ and the communist takeover of all leadership (ONLY WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DECIDE THE RULES); now have the time and talent to assemble an army to rebel against “…..securing the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…..”.

THIS NATION: is deliberately under attack, and is being suffocated by the insurgency of university knows/ as their insurgency of delusions called “nobility/ and authoritarianism (we are gods)”; threaten not only the nation, but even the basis of all life and earth/ by their imaginary beliefs; the religious cult worshipers, who shout “we can’t question the universities”; which in turn shouts; they are gods. So the monopolies enforced upon us all (every small business or option beyond their control, NOW REMOVED); have been and are poised to take over complete control of this USA. WHILE they gather information as did the Nazi SS; in order to use family against family, by threats of murder, chaos, and mayhem, the disease will get you; THEY will kill you, “with their face” (join our army; MAKE them obey).  COVID ,  to enforce fascism:  “fear/ believe/ obey” on all.  WORLD Totalitarian IS BEING CREATED BY COVID FEARS; the belief, “the universities” cannot be wrong [THE PEOPLE, SHALL BE MADE TO OBEY; they have no choice; as is the constant, of every religious cult; the anarchist; and more]/ but alas, they are merely your former classmates; “who were never gods”.

Freedom is the right: TO REFUSE any governmental employee, from creating a rule to control us. Freedom is the right: TO DENY that anyone shall make me believe as they believe/ or fear as they fear/ or obey without the foundation of critical law; to discover what is true, and constitutionally allowed. NO RULER exists: those who claim that superiority are traitors: THE LAW RULES/ NOT an employee, which includes the judiciary. The law is made by all of us in unison with life and need/ by the demands reality and truth make upon us all. Rules are made to control the individual, and shall not be done; unless we all (2/3 or more) decide; this is necessary. Rules collect information and discard privacy; rules are the damned have taken control/ and the arrogant, have invaded our lives.lets clone what we want, and throw away the rest everything is free, to the dead world of university genetics

LIBERATY MEANS TO BALANCE THE LAW, WE ALLOW!  Liberty shapes society: it is by no means less than freedom. While freedom protects the boundaries of my own individual life/ liberty protects the limits of that freedom so OUR LIVES can find peace in this society, as a shared experience; with justice for all, at its heart. There is NO allowance; for any individual or group, to take anything it wants/ as is the sign of a traitor and thief to all the rest. There IS an allowance: for any individual or group, to understand and identify the purpose of our union, which is quote: “..in order to form (establish, by values and respect) a more perfect union….” for us all. Which does mean: YOU cannot take, or control, everything the others need. That DOES mean: when society acknowledges to itself, through redress of grievances: that our lives and our future SHALL be better if we change ourselves and our nation to accept what is our legal right to enforce as a democracy. THEN THAT CHANGE cannot be disallowed or altered, because WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT “within fair and legitimate constitutional contractual obligations (they chose/ we choose/ we extend and protect; to our children; this nation built by blood lost/ sacrifices made/ work done”); of this land.two years after biden

ONE TRILLION DOLLARS= TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER EACH OF ONE HUNDRED MILLION WORKERS. There is no life/ no nation/ no world: UNLESS we protect that, from the universities and their cult worshipers; the religious (we cannot be proven wrong) disgrace of people playing god with life and planet. YOU KNOW, THAT MUTILATING, DISEASING, DESTROYING LIFE AND PLANET; WITH EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION/ AND A COMPLETE LACK OF RESPECT.VIOLATES ALL FORMS OF TRUTH AND REALITY. There is no future, unless we change “the skeleton (its a mirage; the framework of human existence remains; but the flesh has been so corrupted by arrogance and disrespect, it lacks value as life.) armies” Shouting WE WANT WHAT WE WANT.. REALITY DEMANDS; we change  BACK, into human existence acknowledges, we aren’t gods, and never will be.. NO more risking or gambling with life or world/ the future must be protected for us all;   BECAUSE THE COST OF BEING WRONG TODAY, IS OUR OWN EXTINCTION. Do, what you can do; and that means; ENFORCE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCE LAW, AND USE DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY AS OWNERS. To demand the evidence of truth as best we can/ without the sewage of an expert, claiming to know. THE DECISION IS OURS, not theirs; to protect and defend this world and all its life, the duty of every human being alive/ OR, let them throw it all away, as fools do, in worship of hate, and its disease called power.


IN DEFIANCE OF THE LAW, that is our constitution is the government of this USA; and its laws are sworn to be upheld, AS THEY ARE WRITTEN/ by each member of upper leadership. It is not a game/ nor is it an option: the constitution rules, so that none can claim to be ruler over us. A reality of betrayal as is the cost of leadership in this day. The tragedy of “a fake pandemic”; has only produced more corruption and degradation of life and society, putting the nation itself at risk: which translates into an invasion before our very eyes; by leadership. Their decisions fail us all/ murder those whose lives “fall down”/ and construct a pit; even an abyss for the nation itself: WHICH MUST be fought against. WITH THE LAW, because if you lose the law, and resort to violence/ you lose the nation as well. REDRESS is your answer/ ENFORCE IT, AS THE LAW PROVIDES. Remembering every judiciary is merely another citizen; SWORN TO UPHOLD the constitution as written/ NOT, as he or she interprets. WE the people: ARE THE INTERPRETERS of our own constitutional contract. OURS/ NOT theirs!

The functional, or fundamental description of this site/ this work/ my purpose.

As is the initiating statement of this work: “to recognize risk, find solutions among ourselves”! It remains true: our only solution is to take our evidence into court, as a public trial/ to be decided by our own vote/ as a nation and a world. Which includes “global warming, the collapse of genetic nature; ignition of atomic fire and more”.the universities around the world take hold of their pandemic; to insure extinction genetic mutilation becomes automated