as to comments:  I have resisted adding any comment that is not focused upon the major threats to life and world as they are a distraction. But it comes to me, that a substantial amount of writing is a distraction intended to bring you into the major threats we must face as humanity on earth. It comes to me, that perhaps you simply need to approach from a distraction first. Even though “one second too late” and this fight for life and planet is over. Nonetheless; it is not my intent to edit. As such   whatever comments are useful to any degree will now be added. Those who have sent comments in the past will find them accepted from now on; as is consistent with my being made aware, and choosing to review with the purpose “you are, the only free press left”.

to use social media links: is to spread the word that something we do need to know can be found. That is up to you.

To conceive of truth rather than belief is up to you/ to fight for this world with truth is up to you: because humanity is the problem/ and that means all of us have a stake in the outcome. YOU DO need to care. this is no game/ extinction will follow:  Because lies and liars lead/ rather than truth and reality.