not religious

NOT religious/ simply the news: begins with the end of world prophecy, in biblical Daniel 12.

The great abomination has risen:  because there is absolutely NOTHING more abhorrent, than trying to ignite sun fire here on earth. Scientists call it fusion/ but have already proven fusion is wrong at Lawrence Livermore laboratories, in San Francisco www.justtalking5.info .  BUT they are still: Trying to ignite a NUCLEAR (burns atoms) FIRE, as is clearly on the sun.  THAT, Is literally the worst possible decision humanity can make.  Your scientists theorize:  the fire will just extinguish itself “NOT enough gravity here”.  That is their only plan, and there is no other!  Which means WRONG:  is this earth becoming a sun/ destroying the planet and every life, and every future life, and even the solar system itself with another sun.  NO abomination could be greater/ this is it.  So the prophecy starts when the first machine that can ignite that fire, does its first experiment: that occurred on April 1, 2012.  So we add from there, 1290 days for the first death (old testament), which is/ you did not use the law to stop this/ then we add 1335 days (new testament) till the second death:  all options for mercy stop, “it is now too late”. And I get July 9, 2019 as the day HELL begins/ the point of no return has pasted, your fate is sealed. The prophecy adds “a half time” for this;  which Is 667.5 days more. 666 for HELL to rule/ one day for judgment to occur/ and one half day for whatever happens to those who are judged to begin.

For the Jewish and Christian religions, they simply reject the bible prophecy claiming “don’t want it/ can’t happen”. And yet they claim everything in the bible is true?    Even so, if you actually have faith, in either religion:  then this is literally, the biggest story this world has ever seen/ the end of all life on earth! How is that not true? For all other religion:  the reality of life itself states, the clear and deliberate disciplines, order, and balance of life on earth, as well as planet, and even solar system working together to give us all these moments. Uniform value:   DOES prove, one single CREATOR did it all; every division of life, every form, every kind;  has what it needs:  EQUAL! Because only true wisdom can do it!  Regardless of the attempts by men to say:  “we are better than you”/ GOD loves us more. And the continual, HELL:  we can play god;  It ain’t so. The Jewish law, did not save them from themselves. The Christian mercy, did not save them from themselves:  people want what they want/ “everything for free, to me”. As is the rest of religion as well. Instead of religion being a vital element in the search for what life can or cannot be/ humanity uses it as an excuse, “to search for nothing; but what you want”. Failing life itself.  “Religion is a mother’s milk”/ believe it or not. The place to begin.

Even so:  religious or not, enormous machines are running and more are coming soon;  for the singular purpose of igniting NUCLEAR FIRE, on earth. Your result is the same as theirs:  our earth on fire, as a ten million degree nuclear flame, WILL NOT be extinguished (it burns ATOMS).  “NO place to run or hide”. Which literally does make this the greatest news story to ever occur, in the entire history of our world. MEDIA hates it/ but reality does not care:  truth will decide if the fire “extinguishes itself”.  FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, with law;  OR LOSE EVERYTHING, LITERALLY FOREVER;  simple as that.

Religion is, the placement of rules upon our lives so as to direct the actions and reactions of our group/ with what we the group believe will make our lives, or our eternity better.

I do not adhere to rules, because rules are the means by which tyrants control our lives. TRUTH is a better instructor, and it creates the laws which guide and determine our universe. Consequently, it deserves to make the decision.

Religion exists to verify “we can’t make this decision without rules to live by”:  that is why we have a book/ to remove our own decision, and blame the book for good or bad. In contrast to that is the fact:  when we die, we take with us whatever truth in identity that we have formed. Therefore it is only that truth that matters to whatever you accept as “eternal”. There is no exception for “I don’t know”/ other than this decision must wait until I do know. Or if it must exist in partial form, then the decision is governed by controlling how badly, could I be wrong. That is the functional part of religion: it uses a book to make these decisions. The book exists because of what our group chooses to believe/ and every belief is governed by “whatever I want this to be/ or fear it will/ or could be”. Which brings us to the reality of want is rarely more than a lie; the intent to get something or refuse something, that is not going to happen in terms of my reality; without a lie. This is the cause, when people “pray this will go well” for instance;  when in fact, what is true demands:  you shall not proceed here, without knowledge and the work to achieve that knowledge with understanding. Or tragedy can strike.

EVERY LIE IS DANGEROUS! Because it leads you to accept realities in the direction of your own life, which can lead you down the wrong path. Making your future a potential tragedy. Faith is the decision to let only truth decide the direction and purposes of your life, by identifying what is your true desire. Do you see the difference?

Just like every religion that was ever made: when confronted with the reality, “your decisions are based upon fantasies and “magic” that does not exist in any provable form. The university says:  “we HAVE A BOOK” and the book cannot be wrong;  “cause its god”.  University fantasies are many, as are many religious asserts;  “same, same”. The difference is:  today, with genetic mutilation and the intent to cause chaos, in an effort to worship their god called evolution/ university is destroying the foundations of life. Today with electricity, the universities are attempting to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here on this earth;  depending entirely upon the fantasy, “not enough gravity here/ so the fire will just extinguish itself”. WRONG IS, THIS EARTH BECOMES ANOTHER SUN!  no exceptions, no going back:  ignition means, “right or WRONG (incinerated)”, FOR EVERY LIFE ON THIS PLANET.

The other greatest story:  Noah’s flood; which has been proven completely true/ by the evidence of fossil fuels, which could not have been formed by anything less than a world wide flood. Complete world destruction, does deserve the title!

The greatest individual human story, would be JESUS;  as written/  by bringing men a different reality, to conceive of;  other than power. And;  Establishing women should be treated as equals, not possessions. Does not eternity offer them the same! No condemnation of women exists, not even for prostitution;  as men of his day did do. Love however is evident, between them. It was their worship of money and power, that demanded HIS death. It is also an unfortunate truth; that many men prefer to be animals/ rather than human. Attacking women, instead of loving them.

The news story of this day includes:  change that is different/ WILL require “a woman’s touch” to succeed. Simply true; whether you like it or not!