In the disciplines of life, we search for truth. But human animals cannot find truth, because their descent from living alive; causes them to examine everything as want, and what the “human herd”, expects from you to be. So truth is elusive, because the believer is always certain that “he or she, KNOWS”/ and they lock they door on their brain to insure no complications to their decision can arise. To further that demand: the believer commonly joins the cult of “universities shall know/ which is aided and abetted by media, government, courts, schooling, and so on. As the believer allows: “they know/ I don’t”. Proving a cult, by providing the truth; “nobody can question the cult of university”.

So then the consequence of presenting anything other than what the “university blanket” covers up; is nearly impossible, because believers even when dragged from their own version of a prison inside. Will immediately race back in; even when the door no longer works/ blaming whosoever made truth destroy that safety, from illusions.

Truth and consequences, are not governed by “university knows, or its imagination”/ they are governed by the quest for real world evidence. Universities present imagination as their “real world evidence”; with an occasional scrap of real world evidence, to entice that belief. Therefore to separate real world evidence/ from the fiction of imaginary evidence: is to begin the search for what can we prove is true?

While there is a multitude of “Imaginary evidence” as has been presented.

The foundation of real world evidence; begins with their own assertion of evolution as the guide to demanding: there are no miracles/ only accidents made from chaos/ that were never assembled by a brain, “until way beyond”: the initiation of life. Their evidence is quite simple: it consists of “this looks like that”/ and life just “picked whatever it wanted by shopping; got that now/ but still didn’t need a brain. Or more distinctly; there is no fantasy that competes with the delusions of evolution, and the fairy tale that is “university knows”/ a hundred years later, and they still don’t know. Proving animal, (no intellectual conception here) as is, not human.

That of course moves to the even worse degrading of life and world: by the delusions of human hate (lets kill them all). As is evidenced in all that universities do.

Such as:

  1. weapons of mass destruction are your saviors
  2. let’s ignite a nuclear “we can burn atoms for fuel, just like the sun”. FIRE! Here on earth, where wrong is “HADES” HERE. Earth becomes another sun.
  3. Lets mutilate all of genetic nature, causing the foundations of life to collapse; so they can play god themselves; “with evolution”.
  4. Trillions of tons of poison don’t matter.
  5. Loss of drinking water, don’t matter.
  6. Risking the entire food supply don’t matter.
  7. Destroying life in the ocean don’t matter.
  8. Wrecking the global climate don’t matter.
  9. Destroying every resource don’t matter.
  10. A quadrillion tons of garbage; is just the end of life in the future/ because there is nothing left on this finite planet.
  11. Destroying every chain of life on earth, don’t matter.
  12. Destroying the conceptions needed to examine and search for eternal life: don’t matter/ because the universities claim to be your gods; and you let them.
  13. Etcetera, and so much more; which of course ends with extinction. Etc

but hey don’t worry, “how could they be wrong”/ they are after all< “your former classmates” in schools. And of course, “they were gods back then”/ just like today. Now is that not right?

And do they not teach and indoctrinate “every government official/ court judicial/ media journalist/ everything in charge of life or planet”: including every child?  TO BELIEVE!  Indeed they do; making the foundation of what has been changed, and the consequences we do face: a reality of “university plays, god”. As do their cult followers declare, with “baby bird” delusions. And religious delusions as are evolution exists/ it does not, to world disgrace. Proving you chose to fail life, because you wanted, “to be animals”.

Instead of alive by truth, as is the gift of miracles; based within the truth: thought “did bring life and earth; allowing for this, our existence”.

And the cult shouts: YOU CAN’T PROVE NOTHING! But as always, they are wrong! Life does not exist in isolation; it requires a symphony of rhythms to create the foundation upon which we rise into life. As is proven by: your body builds individual bones, places them where they belong; builds an identical mirrored set so you can move; builds blood, and vessels, and means to use that blood for life; which requires oxygen/ which needs a heart/ which demands a muscle/ which does not move unless it is electrically stimulated by the brain/ which requires food to sustain cognitive functions/ SO Y OU need a stomach, intestines, organs, reproduction, and much more. Which needs “software” to run a living body. And a quadrillion more; as indicated by genetics; which ARE NOT, a simple ‘paint by numbers” schematic. For fools to invade, as universities do.

Every form of knowledge PROVES: THESE THINGS ARE NOT AN ACCIDENT; and the conception called chaos formed in evolution; is an absolute sewage diseased by propaganda and those who choose to hate.

FIND A BRAIN; or go extinct! CHOOSE.

Proving: the universities follow their fantasies, and imagine they can play god, and delude themselves into believing they can control the same fire, as on the sun. DISRESPECTING EVERY FORM OF RESPECT AND REALITY KNOWN TO EXIST: SO THEY can replace that, with their illusions of intellect. But the evidence knows: WE DO STAND ON THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION; instead.

Even so: fools believe, and shout, “we paid/ we can’t all be wrong/ we want what we want”. EVEN when extinction is the price you will pay, for what you want. To your eternal shame.

NO, religion does NOT get to claim: everything they want. Don’t get to claim “their book” is “GOD”. Don’t get to claim, “their book” is perfect (as nothing made from what is IMPERFECT/ can then be described as perfect) does not exist. Nor do they get to claim “GOD does this, that, or whatever it is they want to use as their excuse or security blanket. WE DO NOT know: what “GOD” does or does not do, for us to us, to our world or any other delusion of religion and its believers. As is their excuse.

Neither can you say: that the body of time is not our own/ which grants that ANYTHING we do with it; is by our own choice, as is true/ proven by freedoms. Or as is vandalized by another, in some form of hate: a traitor exists. OUR BODY means: IT IS, her pregnancy/ NOT yours. Means GOD did not make you pregnant/ does NOT demand no contraception can be used/ does not even mean abortion isn’t within your right to decide: because we are not “GOD”/ and neither is your book. Truth however allows: that while pregnancy starts in a manner consistent with all mammal life/ it will change at somewhere OVER 40+ days into a human based life form. So prior to forty days (all necessary products to decide must be free/ all necessary products to say “not now”, must be available). But after “we know, this is a human child that now acts or reacts in ways we recognize as our own”: society may decide, only once is enough, beyond the time limit imposed/ permanent solutions exist. Reality blurs: as to human rights/ therefore initially these rights belong only to the mother. Whereas time will prove: now the coming child has rights of their own. In an overpopulation; with the state of our planet at stake: the game is dead/ real life begins; and will demand “more”.

INSTEAD: WHAT WE CAN DEPEND UPON IS; that truth is truth, because it can never be changed. Therefore it is, what it is; and we must accept it as such. Every truth has a consequence; which allows for us to search by that evidence to prove what we can prove as truth; best we can. Beyond that; there are a few stories which grant the word belief to follow as you wish; such as Noah’s flood; proven true: by simply looking at the evidence of fossil fuels, and recognizing; these things in these quantities along with a vast array of other evidence/ could not have been done. Without a world wide flood; to gather the debris together/ and then bury them at once. To cover some of it up with thousands of feet of rock and dirt. We know fossil fuels exists in massive quantities; therefore we know a massive flood; and a planet filled with life: made that so. WE CAN SAY: GOD did this. Because the evidence is real/ and the foundation of how is clearly tied to “a large planetary mass” passing close by this earth; to introduce the gravitational forces needed to accomplish that as fact. Which would have changed the orbital description of this earth around this sun as well. Most likely shifting it, into an oblong pattern, instead of circular; and more.

We can accept: the dimension of our own elevation into “heart and soul”. Which aligns with the testimony of JESUS within the bible. As the messenger/ savior: who presented our world of humans; with the clear choice “this is love/ and this is hate”! Leaving none to doubt what is true. Beyond that is the testimony of his life which allowed that love is our invitation to enter the eternal world: by those who choose love within respect, as their own form or path, of life and living with truth. An acceptance of my own; which allows for trust. Love is a truth, and it exists from the dimension that treasures “life beyond self”/ is far better than hate.

Life or death for our world: comes down to truth, the foundation upon which we decide “to gamble/ OR deny those who gamble” with life and planet; because we cannot afford to be WRONG. Our world will end, as will all life on this planet; because being “university wrong”, is that severe. NOTHING so eloquently says “true”/ as does those who try to ignite “fusion”/ which is already proven not to exist. But they continue anyway; to ignite “atoms on fire”. When questioned: HOW, will you extinguish a NUCLEAR FIRE? The “Physics response”: we don’t need to worry, the fire: “4 MILLION TIMES MORE”; will just extinguish itself! Not enough gravity on earth to sustain the fire/ so it will just magically “disappear”. With claims of pure fantasy to describe “imagination” is all we need/ no consequences for us.

DISRESPECTING THE TRUTH; that atomic energy does not exist/ cannot be contained within an atom: UNLESS THERE IS A BALANCE formed by the opposite side of energy (commonly called dark energy). Which then holds the nucleus of an atom together in balance or stable existence. THEREFORE IT IS that dark energy released from holding the kinetic energy back; that forms the expression of solar gravity. How the planet do revolve around the sun. price of being wrong is: extreme beyond imagination heat and radiation will be ignited in the same instant that “HADES (ETERNAL TERROR) IS released; by “university knows”. But, they are believers; screaming we can’t all be wrong. And this world of humanity screams with them: “we can’t all be wrong”. But truth knows; in the instant they ignite what is 4 million times MORE. Or a candle flame instantly becomes “63 miles high”/ you will know, not only dead: but terrorized forever. While religion shouts “the rapture”/ the reality of it is: gravity will pull you into the flames. “oh wait: not what you expected”/ well belief can be “a bitch”. Too bad! But then: what does it really matter, when asking 3 genetic graduate students: WHAT are you going to do, when nature cannot repair itself/ as is you killed life? Their answer: NOT TO WORRY, evolution will rebuild life into something else, “in a billion years or so”/ so we don’t need to care! “when the brain ceases to function”/ there is no purpose in a discussion. SO THEN; YOUR ANSWER IS? And for all the rest of threats which can make us extinct: YOUR answer is, “WHAT”?

We are “thirteen years” past the first real world decision to ignite atoms on fire at Lawrence Livermore Labs in San Francisco: they failed. The time the Aztec religion, calendar stops/ the great abomination of “biblical Daniel”. They then failed to establish fusion. They proved fusion does not exist: but they did not stop trying to ignite atoms on fire; as so many experiments prove is real. Reality proved fusion does not exist: in their own words, “turning hydrogen into helium”/ a rare element. Which would be abundant: if in fact the sun turned hydrogen into helium with every BTU it created of heat. How is that not so? So, we turn to religion and ask: DID GOD intervene, for life and earth? Answer is: probably so, but no one knows for sure. What does matter is: we do stand as a world on the knife edge of our own extinction. Proven with certainty by these facts. Proven with certainty by human overpopulation. Proven with certainty by an earth which will soon be too hot to survive; etc. HOW MUCH LONGER? ONLY GOD knows.

well “don’t worry”:  one second too late, and life on earth is dead; including YOU.

And the world shouts: NOT TERROR “for long”/ we will be DEAD!

But disciplines in truth whisper back: that thought, the basis and foundation for life/ is conceptually a result of energy, and where is there more energy “in time/ than a sun”? Self enters self, and the walls cave in; even so, there is no escape unless you are allowed. IF you have removed a life that would have spent eternity with GOD as love/ THEN you will never leave as is the cost of what you did wrong.

On the other side of that coin is: the miracle of life, which translates the foundations of energy, into an environment for peace; conceives of thought, by choosing to build with truth: wherever, life can be free. Are you not “essentially free”/ as time and body, allows? Indeed you are; which produces the truth: destiny shapes freedom, but only if we can choose in accordance with staying alive.

Oh wait: “you know everything/ and cannot learn: because you believe”; media cannot be wrong/ universities cannot be wrong/ we the herd of animals cannot be wrong; etc”. “oh well”/ how bad could it be: right? Nothing can scare you right/ I mean after all: just look at covid. And the herd said: “university is god”/ we must; evidence be damned. So “you’re safe”, right? AFTER ALL media only reports what the universities say, everyone must believe.

So, the critical question is: can you be convinced by what media does tell you is real. As in this entire world/ the planet itself, is overheating: as we all know is due to the decisions of humanity, producing or releasing; more heat than our planet can tolerate. It is not open for debate anymore; but while media tries to convince you of “an aberration”: reality is telling you, if you don’t change your ways immediately life on earth will overheat and die. As in HOW LONG do you need to be in an oven before you die? Even if you can escape into air conditioning now/ your plants, animals, oceans, and more CANNOT escape the heat; and they will die/ and then so will you. Because we all eat “other living things”. No living things to eat: turns life into cannibals.

You know that human population on this finite planet is not “infinite”/ without limits and boundaries which must not be crossed anymore; there is no future, even if you controlled your heat release. It is not optional zero or less population rise is our reality; what you want, has no value.

You know the curse of men; as is war/ and the cost of releasing weapons of mass destruction. The cost of EVERYTHING the universities do, is more than you imagine; and there will be change or extinction.

You know you need resources; but throw them all away anyway; screaming NOT in my lifetime/ hiding the truth, you chose to eliminate “a billion future lives”/ who now have nothing to live with.

You know: that pointing to me with ridicule and hate; is not going to change a single fact of threat and its extinction as does exist on this earth: because of what men and their universities did do. I am not your savior/ nor am I your enemy or its satan; as is universities; playing god.

You know you need drinking water, and your leaders guide you to death/ while media propagates “don’t worry/ be happy”. As life on earth sinks into HELL.

All of that you know, and more; yet I am used as your excuse/ because without an enemy to point too: there is only reality left. And reality convicts you of extinction; far sooner than you can believe is true.

So, yes it is true: that a spiritual woman resides within me/ as a complicated story, required to resurrect my own hope for you: as is at least, there is a possibility for dramatic enough change to rescue life on earth. Which there is not in men: their solution is as history proves: as simple as war/ and nothing less or more. That just ends life and earth; the cost now of universities in charge.

Yes it is true, that I have been introduced recently; “to a life women lead, a body women have in some ways, things women deal with” and so on. As a lesson I must learn; a reality I would never have chosen: but that too is irrelevant. I don’t know why, I guess men just have to learn; its complicated. But the end result of it is modifying my own relationship with life, to assemble a change in me. Why I need to change is baffling, but apparently I needed to change. What the end result is, I don’t know; not any of it/ this just is, what it is; not my choice.

So then I give you the end of your gossip and derision; allowing ridicule or whatever: because when compared with why you need to change/ I have no value at all, for your excuse. YOUR decisions are destroying life and earth. My realities of life, are merely changing me. While you can find that amusing or ridiculous or whatever you like. I find that killing this world convicts you of a crime against life and even universe; as this is a planet of life/ and you are its death. That fact does make me a messenger/ having delivered to you “important news, NOT like your media”; suggests the message when tied to extinction: is at least consistent with what “GOD” might do. To save this world; by asking you to recognize your need to change. What will come of that is up to you? Or if GOD takes control, and wipes away billions of people in order to save this planet from you; no one knows. CHANGE and we will not know, what could have been done. FAIL to change; and horrors will come beyond your imagination. A reality past the point of no return; making you the living dead (no hope left).

We should perhaps end with: while want is the basis of what religion calls “devil”. It is also the basic relationship with individual lives. “what do you want” is the constant between parent and child; and works to identify what is needed or desired. Which makes want a “two edged sword”; it can defend you/ or it can cut you; even killing you; by what you believe is true. But is in fact a lie instead.

Every lie is an attempt to steal; and every time you accept a lie, instead of requiring truth when it is important; is your own decision to lie to yourself about life. Which then steals from you, your love; because it will not be returned, no matter what you give. That is your fault, when you know “something is wrong”. Lies fail life and relationships/ only truth survives and builds a future.

Universities want, and must find “solutions to talk about or do”: or they become irrelevant and die/ losing funding and the claim of expertise. So they FIND SOMETHING, and whatever they can sell, then becomes “we know”; even if the reality is “you want what they offer”/ that does not mean it is true. A sword cutting you.

Humanity wants, what it wants: which is to control life and planet by burning fossil fuels. Simple as that. Universities search to proclaim we are your saviors “shouting we can control the sun”/ but it is a lie; along with so many more. As proves NO, they cannot be gods; only liars and fools, for presenting failure instead of truth.

You cannot have what you want anymore! Because at 8 billion + people that option no longer exists/ or this planet will die; and you know that is true, inside where it counts. No more excuses; reality decides; as best we can identify what is true; is the only protection we have as human life on earth. So I have pushed for a courtroom (best we can do) to identify and create the necessary information: to prove the truth of threats/ to prove the cost of being WRONG/ and to identify; how best can we survive and move forward. In this USA, it is redress that takes away the power of government employees; and provides the ownership necessary: TO CHANGE FOR OURSELVES, what is wrong. Once we know, as best we can: what is true and valuable to life and living for our world. Power hates that, and will defy you. But they are dead, and will take you with them; if you don’t release yourselves from a cult of fools; who believe as with global warming: you don’t need to do nothing. Or “let the experts” decide; as they did do/ apart from a few who said no; because media presents “the expert”/ and otherwise contorts what is true: “we cannot let this or these be wrong”. Into an excuse. As is moderating climate heat into the delusion; its just an anomaly, and will go away. It will only get worse instead; just like global warming did do.

Your choices are ending. Either stand up for life; or you will die as a world; because that is the price, “for being wrong”.

Religion wants what it wants; as always. But as with JESUS, who arrived as a child/ and did not take control away from the invaders: instead proving that love and hate are a choice made by humans. Letting true miracles (none have ever done; except him) be the evidence of HIS love/ the proof of superiority. Dying on a cross (torture device) be his witness against hate. Proving what you want (power to prove, we are the superior ones; and should be in charge), and what you receive: is not what you expect. Superiority does not exist in humans: we are equals!

I am not what you expect. Not great, or whatever it is you expect; plain and simple, “Just a man”/ that is functionally now invaded by “spiritual woman: its complicated”. Can’t mistake that in any way for “JESUS”/ truth refuses, as it should. However it is fair; that by some measure of existence: proven by information not known until released by me to you: that in some measure “Jesus might be teacher in me (where knowledge comes from)”. Thereby a second coming if you wish. I do not know? What I do know is: that I did enter the spiritual world; that I did choose to open the door to female spirituality (because our world is dying/ and men cannot save it: I searched for ten years first). What I do know is: you have played god with life and planet, and that will end now/ or humanity will descend into HELL as you chose it to be. Taking religion with you; as their god is universities too.

I seem to be changing partially into “female”; I don’t know why/ or where that ends/ or what it means “eternally”? It is not a game, nor is it a choice: realities will decide, by what truth and consequences, causes to be true. So there is literally NO ISSUE or conception possible by which you or I could claim “JESUS”. Doesn’t exist; but that does not mean an influence beyond the state of man; did not exist/ as the evidence suggests it did. Nonetheless “things have changed”/ I am not kidding; male/ female; I no longer know; its complicated. Beyond my own conceptions; just have to wait and let life decide.

Regardless, I truly am NOT your excuse. That day is dead; accept it and go on.