final page


The extreme cost of failure; as is the constant of everything associated with “university plays god”; strikes again, as reality proves the war in Ukraine is about to go nuclear. EXTREME PRIDE as is called “Putin”/ and those who allow this next generation Hitler to exist; lives for only one outcome, “screaming I being like god/ CANNOT lose”. Therefore the excuse need not be true or valid/ it only needs to be a threat which then claims “I must/ so its all YOUR fault”. The reality is very simple: ISOLATED FROM REALITY, those in control over weapons of mass destruction are indoctrinated “YOU WILL BELIEVE”/ and do what you are told. Which removes them from “a brain, to know better: the cost of every cult”. SO BEFORE you let the liars play their game/ YOU DO NEED TO INSURE EVERY SOLDIER, AND EVERY CITIZEN OF RUSSIA and beyond: shall know the cost of pride is their lives/ their earth/ their HELL. YOU WILL INSURE TO “Putin and his crowd”: NO escape will come! But he will threaten with worse than covid; screaming neither will you! NO, you cannot let him win; because like every form of Hitler: these few, will then try to take control of your entire planet; and use weapons of mass destruction to do it. THIS IS; the game you chose: BY PLAYING, “university is god”.

In the history of this earth, it is impossible to imagine; a more vile and stupid humanity; than does live today. But then all cults, are worthless if not simply dangerous and horrifying by their own delusions. While the list is so long, it is not worth repeating again: the worst of the worst of the worst, are those people trying to ignite the same nuclear fire here, as is on the sun. Claiming: all we have to do, “is combine two hydrogen atoms, thereby making a helium atom”! But reality argues: if the sun makes helium with every BTU it produces/ THEN WHERE, is all the helium? It should literally be one of the most abundant elements in our universe/ but it is rare instead. TRY FINDING A BRAIN YOU CAN USE FOR YOURSELVES; their own words defeat them: “sun makes helium/ BUT NO helium is produced/ very little exits (escapes the fire) of the sun”. BECAUSE IT IS A NUCLEAR FIRE; that burns the bond which holds the atom together/ just like a fire here, burns the molecular bond, holding molecules together: to create heat.

Their delusions are extreme: claiming elements which do not exist/ claiming nuclear energy is “magic”/ claiming “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; once they ignite it”; yet they do not know what gravity is. Proving at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories (2012): that the claim of combining hydrogen into helium DOES NOT WORK; yet they continue their deceit; because pride and power are about money and beliefs. EVERY CLAIM; about the sun is merely theory. EVERY LIE about creating fusion, is more dangerous than you believe. EVERYTHING about university; is built upon imagination, because even their atomic bomb; said to be the result of E=MCsq is nothing more than the formula for kinetic energy with speed at a constant. NOT energy itself/ merely the result of energy expressed.

THE REALITY IS SIMPLE: IGNITING A NUCLEAR FIRE, JUST LIKE THE SUN; HERE ON EARTH; is a one time only ignition. Because if it does not extinguish itself as “university predicts (not enough gravity here)”/ then this earth becomes a sun; and you “burn in HELL”. BECAUSE ATOMS ARE THE FUEL FOR THAT FIRE/ AND EVERYTHING HERE, IS THEN FUEL, including you. WRONG IS: HADES (your war with GOD ) has arrived; and you lost.

THIS America is under attack: by the insurgency of “university is god”; where indoctrination occurs, and the battle for religious mind control is exhibited as a cult worship of “university knows”. But the curse is: their leadership, has destroyed the future of us all, infecting this world, and establishing the disease of university did play god. Declaring themselves superior, “with university expertise”/ we are the government, rather than your employees (which is treason)/ media manipulation, “we know better”/ educational anarchy; we take control over it all, nobody decides but us/ foundations of fantasy, as is all currency destroyed with delusions/ university terrorism, as is “nature be damned/ let chaos reign; evolution is their god”/ university satanism; which is LIE, CHEAT, STEAL; ANYTHING to prove we are gods who can even control the same fire here, as is on the sun. Destroying the foundations of society with covid/ ransacking; pillaging society for fear, created: BUY, BELIEVE our  vaccine/ pillaging society, to mutilate with CRISPR, without facing the consequences/ cursing the world itself, with weapons of mass destruction/ annihilating justice with courtroom corruption/ stealing from those who built the nation; to create an army of insurgents who will then seek to kill us all; as history does prove. By the bribery, paid for by counterfeiting our own currency; depriving you and your children of your work and their future. BY, the claim/ the anarchy; of “university shall rule”. And the people hiding in their numbers, as if it were real money; when reality proves, even the fantasy of those promises are dead.

IT IS NOT, unlike the civil war. Wherein the south rebelled, because “foreigners” were demanding they should be bankrupt, and lose everything; just because someone else made a decision for their own lives. OR in the north where the attack was certain they held the moral high ground; because none should be enslaved. But instead truth declares: NEITHER was correct, as it was the BANKERS who caused the civil war in America: by instilling credit where it did not belong/ and then swooping in and stealing everything, by manipulating government. And creating credit, for every new immigrant that walks, or rides; “down south”/ thereby insuring the power to challenge, dies. Let none doubt slavery is wrong, in all its forms. But let none doubt, the civil war in particular is far more complex than just that.

Unfortunately, the black race was given the blame, for the cost of war crimes: “mutilation/ death/ rape/ destruction/ homelessness/ starvation/ disease/ endless work/ beggar/ and more; as is the result of war. For what the “white” bankers, and their puppet government, did do. After all, the survivors wanted a loan; because money is power, and power decides all forms of government or possession; so they couldn’t attack the banker (we might be able to use them). Consequently limited capitalism (we decide; how much, is too much or too little/ by vote) forms a new world order.

The current rape/ ravaging of intellectual war is: they give you purely fantasy numbers/ and debts you can never collect (like wall street); in exchange for titles to property/ outright stealing, the inheritance of the young; as is reverse mortgage; so as to insure like Israel/ Palestine cannot have it back. Big loans to immigrants and sales to foreigners to insure you cannot claim it back dismantling business and industry with the plague of fear, that is covid/ removing you from your homes, work, and future; so you must beg. But hey don’t worry: “the university is your god”; believe and obey/ or be cast aside, until all power is in their hands. Alas, “they don’t need you anymore”; oh what to do, “what is, the final solution”?

The shape of destiny, is determined by the consequences of what you truly do love/ or the cost of your hate. The critical question is not time, but essence; as is the foundation of your heart & becomes the path for your soul. Hate enters want, and the abyss of lies erupt; to make life a game, ending in chaos. Love exists as a desire created to intensify passion, and prove it true. While truth owns the heart; the value of soul, is a participation with    GOD  !

While the end result of my own destiny remains a mystery/ the reality of university occupation “of their truth”, in violation of all the laws which sustain life and planet: is not. Extinction looms large; nano particles will invade every cell causing a disruption of every process/ they will invade and alter the signatures of all chemical development, which disrupts process and its construction of life. Endless theft and the destruction of governments; while holding weapons of mass destruction; brings war. Overpopulation will be cannibalism as reality proves that true; the apocalypse of hate, will overrun humanity with thirst/ and the fact your time is short; as water proves to be more deadly than weapons. Every form of nature mutilated. Every form of ocean life devastated. Every aspect of global balance destroyed by “university knows”. The life of every child invaded, and lost; by “university education” as the cult indoctrinates, and proves to be SATAN on earth. Making the diploma; a reality to be feared in you; as the list of those who were lost opens the door of HADES (eternal torture, beyond imagination).

“the  chaotic world of university is god/ knows everything”; relies upon evolution, as the foundation of their cult. (Their conception of life is, merely the accident of chaos: this looks like that;_no brain/ no thought; involved). Which is purely fiction, an imagination thrown into the sewer of fools. NO going back.

“the world of university is god/ knows everything”; relies upon “not enough gravity here on earth to sustain a nuclear fire; so it will just extinguish itself”. Which is purely fantasy, and delusion; as they make up imaginary elements to support the disease of “university knows”. Discarding the truth: that atomic energy is based within atomic spin of the proton/ the sun burns because those atoms are disassembled and the protons then rub each other to produce the friction of heat/ the energy contained by an atom; as is seen in an atomic bomb: WE KNOW EXISTS. Therefore an alternate energy source MUST exist, to keep that energy in balance with itself/ or it would be released, to dissipate into the universe. WHICH DOES MEAN; the gravity (dark energy of the neutron) is distinctly the result of disassembling the atom. Which does prove: the universities theory of “not enough gravity here”/ is pure delusion. NO going back: the creation of HADES/ energy in chaos, beyond your imagination. But then: you cannot even “feel the sun; from 94 million miles away”/ and refuse to let your gods of university; “make that their toy”. To your shame.

“the world of university is god/ knows everything”; relies upon endless resource/ and no consequences for the choices made.  Which is: The curse of the skeleton gods; no substance to them/ only a framework of what humanity used to be. As with energy: “for every action/ THERE IS, a reaction”: Applies !

The critical test of time is “motion”/ if there is no motion, the body fails, and is called dead. So the question begins: “what does chemistry, have to do with motion”? We know a battery, “the energy of chemistry displayed”; is not life. We know the body itself, is not life, because the mind controls, motion/ not the body. We know the mind can be confused and without direction, leading to all kinds of disaster; because it is not disciplined, or in control. We know that pregnancy is not determined by female/ but by life undergoing change. Therefore the question is: what constructs or is, the energy responsible for life itself? If atomic: then why does it stop? If not atomic: what else is there?

We then look, “to the basis of energy”/ removing motion as its cause; and releasing the force that initiates change. Because motion requires a cause/ just as life requires a purpose, decision, or desire for you to move. That creates the impetus known as thought, and conceives of a relationship beyond the physical restraint of motion that is life. So the question is: WHY does thought exist, AND where, did it come from? The simple answer is: GOD! The more complex answer is: “we know only, that life exists because of thought”/ as is the evidence of every miracle upon this earth, and even the earth itself. Because they are all: the Creation of thought.

Evolution is the sewage of university; as seen under the bright lights of media manipulation/ so as to tempt and control “the fool”.  Even a complete idiot knows: chaos builds nothing/ accidents don’t bring life into complex order, discipline, balance, or ANY version of thought. The universities constantly, REFUSING: ANY SEARCH OF THE EVIDENCE: will prove that true. As all liars do.

I DO EXPECT: that this is my final page in the work that is: change what you are doing/ or this world will die. Because that is literally what the evidence itself,  will prove true.

Among the driven herds of human population, is want: or more distinctly, a demand “to take everything I can get/ plus yours too”. Forcing the others out, choosing power instead of law. So proud by the terms of a game, that you believe you earned slaves to make you believe “a god” among men or women. Therefore the others MUST obey; and when they don’t: life as time, turns to manipulation, propagation, temptations, plotting and planning, corruption, hate, collusion, revenge, conspiracy, violence; murder, whoring, and war. The constant mark of a herd is: as an animal knows “all it needs to know”/ so is the constant of humanity, who now shouts, “the universities know” all we need to know. NOT beating you within an inch of death; will turn you away, from your pride. The consequence is: nothing matters but you/ and if it turns out really bad: then as people from my past did do. They all turn to me, and INSIST: “this is all my fault”/ because I didn’t make them do what life or reality demanded. As if their playing god, demanding I am god, choosing regardless of reality, and asserting “I am just a body for doing work”; and nothing more. “Yet, as just a worker here; its all my fault; that you did, what reality or wisdom, could not turn you from. “I have news: I AM, done listening to that; forever”.

So now, as traitors consume you (we will build an army)/ liars devour you (fear covid DAMN YOU: BELIEVE, and PAY)/ terrorists destroy your future (MUTILATING ALL OF NATURE)/ thieves steal your property and nation from you (currency be damned; all that lies best is “numbers”)/ the endless delusion of “we want what we want (GIVE US YOUR STUFF)/ and NOTHING can stop us from taking what we want (somebody has to die, or move/ and there ain’t no place left to move)”. Becomes the cavernous abyss (you chose) of that want (you didn’t care, NOT one little bit); as it begins to devour your lives from this earth; extinction comes. As NO RESPECT, for anything but your own greed: will prove true.

The foundation of that statement is: THAT I, am not the question presented to you/ I am irrelevant. YOUR QUESTION IS: DOES THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR OWN EXTINCTION, prove to be true?

Only a true and real worldwide: courtroom trial to determine what are the facts, that confront us/ and what is the future:  OR, if you continue to be wrong in what you are doing? One simple explanation of that is:

the reality of 2.9 quadrillion personal miles driven/ when this USA only represents roughly one in 24 people. Should be cause enough to determine what is a threat? Should be cause enough when reality supports: an economy car operating on the highway at 55mph for one hour/ consumes the oxygen needed by about 34 people in a 24 hour period. Whereas a semi on the road at 55 mph for one hour uses the oxygen needed by about 124 people, for 24 hours/ and reality shows oxygen concentrations at high altitudes is dropping. GLOBAL WARMING the curse you chose for our future; is all about the heat we release, not simply greenhouse gases. The electric car: uses electricity from the least efficient method of producing it/ and must include the production of coal. While natural gas; uses about 4 times more oxygen to burn/ than does coal. THINK/ don’t assume. THINK, don’t be told, “the expert” knows all/ it is a lie; formed by the cult who worships the universities as god. THINK about the cost of being wrong; as they mutilate nature itself with genetics/ NO GOING BACK! EVERYTHING YOU LOVE ABOUT LIFE/ is formed entirely from those genetics; and they are deliberately injecting chaos into nature itself; ON PURPOSE, in worship of their god called evolution. Which is an outright, complete fantasy LIE.

The reason you don’t think is: “you worship in the temple of university is god/ where media priests yell, 24/7 : believe/ obey/ and even fear; based upon anything the universities expert might say”. Regardless of their delusions, fantasies, cost of being wrong: reality.

THE REALITY OF LIFE IS: THAT EVERY NATION IS GOVERNED BY ITS LAWS/ NOT ITS EMPLOYEES. Therefore whosoever makes that law, does in fact rule the government of that nation/ or even the world, by establishing laws that rule over leaders. RULES make rulers! Laws govern us all equally, and isolate upon no one other than by the definitions which are important to everyone. RULES however isolate the individual; and threaten that individual, as if they belonged to the military; and the ruler has a right. He or she does not; when in fact a true bill of rights shall exist: thereby we excuse the ruler, with our rights. OR MORE DISTINCTLY: if we make the laws which govern us our own, as we the people govern ourselves now. THEN by simple and plain, the laws of life become the foundation of our lives; and we own those laws, because we made them to understand for ourselves. Giving to each one, the ability to defend, in a court of law; as is made ONLY when we judge the judge “for good behavior (removing them ourselves if necessary)”; as is intended for justice, democracy, and fair play to all.

IN CONTRAST; to the university elite who have been surging against us, in a mad attack to take control over everything; even to the point of releasing a biological weapon called covid against us. Even to the point of destroying nature, and everything we depend upon for life and planet:  as it is true, “NONE, but a university diploma” decides.  Making every threat we face, the cost of letting them lead.

First amendment constitutionally guaranteed: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, is the reality of WE THE PEOPLE governing ourselves/ by allowing and demanding the duty to investigate, and determine through evidence gathering: if our leaders are in fact doing what they swore to do in their oath of office for us/ as our employees. That same redress: to legally assess, and fundamentally change our government by law instead of rebellion is the essence of democracy itself: giving to each citizen one vote. Giving to those who consider themselves to be our rulers: a boundary line to cross, which then proves, “you chose against us”.

Critical to this nation and all nations is: “the competition” for resources/ space/ money/ everything/ even life. Those who believe they have the power: to establish anarchy against us, and do so by stripping the wealth/ destroying the security of our currency/ denying the rights of a citizen, proving the constitution does not rule here anymore/ rebelling against life as it was, by instilling the manipulation of media/ corrupting the free press by selling communication to the highest bidder/ collusion to destroy all business except for a tiny few who then own it all/ conspiracy to destroy those who are in power, by claiming covid, and then stealing trillions of dollars given by government traitors: to those who created the biological weapon against us. Destroying the very fabric of this nation: by attempting to overthrow us, with immigration, with debts beyond reality, with mutilation of nature, poisoning the water, destruction of resources, claiming the children will pay; when in reality that means you chose to sacrifice their lives/ so you could take more. And then throw it into your garbage mountains; as is the future of lives lost; of possibly a thousand years.

Nothing is so simple, “as a university expert”/ consequences be damned; “we can sell this”; is their only code or discipline. MAKE ME RICH/ DAMN you to hell. Because we don’t care; the endless reality of “university imagination”.

Nothing is so diseased, as a university driven cult member; they all shout “there are no consequences for us/ we are gods/ we know everything”; discarding reality as if that were a fantasy or delusion as well. But alas, it is not: such as “we will wipe away every tear/ and force this US society to share with every human being that has nothing, and no place to go; cause we can”. INSTEAD OF THAT DELUSION; history proves, having increased the competition for everything/ the cost is, “those who have little look at those who have enough or more” and ALL say: we can never get enough here/ UNLESS, we kill them and then take theirs for ourselves. While truth demands sharing/ reality demands: NOT UNLESS REAL WORLD ZERO POPULATION RISE IS GUARANTEED/ AND PROVEN TRUE. Because no amount of sharing or concern will conquer population increase; as is the cost of history, and the reality of “there is NOT enough”. So somebody has to move/ or die. Making the demand: “if we surprise them/ then they can’t stop us”; on either side. Both fail, as do the fools of government/ a constant among all cults. ABORTION IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL; but it must be allowed for the first “40 days or so”/ prior to the first real recognition of human life is coming. or in cases where the mother is in jeopardy. Or in cases where the infant to be born, lacks the body or mind; of “what happiness needs”. Failure means war, cannibalism, and worse.  BECAUSE THIS EARTH IS FULL!  we live by the “other life” we consume as food/ we live because resources make that possible:  you have reached the limit/ and no amount of fantasy or delusion will change that.

REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES IS OUR LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DECIDE IF WE ARE BETRAYED/ AND DECIDE IF WE ARE GOING TO MAKE THE CHANGES NEEDED TO CLAIM WHATEVER IS LEFT FOR US TO BE OR DO. IT IS NOT LESS THAN WE THE PEOPLE DEMOCRACY: established by law/ as our weapon against those we employ. It is our authority as owners of this government: over the courts. It is our ability to control bankruptcy for ourselves, and take back our nation: because nothing less will. It is our duty to choose for limited capitalism and world law: thereby sustaining the power of democracy/ by refusing to surrender to military law. The courts have deliberately denied constitutional law: by simply remaining silent. Can’t stop us: we will lock you out of court/ never once admitting the constitution into their dialogue. Never once admitting to the constitution itself is our government: because they are in open rebellion against us all/ as “the university elite” consume our world/ our nation/ and bring us all into extinction with their “imagination of superiority/ the claim they can play god with life.

Worshiping evolution as their god; a religion without the slightest proof of reality! “this look like that” is NOT enough/ and that religious cult, is running this USA; by those in media who refuse to communicate anything the citizens of this USA actually do need to know. GO TO COURT, PROVE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES IS TRUE: AND TAKE BACK YOUR GOVERNMENT/ REDISTRIBUTE YOUR MONEY/ CONTROL WHAT WE NEED TO SURVIVE/ ESTABLISH WORLD LAW, INSTEAD OF WEAPONS/ AND DO FOR LIFE, PLANET, AND CHILD; what literally needs to be done. Simple and plain; so the anus of university knows, university is god; will stop shitting in your face. “use this as your format for doing that very thing”.

You refuse? THEY SOLD YOU OUT, destroying the fabric of this nation by discarding its manufacturing/ indoctrinating its children with “ university is god/ never question them: be their slave with college debts, that cannot be undone {because university owns the government: THEY TOOK IT, with numbers they counterfeited, by claiming assets that do not exist}”. Betraying your military, with extreme single ships; which when sunk: Trillions of dollars and all your military hardware sinks with it. EVERY DAMN THING THEY COULD DO; against this nation, and the world;  has been done, by university contamination/ as only arrogance could conceive of. And they intend to give the nation away to foreigners; as is also being done. Giving you “wall street” instead/ a game of numbers, that bear no reality to truth: which means, the numbers are “the biggest liar/ biggest traitor: of all”. WAKE UP or die; because media is their tool, NOT your savior or friend.

SO WE LOOK TO REDRESS: OUR AUTHORITY AS A DEMOCRACY OVER OUR OWN NATION; THE POWER TO LEGALLY CHANGE WHAT WE NEED TO CHANGE.  “with a potential class action lawsuit”. And the people say: I HAVE INSURANCE, why SHOULD I CARE? But reality offers: how about your child/ grandchild/ friend/ or finding yourself in a foreign country? What about the truth: that medicare is financially broken; as is medicaid; as is social security; as is the nation itself, as can clearly be proven by any and all financial records; “even if they are corrupting the evidence”; the reality cannot be covered up try or in the state of Il which continuously increases the debt to pay their bills (fraud, nothing paid)

and then there are the bailouts; “let the people pay here too

one trillion dollars = ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million workers. Only workers provide labor or resource gathered. The few trillion dollars reported as federal debt: is merely what congress overspent> the rest; personal debt/ business debt/ bank debt/ college debt; all of it/ is hidden away as if it did not exist. Derivatives are: buying someone else’s debt. Currency claims of over 612 trillion dollars in assets and derivatives: equal the expectation to buy. No reality US TOTAL debt 89.7 trillion dollars: in a nation of about one hundred million workers = a personal worker debt of $897,000.00 each one.  DON’T WORRY, “DEBTS don’t matter to government”: unless they want to collect from you. I know, you need money: we will just counterfeit more! Which gives THE VERY TINY FEW, all those numbers to play with; to distribute any way they want (BRIBE AN ARMY AGAINST YOU/ fill wall street with numbers so you become blind and stupid/ give it all away, for free; to anyone they want: so long as its not those who built the nation).  While you beg, and fail to compete; because “they DO have an endless supply of NUMBERS”.

So, where did this come from? US president Reagan; gave the currency to “university control”: who promptly gave themselves a “million dollar raise”. Which enabled the public claim “that is where the money is”/ GO GET IT.  But, it was all a lie based upon counterfeiting assets or consuming debt. Nonetheless, Reagan found the answer: “sell off all the gold/ pay no one; debts don’t matter”: and media, government, and the public loved him for it. Even though the entire purpose was summed up by “LET THE CHILDREN PAY”. And all the public said:  “don’t you do nothing/ for the first time in my life I am making good money; AND I WANT IT”! So, together as if one voice: they all sacrificed, “you”. Destroying the future, for pride. And it stayed that way, for decades; until today:  where reality is just beginning to show the cost; which all said, “didn’t matter: NOT in my lifetime, I will be dead”. SO, let the children pay, and don’t tell me NOTHING no more!

WHY? because the cold war and Vietnam war created enormous debts due to the university game of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Which was escalated and caused primarily due to American exploding of nuclear weapons throughout the pacific as a means of threatening all other nations. And the people said, “we won’t pay/ we didn’t want NONE of it”. But alas reality doesn’t care; so they fell into fantasies and lies.

YOUR UNIVERSITY “gods”; have created an enormous insurgency against you/ now using covid as their major weapon to destroy the last holds of property and value out of the hands of “white people in particular” so they can build their army of rebellion; and take control over the nation itself. To destroy American democracy; from the inside. A real world cost of letting media generate “fear/ believe/ obey” in you. The real world of:  they bought you out, with counterfeit, stolen money; from your own nation destroyed by debt.

The ridicule of life and humanity; as can be found in television/ creating personal turmoil, depression, and grief. Lingering Fears and more, used for entertainment/ by cowards: “a gun is the answer/ trust no one/ hide, everybody hide/ fantasy is your solution, believe everybody believe/ the war crimes against democracy: of “everybody obey: the ruler commands it”. and more. your “tv” is a parasite; sucking on your heart and soul. Just like the ridicule and hate pointed at people, by people through gossip or beliefs, ends with friendship/ family/ work/ and more being broken by lies. While the blame is directed against “university plays god” with our lives/ the reality is, the vast majority are just like you: “good or bad”.  While “the elite few” are directing the manipulation, and destruction of us all. TV points the blame of racism at white people; because its easy. But that is not what caused racism to occur. Instead the civil war was caused by bankers, and their investors. The civil war was violent: because the bankers and investors, refused to remove the label of property, thereby debts you must pay:  from those who then had their property confiscated/ their worker force ended: with no way to pay the bank. So they fought and died, mutilated, raped, ransacked, poverty, prostitution, and more: but instead of focusing on the banker, who literally orchestrated that war/ these who lost;  looked at what they lost and said “its all their fault”. Every business man knows: if you don’t treat your worker with some dignity, and grace; they won’t work for you any more than absolutely necessary. Consequently we can understand: the majority were not treated as bad as the few. We add to that, the African nations sold these to slavery; instead of genocide: so who is worse?  NO exception is given for slavery/ it should never be:  but reality proves every race, in nearly every nation, has had slaves/ because they could. Our current slaves are machines: which cause far less trouble, and do far more work. Or in terms of today: the mob lives for an enemy/ the fool lives to hate/ the idiot assumes/ the traitor lives to manipulate and confuse/ the terrorists want to play god/ and betrayal is an enemy who sneaks in, to indoctrinate the children; claiming they have a right. As with evolution; “eternal death by inches; the liars sewer of, we hate you”/ as with teachers, who believe they can do anything they want; even though they are paid as employees to do the job for which they were hired/ NOT whatever you want: therefore fired/ “you are not free”; its a job. Or, if refusing: taken into court as, in illegal trespass: the criminal intent to indoctrinate and change or control children of the nation/ without our consent.  As unions, who blatantly disregard reality/ as rebels, and anarchists, who disguise themselves, to control the nation itself: by bringing death hidden in temptation and disease. As a cult, who did confuse several generations of children; so they could fail themselves, and their world/ sacrificing them; so what turns out to be “Satan on earth”; could play god. NOT leaders, but tyrants; who claim they are now our rulers. The failure of men is, “they want it all”/ can’t get it, they steal: as is war. But nature applauds different, as the means to inhabit the same space, but with different subspecies, the competition for the same thing is greatly lessened. Making the ability to share, and even care a distinction of lessened competition: but not in the living of life, because in the end we all need what we need. Which makes those who take it all, our enemy; they are allowed, because pride makes life into a game; both men and women play. When the game gets severe, war breaks out. If you cannot attack a separated group/ then the enemy will attack a minority instead; as is genocide [someone has to move or die/ the competition is too severe]. And there are always the “Mob instigators”; who want it all/ by making you war. There are always haters: who make leadership wars possible, because they want “a world where no law exists”/ so they can play god with life. The rest, learn very quickly: we cannot let this be: so the war goes on, until enough haters are killed to stop the destruction. Enough destruction has made the soldiers, and even the leaders, want to quit.

Gossipers will tell you “look at what he is not “/ hate will tell you look at “what he is”: truth and reality matter not;  because they misdirect you to irrelevant issues; to manipulate a response. Thereby discarding the evidence that I tell you to consider as the foundation of any decision you will make. “university led leaders”; are organizing an all-out assault on “America itself”; building their army with bribes they stole, by claiming assets which do not exist:    which shows: 612.4 trillion dollars of assets, which can be used to create loans. Which equals $1,855,700.00 million dollars per each of 330 million citizens (babies and all).  WHERE is the reality? HIDDEN, under the cover of news media, as it circles like a vulture waiting to pick your bones. AS the reality of insurgents in government: continue to amass their army, and pay them with your money; by bankrupting the nation itself. As haters do/ as intellectual war is!

What you don’t understand is:  by wrecking the current power structure, as produced by the people who have been here the longest. they will create a void/ once your claim to money or property has been vacated “particularly by covid:  here have another booster shot:  its only fifty thousand dollars to us”.  your claim of ownership null and void. Those who have disarmed you with “banking”/ then have the power to give their army of rebellion whatever they want/ leaving those who did build this nation homeless and in poverty. With nothing left but your gun/ in a world heavily overpopulated with people. But don’t worry; after all, “even the children: get a look at war”; so they can fear. when commanded to obey, they will believe. As war: will destroy everything/ and this earth has nothing to rebuild it with.

But hey, WHY complain:  because the mutilation of life goes on; attempting to destroy your nature/ the very possibility of your survival: “to play gods”. While even worse, continue their campaign:  to ignite atoms on fire here, “just like the sun”/ pretending to know. When in fact they merely want to play god: what better way, than to play with the same fire as on the sun?  “that will show the rest”.  AS you are INCINERATED, by fools.  just one of the biggest, attempting to destroy your world.

Reality states: “this is the best men did do, and as war proves: that is their solution to any serious problem or want”. different results require different thinking; and although women are prone to all the same problems men are/ they do know, their only real power is in the law. Which means let women try, they cannot do worse than extinction; as is the direction of this world due to university influences. The balance between male and female grants the best results; but each must find the other equal; or it fails/ as do you.

The ogallala aquifer is seriously depleted due to irrigation and then ethanol production. That aquifer ended the dust bowl, and produced a land capable of sustaining millions of people and agriculture;  soon all gone.So you tell me: WHERE are all those people going to go? HOW will you survive losing all those contributions in grain and livestock; that feed MILLIONS+?  AND where is, the level of, all the other water supplies, to give you drink/ contaminated with poisons/ going to be lost, with a single earthquake, due to poison injections/ poison all around:  DO YOU KNOW? In Illinois: the water survey people tell me: IF THEY INFORM you of anything/ they lose their job. However if you ask them, they can tell you, what they know.  AS in it takes fifty inches of rainfall here, to equal one inch of water gain in the aquifer underneath. But that was before all the insanity of draining every acre with extreme tiling. “oh well” right/ you, DON’T need no damn water: RIGHT? You are so close to water wars, it is beyond your imagination. In fact, the biblical prophecy of an Apocalypse; looks true. No we can’t discuss it, because you have terrorists all around. NO water/ well you can’t have ours: so die/ NO, well we all know what that means; only this time is just a few days and they do die; so the violence is extreme?Well, here’s an interesting fact:  a drained aquifer collapses onto itself, and turns to stone/ “making it unusable to refill”.

The foundation of life is sustainability. The foundation of sustainability is truth, and the laws which hold it balanced, orderly, and disciplined due to respect for the reality of what life is, and what life must achieve to remain “alive”. Peace and harmony must be found through justice and fair play; a reality of choices formed from respect. The value of love and life must be precious, or you fail your own eternity. None of that is the result of “university knows”/ as your acceptance of their endless want to play god, releases relentless destruction of everything; as is their only contribution of scale to this world.

The “winner”, is the most destructive element of the human animal; demanding “I am god/ give me everything”; as the rest scream: I WANT EVERYTHING TOO/ and power reminds them: TO HELL with you. But the universities had a solution: “its all free/ respect nothing but universities”; and took control over life and government by counterfeiting money to pay for anything they wanted, and pride demanded. Using media to cover up all the tragedy and coming chaos/ the sacrifice of children, and even the future of this entire planet, destroyed by want; and the claim of winner/ “to hell with you; you damn loser you”. And all screamed: WE DON’T CARE/ give us what we want: TO HELL shall be our reward; because we won’t believe; the universities are god; “miracles are just shit spewn by religion. NOTHING CAN STOP ME. Or, let the children die, we won’t care; as is proven by the evidence; as competition overwhelms life and earth.

The human animals fell in, the universities claiming religion indoctrinated every child; letting few escape back into life/ the resources were destroyed to present “trophies, trinkets, and toys”; for the most vile of all people, throughout human history: as they reach out, and build their trash mountains by sacrificing every child, and every living thing; as is the planet itself.

The game is over: the curse is beginning; the future is destroyed; participation in your games “for winner”/ will soon be an apocalypse (war beyond belief)/ Armageddon (nature lost to chaos and horrors)/ every child lost or eaten/ water you can no longer drink/ or more distinctly: the price of your game “winner: look at me/ listen to me/ I am god”; is you are dead. And eternity will remember you.

CHANGE OR DIE, nothing less will do; but hurry, as time has run out. The threat of releasing nuclear weapons, is only the beginning.

Because the end result of it all is: “universities taught you NEVER to respect LIFE, OR EVEN your time.

And the children say: WHAT CAN WE DO/ WE DON’T WANT TO DIE; before we even got a chance to be, what we choose to be. The answer is: YOU CANNOT war with them/ they will only war back; a brain is dissolved by the university cult command: “fear/ believe/ obey”. The curse of want is a terrible thing/ the curse of pride is a terrible enemy/ the curse of power; wants violence to prove “i am god”; and the end result of it is very simple. OUR ONLY OPTION IS THE LAW/ AND OUR ONLY METHOD OF CHANGE IS TO PROVE BY A COURT OF LAW, JUDGED BY WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH; THAT REALITY AND THE EVIDENCE DO DEMAND THIS WILL BE CHANGED/ OR LIFE, INCLUDING YOURS; “WILL be extinct”. Nothing less will do/ nothing more is available; it is our only choice. Do what you can do, or “you surrender/ as we sink into HELL”. CHOOSE!

And the elders scream: WE ARE DOING GREAT/ you are setting our children against us: UNFAIR, “death to you”! But reality says: in this USA, and more; the numbers of your money/ the tragedy of your ways: prove, without another real world planet to ransack, ravage, and rape. YOU have claimed every resource or destroyed it; “for the next thousand years”. Making every child your slave, making this entire living world: “your corpse/ as the disease of what you have done continues to spread”. Money is a promise; and your promises cannot be kept by any form, or conception of reality. You have murdered yourselves, and your world; claiming “I will have everything”. Or “leave nothing for a child”.

Humanity screams: the universities are god/ they will save us; even though they led here to the edge of your extinction. While all of religion screams: “our god” will save us and this world/ we DON’T have to do NOTHING; but throw a few pennies in the offering plate, and say a few words we don’t care about. YET REALITY proves you both wrong; as your leaders play the game of “nuclear annihilation”/ your universities continue to inject chaos into nature itself, to prove their god of evolution is real; committing to Armageddon/ your “humanity” wants to build “garbage mountains”; and sacrifices all life and planet to do so. Ending with: YOU CHOSE, TO KILL YOURSELVES, with apathy and disrespect for life and world and GOD . because that, is what you wanted to do, “religion included”/ as they descend with you into the world of “university took control, and did play the god called SATAN”. As the destruction of this entire Creation of life; begins to dissolve because of what you did do.

AND ALL THE PEOPLE SAY: NOT TRUE, “we are the greatest generation ever to live”!

But for forty plus years; throughout that entire time: when I have said to you, “with your world at stake”/ GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; BECAUSE YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO BE WRONG! Every single one, ran away/ yelling “hell no”. Because they knew, it is true. And they all WANTED, what they wanted; and refuse to change. Which is, the price of survival.

Time measures us, by what we did do/ or chose not to do. The actions we took/ the reactions we did not; the purpose of your heart, or the desires which construct a soul. Time shapes us, but life;  is not about body, because body cannot sustain an eternity. Therefore the question of heart is: are you a testimony to love/ OR, are you a testimony to hate? Because in the real world of life and living; everything but survival is either about love and its value to you/ or revenge and the hate you chose. Respect guides us into our future, opening the door to those who claim it/ disrespect identifies chaos is coming, and the hell you made for yourself, will be its result. Time limits that/ eternity does not.

The question of eternal life is NOT delegated to religion; religion is about the rules, proven to be of value/ in the search for life, living, truth, and value “the substance of a life capable of achieving or desiring eternity”. Eternity is NOT for animals; as is the game of predator and prey/ survival or death. Instead it is a passage beyond what is mortal, into the energies that conceive of life, and let us live. Humanity cannot conceive of life beyond body; therefore it resists; to express time as the only truth; we can imagine. But imagination has no meaning beyond time, and reality will prove what is true. Energy is motion, and motion decides whether you live or die. The concept of life is not a game, the realities of life are eternal ONLY if we choose peace and harmony is best. LOVE creates that loop of participation grants a home we can share, as desire lives in the values we create as one family designed by care. While none can prove life beyond time. All live with the miracles of existence; which does include you. NONE OF THAT is an accident, and it is certainly nothing to do with chaos; “looks the same or similar, is irrelevant”.

The clear definition of life is: “by thought” this occurred; as truth relies upon the evidence that will not be denied: NOTHING LESS could.