In the realities of life, the most reliable of human behaviors is: “I/we want to control you”; no freedom of expression or experience allowed, as we are the superior ones, and you are slave. The rise of machines to do the work invaded that behavior, and somewhat removed it for a time; but soon it will return in full force, as the reality of resource destruction/ global warming, hits home.

The critical result of failure by government leaders, to accept the responsibility of LET TRUTH DECIDE/ instead of want, pride, or power; always results in the fantasy of anything we want, lets play god; and the end result is always war/ because when the laws cannot contain the epidemic of failure that is spreading: men believe chaos (let there be no law), results as war.

In this America: failure exists all around us, even though the people want that not to be true; and hide in their numbers as a playground to prove they need not grow up to the realities or truth of life. But every attempt to remove the cost of failure from view, by adding contention and distractions; aids in the preparations for war: to hide the fact, that their delusions have failed. The universities have waged war on life and world, by playing god; and failed each tremendously, as is the abyss called extinction. The cult of believers have waged war on life and world; by accepting any and every lie, the universities produced to hide the truth of what they do. Media is “the sorcerers whip”; to insure non get out of line, and start asking questions of what is true/ rather than OBEY, FEAR, and believe what you are told.

Anarchy is found in the US supreme court: as the reality of disowning the constitution, and denying democracy continue to climb into a weapon, intended only to create civil war. Rebellion and insurgency is found through leadership, in destroying the securities of a nation; by raiding its currency with lies, and reducing its ownership of anything by the citizenry; to a feeble attempt to retain control. The curse of “satan: lets destroy everything”; is found in the poisoning of water and resource and life and planet and experiments which cannot lead back to life or even a world we could live on. All of it, “by playing god”/ and distracting the animals: so they need not participate in keeping life or nation or planet or child alive. To your shame; you want to believe, what you want to believe; and as such you turn to believe if I just refuse to know; “then I will escape, and not be forced to fight for life or world or anything”; as is called cowardice.

Distractions and contentions; NOT fully engaged with the end of life on earth/ are the means to create war: as one group is pitted against the other group, so as to create; “they cannot watch or know what we are doing now”; as is the cost of war. But once you war, the end of all life comes next. As with 8 billion people all demanding MORE; very little is needed to destroy the foundations of a food supply, or remove the possibilities of water for a drink, or return life to law, as is the only method of survival there is. EVIL seeks a moment; when the backlash of violence, proves “see, they hate us all/ lets KILL THEM; we have to do it to save ourselves”; as is the constant ignition of war.

So lets discover: the question of war is built upon three things. THE LAW is not enough. Our failure will not let us survive, without taking theirs. The leaders fantasy; has pushed us into mutilation and death; because the soldiers have no right or option to refuse.

I choose to display the law in this USA; under the question of abortion. The demand by believers to invade and control the lives of all women; pitting their beliefs against the foundation right of body, that is only the realm of female. Since abortion is limited by biology: TO THIS IS STRICTLY A WOMAN’S CHOICE. The reality of law built upon freedom and the foundation of individual rights. Identifies this question of law: belongs only to women, and no man is allowed/ it ain’t your body, and sperm is all you donated to the reality of this process. YOU DON’T BELONG, therefore you have no rights, in this foundation event of female “owns it all”.

But the law is not so simple as: “anything any individual woman wants to do/ because another life is involved”. Which means the decision of all women should decide what is justified and true, for their lives, and their reality of living, and their own bodies. By vote, the law is formed among those who must live the result; as justified or not.

So lets discuss the law and the reality of what is true.

US constitutional law says: “you shall not war against each other/ let the law of first amendment redress of grievances decide for you. The government of: each is entitled to individual rights, that shall not be deterred by the claim of authority; from an employee assuming they are the government”. Treason is then the deliberate act: which invades the legal fortifications of our justice; in order to decide the fate of another based upon your own decisions. You are not god, the law is not invincible; and we must decide as a nation what is true for our lives and our participation in this world. That is a debt we owe to each other, as a nation united to achieve the value of freedoms, bound within individual rights.

US constitutional law; amendment 3 says: no claim of government rights, “is allowed to quarter soldiers in a private house”. Abortion stands as this is being commanded by the claim of government over the body of female.

US constitutional law; amendment 4 says: the right of people to be secure in their persons, homes, papers and effects…..shall not be violated. Abortion stands as an invasion of space so personal, it cannot be conceived of as the property of a nation to decide.

US constitutional law; amendment 13 says: neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime; ….duly convicted shall exist within this USA, or any place subject to its jurisdiction. Abortion stands as the demand by others; to command “yes you shall”.

US constitutional law; amendment 14 says: “every person has the right to be protected by law; as best fair and justified can provide”.

So we look distinctly at the truth of whether a fetus (life rising, inside the womb; is a citizen or not)> the answer is: once a fetus has taken on “human form”, it rises to the realities of a living creation/ but it does not take on the elements of a citizen. That fact: limits the law, to “the world of females/ women”; alone shall decide. You have no say as a nation: but as an independent group within that nation of “female”; they may decide for themselves, and by their vote participate as an independent force of law, by describing how the law should protect each of them. That is democracy, rather than the enforcement of slavery: YOU DECIDE, by vote: for yourselves. Your body/ your choice.

Here we seek the truth: to be defined by women, of where does abortion (human life ends) begin/ and where does the right to protect my own body from a lifetime that will be taken away from me; end? Not all children are desired, and the consequence for enforcing the demand to be a mother: will prove to be a tragedy all around. Therefore be true to the cost, and accept the decision: THIS IS, THE BEST WE CAN DO; FOR EACH OTHER. Because this is no game, and abortion is not birth control. So the reality of: permanent “no more possibilities for you”/ shall exist: by the choice of women. I leave it at that; GO TO COURT, AND DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as your answer to removing the invading army: and returning to “the life and protections of democracy enforced”.

CRITICAL to life surviving the curse of “university knows”; is the compilation of evidence, which then proves what is or is not true of our future, and what the realities of knowledge do prove: what numerous threats called extinction; are today. YOU OWE THE FUTURE AS WELL! We CANNOT BE WRONG, when extinction is the consequence of their failures. Leadership failed/ universities failed/ media failed/ education failed/ democracy is under attack, because constitutional law is evicted; as proven in case after case James Frank Osterbur versus state of IL and nation. RETURN THIS NATION TO THE LAW; PROTECT YOUR DEMOCRACY: IDENTIFY AND PROVE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES SHALL DECIDE; as we the people choose for ourselves; what we will allow or do or refuse for life and nation/ world and child. Because the end result of it is: WRONG IS DEAD, A LOST WORLD; because you didn’t care enough to respect the duty you were given.


CRITICAL IS: no leader should decide for a world, as is consistent with weapons of mass destruction; eliminating our choices from existence. As is universities experiments which can cause our own extinction. As is ANYTHING BUT THE LAW WE CREATE FOR OURSELVES; AND THEN ENFORCE ON OUR LEADERS; as the price of their employment. 8 billion people CANNOT be ruled by a tiny few; unless they allow it for themselves. WE CAN RULE OURSELVES WITH THE LAW WE CREATE TO GOVERN THIS WORLD. We can create the policing force which will correctly engage as needed: to bring a leader to trial, protect borders and resources, defending the future as decreed by laws we the world do provide. Anything less is a curse; that will end in your extinction. To achieve this reality of choice for our world: every soldier needs a bill of rights; so as to know, their job is to defend their nation from invasion. It is not to invade any other nation/ NOR is it to rule over society by enforcing a ruler decides. BY OUR LAW AS A NATION; we govern ourselves; as is the truth of freedoms/ and the reality of peace begins here. But extends to what must be done in order to achieve our own survival; instead of want, pride or power; that means ONLY TRUTH DECIDES. A world court proves the knowledge we need to know; in order to make decisions for a future that does survive. Whether you like it or not: that is the only way, life and planet will be sustained.

The most effective method of “citizenry taking control over OUR government” IS: TO DEMAND YOU WILL OBEY THE LAW, OR, we will not pay taxes until you do. Their are costs to that; but as a multitude demanding democracy first: you will outweigh the opposition, and create REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.