The disciplines, the order, primary values, balancing democracy, understanding our liberty to decide by law. Understanding ourselves.  Are all elements of this website www.justtalking7.info and its companion sites. These lawsuits for redress of grievances:   US SUPREME COURT    08-1339  and 11-100  both;  gives this nation or state specific opportunities to establish change, and take control over our future by determining specific (we the people ARE the government, under constitutional restraints, here) law of this land for ourselves. With change we can influence the world by law/ NOT war, as never succeeds beyond a limited extent.

Download, copy, link, or whatever seems to be in your own best interest; so the information available here, does not escape you. Should I die, or be unable to attend, for whatever reason prior to trial: it need not matter. This is democracy in action, and that democracy can be initiated through yourselves; even if I am not here. I do expect to participate in this trial, and its legal purpose. But I am not god, and cannot guarantee “life”, or even the freedom to attend should complications arise. What I do guarantee is: that democracy is enough, to change the direction of our lives. Bringing back the constitutional purposes as are described by the preamble to that document.

Redress is:  power to the people. The legal right to enforce our democratic authority, as we the people united;  over this nation or state; by law.    both lawsuits were removed by the secretary: which is illegal/ because once docketed it requires a judicial signature. which did not occur.