Free Press



A description given by we the people:  which is intended to convey a need for information that is critical to the understanding of society:  SO THAT IT MAY PROTECT ITSELF, from all attackers.  We have had forty years of  “a brave new world” so say the university leaders. The same basic group of leaders who took over government by counterfeiting asset generation;  claiming fantasy numbers, while hiding inflation and national debts.  Are you better off? Reality states, BY federal reserve documentation:  American’s every single one, IS BANKRUPT. American government employees have been adding 20 trillion dollars per year to the economy as “fake numbers they control alone”.  These people, who cannot stand reality; are asking you to let them play god with life/ with your nation/ with your world/ with nature/ with the same energy as is on the sun: WHILE MUTILATING NATURE, and trying to make it destroy itself, so that they can believe “then we will learn how to put it back together/ once it fails dramatically”.  NOT going to happen. But they CAN make us extinct, by going through HELL first. Think about it, and understand NATURE brought us all here, and has been doing the same for thousands of years we know about. It is “essential perfection”/ while men are tragic destruction; so say their war, so says their ways, in nearly all circumstances.  Nature is being destroyed/ the planet is being destroyed/ America is being destroyed/ EVERYTHING is being destroyed:  because the universities believe they can play god, and have been trying. It is that simple: is that NOT NEWS?  Instead, you get only “believe in the university gods”; from media broadcast or other/   is that not so?

Our “free press (these will protect us)” has been sold, to the vile disgrace of traitors who tell you only “the university is god/ believe in the university”. Some reporters do fight to keep a small portion of the news alive;   but these are few, a rare instance.  News has been turned into entertainment;  because greed wants more/ and power does not care who lives or dies “unless its them”.  So the US supreme court sold out the nation, again:  by giving the news media to a tiny few hands which now control all the propaganda you may hear. On a rare public medium some news gets through, along with that found on the internet:  unreliable, but some news does exist.

Even so: People don’t wish to hear it, anymore;  because they believe their government and power as a democracy has been stolen.  It has, with counterfeit money/ and absolute corruption in the court:  particularly due to closed doors, and extreme costs!  They don’t want to know: because they believe that excuses them from what is wrong; or its too hard. That is a decision against life, even all life;  that you will take into your grave.

 The constant propaganda of primary entertainment “called news” is:  don’t worry/ the university has everything under control. Even though they are in fact the primary cause of most threats, as are listed here. Even though we are surrounded by threats that will clearly make us all extinct.  “no news is good news;  right”?

The majority of people believe that “blaming others” is enough news:  “because I can’t do anything anyway”. But the reality is:  “you don’t want to do anything/ because today you can blame someone else when life and society go wrong”. Not my fault is the “mothers milk, of a cult”; extreme religions are built on this: “blame them”.  As in I didn’t do it/ they did!  But alas you did too, because you let the others lead, and you accepted your fate when you followed without questioning what does or does not have value.  Fantasies fail all life/ fools in charge destroy a nation.

Truth leads to a future we can survive. In America, there is very little truth, of any importance (such as this news is).  Coming from your tv, simply:  “believe in us”/ rather than learn what is or is not true. Their reality: No, nothing reported of true value/  none of it, will help us create a better democracy, or a free society, or protect life;  or keep this world alive.  Is that not so? Video fire control 2

FIND OUT WHAT IS TRUE!  Investigate and examine your reality, by determining just what does happen when this goes wrong. Stopping those who threaten extinction: the list is long.


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