Resource Loss Threat



Are an absolute threat to the young. Without resources there is no job/ no wealth/ no anything as is demonstrated by a desert. Therefore recycling, renewal, rebuilding, and so forth is their only source of existence. Today according to wall street:   “we use more resources in ten years/ than in all of human history prior to this day”. Take a good look at your garbage dumps, and recognize this is your future: gone.  As your elders once said not long ago:  “our garbage is their gold mine”.  If that is not what you want for your future/ then fight for better. Because there is no other way.  RESPECT THIS PLANET.  Search for solutions:  one method entirely overlooked is to use the plastic now being thrown away, by melting it, to then coat railroad ties/ powerline poles/ fence posts and so on to preserve them. Aid a uv protector.  “recycling has value”/ just do it. might help you understand at least a little. Video earth danger 1

INSULATION is a massive need, without it forced upon the people and business: to insulate or you get NO utilities at all. Until it becomes true, that a minimum of energy is released; and we ALL still get to have a comfortable home: you are not through. RECYCLING is and should be the greatest contributor of insulation. The list is so long, nothing else seems necessary to add. YOU KNOW what to do/ so do it.


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