Last discussion:  SEARCHING FOR problems and SOLUTIONS AMONG OURSELVES/ as we the people.

To assemble beyond ourselves, requires that we communicate with each other/ because nothing can stop the reality of threat against our world:  unless WE THE WORLD, get involved.  Not just you or me, but all of us caring enough to review the facts and identify the cost of being wrong. The realities of letting extreme experiments finish the job of destroying our world, with absolute arrogance:  a reality that constructs the essence of SATAN;  as is “destroyer of a world”.

You can, it is said:  distribute a funny cat video around the world a million or more times in just a day or two. Which means: you can distribute this message of WE NEED TO WAKE UP; AND UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING WRONG.  About the people who are endangering our lives, and destroying the future for every child.

You march by the millions in various ways, even act horrifically destroying all you can: Fighting for nothing. You march and protest for people, many of who are lying, or cheating the reality of what has or has not been done. You worship the universities, never once questioning the consequences that are coming/ which can now be seen in so many areas and ways. You work for counterfeit money, knowing it:  because you don’t want to pay the price for fixing any problem. LET THE CHILDREN PAY. To your shame.

Regardless of all that and so much more the realities of machines trying to ignite a nuclear fire “just like on the sun”:  which does mean, in an instant our world, and every life on it/  will be lost, if they are even a tiny bit wrong.  And you do NOTHING. Not with me/ not without me/ not in any form or fashion a defense for this world. Because you respect the universities MORE/ than you respect life itself!  That fact is your curse. That curse opens the door to HELL, which means “we are trapped/ we will all die”; it is true. ARMAGEDDON, which means “nature in genetic chaos; horrors abound EVERYWHERE”. And the apocalypse is coming; which means, “WAR to end all war/ as would be the fight for water, the realities of no food which is cannibalism, and a world filled with weapons, fire, and hate”. Because that, through your university decisions, delusions, and obedience to them:  IS WHAT YOU CHOSE.

      “messenger” means: I, am not your enemy or savior. Other than, I am telling you:   LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE OF OUR LIVES/ and learn this is no game!  CHANGE;  “choose for life and planet first”. OR DIE FOREVER; simple as that. There is literally nothing else I can do. Life or death is up to you; because every threat but one, is human made! YOU are the problem/ which means:  YOU are the solution, or your own enemy forever. The assassin of your own child!

I AM NOT, “shouting the sky is falling down”, as in listen to me!   I am shouting, THE EVIDENCE OF THREAT, that has invaded our world:  CANNOT be allowed to continue, because the price of being WRONG/   IS LITERALLY, THE END OF OUR WORLD!  Or, more distinctly:  if the cost of being wrong, IS HORROR ITSELF/ then why are we allowing a university education to play with our lives, our world, and absolutely the planet itself; as if, “being WRONG” didn’t matter.  Because it does! This is a very finite world now, just the human population, we chose to create;  demands that is true. We cannot afford to be wrong anymore; which means TRUTH MUST DECIDE. Go investigate/ examine the reality/ prove what can happen if they are wrong/ and choose for life comes first!      How is that misleading, or too much to ask?

I cannot spread this communication (life or death for our world); as has been so clearly proven to me over the decades:  YOU “one and all”, with few exceptions, utterly refused. It is YOUR job to do that. I am NOT the deciding factor, if this world lives or dies/ YOU ARE. This is my job, and I have delivered your message;  as if from  “GOD”  / because this is an end of the world reality by the existence of threat.  Thereby “from  GOD”; in order to save this world, from yourselves. “Like your mailman”;  how many could not have been me? It just took determination, purpose, and desire. Don’t get lost, YOU DECIDE life or death, I just delivered the message to remove your excuses. Because you did know these threats were occurring FOR DECADES (I told enough, if by no other way), and you refused to acknowledge what was true. That excuse, is now gone. This is the end of the line, WORK FOR LIFE; or lose it soon. Past the point of no return, “just like ignition of a nuclear fire (burns atoms) will prove” there is no going back/ not with any of it. To your children:  I did do, what I could do/ no one does better, the same is true for you!