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No, you don’t need drugs to feel alive!  Just say “NO, I WON’T”/ not just no.  Because its personal to you.  Every depression forms around a want:  something you cannot have, so I am depressed.  Consequently quit wanting what you cannot have and accept that as your own truth/ thereby ending want.  Finding miracles are surrounding you:  entitles you to believe you ARE “leading a rich man’s life”. Because no matter how much money he has, “he cannot buy a single blade of grass” if nature does not create it.  Video life order Be the life you are, or you will be sad. Don’t crawl into a hole and close the door from fears:  it is a grave of your own making;  get out and do whatever you can do, that has value to you, or to life; which will also give you value. As best you can.  Respect family, they are the people who live with you in time, as well as those you work with/ think well of them, and your own life will show it.  Don’t hide. Don’t run away. Face your truth and change what you can change that needs an adjustment;  go ahead start over, “I have done so many times”. has some information you may find interesting.  Video medicine is this

Humanity is unfair/ life is not. Each has the same, as nature provides. What your parents, and all who came before them chose; is what you have inherited from your genetics. What is functionally possible, is up to you. What is fundamentally true regarding all life is quite simple:  all things natural, which includes disease and other realities of living, arise as a result of probabilities. From the same set of parents:  one child might receive great things/ while another child be left begging for relief. The simple truth of it is, before “university changed our reality”:  these facts controlled the population rise of human existence. The need for that is absolutely apparent in this day: as we do face extinction of species/ lack of water supplies/ food shortage and depletion/ OR JUST for simplicity, our own extermination from the planet. Because this is a finite world! While I am aware that is no relief for those afflicted with anything/ it is reality, and having changed that by human interference: we now all face extinction instead of a few individuals. Make no mistake, I was very sick once as a child/ and accept that penicillin most probably kept me alive. The critical reality is:  if we give each other longer lives/ then we must accept birth control, in order to keep the planet alive as well!

So apart from blaming   GOD  for whatever it is you feel “cheated about”: even though that is not fair.  Random means:  as critical fair to all, as is possible!

We then look at the various methods of human behavior that cause mental breakdowns. “Not my fault” is a common misconception. More specifically, the value of your life is:  the freedom to make your own choices. When this decision or this freedom goes badly for you:  the blame game begins! “I wanted what I wanted”; is the most common excuse of all humanity! Used continually, it represents the curve that is taking you from life/ to return, or circle, you back to where you started. So that you can try again to get what you want. This endless loop, is the clear element in religious circles that leads to what is called “satan”. Which simply means destroyer of a world; or in individual cases, it is destroyer of you.  More distinctly: if you cannot get past your want/ whether you have a right to expect it or not; then you will fail to escape the voice inside that is trying to make you take whatever it is that you want. That voice is created by all the excuses you or society has found, and implanted in your head:  as a viable excuse, plan, or method for you to get what you want. You cannot escape them until you surrender the want/ and they will make you insane, if you don’t.

The next big excuse is:  life is a game/ therefore I get to play with your life, if I win; its called pride. The reality of pride is, life has been demoted from “a miracle for each one”/ to the consequences of winner or loser;  which makes each one subject to being measured & judged. Little is worse for any individual life, than to judge another living thing: because that judgment lets you play god with that living reality! A fact that NEVER ends well for anyone involved. With pride you get disrespect, “loser”. With loser you get hate, as in “I will seek revenge”, or any of its other tragedies to human existence. The value of living as a miracle is knowing: every other life is a miracle too/ and thereby CANNOT honestly be judged or measured other than “by love”. Love cannot be judged or measured/ but it can be an expression or experience that leaves all other participation in living behind; as if it did not need to notice me. Or more distinctly as:  I have found my heart & soul!

The next major excuse is:  I am LONELY, and without a true friend! This is a reality, that cannot be avoided if it is you! Forced then to accept life is neither simple nor plain in its basic truth:  living is not enough! Or more simply, without the basis or basics of love, respect, value, trust, and truth the essence of every breath you take is not; a miracle of living, formed by hope. When hope is gone/ life is lonely! Therefore each must be careful not to lose hope, “find a way”/ and accept the price of it, because hope is a treasure in and of itself.

Power seeks pride, therefore it must play a game with your life/ or it cannot be “content”. Content means:  I have more than you/ ADMIT IT, because I know, it is true! Therefore I am superior; simple as that! Take away the game, and power is just hate cloaked in arrogance. Arrogance is:  I can play god with you/ or anything I like; simple as that/ I CAN play god! These are the dead inside, and they are to be avoided; because you cannot save them/ even if some might be able to repent and save themselves. If you desire a better world without the powerful/ then choose limited capitalism, and the other methods presented on my sites.

Addiction is:  “I have escaped”/ which then becomes, “I am imprisoned”/ which then becomes “I have escaped”/ which then becomes “I am imprisoned”/ which then becomes………………………… and so on. The need to escape your life is then the question of your value as a living creation formed from miracles!  Are you valuable to you? It is a simple question/ ANSWER IT!  Because if you are not valuable to you; then your value as a life, has been a lie you gave to yourself. EVERY life has value/ although if hate overwhelms you, that hate has none; and may drown you completely if you don’t choose differently. Accept your value, and resurrect your life; because it does have value; even if you aren’t pretty/ even if you aren’t successful/ or whatever it is you are hiding from!  Your life is a miracle; and that means it cannot be measured or judged by anyone but  GOD  / those who fail to accept that truth, will regret it.  Find a way to be happy with what you have; the earth and all its life do have something to offer. Choose courage/ NOT stupidity, “what do you have to lose”.

Perversion is:  I won’t accept those others/ because they didn’t accept me, the way I am! So the question is:  HOW different are you really? The answer to judgment is:  you measured and judged them/ just like you say they measured and judged you:  “same/ same”. As to the ridiculous and tragic realities of that insanity, the simple truth is:  you are free, to be what you want to be/ let none judge or measure, so long as “the results are limited to society itself”. Your body is your own/ but so is the cost to your own eternity:  where only  GOD  will judge, or find mercy as HE sees fit! What is yours, is yours. But make no mistake: nature is   GODS’ WAY  here on earth. The vast majority of evidence will prove “it is male with female” that honors   GOD .

Regardless of any other excuse or reality, the value of living is its ascension into truth. Within that truth, the rise of reality to a conscious understanding of how incredible this earth and all its life truly is; begins to form. Within that truth, the potential that is heart begins. Heart is the decision, I will participate as best I can with purpose and desire, to be as love would have me to be. The best I can! As a result of that heart, the journey into creation itself begins the conception that becomes soul:  our relationship with our CREATOR,   as the essence of love, trust, purity of purpose, and the blessing of all things valued as a miracle. Hope elevates us, and grants passion to exist. Love elevates life itself, and grants our desire for eternity to begin; as love would define.

People believe whatever they want to believe; it is that simple. You can easily believe in lies/ therefore in religion you can easily contaminate or corrupt, “the whole herd”. The difference between belief and faith is truth. Belief only needs a want/ faith requires a truth, as supported by the evidence of reality; the facts which can be investigated and thereby learned as true. What you believe, even if it is “ninety percent correct”/ can lead you into suicide or worse. A reality that is even more tragic in the spiritual world. The reality of existence then is:  that we must not believe, because it will lead to where we do not wish to go. Instead, to honor truth with, “let this decide for us”; is the only way “home”. Because only truth survives/ want cannot. The tragedy of belief is:  when we combine it with our own hope, or replace it with fear of retribution. In that moment, we lose control over what is “good, or bad”:  because what we want is all that matters, in the moment! This is the middle ground between love and hate, and it answers the question: how does this happen, to such a person as this. Never believe: to accept whatever you are told, because “it can’t be proven true or false”/ so you want, whatever you want; which is in fact the basis of all religion.  Instead, search with your heart, and belong only to what is true! One such truth is:  that every living thing is CREATED BY GOD/ because it is absolutely obvious, the intensity of thought, the reality of construction, the expressions of freedom, and everything that value clearly is:  was not an accident. NOR did we do this ourselves. NOR did some fantasy  single cell amoeba create us [that, is just the evidence of a complete fool talking].


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