The desire to have more for me, by obtaining the right to participate with you. Rights demonstrate the reality of how far we are willing to go, in this relationship:  to attain a true sense of self, both with you, and without you. When desire rises above want, to include the truth that I desire spending time with you:  because we are friends. Then you have achieved the potential called marriage if you both wish it to be so.

Love and living are two distinctly different things.  Love desires a life spent with you.  Living requires time to spend with you.  Love is easy, if it is true.  Living requires survival comes first, and learns every cause to believe why we should or should not be together. Time requires a choice must be made/ whereas love asks only “is my life truly important to you”!  do you see the difference?  Learn disciplines are important as well.  Because if someone does what you come to hate/ that will not work.  Whereas if you do what they do not accept as valid, or correct for your lives/ that will not work. And so on. Video jogger defense 3

The value of love cannot be measured, if it is true! The value of living with you can be measured, by the price you cost to me/ the freedom I have lost for you/ the relationship that shares and cares; or does not. What you bring to our living world!

The critical truth of love is quite simple:  there will be respect/ and then trust will build until one or the other finds cause to stop. With trust you have a bond between you, that may or may not be realized in time. With respect, the dignity of every discipline arises, and the order of not interfering in what is truly my own decision (not yours) does not fail.

The critical reality of living is also quite simple:  whatsoever someone wants, will direct their cause and their actions or reactions until that want is satisfied. But alas want is an abyss, because there is always something else to want; therefore “satisfaction will not last”/ and the game to be a winner will come back. Or where hate arises instead, the reality of making someone else a loser, will take its place: so the claim can again arise “I win”.

The critical truth of our existence is:  without respect, life can be judged/ measured/ or considered worthless. Wherever that exists, tragedy will follow; lives will be ruined, in one form or another, because freedom means nothing if you are judged worthless. Worthless means “NOW, I can do anything I want too/ with you”; as if you were nothing more than garbage. The right to play god, because NOBODY cares! Being Measured gives way to plots and planning; so as to overcome/ life is a game. Which means it has no actual value, until your own life is threatened.

There are three distinctions to sex:  I want the chemicals released in me/ you are irrelevant as a life;  “just a body to use”; as is lust.  The elemental rise as is someone important to me, for a wide variety of reasons, that ultimately use sex as a tool or a weapon: to get what I want/ to take then what I need.  And love released into the creation of what we can be together as one, united for the value you bring to life and living and hope in the destiny we choose to seek in each other. Only the last brings true happiness, and it must be earned with trust, respect, truth, and dignity to others. Because a life truly shared needs the honest security of knowing, “I can be free, and at peace” with you.

Marriage is the decision to invite society to join your hope, that this will become our participation in your world. For many, it makes life easier. We commit to a purpose that includes society itself, and thereby want your help, in exchange for ours. For many doors open, that could be opened no other way. The concept of a lifetime together, is not fully justified; because the reality of who we are together, is not a true participation in this world. But a decision between ourselves, that cannot be honored outside of ourselves. For many, the passion will erase/ because the value of our love is not yet enough. Thereby marriage becomes the value of our commitment, measured against the reality of our time as  trusted and true to each other. Are you my true friend, is the question? Where souls unite in marriage, that union cannot be broken; even if you part ways. Where hearts live inside the splendor of love itself, those moments will not be forgotten: because they are “a life of their own”. The value of love is then, that it will not fail/ even if life and living does.

The elemental distinction of dating is simple:  we each search for something needed, to make life more grand! Male and female are “lock and key” to each other, in this search; but the door only opens for true love found inside. Everything else is just play, or tragedy. The curse of male is:  the penis is a toy until you learn how this cannot remain a toy. Boys have toys/ men do not. The curse of female is:  “woman can influence male more than they fully understand, and that makes men a game/ until they learn, “this is no game”. The value of sex is:  we do this together as one. The curse of sex is: what you take is worse, than what you give. The consequence to both sides is:  instead of joining in the freedoms of a life released for the purpose of joy found in you. All that is bad can interfere and turn that experience into something that will break a heart instead. Being wise remembers: if you seek a lifetime/ then spend the days, to understand what value will be. Your life will be, as they treat other living things/ your life will become, a reality of what want and pride will do, to you both. Depression is:  “I didn’t get what I wanted”. Hate is:  “I wanted what I didn’t get/ YOU failed me/ or caused me to fail”. Jealousy is:  “I could not compete/ so you made me feel like a fool”. Even though It is NOT YOUR FAULT, a tragedy called hate will judge and if condemned:  seek your demise in one way or another. The inner voice is a participation with want, it circles around to prove I have a right to want/ and then if the battle is lost: it becomes your enemy.

Each owns their own body completely, no part of it belongs to GOD/  “nature gave it to you”/ it is yours!  But that also means: you are entirely responsible for its survival, and the price it will cost, or the value it will bring:  to life and living. Never sacrifice, it won’t work! Not ever. If another person is clearly in true need, and sexual arousal in one form or another will bring them back “to where they need to be”. The reality is a quagmire to you/ with no easy way out:  so be cautious/ be true to yourself/ find your answer to what if this goes wrong FIRST. Then decide if you can or cannot help in some significant way: WITHOUT getting pregnant or diseased. Remember this;  some people will be unable to stop themselves in term of sex/ to their own shame. So, understand as best you can:  BEFORE you find your own self, in trouble.

Life teaches, beyond the simple excuses of human existence:  are the real life definitions of what living comes to mean. We each MUST make our own choices, anyone who doesn’t own up to the fact they did choose this “life we, or I live”/ will be unhappy. That has consequences! Living teaches, beyond simple human excuses are the realities of loneliness/ the expectations of sex/ and the realities of survival that will not be discarded. Then comes want, pride, power, and all the excuses they incubate. Life is not a game/ but people play life as a game; because they don’t desire to understand what living truly means as a soul. The heart sings, or it dies; therefore the rhythms of life and living are tied together with happiness inside. Happy means:  “I have been free, to experience and express the values of my heart: without judgment”. Therefore to assist each other in happiness is to understand:  true freedom seeks the soul, while true peace and harmony give life to the heart, as we find in living, that each relationship governed by respect for each other; is the heartbeat we share as a true friend.

People will always fail life, because they want “More than I have”! That ends badly for all. The consequence being reduce the things you want, and encourage the life within you to share what can honestly be shared, because you care. In that reality of existence, we can seek “a freedom beyond self”. To achieve that goal, is to understand and accept what is true, shall govern your own heart. The soul lives in your Creation, NOTHING is more certain than the fact YOU, were born a miracle! Within that miracle, spirit resides!

Living has its cost! One of those costs is: to acknowledge and accept what is true about you! Little is more critical to your eternity than that. Therefore what is true about you:  cannot be a lie, not even one that you tell yourself. The value of self, is then a primary elevation or descent:  either to spirit (a relationship beyond self)/ or into the prison called self, where you must hide, so no one can see. The value of self, lives in truth. The reality of self, accepts forgiveness, because It is necessary for us all. The failure of self, seeks revenge, jealousy, ridicule, or hate.

The critical construction of a life decision, is built upon one single thing:  to accept YOUSELF/ as you are! If you do not do that, then you will be subject to possibilities that include:  the great tragedies of life itself. People who do not accept themselves for who they are:  become murderers, liars, failures, perverts, addicts, thieves, cheats, and more. People who do accept themselves as more than the trophies they have collected (pride erased): as a human being with the value of life itself, honor themselves with the respect they do deserve. Within that respect, is the foundation of what does build a future or destiny even into eternity. RESPECT the MIRACLE that you are/ NEVER let the universities and their propaganda teams take that away!  Evolution is just raw sewage, without the slightest evidence to prove it is so.  Adaption is merely proof, of perfect design; as in “I knew this would be needed/ so I built it in”.

Time and body and life are what join us to our existence, love creates from that sea of everything, the passion to achieve what we desire, as the true purpose of our hearts. If indeed we trust the eloquent essence of truth. Truth commands the future, therefore it is our path. Love is the rhythm of time shared, body quenched, and life set free! Love is the destiny of trust, found in the purity of a  heart proven to care. Value arises not from the past, but every moment found “with you”. These are some of the things your heart should feel, when desire rises in you.

Respect each other, the extreme technical engineering, that is a human life or any life is beyond our comprehension: admire it/ enjoy it/ PRAISE GOD for it.  Because it is truly a work of art so far beyond the capacities of humanity, that only the word miracle (built by GOD) can be used.   YOU, can’t even build a blade of grass:  keep it in mind!  As to the human body itself, every part and every piece is the essence of our life in time. What is woman is a miracle/ what is man is also a miracle: given that truth, we are all equal forever/ only hate separates us.

In the very simple sense of:  HOW, do I find someone to love me, “even a little”. The foundation reality is:  to search beyond yourself, requires that you surrender the wants found in yourself, discard the pride that lets life conceive of a game. And then begin to actually listen to other people so that you can hear the potential that is, “I could be your friend”.

Listening requires fundamentally:  that you STOP trying to “win the game” of who gets to be more! DON’T attempt to believe you know what someone else is going to say or do.  DON’T measure or encapsulate anyone into a description. DO, listen as if this is the most important conversation you might ever have.  DO, open the door for conversation, with anything that works for you. STOP whatever you are doing to actually listen to this person who is attempting to have a conversation with you. UNDERSTAND, whosoever is willing to listen to you is also willing to be your friend:  IF, they have the time/ or are interested in the commitment you are asking for.  Sometimes it just isn’t possible/ accept that. DON’T judge them because you might believe they judged you:  are you not better than that/ BE FAIR, even more so! Be open and willing to accept HONEST participation in something that could interest you; where safety is not an issue.

DO understand, that there are critical realities of life and living that appear in every life. The simplest way to describe that is:  even though I loved some women/ my own desire to fight for this world came first. That eliminated the reality of a future, living together:  because my life, just could not fight for this world, and worry about you. I NEEDED the time to learn. I required “everything I had” just to survive. Not a game.  While few are as extreme as I was/ the reality of a desire that is more than simply a commitment to be “normal” does reside in many. You must fit that purpose, so the living, can find a way.

I was married once, for two years:  “complicated/ divorced”!  The reality being, “I am not normal”/ she was.  Even so, what first drew me to her was:  “finding her sitting in a window, clearly thinking about life”. Because that, is clearly what I do too/ only far more extreme.  The lesson here is:  “it is not what you wear/ not even what your body looks like, or your level of intellectual expertise that decides who will try to marry you!”  Rather it is, the moment someone else realizes “you could possibly fit into my life, and live with a passion that completes my own”.  To find true love, you must also see that in them as well. Anything less is a compromise. But the reality of life and living is:  with only very rare exceptions, we all have to meet a lot of people, before finding the one who fits me, or you:  as best we can. That is hard, because if you fit the majority description of “what I want”/ women do not let go; endless tears arise..  Neither do men, so women say! That fact is, what makes dating difficult!

Sex will buy you time/ it may even buy you marriage, but it will not create a friend: without true love involved. Instead sex is an excuse NOT to become friends, as it takes away the need to participate and learn what is true “about you”.  Sex is an excellent mediator, between two people who love each other, and have now started a relationship defined as “I will live forever” with you:  IF, you have not already been heavily involved in  chemical sex before. Or more simply, sex is not an answer to having a relationship/ it is a purchase agreement, which ends when the chemicals no longer sustain it. In contrast to that, is the reality of identifying someone who loves me; whom I love as well. In that relationship, sex multiplies the reality of desire, by participating with heart and soul, through each one. Lust simply wants your body/ YOU don’t count.  Love desires your heart, in the safety of a respect that can be trusted as pure;  a life shining through the darkness that says, “I am yours”. Do you see the difference?  Do not get a vasectomy or ask a man to get one; even though the propaganda asserts “this is easy”. It WILL wreck the male desire for sex with you/ because it takes the chemicals away/ THAT, has a cost to female as well. Do remember male and female are opposites of each other/ NOT the same, even though the propaganda of media is always forcing the idea:  “just a body that wants sex like me”.  That is not true, to life;  as MANY, MANY things are more important than chemical sex. For instance, the true value of what is woman, to man;  NOT found in any means of measurement/ a desire from the heart.


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