million to one


Million to one:  is roughly, the reality of leadership to the public at large/ in most situations. That means deliberately:  that one person is telling one million people, what they must or must not do. Do you see a problem or a potential? Answer the question!


So let’s discuss:  the problem is, that there are weapons and prisons, and mayhem associated with leaders being removed from power/ or more simply the power being removed from leaders without their consent. Leaders assign to their military leaders;  the demand to stop the people from this request;  by killing/ prison/ etc. So let’s review:  that military is made entirely of “the people being governed”. They are forced to obey military leaders;  because they will be killed or imprisoned instead of the public if they don’t.  It is kill or be killed; just like it has been from the beginning of time.

BUT WHAT IF, it was not so?  What if, the military soldier had a bill of rights agreed upon by the public/ that does produce EVERYTHING the military requires to exist.

The standard historical response to that is:  MORE SOLDIERS conscripted into service. So the leaders can kill as many soldiers as it takes, to insure the rest will obey.  The standard historical response is:  make the citizens slaves/ by refusing them what they need as in water and food supplies. Forcing obedience or death of the family.

The soldiers bill of rights WOULD include:  we defend/ we do not kill our own citizens. The citizens bill of rights WOULD include:  WE WILL decide if this nation goes to war or not/ NO ONE else. The military is then advised to DEFEND/ but do not advance beyond the limits of our own boundaries.

Civilian uprisings: ARE ABOUT the inequality of life/ the tragedy of tyranny/ the disgrace of fools, failures, liars, thieves, traitors, and terrorists claiming to know it all; and then proving the clear evidence has shown:  YOU ARE, nothing but a criminal organization, trying to overrun our lives. So there is civilian unrest/ with a cause!  That is why constitutional first amendment redress of grievances exists:  to address all problems through a “national courtroom open to all/ without any closed doors to alter the reality of evidence: and then judgment by the people themselves”. The press does not; because the powerful have an army.

So we ask what is power, and where does it come from?   Power is:  the ability to affect and influence someone else’s life/ changing it, as you desire; with or without their consent!   POWER comes from three different sources:  fear/ reality/ and law.  Weapons demonstrate fear. Reality proves “you cannot survive without this”. And law is:  whatever the wealthy want it to be/ because the excess money will control!

The power to affect, change, or influence; is caused by control over the resources/ which then allows for excess money generation;  to affect other lives.  That can all be easily controlled with “limited capitalism”. Or we decide how wealthy or how poor ANYONE who works,  gets to be in this nation:  by vote.

One million citizens per one leader EQUALS:   you will listen to us all, when we stand on your doorstep or refuse to obey your command. The fear of weapons CAN GO BOTH DIRECTIONS/ when you are personally the target of us all.  Remember this:  we are the military/ not you.  We can and will decide what, and how many weapons a defensive nation can hold.  By using WORLD LAW, and its authority over leaders to enforce our law, as dedicated to WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD. With true world law:  NONE have an excuse for weapons of mass destruction, and more!

Resource realities exist:  because we have traded our ability to take care of ourselves/ to a much broader conception of, “I will do this/ and you do that: and we will then use money to trade for what we need or want”.  That gives money the power to decide who gets a resource/ and who controls that resource, because they bought it with money. BUT MONEY, has an evil twin:  currency degradation, by inflation or debts which cannot be paid, or counterfeiting which is hidden inflation;  are all consequences of letting someone say “LET THE CHILDREN PAY/ WE WILL LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL”.

So the question is:  HOW do we stop leaders from destroying an economy and protect ourselves; and the children from ourselves?  The answer has many parts:  in EVERY nation, CURRENCY MUST BE TIED TO THE POPULATION COUNT.  Which means, there shall be only so many numbers (representing money) per citizen in this nation. Second: only the public can put itself into debt/ and that can only be done when you have accumulated not less than 20% of the true expected cost in advance. Third:  you shall not incur debts beyond seventy percent of the net income within the area that will be taxed to pay for costs. Fourth:  all tax income shall be dedicated to specific projects. Such as road taxation is the only tax that will be allowed to be spent on roads, bridges, and the like/ nor shall it be used for anything else.  As a part of tax income, the public shall vote upon the percentage of tax income;  they give to the elected officials:  to be in charge of a choice. Fifth all tax will be collected at the local level by contracted business/ which shall go up for a renewed bid (we can replace you) every 4 years.

Sixth in a state of emergency, each city or district SHALL generate its own temporary currency. Its purpose is to keep the economy going/ WHILE the critical realities of what has gone wrong on a national scale, is sorted out.  That currency shall be determined by population count/ and it shall NOT be more than poverty scale for the nation. It shall be the same for everyone. An accounting WILL be public, along with the expected adjustments to resolve personal demand;  once national troubles have been resolved. THE PRIMARY PURPOSE here is to remove, the power of national currency over the citizenry. So that the nation does not seep into turmoil. Banking is an irrelevant curse (discarded and without a claim)/ OR, an integral part of community:  in which case it will produce the accounting, and be paid accordingly.

Seven:  you cannot pass the cost/ or steal the future of anything from your child/ unless you actually give them something of value that they will APPRECIATE you for.

The foundation of law is this:   TRUTH DEMANDS from reality, that this fact of our existence will not be denied. Therefore all shall in fact obey the boundaries and limits which do keep us alive; and grant the potential for happiness, peace, harmony, and securities for us all!

To achieve justice:  the reality of our living, and our lives, and our society, and our circumstances in this world:  MUST BE appreciated as a value which influences what can and does happen to individuals living in this reality.  Every life is not the same/ but every penalty must be equivalent to you or me. Which distinctly means:   a financial penalty SHALL reflect the income and wealth of the individual/ as a percentage therefrom.  So that the penalty is equal/ not the same amount for millionaire or poverty stricken.  IT AIN’T FAIR.

So the question of law returns as:   WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, RULES SOCIETY;  because fair and deliberate obedience to the primary laws:   is required of us all.  The consequence of that is:  IF WE THE PEOPLE MAKE OUR OWN LAWS/ THEN WE RULE OURSELVES!  My individual vote, on the law that becomes the ruler of my society:  need only be done once correctly, and its done.   One hundred one page laws, clear and deliberate:  and we will defend ourselves in a courtroom of justice/ because we can!  Simple as that/ when we add in every trial shall be graded:  judge/ lawyers/ cause/ policing.  Failure to meet the minimum grade requirements and you lose your job!