Universities “without a brain”/ as they suggest with evolution.


  1. that fire just like the sun, comes with radiation that will incinerate you in a few seconds, “from a thousand miles away”.
  2. Just like the sun means: flames a million miles long/ which will then ignite the moon on fire/ and cause it to collide with this earth.
  3. Will create a suction so violent as to eject the entire atmosphere of earth in approximately one month; including sucking into that moving atmosphere “people included”.
  4. Approximately 50 machines trying to ignite that nuclear fire around the world/ having spent trillions; and employing millions; who want their job and its money.
  5. The oceans being a very mobile form of fuel (NUCLEAR MEANS: IT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL) will make the release of heat extreme ever for “just like the sun”/ and because the earth itself is not a rounded sphere like the sun. the earth will explode and change this solar system; as humanity is erased forever.
  6. But who cares right? As I pushed a man into the wall one day to demand WHY DON’T YOU CARE? AND his answer was plainly like all the rest, “I am making good money for the first time in my life/ and don’t you do nothing to change that”. As is GREED.
  7. SO WE GO TO GENETICS; where the constant of evolution is, “life don’t need no damn brain to build itself”. Don’t need tools to feed itself. Don’t need nothing; “its all magic”; according to the universities elite.
  8. But on a scale of one step up versus a million steps to the complexity of life: YOUR OWN cars, represent an ascension of perhaps two steps out of a million. WOULD YOU contend, “cars are from chaos/ strictly by accident/ and built, without a brain or tools, utilities, transportation of products and resources, or manufacturing/ or even humans? LIKE evolution does?”
  9. we cannot survive human overpopulation/ its a finite world. 8 billion plus people, taking all they can get over their lifetime of potentially 100 years? What will be left?
  10. We cannot survive resource depletion/ no resource no life. “how many can live in the desert”?
  11. We cannot survive loss of water resources by toxic pollution BY THE TRILLION TON; or other elements of complete failure.
  12. We cannot survive global warming (HEAT RELEASE); because life dies, which includes everything you eat. One degree too much, and all life ends. Trees die too, as well as all other plants and animals which make living possible; as every chain is broken.
  13. We cannot survive weapons of mass destruction. not your saviors/ your fools in charge.
  14. We will not survive loss of life in the oceans: a billion people will immediately starve/ and then war WITH YOU; to survive. You have no right; as is true of all genocide.
  15. We will not survive, the atmosphere becoming detached from the planet. Venus for instance; has an atmosphere moving at 700mph/ and the equator here moves at “one thousand miles per hour”. You figure it out. The cost of global warming/ and the loss of forest and trees, which keep the atmosphere tied to our world.
  16. We will not survive genetic mutilation of plants: INCREASED yields COME FROM; the removal of all plant protection from disease. Which means they are vulnerable to pandemic expressions of that disease/ and it will spread to other “like species”. SUCH AS corn IS A GRASS/ like wheat, barley, oats, most food sources for animals; and RICE. Nor will we survive their removal of seed fertility to control the crop; and make it unusable for life. fertilizer will fail/ what then; as genocide is planned for the children to die.
  17. Covid is a coronavirus just like the common cold. IT ORIGINATES in a university laboratory; as they seek pandemic solutions for REMOVING THE EXCESS people/ by disease; but finding a vaccine for themselves; so they survive. The extreme of “racism (all us/ NO you)”. Think not:  “research history”.
  18. To pay for their fantasies, the universities DID ransack the world/ raping everything, and ruining the rest; leading to greed decides/ nothing else. Counterfeiting currencies with hidden inflation; numbers without meaning in truth. Creating debts for the rest to pay, that they cannot; claiming “debts don’t matter to us/ just the slaves”. Which brings WAR, as fools decide “yes we can”/ but reality says: DAMN IDIOT, fix the problem: ESTABLISH COURT INVESTIGATION AS IS REDRESS; and then decide what we will do, by removing leaders with law: WE CHOOSE, decides now.
  19. Oxygen is an element: a specific type of atom! WE CANNOT MAKE THAT, the earth itself, can only release that. Which means we will run out of that/ and unless a very specific range of oxygen is maintained: YOU DIE of asphyxiation. MEASURE UP: HOW MUCH OXYGEN YOUR VEHICLES NEED/ AND THEN ADD IN EVERY FIRE, AND WHAT YOU BREATHE.
  20. Changing the climate causes severe problems; such as Mexico city/ predicted to run out of water for life fall 2024. THEY THEN HAVE TO MOVE all 22 million of them. Which will inundate the next area/ and the next and the next; and there will be war; because no water means somebody has to die. OR the rest won’t live.
  21. In a world being torn apart; “by university leadership”: THE END IS CERTAIN. It is EXTINCTION, and take a look at truth: means not far away. WAR IS: THE CONSTANT OF MEN/ their only real solution/ which no longer counts: “kill a billion people/ and there are 7.2+ billion to go.  WAR simply destroys the future, and provides absolutely nothing; but pride “for a second”/ as reality then becomes:  LOOK at what you did/ we all die now.
  22. EVERY chain of life is threatened. WHICH MEANS; we exist, because of the things which came before us: WHICH, individual life forms:  MAKE the complex chemicals we need to survive. So do you KNOW, what life or life process CANNOT be completed: “without this”? NO, you don’t/ and since it is a domino effect; EVERYTHING that depends upon “one tiny little thing”/ dies, or fails its potential, because of your mutilation.
  23. NO ICE/ no cooling the planet in the summer. And that means it overheats, and cannot sustain life. NO sea ice; and the base food source for MUCH of the oceans: DISAPPEARS. HORRIFYING TRAGEDIES are coming; because of you.
  24. TRAWLERS who take every single fish/ search for every single school of fish from satellites: REMOVE the ability to repopulate the ocean/ and destroy the prey for predator fish like tuna. STOP THEM, and redeploy to clean the oceans, of your sewage;  instead.
  25. Fish farming; incorporates every disease possible/ to release in the oceans. STOP THEM; send barges out into the oceans to feed fish, with netting on the bottom to protect the young. so that you do know where and when it is possible to take some for yourselves.
  26. YOU CAN’T afford to bury (life needs the resources) or incinerate dead human bodies (too damn much heat and pollution released): DEAD HUMAN BODIES NEED to be made into fish food to feed the ocean life/ so they can feed us. As a rotting corpse establishes: “worthless now”/ returns what it took, for other life to use.  get over it, accept your truth!
  27. YOU CANNOT WAIT; until the evidence proves you must change now. BECAUSE WHEN THAT MOMENT ARRIVES; WITH 8+ BILLION PEOPLE DEMANDING “everything they can take”. YOUR WORLD IS DEAD/ because too many exist, to rebuild what was lost. Or you just plain KILLED THIS WORLD, because you didn’t care enough; to even investigate what is true. We cannot go back/ and we cannot fix what universities are determined to destroy: WE MUST STOP THE DESTRUCTION, and build with what is left.
  28. There is a crisis of hate in this human world; an arrogance so horrifying, that they believe they are or can be “gods” (genetics)/ an apathy to life and planet itself, fueled by greed; that is willing to sacrifice life itself, to get what they want (pride)/ a disrespect for reality so extreme, they believe they can control the sun (physicists)/ and the culture of organized crime, continually trying to enslave and control the rest, by claiming “expertise”. The universities delusions has been effective; relying upon media propaganda to control the masses with religious cult worship (we cannot “all the diplomas”, be wrong). And yet they are, as all the evidence of our reality does prove true. The constant of men; so extreme, that they want war again: to prove “yes we can”/ with the consequence that is rape, ravaging, ruining, and destroying their own lives too. This is a planet changed by universities decisions/ and human want: to be dying, because you just didn’t care about anything other than selfishness. Religion included. To your shame. https://www.brainfirst.info/blog/freedom/taxation/
  29. In this America: for the last fifty plus years/ NOBODY without a university diploma; has made a decision for life or business or world. THEY MADE THEM ALL. The end result of their “experts” is: what we have today. A failed infrastructure/ a failed business nation (they sold us out)/ a failed education system/ failed everything; TERRORISTS IN CHARGE; because all the universities care about is their delusions of playing god with life and world. So its not the scourge of: “republican or democrat”; who play games to see who wins the most power. Government failed because they stole all the money/ but don’t want to admit: there is a price to pay. Endless trouble, which includes China; who failed themselves without real population control/ and NOW NEED “YOUR RESOURCES TOO”. Or more distinctly: the world according to university expertise is: LETS KILL LIFE ON EARTH. Because that way, nobody can make us pay; for what they did wrong. While the people continue to scream: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT TOO! To their shame; because life is not about want/ because it is about truth decides or we die.