controlling government

  1. Governments are controlled by contractual law: this, is what we the people agreed to be governed by/ NOT you, our employee. An oath proves this is true.
  2. The military is controlled by world law: as in we the people of this world, expect and demand that our leaders SHALL obey these primary rules of discipline and order that we have described. World law means:  it is the leaders who shall be brought to court/ by whatever means necessary. No weapons of mass destruction allowed, not for a single nation.
  3. The economy is controlled by “limited capitalism” which means: we the people SHALL determine the yearly limits of income, both minimum and maximum;  for every individual by periodic vote. So as to insure we all have a chance to reasonably compete, for what life offers to us all. This is fair play by vote!
  4. Society is controlled by law: when we the people establish NOT more than one hundred short as possible laws; that we can then memorize to protect ourselves. We then own the nation and its courts. Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ but a vote on the law itself. A clear message, not easily refused by anyone.
  5. Debt is controlled by, constitutional limitations that tie the currency supply to the population count. Therein we all know where we stand in accordance with the all others, and what is fair. Banking is controlled by, what we allow to be true. We control the resurrection of WHAT IS FAIR, as we the people..
  6. People are controlled by the desires of their heart. Freedom gives the possibility of purpose to their lives. Opportunity explains the difference between work and want. The end result is: if your desire is love, then you will work for justice, happiness, and fair play for all; including this earth. If not, then hate is fundamentally at your core; and “you don’t belong here with us”. Life presents only two directions for your existence:  love or hate/ everything else is survival, or simply “passing the time”.
  7. Everything that society can or cannot be, is controlled by your ability to participate with each other and determine the realities of life and future. Everything that is, or can be, or will be: is determined by what is true/ as the evidence declares it to be. Therefore investigating what is true/ examining the evidence for reality, and what happens if this goes wrong:  becomes the decisions that we will make. The future we did choose for ourselves.
  8. NOTHING is earned or achieved; by doing as media, and universities have taught you to do. Rising up to scream at each other for ten second blips of futility are worthless. EVERY QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED, must be defined and established with clarity and purpose established. That question is then governed by the separation of values:  which will clearly and simply identify what is/ what will be/ what has been/ and why this needs or should be changed. THIS IS A QUIET THOUGHTFUL written  reflection of what is conceived as PLAIN truth:  as best we can understand it to be. That then is reduced or enlarged to become the basis and foundation for a decision which will then be made.  If enough knowledge exists to assert “a dependable truth”/ that predicts the outcome, as life needs it to be: it becomes a vote for law. Or a direction for society. Go get your “free press” back, to help you; raise them from the dead, if you must! The politician is useful only, to present ideas for our own decision/ or to investigate if our laws, and our constitutional purposes have been dignified with acceptance.
  9. Judges and lawyers and courtrooms are controlled when we grade them for each trial. With constitutional correctness, and obedience to the laws we did create/ including FAIR PLAY. Juries are intended to be overseers, rather than judges;  to insure this is the best our society can do, for each other. The law decides (judge)/ the evidence proves (lawyer)/ but reality asserts, every human life deserves the consideration of circumstance and definitions we all do or should understand, as are greater than rules (jury).  IS THIS what you believe is fair to you or your child or your society?
  10. The police and the military are controlled by their own bill of rights. Which means, as a society WE THE PEOPLE, for the sake of our order within society: shall in fact identify what our policing can and cannot be. Therefrom with the police and military soldier declare:  the ten most important realities (rights and freedoms) they shall obey, and we shall accept as needed or necessary. Write them together:  for yourselves, your nation, and your world.
  11. Medicine is controlled by reality/ no more fantasies, and no more risking everything and every life to save a few individuals. We the people, shall own every patent for medicine or other similar purpose. We the people will contract for medicine to be made, and distribute accordingly. NOBODY dies of little things/ NOBODY gets “extraordinary medical help”. Medicine is no longer a business: but it is controlled by who does the work.
  12. Work is controlled by resources and competition. We now have few resources/ and extreme competition: which means everything has to change. LIFE COMES FIRST/ EARTH COMES FIRST/ individuals come second;  because all of us, is more important than one of us. Together we can design a different world:  that cannot be done, unless you the people accept that change for yourselves. In order for that to happen, YOU MUST participate in the  “QUIET” discussion and by its outcome. Our world has changed, we are 8 billion people and growing by more than one billion every ten years.   Which means what you want, is irrelevant!  What we all need to survive, and keep this earth alive:  is absolutely LIFE FIRST!
  13. In every aspect of government, the reality is:  we control you, by force! Therefore the government of a democracy is:  the constitution controls us all by “this contract, we deem as the law of our society”.  The reality of constitutional democracy is: that we employ individuals, to enforce the laws we have created, thereby applying the necessary force, that establishes our liberty as a society: to control ourselves by the majority, through the law we have chosen to represent all “we the people” as one and the same individual citizen. The constant that is human, and in particular male behavior is:  “we want  MORE, than we deserve”/ and do whatever it is, that can be done: to get more for ourselves/ and in particular myself! To achieve that level of injustice; rules are added to laws, so that the courts can become corrupt. Corruption seeks tyranny or treason, when it discards the constitution as the law of this democracy/ and colludes or conspires to destroy that democracy, so “rulers” can arise. A constant proven in the courts, in America today. It Is the army that rules the nation, because even though the policing rules over the citizen:  the army has more weapons, and no construction as is even weak or foolish rules/called law, to impede their force. So politicians use policing in a democracy instead of armies as their weapon/ but to create enough force in mass to create a majority effect:  they bribe people to be their voice, and propagate entertainment as the news. Without a body of people watching, the employees of government can and do, whatever they want.

           THEREFORE THE REALITY OF FIRST AMENDMENT US CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, INCLUDED:  REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES!  The value of holding our employees, who must give an oath to get their job in our employ:  to the consequences of a public broadcast trial, to determine as WE THE PEOPLE.  IF THEY did in fact sustain the purposes of our constitution, and thereby establish the duty required by their oath of office.  If they did not/ we the people shall judge accordingly, and punish as desired: that is the price of your elected office! The reality of force by constitutional law is:  the power of our democracy in action as WE THE PEOPLE do agree to this contract/ it is THE LAW of our society.  Those who are determined NOT to obey the constitution and its purpose for redress of grievances:  have in fact, chosen, and deliberately acted: in REBELLION, AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! That is treason, and you need look no farther than the US supreme court to find, ardent supporters, fighting to destroy this nation. The cause:  deceit/ fraud/ terrorism/ cheating/ lying/ counterfeiting/ betrayal/ the hideous act of letting life die intentionally as a world; and supporting “let the planet itself BURN”; are facts, examining the beginning of failures involved.