Elemental Rise – 3

HATE LIES, and disguises itself as something less/ so that it can approach as a predator; no intellectual games are played. EVIL plots and plans, with the clear and certain intent to trap, and control with intellectual certainty, not only will he or she make you pay/ they will demand “fear/ believe/ and obey” as your tribute;  the proof, they are, now god over you.     THERE IS NO PANDEMIC. UNLESS A TRUE POPULATION DECREASE IS ESTABLISHED.   No, it is not because you got, a vaccine (created by discarding nature)/ as reality proves: without a pandemic proven true by death:  all you have is thieves and their claim. THEIR REWARD OF TRILLIONS TAKEN FROM YOU; FOR THEIR LIES. The propaganda of fools.  WHY did it cost so much: the universities took control over government, media, policing, military, business, banking, industry, schooling, federal reserve:  AND SET THEIR OWN PRICE, “$50,000.00 A SHOT isn’t too much now it is?  TRUTH lets us live/ want as is the creator of lies, destroys! discarding nature, to claim “this is a vaccine too”; is a lie. The reality is genetic mutilation/ unlike a vaccine; which allows nature to make the change: the university claims “nature be damned/ we are gods now”. As is their own claim. And all the cult worshipers say: “the university is god/ you CAN’T question the university”. But the same is true of evolution: claiming “we built ourselves one piece at a time/ when reality proves that cannot be so: LIES. OR, they know: “not enough gravity here/ so its safe”; to play with igniting atoms on fire just like the sun: LIES. DON’T even know what gravity is/ DON’T know how atomic energy is stored; Pure fantasies lead; And much more: lies upon lies hidden by imagination!  we will not survive population increases, and neither will this earth

theory and pandemic do not mix/ neither does the claim of a vaccine without proof of life and death what a real pandemic is; not a game/ it comes with real evidenceThe US supreme court: HAS NO AUTHORITY/ to create a judicial opinion, or a decision; on ANY constitutional amendment. These are guaranteed freedoms and rights, as are born of the nation itself/ and it takes a 2/3 majority of state votes: to change, interpret, or add an amendment. IT IS NOT, a judicial concept or definition: IT IS A GUARANTEED US CITIZENS RIGHT; each and every one. As democracy intends it to be; by our own acceptance of those legal rights. THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT BEYOND THE CONSTITUTION: THERE ARE ONLY CITIZEN EMPLOYEES, “SAME” as all the rest, swearing to maintain our constitutional laws and intent for democracy to remain as described in the preamble of our constitution/ our contract, to unite as one nation/ or state.their claim exists by adding in the last one hundred years/ you can't believe; demand truth

Their claim is 0.58% =5.8 more births than deaths per one thousand people/ look around; can that be true? one method is: take the number of school children at one specific age/ and divide that into the population of the school district. EITHER WAY, A PANDEMIC IT ISN’T; AS IS PROVEN BY “SINCE ITS BEGINNING CLAIM:  76.2% OF “SO CALLED COVID DEATHS ARE OVER 64 YEARS OF  AGE.”.   THERE IS NO AUTHORITY/ no constitutional mandate/ no allowance for governmental takeover of freedom or liberty. NO authority to disband or remove democracy from the nation or state. NO freedom within an oath: to obey the constitutional demand: that our preamble decides/ and our bill of rights controls. NO construction of a right to violate the natural body of life; with less than absolute evidence of true and sustainable value. Everything an employee of our government (the constitution by law, the authority of we the people/ IS NOT to be interpreted as: rulers shall decide). The failure of their oath is TREASON. And it is punishable by realities up to and including death; as is constitutional law. Those who refuse “authoritarian rule”/ must be supported: IT IS YOUR DUTY, TO LIFE AND NATION AND WORLD. Those employees who have broken their oath: must be taken to trial: so this nation can survive. BEGIN THE ATTACK:  BY LAW, AND DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY/ THEREBY ENFORCING WE THE PEOPLE HAVE  TRUE  LEGAL  RIGHTS.          REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, REMAINS THE AVENUE MOST SUITABLE FOR THIS DEFENSE: ENFORCE IT/ IT IS THE LAW.  NOBODY DIES/NOBODY LIVES top right "hospice deaths; claimed covid

The entire purpose of America is: I OWN, the guaranteed legal freedoms/ to prove you cannot legally make me accept anything but law. WE OWN the guaranteed legal right/ to prove NO CHANGE to that freedom shall occur, UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE approve that change. NO LEGAL AUTHORITY EXISTS; except for our contractual constitution, which is our government. Designed and created as proof: WE WILL NOT ALLOW A RULER, in our midst. NOR will we allow the religion (they believe, “in university”)/ to interfere, in OUR LIVES/ OUR WORK/ OR OUR FUTURE AS A NATION OR STATE. These are, the foundations of America: THE LAW, JUSTIFIED BY CONSTITUTIONAL INTENT AND PURPOSE; IS OUR GOVERNMENT, as we describe it to be.  REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: THE EXAMINATION OF PURPOSE AND RIGHTS AND REALITIES OF LAW/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG;  ARE THE METHOD OF TRUE, DEMOCRATIC ACTIONS. THERE WAS NEVER A PANDEMIC;  it is all a lie, to gather money, power, and pride/ by university elite.   AIDED BY UNIVERSITY CULT WORSHIPERS AND MEDIA CONSPIRATORS. THIS IS A FINITE PLANET; and your expectations without resource or a planet that is alive; are widely fictions

the big black line in this chart is over 75+ years old. THE OTHER LINES PROVE THE YOUNG, and their parents must BE LEFT ALONE/ NOT INUNDATED WITH LIES AND MANIPULATION. the cost of tyranny.the black line is over 75; and they add covid to everything

First amendment redress, is our legal battleground: the evidence of our authority as owners. To prove, WE THE PEOPLE shall decide, by OUR law. TO PROVE, we will judge, and control this nation. To accept; by our examination of the evidence, the descriptions of truth as best we can. OUR DEMOCRATRIC METHOD OF DISPUTE, will be what unites us/ not, the divide of civil war.

There is no constitutional foundation, for creating debts the nation or state cannot pay. It is criminal conspiracy, that hides inflation, and claims it does not exist as is reality. NO foundation for lying to the nation or state exists. NO foundation for choosing one group over another exists; as is “university is god/ and cannot be questioned: EVEN when threatening this world, life extinction, mutilation of nature, and so on. THESE ARE NOT “government”/ these are people in REBELLION AGAINST THIS GOVERNMENT, which is our constitution. IT IS NOT, nor has it ever been “an employee is government: they are not”. The judicial authority: IS TO PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION; AND THAT DOES NOT, include making the universities god over us. As leadership has done/ demanding FEAR/ BELIEVE/ AND OBEY; instead of truth, reality, and trust in the evidence we have truly proven to one and all. Nor does it construct any acceptance, in the constant curse: that is, DICTATORS will rule, ANY nation, that fails itself. The only applicable judicial legal decision is: TO PROTECT, PRESERVE, AND DEFEND the constitution. That does not include “your opinion”: it only includes WE THE PEOPLE, OWN THIS DEMOCRACY/ AND THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT; to protect us from authoritarian rule. Which has been dissolved, “for anarchy, and ruin” instead. That does prove rebellion, and requires intervention: to remove the threat. there was never a pandemic/ it is all a lie: for money, power, and pride (sept 2020). The old do have to die/ so the young can live. Understand this: that with all your information collected; they can create ANY description of you, their university leaders want/ after all, they deserve trillions of dollars “for snake oil”/ don’t they. Keep you from any job/ demand a vaccine by their choice not yours; risking life itself. separating all those who might complain from the sheep herd, of you. AND MORE.cdc covid chart

The illegal mandate to require ANY BUSINESS OR ORGANIZATION: TO BOW DOWN, in worship of governmental leadership, is not only tyranny/ but the expressions of open rebellion against the democracy of this USA. Anarchy is tearing down the realities and laws of government; as is being done by US leadership. AS CITIZENS HERE: We are not your “subjects”/ we are not your “soldiers”/ we are not your policing; enforcers/ we are not your pawns, who must do whatever you say/ we are not required to worship your religion of “university is god/ NOR are we required to be cult worshipers for you; as is “never question your gods of university”. WE ARE FREE MEN AND WOMEN, with the democratic authority; to enforce redress of grievances/ our FIRST AMENDMENT LAW. Whereby we now judge you: to determine if your sworn oath to us, has been kept; within the outlines of what this society/ this nation declared itself to be; as is the preamble of this US constitution. OUR GOVERNMENT, by the laws we enforce through that constitution. NOT your rules, as is construed to enforce “your nobility/ your superiority” over us. GO TO COURT, AND ENFORCE DEMOCRACY GIVES WE THE PEOPLE: OUR DUTY TO JUDGE, IF THIS IS A FOUNDATION WHICH UNITES US; THE DESCRIPTION OF OUR LIVES: AS A NATION OR STATE. Discard the “media mice/ university priests; that form the sewer of failure”, and form PUBLIC TRIAL; to assemble the evidence, and decide for ourselves.

The constant curse is: one tiny solution to anything trivial/ OR anything people are willing to believe (each screaming: we want what we want_); and the demand follows, “they are gods; SELL THEM says the media elite”/ let them lead, and from that point on dictators, failures, cheats, thieves, fools, terrorists, hate, and traitors rise. Knowledge is not a solution, it is merely the evidence of work. Understanding is not the evidence of intellect, it is the assertion, we have searched for truth/ or lies. Wisdom is the construction of values, which shape our lives by allowing for “truth to be met with consequences” before they arrive. Giving the opportunity, to create a future we would choose. EVERY FORM OF “our potential future” under university leaderships is HELL/ that is the cost of their consequences. Every form of truth that can make a difference, is defined by the evidence which does matter/ and the values we place upon that choice which will then arise. To their eternal shame; your elders decided, “NOTHING MATTERS BUT ME”/ INTENTIONALLY KILLING the future, while stating “not in my lifetime”; as their cause why. The road back to life is: PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ AND CHANGE what can be changed for life and planet and child. NO GREATER PURPOSE here is: prove the cost of being wrong in those experiments which intend to bring the     same “fire  , as is on the sun, HERE”. LET THEM PROVE THE TRUTH. WWW.ITER.ORG

EVERY dictator searches for the one solution, whereby he or she can take full power, thereby control over society. When ANY LEADER; chooses that power over the laws that govern instead: they are a traitor, to the nation or state. NO substantial poof of pandemic exists/ thereby NO authority exists to enforce or deny any constitutional guarantee of freedom and liberty to decide for ourselves. Their pandemic is based upon claiming basically every death is caused by covid; 79% of which are over the age of 65. Even at that; their claim is 5 million people have died of covid so far/ which is untrue when the numbers are a fraud. However the reality is: 5 million from 8 billion is= one death per every 1600 people. Whereas, our population growth rate is well over one hundred million more mouths to feed this year/ than last year.

The entire purpose, as with every group is: WE, are the superior ones/ and WE, should have everything we want. So says the university graduate from every decade. Yet here in America: they did get everything they wanted, leading the nation itself to ruin/ leading the nation to failure, foolishness, lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism, hate, violence, propaganda, SATAN (destroyer of a world)/ and more. Discarding all life, as their toy; mutilating all of nature, to play god; worshiping the demand they are gods, by pretending they can control the same energy source as is on the sun; every chain of living existence is betrayed/ every life on this planet stands on the edge of extinction/ every child assassinated without true change/ a human population explosion, which can only mean war, and cannibalism for all. Just to name a few, of the tragedies, the realities: those who claim to be “the university nobles, claiming for decades to be superior to the rest”/ have caused to their shame. Simple as that; failure and fool to the end. To the shame of an entire human race: they continue their claim: they will make evolution appear, by destroying nature, “so it must”/ BY MUTILATING GENETIC LIFE. TO THE SHAME OF THIS ENTIRE HUMAN RACE: THEY CONTINUE TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE, “justlike the sun. WHICH CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED; no going back!  No matter what delusion, ignorance, fantasy or other; “your former classmates with a diploma; claim”. One way or another, this will stop: either in hell/ or by true chosen change, which cannot be undone, without catastrophe. A reality depicted in Revelation 20: 1-3. While biblical prophecy is subjective; the decision to destroy this world is not. Making the universities “satan”/ because that is what they chose to do. Making even another one thousand years; ENTIRELY dependent upon stopping the destruction now!

GOVERNMENTS DO NOT fall apart, when a leader is removed: HERDS fall apart, when a leader is removed. The difference is: CAN YOU THINK, beyond what you have been told to believe? LIFE requires you to think; as thought shapes as a dimension constructing your own life! DEATH requires you to believe; the prison cell of your wants, and fears: has now enclosed you completely. TRUTH identifies reality; and reality presents us with evidence, from which we gain wisdom; and thereby the understanding of knowledge; as best we can. HATE confronts us all with lies; it is the sewer of fools in charge, screaming “listen to me”. LOVE whispers, only truth can decide; because you know that truth is friend/ and lies are enemies. FAMILY constructs a value to every individual; whereas the herd only understands “what we want/ you can’t stop us/ we can’t all be wrong: BECAUSE we have brute force”. But “without a brain”; that force leads only to death. Democracy exists: because we share the decision, and create the laws we chose to rule over us. THEREBY removing the leader from being our ruler instead. THE REBELLION AGAINST THIS USA; is attempting to destroy all forms of freedom. THE CULT of university plays god now: is attempting, to remove your soul; and make you slaves (did they not take your money, jobs, and even your face) begging for mercy from the disease they create. Begging for money and resources: so they can play god; by destroying your own ability to choose for yourselves: by ending this nation, with fraud and betrayal.

It is noted, and will prove true: “that when free”; is no longer possible, the herd will turn upon the ruler, with anger and hate. The dictator then realizes: the power he used, and now wants to keep: is now the only thing holding back the herd from a stampede. Consequently “another hitler/ stalin/ etc; is born”. Nazi, then comes to mean: the mob created to enforce obedience, fear, and BELIEVE WE can hurt you”/ uses the dictator; and he uses the mob. Who are now certain: they CAN take whatever they want.

In this America, that mob has prepared itself, by aggressively enforcing hate “for not wearing a mask/ or getting their claim of a vaccine”. As is WE ARE the power now/ and we got it FOR FREE; because you can’t stop us. The attack, will be even worse than nazi Germany, and its holocaust (because the mass of humanity is so great); because today, “they have all your information/ and a computer: will track ANYONE, who is; one of them”. Proving the constant male solution throughout all of history is: KILL THEM, AND THEY WON’T CAUSE NO MORE TROUBLE.

Don’t think so? Well, lets review: not only did your cult gods of university create and release a biological weapon against you they call covid. They produced the claim of a vaccine: which allowed them to inject an entire new genetic structure to your own DNA. So now, if they just prepare a catalyst for that genetic structure which replaced nature in your body: they can kill you easily, and pretend “its not us/ you need us/ we are your gods”. Is that not true?

kill you in ten thousand different ways, with genetics/ mutilate your own body, with genetics/ destroy every fetus with horrifying results, with genetics; and that is only the beginning of chaos (as reality does prove, they know nothing/ except how to kill); of what playing god with nature and life does mean.

CAN’T be? Well, these are the people trying desperately to enforce evolution/ by destroying nature itself; so as to prove “they are right”. GAMBLING with the entire planet: by trying to ignite atoms on fire/ with pure fantasies for cause and protection. The people destroying every foundation of life, which supports us all. So how it is: “you believe”?

The difference between “a general/ and private; president/ and citizen; university diploma/ and student” IS: someone with the money, either paid, or was paid: to grant them the privilege of leadership. Beyond that, ONLY THE ACCEPTANCE OF TRUTH; defines who leads in reality. Because it is not, “the crown bestowed”; but the truth of what you understand, by the evidence of knowledge that decides. MANY who lead fail the test/ MANY who lead, lead to catastrophe.

To remove a leader proven false to life and earth: GO TO COURT, and prove the law is superior to you. Prove, the constitution has the authority to decide; NOT the employee. THEREFROM: demand redress as is NOW, “WE THE PEOPLE” shall decide for ourselves; within constitutional authority, intent, and deliberate design.




CAN YOU NOT ENFORCE: THE NEED FOR COURT TO YOUR ELDERS, AND MAKE THEM OBEY REALITY, AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG?  instead of their cult worship!     WHERE IS YOUR SOUL?    answer: dig it out of the pig trough, that is university plays god.     HONEST RESPECT: WOULD NEVER NEED TO QUESTION WHY?  Because, we all know.

can you not “BE ALIVE, IN TRUTH” at least once; before you die? Can you not understand: “there is always free food in the mouse trap; there is no pandemic emergency/ but there are numerous people making $TRILLIONS on that claim.  EVEN WORSE: TIME IS RUNNING OUT/ AND IT WILL BE    FOREVER.  I have, provided all the information you need to confront them and prove them wrong; here on this site and more.  Realities such as:  ATOMIC ENERGY is contained in the spin of an atomic nucleus:   NOT, “magic”.  It is that spin that produces a nuclear fire: when atoms are forced into each other: its called friction, and that friction produces all the subatomic particles found. FORCING an atom to disintegrate means: the forces inside which keep it balanced; are then released. Heat out/ but the anchor that holds an atom together goes in; and produces solar gravity as the result. Such as: the hydrogen your universities find (the only thing they can see); is merely the ash cloud from the fire; as small and quick;  is the only thing which can escape. AND THERE IS MORE.  which does go against everything:  “the universities claim”/ by their imagination. NO truth involved, just fantasies and delusion.

The cost and consequence of challenging ANY BELIEVER; doesn’t matter what they believe in: IT IS, what they want to be true. Which means: “they don’t have to justify or defend NOTHING; they know, what they want: therefore it is true”. TO MAKE THEM AFRAID, of what they believe; is to open the door of violence, because hatred always comes next.  The reality is simple; if love leads, reality follows. If love is fighting with pride, and loses; anger will multiply, perhaps to revenge (I don’t need no mob; pride wins). But if hate (I want to hurt you) controls; trouble will come. Even so: the loss of our world, as is so easily seen in those trying to ignite a nuclear fire (on a planet made entirely out of fuel): exceeds all other concerns, consequences, or beliefs. Because the price of being WRONG, is world extinction: “take another look at the sun/ from 94 million miles away”! INVESTIGATE “the big one”; www.iter.org

Truth is a journey: it controls when you accept the consequences of your decision, are now determined by what truth itself will allow. Which is why the spiritual world, has no mercy: it is, what it is. The same is true of leadership: if you chose to lead/ then every tear you created, becomes “shared by you/ or is the result of you”; and that includes the people who pushed you to lead, share as well. This is, “the basis of hell (cost here) and hades (cost eternally)”. The fool says: we can play god. The liar says: truth don’t matter, because we can hide. The thief demands: you owe me. But It is the believer, who controls the herd; by becoming “the righteous one; who calls him or herself; a child of god (I can’t be wrong)”. Thereby leading. FAITH IS NOT belief. FAITH is accepting truth will decide the journey, and as witness; I will participate as best I can. GOD IS TRUTH, therefore all truth returns to GOD . belief is want, and want discards truth; thereby accepting fate (chaos is coming). None are more destructive than a university; even telling you: “chaos is what they want”; by mutilating life, intentionally trying to destroy disciplines, order, and the balance we need from life and planet to survive. Forcing even a fraudulent vaccine: we destroyed nature, to play god/ even on the children. To your eternal shame. You will find your soul (attachment to life itself/ rather than just, a body of time); or you will be extinct. Simple as that!

The four foundations of leadership are these:

GOVERNMENT: requires balance, to insure that the laws created do not overrun the freedoms of living or justice or harmony. PROVING fair play, equal treatment, and functional access for all.

MILITARY & POLICING: form together under the disciplines that hold, for every life, has a value. For every value; there is a purpose not to be judged by other men or women. Only when life and planet are threatened, with irrefutable proof of evidence; can there be a response beyond what it takes to achieve happiness.

SCIENCE: is established only by order; the creation of knowledge that ascends from the evidence itself; into the rise and fall of what we can understand wisdom to be. IMAGINATION IS EVICTED/ fantasy is for fools/ delusions are what idiots provide/ but it is ONLY the terrorists that gamble with life and planet. CURSING us all, with any attempt that can be called “playing god”.

Therefore when reality demands it; and the constitution approves it: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES must intervene, to examine the cost that is: “our employees, have been WRONG”.

This work: is as it was intended to be, “the most powerful (able to change life on earth) words ever written/ but not the most important; as without love demonstrated “with purity”, by JESUS; no desire for life can be sustained”. Nonetheless, in our world; we are now surrounded by threats of extinction so severe; the probability of our survival even as a world is small. CHANGE is mandatory, or our existence, even as a world; will end. So says the evidence of our day. NO pride is involved (life is not a game). NO want (the sign of an animal) is involved: together we must choose, for life and planet/ or we will fail our world. NO belief (anything I want) is intended: only the realities of truth, life, planet, respect, hope, courage, love, and the cost of being WRONG is enlightened here. NO prosecution of humanity; as I am providing and communicating information, for you to use. “saving no one/ leading no one/ religious nothing”; simply the messenger, of what you need to know to keep this a living world; so to speak.

This is “a whisper in the wind”; because the end result of it is: whosoever reads, must make their own decision to communicate and inform; because media fails us/ leaders lie and cheat us/ universities play god to hate us/ religion wants, rather than teaches/ and the vast majority are so busy collecting “trophies, trinkets, and toys”; that cannot see reality; and hide from truth to claim “you can’t blame me”. But that too will fail, as the end result of it is: you chose, by running away; to throw away this world. I did do, what I could do for life, child, and world; all the rest is up to you. NO, you cannot wait for someone else to “save this world”/ it is, up to you. CARE enough, “to legally try, your best”/ that is the literal best, anyone can do.

But you do have to be “a friend to life and planet”/ or the respect needed to make such a decision; will fail. A cult worshiper cannot; as is all those who believe anything “university (just a former classmate) says”. TRUTH DEMANDS; the evidence of our reality itself, must decide; NO “experts” allowed. As is the evidence proven by global warming: “experts are bought and paid for”/ evidence is reality.

A last warning: if you do not come in time, to share the burden of fighting for this world; to save life and planet from extinction. A reality , proving your own contribution to the work! Then when you do come, “in the final hours”/ you will be pushed back into your hole; as reality proves now is too late.  EACH one trillion equals= $10,000.00 per each and every of one hundred million people. believers are believers, they need no truth or evidence to believe

What we learn from covid; is how extreme GREED corrupts and violently assaults everything/ as the rampage for treasures will sacrifice entire nations/ destroy the lives of children/ allow the mutilation of nature/ discard an entire earth,             the cost: is far more than just federal/ congress did this .top right "hospice deaths; claimed covid SO, WHY IS YOUR CHILD FORCED TO TAKE A “FRAUDULENT VACCINE”? discard their lives, by the insertion of FEAR/ damn you fear; BELIEVE damn you believe; OBEY, damn you obey or you die!  BECAUSE “THE UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA WORSHIPS THE MONEY, PRIDE, AND POWER” they are being paid! BECAUSE THEY SET THE PRICE/ TOOK CONTROL OVER GOVERNMENT/ AND PROPAGATE ANYTHING THEY WANT WITH MEDIA. A true  vaccine is “90% plus” made by learning from, and then altering nature, just a bit:  to obtain a solution. FIRST THING universities said of this fraud is:  “they threw nature out/ and made this themselves”.  The reality of it:  the university geneticist have been producing/ mutating diseases for the last twenty years: claiming we can then find cures!  When they released the covid disease, into life on earth. They then sold you the “snake oil”/ like all those who came before them throughout the centuries (FOR MONEY, POWER, AND PRIDE); claiming “we know, BELIEVE in us”.   Which does proclaim: propagating sewage for brains; discarding sanity; gambling with every child and life;  for nothing more than counterfeit  (no reality here) money. Yet the cursed scream with all their fury: I can spend it/ and get MORE STUFF/ therefore its real. But truth replies: every penny that is not backed by reality: is from your own assassination of every child, even every living thing on earth. Your gain is: to be accused of participating in the crucifixion of this living world. Because that is the consequence of your choice. You, should be truly ashamed; and you will. TRUTH, requires you to remember:  “the prey have to be right every time/ but the predator only needs to be correct once”. Your former classmates, who call themselves “university”, have played a practical joke (anyone who dies, is claimed to have died of covid) on you: they made you their prey. Alas/ however, since it worked so well/ now they want it all; even your lives.

And the people shout: WE WANT MORE STUFF/ WE WANT what we want! Because so many fail/ that fact cannot be denied. But each is granted the reality of reaching for values beyond self/ and if you then refuse to pay the price of that: it is your own fault, that you chose to fail. You did, “have your chance”. Eternity is not for the vagrant (I have given up)/ eternity is not for the animal (I want what I want). Eternity is only for those who achieve a value worthy of inheriting the freedoms of life shared, a respect earned.

IT IS, a terrible thing; when liars (no proven pandemic), traitors (propaganda rules), failures (counterfeiting assets is inflation; it is stealing from the future), fools (believing a nuclear fire can be controlled/ refusing global warming “with experts”), tragedies (our world faces extinction), whores (only trophies, trinkets and toys matter), terrorists (mutilating nature itself/ destroying every resource), and the worst humanity can be, takes over a nation (we can play god); as has been done to this USA; expanding through media; to infect a world, with “university knows”. The curse of the damned. Wake up or die; it is that simple.        DON’T WORRY says the university: “we can control it”. But one second too late, to stop them; and the cost of being wrong is:  our planet becomes a sun. "university says" WE CAN control the same fire as on the sun. DON'T need no damn backup plan; we are godsLEARN THE TRUTH; understand the consequences: DON’T believe, CHOOSE, by the evidence, and the realities of being WRONG! GO TO COURT; use redress of grievances: IT IS FIRST AMENDMENT LAW; OUR LEGAL  RIGHT, TO CONTROL OUR DEMOCRACY AS WE THE PEOPLE! It is NOT just a few added words. IT IS, OUR LAW, it is OUR OWNERSHIP established by ourselves: through judgment of constitutional obedience in our leaders!  US debt clock.org claims 600+trillion dollars worth of assets:  but divided by 330 million people infants and all: means each citizen, divided equally holds: $1.8 million dollars of currency, that can be borrowed against as well, per citizen. YOU GOT YOURS?  SOMEBODY HAS IT, because $600 trillion dollars is claimed; and that means: the price of everything can skyrocket, and force you to sell.  While a very tiny few “CAN LITERALLY BUY IT ALL”.  hiding behind corporate entities or whatever/ as all the new owners then take control;  foreign or not.  Because you cannot compete; and unless the nation goes bankrupt, under redress so WE CONTROL/ you cannot change the outcome of this:   all-out  WAR against life and ownership;   of, and, in this USA.         WAKE UP, OR LOSE THE NATION   AND THE WORLD.      SIMPLE AS THAT.   10-28-21 BELOW  debt clock 10-28-21

The greatest disgrace any society can become: is a sewer of fear/ generated by a cult who believes and obeys whatever “their gods” do say. This america is that disgrace. A foundation of disrespect, for this whole world/ a playground for absolute arrogance, the place terrorists grow/ apathy for life and planet beyond comprehension; as is a fools treachery. A place where rulers prepare “the slaughter house”. The people who throw their own children into “hell”. And the multitudes say: “leave us alone”/ but life says, “extinction will not allow for that”/ until the point of no return. Don’t believe me: DO believe the evidence/ but you will not, to prove “yes, we can be gods”. To your shame. When confronted with: reality will not allow for this/ your answer always is, “we will just go to the store, and get more”. But that will fail; and then it becomes too late to change anything for life or planet or child. one trillion dollars is equal too: ten thousand dollars, per each of one hundred million people. the cult of university controls through media insistence "believe fear obey"

PLUS all the financial trouble they caused: for us all. Then suicide/ drug addiction/ business losses/ relationship failures/ homelessness/ democracy and media corruption; and more.

Democracy is: “a contractual government”. Which means the constitutional contract declaring specific rights and responsibilities and limits to our employees: is the law of this nation. Those hired; who run “the business for us”. For which we demand a sworn oath “yes, I will obey this law”. ARE, our employees. REDRESS; is to determine, whether our leaders/ employees; have kept their oath to us. OR made rules and decisions NOT within constitutional boundaries; as is REBELLION/ the potential called TREASON. THE LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY; for sustaining the contract of our government, as is the constitution itself: falls to, we the people will decide for ourselves: when significant doubt has been raised, to demand this trial: AS this foundation of democracy itself, is used to declare: WE, ARE: THE OWNERS here.

It is my belief: that I will end this work now/ as a lost cause! Humanity chose death instead of life. I need not chronicle that/ no one will soon be alive to read it. I am not here to prosecute, or save you from yourselves; you are who you are. I will then regard this as “day one” of your descent into the abyss of chaos; as your university gods led you to. The catastrophe of idiots, fools, failures, terrorists, liars, traitors, thieves, whores, and hate in charge of death. As you enter the last days on earth. NO, I do not find that of value, by any conception; it is simply what you chose. My apologies to the young who never had a chance/ but I remind all those, both young and old, who did: “your elders just wanted what they wanted, right now/ and utterly refused to consider the cost of being wrong, or the realities of the evidence they refused to accept”. Just like you! Instead, like the surge of immigration, that took nearly every Indian life that was here: In this America. Nothing mattered but want, and the pride to say “yes we can”/ the power to say, “no you can’t”. instead of truth and reality by the evidence: as always by the evidence of history, you wait until death surrounds you/ and then declare war to resolve your problems by stealing and death. The difference today is: extinction (you lose this earth) follows; instead of “winning (they lost/ we can start over, with their stuff)”. You have a “one in one million” chance of survival as life on earth/ or less now. I surrender you to your fate. As reality proves: you would never help me, to keep you alive. Simple as that: “you utterly refused”/ proving ridicule instead.

There is literally no debate required: as to whether our employees can discard the constitution and declare themselves rulers instead; creating mandates/ and enforcing claims of, an unproven pandemic. Cult worship is not evidence/ and neither is a university expert. “belief is not required of us/ real world evidence (unbiased/ untainted) is required of you! WHEN FEAR IS DEMANDED; there is a plague of enemies at the door. The experts; are just like the courts, presidents etcetera: simply former classmates/ same as the rest! THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ nothing less is. ANY DEBATE: is cause for REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ as it is our LEGAL democratic authority & right to decide. RULERS ARE TRAITORS, to democracy! Just like global warming can no longer be hidden: “their experts” are wrong/ and we cannot allow, more tragedies of disgrace and disrespect; to continue. MEDIA is merely a propaganda tool: for the insurgency against this NATION. As is proven by the clear contempt; for constitutional law/ that is OUR GOVERNMENT. OBEDIENCE is required of our employees/ under the laws which created this democracy; as is our constitutional contract with each other/ as is OUR UNITY, is granted by this.

And the world says to me: “we have time/ we don’t have to do nothing; until we have to do something”. BUT truth says: your universities are mutilating nature/ claiming chaos will build a whole new world by evolution. Your universities are gambling with this entire earth: that it won’t burn just like the sun/ even though their intent is to release the very same energy source as does power the sun: nuclear fire. Your universities led you to poison the water; destroy the oceans/ throw away every resource/ counterfeit the currency/ overpopulate humanity by adding another billion more in five years/ and more! So every day that passes; really does make extinction that much more likely. As the reality of anything about this earth surviving; decreases every single day. GO TO COURT, and prove what is true.

Let us confront our existence as humanity. Will the imagination of university rules, continue to drive life and planet into extinction/ OR will the realities of our existence; the truth of our future; and the consequences of being wrong. Demand a test, to prove: we can or will survive? A COURTROOM DEDICATED TO:  WE THE PEOPLE SHALL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES. The cursed scream: “we don’t need no damn test”/ the living dead rise to shout: “you can’t change nothing here”. But if the living refuse to confront them: only truth is left, and truth does NOT care! Not for a single living thing; it simply is/ what it is. The evidence will prove: the price of being wrong is extinction! Thereby the greatest impact for your failures: is on the young/ the unborn/ and this living world about to die, “from the delusions of university imagination; as is yes we can play god/ truth does not matter to us/ we can do anything we want”. No, this is not a game: the price for continuing to be wrong: is extinction. THIS SITE: is then dedicated to the realities which prove: WE MUST go to court/ and prove what is, and is not true; of the future we now possess. NOT BELIEVE/ PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG; THE REALITIES EACH CHILD MUST FACE. Because the evidence that does exist: proves we the world, will die soon. YOUR decision: prove that is not true/ or fight for this earth, and all its life; including yours. BECAUSE ONE SECOND TOO LATE, and your option of change is over; and your fate is extinction. Which requires a brain; to understand the price for being wrong: is more than cult belief in your former classmates, “now hiding under the banner of university knows”.  THINK, so you can act with wisdom/ instead of “believe/ obey/ fear”. That is, the foundation of our survival. THINK, so you can understand, university fantasies and delusions are a fools paradise/ which always turns to attack, as if the predator is now loose in your car, with you. there is no such thing as free money: whoever receives it expects to spend it (reality then proves; not free/ someone has to pay). And all shout, “its the children/ so we don’t care”. Until the numbers are so large; the prison door closes, and you are faced with truth.  Mutilating life is not free/ ask any military veteran: if mutilation is free. Igniting a nuclear fire on a planet made out of fuel; is beyond insane/ it is “SATANIC”. Or, more distinctly; when fools lead/ liars rule/ and power seeks “to be hitler”. BECAUSE when the fantasy fails: fools either are removed from power/ or they must use fear/ believe you will die/ or plain obedience, “never question your leaders”;  to sustain power. As is the reality of tyrants throughout history. IN THIS takeover of the USA;  the new “aryan race” is: the university; “we are gods”/ we deserve to rule.  The new SS, as the righteous take control by rules you will NOT break. Their purpose as seeks complete media control through propaganda, face recognition throughout society (as is the reality of your new drivers license or other)/ tracking any dissident (your phone, credit or debit card; etc); and more. once spotted, they can dismantle your vehicle; with an update, they can even destroy it within the computer; or like a drone attack, on the highway; you can be eliminated “if you look alike”.  Because when the war begins (something has to change): the powerful and proud,  want to know, who to kill first/ so they can control the rest; and: how to threaten each and every person you know; so none escape fear, and therefrom obedience to the ruler. Just like Hitler, and his band of insurgents did do. Like every other invading horde, throughout history; it is “hard to stop a blitzkrieg.”: its a surprise!  In this USA, “it is 1929 again”/ the only difference is: the inflation comes from government employees giving control over the currency to those who rebel against us all/ by overthrowing this USA, with fear/ believe/ obey; and endless counterfeiting of assets: to hide inflation/ with full media cooperation and knowledge to hide that fact, with clear propaganda and fundamental cult worshiping of university.  Discarding democracy, and enticing the public, with fear. The previous inflation was from inflating the stock market/ but because it is US employees taking over government to bribe and buy their army for takeover:  those facts are hidden by media/ in full support of traitors. When a nation is forced into bankruptcy by its employees, and by its media, and by its “university experts”:  WE ARE BETRAYED, is proven true.  Every child is robbed; every worker is robbed; every person who believes they have money in the bank is robbed; as the addition of endless numbers called currency inflation devalue your securities and give access to thieves; who now control those inflated funds. 5.4 trillion in inflated assets, in this America in the last three months/ means your buying power dropped; by adding all those numbers. Media conspires, and makes billions! Along with endless threats, as media covers over, the now biological weapons released (covid)/ and other realities of life and world, that are fully capable of making this world extinct. Discarding life and planet; for counterfeit numbers: because reality cannot be attached. It works only because resources are raped, and the majority believe “numbers in a bank account mean something”: but they are just numbers.  GOT bribes/ want more? Reality will prove they just made your cost of living higher/ and you will  lose more than gained: which ends in hatred, as you blame the wrong people; for inflation. Which simply means: “let the children pay”! Nazi came into existence; because world war 1 caused massive economic depression. TO EMPLOY all the people, their leaders chose to build war machines/ to end want: they attacked their neighbors. To fight back against “their bankers and business owners/ who were foreclosing, and letting their own group take control”; they used holocaust. “NAZI; means, the mob did not disperse; but is now making plans”; a reality repeated throughout this earth in all of history. And their neighbors said: WE WON’T believe, (we have rules now)/ because world war 1 was bad enough/ and we DON’T WANT any of it; anymore. But the evidence was proven true, and war was inevitable: because the weapons for it, existed. Same as is true, for every threat we face today; the evidence is real/ and the realities of it are unavoidable:  which will prove CHANGE OR DIE. & change too late, and nothing will stop the collapse of life on earth. The rabble rouses, bribing an army to combine; against this USA; are trying to create “nazi”. Even if they claim, “we are the great ones”: just like world war 2 Nazi did do.

 As is the constant with every tyrant: when taking control over a nation, they get control over the currency, so they can inflate it to buy an army of those who are disgruntled with society, or immigrants in search of “something for me; fast”. By creating the belief: “we CAN, just take what we want; as is the mob”. In this case: by making slaves out of the owners here; as is what is offered, when the reality of theft cannot be justified. Truth however: will enforce, life is not sustained by force (the mob)/ but by work alone; as is the discipline of order and balance paves the way with REAL WORLD, knowledge as its weapon. Reality then escapes delusion; and the owners say: “we are being paid nothing/ the money is bad”. So they raise their prices/ but come to understand: “its all bad”/ and they are working for free; there is no future, and quit! Ending supplies, and the masses get hungry, as the free ride ends. The rabble rousers say to the masses: THESE OWNERS HATE US/ that is why they make us starve; WE MUST WAR against them. Because truth does not matter, to the hungry.  NO fantasy allowed, means only truth; as is the declared ENEMY of “university knows”. Requires the cult of university is god, and their army:  GO to war/ or surrender; and be removed from power, pride, and want! THEY WILL refuse. BUT REALITY will prove, In this USA; according to figures published on US debt clock, the claim of assets increased by 5.4 trillion dollars in less than, the last 3 months. That means $54,000.00 of new debts (your dollar worth that much less) per each of one hundred million people has been generated as numbers and spent as money; in the last 3 months/OVER 2 MILLION DOLLARS added into the currency per one hundred million people, each/ per year.  CHANGE OUTSIDE THE LAW, WE CONTROL BANKRUPTCY FOR OURSELVES ends with WAR BRINGS: disease, starvation, dying of thirst, mutilation, homelessness, cannibalism; and worse. A reality their army or yours; cannot avoid/ or rebuild into life on earth; as it all falls down. 8 billion people changes everything. OR MORE DISTINCTLY: nobody handed you or me $54,000.00 to spend as we want “in free money, over the last 3 months”/ BUT SOMEONE HAS TAKEN $5.4 TRILLION dollars; and handed it out to whomever they wanted; to steal as thieves from the nation itself. WITH MEDIA WATCHING, and reporting nothing.  So now: the owners want war too/ and they believe “we can do it”/ buying an army as well. BUT THEY WILL fail; because unlike at any other time in history; there is no excess anything/ but people. Kill a billion/ still 7 billion to go; and that means weapons of mass destruction will be used.  So, we turn to treachery and betrayal, to find: One of the biggest money laundry sites for dispensing our money stolen by our own “governmental thieves”; who are orchestrating/ attempting a clear insurgency against this USA;   is the stock market.  To lull you to sleep, with numbers that have no meaning. $600 trillion in claimed assets, is pure fantasy; & soon will collapse onto this nation; because they do not represent reality/ only ANGER coming.   TO COUNTERACT THAT: YOU MUST control your own bankruptcy, as a nation redistributing whatever reality can prove is valid; back at realistic levels to those who deserve it. IF YOU DO NOT: soon, in a single morning, “the rich man”/ will steal all the value out; and leave your account as worthless. That would however require you to think for yourselves/ and act before the reality removes your claim.  BUT FIRST; “the scream”, its real money/ I can buy!  But what you get is either: the resources which belong to  a child/the future;  or just more numbers;  “go ahead add a trillion dollars to your bank account”. Because until you spend it, WHO CARES, but you! in contrast however: WHEN YOU TRADE the title to property or resources; for numbers/ all you have are numbers. So compared to the other 600 trillion dollars in claimed assets: how much are your numbers worth?      INFLATION  LITERALLY MEANS: “we the elders” DELIBERATELY CHOSE TO STEAL FROM OUR CHILDREN/ “we the leaders” TO TAKE,  FROM THE REST, WHATEVER WE COULD STEAL.   Liars lie/  numbers can hide what is true! A clear true accounting is required for this USA/ this state of IL.   As the crush of “Nazism” continues to take more control/ as the authoritarian rulers demand “THIS IS BECAUSE OF TERRORISTS”/ even though they are proven to be the terrorists.  The reality of an insurrection to destroy this entire US nation;  becomes more clear. IT  IS leadership under the disguise of “university knows”/ that terrorizes and destroys democracy itself.  as is the literal end of all our rights, freedoms, and way s of  life;  beyond their control end.   DEMOCRACY MEANS:  our employees, are limited to the laws of our constitutional contract; which is OUR GOVERNMENT/ they are not. That, is our fundamental protection against REBELLION, by our own employees:  and it is treason, to discard those rights and liberties to enforce the rules of a ruler instead.  DEMOCRACY demands REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES;  “our own courtroom, whereby we the people decide”:  IF OUR LEADERS BETRAYED US.  PROOF OF FAILURE; establishes, as owners of this NATION/ THIS STATE; we have a literal right and authority among ourselves: to change this government. To enforce: “voting for someone to vote for me”/ has failed us. THEREFORE: TO VOTE FOR THE TRUE LAWS WHICH RULE OVER US ALL, and our participation in this world/   IS OUR ONLY CHOICE.  SOCIETY needs very few: fundamental real world laws/ WE RULE ourselves and our leaders, with this!  Once in place and tested for truth:  they will be like “the ten commandments”/ which held their value for thousands of years  “all done”.  Same for you: DO IT WELL, and those laws will influence and change this world!   A vote is not a vote: unless it is truly an informed vote/ capable, and intent upon instructing the people in the price of being WRONG. EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE, IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE; and then decide your future, or your fate. The curse of media is no longer a method of information or value: its descent into pure propaganda and manipulation for the purpose of control: eliminates it from use.  “Universities; produced nearly every threat of our extinction”/ WHY, do you trust them?  Do not believe: investigate and inform! counterfeiting currency to pay debts; makes the claim of media inflation/ an outright terrorist act in defiance of our democracy

As is the constant with every tyrant: when taking control over a nation. They get control over every business, threatening obey or we criminalize you of every owner: so they control society in the breech between “the cannibalism of democracy”/ and the weapons that are coming to insure you shall not rise again as the nation that was. Controlling every job/ demanding obedience or we let you starve/ and more. As they have been doing with covid, and more. in the under 45 age group below in this USA; current: that is one death by covid per every 196,312 US citizens.  one death in the 45-64 age group one per every 3,067 people. OR, more simply a line, with one person standing every 3 feet x3,067= one per 9,201 feet/ 1.74 miles dies (odds too high for you)? Perhaps you would like to die from a thousand more causes; or MAYBE you think, the entire world should shut down; “so you can die of starvation or worse”! Nobody dies, the young cannot survive! That is reality. And our reality is, the population of this earth rises by not less than one hundred million more mouths to feed each year (and more likely its a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed above deaths) each year. WHICH MEANS AN END TO ALL LIFE ON EARTH; SOON.SO YOUR LEADERS WHO HAVE NO LEGAL OR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT: TO DESTROY OUR DEMOCRACY FOR THEIR FEARS;  “play king”/ and through media, the destruction of everything has begun. by claiming FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR. BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE. and especially OBEY DAMN YOU OBEY. search through who is dying

THEY STOLE YOUR LIVES, so the old could:  “save themselves”. So, WHO are they? The question begins, in this day: with the men who escaped the Vietnam war/ by hiding in college. They yelled “stop the war/ claiming bravery that way. But a couple men died on a college campus/ and THEN:  they ALL disappeared, and shut up never to be found again. To then claim, we buy from foreigners, throw this nation away/ and only money matters.    As is the constant with every tyrant: when taking control over a nation. The tyrant wants you to FEAR/ because fear means panic, and panic means you will not think for yourselves; so they can be your saviors. The tyrant wants you to BELIEVE; “they are gods/ and you must obey” or die. As is covid: get a vaccine or you’re going to die/ and then comes the constant of fear: ANYONE WHO FAILED, to get the vaccine we demand; IS TO BE KILLED/ as a threat to the rest. Because tyranny worships power, and power is predicated on making you fear.  DO THEY NOT BLAME EVERYTHING     “ON COVID”. statistical data a beginning

The greatest destructive power on earth; has become the universities: through the aid of media propaganda. Every threat of extinction: is dedicated to their work/ their choices/ their disrespect for reality, planet, or life. And that fact makes them “the religious incantation: of SATAN”. Which does mean: “destroyer of a living world”. Media makes their influence pandemic/ while government spreads the disease of university cult worship; as if by fire. Marketers hide the truth, by using “little truths (people are dying) to cover lies (if the old don’t die/ the young cannot live); as is covid. The plague of liars, who betray us all: to collect trillions, which they convert into chaos; for all of nature/ planet/ and child. As the REALITY OF fools spewing failure and its university “imagination” demand: fear, DAMN YOU fear/ believe DAMN YOU, believe/ and OBEY you miserable slave; OBEY. Releasing world terrorists, and their new found weapon: the biological disease we, the universities control, for power/ pride/ and greed; by claiming “vaccine”.  and in this America: the people beg, “oh powerful god; WHO BETRAYS THIS NATION AND WORLD”; save us “FROM YOU”. MORE DISTINCTLY:  they blame everything on covid; TO STEAL your money, corrupt and mutilate your nature. DESTROY your nation, steal your job, dismantle your businesses, remove free enterprise and make you beggars. DEMAND YOUR FACE, is the enemy/ your organizations will kill you; screaming ABANDON your family and friends “save yourselves”; and more.  WHEN IN FACT; THE FOUNDATION OF THEIR NUMBERS; is a fraud.   a CRIMINAL WORLD TERROSIM EVENT, WITH   “A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON”.data claims covid cdc oct 21

below/ divide number into 330 million divide by half #women; for general info: prove the evidence to create facts/ do they not collect money. FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE AND OBEY ARE far more sinister than just covid.  Women are targeted as easy prey; even though they do die of breast cancer and heart disease at old age: the most massive amounts of money collected by healthcare, are do to “testing;  without accuracy”. as seen in the 20 age/ less than 30 group one person out of 1,479 surgical TEST procedures “to tell, for sure/ just in case” only one will be found . Of those now with proven breast cancer in this 20’s, age group only one out of18,503 women will die. 18,503 women standing in a line 3 feet apart=55,509 feet=10.51 miles OF WOMEN touching women, who have been claimed to have breast cancer; but only one in that line will die from it; in the less than 30 age group. “SCARCED, its you”? beware of what you believe; let real world truth decide! The cost, REPRESENTS BILLIONS; and it does not say how many were tested to find the 1479 selected for surgery.  OR, in this USA the 5 trillion being spent on healthcare before covid   fifty thousand dollars from each  of one hundred million people:   THEIR TESTING: LACKS TRUTH/ but does represent greed. But truth also understands: a reported $500,000.00 OF debt charged by universities; for a medical doctor degree. and we all know: SOMEBODY has to pay/ or they foreclose. Beyond that “people want/ spouses want/ children want/ retirement wants; etc”. real world breast cancer claims

The universities led you to poverty. The universities led you “a fire just like the sun/ here on earth; with pure delusions”. The universities led you; destroy your food supplies, by endangering all of it with catastrophe. The universities led you to believe in evolution/ and let you destroy nature itself. The universities led you to pillage and rape; your own currency and securities. The universities led you to defile everything of value, that sustains your life. The universities led you; to ruin/ disgrace/ disrespect/ and the edge of extinction. Yet the people continue to say, “we are just fine/ you can’t scarce us; WE BELIEVE, the universities are god, and savior”. WE WON’T change, until death stalks us/ the planet hates us/ and life itself, becomes horrifying! Because we choose to be “children of the universities”/ NOT “children of our CREATOR”. And the world itself shutters, at the cost of what you choose to do: discarding all evidence and reality/ to submerge beneath the sewage of “imagination”/ without truth. The point of no return; follows closely upon this choice. While the cult worshipers [we have no brain, and want it that way: “can’t blame us”] “laugh and jeer/ and time runs out”; as their NUCLEAR fire, “JUST LIKE THE SUN”; prepares to consume this earth. As the cult itself; becomes “FUEL for the fire”!

While the entire rest of the herd; “waits for someone else to do the work, spend the money, and take the risk of confronting: the rebel, university army bound together with bribes/ fighting with words. All, “screaming NOT me”. Refusing communication in all its forms, discarding the need for information to keep this earth: life or death/ alive. Denying reality and truth; “won’t come”. As is the constant of religion {because they DON’T have to do nothing; GOD won’t let people “be bad”. And if HE does, “we get a free ride, to heaven; cause we paid our dues, with a few extra pennies, or a couple of words”}. CHOOSING, to let HIS entire CREATION die, “without lifting a finger/ as gluttony fills your face”. “lets throw it all away, for our reward”. Now, ain’t that right? For Christianity; one of the worst of these. JESUS GAVE EVERYTHING to the purpose humanity should not die to hate. Providing foundation elements of what love, respect, truth, trust, courage, dignity, value, hope, sharing, caring, eternity, “and GOD “; could be. This world was worth the price, sums up HIS life! While “HIS followers” all shout; we don’t have to do nothing; not even for a world about to go extinct. Go ahead, “prove me wrong”/ and the religious scream: “he is the enemy of us, believers”/ because reality proves they worship “the university, is god”! And from the abyss of their want;for power, pride, greed, selfishness, and more; the righteous yell, “JUDGE HIM”. So, I now give you a real world warning: my parents asked, “where do I stand/ in relation to biblical comprehensions”? I told them, which required small changes in each. Alas: they would not/ and that caused them to go “the other way”. At the end of their lives: I confronted dad who was being consumed by pride; he relented “after seeing his reality”. Death confronted mom; and she had to choose “JESUS, or not”. I believe both entered eternity to survive: if for no other cause, by the value they had contributed to my life; which became this work. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, “eternity is no game”. 

  Because the masses; are afraid of the children of men and women; as is every single person in the description of  “a university diploma”: [just people]/ WAKE UP.  I TELL YOU INSTEAD:  BE TRULY AFRAID OF  THE GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE/ WHO CREATED THIS LIVING WORLD;  YOU,  ARE ABOUT TO DESTROY!      and the universities say:  “GOD,  don’t exist/ you can’t scare us”.   So, to the religious I say:  CHOOSE.  Because you can no longer sit the fence:  “GOD OF LIFE/  or university gods of destruction”/ as the evidence does prove.

But reality says: “thought bonds with energy, to create life”!  Which means, while sun fire is terrifying chaos/ its energy source; CAN be bound with your life.  BECAUSE life is not time/ but essence of truth coming into existence; as a reality shaped by environment. LIFE is separate from energy/ but aligned with its need. Then, elemental consequences are:  because of your existence: YOU CAN be inserted into energy, and left inside, abandoned forever. IN THE CHOICE, YOU MADE.  It is a fool who forgets: the universities collect trillions of dollars/ pride, power, greed, wants, trophies; and a job (for the last 60+ years); claiming to be “saviors”;  for every graduate who agrees with what they say. in exchange for sure:  “we agree/ lets do this”. Even though fusion (another lie) was proven wrong in 2012. While media reported nothing, and trillions more was spent:  TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE, INSTEAD!

ENERGY; is the reactionary line/ between “kinetic (push)/ and dark (pull)”; as are the consequences of what the potential for an action is. That line is directional/ and it divides; into the creation of spin. The question of force, nor life itself:    shall not be answered.

And the ninety nine percent of humanity shouts: “we want what we want”/ we will gamble with the universities (NO consequences for us): that a fire plainly proven on the sun, “said to be, a million miles long”/ IGNITED HERE by university; will just extinguish itself. BECAUSE there are NO SECOND CHANCES. A nuclear fire cannot be extinguished/ because EVERYTHING IS FUEL. Alas, ain’t no going back; the planet itself on fire:  JUST LIKE THE SUN. I did do, what I could do for you/ in contrast, “you, did nothing; but ridicule/ and shout:  you, ain’t nobody”.  I agreed: but remind you:  A NUCLEAR FIRE, DOES NOT CARE. which means: YOU, are fuel, for the fire/ the atmosphere will be ejected/ and worse is coming soon soon. because there are consequences, for BEING WRONG!

And the people say: “the universities would NEVER do that/ they CAN’T all be wrong”! Yet the machines have been built, and the method of a tomak reactor CAN ONLY BE USED to ignite atoms on fire, by creating a plasma they claim to be 50 million degrees HOT; inputting 50 million watts of electrical power/ while media lie, and claim 10%/ science expects a 4 million times expansion; in the energy release of ignition. As will create a self-sustaining plasma; to keep the fire burning. In the middle of a Europe, is just one machine. Www.iter.org there are many more; all to do the same: ignite a nuclear fire! GO TO COURT, and prove it is not so. Media will not help you; they are slaves of university. Governments will not help you; they are slaves of university. ONLY TRUTH WILL HELP YOU/ BY THE LAW: WE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT, to be involved in this decision. As it DOES GAMBLE LIFE AND EARTH AND CHILD. a  fundamental right to know; beware “fear/ believe/ obey”.   search for the evidence, and understand if the old don’t die/ the young cannot survive.  Below is NOT a death graph/ just “TESTING”/ USED to solicit money.  MORE CLEARLY: EVERYBODY is considered to have congestive heart failure over fifty years old/ because they are comparing you to a 19 year old heart and body; and guess what age matters.  So, do they lie/ or is truth a matter of degrees? the real world matters/ but look at the numbers deaths per 100,000 before you decide to fear.

As a nation or a world: NOTHING is more treacherous, or more serious: than an internal attack on our very survival/ by those who claim “we can trust them”. The foundation of their attack: is on all constructions of “this can cause our extinction”/ as a nation or even life on this planet. Therefore the certainty of need arises, and the function of law takes control: to assist, and to insist, NOTHING IS move valuable at this time; in our lives on this earth: THAN TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS TRUE. WITHOUT prejudice or preconceived ideas of any kind. The demand is: by the evidence alone, untainted with pride or any other privilege of those in charge: truth must be gathered and examined/ reality must be acknowledged by the price of being wrong/ and our decision for ourselves must achieve the certainty of “this is, the best we can do”. THEREFORE, AS I HAVE SAID FOR FORTY+ YEARS:   GO TO COURT, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ AND PROVE WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG!     AS A DEMOCRACY: ENFORCING FIRST AMENDMENT LAW, CALLED REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  or more distinctly:  WE THE PEOPLE, as owners here/ SHALL NOW DECIDE for ourselves, whether we are betrayed/ whether we shall make changes to protect ourselves, our nation, every child, or our world as NATURE PROVES SACRED/ and under GRIEVOUS ATTACK;  by the university plague of fools. NO accident here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,   CHAOS, is mutilation and disease/ proving evolution is dead. GATHER YOURSELVES TOGETHER, AND EVICT THE MASK:  FORCE, those who call themselves to be leaders/ INTO OBEYING CONSTITUTIONAL LAW:  or face the charge of TREASON.    The difference between winning and losing a redress trial is:  YOU MUST PROVE DEMOCRACY STILL EXISTS.  By enforcing constitutional law!  IT IS TREASONOUS ; to claim or deny that a constitutional first amendment law does not exist:  IN THE SAME LEGAL RIGHTS, as is granted to the rest of that amendment.   NO EMPLOYEE, including the judiciary:  can REBEL against our constitutional government:  WITHOUT PROVING THEIR     TREASON.  OUR CONSTITUTION IS THE LAW, THAT GOVERNS OUR NATION;  and there is no other legal foundation for American government to exist:  as that WOULD BE FRAUD. THOSE WHO DENY THAT FACT:   are an insurgent army, seeking our own destruction.

The foundation of every choice is: ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY;      either the price for your action/ the failure to act/ or the price that becomes a reaction; because every decision comes with costs. Truth decides: lets that decision be based upon the knowledge of evidence, the reality of understanding as must exist before a decision is made: and the wisdom to accept “your want, pride, or power” shall NOT decide. Only truth rules here: because the future is too important to gamble. Life is too important, to lie. Even nations will die, if truth fails OUR WORLD, goes EXTINCT.  And the people search for a heart among them; to find the courage, to stand up for life!      Because there are no second chances left. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS IS EQUAL TOO:  TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, PER EACH OF ONE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE.the intellectual war against us; goes into hyper drive

Let us confront our existence as humanity. YOUR university led government says:  “debts don’t matter to government”/ and to prove their fantasy and delusion; they literally created the illusion of wealth/ while bankrupting this USA, with debts that literally cannot be paid/ with claims of assets, that do not exist/ claims of US income; that has no basis in fact or reality. failure is as close as a leader; LET US CHOOSE LAW insteadDestroying the foundations of our economy/ dismantling healthcare, by promising extortion does not matter either. giving away fantasy money, for those willing to accept:  the destruction of the United States of America “will benefit them”. a war against the life and people who built the nation itself; in this day and time. those who allowed a university education to destroy democracy itself;  as those who claim to be superior/ have taken control, to subterfuge the constitution which is our government. NOT our employees.the university pandemic of failure spreads; as the diploma wants more

The difference, between life and death is often: what you believe is true/ what you are willing to risk/ and what does determine what you believe? WHERE is the evidence: all this money is justified/ particularly SO MUCH MORE in this USA/ than the entire world? leadership is a cult worshiper/ and their cult is university knows; without evidence; just believe Each of these are elements that divide us all/ because the answer, is an individual solution/ not a herd identity. An individual decides/ a herd waits to run with the group; never choosing beyond the road all will travel/ while the predator selects the straggler. DEMOCRACY gives the individual, the power to say: I WILLfact sheet for covid cdc 

THESE CHARTS     WHAT IS: critical requires you to understand 330 million citizens plus more/ plus the population of this USA rises every year/ not a pandemic.

data claims covid cdc oct 21

choose for myself/ YOU SHALL NOT decide for me. The cult worshiper hates the individual; because the herd is not enough; they belong to the leader; who decides “the sacrifice”. The difference is freedom, MY LEGAL RIGHT. And the constitution is liberty, through government controlled by law we create: as is, WE the people, stand as ONE LIFE/ but never a herd… the value of being alive; not enslaved. Unfortunately, in this USA; the cult owns, and betrays: as proven by covid, “the slaves, FEAR/ BELIEVE/ AND obey”/ sacrificing the nation or state. To your shame. THE SPIKE in this chart is for those “over 75 years old”. the black line is over 75; and they add covid to everything statistical data a beginningBut even that does not compare with letting nature be MUTILATED/ or the attempts to IGNITE THIS EARTH INTO A SUN.     EXAMINE THE REALITY; because the professional liars of media/ have mixed in the vile puke of university led “imagination”,  will lead them to the abyss of their fears coming true. And as cult worshipers:  they sacrifice EVERYTHING, to their god, “the university”. COVID claimed, below: top right "hospice deaths; claimed covid

The foundation being: that fate allows us, each one; to participate in the consequences of our lives, by choosing the values we want most. Thereby, the function of living: is to plot, and plan/ divide and conquer/ prove superiority/ alter truth/ construct traps/ and identify betrayal. Because the herd believes; and in that belief, the only thing that matters “is what the herd says, of me or you”. If they believe in me/ then they must discard you; or the other way; because there is only limited room, where leaders stand. The brain plague is: that instead of living life, by letting truth decide what will or will not be done. The so called “voices in your head”; are the herd talking, and what will then be said if you do that/ or won’t do this; as is the confrontation “we can’t all be wrong”. And if they can’t be wrong/ then they must be right; so if you refuse to comply with what they want: then you are “the enemy”, who does not belong here. That is the cost of being a herd: you may NOT choose for yourself/ because we all get a say, in what you think. Therefore believe what you are told/ or we evict you. This turns into a cult; when even the voices in your head from the talking heads surrounding you/ CANNOT be questioned: the formation of cowardice. Because the leader is now “playing god” over you (a threat). To protect yourself: You, have no brain (no right to think)/ you are  then, the rat (just like the SS of Nazi germany).  As a believer worshiping your god, called university: who instills fear/ fights for obedience among the rest/ and commands; “NOBODY”, is allowed to question “your gods”; the university.   OUR CONSTITUTION GRANTS:  FIRST AMENDMENT LEGAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, “SAME; as every other legal precept, employee demanded oath;  of that amendment”.  IT IS ANARCHY; to deny that fact, and assert “the universities rule now”.  EVERY LEADER HAS a diploma/ as all others have been evicted: same indoctrination/ by the same few people; who control the jobs you must obtain, in order to pay their school debts.  MEMORIZE/ MIMIC/ AND REPEAT;  DON’T THINK;  “or you fail”. Which means the university graduate has discarded the herd/ for the cult; of university is god:  to keep from being their slave/ by debts which cannot be escaped. Since the university owns this nation: propagating media hypnosis (you don’t need no damn evidence:  BELIEVE, DAMN YOU; BELIEVE)/ through your TV, etc.

But alas; the game is over/ and you lose. Because your gods are destroying all of life/ all of planet/ all of nature/ all of resources/ all of the oceans/ all of the future: with your help. Making extinction certain, because of you. While they play SATAN (we will never care)/ you are their walking curse upon this living world. The animals [degraded humans] lost to HADES. As the prison door of your beliefs, slams shut: so does your eternity. Proven by the evidence of miracles/ guaranteed by the evidence of JESUS; we were not forgotten.  The only real difference between HIS day and this day is:  THE HATE spewing from leadership/ is attempting to destroy the entire world/ instead of just enslaving, raping, and ransacking human life. Religion says again:  “he ain’t no friend of ours”.  As I too stand with the message:  CHANGE or you will go EXTINCT forever.  It is simply my education which provides the message/ YOUR OWN EVIDENCE, that proves the truth:  you WILL change or soon be extinct.   Because TRUTH knows, your facts; UNIVERSITY fantasies and failures; are extreme; and the consequences of being WRONG;  are horrendous. 

So, then the decision is: to end and prove, LIFE IS NOT a game/ anymore. To accomplish that: organize/ communicate/ inform/ teach/ work/ respect/ and value the life you have enough: to enforce first amendment constitutional law/ and demand REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES (instead of civil war); AS IS YOUR LEGAL RIGHT; as citizens of this USA. Go, stand on the courthouse steps; prove you mean the law decides; and you will fight for: this DEMOCRACY SHALL SURVIVE.   START NOW;  pick a time and place/ tell those who listen:  such as once a week on Saturday at 1:00pm.  Choose.  NO, I can’t file a case for you: as the judiciary got tired of proving themselves “against constitutional law/ and banned me from filing; both state and federal.”  So they set a trap: Because that is evidence of their  treason.

The US judiciary has proven to be; “an insurgent army/ hired by the few; to enforce THE CONSTITUTION SHALL NOT RULE”. TO ACCOMPLISH that fact: they have refused to enforce the first amendment. Allowing the entire free press, to be owned BY ONLY A VERY TINY FEW; who now control their slaves and soldiers of fortune, with lie/ cheat/ steal/ betray/ DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD; or be banned from this work forever. The failed to enforce RELIGION shall not govern here; allowing evolution to take control over every school and media format. Discarding reality, denying evidence, disrespecting truth, and controlling the indoctrination of every child; by making, the university religion of evolution: the nation’s disgrace. Absolutely nothing; has been proven of evolution; including adaption as that is merely the evidence of “perfect design”. Allowing the whores, failures, fools, liars, cheats, thieves, terrorists, and traitors TO LEAD. By refusing TRUTH. BETRAYING THE NATION itself, by allowing the foundations of our constitutional law: to be thrown away, for their purposes of complete control and manipulation; as is covid. Without the slightest real world proof of reality. Without the real world evidence, that is: THE UNIVERSITIES CREATED THIS BIOLOGICAL WEAPON, AND RELEASED IT: TO OBTAIN TRILLIONS, to pay for the army they bribe and manipulate: to produce a civil war against us. Thereby dividing the nation so it dies. Each offense: is BETRAYAL. Each reality of law: is an INSURGENCY AGAINST US. EACH MUTILATION OF LIFE, IS AN ACT OF WAR: AGAINST OUR WORLD. Which means the US judiciary is in open rebellion against: WE THE PEOPLE of this USA.  discarding the constitution without respect; as has congress, presidents, and more.  DON’T believe, investigate and prove what is true. As always: LET TRUTH DECIDE, now want or bias/ BY THE EVIDENCE. But not by media propaganda; as is consistent “with NAZI” IS HERE.

Watergate is nothing, compared to the destruction: of what our leaders have accomplished: they made your face the enemy/ they destroyed your organizations by demanding you cannot go/ they discarded your economy as the trash, and counterfeited your currency into ruin/ they have risen an army against those who built the nation; with bribes/ they have ransacked or ruined every resource/ they have propagated lies, and sold the nation to foreigners behind your backs/ they have created slaves with “college debt/ and temptations to be in debt beyond what you can afford/ they have controlled every job, and in this past year sought to ruin every small business; to turn you into beggars/ they have made themselves “your god and savior”; with fantasy and delusion leading the way. Taking over media; to indoctrinate you into believing “its OK to mutilate nature, and make dog people, insect people, fantasy people, and any other version of mutilation to life and reality; that might come from complete disrespect for life, living, and reality itself. Even asserting: we are such gods, that we can ignite “atoms on fire”/ because “there isn’t enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so it will extinguish itself”: with trillions spent, and machines built, to do that very thing. YET WRONG IS OUR PLANET BECOMES ANOTHER SUN; AND THE BIBLICAL PREDICTION of a second “NOAHS’ FLOOD/ would be by fire. Which is proven true; by all the fossil fuels we know to exist. NO OTHER MEANS exist; to gather and then crush plants and animals; by burying them under tons of silt. IT IS TRUE. Yet with your own very lives threatened by extinction: apathy and cowardice; continues to rule your life/ while time runs out for our world. YOUR ancestors, would be ashamed of you. Yet from the grave they remind you: “that no free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people, but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue, and by the frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.” section 15 bill of rights. The university diploma; having taken control over this USA;  has with full intent, chosen to destroy each of these: with their anarchy. NO, we won’t obey the constitution/ this democracy is now ours; and we build an army with bribes and propaganda to enforce that:  as if it were a WAR/ to destroy the very foundations of this United States of America. An ATTACK; centered upon:  FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE THE UNIVERSITY IS god/ OBEY, or we let you die; as is “covid/ their biological weapon of choice”.  And the true cult worshiper says: “I will believe no such thing, of our god the universities”/ WHAT do they have to gain by risking EVERYTHING?  But the answer is: unlike the general public who has been media inundated with “don’t worry/ the university is your savior”. The reality is:  these intellectuals, KNOW; that the ignition of a nuclear fire, incinerates us all/ and they believe it will happen. THEY KNOW; that human overpopulation will destroy the planet, and it is coming soon. Their solution: “selectively, secretly, kill/ by playing god.  So they have nothing to lose/ and play the ridicule game, with life and planet.  THEY CANNOT STOP the process of destruction:  WITHOUT REVEALING, “THEY ARE A FRAUD”.  A cost they will not pay, as it takes away “power/ pride/ want/ greed/ selfishness/ revenge; and all that hate can be.” To prove to themselves: “HELL OR HADES” does not exist/ they want to proclaim they are gods, and nothing exists beyond time.  But every miracle of life proves them wrong. Every foundation of living, lets thought combined with energy; identify a path into the future we will not control. So the quest is:  to understand!  LIFE searches/ time wants; simple as that.

In this America, an example to the world: of extreme failure and disgrace. Orchestrated by “university knows”. The reality of fantasy, delusions, deceit, theft, lies, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, failure, intellectual wars, manipulation of the public, biological warfare against nature, humanity, child, planet, and more; the utter disrespect that is wanton destruction to the planet, the curse of currency destroyed, the insurgency against democracy, the vile anarchy that is religious indoctrination (university is god) of every child. The intentional slavery trade as is: tempt them into debts they will never escape. The deliberate assembling of an army against society itself; with BRIBES/ as is the method of every tyrant. The assassination of every child, by the destruction of resources. The whore worshipers, whose greed and selfishness; changed a nation into “let the children pay”. The mongrel dogs; who claimed expertise for money; to lead a nation into its doom. The failure of contractual, thereby constitutional government; replaced with the putrid vomit of “we are the superior ones”/ as is the basis and trade of every anarchist murderer throughout history. The righteous, whose belief worships rules; “we will make them obey”/ now we can, “they broke our rule”. A society trained in failure; “just shake your ass, that will fix it/ DON’T need no damn reality or truth. A courthouse that belongs only to the powerful, who control its every move. The disease at pandemic levels, of media overrun with slaves, whores, bastards, fools, LIARS, cheats, thieves, failures, terrorists, traitors, the cursed, and the living dead. Just to name a few; chosen by your descent into “the university is, your god”. Surrounded by threats of extinction, of which this is only the beginning: the evidence is clear. “the university is SATAN”/ as that is the road you have traveled, by threatening a world “with their imagination”.

Media, “its devil”; as is proven by the vile curse of television, without respect. You are believers to your shame; but reality proves, and your television shows you: the living dead, are combining genetic materials to mix species together/ and they want you to believe that is OK. When in fact they literally crucify those living organisms. They take your genetic materials; as is female eggs and sperm/ and mix them into anything they want: regardless of contracts or claims. They take an umbilical cord as the base material for mixing genetics as well: with just one purpose, “to ridicule life/ and attack the living, by playing god”. As children do, when they crush ants; just because they can. Particularly easy now, “with CRISPR”. PARTICULARLY efficient now: with new machines that will do it for them, in factory conditions/ so that all of nature can be impacted. Because ANYTHING that survives, is immediately taken into nature to curse the rest. Because anything that does not survive: can then be studied to create a disease. Or more simply the worm pit of university itself: is a sewer for fools. NO, not everyone/ but enough, to threaten the very fabric of this living world; that will soon be extinct/ because of what these chose.

There is no coin shortageat the federal reserve/ the army of REBELS threatening to take control: WANT ALL BUT ELECTRONIC MONEY REMOVED FROM SOCIETY. So they control the power of money/ and can reject your electronic money at a whim. Taking away your power and right to participate in getting food/ paying rent or mortgage/ or anything they desire to enforce: YOU WILL OBEY, or you will die. A coin shortage asserts: either they have no machines or employees which is a lie/ or they cannot obtain the necessary metal, which is a lie. This is forced compliance: with the intent to portray themselves soon, “as god/ over the nation and you”. By stealing not only the currency  by inflating assets/ NUMBERS OUT OF CONTROL. But by taking control over every aspect of HUMAN trade;   below 7-22-21    SOURCE, US DEBT CLOCK.consider the inflation between 2000-2021 to achieve these numbers; media refuses to inform so that you have no power to decide for yourselves; none. As is consistent with tyranny; throughout history. ABOVE the currency and credit number, ROUNDED UP TO 600 TRILLION DOLLARS;  for this USA; DIVIDED EQUALLY among 330,000,000 people= $1,818,181,82 per each one then owns. ONE MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN THOUSAND + dollars.  “babies infants and all.”  below 10-14-21counterfeiting currency to pay debts; makes the claim of media inflation/ an outright terrorist act in defiance of our democracyDIFFERENCE:  LESS THAN 3 MONTHS:  $5.4 TRILLION DOLLARS MORE!  NOTE the change in year 2000  Which literally means:  another $54,000.00 dollars of inflation per each of one hundred million US workers/ citizens; in less than 3 months: as always, not a word of truth;  from the press. Discarded as is the nation itself; to fools and their fantasies.. SO, IF ALL THOSE NUMBERS EXIST, and are in someone else’s hand; to use for credit or anything they desire. HOW MUCH VALUE do you own?  Do you not expect your dollar to buy you something?

The cost is: ships turn back/ resources are scarce/ electronic money and credit fail/ the nation falls into depression; and everything we depend upon stands at the edge of civil war; because our enemies are holding all our securities hostage/ with numbers even a fantasy cannot pay back.

Our ability to manufacture anything, barely exists. The people who know how to create and sustain what we need to support ourselves: are now few. The people who stand ready; to curse you with endless demands for payment; will cause civil war/ OR, as the Nazi did in defiance of “the Jewish banker/ business men; determined to collect”; other measures were taken instead.

The coin shortage is about the metal is worth more than the numbers; because no reality of truth resides in the numbers/ as your university educated leaders; CHOSE, “DEBTS DON’T MATTER”.  to avoid the rules of society, and play god with money too.                       CONTROL YOUR OWN BANKRUPTCY; FIX YOUR REALITY; OR THEY SEND YOU TO HELL.  And the foreigners say: we don’t want your numbers/ WE WANT your business, resources, property, and what has value! So the curse of university plays god: GAVE THEM “your economy, property, and more; by hiding that reality”; to cover up the fact, they threw our money away by playing god. And the people SCREAM:  “you CAN’T take my wealth/ I sacrificed my life for that”! While the poor scream: “hurrah, they don’t have nothing either”. Which means filled with anger; WE WERE BETRAYED/ this society sits “teeming over with guns”; prepared for war.  We then examine HOW? And by turning the clock back fifty years; Reagan raided the nations gold supply, and spent it all; while media said nothing. then giving the treasury to “the university controls now”; THOSE removed all reality, gave themselves massive increases in pay and benefits: and society said: WE FOUND THE MONEY/ GO GET IT.  While greed and selfishness consumed you; reality creeped in: and all the masses of people then said, “LET THE CHILDREN PAY OUR DEBTS”. so every penny after that, is their future destroyed by you. BECAUSE numbers claiming to be money: stole their resources/ created garbage mountains/ and polluted everything in sight and beyond. Which leads us to why, was life NOT important?  Answer: because even the majority knew, “our ability as a planet, to survive human UNIVERSITY led choices” was going to end in our own extinction. GET IT NOW. All screaming:  “NOT in my lifetime”. BUT, if you are alive, today we are faced with the conclusion of your actions for the last fifty years plus all the damage the universities have done. which means:  ALL THE INSANITY/ ALL THE FANTASY/ ALL THE DELUSIONS/ ALL THE GREED AND SELFISHNESS/ ALL THE FAILURES AND DESTRUCTION OF LIFE AND PLANET:  WILL STOP!  or you get your wish, and KILL your future, along with every child and every living thing/ and your own eternity.     NO, I CAUSED NONE OF IT/   “ITS ALL YOU”!    MY JOB, IS TO TELL YOU:  “ONLY ONE LAST CHANCE; FOR LIFE AND EARTH”!   BECAUSE THE THREATS OF UNIVERSITY IN PARTICULAR, WILL BRING EXTINCTION.

 Freedom is the gateway to happiness: but it is a two way street; failure is expensive. Liberty is the gateway to government; as we choose what we most valued by the terms: “we the people”. Justice reflects our decision as a society; to enforce what we understand, is fair. Policing understands: where love exists/ respect is required. But where hate exists: laws must rule over society. Rulers, and the tyranny they bring: arise, because people want to control other people, “the easy way; as is give me more/ TAKE IT, from them”. Everything in-between is the distance to what we value most. So the difference between peace and harmony, or hate and chaos: is a life worth living/ or the struggle we share when fighting with those who war against us all. We do stand on the edge of extinction: which means we must FIGHT by law: to assemble truth as our defense. Against all those who brought us to this abyss. Review of the evidence asserts: a university diploma, stands ready, to open every door “to HELL”. A reality easily proven true. As is the real world evidence: “we cannot survive; these choices”.

The very foundation of adulthood is: “DON’T make a decision for me/ I will make my own”/ BE FAIR, and tell me the information that I need to know, WITHOUT tainting it with your opinion; until I ask. The very foundation of university is: WE will make all their decisions, we are the smart ones/ they are too damn stupid/ we know better.. they are slaves. In consideration of that fact: you should be aware, all the collision avoidance of your new vehicles/ autonomous vehicles/ and so forth produce a lot of radiation when you add it up. Riding in New vehicles I find they emit a lot of high frequency noise: that my ears damaged by tinnitus, find extremely destructive. Tinnitus is not about volume/ it is about frequency: because I drove a tractor cab, which produced a lot of high frequency noise in a very specific range/ and it changed my life dramatically. Once the noise, you can’t escape began. Just thought you should know. “ Do a lot of driving new vehicles/ are YOUR ears ringing/ squealing; and won’t stop? GET OUT, or your life in time; will be wrecked. “you can ignore it”? Well for me, the worst was weeks of “a smoke detector at 3/4 volume 24 hours a day; and a thirty second attack by that frequency, would start it all over again. So beware of what you “think”. Over the years, it becomes some better; if you can stay “quiet”. Tinnitus removed a great many options/ so I said, I still have health I will do that; which a couple weeks later became a blood clot; which changed that health: and my options faded away. ending with this work; is my only real choice. So not really “______”/ but not really forced;  as the body and the choices we make; are the environment we will live in. And that was 6-8 months after by 9 month old nephew died from a brain tumor (thirst or starve to death in pain):  SO NO, “I didn’t just fall out of heaven or something as religion wants me to be”/ NO, it ain’t “just dictation written down”;  reality proves, “you cannot truly know; unless you live it.  Life is, “an endless work, joined with balance, and supported by truth: to provide this message” to you.  Change, or earth will soon be extinct!

FOR BALANCE;  understand the need to think, and choose for yourselves.

Wisdom begins with understanding the true consequences of being wrong. Wisdom then asks, what could be the benefits of this risk; and assembles from those realities: into a decision which reflects the values we hold most dear. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE; if you assume the risk/ you also accept the cost if: “you were wrong”. NO fantasy/ theory/ delusion/ belief/ or imagination can be accepted: ONLY TRUTH decides, never want. Reality has proven, by the evidence: “the universities” want no part of that! Nor does the cult of believers, who worship them.

The elevation or ascension of “being human alive” is: that instead of “me/ me/ me; everything is about me”. We discard that to learn: LIFE is about life, and we/ I/ you; are participants in that life as it exists within the foundations of truth (yes we can), love (we share, because we care), thought (I have found destiny), respect (life is a gift), and energy (freedom to choose exists). Without courage you fail. Without trust you will be lost. Without values that are worthy of life, you are evicted. Without an identity formed by your own truth: you cannot be eternal. Therefore the lesson is: while your body and time is not eternal/ the soul who searches for truth can survive; because life is not time; but the essence of thought, the motion of energy, the shape of dimensions you will choose, and the love which grants to all who earn it; their own desire and passion, as the heart (yes I will survive for love), to survive the living and learn trust. EVERY MIRACLE proves what we do not know or understand is massive. But every miracle also proves: the search for OUR CREATOR is real. Never underestimate what that truly means.

HOPE AND HAPPINESS are intimately tied together; you cannot have one, without the other! And that functionally means: in order to achieve either, you must participate in life as life/ without measuring it “with a brain”. Or more distinctly; the brain measures, and incorporates the action or reactions of a body, within those measurements. LIFE does not measure, it exists within the desires and purposes allowed to construct a destiny for love/ OR, its fate as hate defines death. So, the critical link between hope and happiness is love, and love needs you to participate, and allow others to participate; for the deliberate decision to share and care for each other, as equals in a reality of miracles which ultimately shape our souls. Happiness begins with sharing; hope begins with caring: BUT YOU must do your part in creating the values and opportunities which allow for participation. Do not judge, let the law when it must. Accept people for who they are as a human being: until they prove, this one cannot be trusted anymore. HATE commands “fear damn you fear/ believe what we tell you to believe/ and obey, because you have no choice; we can kill you, or just let you die.” the brain that hates uses that direction to claim its fate. Deriving “contentment” from sucking the love out of you; so that you are “just like them”. Covid is a pandemic infecting the brain; delivered in this manner by propaganda, to you. They curse you all day, and night long; through media. Tempting you to believe: arguing, “we are gods: we know everything/ so just believe, damn you believe and obey”. But reality says: saving you from a pandemic that did not exist, or was created by those who stole all your money, and now mutilate your world to death. IS NO “savior” or guide, or friend; merely enemies.

Truth without wisdom, does NOT create value; establishing “yes we can; is an enemy without true balance, respect, and discipline”. Rather knowledge without understanding, creates chaos, when allowed to decide there will be consequences we cannot control. Or more distinctly: the universities claim imagination is enough; fantasy born theories are true; and delusions of grandeur make them experts. Resulted in; AS IS the cost and reality of: “now we stand on the edge of our own extinction”/ those who played god; were the enemy.


 And the people say, along with their religions (taken over by universities): WE, don’t need to do nothing/ because we BELIEVE the universities know what they are doing!

BUT your scientists say: that the sun is surrounded with million mile long flames/ and solar flares of fire, have been measured at 12 million miles long. Which means ignition is a PILLAR OF FIRE, that will extend 4 times the distance of this earth to the moon/ by using atoms for fuel. Sucking in the oceans/ and life on earth/ ejecting the atmosphere; BURNING THE ATOMS IN ROCKS. Igniting the moon into a nuclear fire, and causing the release of solar gravity sufficient to pull that moon into this planet. Because atoms are balanced with two opposing energies controlling the force of spin.  Because the sun burns: the bond holding atoms together/ just like we burn the bond holding molecules together for our chemical fire.  RESULTS IN; Same difference between tnt and the atomic bomb.

In the realities of “questioning the university expertise”: DISTINCT among their failures is to recognize: THAT ALL NUCLEAR ENERGY is created by the spinning mass of the proton/ neutron center revolving on its axis in direct relation to the electrons which spin around it. A reality proven: because we KNOW a spinning mass contains energy, based upon the common kinetic formula E=mass x speed. It is not as university report (magic). To achieve a balanced in motion state of existence: we KNOW, that a kinetic spin (similar to spinning a rock on a string around your head) means: THERE IS an even greater opposing force which anchors that energy into its balanced state. “or the rock simply flies off into space”. That force is dark energy: or the energy of pull/ cold. Just as kinetic energy is push/ heat. WE KNOW……………. more; but that is not necessary for this purpose. What is important: is the universities did NOT know; this simple expansion of reality into knowledge. NOR did they know: SPINNING “atomic tops”/ cannot be joined together as is their claim of fusion. NOR do they admit too: their tomak machines are dedicated to causing these spinning atoms: to bump into each other/ thereby creating atomic fire. NOR do they admit too; a 4 million times expansion in energy release once they achieve ignition: is SELF-SUSTAINING. While their claim “it will just extinguish itself”/ is a fantasy; when dark energy being released by the destruction of atomic balance; IS IN FACT the solar gravity. Or more DISTINCTLY: your university gods; can and will ignite a nuclear fire in their trillion dollar machines. But just like the sun; that fire will not extinguish itself. EVEN THOUGH the masses of university elite claim its safe to try: the herd can be wrong/ and our earth can become another sun. Because that is the choice they made/ which you the cult of followers who did not want to know: allowed them to GAMBLE with all life and earth. LIFE OR DEATH; determined, by one single event: their ignition of “an energy source” just like the sun. Those who are in charge of these machines WILL NOT “end their work”:  because it is their power, pride, greed, and leadership to hire or fire all the people in their universities and more/ spending trillions of dollars.  Just like covid is to geneticists:  “we made trillions/ and now get to play god”/ and they won’t stop playing either.  Right or wrong doesn’t matter; they play a game. Leaving life or death for our world, in the hands of the vast majority once again.  “they admit to nothing of importance; because they want your money/ and they DON’T want you involved”. After all, “you’re former classmates have declared themselves to be gods”; and are out to prove that; with extreme experimentation.

the first consequences of CERN appear

Humanity has literally let “university people”; say and claim absolutely anything they wanted to claim is true/ regardless of the evidence or realities involved. Such is the case of evolution [pure ignorance or vomit; life cannot be built one piece at a time; your body needs it all to function, and more]/ such is the case of Noah’s flood [proven without doubt by fossil fuels present]/ such is the case of “einstein E=MCsq. [just the formula for kinetic energy with speed as a constant]. Claiming billions of years [no real support of any kind, particularly in evidence is the sun burns fuel; and that means its life expectancy is not in billions of years]/ claiming “we know everything” [red shift an expanding universe; when the only footprint they can measure is planetary motion within a galaxy. As is galaxies do not move fast enough; to be identified by man]/ Etc. When in fact, what they claim to know, is largely the evidence of imagination rather than truth. START QUESTIONING YOUR “experts”! And hold them to: ‘OUR LANGUAGE”/ not yours. THEY CAN do it, when seeking money! Their foreign languages; are exactly as all trade unions have always done: “hide the tiny things that separate us, from them”/ so they cannot share our treasure.

In terms of raw evidence: religious text is all there is to the distant past. Noah’s flood being proven true, by the evidence clearly preserved; adds, that it rained for forty days and nights. ALL THAT WATER VAPOR required heat, to produce. Which means the sun was hotter then: fuel burned off, changed that, into now [did not reoccur]. More constructive however is: the plants needed to slow and control the atmosphere, as a direct relationship to the planet. While they required “gardeners capable of dealing with that; as were dinosaurs”; both, Were too aggressive to allow to continue. A planetary object flying close enough by; or even the capture of our moon: as that would explain how water continued to rise for over 200 days or so (don’t remember)/ as well as the swells which then, consumed the land……. To alter the orbit of this earth; this was the likely method, of such severe change.

the realities of GREED AND SELFISHNESS;  are extreme. Which is why the onslaught of media propaganda; demanding you MUST get a vaccine exists. EVEN with collecting roughly 10 trillion dollars worldwide (which is ten thousand new billionaires)/ these tiny few, still want more/ and can buy or bribe all the professional liars they want. While the  cult believers; cannot accept to question “their university gods”/ reality does, and finds them lacking in all but lies, theft, betrayal, and terrorism. DEMANDING acceptance: while in this USA 5 trillion dollars (equals $50,000.00 per each shot/ per each of one hundred million individuals). Their vaccine is an unproven; but extreme threat is not: they are mutilating nature, proving: TO BELIEVE whatever universities want;  is HORRIFYING. The universities created & released the disease: of that there is no question: by their demand “killing millions”. They then took control and made you pay them trillions for their prepared vaccine/ claiming to be gods/ and demanding they will change all of nature now without legal consequences. Yet humanity has no courage; and walks into their slaughter house without an aid: to fall down and die. Even surrendering their children: to the potential of HELL.  While it may be: our only hope to survive their mutilation is more of their mutilation/ “gambling the dead will rise”; because the university is god now. Reality argues:  “not in a trillion years” will that be true. REALITY DEMANDS:  don’t believe/ search for the truth; go to court and prove what can be proven; as best we can.

THE PRICE, FOR BEING WRONG. OR, more distinctly the price you will pay in reality; because they were WRONG.  IS HORRENDOUS; BY EXTINCTION.     The largest of these threats, “WE will bring the same energy source here; as is on the sun”  WWW.ITER.ORG

STILL FEEL SAFE NOW? DON’T NEED TO KNOW?  Go investigate, and prove THE REALITY OF EVIDENCE;  is wrong. Because all your universities can provide is theories/ based upon fantasies and delusions of imagination.         Completely discarding the truth:  our human population rise, is likely to be “another billion mouths to feed over deaths; in less than five years”.    their numbers can be made to lie; by dividing one hundred years into all the same.

THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT; clearly reads“ … no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;…..”    Covid response is:  a breech of contract with WE THE PEOPLE/ altering our laws into:  you the ruler.  682 F 2d  883, 885.    it is further noted as a breech of trust  150 P 2d 604, 648  and a willful  larceny based upon that trust:  as was used to steal   5+ trillion dollars from the American people; for a claimed “pandemic solution”; that has proven to be a con game instead.  NO REAL WORLD EVIDENCE, UNTAINTED BY FRAUD, realities PROVIDED.  31 S.E. 2d  906, 907.   A DISEASE KNOWN; to be “entirely similar” to the flu/ and not well documented by the differences;  can easily be used to extort for criminal, and rebellious purposes.  OPEN EVERY DOOR/ TURN ON EVERY LIGHT; AND LET SOCIETY PROVE FOR ITSELF:  what is true; as is the purposes of redress.

NO CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGES can be made without the constitutional process of Article 5. as has NOT been done to declare “covid rules now”. Therefore unless “Marshall law: is declared by a proven state of emergency” ; no legal right exists to abort or claim any form of constitutional anarchy shall be established; by anyone. The claims of any group are insufficient to make that claim of “let democracy die”; as is covid :  you must, FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY.

THAT IS: “….EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW, for this state or nation”. Jurisdictional merit is: THE CONSTITUTION DECIDES. The neglect and failure of the judiciary in protecting this democracy from attack 175 So. 358, 364. their neglect to perform what the constitution requires 169 N.E. 2D. 385, 387 is an omission which alters democracy, to allow tyranny to emerge. the purpose of every invading army is: “we can take whatever we want, from those who were here first/ give to whomever we want; anything we want, because now we are in control.  OUR RIGHT: Because we deserve more/ AND our power is:  we can make them surrender, with force. That force is “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”; the constant of every tyrant throughout history.  The difference is an inside attack: as with covid:  thereby making the citizenry lose their jobs, their homes, their property, their securities, their everything; forcing them into bankruptcy. And CONTROLLING the currency so we can do ANYTHING we want. But in contrast to that:we now come to the realities and purposes of “constitutional contract government”/and find, when confronted by the evidence or potential evidence of intentional fraud by one promisor the employee (we swear to obey the constitution and its intent)/ to the other promisee; as is the nation (we promise leniency, to govern; ain’t nobody perfect/ UNLESS confronted with rebellion, anarchy, or like complaints), by its hired staff. the cost of that fraud is:286 N.W.  844, 846 all authority to govern for the nation or state: STOPS. Until the legal response has been decided: by redress “we decide” court. That would include a moratorium on tax collection: because this is the means to use or abuse power against us.  282 P 2d  1084, 1088.  “reciprical rights”.   those who would contend, “we the people have no legal rights”; SHALL be found in contempt. 249  S 2d  127, 128.  Because the concept of both treason and counterfeiting  currency by asset inflation; is constructed:  THERE SHALL BE A MORATORIUM, on ALL  non essential spending (which does include all “university driven expenditure, and every form of experimentation in or outside the universities”/ end of debt creation/ and the opening of all accounting books to public view.   AS IS:  standard procedure, in any courtroom: to protect the innocent, and identify the corruption.  an elevation of the “rights of democracy: WE ARE EQUALS”;  that no man, or set of men are entitled to exclusive  or separate emoluments or privileges .

IN LESS THAN IGNITING THE PLANET INTO A SUN:IS THE REALITY OF EXTREME PROPAGANDA:  WITHOUT ANY SOCIETIAL OFFERING OF EVIDENCE; THAT IS WITHOUT THE RABID STAIN OF THOSE WHO DEMAND:  FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY.  AND ARE obtaining trillions, plus more of everything they want.  AGAIN:  5 TRILLION DOLLARS  to the university elite; at their claimed billing, no negotiation price: “they have collected more”:   is 5,000 NEW BILLIONAIRES!  AND THAT DOES, buy alot of bribes, and traitors willing to sell this nation to its death.

 A PANDEMIC; does not look like this below.  pandemics – that word is the plague. Stemming from Doric Greek word plaga (strike, blow), the word plague is a polyseme, used interchangeably to describe a particular, virulent contagious febrile disease caused by Yersinia pestis, as a general term for any epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality, or more widely, as a metaphor for any sudden outbreak of a disastrous evil or affliction   IN THIS USA: FOR 2020 “second year of proclaimed disease”:  with covid claims:        one death,  per 876 people.

That singular fact: establishes an “epidemic of propaganda” by media, leadership, and universities. That singular fact: establishes a criminal conspiracy among all major groups and players: to EXTORT AND CONTROL; trillions of dollars, and mutilation of nature; as their purpose. Because they have not backed down; but increased in advertising intensity; for the purpose of more money, and more control over society. That singular fact: proves treason struggles to rise above democracy/ in an attempt to destroy this USA, by those who believe “they can take anything they want”/ as is the constant of every invading army throughout history. The public trust is thereby BROKEN: the eminent domain of our right as a society TO CONFISCATE ALL MEDIA COMMUNICATION. Thereby to return it to ourselves; by distributing it to many instead of a few; and reviewing those who have betrayed us under criminal law; now exists. 147 S.E. 2D 131.

The purpose of all mass hypnosis (as is the function of ALL propaganda); is to create a common decision. It does not fundamentally matter what they are willing to agree upon; what is necessary, is “we the herd, not think alike”/ therefore we now agree, we can’t all be wrong! Once that has been achieved: “the placement of WHAT we want you to believe”; is much more simple. People choose to believe as a herd; primarily when they fear. Consequently obedience is determined by the following steps: make them think alike (the universities are so smart)/ make them believe ( much smarter than me, I cannot compete)/ make them fear (covid is a pandemic, FEAR IT)/ make they obey (do this, or not only is your life in jeopardy; you choose to threaten our lives). Thereby the enemy is whosoever has a face, uncovered by a mask. Society is now divided, and the preparations to conquer, have been established. And media screams: WE JUST WANT THE MONEY. But reality proves; you invaded; for their purpose, and not the values or protection of our society.

this is a finite world; and nobody will survive; because men choose war is just the beginningThe reality of human intervention in genetics:  is FAR MORE DANGEROUS, than its ability to cure us:  “A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe or its toxins. The agent stimulates the body’s immune system to recognize it as foreign, destroy it, and ”remember” it, so that the immune system can more easily identify and destroy any of these microorganisms that it encounters later. The body’s immune system responds to vaccines as if they contain an actual pathogen,”  THE CLAIM of medicine is: they discarded the human genetic structure, to create their own; and implant it in you:  because now “they know”. but genetics are shaped by an infinite reality of possibilities,

So then now let’s suppose: extreme arrogance and apathy for all humans (religious satan)/ allows the university elite to indoctrinate their students into “mimic and memorize whatever you are told”. So that they never question; and are always considered to be “the primary herd”. The university elite KNOW: this earth cannot survive the crush of human population/ and therefore in order for them to survive and maintain anything they want: PEOPLE MUST DIE/ and in the billions; to make a difference. Now the most effective means to transferring that reality to an entire human population: is to implant a genetic mutation (a vaccine for instance; “you must/ you must”)_/ that will then take over; under specific conditions and with certain types of activators. Assuming all goes as planned. After all, its not really murder: if you save a planet/ right? SOMEBODY has to survive; right?

the approximate amount of data stored in the human body is:

1.5 Gbytes x 100 trillion cells = 150 trillion Gbytes or 150×10^12 x 10^9 bytes = 150 Zettabytes (10^21)!!!

all of which must cooperate with each other in a symphony of real life harmony; or we die, mutilate, or fail as a human itself.  THIS HUMAN DECISION, discarding nature: does look like, and has all the potential; to be a coming; HORRIFYING  pandemic. the cost of belief; is you surrender your freedom.  1,  2,  3,  5

Your decision then: frightened, by the realities of hate and arrogance/ proven apathy of university towards all of nature and planet and resources and “everything but themselves”. The question of: can they kill us, is remanded to: did they kill us? The critical answer: either wait for the forty years it takes for smoking to exhibit real consequences (or sooner)/ OR investigate and prove what is true; [as if we need to know now] before the rabid propaganda of media, consumes any more potential lives. Because no matter what you were told: THEY DON’T know what the future for their vaccine or the virus they released is going to do. NOPE they aren’t gods/ just former classmates, without a clue. But hey, don’t you worry now: because very soon the robot armies, “will keep you under control/ and decide who lives or does not”. Won’t that be great?

 your mask offers no real solution, and in fact offers a breeding ground; for a virus that can travel through the screenrespect the miracles of our lives/ don't destroy them

And that does not include: the interrelationships between RNA AND DNA/ how they affect timing, or the concepts of “intellectual construction, that allows a body of life to function”; within preset limits and boundaries.  “yet they say:  WE KNOW”.

The foundation of democracy is: that we the people do have the right to rule over ourselves and our nation/ by constitutional contract and decree; through law. Covid removed that in its entirety; denying every law, and every legal right, and every constitutional protection: by claiming it is a pandemic. Yet we are offered NO EVIDENCE other than: those who set the price, and gain trillions from us/ collecting everything they desire. With so much money claimed; that billion dollar bribes are not only expected/ but guaranteed; as is the case of media propaganda and the constant saturation of all public communication mediums. CLEAR evidence is certain: that this pandemic came directly from “the university laboratory”/ and was released in some form; with the end result: WE PAY/ THEY GET, everything they want. That is NOT constitutionally allowed; and it is clearly pointing to all forms of leadership, even in business: that are ultimately proving “THE UNIVERSITY CULT WORSHIPERS” have taken over our nation and our lives. And absolutely MUST be investigated: to determine not only treason, for destroying our guarantees, and aiding and abetting our enemies: but to decide what level of world terrorism, shall be leveled at these “university gods”/ and the bribery accepted by their cohorts, particularly in media. WITH THE PURITY OF TRUE EVIDENCE; we will then decide the correct response for ourselves; BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.humanity is a fool, the geneticist is a terrorist like disease/ hard to rid 

Universities not only gamble with nature/ this is no pandemic.  instead: a lesson from history;  Upon achieving power, Hitler smashed the nation’s democratic institutions and transformed Germany into a war state intent on

death is not easily faked, and the population increases each year 

not a pandemic: at 81.1 years of age for women: they are not suffering from heart disease/ or breast cancer to any degree;  “its all a lie for money”. Believe/ fear/ obey: PAY.

death rate 11 

covid is granted to be: a slight change in flu/ thereby it is very easy to claim the flu is covid; particularly when you convince the public, and medical staff;  “its a pandemic”.

flu statistics modified to fit covid death rate 12

In addition to criminal contempt for constitutional government: an open rebellion. IT IS the universities who have been stealing our currency, by asset inflation and giving it over to whomever they pleased; a true insurgency. Reframing American: is merely code-word: for taking property and rights from those who built the nation/ and again “giving that reality of work and sacrifice” to whomever the university elite desires. A traitorous act. Discarding infrastructure for their experiments. Plaguing the nation with poisons, cursing the young with religious indoctrination of “university is god/ NEVER question your god; as is against our democracy; a reality of anarchy. A judiciary and media: who enforce “the universities CANNOT be questioned”: as is subservience to the king/ “cult worshipers”.  Their purpose is of course: to build an army with bribes/ create a divide in the nation for civil war: AND THEN complete their take over of this nation; when the citizenry is fighting for their lives. After all: it is nearly complete: every business bought/ or given away to foreigners. Infrastructure failed. Education worthless but to the few. Government, courts, media, politics, business, industry, healthcare, EVERYTHING; overrun and taken over, by the university fool, spouting lies, delusion, fantasy, cheating, stealing, failing life and planet/ to destroy this nation, and play god over this world; and nation. death walks among us, as the demand to mutilate yourselves and your child intensifies The critical truth is:  your leaders have invaded and destroyed the very foundations of this USA; by  discarding constitutional law, rights, and realities of choice as is called freedom (leave me alone)/  disrespecting liberty (OUR right to decide) in all its forms.  THE FIRST AMENDMENT: “CONGRESS, shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion (discarded for university is god/ you have no right to question university anything: they are god)/  or prohibiting the free exercise thereof (discarded, ALL shall fear/ believe/ and obey; whatever the universities say)/  or abridging the freedom of speech (denied/ access removed)/  or, of the press (no longer valid as all communication is the manipulation of propaganda, for social control;  sold to the highest bidder)/  or the right of the people, peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances ( the law which gives power and authority of our democracy to ourselves:  the right to investigate and decide as WE THE PEOPLE/  the critical means; of not to be ruled by our employees).        EVERY PART OF OUR US GOVERNMENT, EVERY SECURITY AND RIGHT; even IN state governments; have been invaded and overrun by those who believe they are superior; and must therefore be OUR RULERS.      providing NO UNBIASED EVIDENCE OF CAUSE/ and in fact in denial of that REAL WORLD , evidence which does exist.  The PLAGUE OF PANDEMIC THAT IS REAL:     IS UNIVERSITY TAKEOVER; by those who use the claim of “university knows”/ as their weapon for insurgency and destruction of US democracy itself.    ALLOWED by the whimpering masses, who refuse courage;  so they can hide in fear/ believe/ and obey.        From the cost of demanding TRUTH.   as history proves:  if the people will not rise to enforce their legitimate laws and methods of governing/ THEN TYRANTS WILL RISE INSTEAD.    Once fear of these tyrants;  has set into place, the belief “we have no options but death” override society/ and they are forced to obey.  “the slaughter house opens”.  COVID IS THE WEAPON/   not a pandemic (so says the evidence),  the insurgency of ANARCHY coming!

USE THE LAW, AND REMOVE POWER; BY ENFORCING WE THE PEOPLE SHALL MAKE OUR OWN DECISION;  WITHOUT THEIR FEAR, BELIEF, OR DEMAND TO OBEY.  By investigating the reality of what have our employees been doing; what can we prove is true.  Versus what is the price for being WRONG!

Chaos is: “we want what we want”/ instead of letting truth, reality, and the cost of consequences decide. Chaos is the mob who believes violence is an answer; instead of law, as confronts want with truth. Chaos is; the corrupted courtroom/ which holds power and pride as god/ instead of life, law, justice and fair play as their solution. Chaos is: pride and power and the animals in charge/ the two year old intellectual; who decides “we must kill these other people/ to survive”. Chaos is: the intellectual elite, propagating the mental traps that become an excuse for war. Chaos is: the indoctrination of children, by school education using blind obedience as their solution. Chaos is: now that we have been jailed by debt/ they must obey what we say. Chaos is: the people who believe if only they were the leaders/ they would be as if god were here through them. Chaos is: a university with no brain/ who believes they are gods. Chaos is: DESTROYING EVERYTHING SURVIVAL NEEDS/ AND GAMBLING WITH THIS ENTIRE WORLD, IN WAYS WE TRULY CANNOT SURVIVE; when it is proven “they were wrong”.HITLER surfaces in the mind of leaders, as fears/ believe/ obey controls their mind

methods used to remove democracy from society include. nazi at work/ taking control over society; destroying community with fear

DISCIPLINE IS: WE search and examine the evidence that is available to us, to express the value of truth, and the honesty of making a decision that is supporting life and planet: so that we all can survive. ORDER IS: WE, remove the blinders, discard the beliefs, deny pride, power, and want: so we can learn how best to participate as a world; in creating a future we will survive. BALANCE IS: destiny shapes itself, by our decision to care; and in that care learn to love, respect, and identify what truth demands will be our ways. THE human ANIMAL: wants an enemy, because there is power and pride in being a warrior; as they scream respect me/ OR I kill you. And that brings the opposing warrior; who shouts: I don’t give a damn about you/ dead or alive you are worthless to me. TO BE HUMAN ALIVE; requires the end of want (we share hope/ not pride), end of pride (no life is not a game/ and there is no winner or loser; only life or death), and end of power (limited capitalism, divides and conquers; by our vote/ so that a reward is earned, all share life: but the power of armies is ours alone).

Our employees, particularly in the judiciary have avoided all questions related to first amendment redress of grievances; BY AVOIDING ALL CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, AND REFUSING TO ANSWER; using strictly illegal excuses (rules do not destroy laws) as their cause. As seen in the constitutional cases brought by James F. Osterbur; in every state, federal, and supreme court, throughout this USA. But you are reminded; as are they: in article 3 section 2. 1. “all cases arising under the constitution”. WHICH DOES MEAN, THEY CANNOT LEGALLY dismiss any democratic question WITHOUT A LEGITIMATE constitutional answer. It is their job at the US SUPREME COURT; to defend our democracy, which means to assert and protect: the authority and ownership of this nation and state; called WE THE PEOPLE. OR, the legal right of first amendment law; MUST BE OBEYED, and that does include redress (we want to know)/ and as owners, we will then decide, if this is legitimate to our contract, and control by its laws; as the constitution is our government; NOT our employees.


WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR OURSELVES: IF OUR LIVES CAN BE OVERRUN/ NATURE AND PLANET GAMBLED WITH/ RESOURCES, THEREBY SURVIVAL DESTROYED. The following poll is taken, to determine and support any and all efforts that may or may not bring REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES TO the forefront of our democracy/ as a public courtroom trial to discover and investigate: WHAT IS TRUE, about our state or nation, our future, our world! To then decide by our vote: if anything must be changed/ as the clear alternative to civil war, or rebellion, or insurgency against us, from the inside.


I AGREE: I VOTE YES WE MUST HAVE THE LAW, called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: to prove what is true/ so there can be NO upheaval or denial of our democracy, and its purpose called WE THE PEOPLE: “own this state or nation”. The employee merely works to uphold the constitution as our government, by its law and true intent of democracy. YES, A PUBLIC TRIAL OF ACCOUNTABILITY; TO DISCOVER THE REAL WORLD; FACTS; must occur.


I DO NOT AGREE: I VOTE NO REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, shall not decide by investigation; or the direct involvement of the people; or their legal right to be informed/ or understand government decisions, or their consequences: beyond what they are told. EVERYTHING IS FINE/ “don’t touch nothing”!

Because this is world wide implications for all life on earth: the INTERNATIONAL VOTE is accepted. YES I CHOOSE FOR KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING/ OUR RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE. OR NO, I CHOOSE LET THE LEADERS LEAD, the universities decide: the people know nothing.

THIS MUST REFLECT A HUMAN VOTE (only once), to be of value: “like a penny in the wishing well”/ only massive real world numbers will make a difference. So, do whatever you can legally do: and the courtroom doors shall open. OR, if you just don’t care; they won’t.

All ages can vote/ [But a small miscommunication exists: vote coming soon. This is not for a popularity contest. instead the question is will you commit to fighting for redress or not? the end result, to accomplish this, for voting is as yet undetermined. But the purpose is: those who are willing to fight for redress may have the opportunity to find each other. By meeting first Sunday of the month at 3:00 pm in front of your closest courthouse; or some such thing as may work for you]. Or, advertise in various ways and places and organizations for yourselves. Because all ages are threatened with extinction; even the parent can vote for the baby/ as it is about the world they inherit, or die from.

I thought the ears would heal; and they were healing until the fall, when crop drying made it permanent. The same is true for this whole world. People believe “it doesn’t matter/ until it does”. Yet when faced with now or never; what that really means is “one tiny thing extra”/ AND ITS OVER for the rest of time. Such as the disappearance of ocean ice is the disappearance of the base food source which grows under that ice. Such as the dumping of poisons in, around, under, on top of , on every side; for decades: ENDS the possibility of recovery for the water supply you drink. The disappearance of ponds at the end of tributaries; as is being done everywhere to control flooding (man’s way)/ is the end of that primary food source for rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans; because the next generation has no where to be born. End of coral reefs/ end of life that supports other life because huge fishing trawlers take them all; again leaving nothing to repopulate the ocean or feed the predator fish. End of trees and habitat/ extinction of species; the atmosphere detaches from the planet. End of hot and cold areas, is the end of circulation in our atmosphere which stops the cycles of rain and weather. End of insects another base food group supporting wide varieties of other life; pollinators; more. Endless pollution/ tragic decisions throughout human society/ end of securities/ destruction of a stable biology by mutilation of diseases/ mutilation of life to create chaos, a religious anarchy; the evolutionary zealot. Destruction of governments/ endless propaganda, intent to control, manipulate, tempt, hypnotize(the gun is the answer; watch nearly any show ) of media. Division of society, we can take their stuff/ and force them into being our slaves/ one way or the other. Extreme over population of humans; planet cannot support all; is war/ with weapons of mass destruction. University terrorism, lets create disease and profit tremendously. The cult worshipers who let them. Destruction of seeds, by genetics; opening them to a complete pandemic which ends the food supply. Livestock factories: lets pack them together so a single disease ends them all. Endless salts (herbicide, etc) being spread throughout agricultural land. Factories which cannot survive unless garbage mountains are created; forming the assassination of every child; because their future does not exist. No reality; the universities killed it/ no values; the universities killed it/ no respect; the universities killed it/ no work; the universities killed it/ no rights; the universities killed it/ no government; the universities are killing it. Mass hypnosis instead; BELIEVE damn you believe/ FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ obey you worthless fools you; “we are gods/ the university is RULER of this world”; as is the constant called satan on earth (pure arrogance/ absolutely apathy/ the destruction of all respect/ the worthless pursuit of fantasy/ the vile laziness of university failures/ the tragedy of university ways and methods. The horrifying curse of death, and destruction; as has been proven when “university leads”. Surrounded by true threats of our own extinction; standing on the abyss, to see HELL is coming. All because the one certainty of human existence has been: “the believer don’t need no damn evidence or truth/ all he or she needs; is to believe what they want to believe: period, DON’T tell me nothing. Because I refuse to be blamed; “I don’t know nothing”/ so it ain’t my fault. But alas; “when the dam is breaking/ and your decision is too hide and run away from that: thereby allowing billions to die. All because you refused “to know truth, reality, and duty”: whose fault is all those deaths, which could have been saved. If you had only cared, or at least shared the information with someone who did. Life is not a game, and our reality is no lie: extinction stands at the door. BECAUSE THAT, IS WHAT YOU CHOSE.   but even so: you will not convince the majority of elders, unless you make them fear their cult beliefs in university is god!  THE ABSOLUTE MOST CLEAR METHOD OF DOING THAT;  is to review and prove the cost of being wrong:  in the experiments to bring the same energy source here as is on the sun.  BEGIN COURT TRIAL HERE, www.iter.org (the biggest):  BECAUSE LIFE OR DEATH OF THIS WORLD BY FIRE;  is enough to make them listen, and then question TRUTH itself.   OPENING THE DOOR;  to reviewing genetic mutilation as is the constant of “university plays god”. OPENING THE DOOR; to reviewing global warming and the costs of being WRONG!

And all the people say: “I can’t be bothered, I have debts, I have wants, I have needs, ain’t nobody going to listen to me; so have me excused: BECAUSE I DON’T want to be involved. Leave me alone/ NO, I don’t have a penny to spare. NO, I won’t communicate nothing. NO, I won’t demand redress to prove what is true: BECAUSE I WANT, WHAT I WANT. And nothing is going to stop me; from taking mine/ not even extinction; because you can’t prove, the costs of what I choose will be in MY LIFETIME. So, let the children pay; after all, I did for what my ancestors chose. But alas: they left you with a living world/ and all you leave is a dead world; forever lost by man, with the aid and wants of woman pushing him ahead. And all the children say: “HELP ME” SAVE my world! To which the only reply can be: we must communicate and inform humanity on earth/ because these are worldwide catastrophes due to university and media influences/ human choices. We all live, or we all die together; and the only way HELP can be achieved; is if we go to trial, and prove beyond a doubt: that extinction will come. “in their lifetime”. Because the edge is very near.   Believe or not; is absolutely irrelevant/ because truth does not care what you want; it is what it is.

To know means: I have accepted the price for being wrong/ and will now make my decision. Duty means: I understand the needs presented here, along with the reality of my own choices matter. Truth means: we have gathered the evidence, and presented these facts as best we can, to assemble the honesty of our choice; knowing the cost for being wrong. While respect means: even though the curse of human male is, “to take everything/ and leave nothing”; so as to be rich. The reality is: you kill this earth, and with the aid of universities who cherish only the fantasy of we can play god: you cause extinction for all. Therefore CHANGE and fight for life and planet MUST COME FIRST. Or, there shall be no future for life. Do NOT, be concerned with what you cannot do/ you cannot do that, which makes it irrelevant:  DO WHAT YOU CAN LEGALLY DO. As is what I do; because without the law and its truth/ all that will be left is chaos, hate, and war:  CHOOSE.

Of the endless consequences of human university led choices; one of the most severe is the coming water shortage/ and of course universities discard that with absolute disrespect: “their leaders want to kill you instead; or escape to another planet which won’t happen”. Solutions among ourselves; among a long list; is the experiment. Below the US great lakes; massive salt reserves have been found: because the ocean water which use to sit on that area, evaporated away, the salt separated and covered up with silt/ while being replaced with fresh water instead. So the question is: given that it would be nearly impossible for all the salt water to have evaporated/ leaving only salt behind; which would have then been covered up by silt with fresh water coming in. Which would have absorbed some of the salt. Before fresh water came into the basin to replace all sea water. THERE HAS TO BE a method of separating the salt from ocean water; by using materials which will absorb the salt, or leech the salt out; as fresh water is added in. Rock salt contains a lot of sediment (the most probable method; adding weight to the salt, so that it sinks)/ compaction does the rest. So the end result is: we can simply use a five gallon bucket. To contain the salt water, and by various methods of plant/ sedimentation/ heat, cold, vibration, etc experimentation; obtain an understanding of how best we might proceed. No, I am not going to do it for you: stand up for life, and help fight against our own extinction.

The most likely addition needed to the “natural process selection” of sedimentary materials; is a basic slime mixture (various plants and “stuff”) which would hold its consistency creating a separation on its way down to the bottom; thereby taking the salt with it. Like bringing sun fire here; WE KNOW by the evidence a nuclear fire can be ignited; so it can be ignited here as well. We also know; that the salt was separated/ therefore a method exists; and it is unlikely to have been caused by simple evaporation: the evidence of sediments and coverage; point to rain.

The most dramatic method of course is: to use all the heat you generate to evaporated sea water into fresh water. Particularly from major sources such as power plants/ however the university cult does not allow a brain/ only believers; so “you can’ t use that”; right? And the university zealot screams: “we DON’T got to do NOTHING”/ cause you know, “they’re gods”. But reality reminds you: life without water, won’t be happy or long: so go investigate your water supplies/ and look for the contamination; because it is there.

I will add a warning: to the people who ignite forest fire and more. Because your intent is hate; but your decision is “mass casualties for all life and living involved”. MORE than people exist in this world; your decision to massacre a forest of life; will be judged, without mercy; as you have chosen to do. Same is true for all intents of savagery; against any form of life. Whether you can find repentance; to seek better than HELL and potentially HADES for yourself; has nothing to do with me. I simply present the warning. And guarantee: change or “cry for an eternity”.  The reality is: “your universities” claimed an easy life, for the majority/ by consuming the future of every child, every living thing on earth; while shouting “not in my lifetime, I WON’T pay”. But eternity waits for you, and reality will remember you. In the same way truth waits for the consequences that are coming.

IN THE WORLD OF HUMAN LIFE:  Because;  “just one second too late/ ignition of nuclear fire, is real”; and your opportunity to make a decision for yourselves is over. REALITY TAKES CONTROL; by its own truth.  Evicting belief (we can have whatever we want) forever. IF you did this, helped, or worshiped those who did: and it becomes true; our world on fire/ FAR WORSE than tears for an eternity await you.

THE leaders; CHOOSE TO GAMBLE WITH THIS WORLD; believing a nuclear fire will just extinguish itself (not enough gravity here)!   DO YOU STILL CHOOSE TO LET THEM; IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE;  by, “worshiping the university is god”?         WAKE UP.

I utterly DO NOT say;  “believe me”/  rather, as I said from the beginning:  GO TO COURT/ GATHER ALL THE EVIDENCE AND ENFORCE “WE WILL UNDERSTAND”.  then make a decision for yourselves.  if the universities can still play god.

STAND UP AND DEMAND TRIAL NOW!  no leader/ no nation has the right to make this decision.  a reality of extreme risk:  to living/ as is, death for all life & this world.

BECAUSE ONE SECOND TOO LATE;  “with trillion dollar machines already running”/ AND THERE IS NO ESCAPE/   THIS WORLD, “JUST LIKE THE SUN”;    will burn.

DON’T BELIEVE: LET THEM PROVE the realities of evidence: ARE WRONG. The true cost to our  REAL WORLD, anything less than this.  No theories allowed/ no fantasy excuses/ no delusions of imagination;

ONLY the  EVIDENCE of  our safety, proven with valid and true facts!

judge then for yourselves: if you are willing to pay:  WITH OUR PLANET ignited IN A NUCLEAR FIRE (AN UNENDING ATOMIC LIKE EXPLOSION OF ENERGY RELEASED); THAT IS “SELF-SUSTAINING”.  You OWE IT, to every child/ every life and future life that could exist! Because atoms are the fuel for that fire;  “just like the sun”.  NO DELUSIONS allowed.

THIS IS NOW A SUMMARY ASSESSMENT; of both conception, “WHAT can we know”; and the development of  functional evidence; as is already known, but assembled to create the basis of NEED.

that WE THE WORLD; must in fact: FIND WHAT IS TRUE.

literally believing whatever “your former classmates of university”;  IMAGINE, is not enough.


  1. IS IT TRUE: THAT Lawrence Livermore labs 2012; has proven the claim of combining hydrogen into helium: IS WRONG?
  2. Instead of “its magic” as claimed by university: PROVE, the reality of kinetic energy as is clearly contained in an atomic explosion; is anything other than the spin of the atom as mass in motion.
  3. PROVE: that fantasy elements; such as a graviton exist.
  4. PROVE; that the core of the sun is its hottest part/ as that would mean all the fuel is already being burned/ and the sun fire itself would go out.
  5. PROVE: that a supernova expansion as exists: is anything other than more fuel being burned.
  6. PROVE: that the explosive force of an exploding sun/ does not reflect back onto itself within the core/ because the energy cannot escape. FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION; IT IS A LAW OF ENERGY! In consequence to that: IT MUST turn back upon itself/ thereby creating “dark energy: opposite effect of kinetic energy”.
  7. PROVE: that the claim of gravity simply “energy of pull; being sucked into the core”; has someplace to go/ other than “its magic”.
  8. PROVE: that the spinning atom is not held together; by an opposing dark energy force as is the neutron.
  9. PROVE: THAT a 4 million times energy expansion as is claimed by scientific papers/ and the reality of an atomic explosion does not exist. Therefore any other claim as may be made in these experiments with a tomak reactor are a LIE.
  10. PROVE: that ignition of plasma: is anything other than an atomic “lets burn atoms” fire.
  11. PROVE: that ignition of plasma; need not be of concern: because that energy expansion will just extinguish itself.
  12. PROVE: THAT IGNITION OF PLASMA; is not a self sustaining event/ that is then just like the sun: and will NOT burn then, EVERY atom of our existence.   MAKING THESE EXPERIMENTS A ONE TIME ONLY EVENT. THAT CANNOT BE UNDONE.  BECAUSE WE CANNOT EXTINGUISH THE FIRE.             Because we are burning ATOMS/ ON A PLANET MADE OUT OF FUEL!
  13. And the people say: “the universities are our savior/ they can’t be wrong”: we can’t all be wrong!  BUT the reality is: theories are not facts/ the use of imagination is not evidence/ the claim of control is based upon want, NOT reality. and the cost of being WRONG IS we all burn alive. NO GOING BACK; once ignition is achieved.
  14. and the people say: “our universities would never risk our lives; they are gods”! But alas, they are men and women; who make their living, have obtained great power and pride because of these experiments.  AND THEY REFUSE  TO GIVE THAT UP. Just like you, the bribes/ the money/ “we are gods”;  are too good. So they risk, and gamble LIFE OR DEATH; for our world. and the great herd of humanity lets them do it;  “with trillions of dollars spent”.


To identify and create the solutions we need to survive as a world; for ourselves

a primary demonstration of that fact :la demand for LEGAL REDRESS

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THE LAW IS, the only way we survive.    FACING OUR REALITY IS OUR ONLY CHANCE.     AS IS PROVEN, by the reality of threats we face, from having “the universities in charge” for the last fifty plus years.


Is worth fighting for life and planet; or not!

Distractions are dangerous. FOCUS ON THE TRUTH, not me/ and NEVER FORGET; the price for being WRONG.

WHY, WOULD ANYONE HIDE FROM REALITIES THAT COULD CAUSE OUR EXTINCTION? WHERE, would anyone run? Answer: “the game is dead”/ time to pay. And humanity shouts: “I WON’T PAY/ and you can’t make me”.

  1. BUT REALITY ASKS:   “really, from a nuclear fire”, our world/ our planet turned into a sun. Even this planet explodes; because of thermodynamic realities:  changing this solar system forever. So that none, will even know it existed.  Such is the catastrophe of “university plays god/ and, the people worship them”.

  2. mutilated nature, every living thing “crucified from the inside”/ by university chaos; the worship of evolution.

  3. An overheated earth: “just too hot to live”.  from all the heat you released.

  4. All life in the oceans dead; you destroyed their food supply.

  5. No drinking water/ extreme war breaks out all over the earth. The dust bowl returns, and even worse “Lies in wait”/ from the choices you have made. You threw the water away for ethanol/ poisoned it “for ease”.

  6. Overpopulation: we are growing at over another billion people to feed; every five years. Kill a billion people/ still seven billion to go; while they continue to multiply at roughly 200 million or more each year. 8 billion people standing 3 feet apart (or a meter);  is roughly 182 continuous human lives touching each other around the equator on water too!  The US death rate, old age and all; REVIEW  from all causes last year with covid was about one per every 99 individuals/ with covid claims: one per 876.

  7. Plant seeds genetically altered: to remove all their defenses. Opening the door to a single disease destroys every crop. Corn is specific, “first in line”/ and represents all grasses. Ending nearly all food supply for humanity.

  8. Livestock farmed in close confinement: where disease can easily destroy the food supply for masses of people. As demonstrated in “the pig crisis of China” recently. NO respect multiplies.

  9. Geneticists now able to create disease/ so they can sell “a vaccine”; to collect trillions.  medicine loses all value; because of bacterial and virus mutilations caused by their changes.

  10. Weapons of mass destruction; because the masses cannot be turned back in any other way. EVERY ONE;  shouting WE WANT MORE.

  11. Our planet losing its grip on our atmosphere, because the trees are gone. Accelerating winds/ and no weather for crops. No circulation of the atmosphere from hot to cold; because the ice is gone.

  12. Habitat losses, destruction of all life/ ALL CHAINS OF LIFE BROKEN. Base food groups such as insects, and life feeding the ocean which grows under sea ice lost, coral reefs lost. Pollinators lost/ plants sterilized, genetically alters and unable to adapt.

  13. Human currency corrupted to world bankruptcy/ and human ANGER. The thirst for war.

  14. Oxygen depletion from fossil fuel fire used; to the drop of concentrations: found at high elevation.

  15. Ozone loss levels; open the door to radiation levels we cannot absorb/ along with excess produced radiation from humans. Proves our bodies, and the skin which protects us, will fail.

  16. Human acceptance of “facial recognition”; proves fatal/ as once recognized “just a tiny squirt of gas or disease or other”/ and those who hate you: have killed you. Or, “stroke of a button”; taken away your right to buy food, etc. THIS WORLD is filled with “Hitlers; and the cult who follows”.

  17. no more jobs; the few now own it all/ and they use computers, and robots to prove you lose: so you can be their slaves. Nothing proves “god” more, than I will kill/ abuse/ use, whatever I want: to you. Tyrants , liars and thieves: everywhere.

  18. Destruction of governments: THE SCREAM WE WANT MORE/ will not end. There is no solution; so war begins.

  19. The courtroom fails/ policing dies/ the foundations of society, which includes farming in all its endeavors: ENDS. Nothing is sacred/ nothing is grown/ nothing survives “the human hunger”.

  20. Only the mob remains: HELL exists. And they all scream for murder.

  21. Cannibalism rules the world/ there is nothing else. LIFE on this earth is dead/ human extinction is next.

  22. Resources are gone: there is no more of anything, we use for work or life/ all gone. Everything in the TRASH. Earth fails us/ just as we failed life. The dead; who ruled over the last fifty plus years ended it all; with apathy, disrespect, disgrace, and pure destruction for the sake of destruction: “to prove, yes I can”.

  23. Religion turns deadly: WE ARE the ones who matter. The last organization of anything human on earth/ fails.

  24. The value of life is over. YOU the previous generations: threw it all away.

AND THEN COMES: the secondary lists of consequences created by the first.  IT IS LONG.

and the possibility for the Yellowstone super-volcano to erupt; which will end the lives of billions/ but may save the world.

And the people say: ‘WE CAN’T ALL BE WRONG; this world has not changed/ WE, don’t have to do NOTHING”. But alas, you choose to believe, what you choose to believe; because you want, what you want, to be true. Truth however is not determined by what you want: IT IS, WHAT IT IS.Making the cost of belief; a recipe for failure and extinction.  “the university graduated:  intellectual two year old child, in charge:  whose only real purpose in life is:  to collect as many toys, trophies, and trinkets as he or she possibly can:  has failed”. The cult dies.        AND RELIGION SAYS:  “WELL, if this is the biblically predicted end/ then there is nothing we can do/ but surrender this world; and expect:   DAMN THEM ALL/ WE GET “HEAVEN”.  Even though you were warned: DO NOT JUDGE/ LEST YOU BE JUDGED.  Or, more distinctly; as always religion wants an excuse! But reality says:  are you going to stand there and burn; if someone comes at you with a flame thrower? NO ESCAPING NUCLEAR FIRE! THAT IS basically the price of doing nothing. WHILE TRUTH ADDS:  every threat we face is due to human decisions/ and that leaves survival, as a decision WE WILL make to change. OR as a reality:  you deliberately chose to let this world die/ and, yourselves to go extinct.

and the courts say: THIS IS CHAOS, “we cannot let the people; decide for themselves”/ that is madness. The power structures of wealth, we depend upon will be ruined. But alas, they already are.

Leaders say: THIS IS CHAOS; “we will not be judged by those we rule over/ they are NOBODIES, and will cause us all to fail. But alas, that has already occurred.

Universities say: “WE ARE gods”/ ain’t NOBODY going to make us defend ourselves. We can kill them instead/ WE ARE, “nearly ready”……”to save ourselves”.

and religion says: “THIS DAMN claimed to be messenger”: AIN’T NOTHING. We demand/ we expect to see “great signs/ great upheavals/ great GOD coming down to give us all; the heaven WE WANT (to be as lazy and useless as the richest and most powerful people on earth; who have ever existed/ with endless slaves, and endless lust, and ALL WE WANT”). BECAUSE after all, they do get to believe “in anything they want”; so long as they pay their dues.

But I offer instead: “JESUS, came as a baby”/ even though that generation wanted the same as you. Constitutional law, and its clear intent; is the US government; and employees swore an oath to “obey and keep it pure for the people; as their own WE THE PEOPLE democracy”. While the universities claim and pronounce: “question everything”/ except of course but themselves. REALITY NOW DEMANDS: we must question them too! Simple as that; GO TO COURT/ REDRESS TRIAL IS YOUR LINK: TO THE AUTHORITY OF WE THE PEOPLE have legal rights to protect our democracy/ investigate our employees/ and a duty to change anything we find to be an insurgency against us; or a reality we will not allow for ourselves, our world, our life, nature, child, and planet.

THAT, LEGAL: WE HAVE RIGHTS AS A DEMOCRACY: REDRESS AUTHORITY, is our decision AS A NATION; to make.  Under first amendment law!

Which brings us too: this is a rather obscure website, due to its name; it cannot be found by anyone not specifically looking for this website. Unfortunately the value of a website is not determined by content or reality. Instead as is the case for this site: if “the powers that be” do not wish the site to be found/ NO search aid is provided, although it can direct elsewhere; and this site, can be hidden away. SO, IF YOU ACCEPT that redress trial is warranted and necessary for our survival as a nation or a world. IF YOU ACCEPT: WE MUST KNOW WHAT IS TRUE/ BECAUSE WE CANNOT ALLOW THESE PEOPLE, OR THEIR EXPERIMENTS AND DECISIONS: TO BE, THAT WRONG. Then you have to participate in distributing this information/ collecting a vote for redress/ informing the world or nation or life; that we do have a choice. And communicate that, as best as you legally can. NOTHING good comes from violence: choose it, and you fail.

The voting is delayed here, but coming soon/ I strongly suggest: that you go to your organizations, or whatever group you belong too/ and enlist their vote for redress as well. Because we MUST know as best we can: what threats are true, without doubt, and must be dealt with NOW. Use this site to vote/ create another/ use write in ballots/ look for lawyers/ file in court/ advertise; or whatever it is: that you “desire to do”/ for life and world. Or more distinctly: “don’t believe/ KNOW AS BEST WE CAN; what is true/ and the price for being WRONG. WE MUST have a public courtroom, open to all: so that NONE can complain “this isn’t real. As best we can: TRUTH, and nothing but the truth. For all to see, hear, and understand.   But know for certain: this is a threat to leaders, who DON’T want to relinquish ANY POWER OR PRIDE/ and especially DON’T want to be examined or investigated for or by the reality of what they chose, or allowed to happen. IT WILL take a massive vote/ thereby proving WE THE PEOPLE are going to enforce our constitutional law. THEIR CONSTANT DEFENSE IS: WE WON’T NEVER ADMIT, that this constitution is our government; or any portion of that law can govern us. It is erased, and we won’t admit it exists. So, understand, THIS IS “A fight”.

I WILL ADD: THAT EXTINCTION IS NO GAME, AND THE REALITY OF THAT “cost of human decision”/ IS VERY REAL. PRAY, AND FIND RESPECT: FOR YOUR TRUE GOD ; as miracles prove, life could not have been built one piece at a time. But humanity can destroy it; with only a few decisions you have, already made.

The path back to life and earth survives: will not be easy, “without HELP “ we fail.

The human animal wants, because the only reality of importance is “me”/ to hell with the rest; I want what I want/ give me what I want; (an abyss; never truly enough; leading too, & ending with pride for the purpose of power; as all friendships are destroyed). The intellectually gifted: understand environment is a trap they can build/ or a trap they can reveal to protect the others; and each will choose which direction they desire. Because you can’t do both. The human, being alive: sees in each and every miracle; something far greater than me existed or exists here/ and I must search, with heart and soul to find that truth, and identify its purpose; to understand my own destiny. Who then are you?

BUT humanity screams: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ “the elders, LIKE it used to be”! But that day is dead/ and your future does not exist: unless massive change exists in humanity itself. Because your want is the enemy. Simple as that. The constant human animal SCREAMS: I WANT MORE/ DAMN YOU, for not giving me more; and thereby finds an enemy. SCREAMING to those who have less: WE NEED TO WAR. But for the last fifty plus years, all of humanity has been taking all you could get/ and throwing it away, as a prize or trophy or toy or trinket; without true value. Because LIFE does not functionally care about time; it seeks love. So, without an endless shopping/ throw it all away, so we can get more; spree. For 8 billion people; you are not happy! Love however is not a possession, it is a gift. Which means you cannot war, to receive it/ and that makes human want worthless. So, ALL, the human animals say: instead of love: I WANT what I WANT; because I can win this game; and prove how powerful I truly am/ so bow down and worship me, “AS MORE”. Love eludes them, but they are the majority effect on all human behavior.

So, we will be simple; and to simply keep this earth from extinction: all of humanity MUST accept the limits and boundaries this planet will now allow; NOT a game/ the truth as reality knows it to be. Your want is dead/ even if you won’t surrender it: reality will prove that part of living is extinct/ or you are. As always: the real enemy of peace and harmony is overpopulation/ the crush of people shouting more, with a planet demanding less. The real enemy of life itself: are those who believe they can play god/ and try to enforce that. Failing us all! YOU MUST choose for ALL life and THE WHOLE planet comes first/ NOT your wants. Simple as that. Shouting is not allowed; truth decides. Truth is isolated from the realities which prove “cause and effect”/ the value of thought decides, over the tragedy of wants and imagination; as is “university knows”. Their power has been “yes we can”/ but the consequence of their choices, has led to: CHANGE OR BE EXTINCT AS A WORLD. Not a game. So, if they have evidence to present, let them; because most of the rest have been lazy and useless to life or planet. But do not let their claim of expertise decide/ nor the propaganda of media; as is “a weapon”; blinded by university is god, cult worship. LEARN THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; before making the decision. Search for how best can we share, because unhappy results in war/ and you won’t survive that; as a world filled with trouble, weapons of mass destruction, and being pushed to HATE.

Whether you like me or not, is irrelevant! Whether you want credit or not; is up to you/ DO THE WORK; again irrelevant to me. Whether you believe your religion doesn’t want you too, or not; is irrelevant: because life and world are far more important than any religious decree. And the threats are sufficient, even at this stage of examination: the search for facts. To prove WE CANNOT dismiss any form of help we can get. ALL OR NOTHING: GET REDRESS, WORLD audience PUBLIC VIEW TRIAL: with the clear demand we WILL understand. Prove what is true, before the point of no return passes us by. NONE SHOULD DOUBT; that a nuclear fire can be ignited: the sun is proof of that/ their claim is: “ENERGY JUST LIKE THE SUN”! Trillions of dollars and fifty years of effort and money have been spent to do that specific thing. EVEN IF THEY LIE/ its true. Machines are running, and there is literally NO GOING BACK; once ignition arrives. NOT for a single life on earth: ALL will be consumed by “same fire as is on the sun”. OR, prove the reality of nuclear evidence is wrong/ even if they lie, and promise fantasies instead. And that, “is only one extinction threat”/ of many.

Covid is another in the poisonous cost of letting the universities lead: equal to the most heinous of all villains imaginable. By releasing a disease they created; so they can take what they want (trillions: SLAVES), by making you fear. By releasing: “believe we are your saviors”/ even though they are the enemy of life as proven by mutilation, and more”. By enforcing democracy does not matter/ the law, rights, realities, truth, betrayal and all the rest have no meaning: OBEY The universities as god. So says the cult! Their contribution: “your face” is the enemy. Their decision: by dehumanizing you, any attempt to organize fails; as animals cannot understand more than the reality of want or fear. Making the destruction of nature and planet; “without an enemy to disrupt them”. When they have destroyed everything you value, you live to experience and express, to want or desire: you will fight with them no more. Because NOW, there is nothing left to save, OR even live for; its all GONE. Cannot be: the universities are your savior, god over your life, king or queen; etc! Well as history proves: there is no such thing among men. Instead as history proves: TYRANT, TRAGEDY, FAILURE, is an ever present threat/ especially from those who have claimed both power and pride. When you cult worship a tiny group (which does represent “the university”) as students mimic and memorize to get a job: you have “created the sewer of sludge” that becomes their own trap of arrogance and pride; hate (you are worthless to me) and judgment (I won’t care about you) comes next.

So, the ruling intellectual (living inside) says: together, we can make them fight themselves/ so they cannot focus on us: Where the real trouble starts. Where the threat of power is: do what we say/ or face the consequences of our rules. The animal (living outside) says: I STILL WANT what I want. I demand a trophy, toy, or trinket to prove I was: “a life demanding to be noticed, and feared”. Which constructs the most vile form of army; as warriors who just won’t care about more than self. A process going on today in this USA; as the force to push business, as soldiers required to enforce the rulers rules: because you need this to survive; PROVING the ruler is now; as masters over the slaves/ YOU WILL do what we say. Onto the homes and lives of every citizen/ by evicting justice, legal rights, and truth. Shouting WE, are the experts; WE DON’T NEED NO DAMN DEMOCRACY; we are gods. As is the constant failure of universities, for decades; which brings us now, to the edge of our own extinction. Truth alone survives/ nothing less can. A lesson you must learn to survive.

ONLY TRUTH IS A FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE/ nothing less. Truth says: that everything particularly since the beginning of massive inflation (hidden by media) in 2000. this USA has been under attack: removing every option/ every business/ every opportunity for the individual. By replacing all of it: with just a tiny few own it all. Even to the point of: now consuming the possibilities of a job with covid/ with only the university diploma controls who gets hired. Laundering money through the stock market (the perfect bribe; people shout “I win”/ even though it is literally all a fraud, that fails reality); and more. As is the reality of a nation under attack from the inside: by traitors, thieves, terrorists, propaganda, failure, beliefs, and the whoring of what is nothing more than a “university cult”. Intent upon destroying this nation; so they can take complete control. The intellectual serpent: lives to create a trap (save me), plotting (we can hurt you), planning (sink into debts and lose your freedom to choose), tempting (believe), bribing (no one has to really pay, well not in your lifetime), controlling (we own the banks, and the currency is ours too), manipulating (media shares the sword of hell) and more. All to one day, “crush the life out of you”.

As for you: the death squads continue to turn you into animals, by hiding your face/ making the death of each; little more than “an animal lost” to the rest (no big deal) to most. The cursed and professional liars, continue to disgrace the world itself with propaganda intended to manipulate and control: so that you cannot conquer your fears. The university cult continues its quest to prove they are gods; by destroying everything this world is/ so they can recreate it in their own image. What bigger thing could they do, to prove themselves god? Oh wait I know: “let’s control the sun fire”/ what could go wrong: cause that is BIG PROOF. Oh wait: what if it did go wrong? Answer: insure the propaganda does not accept the noise of doubt: all must believe. Just as all must wear the death mask of covid in charge. To your shame. And that is only the beginning of failure: as is take a look at your television; and understand, “what the imagination of university (your former classmates) really is”. “what alien”; would you rather be/ than your own face and body? Answer; as is the show of masks: lets mix up all the creatures, and make people into insects and birds, and reptiles and destroy every boundary separating species. As is: the word fool is just not big enough/ which ends as SATAN is here. Taking control over your life; to your shame. And the people shout: “genetics are great”/ failing to accept, if the egg is not perfect, no life exists. Or if the seed becomes completely sterile and subject to any disease; your food is dead. Or, if every child is born blind or worse, humanity is truly cursed: by your own INSANITY. YOUR DELIBERATE CHOICE; to let LIFE AND EARTH DIE! Because you didn’t care enough; to even try to save this world. From the horror of universities play god.

As the cesspool of human waste, and parasitic purposes continues to collect information on each person; claiming “to protect you”. Reality will prove, “their secret police/ as were nazi SS: will use that information to attack, threaten, and force the rape, and ravaging; of all life on earth. Hate has never changed; only the methods used to establish violence. And the people say, “never here”/ but, so have the people of every nation, throughout history; ever incarcerated to “hell”; by their leaders. Once enthroned by the overthrow of law and government: power removes your option to survive, so you will die/ unless you beg. Even then: once they have ridiculed you enough; as hate always does: you will die no matter how hard you beg. Because that: IS the leadership you chose. JUST SAY NO; THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW: as is the reality of being alive in this USA. Yet your organizations fail: because you fear/ because you believe and accept, the university is your god/ and because you obey as slaves do. Religion as well: because they cannot turn against “their god; as is university owns your soul”. And I will no longer fight alone; for you or life on earth: STAND UP, and be counted. Make a difference, by joining together for a true public trial: by redress of grievances. WE DECIDE/ NOT OUR EMPLOYEES. And that includes the court: WHICH WE THE PEOPLE OWN AS OURS/ NOT “yours”. OURS, by the right and reality of democracy itself: according to constitutional law: the demand to protect and defend our nation or state, IS OUR LEGAL RIGHT TO INVESTIGATE AND DECIDE; if there are “traitors in our midst/ in our government or courts/ making decisions such as counterfeiting the money; to destroy the foundation, and stability of America itself. Discarding the law of keeping religion out of government: by using evolution and the horror of university/ to invade and control our lives: as is anarchy, insurgency, and treason. FIGHT FOR YOUR LIVES, YOUR WORLD, YOUR CHILD, YOUR NATION: BEFORE all you have left is REAL FEAR, and the power of extinction now controls everything. “can’t be”/ well they stole your face, and made you cover it “with underwear/ the garb, or uniform, of a religious army”; as are the cult worshipers of university is god. The university monkeys of the dead, the damned, the vile, and the cursed took over your lives: to play god, over you. INVESTIGATE COVID; and prove what is really true/ by learning what must be known. Whether it came from universities/ how accurate are their tests/ what are their methods of distinguishing the disease from any other; and how accurate is that: NO combining covid or another: simple and plain (the greater reality rules). WHY did this nation PAY SO MUCH! And MORE. PROVE their vaccine is not going to turn against you, and defile nature itself. WHAT is their projected “collateral losses”/ a reality of every medial invasion made in the last few years; as the simple things are now done. THEN WHEN YOU ARE DONE: YOU WILL prove by laws, we the people create: establishing not only boundaries for ANY politician or media or other/ that they will NOT exceed; without true and real punishment! Prove: who can claim a pandemic, by statistical real world examination of the population; as is reality, rather than simply numbers; as we are 8 BILLION people. And there is always someone sick/ someone dying/ someone who needs care: “from 5,000 known viruses/ various bacterial infections/ cancers/ mistakes/ accidents/ and other”. PROVE; when that claim shall occur by the evidence we demand, “of a plague”/ and how much shall be paid: to any group claiming a cure. One percent of 8 billion people: is 80 million deaths! “whether you like it or not, this earth is full: and there is no possibility the population does not rise by one percent more above deaths. WHICH DOES mean: either more people cannot be born/ or someone has to die: water, food, space, even the planet needs that to be true. Or, where is the reality? WITHOUT the input of “university plays god”; and gets the money, power, and pride. Covid is like everything the university diploma does: “change the name, or hide it in complex math, create a new language: and the people will never know: just like medicines, or herbicides, politics, courtrooms, advertising; Etcetera”. SO they accept: they just have to believe! IT IS THE LIAR, that fights hard NEVER to be investigated! Fights, to point the finger at anything else; and disguise reality, to hide truth. Those who have nothing to hide; do not! SO, the question is: since all the evidence points to a release of covid from the laboratory (anywhere in this world): WHY, are they not on trial/ WHY are they not being charged: to recollect, ALL the money? Have we NOT supported them without significant reward returned by them to us; for generations. Indeed we have. BUT, they cannot motivate a nation to gamble with their bodies of life: without a media conspirator to make you believe! We know the initial take was 5-6 trillion dollars: so if they paid the media just one percent (for a few pennies worth of vaccine); the media gets 50-60 billion dollars! How many more, got paid? INVESTIGATE, and prove what is true! Don’t believe/ don’t guess: prove as best we can: what is true. PROVE the cost of being wrong, or the reality of mutilating genetics is no game, AS IS DESTROYING NATURE ITSELF: may result in “we crucify YOU”. Arrogance is not accepted: reality rules, “in the clear, proven light of day”! As is no manipulation: or to prison you will go. As is, NO taking control over democracy; whether by fear or reality or cult worship: you are denied/ because that is TREASON. THERE ARE “punishments, for that”; which should not be ignored.

DEMOCRACY MAKES YOU/ WE, EQUAL: BY USING REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES AS THE LAW OF INVESTIGATING OUR EMPLOYEES/ thereby: REFUSING, TO LET THEM OWN US. BY USING OUR OWN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, OUR OWN DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY TO MAKE THE CHANGES OUR SOCIETY DOES NEED TO MAKE. Like so many things; that ain’t no game either. Because the only real protection you need is from truth: the leaders (every one of which has a university diploma, and was indoctrinated into the religion of: the university is god) who chose to destroy our world, our nation, our nature, our future, every child, every resource, and EVERYTHING ELSE. Cannot help you much, they failed; as reality does prove true! WAKE UP: quit swallowing their [university; YOUR FORMER CLASSMATES] shit. A diploma changes nothing: still just like you; and you ain’t god either. So work together, and find the truth of what our future can or will be.

The unfortunate truth to be avoided: MANY are the cursed, who trade their lives for power (I want, what I want; to hell with you or your wants: I AM “THE IMPORTANT one”)/ and then face pride: “I won’t repent”/ I WANT WHAT I WANT. The end result being: you chose your own truth. And will face the consequences. The only question is: are you forever lost, or is their hope to recover you from hate/ from the animal you became? Being alive does not recognize “property”; as more than a tool. Tools are for work, not pride. Life is for living as equals (fair and justified), NOT as leaders or their herd.

The foundation of real change for this world is: “limited capitalism”; whereby all of us, get a say in “how much is too rich/ and how much is too poor”; in our working lives, as a nation or even state. Because money is power, and power is, the base foundation of corruption; as history does prove true. LAW that we write for ourselves; is the essence of freedom and our given reality as a society; because whosoever makes the laws; controls society itself, and what your world can be. Once written; “like the ten commandments”; the work is done; because truth is truth, and our reality as a society never really changes beyond the tools we make, or the resources we lose. Without true zero population growth; this earth is dead (not a game, that is the truth). Without restraining the universities in their entirety, and removing their curse on life; which is genetics, physics, and more; you are dead. Simple as that! Unless you protect the children, instead of claiming you won’t care: let them go to HELL: they will. Unless you protect the earth, and stop releasing so much heat; this earth will soon be HELL; extinction will be true. Or more distinctly: EVERYTHING that the universities led you to do, is worthless and vile. OR IT MUST BE REVIEWED; to examine what does have value, and where life can accept the risk they have imposed upon life and earth. Hate must be separated; so there can be peace and happiness elsewhere. Life, work, and resources must be shared, or it will be lost; because you didn’t care enough: your fault, life on earth did die. It is “now a choice/ because you overrun this earth with humanity, and university, and greed (lets take it all; theirs too)”. Happiness will not come; unless you fix all the problems between male and female. That begins with controlling media and entertainment; as they are the manipulators, liars, and cheats: intent upon playing god with all of human society. Using subversion, temptation, fears, lies, cheating, coercing, corrupting, and every other damn thing the universities teach them to do. Such is the beginning; the reality of choices, you are required to make, enforce, and keep as your respect for this living world. WAKE UP AND CHOOSE. Then stand up and be recognized as someone who chose to care. Someone who demands: PUBLIC REDRESS TRIAL. To establish an accounting, as accurate as is possible: so none can claim “no”. As best you can: to remove all claim of doubt. So that; as is consistent with doubt: “then, I will believe whatever I want”; is removed. Reality requires acceptance of the evidence; or a return to prove this is true, by the consequences; are real. Ending with: go ahead then, and stick your hand in the flames; learn consequences matter/ what you want, does not. LIFE AND WORLD, must survive.

REALITY PROVES: THAT WANT, is your greatest enemy of human existence; the foundation for every lie, that can control your life. PRIDE is a tragedy conceived by making all of life and living into a game; where winners and losers exist as the trophy. A distinct disrespect for reality. POWER fails the living, and defeats the truth; by causing corruption, fear, delusions, and deceit. Surrender these; and the world will change. Stop being animals; and life will resurrect an opportunity to survive. IF YOU CHOOSE RESPECT!

Reality proves that hope is the power of life, “it both gives and takes according to what you accept as true”. Love is the purity of life earned, by the values we exhibit within ourselves, as a gift to others. Respect, distinguishes our own life, by our individual choices; as an identity worthy of its value. Values shape us, into the dignity of our discipline/ the acceptance of order/ and the balance of laws must decide. Desire turns from want; to conceive of miracles, and how best we can share in that creation of our caring; as lives called equal. Justice honors the living with fair play. While truth itself, builds into the passions of trust; because “we then can”. Trust finds in life, an eternity from GOD . While our own chosen relationship with GOD cannot be judged, or measured in any way; only cherished, as sacred within ourselves. A definition of who we are; on the inside; as identity will prove true.

Reality in this America proves: tyranny shall not rule! The demand to believe/ the curse to fear/ the forced compliance “with their religious belief; that university is god (NO foundation of evidence by reality; is owed to the public)”; disobeys their own sworn oath of office; and demonstrates the contempt of leaders for this democracy. As is the case called covid.

Reality in this America proves: the declaration of our legal rights as citizens is not destroyed; by the claimed, or even real fears of others. Rather we stand as equals: fully able and legally obligated, to choose for ourselves. NO foundation of law exists: to remove that power of liberty: which reveals treason.

Reality in this America proves: no man or set of men have exclusive rights or authority to confiscate our freedoms, or our inherent legal authority; to pursue the values and life we see fit. Bringing to light: the maladministration, and dangerous decisions against this democracy; of both state and national legislatures.

Reality in this America proves: that all power is vested in and derived from the people; and it is the power of anarchy; that threatens our rights to enforce democracy; and call for redress of grievances/ to investigate ANY reality of “danger that puts this nation or state at risk of failure”. As has covid and more.

Reality in this America proves: proves that religion (we believe) is owed only “to your own god”; BUT NOT by me. As my acceptance of a “duty owed/ or decision made/ or reality of evidence accepted”: is NO concern of yours. Nor is your decision as to religion any concern of mine. Covid proves the insurgency of tyrants, who have used their university religious beliefs “the universities cannot be questioned”. To form an attack on this nation and this state called Illinois; by those whose objective is, to remove liberty/ deny freedom/ reduce rights to OBEY US/ and attack our very source of life as is the right to work; the right to claim what we need to survive; the right to refuse abject treason; and therefrom fight for our democracy with law that will not be destroyed by a corrupted court. WHICH REFUSES CONSTITUTIONAL LAW as the government/ instead of themselves! An act of terrorism; hiding the clear disease of a dying nation; (as the evidence will prove); because the university cult worshipers have no brain, no acceptance of duty to those who built the nation; and no foundation of law: because their purpose is to destroy it with covid. In fact forcing compliance with fear: to take and believe a fraudulent vaccine (nature cast aside); which the universities have extorted trillions by creating a disease; to claim they are superior to nature itself. A fact: so far beyond religion; that only CULT (university overtaking our government, with force) now identifies its truth. No executive power/ no executive privilege; is granted for that cause. Therefore WE THE PEOPLE; HAVE BEEN ATTACKED. Treason falls short of the reality: “our employees, war against us all”. Using fear as their weapon. Using believe the university as propaganda to destroy the need for evidence. Using obey, as their right to combat; their decision, DEMOCRACY IS DEAD. Proving by the religious cult worship inherent in: SPENDING TRILLIONS OF OUR MONEY; FOR UNPROVEN VACCINES; TO THOSE WHO CLAIMED, BUT DID NOT PROVE A PANDEMIC. BUT HAVE YET TO PROVE: THIS IS NOT WORLD TERRORISM, AND THESE LEADERS ARE CRIMINAL IN THEIR CONSPIRACY TO REMOVE ALL INVESTIGATION OF THE FACTS. As have the courts DENIED “the university is not god/ and must be questioned”: in trial after trial. Proving by the reality of worship and their belief: that the university is not only king/ but their god. A fact identified; as traitorous to this United States of America. You do not own my life/ you do not own my money; or my future by making me bankrupt with your larceny and fraudulent activities/ you do not own my democracy or freedoms. You do not own the liberty of we the people decide for ourselves. Nor can you excuse the constitution of redress: by your corruption: without establishing TREASON, and its companion; which is intentional war against we the people of this nation, or even state. To give away our lives, our property, our privacy, our everything: to the dead brains, of a university cult. The constitution is OUR GOVERNMENT; and no employee rises above that fact.

Forming the consequence that is our inherent right: “….when a long train of abuses, and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same objective, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future securities. ….consent of the governed…. AT ALL TIMES amenable to them.” By using redress, our first amendment law: the legal protection against CIVIL WAR! Demanding PUBLIC TRIAL; FOR THE PURPOSE, and the LEGAL AUTHORITY; OF DECIDING AS WE THE PEOPLE. What is, or is not true; and then by our vote correcting what we feel is needed to be done in our own defense. AS A NATION, or state derived from democracy, by the values of constitutional law. Those who fight against that law: as has the judiciary proven to be: shall be found in contempt, and taken to trial as well.

“….the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, privacy, and effects shall not be violated……” fourth amendment. Which does govern the right to claim a pandemic. YOU MUST LEGALLY PROVE BY THE EVIDENCE OF REALITY IN PUBLIC TRIAL. Or, no legal authority exists to make any claim at all/ nor to deny to anyone; by the purposes of your religious cult, its fears, your beliefs, or the contempt against our freedoms as has been done. NO GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE holds the right to claim: I am above the law of our constitution/ instead you are sworn to obey it; under threat of punishment. As is DEMOCRACY ENFORCED.

The greatest tragedy to befall this planet, in its entire history of life; is a university. NOT because some degree of knowledge or understanding has been found. But because NO limits or boundaries as life and mass exhibit as true; have been kept. Instead the intent to play god; supported by fantasies, delusions, and imagination; has discarded respect/ denied the consequences of being wrong/ and thoroughly disgraced us all with the ignorance that is now threatening our very extinction from this planet. As is mutilating life/ injecting chaos into nature/ trying to ignite atoms on fire/ discarding resources/ poisoning the water supplies/ sterilizing every plant/ threatening every chain of life/ ruining habitat/ overpopulating this earth with people/ overheating the planet/ denying reality/ stealing, lying, cheating, betrayal, terrorism and more. Are the true trademarks of “university was here”. Leaving our lives, every life, and the future of this entire planet: in jeopardy of not only cannibalism, and war with weapons of mass destruction; but chaos, and even burning the planet itself just like the sun. Because their imagination; as is the constant of every religion, denies not knowing the truth; BY MAKING UP FANTASIES, DELUSIONS, AND USING IMAGINATION to cover up their ignorance. In the grievous thirst for power and pride: covid “like all snake oil salesmen of the past; promising to cure”; use fear, create beliefs, and demand obedience (do not question your god) to take what they want. Some call it witchcraft/ others know: this is criminal world terrorism, with the distinct purpose of releasing a war against nature itself; behind closed “scientist” doors. To the shame of all who believe them, and accept their curse. Changing genetics, to remove nature: IS NO GAME. There will be consequences; pray to survive. Your world will soon overheat, and be lost to temperatures life cannot survive: OR YOU WILL surrender your air conditioning (8 billion people CANNOT do, what 4 billion people did do), And make all adjustments necessary to stop the release of horrendous volume of heat. YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED; no excuses left! Or, if you wish: you can just let this world go extinct. After all, as the gods who said they can do anything they want too: how could consequences in reality, by obvious truth (a trillion plus tons of ice are melting/ and cannot be replaced by you); YOUR WORLD WILL OVERHEAT! change that? Alas, under all that ice, GREW a base food source for ocean life; gone. Alas, it is convection that allows the circular motion of weather patterns. Without that massive difference: weather will cease to exist as we know it/ but even more; planetary winds will accelerate without it; a reality will cannot control on a planet with no abundance of trees left. Well fortunately, you don’t need no damn rain; now do you! After all: YOU have every right, to burn as much fossil fuel as you can find! BUT, You are “gods” aren’t you? Well as gods: soon “a nuclear fire/ lets burn atoms for fuel”/ will save you right? After all you can easily control forest fires; so why not? Www.iter.org alas: “only in your dreams”! But then as gods; there can’t be consequences for you; right? After all, “the universities are your savior”; can’t question them, so I guess you just have to believe and obey; as with covid and more.

Nonetheless, that is only the first of many, many changes; which does include, “you will feed the oceans with dead human bodies (as they need, offshore)”/ because you have destroyed so much/ and there is very little else. The reality is simple: ocean life begins to starve/ lose them and you will too. NO more rushing in; where people are starving: HELP exists only in return for zero population growth; as reality insists! YOU WILL clean the oceans, and stop destroying them: that includes using wave motion to pump cooler water onto corals & a rotating drum with scoops (pick the water up as it rotates by wave motion/ use the back side of scoops to turn the drum) and screens (keep the plastic in) for separating plastics until they can be collected. For balance: “nazi/ etc” is used because it is a known word in this USA/ media has kept it alive. But it is little different than all the other nations throughout history which have done the same/ such as the Jewish nation according to their Bible history; as have so many more. Too much competition, and those who can: will kill; because that is what men do, to resolve that problem, “and get more stuff”. Today your reality is: kill a billion people, and they will all be “born again” within 5 years; solving nothing. Which means: if nothing changes, you must kill a quarter of a billion people MORE than would die otherwise; EACH YEAR/ to remain at the levels of food and water needed to keep humanity alive today. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? It is your want, that threatens to kill life and planet/ REMEMBER: only truth can keep you alive. But murder instead: will release endless hate, disease, destruction, betrayal, terrorism, and more of constant tragedy; ending this world with weapons of mass destruction; which will be used, in any major contest/ if not before. You cannot doubt: the history of men, over thousands of years, “same/ no real change except to the weapons”. War is their, “final answer”/ and they will not surrender it. Only world law (we choose to rule over our leaders), and reality enforcement (all of us, same) removing weapons of mass destruction can take it away. You need to collect drinking water from ice; and take it to where it is needed: to hold back war. GO SEARCH; and find the truth about your drinking water supplies; before they are gone or ruined. Grow vegetables on cities high rise buildings/ and “a thousand other realities of life” that will be necessary because of the populations already here. Such as reclaiming desert, by train loads of human sewage paving the way; capturing water; and endless more. LEARN the truth about your oxygen supply; start with “biosphere two” experiment. Use natural ventilation in high rise; insulate ten times more; replant forests, use completely different methods against forest fire, expand drainage reservoirs at the top end of rivers and streams; dismantle car dependency, change aquaculture, establish a bill of rights for soldiers, police, and citizen. Change schooling for reality/ not cult worshiping university. Prepare for no phosphate fertilizers. Change farming practice for life, not poison. And so on.

Dimensions are a state of energy, conceived by shapes, boundaries, and limits; these assert reality provides a distinction, so that existence can be identified. Truth creates discipline & order/ while laws create balance and therefrom achieve trust; by establishing the consequences that can be depended upon. Thought conceives of life, and establishes the boundaries shapes and limits by laws to be observed; to create a living world/ a value used to achieve the treasury of why we allow ourselves to live. Which brings us to love, the essence of a shared expression, by living the experience as if we were one with each other. Caring by respect, sustaining equal and fair; by understanding truth must decide/ the laws which keep us alive; are “friend”.

University, in contrast: denies all shapes, boundaries, limits, laws, thought, life, worlds, values, elements, truth, trust, respect, and foundations of survival: to play god by demanding “their imagination/ the world is a lie”; is enough/ and don’t need no damn reality; because they have fantasies and delusions that let them play god. They have a cult following, which supports them in their curse of life and planet; that is their contribution, to life on earth. Or more simply: they have decided “the laws of life: are their enemy”. They have the insane theory; of playing with the sun energy/ the insane theory of killing nature, to produce “images they can claim as being god themselves”; by simply injecting chaos, to mutilate the bodies of life. Thereby living the lie, they created; until it dies. Never in the history of earth; has a greater insanity existed: and its all because of “university”/ and those who follow, and believe. It is the cult of the dead/ a life discarded for arrogance instead. The university cult being: blind, deaf, ignorant, and dumb; testifying: “we are witch-doctors; so when we shout ooga-booga (we are gods)”/ that means: let the world be damned. Media, and in particular news: shall be next, to walk ONLY: “for life and planet first, DEFENDING democracy and the future”/ or be incarcerated by laws which you will create. So they never curse you again; with covid/ or anything like the propaganda that has been exhibited. You will take control over communication, as a nation and world displayed by the evidence/ NOT the purposes of power.

Nonetheless, it is too late to go back to a world that nature kept alive! You have destroyed too much. Which means: instead of want, reality must rule, by letting truth decide; as best we can. AND THAT does include the universities; to assemble the evidence/ so that we the people can decide. Punishment for presenting lies, manipulating the evidence, or in any way causing confusion on purpose: is death! We MUST know what is true/ and make our own decision by the facts. One world: because we will all live or die together! Such is the reality of damage, that we now face. The failure to accept the values which being us life, and give us order; wherein we do find happiness: is life OR death to our world. No exceptions/ no running away from a dead world/ no place to hide: CHANGE/ OR BE EXTINCT.

Liars traitors and thieves; will always seek to make you fear/ believe/ or obey whatever they say. I only seek to inform and teach/ to demand investigate the evidence and examine what is true/ and what it means to be wrong; so that you can survive. The message is: CHANGE OR DIE/ but the reality is; if you were not still loved as a creation of life in this universe; I would not be here. Therefore learn respect, identify fools and failures, discard “Imagination, fantasy, and delusions/ ending insanity”. OR even though you are loved/ you WILL still be allowed to go extinct. Because of the realities you chose. Religion is not a hiding place/ step beyond the walls, and stand up for life and planet; or you will lose it. Choose truth/ not want; and life will go on.

Choose apathy and more arrogance; and your fate is sealed. Because that is what you chose!

Life beyond time, is not “whatever you want it to be/ as all religions suggest”. Instead, it is what truth will allow/ and whether love invites you in. Simple as that; sit on the fence as so many do/ and truth will deny you have a right to exist. MIRACLES prove: you are not gods/ and you know nothing of life but lies, the universities have told. As is evolution, “blind fool, throw into the abyss”. Life cannot be assembled or built; one piece at a time/ you need them all; from the beginning. Which makes “Adam and Eve” a proven story/ as is before an egg or a chicken could exist: thought came first.

Religion offers a test: what do you believe? But reality refuses that test, to assemble and investigate what will truth allow? The truth of miracles is: “thought built this”/ and nothing less, which includes all of human time. Therefore what we don’t know is massive/ and what we do know: is limited to what can be proven as truth (or faith in truth, explained as trust). JESUS existed; and his testimony or message of love beyond all hate; is elemental to the Creation of life here on earth. What we were given is far beyond what had to be given to us; which assembles the concept of love. The value of an eternity shaped by love, truth, and respect.

Noah is proven true; and a world wide flood is obvious: to all but the liars. The evidence of fossil fuels and much more establish that as facts which cannot be denied without fraud and failure. And that makes three fundamental elements, which Biblically rise to create a journey into what is true; as is required; to conceive by individual thought (your job); of life beyond time itself. Other stories exist; but the elemental rise of truth in the discussion of “is there and eternity” surfaces on three foundations of evidence. JESUS did exist, and HIS life proves to me; we are not abandoned, but loved; as is evidence of an eternity I would accept. Noah existed by the physical evidence on this earth; whether acknowledged or not/ that evidence cannot be proven wrong; but by lies. Adam and eve; as well as all other life; are miracles of existence/ because life itself proves, “we need everything/ from the first minute on”; or we die, as do the rest.

While evolution has no support other than their claims of “billions of years/ so you can’t prove it didn’t”/ as child fantasy fall into desperation. The first level of proof that did not happen: the sun itself would have been “GREATLY BIGGER”; a billion years ago. Because it burns fuel, as is the radiation which heats this earth. They are liars, each one.

University is the death of all life on earth; as is proven by the endless threats of extinction that we all face. Little more is needed to remove them from power/ and control them entirely, to prove NEVER again.

You have a choice: CHANGE to become “something with value” to life and planet/ OR DIE, as extinction takes control. No backing out/ no second chances; all or nothing for you; simple as that/ you threaten you/ I do not. CHOOSE, and let real world truth decide what must be changed.

You could kill me/ or this body called time could kill me; but that would change nothing/ not even for the people who understand; this is a life or death decision for our entire planet. Because of all the damage people, and their universities have done. They will want to scream; but that too has no value for change. Death is watching you; your days of playing god are over. Your days of worshiping the universities have ended: or you are extinct.

And all the people say: “we don’t want/ what we don’t want”. But life and planet reply, “by the evidence”/ that you will surrender your failures and foolishness; or die. And all the people say: “if we killed you/ we would never have to listen to that again: you can’t make us fear, if you’re dead”. But reality replies: I am not your threat/ YOU are what threatens YOU; which means you must then kill yourselves, in order to remove the fear you created by the choices you and your universities made. And the people say: “the universities are god/ and we are their children; waiting for good things to fall into our hands; as we declare has been the last fifty plus years/ OF PAYING FOR NOTHING (let the other nations do our work); OF BRIBES (let the other nations do our manufacturing); DISCARDING RESPECT (let university build robots to take your jobs); LYING (let’s claim assets that do not exist), CHEATING (debts don’t matter/ unless they are yours; the slave), MUTILATING (lets worship the lies of evolution), THREATENING (lets destroy every resource and poison everything), TERRORIZING (to HELL, with the chains of life we need to survive), ASSASSINATING YOUR OWN CHILDREN (HELL, not in my lifetime/ let them pay), by making them dread the future, AND UNIVERSITY IMAGINATION (we are gods/ damn you all: the only thing you need to know is: BELIEVE in the universities/ obey without question/ FEAR what they, the truly arrogant; might do) without restraint.

So truth itself then says: you have played god, and denied the limits and boundaries of what makes life survive/ cursing and crucifying nature and planet/ destroying resources, counterfeiting money and overpopulation of humanity; refusing the laws of life and planet: because that is what you wanted to do. Reality then states: your fate is sealed as a world of life gone extinct; by your own hands. OR DRAMATIC AND REAL CHANGE which beings with your want is revoked/ and only truth, that fights for life and world will remain as leader of this world. THAT, is a one time choice: because there is no going back from here/ life or death, by the decision that YOU made. Because it is “a world of one choice”/ all for life; or nothing left.

And the people say: the real GOD, WILL save us all. But reality says: you chose university is god instead/ and that makes them, “the enemies who brought you here”; your only hope. And they have already failed.

So, as I have said from the very beginning: DO NOT BELIEVE, as that gives way to whatever you want your beliefs to be. INSTEAD, GO TO COURT; INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE, AND IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE/ SO THAT A REAL DECISION WILL EXIST; BASED UPON WHAT WE KNOW TO BE TRUE. A COURT, so NONE can escape the fact we must choose for life and planet and a future/ resurrecting this dead world, from the hands of your universities; from failed and foolish, human wants; right now. Or it will be too late to change, and you cannot then remove your human contribution of the masses/ their universities: a grave for the world itself. Even though when truth forces you to accept: extinction is real/ it will be too late; dead is dead; your time is over. CHOOSE BETTER, RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET/ or go extinct.

And the people “cry, weep, and scream”: THIS AIN’T MY FAULT/ and I DON’T have to do NOTHING. While religion chimes in: “we believe whatever we want to believe”/ you can’t make us accept truth or reality; just as they did in Noah’s day, before a world wide flood wiped them from this earth. A fact proven beyond doubt: by the evidence of fossil fuels. No other method known, could have created that evidence of “life gathered together and buried, all at the same time/ some of it, under thousands of feet of earth”; facts beyond dispute. And the universities say: “we own their soul”/ you will never save them from us. And the children sob; and say “we have no choice”; because you, have refused them a life. YOUR EXCUSES ARE DEAD: YOU WILL “recycle/ reuse/ protect: creating habitat and values which form into; all that it takes to leave a future for not only the children, by every living species that can still survive”. NO exceptions allowed.

Which leaves this planet/ this nature, and you with: CHOOSE, university is god, descending into HELL

or choose

YOUR CREATOR IS GOD; and HIS NATURE WILL BE RESPECTED/ HIS PLANET WILL BE PROTECTED/ THE LIFE ON EARTH YOU SHARE, WILL BE CARED FOR: or your humanity will die/ as a whole world gone extinct. No going back/ like love or hate: one direction or the other

/ no middle ground, as that, is already dead.

You will finish playing god, and destroying this world, and yourselves; by worshiping the universities.


As is:

You will choose for love, and begin building the realities of a life that is worthy of the miracles given to you.


No other choice exists. So says truth! LIFE/ OR death.

This message is now complete.

Perhaps, even I; can have a little time; just to be “not a mother (informing, communicating, sharing, caring, defining, and respecting; your need to understand and accept “life is no game”) to you. But that, is a sign of freedom, “to explore all the miracles of this universe (male); as opposed to let us cherish these miracles of life, given to just us (female); and I live in the middle of that.

YOU in contrast are confronted: Because this decision, for life or death of a world/ is your decision. As has been true for me; is transferred to you! Nobody lives/ nobody loves/ nobody experiences or expresses happiness nor peace; unless we all work, to save this earth and as much life as we possibly can. From those who attack, and threaten with extinction. World terrorism begins: “with university”. FAILURE, BY ARROGANCE! (they want to be gods); to their shame.

Not gods; same as you/ just a different job.

Not smart, or threats of extinction would not exist!

If you choose to fail/ all that is left is death by extinction/ the cost of that exceeds your imagination/ as does the reality of igniting atoms on fire.

The cost of people who can now engineer and release biological chaos: IS HORRIFIC; and beyond your comprehension of disasters, chaos, and terror.

The cost of human population explosion; as is the fact of our lives/ enforces cannibalism and war/ unless you change it. Want too or not.

The cost of resource destruction is: same as living in the desert: “no resources/ no options/ very little life”.

The cost of our oceans dying from what you did do; is more than a billion people instantly starve/ with absolutely no possibility of recovery; the world wars until dead.

The cost of overheating this planet: when another trillion tons of ice CANNOT be melted to control the heat you release. Is life on earth dies/ HELL is literally born.

The cost of weapons of mass destruction: you have no chance to survive/ those will end life on earth.

The cost of genetic chaos: your arrogance and your apathy and your disgrace, and your disrespect for life and planet: will cost you an eternity.

The cost of playing god: will send you to HADES/ terror & chaos; wars on you. Because you earned it.

The cost of destroying the chains of life: you are extinct.

And all the masses of humanity on earth shout in unison: “I DON’T WANT to fight or war with university/ they might let me die. I want “healthcare”/ I want, what I want! I want MORE! I want, someone else to pay. I WANT to be rich; even if it means others must be slaves. So you have earned the consequences of your choice: to be beggars. BUT HEAR THIS: if you let civil war decide your future/ this nation will be lost. If you let them refuse to close the ports, banks, borders, and all the rest that will be necessary to retain what you need to survive and rebuild this nation; you will still lose the nation. CHOOSE AND ESTABLISH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AND AS PURE A PUBLIC TRIAL, as it can be. TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; AS BEST YOU CAN. Thereby letting the people understand, and choose for themselves, BY THE EVIDENCE: what truth will allow/ NOT a university whore: YOU decide. ALL UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTATION SHALL STOP, and be enforced by death if they fail. NOTHING moves or changes until the courtroom trial: to decide the future of this nation is over. Only immigrants may leave/ or citizens may return. EVERYTHING else that can, STANDS STILL; until your decision is made. Create a debit card; one base amount for every single worker, ONLY one/ no exceptions/ to cover minimum necessary costs. You still work, where you can (paid at the end OF COURT); or the nation folds up. You will create a new job, that will be paid at 75% of “common worker pay”. Which will then create the necessary platform of society: TO REVIEW THE EVIDENCE/ DEFINE A FUTURE/ CREATE “OUR UNDERSTANDING” OF WHAT IS TRUE. AND DO ALL THAT DEMOCRACY requires of us all to do. In resurrection this society from university rules/ the cult of the dead; who have led us to the very edge of this abyss. Throughout the time of trial: all the same. No banking/ return your armies and their weapons (let the world face itself; and choose world law)/ create the future as if it were certain you could live. But understand: you DO stand on the edge of extinction, and if you fail truth/ you will fall into “the university abyss: we played god/ with arrogance, and lost”.

But as I have said: for over forty years: that is not a choice you can live with! Because the damage being done is catastrophic, and cannot be undone easily. Which means; this earth and all its life are doomed to extinction: if you do not accept the decision: WE MUST KNOW WHAT IS TRUE. Therefrom choosing as a world, to protect life and planet.

Or the terrorists, playing god; WILL make us all extinct.

YOUR DECISION: IS, “life OR death” for this world.


FIND: if indeed truth demands covid came from university experiments, or release/ and get your trillions back. THEN assemble the penalties, that are appropriate for world terrorism/ and gambling with life on earth.

NO, YOU MAY NOT: relegate your decision to “the herd/ group/ church/ or whatever it is to avoid your own individual decision for life or death of this world”. ETERNITY ITSELF, will record the decision YOU HAVE MADE/ as your truth. The work for life and planet you chose to do; as your contribution; to the respect needed to survive as a world. As is life or death for you as a person: YOU are all alone in this. YOU will decide, and prove: YOUR TRUTH.

A word of warning: by letting your brain construct all the possibilities of what could go wrong: you thereby create fear (alone and without friends), panic attacks (this will happen to me), depression (life may not get better than this), high blood pressure (I am afraid) even violence (this is all your fault; you didn’t help me) and so on. Passion is a natural defense against these things so choose for life, search for love, and accept friendship when you can. Unfortunately friendship is another casualty of “university knows”; as people believe their phone or internet is more exciting and better, than a human being. The constant media driven “fear them all”. Plague of university driven “discard those in the trash”. Media proven: sludge of thieves, liars, cheats, terrorists, tempters, and more. Just Keep your nose buried in a phone; to avoid people. Nonetheless; REALITY states: IT DOES ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD, to allow the brain (measures and memories) to decide, or create scenarios for you; what your life could or could not be. That is subject to things beyond our control. Fear won’t change that. As the truth is: humanity is very limited in their true choices, with regard to body. Therefore it does no good at all, to fear what you cannot control: it is not your choice. Choose instead to control yourself, by accepting the fact you will die: to this world; as best you can! Accepting the fact, MIRACLES prove our understanding of death, is extremely limited: elevating LIFE beyond time. Recognizing, Realities prove; we can only be what we can honestly be; participating by law, to bring no chaos. Saying no; to fantasy or delusions or even imagination allowed. Because these only cloud over truth/ truth lets us survive. The possibilities, beyond extreme are not ours to choose; therefore accept faith (truth will decide)/ do what you can do for life and planet so as not to be guilty yourself! Respect this earth and its miracles. Because even You, cannot evade death: every single one will die/ because as reality states and proves “your body cannot be eternal”! So you must abandon it, for what can be eternal, or YOU as life itself; cannot.

The lesson is: DO the best you can. But understand this: while we can seek to limit the chaos called “sickness”; we cannot evade death. Healthcare is not god, and they won’t save you from dying. They exist only as our attempt to limit “the damage done (results being: sometimes great/ sometimes harsh, but true)”. Our bodies, belong to us; as our own decisions will allow. A gift of ownership alone! When confronted: turn to death, and look forward, and past: into eternity itself; as trust, truth, and thought will allow.

YOU MUST, have hope to survive; as love leads to life, and is hope {each exists to lift the other into “a treasury we can share”}/ but hate leads to death, and is chaos, failure, and lies. But in death: that hope must shift to GOD / is supported by JESUS and is life becomes truth. OR, you fail to ascend beyond time, and dissipate as lost.

MIRACLES PROVE: how much we do not know!

But they also prove: we were created by LOVE.

Just as JESUS proves; we were not simply created to be abandoned: but remain as a value to both life and eternity; by our choices, which do; become our truth.

Only truth survives: BE TRUE, to life and love.

The universities shame themselves: by choosing to lie (we want what we want)/ and declare life is an accident (never planned or conceived by thought) born out of chaos (lets destroy this). NOT human (created for a cause beyond time) at all, just animals. Claiming evolution; to their own eternal tragedies.