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We will examine the realities of human behavior, by recognizing the primary influences which create the foundation effects.

In that regard: human behaviors begin, with the understanding “these people are trying to hurt me/ they don’t love me/ they are using and abusing me/ I must defend myself, or I am alone”. These are primary elements, to a small child, but extend throughout a lifetime. Some experience and express the opposite, because their lives are shared with love, while caring assembles kindness, grace, and beauty. Therefore “family, and home”; a reality that can extend throughout a lifetime, or not.

So the critical decision begins with those who surround you, and exhibit love or the elements of hate; from which you do determine your own life in time. Obviously, those who live a life filled with love; have been granted more: but that is hereditary, rather than being determined “by GOD”. These are the choices your parents made; if you find them bad/ then don’t extend them to another generation. The elements of “GOD” are found in Creation, by the evidence of miracles which surround us in every way; a grace (provided for free) of exceptional beauty, a kindness we can never repay. But humanity said: I want to be free, to make any decision I want; and it was so.

We then begin to understand the human part; where want, is an animal/ and the animals, fall into prey or predator, with little room in-between.

Want, is the beginning of defending yourself; because it seeks to separate yourself, from all the others who are not you. Isolating this version of want, “as yours”. But want is not enough to sustain a defense, so pride is drafted into the living; to assert the defense, “I win/ you lose”. But since everyone cannot be a winner; anger descends into jealousy/ and violence descends into hate. Hate is the separation of life/ from love.

Want begins loneliness, by asserting “I am the only thing that matters most”. Which eliminates both caring and sharing, as an irrelevant need/ or a decision that has no value, unless it gives me what I want. But people want love, so they participate in small measures of time.

PRIDE is the bars of your prison cell called belief. Belief is: I want what I want/ and I know what I want, therefore it is true to me! But you cannot keep out a world, unless you build by claiming superiority; which is the assertion of righteousness (I AM correct/ follow/ listen to me). Reality does not matter/ truth does not matter/ cost and consequences do not matter, until the failure of these bars proves you are now vulnerable. Which is where religion comes in: as a leader who cannot be defeated/ therefore NOW, I am right; and you cannot get me. Because the leader keeps me safe; as is the evidence of a cult (never question or doubt the leader). Which in the major religions, becomes a book; because it limits the fighting. In university worship, they all turn to the atomic bomb as their evidence of superiority: WE WILL kill you.

Even so, pride is more complex than want. Where want is the animal (I don’t accept your price/ therefore I am in charge of me)/ pride is your ticket to join the herd; by proclaiming I am no longer in charge of me, we are. As is “we can’t all be wrong/ if we all choose and act, the same”. So, loneliness stops; and the road begins. Separate but equal/ equal but not separate/ liar, traitor, fraud, failure, thief, fool, cheat, whore, prostitute; and so on erupts. Because even though the herd pretends to be equal and same; they don’t share nothing/ and they won’t care about you. Isolation begins, and the reality of pride forms a cage, instead of a few bars to defend/ a prison to keep you out. Because the herd cannot be trusted: it wants what it wants.

To achieve the prison cell which keeps the others out: you must believe, the price is worth what must be paid. Breaking relationships/ destroying respect/ defining heartbreak as never again/ love is a price too high/ and so on. Not an anchor for life/ but a cage, to protect self.

Which brings the question: HOW do we build a life worth living/ a reality worth paying the price of our own existence? WHAT IS the experience or expression of value, above all other things known to exist? The answer is love; but the reality of love among humans is: purity does not exist/ and that results in heartbreak, the end of trust, values uncertain to be sure. HERE, life itself “stares you in the face”; and points out, “there is only love or hate”/ these are opposites; which means you MUST choose one, but not the other; or fail. Many fall into hate. FEW choose true love/ less survive the test of what will love be worth to you.

Those who do choose love and sustain it: do so by accepting the decision, this price is: to anchor yourself to JESUS (as the greatest example of love; life itself has ever known in this world). So says the evidence, that is available to us. Thereby to choose love, is to follow the path HE set; into individual decisions; that will then sustain and protect our trust, from becoming a cost we cannot bear. Chained to the anchor: we learn, GOD FIRST ; because anything less will fail our own desires for being as pure to love and living as we can be. HE is the lesson/ because HE paid the price of it. That lesson: does not remove us from the realities of this world or its pain/ its hate; until death. That lesson lives in respect, searches for those who can love, forgives as needed, teaches the values that make life worth living, and shares what can be shared according to what we have, or can legally do. We cannot be more than who we are/ nor can we give more than life allows for us to give; as the primary lesson is, “we are NOT, gods”. But we are valued anyway.

If we turn back to pride; we then construct the understanding of bars, as the decisions which refuse to accept the price of love; and become locked within the realities of hate; so as to prove “fear me instead”. Making belief, the first step in confining yourself to hate. There is a difference between belief and faith. While faith relies upon and trusts truth alone/ as is participation in this Creation of life called a body and world; respecting reality, accepting the evidence, and seeking wisdom. The reality of belief is: “whatever you want to believe, is now true to you”; and that makes you “god” of your life. Do you see the difference?

Religion shouts: not so, we have a book! But to believe in the book, makes the book “god”/ and every book is written in the words of men, the interpretations of men, the values of men, and the flaws of men; etc. Which causes the statement: while value is clearly evident, by its acceptance throughout the generations. The truth of life itself, can only be found inside of you/ as you are, the elemental truth of a life most important to you. When you have accomplished that; loneliness sets in, and reality proves “you were wrong”/ and must rebuild. Because it is the Creation of your life, that is most important to you/ and that Creation of life: comes only from GOD our CREATOR ! Anything less is true loneliness, because unless you are accepted in the house of GOD for an eternity/ there is only death, or separation to be dealt with (you/ nor I, are a god: which means capable of creating a world). Therefrom the journey of existence itself: begins where Creation ends, and our freedom to express and experience life itself has begun. Searching where love and truth exhibit a path for you to take. Trust is elemental, and you can die to eternity; if not accepted within what is true.

We then turn, to confront the consequences of these elemental behaviors, with the more complex developments of a human decision, not based in fundamentals/ but in the function of living.

We begin with the young; and learn, before memories take control, beyond an infant means, “I want what I want”/ or I want what someone will give me/ or I need someone to help me. Crying is the fundamental aid with that, and is learned early. “unnecessary crying”; is the result of adults who take care of the child; providing a reason to cry. As is for instance: when changing diapers, “the faces, and sounds you make, can be scary”.

From 3-9 or thereabouts; the foundation of living is based upon how well you are treated, and what you have or have not compared with the rest of those who are “like you”. 9-18 or thereabouts; is a development dedicated to “being like the others”, so as to make friends/ or proving you are not like the others, to claim individuality; even if it is not true (or you would not care). Being like someone else, is consistent with “a herd (all the same)”/ therefore the decision to present “what the others do”; is that same decision to be a herd member/ accept me; same! Even if that is not true, the desire to open a door, will remain strong; nearly all respond accordingly. Which brings us to those decisions which separate one person from the group of others, who have declared themselves to be the same. Primary to these decisions: is the truth, we have only so much time and energy we can expend upon someone else/ and if the competition to share that time is too great from anyone else. Steps are taken to remove that competition: only room for us, here. The next part of that is: someone who seems a friend, denounces or denies you in front of another/ “behind your back”. The purpose is: “to be the same, your friend believes this other person has something against you/ or can be persuaded to accept them; if they sacrifice you”. More distinctly: “what seemed like a friend” has put a price on your head/ and is willing to spend your friendship for something they want more. Doesn’t mean they don’t like you/ they just want more, than you have to offer.

We then move to the many focuses part of a relationship: I want all I can get! Which translates as: then I need to practice and develop my talents and abilities/ so I can manipulate, tempt, and control the others to get what I want. That makes everyone a participant in my game; of what “can I make you do/ or not do” just to prove I can. This moves into dating; as each gender practices “getting what they want”. This however results in heartbreak or worse; and everything that leads up to these; and the game is canceled/ because reality has set into the truth, “you made a mistake/ there are consequences unplanned, and unwanted, and real”.

But that suggests: people DON’T want to take advantage of you or your situation or “feather their nest”; with your work, life, or inheritance. They do. But where love lives, only truth and respect are allowed to control: and now both love and hate are mixed together to achieve an understanding, only knowledge can produce. Who lives and who dies; in the elemental grace of honesty comes first: is only for you to decide. Proving that we are indeed alone, rather than supported by life: living takes control, as do needs/ realities of a future/ whether forgiveness or abuse will be accepted: or if love in fact exists, even if your life must now change, beyond what you desired.

Sexuality lurks here; as the conquest of each other becomes real: the realities of choices that can produce lifetime effects; enter in. The human animal does not care until confronted; it only works for chemicals “I want my toy”. Pride works for trophies (look at me now). While power will lie, just to abuse you with lust.

LOVE is not a given of sexuality. Instead love is a foundation upon which we build our happiness as one life to be shared. Each “building block” is developed by caring/ and the trust which joins it all together is respect, as is inherent in truth. When each of these things are achieved in both people; the value of what you share, is joined in the sexual act of what you can become as one. Which does mean: desire does not seek the chemicals, but the value of your heart, shaping that which balances mine. The disciplines of sexuality are simple: with as much respect as possible/ shared by the intensity of our desires/ found within the peace and happiness of our commitment/ but earned with the honesty of caring, that cannot be denied, is mutually shared. These bind together, and form the ascent which becomes our souls unite. Even if only briefly; as the world beckons, “we must share our love with others”. That brings jealousy, if they see; what can be “your truth”. Trouble then erupts, because they can.

As to middle ages: each human, must find the answer to how can I survive/ and what can I do, to find the happiness I seek to survive? If hope fails/ suicide, addictions, prostitution, greed, selfishness, lust, criminal activities and more will erupt. Therefore the foundation of middle age is to find hope, and keep it from being lost. Most seek sex, but it will fail/ as chemicals are not enough. Those who refuse to accept that; are then hunting “for MORE LUST/ and will abuse and use to get it”. That fails, and hate then turns to violence. Hate is a liar/ and will not turn back; so, get out.

Some seek relationships to heal their lives, and keep them from sinking into loneliness (the elemental cause of all suicide). Addictions mean: I hope to make it through this day, without being truly sad. Prostitution is the reality of self preservation; but may include greed and more. Greed simply means: I WANT yours too! Selfishness is the decision, love does not matter to me. Lust; simply means I want to use your body; YOU don’t matter/ just your body. Criminal activities form around: “you owe me”/ lie or not. Those who do not need to be healed from the variety of problems that have crept inside; search for relationships that will share the burden of living, with the values of loving; and present respect as their invitation to you.

There are various things that can enhance sexual participation. Kissing means: to honestly meet in the middle, to gently share the message of what I bring to you. It is not a game/ nor is it less. Some women are not happy with the size of their tits: that can be moderated by “playing with the nipple; until it extends/ then one quick suction pull” and the tit will react in the direction you suggest. But beware: while small they are easily controlled. But when large already/ they can become way bigger than you want. If the man fails respect.

As to men: size does matter, but too long results in “stop you are hitting my backbone”/ while too big results in “stop, don’t move; its too big”. These are not desirable results/ don’t wish for them. However these are results that can be produced with your own decision; if athletic enough. Size and length comes from fully contracting the muscles, & extending your foot; OR more distinctly, it looks like, the ballet effect of bounding; will have an effect. RESPECT THE WOMAN FIRST, and you won’t have trouble with “premature anything”. Fail to respect the woman (I want chemicals/ instead of I desire that you should know, “I care”), as is the value of her contribution to your life; and erection will fail.

As to old age; the realities of death construct a path we cannot avoid anymore. Which means we do have to deal with it; by our own truth. Death is the entrance to eternity; which means you cannot become eternal without death. So, if you accept the construction of life beyond time; look forward/ NOT back.

A word of warning: pride is one of the greatest human tragedies in our existence. It is responsible for a wide variety of consequences; such as the inability to accept or allow friendship/ primary cause of jealousy, use, abuse, rape, bullying, prejudice and more. It fails life, because people want it; to prove they are the superior ones/ therefore “listen to me/ obey me/ worship me; etc”. We are equals, because we are each a life that has been given as the existence called human: YOU did not do that/ it was a gift. Which does make us equal/ even if heritage does not. Reality states: that in order for life to survive on this planet/ there must be death; or everything dies. While that death is never pleasant, most of the time harsh, and without the certainty of “earned”; it remains true, that random events of life and living and the balance of a living existence does shape who dies. It is, and it will always be true; that the “grandparent/ has less value than the child”. It will always be true; the healthy are more important than the disabled: with extremely rare exception. Death takes a friend away (I will miss you)/ but it also takes enemies away too (none will miss you). These are the facts of life, and they are not open to opinion. Pride challenges anything it believes can be fought against: because without an enemy/ you cannot make yourself into a hero. Therefore pride is always looking for an enemy/ or trying to make one where there is not. The cost to society is; strife, heartache, homelessness, suicide, addictions, tragedy, failure, fool, cheat, thief, traitor, terrorists, and more. Pride attacks a child (I can win)/ while want attacks life itself, and proves to be “the great tempter” who hides in plain sight.

The power of “yes I can”/ is the great enemy of life. While pride itself, represents the fence humanity sits upon to avoid making a commitment; to love or hate; because they don’t want too. “they want it all: both love and hate”/ which means when death arrives: they will fail life.

The greatest disease humanity ever conceived of: “is we can’t all be wrong”. But as covid and all forms of “extreme university” proves; yes you can. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was: “better not take any chances”.    the worst a leader can be: is guilty of leading the entire herd into a slaughter house, of death and destruction; each realities of this day, as universities around this world continue to mutilate nature, poison it, attempt igniting a nuclear fire; and more.

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