The most evil, therefore the most vile and corrupt; of all human creation: is the intent and participation in destroying this world. By pretending to be gods! Your geneticists are deliberately trying to prove their claim of evolution/ by deliberately destroying genetic nature itself. Thereby forcing evolution to take control (in a billion years or so); and you let them, without even a whimper/ because you are cult worshipers. BUT Chaos is only chaos; and their claims of knowledge, are mere fantasy and delusion based entirely upon imagination and nothing more. They cannot tell you how to build an eye/ nor how to place it; or affix it to a body; or make it work. They cannot tell you how to build skin, or a bone, or how organs attach themselves to the inner weave of fabrics that hold us all together. They cannot lace the muscles together, in a very specific order so that everything works/ nor can they explain how it works, and where did the base and foundation of knowledge come from that is “living”. They do not know what life is/ they do not know what a living brain is; and discard their own; as is the reality of what they have done.

Your universities are DELIBERATELY destroying the foundations of energy that keep us alive. Deliberately trying to ignite a nuclear fire, claiming “the earth will extinguish the fire for itself/ not enough gravity”/ but they don’t know what gravity is; and their claims of knowledge are PURE FANTASY and delusion built upon kindergarten imaginations. Deliberately trying to destroy the atomic neutrality of this earth: at CERN, by forcing an imbalance in atomic disciplines and order. Deliberately injecting poisons, into everything/ destroying the chains of life we depend upon/ destroying the global sanctuary this earth is to life/ simply destroying everything they can touch. And the people say, “the universities are god”/ as does most religion; to your eternal shame.

Your universities have taken control over all government [discarding sanity, to play god], media [propagating cult worship, instead of life/ their intent to create war by ridicule, demeaning, lying, and division (we have a right) for the purposes of genocide; as is the constant when minorities rise to threaten (we want it all), those who were in control first]. Each yelling inside, “you had your good life/ NOW, its our turn”. SO YOU, have to die. Denying the fact; their own decisions are what failed; as is the reality of this USA today; through the disgrace of “university knows”.  education (indoctrinating the young in vile [the puke of imagination, rather than truth] corruption [the disease of manipulation and control rather than freedom and liberty], disgrace [the vomit and plague of destruction that is evolution], disrespect [the intent to overthrow democracy, so they can be king or queen], and failure [the disaster and catastrophe we now face as extinction surrounds us all])/ as is the evidence of where we are in our relationship with survival and a future that no longer exists; without true change.

Failure, fool, liar, cheat, thief, whore (only money and power matters), traitor, terrorist, devil, and Satan; are your leaders; by the evidence of where they go/ taking you with them, as they discharge their university sewage onto life. Letting inflation continue means you have acknowledged: the children are dead/ the world is lost/ the future is cannibalism/ and the curse of all that is vile: is upon you all. Because that is the future; the human herd chose, by university leadership. It takes no great brain to understanding it/ or find in the evidence each of these realities in proof.

Discard “imagination”/ as is university cult worship. ACCEPTING ONLY TRUTH CAN LEAD/ ONLY REALITY CAN DECIDE/ PAY YOUR OWN DEBT, AND FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD. ESTABLISH AND PROVE DEMOCRACY, BY ENFORCING FIRST AMENDMENT LAW. REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES IS OUR LEGAL RIGHT, AND DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES. What is, or is not true; thereby accepting the consequence of our own decisions/ rather than being forced to die from the consequences, of theirs.. WAKE UP/ OR YOU’RE DEAD, a cost of consequences chosen, beyond your imagination.

Love, is the definition we use to create the environment of respect/ friendship/ value/ honesty/ courage/ work/ life; and the acceptance that is consistent with freedoms. There is no love without freedoms to express and experience what we can become, as one life shared/ instead of two lives separated by a lack of caring. There is only love when true respect exists between you as equals, a reality that expresses itself, without judgment/ therefrom without measuring: love lifts life into the decision of acceptance, so that we may honor each other with value. Friendship is about caring for each other, and sharing the living so that we can both understand: “I value you/ and you value me”. Value shapes the dignity of life, as is the result of participation, justified by acceptance of who you are to me/ not who you aren’t to the rest. Honesty never abandons truth, because only truth can survive. Courage is the decision: that I will die, therefore I shall look into eternity upon that day or before; to assess the wisdom of my life, and the decisions that I have made; which become my truth eternal. Life is not a game, it is potentially forever; therefore your truth matters, to you. We all must share the work, because the work is how we survive our lives in time; and the foundation of tomorrow, is laid today/ as are the consequences of failure or success driven by the choices we make now. LIFE confronts us with choices; pride sits on the fence; “failing to commit to either love or hate”/ ending as a life lost. Want provides us with the cause and temptations to choose a direction to our lives, a decision to accept or deny what is most important to ourselves. Power assumes, there are no consequences for me: BUT every truth establishes a consequence/ and every truth (which cannot be abandoned or denied) is all you get to take into eternity.

Therefrom the question of love is: HOW shall I be myself, because if you let me, then I will be truly free, “In you as me”. In contrast however: whenever lies arise, want, power, and pride take control/ the cost of love, causes a descent; to the base realities of what we do value in self. Go too far, and you enter hate. Stop too soon, and you abandon what might survive with forgiveness. Either decision is a choice. Want interferes and refuses to let truth decide, “because we all want what we want/ and we want love to be true; because we invest in that person with our love; and that love threatens to be lost”. Therefore we hang on, even when we know: truth does not allow this, lies exist. Proving beyond a doubt: every real love, can never be expressed or experienced: where lies exist instead.

The common statement of sex is “making love”/ that is blatantly not true; as bodily sex is simply chemical sex; the thirst of an animal. INSTEAD LOVE must be built upon the respect, dignity of acceptance, for the values of self; found in each one. Sexually, we exist much as we exist as both time and life in one. Time exhibits the chemistry enforced by bodies; while life exhibits the love released in us both. To achieve both time and life have joined together: every form of want must be surrendered/ every failure of pride must be abandoned/ and no form or conception of power must exist. In that certainty of a treasury, where life is the reward, and love is the environment of our home shared as one. What we truly do care about most, will be revealed. When that search discovers a heart beating as one; the soul joins both as eternal. Shaped by what is precious, to each one. It is a reality only “male with female”, can share.

Hate turns this into jealousy, and consequences arise in time; therefore our true love is revealed only to, or in “us”.

The human experience, seeks companionship/ and with that companionship, is the need to communicate as best we can. Because in that element of existence, we share the same definitions of life/ even when we disagree. We are both confronted with an experience or expression that is individually “ours”; we share the consequence of it. And that is, the elimination of loneliness. Which is the constant search, and desire or need; for most humans living. Because everything you worship as “university great”/ has driven you apart into seclusion, separation, desperation, and the denial: that the value of life and living is love. Love requires respect; and through media, university, government, and others; respect for anything/ has been relegated to your slaughter houses.

This website, and those I have provided in the past: are by far, the most conversational, elementally shaped for communication, participation for all: descriptions of life, planet, needs, and value to confront humanity since “JESUS time”. The conversation is: IF YOU DON’T understand, and communicate this message of change or die/ our living world goes extinct. To make that more valuable for talk; a long list of constructions that are specific to life, living, and realities beyond self are included. Each of these contradicts the religious indoctrination of university worship/ the cult of the damned; death of a world; rotting corpse, that is we can play god. Each of these neither defends nor denies basic premise of religion which is: “more than humanity is/ or was, here”. Instead the search for truth by the evidence of our reality is certain/ and validates all forms of faith (to live by truth). Denying instead: that belief in anything you want to be true/ does not make it true.

The value of this site, and its message: your evidence, even at its current state of value/ DOES clearly define and create the foundations of our own extinction are in place. If we do not change those facts/ then we will go extinct as a world, and even potentially the planet itself. As those who are trying to ignite “an energy source/ just like the sun” here; may be allowed to succeed/ because you did not care enough to stop them.

Therefore the purpose of this site, work, lawsuits, and various other “life in time, for forty plus years”; has been JUST ONE THING:

GO TO COURT; INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE AND PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG; EXAMINE AND DEFINE WHAT IS TRUE, as best we can. AND MAKE BETTER DECISIONS, so that not only we, and all life on earth can survive/ but even the children might sustain a future for themselves. Because as of this day; they have no future/ because the elders stole it, killed it, destroyed it, rampaged against this earth and raped it, and fundamentally did do everything the universities asked, or were allowed to do. Claiming to be rich/ by stealing and assassinating every child; and even destroying this world, mutilating its nature, failing every chain of life; and more. SO THE DEMAND IS PROVE THIS IS NOT SO! BY PROVING WHAT THE COST AND CONSEQUENCES OF THESE DECISIONS ARE GOING TO BE. As best we can; because many are entirely predictable; and they all say extinction soon.

The reality of it is then: that I have done all I can do for you; I am confronted in every possible way/ blockaded from doing more. And if you don’t work for life and planet you will lose them to extinction/ as past the point of no return will prove true. THEREFORE, if YOU have always wanted to be “important”/ now is your time to prove it. As no communication or other method of providing a resolution to this life or death of a world; will come, unless humanity itself provides that impulse and purpose. YOU THE HUMANITY IS THIS EARTH; ARE THE PROBLEM/ THE REALITY OF WHY THESE THREATS EXIST. AND THAT DOES MEAN: UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO CHANGE: to examine and identify what is true; the cost of being WRONG! AND THEREBY PROVIDE THE SOLUTION WITHIN YOURSELVES/ this life, and even this earth will go extinct.

I DO NOT threaten you in any conceivable way/ I CANNOT be your savior, leader, etc in any conceivable way. THIS IS ABOUT YOU; your decisions, and your allowance, and your disrespect for life and earth/ OR NOT. Because the middle, “sitting on the fence” is dead. SAVE THIS WORLD, from humanity, as it is; or life and planet dies. CHANGE, and accept “life, the future for life, and the needs of planet come first”. NOT your wants, pride, or thirst to play god.

A primary foundation for survival is: YOU CANNOT, simply believe you know/ regardless of why you believe you know: because truth does not care what you believe. IT IS, WHAT IT IS. And that, requires attention to details that are otherwise simply discarded as unimportant. The predator eats; those individual lives, who believed “they knew”. Which means: wisdom is more than believing anything. Evidence is required/ knowledge ascends/ understanding shapes the disciplines and order which then do control our lives: and we balance that reality, with our best version of “truth in our desire”; as is the building of any future that survives.

Fear, is the elemental trip, that you give yourself; through an experience of searching and finding every possible cost to being alive; but required to die. Even so, fear is the reality of your own brain, telling you what terrible things could exist; in this moment, or disease, or whatever it is that has made you search your own brain “for details”. Courage is the elimination of those details, by discarding their existence: in favor of understanding/ there is a limit to pain/ there is a moment of death, that ends this forever/ there is healing/ there is hope, either in nature heals life, or time heals pain/ or eternity was built for love.

While we cannot eliminate the conceptions of human suffering or tragedy that is known to exist. We can eliminate most of what media presents us with, in terms of people who want to make you fear. STOP participating with them; because even though it seems painless or benign now: those elements of potential fear, will remain inside to be used by your brain later. Perhaps even your life. Pain reminds us of health/ fear reminds us of death and foreboding. Panic attacks are your brain out of control; creating scenarios for you, that are scary, by the certainty this could happen. But reality as is seen in death: reminds us, the most frightening thing; is not a body discarded/ but a life that cannot survive its truth. Choose your life over your body; and accept eternity as your reward. Not because you earned it “with your love”/ but because the greatest treasure in this universe is love; and if you participate in that love, then you can be invited to share, because you chose to care.

Fear makes people try to remove eternity from their lives/ because they want what they want; and refuse to believe they will have to pay for their hate/ or lack of love. So they create all forms of “death without cost/ just a dirt nap; etc”. And then ridicule all others so as to believe what they created by their want; ;might actually exist/ it does not. Because life, is far more than a body; and death is far more than a simple ending. Time is a distance, which can be measured. Life is an experience created by truth/ but expressed only by love or hate. They are opposites; and never live together beyond your time/ one has defeated the other; to become your truth. THAT should make you fear, because eternity hinges upon the outcome for you. LIFE is the creation of thought, within the foundations of energy: therefore life exists, until all energy is gone.

It is, the tragedy of disgrace and failure; that becomes rebellion against OUR government (THE CONSTITUTION). But the government in every democracy is its constitution (this binds us together as a nation, or state). Therefore the disgrace is, an employee decides to be a ruler instead (BETRAYAL), enforcing rules he or she has no right to create (REBELLION)/ realities they have no authority to demand (ANARCHY). They therefore have no legal authority; and no right to claim any portion of our government; to do their will. That is the abandonment of government: an insurgency against the state or nation itself. The job of every citizen then: is to refuse the takeover of our government; and enforce “redress of grievances”; we the people shall now decide your fate/ and establish our government shall NOT be overrun by traitors or terrorists.

The failure of every society is: they allow themselves to be bribed “by whatever it is”; to allow these failures to exist, because they believe in “not in my lifetime”; so I won’t work for life, child, nation, future, nature, or even planet. The curse of university, the plague of fools that has cult worshiped the diseased disgrace of vile brain dung; that is their signature of hell is coming. Offers “believe & obey, or FEAR” what we could do; to you. The serpent; which slithers inside the hole where you hide; to eat what you have become. Afraid to enforce your own law, your own democracy, your own survival even as a world; because the scourge of this world, cannot get beyond greed, selfishness, or even lust.

The standard for electric cars is 28 kilowatts used per one hundred miles: that EQUALS by generating electricity=38.4lbs of CO,2/ minus 20% for renew-able: 80% is generated by fossil fuels/ and most of that by non-hybrid systems which are roughly 33% efficient; equaling same as gas fueled cars. ALL “extra energy”: is by fossil fuels. CO2 at 63% efficient 38.472/ 30.777 lbs per one hundred miles. At 20 mpg; 1 lb of co2 per mile the average car driving one hundred miles= 100 lbs of CO2 BUT, if correct; these numbers do not reflect or include the amount of heat generated in the process of creating electricity, mining, manufacture, refuse created and so on.  Consider the reality of steam locomotives were replaced by diesel, because they were so much more efficient. ALL factors must be accounted for, before an accurate and true picture of the results will form. IT IS NOT CO2 generation that presents the major problem: IT IS HEAT PRODUCTION AND RELEASE that warms the planet. Your only real solution is INSULATE by three times as much or more/ STOP air conditioning; because it is the major problem. Discontinue airplanes, because they are luxuries. USE WORLD LAW; to refine and disassemble all military into “reasonable, and fair”. AND MUCH MORE; that is, and will be required to survive. NO, you can’t have anything you want: you traded that, for 8 BILLION PEOPLE on earth. But you could do things like the hybrid gas turbines who reclaim heat to run auxiliary steam generation. The same principle is true of current coal fired plants; recovery of that heated water; could be used in sterling style engines (heat differential between outside air and heated water)/ heat removal from the exhausting gases, can be used to run auxiliary steam generation. A fan can be used to eject  or inject; the cooled gases.

NO more cremation: you can’t afford the heat/ or loss of oxygen, fuel, pollution, and more. Neither can you afford to bury; as every parcel of ground is needed to survive: and the ocean desperately needs food. Which means every dead body is turned to “fish food”/ to be released automatically into the ocean, significantly away from shore. Because you must, or the ocean life dies/ and you won’t be far behind.

The Damnation of life and earth by universities; is and was, a very simple process, they took what was a value 50- 60 years ago/ and destroyed it. By declaring humanity is just an animal/ life is nothing more than chaos, making evolution god/ every miracle is just an accident, requiring no thought at all/ and with extreme arrogance, “we are gods now”; the death of a nation began. To your shame.

So the question to you is: what part of that lie is true enough, to make you believe? Answer: you did not participate in truth and foundations for living or life. INSTEAD, you accepted; “lets all act like animals instead”. Love became sex/ sex became lust/ lust became power/ and power always becomes violence, as the demand for obedience takes control over government. And government becomes an authority on everything; by worshiping (you can’t question our gods)/ the expert of fools; as is university.

Religion yelled hurrah: “now we have power too”/ by discarding what thought requires of us, as is a journey into creation; a reality born in self; that is your own responsibility. To declare evolution is their god too; because “we don’t care/ we can use it anyway; to get what we want: POWER”. PRIDE then turns to life and says: “lets all play, we don’t need to worry about nothing but what we want; because everything is now free”. Life is a game/ so lets win, by shouting “we can’t all be wrong”. As is proof of a herd.

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