The demand:  we must take care of ourselves! Which then extends into:  I WANT MORE, for me.  Which then becomes, “I WANT, TO BE RICH”.  A REALITY that can only be found by making many others POOR.  “wealth means; humanity is a slave to do your bidding/  it is the excuse to take far more than you deserve from the rest”. Which then becomes their:  poverty to the masses? Indeed it is.

Business hates the competition, unless there is just too much work.  Competition means:  you get less than you want/ maybe not even enough.  Immigration or the minorities are then the easy target “we can control them”/ to remove their  competition means:  I GET MORE. To control the education means:  fewer competitors. To give a poor education means:  “slaves, by debt”.

Business needs a fair playing field, and a reasonable return on investment:  or it won’t survive, unless by crime. That means simply;  ALL THE COMPETITION that today is “extremely large business”:  distorts reality and consumes all other  business;  under the disguise “this is better for the public”. Yet that is not true, because the public loses its right to work, and drives endlessly just to survive. Small business can live in a small town, if left alone. Extremely large business cannot survive without “playing with the world”:  someone makes this for a penny less, “that, will make us millions”.  Business uses the least expensive method to get a job done:  which leads them directly to robotics, computers, AI, and dumping trash and resources;  as easy as possible. No time to take responsibility, “I want to be rich”.

So we the people now compete with robots & robotic equipment. We compete with computers for a job. We soon compete with artificial intelligence, for a right to survive. And every single part of that is about the universities trying to destroy our human participation in business or industry. Because the universities, “like their toys”, and want to play with our lives.

Every part of global participation is about covering up,  all the tragedy a university diploma has created:  through control of government. Foreign debts have to be paid:  so they sell your business and resources and  nation/ to hide their reality of deceit, fantasy, and failure.  Promising:  the university will make something great, which is always “let the people be replaced”.  By vote as a democracy:  we decide our future/ until the day the point of no return has pasted;  “hell is here”.  Video business and taxation



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