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THERE ARE, only two real and distinct choices for humanity:  either you choose within yourself to “grow with love, by valuing life, gaining freedom, and believing in happiness through hope; as can be done  through respect”/ OR, you descend into the tragedies of hate, by seeking revenge; plotting and planning violence;  becoming judge “to declare the others worthless”: therefore under your complete control. Everything else is survival or death. Love and hate are opposites: they never “share the same soul”/ it is your choice.  .  Pride is the internal fight to say:  “I can too, have both love and hate/ because:  I am god over my life”. Want is the environment, which allows you to believe “whatever you want”/ regardless of its truth. Power is the purpose “to play god over others ”. While respect begins with:  every miracle proves, “life is a true gift”.  . That value increases with love, providing a home and a journey to understand what is true: “conceives of a treasury, built of hope, discovered in joy, alive in destiny”. Love lives inside, the miracle!

 In contrast disrespect; lives only to destroy the evidence of life/ because that evidence proves “you, cannot be god”; forever closing the door to a fool, if you refuse truth.

Hate functionally arrives, when proof exists inside yourself, that you are not god. That becomes a choice: to prove what you can be god over, which is violence. This is the basic human dilemma:  time allows the freedom to experiment and learn what hate and love can or cannot be. But there are costs:  love and hate separate, causing eternity to abandon all hate, and choose only love. The critical question is:  can you accept the consequence of being wrong? Is that enough, to form respect in you? Time will end.

Eternity examines what can be made into truth:  because only truth survives beyond time. The question of existence then becomes:  are miracles true evidence, of life beyond ourselves? The acceptance of faith is:  what is true, shall always be true.

There are consequences to the things people do

Provided for open review. The potential for a lawsuit against the state of ILLINOIS exists. Conditions are:  family Is exempt/ all potential legal or financial liabilities are accepted by you/  nursing home shall not be contested or involved (unless the nursing home administrator turns out to be the primary cause of stress in my siblings)/ I am no longer interested in participating/ you will tell in no uncertain terms:  exactly what you are demanding in terms of punishment or payment (specifically money or other) to the jury prior to their deliberations. So they know!  This potential lawsuit is otherwise granted: to whosoever understands its goal, and does legally act, accordingly.  This is one simple ad:  placed on this web site only. Whatever will be, will be. I will otherwise not be searching; “for lawyers”. My duty is done/ you are informed. If you want “the rulers” telling you what you can or cannot do for your own mother: then don’t do anything!      It was promised that I would wait till 3/ 20/ 17; however that is not required.

There are said to be currently, one billion people going to bed hungry every single day. If each person ate one pound of food per day, that equals 8 billion pounds everyday. In a year, times 365 that =  2.92 TRILLION pounds of food. Plus water and resources! Currently food production is entirely dependent upon chemical fertilizers (which are running out)/ chemical herbicides and insecticides which add a trillion tons of poison to our environment/ mutilated plants, which can become poisonous to us/ irrigation which is running out, no drinking water left very soon for anyone (the great lakes an impending catastrophe/ factory farms, which are entirely dependent upon antibiotics to keep a livestock pandemic away (antibiotics are dying)/ the oceans being devastated in every possible way/ the farming community which is going broke/ pollinators which are going extinct/ and urban sprawl which consumes even the possibility of survival, for EVERYTHING; as human population increases explode. Even a super-volcano at Yellowstone clearly waiting to erupt: that must be altered.  OR, MORE SIMPLY;  even if your “piece of the world” seems perfectly calm and safe/ it is not.  The entire world economy is built on counterfeit money, and there are people mutilating life, and creating biological weapons;  wherever they can find it. Not to mention thousands of weapons of mass destruction waiting to be released. Our earth is a living planet, and it would be in your best interest to know and remember:  ANYTHING LIVING, can die!  To which all adults run away saying:  “that’s the children’s problem (not in my lifetime), NOT mine”.  Forty years of work proves:  that IS, your answer. . More simply, its called “we won’t pay”.

We must have population control/ we must have world law, thereby policing leaders and making them accountable/ we must have respect for nature and our world/ we must make decisions that are truly LIFE FIRST, not money first. We must change or our planet will die, one way or the other. This is not a game/ there is no going back to the way it was:  we are too many people, and that is only the beginning. While the media keeps you blatantly “asleep”/ reality is a death march.  You cannot “wish this away”/ change is required. Your want is not enough!   Leadership has been:  “I or we, the leaders can have anything we want”/ so long as reality is hidden away from view.  As is the constant “debts don’t matter, for government/ and asset increases can be hidden so no one recognizes inflation: after all media is under tyrannical control as in (the people CANNOT know truth).  In contrast, democracy is we the people. Leadership in democracy is:  “we swear under penalty, that we will obey the constitution or, our decisions as a nation are the ruler”. Which makes the constitution government/ and every employee of that government, simply an individual working for the people:  NOT rulers. Unfortunately people want to be rulers, so they make rules to control the others. They manipulate, tempt, betray, simply assume fantasy is enough, and change the rules;  so as to gain what they want. Pride, trophies, trinkets, slaves, and power. The constant of human history is:  how much tragedy will it take, to make men change? The answer is: just enough to make them sad, and then just as soon as they are not sad:  they want exactly what made them sad back again. It would be better, to let women try to lead; they are at least “different”.

I am going to tell you plain:  I DON’T have a university diploma/ as I regard that completely irrelevant to knowledge, wisdom, or understanding. They had nothing to teach, that I wished to learn. Nonetheless, that is an excuse used by countless people, for avoiding reality/ truth/ and evidence;  that I have heard for forty years; regardless of the consequences.  Nothing is more plain than: igniting atoms on fire is beyond insane. Nothing is more stupid that believing evolution which says:  chaos built life one piece at a time. Chaos builds nothing it destroys. Your body cannot be built and functioning or alive without all its pieces at once:  proving plain and simple evolution is just another lie.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. Truth is all that clearly matters to survival. Love is all that truly matters to a life worth living. Evidence is the single factor that should influence a decision. The consequence of being wrong, should determine leadership/ NOT the damn fantasies of a cult called “university knows, everything”. They don’t;  as is so plainly proven by all the threats we now face. Simple as that, like it or not is absolutely irrelevant:  life or death for our whole world is on trial. Which means simply, the verdict is determined by truth; instead of lies. To the reader:  COMMUNICATE, and do what you can do/  as that is our only solution to enforce change. Kill a million people instead? The population rate is: in 3-4 days, that number of individuals will again reappear to replace the million you killed. WAR IS NOT going to work! Neither is the refusal to face your own truths. Identify the facts/ investigate the consequences of being wrong/ choose better.

It is time again, to renew the reality:  that all “blanket descriptions”/ are like saying every immigrant is a murderer or other. There is no such thing. Instead as is consistent with reality:  when the singular link identifying all, or nearly all involved in the various tragedies we face have one unifying description they share. “such as a university degree”/ reality states, “start here”.  As is the description of this work, we do face grievous threats. Our entire world is in danger. Even biblically, the prophecy is “all mercy is gone” after April of 2018.  The initiating biblical claim:  “the great abomination”; which is trying to ignite the same fire, which clearly burns atoms for fuel; on the sun; here on earth. We the world itself, will not survive ignition. Their gamble:  “not enough gravity here, so a ten million degree fire, will just extinguish itself”. IF THAT FAILS, “earth becomes another sun”. Literally and truly so.

Two hundred years ago, there was less than one billion people on earth/ today there are 8 billion people on earth. Which means, for each individual living one hundred years ago “about 2 billion”;  4 times more individuals are here today. more easily understood one thousand times one million equals a billion. So 8 billion compared to one billion= The reality (finding something you can grasp) should read that for every one million people who lived previously, there are now 8 million people standing on this earth or simply 8 times more people on earth. More easily understood:  8 times more drivers and vehicles crowding you. Tallied (one billion already here) as an impact on the life we use for food, the water we need to drink: that increase is tremendous.  it is 8 times the destruction, 8 times the demand for more, 8 times the need for resources “to have a job”; etc.               This world has changed/ like it or not, is absolutely irrelevant. While that may or may not sound like a lot:  we eat other life/ we all drink, and want more/ and this is a finite planet, it has not changed.  8 billion people standing 3 feet apart (I can touch you), is a line 24 billion feet long. the equator is about 25,000 miles long. 5280 feet divided into 24 billion is 4,545,454 miles. divided by 25,000= 181.8 wraps around the equator in “solid (touching) humanity”. including standing on water.

useful information is provided in this playlist of videos created for you/ but do read at least some of the text here, or in the posts and pages first.

A large percentage of base food groups arise from the bottom of ice flows in the ocean/ with no ice, no food! The very base of the food chain, that sustains most  ocean life; will soon be missing. But then with trawlers taking large portions out of the rest of the food chain;  “does it really matter”?  Why, hell no:  you got, to burn as much fossil fuel as possible/ as is “I WANT WHAT I WANT/ don’t tell me nothing”! Ain’t that so? After all, nobody can prove its human fault/ UNTIL the planet dies! Establishing HELL on earth!     Insects, another base food chain source on land and rivers, are being decimated by agriculture and others: ending that food source, for a wide variety of life/ ending that pollination of plants, and its diversity on earth. All forms of habitat for life on earth, is also “going extinct”. Just more simple facts, you don’t want to hear: how much less the reality, humanity adds another 1 million more mouths to feed every 3-4 days; Another billion in less than ten years! . Don’t worry though, the universities are mutilating nature, through genetics and poisons;  EVERYWHERE! Armageddon (nature in chaos)       And most all of humanity says:  I DON’T have to care, BECAUSE I “have a gun”!  Gee, what could that mean? Apocalypse (every man for himself). While the rest, including religion says: we believe, “the university is god”, nothing will go wrong. No matter what the evidence will prove.  Alas, what four billion people could do/ 8 billion people cannot:  our world has literally changed!  Nature has been unable to recover from you’re destruction; resources gone.  A dead world, as is extinction (for every child)Not to worry though, all the fossil fuels burned require oxygen; MORE than the planet can produce. “KILL a billion people”/ still 7 billion to left: war fixes nothing. Which means, men have no answers, but extinction.  Unfortunately, the universities are just like their religion “evolution”:  chaos built this! Completely discarding the truth {a living body needs all its parts; at once}, only thought can create life!

To think, then requires you to accept:  only truth can survive/ everything else is a lie, that will die. Law establishes the foundation of peace, justice is up to the people themselves. LIFE COMES FIRST, for this planet; anything else will fail; our existence end. Because the evidence is clear: our world can only die once!

Oh wait:  the biblical prophecy of Daniel suggests, “In /April of 2018”: first death, stop the insanity by law, failed/ second death: this world loses its opportunity for mercy/ the whole world EXTINCT, by 2020. But then it’s just a prophecy predicting a great abomination starts this time period:  oddly enough, “just like the one below”! Imagine that.

in other more deliberate news:  “that DOES matter”.

Even the slightest possibility, that our world, our nature, our future, your children can die:  GIVES US ALL, AN EQUAL LEGAL RIGHT TO DETERMINE, for ourselves/ if we will let these gambles with our everything continue on!  OUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE, our everything:  WE HAVE A LEGAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, to investigate and decide by law.  Exactly what we the people of this NATION and this world, are willing to risk:  BY OUR OWN VOTE. Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ MY VOTE, on the single most critical reality ever presented; in the history of earth.   How, is that not true!  WE, will be the judge/ WE will decide for ourselves.  WE ARE, “THE OWNERS” HERE!

The reality of descriptions which follow; are functionally and fundamentally the result of those people who believe: WE DON’T have to obey NO DAMN LAWS/ REALITIES/ TRUTHS/ or any other such thing. Because we are gods in our own right, and we can do anything we want/ AND SURRENDER NOTHING. Or more simply WE WON’T CHANGE/ instead, by harnessing the fire on the sun; we are going to prove we can be god. EVEN THOUGH FAILURE MEANS, OUR ENTIRE PLANET AND EVERY LIFE ON IT, WILL DIE!   “Just too proud. Want more, NOT reality!”

PEOPLE ARE, DELIBERATELY TRYING TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE, “JUST LIKE THE SUN”.  VERY SAME FIRE! THEY CALL IT FUSION, BUT THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVEN FALSE, “by the national ignition facility experiments”.  these scientists say:  a ten million degree fire (which obviously burns atoms for fuel)  will “just extinguish itself”/ but if it does not, then our entire planet will burn.  because an atomic fire that does not extinguish itself/ CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED BY HUMANS.  everything is fuel!

THE REALITY today 1, 2, 3; 4 IS THAT SIMPLE!

!  Consider the truth:   I can be wrong and we all live. They cannot be wrong, or we all die!  Simple as that.

So, let’s ask the very simple question:  WHO among you, is willing to believe, that an atomic fire (burning the bond that holds an atom together)/ is just going to extinguish itself? Does not fire cling to its fuel source until gone! The sun is a very simple examination of facts:  every square foot of fire, over the entire sphere;  represents a ten million degree flame, that is constant over a million miles long. Explain how that is going to be contained:  when EVERY ONE SQUARE FOOT OF ATOMIC FUEL      , is equal to one million miles of fire! Ignition is the end of this world.  A fire on earth, is the burning of molecular bonds:  “see how that works”! a fire on the sun, or on this earth; is not an explosion!  Is that NOT true? The universities are not god, which means:  YOU are their cult (no, we cannot question/ or even let them be questioned, “cause they’re god”)!  Pitiful damn dumbass. AGAIN:    Their theories extend to:
the sun contains a material that is 15 times more dense than lead:  which means then it has an atomic weight of  3105
/ another impossibility. fusion which they claim to be: combining
two hydrogen atoms into helium/ however helium is a rare element, and if the
sun makes helium with every btu it makes: WHERE is the helium?
Another impossibility.  They demand the core of the sun is extremely hot/ yet if all the fuel is on fire, then it is burnt up, and the fire ends quickly:  clearly UNTRUE.

LAST chances for trial

THE REALITY IS:  that humanity cannot see within the sun/ neither are there any sensors which give a clue. That fact CANNOT be disputed, because according to their own words:  the flames (or radiant waves) produced by the sun, “are ten million degrees Fahrenheit/ and a million miles long”. As we all know, those flames cover the entire sphere!  What scientists do know is:  THE ONLY THING escaping those flames, (AS ITS ASH CLOUD);  “are the smallest & simplest atoms, such as hydrogen”. What scientists do summarize is:  when a large solar flare (some 12 million miles long) erupts, “that burst of energy, can contain larger, stable atoms; which come through the flames so fast, the elements don’t get entirely burned up”. This knowledge is the summary from a Spectrograph picture, which grants an element specific patterns to be deduced.  Even so, the ash cloud (what is left after the flames are done);  DOES NOT, critically identify the fuel source.   At ten million degrees, and passing through a million miles of containment within the flames:  it is even more likely, that hydrogen (the simplest atom)/ or any other ash;  is a reformed version of something more complex.

So, lets search through general math, just a bit; cause you are so smart in believing “the university knows”;   and ask a very simple question.  Your scientists suggest the sun is made almost entirely out of hydrogen. Ok then, just how much hydrogen is burned to produce all the fire on the sun, “it’s fire is a million miles long, and scientists say the sun is 900,000 miles in diameter” on any given day.  So, it’s a lot of fire: HOW MUCH GAS, DOES this sun need to keep the flame going, all day every day?  How much gas was required to keep this sun on fire for the billions of years scientists claim? Just how much bigger was the sun, because after all:  that much fuel had to be stored somewhere? Which asks the question, how much hotter was the earth, as well as other planets? Now, let’s add in what the scientists say:  about the core of the sun being the really hot spot/ which means all the gas is on fire at once. Now given our actual realistic knowledge of a hydrogen fire:  can you have all the fuel on fire at once/ without burning it all up almost immediately? Or, if the core is where all the gravity exists, and extreme heat is absolutely known to cause pressures to rise/ NOT vacuums to exist.  IN FACT, IT IS A PRESSURE WAVE EMANATING FROM THE SUN OUTWARD, that warms our earth. The question:  Then how is it possible that the core “sucks in the planets”/ and where does that reverse energy come from?  Do a tiny bit of math, and ask yourselves what it means to be wrong:  when these so called scientists and their “magic” ignite atoms on fire, as they are deliberately trying to do? The sun burns the bond in atoms to release the energy/ which means ATOMS ARE ITS FUEL SOURCE. Which means once ignited NO, you cannot remove the fuel source/ because everything is fuel. Which DOES MEAN, “there are no second chances”, because the fire cannot be controlled. Wrong on every count, means “horror to come”!

What is important about that paragraph is:  your universities and governments, are gambling this entire earth/ based upon the assumption since hydrogen is the most abundant element found: then the sun must be made of hydrogen. A reality without the slightest substance, fact, truth, or conception UNLESS pure fantasy is injected. More critical is the simple conjecture:  if the brightest physics minds of this century CANNOT figure these absolutely obvious facts out/ then they are really very stupid, or trying deliberately to kill our earth!   at CERN, they are trying to destabilize atomic structure itself/ geneticists are deliberately trying to mutilate nature and even admit their goal is to create chaos instead/ a trillion gallons of poison has been injected into the earth, the great lakes are in jeopardy, and that is just the beginning/ all livestock production is entirely dependent upon antibiotics which are failing/ extinction is occurring across this globe/ counterfeiting opens the door for war with weapons of mass destruction/ global population increases demand the ocean life will soon be extinct, and we all face cannibalism; if not being burned by atomic fire. and there is much more in reality, so says the evidence. The government of this USA has been corrupted to the point of complete destruction/ and all of that is under and a result of: the university knows everything religion, and their enforcers, which are the media. etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.   Still think I am too hard on the university elite?  But hey, let’s be realistic, “you are believers”/ and don’t need no damn evidence, knowledge, understanding, truth, or reality:  you got faith “the university knows”! HOW DARE, I make them stupid. “they are a religion that cannot be questioned”:  now ain’t that so?

A supernova explosion is the result of the core overheating, thereby overcoming the boundaries and bonds which retain it in place:  as the fuel source in every explosion does do.  Which means a supernova (fire increasing from more fuel added) cannot exist/ nor can its result of an explosion occur:   unless the core is not on fire as your scientists suggest.  I remind you again:  EVERYTHING is conjecture, unless the evidence does prove what can or cannot be. Thereby: Your science is WRONG/ and they are gambling EVERY life on earth forever.  WITH LIES.

www.justtalking4.info expands this, as does farther down this page

This is atoms ready to burn; or
 LAST CHANCE  read that link.

 THERE IS NO GOING BACK, FROM AN ATOMIC FIRE;  could they be even the tiniest bit wrong? NO second chances, “LIKE FIRE”/ IT WON’T extinguish itself!

Oh wait, I forgot, they can’t be wrong:  “they have a book”!  We all know, “books and diplomas; can’t be wrong”/ now ain’t that so:  cause that means, when you question nothing: “they get to be god”. Even to the point of igniting this earth, into a sun. What better worshipers, could you be/ sacrificing EVERYTHING. WOW, you must really be “BRAINWASHED”! now, ain’t that so/ go ahead turn on your tv, so they can tell you “no don’t think”, be happy/ don’t worry, we alone:  know everything”. We tell you “all that matters”;  now, Get back in bed, go to sleep again, and suck your thumb.  DUMBASS!

The next step is, the release of energy that is equivalent to what happens on the sun:  wherein since the sun is spherical, we can say the energy release of “EACH, one square foot of atomic surface fire is equal to, according to your scientists;  a ten million degree flame, that extends for one million miles”; according to your own scientists.  Just: One more step, and the monster is released:  a fire so powerful, it burns your skin from 91 million miles away, in summer.  A fire that will instantly incinerate not only the machine but the entire city, killing everything within one thousand miles;  in less than ten minutes.  That flame once ignited represents a pillar of fire, over four times the distance from here to the moon. Growing constantly in size and heat;  over this earth!    your scientists say:  a solar flare extends up to 12 million miles long/ because they can visually see it. Congratulations, you win, “the university must be trusted, like every religion; their god, wrote it in a book”.   TURN OFF THEIR ELECTRICITY , to every fusion experiment (you can do that)/ GO TO COURT AND DEMAND A FULL HEARING! about what it means, to be WRONG. make them prove:   what will happen if the fire does not extinguish itself!  DONATE TO COMMUNICATE, AND DEMAND TRIAL! I ask you:  because reality proves it true, WHAT are you going to do, “when the rocks, the water, the dirt, the air, and everything else is on fire”/ as is the reality of atoms ignited?  do not atomic bombs exist!  It is plain and simple and sure, that the energy released by the sun is from atoms/ because nothing else known to humanity is capable. The sheer longevity of that sun energy, proves an absolute minimum of fuel is being used to create that energy. Both facts eliminate and prove the university theory of fusion is absolute fantasy. The scientists who proclaim the sun is made up of “unknown elements/ and mysterious forces that cannot be replicated in ANY conceivable form:  are just trying to play god/ its voodoo, says the witch doctor “.  What better way to proclaim “they are god/ than by putting a star in a jar“; as is their declared intent.  Failure gives them the title of SATAN; believe it or not.  Because they will, and ARE trying, to destroy all life on earth! You can’t even put out a forest fire/ or too much gas on fire (3,000 degrees, not ten million)/ or any other molecular ignition where too much fuel makes it impossible to extinguish the heat!  YOU CAN’T get close, ain’t that so! You can’t go back and “wish it wasn’t so”/ now can you!

Even so, I will warn you anyway:  the current population increase is another one million people over deaths, every three days, or a tiny bit more. That means the entire population of America is doubled, & added to this planet, every three years. You can’t survive ANYTHING coming, and it will be war until extinction comes/ if not, by planetary FIRE first.  Human life and living MUST accept “Life for the planet itself, comes first”.  Whether you  like it or not:  we are all threatened with extinction. SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE, and your media reports “nothing that matters”.

One trillion dollars, is equal to ten thousand dollars per individual, per each of one hundred million people. That in a nation of about one hundred million workers, whose media are now claiming that many people spent ten thousand dollars each “on Christmas spending”.

I did spend a lifetime, believing “I CAN’T be distracted, this is our entire world at risk“.

       The day, when you must take responsibility for your decisions, and stop blaming or ridiculing me “has arrived“.  Your decision:  to allow people the intentional purpose of igniting the same fire
here as is on the sun.  Has consequences!
  Those consequences include:  WRONG is a dead world, and all life burns.  Even if you don’t believe that:  “take another look at the sun:  from 91+ million miles away”.  They lie about everything else/ but they do claim “we are going to bring that sun fire, here”!  I cannot save you, and I never tried/ I asked you to investigate the reality of being wrong, to examine the cost of failure; and understand the price of even the tiniest mistake, “is we all die, the future, everything, even the planet & the solar system itself”.  Because a fire that clearly burns the bond in atoms,
“literally an atomic fire”:  CANNOT be stopped.it will burn YOU too”. The fire we have on earth is the burning of molecular bonds: “see how that works”! There is no going back, once ignited the atomic fire cannot be stopped, this entire planet is fuel! Beneath the sun fire, is a mass very similar to earth: because an atomic element is limited by reality. Not fantasies, but the periodic table. That physical fire burns “rocks”. because they are made out of atoms! OR, “your gods, at university” must prove something else exists! How is that not true?

 www.Justtalking5.info                     AN INTRODUCTION

what cannot be disputed is: when atoms ignite on fire, as is proven to happen on the sun/ there is no possibility they can be extinguished. Leaving this entire world dependent upon the single theory of “university knows”: that atoms on fire will extinguish themselves “not enough gravity on earth to sustain the fire”! even though, they have not one shred of evidence to support that theory. Nor can they see through the sun fire and determine anything; which makes their theory entirely “a guess“! THERE WILL BE, “NO SECOND CHANCES”/ once
ignition occurs, our planet, our lives, our future, even our solar system lives
or dies in that single instant of time.  We
cannot extinguish a ten million degree fire, on a planet made of atoms;  which means everything is fuel.
The consequence of that understanding, the reality of machines which will make ignition of atoms into fire possible,  “now running”:  is a lifetime spent, for very little else.  To refuse even the
investigation of what it means to be WRONG:
  proves, you are a cult.  Cult means:  you literally give your life, “to someone, who is playing god”.  The problem is:  extreme experimentation means;  “they decided to play god with US  all:  TOO”!
       The three most dangerous machines trying
to ignite atoms, and bring the same fire here as is on the sun:  in descending order of likelihood are   1,   2,   3.
which means we must bind ourselves together: AND SAY:    NO MORE OF THIS,    AS A WORLD!   you cannot “wait and see”; a ten million degree atomic fire CANNOT be extingusihed.   THAT DOES MEAN:  “life or death”, the very first time. as to personal legal issues BIBLICAL
PREDICTIONS, are coming true:  the first part of revelations is built around “the
ignition of atoms/ or what happens when sun fire is here”.
is more certain than “we
CANNOT survive, atoms on fire”/
as is the intent & reality of machine experiments, going on every day! 
       Protected from questioning, by the courts/ media/ and leaders of all kinds: because these are certain “the universities can’t all be wrong: more correctly, {the university} knows everything”. Our entire world lives or dies based upon their theory;
an atomic fire, will just extinguish itself/
so we don’t have to
worry (not enough gravity here). 
       Their theories extend to:
the sun contains a material that is 15 times more dense than lead:  which means then it has an atomic weight of
/ another impossibility.  They
might suggest “its like a black hole/ but black holes do not allow light out/
another impossibility.  They demand:  the heat from the sun is from fusion which they claim to be: combining
two hydrogen atoms into helium/ however helium is a rare element, and if the
sun makes helium with every btu it makes:
WHERE is the helium?
Another impossibility.  They demand the core of the sun is extremely hot/ yet if all the fuel is
on fire, then it is burnt up, and the fire ends quickly:
  clearly UNTRUE.  The physical gravity here on earth is NOT,
what constructs solar gravity;  as the gravity between the sun and earth
are considered to be 10,000 times less, than your attachment here:
  doesn’t work!
Even so:  your gods (can’t be
questioned) at university won’t
even admit the national ignition facility proved fusion does not exist/
after three + years of trying with 180 million degrees of heat and pressures.
       Sun fire, is atoms on fire;  clearly proven by the facts of energy
release, and longevity.
gravity is a result of “dark energy” as is released by the neutron when the
bond of an atom is broken/ the balance, which keeps the outward energy
contained;  is lost to the core.
       EVERY LIFE on this planet:  is being gambled on theories which are pure
fabrication. They want “to be god
(what greater proof could exist, than playing with a sun)”/
and this world will be lost, because they are
suggests:  “not a chance in HELL” TO
  “YOU, can’t wait to see”
THE COURT SAYS:  “of the university elite” controlling life/ America/ and influencing the world. THESE cannot be questioned.    but;    IF YOU ARE indeed “so damn smart”/ THEN why do we face extermination;  people gambling with the entire planet;  refusal to protect life, by demands to “let it ride, until EVERYTHING is lost”/  preparing humanity for war; and all that can and will make us extinct?  Including the mutilation of nature itself, destroying even the chance to survive.        “to the diploma’s”:  if you are so damn smart/ THEN why did you let fools lead.        So the question is:  IF THE UNIVERSITY IS   “god”, because they are so damn SMART/ THEN, are they not smart enough to know:  the clear purpose of all these known threats;  every intent to delay “dealing with reality”:  is in fact,  to exterminate life? To make it impossible, for life to remain on this planet!  Either they are dumb BEYOND the masses/ or  they are SATAN, to this world.  How is that not true?  Satan functionally means:  “TOO DAMN PROUD”, life means nothing.        IN
THE REAL WORLD:  a courtroom is used to
determine the facts, and investigate the cause, and define what happens if we
fail to accept what is true!   It is not
for belief/ nor is it a playground for criminals.
my little notebook

In the interest of life, the realities of death &

the decisions made that WILL determine our future.

DEATH COMES KNOCKING       REDNECK SCIENTIST       COMBINED REVELATION NOW       REDNECK LAWYER     REDNECK PROFESSER So let’s talk gravity, scientists say:  Gravity, or gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought … On Earth, gravity gives weight to physical objects and causes the ocean tides.  This is their best definition/ my best BEST definitionand yet they gamble our world, and every life in it based upon gravity.  THEY SAY: AN ATOMIC FIRE, WILL JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF; because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the flame. So an atomic fire, will just vanish into space.

So, as they say: “we know apples fall down”; that is literally all they know for sure! Which makes the theory a fraud. 

We have now “begun our final journey”/ because reality will tolerate very little more! In acceptance of that fact, is the foundation: we cannot survive, or even hope to survive “atoms on fire”!  the first lesson:  even though the university says “we built an atomic bomb” and didn’t blow up the world/ so its safe to ignite atoms on fire.  I remind you plainly:  like molecular bombs such as tnt/ the extent of the explosion is limited by the excited state of what can blow up.  Since the atom bomb component of  that explosion is limited by the “excited atoms”/ it stops when they are done.  IN COMPLETE CONTRAST to that reality:  IS IGNITING ATOMS ON FIRE.  Like a molecular fire consumes an entire forest because it can:  the fuel is there.  Atoms on fire, will continue to burn:  because the fuel is there/ consequently there is absolutely no reason to believe an atomic fire will simply extinguish itself. Even with all the evidence to prove that is true/ the cult remains: to your eternal shame. Should you survive into eternity!        So scientists say:  the sun core contains an element that is  at least 16 times more dense than LEAD.  Which means they suggest this element or sun core
is something that cannot exist in the periodic table of elements here on earth
lead has an atomic weight of 207, while uranium has an atomic weight of 238:  the heaviest known element which can
survive.  16 times greater than lead means:  this must then be an element with an atomic
weight of 3,312.   NOTHING in physical
existence, reality, or law:  approaches
that, or allows even the theory,  this
element could exist
IMPORTANT FACT: since they gamble with this entire planet based upon  that theory.
  Because if the element does not exist/ then
their entire theory of how the sun works, is an absolute fraud.
GRAVITY DISCIPLINES THIS ENTIRE WORK IS ABOUT                 THE GREATEST FRAUD IN HISTORY learn about first amendment constitutional redress  Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  THE FOUR DOCUMENTS, that built AMERICA Add reality has a list and federal reserve #1 & #2#3 To understand democracy, you must
first understand its primary purpose:
   “we are the owners here, united by the words we have faith, will
describe our purpose and desire
/ because we made this constitution our
  In no sense of the
word, are employees allowed to consider themselves “the government”/ as is
registered by the demand: you shall take an oath, “the failure to respect our
constitution” is punishable even to death.
       The second part of democracy is:  the protection of our democracy is NOT
strictly given to our employees (regardless of their job or duty).  But rather:
WITH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment law.  WE THE PEOPLE shall legally bind our
employees, to come into “public court” and give true, correct, and whole
answers:  defining exactly what they or
their organization as government business did or did not do.  They will then give their own statement
without compromise:  as to how this does
relate to their oath, “you agree, to hold the constitution as OUR INSTRUCTIONS
to you/ therefore as we the people it is:  the final say, in every decision you are
allowed to make.  Bar none, of any true
importance:  without our direct
vote.  OUR nation or state/ NOT yours as
an employee, you are strictly limited to obeying our law.  Which is entirely determined by
constitutional description or our true intent.
       The third part of democracy:  is to determine the future, by examining the
evidence, and choosing what GIVES AND PROTECTS LIFE:  so that every child, every nation, and the
living world itself has their own chance in time.  Justice lives in truth/ truth lives in
wisdom.  Wisdom lives in the removal or discarding
of want, pride, and power:   so that only
truth itself can decide.
deal one:   I have withheld taxes/ I have not filed taxes: both state of IL and US since 2012! Because it is my duty/ it is your duty, to demand that our nation and our state SHALL ADHERE to constitutional law, and its precepts as declared within the constitution as written. Thereby it is NOT the payment of tax that I refuse/ IT IS THE FAILURE OF GOVERNMENT;  THE EXECUTION OF CHILDREN AND A FUTURE FOR THIS PLANET;  IT IS THE THREAT OF EXTERMINATION TO LIFE ON EARTH;  IT IS THE MUTILATION OF NATURE ITSELF;  IT IS THE ATTEMPTS AND BUILDING OF MACHINES TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE;  IT IS THE FAILURE TO PROTECT RESOURCES OF ALL KINDS, THE EXTINCTION OF SPECIES; THE REFUSAL TO ACKNOWLEDGE WORLD LAW, to govern leaders IS NECESSARY;  it is the bankruptcy of our state and nation/ the counterfeiting of money/ the theft of our work and world/  and enslavement of people.  That demands REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES!  a reality refused by the court/ but built into the law by constitutional edict, AS A LEGAL RIGHT;  in both this state and nation!       THEREFORE, make government employees take me to tax court (both state and nation):  where the door is open/ the public is watching/ and the constitutional demand for REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES SHALL be enforced! When anyone counterfeits money, it means they took more than they were entitled too/ and expect someone else to pay their debt. When government employees counterfeit money, by creating debts which cannot be paid/ or by inflation (hidden or not): their purpose is “to play games” with our lives. Pretending this is ok: so they can play “king or queen” & spend money on anything their heart, or hell; desires. The reality of all of it, as is being done by all versions of government in America is: the destruction of our state and nation. That is treason! The primary expenditure is:  “whatever the universities want”.  Even if it is just fantasy.  Even if
it is terrorism against life on earth!
DEAL TWO,   IS: I WILL GIVE TO CITIZENS OF THIS WORLD, A NEW AND DIFFERENT ENGINE, CAPABLE OF BETTER THAN: MAJOR ASPECTS OF THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE. Which means, it will replace the common use; internal combustion engine!                                       IN EXCHANGE FOR           A public trial on television
broadcast to all people of this world:
demanding the following SHALL be answered in public, by the leaders of university, government,
etcetera as are indicated by the question presented.
          ALL QUESTIONS shall be bound within the
very specific reality:   of WHAT HAPPENS
theories, OR  “university language”
allowed, only truth and reality:  as is
consistent with the common citizen understanding the question being discussed.
 To achieve the necessary recognition of what
that reality is:  THERE SHALL, be
questions which identify and create the necessary foundation, to achieve an
understanding among the common citizenry.
   There is no going back from that either!           There will be more, BUT all will be
restricted to MAJOR  threats AGAINST
                             TERMS ARE           If I provide a useful description of
an engine that is different than any otherwise known/ and YOU CANNOT PUBLICLY, BY BROADCAST ON NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL
8:00PM  identify and
prove:  a distinct part of it shall not
 Industry and the citizenry alike, in
agreement.  Which does mean:  NO PART OF THE MACHINE I PROVIDE CAN BE USED
YOU will have forty eight hours, to
consider that reality and present. I shall have an option to respond, without
interference: SAME format as I presented in.
EACH being held Specifically to the issues raised, regarding this
engine;  in a disciplined, orderly
 You get one hour/ I get to
respond if I choose it necessary,  one
half hour.

THEN, if you fail:   public
trial begins within two weeks! YOU SHALL provide those who will effectively
answer the questions I will present.
They can be found on my websites  www.justtalking4.info with substance
and questions taken from all web sites I do provide; they are linked.  www.justtalking5.info is where this deal  appears.  This is “functionally REDRESS” investigating
and examining those leaders who have seen fit:

          Let the people decide for
themselves:  who is or is not “correct”!
          I am ready to begin at any time we
have a fully developed/ can’t back out by either party contract, that WILL be
enforced OR, YOU OWE ME ONE BILLION DOLLARS instead.  I provide the machine/ YOU provide the communication,
as demanded:   “He says, WE CANNOT BE
WRONG”!  Let reality decide the outcome.  With suitable work done between the artist
and me prior to the broadcast:  it can be
limited to less than one hour. 

  However media (you
get programming) will provide, or pay
  whosoever I will accept.   As a  person well suited to drawing machine
prototypes.   I have not drawn anything,
for forty years/ it is fair.

www.youtube.com/jimosterbur for
playlist   https://goo.gl/8GrstA  

THE PURPOSE OF THIS WORK, these sites, EVERY VIDEO, AND EVERY FACET INVOLVED, including inventions which are intended to elicit the idea “that I can see what most others do not”!  ARE FREE FOR ANY AND ALL TO USE:  “my hope”, in communicating the fact, “OUR WORLD IS THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION AND GREAT CHAOS”; without true change. Believe it or not, the evidence is true. Any film festival/ any alteration of video, whatever you choose to do: understanding “I can only give you what is mine”. James Frank Osterbur.    They are otherwise without restraint. If you need a signed release, simply ask: you will find my address if you look.

  IT HAS TAKEN ME 63 YEARS TO LEARN this:  that we are “same” as body, mind, and life/ but very different in the composition called desire.  The consequence of that is my communication although distinct and understood by you, is always discarded because your desire is fundamentally very different than mine.  Truth and value exist in the finite world, of what can be law
to govern our lives.
  Without law, there
is no existence, because chaos reigns instead.
  Without truth thought cannot function, because there is no plane of
ascension through understanding, knowledge, wisdom, or love.
  Without the distinction of value, as in this
is worth living for/ worth fighting for/ worth loving for;
  there is no discovery of life itself

Therefore we search for an infinite world, in the grace of a world governed by truth, through the integrity of energy, assembled by laws which define nature and keep it pure. We live in the dignity of choosing value within ourselves, as the right given to be free! We even share the blessing or curse, that is sex; dependent upon love.            What is infinite is “life without time”/ as this favors the element of thought, and gives discipline to the understanding:  thought CAN take you wherever you desire to go.  But it cannot discipline itself, therefore you must inherit and accept, the ability to be wise.  Energy controls existence;  without energy, there is no existence.  With energy, there is the comprehension of experience and expression, by the force of what we control. The critical relationship is a construction of boundaries. Even so, we come to this day in the tragedies of men, the disease that is their university cult/ the flagrant violation of every law necessary to life. The valueless and horrifying experiments by university through governments, that is death to our lives and our world. Extreme arrogance controls man, because he believes today that nothing less than “being god” can be formed from a university mind. Even though that is utterly absurd and without any proof whatsoever. Trying to ignite “sun fire” here on earth is one example of that. Believing that an atomic fire, “with just extinguish itself”: IS BEYOND MAD, as in insane. It is even beyond everything criminal or even terrorist. Because these are gambling with every life on this planet, and will lose/ because their mind has led them and you to fantasies without substance. Which means their lies, foolishness, and failure: WILL exterminate you, and all life on earth. It won’t be long/ every day they try “to be their god of chaos, which is SATAN”. A religious word, but it fits: and you know what it means! So either stop worshiping your satan’s or you die, along with your children and every possible thing you love, value, or even hate. It is that simple, only a fool does not understand: “to believe a ten million degree fire/ that OBVIOUSLY is atomic based” WILL NOT EXTINGUISH ITSELF: means they CAN’T be wrong! Nor it is possible for anything on this earth to extinguish that flame either: because IT BURNS ATOMS, the energy to burn your skin from 91 million miles away is certain! NO, “second chances”/ one ignition, and we’re all dead.

THIS ww.justtalking5.info IS, an alteration to the work which proceeds it. Now, its simply live or die, as a world!

      LIFE and
death, are the developments of a communication with energy. The integration or
lack of that, with a decision that is consistent with order. Thought then
constructs the lattice work beyond simple existence, to conceive of elements
without time.
Distance measures time, not life. Therefore the essence of life itself elevates reality, as the space between our souls. A soul is not consistent with any other life form on earth, other than humanity.  However, every life form has the ability to communicate within the essence of every life, as is the energy which gives us density. Density binds distance into participation. Participation creates the recognition called self/ while self, forms the barriers which makes reality called the individual.  Passion forms the bridge/ but only love can cross it, to become one out of two, or more.   This is as
close as I will come, to explaining more than you deserve to hear.
  Insanity (the university is god/ they can do
anything they want) is not an element of knowledge/ therefore the masses attain
only chaos.
  Sinking into the mire,
called extinction;
  grants one last
effort to gain your attention.
threats none can deny exist, and all of which can lead to extermination of life
from this planet/ EVEN death of the planet and solar system itself.
  REQUIRE YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTANCE:   we must stop this/ or die.  YOUR Continued failure means literally, “there is just no purpose in this, my work”. You cannot hear/ you cannot think for yourself/ you cannot accept duty or discipline, or even “life needs you now”.  Establishing:  This earth shall be lost/ because you truly did not care.  After forty + years of work; still no true or
significant sign of help.
  So we ask
one last question, before letting this work itself die:
 WHY do YOU, not care?  Even though the children die too, the end is literally all but here. And you don’t care enough “to spend a penny, or speak a single word for life”.  I can’t fix that!  The answer is:   you believe, in fantasies! You let liars/ thieves/ and traitors decide;  because they control the words, thereby your lives. You only want, rather than live. In the reality of our lives, nobody gets to escape an entire planet on fire just like the sun. Nobody can extinguish a ten million degree fire, that burns atomic bonds (atoms are fuel). Nobody gets to say, let someone else/ because this is life or death for all of us. Nobody gets to say: “the university knows”/ because the university does not know; they simply guess. Nothing sees within the fire that is on our sun. So when they say: that igniting an atomic fire here on earth is OK, “because it will just extinguish itself”. They are lying, because all the evidence and facts of true knowledge that we do know, and can prove: demands, that fire will just keep burning; to consume this planet, by becoming another sun. Sun fire is real, you don’t get to doubt. Critical knowledge is granted on the www.justtalking4.info web site. Also on various threat construction is aided by www.youtube.com videos, by Jim Osterbur that you can access. Videos include: university is wrong university is wrong2 university is wrong3 university is wrong4 university is wrong5 text understanding Revelations text Daniel 12 and more.    SEE POSTS ON THIS SITE. The issues and realities of mutilating nature, discarding over-population of the planet beyond its means, destroying the critical links in life that keep us all alive, changing the climate, exterminating habitat and species,  killing the ocean life forever, and a long list of other horrendous clamities that will defeat life on earth with no possibility to survive:   is cause enough, to say “I/ we must do whatever we legally can”.   FOR LIFE! The critical question is not: “what do I, think you can do about it”.  The critical reality is: once ignited, if gambling with this whole world goes wrong/ then every single life dies.

Your option is to do something, as best you legally can/ OR, simply let the cult of “university knows” complete its mission “to destroy life on earth”.  Not a hard choice: simply let them gamble with EVERYTHING/ OR, make them stop!  There is no middle ground.  Once ignition occurs, there is no turning back. If it continues to burn, our planet and all its life, including you dies.  Just like in a similar sense: the university genetically mutilates, saying “no problem”.  BUT once a problem exists, there is no turning back;  forever.  Therefore gambling with all life on this planet.

JUSTTALKING 4.INFO a summary site of what matters most/ what threatens immediately or worst.

Justtalking3.info compilations choosing to inform with various methods employed.

Justtalking2.info centered around supreme court cases demanding redress of grievances. Proving corruption in the US supreme court.

Justtalking.info the beginning survey, a disciplined talk

trialforlife.info centered around US federal court, tax case: demanding adherence to democratic authority & constitutional law.

trialoflife.info centered around state of IL realities: refusing justice/ corrupt, and supporting “cruel and unusual punishment” upon the poor.

soultalking.info confronting initial questions “why”

criticaleconomics.info asking what is real for tomorrow

complexdestiny.info developments in life and living

home page of each reads like a newspaper, “top is last writing/ bottom first”/ except the last two (4,5). The writing started one month beyond 9/11.
These represent a search, for what will get your attention, as the decades previous proved: truth (evidence)/ consequences (extermination)/ reality (can’t be wrong)/ money (all gone)/ religion (we only believe what we want too)/ nor anything to do with life, or values, or evidence “of biblical proportions”: could not! There was, more than a reason humanity itself, should investigate. But chose “to hide, and run away”. With very few exceptions!

WANT, was all that mattered.

The elements of this work are: that want is not enough to sustain life/ resources are finite/ experiments which cannot be allowed “to go wrong”, exist/ democracy is under attack/ the courts are corrupt/ the money is counterfeit/ and biblical prophecies are literally about to come true: so says the evidence, proven true.

Primary developments are: to achieve the necessary communication/ the cult of “university knows everything”; must be degraded into reality; NO more fantasies. To construct the necessary display of wisdom to counteract “I believe (a reality of want), in the university”/ there are endless words used; as if receiving a newspaper, each day. To both confront and establish a knowledge base that is consistent with: ‘THINK for yourselves”.

The courts are presented with, a legal demand for informed consent : to produce public knowledge. Constitutional law is presented; each fails/ refusing to acknowledge the constitution as a law, in every single trial. Displaying anarchy against democracy; A reality of treason! AS THE CONSTITUTION itself, is our government/ NOT the employees. While media all say: “the university cannot be questioned”.

We then expand, to consider “being wrong”.

in concepts from beyond the grave

                          The most critical thing, any human has
ever done is:
  to understand the
difference between what is or is not;
   “a decision recognizing this is a life or death choice”! That fact isolates the possibilities established by the facts:  to either accepting the potential of death/ or turning away from that reality to protect “life must come first” instead. Every day,
people choose with government assistance in various places on earth:
  to attempt igniting an atomic fire on this planet “just like the sun”.  Extreme machines have been built;  the universities promise they will ignite that same fire as is on the sun.  WE KNOW that can happen, because the sun
proves this reality of energy release by fire;
   is so.  Consequently it is prudent and wise to believe “these scientists” shall in fact ignite that fire:  with the tools already built or under construction.  Why would you doubt;  do you not believe in the universities? Of course
you do;
  simple and plain!          HOWEVER,
although they NEVER say it:
  all the
people involved in gambling with our planet by bringing a ten million degree
fire here;
  that obviously burns atomic
bonds for fuel is.
  THEIR ONLY PLAN:  for how to contain the fire after ignition is “that fire will just extinguish itself”.  Supposedly by their estimation:  not enough gravity here on earth.  Our world lives or dies:  COMPLETELY DEPENDENT upon whether the fire will simply extinguish
  Your scientists theorize:  we added fuel and energy to start the fire/ so why shouldn’t the fire go out when we take that fuel and energy away.  Even though they expect to awaken a much
greater energy release/ as that is the purpose of the entire experiment;
  and what is now probably a trillion dollars
  Nearly all with counterfeit American
  IT DOES MATTER, when you take a
bribe, and let traitors do whatever they want, with your money!

We begin with an excerpt from simple life”: Actions are “like heat”/ they move beyond themselves in all directions, lost “forever alone”. Thereby “to prove” you are the god you claimed to be. Actions intensified are like, “focused as a flame”: when all conditions are met. This conceives of: These lives are then chained in place, to the fire they created, until the fuel “runs out”. In contrast; Reactions are “like cold”/ these do not move themselves, until invaded. In the world of thought without life, these invasions are fear, terror, and horrified. Reactions condense reality, into an ever smaller environment, “where not even the air to breathe survives; so to speak”.

Order by contrast, can do whatever the laws which govern it allow. So long as there is truth to govern every possibility.

So lets ask: what/ who/ or why do you trust? Or more seriously: whatsoever you have assembled as “the quest called your identity, by design”. Will then become the reality of your conception, once freed of time itself/ thought must proceed to its destiny or fate. Therefore ask yourself, “where does this; do I, go”/ because unlike time, there is no going back. You must choose, or you will fail to survive and dissipate into: nothing left. Time dissolves itself is that not so? Therefore whosoever tries to stay “chained to time”/ will fail, and dissipate, destroying themselves. To survive, you must conceive of eternity, as life. To be happy, you must accept that eternity SHALL be governed by love! It is that simple.

WITHOUT religion (I believe whatever I am told): we do ask, what are primary biblical predictions regarding the last of days on earth? Because the evidence points to: Armageddon, which means “life mutilated, and in chaos”. Hell, which means “we are trapped, and going to die/ there are no options for life, therefore all go insane”. Apocalypse, which means “in every hand a gun, a bomb, or a fire”; each, with a true intent to destroy. Tragedy erupts “throwing stones like pebbles” (Yellowstone erupts) The earth is worn out like a garment (no resources left). And the prediction: the second great disaster (Noah’s flood: proven true by fossil fuels deposits/ was first) for this earth is/ fire will consume the planet; will consume us all.

So lets talk truth.

By their own admission geneticists in worship of their religion called evolution/ are deliberately mutilating genetics in order to bring: in their words “evolution back to life, as chaos in nature”! To play god, they assert, “no miracles exist”. (Armageddon: the destruction of MIRACLES OR LIFE; as is their intent).

Due to “medical breakthrough” called antibiotics: we grow as humanity on earth, multiplying by over 110-120 million more people to feed each year. We are literally “about to eat ourselves, out of house and home”! Every source of food and water destroyed. Every life/ chain of living/ and environment or habitat exterminated. (Hell).

Because reality for life, was overruled by weapons of mass destruction/ enormous debts were created. Today inflation (currency increases) average roughly 10.5 trillion dollars per year in inflation and debt; in America. Because want rules humanity rather than truth; counterfeiting has established: “lets LIE”/ making YOUR money dead. Those who spend the inflation “In trillions (1 trillion=$10,000 -per each and every 100 million people)”, have sought to dispossess (deprived of property, by lies) this nation, and with more lies, the leaders make this world, and this nation their slave. THE RESULT, we are so angry, and filled with hate: OUR LIVES are ruined/ OUR sacrifices have been crucified/ our nation is lost. As if our lives and our families, and our work, our respect for the nation itself: or OUR NEEDS, were nothing! Therefore revenge comes next, including; trust no one, but a gun: is that not so? Will world war NOT follow? (Apocalypse, the blood runs high).

An exploding super-volcano WILL do tremendous damage, far beyond predictions. The university propaganda led media: NEVER reports reality as needed to defend ourselves. Their proven record is: NOTHING, that matters/ as with entertainment, their contribution is: “fear, power, pride, or fantasy”. Like the courts, they only protect the “rich and powerful”. The only solution at Yellowstone is to remove the gas, which causes the explosion! Thereby making the volcano “like Hawaii”. A reality your leaders, media, and their god “university knows”; refuse. As always, building complete and utter catastrophe, in all categories: for all life on earth. (devil, by design).

To feed the pig, of industrial mass production: ALL resources are being destroyed. Everything, including the water/ the oxygen content of air/ oceans, in every conceivable way/ livestock destruction by antibiotic dependency; factory farm/ plant mutilation/ insect devastation (a primary food source in the chain of life)/ trillions of tons in chemical poisoning every year: IS BEING THROWN AWAY. (the garment/ our world, wears out)/ the children are literally, being assassinated: no future left.

and last but not least: the “university diploma” promises to ignite the same fire here on earth/ as is on the sun! That fire exists, as our sun: therefore it can happen. The university says: a ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel. Will just extinguish itself/ BECAUSE there is not enough gravity here on earth. Wrong means, the earth becomes a sun! Reality of ignition means: a “thousand mile per hour updraft” due to that fire, will not only suck in people (rapture defused)/ it will suck in every ocean, as soon as its close enough “to get a grip”. The flame WILL extend beyond the moon, from this earth. The extreme depressions of an ocean: opening up will be attacked by fire/ and this earth will literally blow up from extreme expansion in different areas at once. Causing the destruction of our solar system as well. That is the price of being wrong; with the experiments they call fusion, and others. (world destroyed by fire).

For the sake of it Daniel 12; holds a prediction for the last days. It identifies the great abomination, as the starting time. That great abomination is the university/ governmental attempt to create atomic fire here.

The prophecy predicts “two deaths”. The first represents: “let the law, save them”/ as does the old testament assert to human life. Bu(you failed, even knowing the cost of being wrong). The second death proceeds from that moment as a trial, to determine if mercy will be given: as is consistent with the new testament of the bible. Like the life JESUS preached, “its a choice”! Soon that trial will be over/ and reality will take over. As judgment (let them have their fate, they chose)/ or a change in humanity that allows, “mercy can be given/ IF they don’t revert back” begins. Thereby the ending or beginning of a new life for humans on earth, including every child, and every future life throughout time: is entirely up to you. Sufficient work has been done, to establish: YOU did indeed “have your chance; to survive/ and return life, to happy”. As always, look to the evidence, let truth decide. Remembering without doubt, “I cannot save you/ nor will I try”. The message is: change or die/ no exceptions. Your reality is clear/ as is this decision.

Your survival is simple: LET TRUTH DECIDE/ put LIFE FIRST, as the ultimate mandate which will NOT be broken!

To establish that as fact, means REALITY ITSELF, must be investigated/ therefrom outlining our need, and representing our ability to conceive what happens: WHEN THIS GOES FURTHER WRONG.

THE LEGAL MEANS ARE: US, FIRST AMENDMENT, CONSTITUTIONAL legal REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES! Or, more clearly: WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners here, and WE WILL enforce our constitutional rights, as a democracy. Which does mean: by our own vote (not a vote for someone to vote for me), we ourselves: choose our government! Enforcing constitutional oath. Over anything and everything that fundamentally risks our lives, our world, our nature, our justice, our state, our nation, your children, our environment: ETC. By true knowledge, therefrom informed consent among ourselves.

To think for yourself begins with: life has a price, it is not a game.

Freedom is a reality, that cannot be left to “an employee”.

NEITHER can a world, its environment, nature, EVERYTHING REQUIRED FOR OUR SURVIVAL: be risked, or played with: without a clear mandate from the people themselves. Every life is involved/ every life gets a vote.

NO going back/ because there are NO second chances.

How is that not true, correct, and without delusions?

Literal change DOES come to mean: WE WILL rule ourselves by the simple and plain laws we create for ourselves/ thereby we can and will enforce them, for ourselves.

Literal change DOES come to mean: world law, chosen by the people themselves: with policing joined as all nations! With the courtroom and the intent of that policing STRICTLY limited to “rulers, and the powerful”: we become FREE.

Literal change DOES come to mean: our whole world SHALL BE PROTECTED, from realities that CANNOT be allowed to go wrong! As will be, ALL LIFE first: beginning with NO MORE GENETIC MUTILIATION, or playing god. Money shall not rule again.

Literal change DOES come to mean: limited capitalism WILL control greed, and establish justice. By proving a vote CAN determine how little anyone shall earn by working/ OR how much; per year. With a recurrent vote. The currency supply SHALL be tied to a population count, and secured as such by constitutional law. The people shall decide for themselves: what is “re-distribution”; establishing “as fair as possible” for all!

Literal change DOES come to mean: women SHALL be equal, throughout this world. They shall inherit the right, “to lead, establishing the rules and the laws, to be voted upon”. They shall also be required to establish population control, with law. The men shall pay them accordingly; because their way is war. No resources exist to play war, or we will all die.

Literal change DOES come to mean: the hard choices are coming; but they lead to a future that will contain happiness, for all. IF YOU let truth and reality decide. PROVING, you accept LIFE, SHALL BE FIRST. Forever!

I REMIND, every single one who believes a gun is the answer; look at Syria/ and know it will be worse “in America”. I remind the others, who believe “the government” is the answer: that Iraq, among many others/ proves you wrong.

I remind the rest: you will not fix anything, for life or child/ unless you accept true change is needed. Including realities you don’t want to change! Reality bites, “to bring discipline and order”: but, fantasies kill.

TRUTH DECIDES! Nothing less/ because that is the literal cost of survival. Today, even the planet itself/ EVEN this solar system is THREATENED. How is that not, evidence enough?

As time and life allow

the work will be altered to construct what is necessary.

When I elect to do so. Reality states: this is now, “more visible” than I ever intended to be/ the cost, of “you would not help”!

The critical question is you/ not me! I made my choices, and will never back away from: LIFE (for our planet, nature, everything), must come first. Your want is irrelevant, because it won’t keep you alive!


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