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In the reality of biological nature: what exists or is removed is established by the cost of what any change in genetics will or could be. Because without harmony and peace, a balance and a discipline which governs the order of each organism; which holds numerous individual complex living associations. DISCORD ENDS LIFE.

   To take control over the election; by using fear to alter your thinking, and replace life, with death/ to remove Trump; and I ain’t no fan. Biden however is a gift to “university”; but then you don’t have a vote: and we must wait, to see who can bribe the most electoral college, “votes for you”. Each of these things is treason. THE PROOF OF WHAT IS REAL: REMAINS IN THE DEATH COUNT! Because it is, much harder to hide that fact: this person is now dead/ than it is to claim that person died of whatever you want. It does not matter what they are claimed to die from: what matters is; IS THIS MORE OR LESS, than the average death count for this period of time/ and for this particular year as compared to any other year. MAKE THEM PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, AND MAKE THEM PROVE THEIR NUMBERS ARE REAL; because they have been hiding the facts, hiding or compromising internet sites; once they are revealed.  Soon, not one living thing, will be “unmutilated by man”! the university pretends it is god.     The universities want full control over everything: “don’t you worry now, they are certain they are the nobility, and no consequences can rain down on them”. “its just like the period before the French revolution; thereby destroying democracy as they have been doing/ making you beg and plead “oh savior (instead of enemy as is true)”/ discarding life, for power and pride. They shove you out so your property can burn/ they shove you out so their robots can take your job: so that all small business is dead. And the university controlled large corporations own it all (which will be turned into just a few; so that power taken by a tiny few; can control them too)/ and they then control “human resources: no diploma, you didn’t bow down: get lost”. Don’t like it: fight with the army (who now, does not want to be struggling, like you); which turns into chaos; because as always, “you take mine/ I am going to take yours”. In this case: it is the white people who primarily want:  “the university is god”. So in religious terms, are you the devils army or not?      They now, have a reason to kill you: because unlike the majority, “they do know/ there ain’t enough resources for us all: somebody has to die. Or, we can wait for them to release another “genetic wonder”; a biologically mutated disease, they create! They plead for money claiming disease: but nobody dies of old age, and they get trillions. And then there are complications such as obesity and no exercise. Not to worry, instead of chopping off your head/ they intend to infect you, and let your own body crucify you instead; as is the mutilation of all that genetic nature is: what better fear! How is that too much to ask: to prove why we are attacked: by our own leadership?  To prove your media (greatest liars)/ government (greatest fools and traitors)/ cdc (we can be MORE)/ university (WE ARE gods)/ or other insane mobsters who believe they have a right: to take control? YOU, lead the way into “Armageddon”.      INCLUDING YOU, and your insanity as cult worshipers? The mob of believers; shouting “fear/ fear/ fear”; the university is god.  REALITY WOULD:  GO DEMAND the truth, as a nation.  Patriots would find a courtroom, for life and nation: so you can punish the liar, traitor, and thief.  The cost of being wrong: is extinction! There is no going back.     HONEST PEOPLE WOULD: Follow the money, and recognize: THE UNIVERSITIES GET, “your 6 trillion dollars, and all they want; and more than that: THEY WANT NO INTERFERENCE OR THREAT; AS THEY PROCEED TO PLAY god with CRISPR.  BY VIOLATING all forms of nature with genetic mutilation; in exchange for this fraud and terrorist act against a nation or world; FEAR COVID/ DAMN YOU FEAR. IS THAT incentive enough: to force you, to admit “they are your gods”/ your everything; then get down on your knees? Wake up, or die.    IN the following graph please note:   although the cause is given in the red line to “DIED OF COVID”:  the actual death rate does not rise. they just call it died by covid instead.

Realities await us; after all, as is the constant of the entire human race, with few exceptions, the one certain dependable thing is: each SCREAMING, “I DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO NOBODY: I AM THE WINNER/ I AM god compared to you”. Which ends with trouble, so people go searching for an answer which is; “we can’t all be wrong (religion)/ and if we are, then I can’t be blamed more than anyone else (if I just believe, what they believe): IN FACT, if I didn’t make the decision/ THEN I can blame someone else: THE ENEMY”. So, who better to lead than religion in university?     But alas, when want is the only thing that drives a decision, the foundation of lies, grief, pride, failure, power, lust, rape, and all things hate: “wouldn’t you know it/ ends with tragedy for the whole herd”. Oh well, “according to men; at least there is war/ I got a weapon”. The religion of university is chaos; chaos is god/ its all magic, and we don’t have to care about nothing; because evolution will fix anything we break or destroy/ “with even better”. As is the constant of religion: “all you got to do, IS BELIEVE”. Evidence/ truth/ reality/ thought/ critical construction/ disciplines/ order/ balance/ and more are evicted: because THAT AIN’T MAGIC! “its work, combined with the laws that govern existence”. CAN’T HAVE THAT/ because humanity does not want that: they want FREE. So they lie. And that, is the basis for all human development and behavior throughout time; just as it is today.

UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU: not in my lifetime, has become yes; “IN YOUR LIFETIME/ AS IS RIGHT NOW”. The lies, the threats, the disrespect, the stealing: now form a line to extinction; proven true.

I will remind you one last time: the cost of being wrong for those trying to ignite plasma into a nuclear fire “just like on the sun”/ is literally our entire planet will burn, just like the sun. by their own evaluation in the science papers: they DO EXPECT, a 4 million times increase (the biggest) in energy output from this change: a chemical fire turned into a nuclear fire. Which means: even the slightest possible delusion, “they can contain this”; is an absolute lie!    Once, is all you get/ there is no going back! You will not survive it, nor will you survive the coming completion: of “university is god”. I DID my job/ your failures are your own; but make no mistake “eternity will remember you”; and what you did/ or did not do; for or against as is apathy: to life and planet.

Which means, the entire structure of human decision which is: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT: DAMN YOU TO HELL, if it ain’t free. Will change, or all life and planet will die; because that is what you chose with your want; and incessant determination to discard thought for being a herd instead. So that you could avoid the work of life; and just get what you want. GIVE IT TO ME NOW/ give it to me for free: HELL LET THE CHILDREN PAY/ as we steal their future with lies: WHO THE HELL CARES/ “I want what I want”/ and I don’t want nothing else until the day I die. “so pay the preacher a few coins; or do a little lip service instead”: just in case.

UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU: “that just ain’t enough” anymore/ or ever in terms of eternity.   

UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU: “this cannot be fixed with war”/ tearing everything down, so a few cannot control it all. You are too many/ resources are too few/ weapons are too severe: it will be extinction, not an answer at all. ALAS: As is the constant game of men, and their pride: all fighting to prove, “they can control it all”. I AM THE WINNER/ and that makes all the rest of you LOSERS. Then comes power: because all the losers have to be controlled, when the game is no longer working; and reality has set in. 

Which brings us back to law, and the construction of life itself: by all that eliminates chaos (the lies of university removed). The disgrace of universities revealed. The disrespect of money discarded for “limited capitalism”; as is necessary. The foundations of human behavior which is want: CHANGED TO RESPECT AND VALUE/ instead of lies and hate. And a very long list of real changes to accomplish what men never did do: which is to achieve lasting peace and harmony through justice; as we challenge each other to be fair, and alive in the grace and dignity of love.     URBAN SPRAWL 

That of course will unleash hate “in the multitudes”/ because they want pride, power, lust, greed, selfishness, and above all else: TO PROVE THEY ARE THE WINNERS HERE. With lies and weapons and deceit; as has already been released as a beginning with covid: the fools of human existence have begun their attack. Destroying order to create chaos/ because when you are distracted with chaos: “behind the curtain of your discontent and fear”/ they can steal, or destroy whatever is left; thereby proving you are not only losers/ YOU ARE going to beg and plead and prove they are “your gods”. Because without them, you are going to die: as is the ultimate goal of proven power: the curse and insanity of those screaming; we are your gods. What better way than to use nature itself TO ATTACK/ BY MUTILATING IT, into chaos! BECAUSE in the intellectual mind; “there ain’t nobody here to help you now/ BUT THE UNIVERSITIES (your god)”. 

And the people say: “we are a herd, we don’t think, (WE WANT)/ WE SCREAM; as all mobs do”. So the answer is: line up, at the slaughter house door; because insanity is coming. And the universities say: “we are gods/ we can control it all; because there are NO CONSEQUENCES FOR US.” let them be damned! But alas: there will be consequences/ because unleashing chaos into nature, life, and planet; cannot be controlled anymore. Balance is ended/ extinction has begun: the university, gods of Satan, will enter into terror beyond imagination; as reality proves. KILLING AN ENTIRE WORLD, is no game.

So the question is: which of the 5,000 viruses are you going to hide from next/ or is it the thousands of diseases, that will make you shake and tremble/ or the accidents/ war/ food poisoning/ criminal acts/ starvation, and more: are you going to hide from? Oh wait, I know: you are going to dig a grave/ pour six feet of cement on top of you; and with your last breathe pull in your child (they’re dead anyway; “so they don’t have to fear a thing”); SO MUCH BETTER THAN LIVING LIFE; what a great idea right! Don’t you worry, like the universities say:  “imagination is all you need”; not food, not reality, not truth, not nature, not life:  just chaos (the university god). Oh “wait/ wait”: with universities designing chaos in nature, mutilating everything to prove they are gods; and more/ soon it will be at least another ten thousand possibilities of death: hiding everywhere, “to get you”. Now won’t that be fun; after all “you chose it”!

a footnote;  going down, the most recent posts of 530; are at the bottom of the navigation page; click symbol above/ black line.  unfortunately as is the constant of leadership: the site    https://gis.cdc.gov/grasp/fluview/mortality.html is another site, that has again been corrupted to hide the evidence.   NOT a pandemic/just another lie. The questions presented here DO NOT suggest “you go hide under a rock”. INSTEAD the reality of information presented here is:  “like a hurricane”: GET OFF YOUR ASS, AND INVESTIGATE. OR you will be very sorry!  Because the consequences are too horrific; to be WRONG.  Demand REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; AS OUR LEGAL RIGHT, AS OUR LEGAL DUTY:   TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THIS NATION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES:   as We the People must do!  You are invited to learn things you did not know here/ realities important to you. You are invited to challenge whatever you like; among yourselves, or in court as you see fit. You are given the entire work: to do with as you see fit. So that there may be NO conclusions or ridicule other than: THIS IS, or is this not;  FOR LIFE AND PLANET! Shared with you.  TRUTH WILL THEN DECIDE:  if you are or are not to be extinct.   For the record: “I cannot save you”/ you must, save yourselves. BECAUSE YOU, ARE THE THREAT; to this dying world!    this is a continuation of the above table: AND THEY CREATE IT WITHIN TWO WEEKS OF TODAY;  “so get the rest; because it levels off quickly”. they shut off the information! This table ends april 4  (week 14)

The critical decision here: constructs a situation wherein the people who hate the rest of us, even if the problem was fifty years ago or more; even if they were wrong: are now in positions to do the rest of us harm. The universities are the primary example of that; as they purposely try to destroy our world, our nation, and everything we need to survive. Hate: pride, want, power, violence, arrogance, revenge, abuse, and all the things that destroy a human being; cannot be changed just because it is extremely unwise. We stand on the edge of “everything bad”; and even the ledge we stand on, could easily give way; to our own extinction. So the test of our survival, is now a decision: are you going back to reality, letting truth decide for you/ or are you going to continue believing the universities (your old classmates) are god; under the cloak of “University knows”; even though they brought us to this edge of our own destruction? The herd says: “we want what we want”/ and cannot be swayed; because an animal only wants what it wants. The believer cannot be swayed; because the purpose of belief, is to lock yourself inside a prison wall: so the rest cannot get to you (safe, can’t make me think; I believe). So who is left? Only love and hate; because these are both distinctions of thought. Hate consumes you as above. Love, is an expression defined by happiness, conceived by hope, discovered in trust, and is the child of truth; respect is mandatory, and it is never absent; courage is the eloquence of a value that is more than words can be; and desire form the birth of a love that can survive. So who are you? And what are you willing to spend of life, and self: to give back to this world, what it needs to survive? Answer the question; because if these are too few, our world does end. As to america: economic destruction may or may not start before the election is over: but it is coming, because fantasy will always fail. Perhaps you will find courage back; instead of surrendering & hiding under “the university cloak of death: FEAR EVERYTHING; kill the whole earth, and all its nature”. HELL, what could be wrong with that; after all, “its what they do”? They’re gods, you know; Satan, but still gods in their own mind; having obtained the tools to destroy us all. By stealing, cheating, and betraying this entire nation: DON’T worry, you are going to get credit, for letting them do it: won’t that be grand? “oh, congratulations on your muslim niqab uniform (now we all know its a woman’s cloth; but hey in a nation of cowards; why not right)”; going to wear that mask, during your civil war? Hell, what a good place to hide; right. 

The constant curse is: people want to believe; therefore they need not worry or participate in decisions that can go bad/ they simply excuse themselves, and blame the others. They want what they want; and thereby believe whatever the universities say: because they want to believe the promises being made; just like politics. But it is all corruption (as seen in government), fraud (as seen in advertising), failure (as seen in media), fantasy (as seen in university knows), delusion (as seen in university expertise), graft (as seen in judicial failure), conspiracy (as seen in the descent of democracy), disgrace (as seen in hidden currency inflation), disrespect (as seen in stealing the resources every child needs), criminal betrayal (as is the destruction of every chain of life), and world terrorism (as is attempts at complete annihilation of life and earth; through genetics, and energy experiments that cannot succeed) at all levels of “university knows and leads”; the essence of SATAN (death of a world). NOPE, not gods for life/ traitors! And all these things outside the university laboratories; are the things humanity knows (its about you)/ and you just want to believe, so that you can keep reaching for MORE without restraint; “save me/ save me/ save me: to HELL with the rest; SAVE ME; DAMN YOU; do it”! Give me what I want! Is literally your cry!  Or as women put it, “oh my tits might kill me; according to those who profit from my surgery; so I will just give them the money: because I am SO AFRAID. Or we can extend that, because according to universities: your heart is even more likely to kill you:  SO MIGHT AS WELL “cut that out too”/ got to be safe you know. After all, “its just nature we mutilate”; and according to universities; “their fantasy is so much better; they are gods”: OR in their words who gives a damn: about truth? Or as the herd puts it:  we don’t need no damn evidence/ we don’t need to identify what is wrong: WE JUST BELIEVE. Don’t you worry now, the surgeon really needs that 200 foot yacht (or more correctly, the serpent who gave them a “half million dollar debt” in order to become a medical doctor: wants to be paid/ “its you or me babe”); and the hospital really wants to own your life as a slave: now go bite on the politician; send them all your money (to prove to GOD, you are filled with disrespect for HIS CREATION);so they can crucify life;  and let the universities completely turn nature into chaos.       After all, now who do you owe more too:  NATURE who gave you life and body (EVERYTHING BUT HATE);  or the university gods (your old classmates); who probably hates you; because we really are surrounded by threats of extinction (arising from university knows? answer the question.  And the cult says; “BUT they keep us alive, we must trust them”!  So, let’s review:  statistically, you are the sickest people on earth; according to what you spend. YOU are the sickest people on earth, according to how many drugs you take, and surgeries you get?  So, the question is:  are they keeping you healthy, or are they making you sick; so they can cure you from a disease you do not have:  “our savior”.   Turning back: But as is the destruction of genetics (nature), resources, the price of playing god with energy, etcetera: the consequences have multiplied, & will be YOUR extinction/ and that applies to all. NO EXCUSES ALLOWED, you are a participant: in the decisions humanity has made. YOU ARE NOW, a direct recipient of the final decisions, that will become EXTINCTION OR CHANGE, without a second chance. All or nothing/ and the gambler will lose. MAKE A DECISION FOR LIFE AND PLANET AND A FUTURE; hold to it, for the sake of your world/ or die. Your games are dead, and reality is knocking at your door.

THIS below DOES; require clarity/ “click here”.  it is not an individual attack on people with a diploma. You have to earn “disrespect”/ it is not simply given. So the real question is: should we be angry with indoctrinated university is god cult worshipers; for destroying the nation? After all; are the brainwashed really at fault; when the propaganda of television constantly reinforces the scourge of failure upon them, “as if it were just imagination”.

For a final discipline of conception; as I am rarely writing beyond the constant threat of human disgrace and disrespect. I leave you with this, as a singular purpose; life is more than time.  As to the work: I need you to think/ NOT follow a path to my conclusion. Therefore information is presented/ you are required to stop (the opportunity to think about that); and then proceed to the next conception of our reality. Failure is a disease  / lies are constant:

Media, government officials, universities, judiciary; as in MANY people knew that american currency was being inflated, and debts were accumulating without any intent to pay: and every one of them kept quiet. Because nobody wants to pay, including the american people; who said “lie to us”. But alas, there is an end to lies: and then reality states, either bankruptcy (we all start over) will occur/ or the children have to pay (no future for us). Both can easily become civil war/ or war with the world; as reality comes home to them too. The critical choice is: there is no future without resources; and the lies have aided and abetted the ravaging and rape of all resources; as is proven by your garbage mountains.  The critical reality is:  the few who control the inflation: get everything they want without exception, “they are kings, queens: we have the money”/ and then bribe to keep fantasies going; which gives them power. The intent of debt is opposite: no attempt is made to conceal the fact; only the children will pay for this:  so they just never let it be talked about. Reality says this stops today, or life says; there is no tomorrow. And all the people say, for the last forty years: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ “QUIT, telling our lies”! But alas, it is not fair; “to destroy your own children, or a planet”.

Life is not about “whatever you want”/ that is only the foundation of every game you play; a reality only consistent with time. Life is about life, and the intricate development, that will become your own truth; as identified by the values you accept, and the work you choose to do/ or not do. Because truth alone survives, the question of life is: can your own truth survive? If so, can you inherit the essence of life without time? That is a fundamental issuance within the reality of thought; or more distinctly, it represents the destiny or desire that accompanies hope, in the presence of love. Thought is life alive; because without thought, there is only existence: even a rock has existence in time! Thought transforms the existence of mass into life, and life rewards that development with energy. So the question is: without time, how can thought remain as the elevation of energy, into an eternal habitation? That dimension requires an acceleration of energy beyond the conception of an action or reaction; as is consistent with, the disciplines and order/ or balance; of time. But it also dictates: mass is not welcomed here/ and that means, all essence of body will be left behind. Without mass, the only real limits of speed, dimension, or desire are about energy and thought. Therefore we begin the journey into thought, as we translate the ability of energy to be controlled. That starts with movement; prior to force. That begins with the critical conception: shall we participate/ or “play god”? The answer is: those who are accepted to participate, can achieve a value known as control. Thought alone is responsible for that, and it exists beyond the limits and boundaries of time; as the essence of life itself. These are fundamentals you must grasp, to inherit eternity. That is your job, your purpose in your time. Because if you cast aside thought/ you cast aside eternity as well. Thought is not an intellectual game, and it has nothing to do with who can answer human questions better. Thought is an environment built upon respect, and it achieves the dimension of truth as a spiritual elevation of life, beyond these moments. Life is formed by direction: those who enter truth, do so by love. Those who enter death, do so by hate. Those who are the majority formed from “time is a game”/ do indeed find themselves “disappearing into the dust”; forever lost; even if they were loved. It is a choice!

A reality that needs to be mentioned is mercy: which allows, for even if you are not pure enough to achieve eternity/ there is still a place for you, in life itself; if your love is true. As for me: from an early age, I have been taught “to deliver this message: that is change or life on earth goes extinct”. Throughout the years, numerous realities have stood in the way of delivering that message; and I regard it as “not yet time”. Today, the message is delivered; and all this humanity on earth, is able to receive it/ if you choose to respect the investigation of what is “right or wrong” with our world. That is something only you can decide; each as individuals; for life/ or for death of our world, by your own decision. 

“let the children pay”?    As for me; I am “just like you, with the exception established by this work”. As to my eternity: the spiritual world is the first step in that direction/ and my experience therein, has been altered when I knocked on the female spiritual world “just to ask a question”/ but was pushed inside, without any possibility of escape. I regard it as: the physical presence identified in both Biblical: Revelation 12 (to deliver a new chance for life on earth; regardless of the odds) & 17 (the definitions of why, are lost in the conclusion of how many things, particularly of men; that must be changed. No more “beast to women”)/ I NEVER was; as that has been my experience and expression: I have no clue why me. Regardless: “woman is now in charge: as is the sign, men will be changed”; like it or not, “just like me” that is irrelevant. Or life on earth will perish: because as is the cause of why I knocked on the female spiritual door; the only solution left to men, is as it has always been: war. IT WILL FAIL! As for me, I literally have been “overthrown, by woman”/ NEVER a plan; the question is: “what now”?  Unknown to me; but I tell you true, “I have delivered the message”/ if you fail your world, by not investigating the cost of being wrong: NOTHING about that is me. 

let us review, “just a tiny little bit” of university delusion, rebellion, and disgrace. They believe they are gods (can’t touch me); because with a million or so minds fighting to be “the superior one (by knowing/ searching, one tiny little thing)”/ together, they found enough to destroy this world. Can’t keep it alive/ but they can kill it: to their shame. Can’t conceive of reality, because they don’t want too: it ruins their game. Such as with the big bang; throwing and creating mass for this universe: means it originated at a central location, and the mass went in all directions of the same definable plane. Which means “the central point of that massive explosion” would be where the least amount of mass can be found: cutting in half their assumptions of age (just to start). They claim nothing can exceed the speed of light, and yet claim electrons exceed the speed of light; proving they have no clue. They claim the universe is expanding due to “red shift”: but red shift is the assertion of movement in planets, suns, etc; and those are known only to circle through the same galaxy. Which means they are not traveling through space, separate from a galaxy; which means the speed is relative only to that specific galaxy or cluster of stars. And has nothing to do with expansion or contraction of the universe itself.  Reality states: the momentum initiated by the explosion was translated by a galaxy into speeds of orbit; due to the central black hole. So all expansion or contraction is dictated by that black hole; and contained by the mass which surrounds it; odds are it goes nowhere, and is essentially stationary. They claim an age of rocks on earth: but that assumes all atomic mass measured, starts out as perfection/ and we know it does not. They claim: CERN has created atomic elements; “that disappear instantly”: it is a lie/ simply not true. They have however been creating their own atomic “jackhammer” to drill through the atomic structure of this planet: so the end result can be sawing the planet in half: with the result of their delusions. Contrary to university delusions: the sun uses fuel to burn as exhibited by the energy it hits us with: that fuel proves an atomic fire/ and with that fuel comes the certainty:  IF the sun were to last “a billion years”/ THEN it would have been much bigger; and baked all life out of existence. Ending the disgrace of evolution by endless time. So then what do people say?   

We know, in America: when Reagan allowed the currency to be taken off the gold standard; that universities took control over American money. Because the instant the gold standard did not hold them back: every university diploma, got a “million dollar raise”. For doing nothing of value: an outright theft, and a true rebellion against the nation itself/ which led to cascading effects of more delusion, and more tragedy, and more disgrace; assembled by “university knows”; a cult with no brain. Because truth does not matter/ evidence is for fools/ realities are just fodder for liars/ hate rules your lives, because want decides everything: and want is the foundation of every lie.

IN the great sewer and disgrace, of universities in charge of life; are the elements of cloning; in its three versions of intent. The plague of university wants, to mimic and create nature itself; by demanding as they do of food seeds now: that we own your food, and you will pay us whatever we ask/ or you die. Because everything else is sterilized, and you are dependent upon what we do. But alas; as to seeds: because all genetic structure is complex; they need “just one genetic parent plant to manipulate”. Therefore they inbreed that plant again and again and again; which results in a very weakened state of life (the compositions which allow for structure)/ because all genetic stress points are enlarged (where disease originates). In the case of human, or animal or other: men have only one distinct cause: WE WILL MAKE THE OTHERS SLAVE, to us. By money or other means; does not matter. So if you let them control any aspect, regardless of what you believe is a benefit: the end result will be tragic. As in the case of food plants: by removing all the protections established by nature genetics/ now, the entire species can be invaded by a single disease; which can easily cross similar species boundaries. As would be “every grass plant/ is now same; in terms of disease”. In terms of a vaccine: to initiate biological failure due to genetics: they then own your soul, because you, have no where else to turn. By discarding nature: you chose university as your god!

 “nothing stops the insane; from doing what they want to do: except death or prison”!   We know: the geneticists know only they can inject genetic structure with mischief and mutilation/ causing whatever life that would arise, to experience “crucified”: as the reality of BAD genetics, interferes with life itself. We know: that with CRISPR and now machines that can inject a wide variety of mutilated (we threw in all the garbage we could find; hoping to prove we can be gods) genetics; that shortly, NATURE ITSELF will be destroyed. We know: the geneticist has no clue, because they have absolutely no knowledge of how the string of life bodies originates/ they don’t know how it functions or works or builds or thinks or stops or starts; or even what life is, other than if it doesn’t move/ then it must be dead. And they know almost nothing of that (other than a rotting corpse) as well.       They don’t know how or why bones form and move themselves into place, or muscles attach and wind themselves in complex patterns, or acids arise to breakdown food sources, or why blood works, or how cells form, or when does skin become an environmental opportunity. They don’t know how organs originate, or place themselves in the body, or attach themselves onto the framework of our skeleton; or what is balance or thought or anything that is the body of life other than what they can see.

IN the great sewer and disgrace, of universities in charge of life; are the elements of cloning; in its three versions of intent. The epidemic of university wants, to mimic and create artificial intelligence: thereby removing all human contact, from the things they want to do, and to have for themselves. What then is left is to remove the humanity: by establishing conflict/ and creating war among the people; so they kill themselves. The intellectual believes his or her mind, is the greatest weapon of all: and they do not attack, where and in ways they believe can do them harm. So through manipulation, temptation, raising a mob, or destroying the resources & demanding the competition is too great: WAR IS manipulated/ and the true intent to reduce the population, and its control is expected. The purpose being IF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE can replace you for the work/ THEN we the universities don’t need you for anything else: and we want what is left of this earth to ourselves.       Not a single doctor saved your life; because if the body doesn’t allow it, you die. They can however work for life, and when the damage is not too severe help you survive. Even so, they cannot make you think/ they cannot achieve any real form of body control or isolation without violence; they cannot make a child, cannot do a trillion times a trillion times a trillion things that nature does for us. But yet they believe they are not only gods/ but can do better than nature itself; because of extreme arrogance/ absolute disrespect for life/ and a thirst to prove they are superior TO YOU. Fighting to be rich/ manipulating to get your money more/ and the greatest disgrace of existence this world has ever known. Don’t worry you don’t need to know “biological disasters: they happen mostly in laboratories/ behind closed doors”.

IN the great sewer and disgrace, of universities in charge of life; are the elements of cloning; in its three versions of intent. The pandemic of university, wants to mimic and create robotics. So that not only can artificial intelligence exist to do the work/ the ways and means of replacing humanity now does exist. Once the robots can build, and re-power themselves; humanity has no further place upon this earth. They become a blight, and a tragedy of overpopulation that ends life itself: so they must be discarded; so that the extra special people “with a university degree”/ can live and take over all control of this planet. After all; once the humanity is no longer needed: we will be kings/ queens and so on. Robotics can even clean up their remains, without disease: so we can inherit the earth, for ourselves. If you think not: I REMIND YOU, that nothing is so certain as: humanity cannot survive what it is doing! And that includes population growth, resource depletion, and literally all the rest. So unless things change dramatically: it is EXTINCTION for us all. The universities; simply have a different plan: “let them kill themselves”; so long as we don’t have to do any REAL work for ourselves.     While you aid and abet, the plague of failure that is media; driving you into the brainwashed/ the cult without a clue, that believes because they will not think for themselves. Afraid of life/ afraid of death/ afraid of being confronted/ afraid of words/ afraid of gossip/ afraid of everything: because you have been trained to be so, “by university knows”. As the work of a religious indoctrination throughout the schooling of every child takes hold; to make you believe “the cloak of a university disguise” is enough: to change common and ordinary men and women into something more. As with the term expert, and their priests called media: the constant demand is UNIVERSITY is god. With such a extremely blatant outright lie; as is evolution proves chaos/ and accidents prove life: without so much as a brain/ a tool/ a plan/ a food source/ or anything resembling thought. Just like your university knows cult: “NO BRAIN HERE”. Well until monkeys come, to make you: as human beings. According to them! WHAT GREATER FOOLS could there be: than you. AND THEN COMES: THE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THEY CAN CONTROL “the same fire as is on the sun”/ right here on earth. Claiming: HELL NO, we don’t have to worry about the fire we ignite/ because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire; SO IT WILL EXTINGUISH ITSELF. So, see, there are EVEN BIGGER FOOLS than you: its called the universities expert!      Don’t worry, Iter.org is only the largest attempt to ignite atoms on fire;  “but they do discard all delusion such as fusion/ and admit; they intend to ignite plasma on fire.  Enjoy your last moments as a living world: “thanks to universities”/ that is all you have left. After all, what does it really matter; on a destroyed planet? As the truth becomes; even a last chance to change; is literally fading away from this earth. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU CHOSE, and you, even as a massive herd headed in the same direction: we’re wrong.     

At three gorges; a series of large concrete blocks (set into place by water borne crane); rising above the water line; along the entire back side of the dam: that are then drilled from the top; through a predetermined hole: down into the bedrock/ will stabilize the dam. You can instead; create a floating block of concrete, and fill it after its been pushed and settled into place/ or use a number of smaller blocks in tandem . Drilling into bedrock occurs after the concrete is set into place/  prior to simply adding debris or more concrete as weight.

Nope, not gods/ never going to be gods of life/ just SATAN. Aiding and abetting the destruction of all life from this earth/ creating terrors, horrors, and catastrophe; because that, is what you chose. With few exceptions: the greatest disgrace ever born is you: YOU chose to let this planet die. “just couldn’t be bothered” to care! While they all scream back: I WANT, WHAT I WANT! Now ain’t that so? This is not ridicule; its reality.  This is not “fear this”/ instead, as with all information and evidence, that leads to truth: the fundamentals simply are, what they are! MY DEMAND OF YOU: for forty + years/ has been we cannot let these people be WRONG, with our entire world. GO TO COURT, AND DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE!   For forty + years, you have run away, or demanded;  MEDIA, nor UNIVERSITY has not yet told us to fear/ so you are nothing, just a “whisper in the wind”; that counts for nothing.  But alas, the cult demanding university is god;  cannot think: it must only believe. TRUTH IS BETTER THAN BELIEF/ “it is known, and proven to exist”. But it does not care: it is, what it is! 

Throughout my learning, one thing is clear: only reality can create a future/ and only truth can guide you into its path for life, peace, justice, harmony, hope, courage, or love. Anything less will fail; fantasies are deadly/ delusions are the death of resources/ disrespect becomes chaos, violence, and tragedy/ hate surfaces whenever the lies take control/ and the cost of want, pride, power, and belief: is you chose this consequence coming.      You wanted what you wanted/ you refused reality for pride/ you cursed child, life, and planet; for possessions without a future/ and you chose university over nature, truth, reality, love, hope, GOD, and planet; to your shame> 

There is only one path for humanity, and in particular this nation of America; to return to life (rather than certain death), peace (rather than hate), and happiness (rather than university rules). YOU MUST organize yourselves into a demand for true democratic redress of grievances: in order to use constitutional law, to rebuild, and restructure a government that works for you/ instead of destroys life and planet, as a result of the university cult worshiping its god of chaos (as is consistent with evolution). There is nothing else; because you fought for nothing else/ and now the universities control it all. Which is why we stand on the edge of extinction. Past the point of no return; only death remains: you stand at that gate, “whether you believe it or not” is irrelevant. Wrong is wrong/ and reality proves truth will not care.

CONSIDER THE TRUTH: As of week 37 ending 9/ 19/2020 in this America: total number of deaths were 2,041,186 from all causes. Total number of deaths for the year 2018 from all causes: 2,839,205; the difference is 798,019. there are 15 weeks remaining to summary of yearly deaths: that equals 53,201 more people each week must die to equal the number of US deaths in 2018. WITHOUT adding any deaths as covid related.  This is total deaths for last week 38 in 2020 The table states: roughly 80% of those claimed covid deaths were at or over the age of 65/ with roughly half of those deaths attributed to the over age of 84 people.  REALITY KNOWS:  Because there was no covid in 2018, THERE IS NO PANDEMIC. this is last year week 38 total deaths USA : 3537 less deaths this year/ than last year this time. and there are, by census count at least another 2 million people today (population growth) than in 2018/ and that does not include immigrants. REALITY KNOWS:  YOU, are responsible for your own truth! REALITY TESTIFIES: to the evidence of what you do, or do not do! REALITY DECIDES: the future of life or death, by each one; because like fires being set/ tremendous damage or good FOR LIFE & PLANET & CHILD, is in your own hands.  CHOOSE, as if your eternity depended upon it.  Because past the point of no return: all choice is dead too/ NATURE TOO! 

YOU DO, need to understand something with extreme clarity: a vote does not make a democracy (if you fail to understand what you vote for/ you fail your society). Whosoever makes the law: decides what democracy will be! You cannot vote for someone to vote for you; and attain true democracy. But you can vote on the laws themselves; and establish the right to govern ourselves. The value of a vote: is determined by knowledge/ but understanding is the basis of knowledge, and wisdom cannot be established without honesty. Governing designed by a vote: is a core decision, to be informed, rather than simply; “wanting”.   Democracy as intended: is the discipline to be informed, the honor to be orderly because you can, and the balance to accept: only truth, can truly make a valued change/ while only respect for our reality, can decide what we must or must not do.  First is to properly teach life/ not fantasy and delusion as is “university”. The news: is a description of the evidence, that lets us all understand what we are intending to do/ the questions of knowing and doing that grant both sides or more; a value that adds, is democratic choice. Unfortunately failing that, there is little or no news today; as the “whip master of media” knows only to worship a university as god. Want: is not news/ neither is fear.

Soon, without honesty, respect, and value: there will be nothing left but war.  THE VERY FOUNDATION OF OUR SURVIVAL AS A WORLD:  is absolutely dependent upon OUR DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY AS WE THE PEOPLE.  ENFORCED, through our own legal rights:  by demanding and proving true:  that LEGAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES: THE DEMAND FOR AN ACCOUNTING from our employees; and the right to control this state or nation as THE OWNERS HERE. don’t you worry now;  “you know, cause your university gods have decreed: there are just too many people. So we will make them war”.  Or if you had a brain, the cult of university knows “didn’t wash thoroughly”:

Don’t worry, instead of a working society; “you have a face mask/ proving you are the army of: THEY UNIVERSITY IS god”. After all, “reality cannot touch you”! Just the rest of us right:  then unfortunately consequences Will prove: either we the people take control as a democracy making our own decisions/ fighting for life and planet, by knowing WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO BE PROVEN WRONG! OR, YOU WILL let the fools and failures and fantasies of those who brought us all here: TO THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION. FINISH DESTROYING US ALL.

The lesson of every male is: “if you fear the pain/ you will fail to fight. If you fail to fight/ then you have already lost, and the fear will chase you into failure, as a man; or death.” The lesson of woman is different: as their historical job is to protect the next generation; which cannot be done from the grave. Could it be they just like to manipulate and control you/ or perhaps making people vote “with only covid on their mind” is the devious truth.  The army of the damned: is teaching you cowardice, so that your fear of disease will let them consume your lives. Coward or Courage; the choice is yours/ but neither is free. The foundation of war/ the foundation of life, is the same: you can truly only do, what you can do: fear gains you nothing.     Think about it; hiding, or running away; from realities you cannot escape, “just makes you a coward (unable to be free/ imprisoned, by fear)”. Doing everything, you can think of: will NOT, keep you from dying/ and after that, ETERNITY BEGINS! So, what did you gain? It is said, “a million germs” can fit on the head of a needle; any one of which can make you sick:  “nobody gets to hide: fail yourselves and the reality is known.”  ONLY YOUR BODY DEFENDS YOU, and it works well. GIVING THAT AWAY, to university mutilation: IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE; and that is exactly what you are doing: driven by their intent: to make you fear.  you have far more to fear; than a disease of the old. YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK;  by those who want you to suffer. By those who want you to be their slaves.

OUR WORLD, OUR NATION, OUR LIVES, OUR FUTURE, YOUR CHILDREN; ALL LIFE ON EARTH: THAT, is the reality of our day. ALL THE EVIDENCE SAYS: we cannot let these others be WRONG/ when their decision is a pending catastrophe, that will open the door to our extinction. To a hell unleashed; we will not survive. EVERY LIVING THING on this planet is threatened with extinction: that is the truth! YOUR DECISION, YOUR WORK, YOUR PURPOSE AND DESIRE: for life/ or death of an entire world: decides our fate as this ecosystem called a planet; is either saved by humanity/ or killed by humanity. Because of the decisions and the realities, you have already chosen. NO SECOND CHANCES/ NO GOING BACK/ NO MERCY: either we save our world/ or you let it go extinct; because you just didn’t care enough to stop being insane. Simple as that/ the game is dead: truth will decide. You fear covid as fools, afraid of your shadow. FEAR LOSING YOUR WORLD. FEAR LOSING NATURE. FEAR LOSING RESOURCES. FEAR WAR BEYOND ALL WAR BEFORE. FEAR THE HERD OF HUMANITY, will not rise above their wants. Because the threats of our extinction: are nearly entirely the result of “university leads/ humanity wants”. And then there is this 

The fundamental is: With Yellowstone, the cost of doing nothing is certain to be an eruption. the cost of drilling down to release the gas pressure: comes with many potential results. the volcanic reality is: two types of volcano’s exist: ones like Hawaii, which do not exhibit any gas pressures, so lava simply flows out/ or explosive; as is Yellowstone. THEREFORE WE KNOW that it contains pressures  IF released instantly; WOULD be horrific. WE KNOW there is a great volume of gas pressure; held in one large primary pressure vessel; beneath the rock: because that is what it takes to explode and move extreme amounts of mass./ whether a chemical or steam does not matter! THIS NEEDS A VOTE; because there are no guarantees except “it will explode” [exactly when?]. But like everything else we face: particularly like those trying to ignite atoms on fire: WE KNOW, that is not survivable/ billions will suffer and die if this erupts. Just like the entire planet will burn; if they succeed in igniting plasma. THESE ARE BOTH, WORLD CONSEQUENCES; AND THEY BOTH REQUIRE A WORLD OF HUMAN LIFE:   VOTE!

And humanity says: I HAVE A GUN! But reality says: when war distracts you/ thieves/ liars/ traitors/ and terrorists will move in. Once the university elite have finished taking away your money/ control/ housing/ jobs/ opportunities to make a choice: BY DEMANDING FEAR!  You, will find yourselves, “just like Palestine”: you sold out/ for a damn counterfeit bribe; for fear, that need not exist!

THIS covid “not a pandemic”; IS A DEDICATED AND REAL INSURGENCY: against all people who hold any form of wealth in this nation/ and that would then be particularly directed at the white population; as they hold the majority of small business, homes, etc. It is a highly organized, well thought out, and disciplined “blitzkrieg” against this portion of society: BY UNIVERSITY KNOWS HOW!  Because if they can do enough damage quickly enough: THEN YOU ARE DISPOSED from any further say in this nation. Discarded and denied access: because your money is gone. Which does include major business and industry, as the intent to sue rises; to use the courtroom disgrace of  university rebellion against our democracy. AS the means to overrun and rape all those it can, gains speed. In terms of white versus color: the reality is very simple, this resembles Nazi Germany just before Hitler rose up to lead the mob, in their stampede to take back what they lost, what they wanted: from world war 1.   The curse of university fools,  as are working to destroy all discipline/ creating the true intent of spreading fear, by their propaganda teams.  Used communicate to spread hate for anyone who does not “where the uniform (mask) is severe. THEIR DECISION is the removal of friends and organizations, to confine you, and imprison you.  To establish their own control over the nation itself:  by refusing the cooperation of combined intelligence, THE VERY ESSENCE OF DEMOCRACY, “TO PROTECT OURSELVES”, WITH UNDERSTANDING! NOT propaganda as is the current curse:  attacking the nation itself; by marketing techniques. WHO DO YOU BELIEVE: TRAINS THE MARKETERS, and their propaganda teams.  THEIR UNIVERSITY DECISION is by all means of evidence: causing economic depression, and suicidal consequences: even to the point of “taking away your face”/ to increase the discontent.  That fact:  IS deliberately searching for civil war to begin: by robbing you of your freedoms and rights.  AS Are all elevations of the attack, WHICH are almost certain to include: the unfortunate “old white guy”/ who can easily be removed to be replaced by a black woman once in political office.  That fact; Will not be overlooked; by those who hate you as well;  & they are waiting. It is not me. CHOOSE WORLD LAW, DO IT NOW;  CHOOSE REDRESS FOR THE NATION:  DEMAND PROOF AND DEMOCRACY AS IN WE WILL DECIDE NOW!  LEARN HOW MANY TRUE THREATS OF EXTINCTION YOU FACE; even here to start. FEAR, the fools who believe they can be gods!     But make no mistake:  an army of immigrants holding American dollars and debt, ARE COMING to sweep up all the property and rights your bankruptcy will leave open to attack.  Making civil war inevitable and quick!  WAKE UP AND DEFEND YOURSELVES; from this attack, by displacing your fears with truth. DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; THE LEGAL ACCOUNTING required by WE THE PEOPLE: FROM OUR EMPLOYEES, to prove what you have done, and why/ for our judgment as a nation or state.       The reality of our legal defense/ our legal right as owners here: IS CONSTITUTIONAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.  The contractual design; established by constitutional rule. That was created, to protect OUR NATION/ OR OUR STATE, from those who fail, or attack; without a civil war:  BY THE LEGAL FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT.  TO PROVE WE ARE, IN FACT:  THE OWNERS HERE IN THIS STATE AND IN THIS NATION;  by our own legally authorized democracy enforced;   choice.


Because not only is 6 trillion dollars equal too= $60,000.00 from each of one hundred million people; “to just a few, university experts”. The real reason is: in order to play god with genetic life/ and NOT face the legal consequences of “YOU DID THIS TO US ALL”.  they want to be free to use CRISPR, in order to completely violate, and remove nature itself (the foundation of life as a living body that works)/ and prove their god of evolution works;  by forcing some new form of life, will arise if enough chaos is introduced. SEE, WHAT THE DISEASE, of believing anything you are told can do? But don’t you worry now, “your university monkeys” promise the world; because they are your gods! WHAT could possibly go wrong, “when all they have to do is, NOT mutilate nature”!  OH WAIT; but hey, you don’t need no damn tears to lubricate your eyes/ or eyes; or a heart/ or any damn thing:  cause the monkeys built is all “ONE PIECE AT A TIME”!   Now, ain’t that right?  WELL ACCORDING TO GENETICISTS:  Even if they screw up and destroy all life/ WITH EVOLUTION, by worshiping chaos; it will all just come back “in a billion years or so”;   even better/ or at least different. IT WILL BE GREAT!   Now don’t you think so too?  “university” HAS NO CLUE; about any portion or part of the genetic disciplines that create the environmental network of “intelligence, or predictable behavior patterns, or fundamental order as is the instructions that keep the organs running. They just make promises; “yes we can be gods”/ they CANNOT, other than “satan”. The extremely tiny bit they do know: they achieved by crucifying life (mutilating it/ and then watching it die). THEY DO, INTENTIONALLY “DISCARD THE GENETIC MIRACLE;  that is REAL nature, AS DOES gives us life. Or more simply: they want to play god, and they will become the destroyers of life on earth. Today however; they want assurances:  WE WILL  pay nothing for their destruction to our lives, our world, and every living thing on earth; BY MAKING YOU PARTICIPATE as in “yes you can”. To date they have not introduced enough; or have not been allowed to create enough biological chaos to overtake life. After they inject you with their “new vaccine; that does not accept nature rules”;  that chaos will exist/ and Armageddon (nature in chaos) will erupt. Because YOU CHOSE to let them do it, with your fear!  WHY, does media treat them as if they were “gods”? Because they are drowning in a sea of time, and only words will keep you listening. Besides: only the editor has a say/ and only the tiny few owners have a right to decide what you will hear.

When life itself lacks meaning and substance to you; and only want matters instead: the cost of your existence has been to discard humanity, to chase after trophies, trinkets, and toys. Thereby making life a game; so that you can be winner/ or even loser; to prove you participated here. Unfortunately, the price of soul, is heart: heart cannot be earned from want; as is “judged”. It is the value of life, respected by you; as comes through miracles are truly gifts from GOD. In this world surrounded by miracles: the value of searching for our CREATOR, is Soul. For those who are brainwashed;  “I tried to watch the puke and vomit show; called cosmos”/ but couldn’t do it, because imagination is not science/ nor is it reality. I strongly suggest, you think for yourself. “like every pied piper; shouting BELIEVE. let’s follow the yellow brick road/ to go visit the wizard of oz”. YOU NEED to peel back the curtain, and not focus on what you are told. INSTEAD: SEARCH/ THINK/ REPEAT; as you understand what can and what cannot be true.

Week 08-01-2020, 08-29-2020, 09-05-2020, 09-12-2020   their site middle of the page. this CDC graph proves a return to normal expected deaths, from all causes;  for America.  NOT more, due to covid.

WE HAVE, ENTERED INTO, AND ARE BEING CONFRONTED BY: the most simple question in all of human history: DO YOU/ OR DO YOU NOT, want men to be your god?  CHOOSE!  Because the curse of men taking control of all power in humanity; is known. WHEREAS  THE HORROR of men (doesn’t even include the genocide, of the Indian nations) taking control, throughout history; is equally known. THEY NOW, are taking control Over nature itself: the consequence of that opens the door to every biblical, or other: TERROR that could be conceived.        THERE IS NO GOING BACK, past the point of no return: LIFE ON THIS EARTH IS CRUCIFIED! people “very little different than you”:  will never be “gods”/ other than Satan (destroyer of a world).  They want to; intend too:  vaccinate, with “human designed DNA”/ taking out nature; to prove they can be gods.  Making you “their rat” in a cage. In addition, they have stripped out part or all of the RNA communicator structure: because they don’t know what it is. RNA IS:  the essential “pre-programming” of species traits/ heartbeat rhythms/ and all that is “the software” of life. Now, “I am not on trial/ their decisions are”: let them prove by the evidence all can understand. Your failure to require that:  means they play, and you accept the consequences!  As to me: it does not matter if I could be wrong/ what does matter is: if they are wrong!  Because like every disease; ONCE YOU UNLEASH IT INTO BIOLOGY/  you cannot get it back! Particularly since: geneticists have been mixing different species DNA for decades, (even plant DNA with animal/ reptile with fish/ insect with human and more; literally anything they can touch.) without the slightest concern for consequences, NOT at all.  claiming its all good;  “because of evolution”.    In contrast to “human decision”: the realities of a vaccine that nature provides through our observations, trials, and participation in the discovery of what we can use for ourselves: is entirely different. Because nature and the biology’s of life have manufactured this; almost entirely; without the decisions of men or women. The evidence is real: many vaccines have benefitted humanity; even if not the planet we live on; because of over population.  Fair and deliberate;  foundation studies to prove or disprove each one, MUST occur; as time goes by. Because as drug lawsuits prove; “good today/ bad tomorrow” is real.  OF COURSE, there is always the other realities of life you hide from.

As you have been told for decades: the failure to release the gas underneath Yellowstone/ will allow it to erupt, and “kill a billion lives or more”. But hey, I know: “you can’t be bothered with details”. After all, your gods of university; “are your saviors; perfect in every way”. Now ain’t that right? After all, just because trillions of gallons of highly toxic poisons will enter your water supply/ cities will be knocked down/ the entire electrical substructure, and water supplies;  supporting millions of people on the east coast will end. YOU CAN’T possibly make a decision on your own:  because the monkey gods of evolution (chaos is great); haven’t told you “simon says” yet. Well too late, is ok: ain’t it?

  EVERY single muscle must be wound through the body in perfect order; or the body does not work; and then attached, recognized, controlled, and known within the mind!  “university geneticists” say they can do better; and deserve to play god with life!  OPEN YOUR BRAIN, AND RECOGNIZE:  LIFE HAS NOTHING TO DO “WITH CHAOS, OR THE CLAIM an accident did this”.  That is strictly a claim:  for fools, liars, traitors, and terrorists.  The worst a human animal can be!  EVERY single person knows: the human body is no accident/ but is extremely and intensively designed, and thought out from its beginning to its ending hair.  A reality people can destroy/ but NEVER return to life.

this is why you must fear they want no interference/ by making themselves “savior”; they rule you out. TO DISCARD GENETIC NATURE ENTIRELY; as in man is now god. As stated, WITH CRISPR:   “the book of life and all biology can be rewritten”.    and their words below;  “free crispr”!  But before you do; consider this.

There are foundations that life itself relies upon; above all else is the truth, that we are completely dependent as a living body of time; upon the complex chemicals that our bodies do need. Without them, and the abilities of our body to use, separate, and distribute those chemicals; we ALL die. Therefore in terms of life; it did arise from the simplest organisms/ to the most complex organisms: because anything other than that chain of life does not offer the chemicals more complex organisms must have. Even if they can create them; the amount of energy and time required for a body to build all of its own compounds; would not leave anything left for living or life as a human being. MORE critical by far; than your pride and fears regarding “covid 19”/ is the assertion of a vaccine that will protect you. All indications are: as they have discarded nature in its preparation. Your saviors are about to spread death of nature itself; around the world: by vaccine; for a virus that is clearly NOT a pandemic! Whether we will ever truly know: if that virus called covid escaped from a geneticist lab/ or was intentionally released, from anywhere in the world by mail; is unlikely. Because of what they do, and have done however: it is an almost complete certainty: “the university geneticist” created the disease, and it stems from them. Just like AIDS, & HIV stems from the genetic mutilations of a university and their companions in destroying life on this world. By mutilation; and then release into nature itself, of anything that even remotely survives. Changing the chemicals/ changes life. Chemically Changing life, destroys the foundations of chemical use and distribution that is accomplished with DNA; as their toy. Few among you, do not know that this is true.


Consider what it means to be wrong: everything you have to lose! STOP THE INSANE!  BECAUSE THEY CAN NOW KILL THIS WORLD. Unlike the delusions of university: life is not a game! Without balance, you can’t even crawl. CAN THEY build you eyes, or ears, arms, or anything? NO;  BUT THEY CAN DESTROY, EVERYTHING!  Make a decision, FIGHT for your world.  Unlike the damned (we won’t care) and the dead (hate is better), who demand you must fear/ I NEED YOU TO THINK, and that requires that you do not fear: so a clear decision can be made.

IT IS of elemental importance: that a true understanding of first amendment redress of grievances must exist. Therefore two distinct US supreme court trials were produced and docketed before the court. To keep it simple; at this time only the petitions will be available as docketed trialsupreme_court_petition_11-100 and supreme_court_petition_08-1339_sent various court related documents 1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7,8, 9, 10 ,11 it is hereby noted, and can be proven true: that no option exists for the US supreme court to deny or remove a constitutional question. They have no such authority, and they know it: so, instead of a judge, by their own signature; making a decision [which is required in a docketed case] they had the secretary of the court deny these petitions. Which is treason to the nation itself; because our democracy is not a game; and those who stand against that democracy, forming a barrier against our own WE THE PEOPLE RIGHTS. Prove themselves to be the enemy. Therefore these trials being illegally refused: still stand today, and can be forced to proceed. To establish clarity; this site is. Other court trials, as presented by James Frank Osterbur; give us all a clear view of exactly what our court system is today/ and what has failed us all. For now however, with tragedy imminent; they are unnecessary.

Behind closed doors: NOT EVEN the reality of a sun which does NOT produce any notable helium/ proves the university theory of fusion is a lie. And yet: the universities, and governments they control; continue trying to ignite atoms on fire/ for the power, the money, and the pride of “playing god”. ASK YOURSELVES: HOW MUCH MORE, of what you were taught; is nothing more than a story! BECAUSE BEING WRONG; means ignition is the end of our world. I need you to think about all the realities of life and nature, the people who hide behind the label of “universities” do not know.  Remembering THEY CAN destroy us all.

like all groups: the demand beyond “I am the only one important here”/ is that we are the only ones important here! University+ genetics; is more so that/ than were the nazi’s! Because the only thing that matters to the vast majority of them: is playing god with ALL life! (a tiny few are better; but not many). We the people have no such meaning; we are expendable, merely animals for their purpose. THEY WANT, to be free of the rules/ and they will be free of the rules: as all criminals do; stealing what they don’t have. UNLESS we take away their tools, labs, money, and opportunities. It is that simple/ there is no other way. The same is true of university physics.

THE REALITY, of our democratic army called WE THE PEOPLE, IS: that weapons can only be used to enforce the law. That US constitutional law of democracy is: by our own first amendment redress (the legal right, to hold our officials accountable) & by our tenth amendment right of change, as we desire. WE SHALL ENFORCE OUR AUTHORITY: “TO BE THE OWNERS HERE”. Not by destruction,but by LAW.  Organizing into a clear force that then demands: WE SHALL, KNOW WHAT IS TRUE. Regarding covid/ regarding all threats that could be extinction/ regarding our money, and our realities/ regarding what is true of university evolution, sun theories, genetic mutilation; and all that has declared themselves to be “gods or kings or queens” over our lives and nation.  Simple as that: IS THE COURTROOM DEMAND. No pleading the fifth, no denying the evidence, no escape from the realities which endanger our lives, no theories, no purposes other than truth. no greater purpose than life or death of our entire world. 

You believe in universities; because they indoctrinated you, into their religious cult, from a very early age. Demanding worship: as is: NOBODY questions the book “we the universities wrote”. MEMORIZE AND MIMIC what you are told; or be condemned to rejection and dismay. How pathetic is: “evolution: chaos built life, one piece at a time/ without a tool, without a brain UNTIL according to universities: monkey became god”.  And yet you believe, “your classmate; hidden beneath the cover of university”;   do you see the previous  “pneumonia, & flu” included?  They removed it to hide it! can play god with life; and no consequences will exist! As is BLIND, FAILURE, FOOL! week ending 9-5-2020  

The unfortunate tragedy of failure that is now the CDC; as reported by NCHS in their table one death count by age group: is they are changing the data, to make covid 19 worse. Some examples of that are Aug 1 2020 count at that time: change as of Sept 12 in green was age 5-14 was 0, now 4/ age 15-24 was 1 now 19/ age 25-34 was 1 now 52/ age 35-44 was 5 now 183/ you may check the various tables on this site to compare for yourselves. The weeks before do not get this kind of change. EVEN SO; in this age group of 0-44 years old within that 7 week period total deaths for these age groups was 1121; even using inflated numbers. Or averaging 160 people under age 45 died of covid by their claims; in a nation of 333 million. From august 1st to september 12.  far right. As for week of September 12; under age 45; deaths are 2 for the week. Total covid death for that week; all ages 214.  out of 333 million+. THINK for yourself! Then ask: “where is the hurrah”? Answer: not only do they loose power and pride and control over you/ they lose “a trillion dollar vaccine”; worldwide. Because you don’t need it!  The fact: that you lose your trillion dollars worth of business and income; “is of no interest, to those who believe themselves to be gods”.  After all:  people who routinely “crucify all forms of biology: to play their game”/ have no heart or soul: no respect either.

For those who don’t know: ALL genetic research is: the removal of parts and pieces to insert into over living building plans for life, thereby corrupting both environments by mutilation. ALL genetic research is: to mutilate for the purpose of letting life “deal with that”; so they can see if it survives; and whatever is lost/ or whatever is gained if anything: “crucified”. ALL genetic research is looking to find the ways to change species into something else; such as combining living creatures “like greek mythology”; so they can prove themselves to be gods [yes we can]. Which would be giving themselves extreme power over you; as a threat beyond fear. AN ARROGANCE SO EXTREME; that they are deliberately trying to ignite an uncontrollable fire, here on earth: “just like on the sun”. Because then they believe; they will prove themselves “greater than GOD”. By controlling it. As always: no greater fool was ever born/ nor are those who believe and allow it. As your world is literally about to end/ because you have already allowed them to try for years; while you sat on your ass, and complained THE TELEVISION is not enough to keep you happy. To your shame. GET UP AND FIGHT FOR LIFE AND EARTH: OR YOU WILL GO EXTINCT. Apathy won’t save you/ nor will fear: FIND YOUR BRAIN.

You cannot survive by being afraid; that fear will make you die/ because there is literally no place to run or hide, from a world that is being attacked by those who want to claim: “yes we can play god”. The difference between this moment and the entire human history of men in charge is: today, the have the tools to play god/ and soon this world will know, they did play god. To make it so: the universities have distracted you with “covid 19”; DEMANDING FEAR/ so you will panic and not “think for yourselves”. As history proves: the foundation of male domination is war. Today that war is against all life, all nature, all earth, and every child; and it even now includes the solar system itself as they deliberately try to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. To your shame, as a world; for allowing that fact, to be so. The reality of university is: they truly do believe there are no detrimental consequences; to anything they do.  Such as claiming 3 trillion degree collisions.

News of the day: one child got covid and spread it to parents/ in a nation of 333 million people: SHOUT FEAR. Is that not what; the marketers of media proving “university knows all” do. GO AHEAD; after all a worse depression that 1929 can’t be all that bad: right.  Think and consider the truth of numbers:  universities have invaded nature itself, as is the genetic code.  The universities claim no consequences from 99% of speed of light times speed of light collisions. Yet they separate electrons from protons by 14 trillion volts applied: and the end result is, when the collision occurs; some mass will escape and the electrons will follow; creating a chain saw effect on atomic structure of this earth. Claiming they made new elements; which only last a billionth of a second. Absolutely not true.

I am going to give you some advise, again: curing a pandemic that does not exist/ “is easy, and your gods of university; will soon declare it is so”. Your play gods of politics will describe themselves as hero’s/ even though they made it possible to destroy everything the middle class has been working for.   The consequence of that is civil war, and a breakdown of all discipline and order; because you didn’t care for their lives; more than for your own fears. So, my advise to you is: as a democracy enforcing its own first amendment “redress of grievances/ and its own ten amendment to the US constitution”. A reality of law: that does not allow anyone to take over and play the role of kings. TAKE YOUR LEADERS TO COURT, and that includes the universities expert, that demanded to play god with your lives. REDRESS IS: for an accounting from those who led, to where we are now. THE TENTH amendment is: WE HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT, to make our own chances in this democracy. As is consistent with that democracy, and that constitution: a 75% YES as we the people: WE AGREE; by our vote, does establish that constitutional change.


Think; because nothing is more certain than NATURE GAVE US LIFE/ AND THE UNIVERSITIES are trying to prove “they are smarter than nature; by destroying it; as seen in the evidence”. Can you build a body of life? Neither can they/ But, they can destroy it.

A pandemic is ONLY PROVEN BY AN INCREASE IN DEATHS; over the expected normal losses. You cannot go by claimed deaths; because they own the reporting service; and can claim anything they want; to enforce their decisions on you. YOUR ONLY DEFENSE, is to prove the numbers [look down the page for a graph: right click in that graph for age range death]“above normal deaths” are true/ or false.  THEN consider the truth, that if we lined up 100,000 people (which is the gauge used most on these graphs): that would be a line of people standing 3 feet apart:  FOR 56.8 MILES LONG. So what are your real chances of dying: how old are you? 0-24 years old: 15 die per week:  cut off 45 feet from those 56.8 miles; FOR YOUR age group!  ARE YOU SCARED? REALLY! Unless of course as with most deaths, “covid related”: you are over 85 years old. 

Enforce it shall be so!

THE US REVOLUTIONARY WAR: IDENTIFIED, truths, rights, freedoms, liberties, values, the construction of democracy, the foundations of conflict, the purpose of their demands, and ultimately accepting the fear: because their desire to participate in a state of government, that was beyond “simply selfish”; was true. Nothing, or very little; in this America; can compare. THEY WOULD, be ashamed of you! Throwing away the nation, just to prove how damn proud you are. WAKE UP, or you will get what you deserve. even the world 

The living heart; beats for life/ and accepts nothing less than truth.  

Worshiping those who led you to destroy the future for every child/ worshiping those who led you to consume or destroy every resource/ worshiping those who have destroyed your currency with hidden inflation, while shouting; we will never pay a debt/ worshiping those who mutilate life just to play god/ worshiping those who lead  as “university knows”, and propagate FEAR as media do, shouting BELIEVE never doubt:

Fear breeds ridicule (to make you less, and them more), and ridicule (you are affecting my life in ways I do not like) breeds hate (I believe whatever I want to believe; because truth does not matter to me). Hate is the religious experience, I am; whatever I believe I am. Therefrom judgments are made, and realities of violence and revenge are taken without true cause. Herds of people enlarge themselves by becoming a mob/ and a mob plays god, so they can establish hate. INSTEAD OF LAW! To defuse civil unrest: the demand is, COME HERE AND CHANGE THE LAW. No more stampede: BE HUMAN. And the people say: I WANT, to be feared!

EVEN WHEN, the very worst possible thing they could do/ they are in fact doing. As is trying to ignite sun fire here on earth/ where everything is fuel, and their chosen defense is: the fire will just extinguish itself. Alas a nuclear fire will not; and that ends your lives too, even changing the solar system to prove “yes they can be SATAN”   civil war is no joke/ nor is it an answer.

Very soon, you will have no choice; it will simply be TOO LATE! Not a cry, nor a scream, or the reality of terrors; will be heard; as fire consumes this world. And that makes you: “devil worshipers”/ how is that not true? But don’t worry; how could your gods of university ever be wrong? Find your brain; stop being sheep led to slaughter by fools. Protect your child, and keep this earth alive; by proving what is, and what is not TRUE. I have done everything I could realistically do for you: but you are the problem, and you are the solution/ and only you, can change you.

And the people say: WE CAN’T ALL BE WRONG! But the herd as is seen in nature: simply follows the ass, of the one in front of them/ because fear does not allow for thought. When the leader is wrong: they are all wrong! Because the entire group, is only using one brain: they believe, rather than think for themselves.

 Reality proves: protest is worthless/ it merely divides; THEN COMES CIVIL WAR. By declaring an enemy “for war (we will, learn to hate you)”. MAKING THE LAW, which then controls our lives as we the people, inherits democracy/ or intentionally destroys “our lives too/ so we refuse to help you”: go ahead and DIE. By proving what we can, or will not do for ourselves, together by vote. As would be: “a bill of rights” for both citizen and police. Or more distinctly: as a society we must find the solutions for ourselves/ BY LAW, not the curse of a mob.  Women of course, having been portrayed as “true fighting machines” by media;  have now lost their non-combatant status; and will be easily shot too! Hurrah, equals; right? 

And millions say: WE ARE OUTRAGED, that the damned and dead in government/ STOLE OUR LIVES, by proclaiming covid is a pandemic. WHEN NOTHING BUT THE ENDLESS RANT OF MEDIA,  exists, which cannot prove that true. THAT IS WHY, anger is expressed! But reality says: you want civil war/ and you will get civil war; with rivers of blood, and fires beyond your ability to control or save any city. Because INSANITY “has no brain/ it only wants, or hates”. Then comes starvation and cannibalism, and terrors in the night.   

Oh wait; silly me, I forgot they stole your face too, and your economy, removing friends and family and coworker and even housing. They made you “their fools”; all hail the universities: right? Cause you know, “they gave you fear instead”; what a great bargain/ after all, what could be wrong “with sticking your heads in the sand”. Oh wait: it leaves your ass sticking up; ready to violate. Well good thing: the human beings who work at university are perfect, and would never take advantage of the fact they now control your nation; and are fighting to take control over your world: by demanding BELIEVE the fear. Not to worry: the universities can now make you endless diseases; after all you don’t need a face, or a brain, or a life.    UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS NO GAME;  EXTINCTION LOOMS.

Stand up and be counted:  as is WE ARE/ I AM demanding, you cannot wreck our lives/ our nature/ our world/ our future/ or our nation. YOU MUST PROVE THE EVIDENCE/ AND WE MUST ACCEPT YOUR CONCLUSIONS.  OR you have no legal right to impose your propaganda of FEAR;  or assume, any authority outside the true disciplines of constitutional democracy. As is consistent with WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION/ not our employees.  2018 world death count.

Noted: is the truth, that intellectuals remove the masses from their conversations, their control over courts, media, politics, education, and everything else they can: BY CREATING NEW WORDS, to humiliate and ridicule you. “grade/ high/ college children games; multiplied” with sewage. YOUR ONLY CHOICE is to create “amendment or biblical ten commandment” like SHORT STATEMENTS, to be considered for law. So that YOU can control the language, and nobody can then ridicule or change what you did in fact decide by vote; to say. 

Even though, there are five thousand known viruses/ thousands of diseases/ food poisoning/ accidental death/ radiation/ war, and more: “no, you cannot have your face back/ YOU MUST fear”; because, less than complete obedience, would mean you get to think for yourselves. Can’t have that; ask any cult.       

Don’t you worry, with viruses to invade/ and machines to alter DNA night and day/ and CRISPR/ and millions of people around this world participating with your “research money”. A true “thermo-nuclear biological bomb” is coming to end nature forever. WON’T BE LONG NOW: thereby proving evolution will then be god, “so they say”.

I remind you again: take back your nation/ take back your world; DO IT WITH THE LAW, AND DEMOCRACY. Assumed authority, lurks of treason. A government called the constitution: when mocked with insolence, has the authority to purge those who attack it from within. In this democracy; all power is vested in the people, and derived only from them; through their constitution. The failure to obey your sworn oath: is treason/ and there are NO EXCUSES; for disassembling the foundations of society or our democracy. ANY DECISION beyond our the inalienable rights of our liberty and freedoms: by the tenth amendment, SHALL BE MADE ONLY BY THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES! Such is the law of this USA.  While there may be a slight increase in deaths per week/ that does NOT include population growth to offset the numbers with reality. one million more per year is over 19,000 per week; and that does not include undocumented people/ but it does include their deaths.

For pennies and pride; you let your world burn down; afraid of your own shadows. Letting fools remove you from your lives and the fight to save your homes. Your answer: “we have guns”/ is to your shame. Help for fire containment was provided. Unfortunately for you “millions have eyes & ears/ but only one in a million has a brain”. The reality of “endless people” to help firefighters; removed: because only the disease called an expert is allowed. “failure all around”; all hail the universities “your gods” who taught you all you know. Which is: cry and whine; demanding someone else has to do the work, If I ain’t the hero.  inspect the numbers carefully.

If someone does not belong to this specific “herd group”; they are forced out, because they don’t act or react exactly the same; endangering all the rest. A panic stampede from fear; does not have mercy. Oh but wait: you don’t have to worry, “the universities are your gods”; and they would never make a mistake, or choose greed, or let pride decide; cause “they’re gods”. Unfortunately, even if they believe: things like asbestos, or roundup, or talcum powder and more [are used thirty years, before problems erupt]. And all this generation says: WELL GREAT, not in my lifetime then!

The basis of every mob: as is, the only important life here is ME or US”; EVERYTHING else is trash, interference, or a thief: therefore, worthless or an enemy; so I can, do with them as I please.. NOW, you have been judged, and as the righteous they KNOW; you have no value.  Add in population growth, because this chart does not.

And then: “boy scouts would never harm/ Catholic priests would never abuse/ weapons of mass destruction will never be used”; think again. TO BE HUMAN, means to think for yourself/ and that is impossible without investigating the evidence for yourselves. NO THEORY/ NO OPINIONS/ NO MEDIA TELLING YOU WHAT TO THINK: “just the facts; assembled by our best effort, as we the people” to understand, by the evidence, not want: and then we will decide what is true. 

OR, you can continue to wait, to believe “the universities are god”. While the universities complete their true desire to remove you, from your job; and your money; so their robots, and their banks can take over. Not to worry by making you beggars; they just prove they are gods over you. Prostitutes and thieves however are expendable; “You didn’t say please”. Don’t worry, the groups least able to defend themselves; can be killed/ as history clearly proves. After all, life is only fun: when you win [someone has to lose];  go ahead, “ask the majority”! That’s ok though: we can all look forward too the day, when surrounded by lasers and radiation from cars and all other things; trying to replace human beings. Eye trouble, and all sorts of, “biological complications” will occur. BUT who cares, right! 

If you do not stop being sheep/ and fail to establish an investigation to prove what is true: to decide for yourselves as is consistent with thought. RATHER than believing what you are told; by LIARS. Then you will enter the slaughter house door/ never to be seen again: as is the ending universities have prepared. FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD/ OR LOSE IT FOREVER: simple as that. Get up, get organized: GO TO COURT, AND DO NOT accept anything less than truth.     CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY/ don’t just fall into the abyss. Want is dead/ but life is more than want.   the most recent graph 

Accept the truth: that every death subtracts from 333,000,000 people in this USA/ which adds 10,000 new births over deaths; every day. In a world that adds 400,000 new births over deaths; everyday. What you want has failed/ reality must now choose: your games, are over. Because this earth, is now a very limited resource to or for us all: or extinction will be true.

The scopes “monkey trial” of 1925 establishing evolution could be taught: was almost one hundred years ago/ wherein the argument was: “we have charts (this kind of, looks like that)/ versus, the bible says”. Today, reality says: “you cannot build a body of any life, just one piece at a time/ nor can it be built without thought, or realities not in evidence upon a rock”: either with chaos or accidents. Therefore truth says: let us return to court, and resume a more dedicated evidence of truth. Just so you know: simple concepts of adaption, is NOT going to be accepted. Instead YOU have had a hundred years to gather evidence that will, or will NOT; stand up in the examination of our reality. No excuses allowed/ you have had a hundred years to refine and prove your sewage; indoctrinating children with your religion. Bring what you do have! For my part, I need only state: LIFE IS BUILT WITH THOUGHT, because that is a known truth of comprehension: without thought, there is nothing complex, or known; as that is the evidence of life itself. 

And all of that, builds itself/ creates chemicals itself/ builds every body of life that exists/ and fits on the “head of a needle”.  Proving with absolute certainty, “it ain’t no accident/ and chaos tears everything complex apart, to its most simple form. Which makes the universities the place of “chaos”, as is their religion evolution/ rather than “thought or life”. And that, is literally only the beginning of how atoms, combine themselves into the working forms of a living mass, by using the freedoms called energy. It is fitting, your university religion of evolution declares “its creator”/ doesn’t even have a brain; after all, “a fool is a fool”.

 scientists estimate, we are currently losing species 1,000-10,000 times faster than that, which means that literally tens of species are vanishing from the face of the Earth every day. We could be looking at a frightening future. By this rate, almost one third to one-half of all species could become extinct by 2050. 

THIS DEMOCRACY: will live or die, because you learned how to: and did use redress of grievances to defend yourselves.  YOUR first amendment legal right to “take our employees to court”; and decide for ourselves if they kept their sworn, oath of office. OR not/ which is war, an instantaneous YOU LOSE. Only the law fights for democracy: REMEMBER THAT. Anything less, is just self; and that fails society, and then society fails you. Organize/ identify/ and prove the courtroom is yours; and cannot be denied! Make it so. The tenth amendment is also specific to this cause: giving legal rights to the people themselves, both for changing the direction of governing/ and changing the direction of our employees; as the owners who cannot be denied their legal rights.

YOU WILL learn this one thing, and teach it to your leaders: “that we are all just people, including each and every leader”. That means, in this democracy: YOU HAVE NO more authority/ YOU have no more rights: over life or nation, than do I, or any other: the king is dead/ THE UNIVERSITY IS NOT “MY god”. They are merely mortals, who have made enormous mistakes; and most likely released covid into our world. Anything less than the purity of democracy itself, is true evidence of treason (a criminal offense, with penalties): the deliberate intent to destroy democracy itself. TOGETHER WE DECIDE, AS A NATION: what WE THE PEOPLE NOW CHOOSE. TOGETHER WE INVESTIGATE TO PROVE THE EVIDENCE one way or the other: for ourselves and our nation, your children, and even the influence we will have on our world. Or, you will fail life and planet forever. Because this is not a game; and UNLIKE the disease of university, which is “just one little thing” is all that matters. REALITY PROVES EVERYTHING AFFECTS THE WHOLE. OUR LIFE/ OUR FUTURE/ OUR CHOICE. NOTHING LESS, the herd is disbanded! We choose for ourselves.   if you are true to life: then refuse testing for covid/ UNTIL AND UNLESS, they can prove “testing is for more than a common cold”.  They curse you, and you let them:  it ain’t no game, to destroy a democracy/ YOUR democracy.  Your scammers/ their insurgency, will shout:  “buy/ buy / the belief” as all fraud does. Don’t think/ just believe as all pyramid schemes proclaim. Don’t see the damage, just fear! BUT THE REALITY of death over the average deaths for any given week; proves we do have the time, and their claim to power by testing; has proven to be far less than reliable.   artificial life, the coming evolution

 IF YOU ARE IN SCHOOL: and the people there demand you will be tested. Remind them: that there is no law, without congress/ and no authority as a governor or president to create a rule, pretending to be law: UNLESS they declare Marshal law, with cause. LIBERTY HOWEVER, understands the concept of freedom; and freedom knows that my personal life/ my personal body is NOT yours; to dictate too. Without true and conclusive, evidence of death/ NO PANDEMIC EXISTS. Without a pandemic: and its clearly proven evidence, that does not allow for less than death to establish it. The demand for a class action lawsuit, and all the civil penalties that can impose: OPENS THE COURTROOM DOOR.  In the alternative, if you do  not yet recognize it: this is all the ingredients for the scenario in the book 1984. By replacing soon all the teachers: with an internet only version of education. ONLY A VERY TINY FEW, will control all forms of education, and communication; and the living robot army, which gets all its instructions from a TV; (phone video screen) will arise. Unable to ask a question/ they know, “it is not allowed”! With fear as its cause, and the “internet god” as its mind; humanity is erased, and the toy world of a university intellectual over life begins. Because as every cult indoctrinates the same:  when only a very tiny few do all the thinking/ the rest are limited to animal. As the universities have been declaring for centuries now.  YES, THERE ARE INSANE PEOPLE IN UNIVERSITY.  YES, YOU DID GIVE THEM THE ABILITY TO THREATEN YOU. Now don’t you worry, as the army of the damned/ reduced to animal by their uniform of a mask, to remove your individuality:  FEAR will be your only friend. Don’t worry, as a mob; to fight the threat of those “being human”;  what else could you need.

The outline above is modified to read

  1. The pressure is fear/ or we all die: FROM DISEASE!
  2. the university experts knows everything; they can’t be wrong: all bow down, and accept what you are told.
  3. NO, YOU MAY NOT see the evidence/ only what you are told to believe:  without question/ by the propaganda teams using FEAR/ demanding FEAR/ orchestrating FEAR.    DON’T THINK:   FEAR!
  4. If you just do as you are told; “you never have to fear death again/ WE, the universities;  are your saviors”.  We are gods: never fear us, or what we do: BELIEVE.
  5. They stole your job/ your face/ your business/ your future/ your romance/ your freedoms and your liberty/ your options/ your democracy/ your organizations/ your religions; and more; providing only “BE A DAMN BEGGAR/ or prostitute” instead.
  6. IF YOU DON’T do what we tell you to do; THEN YOU ARE VERMIN, trying to kill us all/ and “will soon, deserve to die”. As a rampant plague of hell carrying disease throughout our lives: TO KILL US ALL.Or, more deliberately, focus on just this one simple thing; and do not be concerned for anything else. YOU don’t need to think (mob)/ just believe what you are told.

Don’t you worry, because as soon as they get the masses vaccinated with their genetic mutilation (man is now god):  things for all life, will begin to go wrong/ and WHERE, are you going to turn; but a university is god? Don’t you worry, the politician is already “army of the damned (give us the money, or we drown)”/ and they will see to it; you don’t have a mind to choose, by force. So that Armageddon (nature in chaos) becomes real. Now don’t you worry:  they won’t need to use much force, NEED FOOD/ NEED WATER/ NEED ELECTRICITY OR GAS/ OR ANYTHING:  JUST GET YOUR VACCINATION, “like a good doggy”. and with facial recognition, how will they not find you? So line up now; because you are going to need your medicine, or you die. OH, did I forget to mention: as with diabetes or similar:  IF YOU REFUSE TO SUBMIT “woe is you”.  Well obviously YOUR fear is worth the price:  RIGHT? 

WHY, WOULD the university intellectual do such a thing, with such extreme arrogance; against us, when they have literally taken or been given everything and anything they could want? Answer: this is the ending of our world, AS PROVEN BY “trying to bring the same energy source here, as is on the sun”. THEY KNOW, “ITS ALL A LIE/ but too DAMN proud to stop it”. So they have nothing left to live for; but a game.

 CAN’T BE TRUE?  Well let’s review:  people who are willing to gamble this entire planet and all its life; by deliberately trying to ignite atoms on fire. To create the same nuclear fire as found on the sun/ here on this earth. KNOW their time is now limited;  so why wait:  THEY WANT, to play god, by manipulating YOU. By proving “you can’t stop us”/ NOT EVEN, from destroying your world.

And the people say: THAT CAN’T be it/ they are our protectors, and media wouldn’t lie! But alas, media does do whatever the universities tell them to do or say: without question/ as all cult members do; or you get evicted. And the universities have collected trillions, and been given major accolades and praise for their contribution to “LET’S IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE”. Now to suddenly say: WE WERE WRONG/ not only takes that all away, along with the money, power, pride, and future of physics itself. SO HELL NO: let the reality fall wherever it may, we are gods/ so we can’t be all wrong; we are gods/ DAMN YOU for asking.

OUR 2-3 “university elite EXPERTS”; from around the world, who said it would work; and gained all kinds of rewards: CAN’T be wrong; “cause their gods, practically”. WE BELIEVED, because we want too/ because it gives everybody in the field and more:  GREAT BENEFITS AND WORK!  Just for going along, “you know, like politicians elected; in every field do”.

BECAUSE A BELIEVER, never questions or investigates “their god”. It is forbidden:  who are you to question “god”; as all cults enforce? After all, the universities “have a book”. And they intentionally create language you are not suppose to understand. Don’t you worry now, “what could possibly go wrong”; when their intent is to release a 4 million times more energy; than say a candle flame. Which multiplied by 4,000,000 equals a flame 62 miles high, and 25 miles wide. Not to worry: the university guarantees, “not enough gravity here”/ so it will just extinguish itself. Shucks, they are so smart; why think at all? And the politicians all  said: SURE, here is one trillion dollars/ to make that come true. 

 By the evidence; reality states: you could not be less safe, than you are as a world today. Threatened with extinction “from a thousand points of death, in all directions”/ your mask, is merely the reminder of what a fool you have been. It will save you not.  Demand for food increases every year, on a finite earth; where nearly every other life is already going extinct.

Start collecting the names, and the organizations: of those who will be charged with treason/ as the leaders of this insurgency, dedicated to the destruction of this America. As an investigation will prove the foundation cause of this fear, propagated throughout a nation: exists only to drive the people into a herd (predators everywhere) so they can be slaughtered, by the realities of a failed life/ and a failed nation.

In terms of this economy: the stock markets are doing well, because the investors believe, “with all the small competition removed by this covid fraud”. Now they, the largest corporate entities; will own the whole market. They fail to recognize: without a job/ government bankrupt; their consumer is lost, and so is their bailout. Hidden Inflation, and out of control debts; took it all away.   

And the major corporations say: without competition, we will still do very well. But alas, now that the university elite having taken over government/ by reducing your numbers to a very few; all they have to do is declare a “life safety issue”/ and you will capitulate, or they will send in “the living zombies of fear”; to make you change. Or, just change a rule; or offer subsidies to produce the competition that will displace you: because they can. Now don’t you worry, once “all of life” is pushed down into their little square hole; so you can’t get out: “what could possibly go wrong then?” after all, they will just insist you call them gods. Rather like they do now: WITH FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR!

PROVE, BY THE RATE OF DEATH INCREASE, above normal. PROVE BY THE REALITIES of what makes a nation survive; which are those UNDER the age of 65. that your decision to USE FEAR AS A WEAPON AGAINST US ALL: is more than an insurgency, a decision: to destroy this nation/ and take control over our lives, by removing our choices.

The foundation of democracy alive is:  that we should all know the evidence, as plain and simple as it can be given/ without bias. So  that only truth prevails in our decisions/ OUR NATION/ OUR RIGHT TO DECIDE. We have not been given “the plain and simple” of covid. Which means:  like a 1040 long IRS tax form. They intentionally:  made a rat maze, to frustrate, deceive, and complicate what should be simple and plain. Tearing down society/ demanding all to fear, to protect the very old: is insane, and vile to the truth and purposes of life itself/ which are, to value the opportunities/ and accept the cost. REAL WORLD REALITIES, must govern all decisions/ not hype or delusions.

Reality says: you do have about a 52% chance of choosing a redress of grievances: courtroom investigation, to assemble and create the choices you will then make. To do that, you will need about 3 months of time, to establish the belief “YES WE WILL”; including food and basic supplies so as to sustain the peace, until the other 48% take control with civil war; BECAUSE they will wait no more. To make a future happen: you will remember, that your agriculture is bankrupt; and the vast majority cannot plant a crop next spring without a loan. Which means: even in a depression, YOU MUST assist, WHEN it is necessary/ or you starve. Because too late, is just plain too late. Each decision: is entirely up to you.    

The alternate is of course: that a large enough group organizes itself into a class action lawsuit (find a lawyer, who smells the money, or is an honest patriot)/ demanding that our rights, our liberties, our democracy, our lives, our future, our children, our nation has been attacked. We will not be forced to wear masks/ nor will we be forced to surrender our business, schools, etcetera: to those who believe anything they are told. Your expert is not our king. This lawsuit demands; WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES/ by investigating the evidence, and determining what is true as a nation. Whose purpose is, to accept: we own, the decision; that becomes our future. Our employees do not! The traitor will argue “you cannot take your government to court”. While reality demands: WE ARE NOT TAKING OUR GOVERNMENT, [which is the constitution] TO COURT! WE ARE, taking our employees to court; and demanding a redress of grievances, to assemble the critical truth: ARE THESE HIRED EMPLOYEES, doing the job of protecting our liberty, freedom, and rights: for which they swore, by oath; that they would do. 

The essence of life, is truth. The critical element of truth is: if directed at you/ there is no escape. The functional reality of truth is: that we all participate, in this world, for good or bad/ by our own decisions. The fundamental of truth is: the law controls us, or chaos will. The foundation of human expression is belief: but belief is want/ disguised as truth. Which leaves us with this: in order to define truth without lies, we must abandon our beliefs in the order best defined with balance through discipline; to achieve without fear; “what the law must be”.        link is

Truth survives/ lies will not. they do not remove or isolate from covid: influenza or pneumonia (very similar symptoms)/ which are then combined to make it look like, “everything covid”.  Instead of simply another disease, of similar or less intensity for the vast majority.


Hospitalization from all contributing nations (below) or outpatient (above); return to normal, in all age groups: the week ending may 3; 2020.  hospitalizations (below) for those under the age of 18 remain very  low “bottom two lines”

it is again, simple and sure: only deaths prove a pandemic/ over the expected average deaths that occur naturally underlying conditions. scroll down the page to table one in link above. Hospitalization can be claimed “for anything; just like deaths are” 1.5% of hospitalizations for one hundred thousand people: are for children under 18 years of age.  Data can become corrupted, as seen below. in the provisional count:  REVIEW ,from August 1st week BELOW; to now, that graph has been corrupted to remove the true count.

The constant curse is, as farmers use to do: “I stuck my hand right in those chemicals/ and I didn’t die; so its safe/ this is America, we are protected”. Later on, many of the worst offenders did die; from cancers/ because what they believed was not true.  Biological chemistry is very specific, or you die. Most have ear damage; because it is a slow progression for the vast majority. In recognition of threats, “that lead to extinction”; the constant curse is, “we didn’t die yet”/ so it cannot be true: YOU just made me fear, and I hate you for that. BUT alas, in every end of the world reality: it only comes undeniably true once, when life and planet are dead, or lost because we crossed the line; and now cannot go back to “a living world”. To recognize, that we do have a choice/ is to understand, that choice will end: because truth is truth. This reality of work, then points to the confrontation of lies/ theories/ fantasy/ delusion/ failure/ theft/ damage/ destruction/ violence/ manipulation/ terrorism/ betrayal/ and the cost of being WRONG. Ultimately, truth says: unless the people choose to care for life and planet and child; to demand “we shall not gamble, this living world”. No chance exists, “to continue surviving, as is this living world” will die.  The reality of genocide is:  “those with a better weapon, wipe out the competition”:  where is your fear? The universities, which have orchestrated nearly all extreme threats of extinction/ or other?

FEAR, is the certainty of an invasion. FEAR, is the reality (not a pandemic) of a weapon you cannot avoid, without truth. The truth is: the numbers being displayed as “all covid”: are in fact included with pneumonia, and flu deaths/ as indicated on the graph title line [which is why this nation claims more covid cases; compared to the world]. Each category is a respiratory disease/ as is the common cold.  no vaccine for flu/ no vaccine for “serious pneumonia”/ no sars/…. no vaccine for covid or a common cold:  JUST TRILLIONS SPENT (an extremely dangerous gamble; discarding nature itself; as humanity tries to be god)! Unfortunately table one “slightly down the page”; on the link above has already been contaminated:  week ending august 1 (); showed a return to normal deaths/ this graph 3 weeks later; does not show that; but extends out from a sustained rise to avoid that “normalcy”. It nonetheless indicates “normal continues”. FEAR, is the root of panic, [the rise in tests/ do not correlate with a true rise in death] . Instead of the claimed deaths/ the only reality that matters: is death over and above the expected deaths; for a given week in time. That  alone, indicates:  “something other than normal” has been added. The companion of evil, and panic gives the invader the opportunity to take control. Wherever there is fear, there is war.  The war exists, against primarily the white middle class:  because that is where most small business resides. Wherever there is war, a human intends to profit, or seek revenge. Wherever there are lies and deception; as are constant in war: the critical intent is why? The critical answer is: as foreclosures, and bankruptcy looms; and the entire middle class of America is put on notice: your lives are about to change. Proves the insurgency is real. The critical reality is: when “pennies will buy, your lifetime of work”/ every foreigner (millions) in this world where university leadership gave away trillions of American dollars “for free”. ANYONE who can: WILL BE COMING to claim your property and life. Because that is what fear did for you. OUR CHOICE as a nation must be: an immediate end to all foreign purchase of American property, etcetera.