It is now, in this America: the reality of our lives; that we do stand in the breech between life or death for our nation, and in large part even for our world. Did you not want to be important? Congratulations, you have been found “the worst offenders: in complete disrespect of life and planet, by your worship of universities”/ and that puts you in the front of the line. You, are the example of change/ or will be the fear, that stampedes through their heart. “you win”/ and will now choose.

Your fears, have made your economy fail; even though it was built upon lies/ since you all agreed to lie, as did other nations with you; it continued. But today, the damage is done; and the realities of leading life into Armageddon by what the universities have now done with their vaccine: will be horrendous. No turning back/ no mercy either: or you stop the insanity; and recognize the universities are your enemy far more than friend. That is not said with a direct construction of individuals who have a diploma/ but is directed at the fantasies and delusions: which now threaten all life on earth with extinction. And there are many. The worst of which is trying to ignite a nuclear fire; which cannot be extinguished on a planet made out of fuel. But not far behind are the geneticists, whose “fifty year plan” has been too cause the foundations of life, to be destroyed; so they can then play god, by seeing all the pieces. In the past when asked: WHAT THEN, when you can’t put it back? And the constant answer was: we don’t need to worry, because evolution will just build something else, even more grand; “because it is god”. An outright lie, and a complete delusion: because chaos never built anything/ and life does not exist in any form, “without thought” involved. But the universities cult, has no brain; therefore they cannot think, beyond what they are told. With their head stuck in the rat maze built to keep them focused on anything but life; they have no brain. Simple as that.

BUT LET’S BEGIN anyway: with life or death of a planet/ life or death of a nation. Just because it is too much to lose without a fight; even when you do not join that fight for life; because sheep live in fear, whenever the predator is about/ and you have many predators. Careful, don’t think; the universities cult won’t allow it/ JUST MEMORIZE, AND BELIEVE. “you wouldn’t want to be thrown out, now would you?”

You have four categories of disgrace; all of which must be corrected, before you can even consider the possibility of survival. In no particular order: the politician exists on a mountain of lies; all of which require truth to resurrect life. The currency exists as a mountain of lies; all of which were built on the demand: LET THE CHILDREN PAY/ that will all, end entirely. The universities are god, and have filled you with fantasy and delusions that have no basis in fact or reality; but use extreme experimentation as the means to continue playing god. You will purge the plague/ or destroy the entire system. One way or the other, fantasy dies/ and truth by the reality of consequences WILL return. You choose against life and planet for the sake of making garbage; believing “not in my lifetime” is enough to satisfy your truth, “I am all that matters”: thereby, YOU CHOSE TO KILL YOUR OWN CHILDREN. “eternity is watching” as the black heart, and soul of the dead, tries to rise again. Fail and you will pay, with your soul, and then, your terrors.

And many of the people will say: kill him, he is the reason we are distracted, from doing what we have to do/ AS IS, GET YOUR GUN, FIRE, and bring on HELL.

But alas: I threaten you not/ as nearly every threat you face, was either directly or indirectly formed through your universities. NO, you cannot blame your Creator/ as according to the masses: your creator is evolution/ and evolution is chaos by accident “everything we love life to be”. Oh wait: that is not what chaos means at all/ now is it. Well not to worry; in worship of evolution: you will get your chaos, and it will be god over you. If you fail life or planet. Now isn’t that fair?

alas, I truly am all but through with you/ if not already done. So we will be simple. You will choose to organize and create: REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES AS A COURTROOM INVESTIGATION OF THE FACTS. You will not allow want to override truth/ and you will not allow the universities to override you. Simple as that, you will learn what is true/ by the reality of its consequences, particularly when the universities are WRONG. And you will learn TO THINK FOR YOURSELVES/ rather than just believe whatever you are told. You will disband the current media, and sell the resource to others: so that some degree of “the universities don’t own us now” can exist. You will return to democracy, and choose for life and planet; because that is what it will take to survive. You will not measure life/ but understand life and planet are more important than your wants. Take a look in your garbage dumps: it is 90% want/ and you failed life, child, and future. You chose against the planet itself; and now stand on insanity as your defense. It will not be accepted. CHOOSE FOR LIFE, OR DIE! Make your decision.

As for me: I did do my job. Whether killed or not; that fact will not change/ and I am NOT your “savior”. So it will change nothing for you: because YOUR CHANGE FOR AND AS HUMANITY ITSELF: decides life or death for earth.

As for you: you will choose for life and planet and rebuild until finished/ or you fail. You will assert and accept: we are at war, with all the damage that has been done/ and we must accept our duty, to soldier on, filling our needs by the value of our work, and the reality of our choices. It will not be done with money/ but with hope, truth, life, respect, and even a tiny bit of trust; or you fail this world.

Internationally: you will demand of this world, that they will assist in the investigation that determines if life and planet can survive what is being done. You will declare a moratorium against all university, industry, and business threats to life and planet; demanding they will wait, until we, all the people decide if that can be tolerated or sustained for our world. You WILL STOP; all experimentation and machines attempting to ignite a nuclear fire “just like on the sun”/ because you do fully know why. And that includes CERN; another tragedy trying to destroy this world. In other words; this is a one time/ last time/ all or nothing trial, to determine the future of humanity and this world of life OR death. Because that is what you chose, by letting your universities lead. That is what you chose with your belief, that the universities were your gods. Fail and all the evidence of your lives, and their work: points directly to extinction/ in the very near future. Whether you believe that or not; could not matter less. TRUTH WILL DECIDE. Simple as that.

YOU WILL, start your trials/ your investigation of the facts, and consequences for being WRONG; with those who are attempting to bring the same energy source here as is on the sun. FLAMES which are said to be one million miles long/ and solar flares we know to be in the millions of miles long. Because if you cannot create a true understanding here; “of the greatest abomination of them all [threatening all life, all future life, the entire planet, and even the solar system itself: GAMBLING ALL OF THAT, on the assumption, “not enough gravity here” so the fire that burns the bond holding an atom together/ WILL JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF]/ IS BEYOND INSANE. But, if you as a world cannot comprehend that: then you truly are, lost as a world, and no further need to even try, exists. And all of humanity can understand that, is true: you chose, to gamble this world/ as humanity itself decides. If trial fails you; and universities continue. The time is short; machines are running: Because ignition CANNOT be undone/ and every life on this world shall be lost, if the delusion of universities from around this world: PROVES TO BE WRONG! There is no hiding, no running away, and no escape from a fire “just like on the sun”. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE. That is the price for being wrong: “just once, when ignition erupts”.    OR MORE SIMPLY:  AS A HUMAN WORLD, YOUR CHOICE IS,   “TO CONTINUE GAMBLING,  OR NOT:  for ALL LIFE AND EARTH”.  FUNCTIONALLY DEMANDING DEATH: WITHOUT EXCEPTION, is the price of being WRONG”/   which does mean; no one escapes the truth of what ignition will bring; NOT EVEN YOU.

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Jim Osterbur

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