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USA Economic failure looms, BECAUSE THE UNIVERSITY EXPERTS, DECLARED A PANDEMIC! But if it is not a pandemic/       THEN IT IS, AN INSURGENCY; designed to ridicule and remove the middle class from its own power source which is “small business (this is coming)”. OR MORE DISTINCTLY, “the communist party has taken control”. Communism is: we have replaced the king/ with a few more people to make decisions for all the rest. After all, “the new nobility” deserve to take control; as they are “the superior ones”. WHICH DOES MEAN: these invaders intentionally threw democracy in the coffin of your fears/ and are preparing to close the lid: because the damned, by believing in a cult of “university is god”: chose to throw democracy away. Listening only to the propaganda of bribes and fears born strictly because media tells you what you then think you know; as is the sewage of fools; who accept, the university is god. Nothing in human existence changes; because want controls your lives as a herd of animals; constantly threatened by the human predators who want power and pride to control; the lies, your want enables. NO YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY DAMN THING YOU WANT/ BECAUSE REALITY SAYS NO. so the liar says: yes we can/ and then destroys the future; by claiming “not in my lifetime”/ so I don’t care! Well the day arrives, when not caring about the future, of a single child: controls your doom, as extinction proves; “YOU cannot wait and see”. Because proof of extinction, IS EXTINCTION; YOU pitiful damn ignorant, “university is god” FOOL! WAKE UP, AND CRAWL out of the sewage they made; to consume your life!

DECIDE: by the proof of evidence, that is as best we can; proven true: use your own organizations to start: SURVEY THEM for reality. IF THIS IS A PANDEMIC/ OR, an insurgency, designed to both remove democracy and the middle class from power: OR NOT? It is a simple question: it is a simple request: ASSEMBLE THE PROOF OF REALITY. And that does not include any reliance on the past. STOP the media from interfering with their propaganda; and assemble the evidence of death (as is proof of pandemic)/ describe and assimilate the evidence (this is not simply the flu, pneumonia, or similar respiratory illness) that we should surrender our lives, and our freedoms too. PROVE THE FOUNDATION EXCUSE: that our government employees have the right to not only threaten us with penalties, if we do not bow down to their decision/ but bring into our lives their religious worship of; the universities are god. BOTH OF WHICH ARE CONSTITUTIONALLY IDENTIFIED AS TREASON.  USE FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES as your legal cause: and don’t accept less than constitutional LAW; AS IS, “REDRESS”.

The extreme example of arrogance is: “yes we can/ even when reality proves the consequences for being WRONG; are horrendous”.  This is a three part series:   ADDED ON FOR CLARITY.    ADDED ON TWO     

In the reality of life, as of this date and time in the expression and experience of human existence: the cost and consequence of the intellectual has been defined by their own university and other assertions; “we can be gods”. 

the end of:  balance/ order/ respect/ thought/ truth/ and in fact love is a change we will not survive. 

Yet the universities have spent the last one hundred years claiming that life is formed by chaos, and it can be done “over billions of years”. When reality proves them wrong again and again: as is the constant. If the sun is billions of years old/ then because it “burns fuel” as we do feel as warmth here on earth: IT HAD TO BE MUCH BIGGER and MUCH HOTTER; billions of years ago. Which means no life here, period. 

NO GREATER LIE EXISTS; than the curse of believing the universities gave you more than nature itself/ THE GREATEST PERSONAL LIE, that has ever been is: not accepting the true value of what your body is. The foundation of failure, the rise of extinction: lives inside the hate, that is, we the people of university can do better THAN GOD. Nothing is less true; and yet the vast majority of humanity wants what it wants, and is willing to sacrifice this world, and all its nature, and every single living thing; including their own child: to worship the universities as god. Because they believe: WE CAN, with the universities, TAKE IT ALL; TO HELL with the future. To your own personal, eternal shame: GRANIING this world shall die/ or more distinctly, “let Satan (as is university: death of a world) rule”.  You let universities play with life, nature, and planet; as if it were a toy. Nothing is less true! And yet you let them decide life or death: because you fear being humiliated by their intellect. Shame on you.    What is absolutely proven true: is whenever any group of men get control: they lie, cheat, bribe, steal, manipulate, tempt, betray, kill, maim, brutalize, rape, ravage, ruin, rampage, and force submission; until the next group takes control. As history proves: They ALL;  quickly believe, “we can do ANYTHING we want, to anything or anyone at any time.” GENOCIDE/ MUTILATION/ EXTREME RISK:  ANYTHING! America is no different; “even worse than Nazi and Japanese”/ in destroying the American Indian. They as all: have been killed for the resources/ space/ and women (many of whom are then judged, raped, & killed).  In fact; America can be found as: the greatest threat of all, having exploded more atomic bombs than anyone: creating more biological threats than anyone:  more university threats; more environmental crisis; and far more counterfeiting and inflation than any nation in the world; producing more toxic chemicals to damage the environment; than anyone, since world war 2. Expanding that to others.      TODAY HOWEVER, those on the warpath: are the universities; as they manipulate, market, lie, cheat, steal, CORRUPT, collude, conspire, and betray for the purposes of genocide “TO TERRORIZE”; against life and earth. As always attempting to prove: NOBODY CAN STOP ME (I/ we are gods)! The cost this time however is world extinction; because the tools they made:  “with stealing, $200 trillion dollars of our money” / to make every citizen bankrupt. HAS become enough: to DESTROY OUR ENTIRE WORLD FOREVER;  every single life extinct.  “because men are men, as history proves; they never really change/ only the tools, weapons, or numbers”. As every rampaging horde knows: the first thing you do is MAKE THEM FEAR/ control their conversation/ and insure they cannot gather to consider their truth. Then sort out the fearful (we believe): as they will become eyes, ears, voice, and traitor to the army that wants your life. They want you afraid; because people cannot think for themselves, when confronted by their own fears: you are defeated.

That lack of value, that sheer failure in respect for life or planet: creates the assertion of “devil”. To discard the living, in favor of the dead. The extreme example of devil is, “SATAN”: GAMBLING, we are gods, OR;  all life must be extinct, if not god of life/ then god of death. TO prove I was/ or we are: the people to be feared. The LIARS who could not be stopped.

Liars will always lie/ traitors will always betray/ terrorists will always hide, where you least expect them if they can/ thieves will always steal: UNTIL YOU TAKE THEIR TOOLS AWAY. AND FORCE THEM into the light. More than anything else, the realities of a university invasion into nature and life and planet have been horrific:  the list of extinction threats; is very long.  Think and consider what we have to lose; when “university monkeys” play god.  the day has come when this earth is either governed by MIRACLES/  OR THE GENETIC MUTILATIONS OF MEN:  choose!

The value of life, is primarily your own ability to think for yourself. Because without thought, there is no function or value within a body; even if it exists. So people discard their participation in thought, as invalid because others, as are intellectuals; seem to do better. But it is not so: as so clearly proven by the realities of this day/ when we are surrounded by threats of extinction; even if you don’t know, “that is true”. Thought is not a quantity, but a value. The journey into thought, is not granted by “the education of men or women”: but occurs as the heart is born, and courage applies for freedom. Therefore thought arises in heart; just as heart arises from life itself granting the acceptance of MIRACLES.

In the extreme arrogance of humanity; the constant assertion is: that life is owed to me, and the body was built by me/ therefore it is mine, as if I made the whole thing. Little is less true! Life and body are gifts; because we made neither the body we inherit/ nor do we create the time within which we travel or journey. Your contribution is merely to decide; HOW you will participate/ while your parents (as did those before them) decided for you, what gifts your body and mind would get to use. The body is a very intricate reality of parts and pieces living in harmony/ including the fetus; which builds itself automatically when called to do so: no thanks to you/ although you can interfere to a degree. Your time, is a balance between truth and thought; as determined by your own directions. Even so, you did nothing to create that time/ and you can do nothing, or little to expand it; or keep yourselves alive; in real terms of the realities life by law demands. Instead; as is the constant of failure; people want to declare themselves god/ and pretend they can be gods: but it is only over death. THINK before you die, and this world is lost forever.

 You will note on this graph when compared to previous graphs: that your leaders are trying to corrupt the data, without being caught;  from week ending aug 1  and week ending  aug 22:  they represent as dotted lines as data they haven’t decided on yet.  BUT READ THE TABLES JUST LIKE IT BELOW THAT (top is young/ bottom is old people)  current data far right.  Previous GRAPHS; AND THESE NUMBERS WILL STILL PROVE TRUTH.  Those remain, un-tampered with so far;  because they know “few of you still read: you rely upon media to tell you EVERYTHING” to your shame, as it allowed them collusion and disgrace. “THEY BELIEVE ANYTHING!” This graph is about halfway down site link above. the tables are acquired by finding, and clicking on the link (1-3) just below it.

Week 08-01-2020, 08-29-2020, 09-05-2020, 09-12-2020

Men are men, and throughout all of history; little more than the tools have changed with regard to their behaviors as a mass. NO GROUP can be identified as “the same”/ but groups can be identified by the consequences of what their group has done. Separating the good from the bad; is always difficult/ because liars exist.


WHAT WE CAN CHANGE; AS HUMANITY ON EARTH IS: by the laws we create to rule over ourselves/ we evict the powerful, and change our world. That fact, by our own vote, and our own decisions to identify precisely what will benefit life on this world: is our defense! But even so: UNLESS you are dedicated to the process of building a law that will survive/ by limiting it, to only what is needed. Such as the biblical ten commandments (short and simple to understand what this means)/ or US constitutional amendments/ bill of rights/ declaration of independence. It will fail, because corruption will overtake it, and you. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU CHOOSE; understand it well/ and then you can defend yourselves in court, as a nation or state, and even as a world. BECAUSE THEN: we all know the law, and who is/ or is not guilty! And that: removes the power of leadership/ and gives it to the law we create.  Think, because if you do not protect life; “the university monkeys” have prepared Armageddon (nature in chaos) as predicted.

While I have proven in court: that your leaders have no legal defense against this democracy as it should be. The reality of we the people has always been: “you can’t do nothing/ you are nobody”. As their excuse to refuse democracy, and continue as they were: “fighting for trophies, trinkets, and toys”/ with bribes, fantasies, and delusions.  Which allowed the courtroom officials, to discard case after case; because behind closed doors, the law, nor justice or democracy or rights, or truth, or even a world itself because of threat: does not matter/ because YOU THE PEOPLE, DID NOT CARE.   You refused life and planet: because you wanted to BE RICH. Even though that means you must make many people; POOR. the decision to declare, what is safe, is determined in the FDA  by the people employed; with only a tiny few deciding.

The consequence of failure to remove the threats and damage of university fantasies:  is civil war (a hurricane of bullets, and more), and a breakdown of all discipline and order; in this nation/ in this world. Because you didn’t care for their lives; more than for your own fears :being believers, in the cult of university is god; instead of being humans (yes I can think, for myself).  In terms of nature  (which is the genetic code);the university monkeys; have invaded the vault, and are NOW playing with the controls; with little more than “a toothpick of knowlege; out of an entire forest of possibilities”. They cannot build or sustain or fix nature; BUT THEY CAN DESTROY IT. Without nature itself providing the basis or all cures, your hospitals are worthless. So, my advise to you is: as a democracy enforcing its own first amendment “redress of grievances/ and its own ten amendment to the US constitution”.  TO PROTECT YOUR WORLD, YOUR LIVES, YOUR NATURE, AND YOUR PLANET; from genocide. as will be the result of “university is god” now. A reality of law/ a reality of right: that does not allow anyone to take over and play the role of kings: or assume they can be gods. TAKE YOUR LEADERS TO COURT, and that includes the universities expert, that demanded to play god with your lives. identify the consequences of being WRONG; and know, “like igniting atoms on fire: there are NO SECOND CHANCES”.  once it is too late, to stop them; this world is extinct. REDRESS IS: for an accounting from those who led this state or nation or world, to where we are now. THE TENTH amendment is: WE HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT, to make our own chances in this democracy.   Your university monkeys have no clue about life/ but they can intervene and produce death to our world. They want to be “gods”; so if they can cause nature to collapse: THEN YOU HAVE NO ONE ELSE to turn too, and they will be gods/ because your world is dying; and YOU CANNOT stop it. but alas; once they unleash that biological collapse; they can’t stop it either/ and will soon learn:  HELL IS HERE.  That is the price of “crispr, and more”; added too a million more people all intent upon getting rich, by replacing nature with their own version of, yes I can play god;  “genetic instructions”. As is consistent with that democracy, and that constitution: a 75% YES as we the people: WE AGREE; by our vote, does establish that constitutional change: without legislation or congressional approval. The monkey’s believe, “they are gods/ or will be”: but that does not mean they can be. WE ARE THE LAW OF OUR NATION; when we choose it for ourselves! However like opening a can of worms, in your body:  they are the curse of life, to us all Life ain’t so damn simple as “put on your mask”;  AND YOU KNOW IT.

no, they can’t protect you/ but they can kill EVERYTHING ON EARTH. The university monkeys are now an army of raiders, pillagers, traitors, terrorists, and thieves; each intent upon playing god; and becoming rich. the worst possible scenarios now exist: “a million people can make biological weapons; even if it is not intentional”/ to threaten you with!  A few have confiscated the brains of government, and fed them filth; in order to prove they can control the same energy source as is on the sun. BUT THERE PLAN IS:  TO IGNITE PLASMA ON FIRE/ AND THEY BELIEVE “NO WORRIES HERE” BECAUSE THE EARTH DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH GRAVITY TO SUSTAIN THE FIRE “SO IT WILL JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF”!  Being wrong means they made our earth into a sun.  IS IT WORTH THE GAMBLE TO YOU?   Make no mistake “scientist/ as does university”: HAS MANY DEFINITIONS.

The formula for human experimentation on captives and believers; is very simple and the methods of men never change.  They terrorize the weak, or the believer.And every one of their “scientists” believed they could and would play god.As the earliest representation of that intent to play god: are the greeks and their mythology; trying to force combining animals with people/ by no doubt: forcing human men to rape animals/ or animals to rape human women. Instead of nazi or the like; they just call it “university now”.

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Throughout all of human history: RARELY DID GIVING PEOPLE AUTHORITY TO DO ANYTHING; work out best for the majority, or the future long term. In this state of IL, one of the most corrupt in history; as is seen in the deliberate realities of 121 million spent for UOF I football stadium “emperors box”/ and 150 million for U OF I remodeling of their assembly hall (which did not include changing the building to any degree at all). Give a damn, diseased with “universities want” politician anything he demands or suggests; and a storm of spending will follow. Listen to the curse of marketers who have been studying you for decades; to find the keywords, or images that will influence you to BELIEVE! As is the job, and one of the curses of university. AND WE THE PEOPLE GET NOTHING; BUT THE DEBT BEYOND WHAT CAN BE PAID. The extreme failures of a university diploma run this state and this nation; liars traitors and thieves of university CONTROLS IT ALL; not democrats or republican; as are mere puppets on a string. And the university army of diplomas creates a pension plan for themselves alone/ at our expense. While the city says we benefit; but care nothing for the cost of what this is going to mean in our future. Nothing fair exists; because the universities bankrupted this state/ just like the nation was bankrupted, by the university cult: demanding for “university is god toys”; TO THREATEN OUR WORLD WITH. Failure, is a disease called “university”. Where liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves are not only born; but instructed in mayhem and chaos as the cult demands it to be

BELIEVE NOTHING; AND SEARCH FOR THE EVIDENCE THAT WILL PROVE WHAT REALITY CAN DO. Then understand: like signing up for a mortgage or anything devised by a university diploma, and its threat: WE DESERVE MORE THAN YOU/ and there will be hidden lies/ subversive demands/ critical subterfuge/ and failure of life, society, and planet throughout what will be your own incarceration, by lies.

IN OTHER WORDS, in this state of IL: we don’t need to vote on a tax bill (MORE of whatever the politician wants) VOTE NO/ because as always it is filled with filth; by what can be done later. WE NEED TRUE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AND TENTH AMENDMENT LAW: TO RESURRECT OUR LIVES; out of the sewer of university knows tragedies. Out of the filth, that is “university run religion: LET THE MONKEYS BE god”. As has plagued us/ diseased us with the cult of “university knows”/ and is attempting to cause our extinction; with the curse of extreme arrogance; for way too DAMN long.

While that may sound like a disgruntled person flying off the handle at a specific group/ it is not. As seen in review: my world/ OUR WORLD, is threatened “in a thousand ways” by extinction; the evidence proves is real. Those who have deliberately caused this truth to be so; as the evidence of our reality does prove. Do not deserve any form of respect, as they are truly so: ENEMIES OF LIFE AND PLANET ITSELF. It is impossible, to be lower in the dredge pool of human sewage, than that. And if the herd of humanity would believe in the evidence rather than being brainwashed; to what they were told “they believed” by media or universities; you would know that is true.

I will be completely clear:  I DO NOT desire you to trust me/ my desire here, is that you think for yourselves; searching the evidence for knowledge; and understanding what it means to be wrong/ or allow others to be wrong.  thereby reality states:  we did do/ we are, the best we can be; as humanity on earth.  ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, When reality itself states;  WE ARE THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION; and that is no game/ IT IS TRUE.  in contrast to that is: 

You don’t like, and you don’t trust me; because clearly I am not one of your herd, and all creatures that are not one of the herd must be removed. Because they represent something that could attack/ or be stumbled across: therefrom, “get me killed/ or lured away from the group”. The group represents safety to all prey animals; thinking outside the group/ establishes you are separated and vulnerable. So, in the mind of every animal: those who are not like me/ must be forced out. An animal is: I want what I want/ and I won’t move until I have taken all I can get/ unless forced by fear. So, as for me: I simply refuse to want, by letting truth through the evidence of our reality decide. A cult is: you must believe and never question the leader/ because the leader knows all things as is “I/we are experts; we are so superior; we demand to be gods”. So, as for me: I simply refuse to believe, and wait for the truth to construct enough knowledge, for there to be an understanding; and enough understanding for me to assemble wisdom; that is then in command/ rather than me. Religion is: to believe what you want will come true. But you cannot be religious until: you turn belief into a prison that holds all other information, evidence, truth, thought, and value out. Because belief defends your want, and makes you feel safe/ by refusing those things can enter here. Therefore the book becomes necessary: whether produced by a university or a mainstream religion, that has proven to have some value: it decides by whoever interprets, because the writer is dead. Therefore nothing can be changed; and once you have incorporated that into your defense; the prison is locked, with you inside. To keep all other realities of life from getting inside with you. Even if I have dragged the believer out, to face the truth of evidence/ they cannot face the danger of knowing: what they decide/ what they choose/ will become their own future. I never knew one; who didn’t race back inside. The worst of them being “university knows cult worshipers”; who are the current primary religious fanatics of this world. Which returns us to the current day of “covid”; as the slave masters presented by and through media of this day: fight and bite; beat & curse; and rail and ridicule against all who will not fear. Because the job of every religious (we can’t be wrong) fanatic is: TO KEEP THE REST IN LINE/ TO INSURE THEY NEVER DOUBT: you cannot question the leader. “after all, they have a book”.

That is not a description against any religion other than “university is god”. Because unlike the current grab for power that is university cannot be denied; religions actually do have some value; and do help any number of people with their lives and living. People do need a safe haven from time to time; and a redirection when lost; and a place to communicate what they feel, fear, and know. Religions do that/ universities do not: they merely brainwash/ because if you don’t follow the rules exactly; we throw you out onto the street, to be our slave. As is the evidence of a student debt you will never escape.

There is the issue of spiritual woman and me; a fact that does deserve acknowledgment because like all men: when faced with the critical truth, THESE PEOPLE ARE KILLING MY WORLD/ DESTROYING MY NATURE/ POISONING MY EARTH/ THREATENING IGNITION OF ATOMS ON FIRE; and in general being SATAN to this world. The moment came roughly 15 years ago; when the only choice of male was war, “you will listen now”. IT WAS DOOMED TO DEFEAT; even if I made you listen; because the predators want what the predators want; and as the universities have proven: you have no brain/ they stole it. The only option left was then to search for and find: WHAT COULD FEMALE DO? I did find the spiritual door to female; as women hid and ran from realities. “just to ask a question”; simple as that. But much to my surprise, although I opened that door; I was immediately pushed inside; and the realities of male and female mixed together, have controlled my life ever since. IT WAS, the perfect mix for the work I have done; REMOVING WAR; by demanding the female answer which is law. The consequence of it however continues to grow; as a female invasion I cannot stop. Nonetheless; in a fight for this entire world of life: the price is fully accepted, even if not desired. Because IT IS NOT, “too much to ask”; if together we can help this world survive.



to read more, of life ending threats.

The reality is simple: with men throughout the ages, they would destroy each other, because resources died, when the population increased: “its you or me”. The reality of today is: with universities, their intent is to play god, and in doing so they threaten all life on earth forever extinct. Because the cost of playing god is want; and all want leads to “animal”/ rather than human. Human requires your decision, to be more than an animal; as only truth, love, respect, hope, trust, discipline, balance, order, courage, thought, value and and the acceptance of limits and boundaries can prove. Instead of that universities have proven to be the outlet: for all things traitor/ liar/ thief/ terrorist/ hate/ destruction/ cheating, and more; by promising you things that are only fantasy; propagating delusions; discarding truth for what they want instead; as is to play god with life, planet, and energy. Wanting things, they cannot do; while screaming “there are NO consequences for us”. They could not be more wrong as the horror of their genetic mutilation takes hold; the countdown to incineration begins for our world; and the ending of all resources; overpopulation; asphyxiation; extinction in all chains of life; and more will prove true.

The constant of men is: “I want it all, and if you prove to be unable to defend; then I want yours’ too.” Beg me, or I take your everything, maybe your life & give you nothing. So society was born to defend the masses against their common enemy: “men with weapons”. Leaders to provide an instant response/ who then become rulers with tyranny. Women to complain: I want what I want too! Life and earth their chosen enemy: “you make me work, and accept limits”. So, the universities found their niche: let them believe, “anything they want”; life is free/ no consequences for us! But alas “consequences of extinction, everywhere”; for all other life, the planet, and every child. None have a future; because the universities hear only one song: “its MINE, ALL MINE”. And the world of men say; “give me some too; bribe me or it ends”/ as they discard, and destroy all respect for this earth. By digging their own graves; as the earth turns from nature provides; to this whole planet now dies. The consequence of 8 billion people all trained by universities: TO NEVER give a single penny of value; back to life itself. The compromise is simple: “its us or the earth/ and we don’t care”. Until death proves: not only, you were wrong/ but will be extinct.

A religious zealot hears only one voice; his or her own/ because no truth nor evidence matters more than “I want this to be true”; regardless of the risk or reality. The cost of destroying the future, the work, and the reality for so many is: “we must believe even more, that we cannot be wrong”. As is the constant of pride. Nothing causes people to “feel like nobody” more than taking their face away; as is the rule, HIDE YOUR FACE WITH A MASK, run away from life: CHOOSE FEAR. Leadership did a great deal of damage to millions of lives: The cause of anger is justified. The reality is not; and will escalate into searching “for Hitler” to lead/ then will come the guns, and more. As to the simple consequences of people and their employees called police: a bill of rights is written by the people themselves, along with the police/ NO leader is allowed. When you both agree, and accept the value and limits of what can be done: the value to each other will increase.

My job, is simply to warn, provide opportunities, establish YOU DID have your chance, with the information needed/ it is NOT to save you from yourselves. OR, your cult worship of university as god. They are “your Satan”/ an arrogance so extreme; their purpose has been to change everything that worked, so they could be in charge/ alter genetic nature, so they could play god/ and gamble with energy so extreme, as to be “just like the sun”; here on earth. As religious zealots of university worship, who have no regard for truth or evidence or the cost of being wrong: forty plus years of fighting with you is enough.

There is nothing else to be done, learned, etcetera: if you will not do this!

Democracy says: NO EMPLOYEE, or organization of members or workers; can claim to be “the government”/ only the constitution, and the laws we create through that constitution: are the government. “no king” exists; because no employee can make rules; demanding compliance; without that constitutional law of authority. NO assertion of need can be extended, without our consent. NO democracy exists, without the fair and justified appraisal of evidence; supported by documented truth; that is then OUR RIGHT to decide for ourselves: what this society should or should not be doing. To balance the essence of truth, and the elemental reality of human: public trial exists as “the least obnoxious method”; of understanding ourselves, or our situation, with reality guiding the way. NOT theory, university, political party, media, religion, or any other form of manipulation or control: WE DECIDE, one vote/ one citizen: this is our choice! Anything less than the discipline, order, and balance of constitutional law: suffers the fate of apathy, as laziness or greed, strangles your nation, your life, or your world.  Important because: NO WATER gets through to the aquifer!

There is only one means in democracy; of WE THE PEOPLE, are the owners here! That is through law. The law is: by the legal guarantee of first amendment US constitutional guaranteed rights for “….the people to peacefully assemble, and petition the government for redress of grievances”. SAME as “freedom of press/ freedom of religion, and free speech cannot be denied”. THE CURSE of university is the expert; the PLAGUE of government has become “life safety”; the COST of democracy is: TO BE INVOLVED, WHEN NEEDED. The reality of life safety is: “WHO gets to decide”? Because when our employees decide for us: it always becomes tyranny. Tyranny is: the power to take, or destroy, what you do not own; as is the constant of all thieves.

The foundation of justice, is truth by evidence, that will not be denied: proven valid and without corruption. Therefore, the method of redress: which means to demand trial, and obtain that evidence by legal means through public dissemination of truth by evidence/ NOT “expert”. So that WE THE PEOPLE can form the decision, AND establish our vote. That vote: is democracy as owners: to the best we can choose to: fit our lives, our nation, our world, and our future. By understanding the acceptance of risk, and the cost of fear.

Anything less, than direct constitutional acceptance of their duty, as our employees: to provide REDRESS of GRIEVANCES: IS AN INSURGENCY against we the people, who DO, own this nation.

IF they take you to the end of their fantasy/ then all that will be left, IS REALITY; and reality doesn’t care. Not about a single one; it simply is, “what it is”. The consequence of that is: consider what the future is going to be!

In contrast; to the demand for democracy: is the constant human disgrace throughout all of history. Which is the few, try their best: to take complete control over all the rest/ BY USING FEAR. So, the critical truth here is: without absolute proof of a pandemic/ which they have not. THOSE WHO LEAD ARE THE ENEMY, and their army of attack, is by creating FEAR: of an unseen enemy; “the kind called deceit, manipulation, arrogance, temptation, corruption, lies, cheating, stealing, and hate”. They are a different kind of enemy: they have media, control education and language, endless wealth by counterfeiting the lie of inflation does not exist; and cult worship to keep all controversy away, by brainwashing the courts as well. The kind of enemy: who could and would send out a biological weapon; so long as they already had the vaccine in hand. The kind of enemy: who would and could, have another biological weapon or more, prepared; so that fear remains constant: and they can make a “trillion dollars” with the vaccine; or just “hate the world”. After all, the great “university, YES WE CAN” is just now, a functioning “Pandora’s box” waiting; like every super-villain comic book ever written, or action movie, war monger, etcetera: to be gods over you. What could go wrong; after all, “the universities are god” right! After all: they haven’t been creating & releasing biological mutations into nature for decades, “to throw it all away”. They have bigger plans: to destroy nature, and replace it with chaos, like their religion of evolution says: so they can instigate entirely new, forms of life; proving they are in fact “gods”. Why, who could blame them for that: isn’t proving you can be gods, “the ultimate game”? obviously, its just for university gods/ certainly not anyone outside the universities, or among those who worship them like a cult. Don’t worry, if they are feeling a little suicidal, or distressed, and don’t have a vaccine; “they can still play, puppet on a string” and watch you dance. So, “its all good”; right? After all, “the universities can’t be bad; they are all saviors”, media proved that: yes sir; every single one.

Well silly me, I forgot; NOBODY gets to question, or investigate; the gods of university, just ask your courts and leaders. “They are all angels of mercy/ come to take you away”; just ask your media. After all, when igniting a nuclear fire just like the sun soon; “your ride through the air, into a ten million degree uncontrollable fire; that burns atoms”; will be exhilarating, “rapturous”! Don’t worry, Noah’s flood was proven by fossil fuels; I’m sure it didn’t take too long, for all life to die; except a tiny few. And with fire even they cannot survive; not a single solitary point or life; on earth.

DON’T WORRY, you, have a guaranteed ride into your own “religious (I want this) heaven”; after all, didn’t you earn it? So, you are owed, right! Seriously how could that be wrong: EVERYBODY says so, in your religion; “everybody can’t be wrong”. Period, just because the freedom given to humanity: chose to destroy this world/ and you chose to do nothing; is no excuse/ you, are owed. Religion (we believe what we want) says so, it must be true; after all, “didn’t you pay the premium on that insurance plan”? You are owed, “ain’t that right”? 

Reality however sees the fear as statistics; and recognizes the end of small businesses; IS THE CONSOLIDATION of all business into the hands of a tiny few large corporations; which are much easier to control/ from “government as kings”. As is “hitler/ stalin/ whatever the name; the course is the always the same. KILL THE OPTIONS, and make the masses slave, or beg, or die through fears; because then they have no choice. While in this america; the scream is WE HAVE GUNS. The truth is: your only option with a gun is the end of your nation, starvation, and the destruction of everything you depend upon or built; as is the constant of war. CHOOSE LAW, AND ENFORCE DEMOCRACY: BY GOING TO COURT, AND PROVING CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT (not ruled by the expert, or any claim of “life safety”) will survive. People die, check the statistics year to year: how many more then/ and what percentage of our population dies from a disease that did not exist before. Old age or bad health is: “irrelevant”. We do, all have to die.

Do not fear them: their power is money, and they counterfeited the currency into fantasy: which means “broke or billions” we are equal.

FEAR THIS INSTEAD: only truth can save us from ourselves, and what universities around this world have done/ the creation of threats that lead to extinction as is our current truth. CHANGE MEANS, CHANGE; nothing less will do, or your life, nation, world, child, and even eternity will be lost. Because reality says so, by the evidence which can be proven.

In the real world, where fantasy does not rule a nation: but facts assist us in determining what we should accept as truth/ so that we can make our own decision. In a courtroom: to stop or punish perjury: all those people, who have been diagnosed with covid 19. would now be followed up by the facts of their disease. So that we all know this disease as well as we can: by the truth of what it means to our nation and our world. Simple as that: how many died (how many old, or with health complications)/ how many suffered greatly (hospitalized, or with prolonged effects)/ how many had little or no consequences from this diagnosis (no significant injury)? In that way, with thousands to offer testimony; by the “gods of medicine” own count: we will know. And you will then decide, not only what constitutes a pandemic/ but what our employees are allowed to do, with our state or nation and lives. BY VOTE, of we the people for ourselves.

FIND A WAY, to prove what is true, to establish your own courtroom: DECLARE, your constitutional first amendment right for redress of grievances. And force the truth to be established/ this democracy enforced; by proven fact. It is literally within your power of WE THE PEOPLE, own this nation. IF you refuse, they will torment you for months if not years; claiming victory and money and power, and your lives will be lost to their greed. Those who have nothing to hide, “welcome the truth”.

THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF DEMOCRACY IS: WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE/ NOT YOU! WHENEVER, the reality of truth confronting our nation or world; must be dealt with by us all. OUR NATION has been affected and changed: PROVING WE NOW HAVE THE DUTY; to make these decisions for ourselves; as is democracy by vote. The format simply: BY producing clear distinct evidence, before the nation itself: that is absolutely untainted with manipulation, temptation, or any intent for controlling our decision. OUR NATION, OUR LIVES, OUR FUTURE, OUR CHOICE! Simple as that.

Tyranny starts with fear; once sufficient fear is in place: THEY MAKE RULES, so they can find practically anyone insufficient to their laws. And jail you, or make you beg: that is called power. Anarchy then begins; as power makes every life and living into a game.

DEMANDING COMPLIANCE from society itself; to control by your own decision/ or to the decisions of a tiny few; THEREBY discarding the rights, freedoms, and foundations of liberty: and asserting punishments, which include jail for any person NOT willing to accept “your decision”. IS A CRIME against the state or nation itself. We have passed by, “your assumed gate of hell; the reality of which failed the test of evidence: by its own truth”; not the decisions you have made. WE the people, require our own decision now. Finding the need is real: WE THE PEOPLE, require a law, THAT WE CHOOSE, BY our vote; to govern these decisions for ourselves. The very foundation of democracy itself is: LET THERE BE NO ONE, WHO HAS THE AUTHORITY, to do what you have already done. That is open REBELLION, and it lurks of the putrid smell that is, “we should be kings”. 

Simplicity will prove: survival forces those who shout WE CAN’T live by these rules/ while extreme righteousness SCREAMS, “you WILL” live by these rules; because our lives are threatened, and we won’t share more. FEAR US, because, we control “government”. So the police become an enemy to those who cannot/ by becoming an army for those who say you will. With little choice, those who believe they cannot survive then SCREAM: fear our weapons: death is on your doorstep; and the horror of , “a Biblical Apocalypse” begins.

Did I forget to mention: the universities have a perfect solution, for this situation. YOU never need to come back to work, because they made robots to replace you; after all they don’t spread disease: and the diploma gets more power, pride, and money; it will be great. Well sure you get to have “bread crumbs”; but after awhile that will go away too. “its ok”; because they are the superior ones, and deserve more than you.  Don’t worry, if you can be held back long enough: business and industry will have no other choice. “its all good”.

Well, that is of course after the healthcare industry, whose entire job has always been to “work with disease” gets a big raise in their pay, because the fear mongers say so. Cause after all, they deserve everything they can get: at last count they only get 5 trillion dollars a year; which is literally: $50,000.00 from each of every single taxpayer; of one hundred million people, here in America.

Don’t worry”; after all that 3.4 trillion dollar bailout ($34,000.00 per each, and every; of one hundred million people), plus more; can’t all go to just the universities to do whatever they want; some of it is certain to pay for those robots, probably for free; after its declared that was necessary “due to covid 19”.  Oh wait: the universities get paid for robots too; so they need the jobs: I guess they have to do it, after all, children need to play too, and our sandbox is crowded now: “we don’t want, them in it”. [hidden prejudice].

The greatest curse of humanity is RIGHTEOUSNESS; because with “I am RIGHT; comes the inevitable demand for power, pride, and then want becomes the BELIEF, I cannot be wrong: therefore I am god, when compared to you. And that, gives me the right to enforce tyranny; and kill any life, I choose. As to all leadership: NOT A DAMN ONE, was elected to play or be god over the rest of us. Not one, democracy is specifically designed to remove that; and it has failed us all. Because NOBODY is god, and the university expert: fails life, nearly every time! People die everyday/ babies are born everyday: the end result of it is VERY MANY babies are born than people who die; and that means this earth itself, and all the nature, water, etc that keeps us all alive IS NOW DYING from human over-population. SO, SOMEBODY does have to die, or not be born: our world will die. “Crocodile tears” are not enough; reality exists. All hail the university diploma leadership, “they newly discovered, people die”; cause the rest of us, didn’t know. “aren’t they SO smart”? Ask them: HOW MANY people would now be here; without disease, etc; ask yourself as well? And ask reality: WHAT would you eat, drink, or live with as truth, by a reality that has no sympathy; for a single life! DEATH LITERALLY, keeps the rest of us alive! Whether you like it or not; that is true. 

And the universities scream: “we are gods/ we have a diploma (to prove we memorized what we were told to believe)”. We will save everyone, by mutilating nature itself, as is constant around this world. We know everything; and their cult followers scream: WE BELIEVE. Yet reality proves: mutilating NATURE, IS WHAT YOU SHOULD FEAR. Playing with the same energy source as the SUN, is what you should FEAR; because these “gods & experts”; are gambling with every living thing on this planet, and even more: FOREVER. And their fantasies have already been proven to be completely without merit or value: PURE THREAT OF EXTINCTION, released voluntarily to destroy an entire living planet. BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THEY CAN BE “gods”. When they cannot even take a breathe, without everything they are trying to destroy. AS IS FEAR THIS, the outright decision to ignite a ten million degree fire, that literally burns the bond holding an atom together: making atoms the fuel source; not just “a disease”, without clear threat; but death of a world. THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; the death of YOUR world; if they are not “absolutely perfect and correct in their expertise” of which they literally proven: to have NONE.   Abundant energy: Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times as much as nuclear fission reactions (at equal mass).  More simply understood:  a candle flame is about one inch high.  instantly becomes 4,000,000 times more is four million inches high. Divided by 5480 feet the distance in a mile times 12 inches per foot =63,360 inches. 63,360 inches per mile divided into 4,000,000 inches= a candle flame that is suddenly, 63.13 miles high. There are no second chances!  Who does not understand: an instantaneous expansion by 4 million times more, IS AN EXPLOSION; even greater than the atomic bomb? 

Your leaders: are then SATAN’S helpers, whose only real purpose is to deny you access to understanding or assembly; while they finish the last tiny elements of KILLING THIS ENTIRE PLANET. BECAUSE you might decide you can think for yourselves; instead of just believe (which is, the end of a cult)! While you sleep in their cult induced trance. HIDE/ HIDE/ HIDE; fear everything; another human is DEATH. While in reality behind those doors who design this failure; are your “gods & experts”, preparing HORRORS you cannot even imagine. Because they KNOW everything; “cause they are gods”; and don’t you forget it, or they put you in jail. By corrupting and destroying the very democracy intended to protect: THE NATURE AND ENERGY which keeps us all alive. The democracy, that you and all the rest of us need: from people playing god, with our lives. FEAR WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU, about UNIVERSITY: because that is where the true threat lives.

oh wait: superman is going to save you, or the chaos coming from genetic mutilation of nature, or releasing an atomic fire just like the sun; HELL the options are practically endless”. All due to the greatest religious cult ever conceived: as is “Universities know”/ even though fantasy rules their lives. NOW DON’T YOU DARE, question anything they say; that would be blasphemy. A true cult follower CANNOT question any belief/ as that is the purpose of a cult: “we don’t need to know nothing”. We just believe, because that makes us “children of this god (the ones whose reality of work, is to end life on earth)”. Oops, what does that make you? Oh well; as always you will just change direction; and blame every bad decision on your CREATOR ; as human history has always done/ just before they face certain catastrophe; or just after, as the case may be. Alas: things like destroying nature itself, cannot be undone/ things like igniting atoms on fire, cannot be undone/ things like destroying all life in the sea, ending resources, poisoning the water; and all the rest your “superman” does every single day. Surely cannot have consequences; after all, “they got this far on just lies and delusions, and counterfeiting money.” TAKE A GOOD LOOK, at the price of your beliefs; and the cost of “university leads” in this covid 19 delusion of fantasies. You lost your job/ your money/ your future/ your economy/ and soon your nation as civil war breaks out; to end life on earth. But DON’T WORRY, as cult members, “you have no brain”. Alas you don’t care: because every cult worshiper knows, “you can’t be in the mob, with rules to make the rest obey or pay/ if the herd throws you out”. After all, you cannot even assemble together to test ideas or understanding; cause its not allowed. Now ain’t that right?

5/8/2020  In the course of threats, that can make our world, and all its life extinct: there really is only one question that needs to be answered. IS the university diploma perfect/ or can they be wrong? Because reality proves: wrong with igniting atoms on fire cannot be taken back/ wrong with mutilating all of biology, cannot be taken back/ wrong with resources, or water losses, or oxygen reduction, or extinction, or ocean life massacre, global warming, habitat losses, over population of humanity; and all the rest: SIMPLY CANNOT BE UNDONE, past the point of no return. If the universities were perfect, we would not be facing our own extinction; yet the believers, as is true of all religions; will not accept truth or evidence, or reality. That is the end result of my work: the reality of wrong, doesn’t care what you believe; because truth alone will decide. No second chances, means YOU must be perfect as well, in your own decision: as our world, fights for its future/ or lays down to die, because you just didn’t care. My only demand of you has been: LET THE INVESTIGATION PROVE WHAT IS TRUE. Your only response has been: we won’t care/ the universities are god.   Therefore: We leave you to your future.

Just so its clear; the cost of university is, “they made you all into human animals”/ nothing more or less, stealing from your hearts all that the miracle of life is; with nothing more than stories, fantasies, and a little medical hope. Reality proves you are religious zealots, in absolute worship of your “University gods”. And have no respect for truth, reality, consequences of being wrong, or any aspect of evidence that is critical to the survival of life, planet, and even not changing the solar system itself; as is true evidence of “Satan: an arrogance so extreme; it is, the destroyer of a world”. Zealots cannot hear/ animals cannot be more than want/ people without a heart fail to share or care: proving “we (the spiritual and physical presence of life) have no further need to work, teach, or fight for you”.

In the state of IL today; the criminal offense of discarding constitutional law takes effect: the claim of protecting life does not exist, without clear proof of a pandemic. THE EVIDENCE OF : Currently 1 in about 4800 residents die from this covid 19, to 5/1/2020/ most among them the old and sickly. Nationwide its said to be about 1-6500; with roughly 80% either in nursing homes or with underlying medical conditions. That does not constitute a pandemic/ nor does it vacate the legal demand of this democracy to adhere to the laws we created.

Pandemics are determined by how many healthy “below old age” people are dying; nothing less. Because these make society work or fail: SO THEY have the right of choice. And all those particularly vulnerable have the right to take extra precautions they see fit to accept. Leaders playing god are NOT governing.

Their directive for life in this nation is defined by the preamble to the US constitution: we the people in order to form a more perfect union (we share the values, we rule ourselves), establish justice (our law rules not the employee), insure domestic tranquility (fair play, equal rights), provide for the common defense (together we stand, for life, planet, world, and nation), promote the general welfare (your job, your life is no greater than mine), and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (without freedom no happiness exists/ without values no future will exist/ without respect, there is no union to defend), do ordain and establish this constitution for the USA.” 

The right to earn a living, is protected; in the 4th amendment, “as is the right to be secure in …against unreasonable seizures”. The right to peacefully assemble is protected in the 1st amendment. “…private property as is a business..shall not be taken for public use (you must; you are not allowed) without just compensation”; in the fifth amendment. The religious (university is god), shall not violate democracy itself; a precept of the right to decide for ourselves. Involuntary servitude (we will make you), shall not exist; amendment 13. No state shall deprive any citizen of life, liberty, or property without due process; amendment 14. The right of the citizens to vote; shall not be denied or abridged (you stepped on our lives, not your right); amendment 15. the power to lay and collect taxes as is constructed in amendment 16: RELIES entirely upon our employees obeying their constitutional duties.

When confronted with realities, such as covid 19 IS NOT a pandemic/ even though they insisted it was: and changed our lives without a right. THE LIES will then erupt; as is the constant of what people do. The only clear understanding will be to compare the number of deaths in this population per year/ over time. The spike is the proof/ who dies (90% old age) does not matter; nature knows best. Instead of listening to their “one tiny detail”/ ask: how many made homeless, lost everything, starving, begging, or prostituting, suicide, crime upheaval, and more. Living is more than what happens to one life/ it is measured by what happens to all lives involved.

This situation is again like: the incandescent bulb”. Our employees destroyed access, believing they can’t be wrong; so say the experts. However in the northern locations; an incandescent merely electrically heats the home, with the free gift of light; throughout the heating season. In southern locations; it should not be sold; in unheated areas, it should not be used. “Experts” fail reality nearly every time; information and the right of choice have more value.

Don’t worry, out of the 3.4 trillion dollars (eleven thousand+ dollars per citizen, babies and all) in new debt created “just for you”/ to get back on your feet: alas its also, for the american taxpayer to pay; “for their own incentive program”/ that someone else decides. That is only $34,000.00 per each taxpayer of new debt per one hundred million of us/ and you get roughly $2,000.00 dollars of that for all the money they cost you. SOMEBODY ELSE, gets the $32,000.00 paid, but not collected: per each of 100,000,000 taxpayers. Added to the roughly 180 trillion dollar in total american debt; already established for America. I wander who, gets it (not me or you)/ cause I already know who got taken to bankruptcy? Even if counterfeiting assets, hides it in the bookkeeping records. HELL, nobody is going to pay/ except you; cause our government employees already told you in the past, “debts don’t matter”/ until they themselves, want to be paid. In which case they just add a couple more zero’s to American currency; and take all the resources, property, everything they want, to buy all toys and trophies we cannot afford. Every fantasy is funded, but not a single reality of life or living/ because they have sold you to extinction; so it won’t be needed. Not to worry though; cause foreign governments, trade for our real estate and jobs and resources and rights; so the few can play god. 

Even as bad as all the other endless threats formulated and enacted through “university knows religion”: the clear winner of FAILURE and FANTASY and TERRORISM and TRAITOR is the intent to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun. Their stories of how the sun works, are without any basis in reality. Their delusions about how they can ignite a ten million degree fire, with million mile long flames (just like the sun)/ AND NOT need to worry about what happens then: because according to them “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; is all they need. WRONG means the earth becomes a sun. and THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Ignition decides in one single instant, of what they claim will be a 4 million times more expansion of energy: will literally decide the future of all life, earth, and even this solar system itself. Because it will be a nuclear self sustaining fire, that burns atoms for fuel. They cannot prove me wrong/ and they certainly have not, nor can they prove themselves right. So the gamble is: “if fairy tale pigs can fly/ then we live”; but if not our whole world dies. That is literal, and true; and will soon be decided forever on this planet called earth: because that is what men, and their universities decided to do. STOP THEM/ PROVE, WHAT IS TRUE; or join their fate.

No one argues; fifty thousand have not died/ however the legal democratic authority to alter, control, manipulate, and change the lives of the other three hundred, twenty six millionm, nine hundred and fifty thousand residents: because nature is in charge, NEEDS to be REVIEWED/ AND SUBSTANTIATED BY PUBLIC VOTE. Not an employee! WE, are the owners here.

Truth and reality demand: In America, “if one million people died in this year from a disease”/ that would be one in every 327 humans in America: and the earth would barely notice. In America; at the constant 3% growth rate over the twentieth century: that would leave; about 8 million more babies to be fed this year than people dying. If a million people died from this disease over the planet: that would be one in every 8,000 people. And it would not even touch the roughly 240,000,000 babies being born in this year; all wanting to be fed/ needing water/ resources, etc. Which proves life is telling you, either people die: or decisions are made and enforced: NO BIRTHS as is necessary for zero population growth or less. REQUIRED for keeping this entire planet alive. Or your fantasies, and university failures; finish the job of making ALL life on earth extinct. YOUR REALITY IS, that you will accept your true need to feed the ocean life with food or it will die and leave you at world war, because then you starve. WHICH MEANS: you must use dead human bodies for that ocean life food source, as you have nothing else to spare. A dead body, has no life left in it: therefore it does not matter.

And humanity all shout: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE DON’T WANT NOTHING, you have said; even though it is truth, and the consequences end life and planet called earth. But alas the herd of humans cannot think; because they are true believers in: the universities are god. Already proven wrong, but cult worshipers have no brain; as is true of all religious zealots. Even so, reality does not care; it is, what it is. The march into extinction is nearly complete; as the cost of finding human compliance with that reality, does not exist. A pandemic exists: when one percent of the population, has died or become infected in a disabling way, for more than two days; in the period of a year. That would require 3.27 million people in America today; in need of true physical, medical assistance or burial. 

LIFE SAFETY, “is the magic word” by which nobody gets to argue or change the directive of a tiny few tyrants: IT IS THEIR WEAPON OF CHOICE, to incarcerate America; into its own prison. The curse of fools, believes they own your soul; because they studied you/ surveyed you/ tempted you/ threatened you/ took control over your illegal courts/ and banished democracy from politics by counterfeiting our money, controlling media, and using marketing techniques to hide the truth from reality. Because they believe you are too stupid, to stop them from controlling the world. Or more correctly “hitler, and his nazi’s”; hiding in the bushes, and pulling your strings.

Think not: then consider this, more than one million university educated people have now been educated in how to create a disease; by constantly attacking DNA (the blueprint of nature itself) in an effort to make it break apart; and establish how they can then put it back together; so they can be gods over life. Add in poisons, of all kinds that alter DNA; and the “common let’s all mutilate DNA” so we can change biology through evolution chaos; add in money, power, and pride: and you get a vile group out of every million people who learn how to make you cry. Don’t worry, genetic chaos (which literally means to reduce all complexity into its most simple form) isn’t just for people, “plants, animals, insects, food sources; and the entire world of biology can be included too”. HELL, what could possibly go wrong. Never fear, “your saviors in the universities around this world, are here”.

Don’t worry, they just want to be gods; and create an entirely different world, by destroying this one: with insect men, and fish women, and reptile cows, and flying zebras and “whatever gods want to do”. After all, nothing is more worthless; than something without their name on it; their claim to be superior to you. You don’t mind; after all, you are worthless; you aren’t allowed an opinion.  A tiny few, have a brain; but not many!

Don’t worry; after all, media hasn’t told you what you think yet; “and its a brave new world” that allows their entire biology of a planet; be transformed, by those who worship CHAOS. Soon, with “CRISPR” NOW; Armageddon (which literally means nature in chaos) will be complete. After all, those who can’t do always destroy; its the human way, and you participate with every dollar you give to medical research or universities or government, etc.

Currently 1 in about 4800 residents die from this covid 19/ most among them the old and sickly. Nationwide its 327 million people divided by 50,000 deaths IS about 1- per every 6500 people; with roughly 80% either old, in nursing homes, or with underlying medical conditions.  That does not constitute a pandemic/ nor does it vacate the legal demand of this democracy to adhere to the laws we created. And the cult of university shouts “fear/ fear/ fear/ hide/ hide/ hide/ run away/ run away/ run away in panic; as we your saviors & gods are the hero’s who now take control, because “we have too”: society is sacred. Too scared to make their own decisions.

WHY: because the “people yelling FIRE”;  get money (trillions, for you to pay/ even if you don’t, they will spend it anyway; by “cooking the books”), pride (saviors, nobody is allowed to question or confront they OWN our lives, by their opinion), power (enough to throw you out of your job/ potentially your house/ decide everything for you; and change government here, forever). And nobody tells them NO, because a believer cannot challenge “his university gods”/ AS THEY MUTILATE ALL OF NATURE ITSELF, as is the foundation of it, called DNA. As is, trying to ignite the same fire here, as on the sun; and more!

Since business and everything else has been devastated. SO BEG US, OR STARVE, AND BE HOMELESS. So again we, the leaders; have to be “your saviors”/ and create MUCH MORE debt for you to pay;  giving to whomever we wish; whatever we want: in the name of this USA, OR STATE. the current 3.4 trillion equals $34,000.00 of new debt per each and every: of one hundred million taxpayers.

  • Hospitalization rates for COVID-19 in adults (18-64 years) are higher than hospitalization rates for influenza at comparable time points* during the past 5 influenza seasons.

  • For people 65 years and older, current COVID-19 hospitalization rates are similar to those observed during comparable time points* during recent high severity influenza seasons.

  • For children (0-17 years), COVID-19 hospitalization rates are much lower than influenza hospitalization rates during recent influenza seasons.

    The overall cumulative COVID-19 associated hospitalization rate (all people combined) is 40.4 per 100,000.  With the highest rates in people 65 years and older (131.6 per 100,000) and 50-64 years (63.7 per 100,000).  CDC  found slightly down page.

    Don’t worry, its just mutilation, of life and child and plant and world forever/ ending in absolute HORROR. But hey, “you’re brave, (the brain washing: MEMORIZE and BELIEVE worked)”/ as all good UNIVERSITY cult worshipers should be. Just a little longer, and the world will be dead: then, you can PANIC.

As is: NO unreasonable searches or seizures(pay attention to the fatalities by sex chart) /(which are being done in abundance: jobs, business, public education, etc/ to the detriment of society). There shall be NO “soldier quartered in any house”: the demand that a face mask shall be worn by every citizen: is at its core essence, “an enforcer formed from and by, the government official/ to take over, and control the house that is my body”. Without significant cause. NO citizen shall be compelled, to do what they would not otherwise do…nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Abridging the freedom, The legal right to peacefully assemble; “shall not be abridged or denied; first amendment law”: both a fundamental of free democratic government & liberty. That cannot be reshaped by our employees. Public Trial and participation must exist; before any confiscation of individual freedoms or rights can be imposed for temporary purposes; by our own public vote. NO CHANGE in constitutional law can erupt, without the ratification of states by vote. While freedom of religion is allowed as an individual right/ it is NOT allowed to rule us as a nation: first amendment. The cult worship of “universities cannot be questioned” regardless of their claims (proven in court, by James Frank Osterbur): IS THAT “religious” INFRINGEMENT upon our democracy. Our employees DO NOT attain the right: to change our constitution/ our government: simply by accepting a job. Amendment 5 “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, (includes jobs, business, the means of sustaining an income)…against unreasonable searches or seizures shall not be violated; putting their lives in jeopardy. DUE PROCESS is required/ as is just compensation. You cannot force servitude, and slavery (we are forced) over the many, for the sake of a few.  a quadrillion dollars divided by 333 million us citizens equals= $3,003,003.00  divided by 8 billion (world population) people= $125,000.00 each

Don’t worry, after all: when your skin begins to die, and your organs are no longer attached, causing the body to fall down, and your mouth fails to work, or your eyes grow three times to large, or your muscles fight against you; and you either become “a zombie”, or completely insane. You can still look forward to the deterioration of life itself into sewage, sludge, or slime. Not to worry, those few intact enough to witness it till extinction; will know, “their terrors” have only just begun. But wait; mercy might save you: because those trying to ignite a nuclear fire (atoms burning), are very likely to succeed now; one day soon! BRINGING THE SAME FIRE HERE, AS IS ON THE SUN! But don’t worry, if not for them, then overpopulation, and weapons of mass destruction, and resource loss, and ocean life massacred, and more are all waiting “for you”. It will be great; “cause the universities are god, and they worship chaos”; so they made it happen, to prove how superior they are. HOW ARROGANT, YOU let them become; worshiping them as gods/ or just sitting on your ass, shouting: “we won’t care”. 

Reality starts here: BEFORE any person assumes the right to invade the lives and liberties of all the rest/ discarding democracy itself: THEY MUST PROVE, “this war/ this assertion of purpose, & probable cause; requires due process”. A pandemic that is no pandemic: is akin to yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater; to watch the people panic, and do each other harm; or cause death. There are criminal charges associated with that: and the very people yelling FIRE, are those collecting over a trillion dollars, and the power to do whatever they please/ while the people demanding obedience; are claiming to be HERO’S.

The right to be informed is paramount to justice/ the right to bring witnesses: to verify and contend with the evidence: with regard to any confiscation of rights or realities that can do us harm, or impinges our own freedoms: is law. US constitutional amendment article 7 demands that legal right, shall be appliedeach dollar here; represents one billion dollars.

There is no claim of “public health” NO, compulsory process/ UNLESS, reality defines it as true, and significant enough for the people to accept the price. Every disease takes lives, that is its purpose/ as is dying of old age or sickness, to make room for the children: whether you like it, or not. To make the public fear a disease that takes less lives than the flu, or food poisoning, or murders or other: is tyranny bordering on terrorism. PROVE what is true: and let the people vote/ as is democracy in action, unless the threat is absolutely clear and immediate. These are “cruel and unusual punishments”/ as you have denied law and equity; demanding slavery or involuntary servitude, to a public official, or group; suggesting a crime if we the people do not comply. A reality far beyond the limits of your jobs or rights as our employee! A usurpation of our basic values as we the people; without our proven consent; determined by democracy rules here/ NOT you, our employee. what is invested is many times: NOT real money.  

The basis and foundation of government is: that no man nor set of men shall have the right to play “the almighty king”. The enjoyment of life and liberty shall not be infringed/ nor the right to work impeded, for less than justice. The common benefit, security, and protection of the people: is determined by their own vote: we DO have rights. The evidence MUST prove a true pandemic/ and society must agree: or, there is an insurgency against us, for the clear purpose of doing our nation, and our society, and ourselves harm. The universities are not god, as is proven by countless medical and pharmaceutical lawsuits. Endless TV advertised side effects; proving their cure is or can easily be: WORSE than the disease or trouble. TRUE THREATS, against our world HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED, and proven by the evidence, on this site and more. Making this claim of pandemic, nothing more than a grab for power against us all.  “fake money is everywhere”.

We the people are being sacrificed; so the few can play god, with extreme arrogance; and pretend they know it all: without proving truth. Our inalienable right is: WE ARE equal/ we are the government through our constitution; which you swore to obey. The principle here is: you have instituted despotism by claiming “to save a life”/ when in fact the vast majority of lives and property have been damaged; because you are only proving tyranny. Which is the constant of rebellion, an attack on our soil; by employees, who believe they are so superior, as to be “the nobility”. History knows them well.  Derivatives are not real world assets/ but are derived from the cost of borrowing money. When the money is not real/ neither is the derivative.

Don’t worry; this is america, where we live in a sea of university fantasy (we can have anything we want; without consequences for us), the plague of university arrogance, and failure; the disease of university theft, and cheating; the insurgency of university is god and deserves to rule this nation, and this world with revenge. By sending all these things around the world. And all you have to do, as human animals, IS BE “A HERD”. Believing in “if we all think the same, and we all act the same, and we all demand everyone else must be the same; as our leaders demand”/ then fear won’t overtake us, and the predators will stay away. Alas, the religious cult of university is god; leads, and reality did not stay away, leaving only horrors are left. And humanity shouts: “they are gods”/ they did what we wanted them to do! But lets review: the few, did in fact recognize “plants need to be fed”. The few did recognize: breeding does matter to the outcome. The few did recognize, machines have potential. The few did recognize antibiotics can be made out of things our body can tolerate. The few did recognize, weapons can have massive impacts, and hate will pay. The few did recognize; if media can be used to distract the public/ then the few can take control over everything. The few did recognize; we can build our armies, by counterfeiting currency. The few did recognize, people are lazy; and they will believe anything they conceive as: “THIS will give me what I want”.

Alas, they then wanted to be gods; and began lying/ cheating/ stealing/ and whatever it took to gain power, pride, and anything they wanted. Not gods, mostly just greedy and selfish; and as history knows; constantly trying to enslave the rest, by training students to be “a religious cult”/ DON’T think, simply memorize, believe, and never question what you are told. By one means or another; no matter how insane it could be: OR, you don’t get the diploma of a religious zealot/ and we reject your offer to work. Proving now you are indebted forever. “mission accomplished”.

The freedom of the press: means to inform & to educate by the evidence, and nothing else; it is elementally the need “for fair play”/ in all communication. It is not a license to religiously accept the university is god; NOT a license to decide for us/ NOT a license to believe you are making the right choices for us/ NOT a license to make us fear/ NOT a beginning or an ending for society as we built it to be for ourselves; rather your job is to aid in the construction of truth; and that begins with the greater value of “all of us”/ rather than just a few of us shall be protected. Delusions, assumptions, and saving a few by sacrificing all the rest, are decisions made by cults: nature knows best. The curse of media is: they believe they are superior to all the rest as well; playing god with society, by manipulating/ tempting/ controlling/ corrupting/ and distributing “their version” of who we ought to be. For the singular purpose of to throw away our government/ our rights/ our ways; and substitute their own. A reality of substance, as is seen in their work: of violence, a gun is the answer/ endless fantasies and delusions/ disrespect of all life and work, but their own/ ridicule of every existence but “University”/ and a blind subservience to the cult which stole all our money, and wrecked the very foundations of this nation: a defined by, “university diploma”.

The warning is this: as we all know, when forced into a corner and surrounded by enemies with weapons we do not have/ the end result of that will not be in our favor. The end result of this covid 19 progression into social and economic collapse: will cause this society to believe their guns are the answer. Take another look at Syria/ Iraq/ Afghanistan/ and more: to learn the reality of what that choice will mean. YOUR housing gone/ YOUR food supply ended/ YOUR WATER supplies broken/ and YOUR chance to live a decent and peaceful life forever gone; particularly because this earth no longer has the resources for you to rebuild/ what your enemies want you to destroy.

That means: the war (they will kill you if they can) must turn in a different direction, and the weapons to be used/ NOT a gun, etc. When the leadership, takes away your job, your options, remove the basic realities of your society, and reduce you to survival by begging; by making you fear/ it is a war. Return to life, means democracy must rule now. Democracy means: WE THE PEOPLE will rule from this moment forward/ by our own vote, and our own laws, to govern and determine the future by ourselves. Refusing to let “a vote for someone else, to then vote for me”; by accomplishing that vote as an individual in this society determined to rule ourselves, by one citizen vote, in our own election; one law, at a time. To remove this plague of fools, failures, tyrants, and traitors: we begin with: if the leadership has removed me from my job/ THEN the leadership has removed from the landlord, the banks, property taxation, the medical profession, and all the rest their opportunity to collect as well: until this veil of corruption has been lifted for an appropriate amount of time. Those debts for that period, are canceled; and cannot be collected later/ just as the salaries you stole, without a right have been lost. This turns the tide back into the lap of the rich; whose only purpose is a trophy. Which means: this plague of fear works for them, as they sit like vultures waiting to collect your life work, for a penny; as your economic stability fails.

When the government employees shutdown the workers, and all independent business; claiming for the public good. THEN EVERYBODY SHARES the burden, which includes the wealthy, the universities, medical facilities, school districts, and so on. Nobody collects from those who aren’t, but only those still working will be compensated accordingly. Because anything less: is in fact tyranny, YOU took my income/ but left them, to charge me anyway. All executive power: IS FOR EQUAL, AND SAME to all sectors of society.

Democracy does mean: we the people legally own, & have the right by vote; to decide: the final say of who we are, and what will be done with our lives, our nation, our economy, and our world.

LAW AND DEMOCRACY are the tools that confront weapons; with reality. WE THE PEOPLE are the military, policing, resource makers, and every aspect of society that works; making us the most powerful people in this nation; because we make it move/ or we make it stop; as any true resource will do. Therefore the question of what is fair and justified, cannot be found in a gun/ but it can be found with a democracy. Media has been used to infect and isolate the nation into fears; with all manner of temptation and manipulation presented by “university knows”; as they have been studying you in all ways, simply for control over you.  To reverse this intent and purpose for university over democracy; the value of our lives must accept, we the people SHALL in fact depend upon our constitution which is our government/ NOT AN EMPLOYEE, but the constitution itself is our government, and the first amendment redress of grievances is the law: which gives the people their right to demand. WE WILL take any traitor assumed, into court; and define for ourselves whether their work, their laws, their intent was within the concepts and purposes of our democracy as written by constitutional intent and directive; and further assigned and established through the declaration of independence and Virginia bill of rights.  BY REMOVING the stench of university knows better/ the reality of being human returns as the rights we require, to keep the traitor, the failure, the fool, the terrorists, the enemy, and the whore away from life. By legally separating them with redress of grievances. ANY OTHER METHOD, ends with complete destruction of America/ and then if anything is left, a completed genocide as the rest of this world comes to take your land. YOU, have become “the american Indian (their weapons are stronger)”; you just don’t know it yet. To defeat them and turn back the tide of horrors coming “from your guns, and their manipulation”: democracy stands as a weapon to take back this nation and reform its purpose without the threat of numbers; by justice; and as life/ rather than death. It is a choice. But make NO MISTAKE; you do stand at the door of hungry, homeless, enslaved, because all your options have been taken away.   The rich will confiscate everything; because they do have endless counterfeit numbers, and control over everything; do to “the university elite did this”. Which means they need not give you anything, and that turns society to the gun, fire, and more; as reality proves: YOU FAILED YOURSELVES. While society yells, WE HAD NO CHOICE. The choice is democracy, and the organizing of that is by truth. Every number is a promise of work/ NOT a resource. Which means you can revoke their numbers and control this bankruptcy as a nation which now decides what will be our future.    LIMITED CAPITALISM is the method to remove an enemy; and return to democracy first. Because by our vote: we change this nation/ and we even influence the possibility of changing this world. Because democracy is a powerful tool: when we create the laws we then live by, for ourselves. ONE VOTE, PER CITIZEN DECIDES. Not a politician/ the law we write, for ourselves: within constitutional intent! Do not believe you can do better/ believe with a clear and certain truth acknowledged by society: we will shape a life to come, that is our own choices, as a nation and world.

The elemental truth of our reality includes, as history proves it always has: that any form of extreme competition will divide all groups by their “uniform (your face/ your color/ your wardrobe)”. Because when there is simply not enough for us all/ hate will form, and realities of law will break down; and what is frivolous fantasies will fall. Immigration tops the list when confronted by too few resources, and too few opportunities. So the critical question will be: TRUTH ALONE SURVIVES, by sharing the load/ when reality proves the best we can do, is in fact being done. You have endless real decisions to make: because your gods at “university knows”/ sold you to hell, so they could have MORE.

Download this site, or copy and paste it into your own computer writing program: so it cannot be taken away.

Are they not trying to prove to you: they are your only hope/ nature is your enemy? Indeed they are/ because the curse of university knows is; they want your fear (so you never question them)/ they want your soul (to own your life, as hate constantly tries). CHOOSE, “nature or university”as they are enemies to each other. NATURE gives you life, and universities “lack of a brain”, threaten to take this entire world away. SO THEY NEED YOU TO FEAR, lest they fail to destroy our world, by your intervention.

THINK NOT? Well they  (all university led leadership, with full media knowledge) chose to inflate your currency into complete delusion, and they sold you into debts that absolutely cannot be paid: both proven facts [summary table L.5 page 11, this pdf file; last available June 2015]! To buy their toys, and play with their trinkets, and demand homage to their trophies; none of which pay back to this earth or life, one single penny worth of real life value.

By the element of taxation, it is proven true: that in democracy we the people own the legal right to decide “who really does own our soil, resources, and more”. Taxation is NOT for the rich or the employees of our government: it is the identity, that we own this portion of the world, and we the people being the owners of this nation shall then decide WHAT IS FAIR, and consistent with honest and true capitalism. As is: YOU cannot claim it all; WE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS, AND THE AUTHORITY OF OUR DEMOCRACY. And we ARE the military; and your courtrooms for the rich, are not enough to hold us all back. By no means is that the right to take what does not belong to you: but it is the right to LIMIT capitalism to fair and deliberately: our choice for life and nation shall rule, by constitutional intent; as is all people are inherently “free and equal”.

FAILURE MEANS; that you took your life, and you took your opportunities, and you threw them away for lies/ fantasies/ or fear, that was not properly founded; such as is the claim of covid 19. The university mind of leadership, is as an arrogant disrespectful child; who has no claim to reality, because they live in a world without consequences, in their mind. The devastation caused by proclaiming a pandemic that is no pandemic: can end in our extinction, as the fears of humanity turn into the needs of humanity, and society becomes a civil war, that expands into a world. All because you believed, in fools. 

3.4 trillion dollars, which will not be enough to stop the landslide: is equal too $34,000.00 of new debt/ per each and everyone of one hundred million people; and only workers pay; and that is debt without taxation added in; another 50% plus: after you add all the tax together. Making this bailout: YOUR $70,000.00 debt, so far; for their demand “TO PANIC”!  just, for federal governing expense.

Taking every threat of extinction into a public, world courtroom: is the only way, to remove the theory, assumptions, belief’s, idiocy, greed, failure, power, and more from reality. NOT because the courtroom works for us, as it does not: they protect the powerful, and the powerful DON’T want change unless it benefits them. HOWEVER, the law is a reality that serves those who defend it: the law serves humanity and life, and it is the ONLY WAY TO SAVE THIS PLANET! Which means, even the slightest evidence of courage; where people are not allowed to hide, or run away from the evidence: is the only chance we have. A thread of truth, can turn into a reality of evidence supported by true undeniable decisions: to establish honest foundations we must have, for life and earth.       Or more distinctly: the real courtroom means, LET THE VERDICT BE, WHAT THE VERDICT WILL BE; BY A VOTE AMONG ALL THE PEOPLE. SO THAT NONE OF “politics, religion, theory, assertions, assumptions, university or any other aspect of denial: can take away the decision WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WHOLE EARTH have made. OUR CHOICE/ OUR DECISION/ OUR WORLD/ OUR FUTURE/ no more politics, no more “university knows”, no more media influence, either life or death by our own choice as a world of humanity, that knows the cost of being WRONG. That begins, “with a seed” that will then grow, because we did care as a world. WHO among you, cannot plant a seed? The most powerful words ever written: give power to the people, to rule their own lives/ to choose their own fate or destiny, by individual choice. The most powerful moment in history: are the days LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR PLANET, cannot be avoided anymore. That is now, because past the point of no return: you have no say, no rights, no mercy, and no life or future to live!

The greatest treachery ever devised: More simply understood:a candle flame is about one inch high. According to university calculations: instantly becomes 4,000,000 times  MORE, once ignition is achieved      

HOW IS THAT NOT A BOMB: WHAT ABOUT THE RADIATION? {In terms of sheer scale, the energy potential of the fusion reaction is superior to all other energy sources that we know on Earth. Fusing atoms together in a controlled way releases nearly four million times more energy than a chemical reaction such as the burning of coal, oil or gas and four times more than nuclear fission. }  their words not mine. 

There is no such thing as fusion (combining hydrogen into helium). IF that were true, the sun would produce massive amounts of helium. HELIUM is one of the rarest elements known. 

THIS DEMAND IS; LET THE UNIVERSITIES PROVE, WHAT THEY SAY IS TRUE; by the evidence and nothing less: WE DECIDE YES OR NO. LET THIS WORLD KNOW: if that is enough, by our own choice: to risk our world!    Because  IF, THEY ARE WRONG: THEN THEY KILL US ALL.  Nothing represents that so literally as: experimental  “fusion: let’s play with the sun, here on earth”. 

 Go ahead ask them:   WHY!     Ask them: just how big a flame would fifty million watts  their stated plant input;  of electrical energy times 4,000,000 be?     

Ask them, if this is the same energy source as the sun, and the sun produces 10 million degrees of heat F:   then just how big, would the “plasma ball” that releases all the 4 million times more heat;   that would be produced, in their own words? 

Ask them, with all the fuel (which are atoms) and all the plasma; these reactions could possibly release/ EXACTLY HOW is the atomic flame they produce, going to extinguish itself?  

Reality states:  that the biological body “lives and breathes” because of very tiny passages within the cellular structures that keep it alive. Nano means: “easily able to plug all these passages up”. Causing the structure of life to die, or age rapidly.

you should be aware, they no longer try to fuse atoms together; but focus on igniting plasma instead. Their assertion of a fantasy “graviton” element that makes the sun work; is literally absurd, and holds no reality at all; pure fiction. Their element is in size comparison:  equal to a basketball, whereas lead would be a marble size. “see the problem?= can’t be held together”.

EVEN A TINY BIT WRONG, MEANS THIS EARTH WILL DIE, BY FIRE; just like on the sun!  Are you willing to accept this price:  NO SECOND CHANCE, period. Ignition is the decision of life or death for our world.  Ignition: is a radiation released, that will cause your body to explode

For forty years, humanity with one voice said: ABSOLUTELY NOT, we won’t care about anything “but me, as is greed and selfishness”. Today, even you can see the evidence of a world that is heading into extinction; because of overpopulation/ weapons of mass destruction/ extreme experimentation with life and planet/ ocean devastation/ water crisis/ catastrophic resource loss/ pollution and poisoning/ genetic mutilation/ counterfeiting, traitors, and terrorism; and many more.    All due to you didn’t care, about anything “except you”. The children are dead; unless true change comes now! A reality neither you, nor they will escape; unless truth leads to life. Your truth has led you to death; change or die. Every chain of life, which means, the survival of this world; is under attack, and will soon be extinct: YOU, will follow. Let truth decide/ not your want, lies, or university fantasies. 

To belong to life, means you must accept the conclusion called death; as there truly is no other method to receive eternity. It is not living that makes you feel alive, it is the essence of truth, that values the distance we achieve through understanding. Being alive is: the search for eternity, as it builds a purpose completed by desire, in the essence of love itself. Where there is love, there is truth/ where there is truth, eternity will follow. Death is the destruction of want; so that reality can prove the life chosen, in you. Love is, the elemental choice: my desire lives, because of you.

The critical truth of this day is: that humanity desired want, more than life/ and stole its treasures from each and every child; by destroying their future: the consequence, “assassination/ by extinction”. Without resources, there is no future, “the child is dead”/ and the garbage mountains this time has created, passes judgment on you: “you didn’t care, about anything but you”. Your Truth is a destiny, created by the decisions you made/ or the reality of its consequences, as is fate.

I will remind you of this: passion is the intensity we share with life/ not body, mind, sex, or other elements of time. Instead the value we seek within ourselves as a participation beyond self, recognizes the truth: we/I have accepted that destiny does not exist “as only me”. Therefore critical to discovery of a path beyond time, is the distinction called “the power of peace”.    Where there is truth, there is the power to control direction. There is only one direction in harmony, “to aid and cherish life”. Chaos is the end of power/ although hatred believes chaos is power, because it takes away peace: “NOW, you are like me”. But without law, and justice; harmony will fail. Without peace and the power it represents to establish time and life for happiness, there is no future. Without a future, as is currently the description of this earth: there will be no life, the child is dead.  “If this is a man’s world; then extinction; as evidence will prove, again and again”/ stands at the door. The greatest distance you can get from those decisions; is to be what woman was intended to be. Let women try, it is their right “to save themselves; and if possible their children”. 

In contrast to that, science claims it will be your savior. But truth demands, their science crosses genetic boundaries/ mixes species distinction/ alters DNA, and in all ways produces the very experiments which endanger this world the most. The decision of biological science is in fact: the deliberate intent to cause genetic chaos, in NATURE!  An effort to identify something, “that will allow them to play god”; because they believe no consequences for us.    Pandemics, throughout history;  are nearly always caused by species boundaries crossed. “Science” does that, on purpose;  every single day, around this world. Alas, as believers you are not allowed to think! It is forbidden in every cult. “Don’t worry” those responsible for building every man-made poison/ every nuclear weapon, biological horror story; and nearly all the threats we face:  “will save you, with science”/ cause they believe; they are YOUR gods. What could go wrong?    After all, is not covid 19 the perfect disease; it has removed all supervision and restraint from genetic experimentation/ opening the door to any “medical experiment”; with a minimum of death, they now get it all. Just enough damage to get trillions of dollars in funding as well. Do you suppose they have something already waiting to prove:  “they are gods/ your saviors”; and wouldn’t that be “perfect”. Or as biblical prophecy goes: the door comes open to Armageddon (which literally means nature in chaos).    Science is: “focus on just one thing; discarding all the rest”/ while life is “understand ten thousand things must all work together to create, just one thing”. Do you see the difference? The same reality exists with a university education, “its all about me/ nothing is important but me”; or more distinctly, the mind of a child, which never grew up; and always wants to play.

Here’s a quick reality study for you: “you want, an artificial heart/ or the one nature provides; you want a stomach and intestine nature provides/ or a colostomy bag; you want blood/ you want lungs/ you want bones/ you want eyes/ you want a brain, and a billion more.    Well then the university provides you with nothing; except the certainty of extinction, by mutilating nature itself through genetics”. So what is your choice: the university is god, and their evolution which says “a damn germ built life”. OR do you accept reality, and respect the value of reality given to you; by nothing less than thought, energy, order, balance, discipline, courage, and love. As are the evidence proved of GOD by JESUS. Make up your mind, because death ends that choice. 

Or instead: just go ahead and believe your universities, and more; are not exactly like the Nazi concentration camps, and many others throughout history. The only difference in their experiments is: they crucify nature, and horrify all life “except human”. But alas, when nature dies; so will you! After all, you can believe anything you want, or not.  Don’t worry, “they will get to you too, as life becomes cheap”, and cannibalism takes control. 

If you had a brain: you would evaluate what “university and media” did to you (make them fear/ as every enemy does), with just this simple disease; less than flu/ murder & crime/ others. Destroying ten years of work for most; ending “easy times”/ & threatening with extinction, in so many ways. The cost: certain to bring, reality now. But don’t worry, “you have a billion guns”.

to read more, of treachery & life ending threats.


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Jim Osterbur


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