It is clear and functionally true: that the life between male and female MUST be defined and described for the purposes of love; by the desire for respect.

To accomplish this, it is essential to begin at the fundamentals that determine behavior: elementally, male is an elevation of push force/ while female is the elevation of pulling force. LIFE is a balance between these forces; humanity is a rise between these forces, that allows for time to decide who can/ and who will not “rise to the point of life beyond time”. Functionally, male and female must be joined to achieve the initial state of eternity. Therefore it is no small thing, to understand “romance, the rise of love; matters”.

My own life has become more complex than this; do to the spiritual elements involved. We need not discuss that further. Your ability to understand, is extremely limited.

Even so, there are elements and passages that align with my own experience or expression of “humanity” that will be displayed here; as a message of living translated.

I will deal with it later; as this does not define: the loss of our entire world. The cost of your apathy, arrogance, greed, lust, and selfishness.

Let us make this rise, to the conceptions of “life/ death; truth and reality”; instead of simply what you want/ as this suits me better.

Beyond time, are the three elemental truths that combine into one enormous power to control reality: they are “cold/ space/ and darkness”. It is functional and fundamental; that we must all face these threats are real, and will be encountered in the descent into death. So, what is critical becomes the truth of what can survive, and what cannot. Cold is a construction without energy or movement called motion. Space is a deliberate entity that defines the potential for order and denies chaos only by that order, because laws enforce that. Darkness is a construction which will only be defeated by thought, and its companion which is energy controlled.

We then begin with descent (life as time, taken away), as the first fundamental that must be controlled. WHAT can move without motion? If it is truly “cold enough”, energy can be stopped/ even though it still exists. WHAT is the law that governs existence? Answer: only truth can survive. WHY does thought exist, and HOW does it control energy; which can then be formed into “the journey of life”? These are fundamentals, that would destroy you with “university plays god”. They will NOT be given.

We then turn too the elevation of comprehension with cold: asking diligently, HOW is an enormous power, to take life away: defeated? The critical question is: HOW can we participate in energy without losing our own identity? The religious question is: where does mercy fit? The religious answer is: that not all can participate in power as energy revealed. The critical answer is: unless you have formed a truly pure level of identity shaped with the reality of truth/ you will not inherit the possibility of energy released by you. But with mercy (love is more important than purity), you will be able to retain enough energy to know happiness. The spiritual world exists: to prove who can proceed beyond the levels of humanity, into participation with GOD {the source of all life itself}? So the simple answer is: every miracle stems from GOD . which means if your heart is ready, and your truth and trust completed; even if you failed purity, the right to survive remains in you. Cold is a power source, and entering within that cavity to search; is life or death forever. The failure to be truly prepared has no mercy.

We then consider the identity or spiritual realm, that is a shared existence between time and eternity. The reality of truth, by which order (the law shall rule) and discipline (the desire for love) are altered into a composition for earning the destiny you did choose. Chaos destroys order, and defines it as the absence of all things complex; as is life. Order, identifies the laws, by their truth, which then determines by your own desire for love: if you can and will obey, or deny what must occur for you to survive into eternity as life. Failure here brings chaos; and with the refusal to clean that out, accepting only truth survives/ you die a second death, and are forever gone from this world. The desire for love makes you into a treasury of value to this universe: without life it becomes “lonely”/ therefore far less valued. But without love, life has no peace or desire to survive. LOVE IS the key to remaining as life; even in this universe. Because love is the desire for life.

The fundamentals that are male or female; share the distinction of what we need to know as life to remain alive/ or experience the essence of truly being alive: is divided into two. Which can then reshape itself, “as just one true desire” formed by caring. Without caring, the value of love fails; because you are not participating in each other’s life or living/ thereby failing each other. Without truth, you are destroying trust; a foundation requirement for survival in eternity. The removal of risk is limited; you must accept the elemental truth, of your own need to learn. Only a very tiny few, know what it means to be truly alive within each other; by a level of respect, without measure. To your shame; as it is available to all who seek it. Unfortunately, the failures of both male and female in all elevations of truth; limits the reality of what we can become: because boundaries are erected (you, or someone else; made me cry)/ and reality of accepting that vulnerable state, of life by happiness; can fail. The discipline of forming a union that will survive the spiritual world, is a foundation most require to survive; as very few prepare well individually. The foundation of order by laws that will govern if you can survive or be happy: is elevated with two, instead of one; as caring and sharing provide. The spiritual world will let you wait, for each other to arrive. But it will not decide who will or will not love each other. That is an elemental truth governed only by each of you. I do not know, if more than two can be joined to share an eternity as one; my life has been separate, as learning {a world in trouble} took precedence over time.

Time, is the creation of a battlefield; wherein the opposing forces of push and pull are identified by the laws which govern each response. Life is a balance between these forces that allows for the limited control of energy, rather than dormancy to be extended. It is a fundamental of existence, that cold forms the energy of this universe. It is a functioning reality; that space constructs existence, only when order, or chaos; has arrived. Chaos destroys to release energy/ order uses that energy to achieve the boundaries and limits called laws; which do govern all life and realities in a universe of time. It is the darkness, that surrounds, and hides/ just as it is light that reveals, and illuminates. The critical question is: what does the energy of life do, when time is not involved? Time is an action or reaction that establishes itself by movement or the potential to move. Death establishes itself by the lack of movement/ and ends the potential of movement in this reality. Even so, life (outside of body) is not a relationship to time; but a discipline associated with cold. The energy, beyond existence. As is evidenced by cold itself: whereas existence requires order, and time requires movement/ the energy that supports both relationships in the discovery and development of time; is not governed by either. So the question refers itself, into the elemental environment that is cold/ as applied to space/ and is conceived by their relationship to darkness. What can be hidden, and yet found? The answer is: “what surrounds, is a boundary or limit”.

So, the question is: WHAT can illuminate, by the elevation of light? Wherein light itself, becomes something entirely foreign to our existence as time? The question then becomes: WHERE does thought (the essence of light) originate, and establish both (life & time) control? Happiness conforms with the limits and boundaries, which do not encounter chaos: these are decisions which value peace and harmony. Therefore as male and female working together as one; the distinct decision is to be as love, and respect would help us each one, to be true; in our own construction of eternity. The critical question of being human is then: WHAT IS, your decision as love, abiding in truth?

That foundation corrects and controls what the future of life on earth can become/ because chaos surrounds you, and it will not be dismantled without truth and “light”.

We will examine hope, as the critical test to the direction of your heart. Hope is at its core, the elevation of love into another dimension beyond what we do have now. Therefore it is the ability to ascend into soul. The heart is: an exception to the rule, “that we can or should be measured and judged”. Therefore it is certain: if you either measure or judge/ then you have lost your heart; and surrendered it to playing god; a tragedy of your own making. If you have heart, then with love you shall find hope. If you have hope in love and life, by the essence of truth/ then you will find soul.

To elevate love into another dimension means: to aspire, and achieve, an experience beyond the limits of time, where the spiritual world does exist, as an expression bound into truth. Love lives, therefore it judges not. But time dies, and it measures all things based upon the distance you have gone. Life itself, resides in love; because only love provides the value needed to desire life and even eternity, when purity proves true.

The critical question of this time on earth is: WHERE, is your love and respect for this world? As both are sadly missing, and your heart is badly damaged or destroyed. Answer: the universities took both heart and respect away/ implanting instead, the cult worship of a “few magician tricks”; are enough to claim “they are god”. To the shame of all; the religious curse of university; has driven you and this world onto your knees/ as life itself has been forced into the balance between true change or extinction. It will be one or the other; as you have NO alternate choices left. Either way, “hate will have its day”. The only question is: can you find your brain; because the universities lost theirs, and they are death at the door.

Discipline states: that no such claim can go untested/ because it is life or death for a world; backed up as true, by the evidence which cannot be less than convincing. Reality however knows, and it is proven true: that the cult worshipers of universities are god/ will do absolutely anything to avoid the foundations of law, that examine evidence and prove truth. Because they already know: their claim to knowledge, will be torn apart/ their understanding of life, will be discarded/ and their assertion of “a big brain” to identify all things; will be trashed. But that is consistent with all religious cult worship/ and all religion throughout time. With a few tiny elevations of knowledge; they all claim to be gods; every single one. Because they are after all: “just human animals/ as they have claimed and proven themselves to be”. An animal, is in the end just an animal; even if you are glad to share your life with them/ the end result of it will be: eternity will separate, and divide.

So the critical choice then changes into: are you animal/ or will you be eternal?

The critical answer is: without love, respect, and truth; you cannot rise above animal; and will fail life, by want.

The critical reality of that choice is: love CANNOT let this world dissolve into chaos and extinction, “without your own personal fight” to save it from human disrespect and destruction. RESPECT is an acceptance of truth, and the realities provided by limits and boundaries that function to keep us all alive; NO reality of respect exists; when you do nothing to protect this planet/ when you allow mutilation to all of nature/ dissolve every resource into the sewage of your waste and gluttony/ accept evolution instead of miracles clearly proven true; and all the rest humanity chose to discard as their desire for selfishness rose into the cursed shall now be extinct. Truth does not let you hide, that is for cowards; and they will not be present in eternity. Truth does not let you run away, when this entire planet and all its nature and all its life and future are under attack/ fear shall not save you from yourselves. So the consequence of that reality is now a final choice; with no second chances: to repent of what you know is wrong/ prove what you do not know is wrong or right/ and save this planet and its life; or join them all in the extinction you chose for life and world. Simple as that/ no other choice exists.

No you cannot be as the cult of universities taught you to be; destroyed by foolishness and fantasy/ the delusions of “expert”/ or the failures to a world. RISE UP OR DIE/ DO IT NOW, or it will be too late; and that WILL be, the truth of your choice.

The universities are unfortunately; exactly like the beginning of the movie the “great escape”/ wherein all the most problematic prisoners of ww2, are put together in one place; and expected to stay there. They largely do not. More distinctly: universities represent the people most able; to market (believe our lies)/ tempt (bribes are great)/ control (we are the only experts)/ manipulate (just accept “the universities know”)/ steal (reality in currency is for fools)/ cheat (nobody has a right, but us)/ lie (no consequences for you to consider)/ propagate (we are gods)/ destroy (let democracy crumble, we are better)/ deny (no you are not equal to us)/ disable (tear down the courts, with university knows)/ destruct (society itself, by changing every rule or right; to we, not you)/ violate (the integrity of every institution)/ instigate (fantasies are real, in every child)/ rebel (we are the leaders here, democracy be damned)/ commit treason (discard the nation, and sell it to foreigners very quietly)/ and terrorize (establish the most horrendous and satanic experiments; fully intended to make this earth itself, and every life on it: EXTINCT) ever assembled on earth. BUT ALAS, the children of the damned; are brainwashed, and soon to be forever deceased. 95% of everything the universities do: is either “the curse of fantasies/ OR, the intent to control, manipulate, tempt, and in all ways play god with everything MORE, they can get”. Most of the rest is just dangerous, a failure, or a purpose to steal. While you will argue, “the computers are great”/ I will remind you instead: without those computers, the extreme threats of energy release that will turn this planet into a sun; nor the extreme threats that will turn our nature into chaos; and more would not exist, at least to the level of a lost planet/ a dead everything by horror, of nature/ or much more that you never realized was even possible. So now that you are sitting on top of a ticking “nuclear holocaust”; is it worth your computer? Take another look at your medicine; and recognize the traitorous truth, that is a clear part of national bankruptcy; along with medicines that do more harm than good/ or doctors, that want a steady income, and don’t want a lawsuit (which harms their decision, to favor them and not you).


JUST TO S TART, a very tiny beginning.

To RISE UP, MEANS: to rise up by using the law to demand an investigation/ by using democracy to create the laws that you need for society/ by describing justice, is a value; NOT a ruler. We have legal rights, and we have a well defined obligation to determine our own future: BY UNDERSTANDING the facts of this day. NOT simply believing whatever the cult, any media, or any leader simply tells us to believe. BY OUR VOTE AS WE THE PEOPLE, we are owners here. BY OUR DEMOCRACY, through law; we shape the society we then call to be “our own truth”. We own the right, to change our democracy through constitutional purposes; and cannot be denied that option, by our employees. No matter who they are, they are OUR employees.

Throughout history, people have marched and protested and destroyed to prove they were upset; never to change anything, but access/ we listen, we care, no more! So war breaks out, “to change something”/ only it takes control over humanity, and tries to destroy everything, including self and society. The animal wants, and then it wants more, and then it takes more than environment can offer; and now the mobs arise to prove, “somebody has to die/ or move”; on both sides. Which is why there are groups (herds of people) identified by a trait that can be seen: to divide the war. Which then confronts those who don’t want war, and they become traitors to one group or the other: because they are superior/ why is irrelevant.

The foundation of groups, is not: because in human society, with different groups; a specific failure largely due to that particular group. Can then be held out, as something YOU need to fix/ rather than saying every group is responsible, if it is not. In a world overflowing with people; it is now necessary to separate the groups, so they cannot blame each other. It is necessary to have world policing, and definitive world laws to rule over those groups/ so they cannot combine into an army to attack the rest. Each becomes responsible only to itself. Which is why intermixing those groups, is a terrible thing to do; if true love is not the cause. If you were people being alive, it would not be difficult/ but as animals living in herds; the probability of your survival is extremely small. Herds will always have those individuals looking to prove “they are gods (listen only to me), over the rest”. Tyrants exist: because they do not let anyone question their decision, their law, their anything; “believe or die”.

The animal trainers of university decision: form an insurgency, as they are “the spoiled children” who never grew up; because universities are the land or training centers of, delusions are best. The demand is simple: “we must rule/ and be rulers, because we are gods (compared to them)”. A constant in all firmly established religions. These religious conceptions are then granted cult status by believers accepting delusions can work/ when in fact, a fantasy is just a “fancy lie”. And lies never work for life to achieve its best; only truth does that. The curse of religion/ the reality of university (same), is a herd: just believe, don’t question nothing/ do, think, say, what you are told. NEVER investigate “your gods”. Because if you do; as is university, they won’t be found “as gods of life (savior)/ but death (destroyers)”. And that causes the herd to be fallible and afraid of itself. So the herd says: NEVER question or investigate, “our gods”/ because the herd is more important than being “right/ truthful/ or fair”. Therefore whatever force is necessary to maintain the herd, is accepted by the majority voice in the herd; because failing that, war is being formed. The cost of life is competition/ the cost of competition is a dwindling resource base/ the cost of resource losses that are too high; will be war/ because we cannot all survive here, as we are. So protests form, and lines are drawn, and small amounts of violence erupt: and war looms large and inevitable. Because the end result is: WE WANT MORE, AND THERE IS NO MORE/ unless the others give back some of theirs. And they all figure “I WON IT FAIR AND SQUARE”; AND I WANT MORE TOO. But alas, we are at the breaking point on earth; as it applies to every single truth that keeps us all alive. Extreme human population growth means: YOU CANNOT fix this problem or dissolve this war, without TRUE population control. YOU CANNOT HAVE MORE, because the resources being used are finite/ and humanity is buried in its own trash, proving “the fool, cannot stop”. OR MORE SIMPLY; this earth is dead, and every life lost; because people chose that over life and happiness; “by being animals of time, instead of alive in truth called Creation”. Alive requires you to accept reality, and respect the truth of what evidence will reveal: thereby accepting the limits and boundaries of what can and cannot be done/ whether you like it, or not. As is the cost of life itself. Want is a coffin, your decision to discard the earth as universities have taught/ is the end of our existence; by a thousand different methods of failure and fantasy that the universities have provided. Including: the collapse of nature through genetic mutilation/ the release of nuclear fire, as turns this earth into a sun/ the loss of resource/ poisoning/ pollution/ disease explosions/ weapons of mass destruction/ ocean life lost/ every chain of living destroyed/ habitat failure/ global warming/ atmospheric disconnection from the planet/ oxygen depletion from fire/ food sourcing collapse/ world wide financial collapse/ the horror of “university can play god”; and more. To your own eternal shame, for allowing such disrespect and destruction to occur; as they all screamed, “no consequences, for us”. The consequence will be extinction; because that is what you chose, to let them do; by playing god, in a fantasy of lies and delusion.

Evolution says: its all an accident/ life, earth, everything; is no big thing; “built it all ourselves/ one piece at a time”. Without a tool, or a brain, or a purpose or a single complex reality.

Fortunately they could not possibly be wrong; as all cult worshipers will testify too. Now isn’t the universities god; as the cult says? Or could even the tiniest bit of reasoning, and reality; actually, find a brain?

The reality of universities around this world, terrify genetic structure; as they introduce endless consequences to the very foundations of nature itself/ by demanding chaos in that biological development. Which is to crucify that living organism; just to watch it convulse, mutilate, or die. The forces of tyranny throughout the ages; which does include “Hitler and the Japanese; and MANY more”; did not do less than these, certainly not more. And they take their genetics; and play with all life, food, and every form of living that is the truth of what LIFE ITSELF NEEDS/ to destroy it all. And the cult worshipers of universities say: “yes we want you to do it/ because maybe they will find a moment or two more; for me”. Eternity will not forget. But you might; as the universities have absolutely NO CLUE, “how the software, that runs the human body machine” works, or where it exists, or how it comes to be, or any other function that turns the chemistry of life; INTO AN ACTUAL LIVING TRUTH. Because they don’t care, and absolutely refuse to respect the value of a living reality. Eternity will not forget them either.

The energy hordes, which demand: this earth will die, because they can be gods; intentionally sacrificing this earth: will never go free. Nor will there supporters; the crux of devil himself.


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