The value of life, is an elemental thing; a relationship with existence, that freedom elevates to joy; IF, you are joined by love. That is such a rarity, when love is found; those who find it, refuse to let go. But alas, even those who latch on tight; are then faced with the truth: love is defined by the limits and boundaries of what makes us feel alive; in the essence of trust, truth, respect, hope, and value without end. Unless these things are within you/ unless you have bound yourself to them in truth; the battle will begin, demanding where your loyalties do arise.

The confrontation of male to female/ the resolution of acceptance or denial, that is female to male: constructs the elements of a game to most. Even though it is anything but a game in reality. The quest to identify self, and attain the disciplines of eternity; the order of life over death; and the balance beyond self that is sustainable through happiness: is no small thing. The human animal has no such conception; as he or she lives or breathes for mostly just one small thing; as can be attributed to sex/ power/ pride/ or greed. What you demand from your living, is then what you want/ by discarding your life. The human being alive, is an alternate existence, and it does not live for little things but creates the boundaries of life, by limiting what can influence a lack of respect. Respect is: the resolution, to participate in accordance with reality, by its own truth/ NOT your assertion, assumption, or want: only by what is true. Truth aligns with sex, as a passage beyond self, wherein we rise together as a value created in each heart that can be shared; because we do care for each other. The human animal knows, and wants; only chemicals. The human being sees life as the definition of love cherished, and value born, in the creation of miracles; which cannot be denied by any grasp of truth.

The human animal lives and breathes until it dies/ ending time and life as the game is now done. Love or hate as was chosen, determines whatever could/ whatever is; measured, to be left. A value ended.

The human being ALIVE; MUST develop an identity that will survive in the relationships that let us participate in all that love can become. To do that, we share existence as male and female; so as to prove, “I need only accomplish half of this journey”. My deliberate companion in the balance of love, we can create; becomes responsible for the rest. Therefore the quest to be eternal/ rather than discarded; is an ascension beyond time, as only love can create. Truth exists even for an eternity/ but love is a life born into creation itself. That creation being the essence of an entire universe. The core of all knowledge/ energy/ truth/ and value. Which makes love, the greatest gift ever conceived.

We then examine the density of our own core existence; to assemble what is true/ because existence is locked into truth; and it cannot be discarded, without the essence of what that truth means, being lost. Truth is your elemental “brick of construction”; into a world beyond time.

But it is love, that describes all other things of value or respect.

The critical test of your time is: every decision you made/ every step you took, in the direction your heart chose to take. These ultimately compose the summary of your life on earth as time; that is the density of your life. Time will let you discard “the rest” as irrelevant. Size does have meaning; as the boundaries and limits that will now be applied to you; by your own truth.

The critical test of love is: when pushed to your limit/ when forced to concede, “vulnerable”, life itself is “on the line”; WHAT IS TRUE of you? Those answers establish what you value, and what can be valued about you.

We need not be concerned with any form of hate/ as it has no place in eternity; unless you chose to “war with GOD”; as cursed fools do.

We do need to examine and understand: WHY, humanity wants to sit on the fence, never fully committing to love or hate? The answer is, as it always is: humanity wants what it wants, and it doesn’t want what it wants/ and it wants more of what it wants/ and nobody gets to tell me what I want. Because I want what I want; as animals do. So reality divides upon the distinction: are you animal (as the universities demand)/ or are you human being alive; as is consistent with the greater forms of religion (as best they can)? The curse of universities is: they have done everything they could conceive of “to get you what you want”/ so that you would follow them; even into hell. And the vast majority does; they are discarded, as without value. In this end of world truth; where only true love matters now. If you withhold information that the others might need/ that is a definition without true love. Same is true for me.

Religion seeks to define love by the rules; and the rules make them leader; and leaders can only lead a herd. Which causes and costs, the value of love to be lost in many. Even so, they are fundamentally: the base foundation of a life beyond time. It is, “a starting point” to discover what has already been isolated with words.

Loneliness (isolation) is the path into a greater intensity with life; if you do not surrender to the cost of being alone/ which is “I WANTED more”. Want will then determine the outcome of your experience, and the decisions that you will make. If you abandon want; the door opens to a journey beyond time, constructs this path. Not back into the herd of humanity which is always certain: “we the herd cannot all be wrong/ just follow us, as we lead to what we want”. Alas, the animal must be abandoned; to achieve life in you, beyond time measured. Or more distinctly: life beyond the limits, is determined by what you measured and judged. Even though the creatures who judged life/ can achieve a journey as is the road used by a herd: they will fail, because every measurement is another piece of your own life, now missing. Too little left, and you will not proceed. The herd judges everything, and cannot be at peace until those measurements are made; even if they are wrong: the measurements must be made, because they believe in predator and prey. As is the constant of time.

To live beyond time, is to remove the animal; and its conception.

We then begin, with the journey, and what does it mean?

The most critical conception is: that time limits your ability to change your mind, by the definitions, and developments of age. Or more simply: the body is a boundary line, between you and a decision that is not entirely you/ by ending the opportunities to do that. The human journey is then simply to “experience it all/ as best you can” and then make your decision; being fully aware throughout the journey, that this body or time, will not last forever. That is fundamentally a demand: to choose now, time may not wait for your decision. That ends the battleground (nothing is free) of life, and discovers the truth of your eternity. Critical because, people become lazy, and surrender their time; to all manner of games, or other forms of apathy to life itself.

WHERE LIFE MATTERS; is where all games end. That does not mean you cannot play, with whatever you like, that is not destructive. It just means, life is more serious than an animal can describe. Romance is play, within the desire to cherish passion, as a gift from GOD. Or, more distinctly, the journey into life itself; is bound to the development of male and female relationships. While the pitfalls are many/ the rewards justify the cost; IF your relationship is true.

LIFE IS: a foundation upon which we build “our world”. LOVE IS: the values we accept, the respect we build; as we intertwine that world with those who make it worth our living. With realities that pour happiness into life itself, by the definitions conceived within trust; where hope learns it is safe for us to live. Even so, BALANCE describes the limits and boundaries of what we can or cannot do; by order, discipline, truth, and respect. To achieve that balance, we MUST accept knowledge, achieve understanding, and identify wisdom; as the basis of our thought. THOUGHT IS; a balancing of forces, so that energy will arise where you have deemed it necessary, valued, or desirable. Energy is composed of two distinct forces: which either push or pull. Which is where male (push) and female (pull) enter into the relationships that become our position in eternity. You cannot survive energies beyond the limits that bind you to life/ fail to respect that reality, and you die a second death.

You now functionally understand the basis of why there is male and female existence/ and how it is, that these things are necessary to your existence beyond time. That does not mean you cannot survive as “just one” beyond time/ but it does limit the possibilities of your participation in eternity. It is simply the truth. Direction is a force, that identifies your purpose in life; that choice conceives or creates your destiny.

The critical fundamentals to male and female relationships are these:

  1. YOU CANNOT own each other/ you cannot own anyone: period. You only own yourself/ and are responsible for that life, and what you do with a body; in all its truth. Marriage is not ownership, it is a decision to swear and oath to GOD ; that should never be broken. Although as is true of me; sometimes you must. Because want, or reality; gets in the way.
  2. Sex is a decision that you make together, {where love is involved: for the benefit of each. Or the desire to share honestly because you care; when need is true. But make no mistake, there will be consequences.}: IT IS NOT a debt to be paid/ reward or other. It is only a decision/ unless brute force, or no options; are involved. IF YOU TAKE from GOD someone (killing their love) who would have entered eternity “at any point in their lives”/ YOU DECLARED WAR, and will receive the death by terror sentence. RESPECT EACH OTHER. But do not fail to understand: each has a right, to make their own decision/ to decide their own future; even if it does not include you. That is not selfishness, it is reality.
  3. Happiness is the gauge of love, and it is only attainable in freedom, with respect. Love has no measurement, but happiness does: the difference is, love lives on the inside/ happiness lives on the outside. The value of your hope, is at its core an invitation for others to see you with honest understanding.
  4. The value of any relationship is determined by its levels of respect. NO relationship is more important than “your soul to GOD “/ therefore keep it in mind; and never let your answer be, “GOD does not need me/ but this one does”. As that will always end BADLY for you too. Where no true respect exists/ there is no relationship: honesty decides, not want. The value of love, is a life desired; a living worth its price. The failure of respect, shows where you stand and why includes “what or who is more important than you”.
  5. The truth of romance is, “that my heart lives within our time as one”. Heart being the foundation, that is my chosen home. “the place I live/ the door I open for you.” Every foundation, is merely a beginning; a place without the dignity or elegance of what could be finished here. In the living of life, we must share; or we do not care as one. We must accept, the realities of time; or we cannot complete the ascent of life beyond self. Every heart lives in the invitation, that is my truth shares with you. Without truth, the value of our hope as one; and its purity recognized; no romance exists.
  6. The foundation of “having a child”; IS NOT a single decision made/ but lives or dies in the reality; you did this to me, and to us. Unless we “both male and female” CHOOSE to have a child/ in this day of options: there is no binding truth to the assertion, “it had to be”. Both male and female are guilty of manipulating circumstances/ tempting/ controlling/ forced by guile or other/ and more; with regard to pregnancy. For the purpose of ownership and its control over someone else. NONE of that is acceptable, valued, or wise. The unfortunate truth of deliberately having a child is: each contributes, to the future of that human being to be born. Some should NOT participate; because there are known factors involved which should not be passed on to a child. The unfortunate truth is: some people must “follow their heart”; and cannot be owned without changing the future for more than just you. Marriage is NOT ownership of a right; it is only the decision to try and participate by swearing “to the best of my ability”; for us all. Time should pass to identify what that will mean: before a child arrives. A child is NOT a trophy. A child is NOT “your property”, in any way shape or form. A child is your responsibility; a decision made by both with the honest knowledge, and clear understanding; of what we can and cannot do for this person to be born. NOT a game.
  7. Religion is the purpose of following rules, because rules give life order. Without order people fail to honor the distinction called respect. Therefore religion has its place/ but it is NOT “god”. Neither is the “book of religion” god. As these are both human derived instruments of our own knowledge and understanding; even if aided to a limited degree by GOD . Let freedom ring; because without freedom happiness will die. If you fail each other by demanding “be what the herd wants you to be”; “a light of life inside” will fall. Freedom NEVER seeks violence either to self with “insane actions or reactions”/ or to others, by commanding or demanding “obey or obey the rules”. But reality does, when freedom cannot simply be in charge! Survival is more important than freedom, but love lifts to the elevation of life with happiness; so there must be respect for both concepts of how life should be lived.
  8. A liar will never bring you happiness/ although they will compensate with sex; to draw you near, and hold you: until you have been used for your purpose in their lives. In the battleground of love versus reality: it is love that makes life worth living/ survival merely adds time or comfort or pride. That is the choice; power or truth. A word of advise to the young: once you enter into sex, it is extremely hard to stop that purpose in someone else s’ life. The bedroom can become a problem hard to break. In general, LEARN TO LISTEN, particularly to their wants; because what they want, is what you get to participate in. those who endlessly talk “I, I,I,,,,,,I” are so involved with themselves; all you get is pride/ and pride becomes an enemy, because everyone else must “lose”. You can buy sex/ but you cannot buy love. Nothing is fair in war/ which means only truth is fair in love.I advise you truly: that the “world of sex” is filled with endless traps and chains (both physical and mental); all of which are intended to control both access and your possibilities to leave (male or female). Anything you allow will be expected thereafter. Particularly harsh is youth; and the demand “I’m pregnant now”; even if you didn’t have intercourse. Which is the demand for more sex, I own you now. Or the reality to stop all sex, so that the truth can be found: which then becomes “I had an abortion”. Because what you don’t know for certain, can occur: the gates of manipulation & lies, are open. “I want what I want” is a terrible thing; and there are a lot of boys and men who cannot or will not control themselves. once you give them an opening; “even if this is a test for maybe”. Trouble comes from either male or female; it just looks different: but it can change your world, your future, and your life. Make no mistake: young women and young men LIE; to get what they want. They are, “effective actors” even young; very hard to tell.
  9. TRUST binds us together, and nothing less will be permanent. Therefore every real commitment is built upon trust, and those who exchange sex for marriage will soon be disappointed. To establish trust, only truth will do. To establish truth in any relationship, there will be forgiveness as is accepted through repentance (it was bad/ but there is an honest commitment, not to do so again). Unfortunately liars learn to act; and it will always be so. Therefore repentance has both limits and boundaries; based upon truth. The unfortunate reality is: even if you don’t want the truth to be true/ you must accept it is so anyway; because that is reality. The price will be much higher, if you don’t.
  10. NEVER JUDGE each other or anyone, or anything else! Because when you measure, you give yourself the right to judge/ and in that judgment, comes the demand to play god and decide what YOU will or will not do, with another life, or other. WHEN YOU play god; you steal from life its gift of value; that is living. When you steal from GOD , by taking what HE GAVE to life itself/ you have opened the door, to all things BAD. Never measure or judge anything; let the law decide/ let truth be your guide, not your judgment. Use distance (space enforced) wherever it is necessary, or can be found. Freedom is freedom.
  11. In life, choices will be made: sometimes, you must “accept the ride” and allow the truth, no other option is available to me, at this time. At other times: it is your duty to resist and change what can be changed; so as not to be included in this decision, more than is absolutely necessary; simply to survive. At all other times, and in all other ways: it is incumbent upon us all to identify the clear choice we are trying to make/ accept the limits and boundaries of what we can honestly do/ understand, through investigation of the knowledge that is available what our true options are, our true needs will be, or the cost of being wrong actually is. And then as is the truth of life: we all “get our own vote”/ when we are involved in, or will be influenced, by the outcome. That is true of every situation, whether personal or worldwide. If you want a perfect world, “seek a different planet”/ NOT happening here. But we can be, “the best we can be”.
  12. It is reality without exception, that each human being gets to choose as best he or she can: what their own decisions will become/ their own direction, by their own steps. Because eternity is extremely personal, and these are the paths which become your “forever home”. NO ONE has the right to interfere in that truth. To its lesser extent: no one has the right to interfere in your decisions, which influence weight (distinctly personal; not simple, but influenced by many factors; not unlike “too skinny”), or any other aspect of discipline/ order/ balance/ truth/ trust/ thought/ or desire. What is personal to you, belongs only to you. But the same is true for every other person but you as well. In other words: you cannot blame anyone else for their choices/ nor can you be blamed for your choices. OTHER THAN love or hate. Survival is not a choice, it is a need; and you will make exceptions accordingly. Love is a choice not to judge or measure; but that does not negate your own personal choices or desire. Hate is the alternate distinction of measuring/ judging/ and then playing god with life. LIFE IS, a construction of forces stabilized, by the boundaries which give it the potential to occupy space. Therefore it needs to control both push and pull, or it will fail. The balance represented by male and female attributes in humanity, are intended to present and provide: the first instructions dedicated to keeping life itself, “alive” beyond the limits of time. That is however, a reality only constructed for those few, whose true desire will be love. The rest simply provide the fabric of recognizing what an environment can or must be.Time exists, to feed the soul. The soul is our ability to connect, with the essence of life itself/ and thereby remain alive in love. This then, begins the construction of “food”. As to me: it would seem, that I am here to give instruct to those who rise above the state of “animal”; or more distinctly the reality of what every university demands you are to be. Animal will not attain eternity, therefore it is not of any considerable value to me; although respect for Creation itself is absolute and warranted for all its life and environment. Those without hate. In that conception; it is necessary to allow basic comprehensions, that I too must endure. In that reality; there are now four distinct definitions of life, outside the venue of eternal. The force that pushes and confronts (male). The force that pulls and demands (female). The balance that is me, without force, but sustained by energy contained in love, through truth. And the impacts of an environment called time, which provide the descriptions and possibilities of knowledge, by defining the elements which are involved in energy, life, movement, freedoms, thought, hatred, love, courage, hope, and more. “Each life” has a distinct purpose, including death; which is the fundamental foundation of knowledge called time. Death provides insight, into what it means to simply surrender your life, and accept an ending not within your control or desires. Confrontation presents us with the values of freedom, but restricts us with the reality of consequences. While the demand for survival, cannot simply be “drawn inside”. The balance is then risks must be taken, realities must be learned, values must be accepted, life itself must be respected, and the journey that begins where energy can sustain life by truth, trust, and love; is no game. Reality proves, “where is the fun”? Love answers, in the cherished honor that is hope united, with passion and desire that can be found no where else. The critical answer of life is then: I WILL be alive, when I learn to share the experience of energy, and it reveals to me, the foundations that conceive of thought. Where there is true thought, there is life. And that makes truth a direct participant, in the body which we can inhabit as eternal. Therefore truth is a destiny, which shapes our own personal, “universe”. That is: as far as I go, with you. I DO believe, more than enough has been written to prove the cause: “EITHER INVESTIGATE YOUR THREATS OF EXTINCTION/ and PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG”. So you can CHANGE, AND make a survivable decision for this entire world. AS IS: utterly caused to be in jeopardy of extinction, by the results of humanity itself. Not a game: life or death for this world. I DO believe, significant cause has been established by your own evidence, and even your own abilities to understand what that evidence does mean. The COST OF YOUR CULT WORSHIP to university is god: is extinction. The cost of constant propaganda, as is produced throughout American society; by the cult of universities know and can play god: is a horror coming, you cannot even imagine. No second chances/ NO returning to “the GOD OF LIFE”. This is a one way ticket, and if you don’t “get of the train to HELL”/ then to hell you shall go. I DO believe you are cowards, but that is tempered within the reality of so many religious (university is our god) zealots; all of which are certain: THE ONLY TRUTH WE NEED IS, “THE UNIVERSITIES are our god/ be damned to anything else”. So, if you remain and actual human being; then you do have to face the herd of animals, pretending to be humanity; and they don’t care about anything “but what they want”. Even though it is their lives that go extinct as well. A mob is a mob, as every mob knows: when you cannot defend yourselves, “ridicule, shouting, and violence” is the answer. I cannot save you from yourselves, and won’t try: SAVE YOURSELVES, by changing the catastrophes you chose; or allowed to be chosen for you. EVEN YOU KNOW, gambling with all of nature is simply choosing TERROR instead of life. EVEN YOU KNOW; gambling with energies that are by their own statements, “same as on the sun”; IS LIFE OR DEATH OF THIS PLANET. Even you know, that fantasies will not survive; as university cult worship condemns you to death/ by failing everything TRUE TO LIFE. While the propaganda teams of “university media”, continually yell: “FEAR/ FEAR/ FEAR, AND HIDE or run away”. Never look behind closed doors, just believe! Hell, don’t worry “tiny little girls, can defeat entire armies of trained warrior men/ with one hand tied behind their back (all it takes is a disguise, and a secret university weapon; such as genetically mixing tuberculosis and the flu)”. And every other intentional defeat, of reality itself: as is “the university way”; not to worry they have a right to do absolutely anything they want/ cause they’re gods. Cowards hide and send out invisible armies as a threat; “like disease”/ because they believe “can’t trace it back to me”. But reality says: wherever biology is mutilated and intentionally constructed into, biological weapons/ the cause to investigate here: looms very large. Think not: one of the new methods of genetic engineering is to create a disease (figuring sooner or later, its got to happen)/ so they can then look for a cure. Of course the constant of creating a new disease is now it exists, and can be released; intentional or not! After all, “biological weapons, in the hand of your enemies,” are real. The universities built you a hole to die in; because in everything they do and did do/ life came last.The constant of most men, and many women is: “we can’t build it/ but we can destroy it; shouting fear us”. Not to worry; geneticists dug up “old horrific disease; from the coffins”: so they could make it worse. As is the reality of all genetic endeavors by humanity; you can’t build life, or a body of life; but you can destroy it. And they scream: “someday we will, because we can be gods over life”. Just like they scream: we can be gods over energy, even if it is the sun they want to play with. Even if as at CERN; they try to intentionally release atomic chaos; just to prove they can.

    Guess what: you get what they chose/ you get the price of your delusions. OR YOU CHANGE NOW. The evidence/ your own evidence: does prove that true. LIFE OR DEATH OF THIS EARTH IS NOW. Only the evidence matters, only the cost of being wrong must decide: when an entire living world has been put at risk, by human arrogance, apathy, or hate. WAKE UP or the grave will take this earth, forever away. I have done enough; over forty plus years. While you have done NOTHING. Time is up. WHERE DO YOU STAND? Life or death/ because there ain’t no middle ground; and there ain’t no place to hide, or run away. Stand up, discard cowardice, assemble some type of courage; and fight for your world: OR “TOMORROW”, WILL NOT COME. Beyond the point of no return: your only choice is, waiting for death to come/ or the terrors of HELL, to consume you (again and again and again forever/ because you threw away this entire living world; with not so much as a whisper in its defense). To your eternal shame.And the human world says: YOU CAN’T, “believe anything that person says”/ because after all, WE BELIEVE IN UNIVERSITIES/ AND WE ALL CANNOT BE WRONG. Period simple as that! But alas, the real world says: ONLY THE EVIDENCE MATTERS, not what people think, want, or believe. TRUTH ALONE SURVIVES. And the evidence points to extinction/ so I am being used as your excuse; as all religious zealots do. To avoid truth and reality, by proclaiming “we have a book/ we believe, NEVER WAIVER”. Because that, is the summary of what all religion is. Or more distinctly: we don’t need to think for ourselves, or make any decision, or accept any direction; “because we have a book, to think for us”/ and if someone disagrees, we just start a new religion, or they do. Truth is truth, let the real evidence decide: by a proper and true investigation: BECAUSE “even a university diploma, can understand” TO BE WRONG IS THE END OF EARTH. Particularly, when trying to ignite the same energy source here, as is on the sun. SO START THERE, and learn what truth means.when igniting an energy source so extreme; that it literally heats our planet from 94 million miles away, with radiation we cannot survive without protection: as is the result of million mile long flames, at ten million degrees”. THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES; the very first ignition, is life or death to our entire world. A reality of energy release KNOWN to influence, and even heat; a planet 4.5 billion miles away and more. And your former classmates in school say: “sure, we can control that”.  Well, they better be perfect the first time; or life and planet burn!

    Let your mob dissolve, because I am not the enemy. THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR REALITY IS; because that, is what you chose.

    Go ahead and ask them, “the leaders who cannot be wrong”: WHY SHOULD WE ALL NOT KNOW, WHAT THE REAL TRUTH OF OUR RISK, as a world facing our own extinction, IS?

    WHY, SHOULD WE ALL NOT HAVE OUR OWN VOTE, the reality of OUR OWN TRUTH, shaping the future of this world:


    I am, now finished talking to you


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